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Current News Items.
Th draft for tha la.t SOU 090 mi calM ,
our worthy anl intiurati!(! I hi-l
maii'nirati, C' 1 rr l')h OV" '
"Be ye, iherefnra, red." .
Tba I'res'ul ill's "Tery Ii6(" " flr n,en
api.sar. in our ptpnr W.Uy. , W shall en-
,1,avur, a' c. ' .-..i-o
tr in husr rani'l aucoessiiin tn Iny Uirm i
ler inrmw rap
pnimptly bfor omt raadw-a. . A it ni m
ihey are of .limn iti.trU '
Femm len, Blair, ami Stanton tsv.i been .
name! alrrndy as pmhrhle surrtfssnrs of Mr.
Dayton to 'he r'n".ch Miliary. Our opinion I
j, ihut Ili-nry .1 Itiymoinl, of the New Yoik
Timea will b ihn lucky loyalist
'I heda-rnin dm in rteamera in li liir
bor of Si T.oui", by im.v.t.ir ice. on itie I 'Mb
in.t , amounted to nimnt 2nn,0trf, .f .bil l.
Kt.nol $.MI,0MH ia covered by inauianc.
The Inf rt nw from (irant ij thai '-heavy
firinfr ha beeu heard in the vicinity of T'ulch
(!p (;nl." '.
The rebel papers rny thnt l'orl McAII.'ier
was only dnlended by 1 men;' bill the Fed-j
erul claim lo havo riipmred 200 men iI.it;
nlaol heavy nuns and nbiindnnt snppbea
Thomai hn
eunn. OfHeial
The chief importance of the capture of this
furl, however, i, that il furnbhi an open
port through which Slirrim.nih (Iruw sup
plies. "
It is claimed, unofficially, 'hat General
captured rix'y one if H ied s
nws Irom lliai quarter 1ms
been withheld, for mmie reason, lor tne iai
two dxys. S x y one (.'iins are several. At
hist accounts Thorm wis near Coliiru'tva,. and
Hood's army was netting over Duck river
with nil haite. All lln news purports lo come
from officers of Hui.ssesu's stall' who have ar
rived at Nashville,
The ship Mercury sail I from New York
for IIvra yesliird.iT. Whan oats'uto of Sandy
Uook her crew nmtined, and a fiht ensued.
The vessel was turned tnrk and anchored in
Quaranlinn. The crew were put in irons.
The story, detailed in our morning dispatch
es, concerning thi "takin? off' or the North
Carolina cn.va.lry scout, mny possibly be trnei
but it aouudi eery like a fnhricalion, A saout
0 sharp and wary, as tba one represented in
the dispatch, would scarcely he c;itifnt nap
ing under circum itances o certainly fatal, to
Minister D.ivtnn, on the day of his. death
left his house in perfect health to call upon a
lady at Hotel Deluvan. Shortly after entering
the room, however, hn complnined of feeling
nnwall, and laid down upon the sofa where
he expired as il going to sleep. lie was City
eight yoars old.
The Herald says Franca and England are
engaged in special nexottatious on Amer.csn
affairs, and that England is trying to con
inc Louis Napoleon that France and Eng.
land were h'.lh menaced by the United
We clip tho follow. n Item unit warrant
from the "Covington news" of th Cinciaiiiui
Gazette. There is a s.nell of despotism upon
it, that is unmistakable
A Heavt Pksai.ty. One of our wealthy
citizens, who failed lo nav bis it.eome tax
within the time prescribed bv law wus rnquir
ed 10 pay a penally of $1,002, yeslenjay, to
Collector K.xon
By a Richmond dispatch dated the 15ib
instant, it is reported that a heavy enjage
meat was progressing in front of Savannah
on the lGlh.
Lee is evacuating Peterjhurv. as
This intelligence has a very familiar sound
and creates about as profound a sensation, as
that oilier dispatch announcing "heavy firing
heard at Dutch Gap Canal
Important Circular.
Adjutant General Cowen, of Ohio, ha pub
lished a circular, urging upon the people of
the State the importance of correcting their,
enrollment lilts, ua a means of reducing their
iiiota..J";Th(! nsigiinient of quotas will be
made in a few days.
indufenaoof the Union, he wtw Teiilictl
to by Mr. Henry Wilaou, of MuRsachu-
delta ami informed that "tltore was -a bill
af mora -importance which lie ' yUhcl
OI mora iu.!
wtetlupon auillo frt ik$ town and
(hildrtnqfiitutedMUr$!" Mr. Grimes,
. Wo ilevolo coiisiiliualilo Hpnco ini this
number of the Empire to interesting I. on
gieesional matlur. Tlio cjfiialo resolution
of Wilkinson, tvitlt n "wlicrcus'' .and it
"thercforp," tiresct ibing ticatmeiit for rebel
tirimmerii. ia cs'i'icciall v rcfivtiliintf. He
litiiceeils, upon a iiototiotts falsn ami i fon)
attauiriptinn, to demanil that the: treatment
of rebel prisoner lulling into ;jiitnihni)dH,
uliall bo Btich that tltey will ".never lm fit"
to enter tlio Conli'ileruto set vico Hgain. To
the honor of Iteverdy Johnson, ami the
Domoortt-y, bo It wai L the msolntidit "van
objected to, ami 'Mie nvtT."' ' ' ( '
It will also bu obhiiived aa a mitioPBble
fratnre of onT !nnrrres.innnl' .hrt, "that
when Mr. Powell, of Kentucky, tuopohod,
to call up tho resolution hUiu or infor
mation aa to the cause of tht arrest of two
distinguished Keuluekiana Lieutenant
Governor Jacob and Colonel Voo")(ord,
the latter the hero of hundred battles
uf luwa, li'ii.eii tlic SfFmtit wotil.l r!l
Hi- li.i I no (lmil't lli-j l'lr.iilt'U a;..l I 'jlU
net wonM lie foiiil'lu)y v iinl'.raipil. Utit
in onli-r :o naiil'y liis Aholiti.m fiMvntl
tlit lie wail not ailtmte.l by any rtinirlil
iniiliviv All. 1 I hut lin (IH not rifi'imso to
lu-comc tlio dimnpiim of ipi.i-8so. cti
forbf r.i-rn, Tf( fifrsoiial liliorty. as against tli
eniroa.liniiTit l il'S.olisni. lie api.lo
tnminj. g'zcl fur the groim.l lie hail taki'ti,. hy
tutf,,, jn Mil.stBtuv, that lie ili-siird to
( () ( . S(mtor fom It,M.
A m liB ,. ,,,, ...Lj,,,,, of
, ... ,',
rations of M simullllterty." 1 1.0 H'i-
t .
" "P- '''
motion of iImjIi. it wan viituslly kllleil
the panjie of mi aiiieiiiliiittit wltiili
j, t-IVidM-y'i-ouUiiKf'"1 "r"B " l""m'
j,tttibility "with tlio jiuUic intoic-t.'' Htlcli
tlx- iiifoiinatioii ilriiinmlfil 1 p y Mr. I'owcll.
are a putt of tins iiiiceeiliii;,M of the once
miLlo mill rtiguilio'l iSeiiAtc of America,
nii.l tin) -iit of it all in that they have
i.veicotini n.i like n summer clon.l, with
out our hpcciul wotiilcr.".
The President's Proclamation,
Calling for 300,000 More
Troops—The Draft to Take
Place February 15th, 1865.
WASHINGTON, December 20.
liy the I'rosil'.cnt i.f tba Unit, .1 Sl itt:
WniKts, liy lh act. el .1 uiy 4ti, IS.'.',
-: 1 1 1 --ci nil net lurliier to r.'nlule and pro
nilw lor enrolling and rall.n(r out lb Na
ininal forces, and lor mlier pui puses, it i
prov.ded that the Pres. .lent ot the Units.)
Sisies, mavat his ili"creiinn, i.oy time lliere
nller, call fur liny r.i.nl.i r of men as volun
teers tur the respi el.ve lernn o! one, two and
iree yenrs I tlm m I tary servue, in cu.9
khe nuolii, or ary pa.t tUi r. ol, i t any town,
town,bip,ward or siy,precm(. or election tl.s-1
id of iw.Tcuuu'v not so suhdivided, shtJI Mil
oe tided within liliv days alter such l ull, th -n
ihe President shall imnied.ately (.rJr a draft
for eue year lo till sij.'b ijuota, or any pui t
thcr 'of, b.cli n.i.y be ti'.l.l'ed, and
Whkrrss, By the credit allowed in arrmil-
anee with the act of Congress on the call lor
0110,000 men. made. Inly IS, ISf.4, the number
ol men tolm ohtained under that call was re
duced to 2ull.W0, and ...
Wiikrkas, The oiierations of tho enemy m
certain Sialee havu rendered it iinponililn to
procure lro:n them tlie.r lull qtiottis ol Iroops
under said call, anil . -
Wiikkkas, I-rem the foregoing causes, but
230 000 men have hi en put into tlio army,
navy and marine corps under said cait ol July
ln, tnti4, leaving a ueucieiicy in tnai can r.i
2 jO.000 now, Iheretnre, I, Abraham Ij.ncoin,
President nt the United States of America, in
order to eupply the nluresaid deliniency ttnd
provtdo Tor calamities in the military and na
val service of the United States, do issue
this my ctll lor .'tOO.IIUD volunteers, to servo
for one, two or three yearn.
The quotas of biutus, diMricts and silo dis
tricts under this cull, will be downed to the
War Department throu.i the Itiireau ol the
Provost .Marshal tieneral ot tne united Slates,
and in ea!e the quota or any part thereof of
any town, township, ward of a city, precinct or
election disttictnr a county not so sutidiviilrr),
shall not be tilled belore the 15th day of Feb
ruary, lKti5, then a dralt shail be madnlo fill
such quota, or any part thereof nr.io this cull
winch may h rr.r.hileii nn saiu Ijih day ol
l''i:bruary, 18115 In testimony wbureof J have
hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of
the Unitud States to be itllixtsd
f U S. Done at the city of Washington,
this l'Jthday of lVceniher, in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty
four, and of the independence ol the United
States ol America the ftilih.
WM. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.
WM. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State. [From the New York News. ]
Washington Correspondence—
General Grant's Fourteenth
WASHINGTON, December 15, 1864.
. General Grant has succeeded nn making
another failure, and nain the country is ex
pected to rejoice ovtr another "great, victory,
for as such it will i.e presented to the'
pnbl.et Fortunately I have all he facta con
nected with luu alta.r, Irom lirst lo last, anu
Irnin tiiRtniiiit authentic course, and the read
ers of the News shall see, exactly .ow great it
victory it was '
. lour readers are aaru that mi tun 71 h
iust. a portion of Guneral Grant's army lef:.
iheir cn.tipncar Petorsburg,aiid moved soiilb
wurd to Jarretl's Stat ou, on the Weldon Uuil
i'ohiI, thirty-two iiules suulh of Petershuri;.
The forre consisted of the whole of the Fifth
Corps, the Thud Division of the Second
Corfi3, utitl n;divion id the cavalry under
Genera! (ire.'.T.tbe whole cotnmanderl by (inn-
eral Warren. The o ject of the movement
was purposely shrouded in profound my.ilery,
hot the public were tod to expect great thing
from il. '
It was known both nt the North and South,
thatGen. tirant's army hud been recently
augmented to a coiisiderabU extent, and ru
mor had laid tlinl it bud not only been re
cruited by new men, hut that the Sixth Army
Corps and Crook's Division, tlio Eighth, had
also joined Grant. This statement, lirst pub
lished in the Kiclimond papers, wan copied in
the loyal newspapers here, without a word of
denial. Myterious hints were thrown nt
that a grand assault on llicbmoud and
Petersburg was about to be made ; thn
Dutch ' i:,P Canal, it was said, was now fiuish
' ed, and u largo fleet of iron clad vcssrIb were
ready, a short, distance heli. w it, to take part
in the grand attnek The rebel unoy nuder
(jen. Le -t it was adrte,, had been ton much
weakened by the dotaibnei.t of ten tliotisnnil
meu to Georgia, to lu-Ue a auocesslui resis
titiice to it vigorous attack. .
Genentl Warren, il was known, had taken
with him a large quantity of provision and
aunnlies, including even beef on Ihe hoof, and
wa nreuuee I for a long march. On the llllli
, and 12th insianu, the public, appetite for
lcemm, n( wllBl Wttrren would do It
wua But considered too extravagant' lo say
that even Wilmington - hi. de.tination
nd that that important Southern city would
tn MB, pry to hia arms, be cause Gen.
Bragg had taken 6,000 Confederal, troop
nib 1 he climax wis eapprd, however, by
Hsltiinor Aoe ncan, wbun, mtelr
. . , .... . V , '
ffiiil tliHre, and had (one with tbem lo Sa.
. '
pur.a,,re t,,an .m fir.t MppuMd. I....d o j
bxint inlenrird to ai t against the Wldoo
ttiim) I u n-iw etridtntlbat il it an ii.de-1
. ... ... y , j
rUM,":"' u, n vmu,
iltiiifi1 bm lor Weldon. aod alliroatelr for ,
the litib eaid : "1 hii morrmeiit of Opurral
Wxrrnn haa even moreiifniticance and
thfl si9 a, lrFng,h of the eipedition, and
Wilmington '
This view fun nd a reasonable basis io what
(l.'ii. Graii" wm doing in the meantime lie
bad sent another portion of his army lo Hatch
er's Hun, on the 9th irst , loengage the Con
federate tbrcea ihere, and lo prevent any
furies being sent south of that pom I to inter
Irie with Genera! Warren's maich The ac
counts ! ibis inst mnvoinrH that hava been
parniitled lo reai-h the public are insulting to
the intelligence of the people. We art told
that it was successful, when it was a palpable
faimre To hive succeeded, the movement
ouphl to have bean with a atron tnrce a
corps ht least ; and this corps onght to have
remained at Hatcher's Hun. To have pre
vented troops Iron) being sml In intercept
Warren, I lie corps ought lo have left for
Matcher s Kun at the same time that Wa-ren
starred Instead of thai, howev.tr, it waaonly
one division that whs sent lo Hatcher's II. in,
and it did not go there till the 9th liy
t'.at lime the t onfedrat- had had forty
eiglithoutt in nh.ih to end troop loconfrout
This division, however, on arriving at
Iliitclirr's Uun, had)n engagenent with the
Contcdf ru'eM who were posted there, which re
sulted in our being repulsed, after which the
division tell back mid retired lo their old cam ps
near Peteishurg. Thn of the divisioa in
the engtiniemiit was about It JO in killed and
won ndi d
' Hut what of Warren aud his great expe
dition? Yesterday, Warren and his waole
pass. reiurned to Iheir old cs.ups near Pe-t-rsl.urg
Tuny cum btck literally in the
pbvht of the sheep that were lost by little Bo
Peep. They bad gone out for wool. They
c-riainly came home shorn of the honors that
tl.eyexpectedlow.il. lheyhad not lahen
Wi.u.iDgton. They had not taken Weldow
They lni.l not even leken Uicksford. They
had dune nothing at all commensurate with
h" hijh hopes that had bien built upon il.
But what did General Grant really inwnd
Warren and bis corps to do? He intended
them to do what Hancock aud hia corpa bad
tried to tlo oti the 27th ol October, under Geu.
Grant a directions, and yet tailed to do, name
ly: he intended Warren to aweep around mid
sir. ke Ihe Lynchburg or Souihern Railroad, a
it is called, nnd in order that he might not
full, Warren waa ordered to take a much widrr
detour . to the aoulh than Hancock bad.
Hancock had only gone a far south a Hatch
er Hun, before he turned to the west War
run waa ordered to go a far south a Jar
reti' Station, thirty-two miles, and than
turn to the west Ha did o. Wny
did he fail theo to reach hia objective
Ue failed, because the whole movement was
known lo Gen. Lee from it inception, and
proper measures hsd been taken to bu (lie it.
The Lynchburg Railroad and all the approach
to it, far and near were guarded by
strong bodit of troops. When the division
of thn second corps, above named, approach
ed Hatcher Hun, on the 9th. they ware rs-
iiulsed by a superior force. When General
Warren reached the Meherin Kiver, aouth of
Jarroll s, he was confronted by a superior
force, before which he fell back. In a word
the whole affair is only another attempt by
Gen. Grautto reach the Lynchburg nail
road, in which ha baa again been signally
No efforts will now be spared to hoodwink
aud deceive the public a to tho real nature
of Warren's movement, and as to what Grant
intended to accomplish by it. It will be said
thai Warren ha don all that Grant intended
nnd that the movement wa a complete sue
cess. But your readers are now in possession
of the facts which prove that this i not so Uen
Grant hoped beside, and believed that thi
formidable movement of Warren' would
cause General Lee to detach from the im
mediate defenses of Petersburg so large a por
tion of his force that our army could attack
those defences successfully. The event has
only afforded another demonstration of tba
superiority of General Lee over General Grant
a a strategist, ucnerat bee aid aetaco
force I area enough to bath Warren, and to
nave Weldon, and to prevent Warren from
advancing any further south or west tnaa
point near Jarrett'a. But that did not weak
en bis lines at Petersburg and Richmond
and lb great conoerted land and naval
attack ha not and will not be made. When
denial of the above fact are useless, the
blame for the failure will be thrown upon tbe
. , .T.i'vai r . Jf.
weainer out i tuiua l nave lastenea is now
Wn commend tbe following, which we slip
from tbo Cincinnati Enquirer of Monday,
tbe pious consideration of the "watohars on
the wall (if Zioo:''
Sachkh Drama. An exhibition of a novel
character, and for a most praiseworthy ob
I ieuLwill be iriven at Pike' Ooera House next
Sunday evening. A drama written by Card
ual Wiseman, entitled the Hidden Gem, will
be presented upon that occasion, for tbe ben
lit of the Orphans. The pieoe ia of a sacred
character, and will be sustained by the mem
bers of Messrs. Duflield It Flyun's company,
The Boston Commonwealth think Mr. Sew
ward "a very poor prophet, aud that he had
belter abundori bis efforts lo give a policy
the nation, nnd be content to serve for tbe
few remaining months of hi adminitration
aa Mr, Uucoln bead clerk.
' A singular invention baa appeared in Ihe
shape ot alalia ot paper a a material tor bail
ding ships of war. It is said that a dab on
inch thick possesses a power of resistance
equal to ten inches of solid wood .
New Advertisements.
H. . JOBUAN. 1. JOSSAtf.
de'iUaelw CINCINNATI, O.
rpjIK Btoekhol.Ura of the Iwyioa Western Tur a
JL Oorupsny am notified thai there will beau rlee
tlua hold at aarley'e iBHero, Weal Alexandria. Preble
io.,o.,uiilb aeoona BtocuaHStrOol January, land,
the ulccuou of uve ihrectura lo serve ibe enauuig
year . . IUMU.H HllaLAP,
UeailUawkl , fraWMleat.
Henry M.i.rbharl, 'atharl nn Gi.hert and Mr
J S""n-2": A2' .'1. ."J""!".? JA'.hM
KHIrma, P.l.rK. .l.hrt, Ko.el'B K ll.hharl
hlln Gettf ail alnir Jiirl or Mnlf(Oa.
rjr OouBtt, otiHr. Pr( t na for rrtiliin.
fte r! " h." Va? iTSS
lul.-n Oriihart uu do that a Poimon
ni;i -"" in ii "' ,""""T.'iu.
1 IHfll, in Umi iiiwiior Court m .ontirnmwrf Cuu
-( (iiim. T.y Henry :
liari ni Marr M.
H (le' liflii, rail er ne. Ann tieb.
. liet.t.nrt. sua ia now n.in.u.
wtieri-in Hnrr M lianh.rt. Catl.artna Ann Ualiliart,
an.l Mary M . Q bhart demsuil parllltOD of Iha fellow
io real a-iaia, to. ml: ... ,
Vitus in (ha Itoiin.T of Mentomrv and Stale or
Ohio being Birtot lha aiiitlt.-at..niartr uf sai-tion
No. I. town-h.p ho. . ranna 6 aaal, "' I !iiibii
at the aouthwpl corner of the traet Ifrt M pen-hea
a., s,r w. tnim ttai aeelion corner at a aune;
then. u. 8'i' Ins AS ir.'tia aions; lel,t.arl'a see.
linn tin to a atone; .helwa n. 40. w M SO lis. ferehea.
alunj( Wifr'i ami tt.a aiwl.on line I., a s.ou;
ttianee a. IB", w. ins i-rrehea atoK Honrs liae lo
s alone: thrnea aooth 4n, e M Sn teirh' a alo).tf Ja-
eeh elia.le'a hoe to the .l-ee el lieammng, eo lainn.H
(es) anly five aerea, more or lesa. Ali-o lota mini
liered -orty nine, Hlly. It'lv ora and BAv lu (l, !
Ill anil 52), a" ilea.n.sti d on a ptal ot ihe ul.iliyinon
ofpsrt ol aeetlon No. ,Tl. mwo 2, rmniro 7, tuaile li
Sl.-i'liire an.l llainea, and r. corded on tVe records
nl Monurtnerr rtountv.llhio, ta .lsl hook A, ae
7.0 ..liiiiam Wiaia.tn Liin.hm. Mi.ntBOiiirrV CoilO-
tr , llr.io, aud lliat, at the February term, lata, of
ani.t l.ia.rl, I' e nam Henry si. u..nari, ainenue e.
I. el. hurl and Mary M.lo fihart will apply ler an or
iter, tnat part.uon may innde el aa.d .rem.sea.
Ansa Clv, All y. dacKJawlw
Xamuel O. Kmlay ' )
sicaina o ten)
Beniamin K. Ells. Hnnerior t.'eurt.
!S Tueai1avtnek7th dav or Tieerintmr. 1H. I will
ofler at pui.liu ale at the door ol . he I'ourt H ouae
ilie I'ily in Jiaiton, the following rtfcaertoed aooila
andehatllas to w.u All the maehini-ry, tools, fix turns,
ol It. r. Kit Kleraomia ronnnrv, nioracinji
pans, Hiakft, eonlaa, keliloa, ehayl gMa.:hino: ao.
ma PnntiK Oin.-e in the aame lmn en .i.nra.-inn
Type, t'aa, oliaaea, Oomimalng Htoae, Printing
lieaa, niiea, oiauu, uinea, u , mn , n.-u. . r
Kll'a Bindery. In the aame bud I Off. emhrae.OK cut
tuia Mrtchui. Htandmir I'reas. Touts. Ao., .' lao hia
WiniiI ti.l ntMrei.lyiie auuravinK to ine amount ui
atalr n.leen IIHIIiir.u IU liumnur, nu faiM.K m
Prinlintf on ee in Miami llllv : Slao. all ol ttie lotiow-
Ins Hteruolypa l'latee, being of the following works,
W II .
I, lie of Nanoleoa Houanart of fit pages, In said
I Hrr
Life ol Paaiel I'oon 'W
ll.l Kmcli-li Ualla.1 Itook....
oxranhleat Hkiteh Hook H
nook of IJomeailu Animals
Uuial tionstar
Illu-tnt'ed He.ituti. ntrtl b.niKater
Philosophical liraam llouk
Fam.ly Medical Hi-rap
Morn.uita Among Jeaiiiigat K:.me
Hilile liiotiotmry and i- neyeloeedle
TnaOnld Mak-ra Villa"
The Farmer Hand Book
Paul and Vtrjnnia
I be IJIeor 1'r. onaloinra
he heonomy of Human L.fe
hel.ifeof Kthan Alln
Th Prompter
I'letionary uiieauoha :
The Vouag I'eo la's Library Vol.-...
Twelva kinds ol one cent T uy Hooks...
two ..-
I three
" lour ' ' "
" Hva " " ....
,. tai
A I no tha following nronrtv at tho airMiI.a on
tha Upir ydraulic id lyvon, rweeutly oooiiDiaj tf ,
Mi motwrcisr, aix ioxm rr ittwuua iwiini
thraa Oarooya of Vitriol . U4 Itm; aix aim ty Oanoya,
one Hop PiU-hr, una IronHlt yunta W !.,
Stinttry Fooli, aod other Machinery of tha Old Mill,
Juuotxmnd of Wolea Hagti.
Also, laaudiuoD duu t'ouy hot, tiamfaa, anu ina
oaly WaguDowood j B. F. t-lla. una Blu Uukkj
and HaraHi, one Whita Mara (rollv)and Uarnatta
and the onlr old Btin;gy, nna amall Kamilr Oarhafta
and BiDl Unrneart, une Cow (Maily). two Plowa; two
OultiTatora, HaruM and other harming Imiilamtaits.
DiOfr upon aairi aiii pramiBB a mo niuu mn m ji
library con tain i if about ona thouhaud Voiuna. Alo,
aid KH'a Household Funiiturato the amount of $MJU
thl-t item intended to uo r all Furniture now i
aai d Ktl'a private remde-nse, which may come in under
uiaioimwinu ofscnpion
a. I -st-..w a, i aL.i-
naroie top urermiuK jmct, - na v mu nwun muuv
Top, two Bicte and Outer i ahlaM, one Ioiea Chaira,
outtikiltv. nnrnta. HtiaiifitaadM. hat Not. UUutdn.
MtOTfta, a error, blinda, Wiivlow, Mo, aii the other
rurmture now i raid bin Ho'iae.
4t Keama of Flat Cap Paper.
jo t nm "
m Doaen Comi'Obition Hooka,
aw Prompt rn.
Mil litob oi aman Alien.
8U9 Uorning'a A. ong (he Jeuita,
6ta Bermanta (jermao titamuiar.
1000 Pan.bla in Verae.
kut) Oroaa a ceLtToy hooka.
V0 a
JHW Copie Pearttv Dad.
0U ' Golden Trtflura.
aiMi " Kriendatupa Otlorinx.
lout) Diadem.
f.Wl Dream Brxika.
Us Uroaa Blank Nolea.
K00 Copiea Ixctionary of QunaMoua.
80 Groaa Memorandoma.
85 Doaen Memorandoina Leather Bound.
1 ftrot4toeolOpy Rouka.
5l tiroita Y oho Copy Bo ,kt.
10 DoaWn Kid Glov a.
V00 Lite of JuBdphine.
BOO Dani 1 Boone.
W Bearoa Blank Deela.
Ijawver'a Blanka.Au,
Kara ot White la , Oil in Barrel, Nailea, Ao.
Tyua Metal on hai.d, iiot k in bml'lina:. Ao.. Ao.
Sale to eomaaeooe at it o'clock A. M . aud continue
from da? today uutil all ia eold.
J. A. Jiaa, AU'v. del7dwta
I f And lor the past three reare Rurga n in the United
HUtea Navy, haa epened' an office at No. 876, Third
atreet, iteiween jenernon ana o. iiieir eireeiii, nrin
aida. Havinv had the advantage of tbe Uonpiulain
New York aud Philadflprna, with twenty years ot
euooeHKtUl pratiue, tba athtoted mty rest aaaured
by gettiug hia advice ihut they will obtain every ad
van t air , that the advauced condition et the boimcm
Uf Mletuesn mUr.
ir. w iva ourea uiiNtuMriiwn, 1 nn.i a 1 ami an
HALATION the only reliable mean a known to the
proieanion, which ha proven ao uuivarHaiiv nunc nun
ml in the Enntand in Kurope. lie IrcaU all diieaaea
of ttie KY R aod KAK, aloall ditaaea necuha to
Keinalea. and all CHKoNIU UOMI'LAINTH what-
ao-ever may he their characiar. The iiiomI increilu
hu will be convinced of hia BneMa by calliug at hia
Orttca No. Wtf, Third atreet, Dayton, or by obtaining
let tern to invalids which ia circulated aratuitouaiy.
Ufflt'e noura rrom - e'eiock A. M. till d o'clock r. M.
DR. A. OBIGMR will barealter attend enauaiaal. I
an offlue practice. ant will tfive "Npecial Allan
tiun"lo the Irealmenl ofCHIUlNIU DIHKA8E8, auok
aa Diaeaaea of thelHHOATand LIINHH, of the KVB
ary and Secondary BYfHII.IH, UJNOKRIt.l.
lli.a.ara PaovLias to VsMal-sa, end a. try varielyu
C'A.orue Vut ilD, whatever may be Itssaarmeter.
Ilthce hour.from 7 s m to p ns. . v
Sundays. 7 lo lUam.S left u ei.
(itfti.e Corner of Jeiltraea and Fifth st.,Dayta,
Ohio. ootlmd3mai-ll
Farmers & Mechanics Hotel.
(iniumi i muim.II mnaw)
HAVR taken this old and popular Hotel on teeood
treat, payton, aud hope by their at untitrn
buniueaa to tit, la) a the w'l-earnd reputatioo of thia
wen a now a neuae.
The aervtoea ol Mr. Hnry Foater, ao widely luowa,
have beea retained aa Oler k.
The pauooAfxe i Ita former friend a ia eon ft dan t
BWMMpvMoae augaw'ttssw
Professional. Clothing.
On,Ior Before Christmas,
We, lb uaaersigntd, pronkiM te at II chtspe
For teat monev tkaa anv other Clothint Hetiae in
Da ton. We ben leave te remind the nublm that we
atand in connection with a larne Wholesale CloihinK
Manufacturing Houae in Oincinnati, which certainly
enahlea mm ta give the above iudut-nienta.
are oouaianiay reeeiviuM mt iaea- atyiea
Which la ear. Ktll v MLnt. 11. wm aaada. Call and
examine our siok at Olothuiff he lore fdfeahaauig
10 8
Mali No Mialakwaa ttKiraumlwr and BIOH,
aovll laldAw
Vaiai SLrxt. 1
Professional. Clothing. Medical.
C1UKRH Con (tin OnMw.itnr Ttront, Anlbit.ao
J Oonxtitiintinn. It t out titvrftfMt for m '
troubled with ihi rnmplr-tnU in try n blU ol
$trtck'and t McWfluov Ccvyh BaUam
ffnTino(i (firm .hnf it ! hnt trprMo ef
uttfvti. It not only rurm lh ntiOT U'iH!(iodm of th
Throat mm, Lung's It ot Mytit few at id
tntttnf of HI- t nnrl ii mi Aetllrnt BrirI fmr mnf
Itiml ot Kor Thront, Il n flafuit to i4t, mm r
mMirinit tor trfanti, Triot 6 Ccnta pr lH(tl.
vomttle by (IriijfKiftt. nanT. .
AiiiiV" aHi iilfT 1 lrJtr't -- - (..-
EVKBYBohY In Uttiff cured ot Ui ditirijD((
iueitM ly the ufie or
Dr. Strickland i nit Rtmetty. . i
Rpl what ttio urty who hn4 tti
Mr. Charles W. I.and.iini, of J.iiii.iliv, arrl Mr. i.
HnflAnlf, ('inoiimttti, a., Unh wem'imd Mtrr umrf,
nt ivf Vr. MrifhUiKra J'Hf Hfinmiy. Iltvy my
tiwy niT? iriftfi p vt-ryitiing inn r: nw oi.itttD no iriiei,
but oiif f'ot ot PlricklHndV Pi In Rptitvriy t-tlt-ctt-d
perfect mir artr ttullunnft tor mnnT hri Mh th
womtkind of Pilpn. 'iUvj ric6niri)n4l u
ho is HUflerinK to try it.
Amm lor
Dr. Strickland1 ViU Remedy.
Sold br all drtiKdiHt. 15 at a hot. Mauulaotarivl at
No. 6 Kant Kourth al.Ciniunati. O. tnU
Strickland a A ntt-Cholera Mixture,
8 a compoaftkm of aatritigrota, atjeorbent. tima
laati aud CHrmiiiativef. KliH h verv iihvhieinn at.
knowledgea i the only pr-paratin that will eitrct a
permanent uure of Iii.rrlieH ami Ij aeter . 1 hi A utl
tholera Mixture i now in in nume rf tur arm
hnipiiala where it frivei the preateat xatiataciifin. It
ha f aved the liven uf thounnnda of our foldM-m aiid
ettiaens, and we will jiunrHiitee it to I the b at rea.e
ay in "ie worm mr iinirnenaiit. iff nc?ry.
Mr Woda,ol Covington, Wy.. wit! le meal hapr
lo aatialy any one as to the virtue of tftnt klend'a Anti
Chotora Mixture; in lait we haven 121 fat mimterof
leanmoniaia irom panem wrtn nave 1 n cur a alt el
beinB pronounced in nratle tv their tl vi iait. eoma
after tarvinK only one lottleot Htriraffwid'a Ar.M Chol
era Mixtme. If VC'Nvutler wnh Jiikfrhta at.d l yeB
lery ry one iMiiue. .mil
TUB aklll of the medical faculty in treaties. dinrcr
ot the aealp haa.in a majority of ranee, been I at
naa ny inta, wie rooii pecurar aiaeaae 01 ua nuniki
frame. It a not 10 be wondered at, aa it r quirt ureal
atudy, deep r eearcb nndaearelul ltivtigati4in ol
thecaitnea whuh produce tl.e diaeaaa. Hskne the
ea.uee ia diat:ovred, tt ia an uttar itiipoaaibility lo
arad cat the diaeaae and eftect a peimaneot cure,
biaoaaea ot the twalp have len pronouuetd iDt-lirable
by aome of Hie tuoateDimeut phaioiua. 1 haw da
To tint peculiar part of the human frame, ai.d I am
aatlatted thai I poaaeaa
8o Ihraa known, t hit would permaiM-Drlr eraUt-ate
hoae loathaoma diaeaaea ef the at alp 4.
And other cuianeoui diaoaaea, and reatore rtc haiv to
thoite wtio have tiectmie tid. 'lo n.akn
good the aaaei tion, J a ill fotlait
If I fad lo mre the womt cnea of diaeaael acalpa I
tne loniirai autuuiug wihi ui -ONIiV
tllvMJINK It A lit UalNTORBR,
ltead the Uliowing:
Ttttmtuwt' of Mil, matuh QvW )
Alvamt, Naw Yoaa.
Pittr. DaMntsH-. Two year auo mi Benin be a ma
diaeaaed.and my hair comntenct d to lall out very laat.
lae ttiaeaae vpieH'i i-iiui iry M-'a p waa one complete
aore. It tx-canie vi paiiiiiu; ny rmni at it m waa
bruken; Ihe lurniuKai.d tu-iurig ieimatiot. ftaa ajBiup
ponable, 1 would apply nmdy alter rir.edy, but
only uiomentfry re i. f ccnn H,i aevdai ii)ai.
ciaaa of thia wiy. 1 wob inforu.au liy hhetn uiet the
diPuatta with winch my ncxlp aaa attatcd waa ti e trull
Kh um, and ihHi tnev'j i- n icnen. Die. i re aa
your advertiairi . ,.Miuumi t consult ya.
You aaaured me that . uu woald eradicate the diaeaaa
and raatore my huir, which had beeome very thia.
With that Hen-ranee i piwed myaeii n yewv nanea,
and the reaulte are, I i ave a liixurn.ni heart tf titan i
my at-alp ia ueritiy mdii, nud my fcair haa caaaed u
fall out. Keaiect'Ully youriv
Uaa. bABH tiiL, No. t'.T Pouth Pearl itra-1.
It la a fact ackuowlfl(ed by all m ho hate Hbtal Wie
Bau kaauurer, and theur namw ia Legiou, Lliat it ia
That would eftectoaJly and permanently reatote the
hair of thoaewhoare bald, and prevent
The large and rapidly incraaing aale of Restorative
ia the atrouitat evidence of the maniiold IwuieMt it ia
eoafernug upon
The confidence of the public has been obtained, and
the) all uuitu io attaining to ita mtritand vaatsaiperl-
Rvertntrhduced. I do not reoommod my pre,.ara
iioo tooauca hair to arcw aix leat in trelly aa nmuy
montha, aa it .aa aimple impoaMibilily and totally in
eon i aft nt with the lawaof Naiure. lo thoae whoare
sceptical or iocraduluua, I will make a bona bd nr:
I will ftrt-fett I,(UU
(One Thoiirtand Dollara) if 1 foil to cure the wnral
eaaaaof partial haldoeaa, under fifteen year' atand
inii, with
iHm VBIil J.1 V1 Hi. eaj'J Ulll.lli
Thia wenderful remedy ia Bold by druugiau geiirsr
run ii.
N.B. Corei aaaranteed in every eaae where Utedi
recti on h for i e are implicitly obeyed.
eftterrritie, ft par boiue, or in rioruea rorvn.
PKtilT. U. A. Mt MI NN.
Bole Proprietor, No. S- Oranira atreet,
felSdlv AM.anv. New York.
iJwtoher, Htall No. UV
Keeps oi had tbe BeitQnalltr f KeaU.
ianee m
TitRfloa KiatBotia or
iM.ifc;, I in. th.ir
I 11 1 puko mum CAttrwi.Li
and earfcellv. wltl pl'aae leave orders si Bl'TIWH.
orner of Tblrd end Main atreots.
.ug-j I. IllCIIIir.
dOAA PBR MOSjTHeanbe Bbedete. linn oar
aS;UU t;.uipa.u Medals, with perleat l.kai..aaa
of all the oaii.tidali.a. Ala.., splendid anrdal or ame
K,l Uital. ra e. t per h.a ir.d, to Ajcf.ts. Ja.,
eh busioess for nlacbarped or diHblad bohliera te
... II. SaasuleMelonrea.iplellSr.i l.. Ad
2roa? . W. I'PHA",
00At7.Bj UJ ItfJMIIIallw WHO.
NOTf laaer.tiy If. van thai the .nheenhev wa. oa
th. at.l day o u'lol.r, la4, duly ai ueuiled ..
dmtn.atrator on ake eaute el Jacoo ,uw, -lei si
Menlaomerv onimr, Oe' awe
i omlr let tA. 00. W, MOT SB.

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