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City and Other Matters.
taiT Go to John V. Darst', corner Srcoml
and Jefferson street! for your Kail and Win
er Dreae Goods; also, Cloaki, Shawl, Cur'
puis, 4c, just rectivr-d. dif.
C. B. HaHtnnn will p.ak in Knlish and
German, at Philip Walla' a corner, on Saltir
day evening, October 29ih. Working men
ere specially invited tn attend.
Democratic Speechee L. H Pe I
Court, of Hamilton, and Dr. l,;zry, of tltia
city, will address the German Democracy, al
Backeli Kail, oa Monday . evening, October
3 Int.
Oo to C. P. Iluber ft .Son's, and buy torn
of those tery cheap DooU and Shoes, 3 id
Soldier Votee Almost a hundred pack
ages of soldier's f ol n have been received at
the Clerk't office.
TmeYeing A good eet of harness, to
gether with some bags, were stolen a night
or two since from the stable of Mr K. C. Ka
tabrook, on Jefferson street. , -
Coachman aud Gardener Wanted. A
situation byamiddln aged man, ai Coucbtnitn
aud Gardener, who haa had 15 yearn' experi.
a nee Enquire al 163 Main street.
2td I'rrsa TwiKisu.
Filthinetl. The Journal succeeds this
morning in making itself more than ordina
rily 6 1 thy. Its paragraphs cn'jceruing "'dirty
fuet" could havu emanated from none but a
dirty-mouthed writer, and could appear no
where but in an extremely dirty newspaper.
The artiule referred to will dlspust every read
e( whose mind is not steeped in Dustiness.
Faugh I
The Democratio MoClellan Club of
the City of Dayton Meets at the Hall
above Jsse Christopher's, on Jefferaon and
Maiket streets, on Monday and TRursdaj
evenings of each week. The Hall will be
kept open fvery evening of the week (excep
Sundays) and books, newspapers, Ac, will he
provided for the entertainment of visitors
All persons favorable to the McClollan cause
are invited to attend.
New Meat and Provision 8tore.
M. Slockert, at hii attind on Market street,
north aide, a fuw doors weat( of Jefferson, ia
daily supplied with Beef, Mmtob," Venl, Prtrk,
8ausaaA I'oiaio-n, Cabbage, Boana, rixsAn.,
to , all fresh and of the best iialUy. His
old friends and customers, nnd the pnblio,
are invited to give him a call.
That Dance. We will state, for the in
formation of the lovers of Terpsichore, that
the Democratic McClellan Cotillion Party, of
which we made mention a day or two ayo
will be held at Beckel's Hall on Thursday eve
ning November 3d.
The Committee will spare no pains or ex"
pense to make it oue of the most agreeable
parties of the season. Everything in the re
freshment line will be on band and served up
in the very best style by our old friend John
Gengnagle. Musio by Prof. Baker 'e String
W. H. 6illepie, John Colhower,
Gao. Kruuier, R W. Duff.
Ticketa of adiuiNxiun, f 1 00, to be had of
the Committeo or John Gengnagle.
City and Other Matters. For the Empire.
One of the Aunivereariee of an An
oient and Honorable Order The fi-ast
of the immortal Kulampsus, the illustrious
founder, of tbe aueieut and honorable order
known ae the "sons" or moie properly the
Knighte of Malta, baa been celebrated with
grea pomp and pageantry, time out of miud
The moat reliable curonologieia have fixud the
date of the birth of this, eminent poawtiluvian,
about the year of H900 A. M. Othara again
have identified hiiu with Noah. This latter
tradition, however, haa been repudiated by hit
more modern followers, dating back to tbe
days ef Xerxes. But whatever uncertainly
there may be at to who lie was, or aa to tbe
precise date of bit bitth, tbia great truth
Itandt alone, to wit ; Id at wheu firnt
born "be gave the hailing sign" o'
the prder Tliie,-'lsign" ,"i firntj in,
troduoed among the ancieut Britons by Juiiua
Caesar, at lhat time the Supreme Grand Com
mander of the Order. Tbe "welt balanced
minds" of tbe island, were immediately cepti-j
vated by its sublime and impreaaive ritet, and
waa not long until the power of the Druida
gan to wane before its graud au ancient iu
culcationt. , All the King of Englaud, with
but one or two riccplioue, since tbe day of
Alfred the great, were members of this order.
The Egyptiau Pyrainlda were built uuder
iU auapicea.aiid it it clearly thowu,by tbetra
ditiona of th Aaayriant that Cadmut who car.
ried aud introduced letlera into Greece, waa
one of the most xealoua high cocknloruma of
thii tame ancient and honorable brotherhood
Tbia fatt haa been ascertained by the record
of the knighta of the Duck's neat degree, of
whieh be ia' the attributed founder. "The
"wanga" of China it is well known are chosen
from member of iliit llluitrtoua degree. ' We
make mention of theae notorious facte id Order
to illustrate the historic fnt'ereit'and tradition-'
ary glory which attach to the' anivemaiy, Ibe
approaching celebration of which bat elicited
thiv4eticUK0liail ,.VHt Xl'MH
This tranaceadaet evasion, we understand,
recurs next Friday the te proi , and will be
duly celebrated in this city. The "mallese
star" will shed its benignant effulgence, the
knighte of the snow shoe Degree will rehearse
some of ther moat famous traditions, and the
Supreme Grand Commander, from Constant!,
nepfe, the wbrshipfof descendant of ' Jupiter
and Jungfrav, and the recipiantof the resplen
dent mantle of the great Miltiades will preside
over the cermonies.
The Knight of America having for the
last 29 years been considering' the propriety
of the conquest of Cuba, and as it is a funda
mental principle with the order never to enter
upon any great project without 30 years of
debate, it is thought by many especially as
it has been ascertained that they have with
drawn their money from the banks of England
and France thA a vole of "satisfied and "not
satisfied" will be taken during the approach
ing feait of Kjlampui with reference to the
military i nlorpriae above referred to. If this
be so, the celebraonti-ol the Feast in question
fraught with result otthe most momentous
character, f the pou quest ol tbia Island is
to be made by the Knights, it will be "so recor
ded" upon the ancient scroll, and ere aaolher
moon shall have rouuded its horns, the voices
Of the great illustrious Sagamores of tbe War
Path will resound from the St. Lawrenue to
Golden Gate, and if ueoeaaary from pole to
pnle,'and,er long tbe great temple of the order
With its glittering inalleae minarets, iU "natu.
rl and artificial ornaments" will rite aa
if by magic, from tbe beautiful bosons, of the
queen of tbe Antilles. Verily we are oo the
eve of stirring events. .Our ancient order its
houor aud itajflorjr o perpeluo I
Pure Sweet Cider
L..L.U II II land's
' ' .', Market Israel.
He lias put up a cider pi eas, and ie mak
trig oidor expressly for Family use, which
he sells ' Vy the quart or larger quantities.
Just Pablithed Bioitraphioal Mem
oir of Clement L. VaUandighem by hie
Brother A handsomely printed pamphlet
ol 6 1 octavo pages This ia a document of
unusual value and (nter-at; entirely authen
tic and iliahle. Every statement in it per
sonal or otherwise can be alrictly verified. The
work i wanted everywhere, immediately by
hundreds of thousands. Price delivered 25
Country dealers cau It anpplied through
the channels by which they receive their New
York : 'papers, and at onr loweat wholesale
price. Tbe commissions charged by the Newa
Companies beiui paid or ue.
Kvery editor who it ditpoaed to aid in giv
ing tbia pamphlet a wide circulation it invited
to inaert this advaniaemeai aud draw on at
for copietof the Memoir to. tbe amount of hit
bill, to be aent in a package ordered by any
one in nia vicinity Wit.Tua at (Jo., publish
ers of "Hooka for the Timet" 4c. No. IV City
Hall Square, New York Augnai 1, 1864.
Aug. 5tb, lHrit. . dl.
By Telegraph.
Last Night's Dispatches.
The Gold Bubble—Frauds on New York
Nxw Yokk, October 27. The gold market
this morning was steady, opening at 215f,
aud closing at noon at 2IC, which figure waa
maintained until 2 o'clock.
A rumor on the streets that General Grant't
army it moving, had no effect on gold or
The City Point mail boat arrived at Wash
ington to day, bringing no Important news.
(ien. DuHie waa captured by gaerrillaa,
while aeparated from hia staff.
Interesting Statistics of Sheridan's
Fight—Dying Testimony of General
mountain and putted rapidly up tbe pike, af
it ! ,tr our orka had been carried, to pursue our
New Youk, October 27. The Tribune's
oorrspondnt wiihMheridan aayr
Fiftj si-vea guns were captured in the last
Cuht, tweutv tiva cf which were our owfl. re
taken. -
Five thouaaud priaouera, in round numbere
Were taken.
The movement of the rebels waa planned
by General Gordon, aud when our camps had
been captured, be adviaed Early to fall back
with bia troops, but that officer diareirarderi
.1 j. '
tue advice
General ftainseur laid, bofore dying, there
were 23.UO01 in the atlackinir iarl Two
divitiunt patted Maaaauultin Mouutaiu aingl
uie, niarcning an nigni, ao aa to come in on
our left Hank. The remainder. 1 1.000. attack
ed in front aud along the Ha. hi, after tbe first
anock pad been tell on the left. Heaidea these
a considerable body of cavalry came over Ilia
wagun traiue. ii waa nere that a man in oar
uniform came up unsupported to Col. Thor
burn. and romarkod "That ia a fine horse
you are riding, Colonel, and you had better
give him to me;" aad immediately ahol him
with hit revolver.
Ramseur. Trial of St. Albans Raiders.
'Montbkai., October 27. Einut d'ooeilioaa
concerning the recent raid were taken at Hi.
Joubt yesterday The option of transferring
the prisoners to Montreal was left to Uoo, Mr
tdwardt, who ecte tor tbe United atatee.
Ramseur. Trial of St. Albans Raiders. Success of the Mammoth Redman Gun.
NkW ToatC October 27. The great Rod
man guo was tested yesterday at Fort Hamil
ton, it was first fired with blank cartridgte
of 19 pounds ef powder; the with 60 pounds
and e solid fhot of 1,000 poanda;. aad Inelly
with 100 pounds aud a solid thot of l.Ottl), at
an angle of 25 degress. This thot wae throws
four wtiea. The AiU range of the tua ia
thought to he between five and six milee. The
j experiments were entirely successful. .... . i
Ramseur. Trial of St. Albans Raiders. Success of the Mammoth Redman Gun. Frauds on the Soldiers.
aliint. UoUber 27 ibe tollowiut des
patch, addressed to the Executive Depart
ment, was received this atteruooti:
Bai.timor, October 27: To Moms J. Fi
ry: The State Agent at Baltimore, A Don
ahoe, Jr., of Albany, Peter Kirhy, of Lew
county, and ur Jones, or Mew lorx city, to
ting agents, hare been arrested by the Pro
vost Marshal, who haa also elosed the New
ork State
Surgeon in Charge.
Governor Seymour is In Buffalo, aud th
telegram haa been sent to him.
Preparing for the Attack.
New Ynax, October 27 A special to
Commercial, dated Washington 27, eays:
ii is understood mat Admiral forter wi
sail for the rendezvous of his fleet, at Beau
ion, north I arolina. asannn aa the Montau
arrivea at Fortress Monroe, wh oh will be thii
The other vessels of hit suuadron are
ready, and have either arrived or are on thei
way. Th attack may be expected next week
ana it is neuevea mat me arrangement are
so perfect that th reduction of tbe batteries
at the month nf Cape Fear will be arcom
pushed in a lew hours.
Another Great Excitement at Paducah,
Ky.—Forrest Near the Town.
Special dispatch to the Cincinnati Enquirer.
CAIRO, October 27.
The grenteat excitement exiata- at Padu
cah. General Meredith haa warned the pen.
pie, ana iney are Deaing acrott into till
nott. A part of Forresl a ganir are the ex
peoted enemy approaching, but it cannot be
aacertAineil what the threatening force is.
The New York Soldier's Vote Fraud.
New York, Ucuiber 27 Moaea J. Terrv
New York State Agent at Baltimore, who was
arretted on charge of forging eoldtera votea,
naa made a lull coutettion. lie acknowiedg
et lorging a large nuiuher, aed given name
of parties who aaaisted him. Several promi
neu: peraous arc said to be implicated, but
their nainea are not given.
Canadian Question Settled.
Qokbkc, October 2i.-- Ii i . i.oi lei that
the Conference haa selected Ottowa for the
capital of tbe United Provinces, Toronto for
the capital of Upper Canada, and Qoebeo for
Lower Canada.
Washington, October 27. Since the clean
ing away of the timber along the Orange A
Alexandria Railroad, and the adoption of this
plan of eending out rebel sympathizers en
Oram j at tale guards, not an accident bat oo
ourred, and not a tingle guerrilla hat been
seen on the road.
New York, October 28 Tbe Uerald'i
Winchester correspondent of October 27th
aava :
The enemy haa (till a very etrong force in
tbe Valley.
It ia reliably reported to be reomanieme.
1 ne enemy bas a strong force ot cavalrv in
the Duray valley. Under the present stillness
movements are being made by the enemy of
an eminently importanfeharacter. '
At the time when tbe late battle of tbe I9tb
look plaoe. the enemy had etitioned three
brigades of cavalry near Milford Creek in the
Uuray valley. When the general rebel move
ment waa made, the fareea advanced to Buck-
town Ford on the Shenandoah River, and
Front RoyaL Iu the movement staled thev
were met by Powell's division of cavalry and
checked. When the robela mat with dufeat
they retired to Milford and within the line of
lortiheationa there erected at a commanding
poaition. For certain aubttantial military
reasons, a reconnoitering party of about .100
men waa sent out on the 2lh from Powell s
division in the neighborhood of Front Roval
Tbe expedition wat commanded by Major Gib-
uu, wuu ao gauaniiy aniingu itnea nimteli in
the Averlll action at Moorfield in July laat.
Daring th early hours of the mornimr of
me .no, major uinton moved bia command
across both branches nf tbe Shenandoah river,
ana moving tnrougn ron ttoyal, pasted on
toward Millord and tbe Luray Valley. Before
daylight he came upon the enemy'e nickete.
and drove them on, capturing one or two. He
then paated on rapidly toward Milford Greek,
On tbe way up be met the enemy in line of
battle, with two pieces of artillery, and al
though his lorce did uot exceed 300, he de
ployed it in line ot iiattte witnont a reserve.
and charged them
lne enemy, perhaps rememberinir oar lata
astonishing cavalry operation, did nothing
more than fire one volley and break. Gibaon
continued the purauit aa rapidly aa it was pos
sible for him to move forward in the dark
The enemy kept bia artillery on the uike.
and after tiring one round, limbered up and
made off to tbe rear. Owiug to Gibaon'a in
ferior force be could not Bank the enemy and
get at the artillery. The enemy aeut the ar
tillery to the rear ahead, and kept the cavalry
right and left oa the road to cover it getting
la the general charge which Gibaou firt
made, he captured one battle flag. By con
tinuing to preaa on, Gibtoo at length drove
tne enemy over tne creek and urjon the hue
of the rebel fortification, in which they
sugui reiuge ana opened a rapid Dre from
carbine and the two pieoee of artillery afore
taid. In front of thii barrier Gibion halted, but
to feel the enemy' poaition, take a few pria
onera, aaoertain tbe enemy' atrength, and
then retreat, reaching a poeitiou io the
direction of the Shenandoah by daylight. The
enemy, finding taat at laat the bird had flown,
eet oat after him at a trot, but did not oo
coed in overtaking kirn, aa Gibaon reached
ike Union line iu ufety and without heavy
loea Thi affair it looked apoa at quite a
brilliant cavalry dab.
The idea of 300 men alaoat raaning 3,000
mounted rebel, driving them to their fortifi
cation and capturing one of their battle flag,
artillerv, ia indeed amaxina aad intaraatine.
w-vw - t a aai wie two utdi-cai ui .
Ia tbe eouraa of tbe reoonnoiuanea. ud
front prionr, ioloroiatlon wae (rained of
high importance to the interaati of tbe array.
Yeatardav cannonading was beard It ap
peared to be in the direction of Front Roval.
aaa wae prooeeiv anotnar cavalrv Uf hi.
Halifax, October 17. The Canada from
Liverpool the 15th, Queeoetowa the 16th baa
It appeare there ia aome poeaibilitf of the
present Danish line of Kinge being changed
iow penuing peace aegotiatioua
Priaoe Frederittk of liaaa wnnld ka I,.;, m
the throne and act Christian the IX.
Liverpool, October 15 Autboritiel report
that Hour hat a declining tendeoct Wheat
inactive with a decline Id on week ; rd wett
ern 78 bailer. Corn inauuve with a decline
of ll.lati per quarter. Coffee heavy and with a
downwaid tendency.
America i atocke ateady. United Slatea
1 20 441(349 ex dividend.
I.ivshcooj.. October 16. Cotton eloted
quiet. Breadttufft 'quiet. Provision dull.
Petroleum quiet.
Niiw Yoax
cloned at 217.
October 17. Gold tonight
St. I.onia, October 28. Offioial diapatohe
irom uenerai rieaanton give tne following
furthor information in regard to hia opera
tions againat Price.
He marched 92 mile in two daya, and
fought the last 32 mile. Hi force wa
' man rrice , wnue rnce force wa
fully 2r,000. Price bai not one gun left,
and no ammunition, he having blowa up hia
train, and also burned 400 wagona to (are
them from capture. We have 2,000 prison
er and several thousand atand of arm
General Fagan i reported killed. Price'
army ia completely ditorgauixed and fleeing
in all direction.
Montreal, October 28 The proceeding
in the case of the St. Alban raider baa
been transferred to Montreal. The prison
er arrived last night, and are now in jail
here. The removal waa made secretly, to
avoid excitement. One deposition wat taken
yetterday. Further p-oceeding are pot
poned till next week, on account of the
Catholic holiday.
Baltimori, October 28 The Democralio
Slate Convention hat nominated for Gover
nor, Judge K F. Chamber, and for .ieuian.
ant Governor, Oden Bowie.
Boston, October 28 Governor Cony bat
appoiuiea nainan A. Harwell, ol Kor-k an.
to till tbe unexpired term of Sec'v. Peaaendea
ioe aenaie.
Uueaito, October 28 Conference rl.iaed
iU labora laat night. The delegatea left on
weaiern tour.
Dayton Market.
DAYTON, October 28.
.knl l eo nn n..-i.Ann '
wiiwifhwb uv, IVHiail eiU UU.
WHEAT 1 70(S1 73.
CORN 100
RYE 751 25.
BARLEY 11 60 1 00.
TEAS 92 602 00.
COFFKK 46(360o
SUGAR 22(al28c, per pound.
COFFKR SUOAR-Hotl.'tlenar II,
HARD KRFINKD aiIGAR-33ic per tb
MOLASSKS-fl H5140 per gai.
KICK '.'(lo per lb.
I-ARD 20(U)25
BUTTUR 40(350
CHEESK. 2530.
STARCH 12,c per lb.
SOAPS 15lGci per It
BEANS Per bushel J 00f52 60
KGG8 20(15 per dot.
TOBACCO 90(i 60 per lb
SHOT $6 756 OOper tack.
LEAD 26e per tb.
POTATOE3.-l 00J 25 per butb.
HAY Timothy 25 per ton.
WHISKY 1 70.
New York Market.
Iw loI, UCtooer 128 Cotlnn nn at at
Zal 25: Hour lOalfio better at 9 n
for extra elate, and I 6510 90 for round hoop
riu;. u l . o.o. i i- . , .
vutw, i.uei aboi ueuer, nmitea auppty and
fair demand at 2 23a2 S3) for winter red
western; Rye acaroe and firmer; Corn 2o
batter at 1 62al 644 for mixed wertern n..
dull at 92o for weatero, Pork firm at $40 for
meai, 42 7543 12) for new, and 38 6039 60
prime; Lard firm at 20a22)c; Whiaky dull
II . . . .
i ihi ia reiroieom oe tor crude, fifin
reaueo in oono, ana B lonia for free.
New York Stock Markets.
Nrw York; October 28 Hincka hl.h.r-
Gold closed at 217).
New Advertisements.
Hi llafor aud Thompaan, PlalobOt
baaial Jouaa, Urhiblalil.
lIFOKI O Muatalmao. Juttu-a of tha
reaoe or
Jaiaaoauiaaebip, Mou'aomary Ceunly Uhi.
iba llb day of OooWr A
raid Ju-tic
aa Orilaror Alla.rbiudal in
lha aura or fa u- roe,
abov aotioa.
new ijiaaaoa, u. Out. laih, 144
For Sale.
iAIeB, A fmrm f 10 it to Jfrejun
toihi, Mnntromarv couaiy, Ohio, iui,
out'. orLifyrty, uii milfi wet of Mtmm.'.urvi ;
NreMt pii iittaM lor riiof toUto ; tlW
two AuiM.t Oruhanlie with aruuil Tv ,,r
rf flu fruit.ahoui lAti H- h Umm, mH lrKij
umtMr of othvr iri, much pincnt, uhrnM. tNkrt
i- wvm istiiuH ww i-i wmimt. a to
"I" Oetwp ot buo or (U.4J uej. tu nl XMUiiaej fur
uurMlTSi. Iimutr ut iuruliu Miohul th
ftraa. mi Jacob Ximtiiisr t th riintt Jput m
Mtfttniitnirg, or JoLiu Hirt, No. 37 Vid (irM,
ClAUlUOftll. IWtlflait
JOHN M. KNNIfl, ItaiuliU anm
Admtnl.lrator or Hrtnrv llai
J.in.a Turarr, J, t. of Ilayiu
iut OreftrlM Butchsr.
xvrtnan, ic'1 , b
uoo lowofthttt. MniiL
CBOry Ootini. Ohio. On th AtHh day ef W,,i., .
, A. D t4, atutl JitttKuauexitui orJejruf AUtvh
innt id th mruuo for in um uf rtv Itttl-
u 'iix-el r. m
TJOaKHT Ko(l.a,i aoliflad lhat Ilia lorl. did
oalhaauib day ot aMPlambar, A. L. laat, air
oaution m th otttx ot lha Clark ol lh Court at
wnmua rioa.. wiinia aaa lor in Uountv ol Matit
Iioiorv ana aula O' imiio, a.aiua thai aba aaav I
vorcad rroni lha.a'd Koliit buyla. hu-h imiiIiui
ary andautaor iMuo, a.kiu( tbat aba ai.y b
auad lor liaann al th oral urm or aaid fcoui
) batatual druukannaa and groaa aala(-t of
ai.t.A aorta,
ff . B.eoovt, AU'jf,
Baot. au. la4
th lothday of Oolobar. A. I) IM. lha aadar-
aianad waa apiKMU ad aad oualiflad adnnoj.tra.
tn .ibi. oi .ouainau mataara lata ef Atoal.
foiaary ouuty, Oaio, dovoaaad.
JOHN r. tox, I
, John
Mont, tup Cnurt.
Pvfer F"ti rv et. l.
1)ETKR Hmmi pmnttf , rh)o.Mr.
i dt Hi-k unj ,KIid (if -k, Htm t,0Kiiukr, Ao
i drw rttr, Will turn FtUvtn, ln-.o jtttfft Joha
fuit!!!, Imjoii ttii . AtrtiRtn Kfttr hir t Uw
of HiiiiuiI ttrraliM, :ihiu-.iiA Niirhn witiuw
bth(Q w. MrUiilirhhi ArfRiiutHtmtur, Johu Ulittt
mnA Jormiihh M.-N.-lly will Ufa notir Omt ft potittOD
w htedftMAiuai thetin oa tit 1U AukiisI UM, in
lh 8ntjriir Untirt ol ISfuDiK 'niHry enmity, nad is
umm pfulitii, wharftiu uhi a JtnM'(U tt-Hi dviuutd
partition ul I ho (tillnwittK rfad emitt :
Ihi. Tti lulluw uigi riiii-- iu MontKOtiiArv coun
ty, Ohio, towit : fmrt of th W. of Hm. I, f own t,
h. ft, E. li-kjiiiriinf t the U. W. uoruor of a nd H?o.
t.ftinl riiituiug K 'n. l(iJ pole to lit Hm. tlftk
en ntd line Thfuc X &, W. 62 pdIhh to ul e in
in 'tnc. nn -rnau: w. o" a. lou pol" to ftttt k.
uniH vi n . - w. puiis m Ulan . i iionco w . b
. 00 poti to aUk ia th actioti lin, ThuoB
a' m. UJt" po to th plan uf bfKinoittn eontatnmj
Tit aoraa ntor or iiih th prtTil(tf of A rod
iiuar in th N. K. cornesr ol Hen 0. Tuwn ft. Haiiito ft
tVrth purpoaaof I'onTfytng th watwr from Harnu)
rnisvrina nprfiif iraiu-u ftnwhr through ttv
ftlMt dnaonttMtl prainmca.
2d. Th followiittr irtii)fta in HoutiionirT rouu
ty.ohio, W-wit : all iliat nmUin lot of land In th.
. iortir of the W. U ul 4i. 111. Town ft. Kttnff.'
K. BK,n,'ltH th8. K. porntrof kid Station
wiiu-m hii jeiiii w inf-ii' B in iiamtir tunuB n, u
W, 10 linkadiatani, and rua mg tht-no N. 4W W
T'l xm on lit etaat iinwol fcaid
i'lnnt-d In Raid liu : thnc H &
M(M-uun lo a utaka
tlmnc n 6 w. (W pul one
link to aooruwr in tk omtr of th Dayton and
T naion lurnpia roa-i, j tinr a. e'Hpoi )(i
links Ui ntftkinih ventre of aaid road; fli?D-a 8.
lf" F. 4 pla, IB link to a itk in lam road onth
outh lit. of aaid B, witna a white oak IS inobf
in riinmattr, bimring N, W. Nl link j thane N.
'rA' K, bIoiik th aimth tin of aaid Hm si 7-10 poiew
ih plw ol h.giuDing eon tain m j K7)$ acrti mora
Att. Th folio iriff prmhnin MontKomnrToouat,
Kant's ft, K, HtimnmBNt th . W. oornwr of tb
H. inuartt rof aaid ciiin : Thnn R sinnsih,
hn ttwo DftDi) Hoovora land, and laud owned
by Hannah and OHlhann Kontato th N. R. ron r
oi rauun io, inu rooa ; i nmi s. on rod ; thnc
w.imrauui wit n aaid nratim lf roda to Ui ha
Pcuon mitt; inn' n, on urn una on rod totti
plaoe Of iMIillOninaT COn'ftininB on at'ra more nr laa
Jlh. Th following prcinmaa iu Montgomery ooim
ly, Ohio, to-wit: Part of Maution 14 and II. Town
6, Italian S, H. Baffinning at th M. W. corner ot
fn. i; inane . o- n,. iw pole. a to lh rifr Still
wMtvr ai iow wair roara: ; tnno up aaul riTr N
K 20 pole to ft "ink at low wntr mark : ihetn. a j
Vi" L. bi pol?N e link ton itak at low watr m.rlt
theno N. 14 K V ol e linka to Uk at low
atr mark ; lhnc N. R. U pola oo link to ft
iak at low watr mark ; thaoccM HflB W H) pole t
alnk tn th am-hon liu ; (hene H. 4 . tJi nni
on aid hn to the pla' ot Ifeiriuninir ooutftinin 20
- ire an.l AM HJ.lfall ,
i'h. Th followiiiM prcmiaaa, dmrili tnadftod
datd July lHM)a lying and hini( in Allan county
Ohio, to wit : Th aouiti oaat (juririsr ol th north
wat quarter o( S-rtion 4, Town , aomh of Rintr
containing )o twraa moru or laa. I'h aaid Joaanh
ritr wi! apply tor an order that dowr may b
aniud and partition mad of aid promt, at th
niiT-evmiietr isrm k pkiq nupartor uouri.
ltd Hatpt. 4 U, l(Ht.
aupvt) dtwAwtiw Tnoe. ITTiiftWMiaft, Attorney.
ubaeribr will . II hi Farm aithia h.ir
I milear th ellv ol lvton, anil a.ljoinina Miami
ilv and lireao(a.tJe, oo tlialiermanlowa Flk. Tba
hrm ooutaio. 4T anraa, nior or laaa, aad ia lh beat
bottom lead. For further loformaUaa ealt on tbe
uoaonnvr, ufl in prenilM.
oe" "tf IMNI1L SHArtKI.
Farmers & Mechanics Hotel.
(aeoeaaaua ro Kaawa. vaiauw)
HA VK Ukaa thl eld nd popular Hotel on laoood
tr.nl, D.yUiD, aad bop by lli.ir altaoUna u
buainaa lo aualaia th w.ll-aam.d rapotallo ol thl
Well known Iwum.
Th aarvioM ol Mr. H.nry router, o widaly known,
1 he patrouaaa o; It fonuar klMdaia oonedaotlv
.nllinalaa ..
, inIV-UIW
J -
Jtfepb Fttttra,
a W'
And lor th peat throe vtftra Burirem in th United
navy, net opita an rmom at no. 7ft, Third
trt, Miffem jirtraon and bl. V. air atrtta. uarth
aide. HartnKbad th advent; ot th kloNpiulain
Hw York and Fhlladelithta. with twont veaara ot
uaiui praur, in amHitiMi ray real aaurd
oyfrMtine; niaeiiTtreuiat thay will uirUin Try ad'
lac i tli at th advanced tTondiliou ol Uia
JsfrxiV i can render.
lr wiairur utWH!M n i"N, TH tvAT end all
A LATI ON th only raliaUa inttaua known lo lh
profaesjion. wmon liat provttu ao univraally hiitkati
in th Haaland in Bnrotr. H trtsai atl
tn sin. aud b a k, aio all iIinhhn iuha to
ramaiaa, aua mi ohkuniu cumi'I,aints what
ovr ir ev Ne their tnharaMr. Thamail inaieulu
will b convinced of hn aiinc) by raUint( 1)1 hl
Office No. Third atrevt, Dayun, or l.y obumiu
lttra to Invalid which it in ulatd gratuitoualy.
(tm-'O hour from o'clock A. M. till oVHiw k f. II.
DR. A. t.MKilR will hraftr attend 4,iunl to
en onV nraUu. and wilt eiv "HnaMiat Attan-
to thtratmeut of UHHOMliJ DIMKAtJ B8, uh
l)taaa of th TH BOAT and LUM.H, of tb kTfC
AK,8('BOKrLOl'8 AKFK(7TluNH, Ae Prim
ary and tteconderv kYfHll.lH. tmiitUHike.
l.l.aR f, m Kli. I ll K mm, I MrUTKNOT, A
DiiBAiia PannwaB to hauu, tmd (.
I'ATltVl Of
ith hour rroon 7 a m to p in .
Mundaya, 7 to IMa m, U to p in.
urn.') Oornetr ol Jartvraon and Pinn at. haeinn
Okto. otHA Imdim It
Best Qualitiesaat Lowest Prices!
I AVI NO paruhaa Ut ri.ur aud Faad .tort ra-
t oanuy H bl ratar KaU, Vourtli alraat, a law
H Of Hi
aia, wUI , ou kand Ul boat uail
th !oaal ralaa aad will daavar good to aav aa
cil.. Ua will kaap aoiaiaa but ta baal. la
wd will danvar good to a
taan aoiainf but ta Wat
laava ordara.
50,000 Bnahels
Flazieed Wanted,
llOfi I"""'"'8 Wa" waalad. far b.all
1J,JV lha b.glio.l narkat pne ia aaak will
u(id, at th ft ur and Pd atoraorTbo a OM
h'.ll.la twr R.I.I ..) Mo. U fourth atraal, aaar
thtytna. Obio. TUO. B. fa I U.I a
NOT10K7At.IIlNy.li;- Buah" la h.raby
obelllal Marv lull. kiaiki haa ai.a i
lor Alnaoay aa.m aim aa anioual of wilful
daaaruou aod (ruaa a.l.ot al duly aad U.at aaidvea
ba board al lha Mo.onibar Term lha Uoarl of
u"aa"a f laaa ol Moaioaiarv roualv, I
aiarv rouaty, laa
HapUnaar la! UMt.
IM'ICI On th Mm of Keptember, 1IM, tfamji
Aaa Rap, d'evl mi beHetioa la tkim IVaairi jJ
mttaOft PIaCl Moilaamanaauinl nhi., .
tUurr Itew , pmyiiig lor eiVoru iJoau,
mMMm "M" iSStJmmou.
xpu wew Altoraav'.
u.-u. r
Mutaa' OOoa baa baaa r
C)u'ikuajluL,aa... u "
Main atraat
sir. Roaabar
nraaa OoooaJ aad Third 0-eei, over Mr. Roaabar.
tlSu-, W
Clothing Store.
Aad would rsapenirulir lavttethe
To oall al lhatr aMore
Adjoining' the Empire Office,
and a rata i oa lh irorw
Gentlrnian's Furnlsblnf Goods.
Whh waa l4ji.lit loluetvely for Oaah nod el
mm beduced rims
The junior cartoer. Mr. Unaiu k;o
been connected with a wholesale manufac
Clothing Utilise ia Cincinnati,
which trirea the im the advautatre. and
aenui auce to tbe people, that their atock wae
AU thoee Jjairing to make their
will fad that
by oalling at the
Maim street, oppoaite the Phillina
enand ailjoining the Empire Oflioe.

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