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City and Other Matters.
Wanted.-A. 01
e-nplovmcnl i!iven
ipetent -hr.emal.er S:eadv
Inquire at thi. nffio.
Match's fti unr Mi'eliei to-day, of;
0, P. ITnber 4: Son i r d "jvo oio'iev.
Aug. 20, n-.) j
About Cmpot S.vlfl. S imo iii-ulloniau j
on the mor nin train d' t't? 3. & 1) rond,
Ane 2-;h, by mi-!tik 1 ltd.' I'-o wrong cnrpet
nk, leaving; hi own If tl.n notice mooiaj
hi. eye, let hiincnM M 'hi; office, tf j
: Information Wnted.--Vv ,lnv PbiHif
tmrh, nhiipt ,-.ri tir- left bw
in Miami. burg it'n'.'it 'our week noo, mid j
have not heard f-o.'n tiint cinee. Inve some !
idea that ho i empY v- d .-onf.wliere iti the vi ,
cinity of Uavlon, i.r - an very anxinn;. to .
Irarn hia wlier.-1.. .ut. Ai.y pirKoti riv:ne
ma information in the premise will confer n
great lavor. Pmi.tr Smith, j
Miami. hurjf, Aug. Hi".. 2nd
Couuty Cocvontioa See the
wherd for a Cuunty Convention.
nil el.
Strayed or Stolen, on Sunday night',
Anjoit 28, alight 13 ij Horse, four yara old,
about 15 hand hih, with wane .horn oft
aherr, and long tail Undon a plniri saddle
with no horn Any information, or the relurn
of the horse, will he. clad!y received and the
person lihcraliv rewarded, ai Lewis Kimmel'.
in Madison 1own.hi. or ar the ti 'fi!e House,
Eiiton pike. h29 Iff
Matches B iy your Mnt. lie. 10 day, oi"
0. P. Huher k S n, arid enve money
Au 29, 3id.
JBTo my nnmeron. tvieii I and cuMtotn
tri, I her; loi.ve to kv, tli .i 1 lntve sold ovt
out my entire stink of M .llitiery, 10 my sister
Mrs. Caroline Iliifis, who will il.j all in her
power to have cuitomf-rj pleased. The I uei
ness will be carried on the same us cv r. A
tn'l and fft'-hionuiile es ortrnent of blcachinrr
and toloiini aiil
be done ut our own eiiiil . ;
lishment, without, endnnpet in:., the siiaw in
the least. Mis'. ArceliR !Iui:l a my weli iikul
trimmer, will Hike p-i-ticuUr enre of custom
work, otid if my healih will al ow il l will he
happy to rrr-i ive and w:i't 00 all my fiit'ii'l.i
and cu.toriiL" . myself, whom I render r.y
heartfelt t' links for their kind 111. d friendly
tliirin.. my c-oifmnnni-e in hu.i-1
HoplBJ that mvfiial.rwill Mai 0..r
tav.-ir, in u.ncii
1 bud lin- pleasure to r-i 1
perienrf I r mmn very (jiatlullr, ;
-..,,, . , . ,
Pamliil Operation A Change of
Jtaas illJOinmenaaii. 1 tie jmu nn: tnr.
mornm? piihiisne. il.e Mi-ftil,iii.r and uVe
speech of ti-iv. Skv.iock, l-efore the Chicngo
Convention, iitid uiiinife.t. ii. distress thereat,
by interapen.inj with it. lenlf-iiccs the yroat..
and lain--i.tnti.-irM of the .'iiillow-piitei ijuiil'
driver wl-.-i e:a up with it ihu Journal
o'uih'.. : Pi .-ii .1 on a hound's cur und he is
sure to veil," and a siitiilar impingement imh'Ii
hia "wrrrjilre ' evolved liii turn? 'mu'.i-jal re-spon.e.
In Jenioirtrbtion of this aduge, we
refer 1 1 tliJ thirleeii illustrationa aiforded by
the Juii r un l' a tcty inieiru ptioas ol the rend
er of Seymour'. .;i'ch, with the bracketed:
amall n 'hiijt of the Editor, duly credited lo
that "reo,aikab!e person. One specimen
will suffice to ivs an idea ol tin; i :.i ucti r of
these i'lteiruptioii., and of Ke s't'u in whkh
ih.. ;n,,o,l.,...lrv... , r T.,
. , . ,. , '. ,
"M Wbat diMiLgmshe j omau.. t
be to a fetnalu sewing s.oc'.i-H ! At d
how admirably hat tiatoio e mplie-it. d'lhe!
inbtle machinery of hie pi ri.-rar.ium in iia
-rn 1 . .- .1 1 r , ,
manifold adaptation, to ,he ,et,ul of vandal
una 10 im general inpics 11 iieifiiiiirnoou
gossip I Wouldn I he he rnaater of ihe suh
lime aituation ? and wouldn't he p ep into
a 1 1 a . . . ,
ancielv and fattii v iiflairs "wi h head n.rr
, ., . . ., , . '
and as "knowingly wiih.il, n the magpie re.
connoitre. the mur.-ow bo.ic ? Certainly
u VVht ..,.. 1, ..M ;
a ' 1 ut ' 111' 1 1 .' .
' "
what con.titntna'4 ability ho could o'nt out
those w l.o are of "dirty-foot notoriety," and
those whose whitkers are colored, and who
colored Ibem, and a bat ihey werecoloretl for,
and all that, and a thousand and one other
mailers that ate almnys valuable and precious
to latUeu, .navi r.geiH ai d pimos. Aa llm
editor of a t nbltc icwpupi r, however, fit,
caliber is too small and hi. gauge to narrow
Hia intellect in irritated by iho oveiflow 01
hia bile, and the product, thereol are reces
aarily at a dUcocnt in tbt luaiki t.
eS- We do noi bi'Iicve the Abolitionist of
this city will be so grei 11 a. to briiiK Johnny
Brough here lo make a speech on Thursday
avening. They cannot affotd just now to
ire voter from lin ir rin ks in that way
The lei llro'vh says and doei now a duy.
Iha betler it will lie for the cause of Abolition,
ism. The conspicuous pari taken by Schenck
Conr?r.s aain.t the poor men ol the conn,
try, by favoring the repeal of tha exemption
clause, will cause thai tingle individual lo bn
sufficiently heavy inflicl ou upon the public
iTOQe occasion. . Lit and Broub will be
more easily swallowed 1 aeparale doea
Tha hundred dy n.eu. will remember Biougb,
forauiirftf duil ai.jlmw. Jt may be act
down, tberufore, a. a entiled fact, that Major
Uaneral Kobert toriiwalli Scbeimk, will b
00 Thursday tracing
U.O ,Vt
; J i u s S
B: Ya Clothed Plnli;,f Legter," aUhVirf
l.'i r.n Sconna r.iwl, bat )ut received
lnr,. In. of flnnda in Ttrwlf-tlnw, - which" trier
,, . ,, '
l"'"""""!,c" i'.e ,t,o rea.onahle term,
If tou wan- to get hnitnir. in florhinji, go to
link A
I.eglers They ran nocommodare
rrm 29lw
... , , . . ...
flow are foi;, "Giwig B. M.rtellgn'
7er;y af. -
. IjUUc Mac and Old Ahe.
Litti.r Mo.:
"Oil lionet, lioneht Ahiam Lincoln
How i!n yon do? how do von do?'
IIonkst Oi.n Auk:
'Xoiio the beitor, Grorge McOlolliin,
Of Keoini ymi of seeing yup."
Jurt Pnbligh'd Biographical Mem
oir fif CUmeet L. Vallnndigham by hit
Bl Other A handsomely printed pamphlet
ol .U4 tvtiMR' i Jbiain rioeumetit of
uiiusiim! value and inter ul ; entirely authen
tic ana ie )igni. .c.verjr statement in it nef-
sonul or mhi r :ae chq b". strictly verified. Th
w-itx m H.:tel everywhere, imruediamlv bv
hundred, of thoinandd. Price dlivered 25
Couiiirj dealers can Ii? supplied through
the tdi.it.j.t.1., vrJiiyt lUij ti'i.,lv.rihMr Cc
Yoik f iperM, and' at our loweal wlioU.ale
price, i he oommi.-ion. charged hy the New.
Co-epanip. heinp pr.id nv ua
Jery ednoi hui disposed, to nid in friv
ini? thi. pamphlet a wide OTCiUiiou i. invited
ro in. ert this advert i-icnicnt mid draw on us
fir copies of i he Mem nr to the amount of his
hill, io he scut Ui a package ordered hy n-iv
one iirhi. viemiiy. Wat. re a A t'.t . Puhlmh.
;er of "E jok. for the Times'' Ac No. 19 City
Hull Po'iin. N.w Yoik Aoon.t 1. 1HIU
Medical Notice.
I'.ijton, a' tin; Pbiilips Uoue, on W'ed
nes .July "". , Auau.it iil October the
In i". at the liiveliri, House, on Tl.ur.-
"''r"- J V it September 1 ; October 6.
in l-o-.il in, at the Ph.fer House, on Fridays,
ouiy , pi.emoer z; uotobtrT. 1
in I n - t,r the J,' rro. tlou.e, on Torndayn
Ju'T : A'l .n-t 3-'), October 4
In Pinna, i tha P'oua Uuustf. on Mondsva.
115 f Aii..u, l2U O.toberS.
in I, ton, at lh Lima Hou-e, ou Sundays,
Jn'y'.'l; Aiifn.t 2: : tteiober 2
In Si Ini-V. at' thii Kldoee Hiiret on Satcr-
"'v. :. AKt it Oclotee 1.
r , ' 7- T " ,Uoof. 0D
iSfji ii.triiai.l. i. (tie Knaub House, on
I l.r.r-Oins Ju.y !il Auj;nt 2:i ; September
Thnr.riuys July
Lie f otie lis. practiced In the above j.lncei
about jyiiitt wiili tht ratiirt 'tfNiiHVInir'aae
Ce,.. u,.- -,.,, 1 ,,.,., ol ohr,)nio
,, un,i nvml. ot nil improvements in all
.(ho.l.i orm-diotne No cbarj lorcnn.nl
tuiion.hni clius'i for medicine." Consult Pr
Cone before it U tiio late.
By Telegraph.
The Enemy in Force Between Bunker
The Enemy in Force Between Bunker Hill and Winchester.
lield. Our lotH in the whole atTuir, inclndtnt
''Mnlled and woui ded, will not ex-.eed one hitn
would dred, wlnlM tb.,t ot ih" enemy rount have
niucb frn'ir s we ui tha advunlage
I "') nam (H-wtiK up the Valley
bas oh lollowicy -
30. Tku position of our army sine niv letter
ol y'eiay, remair.. out-banned. There was
11 "P'nteu cavalry fljbt yesterday al Smith
a roeo mouaanoe developed lb
li"3 ""jui'd a doubt that the rutin (till
, hfJy ;n (uf .'JJ'Vf
linen itiey ie concent 1 uhtij at Hunker Hill.
1 '"U (In ol nu- i were uisliiiuily t-en yesterday
';?''''""'' "" Iteiween Hunker Hill and
"ii'hester, "tpro.ed to ho caused br the at,-
.... . llkn mtt
The Fight in the Shenandoah Valley.
! Yi.dk-, Auru-t ill. -The Herel.i'a cor.
rebMinder,i (five Hie t.illowitv a-counl of the
iwniinu in 11. e .n.-n.,iiti,n.h v o..
Cien M 11 ill's lli.i.i,.,, ,, lnrh.n u
wa. titrhnntr Itr-diey ,l,t ain'a cavalry, and
one division ut harly'a inlaniry, all day yes
Ii id..y, '.'B-h. Ha e.ine upon John.nn'i com
matol .Sunday, und the coutilry being open,
ihe .t nel 2d regular met tliem b . conn.'
lrr charge, a. the enemy we. charging down
' "' , ". -' "7 ul,,Lon ' me two eolurans
a fe.iiful, 11 nd iliere wa more l.r , ,i,..u
tlihii h.d Ii. , n seen during the war. .lohnsion
wjs driven f ,.in Charleston through and be
yond Smiihlield, and Merrill' divi.iiin rcp
lui.il tli losrni 'l b, morning, 29th, the en
1 my hum I I a division ol infuniry against our
laialry, and ih,- 6lnii,g cooiinutd hiikly
unuliliiiH o clmk, win 11 Sueridan, who bud
gci i lo a k H'riiibl, of ibe oih con.. f.,p w
divi-iori of hia troops, arrived Iia at once
oid. r. d lil. la is lo advance with the 3d dii
.1. 11 hn kna mede a i.id march of two
mile or m ire, and rel.eved Torbilt'a cavalry,
who had lought moi aplendidly alt day
Among the casuulitiea ia Dr. W. II. Kobison.
Medical Director of the Cavahy.corpe, wbe
wa. eliot Ihrouch tbo ihast whila riding Willi
Tuibitl He f.llov(rsimp'yexclairnin. "ir.
id no u.e doing anything lor me, I am kill
i d," and died almost immediately. Bn-kslt's
CifiMon advanced nearly a mile helot De
(oui.d lite enemy s line, wbea, alter akirmish-
ing ab iut live rninules, the enemy fell tick
I .r ika nii.li - - -
,h nit,t
A Great Battle Expected Harper's
M4RTi,iiv:. Augu.i 3ii.-(JeB.rI Ce
:rd rro.e tb Owquait in Hie direct-
j ' "rr uni, oui on encountering two
On a peaeral oogagtmegt
. - .mv. miui
A detachment of Avarlll's command Inst
I rtipht a'taclted lb aj.ltriv oif ihe uardatown
xu"a n?"nl Vm- pn'nra,
Averill mi
eugag-ea to a.v in mmij t reeoanniMrtij''
i of ,h., nrmjV rMiW r-'
The enemt ht. hi man force in I he neigh-
onrhoorl ol Hunker Hill tht. morning
I ''le Upruld'n Harper'a Ferry correspond
; ml :
i A gentleman well posted inform, him that
I he helieve. a ureal h.ille would he Ion hi
near Ilaroer'a Kerry, and that lh rehels
have not relinqnif had the idea of invading
IVnn.jlvauia and Maryland.
The Herald's Army of the Potomac rorrea
poedent says :
The number of niisits firm lh tattle of
lit-am a station are heum rapidly rrdmed by
ih arrival ot soldiers who hud oeen .caller
ed through the wood.
Bully for Harris--He knocks a Fellow
down who calls him a Traitor.
(.'niruo,c Anpnal T'hH Utti', "I
Maryland, was walking towards his suit, after
lu iiiif declared out of oidt r because of the
remark that if McClellarf whs nominated he
w.puiu him biiji-l ii'm. a pertion, mi a aeip
I pale, etiiii(i within the circle, said to him,
you oujjht lo lin lurned out. ol the Conven
tion, you d d tratiior," he,eupon Harris
tiirned round and knoi ked hifn out. of his
chair. Thi. incident ciniliihuled much to the
general r .infusion which t c h i ! 1 1 1 l. r everal
W ri-lir", Han i., l on r, and ihoe who sjm
paihixa with ihcin, are nmkinu strenuous ef
I irl. to .ecui a a one ihinl vole B.'nrt .Mc
Clellan, hut the triendu of McCieDau are .an
guine. The coticiliHliiry and politic couri-e
pursued hy fjuihrie and Commutes on reao
lulioim, sema In meet the warm approval ot
Mi.Uh liiioite., and to niflit he loom, up a
st rnriir candidate lor the Presidency
l.l.napfeml r.ft'i-, rni"MMil is In remain at Mo-
hi.e. us hi Work i.. not done with Iho cupluie
of 1' il Morgan. Ai iiiiorttini :n ilm i:np
lure o! W i'minlun won hi be, it would require
a comliini i ulti.t.-k ol iho nrtny and ntvr, mid
firntit and Sin 1 man 1 i.frH ot . vet avail
able man.
Itichniond p-ip r of the 2Slh, inlmit the
loss of nearly 4,b(IO in the attack nt Keam's
Stniion Prisoner eay their losa wu. over
5.011(1 Aootber attack i expected, I.ee hav
ing recalled Iroops from lh Sbennnduih Val
ley for the ptirpn.e ludicaiiona ate ibata
heavy halt la will h fought, near Atlanta or
Macon railroad before the close o( the nren.
ent week.
Resolution of Mr. Wickliffe.
Chicjoo, Aak'un SI --The National Demo
cratic Convention reassembled at 1(1 A. M ;
the wigwam is again djusely packed, and ihe
crowd on the outside ia greater than ever.
Immediately after tha Convention was called
10 order, prayer was offered up hy the ReT.
0. HalSL.y, of Chicago. Wicktille of Ken
lucky, roe and snid, that the delegation
from tha West wore of ilia opinion lhat cir
cumstance, may occur between now and the
4th of .March loxt, lor I lin IVmooia'. of the
country lo meet in Convention again, he there
fore moved the following resolution which was
unanimously adopted. - - , ..,
11 f Until, That thi. Convention eh ill not
bo diasoived hy the eilj nirnment ut the close
of ita b isinosM, bui el, , ill remain orrauiz.)d
and subject lo be called out al any time and
(dace Hat the Fxecuilve National Connultlte
shall Jet'.gimie.
The vole wa. then tnken by St.itesJ Con
netictit nnd Obiohuving been passed lor the
moment Ibe vote stood a follows -
Mc( lellan, 1U2. Scntierinj? 64.
The different rlelueatioa uow begau to
change their vote and ih final re.ujt waa
announced as follows:,
McClollan New iUmpshire, 7 ; Vermont,
r: Mnssachtis'.t.. 1- C trinectieut.
York, r.4 ; Xn Jrey, 7 ; Pennsylvania, 2ti ;
Kentucky, 11; Ohio, 15; Iudiana, ,MJ ; Illi
nois. ti : Missouri 7; Minnesota 4; Wiscon
sin, 8; lorvi. H ; Kao.n., H ; CuMrornla, 5 ;
Oregon i. . Total for MoC e Ian 202J. -
Thoma. H Seymour Delaware, 3 ; Mary
land, T ; OSio, R ; f ndiaiia, 3J-; Miaiouri, 4."
Total lor Srymmr 23J.
Gold Down.
Nrw Yotrt, AVipntrt 9 fiold' dotations
opened al 2I14J, and went down lo 2.I2J
The Commercial's Chie:&ro di.pa cn savs
there ia no doubt as to McC clian s. cur.ng ihe
nomination. There will be a siruggle over the
ce President Mr. (imhrie, ol Kentucky,
d Pen.Hntnn of (I bio, b-in ihe most promi-
ncnt aspirant.
Ueauikii, Pa, August .1(1. At ihe II. -i
, ,
rounlv Deoiocranc Convnilion. Hon, 8. C
a eo irt was re nominated for Congress
Another Raid.
Nrw Yobx, Auiii.l :tl A lehelfrom Af
Infita, 2.'td. .lale actnirs reooit another Fed
eral laid 7, HOC sirong, with nine cannon, left.
Decalur in ilia directum ot C.iviui'ton, (ieor-
A Big Suit.
Wasmisotox, A n I. .1 2(1. Thetioverinnenl
haa entered suit aiain.i K Surgeon Ham
mond lo recover t I'iO.IKHI, the aimmnt ol al
iened fraud on hia patt in ike piiii ha-eof stip-
Dayton Market.
DAYTON, Aug 30.
11 A ItSH MAS'8 KI.OLI1 Red
whola.ale l I fill. Kelail l I ft I.
M WHKAT l 7(1. O'd I7:
IS 7i.
II YK 1 4o(.,l fill.
hri.i:y i 2d.
CtiKKEK iH(lCj. . ' . .
8 UO A It 31) " - '
COFFtE SCOAE-rSi) lienor lb.
HAHI) FIN 10 1 1 SCiAK-HTlcpei. Jt,
"MOLASShiii-H 3'ifflUO uer gal, .
KICK 2(lo per to .
LAllfl 18(,V20.
Hli'TrKR-e-tuOi-id . . .
CflKKSK I , -i
STAKOU21Jo per lb. . ..
80 A Pi 2(lc o. r lb
DRIED rKACHKi-25fav.z
DHIEU APPLES 152(). . '.
BKANJ Ptr bushel 1 603 00
EGGS IB per do.
'VOKACCJ-90e,$nO per It, '
MH I (l per aack
IKAlfit-nt ftt.ih "t"!,: '.;!
PuTATOF?. 2 oil per Lush k
H JTTimOUif $2L'.2 p too . ' ' - ' '
WHISKY 180. -' .
T0MATOFS3 50 per hush' ' " ' "'
New York Stock Markets.
N Toait, Au, 31. Sl4ul? hetier;
at board 82 StJ, oince 2 an. .N. wVoik Cen
tral S-;- Readin; Krie l; I'niied
Hinli.'') 'HI Cnaiatered $1 09; -Coupon
rj; o o Loupoud tt) , 1IMII diounnng ;h
- j. v v'l.uvu. A -s f, "i ...urona 05:
7 .1U (Jciolier and Aoril Hi: One Year (Vr
tifioaie,.. t
New York Market.
.kar 1 OKK, August .11 Cnllon Olltet I HO-
flout (ifteen or Iwcntv njenu. belter; 9 90oti
louii e-.-siMle; in .nr,(,il Oil round hcop
Ohio;- wheat, rinll artd nominal. 2nHe belter'
iy 7 o,i it-uiti ...svuwuiuer encn; oorn noil
lav, 'loweer I ttlr nttvt't: t r.2 chok e do';
oats lc lower; !):!!.i; Werlern pork dull and
lower, "7 50i:t7 i'S ; me. 37 HI1a40 124;
prime Urd heavy, 21124 ; whi.kv heavy and
lower til; Western peltolcum dull; Sugar
lower ID t) Cuba.
New Advertisements.
Mnntfomery Cominen rieaa.
.to.ep Brnii.f;oTiioii Br"n, Jacob Brnwn. I'arn
line Mn'.ii., , Wi.li.n, M.hu., CeliuHa H.nu.h
sn.t M.inuel II, i.nsh, Am.Dda Banaah ana Geo aa
ll.nnnh, v..
ae.rrr Brr,wri, Terry A Br-iwn, Par.h tirowa
.nl Kl sb,.h Brown, in Part tion :
rilll KOHHOI T BBDWN, Thenrlore Brrwn, M.rv
1 Brmin, f.ah.rrv Hro.n, I'.rry A. Brown, Surnfi
Bn.au. l'1'f.-itH.th Brn.n, will Ink. hull. Ihira t..i
VHonwi" ltl. ,1 sg.in.l llisin on the 31 I ,lvof Aimu-t
a a. is, i. m in i ouri of ommon Ple.s or Mont,
ij.nioiv.ouniy (lino hy .l,,, Itro.ii. Solomon
HKAln. J-i-'Otl ll-0n. I"arnh,i Mat,.,.. U-...
Uellnrl. imi.h, H.musi iNnn.h, Air.';.l 'n.amll
uii.i inn. iison.n na no peieloni lioiunj ,
l..tliioner. item n. i nrlltion ol the folloin real
.sl;ii, tn.wit : Niinntc in the emmtv ol Monluomerv
anrlflratei.rMhio. rn the e. of s.-tiou tuwh
tl, riintte fi n..t,A-e. ,
a T i ?"' " survey and sun lnl.lou of
.. .r,, n-uu, n.eu, tiyuldar ol 111.
.oT r.i. J. r""' raooigini ry oounty,
hle.arthMreh term, 141 soe i hauca? . tacoid
n, i.g i iv, sn.l enor.las ,uUowe:
oouinmnii on the en. I line of in ill tio0 4.7
l.J ... ' ""' K corner trier I ihu-
I. w.ii ihiios toa stone in the Meeity Pod.
n mi i-i fioin.-, io a sionoin said il ia,
then -e N.sa R. m fn-.. lo a store, thence H 5 K
aiiiile.lo. ton. theaop N. an F aa rol. .
stone on the e.t line ol sui t sclion, thence N r.'
W I Hi 3 pot", ir, the elae of togr ning containing
Kiisua-th lirmvn in s il lands ol Ji eh Brown dee
ni. un H-.iBnro in. i n...
n inn. i.i- ueii lrm r.i s.i.l l ourt, tbe anid
-.i.u.iipi v ,h in,,, y .or an oidar ifttt partition may
be m.iie of ,,rpnn-e-.
I.'ed this ii,mi1I.i. i.4.
Ad. a rim, ah l,u ' etu nar.
Farmers & Mechanics Hotel.
',. . ,,MiW AUKANGEMENf.
(itcf ,b to iraarsr i r r.i.i.)
HA VR t.lien thi. old .ml nopulir Hnlel on Keeond
street, Imyon, and hop. h their alt nilion In
hu.ine-.s i ciii , ,, ih. .ji-n,.,! ,.,u.iA.
w.ll kiina n t.i.u- o
Ih-...rr.e of Mr. II nr rosier, ao widely known,
hav l.en r.-l.med.. itlo It.
1 lie nnlrnn.ge of lis lurmsr Irl.nJsi. ronflilsixly
nill'Sied. .Ug.jM ,,A
DissolnThni of tVi-PaTlnersiMp.
fpHB f 4n.ie.i-.lni, dorotofnrn iiphnn nnder thfdrm
L or Hrfr A M.,n. in ill ninihin..
(sl.ftnlvfiij tiv Mint) cunnnr oti thm (inih Amw r
August 1 UM
lin-1 nit tirm.
HAVINii tin - day piirrliaed the arlir Iniere. of
A II. Nf.oafn the firm of Sr. mm m SI , ...n i
a.iell einnsiM Oi e.rrynnlli. Wnolesls and Heu.lt
Clothing nii-lii'. Ha vlna; s laree aioek of clmhlnr
on h.ii.l, aitn.h.sed l-tirnlh. i ....n
ofVr. l,ihi..Kpheiiper Ihsn aor olher hoti.. utn.ii
wlhtn ro rr-'iiie. mr .to... I, ... ,h.ru..An ..t
oO nag my good seeh- p. lam sell aa-
Has hti k pan', fn m a nn in in on
Fan v e..rinnere panr. from A on lo 10 (s)
PI. n .nd fsn.y cai-sinn p.ot. Iroin.. 3 0 to 7 on
hi fucl-.tli i-i.il, Ir.iui u ft) to A ii
rise o.s.i t ei e i-ont fiun. u thi ... inn.
riaena.iueteoa'. from 4 no to ltf O0
A l-rge slo k I oveiooa1. ooin 9 Ou to k5 no
Boy.'elothlnx. of siloeror ela.., which esimoibe
.er,nsed nlheKitnr West. A Inrige .to k of not.1
enpv orereoalK, which i sm oVriDg exceed ngly low
Alsoal sln-k of pieoa gocd, wli.oh wi put-ha-ed
hefore th sudden n, which I will .ell low,
. ompire.1 with pr..eu. prieaa of aood. pui.-i.iied
this Fnll. w ii stuHMr
. ug " Wo. l Main at.'oppo.ita the Court Ho'iiae.
OEHiaotia v.r hav-
i'M viiiKimLi r
and perfeetlv, wilt aH Irwve oMera at Bt'TTrR
KIKI.O tj.lMK II K,K AND Mp,(. BTOat;,
eonierol Thirdan-I M'di etreal.
"' -t.'Bt'tffKFIIV.
rtII K m ie-r-ikjui'J tnkt j.H-urri im mhi miK'i'm in
vf til Of rn a
intnov.,4M Itoomi otr-iif thettt: JotorhH t ho
liuOlutrrli, hut fwntitlMrnf',
On TUESDAY, Augu.t JlOih, IHG4
Tney invite sll who wish to team Saalag, Knot i,g. t
Cr.a-l.elng. Killo.th.rioK. H.ad.ag, KiiToroideniot !
I h. reaul.r hours will W ea IMe.,1 .vaaad Thor 1
mh.tolie.,d,a..w;u..;. k,rm'-Q " "r !
Is.n'f foraet I a. i, .,-, s:a. Won 1 .Irent. b.t,en
MallS"a . I ss.r -ireet.
mil K i.ntl..a.i.l liut.. ihi. .... i
I l'4 tnvr-hiutinlrmftrm or KrimtmHa A Mi
(He )wi(m). oi irtyinM on ih
ftii4'Hy owBdnod ofiipifrt hy
Wheia rhey will he 'a.t lo .er all throldeii.tom.r.. 1
i a. ni.oy Be on,. may layer tli.ru with (hair
Th hihe.t Market or ee a,lalall lime 'h paid
for 11441 4 Hi , ig ol tit .IfiV ' . ' -
ll : .KT FtKNFnMJ, .
Mi.K MAt'al.
iMylou, August I,, ', aull tn.d I
Two Section Ladder.
Al.tM) thine lor vry mn lht otm it hnuw,
itd fir rrT fr(nr i hry rt two lutdT of
oonvuij t idUi for wifrai nt nl mn Wj inp.i
uitti.r to iikc u. M.iuorSiiiowJAddM, a mood
eiak . , , - .e. . wm.
,JVH. ALLa;. avOattrt
a r ... i u
, ,r e iwi'ii p. am err- aa, near I
Uouaa. tus70A, 1.J
SeHolnrion of Oe-partncrthip, -
THE r.rnee.nir hrV-ttBTini4er the tlmi
.-r risjai.i, M m st a r , In Mi -tnff A"fmf.
; at ,ViV 7 mm, fo . ni.naTMl lit
llcuil -l c wii., a ttu ).ih am -f Ait. n.t, li:4.
i .11 peroi.. nA Ira t i mi-.'vi tmlelfed to SfU'l
titm a ei -,Tj--fe-i to r.i'! .n-1 fr'1,. nna s.l ImTjrij,
, el.lm s nl ,t ih - firm wMI pre.. r.t't e.Ti for hirnien,
limiM'l.aie'v. Thehuck. H'. 1. 'f-'m-t ft the on! t
Wlia-Y flTRNf.tIM) .iV, Mi i, Inir.u
- .neet,wl-,ere slone, Ihr f,H--u,n(n - :it t "lie. I
, Fts-snr f rtrNtrntur;, ' "
i (.K-mnK MAI' K,
I JjiiJI.in, Aiiuu-I V. lull ,
, angle, ltuft .
r z , . ; f
nv Hour und Fcrd More.
T1TC imtlerniuiiea lifivi thin ilny ntrid fulo Co
rnnT'i (Muni, r H.ty fitm lf Mai'kf A (jrior-.
s j-.riner.-lir,,
' purie . cuiitv-pna a
Hoar and Feed Store.
An.1 li.velead a p iM of Ihe Warehou-., ra-
eenlli er.. u-l ly '1 nnnla . hrn.n, q.. en fir.
l"el, immstu.1 Un,l.nl Ih. (nnal, sherewill h.
VXl Z! !?"' kP ''I'll T"?'
w, Ailorier. monifni. ail u. and Klonr o.l
Kw'1 'l'vrt're-ionf (.on ef t. l.y
I . HRItMiJl (1 Riiex
Da.ion, August 17, Inn.
LKKSiSr 10 It t TtRO.
J09 M A T IV UTttir.r.T,
RK.HPK.iTr'I'I.LYca'.Hhr attiDtma ol the Iran,
to their 1. ti g SIim Ii of
3VlEIsr3 &c BOYS' '"
O L O T H I N Or V
.- , ,,.! '.I .1 -
Which w Entirtty A'rw de Klepnnl'
aryvtiiTc u. a anil, nnd rou ad.iiad ill Crouds ae.i
SliU, and too Pries, nil right.
i.rssNrn bio .
.Iur a, l.'H d3m I.W Mmn !M:-e4.
i '
44oii iLTiitit, if nor n.
'I 'Ills Ho.i-40, (-4jtrni a n.iU Mitiili id I'uvioii.oD
dat'cu-loiner. iu ihe ino't .all
.Titos 11 , tsiii
etorv tn.nDer
Jos.vi ii i.riiLvsiu nc.rii,
Tblrd Door iaU nl liio Central liaok,
U4d lust received
Block ol
iatrge ana
.il beloctsd
Spring and Summer (locds.
OaiUttha oil ua wil tatublulir4 Houve
; sioisr of-
TIm. Calllui uln CloibiiiR siorr.
Juno 7th, ".H'A tUwKni
N'OT CB. A t parvonH nr wurnot nicant firb4r
tint or trntina mv vnf. ItarlniH uuuiv wcuuiiu
Hn I will )yy no doiUM of bur coniriu'iin-r
Vi holosale Dealer In
Foreign & Dome tic Liquors!
Ko 2So Third blroci,
Bourbon, Rye, and
Other Whiskies.
Hnfiirtirar Gotirt Mi-n'cnm-? r'.itntv, Chtn.
Ijtvi K. BNtirp id Am tm Ann Bj.irf "
HaUnii. Rorttihrir.-r, FI tolw-fh Mt.f.nifTilunr, Atrh;
Ann KtKiftlM ttr. nth KfH.'.hi'lhT, Knwik lii Uh-iVr,
(liriMd'iii h(xHli4iU'r,ki)i.it f, kult4hlrr. htttavtiuw
KfMluh lliT, I (tvijii Jvotrow, WilliNiu lieiu v Kit. -.
iVumiirl K. IF'Mirr, mhhIi .al.. lin TtH rt, .( ih
Mle. or th" ana KlvteUi lie, Her, red !. I
Nar, karauetaiadut liMiaiat. of iMUluaa, dainud- ,
hois. '
I tvtn l'ucl.-rud lea..o Dts'k..f ber hu.lw.id, l ,
the Ml.fe of Indiana, I.Ike ,.iVe thai a ....inf.,,,
ienl.-.l ainsl llt.ul IB We aoper or linrt
titr., ,-r,vl a for a iiart-oo . ol ti.u a.ituwiiia deaur-ljed
)ireans,.e siiu.Imiu js.Ii.od t.ie.n hip, lutug,,mry :
Beitti town lota rmwibered onehondred and ten rttm
one liun l.ed .nd e.eveu t II I ,, o . , iiiidri'd an I l.ejv. !
8,, o le.n r,-l su lla loan (ll,, -w Ita-di j
I"'""' lV .,?uV"
I'T.d ST,fCd oe , l'
r.n.,,1, . .. UI.W.III.,, ,UI
iraoa vine);. r j uruieisvi e, ai o II,.
ndo.iK-d i t I enrf l.oun.-r
oL"0"l:'!; 1
time, sifiate.i tu se-tion l.emy..veii ("Tj. Iohu f
1. "".'"' '' '' "' '."'''"I ' nu. ,
...U.I....I q ar.-r, .(,. ...ii.y o,,. ,,1) ,.u
rftUK'1 r 11' (4i- Sill, des. nlw.1 foltt-w.,
eaUininit ai n south as. 1 1 oilier of i 't-u i o ,
run,, teg east a venty-three en) r-j. lo the'
Cenire ..I til - oe tiiHIlt.iw u ull I H r-.t al.-k .t.dri. Ml -pike
waj, llieis- nurtba- i a ilheaid r,ad onatnjintreil
tilll rln and el yen (It) 1 . tl. -.-.e .oinh
.i.hlf-thr, e .ods to the -.i-e ol ta'Qni,: or uia.iuti
n.i.-B fltiaiii. ire-reor le. at.l tiataiii ..I;
unn Hi. ,1 iVtiel kii, . I K Ite.e,. .at
iv.-ora, ni. ana, will -Ig if aa or.ur it .-t
P,,,nn '"y t""i"l h""
iwAiK(U'waiW( 'jtVlK PAt VK
lluslou II all for r.cat.
fllHK v IUH io th city w. II arm too tl.o.i nu
pvrewiM ippir w it w m nt,
.fa ThifJ lrrL aUiwiou Suiting
10 Reward.
,. . , - ,
Iir-i ci iKBiwrn sire-r, tsitAsta .at.ea a. f
i t ,ih -i (,..i.:Li..i.e, e.., ... .......
i." aandred and .ee-.,-nine doli.e.,or thr. -J '
t.iui. all' a. ta-r-eey hill as s li..w : TsH.e
d..iur I..II-, ei.e Ij an. I ..n. f-j, l he h.i i.-i w II
reewved lb. abov. r, ward J lea.ir.oi th. ..in al 11, .
- ; or al W. . ei Miohard -dr.et or at N o . to , . ret a
a.ie.1 M KS A K 1 K SLt r
, I . ..m:tis.
acel- l No 7 !r en. .
"Attorney, atla;.';::
Dill OS. OHIO.
OFIQJt-0nVaintr ai, near!, awaga.ii. lU."
' j
18G4. FALL. 1861.
' r now r.TiiiK
i Isrgu ...erlnie. .
fill Nlt.kN,
vervtrunsi In the jMilliniy line in l-.-l ,- i
Winter .tv
. 1'I.IUI, ou. mal Pe.rl i'ti -i
dkvuI' at ru,
a y pxari, T :
Nol r..w r
Mllllnai-1- Oooda
I'Wl.fc. AMU Mii.a.
: riw inHtiMfncttirinrnur new :if rn fi'mi
In ih'-nl" nrihi ni wilt h.iiti-1 thu miH roin e s
-fiittni?l hi litis v rtrkoi.
, H h a w L M .
A lull ms-oi imenl in all desirable ni.lti.,i.
ami 85 Pearl xlieet.
Ahnrr Hltfi'hfeni), i No 8M,
I Srlor Coarl.
.Iftrnlt (V Koplrr ft aI J
JjliKHUNT to a rttacifn of (hit miprlnr Coitrf of
M-nitscimprjotitiTv, fHiio, ntff-tl m the ni",.
r'i", t ii n Jud Urm, a. U I will, on
S !irv?flt September MM, ISVi,
ttho (jour M ch ;o irt lmi. id the otry of HnT'oi,,
in aiH nonni y, iptmrn 'hj hours ot two airii fun
n'fn kP M tT .ft'-i dy, sitll mt t uMic oufr lo iu
higUM M I ;rr, th r'lu.t inn .Ik:ribeil lt7ll'
mt ii' tfc iiuitii nn!f ol Htvtjoii rumt.r gl,txn
ni), townli:i nunbf-r thrH- U), oo-i runfe imn lvi
five (5), bf trc b t,. Miami rivr-a in Moaia-mi v
K.im, irtiio leinuiiji at lh hJf ut lion r..tiirr.n
It. we-nl line .if sw-iinn ; th-Pix' notth i y..' , ,t
wyl iy-iwo if ) po'.- to no-tir; tijrf notnli v
mu t inn h'ln.tr?.. iti'tl fii j-tn rml thtriv-Mx tmii
tlr- fltli-i (v"' lint pot-! to h rn nor; i !- souih
i.'.' 'a nifltly to frrtT piyihth hiimir th n
4h lMti pol to n tf.rm r ; t tc north ki ' ifi ini
two 1'iiii'lr 1 kinl h:t - our mi. I (ortv lii)noi t,i ,
44)-IW)) p'a IO tl4 ,iltw-4a o( tKITIDII., t OIiU II llg
one hnu.lif.1 un' f 40 jr pin und !.vritt ht.n
Jr.it I: , ivti 71-lixi) if r.
Hh i I tm ih ftiont t.vo n Mtni l CVnirtTiiie
hn iin-n 11 m r1a.i,p-, tro l g rni-mu t frame tr-nnni
huiii', b laij- or iima, nu fo;ut flifiu n ret of
A.pmlf.f( Mlf eo un ftTv Wv''M fnr f ;7 -H
MHir t-oitiniinwonPT
T P TtfUEiHEii A N. E. loBhiK, AU yi.
ftnyf4)Nt4 dnwiw.
Wholesale and Retail
Vo. ,m, rormtr of Main and rerond
YT-I1 lo tntufin ! pultin 1 tut thoy Xlnnu n-i,re
tf t oi.lcr, Hndnin k'fti Klunv1 mi hand, nitre
lol of
mili rlmi of Miamuii, thi"h (ie bllvr li on
Wruit mh ioiTRi run ( lifni in the fit v
tit.ntp niHi.f. work ilwyn on hanu, hmH wiii tw
tuitlfi(l.i m V'hoirii 01 hfitttl.
KKltN'Kl'lNU, Hllal.hFOKT 4 Co,
No. !i-1, rfirtjpr nf Main And 2d Sirreu
B,K'H 't
li.H(ly-MH.l. Clothing
i,r -e. A.nt a.r '
lerareAg.nl. Inr
Clothing, Ciothingl
Of Cloths
And OasBixuerei
cVofiy Hall, Xn. 807 bfcnnd Street,
Dmtan, Ohio, are now h'en ivint a
l.nrije Supply of Spring anil
Summer GihxIk,
0..i,ieri-iiin nil lie t ttr.t Style ' f Ms-k ae-l . 'i.l
oti.0 loll., Fr.-m-n, Ksn y
hi! , in, M r-'i rr. Mud Ltiirr r m u-t-r. )
Vi'tiiT" f r t'n-tom itr-'pri A r. n i ! jm
,""1:u 1.0..IU, .u..l tl.e Ui,-i ,i ;t
rti. tieat Mie-rnna for all prae-ieal purpose, iu Hi.
iM.tu.y. aiuiiur snnp.e.er lateut.-ti and intriJiied ia
11,. eoui-iry Mni.rl t'ai.t o Di. ie I y i-a ;,i., oi
i'"'?.. ' '".".
r iivait i.ktii VK
l-e ha A j
Mt iflHrJ S A(UU'IIIJ.
,w . .
. .-.,-v n T , , ,r. ii to.
I'Mlhi. Til- DIHtl TIOM UF THK MaTkliU
.H la t'-s-lemy In. teei e.tal-l-- h.d l.o( a f-a vsart,
Vun-n f n nv i .i?n'ti'niu n r!-r.U nt MU'ittt-Un-
n.. r-l n-wiirt.1 ' l.r m i';i , i,n ri.i.iii. i.l
and p t orl lht-i c i it lil .iht mif
llll- Sl l- I t'l liltl"! ta.'ttll't?!' l.-'V H t till lt,
wM-ftt'h AJlIf lit)i- kill ati.Un.r Hj lUslll
I'.li. ui- nrt i r mi- ir i.i.jt ..i i lit .n.- n t.f
n.l V iTlfrt tth'Wl C1e iVM Ja-u , r t l.H-nllt-l
t.'U hi I ii. lul tn ''r !.'
'll pr.)
Kile' af(itl .''uUniMii-fK thfllral SlnnJfcy.U fjaji
fruttr, v 1 NTliviurt Th I t i.r. ii.y ;,i June
iik An
Iniriini ni f rl iit
tvAtit rtwitf iT Ikim bo ( fh vtviKHR
M nm ai.l-m, V,fi
r.it' tiaJ-'i lit ", nr t tb tw u' irknt
'IIMlMrl (jIUCUlM.tt tp!y l ltl I lra I pa,. (f (h
dny lurfl ! . -ilw
J. dtr 3.
l f ( J"l ' Ci A V QlltWii
WVi" a U a. a. U OllVaO
'A a o,t atitor-M tar S o- k aia.y. on hsad.
pfih) U-.l tpialiiy JIaJe lo Older
K,!,,.,,., gecaal. door IrbB tht
Xarltft IU)tv, H.
juaev sa

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