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From the Montreal Gazette, June 27.
Col. Prince, a White Member of Parlia
ment, proposes a Colored Botany Bay
The object to go to the Manitoulin
Islands Indignation Meeting Col.
j mice s liepty, denou
Icnouncing his Color-
nt Jfrelhrcn.
At an adjourned meeting of the col
ored citizens of Toronto, called to ex
press a sense of their indignation at the
speech of Col. Prince, delivered in the
Legislative Council on the Oth inst., the
following preamble and resolutions, as
reported by the Committee through their
chairman, Dr. II. T. Augusta, wore read,
received, and, after speeches from sev
eral gentlemen unanimously adopted :
Whereas. It has pleased Col. Prince.
n member of the Legislative Council ol
this province, in moving an address to
the Governor (Jeneral (to restore to the
commission of the peace Alessrs. Wilk
inson and Woodbridgc, who were dis
missed from the same for conuiving at
the rendition of Archy Linton, a color
ed man, to the authorities of the United
State) to use the following language
relative to the colored citizens of the
province :
That, "they arc extremely demoral
ized, repaying with ingratitude, witli
pilfering theft, and other vices and
crimes, the kindness they have received
at our hands."' '-In his opinion, they
should be kept separate, and not allow
ed to taint the atmosphere and corrupt
white society, and he advised that a co
lony of them should be founded in the
Manitoulin Islands, or some other
place." Lan;uare which for vitupera-
atian and prejudice against the colored
man can only be equalled by the most
ignorant of mankind.
And whereas, the said Colonel Prince
is the last man in this province to speak
so disparagingly of the colored people,
inasmuch as, during their rebellion ol'
1838. when he was in command of the
troops in the western part of this prov
ince; he walked arm in arm with color
ed men, and when his life was in dan
ger (as he very justly did) executed
without judge or jury the rebels or bor
der ruffians whom he fell in with or cap
tured, it was colored men who guarded
his person and household, not one of
whom was ever a rebel or a traitor.
And whereas, the said Colonel Prince
owes his election, the distinguished po
sition which he now holds, to the votes
of colored men; and much of his earth
ly gains has accumulated" from a lucra
tive practice among his colored clients ;
And whereas, it has pleased Almigh
ty God to enlighten the understanding
of British statesmen to give that boon
to the colored man. which few other
countries have given, namely: to be
free as soon as his foot touches British
soil, and ultimately enjoy all the rights
and privileges of a citizen. Therefore
it ill becomes a petty colonist counsel
lor, at this progress of enlightmcnt, to
advise the Governor to colonize her cit
izens on a barren island of sand in Lake
Huron. They who have fought, bled
and died to keep this beautiful country
from the grasp of the iniquitous slave
holding and despotic republic adjoining
us, to starve them out, which is only in
keeping with the black-hearted scheme
of the American Colonization Society,
which receives it impulses from the
blood-stained gold of the South. And
for ought we know "southern gold" is
doing its work of corruption and bribe
ry with the men of this province in high
places, to carry on this new scheme of
colonization, degradation and kidnap
ping, to deter colored men from emi
grating to this province. Therefore,
1st. Bcsolvcd, That the charges made
by Col. Prince, the self-styled "model
of old English gentlemen" against the
general character of the blacks, (as re
ported in the Daily Colonist, of the 10th
inst.) are treacherous and false in the
extreme, and that the disgusting and
despotic language used in making those
charges whether induced by bribes of
southern gold or bad excited spirit, did
so "taint the atmosphere" of Legisla
tive Council as to cause several ladies to
withdraw from the Council Chamber.
2d. Resolved, That we the colored ci
tizens of the city of Toronto, do cast
back into the teeth of Col. Prince the
foul imputations contained in his speech,
a? a base slander of our character as ci
tizens, calculated to foster prejudices
agaiust us and degrade us.
3d. Resolved, That we will resist by
every means in our power, any invasion
of our rights as citizens; and will hold
up to public scorn and contempt all
such panders to American prejudices
against color.
4th. Resolved. That we recommend
to the constituents of Col. Prince, that!
tlmv ronrtosr. him to rnsio-n Kant in
the Legislative Council immediately, as!
being morally unlit to represent them,
and as exhibiting a pusillanimousncss
toward the colored people, without a pa-
rallel in the legislative proceedings of
this province, not excepting thc resolu-
tions of the notorious Larwill.
5th. Resolved, That it is the opinion
of this meetin-r that the colored people
throughout this province should unite
in the expression of a most decided de
testation of both Prince and Larwill,
who have shown themselves as mote
despotic demagogues, and among the
bitterest enemies of the colored man.
and should set the seal of condemnation
upon all disposed so to act.
ith. Kesolved. J hat we return our
heartfelt thanks to his Excellency the'
General, and his constitution-!
a! advisers, for the promptness with
which they acted in defending our
rights by dismissing Messrs. Wilkinson
and Woodbridgc, which will, no doubt,
deter others from doing likewise. And
they will ever hold a permanent place
in our memory.
7th. Resolved. That we will ever hold
dear the flag which gives us protection
life, liberty and property: and
tled"0 ourselves to her Most (Jraciou
Queen Victoria, to be ever ready, at a
moment's warning, to defend the coun
try of our adoption, at all hazards.
8th. Resolved, That we tender our
sincere thanks to Mr. Grrat. for the
prompt action he took in laying before
His Excellency the Governor the case
of the man Lanton.
Oth. Resolved, That a copy of this
preamble and resolutions be forwarded
to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, 11 is
Excellency the Governor (Jeneral and
the members of the Executive Council
of this Province.
It was then moved and seconded that
the proceedings of this meeting be pub
lished in the Colonist, Provincial Free
man, Frederick Douglas' paper, and the
Globe, which was amended by striking
out the Globe. Carried.
Moved and seconded, That, whereas
this meeting is of the opinion that the
colored people of the province are un
der continued and renewed obligations
to the proprietors of the Toronto Colo
nist, for the decided, out-spoken and
disinterested course pursued by their
paper from time to time, in favor of our
sufferings. Therefore, resolved, that
this meeting do recsmmend that press
and paper as worthy of the confidence
and patronage of colored people; and
therefore do earnestly urge that they
patronize them as much as possible.
;nii vcr.V simple description of the dark
iiovcrnor ics as a body, aud it would be endorsed
j excepted) in the category above des
of weicribed. To conclude, ycu ':rcntleiuen
To the Editor of the Colonist:
Dear Sir : Your valuable paper of
yesterday has afforded mo a rich treat
and not a little fun, in the report of an
indignation meeting of the "colored ci
tisens" of Toronto, held for the purpose
of censuring me. Perhaps I ought not
to notice their proceedings perhaps it
would be more becoming in me to allow
them to pass at once into the oblivion
which awaits them, but as it is the fash
ion in this country not iinfrequeiitl' to
assume that to be true which appears in
print against an individual, unless he
flatly denies the accusation, I shall, at
least for once, condescend to notice
these absurd proceedings. They deal
in generalities, and so shall I.
Of the colored citizens of Torcnto I
know little or nothing; no doubt, some
are respectable enough in their way and
performing inferior duties belonging to
their station tolerably well. Here, they
are kept in order in their proper place
but their "proceedings'" are evidence
of their natural conceit, their vanitv,
and their ignorance; and in them the
cloven foot appears, and evinces what
they would do if they could. I believe
that in this city, as in some others of
our province, that they are looked upon
as necessary evils, and only submitted
to because white servants are so scarce.
But I now deal with these fellows as
a body, and I pronounce them to be as
such, the greatest curse ever inflicted
upon the two magnificent western coun
tries which I have the honor to repre
sent in the Legislative Council of this
Province, and few men have had the ex
perience of them that I have.
Among the many estimable qualities
they possess, a systematic habit of lying
is not the least prominent; and the
"colored citizens'' aforesaid, seem to
partake of that quality in an eminent
degree, because in their famous Resolu
tions they roundly assert that during
the Rebellion "I walked arm in arm
with colored men," that "I owe my
election to the votes of colored men"
and that I have "accumulated much
earthly gain," as a lawyer, among "col
ored clients." All Lies ! Lies ! Lies !
from beginning to end. I admit that
one company of blacks did belong to my
contingent battalion, but they made the
worst of soldiers, and were comparative
ly speaking, unsusceptible of drill or
discipline, aud were conspicuous for one
act only a stupid sentry shot the son
of one of our oldest colonels under a
mistaken notion that he was thereby
doing his duty. But I certainly never
did myself the honor of "walking arm
in arm'with any of the colored gentle
men of that distinguished corps. Then
as to my election. Few, very few blacks
voted for mc, I never canvassed them,
and hence I suppose they supported, as
a body, my opponent. They took com
passion upon "a monument of injured
innocence," and they sustained the mon
ument for awhile, upon the pedestal
their influence had erected. Rut the
monument fell, and the fall proved that
such influence was merely ephemeral;
and it sank into insignificant nothing
ness, as it should, and I hope ever will
do; or God help this noble land. Poor
Blackics ! Be not so bold, or no con
cjited, or so insolent, hereafter. I do
beseech you.
Then how rich I have become among
my "colored" citizens ! T assert, with
out the fear of contradiction, that I have
been the friend of our Western "dar
kies" for more than twenty years; and
amidst difficulties and troubles innumc-
l'a,jlo (for tne? are hu
have been their adviser.
ious race.) I
ind I never
m twetj pounds out of them in (hat
j long period ! 1 lie tact i- that ilie poor
1 treat tires had never the ability to pay
j lawyer s fees.
It has been my misfortune and the
; misfortune of my family to live among
) those blacks (and they have lived upon
i 0 twenty-four years. I have era-
ployed Hundreds ot them, and. with the
exception of one, named Richard Hun
ter, not one has ever done for us a weeks
honest labor. I have taken them into
my service, have fed and clothed them
year after year on their arrival from
the States, and in return have generally
found tli cm rogues and thieves, and ;i
graceless, worthless, thriftless, lying set
of vagabonds. That is my very plain
by all the cstern white men, with
very few exceptions.
I have had scores of George Washing
tons, Thomas JcfFer.sons, .lames Aladi
sons, as well as Dinahs, Glenoras and
Lavinias, in my service; and bunder
stand them thoroughly, and I include
the whole batch (old Richard Hunter
of color," cast and west, and especially.
i:colored citizens of Toronto," I thank
you for having given me an opportuni
ty to publish my opinion of 3our race.
Call another indignation meeting, and
there make greater fools of yourselves
than you did at the last; and then -to
supper with what appetite you may."
Believe me to remain, Mr. Editor.
Yours, very faithfully,
Toronto, June, 26th 1857.
P. S I think it proper to aUude to
the case of Messrs. Wilkinson and
Woodbridgc, of wh m the Darkies' re
solutions make mention, and who were
so improperly and unjustly dismissed
from the commission of the peace.
These two magistrates did their duty
they acted upon a statute which has
never been repealed, and they were dis
missed for not having acted upon a
statute which did not touch the offence
charged Horse Stealing! However,
there is some consolation iu reflecting
that the black rascal whom they caused
to be arrested was tried and convicted of
the crime charged, and will luxuriate
for six years jet to come in the State
Prison of Ohio. It is thought (and I
believe it. too.) that the "monument"
had much to do in influencing the Exe
cutive against those worthy Magistrates.
J. P.
That the Chase administration still
have 8540,000 of the people's money
unaccounted for.
Don't Forget : That Gibson has ac
knowledged under oath that he reieivod
all the money from his predecessor !
Remember : That the present Audit
or officially reports, that he counted the
money, and found it all in the vault of
the Treasury, after Mr. Gibson was in
possession of the office.
That Salmon P. Chase, well knowing
these acts, sought to deceive the people
with a false statement, that the deficit
occurred under the former administra
tion !
That the Chase Administration
have in seventeen months, increased the
taxes ; increased the public debt of the
State ; depreciated State predit ; lost
the confidence of the financial world :
that they now stand in a treasonable
attitude of defiance to the General Gov
ernment; and to culminate their infamy
OF THE people's money, for which
they defiontly refuse to render an account
! CoscIiocIoh Democrat.
That Wm. II. Gibson has stated dis
tinctly, and published to the world, that
the defalcation was caused by John (i.
Breslin, and that not one dollar of the
public funds had been lost by hint.
Ohio State Journal.
PLE, That Wm. H. Gibson -stated
distinctly, and published to the world,''
on the 7th day of April, 1S5!, that
Breslin had at stated times within six
weeks after leaving the Treasury, paid
him (Gibson) the ENTIRE AMOUNT
DUE at the expiration of his (Breslin 's)
term of office, lacking the $242,000
which was iloposito-,1 in rottem banks.
PLE, that Breslin caused a deficiency
of 82-12,000 by depositing money with
banks,-and has "stated distinctly, and
published to the world," who these
bankers were.
PLE, That Gibson has caused a defi
ciency of $648,000, and has NOT
" stated distinctly, and published to the
world,'' what use was made of this mo-ne-.
Crawford Co. Forum.
Just look at him ! Do you see that
individual with his hat high on the
bump of self-esteem his nose turned
up at everything distinguished by a
frantic disregard of the inimacculacy of
his shirt, or the tie of his handkerchief?
Mark with what superciliousness he
views all mundane things. With what
scorn does he gaze upon youths and
grown peojde, and how contemptible
appears every thing to his High Dain
tiness that was so attractive before.
lie is a father for the first time, and the
tiny, whining cherub is at homo iu em
broidered muslin; and the baby J'cs.
thc baby -is as fat as butler, and weighs
six pounds and a quarter. An intel
lectual boy. too well "red." Think of
that ! Six pounds and a quarter, and a
boy at that! Rlcss this iittle chubby
soul ! What projects are running in
that man s brain in regard to the new
comer. What a long way in the future
he is gazing after destiny, and lie sees
nothing less than a Governor, and may
hap a President, in thc little chubby
bo3r at home, weighing six aud a quarter
pounds. And the wif? the first baby-
she ever had she never thought she'd
be a mother, and wild witii joy, she is
caressing the shapeless little lump, and
goes mad with happiness at the contem
plation of her dear little sugar plum of an
offspring, six and a quait;r pounds.
The first baby is a new link to bind the
wedded pair together and cement it
the chain weighing six and a quarter
pounds. We congratulate our friend
upon thchurricanc of happiness that has
befalicu him. and ardently hope he will
fall down no ccllcr-ways or into any
coal-holes in his up-gazing pride, at hav
ing assisted to add one more to thc nu
merical strength ol' the country.
Cheating the Printer. The other
day, says the Dayton Journal, wo ob
served several Irish laborers trying to
decipher a written notice, although
written tolerably plain, could not be
read by the boys, and they asked us to
read it for them, which we of course did.
At the conclusion, one of them turned
to his comrade and remarked, in a very
impressive tone: ': Well, be jabers. L'll
nary buy of a man whose so naggardly
that he won't get his advertisement
printed ; he's chated the printer, an"
he'd chate me." They all acquiesced iu
thc decision of the spokesman.
CfyAt a concert, recently, at the
conclusion of thc song, There's a (iood
Tim" Coming, a country fanner got up
and exclaimed : -'Mister, couldn't you
fix the date'!'' "Yes, that is just what
we want -just give us the date. Mister."
rPHE undersigned offers for sale tlie MILL
JL and SAW MILL, together with 38 acres
of well cultivated land, known as the Weaver
property, situated 6 miles north-east of Eaton,
on the Eaton and Free Turnpike Road, and
within 300 yards or the contemplated Eaton
and Piqua R. R. The impro eintnts are a
Two Story Br'ck House, Frame Darn,
Stone Spring House, and 'fcrjjg all other ne
cessary out buildings a young apple
orchard and other fruit trees.
TERMS One-third cash the balance in
three annua! payments, to be secured by
mortgage on the premises, and to bear interest
from day of sale. For further information
inquire of JOEL SMITH, within half mile of
the property, or the subscriber, at West Alex
andria, Preble Co., Ohio.
j. McLean.
May 28, 1857 3m
Willi oi (J hose, Guardian 1 Preble Common
of Gbobok Clbviscieu heirs, 1 Plena.
vs. I Petition for
William Cr.GvixuEn, et al. J Partition.
William Clerinscr, Jonathan Clevinger. Eliza
beth Cleringer, Oarriel Cleringer, Banna A.
Cleringer, Jane Clevinger, Elizabeth Claringer,
(widow of William Clei'infrer, iSFr-. deceased ;)
and Adaline Clevineer, (widow of Ueorge Clev
inger, deceased.) will take notice that a partition
was tiled against them on the 18th day of June,
1857. ill the Court of Common Pleas of Preble
County, Ohio, by William Grose, guardian, and
next friend of William, Ephraim, Charles W.
Nelson, Hilton, E'izabetn and George W. Cler
injyer, minors, and is now pending, wherein the
said petition demands partition of the following
lands in Preble County, Ohio, to wit : A part of
the N. W. quarter, section 24, T., 4, 11. . 3 E ,
and being 109, SO oil" the North part of said quar
ter, as described iu a deed to William Clevinger,
Sr.. recorded iu vol. 3, page 40, land records of
Preble County.
Also, a part of the N. E quarter of section 24,
T. 4. R , 8 E, Being 14, 50 acres oil' the west part
ot said quarter, as described in a deed toWm.
Clevinger Sr.. recorded in vol. 4, page 204 land
records of Preble County ; subject to the dower
estates of Elizabeth Clevinger and Adaline
Clevinger, widows. And that at the next term
of said Court, (commencing third Monday of
September next) application will be made by
said Petitioner for an order to assign dower and
make partition of said premises.
June 33-St Ally's for pitta.
Calista Axx StwiiiJ, "1 Preble Common Pleas,
vs. ', Petition for Divorce
EIbsbt II- StLXaet. j and Alimony.
The said Hem y II. SkaggS is hereby notilicd
that on the Bib day ol June. lSoT, the said Ca
lista Ann Skaggs Died in the Court ot" Common
Pleas of Preble County, Ohio, her petition,
wherein she prays a divorce and alimony al eg
ing for the cause " gross neglect of duty:'' Sue
also asks the care, custody aud control of their
infant child.
The said cans. will be beam at the September
Term, A. D..1857, of said Court, and a decree
asked by default in case the defendant fails to
W. J. & J. A. GILMORE, Atty'a Tor ptff.
June 18 6t
Over the Post Office.
C. J . rX ATLOR,
(late fbbscott.1
Rook Bi.itlca' mid D!nnK ISooK
J?l:iiEiil:tcli& rev.
Is now prepared to do a if Kinds i Jinuing,
an surpassed for style elegance and durabilitv.
Comity Records, Blank Ifook of every deenn
tion, ruled to order. Newspapers, Music, Miia
.iiics. Lfiw I!ouktfT tfcc . &.C., bound in 1 lie most
;miivoyl'iI manner at the lowest r.os.sible prices.
JU would also inform dealers in Blank Books,
that lie is now manufacturing iu lanre quanti-
! ties and in superior style.
Ulauk iiocUs.
of every description, for the trade, which lie can
furnish to wholesale dealers lower than any oth
er establishment in the West. Give mc a call
and see for yourselves.
Richmond. Januarv S; 1So7.
v. DEjrxr.
HBXjzr Goocn.
ForiYurditts & Commission Merchants.
o. tS cV ISO. West Columbia
BUY and seP F'our, Grain, Seeds. Pork, Lard,
and all kinds of Produce on Commission, and
will attend to the Forwarding of all kinds of
Consignment s,and to the pure ha sine of a!! kind-
f Merchandize on orders. A liberal share t f
public iatronarc is respectfully solicited.
April 2:3. 357 jui
Good stabling' for Forty or Fifty Horses.
J line 1 9, I 856 ; f.
Office South East Corner of Marsh & Lock
wooi's Bnildiag, Second Story.
Will attend promptly to all business entrusted
in li is curt- in this atit! adjoining counties.
N. 15. Particular attention paid to the col
lection of claims, artilioiiinj of Lands and
settlement of Bstates.
April 10, i S3G. ly.
From 10 to 20 Tons ol Flax
Persons baviiigauy tr.unpod Flux Straw of
the cropori85'5, oroftattt rear, if of good aver
age length, and not iltfoaved bj exposure to
wreathcr, can hear of a purchaser ly application
to either B. Mio shall ot- Ueo l. Hendricks, de-
: lircred i it baton bT the hr.-t ut alarch next.
Feb. 18 If.
' a,000 K!!.5nHs White & Brown
Flaxseed tn l.t:tn.
THE i idei-sijrned has Two Thousand Bushels
Good (.Mean Flaxseed to f,onn on reasonable
j terms. Persons wishing to Borrow, irillplease
call at mv tirocerv, wucrc will he loulul n line
assort ment .r
Jo en. Sti jarx. 'E'cus, Salt. Fisra;
' cinal purposes, sold cheap
i Bastcnd STirsh A Lnskurood's new Building
! Main Street . Baton . Ohio.
k. s. ;rxNixc:UAM.
Uarctf, J-2 ,1355.
Ee. s. siiELEae & .,
I Corner of Main & Baron streets, West of the
Qourt House. Baton, ()..
Keep constantly on hand all kinds of Ameri
can aud Italian MAIilil.i:. Terms reasonable,
and satisfaction Driven in all eases.
January s. ls.-,7tf
I3re Liquors
INSECTED and Warranted and sold only
forMcdicinal purposes bv
I . ei nrifiignii'ii
ia rsj ipnr tx as ' -
.Haiti Street, Eaton. Opposite the
"Satioual Hotel.
Jan. 22 Iy.
WILLOW & CEDAR WARE a line assort
ni en t for sal e al the Grocerv Store of
BASKETS, Buckets. Tubs, Churns and othc
irticlesof Ccdaraud Willow-Wan now fo
-nle atthedroccrvof
rrWlK finest MiirkeraleverolTered I he people
-Loi" Baton, just opened and for sale t t!i
G ro.ee ry f,f R . S. CUNNINGHAM.
SOAP AX O CANDLES A first ml.- article
fur ,alc bv I, WHS AM) II LOOM KIICLP.
ooISi ,f.e"Cf o . J of the State
bree-fiftha ot the members elected to
hfr h. - UCOlU'U,7'.,,n,t T'r- lh,at.t beaud,
11 e re O V IS i in n '.i i -. i 1 1 1 T I , m . . . c 1 1 . i . i . t t 1 1 v t ! t , .
hereby is proposed to the electors of this State
to vote on the second Tuesday of October next,
upon the approval or rejection of the following
amendments as a substitute for the twenty-fifth
Section of the second Article of the Constitution
and for the sccoud Section of the same Article,
and for the third Section of th eleventh Article,
viz: All regular sessions of the General Assem
bly shall commence oa thc tirst Monday of Jan
uary, annually. Senators shall be olected bien
nially, aud Representatives annually, by the
electors of their respective counties or districts
on the second Tuesday of October. Their term
ot oiuce snail commence en the hist clav of Jan-
a-iry next after their election, and that of Sena
tors snail continue two years, and that of Repre
sentatives elected at the same time shall hold
their olliccs for one year. Provided, that seven
teen of the Senators elected on the second Tues
day of October, 18."7, to be ascertained by lot, as
the President of the Senate may direct, shall
hold their ollice for only one year, and their suc
cessors shall be elected on the sccoud Tuesdav
of October, one thousand eight hundred and fifty
eight, and biennally thereafter. When any
county shall have a fraction above the rates tor
Representatives so large that being multiplied
by t n, the result shall be equal to one or more
ratios, additional Representatives shall be ap
portioned for Bach ratios among the several ses-
sioils of llle deeellni:il lieriod ill the Fnllnvinir
maimer. If there he nnlv one r.ilio then a Ron-
resentative shall be allotted to thc tenth session
of the decennial period.
If there are two Ratios Representatives shall
be allotted to the ninth and tenth sessions; If
three to the eighth, ninth, aud tenth sessions; If
four to the seventh, eighth, ui nth and tenth: If
five to the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and
tenth; If six to the tilth, sixth, seventh, eighth,
ninth and tenth: If seven to thc fourth, fifth,
sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth; If eight
to the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth,
ninth and tenth: If nine to the second, third,
fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and
tenth sessions of the deccuuial period respec
tively. In determining the number of Senators to
which any Senatorial district might be entitled
in any decennial period, by reason of any Trac
tion of a senatorial ratio, the fraction shall be
multiplied by live, and if the result be equal to
one senatorial ratio, an additional Senator shall
be allotted to said district for the ninth and
tenth sessions. If it be equal to two such ratios
an additional Senator for the seventh, eie-hth.
ninth and tenth sessions shall be allotted to such
district If three then to the fifth, sixth, sev-j
entb. eighth, ninth aud tenth.
If four, to the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, ser
enth, eighth, ninth and tenth sessions respec
tively. If this amendment be adopted by the
electors, the counties now entitled to mote than
one member in either or both branches of the
Legislature in the fourth and fifth sessions of the
present decennial period ns now provided, shall
nave a like number of members of each branch
thereof for each session of the present decennial
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 3. 1857
Resolved by thc General Assembly of theJSlatc
;' Ohio, Three-fifth of the members elected to
each House concurring therein, that il be. and
hereby is, proposed tothe electors of this State
to vote on the second Tuesday of October next.
upon the approval or. rejection of (be following
amendment, as a substitute for thcliftbaud sixth
sections of the fourth article of the Constitution,
viz: Sec 5. District Courts shall be held in
each county ?.t least once in each vear, bv one or
more District Judges elected by the electors of
separate districts to be prescribed by law, who
shall bold their ollice for live vcars: aud during
iheir continuance iu office shall reside in the
district for which they arc elected. i he prov" -sionsof
thc fourteenth section of this article
shall apply to District Judges The General
Assembly may by law authorize the judges of the
District Court, and of the courts of common
pleas, to tix thc times of holding their respective
courts. Cutil District Judges shall have been
elected and qualified, district Courts shall be
held by the Judges of the Supreme Court and of
flu. Citurla of tommon I'lens an llniv llnthnr!Ml
s.r. The District Court shall have sue, in-
risdiction as may be provided by law, and the
judges thereof 'shall have and exercise such
in m't'i a nu iu i.viKii"" ut ".i uiut: if, a i itt iniiv ui
I required to sit as jtiugcsot the Courts ol Com
inon Pleas as shall be directed bv law.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 3d, 1857
Kesolved by thc General Assembly of thc Stale
of Ohio, Three -lift lis of the members e ectcd to
each branch, concurring therein, that it be and
hereby, is proposed te the electors of the State,
to vote on the second Tuesday of October next,
io approve or reject the following amendment as
a sub st it ulc for the second and third sections of
the twelfth article of the Constitution.
All property, personal, and real, shall be sub
cct to taxation by a uniform rule, at thc true
value thereof in money,bul suchdeductionsfrom
eredits may be allowed asthc General Assembly
may deem expedient: Provided, that burying
grounds, public school houses, and allothcrpub
He n-oncrtv. ami all Institutions of purely public
charity, and all houses used exclusively for pub
lic worship, shall be exempt from taxation; and
if the total value of the personal property of any
person shall not exceed fifty dollars, the same
may be exempt from taxation. All property em
ployi d in banking shall always bea - a burden '"
taxation e.pial to that imposed on the property of
indi riduals.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
April 3d, 1857
Resolved bv tbeOcneral Asscmblyof the State
of Ohio. Three-lift list he members elected to each
house concurring therein. That il be and hereby
i s proposed to the elector.- ef thc State, on the sec-
ond Tuesday of October next to approve or reject
thc followiilgamendineiit as a substitute for the
first and second sections of the thirteenth article!
of thc Constitution" Viz: Corporations, of every"
desciption .shall be created, an ! corporate powers
granted only by general laws which shall define
the powers, privileges and immunities and pre-
scribe the duties and liabilities of each class or
descriptions of corpora: ions, buttbetioneral As-
sembly may enact special laws for the relief of
corporations in necufia r cases, anil may in ike spe
cial provisions in regard to corporations, in ea-
ses whcrcfroni their peculiar location or interests
such special provisions are required, nud may!
from time to time niter or repeal all -such laws,;
as are authorized bv tins; section.
Speaker the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
sol red bv t he ' encr&l Asaefnblj of the Si 1 1
three-lift hs of ihe members elected b
each Ucmse ctuie;:rrir.ir therein, that it be. and:
hereby i- Mrnsri to the electors of this S;.;tt- lit
vote on tiu- second Tncsdivron October nexi . upon
tl;e approval orrcjeel ion of tin following amend-
ment as an additional s 'etiouto art icle eleven of
, the Constitution. Krerj coutztjr which now is or
mav hereafter bo entitled to more than one Sen-
i a tor or Itepre eutativc Partite H'sMlneoIihepres
j out decennial period, or for all or anv port ion of
j any subsequent decennial period shall be divided
I into as nn ny Scnatorin 1 and Representative tli s-
j tricts as there may be Senatorors or Represetila-
S tire elective io anv year of the precnt,or any!
j snbs'tjuent decennifl I period , which district-hail
; be of contigions territory, and each district shall
i con tail a. nearly a ratio for Senator or Repre-
sent a i veas is attainable i t ho a vhdat ing the rale
' herein piveti as to continuity of teiritory, ard
t without dividing any to'.vnship. elect ion precinct
I or ward. If any Representative. or Senatorial
district, composed of two or more counties shall
bv reason of any excels of population over a ra
tio, be entitled to additional Representatives
or Senators for any p- riu n of the present or any
j Biibsorpienl decennial period, thc district snail
l be divided into two districts, for each portion, of
' such decennial period, which shall be contigu
1 nus territory, aud each shall contain as near a
ratio as is attainable without dividing counties,
j lrbv reason of the annexation or one Senato
rial disl rict to another, there shall be any excess
of population vera Senatorial ratio, which shall
be entitled to additional Senatorial represent
I at'on for any portion of anv decannial period,
t each district, as now constituted shall elect aic
Ceunties s'lall be dindedinto districts bv ihe
county commissioners oj such other boa rd of iffi
era eTertn-c aud re idcirt iu tha proper coanti
ns may be provided by law. At least four month
Prior to the general election in 1358. the counties
entitled to more tlian one member of either houob
shall be divided into districts for the residue of
the prcsent decennial period, and rt lenst four
montll, ior to ,,,e ral c,ectiou iu thc first
0fe!Lcb suWlfuellt decennial period, thc
.. .... 1 . ' . 1
counties entitled to more than cue member for
all, or any portion of such decennial reriod, in
either or both houses, shall be divided into dis
tricts for the whole of the decennial period. A
description of the district of each county shall
be published as may be directed by the county
commisiouers or as niav be prescribed bv law.
Speaker the House of Representatives
President of the Senate.
President of the Senate. April 3d, 1857.
COLUMBUS, April 4, 1857.
hereby certify that the foregoing proposed
Constitution amendments are correctly copied
from Hie original rolls on file in this office.
Secretary of State.
This rare perfume and cosmetic is prepar
ed from TnoricAt. flowkrs of surpassing fra
grance, withou t any atlmixlure of coarse es
senlial oils, which form the staple of many
"Essences" and "Extracts for the Toilel."
Its Aroma is as inexhanstabie as that of the
"Farina Cologne," and as fresh and delicate
as the breath of living blossoms.
What arc its Antecedent's 1
For twer.tp years it has maintained i'sasctn
dency over all other perfumes lhfoighoit
Cuba, South America and Hie West Indies.
It has been introduced into the United Sta'c-s,
in response to the earnest demand growing out
of its SOUTHERN RKl'CT.VriOX A cuie for
As an odor for the handkerchief, it is as
delicious ns the "Oilo of Roses." It lends
freshness and transparency to the complexion;
and removes headache and fairness.
Beware of imilationa. Look for the name
or MURRAY & LANJIAN on the Bottle,
Wrapper and Ornamented Labei. Sold by U.
T. LA N.MAN & Co., wholesale drnegisleNo.
C9 Water Street, New York, nud by .al! drug
cists, at 50 cents per bottle.
Mothers, Save Your CbiSdrcn.
They nie infallible for the cure of
The peculiar properties which belong lo
tvriiip s Lozenges, rave never belore heen
i combined in any preparation.
They are al
I ractive lo the eye, ns a
j Sweatilieat Cf BellClOUS Flavor,
rapid, yet harmless in their operation, coin
I posed solely of
and requite no Mercury lo be taken before or
' after '.hem. They do their work more I ho
I roughly than any of the nauseous "ermifut'ts
I of the day.
:s considered by the most distinguished Pby
siciaus.jlo be worms among children. 1 1 i
scarcely necessary, therefore, to put molheJs
on tneir guard against this insidious complaint
or to recommend them to lake prompt steps to
remove il bv the use of Hie only true remedy,
KEM PS PASTILLES, presented in such t
palatable form, I hat children lake thi-m eagerh
without coaxing. Sold by D. T. LANMAN
& CO., 69 Water Street. New York, and by
all druggists, at 25 e n's per boille.
For sale bv UKOOKIXS & SOX.
April 2, l'SiT Jy.
J . F . BBOOKI X S & SO X ,
Baron St., Eaton, O.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers iu American
English, French and Geioiaii Dru's,
Paints, Oils,
BriisneSi ii!:iss,
Patty, Perfumery,
Patent Jletiacsnt r.
rE beg leave to call the attention of thi
public toour well selected stock which
offer on the most favorable terms. Having
the advantage of many years practical expert
ence in the business, they with confidence
defy competition, both m regard to qualilj
and price of their articles.
Particular attention ;a:dio Physicians' nib
grriptions. Raton, July 26, 1655.
HI BT A Lit' ;o &v E- s.s.:
UE subscriber lias now on I
i d . r i t i
v o f Ictfiti'
conwaittiT Keeptne, atttiisup
.' " v. w hich will ! sold low. W UUIK t.Or-
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upon the short e si notice. K. W I'LS.
At the midline shop, South Last o! It. R , I)
Aug. 24,1854.
1? F? f I TV fff"2
jl A-a i Ja a
rpHE uideri,ched is eiiL'-i.ed in the planting
JL and rearing of the Osage O ranee, a ndif now
prepared to mat e enga:emcnts foi furnishing
spriuts ami setlinfr, or Ketlinq' and maturing
ences a! fair price ard will w nrrant a
in four rears! All orders addressed to AVost
Elkton, Preble county Ohio, will be promptly
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Dee. 7 1854. if.
Caton Dressing Kooni
M'i in street .t ttjoin in . t ' h National Hot?
yrow holds himself in readines forBarber
ii ing, Hair Dressing, Shampooing andevery
hing thai belongs to his line of business. No
a ins will be spared toplense all, and hein
fesall to call and try for themselves.
rrsaonssoi v iiakues
Attor-novs nnd Counsellors at Law.
! " ILLpracticcii
ties. Allbusi
in Prcl le ind idjoiningcoun-
sinesen rusted to their care
trill meet with prompt at ten - ion. Ollice on liar
ron Street .threedoorsm rth .)f Vauausdal store,
Eaton, Ohio.
Feb. ft, 18"."
rtnn Onfl nnahela Flaxseed for win
)Uv7,l( )J the hiehesl market prir w
jive n h
Eaton J u I v
1 ?-..-.
''.' ri mite f rs
The blood furnishes the material of every
bone, muscle, gland and fibre in the human
frame. When pure, it secures health to every
ogran; when corrupt, it necessarily produce
disease. IIOLLOWAY'S PlLLS operate di
rectly upon the elements of the stream Of life,
neutralising the principle ot disesses, and thus
radically curing the malady, whether located in
the nerves, the stomach, the liver, the Dowels,
the muscles, the skin, the brain, or any other
part of the system.
I sel Ttarongbont The World J-
HOI.I.OWAY'S PILLS are equally efficaetows
in complaints common to the whole human race,
and iu disorders peculiar to certain climates anV
Dyspepsia, and derangement of thc pAcr, the?
source ot infirmity and suffcriug. aud the cause
of innahtdr 'tie deaths, yield to these curative,
in all cases, however aggravated, acting as a
mi Id purgative, alterative and tonic; they re
lieve the bowels, purify the fluids, and invigor
ate the system and the constitution at the same
General Weakness - Kcrrons
When all stimulants fail, the renovating and
bracing propertiesoftbese rillsgive firmness to
the shaking nerves and enfeebled-' muscles ol the
victim of general debility.
All irregular! tias and ailments incident tothe
delicate and and sensitive organs of thc sex are
removed or prevented by a few doses of these
mild, b.it infallible alteratives. No mother who
regards her own or her children's health should
fail to have them within her reach.
The London 'Lancet," the London '-Medical
Keview:" and the most eminent of the faculty iu
(ire it Britain France and Germany, have cule
pze4 the Pillsand their inventor.
llolloway s l'ills are the best remedy
known in the 'world for the following
diseas' s :
llowcl Com
plaints Coughs
Chest Diesases
Diarrhoea Indigestion
Debilitv Inhumation
Fever and Ague Inward Weak
l"ein& le Complaints ncss
Headaches' Liver Complaints
Costiveness Stone and Gravel l.owncssof
Dyspepsia Secondary Symplons Spirits
Pilos Venereal AtTcctious Worms ofal1
".'Sold at the Manufactories of Professor
HOLLOW AT, SoMaidcn Lane, Xew York, and 244
Strand, London, by all respectable Drupjrists
aud Dealers in Medicine tin oiurbo'uf thc United
States and the civilized world, tu boxes at 25
cents. t2' cents. and 1 each.
"There i sa considerable saving bytnktujr
the larger sizes.
X'. I! Directions for the rruidancc oTpatieuce
in everv disorder are affixed to each box.
JTCALTIOXT! None are cenuine unless
j ihe words "IIoi.i.owav, Nmv York ako Lon
i no ''are disceinable as a watkr-mauk iaev
I ery leaf of the book of direciions around each
hox or po1 ; the same may tie plainly. Beer, by
holding ihe leaf to the light. A handsome re
ward will pe givan to any one rendering such
infO;mali n cs may lead !o ihe detection o.
any party or parties counterfeiting the medi
cines or vending the same, knowing ihemlo
he spurious.
Import tint Aunoi:ic(it;(ii(! !
Oall personsafflictii! withSexu.il diseases,
Lsuch as Seminr I Weakness, Impotence,
(ionuorhcen, Gleet, 3; c, ij-c. The Harvard
Association of Philadelphia, in vitw of the
awful destruction of human life and heoltrV
caused by Sexual diseases, nu.) t he oecfytieus.
which are practiced upon the uuloiiunate vic
lims of sve a diseases by quacks, have directed
their Consulting Surgeon, as a charitable est
worthy of their name, to give medical advice
gratis, to all persons thus afflicted", (Male oi
Female,) who apply by let'.er, with a desciip
i ion of their cond 11 ion, (age, occupation, hab
its of life, iSlc.,) aifd in cases ol exlieme pov
erty and suffering to furnish ti ccicine lite u
The Howard Association is a benevolent
institution, established byspecial endow nu m,
loi (he relief of the sick and distressed, af
Qicled with "Viinlent and Epidemic liseas
es," and its runps can be used for no other
purpose. It has now a surplus ol means,
w hich lb e Directors have vo'.ed lo advertise
the above notice. Il is needless o add that
the Association commands the highest Medi
cal skill of the a-e, and will furnish the mos!
I approvadmodtrnirealment. Valuable advice
I also given lo sick and nervous females, nf
! dieted with Abdomnal Weakness, Womb
i Complaint, Cosliveness, Leu&irrtaOM, &c.
Address ( post paid, ) UT.UEOKGB h. t Ai.nor x,
oi-sultiiig Surgeon, Howard Assoc ml ion, No.
South Ninth Sncet, hiladelphia. Pa.
EZR I). I1F. IITH'ELL, res't.
Rboboe Faikciiii.o, Secretary;
July 12, ISoo. lymI2.
Corner cf Main & Clicrry S'.a.
All K now- rocei viup: a li-.r-rc assoi (Trent of I rot
Steel. Sail, and Hardware, consisting; ot hM
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c.ni'. Bngtiah. and German Steel I Icvo-m Moulda
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man t o war ol'Irjn. Also
Aricnltnml I stiplcincnts,
ucb as lloajrbaof the followian brand- Tea
eoek. Uavii-.ond and Roberts, Sew I'aria.A-c.
llarroirs.Caltlrafors. Snorel l"low's. Com pbef,
lers.Charus, Cider, mills, Cut flap lloxrs. Hoes
liake.".. Scvtiies Sneat lies, and n t housand otbel
art iele-, not nercssarrto mention.
E.iton, April 1 .-':.if.
N.I!. We will pay t lie Uijr'icst market price
for lo.Oi)0 busbolsof Flax Feed tntlff licit
Flaxseed fo loan. Also, Stone Coalror srlc.
C. A L.
M .A RRI AO E G CIDE, l.v UR. WM. YOl Ml.
' MARRIAGE GUIDE, by DIl. M. 1 O L' jS O ,
.ES CL l.A I'l L"S. orErerv One hi s ow n lioctor.
by Wi. Ym xo, M. D. it i written iu jHain ;
' lan-unce for the general reader, and i. ninstrn-
ted with upwards of One Hundred Enpruvii'tr.
All young married people, or those cond n.plat
iujrinarri igc. and barrajc the least impcdinicMs
t,i mirricd life, should read this book. It dis
closes recretsthsf everyone should beaeqnnirt
ed with; still, it is a hook that u.ust be kej t
locked up, and not lie about the house. It u ill
he sent to anv one on the reeei'iil of twenfy-f:VO
, cents. Address lit!. WM. YOUXG-. l.VJ Spruce
; St..a";ovc Fourth, Philadolpna la.
j March, loth ls.-,7.
W. J. & J. A. fUII.JWOKE.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
E53"OffieeonIJaron Street, fl doers south o
Repeater Printing office. Eaten . 0.M aep 2.
Salt! Suit: Salt !
FUST receiving a lar.ee lot of Snlt -whirl,
will sell t.- my old friends al the lowis'
aires. Cal land ntirrhnre.
O KOOMS and I .rushes of all kinds just rocei
It e,I and f,
snlcbv the wholesnle orretaila
he Grocc
I of

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