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Dayton daily empire. [volume] (Dayton [Ohio]) 1850-1865, February 12, 1864, Image 3

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Tl'KHBAT KYKBIlliti, F'&BKUAILf 0, 18(14.
And fjill remamthUwaeki and perhaps loDKr,
W O n D B ft F V L 1 1 Cl K f E 8
,r U! f.iii. IKS TUB i.; !
Life of American Whalemen !
'' ' wmoii FOR
SO imeilTi nig lata la "Jew York.
lou inoefliilvf nlgtila.tt RosIom,
01 moaiHlvf mghli In baltlnaoVv,
Drew Urn and. highly repeetaUe auilieneea 4he
fury eUlstad luteiliganoe ( thoae titiea.
T JB O AT,' 8G E 3SJ S,
4 A aerieaol Whaling Scene'i, performed In ft
Tli t hut been twice round Hi World, engaged In I lie
rhaae and mpteiM of Ui Hrwrm Whale, manned
Skoal by rew of Living Men, q renting tha
,, , moat inlenae exi'i lenient, and , .' j
( 1 , , , . 'eliciting unbuu de4
CAMATNmUAMP, f ' ' ' '
can FHANK.
Abd tht inimitable Green Boy, , LITTLE BART.
The Jaiighter-provoluon iwnlealitiea fif tha Green
Buy tiari, mid the vrxaitoua blunder a of careleioi
Frank, eroune ttie audieuoe to a pit'-h of excitement
and mirth rawly wilneaaed in any entertainment.
AdmiHflloQ, twwty Ave mat. Jioorrt open a avari
o'l'loek commence at 7:4.1 precisely.
Olnldreu admitted Haturd y afternoon for ten cent ft.
Dooia opn atwo-rniamei,! at three., , lef .
Amusements. Special Notices.
t l' A C K K It Y 4 "
IKAKlfKHTLYi caution nli young mrn auHerinji
i rum Nervous Lehihtv, aiuunt cuttsiiKent
their health tiy pitlronifciutf nny of the fwtvcrlUnif
quu'k. You can hilly rw-uver by (lift methods uaed
by I ho advertiser, and hy hundr di of other, and In
no other way. Ked a letter which 1 vi lli aem! you II
y-m will t;n) me a poat paid envelope tearing your
ldreaft. IjiAuIW KUWAKlMl. TKAVKR,
ilf!tdawtilll lN'k P.ok, Hot ton, Mhk.
itr uflTiTV' i e k , . "7,
make lilfth pr'ea; 8onifir hl) n ra
duelhem. It mikeft pnr Por orntu a poiirnl
by iiiiing your kiviin graasa.
r CAUTlOflil-A npunuuu Lyei ra olWrod
at ho, brareriil and only titijr tla F(hi1 articlt
put up lu I ran !tnitdlotfJM Iwlnft ceuntvrfelU
Phlladlphta,-No. 1547 Wlnt alrcat.
Plttbrff-Pllt t. and Dnqutana Way.
Wynkoop's Iceland Pectoral.
Iiiihpn ol the throat, i U M nnd pulmonary orunf
are rur prevalent, niHidioiin anl daniiorotiM. Tlu
proitt(tied o' a iniMlioiiio to altttviat, cure and uproot
tliiiHv rviniaiiHn, nniHt tw tixpm'torutit, anodvneand
iuvioraini), loohi'iuiig the rniu'im of ihw throat, and
nniarting tone to the entire iiystem. No difi-uvery in
mi'dh-al at'iena ever niNHtert'd thia claaa ofdineaMp
like lr. Wynkoop'a lceiuud IVoloiaJ. It ia usi-d with
the moitt AHiouittiing remi t in all uasea ol hronolut a
iiiriiitmaa, whooping :ouih, diptheria or putrid aor
Itiront, ailhtnut croup, t'ouglm, coldn, uervuim Irrita
bility, An.
Tha Kf J. J. Potter fertmna that,"! havatieed Dr
Wynkoopa, Ptttoral for aevvral years, mynclf and in
my family, for aoTere pulmonary comidaiutH, and
have rm'oinme tided it to mnuv othera, and have naver
aeeo itH equal. Ker. J. J. Hotter, UronklynN. T.
lfuuf4rM)N and thoiiManda of important tPHtimoni
aJa oonld he proiltHed, ahowing ita remarkaMe rttrvit
and Im( it tver Taila, i-
It ! tii!iip'td of pure Iceland Mom, Ittilm of 0 il -ead,
i'l-ruvian It a I am, Khvaini ane, I omfrey, Buf
doidc, and other invariable e.erat and tHMi -1-gre-hMiU.
II Im hnrmlfMit, prmnpl and litnliug. In
vih( and udNr cantiot art .rtl to mtt't m trial
tivHfv lainily aliaii U tmv it. It la n iiiMrkaliW or
Ciruui. KuJI iiMfMriptHu, rn'ointof ndHtiiiiia au I dj
rwrtiti i mviiipMiiy unch
Hokl in Fy;.a.hy W W. Htowart and all tni.cit
dr 'Kirifti .. ..
IVHpar.'d by tit. ft. I Wyi.koop, and add hy I'.H
Rani A Co., New Vrk. Hrttldly
Amusements. Special Notices. Agency.
IOKFKK my n-rvirvn to the mtiaena of Iwyton and
the puhhe in general aa an agent tor the hnyinff.
aiUuHM4jiUtti(a. aUai Kalaln. -My oliargee wtU
be low, mid hy prompt attention r.pi-tmiy Milicit n
aluu-e id patiouae inr 9j ua cT iiHiue-M .itrrHl
advHiH'ea will he rntule on property led with me lor
aale, if riuired.
(lit fcXCHdtfaK tR frTUER I'ROPKRTt a mod-ern-iiuilt
brn-k houe, with an acre of ground. The
houtta t oni-aiaa ett-vn Urawjoma, wiih fine iondiea,
good HiaMf, rarriag and wood houaee.gootl 'itin
aud ell; alo flue tnnt. AM of the preinmcx nru hi
gockl order, and ia ne of thu beat built hniifea to the
eily, altuated on Patk street, in the city of I'ayton.
AUo. for ale, mix and one-third wte ol huid, ad-
iemiug iheoorporatimt of Ir) ton, (eiurd )n and riadv
or cultivation, aitrati'd ead of the city.
A. K. McCVHK. '
. ) ,MA'( tUfillfc-,, t
I HAVE ft large amount of property for aale, auoh
a huiiaeaaud lut, tn ill parUtd Iha oitv, at vari
oua priuea. rahiu Irotn f..ur hundred to u n'tliounand
dollam, ou guod paymetda, and wetl aitimted; and
any iTrir vaat luaa ur aai. Aim, aervral
krndauaMaaai(Ktg froruAua Bmdrd aiiti aixty
aire down to a two acre I t, adjoining Um oily ud in
lheootiaty -' ,
Thuaf iMviog property for pale, aad ttioae wHHliug
Id buy, will do well to call on me, aa I ahall give
From pi attention to all boeinanaaotruetodtoMiyeere.
Mva bad ooaauientbto eaperienn inthefauaiiiaaa
jmtdiia ... ... A.U. MeOlAlkK.'
I Inrorni hi lr flitloiatfi' nAil hl
kuf Mo. 1 alMk. Mil. BolwllhauiBiliaff
Uii,wiHiJI ftuMi bAof-MUwHl i eight oentti MuouU
dVI ( I (11 .' i ) i i tPPolt. ftf
' AnJrdflr Wdtnisriaer, ' :' "
toll Ma. !, Watra IUiM I1km,
- i I -. DmIm tn . ..
fresh Meats,lIaiu8,Sau8age,&c.,
Alwajri on hand , t liuw. Mo. 1 Mook. jui!jUh
Leather Store.
f- . ... i - l krnHa or iMlhar,
I..... i uinwuial
I. -
City and Other Matters.
Traveler's Register.
awTrajn. arriv.and deDartfrvm th.Unto. D.pot
UiaoianaTf , HaaMaToa av pafvo.
Depart. Arrtott.
(.onlaTltla and Mt. Lol M. .0 a m Win
Otnoinnali AiHmmnio.liil OD S:4A am (wipin
Ooriniiati Mail 3:00 p m 7:Mpm
Uinnniiati Anrommoiiatinn 6 40 p m 12:V6am
uiopaai Miamttiown ana tiamiiiunoaij.
Dayvom, Xawa and CoLDHava.
RaRtarn KxnrflM 11:15 a m a 10 a m
Xma Ai'Ponimoilalion :lupm
RnNtnrn KxpretiR IMi I m 4:4Qpni
Thl:(Aa m train laa.ea dailv .innnl Riiml....
PaM.nffprH an tltialrata muat purcliaaa thairtickata
before .:M p ro.
! '. Sltlr. DATWat AMD 0lirolATl.l i
Hndaf Mail A. .'..) n J .( :4n
auntaTiiie Aaram mooHioa. ,w p m a:aa p Kl
Chloagn Mail 10:00 a m t:0 a m
ilnoaKoanu Itetroit P.iprea....M:UU p m :4u p m
Indiana Obmtkai. akd Daitor k Waatamil.
St. I.r.tiiR and ChioaRO Matl . m 11:10 a m
iniliiuiapoha Accomniouation...4:d. p m M:ou p m
Davro. A Uaiaa.
(M.ommolaUon H.B:0i a in t.fifi a tn
KzitreMM IIS u m 6:10 n m
STIii day knocks the ground hog phi
losophy heels over head
jKfcVMr. Cuahlu A, Clkuu, ! agent iu
this con my for the sale of the "American
Contlict" n history of the ciU war, by Hor
((' fireeley, It will ho sold hy subscription
only. The agent commences on Monday to
oanvnxs. . We may refer to thia work soon a
gain. gayA lot of returned soldiers hare assum
ad the authority in Menderaou County, 111!
noit, to adoiialAr the fah jnf allegiance, . and
have gone so fur aa to threaten compulsory
means to cram it down the throats of citizens.
The latter have armed themselves, and somo
tody will be hurt, if they are not let alone.
Greenbacks and Red Tape It appear,
that a tremendoui effort is now being made
hy certain loyal parties, to disentangle a $4000
''Orngraph" from the inevitable meshes of
red tap and things, by which it is now em
barrassed, and kept from immense and mag
nificent usefulness, in aiding to crush out the
hig rebellion.
- - - -
The Body Snatchers. We notice that
tho papers of this gentle persuasion, are in
venting all sorts of stories in order to dupe
iheir unsuspecting country readers into the
belief that Jell'. Davis is as intolerant aa Lin
coln. Their next dodge will be to claim that
our eitir.mis enjoy all the rights and privileges
that are aordeJin ABliriav' tii's' i-'tl'
1 - - - - -
' Survey Completed. Tho engineers of
the Atlantic A Great Western Hailway have
completed the preliminary survey of a rail
road from West Greenville to Mercer, by
way of Otter Creek. They are now engaged
in surveying another route by the way of Mer
cer and Gruenville road. They will after
wards continue iheir surveys southeast ol
Mercer to the coal fields in the neighborhood
of Hartisville.
taJT'l'lie story going the round with regard
to tho reply ol the Sullan to the lady in l'ar-
a, who asked him "in the Sultun murried?"
it a very good one, aud it has occurred to us
that Gin.. Tom Thumb, might answer a sitni-
lur iiiislion with riual poiiit,' In thia wise..
"Is tho (ienerul married?"' ' "A little, mad
am," or "not much, thank you."
1 be Sultan a reply, was, "a great deal, mad
The Great Rebellion A great many
persnni pretend to think that the subjugation
of the South and the emancipation of the nig
gers will be accomplished hy the 4th of July,
and Unit thereafter -avery thing wiU. go ajong
aa peacefully, and aa prosperously as if noth
ing had happened. Were ever poor mortals
so deluded I Then there it another large class
of people, especially in thia city, who believe
that there ia no place like Capt. Minick'a
corner of Market and Jefferson to purchase
Family Groceries. 1 hey say they can always
get them of ti e beat quality, and get tbem
cheap. The Captain always keeps the best
brands of tobacco aad cigars, and, at a con
sequence,"! well known to all lovers of the
weed. W are of opinion that there is no de.
lution respecting his facilities to accommo
date hit customers in the line of groceries.
"Go for him," and tee.
"Very Like a Whale." A large audi
encet patrpnized Capt. Williaeie tijhilju'tio
last night, at Ilostdn Halland manifested
their pleasure by their profound attention,
when attention was due, and their uproariooa
applause, where it gratified the showman to
receive it, as the evidence f kit success
The practical illustrations given in the boat,
of its management, its exoitcmeuti, its suc
cesses and dangers, ara intensely interesting'
These, with the panoramic voyage, embracing
tcenet of wild and stormy grandeur oa old o
oean't treacherous wavca, alternating with itt
placid and terene loveliness, 'neath the tmile
of the tumnier moon, and anon presenting
the transcendent glories of the luxuriant
tropics atm turn af tke (Wares which len
der the enlerialnin.at attractive. Add
these the Cantaia't yams, and eleaerlptioae
the whale-bonee, battt-songt, eVe.,mal ww think
there it but flight danger thai anyone will
come away from the hall, while Ilia Captain
oevwplet it, without getting the worth of their
money, an much more.' Kxhihits this, 'and
to-iuorrow evening, and to-mortrrw afternoonl
(doortopen at 8 o'clock; -for- the benefif of
children 10 ctt admission. " "
bliH ,uf;..l , 11 'li i lie" lil II lit
Take HoticelhiU tomormw morning at
9 o'clock, C. 1 Hubor A Bon will sell at pub
lie Auction, at their rooms, the following:
Counters and Shelving, with Drawers, a
lot of Sbouldert and Fish, Drent Goods,
Boots and Shoes, Tea Caddies, for Furnishing
Groceries, aad Tin jWare. ' Thee will alto of
fer 11 shares of ttocV !n the "Dayton Third
Street Bridge Company. Also, several of
Mitchell's and Collon'a Allasjes, and 2 Maps.
New Railroad Frojict. The Fredonia
Censor1 learns that a project it In Contempla
tion to connect the Atlantic A Great Western
Railroad with the Lake Shore Road, from the
southern part of the country by way of May.
f ille lo Dunkirk. Should such a roud be con
structed, no doubt a vast amount of oil and
coal Would find transit over this road to' liuf
falo. 1 Kline'l Third Annual Sale of Gold and
Silver Watchts, cornea off Saturday, Fed. 13,
at No. 330, under the Phillips House, and
next door to Dietrick't. l'ins, bracelets, juw
elry, Ac, will also be offered. A rare chance
for owgaina.::! -,.,. (-,..,,, t ...
Book Bindery In Meckel's Building, over
the PoBt Oflice; every description of Binding
ia executed in the very beat style, and at
cheapest rates, such as llhtiik Books, Mhu.
zincs, Aci Ruling done to order. "nememhir
the place, Room No. 33 BerkeTs Building.
2w local. F. W. MKYF.lt.
- -
Notification. I would hereby imtify
thote wha Vve Kdn pawned wUUe. wliose
vi ii in uan riit-u, hi uuii mm reuefiii inrir
goodn or Ihey will be Hold on Saturday Febru
ary l;itl.,at public salt,
-1 ' ' Hi Knvie, Phillips Houan.
I U H P K a
Dayton Weekly Empire.
rlllUl'BBiKDt&ltKOTUKK., . ,
J -w A i; t A
; ITaving inken eharuo nf the Iittoit lariaa, we
prtaaeaa all ttte teat red ratMlttttM 4iir pnhhahiait trmV
claaH pamn Mnd iapatrMuMjr obmit ttii PraMtAii
to th Patrioiii!, Liberty lovins DeiuKra'y avary
whom, for their Hiittwripiion ami atitpirt.
Tin Kmciiib will ha a Li'tiiiH-rmi- paptr, without
any prulix or iiimhrV'Htioti. It will bn for (loiiHlitiitioii,
Sir law, for i.itMrty, ftir IVhiu. Tli Kmpir in
PcivA," aaid Napoleoo, and ao, hiiinMy, hut farnHxt
ly, aay we. - Tboaa Idaaa wa ahail inotilcala; noi by
Violent or roieiul reaiHtatma lo nonatituted authority,
butwiihinlha pal of th law, by argument, by fact,
by appeal n to the reaaon ot thu pcopla.
Ihia yoarot INftl ia iftaiiiixl to b mnraornMe for
ah lima. It tna-t nark the Bra of IVmft!raiif HpnIo-ratlon-lAw,
trdtf, temp; and Union or the titter
aud lioal overthrow of American LitNtily, with auir
foninx lespotirtiii, or Anarchy, which n mora lobe
doolored than ItaMootiHm.
one of Hi oAnduionwof lmnemM BiWrta.whieli
muH. ia tutiiipneu wnii, ia ine uiNeiaimrNji ol lem
W rat to (Mera. Theao oui(ht to h put iu nut handa
of every uiau who will rad Ihfiii. II thm vr (
fr'tPil, all dnuhtof atioofH next fll won 1 1 lie rrhno
l. Tho poopl will redttfiu themaa'vea, If ihoy fan
odty he inrormarf. "
'1 btatt who wura raadari of Ike
WiH.imdertUiitl what it to tin Uw vharaclar o.Uie
iHnniKTatiu fihlonala and atjlj- Uuiiat, a ail! Ui lull of
A. Ilklrt M KLHotaN a haviii'j ilffltiw .1 to (kn
Ohnrjftt . I Iho Itniiiiiu Ktiip n will hitv. a I hpart-
inoiii in inn r ur aa 01 iiayton, ami w II irrtKhnle
Ui a evfniui luirit-tn," "with hi uiiial Hhihty," aa
"the aauual will truly ahuw." : .
The author of "t NOI.Jt MH U klotKL," "UVK
vwr r rv, -ir. nne,nAih, i xi will ain j(im
merry aouva aa afleu aa uuuaiMfti. i untrue thti).
'Ihflre will, aw ID the Loinn (JomU L-ha ouaiititf '
"Huiiernuie piakad up uuder fuir own Trea," aai
aretl in eau an inner of the Wkly. . i
In addition to thia, tmrelul altautiou will be paitl b
the Nrwa ol. the Week. Market KeMria, and, hi m
word, all that goee te uukwup a plfaauavt, rtVliahUt
and radically nouud lifftntairutMi iapet.
vfuajiHMi (in rrua.iuH hiuiu i net) ia e very w lierti,
and to many of whom wt hoM to make fiutuda.iu
ttia Iwliuf aiul hoi that tltttv will aid iiat in lli aaavUali.
huh n taut ut s aeaauuably u -patriHia iitutocrnU
paper. ' -.,,.(...
TKKISllr i m'-
To ainxle BUhattrihera 11 per annum, alwaya iuaj
yaime., Altor delitieraton we nave wneiuUiai . wtd-
wiUiataathnft the exorbitant (trhwefor paper, ink. Ac ,
to aend ten aofiiea of the Weekly Uit Pilu-on lJlara.
knowtwif lltat toere ia net a tewnehiit in Uhiu where a
eluh may not be mwde up en tliwae tttrnta.
iim uany ia eom w muu ut'M'riira r vn per an
autni in advance, or aift-moattaa lor $4. , . .
SAMUEL W. KING, Agent. Legal.
.! KHEKIFp'S bale.
Bitaan Rhonda Oaee No. 271MI.
Peter Khoaila I Common Phaa
BY virtue W m execution aaaued w thia onatk by
the Court of Uommua ft! e alunlHcuuerv
tsouuty. Ohio, t wU olier at pwUtu aaie at I ha Ooer ol
lite uoun nouae in .nt-iiy oj uyioa,a . . i
0t.ninMiy( faorwory i, imn, . i
At f o'elottk pan uf aatd day.iu IuIIowiua deat-Ntaad
real eatate. via: A trw't of laud tilttaie in Jackaeo
tonaaip,.iatheoun4yoi Mougteoiory and atataul
Ohio, and in aoctiea town 4, nuif( 4, awf(ia--siinz
at a atono aet for a oomer. witoeaH a whiteotit
Minenaa id aiainewi, be. ran eiw w poiwa uaimae
diauot, a 1 e an polea 8i liaka from the a ourner
of aaid aoution) theuce a e llUpolea hoknUta
atuna aet fur a upmwi yiiepa ev- w :t S polea tf
alone aet for a cornr; thewe o 6 w i polnn and A
huka to a atone aet for a corner; theuce n aa a 16a
polea u hn ka la Ike bwipnaiaH, aoniamw lia atarea, S
rotia and M hoka, being tha aaiue premiaea oouveyad
by l'hilip tibuart to awd t'eier ltkada by ! J of
hfaruh t, 144, and recorded in book 1, No. , paa
r7 of MoniHoawy Oouuiy Keeoda.
Haid land aiuiated ebout two m ilea aeKh of Kar
merMvdlaaao) about the aaiaadMilaiioeaoutfc vftjuhna
ville aad haa benappreied a( thirty dollar Hra-ra
and oaonot aell for Una titan two-thirda of the ap.
praiaement Term eaah.
UKU .OK W4MIAMAN, SheAtf Mont, county,
li. B. Uubobbl, Attorney. Jauwta
UeorK Umbaudh'a Kxeoutor) Buperior Court,
va I
Alexander KwayaMK. ; J Oaae No. TUA.
TT virtue of a vudi oxarutinn KiOatt the property
I J Ac, to me directed from the CIrkof theHuitertor
UmrV of aloolffuiiry Ootmiy, Ohio, J wdlonVr at
public aale at tk door of lite Court om ta, Uia city
of liayton, on
..(.. fifitumtctff, Jfrera . ISM. ' . . ,
At two o'clock p w of aaid day, the filltwinir dew rib
d real eel ale, vat: The taie4e AtoxaiKierHwayaie
ILha aaaua be.ux oaa aixUi) ta kit numbered tM wa
'Indtay'a plat of lantl tn MadMver -towbakip. Mo,U
Homery uouaty, urn, urtuji tn ranMo ?, towiuwtet a.
aeittioB Wo. aB.eoiitaiaiaa al-Hit tiva aid wit eiwUili
aarea. - Aleo, tlta liaernt of Alexander AvmyOMt w
lota numlerM iii. lli, aa4 iita.aa aniniautMl ea
the tevieed alat of the oily of Uavton.oouatv of Httou
awmary aad atata of OltMi, aad tute bean apprajaad aa
lxl Nq. 94, Kindlay. oaa aixtb part at.,..,M,.4ia tw
Lot No, 1,Ul,layioa,n-aikih artat...... won
1Ot No. Iaytua, one-aixlh part at fa) tMI
Lot No, I.1A3, tMtoa, one atxth i.art tta...,. 1 ftiM
A ad nannot aell for leaa than two-thtrda of the ettfjve
"ukokiill WoiiAlliAM'.Hhorill Moat, county.
Jmu at. party, tw-noy. j .J j -jj7dtwawu
",'. iPJ7a..l.
JLI KN LAhKWIdher (HiUiiynm UiaQnart Q
flVi inutd forylha IJui
K-Hii-ry, in the lat of Ohio on thr Hilt duy of le
oemaer, !, aaaiaat John k dear, prayHi lor k b
vov e 4r aha aawene at aeoaa ueelefi of dmv mt4
aduliery- ttLLBM LAIMW.
Jumii LovatL, Attorney.
Paper Hangings, &c.
j l..tl'ii. . t li
1'APER :hangimgs
ST Wea Vaurtlt etreei,.tilot.iaail.
Tn ntork of Pnnir Hnnacinut, Curlniii Papera.and
J Tr:iiiHtarfnl Wnidt Uhadia in the lar(f't ever
mh'reil to wt'fit'in buy era. In our retail dipi anient
wr have, in iiiMilion (o mir lare hin'M ni 1'iain nao
Det'urutivu I'Hpi-rtt, all llui
E&Rrn or Kuropenn Markets Afford,
The Hiipcinl ntlnnlion nf fiimiliea InUnitmn' to orn
ilifitt their drtwiiiK roouiM, Irnndt-irn, liirnntf, Imllw,
aim (lininu ronnin ih rHlh'd to IIii-ho Ix'iiuliliil UOfitlM
Wlii''h wftiiratiiltriiiu at low nru'ni.
All Klnila nf Htnre. anil other Blia
Made fat Order.
57 WeM Konrt h Htrei-l, tJilicinnnti, Ohio.
, IT. II TtaKNRM a n. aiilWillv
Jl'STHH I. Mel Altlt,
Attorney and Counselor at Law
.WAaBlHU'J'ua oin. D, t', -,
WiU v4ve prompt attrntfmi t. applicHttons fnr
And all other t'laiina lefora the Kxeimtiv a Depart
tieiitn and id t lie Court of t.'laima.
, Krer to: Hona. H. M. Hu e; M. U. Latharr ; M. H.
Wilkinson, UmUMlhtateM kfiiatora; J. at IMark; KM.
SlHiiton, StM'reUry of War; Wi liaul KflloK, khuyler
Qolfax, P. It. Knaka, Mumlw'ra of Couiroiii Colonel
U. W. kwiUKi of hid i mm, ami ethea.
The iiiith'rtiiKned ieaire lo inionn paraona havtnK
rlemaodit tiKatiiHl Iho tlovernment of tat 1 nilodHtalit
that h ia pn-pared to prnnei'Utu their rlaima with
KromplneHti mill on ri'annnalle U-mia, Hia rHnlic;il
tiowlvdtff of all the detail a of llm in i lit try r ice of
the UdiuhI Htftti-n, ivN him Kr.at t'.ili Iiom lor the
dei4lv adjiiHiiitciH anl nollt'cUiiU tf 'Vry tlowrjptiou
Of military tthuiiia.
All pentoN who entered 1 he uillitury aervire niter
Mrtrch I, (Mill, and are iliHahled by wouuda or disnae
are entitled to peiiwioim.
1 WidnwH of aoldterH who are killed, or die lwfmj or
after their diaei iirue, Irom wouteln rweivetl, or thu.
aaNe run tract d while in aerviee, ara entitled lo "pen
If no willow, then th ekildreo.wnder aixtrrajeara
af aav are entitled to hhhiiih.
If no wiilnw uor (dtildren, Ihtjii the mother, if wholly
Or in nart dependent on ileeoened for iiiitort
If no nioihar, then fhn amfcrM hf 1efeaet, under
tixteon yearn of age. if whntiy nr in part detJewdnnt
n de!uiu)eil for aupport.
MofTNTfKH. i
I All enltMted mon who larva two faaraararnttllea" to
I .All wh' nre dln- liAtcf1!, hi reawo of womtdiv re-evi-
in hut lie. aro entitled inbrmnlv.
liDuntieM ami nrrewra nf pay.ie dtH'ffflHfd aoldiati
ara paid aa iiiiota: nrit, ir nta wmnv; aet-onii, ir iu:1
Widow, to hiai'hil'lren '
, It he die.1 unmnrnol: flrirt, to father; aeenrut, if nn
fiiihe, iu moiher; ihthff fto lather norniother. rfieu
to Ihh ''MtiiiTM and aulera. trTrnra of pftv i;wa U
the heirs M'.Tl'H I MH'AKTV.
i HI N H. HTOPPKI.M A f , frj , T!ytnp, Mrttdjnrrt
ery I'ouuty, i ihlo, i my anthnrljied nHaoiate. Aplt
nttiyia preiwrttl and hriardeii by Iiiui, will ret eive
promiil aftentmil. '' oel'dll
r AM preparoU lo mrniah Btrini Htttin fer hflila,
pt.rh.-w, Ae., at the loweitt ponmblu rttlea. MnvInK
'laed aUJif n Kwtn hild dliritiK the Ijtwt anmmer,
1 leal uoufiUui that I ean milinfV all hia old eimUim-
era. 1 am a memlwr of the keginmutal Hand, anil
ettuAjrnir.il aiy nuiHbvr of pit'4'H fir a tjliiiig ImiuI.
All orUrklilt Wltll OhnHt-a I'lieoNtl.rnar 'Pirfid
ami Jelfernon atrtMda, luuler Hunlou Rail, Will he
prtmpiiy attended lo'
delAOm I'ANIKI, D. 11 A K KB.
ataMithed ia ttia Year IkM,
ros thu cufti or pkitath diikapks,
And aoder ia aontrol of two of aha moat ataemeiil
I'nyaiaiana in trie woria,
OR. BOMAPAKTI, from London and Paha
Hoauitala, and for the pat ten yeara of the Cm.
rTnuau Teuereal Hoapital.auk Lr K H URyivllLliH,
1 .v mJarf" '
let of New fork. Thia 1- ttia eniv tlMt in the niy
whara a permanent eure of Pa vale Iiaeaeea ean be
obtained, without the nee of raerenry or ehattxe ol
diet. lonorrktHB oared In la tx hour a, tWel iMired
in It to in davei fttriattiraa a a red 10 1 to a week; Mm,
turnal Kmiaaiona aloppad tn t to a davi; hennnaJ
Weak net aured in tt wmii; ftyphihain lie prima,
ry aiaiceaaurad la daya: IW a.lary ayiapbnoa ia 1
to Iweekti; llkin hiaeaaea oared an 1 to S weeka; im
potaoay, riuor rvatoeep iu t to 4,wae Alldleeawea
of a private n tlura breaiod witri a u paralleled auooewa,
male v female.
lr. HonajMrta't arewt work oa oHvatediveeaea.tha
Private UnideU Haalrtt, ia Imnehvial to all, male and
female, old and voBiif, akould read tkia leook It will
anhithtaii thotie ko nroMi in darkneaat rnm tL
aenta, aent kv mall.
lc, tenaarte'a Frenek Patent Mala HalN It la
perfeftfv nafa.and never faila U gm aUifaehon . Ilia
e only aafe aod aura preventive again at diaeaae.
Price ol the French Patent Male Hae, $1 tka wne
ane. ft per half doan. 7 per dnaen, aenl hy mail.
uflTMatlame l,o,IKtt'H Female Moolhly P. II. ia a
aafe aiul reliaMe remedy Nr auppreatiiona and all fa
male diaettaea lahea ah.uiltl bot uae them during
Jreiptaney, aa they wi:t pndnee iniaeama. Pme
I ui perlioxxvnM! eemiiieaey addreaa by
Ik aT. A . ara Mia men ta enoanh); aney ara an.
qutaaonalJy aek iiewtedHed te Utaekampiona and
klirara of vaerttal ttUMtMt, and th ualy lietf.ra ako
rwaive monthly vaporie frem Uie otif world f they
baea been aneoaloaei Boia aa early aie or votifh
witneaa Ike arri txteeaaea wkkih artOet iwankltwt,
aad ta watek tke prwgreaa Ihronk a lone eareer of
tntfeitaiooalaaelf lo erv akera nf hA, frva th
nanMaala-le t pavrvv ta the wtanataa of (ka vreet.
Ihv ami hewefaaertaoieti Iteyond a dotfttv itie vaat
BunVrtnff af koioaatty.taef deeervniaed 10 aeteet the
lieweraii va ayaUun an their partieiilar nhnlv, aiul lo de.
ewaa taatf MUalteuU4a to ike etfcrtaaoauf thwha
ttaea id lheteimpfiit ItiieMwva. Noletlera will tat
auawe red 11 n lev) ihey fviibtui a remittance u a poat
teatamir. al or aiMreae, ' 1
a9 IH Bvmu"re street, laeiweeo Vntli A Hialhteaal
)do, tJiie-innati, ihia.
VnVf aymrthon) A M. to PH. " fat)
Medical. Boots and Shoes.
tjiaoeftMlurera and whola.al, dishira la -
li l'KAftl. iT.. Hil'l WKN WALNUT- ANI. VINI
ilaliUm tnnfitnnB.lt.
No.8iH,TlilraM.vMt of Toti. ClocK,
rptl Pahho will please tnkenotioa that the Huheertha
4 haa now on hand a large and rompiete atook ol
far the Tall and Winter wear of the very beat quality,
oomimainu all tha kind that can poaiahiv In required
will be Bold ... . ' 1
Dtinng the War.
Krom long "tpirienre tn ttia hnlneaa,ii work.fo
tyle sad durability, ran not ha aurpaaHed, and fo
cheapness he dellex coiuretitnrt.
QJAII ktodaof itoota and ahoea matle to orVr.
V ' ' ' ( ' 4 - 1 ' -i ytilQ;
Important to nil Interested.
' tfliavaeaaort ta Lenta A Weekel,)
1 1 AVI )nat received from the Kaalern market, at
II tMk f a'ehanea( a larxenaaortment of tnena, la
liea, Iovb, 1 o ttia, naa-tea, and ohildran'a H'VitN,
Hhoea aud Unite r, of the tirttt quality and lateal atyle,
itlid al prieea that defy competition. AIho, a tCod a
Morlmetit of Jlala and (in it. for men and lnyn. AH
kinda of work mivln Lo order, of the beat npiktrial Hkl
Workinnnahip. A lit ia warranted.
KHMIi. K WKCKKI,, foreman, wHl aiirely pleaae
you if yon tfivethem a Inal.
('nil and examine their utoek hefhre purrhaainftelRpa
wlier. J. V. LKN'I . A HUN,
mi I it lot rrlnln.hclwoen Third ami Murker
I ,., fnsutanrr.
iuuT luiuhi:
capital mrK
FIRE A30"33 .; MARINE.
Tliit Omuiiniiy oltlr. airp.ri.ir inHfn.nirula l all
perhuii. di.Kinn piupi-llv llihliri-d. Kire ami Murine
riHUH arH IKK..11 au an iiiMiiruiv propt-riy upimiiu
most favorahle i.timn.
Aln-etl rrllden, Kiiiamlel Hlinltt, Jotin II. Winter,
Situ Huhiia, Jki-oh rl. (Ilwln, H l. llnrHlmian
II. M. W.-Hkl.-t. I. II. Immt. Z hn Cmwlmcl.
RKUKF.N U. IUKH1I MAN, Pi.-hi.I, nl
("Direrrty ripoaiti Ika Hoaton and Wo reenter liaaroad
' Jepot.)
TH R nnderiiyned, who haa leen concerted with the
Ameriean lloiiNe, in Ihm city, lor over nine yearn,
ImM leaed thia wetl-kBowti and popular Hotel Ar a
term of year, and prnl)ev ru in elf fo In irtetie him
the piikhr to line hlh ntn.oot 1 Morteto n 11 h tarn the rep
utalion of the liM'l KM KTATkM IIOTKL.aa atiiitt-
elaHf hoiiHe. The puhhe may rely iihii II ml my, al
hum noime, all tlia applianrea anil t-omioriti ol a llrai-
c.hh holel.
rrte., aa k era I of ore, I wo ItoMHra per da.
iM-:tdiim K K N K M PRATT
nKAI.KIt in Hue Lineni, holh Irmh and Get mm,
ami x,ut'llllii'it yiiriiiahuiK O'oih; lloaiery of
till Itiuda.
Kino Linen made to order, hy ineaNtirement, and a
uent tit . iiHmuleed.
, I'aper 1'aiu rua cut. . . , ,
Shirts. Clothing.
pHANKKUL for patroiiii-e heretofore evlended lo
J thetirmof Miller A t hai.'h, reMpeetfully Noln-ila
a t-mitimiaiH'e ol the Hrne lo nimnei'.ai Uie uhl nlitnil,
ilblon Hinldiiiaf. corner Third mid JetlerHon ir'Hs.
i lhi-e he wdl alwaya le fvimd with a full aatfoihiti ni
of g nodai 111 iii m lint. Ie.it 1.1 w
Restaurants, &c.
fjisrjoN HALooisr.
Uaakal't tfullalliia;, . afTaraaat au
jbjhi-.-f ''I'J
TWO NEW IIILI.I till) T A 111.1.$
I 1 1 Of tin eeatnt.ke.ao reatly for il.e. 1 ' '
Oy.tera, unail, wild dut-fc, veniMaia, and alWaaida ai
llama and H.h in Iheir t-N.fHl.
Wlfcfcl, I.KjI'OKJl. Al.a, I.AKBII HKKK AM
Ciiatoinera ara reapaoafully invited
KRR0. I.ANnr
Cooper House Saloon.
alat atraa.,MHiaUa tke Jtaket II. a,
. NAUKKTH, Prop.
THIS Haloon ia tha ft neat In themty. Oyatera quail,
wild duck, veaiaon, aiv.1 all kinda of iptme and
Dfh in their eeaeon. afealaatall h-mra.
Tne bar ia aupplied with the flneal and moil ehoice
l.)uore. The mu brauda ol aifara and ttdaatvoa al
wave on hand
Urveiere if yia oan aoil kalf caq. . j aelAVhUu
WtU'I.I reapectflilly Inform hia niimFrouMeiW
and cuaUxiiarathal he haa pur, haeed tt.a
Eatlne Saloon and Restaurant
Formerly owned by Mr V. Fnea, aoutheaal onrner of
Fifth and Ludioft', ahere he a ill te ahle ai all tlwea Mi
ailiplv them Wttl. the I aet I the lyarketa atttird.
oVni kki ae v ad uitia aka Wat uaauwr. aad aa
''MM ' . -
etaOrtnotioa. anfev
Dayton & Western Railroad.
' ' CHANUlfi Ul 1IMJ5 ' . r
ON and after Monday next traina on ma lAdku.
Central will leave the Union lit-pot, bixth atruet
atk:f6 am and 4:ftti p m.'
keturutntt, will arrive at It: 10 a maLd S.uv p n.
1heH:-tfi am, Bnd 4:f.Uptn, xnreta irmiia nia'
olone connat:iir aa 10 ail uini a tha Waal and feoutt.
andarfvpui train ia tha ahurteal aiid iniwkel ruu
te Chioao and tha Won hwent.
DT M. w. WoulWARl,Hnpariniendeeu
Dayton the Michigan Railroad.
ON and afur BuikIkj, (. u, 1,0s, trama wi
leave t'moo Deitot, nillh .In el. lur Toledo aa
ailiautrmediate poiula aa filua,;
luiriiuaiiu i,iui-aKO Hail hi lu.OS a nu
lljicago aud Lielruil PUj-iit t..1Pre,. at s ua p m
."?i7 i M. bHtiKMAtfcH, aup.r.nu.uu.1,1.
Sandusky, Dayton and Cincinnati R. R.
i k ana alter Noremlr It., IUI, and" uoal lunZ.
IIIM.k A. M. Alail tralb lurK... .. .
iu;ou iiru.1.., Beiiecuutiu.:, ' r?;u",,.
aaudi..kj euuneetinn at h.nnK .eld
rra.uoal-.u.t,,.!,,. , ,. , I1H 4 JJ ,f "."' '"
l".i.nrnvii,itj1..(,.H, ,.,., h- fcii
K. M , ko,uk Kiutt, urniuK ,u cleM iKuT.,"'' , "
uuuk,,.. ,.. Ki.n,u , 'ni" ;;
1 1 r. i. N.Ki.t !-n , hH.h..,".''.?':
0.1 i au.l lllot.1,e. ,.ue.t ".J "-'
Hu KO'UKluiWuui ai.iiuru. ... a..."
K.md, nrrlvniKi u t.reKil.ne To:l,, B u?7!uXl.r
k:- a 111, ai.u Ol.iuutu at IU;u a ... . , . L" '
rt-.a. eeu.iu.ky al a ii r,"U,-1 f M.
7:05 ;;?, frutTirr?.'
M..uiu.,I;,".Vi,;,!iL';''''''',''','l'u l " "
Ik k.i. tr.(iis Line u. all ik.iuIh Ntll. i ,
Illinois Central Railroad.
i;n A K.a a.- . .1.. .. . .
, I.MAVM AIArT..iy' '""'-"'
"IUK Norn,, ,"."
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
UI'KAI ritAi.Kui;j,Tsta5a
"HKI..U ai.,i iwii,,-.., ; -lwuisi,,ttt
t-wnood au i-.rken.burK o. u . u,'"T.' ""i H ".
unite. ,, Uiuj,""" twi,i,.h ,.,
oralaia the West. i? I?f fT;', "-'In.'n. a I
I 1. .. lueuji u. Haaiu,. ,,:
- TlirinKl", . .Mf;l,J. M aty. '
w.,i.ih,um, tit, ai au a,i,i.,r, , fraean u
I . . J are a. low 7 1".?'
Dayton, Xenia and Columbus Railroad.
,re t l-J u. a.. ' ua Ciug..u.u L, ka
riue lW) '."""".'"'"".T nil.u,
j t'litui; uii a. v, . Km,, T,. Ti iR" oiliael,.
' JuJi a. i.. eiii.
JUS ---.M4..,.,Mnp.nilt.11..1.l.
Dayton and Union Railroad.
UIIA fct.t. .Ta.
ta . " "r I (Alt,
- BTlalbt.M. hu,.-t
,11111 U II ",'".'..
t.A4 1 TAUKaTr
VV,.,:f;..,:ro,"f" t u im..,-;. '
Notaries. Drugs, Medicines, &c.
HSS, Tkird aire... i . '
A III l.jlln.nl.u,, j J -.
Notaries. Drugs, Medicines, &c. Coal and Wood.
w loal anU Wond
a wa aaa
WHOI.K8AL1 AM, live... .
"aiLIWI Ik)
Aai-W.yn. .i,e,. Ulwmm T.irt .diwi .
rtlartValTaA , "m,-ta
Ti iwm qtuhiy or aniiAK.' hiramte
are detenn.ued J m' SZt VSL' SH
" A. I'll Ai EV A CO.
D K N T I 8 T 8
tnVIHNHlTK I'RANKI.IN rti.fi.gl
AM, .r.ti. perlaiBin lo tl,u.. . ". 1
.uA ilw,'.,,.,,..,,', ' ""rf .are,!!
U.awil.l.:allm..Bl -.llmuen a. r.,v). .
the ne ,..,. ,,l,r. , i" , f." "TT
aa, Mr n.rt,nil. Vi.k-ar.,1. ,i

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