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rilUUSDAY, AUGUST 21, 18G5.
Current News Items.
V havu Liverpool dulM up to IU lilu
inst. NottiuK had been beard from , ibe
Great Kastern or her consorts. - HTm rlisas
ter, il t trwed, earl wetalleas her. lies, coo
sorts, in that event, would lie by ber. -The
London Times feftm (W tt would be almo.il
impossible (or tbam to tow ber. ,fl (
The London Times i in favor of free
trade pulii y between Canada, Mid the Unitfd
Slates. All sensible people are in (avor of il.
Tb Kwporotf Kml'H Us-goiieV'to CfJnp
Some foreign journals bate rumors lliftt
Napoleon, after Leopold'! death, will annex
Belgium to France, giviuf the lhike of lira,
bant the Mexican instead of the llnlian
crown. He would give Veuitia to Italy, and
the Pauubian l'rincipalilips to Austria, and
territory in Northern 'Ue'mun to Prussia.
Tkn lUnk of Franco, ot l,0(M,thM Irance
cash during the but week. , ,
The choleraeontinues its ravage.
The negotialious hclweeu Spain and Home
about Italy have been rnncluiled Spain
promise to protect llm iulevesla of the Le
gion in Kuuiu. , . i . , .
The Secretary of State, Hon. Wm. 11.
Seward, has re-iined his health, nnJ la how
at his post in the Slate Department.
General Howard, the great head ot the
neijro boardidy bouse organisation utdcr the
auspices of the tioverntneiil, Inn set out on 11
Western tour.
They hare had another severo railroad ac
cident near Nuw Haven, Connecticut. The
earn ran over a row.'nnd were thrown off tho
track. The baggagu - car, which Contained
tenor twelve employes of the road, was bully
mashed, and nearly all in it wero seriously
injured. . , . .
1 be Administration and the military bnve
forced Mississippi to adopt the Constitutional
Amendment, abolishing slavery. The Con
venuiition has also repealed the ordinance ol
secession. , , . . , , . i.
The New York Uerald baa privrta advices
from England that the defect iu the Atlantic
Cabla was intentional and caused by a rival
contract lor the wire.
I'osluiaalul Guuural. Deuuisuu dualities to
he a enndidnte for.Uuiud Stales Senator in
place of John Sherman,
Graham A Co., estimate their lots by the
Ke,tchuru defalcation at a million and a half
uearly a million of which waa by the forged
checks. - ' ' i ' ''
The paramour of Jenkins, the Pluvuix
Uauk tobbet in New York, baa been discharg-'
ed by the Court , ..
A silverware munufactory has boen rub
bed in New York, by burglars, of thirteen
thousand dollars' worth of jewelry and sil
OoM olosed at 113. '
A Question and an Answer.
Cox delivering a speech at
Oberlin, Ohio, an' abstract of which we And,
in the Commercial. It says :
"An old gentleman of tho colored persua
siou, who Beemed to be eonviuoed that the
General had got the advantage on the gen
eral issue of negro suffrage South, rose to
inquire whether, setting that question aaida,
the Geueral would, il elected, favor an
amendment to the; Constitution of Ohio per
mitting negroes to vote in this State, The
Oeuorel replied that ha bud stated Jiie.nwrj
plan, and his owa ' mods of solving the dif
ficulty, II believed the question must be
decided for the black man as a nnite, and
that the duty of the colored man here was
to Connect his destiny with those at the
South ; that if the question had to be de
termined by each State for itself, his Jeterm
ination bore would be for tbn full application
of the rights of man, which be had deenbed
"Loud applause greeted this reply, and the
meeting adjourned." .-, ,
This is a very vague, indefinite and Un
satisfactory auewnr to a plain question, It
admits of but one word yea or no. The
General showed but little frank nose and
honesty when he thus evaded it His inter
rogator was no wiser after bis answer than
before. How can our politics be otherwise
than corrupt when candidates thus dodge and
evade a practical issue I Cine. Enquirer,
General Schenck.
General Sehenck is going round the Stute
telling upon what conditions be is wiliiug. to
let the South return to Ihe Union. Theru is
no return about it. The war has beon waged
upon the theory that they Lavs never been
out, or could get out, and these members take
their seats in Congress, as a matter of course,
witbvut asking leave of General. Sobsncst r
any body else. , The Southern members have
precisely as much right to name the condition
upon which Sehenck shall take his seat, as
be bas to demand conditions of Ihemi (Jin
tinnati Enquirer.
General Schenck. Four Dollars.
Those knowing themselves indebted to the
best Government in the world for the privi
lege of being "able-bodied" without any just
cause or provocation, are hereby informed
that "tbein four dollars" must be paid by the
15th of September, or else tha same will he
collected by due process, and with costs.
Veterans wbe have served with Khereian and
Grant, are not excepted, we believe.' Every
body that baa an able body must fork over,
except tie raging . "O. N. Us." , They are
exempted, from its payment, as also from
working the roads, as a slight token of the
publio gratitude for their distinguished ear
vices. Kubby-dobby-dubl Gaiett.
-w- i
The Democratic Beuaturial Convention in
the eouuties of Franklin and Pickaway hare
nominated A. T.' Walling, of Circlavilla, as
tha caudidate for lb State Senate. He will
be elected by a large majority. ' 1 '
The National Guard.
Tliia oinniziilioii ia now ntti acting
ounsiiliTaMo nltrntiou, iini'ipally nn ac
oonnt of itH litig justly regnrdtHl ae one
of llm iiioet iihcIrhs iiiHliliili.iiiH of Ilia day.
Tlutt there licvcr cxielod any actual no
eseity for'-tlio orgaii?K.ition, timo and
oyoiitH linvo proven to every rcdecting
irnin. In tli i opinion many of ttie
"Ciuai d" oonenr. '
, Th ' organisation is the natnral otV
Kjding of tliu many bams nnd wanton po
litii'Ml projudicea w hich havo boen foutereil
an4 cultivated, to the largent extent, ty
die Abolitiuniete .ajrainst DetuoeiutH du
ring tlx) war. Wo leineuibor, . whan
" playing soldier " at (lump Miami, in
Hlilt, that tho regular militia wan tlubbed
V the flat-foots," f unit with , whom tho
(riiardH would hardly deign to aa.soriuto,
o even join in thn cxoreiHoa of tho drill.
"iWho would bo a lint-foot ?" waa the
jeering Harenam of llui camp.
! From MMilimenlH of thia character the
prosptH-t of being exempted from eon
suiiption tho desire to ho neon "dressed
in blue," and tho notion that it wuh de
grading to " loynlistH ",,to be placed along
sido of " liultcrmitN," (who made up the
rank nnd file, of the regulars) arose thn
National Uuurd.
I When tho Katon (Junrds, composed
entirely of Democrats, tvcio fully oigan
ieil, tho ollicers sent to Governor Toil for
their eoniinisNions; but the Governor had
pleviously ohluiued " reliuhlo informa
tion " of their "disloyally," nnd so
withheld the eoininissiiins and oideied the
companies to disband immediately. Af
ter schooling the ' militia" of the Statu
fiir one, seamm, nnd expending half a mil
lipn of dollars therefor, the legislature
dsbmleel the " flRt-f'iiiilif," and provided
alone for tho guanln, who wero thus left
ill the lurch, like the monkey with his foot
ill a steel-trap.
ITheu followed the) psssago of tho four
1'ar vommutution tax, which every mini
between thn ages of eighteen and torty
fiVe yearn, who will not " play soldier,"
isj obliged to pay each yoar, four dollars
M a poll-tax, to remunerate those who do
" piny soldier." Should any one neglect
o refuse, ho in liable- for thia amount and
olio dollar and twenty cunts penalty, und
tho costs of collection. Should execution
iijsue against him, not even tho bud he
sleeps on can ho held exempt, as in ordi
nary cases of debt. Such a system is of
course felt to ho grievous and oppressive,
j That the " Guard" was organized to
piovent outbreaks nnd insurrection by the
" Knights of tho Golden Circlo " or auy
oilier allogeil secret organization, is sim
ply a nonsensical pretense. Nobody be
lieves a word of it. That story is of n
piece with the tales of ghosts and witches
tljut nsed to bo told to frighten the weuk
winded and superstitious.
J Members of the "Gnnrd" themselves
M many of them have told us as well as
a great majority of tho people, aie seri
ously considering this matter, and there is
u ivory geueral disposition not to be bored
aay longer with this silly and useless mil
itary humbug the expenses of which
havo lo he borne by the hard earnings ol
tho laboring clauses people who, of all
others, nra tho least ablo to bear thein,
i Uctrouuhnient in this branch of the pub
lio expenditures is imperiously demanded,
and it is confidently expected that the next
legislature of Ohio will promptly tako
the matter in hand. The best way to
dispose of it is to wipe out the whole
tiling from the Statute ISook of the State.
The people, in the approaching election,
should make this an issue, and carefully
ascertain the ueiitiiuents of those who may
abk their suflVugca as candidates- (or Hop-
reseutalivus in regard to it.
! ....
f'llrick," of the La Crosse Democrat, has
ibf following item concerning a couple of his
Abolition contemporaries. He says :
'The press and type on which Ihe Foil du
Lac Commonwealth, a republican paper, is
printed, was stolen from a priut)ng cilice ul
liolumhia, Tennessee, by its presentuser, the
editor of the Commonwealth. There iaa pros
pect of the "loyal" confiscationiat coming to
grief over it. A Republican printing orlice
in this city has lately received a lot of secern!
hand type von down South when Ihe owner
waa away. We admire a 6ghtlng rebel more
than a thieving patriot, and are uot afraid to
say so. if these Southern printing office
stealers could have stolen a few brains at tbo
same time they would have been better off
than now, What a pity this cruel war is
over I' "
The Era of Crime.
never knew a time when there was such law
lessness everywhere, and iidds : "Society
sqems.to be resolving Itself in its original ele
ments, and every wan is becoming a law
onto himself.' Murders, riots, outbreaks,
drunkenness, rapes, gurrotings, robberies,
thefts, rowdyism, ela., are of daily
occurrence. A spirit of bale and vengeance
seems lo pravada the land. The teachings of
the lust four years have educated a genera
tion of out throats. Pulpits aud piracy are
synonymous tenui, and there isuol even an
intermediate stage between diapers and des-peroadism."
NEW YORK, August 19, 1865
I'.D. Mni'iat We have been very busy du
ring llie past seven days, looking1 at the vari'
oua objects of iulnrest in this great city.
Through Ijhe politeness of S. 8. WyckofT,
J-.sq , we Were furnished with a horse, bug
gy, and driver, lo go wherever we wished.
Our first visit woa to Central Park, which we
thoroughly explored. This Park contains
about HOt) acres of land,ad is certainly the
most beautiful anj romantic we aver vis
ited. A vast sum has been expended in its
improvement. Magnificent bridges are built
across every rivulet. The roads and walks
leudiiirf in every direction am kept in ibe
biMl order, ami no expense or pains are spared
to make this Park i xi-el nil others in Amer
ica The lakes are filled with gold and other
beautiful finh, and hundreds of swan swim
on their surface. A part of the Park called
"the Hamhle," is filled with trees and shrub
bery, nnd the seals along its retired walks
are always occupied by porsons who delight
to reiirn Iroin a crowded city nnd burning
sun. The music stand is nnnlhur attractive
pUce an elegant edifice, where thousands
assemble every evening to listen lo ihe sweet
est nitric wo ever heard. There is, we think,
a hundred of Ihe best, inslruinental perform
ers enyuiicl for this purpose, all dressed
alike. A police force, dressed in groy, with
while gloves, patrol through every part of tho
link, and excellent order is preserved
ainonK.lho thousands who visit il. Immense
grttjiiitu rocks lire tunneled to mnkn room for
acnirince way, and all the roads nm siuootl
and level. At the most elovuled purl of the
Park we had an excellent view of tho city,
I'.uHt and North rivers, with their fleet of ves
sels under sail, and the cool liree.e fiom the
Sound, on a warm slimmer evening, inloxi
catid us v.illi most pleusurublu sensations.
As ivu drove through und around Ihe Park,
wo were in the midst of every description of
cuniupes a great many had conchinen in
livery, and the occupants seemed to regard
thumielves as tho lords of creation, Car
riages of mora humblu pretensions driven by
tlm owners, freqnenlly contained ladies and
geiilhjineu of much creator worth and intelli
gence. Commodore Vanderbilt rode ubout
alone, dressed in u blue b'ouso, driving bis
his one-horse bugy, seemingly much inter
ested in the uppouranco of these around him.
Us is a fine-looking, plain old gentleman.
Every day thousands of ladies, gontlemen
and children, are taken in the street rail cars
and other vehicles to the Park, to brestho
its pure air, and we can seu no reason why
New Yorkers should go so fur lo find the
country, when ihey havo the most delightful
woods, green fields, rivers and lakes at their
very doors.
Wo extended our last rido to Paul Falk's
celebrated lager, bier saloon aud garden
whuro wo fouud some three or four thou'aaod
Germans indulging in their favorite beverage-
Uia buitdiuge aud gardens cover several
acres, aud on alighting a German took our
horse und buggy, giving us a ticket for bis
safety, Some three , or four vehicles were
standing in his yard, all checked. The bear
wo considorcdjuiuch inferior to that manufac
tured in Ciiiciunali ; aud in fact nono of Ihe
ulo used here is equal to Harries' ale of Day
ton Hundreds of kegs are daily drank at
Paul Falk'B, and his place will yet excel
Niblo's or Itanium's,
From Falk's wo went to the high bridge,
where Croton river is brought over Uarlera
river to supply New York with that purest of
all beverages, pure water, , This bridge is
100 feet hiph, nnd about a quarter of a mile
wide, nnd is certainly one of the host speci
mens of engineering aud architectural skill
ever exhibited by man. From it we bad a
must delightful view of the surroundirg eoun"
try, Kveuing here overtook us, and we re
turned ibrough the dimly lighted streets to
onr excellent private quarters. , ,
To-morrow we shall start for Newark, New
Brnoswick, nnd other parti of New Jersey,
the land of bravo men, beautiful woman,
lie. ' '
H. D. S.
A Funny Mistake.
The Spr infield (Mass.) Kepublican is re.
sponsible for the following, ll is a strong
admoniliou to male youths, who part their
hair iu thn middle, like a woman, to lot lhoir
beard grow, if they have any, to that they
may on all occasions be readily distingaished
Irom the other sex : ...
"The old proverb that circnmslnnces alter
caBess," bad a spicy illustration the other day
at a Boston hotel, mid topurliea,i one fro is
this city, and Ihe other of Boston, participated
therein. A young iuas, who is. the loom bit
feminine in his uppeorance, parting his hair iu
the middle, Ac, went to Boston,
and while in that oity, was taken
with a severe fit of tiolio. Stop
ping at a hotel, he put himself to bed, aud
sent for a pbyaiciBU. The doctor came, felt
of Ills patients pulso, examined bis stomach,
and inquired solemnly if his habits were "reg
ular;" lo which Ihe young man.somewhat sur
prised, answered in the allirmalive. - The doc
tor then cuuliously and politely informed his
patieut that his symptoms muuifuMed some
prubabilitea of au increase of the census in a
short time. The surprise of lbs colio sirickat
young man at this singular announcement,
was only equalled by that ol the doctor when
ho discovered the true sex of bis patient.
Ratiikb Pliin LisotnoK, The editor of
tha Record republican paper published u
Fayette County la. declares:
It is the opinion of many earnest patriot,
who have ulways acted with he party of
freedom and progress, and have been and are
ardent supporters of the republican adminis
tration of national affairs, that the republican
party of Iowa is fast becoming as corrupt as
bell, aud deserves to be dammed.
The Reason.
fteecher's paper says "it mast be partic
ularly gratifying to the good Union men lo
learn that Ihe largest Income tax is paid ia
every section of the ofmntrv, almost uniform
ly by radical Republicans." This is probably
Iroe, and the reason is plain. These good
radical Republicans have, for four years, been
enjoying fat contracts, filling Iheir capacious
pockets with ' plunder from aa over-taxed
people, and swindling Ihe Government
Home have had "horse contracts," others
"hardware- eontracts,' others contracts for
"males." No wonder Ihey can report their
forty thousand dollar incomes I I'laind aler.
Three Jugglers on Exhibition.
Mnior General Cox opened thn politica
campuigti in Ohio at Warren, Trumbull
county, in a very small ball which was ooou
pied by a very small crowd. General Cox
delivered a well written but milk-end watery
sort of a speech, full of bunkum, mock heroics
and wind, in which be mauaged to main! tin,
with inditfcreut dexleriif, the position he aa
sumed in bia letter oo the negro qnestion
viz : thai he bad no opinion about it aud is
ready lo either exterminate, enslave or ele
vate thn negroes, jual a the winning lida di
rects. He wss followed hv ihn Hon. Jobn
Hiilehins, lute M C. from the Trumbull dis
trict, who declared biuiseU unequivocally in
tavor of negro suffrage and equality. Huteb
ins was auccrided by ex Governor Have Tod,
the man wbo swore he would be a Democaat
"as soon as the war ended I" Tod's speech,
stripped of iis egotistienl verbiage, was a dec
laration against nei-ro suffrage aud a puA'ot
Andy Johnson. Thus the cilisees of War
ren had lbs good liirtuue to witness Ihe ceie
mouy of explaining the throe diU'ereui posi
tions of the loyal parly on what the families
the most vital question of the day, negro
equality. Iluterjius waa for it ; Tod balanced
liNluhins by declaring against it , Cox, the
candidate was helweeu the two, ready to
fall into the arms of the parly having the
most voles or the most iuiiueuce with the
Presidential dispenser of Federal pulronsge
very much likn a mule between Iwo (.lacks of
hay, 1 lie people seemed to tegard Ibis ridic
ulous exhibition with ludillerencn or con
tempi, for there was no applause and no
laughter. The Abolition leaders recognize
the fuel that Cox's chances of success depeud
entirely upon Ihe depth of the prejudices,
ibo blindness ot the credulity or the desily of
the ignorance of the people (Jrun
Gen. Lee as a Historian
that General leo is understood ty he varying
the monotony of his retirement, incumber
land Comity, by making history, lie is wri
ting a history of his campaigns from the time
that ho assumed command of Ihe Army of
Northern Virginia, after the battle of Seven
Pines, to the capitulation at Appoinatox Court
House, on the !Hh of April.
His work will contain on account of the ex
ploits of the various commands comprised in
the Army of Northern Virginia, The close
of Summer or the beginning of Autumn wilj
doubtless witness the completion of a book da-
stiued to be handed down lo all times as a
ihruthfnl and impartial narrative of tha great
est campaigns of the age, written by the
aotor in the
A. H. Dawson of Georgia.
.This gentleman, now in ibe city bas been
requested by several emineut merchants, and
leadiug citizens, to deliver a course of lec
tures upon a subject which should excite the
interest, nnd enlist the sympathy ol en;
namoly, the Reconstruction of Ihe old Union,
and the best method lo create a Iraternal reel
ing between Ihe North aud South. Mr, Daw
son is a Keullcinaii of education and expert
ence, and we have high authority in slating
that while bis arguments are incontrovertible,
he dothes tbein with tho eloquence of a con
summate orator As we have said, the
thoino iu of vast importance to all sorts of
people, und Ihe sooner it is recognized as par
amount, Ihe belter. If the lecturer can pre
scribe a healing bulsum Iu the present un
healthy relations existing between
the North and South, he will constitute him
self a benefactor lo ihe wboie human race, as
oil as ol his own countrymen.
We underslandl that arrangements are on
fool to secure Ihe Mozart Hall for ibo opening
lecture. C-incinnafi bnqutrer.
How Singular.
' How strange it is that the men wbo are so
eager to tear dowu the uistiuutioii belweeu
the Whites and Blacks, and make them all
eqaal at the ballot box, are at work wilh
equal persistency to build up distinction be
tween rich and poor, io itiisenu ihe revoouo
and lax laws are so arranged that while thn
lurmers and mechanics are faxed ou all they
produce, the rich boadholders are exempted
from bearing ibeir share of the expenses of
Ihn (iovernmont ilo County f armer.
Tho Democrats of Montgomery County,
i all other t who art apponcd lo MKGUO
EQUALITY, and in ator of EQUAL
TAXATION, ara requested to meet in
their respective tovruships, at tha usnal
places of holding elections, on
Kftturdtty, Knptembcr 3d,
at 4 o'clock, P. M., and in the several
Wards of the city of Dayton, at such
plaooa as may be designated, at 8 o'clock,
P. M. of said day, for the pnrpose of ap
pointing Delegate to tha Democratic
County Convention to be held at Bucko)
Hall, In the city of Dayton, at 10 o'clock,
A.M. on . ' . i
Hieturday, September, tb, IS68,
for the purpose) of nominating two Repre
sentatives and other candidates for tbe
various county offices.
Each township if entitled to tight, and
oaqlt ward to Are delegates. -
fjy order of the Dnmocrutio Central
Committee. , ' ,
William Pat-tun, David Clabx,
K.Thomjkos, ' J. V. NlSunTil,
Val. Fans, 'Jona. Kluxer,
' Pbilii Farhuli,.
Benefit to Mr. Fredericks.
Ily the followiog orrespondence it will be
seea that a large number of our citizens have
leodered a Complimentary Benefit to Mr.
Fredericks, the popular manager of tha
"Soirees Dramatique, at Beckel Hall. This
U a compliment worthily bestowed. The
eminent success which has attended the ef
forts of Mr. Fredericks to furnish us with a
series of refined and intellectual entertain
ments, entitles him lo a demonstration of
this kind. We are pleased to note that so
many of our moit prominent citisene thus ap
preciate bis efforts as a manager and his
courteous bearing as a gentleman. That the
"benefit" will be one in all respects worthy o
the occasion, we cannot doubt :
DAYTON, August 19, 1865.
B FreUnrkt, Mtmngtr:
Sia i The undersigned mtliens of the City of nay
Ion hnve llneasr with plrssiira the sunxras I list hw
Ufindrd your eltortsst biwkel Hull, sod Uke pleas
lire in bearing testimony te the arusbo and proles
Bionxl manner olllw entertainmeais, to ihir chast
anitinstritclive sfitretfous, end as a more snhstaotial
elirHioDnlournppreciAton of your wall dire -ted
snort?, we bee; leave lo tender ynu a Complimentary
- ...d ., , i -.-. y,iu innjr miRKest,
Wo are very respectfully,
Charles Anderson IJ A Uayuns
I. II Uuiu-kel
Jonsthsn ttennev
J 1) I'hilhps
M Hurrous
lleorge Wogamsa
H Nintent
J T llarker .
Henry Kline
U Viik
f! h Bsamsna 1 '
John K I'milliis
II II M -Milk.n
I' P Mender
H R WtilMey
W li ijillwrt
J V I'-rnso
II KHreior
i J Bolville
Kie'ding l,oury
B J Hates
A 8 Bsles
Levi Hpellmsn
Titos M John
Win Halloa
Wm lia-key
J V Jacquelh
J H Young
John Howard
Corne'ins Holtin
I, W Teaney
W Oralghoed
II R Hlevuus
J W llinlnch
Uee Ownn
T 0 Henlley
H smith
N Oomly
Thor H lldhs
W J Oomly
W H llillespie
1)0 Kilen
1) W Hesse
l,eo K rsmer
U J Bsringer
J Z Reeder
J U Krnldlnr
r) H Csm
P H I.Hjnh.rd
tl U WslhridKe.
PHILLIPS HOUSE, August 19th, 1865.
)iTi ,s: Your Only gratifying; fsvor hss been
duly re-eivrrt, and I hsi-len lo rrspoud. While most
Krsleliilly sceeptln the compliment you have ,o gen
erously lendersd me, I stsro know how adequslely
to expresi my deep sense ol the honor you hsv con
ferred upon me It Is Isit two short weeks sinoe I
euUirad your Iwautirul city, an utter and entire stran
uertoyouall. I had, however, a strong aud arsdine
Inith in the taste and lilwrality of your eiusus and
delermioe.1 ss far as lay la my power and Ihe IsciliUes
st my eo-nmsnd would permit, to utter youaeries ol
snt. rlBinnMint-1 In some degree worthy of your acoep
Inure. The generous patrousge allorded me lor the
pail two weeks, would seem tolnduiate that I have
lu a miMiMiire, succeeded in my object. I reel, very
sensitively, thn many aci, f kindness, of which I
have been the recipient, while in this city, and would
h. g, most earnestly, to assure you, gentlemen, thnt
during my necessarily short sojourn in your midst it
will tie my persistent purpose to still further merit
your support nnd kind oonsjderallr n.
The talented young artiit, Kdmund Coles, has
most generouly surrendered next Thursday evening,
and moreover volunteered his valuable servloes lor
Uie occasion. Alter due considernUon with my stage
manager, I would respeeiAilly suggest thai thebeuetit
take place nn tluu; evening, Thursday, August ylth.
at Heckel Hall. a
Rvery effort will he mndeto render Ihe entertain
moiit iu every re.peut worthy the ocuasion.
I lieg most resiieelfully to iiitmcribe myself
To Anderson, i). A llnynes, l It.
tlunckel, Jiinslhsn Kenuey, J. I). I'hillips, J. K.
Young anu others.
noVKR-KNKIHI.Y On Thursday, August 24th,
lsas, at thn residence of the bride's hither, at IWylon
View, hv the Kev. 8. T-lhot, Ma Jcsna G Bovsa
and Miss M. Lizsia Kssisli, dauijliler of Uamuel
Kneisly, Ksq. Mo Cards,
In return for their kindly remembrance or the
printers, we oordially tender the nsppy pair onr
etneeie congratulations, and express to Ihem the
heartfelt wish Ihsl not a single cloud of sorrow or
misfortune may ever cast Its shallow across the path
way of their future II ves.
BY virtue of and In oliedinnoe to an ordsr ot the
Probate Court, of Montgomery County, Ohio,
I will sell at uutilie sale untie nreinisns onHatiip.l.v
the TM day olHeptemlier, 1TO6, at iwo o'elock P.M.,
the, following dni-erilAd real estate, taikingm 10 Uie
enisle of ilenry Hagedom (also called emilh) de
oeaseil, to wit: Hltuate la Ihe city ol Dsyton, in the
ci.imly of Moalfoniery, in the Hlata ol Ohio, on
viiiiuu sireetasar oie liayuin anu Hicmgin rreield
Ueimt. Lot numbered eluhleen hnnilrnd ut-.d hIimimr
tlslk) accordina' to Uie revised plat of ssid city of
On said premises la erected a large brick- house
with tea rooms, whirb wsa apprsised at thirty six
hundred doM.ru (Sa.unu.ou) nd can nol sail for less
than 00 iree of dower. Teims of sale, one third
cash, one third ia one, and one third in two years
Irnai day of sale, w th Interest from data of ale, and
secured by a Mortgage on the premises.
AUKUSt, aui 1SOB
i , Administrator of ttanur v Hauilara. Sm'S
ON the 14th day of July IS, Ihe undersigned was
appointed and qualified as Administrator of the
estate of I'eter Kagie, late Montgomery oonntf
Ohio, deoeasad, ,i - OUAUK KAbLG.
Ohio , Insurance Company
,' ' 1) A Y T O N,
Auriumizien CAPITAL... ,. , II w eon
ASdKTH 106,1100
I M i.. . UU0IOB) UAbU.
Fire and Marine Riska
taken at Current Rates.
William (Hekey, Jonathan It enney, "
- Joseph M Tueaer, O. L. Vsllamhgliain,
lleorge A. Oroya, Abraham Caiilll,
Juuu Wisg'm, Uamtlton M. Turner,
PelerT. Lackey.
' WILLIAM DICKKT, President.
JONA. HAK8DM AN, Treasurer.
w. H. 0lLl.asviB,8ecri,ury, maU4
Teutoula Insurance Company
Dayton, Ohlo.C
"(Hqmre Stoppelman's OfBue.)
This Compauyia now ready in do business, and wll
" at reaionahlb rates.
JohnHsnlloh, John V. Nsuerth,
' John Htenlians. John Uettelon.
- I.awis Heiaia, rredera-k Kuwresuhoerer,
liuury Miller, ' Jolin H. Mtoppalman,
Jaeoh iei:ker
JOHN HANITOU, President.
Jons H. 8Torrei.au. SeereUry. maldtf
TJ BRNT anomfurUbla dwaiin bouac, with bftm
aitit aiabl) (or nuia mmi dun, mu4 mmm Mwluriiif,
m l-Ajlwraontown, lyUia Vw, or Uvo ur Uiruu
milJN m tU ouunu-jr.
AJ.Ir-H-L-Hi Vox Ul, Pout 0A1u, I ay Wo, O. .
ati )W lixw
lb Nisperlwr Cwart,
Lessee Mansger ,....B. VRRIiRRIOKd
Wage Mansgsr CHAS. BILL
TiiiMn week or
mA"IO ri.HTIino.lALlll.NI't ITTU
I Mr. B- Fredericks.
j Tbli KymIbk, AoRnst il, IK65,
Will he presented, for the first lime in Iiavtoo, the
fashionable and popular Comedy ol
Jlolly Rpanker Fdmlind Ooles
Lady Uay Speaker Mrs. H. A Perry
On account of the great esre necessary to the
proper production, together with the length of this
t-'omsdy, it will constitute the evening's performance.
Admisnion, SO cents: Oallery, sit cents.
Keserveil seats na i hs procured at Kinney's Mu.io
Store, without ettra charge,
lloors open at 7H p. in. Ovorlure at S r m.
New Advertisements.
Kerosene Cooking & Healing
thk-jis Cooking s'iovkh will "
BIKE, Belli, 8TKW, I K V & HOAST.
With the greatest economy and taellitv, and with
out heating the room la which they are med They
are perfectly simple, operating like an ordioarv Ke
rosene Lamp with a chneney, and are ties only Kero
sene stoves that burn without smokenr oior.
"Wo have been fierlectly astonished t see what a
labor taving. dirt-saving and hent-.aving Institution
tha cost ol running it, snd the re.ult alUieeil, it is
the liest intent in tne market." Wiuadte VnUyHpti.
"iir iteiumg anu uooaing stoves are very sonve
nient and economical, esoeeislly where a fire is re
quired butafew hours ata time.
Orders for Bloves msy lie s.nt through American
Advortising Agency, :i8 Hrnailwny, New York.
LKSLMY KLLlor, Uaaufacliirers,
auglDSwd , No. 41(4 Drsadway, . V.
Entrance, Third Htraet, next dsiar t
Foat Office, ilia Ihrawgli fUeealx
TH R attracUons have been grestly increased hy two
new and elegant four pocket tsh'ee with Bruns
wick's latest improved patent cushions and a gen
eral renovation and refitting of Ihe whole establish,
inent. He is thankful for-pssl fsvors and s.dieits re
sieclfhlly a continuance or the nuMin patmasge.
LKsyiD WILLIAMS, Proprietor.
Real Estate Agents.
nice 833 Third Htreet North Hide
(Opposite Town Clock.)
For Sals, Flax Factory, oocuieed by Messrs, llsvies
A Co., wilh machinery, and 0 acres of land.
A farm leu acres I mile north of Hrewa's -latins on
Western K. B., on Twin Croek, well improved.
A hrick house, eor of Hrown aod Ana Hta.
AdouMe frame house on Hese street;
A doulse frame house ou Wslnut street
A doulse frame house on Kiith -treat
A farm of 66 acres, 2Vi miles irom Dayton ;
A term of 14 wees, T miles from Oaytoa I
A farm offiOaarsaonUreenville R. R;
A arm of IU3 acres near (Jermantowo ;
A brsik house oa Killa street, No.ka7 ; ,
A (arm or 7ti acras, well improved, fine brick house,
and beat Twin bottom land i mile west ef tier-
A lai m of M acres good improvements at Brown's
Btationon Western K. K
A well Improved Isnn of luo acres, two miles east ot
Honora, na Western railroad.
A good hanseaad large lot on Main slreet, No tM.
A arm of 76 screi on dermanloKU pike, S miles from
Two small larms, well improved adjoining Liberty,
, mum, irom uayton, oi M anuzu aunss eacn.
A aumbcrnr houses and loisin diOerent iisria of the
citv. All will be sold ohean.
P. K. OTlel.
VI, . HirPAKU.
Not. 9HU and 91, !:( Hcnd (.,
W B fliin now olter grout iniiuoemooM to
nr ouiu wn. 9t MrtJ Work, ihir
ttM'1. of MhduiIii ia Uim nrgt in bm
foiiDii in tuiv houiM in lit Wii, mnd mi
llinn Ktutrn pnosan. UAl.L AN1
lBI. We btiva bouMht (r tuli Urite
tttaot'k unit Hill b Ttmcty to npplv tti
IrwlM iu ttuy Inpu, at llm lowoii jn.n.
j-1-t.im LAIOW A WlNlsHa .
THK aboTsi waH k 'flwn lTouiw, hftting riwntly
chstni((wl tim itla, In now 0md, anl ndlArg;oi)iir
l4Urtiv .vlter-tiuDHand Imprornmeutiifur ttitiww'onio 1
i niton of the I rave iou public, ho itiu mil l
dmi-wmI lo mast tlm Phi liu Hmiao, dm huretoforti, in
va renci, ft VI HUT LAt HVi Kl,
JelVttf J. T. HAH Li KB, frop'r.
owrry youan ilo aoby aiirmi m. I will
wail tou, witlwut moooyausJ viftlioui pno. valuahtVa ;
inlorinatioa, that will enabla you to marry Itippiiy
ftniapM0lily, irrpH.'Uv of ), waltli or ldMiay.
'1'u.a iDforinAtion will not you no Un ax aoJ If you
Wi-h to marry, 1 will ohasrfully aaui-t you. AM tel. '
Un1 at nelly eouMantial, Tha UeDirttJ inrnnnatiOB
Mat by rotura mail, and uornwanlMNkaiJ. PlMHth.
eloaa paiUft or itampati ouvlop, RJUrrniiei to
yuuMAir. AUdraaa,
CiriMtUiMfibi. t
mlaUtui Kiiii-Uo , hw York.

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