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)llHtlAlll nt IlltO., KJHm..
FRIDAY, JULY 22, 1M'4,
Bii Bt;rKT mtatr,
or Hene-.. r .tm?
IttpHKw R JIMM.-,
mn rn.L T..)
(W Kairfl-M Con ty.
(to riifc m'm:iii.)
Ln. 'Wt,
MAC HI AS c. wuirnLKV,
Of Hartertell Coll r it jr.
Miort V wtoe y.
IH iL-hlsml l'omil.
LYMAN K CM rt'tll'IKUi,
tH Holme. Connl.
111 Kr.nkltn Count
CIT'mi MMI.-vlo.VMt.
Of Hardin 0.mnV
iri'kL TMI,I
nf Ahlnd t'omity.
CHAKLKS boeskl,
Ol AhhUha Onlinty.
Current News Items.
The Ohio Stat Journal (Republican) say,
need nut bu another draft " Thnl it
just what we think. '
The It 'publican pipers am nltnnod nt t'.e
last terrible requisition of Lincoln for MW.uOO ,
men, and are trying in one mode or another.
to explain it away. Tb. Cincinnati tissue !
said it meant only one-tbird of that number;
bat the l'rovost Marshal 0neral put a qu e
tus on the Gazelle tiy neserttiii; that ;iO(l,'M 0
men were wantel, and not one lea. The
Slate Journal ii hVuriuz to prove lliat the
State is entitled to a credit of 20,000 men, ihe i
excess furnished on former calls Uut thi j
will probably prove wholly ta!-e. the whole
50,000 will be taken. What the effect will be
upon the interests of the btate, wo need no -
u- ii.. . u, .in .,,
Vie notice I 'tot quite a number ol tkupuhli.
can paiers are very anxion for peace-Th. re
do you suppoie? In Llenmark! '
It is reported in Washington that Lincoln
was hidden in a jnnboit while the Conled.T-
ates were threatening the city.
jt is for the filth year of the war that tl e j
pending conscription is to be made. From
the 6ih of Sepletoher until the ensuing eprinj
., . n i n l . i.
the immense army c&llea tor will have to he
maintaine I in idleness. :
Fiftythousand of the young and able lmdii
men of Ohio are to be taken out of the Suite '
when the corn will be ready to gather
Wbatareweto do for labor? How much j
will this raise the price of food?
Tt is believed that Grant's delay is ct.sed
ui lain 111 niiiu'ci S. luru UIIUUB ttllUI WlllVII
, , . . .. . . ,
ne marcnea across ine rvapiaaa is iritterea i
away by battle and disease, until it is power. I
less to accomplish it j great uiiiaion. j
t0 ;
yVe will publish to-morrow
reply of Messrs. C'i.ay and Holcomb
Lincoi.n'b missive, addressed "to whom
it may concern."
Another Lie Exposed.
Two men liavo been "on to Richmond"
in a nerui-ofticial cafiaeity, and returning :
to Washington report that they visited
Libby and other prisons where Federal ,
aoldicra are confined, and that tl.ey were i
well cared for, and as comfortable us they
could be in such a situation.
Wl publish elsewhere part of a very
important order, issued by Men. 'John A.
Ghef.n, of New York. He proposes to
rftise troops tinder the order of Guv. Skv
uoun, and defines with great distinctness
t.;. Tt. t .. v v.i
' '
no more to be set at defiance : citizens are
..., . ,;.,,! ,!.;,.., ;t
1 i
papers ate no more to be suppressed,
Honor to Gen. 'Grrp.nI The neonle
only need a standard, and some bold hand
' ,
to bear it aloft. They are ready, willing,
uT.,1 n..ti. .1,1.. in v;n.l!.,iia ilQi. rt..l.,u
HUH HIUUII WW.V.V, ...... ...lU.II, -I. I iuiiui
. .
tinder the Constitution.
A Family Fuss.
Whim Lincoln h cull for 500.000 wen.
. , , "
was inhnt'u, inw v-int-iiiuau uuzcae iiinue
that 167,(100 Hire, year's men would
istisfy the call. Provost Marshal Generul
Frt denies the construction ofthe?a -
, ,. Lincoib wants half
tetf. and asserts that JjINCoi.n wants ball
million of men uo less. Whercttpon
the (Wevery atrongly insinuate. ,hftt
Fry is an ass, and that it is time lie was
auperaedea bysowemau ot common enbo,
Still Another Letter.
Thurlow Weed has come out again hotter
than ever upon Summer, Greeley & Co. lie
.!. n... hi. results to the Ex-Sacretarv or
Treasury, and winds up a scathing harangue
as follows
taianoi, uree year ago, mi.ia.e or msg-
miy ttie evil oi aooniiou innuenceg, nor,
though fiercely denounced, did I ahrmk from
theduty of warning the people. What then
was only prophetic is now history. Aholitioo
influences, in Confess and in the Cabinet,
have doubled tjie miliums of dollars and dnep-1.
ned the rivers of blood spent and shed in a:
which, eo long as such influence and ooa'
eel sway the government, promises notlnrg
an interminable conflict or an inglorious
termination. , ,
The Peace Correspondence.
'ollU m'ver be ," by those in re
"there bellion until the work of Hiibjugation and
extermination is complete.
The first note of the col rcspondclice is
fntl, UKonuR '. SarDKIIH to Hoiiack
, - ,
with mt. oANiiKtta made resiionse, that
they were not formally accredited from
d,1''11"11"1"1' l'Hlit they were "in the
confidential employment of their govern
just inent, and entirely familiar with its wishes
and opinions on thia subject, and felt
authorized to declare thnt if the cirenm-
8tllnee8 aisclosed in this correspondence
Thi rniinliv li lnwi thrilled tor a Uy
Of two nitli minors ol lYme. Vague
nml iinli liiiiio ns was tin- only intelligent
given to tho public on the suljeet, it was
mill Millieient to i ii i 1-0 r0inothin like
hope ill the heart of til gonii men nml
women, ill it this most desolating anil
ruinous war wasnriproailiing an cwl. A
'coire.-pninliinj gloom was frit liy the
glmiilN wlio havii so long fatlenoil on
lilonil , ntnl now when the telegraph an
mititieva that gvim Aiiiuham has all
rnplly repuWil every nilvsnreof the C'on
foilerato penee-sfekcra, tliu ghonis throw
up their gory hnmls, ami shout with demoniac-
glee, ami prepaid again for their
Hi em-toinoil repast of blouil.
We will give, in blief, nil thnl i cer
tainly known of the matter in ipiPHtion.
It is enough to ohow the people, that wheu
peuif whs poi,ille, the authorities at
Washington deliberately chose Moody
atnl cruel war instead ; first by iodising to
recognize by name the gentlemen who
came with overtures from the Oonfedcinte
Oovenitnent, and fecund, by prescribing
conditions in advance which it was known
(J,Rf.rlx v Rn,l ;R jInply xhe expression of
on .lu, t of the frlner H11(1
three ot' er gentlemen, to visit Washing
ton, provided they can bo furnished with
a safe conduct.
Mr. Gkf.kli:, who, whatever may Is?
the tone) of the paper which he ostensibly
edits, (the actual control of which long
K;lu,,, out ot his hands) heartily
j,,,,, M),
,. , ., . . , ,
peace, replied that he understood Mr. San-
iDEiiaand his associate to bo accredited
from Uichmond an bearers of propositions
.looking-to the establishment of pence.
d upon that understanding lie was nu-
'thnrized by the President to tender them
Rafe conduct.
.;'j'0 !,;s lon- Q
j, Hoi.comiie thi
U. Clay, auJ Prof. J.
irinitlitmiin ficni,iiitil
1 . T, , 1
were communicated to Richmond
would at once bo invested with the au
thority to which your letter retcrs, or other
gentlemen clothed with lull power, should
immediately be eeut to Washington, with
a view to hastening a consummation so
much desired, and terminating nt the
ailiest possible moment the calamities of i
'J'he reply of Mr. Gi.eklev was, that ns
fn' t8 W0I not exactly us ho had nt
fif understood them, he would telegraph
to the President for fresh instrnctions.
'i bis he did. The answer from Lincoln
was delayed. JNo noulit there was a
gathering of ghouls about him. They
were in a pauic. . There was danger that
the war might be stopped, and they no
longer anowea to gorge wiemseivcs witli
blood. When at last the answer came to
r i- . v i . . i :
Giieki.ky s dispatch, ,t evinced a total (
cniitigo in wnai nan neottieu to oe tuo nig- j
position ol Lincoln. Itofiensivcly omit
" , . ,. . , ,.
ooMiiE, and Sandkrs, and was addressed
,.T whom . ,.0ncern " We a-ive
! .. . ' B
iton, July 18.
y proposition
.. u ., . .
I To wlmm it mnu runce'n : Anv or
' which enibra'.'rs ttie resinraiion of neaee. thi.'
- .
! integrity of the whole Union, and ihs shsn.
Irinnmet.t nf n.t h,,.h .nn,.. k.
donment of slavery, and which comes hv and
with an authority that can control the arms
1 i I .1,. v ' " : I
I nil. .1 vhi .iiruinst thn t mlerf Ht'i.t.,a . I,a
V, y-'.,"" Y,,,"
v,u":iHi,,r"v t oiatrs. mm wm
I be met by liberal terms on subtant;, ! and
collateral points: Bnd the bearer, thareof
: shall have safe conduct boih ways
! And thus ended all present hope of a
termination of the war. Let the reader
, . ,
consider the facts, mid he cannot mistuko
; iu fixipg rcponsibilities. r
I - ,
The Next Call.
it ; that if the 600.000 newlv-drafted
men Ian io put aown vao reutmiou, imooia
will immediate! issu.au order .for V ,nil.
.... i- i ..... j . . l . i i- i .
Hons of men and ten billions tt nion-y
Linooln has a great fondness for mngnificent
"gares, ana ne wan,. ,o nnisu uie joo at once.
tn removing u r.x. j
) There's many a Washington City functiona-1
ry who has much more tape in him red tape !
at that And it will take the people till next I
March to remove it Prentice -
A Tapeworm ninety feet long was taken,
from a patient in York Pennsvlvama last
waea i ne pnysinans occupie.a tnree Hours
Millions of locusts are making their appear-
ance in Wisconsin Many persons have been j
so severely bitten by them that they are not
ejrpeted to live. Their last appearance waaj
The Next Call. Democratic Association of
Montgomery County.
I'jrsuant to call a nuiub'f of ll.e I), n,o-
crate w.r on Wednesitav, July IS, IsXl, to
orjraniM a Demccraiic Club.
fin l v. a ii , . .
On motion John A. McMahoo was chnm
Chairman, and Geo P. Buyer, Secretary.
'On motion, F. T. Threiher, Wm. Patton
and A. Cahill were appointed a committee to
,,,., . i0 r .. . . ,
report a plan of .,re.,.ua.,on and declarat.on
or principles.
The same committee were instructed to pro-'
cure the use of the hall.
At an a.liourned meeii,,.. b.M .... fi.
July Kith, Uavi.l Clark was appointed Cb
man, and W. F. Thompson, Secretary.
T, F. Thresher, as chairman of the eom
mitiee apiwinled at a previous nieetinp, re.
ported the tollowinjr by-laws and
peci.aiutiom ok paixctpi.rs :
I. Government arise (torn ihe necessities
of society, nnd rightful government derives
its sole authority from the will of the govern
ed ; its chief end being their welfare.
I The governments organized and exist
ing in the original Thirteen States of North
America, after they bad severally and milled
ly renounced their allegiance to the Govern
ment of Great Britain, we regard as the wis
est and best adapted lo the nature nnd char
acter nt Ihe people of ihe lTnitei) States
It Thnl Government was established nrig
inully by Thirteen Free, Sovereign, and In
dependent Slates, "in order to f rm a more
perfect Union, establish justice, insure Hoinrs
tio tranquility, provide for the common de
fense, promote the general welfare, and so
cure the blessings of Liberty" to the people
thereof and their posilerily ; being entrusted
with the powers and supremacv and no lur
ther or other which are specifically granted
in the compact entitled "The Constitution ol
the United Suites," strictly construed.
4. The liberties of those Slates were as
sailed t.y deeootic power which aimed at their
conquest and subjugation; Imnce they made
common cause for their mutual defence, nnd
established friendly relations with each oilier,
in Ihe cmoiiact entitled "Articles of Confed
eration and perpetual Union between the
6. Wben those States bad maintained their
freedom aud independence, tbev severallv en
tered into a compact entitled ' The Constitu
tion of the United Stales of America," for
the et ds and purposes therein distinctly de
clared arid specified; nnd the government
thereby created was endowed by the Stales
acting in their several capacities of "Free
and Independent Slates," with powers siiffi
cient to the accomplishment of those ends ai d
purports, snd no other; powers not delegated
lo that government, being by the letter of I lie
compact, expressly reserved to the Stutes or
to the people respectively.
6. Sovereignty resides in and with the
people of Ihe Slates respeo'ively, whii h ate
Ihe parlies to the "Consiiiotion of the United
S ates" It cannot be aliennted, neither csn
it be delegated. .Seme of its powers muv be
exercised by delegated authority, while others
cmnot be exercised, except at the sacrifice,
on the part of Ihe constituent, of all thul
lends dignity to man's relations to govern
ment. 7. The Government designated the Uni
ted Slates of America has no sovereignly, lie
cause that is an attribute belonging to the
people in their respective Slate organiza
tions, and with which they have not eudowed
that Government as their common agent It
was by the terms oi this compact, constituted
by the Slates, through the express will of the
people thereof severally, such common avtent
to use and exercise certain specified and lim
ited powers It wis authorized, so far as re
gards Its status and relations, ns a common
agent in the exercise of thn powers carefully
71(ar,T ,0- 'V"
SUnremR hilt not. anvere i.n Himriunum
as plainlv intended by the tenor and spirit of
Article VI ol the L'oiistitution, whs created,
defined and limited by the sovereignties them
selves 8. In a-cordance with these principles the
Federal Government can exercise only dele
gated powers; hence, if thou who shall have
been chosen to administer that Government,
shall assume to exercise powers not. delega
ted, they should bo regarded and dealt with
9. The reference to "inherent powers," as
also to Slate or military "necessity," on the
pari ot tne luncttonaries of a Constitutional
Government, for sanction of any atbitrnrv
exercise of power, is but another form of the
assertion of the "Divine Right." which Wl!
K,JEt.T AND nu'enur., as mo t,'iB Patriots
of this k evolution
10 Whenever the officials to whom the
people have entrusted the powers of the Cov
ernnieni, en it refuse to O'lminisler it in
strict accordance with its Constitution, but
ah"" '"""ne 8nJ "ercise f'""cr and author-
"T 1101 delegated, it isie tniercnl ri.iht and
. ,. . ,i ,
mjera(ic DOTYoMeptnpe,TonK9i8TSOcuj8c,kpd
"""-"AW, in all such usurpations, it need be
by, orce ol arms, ....
io ryranta is ooccience to
, .. , ..
Iherea question involved in the ex
'""u e"11 war is not Slavery nut "balance ot
uuwer. UUT Mie reliance for mnra .nil n
imaio reunion i, ,, th (.,ir nf h
liri ...
-i.'n eapacity iu convention assumbled. As
tne Union was made so only can it be realor-
. n..w
1 08 Committae also reported the following:
The regular weekly meeting of the Club
shall be held on Saturday evening The Club
hU I ken,
i.Mtir iiiLutn, iui IfUUIIIL' HIIU
iocia. couvernalion.
I.".. tU. i . ... . i .
r mo put pt.ic m neenirn' up ine room
and paving incidental exoenses. ever m.m-
: . '
.-r shall pay
ceuti eacu week.
, ., ' , . ' . '
"u"Plea section uy section.
Proceeding to the electiou of officers, tbe
followini were chosen :
' President John A McMsbou Vice I'res
Wr Walter Trowbridge; iecrorv-Elihu
xiiompaoo- 7Veourer Johu Stonnlemati
, . i '.
nesirous ot uniting with the
Club will observe tbe timet of meeting with-
he President, Vice Presi-
... a.. . it .i i. i .
dent. Hccrelnrv and TrpAsurer. who .li:,ll ti,..
form the duties incident to their respective
otfii e.
0n mo,;0, thB reDort Wtt. recB;VsJ .ml
out mruusr notice. . , , .
Arbitrary Arrests and Millitary
Outrages-Senard and Lincoln's
"Bell" Played Out in
New York.
rvr vuniws mm iew xoia. ibhibi lii
baa uecomhej and ap.-e. to submit to an
j order from the civil cuurls to try him and bit
nubordinalci for illenl and arbitrnry acts,
' ct"""1,l,'u' n ei'ijens of Nw Yo. k, by order
Lincoln and Seward. That "ft," winch
, swaril bllt,.j ot , Urd , more pow.
j ei ful than uny Monarch'i orders in Kurope,
r"u rung atout tte Indt ting in New York.
j Oovernor Seymour has finally resolved that
I 1 he most enc'iursiii sifc we have til
- r r , i i y' ,
" " " " WH" wm,le """la '
er of that Stnto to sop it.
The Courts have ably susiained Governor
Sc)mour in deniinding the arrusl of General
Dix, Marshall Murry, and others, and alihotigh
Lincoln and Seward otTered to protect them
in reni,iting the procas of the Courts, Gen
eral llix tetusea to enter upon the perilous un
dertaking ami gave his peisonal recognisance
to appear for ti ial.
In the meantime Governor SoTinour is or
ganizing the State Militia, and will be pre
pared, at all hnztrd, "to see that ihe civil
law is sustained "
General John A Green, one of the ablest
sud cieirest headed men in the whole coun
try issues tins "general order," from lis
"headquarters'' in Syracuse; ihe closing para
graph of which reads as loltowa;
ti. The importance of the present oris'n
will, it is sincerely believed, impress ilsell
upou the officers of the several regiments
and companies within this district. It is
hoped no Slate draft will lie necessary in
Onondaga and Oswego counties, but that
their cinzens will enjoy the distinction ol
having promptly filled up the National Guard
to the maximum by volunteering within the
bmitfd lime The National Guard ol this
Siule la intended lo be the bnlwaik nnd de
fense ol law and order of liberty and prop
erty ; the guaranty of peace nnd safety In our
cit.Z'is. lbe Constitution of tho Unittd
States declares a well regulated militia lo be
necessary to the security of a free Siato ; and
th Constitution of New York has provided
thai I lie militia shali at all times be armed and
discipline! and in readiness for service. LI is
Excellency, the Governor, has set forth in bis
proclamation the nece-sity for an immediate
und lull oiganizanen of our National Guards
In addition to the dutgets of invasion from
niihnut, nnd of popular discontents at home,
we have been warned by recent events of the
still greater danger of arbitrary encroach
ments upon our liberties as citizens '1 be laws
of New York have already been set nt defi
ance. Men have been incarcerated without
warrantof law; their properly seized, the
freedom of the press has been unlawfully re
strained by the armed hand ; and the dearest
and most sacred of those civil rights which
our revolutionary fathers won for us through
suffering nnd blood, have been wantonly vio
la ed. We must be prepared for all emergen
cies, while there is yet time The power which
our people may have suffered to be exercised
in the hope of the restoration of the Union,
must not be permitted to he usurped to the
overthrow of our Constitution and laws, and
of our freedom at home Kvtry citizen who
values that freedom, and would maintain the
Constitntion, should be at all tines prepared
to defend them against all assailants,
Brigadier Generul Cotu'g 24ih Brigade.
This reads like earnest, and we hope it will
be a warning to Seward and Lincoln that they
have pressed their arbitrary measures about
bs farasa "free people" willbenr We presume
they wanted to knew how much pressure a
people born to Ireedom would stand before
they would show signs of disapprobation. II
they will take this genile hint all may yet be
well, and the night sentinels on the rounds
may cry "a clear and starlight morning," as
was the olden cusiom ; if not, then Ihe cry
will hn ' dark and cloudy weather." Colum
bus Crisis.
JOHN A GREEN, Jr. [From the Cincinnati Commercial.]
General Hunter's Campaign--
His Imbecility and Vandalism.
Men were lound on the road dead, with their
i c,0,e t0 ,hir mouths and h? flesh eaten
off lolhubone Kscaped prisoners who be-
long to Company P, 3Gih Hegiment 0 V I ,
and who oama to ns at Camp PlaA sate rue
""" The broken down horses were all .hot
by the rear guard. We did incalculable Itiju
war ry to the rebels in the destruction of millf,
f,lCtnTf,t frnaeee, government shops, rail
bo' roads, bridges, subverts, depots, wood aud
i "e ". " B.irii'i.iuii vuneee wai
Bnd ila fina M destroyed, auto
j pmlh oUera n! Washington's csrried off, Ac.
Mrs Governor Letcher's residence was die
One thing is sure Gen. Crook faced the
army ; ns muc h so as Gen. Thomas saved I he
army during the memorable coutefct at Chiea
man fa The loss of the entire command will
probably be 700 killed, wounded and missing,
I'll) wa.-ons 13,000 head horses and mules, six
pieces ot artillery and eleven caissons the
two latter items lost hy sheer carelessness and
gross neglect of duty on the part of some
body. General Hnnler is not a Napoleon by
any means, while Gen. Crook was the "King
Bee" ot the expedition. We lost Lynchburg
by inexcusable uelavs, and could have taken
it easily forly-eigbt hours before w got there;
and we might have been there, had we not re
mained at Lexington two days. The Virginia
M litary Institute was burned, and its valua
ble, library, philosophical and chemical apa
raius, relics and geological specimens ; noth
ing was saved. Washington College was
r0TP(j by tire, she only havins ten minute.
to get out, and only saved what was contained
1 in ,,reo or lour trunks and hoxes I .aw thi.
; mvself.
I he institute and Mia Letcher' i
- i j . . , .
,,'ncf, "7" a"r7'" 7 "er 01
, annnt. j e saiKinu cr Washington Uollepe
,, same official The lidy Principal of the
r,.lio,.. ..... n.. u :..r ' 1 l-
WRg ai
riona waTiMinnt nnlam hut nnubcrl ..t.
I of the proceedings, and asked fur protection,
wnic.h Wiw Hftty rofuBed. oeB Crook pro-
i tested against the destruction of private prop.
erty, but without avail It was ns great .
oulrBCB M ,h burning of the library at Wash-
U,u,n n" ,h" nri,i"h in 1812 Were bnt half
, - , ' " "
t no1 WPn ,ur un '-'ook, our retrpt Jrom
r.vnchhur would have he an & nnmnlntn
,i f. ,,f ii.,,,.'. i.- ..
a."d hB.f"0' O.f."on,e.r . ,v,n h.'m Vlrl1"'11
ami Ulrn"'ci . nm ii wni. u uraineL
cr,nB,,,11)ce the en-,ira Brmy hlld jn Cf I
! (for the men felt that be was "bossing" the 1
me unecion oi evervtn nir. ann thi nnhnnnri.
sffdr,) saved and prevented a stampede and i
i a i: .: i'i .
irnnnral demoraliv.Alinn I'h.sA .r. all
which every officer and soldier was cognisant
It a terrihl irin ,.. nn it,.
than Morgan's retre t from Curoherland Gap.
Five Hundred Thousand More.
We pobi'iBh to Amy lh PiPHidcnl' Prodn-'
mation, tnliihg f .r vts liuiK.rt d ihnunnd j
more n.en to w an Abolnmri WAr No om?
will be startM. The people have U-en driven ;
to that coitjiuon if rt-cklfKpnpws tLnt itmrp
till motion We are all autnmalimn, without
Tolition, without ilt-agcney. wiilmut nj-jia enl
codbuouiiipm ol pr?fu-nt nnsfoi tuiip or I hrat
utrd dangfr. The one man at Washington
touches the uprinpt and the ftutoumtohrt per
form. They follow the fitn and drum they
march to the battlrfiuld ; they art aw pi down
by ahot and ahnll. Ury are lutnbltd into
fcreTM or crowded into UnnpltiJs, and then liv
liuixiri-u thousand more puppeln are brought
upon the f(n, and the Xrnvny gocn nn.
Mr. liincoln a craving incrt'tisi-8 with org
int. Ihe Lord of bullocks baicaiticd lor in
thn prrnt'rit vull exceedd in numiiiT ft1 1 thovi
herulolore marked for the rthtunUlf-n v ive
hundred thousand nilJiiional victims of fmiat
tc-isDi. in the lourth yt ur of the war, aud with
our vutlfys already studded with rnvo-i, our
hofpiiala filled wiih invalids, and our m reels
with lunbleHB men the thought deniniitla that
wh should b hardener) In caiuiuily, or hutnau
nature would revolt. Five hundred thousand
more workniirmen to be taken from (htt loon:.
the anvil, the plow, the various implements
that creuie a nation's strength I Five hun
dred thousand more to bo ilrainrj from the
chrinuei of of industry, where their presence
is essential to supply tne absolute wants ol
trade, and to give food to the millions.
rive hundred thousand more, to be torn from
their pcacuble homea, from the arms ol their
wives and children, who will be left without
protectors to he, or starve, or search forduily
bread in the abodes of vice. I1 ive hundred
thousand more, whoe immolation will swell
the list of orphans and widows, whose lamen
tations already appeal to LI cave n und nsitinl
ihe eanh with tho voices ot woe. .Many a
heart will shrink with foreboding this morn
lift as the eye plances over the cold and
puilesi languapecf that proclamation. Many
a father end hu band will look anxiously
around nt the ititiiirin? f.ioen of his loved
ones cliHtprin around the frugal board II ow
long will he be permitted to commune with
tbern in the btief hours of respite from hi-
daily toil ? For the Simmer, the d"liahiR of
home, for the An mm the terrors of battle, for
the Winter, perhaps, the unniaiked grave.
Meanwhile the sound of revelry at Washing
ton mingles with the roar of oannou, the
shrieks of the dying and the sobs of the be
reaved. Why should ihe jeater monrn with
the aflPcted, when his parasites are laughing
at his ribald jokes? Weep on moihera and
wives and daughters ot our land ; inarch cn
and peri eh, fathers and brothers and sohh ;
count your hoards, you trallickor in blood;
weave at the looms of your ambition, you as
piring demapoiMies, the balance of justice is
in the hands of Ood and at last wilt find Its
level. J) York Amp.
Circumstantial Evidence.
I have heard some very extraordinary ca
ses ol murder tried. I ri meiubeijof one where
I was counsel ; for a long lime the evidence
did not nppenr to touch the prisoner at all,
and he looked about him with the most pcr
lect unconcern, thinking himself safe. At
last a surgeon was called who staled that the
deceased has been killed by a shot in the
bead, and be produced the mutted hair and
stuff cut Irom and taken out of tbe wound A
basin of warm water brought into court, and,
as the blood was gradually softened, a niece
of printed paper appeared the wadding of tbe
gun which proved to be half of abnllad. The
other ball bud been found in the man's pock
et The man was humr.
t(SUA shrewd genius in Norfolk, Lilcbfield
county, who appreciates the higb price of
ibings nnwaduys, save that a shoe dealer in
thut town bought a stock of children's shoes
lately and commenced mm king their value
upon Ihe heel livery morning he made a
new mark, and ns the goods went up the marks
went up, until ihey covered tbe whole sole,
and then went over upon the upper leather.
Since then that dealer won't buy anything
smaller than No 10's, so that be can have
sutficient margin for the advanced prices.1
4dyThe Ashland 1'iu'on says Ibnt a He
publican by the name of iiuckinghum in that
county, who bad accumulated a thousand dot
lars in green-backs, not knowing what to do
with them to insure their safety, went crazy,
and has been sent to the Asylum. There nre
more Republicans than Mr. iiuckinghum who
will want an Asylum lo hold them before they
get through with their green backs. Crisis.
Suwarrnw. oven in peace, always slept fully
armed, boots and all. "When I was lazy," be
huiiI, "und wun'ed to cni iy a comlortuble
sleep, I usually look off one spur."
Jftina Li's Insurance Company of Hartford
Connecticut is doing much to provide for the
relief of ihe families of those who die, leaving
tbem without adequate provision. Life is
uncertaindeath is sure to come nnd every
prudent man will provide for thoio who are
dependent upon him. By insuring with the
..Etna, every man hy a small outlay, an out
lay within the reach of the most humble can
provide an amount of money for his family,
which will be theirs, in spita of misfortune
and tho muny changes and chauues of uusi
ness and of life. Those who are in prosper
ous circumstances to-day, may meet with re
verses nnd die poor.
The .Kin i have in the last few days paid
over t; tbe wife of John Bart dee'd the sum of
$2,0110 the amount for which he had iusured
his life with them. This makes lbs sum of.
Jll.OOO paid in this manner so the families of
we'l known citizens of Dayton in tbe last'
eighteen months No olbor company basi
done so much for the people of Peyton and
we think the company are entitled to the
thanks of the people and the putronnge of all
who are insurable.
The prosperity nf the j'l'.tna, we are glad
to state, is not greater than ever before. Its
business this year will be more tbnn double'
that of any preceeding year honestly and
sincerely, we say lo every man aud woman, in-1
sure your lite, and tbe .r.ina deserves your
first consideration ' '
Received of H I. Hugg, special Agent of
Aitnal.ife Insurance Company, Hartford Con
necticut, two thousand nollara, in full payment
of Policy No 029 on tbe life of my bite hus
band, John R Bart, the amonnt being paid
before the said policy was due by tbe regula
tion of the Company. ' ' EmclineBsrt.
Dayton Ohio July 1.18G4. lm.
Ctl'llKS Cniiuhai CoM,Knre Throat, Anlbmfl, pi 't
) rmimni'lHiii. lt li fnlv n' "fnrv for ntiy -n
Iioliltti-U wlh Uvo p(tnif)iriio(s l try one bnt t ol
Strick'ntut Mcttiluom Gtigh liuhatn
to nnnvint'olliMin Itml it ii llm Isent pT-nnriitlon err
an'it. II nt only cn"- t h atxiro rl cliunt if th
'I hn.n ni 1 jtinM. hut it iMirn Nicbt tWfnts pihI
SpHitntj of M "l ntl i IImii Rrp) for miy
Idtiii ol -nri 'I hront. It is t Hmii to ttkt.prta
nnif nifpiliiiit or lnfiiiM I'rii'e mi Onta wr toiip,
'ortHie bf IriiMi-th gt-nern lr. rel4
IVKltYholiY in th rift eiircil ol IWn diIreyf.iiiy
J tllet'rtn h the life Oi
Dr. Stri,:hlai,r.i Vile fiemvily.
Kfw.il whit tl.ono -n Ji,- )inv UMftl it:
Mr. i'tnii-li'.t V. t.joul.fiiu. of J.riiifsviMe, ni (I Mr..'.
I' HicardM, Onit'ini Ht,,n , M.t h werermed a- tt i i-tm
one put lr Hint kinmrl's 1'ile Urn t ny i he hy
th y bnve tried eve-yihinx lit i ul.l nt.ittin m. relie-,
tint on- Tot of MnrMmul i. I'll, hrrmrlv elte.i, h
perfect enre mler MUtlr-rmif tor innoy y tirn iih tho
wo nt kiml of men. J n. y recvinmetitl every vuu
who i nth ring to n y it.
Ak for
Dr Strickland's M Remedy.
Hnhl hvr.ll rlrinrt.i-iB,.vtotvta pot. MauufactiuriJ nt
lo. t Kn.t KourUi Ml.CiueimiNti, U. rn!4
I a composition of strinpenls, sbmrbentr, vliu.ii.
X lam. ami i-..riiii.i,ii.v..H, lm I, . v, , , ,Vm, i.i, ,..
knowii..li!.n i il nly pr- msti n UikI n'.ll ,eH a
.'If',""'"."1 eiirel i'no.l,.., mi I n , tor . 'J Ins Ann-
holr Mixniro in now in u-e in ,n,r t , ur crinv
i''..hiiIh h. ro H giv. in., i-n-aiesi satifaiicn. ft
In--nvo'1 ihe l.vo.,i ibou-anil r our hI. iits m ,1
eMiwns.anil wo .ill gu.rsnli'eil io le th. It r ni
iii Uo- aorlil lor 1-iHrrli. sno.1 li Miif-rv
Mr Woon,ol L'nvingti.n, Mi. r ill be ij,p.t bsei-y
to s , ti.iv anr one n li.lho virluool sin. klai.il'. Ann.
I tiolnii Mixliir.-; nun. t an hnvo n ureal eumli-riif
leHiiini.iiials Irom pm r ,o havr Umeui.d ailei
lii'inv pronoun, i .iiii nml ehv lln ir i.bvsu mnf, n ni
nriortiikini.onlniuo lotllooi Hrc.li.nd'. ami ( liol
ora.MiMii e. It xiu.ullrr al.li la.rilna sud fveu
tory liy one bottle ),
Strickland's Anti-Cholera Mixture.
Hair Restorer.
rplIK UNIlKltBIONKri hereby return their- thanks
X lo Ur Valrtitin. Pries, Agent, aud lbe
or New York, f..r tb n-l i.r. mptiiem ihrr have
shown in pi,yii,i. lo u. ll.e amount ol tho inHir, n
on the l-f.- oi t'oi-r Kiol.or, ilooFsne,!. H hi lichrr
Inaurod hinlc.iortbo iienetlt ol his Uo ai d I il
Hron, on thw illst (.yn apr.l, 1WU Hp hi.icIhi,v
look nrk, and led oo the :il ilav nl M.y, lm, k,
on this i...v .lie rnmpsny Iihh piiia u it,,, smcuni of
thelnsliisn ell I HI. V. e llnnk It niibt Ih.l Ihe pub
lic tihoilld know ttico lactH,
li.jtrn. Jlay SI, Has. A. UOHUsf. i,r,d
l'ltoi tsson ui: mi ax's
rilll K sltill nf the nipriicHt fiicully in trenlinv tlin, t-.vn
X of thu sen I (i hit!, in h inttjorHy ui I ft n ai
tlil l.y ihiK, tt.e mor-t .e, ul-ttr dictate -t the Iiuiiihii
trHiuit. It it- m.i io le w-inicreti hi, ns it r- (inr-1- t-ii.i
mii-iy, deep r Mitre 1 1 nnri rnrelnl invtt-ni.ni., n .
III rmi-t i u hu ll uoniK' Hie li'i'i.e. I jih t-M the
cftU'-e i:t rtiwitvei-t tl, u iM on inter i in s'ite ,k.il 1 1 v lo
ermt ele the lirr,ie.H nnd etiert h ei himih et c'nie.
Jiinea- h oi ti tt 'Hip httve I eun irorn uuct-tj utj jituhle
hy 8oiiiu ol thu lmtntemitietH nliVHtt. iuuh. 1 WrutUt.
To thiH peculiar jmrt of thn Jnimnn frame, nud I am
HHtifiifd thMt l poHftet-H
HofarftH known, thnt wnuhl permRnentlv eradiraie
thoe lombannit hHjseri of the wnlp i.e.,
And other etnnneoun (.iepftaen, aril restore b hair to
thone who hitve bt eoniu Inili). To riiMku
poud th.- asm rtioii, 1 will foj tvit
If I full to ciir l'io worst mripH of dne fined hcull'S ol
tne loneot b tun ding with the
Henri tht following:
( TVWiniojii j of J1,1. Surah Gouhl.)
T w Aliuki, Huw Yok.
runr. rrMtiixii: Tw vpurn nKo my tonlit i. hints
dinetsd,Hnd my hair eiinmenes d iv (all out verv lhi-t.
Tua ditt iho np rHd html inf Kea'p wniM oit ecriii let!
worn, lt trt-i'Hnttj very pHintul, rnv rem at niyl t hum
Uoken; ttie hurmiiKainsi itehmft fenhAiion wt. m iu -por
Hhls 1 would aifply remdy alter rem dy, tut
only ni(tneiittiiy reihf I eriitsiilifd s. vtinl .hm
cmntt ol ihift city 1 wna inored hy then, that (Jit
tistao vrii-ti Inch my ncp mhm atUcteu hh l. -tiit
Hh urn aud thnl th ) coulu not tent hi ire lral
VtXir HdVeitiitiiiifiil auil i'IU'ludtl to tillfiU't Jfli.
Voti ks ui e i n ie that )tM uull ernilii Mte ttie dii
ami renis.re my hoir.Mlnct hud Urnb veiv H m.
With ti.rtt rMit'ti i pi need ui.mmpH m your Iisimih,
aud the roil tn nre, ( i ttve tt luxiirihtit 1 inti ol hair;
my Ht idp ik uerie tly well, and my hair hM cetited to
lait out. HeMect uWy youiH,
Mhr aah u i i.n, No. 117 Houth Pearl HreM.
TI i t. fad Hcknowleded hy nit ho have tu-ed the
Hair KmiurtrT, niuHheir unie i Legion, that it is
That would neetitaMy and p4rmanently rentora lh
hmr of ihote who nre tialtl, und prevent
the hair frum PALLINO orr.
Tlie l'rfle ami rnpitllr increamitB alo 0 Hetorali0
is the Hiroiin t avideUL-tt o the uiaudold beuetiiii it m
eotdi rnuji upou
Tha ronrtdeneenf the putOie has hsen otrtnlneti.and
Uiej all uuite in uliekiiox to ltM m r it and vaht ituperi
Kver Intrhdtieetl. I do not reo onion nd my pret.ra
limi litcftili-e hair tn 1 r n Ittl in ire 1 1 um h.nuy
nionthf, tn it ik a iimple tiiiunNi-ihihly, ttuti tutully hi
cojiHiritettt wilh th hiwfi of Nature. o ihot-e w ho are
kepuuaior increduloua, 1 w II iaka a hona tide oner:
I will forfeit fl.ttuo
(One Thousand Pollam) if I fail to cure Ihe wrst
canefl of partial bs.ldiu)itrf under Aliean year' aind
hiu with
Thia wenderful re-redyia sold bydruueiatt ener.
N R f iaVe Kiiarflrttced tn erery crh wh re tho dl
reelmnt for e are implicitly oM-yed.
I'iim, ft per bottle, or hi totilea ferlft.
rH"V li. A. I'K Ml IV N.
Bola Proprietor, Mo. W itrxiiw ireet -feliidly
A II i.y, York.
A PETITION will Iva presented to Governor
Hrouuh for the 1 j.rdon of 'lay born Hawaii, now
pritmner tu the Ohio Veuiteutiarv.
aaowa CAiHABlNl BAG AN,

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