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ijailti tBmuut.
HUUUA.11I) lllld., Krtltor-.
nrniv- (U'tnty.
t?rr.E!e ji'iik-,
lr.a f I'll Ttaw.)
Ol rairflrld Con IT.
ito vu l in'iiit'it".)
Of lltiinirli County.
Short H.-aixj,
ot i I'tMMirt t'nuntv. ' t
. . LYMAN R ORllOHHfc.Lt),
Of H iliu.'" I'nnntf
Of KiAnklini.'ouoiy.
aOrtimt, unMMtSftiVNVH.
Of Hurf'i fnnnty
tWABL) iK VWM.l': vVOKR-f,
I fflT.L TK,
Of Aatilsmt Pounty.
(r v ,rw,'T,
, , of Auslaire Uounty.
Current News Items.
Own Lew Wallace tuHered a s.-vere d.feut
1b hit lat Buhl with ihe rebel".. He suc-pom -t
the rUI fou in MrUnd to be twenty thou-
and strong.
It it announcvd that lieu. Uim.l will not l.e
dilturlxd in bis operations hy the. movement
of lb. rebel in Maryland There ij said to be
tore enough to d.-fend Washiugluu without
bit si f.
There i a labored attempt in iur iiiuriin,:
diapm.tt;hf to tuiet public apprehension tun
cernina the tafety of Washington City.
The Government hu ordered twelve hun
dred thousand blank not ire lor dralii-d meu
to b prtute J, This would km lo indicate
much larger urali than we have bd any i.n"
tica ol.
, Advice, Imni Columbus seem to in Jicntfc
that reeruiliiy begins 10 gu on briskly 8,,'uih
throughout the Statu.
Gen, Builer it it-duced in cnmaiaud to the
military government ol Fortress Monroe. lie
ha oo longer any command in the tield.
. Ii i said that Ohio regiment, snCercd
rarely in Lew Wallace' lale tight with the
raideri. - t
. Tha Democracy of hit District gave Hon.
Alex. Long a glorious reception, on Saturday,
and nominated him lor the Presidency.
The newt from Washington this morning
represents entire confidence in the tnlety
the city.
Our telegraph columt will afford a pretty
lull account uf the condition of thinm in Ma
ryland. The rebels have carriad off an ini
mne amount ol pluuder of one sort or anutb
iTTTiicluding cattla horte,, and sbeep.
Wa ar iniurmed that Btltimoi U re
forced, iufucietttly it i suppoied to insure
aafety of he city
Th"Goverume'it' U taking vengeance
tha German lor ibeir support ol trimout,
.mnv!n Sine! and Slul.l lium their cum
Tha Presidiiit bus Usuid another of
Declamations, intended tu further the ori
ration ol bogus Stairs limits Stutei will
him their elf ctoral vote, tind thil is wbu
ha ii after.
Republican puliticiai a are living lo tiiiur
Ohio out of tb draft, by reprehtitiling that
hu already oldie. largely iu cxci aa of former
Tha telegraph bring! word ol the
ei Governor Bradford bouse, iihin
milttrif Biltimom. Thin look !tko rhe
in nuula .Uiljer. not wiliutHUllillg the
aial of tha telegraph.
Th Price of our lallj li lr
Advitnccd lo 'iO (run li r
We cannot irwHtbl y alfonl t n'tiliniii"
to furoinb. the Daily Kupiiik. nt jitcseiit
rate. The great atlvaiicw iu lltt' cot ol it
puiiUcatiou compola u, lehu lauily to an
nounce that after thin wt-k we intn-t in
crease its price to 'iO centx. The iiei i'Msity
for thil uauNt be atttiarsnt In all.
"He Am What he Was."
Abraham Liacolu linn just iitcl
Pioolainatiou to tlie people of the t'niiol
Statea, tha putn.e of wltieh in in iiiU.im
tha jteuple that "he am nhat he wan
December last." , llcie i the extiaet :
..... fSIow, iherefore, 1, Abrahain Lincoln, Pres
ident of lha United Stairs, do proclaim, d.
clara and make known that while I am, as
waa in December Ust "
' Tliat'a jut what'a the matter. There
ia no ilianw iu Ahe Lincolu. "He am
wluit he wan," and ahvayn
"Thoiiah tou li av a fool iu a
will he
Vtoburv0, mong loa.ling Detuucritt.
,U pper, d.upofcition to inculcate harmo
ny of aetiou among the Democratic inriy.
All iHDi to think, that whih' we ltav
one enough if couihiuei.1, to defeat Lin
coin, wa hav uuue to uirv, or fritter
way ia met faction Thia ia wUo and
patiiotiq. Lincoln must te beaten at
tventa. and at all hazard.
A Tonar. ' Th United Stale untied
the y art too ItrODft for the world to conquer;
tfoiclVtJ.tbey art took weak to conquer each
,v hv-nr iol ItM -Sultan, al
hat i&t ul riwand ullhaJ ht'
ii t tfrrtl t niinB io yt.ith.
a pt-ry u r nJ, n't t iiioralU oh,
It Hi ini ' of th Pitiua aultu.
lift lWi' lit J)aV' vi Hi) th I.n4
Conuiowt not tmpiv )ooMty m1 ian4-
It mrtt hlt and motile floors.
IU ""unfit aUn wintiow n-J nmtfa Jout.
In trt oni ruliim. ! piftuHNl walli i
"rSh ' my m1(. thi Rlory of Athi mAlIt'"
W wout tit rii lkim tht I'mmi Hultnn,
A hi itr n ItH H)1( ndor rmi upou.
hut mhht ir tho ptlc, Miprb though it it:
If it Itrul no iillor nrt Hal Mom He.
Hp ttutl tn hi1um, kdI mop n gloom,
A h trrt th flit r of n'h ittit ruom t
And igli iu hiuk tht rVr hiiti Ion
Th i.mrvt'.uuf gloria rn t him itnoti
Nut Imitf nlifi 'for ohmu4 toon,
Comt ovr lhlootn (f ts Pant-a Pvtr
Thr wr ol hlflt-k, ot ut Uu ,
An.l vym of tttcry liihmg hu,
And rAvro trvf. ntl look 01 liutri,
AuU firy rin0rr, Jmiity nii whtt,
I Aori inufif1 m notl, in mich tjwutifiit orlv
I An if Irom ym tull of lnjttnf Urt4-
Lt vrr t tin oripiit mud hin on
A uidb ito bifitt m ttu proud Hulun f
Nnr ttm hton! - the lh'looptiiT, Hto
i vuM noiHiki to th wnftj'b of tti Prou4 Hultn.
Trun thit trninutvd hi mtnl to goti
but thi Sultan uok rig, dtrty, titrd nd oM,
Aq I mMdothsio inruyl If oo tid bua
'lo co mt with tii divta 01 ciHtion't uo,
Aat hMittUArml t a hour ??ry tT
Of thf tix thuHnd thil h pmiftt fly.
Mill the htiirni Ui.it cum trom ih Su!tn' prv.
oi 'ii- cuuutiTV coitnt would hKva tivtn in i
'lii ut ii- tht t-ky, or Uip ""und l thn wa,
Cuu!d out rual ch tiolltr ol Sal-Mok Px !
Aim! t.uv? viunrtvtitl onrihly ihinc'
Kti-tifrt mid honor tMtHkvUwm wiog"--Aiil
Hit oup tbat w H.i in iif fir it nvtffi rtjw
I lillUT AN itAi tiu we iltttm t ti.w
At d ttiiti, a my exec Hunt rfiwt-r will nr,
0ui auff iMattenwd r Hai-Mum fkB.
' iu t.iniir moro, when th mm hon olrar,
And tiilfti wro dispelled (Vm tb at.oHphr,
in Kharp-HKhted ttlowawith npertuUH on,
Looke d rltj- at the inou) of the Urewl Sultan.
Oup hill they wanned borw the tirad of CHAtk,
Audnne haa aolowmnh jolcar't tar,
And both had b cka of a w;tim-lir itm,
teh ai mantlfa a pootl where tadpole ar u
VA hu ou ol h gaMra, the hoi -teat, said :
Tni tnfl if boRui, I'm much afraid
putiptT kerchtH a U-kk-i' ahiri
uiixu.rec'l paiut, and rn, and dut 1"
With oow accord, tbvy a 1 ai(. 9
And giii as th gloiy ot Hal MoN-t i t '
Tha paiac tor him waa a home no mora,
loidagADflt him each masivt door
Itt wine no mora u hu to aip,
And banned for him wa.1 tc h honn'a lip -
Hull th-- dHm-r danced aith their wonted fie,
Hut not for the Suliau Sai. Mow Pas -
t'l.rir inltth wai made for another' ear,
And the nong was not hiiok for htm to hear.
A wanderer tmw, with hm hea i ttent down,
With humble tp walk the Proud ? u It an
il ii power poiict of hu priile bereft
Hut a wreit.-L.t dt shattered wreck Ii tail.
lustcrtd of ihe (liroDga who war wout to great
I he rcud yultau ou a?er t tret,
I'harc are raed urchioi who Uita a thty cry,
Lork at Ol UaESNitcK t ahHlug hyV
A ti anon ia her which may profit ua alt
Of pride in ita power, and pnde in Ua fall.
As tins is penned ojiiefly tor the ttarnuigstld
tructien of yontti, mine i.t wlioni in.y not lw ewsre
ol Ilie 'utr't t I'renurr.aiittii .t llie hviJ AVImi,
t'lir tn uilDrlil tlifiiilhut It M ,r,uuuiK'vl 11 written
.S..'fif-i 'ne lvoi on si let eyiut-te, -in
,ri.iiubv'iHiU u li Mttiiisl tet' verih.'stian J
Tliei B is a prevalent belief that Lincoln
will not dure at thia time to enforce
dt ul t with which m thieBiens th people
It is tlxitight that lie will not risk the mi
popularity which a forced levy would
sure to Niibject hint to ; and tlierefote, that
bo will tUtler the conscription until after
he. U ic-eli oted. Thtn he will feci safe
making it ax universal, as merciless,
as bliHiily aH hie instincU may prompt.
The Democracy must be United.
The iiuion ol tbti Deiiiocraty to drive the
vutiitiil hi"ite Irom the CHpiiol never uave a
in her pti.tnue ol siiiA'tHs thnn nt thia preaettt
writut 1 lie leelinf of country,
itsi-ll tn uuin,stiikitbie sins lor Peace,
allium d the Adinittisinuion, and the shiatdr
hnrdessie clOHllv, M- (lid thu guilty BeUliba
lur, th I t bey have bi en weighed iu the
lance and l.iuiid whi.iiiik.
That the cundulHte nomliiateii at Chicavo
will be pluceil on a Peace 1'latlorm, the com-
ing events, which can their shadows before,
abundantly prove. The leeling for Peace
growing one. A heady it ia the prevailing
sentiment ol ihe country, aud has ceased
be tegar'N ! as anmng the political chances
Chicago, Inr it is as certain as it written
the book of lute And still it grows, and
to grow iiiittl those who prnless to
Iieiiiocrais, and oppose it, will be but at
ceptiuns to the general rule that all are in
Th I lemocrucy must be united to sustain
their nominee, aud uuued as one man tbey
be, and he who will theu be lukewarm or
a catidiate upou so glorious platform
will he classed ns amongibose who have
bought up by the friends uf Lincoln to
and disiiact ihe puny.
It will be a glorious signt to see tue conser-
vattva men ol the country uuiteil in tha
nnliiinal arly now io existence, battling
naitisl those who have , uuk the tuvernnieiit
1111J wrecked the l.'iiiuu, up.ui 11 iliitlonn
i't uce, whura ull wbu luva iha Kepiihliu
reverenre its Constitution can atunil as
hand of brothers. Ha who Is not-disposed
join that band, or hat no stomach Inr snch
hunt, hat! belter at once pi i nitre tu
t'rotii under.
Humiliation and Prayer.
Kntne oltlie abolition papers are iiriu-
frestdeut toappoiul a dayuf National huiuil
ialtoii and prayer. '1 he prayer wuuld b
M,n.i.h if Itnd has not. iilreailv d.tHl'niilli'd
destiny Ibis people becuuse id the wickedness
islrri: hnlwewaui ho more nalional
humiliation we have hud no lespite from
since Lincoln became President There
be tome tense in prayiuir God to ioturposa
Hit strong arm to prevent Lincoln, re election
ami thtr by lilt thi, nation up out of tb
miliaiion towhich it hat beeo redoc,d
wicked nan Hotmet Parmer.
A Splendid Letter.
BURLINGTON, N J, June 30, 1864.
ait iinr ruray, (jitn i rK'i,en., t'rlivan, kich
w W't v a , -,!, v ! , una: liar iia.
UTi.fMKK: 1 have this moment reeeivH !
yonr kind invitation to attend the relahratinn j
by Ilia venerable Tannaanv Sieiety of lb an-
niversary of our Na:ional Ii.dertendence. Oi-tllltll""l'l,"ll"l
tun to a pre-exitin xnfaeme.it it will nt j
be in uiv (ower to necept.
I HeeOKniiinir the sincerity of your patriotic
eff rt aud deir, I must confesa thai 1 am !
111,1 aiuiu.ied bv iha aama hona th,j mnnti I
to glow in trie bosoms of the aaoheme of old
Tamitiauy utiou the subject ol a restored
1 lully appreciatu the spirit that injured
the patriot Jni.kson to utter tho futuous wateh-
wont, "the Union muxt and shall be prenerv
-.I " k.. ,n ..n,m., it,, i
brLd of vt.ur rrd of invitation: hut it is cle.r I
to the most ordinary comprehension that he I
meant only in a constiliitional way, and not 1
through the coercive ruiliUtry apencipa ot the
Government, lie distinctly declares in hs
Farewell Address: 'lf such a struggle is
once bvguu, and the citien.s ol one section
of the country are arruyed attuinH those ot
another, let the battle (to at it uiuy, tkeie will
be an end of the Union.
He believed with Washington, aud so as
serted "that the Inundations of the Union
must he laid in th affections ol the people,"
and therefore could never have acquired the
illogical idea that tba strength ot tue super
structure could be increased, or its permanen
cy secured by meant tending directly to un
dermine, these foundations.
Hely upon it, the only hope now, if indeed
tbete it auy hoie li ft, it in immediate cessa
tion of this hellish slaughter, and a speedy
peace, and even theu, the restoration of thft
old l. nion will hava to be tlie wi rK ot tno
healing hand of time, that must obliterate the
fierce and savage memories I lml this frater
nal sttile will have evoked The man who
looks f ir the old Union to arise beautified and
glorified Irom the yet warm ui-hes of dt-som
ted houthetu homes, from the blood ol kin
dred, shed in civil strite, from the tierce hute
tbatthe dying shall brent he forth at a legacy
to those who survive them, most surely im
agines a vain thing. One of Ihe gravest de
lusions in an age abounding with them, is that
which urges the citizen "to sacrifice the lust
dollar and the last man," in a o.ind idolatry
for what la called the Union. 1
I have as strong a love tor tha obi I nion,
high an appreciation of its benefits, its
glorious ongin, and its il'ustriout memories
at any man; nay, more tban tins, 1 was la-
born g to preserve it, when these modern pat
riots, who are uow so much in love witb it,
were willing "to let it tbde," aye, denouncing
it, at "a league with hell and covenant witb
deutli." I am not, however, tanutical enough
to permit a mere teutirneiit to blind me to
tacta, and deaden my sensibilities to the ex-
tttenceut higher and more roomentois issues.
1 will always put liberty before Union. The
preservation of the absolute rights of the cit
izens, and the sovereignty of the Slates, nrf
ot llibiiilely more importance to me limit
mere breadth of territory, it Ibat territory
must be occupied by white slaves; more im
portant than Federal power, if that power id
to be wielded by a uturper and a tyraut.
Liberty we must and will have; its posses
sion it essential to the life of every free born
American; the Luton is not necessnry unless
associated witb the hist Ot what value
Union to the citizen who finds all his guaran
teed rntbla in the amendments to the Consti
tution entirely gone? ilia right 10 free
thought, free speech and a tree press gone,
twuliowed up in the maelstrom of a grand
consolidated military despotism? A Union
is a very good thing to have and ( hold ; but
if in older to secme tbitt Union I must
content to tee the Coustilulion overthrown,
the reserved rights of thu Siuled and the peo
pie annihilated, i hu war power one of the
ot the Kxecuuve and myself ptuing
at it through the barred and bolted windows
of Lincoln's buRiilev; then I woulu trade (
a tboueud such Unions for one little San Ma
rino among barren links, wli-re the rights
by Magna Clinrt i were respected,
where oppression and usurpations are u
but supposing the Union could be restored,
how long, surrounded by tl e memorial!
the struirglu here at the North, would
endure? Certainly every Ihougulful man
luust admit that the statesmanship which sug
gested tuseribing ou ibe regimental colors,
symbols commemorative of their having
home iriuinpbutil iu our bloody Iralernul con
flicts; orol erecting monuments as memorial!
of our nluody struggles, cou U never
contemplated a permanently restored Union.
The memories of these fraternal conflicts must
be buried in oblmou before a permantly
stored Union can be secured. The heathen
i rulers aiiu siuiusiueu uuuerstuou inis principle
in human nature, apparently, much better
than the professedly enlighten Coriatiana
j tins noon of tha nineteenth century-,
ia It waa Tibenni who, when the Komau 8en
a ate proposed erecting au altar of vengeance
tojio commemorate the death of Piso, replied
et "ihnl publto munumentt should commemorate
in ' toreigu couqueats, not domestic calamities
will , Cirsar, ou hie return from hit Atrican 'caoi
conltiiUb be paiens, alter hit great victory at Tbapsus.
ex-j upou celebrating his Four Triumphs, wisely
its 1 and carefully avoided allusions, by hauliers
' otherwise, to what, perhaps, were the most
' brilliant of his achievements his victories
will over his owu aounlrymen. In Spain
op- Theasaly, be br.e routed the disciplined legi
pose ' out of tbe Komant; "but their defeat,"
beeu most truly said, "brought no accessions
divide honor lo the Uepiiblic. The glory it reflected
! ou the victors was but dubious and barren."
1 hi Christian nation should have learned
only wimiiiiu linn the example lit heathen rulers
and statnaineu
If ib tit ill-111 nit of ibis queslion n-iliiL-es
nt' itself to hepariitioti or Suuthrrti Hubjuiiiiuii,
and then I am lur separation a thousand tiuies:
a because the deiuoriilixiiig iullucncea
lo usurped powers that must he evoked 10
a inte ,ut h a tiudish judgment would establish
iiauu at llio ivoiui a unnoiiu power, worse
tti-ni'uhu Khun orlauitrlaue ever i-ontrolled.
Such re. tills us tubjuiruliuu and aniiihiliitiun
have hveu ai'cntnpli.hed, wbi ie the will ui
despot waa iha supreme law, in such devastat
ing wars as ibe lminuis and Attilns of
world havu tatted, where the umss never
grows where Ihe bonis ol u.eir churitert press
ed, und the smi ka ul the country weut up
hind tlieiu ' Ilka the smoke ol a furnace"
it never, surly, by a Kepuhlic, whose
would Cnrner-tione is ' the consent ol lhe e,c verned,"
and the avowed object, of whose Constitution
"lo esttblith jutiica aod irnurt dume.lio
bo- tranquility."
[From the New York Freeman's Journal.]
The Coming Poverty.
Q,4 Unlh of tha th vrhoU population of
ibe Nonbern Statra have beau tn aroia, i-on-
- I J . . :.L: . L . r.al ll.eas,
" rit , , ,
1 irreater urt ot these wratir.wn
f""" ' "vwljr .nilm iiir elnma. Another
rmT bB miiHKed in bedii.r-, i: lotln ur;,
n" ""' 1'Hh"nll """'
Tha larger part ot the renminiin.' fopiiLu,..!!
' h'e" mde up ol men of ternla aee, ot
women, and of tender intuitu .
r,lrtjfior and consumption nave t.een
prodigious. Frndurlton Paebeen fearlnlly
dini.nisbeil The peiniuioui ivedit system ol
the North has priiiilld the people to wnde
into a fithiliil liankrtiplcv, hebire they were
aaare of it. Tha troutiln, when it tinea come
on theui, will Louie ae an armed robber I
It coming apace I Liihonng people usd
to drink eviltt Uow loim is it since nay ia
borers hava had in their humble horoe any
rral coftea to drink I hy,
tributes ff
cured of
to drink I Why, it costs the
nnoresl kinds. II !v to SIXtT centt a poiinoi
They must let ltnfonc or they must use vile
decoctiooa, not favorable to health. Thty
used to use sugar, at seven or eight cenls a
pound. Now, common brown sugar costs
twenty five cent! a pound I Tbey used to eat
butter. Now butter it at inch rates that time-
ley, looking oat Irom behind tbe pile ot green
back he bat made nut of this war, ur.;es th
reat of us poor fellows nf to tat butlrr !
Unnecessary advice I We rant afford ill
Next beef noes tin I Tough old cow b" I
sells at twenty-five In twenty eiht cents, Und
beef of better irrndea from thirty towards
forty. Greeley putt his countenance, again
over hi.i iireen back uile. and txhotts us lo
"ceaae rolimj href .'" "Don't buy a pound ni
it !" Aired parents, delicate wives, sical)
dauehtpra. and toil-worn men are to "cr
eatinc heel I" A howl ia raised that it ia "spec
ulation" that has but ud the cricesl Hum
bug I
When, last December, far out in the interi
or of farming Illiuois, where we travelled, we
louiul hay selling at twenty-bve dollar, a ton
we know what wus coming ! It n production
that ha- decreased! It ie not speculation
U-el will be scarcer yet, uud all oilier U sti
meats I Hut, that is nut all, The lortunati
absence ol demand Inr grain in K.uropo, ha
lf It wheat and other corn in the country, the
lust season. We cull this fortunate lor,
whilo it has embarrassed exchange, and dam
aged commerce, it has, for the tune being,
given cheap bread to the poor I But now, au
uiipropitiuus winter blighted the fall wheat in
wide districts ot the .West. When spring
opened, the lurmersthonghtto plough up their
wheat fields, uud pluut'thetn with Indian corn
to have aometliimi lo eat. The Gurrillu at
Washington, in league with bis salrups, lb
Governors of North Western Slates, just then
called one hundred thousand men lor one nun
dred days! Bulween those that went, aud
were forced tn iro, and those that fled to es
cape being forced to go, the fields of the
grain-regiont of the North West lack labor
ers It it said that, in tbe one State of Ohio,
three thousand farms stand uncultiva ed, tint
yenrl Clo binit, and an idea of food hereto
fore considered necessaries, nave gone to
prices frightening lo poor people. They wear
old clothes but these are wearing out. A'ote
they have the prospect before them of dear
bread! Coal, next winter, threatens to be
tweuiy dollBrt a ton, that used to be live
six dollars I Flour is likely to be nearl)
twenty dollars a barrel I
Is it well to try whether the poor peopl
will endure all this ,' Ihe middle classes are
nurturing, in their turn, and aro losing all thai
they have saved by years ol industry, iiutcli
ere are losing money I Kelnil dealers nre
telling for less thtin they can buy lor I Thi
d i Mi ess is geneiul. It it well for the com in u
nities of the Northern States especially for
large cities, and denser populations, to pus
ibis tiling on to the extreme and bitter issue
'nU' can it be obviated f We can te
you, and it concerns you, men of large accum
luied properly, more man it concerns ui
Obviate it, by stopping the causes of all thi
Stun a war tliEt should never have been be
guu, mid wb'ch will plunge you deeper Bud
deeper into shutne, mt'i detent, and into Iron
hie, the longer you continue itt Madison
wrote: "Wur is the parent of largo armiet.
From these proceed public debta, and taxes,
end armh; ileitis, and tuxes are the common
methods, by which the few obtain domination
over the many " If it comet to thia laat, we
mean lo try conclusions nt te pbytical lorcet
Stop the war while you may I
Revelation of Official Iniquity.
agent ol the Wsr Department (lie is also
These are now duly too numerous, Heaven
knows, in nearly every branch of the publio
service. It it not the feast to which we were
invited. The following case ii one of which
tlie gmli or innocence is not yet conclusively
The congressional investigating committee
lo look into the abuses in tue banking depart
ment of the Treasury, exonerated Clark, tbe
currency printer, at the expense of Col. lluke
the detective ol tbe War Department, wno
charerd with conspiring against Clark. This
part of the report, ouifhi to have been left out
if the cmntniliiie wutited their verdict in regard
to Claik lo puss unquestioned. Col. Biker
has taken the mutter in hand and asked for
an investigation of the charge by court mar
tial, and ll it Is grunlrd the whole matter
likely U get a much more thorough invnsli
gallon than the congressional committee
awarded it: and if there haa been any white
wash put on, it will be likely lo get rubbed off
tiprinicla tieputituan.
The story about the "conspiracy to ruiu
character" of the Treasury otiicer excites
general smile. It is claimed 1 lint (taker,
i.imif chief
Provost Marshall lor Washington), formed
cntispiriicv with a number of ahaudntit-d wo
men, for the purpose of b-vvtiir blackmail
Clurk.and inducing hiui, miller tear ot threats,
to testify falsely tu his own shitnie and lhat
others, Congressmen and public men, in
immoral practices In which his bureau ia said
lo have been prostituted. Il iH now teh'RrHph
ed thut Mr Clark hat suspended work in
Lureaii, though he has lint yet resigned
uwailiuir thu pli asuie ot the new Secretary.
It is openly charged, by Administration press
es, that the Dunk No'e IVintitiK hninch of
Treasury Department, under the Lincoln ad
ministration, tins hi-en turned into aoutnpb
ImreiH. -Other charuet iiientinn lhe fraudu
lent overissue of currency. What lhe ti ul
may be, concerniria! these things, we do
yet know II th, alltiiralionr me mainiaitied,
the case will only be one mure added tu
Ion? list of exposure, of bad men in nrlic un
der the existing: rule. Ii ahnuld be borne
mind that tbe cbarpe that tha majority of
iiivestiiratitiK committee sought to "whitewash"
lhe Traaiury olUcer, and for partlzaa reatonn
to cover op real initjnttie,, ie made, not by a ,
"copperhead ' press, put by "lojal" adminis
tration paprr i
What a spectaule i, everywliete pretentf d,
of utter rottemir , rascality and umruitworih'
iriessoa the pnrt of I rpublirnn i lli.'ii.l, bv
their own patty ptenc" atid li ndcis ' ur
ford Timet ,
VVjptfn Tilt MmriMipri l.et it be teror
tlrd that on the 2tlih ol June IXo-t, the Missis
sippi river was aadej at Keithsb'.i qh, 111 , by
Mr. C. J Bemonon. a roiih SI 11 moh in
haiht. Sham on you Mississippi. Ktitht
buiy Ubserrfr.
Killeen of lb workmen emplojed in ibe 1
Harem," otherwise known as the Treasury,
oie i'rintma Bureau at VI ashiugton, ate sup
posed to have been captured by Ihe rebels at
Harper Kerry, where lliey weie "peuuiug
the 4tt ot July. i i-ors!
MrOn Friday last Mr. Lincoln again
swapped horses." He swapped Tod for r ess
endau, and the ''gold bill ' lor iu repeal, this
movement was , Dueled when be waa cinst
inn" the roughest "stream" he hat yet pasne d
wiHirin or iho smicTfchJiTttcasiniiV
tot III. speedy sad leJlil"loU'. et
et. iac
..mimtrnttiin" to th ptiDiw e
H i-4ittittriLr t tin
ihe day, Idooot Wil w v uudornlood an riiunuii
lor it tun powwruf (. tnrmi nf? uuueard ol eur.j , Ti i
I I iri'ni Hint !T mi Hi- mii p.sns -j
LIN1MKMT, it hie uu etud. The "Uniineuuini
baa -' ...;:
,evi' been Ihiiotvu lo frail.
Id anyone of Rhnirnanir..i, uo tmif'er ef how Ion-
aundiUK. whari' diwuuiiH W,,V .mi-i" """
i, nor, iwu'te'i.'" in" '"J
t rit'oi!i.ii-'iiJeii. ,
Iii.-n.-Hot R'nira'aia, pt'" .nthelwcK, Ude, ami
,.i-si,.n i.tMii ih -Mtiia. ti, epraiue, apinal irn'a-
niii itiid w.'.4Kll-'i, ('III-. tili'fDMi-e, imrni, pi """i 1
d lu.it Aiil wiindM, lowlUMiita, naiia.-u, m. -
iktv HOllfll'tll.
Th., "Liiiiiueiiiuin lathej result of many yet.ru
MMeTBriiiaospAi'liHaii nn,i :oiiihiiiaaiiioaKiie rar-
aaooilHitutert tin fa. amount Vittit'w 01 ,
Which mi .itlier ljifitKienl.poerHe,auil which la the
Mil O tllM UllpKI'.UIltlHIl KlllJ' PHr. WUl' ll 1IIK1 lJ
1111011.111' vnrTi ii iHiiaeai -
tKV It witOK,-ANW yi)U, WJMv k
ktiapiiupiu JCcul, SO eaat, and l botu, with
Ur. . kVjUk'e t i I r I itifitiaiui .
Nn. ttlDTInrd tit., Inf'u ijhio
p.ir udohy inaptnaiitaHuU druaaieta .wvefywher.
li n o w vv it jd .
11,. imileniaiiei are itsilv reeeiring go.ds pur
oruie.l t the lout Hash rales, via:
Mechanic's Tools,
Builder's Hardware,
Cabinet Hardware,
Farming Tools,'
rilrllll & Cut Circular Sawn
Withail fithei Ooo la in the Hardware line.wrurh w
aro i reiMfOtl to huh at iw nn uj ..uuo n.t-- s.t
(UU H.it wxa.niue Otir ttoaw onoro uiin'im!iuK w.pu-
nrifc: uadvrii ;D-)d hir this ilay fonuod aco-purtv-1
imtuIup und-r iii rtume and flrm of UKKiNK t
i V.i si. t'.r n.rt utiriteBe ol trun-iirttu ft W hi.le.-ale
l id Wot. ul OloihiUt(aud Mewliaot TaduiiUK bUttlHH,
..,.i tii, in. i ui W.ii Unfile. M-.iu fsti-fft, op
(iiir.a tue Joun ituu?, wher luey would h.- pivam-d
io f tue o ! rnendrt ol tu tmu ", -u nuuiy utw
juiih a- amy 1'nvw thuin uh a c til.
- ' -' AMmKW 0 MXuiH,
IKyloil, tftdirilHi y , iMil-lelld iawl
eao.W.HOoa. jumn. mAuv
Room hereto lor oooupiad byJ. A. MvBIahon, tirjt
door aac of th M. K. Olmroh near Miiuat-
WILL givo prompt attdnlion to til tusiuuss u
trusted to his I'sra, ' . . .'
Ultioein i.onusu UuiUlinif, I'hi'dj'L1!'!
"'ok."ott tRLt'OI li .. UOtHU SCR,
PROKB-W'IK. of Ani-mnt ami M-niirn Lsnirnse
vis: LsHn.Urtk, freneli, Spanish. Uennsu, ami
Bulisii.otiiiliiiuiis l .aiiti'iiit Is-liiis and auilMiiiKU al
Jmriisi.lt.Li! i of tns rHHri.ii'Uve M'uotfis, atl'l St Iu
jwilO'tli'b, llii'kel's lliiil lnw, No. HI sulii.ii
A.O. tspUlJlVAN.
Kilil-.t I't elHTOPKH'i'wilII.niKO.t.O. l'.SKil
OMi h LDUli. iliUoiii
Co=partnership. Hardware.
Deuici in
Coopers' Tools, Hard w are,
' Wff atllMlilril slrei't.
KINU a prsi'tii'iil iu.'li..nio, 1 knu what InuJ 01
j-jrt.j-.- tjsju---e3 rtzr -r
i hiLV 1 lf. K '
WlLiMtilt ll
1 liAVV .N.oilio. -'
ireiOli -N11. B.l M uu siront, nnjrly oppasile the
'Hint ll iiln, nvnr ItlM liry 11.1.U" aiort.ni .i.iiiii o.
iti.ei H'rrr i.7iln:im
" IU,1N .V) OAII II. i .,
tirnt'js & Counselors at las
Uormia'i Uull.lliiB, Tlilnl ureal,
fuliiiisir tllYJ'OM, nil UK
T.ioast J.U Waira K. P. Uerrv.
xnnTi . cuphv,
4 T T O II N i: V S - IT - Ll W,
i!Ik's Hultilhi. Ttiirtt st
(l.ats Prohale Judge,)
OrriOR-awunal "lory Phillips' BuildlDg, eornfr
Hmi lift an 1 Main alrai,la, opposite tha Kraualip
rtiiiims lnvi'in. Dam. ' jaldawliu
Utoruey and Counselor at Law
tiriLb ttteni pro npilr te all htt.iaess en'r isttJ
V toru.csra. d.scaiy
I :-. ., IV, - ;
(If II KM Cniiahs CnM, fti re TKresl. AstbmS, Slid
J Ciinsumntioti. Jt is only rei-essty lor sny out
troiiUxi with tneiadoaiiilsiuta in IryoDM hotde ot
Strick-'anti Melliflmw Owgh Dallam
fouv.r.nsih-iti Unit it is Hid host preparation ever
K,j .,, ,,,,. i ,,,.. ,:h", IJ1.J '. Z
S,nm i id l and i"nn -..-..liMii rrsie tor sny
- ;
by irugsi-.o. generally.
ft A 'S'ttlt I l.-J.7' eyr-.-"'"-' t -fl
Ji diewsi t thf lie Oi , , ,
Dr. Strickland's Vile Remedy..
Ktad what thnwe vav w ho h nw d itj .
Mr. ( hetriet W, tRiid.am, ut L uibvili. ard Mr. .)
P Hai'iide, CinoHiPKti. li , (with vcrtM-urnl tei umvu
oue poi ul Itr ani..h lau j'n pii )n dv., rih py
tlny hre ined rw yihin hut Pvuld ot.iain no r'liei,
hut one Pot I Mm k Urni V Pile kinivdy i ff kti
pvrf(jt cure htur Mufhnog lor many y ar etih Uie
woiatkind of t-ilra. 'liuy leccDHueud tiy t ua
who is biidnrniK lo tiy M. , , , , .
Auk frr ' '
lr Strickland' JHlt Remedy.
'Mold hynll riruirKMa, Minn a pvt. Maontotisieo av
Wo. b kftitt Knuith i.t tnoiuiiiiti, Ui iL ml
IS ar
i I mil
ASU .... , t
K. X, TJ X.
Strickland $ Anti-Cholera jlixtute ;
enniiMtnitiuu cf wt triurentt. atmnrt nt tiMM.
Inuu am) rMi'tnitiatiVff. y hn-h i vi ia,t-i,.r,
knowhdK-B ia ihe cnlj r. jra(i n that will etw-H a
(.ivrfiiaiK-iii i-uru in i -uu ' in ei mm u neter : 'I tit Jttin-
nni.TH Mixture Ift ItitW 111 use in eriMf nf . hp n,t
hot'uunls h re il RireM tt.' r.aiebi ratiefae- lou.- h
In avd in hvee of ihaifHiidn v( r.ur aoluwia aLd
Miti iif. ard we will fV.nr'm.i' ii to I. it. tHt r-,,,-
Uy ia Lhe ord tor luan Ui aaud lyei-ntery. ; -Mr
Wnoilf-.ol Ciiviiif.tcu, Mv. will he mcirt hnip
io riiiiy iiny one nn tn ittt yinur of Htrif kluud'- Anti
C'holeia Miamre; intat w ha?e a ?reai numlnn:
lexiniiiiiiiAie Hum fiatu nin w tm hav t reo t'tui-U iitci
hein pronouiueii in urn Me hy their 'h'li-mn., tr niw
altei takiron)vne tottteY.fStr'i'tiliiij'd'a AUi Uioi
era Mixtino. Jf vcu uuHer wuh Ju.riha ai.d t vm n
terytiy oue bottle. ----- , ftlj4
'an mi!''lpo'riwayiriB iipjfwtifwtm
Hair Restorer.
nvit lTNtKRHinNFT h.reliy reUirn their' Ihtnas
X Iu Mr 'alrui,ue Flies, Attenl, auu ll,
of New York, hir'itie preat promptu?N ihey hm
xliowu tu i"yirn( to it i t.e amontit vt the ipr-mi n
uu tie life ol Pft-r kK'her, iiceenned. fc irtl Kii'hii
iiikureti Iiih lile lor the trtuiefit Qi tun v tit ai d ;lil
ilru, on tin. '2 In day o Aiir.l, UN ll nt.tdirn)
loi-K l K, and .-left y.i trio Jd day o' Wny, 10i 4. ui.d
oi, thin dny the !ompany haa ytaiH ui lht ainrunt ol
into a ii rutit that the Hih
Hif nmiui 't iti. Vr-
h.'nhcitld know iheao lacte.
ra?ttn. May H, I'M,
tl. UuukbT. jltud
I'ltOl'tttliOU UK MtiVS'S j
f 111) K ill ol the nirrltrnl (amily in treittilip dist ht w
X 1 th celp h,iu an itjoriiyol tufeii, laeu t-ii
tlyini iliU, ti e nion pet dl wr iii8-neof the liini.nr.
haimi. It imt io t.e v uueiHdat, amt r qiur. jaiti l
, aiuuy, uei'ji x Henn h aod u unrclul iuvi t-in-atu u ui
in chu-i w ni.'n nuuuv u. nufea. l aiU'ivW llir?
aui-e u ni-uuvi rid, it it nn ti'tt't' iliiii'ihitiulilv to
erttd t me tlie ; ( ewt yliwi a reiuiuneLl tjt.re
l'i-ns. ol ihe vohIu but-1 een pron. mtrd .r utaiW
hy p'.uw of the uiont etuiui lit ph tucii.ba. I hutve iv
voted , . .
To Una (KH-'uiiar part of the human Iran., una I iun
anttntitd Umt I )njei;8
So lama known, rtint -wnul f pTmant.ntly r-mdu'.u
tfioae luRtliout diitiaat-a of (he wuip i.
i . SALT JtH UM, bCftlD BI'Mi, -i l.i
Aud ott.er t'Uiaoeom dteaeH, and rentoro the hair t .
trtoKe who have l.fCome hald. To fnatro fc
ood Hit- a.-oie'rtiou, 1 Hill foileit f ,
It I fail to eiire tha wort rii of Hi-ea.ed aqlp.a ol
tu looiieat Btandini.; with iha .
ONI.V lih.M l.K I1AIK ItavSTt'lt lult.
C .f i . . 1 i.- j
Hi-iul th. ImIIiiWiiiu:
l.'A.,rif'lbrfl 1, i' Ji .S'ti liA fJvui'.l
l'sur I'MiiNk: 'i'an i v,arM fco Uiy ip.ai,, tiaiu
disc usi'il, suil my htir riiiiiiiiiun4 tu lalloul very fsut
'tae UiNi ase spit-aU tililil Dir .nslp was one iuai.iet.
soru. li Ls-vimie vvr. psiiiitil, uiv rent al lualit ass
lirnkeu; tlm burmuasuuiti-.tiinfiitsauou ass ui sui
ponsM.'; I usiHUU ai'plji v. ui, ily wli.r i.iiiiu,, nit
only iiu,iieulai )' l,. . 1 1.1 lmull-.! a. Vrral 111,1.-1
i irius lit lllls 1 ll . I US. ililOIID.il by tti.Ul Lt.hl iil
Uieasti with n lii. li my so... urn iitti ,11 n shk t - 1,11
l!h tun, stiil 1 hai they i.-oiilu nut . )'i-nt lit 11.. I r-H,l
1 your miviH ii'.uu'tut. atiu ik.iuovu to miisu.t yi.u.
' 1 uu Srtutv i u.. ibul ) uu nuliiU eiaiiiLsit ll,e uimssv
' 11111I icsl.,1. my bnir, wlui'i I'Sil Isi-oliiR Vftv tl iu
Willi 1 i.i.l 11- 1 rsuuf 1 ,ivvd wi.,-l 111 our r.i:nu,
sn.i ill,- ivMt t are, t are a ItiknrUi t 1 1 s.l bl liau,
Iu is I'flrlfi tly wi-ll, ami 111) tiair tin. ei's.ail to
out. Kissiiiri uui Vol'!, -i' 1 .. . 1 in
las i-AM.M Ui iur, hu. 1.7 Ruiuti ivatl stro'l
In t ...L,.l..i4 l.v al .tin I,um ii.i il it.H
nu Kvsiui it. uml tlieii nnlmi Is Lcitinii. that It la
' tH. UNLVMUSPillwniO!! ,.J
I'hat wimM etli'i-tnttly siiil tn.riiiaoeullyr.aiot. Hi.
' hair ul' Ihi'sti vlio aru i alii.aud piv.ut
1 tl K 11 A ik ruu.n MLI.IHII Uf I.
j "V1' rnnx Hmn
1 ti. ln-ire anil i-snl.Mv inr-rmsiriirsale or Bisroraii v
1. the shTinK 1 evulc ii.-e uf ihe iiisntu.ln uni.rits it 1
' j
( r a303
tue jiumas r.tvlLv. ; "
1 he er.nttili',iieer Ihe pul.lte has I.s.d r.htsilieit, so. I
ilii-r nil uuue iu aitesiui(4 10 11. m. til aud rant si. peri
""'y ' c' Kit A1X Hit PA'R AT I'M a' ' ''"
Ki'rilitiluJl:vl, I Ju nut rroDmini ud Iry pre,.ar.
inui tin'nur li'ur lo 1 r- nl IfiJ ' tltll ua 11. any
ui.iiiihs, us it Iss slinpli- lliiin SHUllilT, Sl.d loliJIy in
1 uii.i.l.-.il .lh the lawsol Niiluie. 1 0 ttiotc ttlm sr
akupiKSl or iucrcilulnus, J adl mtlis s hona Ailaollai:
1 will forfait tl.DUU
(One tThoiisanil liollsis) ir I fail to elite Hit W"Ttt
r-asrsol patiisl tisliiuaas, under h(ie.u years' sitod
irui Kith '
'I'tu. w.udortul re-redy Is sold bydruaiiis g.ner
ally 1 1 ' '
! Vl't'B 1 Ut Ot. 1ST 11AM MOT UCT IT 81M
N H Cures guaranteed in evi-ry rssv etirrr the Jt
Mh-tir,ris a.r i se aie iliipluully ols yi d. ,' '
aw. I'm., ,1 par boille, or six tonics frl'i " '
1 . . PKolV II. A. litt Ml Mil. -
but. Proprietor,. No. Vt nrniifi. n,t.
tei idiy lbsuy, ..w Voiii.
A PKriTION Mil !. pnfitel
hrnuah tor ihe t'srilnn uf t
prisoner ia the uhio V
to fjevtrtior
ardnni't 1 layuora Wk". a

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