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$aUi "'mjnvr.
UUUUAnU 4e unu.4 W.tiltora.
FRIMY .ll'I.Y 29.
I SO 4.
"f ont rmtt.
or Krfl'd rnii ty.
(to r i L i KCir.)
l.tn.- Varar.'-,
UI I'arvoclt Cmtnty. ,
flborl Vacancy,
(1 Ijrhland a o'tnt?
' AITOftNKY I.KSfcHAt , 1
Of Holmes On-inlT
HI Franklin Const?
Vni'xn, w.mmissMNM,
ill H rHtn Conniy.
ll'IAKIJ t'l .' il.l: WOKK-t, ,
irrr i. T.aiO
AM l,rKVILL, '
Of AfhUS'l Cc'iiitjf.
fro rmrt,)
. . in At-witm t'minlv.
Current News Items.
i'tftr of a very fine quality in nuw made
irnm tha hnk3 of corn. A cloth i also wo-
en from the name fibre which ptomi.te to be
vrry asfiuli
The enhtern papr makera are charj;in(t
:ch exorbitant priea for paper, as It call for
a combirliitioe of printers to procure the erec
tion of new faewrie. Paper every where is
of an iitf f'nr (jnality, mannfuttnted in Brent
part fronj simw. and the prices charged are
et'iirtinn tie.
The.oiriee of the Picket Guard, Chester, II
l.nuis. h b'ffn dotr-yed by a mob of return
fd soldiers, ln.t:?!ited bylyinp and incendiary
ciliretia of tb vibuiie.
B il ly Siiitb, aimureflly one of the best otU.
,'ftrs in the irriiee, Wnfl removed fiora his
1 mnina id by (iri)eil Grai I, for eoine utivx
pained reason, fie wtis Ordfri d to proceid
to New York city, and awail further ordera
Ad. -ices. from L"ipr Maryland repreiient
thf people a-i p:ill appr.h.;nsivo of iuvsiou
Hinini'ss ii almost jifp tided in Uageritown
ii-id Frederick.
(ii. Gilinore, who waa auiue iiiue afjo
thniwa frota hi horse, is recovering !owly
fiin. Mulliuim, it seeais, was '.snot in the
uliouUer and thieh, and left 'on the battle
Held. '
T ie Toledo Blude snys the Niagara Peace
Sen'.iHiions were manHfed by a pack ot trui
tors. The Statfcaojan aks the B)ade if Groe
ly, Hjy and nij Abe are traitors ll three
hiring earlier tu tbo neaoUaiions. -
AJ uts ore Blt n interestiiij; in the army
ol'lbf Ptitomsi.' An ulteuijit bus been made
to fi ink B itirri poiitinn.
It is s"pp'ed that a (treat hiule was in
prnrrd. y.'iieruay in front of Petersburg.
If n n'v Mid tlmt Gen, Avenil is nt Ha
gern'own. aim that liis wound is a lijjht.
We hiivc ni-ws ofu motii detruciive fiieat
Oitd-ntburg N.
Tar- la'e.-.i rittmi-!of thr- Mury land raid
ers puts tb uunri.'r at "0,0110, and assigns
thtir e.imm .n l m A P. Hill. Karly is report
e,i wounded.
There is ulitiher raid iu progress into Ken
Oreeiey ia repi.ried, on pocd authority,
have said to Fevseoden, on th- oreasion of his
h; viiittoew ork, that the Wir must stop
soon, and tlut nny further incre.'.ji of the pub
lie debt would came ito -feritidistion. "'
Tb s peeir.l tj (he Enquirer Ssya thi.t news
from Grant nrray ind'caVs rl'.at some pftnetal
movement is in proriyn The re he Is
eiuleitvorini; to i (, imp the rear of Hntler.
i.)u the day that Congress orl inurnird, a rep
u-uiintr pnsrd in? U'.u.vt uiripasi'.iij the par
of tier k i tliH depai impti1! M0 pr cent ' Tbe
Comptroller ha deeidrd tint the "resolution
w.n illepaj ftol lha irtcra ii U not be plnV
General Crouk, in pis dbaalrnua retreat,
Inst one lhoua.'i men, nnd several piecea
artillery ,
Fx President B tf-h-Miail at.d his niece
upend the irnmur nt Bedfird Sf ili.i
Tii-f cx-Postraaster , of San Fiancijco
beett arresred frr icmstbing he said in a
Two ot Diip-int.-' gjwdei mills, netr
nington, Delaware, have been Mown op.
The reported conspiracy by the Democrat
ot the Noiili', don not o much as ciealej
a temporary "nat'rft. 1'he Cincinnati Com
ruer ;ini hardly cnnca'.s its d'njnat at the pre-'
tended reve'uiiot. ; ' . i ,. f ; . - ' .
McMAsTrmi), of tbe Frttm&n't Juurn
ut i !ii-i an able article on Lincoln's re
jection of nil overtures for pence, in tha
following alnqnen1 and ufatiiitig language
1 .ft the word travel ;from town to town,
from farm to latin. frbaV hillrfop to hillHfM,(-
let it penetrate evri-y recess of these Stales
.,ncoir,i.n i n.wara lustraiufiiU chosen
God for our chastisement, because nu viler
instruments cuUl he found, have announced
their purfe'ttie t It is . ' , t -a
DKsrnurT ox, MiT Ptibi-.i-fiViTioii I ,
Ti aRiKi: 'Don x, taot Biildiak fri
,ni:t, nor l.A'vs !
DaaeovlsM 1'KiirivrfATri., Nor InrurioNg
, ''.
f-' r
ThKociiu a !lWwGiUttwMr. itenuard
... ' , ' . Vnrtan. u'uHnu..l..
'""p-" . ; ; :
over tlie AX -v- , torougn to au i.ouis
beiin b. first lli,ruh tr'P over that road
' -.-a... I I...
fic When Semmei, tb pirate, landed
Cvwtt, tbe bulb teudered b.srhQ OTalion.
A Most Ridiculous and Contemptible
i.. We published yesterday.- fiom a St.
i Louis paper, called the Democrat, hut in
fnctthmot V.oUnt and iooundrei. of
Black K.'pnMican journals ilia ubUuc,loril
i i
' ag.nnet the Uoinoerecy ot the jutithoin
rentes generally, and specially against
Mr. ALLAsmoDAM ana ottier leuiiera 01
the party. The design of such a publica-
i ti.m t thi time U easily Keen. Tim pnb
, lie mind engrossed with tlie subject
' ol the Into peace negotiations, and it was
' glowing od intensifying with indigna
j ti.m against Abraham Likcklk, as well
for his rejiylion of the overtures of the
Confederates, as for li is distinct avowal
of the Abolition purpose of the war.
Not only this. The military situation in
not ustisfactoiv. f f rant and Shehman,
' ..Ti.. ,-.atIi.cv au.fi maim ill ..nut Armies, nnw
lie exhausted and well nigh helpless la
ford Petersburg and Atlanta. Something
must 1 done to attract public attentlou
from topics whose consideration WB8 con
aiderM dangerous to the Adniinietrution.
And no tliia vile and mixeraltle trash was
concocted and given to tha pnhlio. But
it totally and most contemptibly fitila to
answer the intended puriiose. The Ke
pujj0,llb M nsl ,.rned to reject the
lies of their litadorgj nnd seciiillr this
greatest of all lie, thr ndsnraed existence
of auch an order rb the Knighta of the
Gohlen Circle. It in plnyvt out. but
smjlioie It all to be true. am. pose there
soch an organiz tiou, of the extent
charged, and with the purposoH assigned.
whnt do the Repnblirana propose to do
about it ?
Lincoln and Peace.
The New York Au inclines to be
lieve, that although the negotiations at
Niagara, closed at a atngn whe.ro Mr. Lin
coln Rtitmls braiidcil as a bloody funatic,
there is yet n possibility that these negotia
tion", are not finally coneludnrl. '
The yews nrgn.es that Lincoln, unlike
his deluded followers throughout the conn
try, is fully advised of tha deaperate ntate
of the military kitttation. He knows tha'
"unconditional surrender Qp.ant" is a
failure, and that Washington is in more
danger to-day of capture and stick than
Richmond ; and thatt Atlanta, if taken,
to-morrow, would hear little or no weight
in the final result of this bloody conllict.
The Xews thus concludes :
'The fidlurej of the chii,diUb, the hrenk
down of the currency, the impracticability nl
the draft, the utter inailtqiiavy or volunteer
ing;, are dotibtlees not toil on Mr. Lincoln.
The Radicals having 1 loken fium his leash,
hile ths Shod iv-men are his obedient serv
ants in nnv event, what course more politic
that he should tbrow bimielf with his follow
ing into the nrms ot tbe millions who cry
(. otn the lierefi homes of tbe land for penae?
Of all "the change ol bate ' tbat he has Qr-
dered, none' would be more natural, under
tbe position in which he finds himself, lhan
that in which, while dec'nnng the war com
menced and maintaini-d in obedience to the
popular wiil, he, now bowing in respectful
submission to the change tbat has taken place
in -public opinion on the subject,- shonld de
clare for its immediate stoppage. "
So, we may not tie' surprised, if In
moment of terrible constei nation, Jong
before the dny of election, Mr. Lincoln
shall declare for peace. . , .
Copperhead Complaints.
Can any-af-oar renders guess what docu
ment t-ontuins thu folluwiug comnlaints? The
Abolitionists will teadily say it is the "disloy
alr platlorin of some Coppei heed Convention.
' "He Jis . obstructed ibe aduainistrat.oti'of
I iostiee
"He has mad judges dependent upon his
will alone
"He has erected a multitude f new offices.
"He has kept among ns, in time of peace,
standing armies, without me consent ot l.g
He lias even elteeted to render the milita-
j V independent of and superior to tbe civil
( power.
1 "He bos combined, with others.-ln eubiei-t
lo a jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution,
end unacknowledged by our laws : giving bis
assent to their acts ot pretoded legwUtioii
"r or quartering large bodies of armed troops
among ue. - " -
. "For protecting them, by more: trial, from
punishment for any murder whx h tbev should
commit on tbe inhabitant of these States.
' For depriving ui, in matny cases, of the
bem lit of trial by jury
'For Hiking uway t-nr charters, aboli-hiug
our tn on vkiituulH las, and alterating, tnntU
inentall), the foi ms nf our govt rnueii:s.
"He has incirett domestiu insuireclioiis
aatong lie."
The above are not extiauta fruiu any I. tier
dBy political gathering, but are taken literally
Irom a renowuel old , document sljned by
john Hancock and fifiy live othera written
. , , . ,
bT Thomas Jefferson-engrossed by order
Congress and familiarly known ss the ''Dec-
laratio'n of Independence. '' , '
t 1
, un"
;Hocing county, i
?3"0ne a,f the Hundred .Day fucn from
riling Imme esys: "tin
'be Fourth of Juiy there was a niqatr picnic
oe- tha White lloose grounds, while white
soldiers smod gnaril around. Don't that beat
h-i r w. sIuh
above astounding lliloririal oo, even coining
Ipom lh rliabla source it does, had we not
seen, the same thinr noticed and condemned
bj ita Wahinjton Cnfon.. Com meat is uie-
nyrS$nHnel iiocMuf. -
A Republican Paper on the
ftD 11P Prwidm' lat call for uoop
which contain tome bold tboopbt Th
The New 1'ork Kvening Paul, a decided
end unqualified Republican paper, but manly
uciNgn io apea. in nonest conviction with
Jt tew nf te parry laih. ha a Uadinir di.
tnniis.nd men mtitht m eomplinS it
we had
'n"m 1or ,n CW
now, m we ought to
I Btlt the abaua In whirh the Prnairtnnt tins
choen to put hta demand in, we ara constrHtn-
rt in m,j, pretty eore, to do the ery revrae.
To threten a ppreniptory draft now, whn
TerylmJr beliefea tbat the war l nearly end
ed ; to demand men t'.ir three ypura whi-n lha
alrtiifule should ba and oiut be over in aix
months; to rail lor half a million men when
the eonntry bad rightly of wrongly imagined
thi.t a bunded thotisaod wonld suffice to tnr-1
minate the atrutftfle: thia does apuear to us 1
to m (understand the spirit ot the Amer.can 1
... . ' . , r I
. . Pp.u, in mi, urni piace, ueeausp i
.. mnuiiuersuxNi or an our ene-
mics abroad and at horn.. It will lie received
as ', conTi'ioinn nf .lm, i ,
a m. tunn ssinn 01 weak'icsa and not as a aifc-n
of atrengih ; it will be regarded a a coinpli-'
merit to me resistinir nover ol the rebe e: it
will be quoted as aa oliicial acknowledgment
thut unli fs our army, already to vast, in made
strntger by hall a miMion of men, we shall
lull. In tin. snood place. because. iiitRd of
stirring t lie hopaa and reviving the enihusi-
asm of the people, it rather depressua tbetu; j
ii Kivfe-Ttnce to me ai-unrers. and mleneeii I
those who never doubted of our suocesa la i
a great crisis like this it ia important to keep
tbe spirit of the people, to maintain tbeir j
hopefulness, to eilCOUraae them 10 new effort. I
But ihis proclamation, cold, lifnlese. rigid,
nviinu rouna wnn red tape, clothed 10 the lor I
mat language ol the Bureau, sounds as though
lie author thought the people could bear to j
o coined and disheartened. Its tone ia not
.j, inn cniri oi a repuoiic caning npon
his fellow-citizens to support a cause iu which
all arealike interested But rather it ia the
tone of ah European sovereign, telling his
subjects what he requires of them.
President Lincoln.
not permit the Confederates to mnke of-
ficial propositions for tha "restoration of the 1
old Union
President Lincoln requires of tbe Rich
mond authorities that which they cannot do,
to abolish slavery, before he will treat with
them for peace. The States, not tbe Confed
erate Government, have that question eoiWy
in their hands.
President Lincoln has no more business u
demand the abolition of slavery than he
has to demand the burning of every dwell
ing house at the North and South. The Con
stitution of fie United States leaves the sla
very question in tbe hands of the Slates.
President Lincoln haa officially declared
that be nnd Congress have no right to abolish
or meddle with slavery.
Congress", since Mr. Lincoln's inangurn
tion, has resolved that this war was not
waged io interfere with any domestic insti
tution. President Lincoln now assumes that he ia
the ' Kxeeutive government," and that sla
very shall be abolished before he will treat for
peace! Hartford Timtt
Tergiversation—Mr. Lincoln
Contradicts Mr. Lincoln.
"Now you see it ocv yon don't see itl"
Little Jvlcr
When the application of Alexande H. Ste
phens wag rejected, the Administration orgnna
justified th- act upon the ground bat Mr.
Stephens came as an accredited envoy
ot the rtichmunn authorties, and to receive
him ia that capacity would imply a virtual re-
nfihe Confederacy. In the present
case, Mr. Lincoln appears to have favored the
proposition lor an interview under the iinores-
sionih.it Messrs. Clay and Ilolcorob wcrnduly
i.i.. J ... J.
accredited; but ilium ascertaining the unol-
ficial character of their mission, the safe con-
duct was withdrawn, and by a process so arc-
gant and repulsive, that the evident inteulion
was to convey an insult and provoke resent-
ment Tbe advances ol the South toward ne-
f iliation sr. .in.nl. m.A. . .k.r. k.
.' r- -j
tbe f ederal Executive. In one case the ab-
senc, and in the other cose tbe possession of
Credemials forbids an interview PMIadel
phia Aye.
Gold vs. Paper.
The Chicago Poft predicts, "ihat ou or be
2 coutv K """I
Iransactions will be go d and silver. Treaso
ry notes will he discarded, and all contracts
. l.nl :ll L- ii .
Ill UUailiriin BliairS Will ne llpOn U tfOld DaS S.
treasury notes are a legal tender, . is trite,
and win answer all purposes of paying debts;
he deprecation of paper money is greatly to
the idvantage of the debtor and to the Ins,
Ih JtVT U.ke".fr"
ihe value of legal tenders ia a cent which ia
eventually to come out of the creditors' pock.
ets. the more money there is due a mar,
the greater will be bis loss, and thtt loss Is
inevitable. Nodoctrines or legislation can
jT paper wnico it uoes not pos-
seas, nnd the sooner the era-h comes, as com
must, the sooner It will be over, a d ihe
business of tbe country restored lo a proper
' 1
"Executive Government."
President Lincolu, in bis laie letter declin-
to negoliaie for peace until slavery ie abol-
isiied at lli South, save that Hny propoaitinn
embraev the nbandonraini of slavery
will he "received and cvnsidered by thn Erec-
nlivr fnrenii.ient of ihe, United Suites.'
l b Coiiaiitniion reeogiiizes no such ''govein
ment,',' hut it makes three departments of the
gnvenimenl, and designates ihe unwers of
each I'surpation is progressing, and iLh
F.xei-.utiee urrant nf the pop'e now announ
ces himself as the F.Aecuiiv ' 0-V.i'trentent."
Hnrturd Timrt
F.uroiiean advices state tbat a depotaiion
naa waned on taard r'-iimerstun, and asked
turn to ouijintH in AmertcHu aHnirH on hu
t-rotitnip. The Promitr told Thrn ihut
ot tb? conlfsuini iMrii vnuld like
ttlal intHrVMIilillll alll ft that, that V.UfVl ainasial.
tfwoulfl I-P4MHI ii He, hnwiM'r, (iroiu-ard to
itit his liAa: saliaiiLuae J,,.. tl .
i,T, ' "
1 e,,
' . ; .. f , .',
Tkhrum. Acuu..nt.-'A fttw (JrMM, wbil
a ciiin of htt upper end of thia county,
nawd K I wood Fiubback. oat hanitnf, in
(treepin tbroub omt: butties, ran morn
in'o ona pf bin ee, by hic;h ba was tarriUy
ia)atd.-r Cincinnati Snquitcr
[From the Urbana Union]
Captain Devereux Badger.
pr- nnd the Cincinnati Chwmei-cf'if, which
circulates Inrgelv In Dajftnn.that Capt. B dg
up .r made a speech from the Court House steps,
iWsflnr. of lh rt tint hn ana rejn(,nihl
name perion has been up
io the L'rhana Union more than tne as tb
drnokeo iead-r of the -cob in pATton which ,'
aacked the Kmpirt oSce; and thti pacer tat
naolten called upon the person at Cclubu
wire ra n wonntir, m i its uoceiav i
a previous d.'majos:ue dtenlny otrr on into.T
icated oCiepr, by buvinjr Cnptaln UAtljcer dts
nis'.'d. Now cuiu an vdtioriat rvMatiittoa
in the Cincinnati Gummerciat that Ciptata
Budeef has been tried in Dvtnn befor tli
Court of Common . Viaaa on a curge of riot, 1
and ncquittcfl; and moreover that tb editor
- . . . .
has hen lurmnhed with notee Ot lite evicente,
whirh show that t'aptain Pdji aMit
drnnk, and that ha endeavored in lead the sob I
away. . , . , -'"
If this explanation is jat and trtie, it uinkea
Hmwr l stilA ftn If ihn vapitlnt nf rimt.
tnl is a true verdict, on a real trial, on tin, ao.
tnnl trnth anil the whola trnih nl aha Aauui. it
roRke the original chr,;e and the coonivanca
ui ni cniirye, uamiiuis;
ft i Horace to tna town ol iiayimi, only 10 lie
pxnlained oa Ilia arroiuid ol a Jl, , Hbhrnrt fle-
M,.,. ah... -, n ah
ij. t .1 . t a i a
soldiers fruin tbe army lust made drank and
then misled. '
We are not ready to accept this acquittal
aa an evidence ol innoreaica on I'd a purt ol i
Captain liiid'er. The fact is notorious that j
verdict! of aciptittal have ceased to. bo t. f- I
ideoce of iniiocenee, tu seotonces ol cunvte-j
turn by military conrts have ceased to be evi-'
dence ol guilt
It mtaA n tl, I mA !..,!, , ll..ri..n
for his eoldiers, and that be had the sanction !
0f !,.,, ? cilir-n of Oavton for what be had
done. These statements must have been read
by thousands in Davton, within six hours af
ter tbe publication ot them, and no one roie
to contradict them. Tn the absence of such
contradiction the public f a distune micht
well think that Captain Banger was a pnilty
man, and worthy of prompt dismissal from
the Service. But if he Was innocent, nnd the
people ol Dayton have tamely connived at a
false churpe against him. i
and we can be aa'
ipn''a of ,hp Vrb tit a UnioH will eke him
the benefit of a notice for one hundred and
four daya, that he was nn ill used man. And
moreover, if we can be satisfied that he is a
pure man and capable, we will recommend
him to President McClellan for an olTice in
tha grand army ol Constitutional Union.
A Blooming Century Plant.
A century plant, says the New Orleans
Times, can now be seen in bloom in tbe vil
la e of McDonousrhville, near tbe town of Al
giers. It is certainly a magnificent spicimen,
and one of the curiosities of the age Forty
feet high, with otiUprendirg branchro, forty
in nuTiber, each branch bearing u large yel
low nower, aometinng ol (he uppearauce of
the sunflower, crowned with a flower crest in
shape like a hoquet, the whole forming a pic-
lure of rare and unusual beauty which is ael -
dorn seen. The century plant doea not blos
som every day. Few who see this with blos
soms now will live to see it blossom agaio.-
This curiosity ii certainlr worthy of more
than a pass'ng notice. It may be seen as
above by paying twenty five cents
Ferocious Cruelty.
. 0 ae"1"ut''. r 'ate and slate ol degra
cognitin, tinn is a. sn e and speedy as villains can
"k" ""'.'j 10 can equal the master
The Shennao army ca'ptured cotton fac
tory in Georgia, and with it four hundred
white girls who worked in it, making lent
cloth The general caused these girls lo be
Joaded in wagons and hau'ed to Marietta, Ga.,
whence they were to be sent by rail to the
Ohio river, and then set free, or in truer lan
guage, turned loose. As atrangera, unfriend
i .
. "" conduct ol I our Government to
hptliluBa OflillA num. a 11 i ..n 1. A A 1
,.K.j. ,v ,,.u unn mil-
"ay "?"w, MV-i . by army power,
!',ey ""P1" c0?'8 10 Cincinnati, where the
Jo"'rnm''"t. f11" Pliased six acres of
'""."""" pcu.u nouses tor inem,
"nd '"""""nty rations, under the care of a
Ireedman s Aid Society, panting with synspa-
,v, j ,!. r. r - . ...
'" ' K-;;""i ' wi piisauug-;
p,t """''
Another Disaster in Prospect.
Our telegraphic dispatches published this
morning, indicate that another disaster has
already fallen, or is about to fall, upon tha
Hunt7oZ s, di.aZ
and defeat need be expecled from Hunter's
abused and unhappy army nnder the gross
previous career. In hainstringinv the beroio
valor and energy of our troops, in bringing
A. emut am a.. A .. '
ineio, tolh. i...,rr . '
,he evolutions of a swell mob. no man has
bu mottl (:,(u ,naB Ifimter, and no
man is better qual.Bed by nature and eduoa-
-'loo 6.r that business-aud no oth.r.-OAio
Statesmen. i ,
I . ''
snn gooa treatment Irom the Uoverniuentand I
its loyal supporters can possibly prove abor-1
tive and useless. . .j
J We can prove by twenty colnms of editori-1
t als in Ibe Tribune, in ihe past yeur, ihat ihnl
I expre-sion Is Bat treason. For a Democrats
j ie newspaper to say thai in oue-half.tbe ruiliia-
ry depattnents of this country, would b to
invite its own Suppression and tha imprisons
ment of ils editor. We quote it to shew wbal j
a wonderful new light begins to break through j
. , , ..
Greeley'a Tribune says : , ,
W maintain that no effort calculated to a-
t sure tbe Southern rossscg of kindly, regard
me naruiienusoi anontiuu puiiuninrnputs
Si a Iranian ,
oin ol the j ui -nn In t l,ken up with a con
manp grruliory e-kp-eh of the proria of- thp enn
neiihpr duuv. the orsni fnvorKolf uotiition of whit h
Atlaktio anii Gkat Wi-srras The
l.onjon Kuilway News ofJu'.y 9 h states :,
'The ho'ders of the securities of the Allan- '
tie Jt Greut Western Itsiiwny, will he gratifi
ed to learn that tbe present advices from Atnei-
ica announci the important fact ol tbe com -
pie tiou ol thin r.ilwuT Tbm event in evidtMil
I rptfttrdud wuh pn af intfrpaf in America,
itfid ii i'Oimisririiblr! Df.rtioii nf I lit ntmrA in
laa .n-.li.ItT Atiu In tt.u s . i I i a- i t. .a- civa.ah.ins ...,)
CnHnoinl ability of Mr. Jumfi Mufiftttrr. po-
1 . . a I ...J t... .1 .. . J .I'll -
: , ,,; ..I r -n "
Hr. 1. W. Ktnnanl '
A popular four Kneliah MarqtiU ii wid
to b nearly broken hearted af tho intended
amrrianH of a puoa titled beauty, who h4
preferred iba commoner to (he coronet Rj-
mor mvi bt wat a da? loo Ut wilb bit pro -
u,ru ln tHn otaie, was mwij louna ueau id
bn bed. --
Jude Stephen Vail, one of the b-st itia
diers cbioints in New Jemey, died on Tueday lact.
lie built the eiiKinen uf the first stenmer that
'fltfitr rrassefl th Atluntir
H9 Dli , in v.. York or. Thnr.dot !
(ot three ver anbsiitutes ra 8800. and fur
oi.e year aubstltutea $J0.
7ht public .choola at Buffalo, N. Y , offer
pri, ,h youllg ,,d pap,,'(or lh() bt
f,Tt, 0f rad. '1 his U much koended ac-1
cOTDhshta rl I
A man i tobb'd of (10,003 in the Eajjle
Eitik, Bjjion.ou Friday. ii laid t bur.dlej
On the counter, and numi-body picked it sp
wmie be was coaming another full ot bills. '
Xr, Bradburae, editor of the Plaqoemin
(La) GnHie, one of the oldest newspaper
. . ti. .. . i . i i j .i '
l,Tt,. U.,k -;u v.. .1,1. t iP.
.1. f ,1.... .... t. 1 t.!L:
lt, Dserel News, of July 4th, a.vs the crops
look Well,
promising good harvests every-
i l.arl,erJol Iroy prusMtm. anyone
' 'le cralt who snuves a customer oo oun-
' - i
'riUmi nu uaen cieciea t.rnna ranter i
reemasons in Itulj-:
,The reeipt of the Boston atreet railways
OH the 4th were $t,b()0.
At hitesi d ttes g.ild was daarer one-tenth
pPr Cpnt in I'aria than in London, and fonr-
tenih.-i dearer in London than in Hamburg.
Garrick's villa, at Hampton, England, wai
recently sold for JEIO, 000 sterling to a London
Thn proapact of the wineorop io the south
r France is very flattering.
iiurguudy vine-
yarns are aisu aoiog wen.
A Georgia 1-tter says that it it wonderful
what an immense breadth of the country tbete
is planted and sown to grain.
. A torpedo boat is Constructing at East Ha
res, Connecticut. She will tie bomb-proof,
covered with iron-plates cf a greater thikn M
thau those upon the monitors, and ptovided
with powerful machinery.
Mr John Wilson, of Lawrence, Massachu
setts, while searching for gulls' eggs, recently,
on the southern bead of Grand Menan, full
down a ateep declivity to the distance Of a
hundred feet or more, and was killed, j
American rhododendron ere thn pride of
the British Conservatories. , The scarlet va
riety is much t'ried, liud Is hoar the greatest
attraction at the iloral Botanic Gardens, Re
gent's Park. . ; '.
The prices of wheal are advancing iu tbe
English market', foreign beitis held with firm
ness, in coatempiatioa of the influerce of
political upon nncul'ural idTairs Arise of
one shilling sterling is quoted. '
Heavy Transaction is Whibkt. On
Thursday last Messrs. liuahong ii Sons of
Heading, fennsvlvanta, eloserl a negotiat on
lor the sale of 3,000 barrels ol whisky, being
all their atock here, to a firm in Philadelphia,
at fl TO per gallon The transaction fools
up the hnndsoine sum of over $250,000.
There is a new oil excitement in Western
Pennsylvania. Gushing wells send out olea
ginous (streams, and many greenbacks ara the
result. Ia, Greene and Fayette counties the
excitement is intense, ss great as it used to be
abo ut Titasvllle and Oil City. Several new
companies have been formed, and before many
weeks pass all the available territory will be
bought op ,,t t j
"The Canada papers contain accounts of
very disasuous fires in thn wojds in various
places throughout the country Many catlU
have perished in -tbe flames, and in some vi
cinities tbe conflagrations are extending so
as to become alarming.
that of any preeeeding venr hone.iily nnd
sincerely, we say to every "man and woman in
l. sure jour life, and the .Ltn deserves your
first oot.sideraiion. , '
Raceived of li l P.agg, s-.clnl -'Agent Of
-Etna Life InsuranceCompany, Hartford Con-
oeoticut, two thnuaandnollHrs. in full payment
ofPobcyNa 929 on lb lito at any late baa
ing band, John R . Bart, the amonut, being paid
before the said policy was du by the regula
that tion of the Company. Emklii.'b Bart.
-'F.ina Lirei Iii.atitnp;BfCompany of Hartord
Connecticut is doing much to provide for the
relief ot the families of those who die, leaving
tbem without adequate provision. Life ia
nneertain death is sure to come and every
prudent men will provide fqri those, wha are
dependent upon him. By insuring with the
jUtua, every man by a small outlay, an out
lay within the reach of the most humble1 can
provide an amount of money for his, family,
wluch will be theirs, in jpite of misfortune
and the many changes, and .ohrmtes. of juai
nean nnd of life. Those who are in prosper
ous circumstances lo-dny, may'mee'.i' with re
verses and die poor. " ',Jt
- -The Etn i have in the last
fewdava paid
over lo the wife of John Barf dye'd the stimof
$2,000 the ansoairt Xx-whirlt Jia ksd Insured
bis life
vith them .,This makes the sum of
9.000 paid In flus 'manner so the families ol
""" izens of Dayton In the last
,'x''ieeo montha. No other company haa
o much f.r the people,of Dayton and
w Aihk the compa.y- ,re entitled to Ih.
thanks of theeU aaU'thav patronage nf all
who are insurable.
The proaperltwof lb -ditna, ,w are glad !
to state, is.no-v grealer latin ever before, Its
business ibis year will b. mora than double!
' IJayton iinio July Izlri.-l. 1m.
$25 Reward.
r Oh on toe .Mih day of.lune.lsat between Wil-
sou's TjII.ml and cnvion. a P..rt M..ni n ,ou,i..
ing onn uoui on Dnvid Wiiyhls twrisi,, ne note on
Mr Mayers tor 7,Su, two hocks ..r Klour.lun lbs
each, on David M-r's Mill, lae. u t.oo d lio
,...V.in7i.r.i,l .
corneals io si una i nemrr brant. Miami eiinty, 1
Ohio, who o.l ii, ortoK. O'Rrieu a Bro , anl -econd '
street, liny on. ,is lwd j
Xotlee to Cride liullders.
slCDiToa Orricc, MnkTuoNrar Co., Ohio,
I'AI'l'OH, JtalV . lOtrf.
SKIaP,l propmtftl's 'n'thi f'nnMrttciion of a woeln 1
bridr-f OTr h Urn Miami at I'btioii hlo th.
Km! Ku U hrttfiif mil h- ri-ceir d at thiM Oftio unMl
iJitoVlo.il, nn, on Monday ih 11 of Auuu.t wt.
PropONNl wiltaiMt I f-vriirt h( thn om! limit
fh tint it ow inniu mi, for th potimihipmoo t1 a
;uuU,l0u "r'' OT" 'h . m
lropoaiU hr tfrnemry an Mtiprtmrtnre to h
"f1 "''r M m mriw ;nr. with ihe
'cnmnitiihMwra will oriir- tff.-t their right in
t)ai bio u Uwyfl proirino do
juijo-aw iu;Jt
auditor M. Q.,0.
Items. Medical
ajrnuu c "'"fry- yrwt8f-n's',''l4W'-Tt
1- . i M y
CUBES CoOfihs roHf, fft Throat, A-ihm, hrA
v,on-vmiUta It tn or nrc' pry (v nnj on
txuubl. j with pompiaiati tu try one bot'le ol
- SMck and 9 Melh'ftvou Covgh Baham
toeiDvinoMhfrn fntftin (h (jrt prprBtton pm
uJ. It not ontyr'i'n f ) nhorf Rfl-tlntf ttt
Thmn and Limpf, Hit it curof Mt-ir "wriit! pr4 '
fiiuit(no( Ht ort nnci ti An ir11t)t frrftl for att
kmd ol -nr Ttiroai. It in plfRsunt to (nk, nH i
M.fn mdicma orliifinta Piica bO CdU pr bott- ,
Kor hf JriiKii-u y9Drallr. mlt
JLjnjsW3 1 1 iflC'L..ww'v
JIVEliYBOllY Is I nx cured nl tins distrein '
j tie"e by the nsi. or
l)r. Strickland' I'ilt Remedy.
Hes,l wlial those hut ivtio hfiae used il- ' ' '
Mr.:hBrles. Lsn'd.ain, ol Lonlntllle, sikI Mr I.
P llsrsrile, clnrmrsti.ti , boih wereenrnl , ter using
ods put ol Dr. bin, klsuU's File Ken uy. 1 lie fsi
they hste tried eei ythlrn but UM obtain no rebel,
but one, Potol Mricklsnir. Plln HrlnvUy et i led a
petTert rure slter.iiH, nnir lor tnsny y. sr llh io
wo t Kind of nk. They rwioonnend evsry'ea
who is suRermgto ny it. , ,
Ask lor
Dr Strickland' t PiU Remedy. i
Bold by all drugelns, so els a pot. Mauntacturadat
et. fast rounhst.Cui'iDiiul, o. mlt
F L TJ X. -
' Strickland's Anti-Cholera Mature. ,.,
"f 9 scnmpnitlnnr.f trinpenis, leorb."rtf . sbmii-' '
-A lents nd i srm.nsoyes, hirh vety ihislcisn e.
kunwledges is Hie only r.psrsli a that V.ll erhel 's
iiermRoi-nc cure or 1'isn he,, si.o Dsetpr-. Uliis Antl
Chnlers Misture. is now 11 use in ome of . ur simy
ho,i,isl where it gires ide cresiesi sslisfsenon. It
hs- isveit ilie livesnf thoussml of our x ld.erH nd
.'lotens, sii-l we alll ensrinteell to he lt; but rame.
tv in ilis m, rlil lor lilsriboaniid lnsemery. .
Mr Woods, ol Covington, My., mil be most hsunj
to aatiMy anv one as (. tlie Tirtueor Stm sland's Ar.il
t.hnlta Mixture! in net u hsvi. a ,ret numlroi
tes.imonisls lioin imlinji, who hare l.i-n oursd sltai
beion pronoiini ed in urn) 1 by their iir-vsicmtja. some
after taking only ou lottleol Hlrieslsnd's Abtl Chol
era Ulxtu e. It louuuller ui.h tiu.ril,a and titra
terytiy onebollla J
Hair Restorer.
aHlTINPKItSf(i.Vr,(,p,v rfllir0' h,,r lUtnt,
. ui Mr Islealine Fries, Ageal, Sim the
ofNewTork, for the jirenl prnnipluees they have
shown in psj -iit in u. the amount ol the inMir. nu
on the life oi Peli r Kicl.er, ,lceae,l. S.i.l tk-Iiai '
inaiired hislile lor the benefit ol hla ll aid chil
dren, on th. 2I..I ,tyo A.r.l, ISM ht Meldiil.
took taok, and leu oa Hit jd day ua JUa. icA. ai.i
on this dsy ih,- I oinpany has iiam us ihe amoiu.t of
the insuran e 1 I Wl. We tlilak It naiil UM the .uc
lle ahould know in, se liirts.
liayton. My SI, 1E04. fA. UOOPbT. Jird
THK skill of lii a medical racnitv In rreatlnj llarw -ol
the -senlp has, In aioaion vol is.-es, heen 1st
nd by this, u timet paauher disiaaem ihe. Imlnaii
frame. II noun l e y, nilered at, as it r qriir.sgrt-n
tu-y, ilee, r peiuvh niid a eari-tnl uiv, Mtj,ali.ii oi
thecaiis, s uhl. h piuaucc tl e diaeaie. L'Ulss Ihe
esina is tii.-overed. it is au utter ,inposnl.ittv to
..u.n.v.,,iarnnn HIMI H ptivinui'Ut enie. '
Illseasrsia lliakotlp liavil K.-li lin,ii,Laol in lioole .
ny s.'Uio ol ane niostnniieni nhysu-ians. I hioe de.
voted .' ,!
To this peculiar pan of the human Irsme, and l aw '
satisfied Ibid 1 pMsaens
So fares known, that would permanently r-r'licat
those loathsome disease of the scalp I.
AdU other e naneous di,eaes,aml restore be hair to
thoe Alio hale bevoina leld. 'I'o n,ak
It 1 fail lo cure the wort eases ol diseased scalps ol
the longest staadiug wiua the
' Head the -ollowinr: -- -
, . i'MimonU fJUfl. l Oovtf.) , t .
Aj-awm, Is Yoai.
Fa.ir it si I'KKt two yearrago my ra.p reiair.a
diiemai-tJ.Hij.i my tmr ( calumny, d toialloia fry it.t.
I'm dix-aett spread i bill ur ca a one rcaif ietsj
urti. It Liei'uine ir pwliiin, m ieit t ntjli n
trokM): ih tiurtiiDfi iU lU-hina fcnritico mu. ut mif -ponaOlA;
i would apply rniidv aiUr rniuy, tut
OLly morrvotai t rai I' 1 rriiiilisd t'rir 1,m.(.
ctaa oi iliin city I tvaa tnorn ed by tht m ihkt ttj
diufhr-t wnn which my oi Ip vnh atltctf-o wa i. rj.it
UN um. ami Uiat tin yuoialti not t turbt n 1 ri d
vour aitTitipetf-etii uiid i.k )udd to icinnti t u.
w sjinui- i die in. jm;u uuhi VI Bill! Hlf II, ttl HsJ
anl rvitmrf niv hnir, hinf i,ad Uecn e viy ttm.
Wuii iiaHi h- i I'Mice 1 ptstced ini m Ii in you ' mat,
Sd (hp n-u'ts nre, I . Id x i.i 1. 1 t t mi cf 1 a:r;
in. acMlpi nvrte-iiT well, and njy hair Iiev ceaec4 to
lall uut. Hf .ptta ull) )giii,
Mk. tiAKAU u vlu. No, .1:7 Ponth Pearl tiwt.
Iti-1. 1xi ..knowls-titied ly all vlio haf ud Ui .
JUar Kwnu.ti r, Hud their usine in i.emoi), thai it ia .
That would. eitectuR-iy nr.d pvrmbrUtly retlora tlif
f hair or iho o who are tild, And pleveut
Ttie I'Tye Hint raiit'ilY iiffreaHiogalt' ot KeitoraA
I - tht "inwiir t evidenot'ol the fuauiiuld betietlta it Id
(fouie-rriiiK tipt.n
'I be I'niifMrnceol (tie piiM,o haa been ohlAiDetl, kmi
lip) all iiuiil' imuei-iiug to u turi(aud y.i H(ieri
lAei iiitit dunvd. I do )ot refiytnim nd lny prearH- .
lion in online hair to vi''vf hk left m Uel-lj hk njuy
months., a it If a Dimple, iiiin'mi-il.ihiy, nui( totally in
sTfiiiiKieiit with the Uwnof Nature. To thovf w Imero
kkpuual or iucrtdulon, I will irate a tiooa fide ofter:
I will forr.lt $l,iiOO
(t'OA Thouaid iKsliath) if 1 fail to cur ttte rt
t atsutsoi pHiutu Uhitiueate, uuuer Dneea jrarV .jihikI
tug with ...... v
This wenderful rem,y U kutJ ) lituft't ganer-
lil'vuUR ! Ul'GCiIVf HAH OT GOT JT fir0
Foil IT.
W B t jr!i niiaranteeri in vrery eta alter lha M
raDotionn for i e are implicitly nt-rved.
Piwe. ffl per Lottie, or nix lodti n forf
PRof. It. A. 1K MUMV,
fcole Proprietor, o. V orhi.ue- wreei.
rllly AlUay.Vaw Vork.
A PrriTJON will l ' pres.atei lo Oanmet j
Hroiisjh for tha pardon of t layboru bagau, do a
prUnoar Ui tha OUlo PauUaDtituy .
anowlt CAiHABlMl BAG AM

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