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The largest, Finest, and Most Complete Line of FOOT WARE erer
brought to Findbj, has
Call and Examine our WINTER G00I3, Durable CALFSKIN
fomntete Assortment of FINE GOODS. From our NEW STOCK
" yon can Select ANYTHING yon want.
We have an unprecedented variety of goods
suitable for HOLIDAY PKESENTS now on sale,
i Tnese goods are all useful and at the same time
1 well adapted to the Holiday Trade.
Ladies' and Gents' Silk
lXink,Seal and Otter Purs,Childrens' and Misses
Furs, all styles, Ladies' City-Made SacquesJ
Ladies' Paisley Shawls.Ladies' New Style
OI,nOT,la rt.m Trom'ahr to cm Infer a TTTO hnno
eVeiT One Wishing gOOdS
on us before purchasing. We have
stock of Ladies Sid Gloves all colorLadies and
Misses' Hosiery. Nubias.
kinds of Dress Goods from Calicoes to Si'ks in
greater variety than will
store in Hancock County.
keening Goods such
Table Cloths, Towels and Blankets.
jast been receired by
TfV6 II8.V6
Handkerchiefs, Ladies'
Of thiS CiaSS Will Call
a large
Misses' Hoods. All
be lound in any otner
Everything in House-
as Linen Napkins and
1 .
She gcttcrsoman.
FlaeUay. Ohl. De- 27. 1878.
Cherry has the best five cent cigar.
B3me of the boys were a little light
beaded on Christmas night
Messrs H H Metzler & Co have a new
delivery rig on runners, with bold let'.ers
painted on either aide "-Not to Let"
dollars secures the Jeffersoxiak
for one year, and also pays for a copy of
the "Home Guide," the best Cook Book
extant Come right in, make us happy.
and secure the best local and general
newspaper in Northern Ohio.
The polar wave of Tuesday did not
prevent the notion and toy stores from
. being thronged in the evening with per
; sons holding commissions from San a
A Dietsch & Co are making some very
nice shelving for Mr 8houpe, the drug
gist in Ottawa, and not for Mr George
Emmel at reported in the Courier last
The Keverend Sutherland will not be
able to be borne from Canada, until next
Mreek, and as a consequence there will be
Tio service in the Presbyterian church on
. Sunday next
I There were no freight trains on the
different roads on Christmas.
. The A Grammar School exhibition at
Opera HalL on Christmas night, was not
very well attended, though the perform
ancee were creditable.
Cherry hs the best five cent cigar.
We have just received a large number
of that splendid Cook Book, the "Home
Guide," which are ready for distribution
to onr subscribers on payment for the
The county surveyor finds, by refer
ence to bis level notes, tbat in the last
three Tears be has made surreys and
" Inade specifications for 50 county, ditches
the total length of which is 12411100
miles; bv appointment from ttie trustees
of the the several townhips within the
county, he has surveyed and specified
during the same period 43 township
ditches, the total length being 53 3 10
The sleighing is dllghtfuL bnt the
sharp and raressins; Boreas has placed a
check upon its enjoyment
Drat M to round har the California
Minstrels a Opera HM1 to night. Theii
programme ? a mod one and of nnex
ceptionsN character. Admission S5
rents. Beserved seats without extra
There is no doubtin the evidences of
yonr senses and those who buy Groceries
of Cherry have long since concluded it
pavFto do so.
On Tuesday, during the day, the ther
mometer marked fifteen degrees below
tero, at various points in town.
"The Night before Christmas" was the
oldest night of the winter, but the at
tendance of young folks at the M
Church S S festival was large and en
couraging. The little ones were all made
11 you fail to see our New Year Call
ing Cards, before ordering, you will make
a great mistake. We have the largest
- and finest assortment in town.
Dona you forget that every person
""paying for the Jeffebsoshh will be en
titled to a copy of that invaluable work
the "Home Guide."
Our Una of New Year Calling Cards
cannot be excelled anywhere. Call in
and see them and leave your orders.
If winter was dillatory in putting in
an appearance, it has been quite active
and energetic since its arrival. The
r storms of Saturday and Sunday last were
; severe and lasting.
A musical convention will be held at
McComb, Ohio, commencing Monday
- evening, Dacember 30th, 1678, and con-
tinning four days, under the direction of
t r t Toll- k .inn.n r-.
all parts of the county is desired. No
charge tot tuition. Books furnished
free Welcome, alL
Cherry has the best five cent cigar.
The young lady who borrowed a long
legged pair of rubber boots from a gen
r tie man friend to wear during a sleigh
ride, was no doubt very comfortable,
v elsewherx. .
Tbe County Treasurer at Akron, re
oeived 179 in gold in payment of De
eember taxes a few days ago. and the
Akron people feel that resumption has
actually begun tfiere.
ilr Harrison BwizbarL who lives about!
four miles from Wooster, bad twelve
bushels of clover seed stolen from his
barn recently, and on the 17th, diaoov
ered them bidirs c-isr a haystack in
neisLbors tali IT; r Hzl tls oScen;
of the f5t who watched the place and
soon after caught Mr C B Sanford, of
that city, in 'he act of taking the seed
away. He was arrested. He ie also sus
pee'ed ol sic aling some wheat and a
wagon from Harrison.
A man named Zellers, living in Lynn
Twp, Hardin county, recently invested
in a patent corn shelter, buying the right
of three townships. He has since found
out tbat be was swindled, and now don't
want anybody to invest in the note f r
$8750 which he gave the parties. A lit
tle more money invested in papers and
a little less in experiments of that char
acter, would yield a better dividend.
Charles Tarrell, of Bluff on, while
playing on the stairs in the school hounj
at tbat place, on the 16:h, fell over the
banister, and was severely injured, but
not so bad as at first supposed.
Fletch Cahill. of Bluffton, has a pig
which weighs 820 Ba. He purposes mak-
ing the pig weigh 1,000 lbs and then have j
a shooting match.
AlinetJainoucDair.ai van veri,on
m . . 1 jwa W" a IT TTT a I
the 17th, G F Almy, superintendent of
the Ohio wheel factory, at Delphos, was
received the gold beaded cane, Joseph
Zimerle, also of Delphos, received a
handsome gold watch.
On the 9.h, burgLirs entered tbe resi
dence of G W Balliet of Nevada, and se
cured $35, a gold bracelet gold ring
and some silver knives and forks.
The rotterv of Gambel & Martin, of
Akron, was burned on the 21th. Tbe
loss is estimated at $3,000: insured for
$1630. The fire was set by tramps.
John Helms, of Tiffin, was attacked by
tramps, whom he found occupying his
engine room, on tbe 24th, and was se
verely cut The tramps escaped.
A traveler while asleep m the C S at
C depot at Tiffin, on the night of the
24th. was robbed of $12 by tramps
Dirke county, Ohio, is infested with
outlaws who are occasioning a kind of
reign of terror there.
Tbe Miami Canal lessees have beaten
the State Board upon the leasa question.
The oil store of E A Smith, of Toledo,
was badly damaged by fire on Tuesday
night Loss $630 and no insurance.
A party of tramps got into a row at
Alliance, on the night of the 17th, and
now there is one less to account for and
three are in prison. The one less was
knocked down on the track of the P Ft
W & C B B'and was run over by a train.
On the 16th, James Brewer, a young
man not yet of age, was arrested at Up
per Sar.dusky for shooting with intent
to wound and bound over to court. He
with Charles Speck, had been practicing
with a revolver, all of the chambers of
whi"h they had emptied but one, when
Brewer took the weapon and with the
remark, "How easy I could shoot you."
fired ai Speck, the ball taking effect in
the skull behind the ear. The ball had
not been removed at last accounts and
the young man was in a critical condi
Mrs J T Hale, of Fostoria. met with a
very serious accident recently. While
standing on a broken chair, fixing up a
window curtain she slipped and fell, the
round of the chair penetrating her side.
Tobias Miller, the oldest man in San
dctky county, died at BjJlville, on the
18ih, aged S6 years 10 months and IS
The Mohawk Flouring mills, two miles
south of Tiffin, were destroyed by fire on
the night of the 17th. The mill was
owned by Mr John Houck. whose loss
will amount to $6 000 with $4,000 insur
ance. The origin of the fire unknown.
Sylvester Hercher, of Tiffin, was
knocked down and robbed at the depot
by two tramp" on the night of the 17th.
They were afterwards arrested and
bound over to court
On the 16 Ji,a young man by the name
of Kirchner, from Bloom ville, was rob
bed by two men in Tiffin, of his pocket
book with three notes amounting to over
bfty dollars, some small change &c The
men were arrested and bound over to
Court in tbe sum of f 500 each. In de
fault of bail they were sent to jiL Their
names ere given as Clarence Opt and
David UcManigalL
A negro tramp barber. Robert Ward,
was arrested in Sidney for robbing an
old man in Ada of $5.
Peter St Clair, James Monroe and Wm
Biker, for robbing Bishop Tuttle, of
Crawford county, and Joseph Mclntyre,
for assaulting a roan named Parke, were
taken to the O P for one year each from
Upper Sandusky on the lltu.
A vouner man who eave his name as
Charley Walters, and claimed to be
nenbew of the proprietor of tbe London
I Timet took half an ounce of laudanum,
as Van Wert on Wednesday of last week
and all because his girl had ltd him.
After be bad taken it be concluded he
didn't want to die, and was taken to
drug store where, by assiduous attention
be was helped out of bis troubles.
Some person tried to blow up the
Mayor's office at Ft Recovery, recently,
by putting ponder in the stove. But
fortunately the first person to build a fire
in the stove, removed the ashes and the
greater portion of the powder. There
was enough leu however, to blow the
top off of the stove.
Mr Charles C Zimmerman, of Van
Wert, broke two bones in one of his feet
while wrestling on Friday of last week.
The frien is of Jonathan Eagy, of Van
Wert, are making preparations to applr
to the Governor for his pardon from the
penitentiary. Eagy was sentenced for
ten years and has served out half of his
Cyrus Warner and wife, of Van Wert,
recently brought suit against James
Garrett to recover $30 which Warner
claimed to have gambled away in Gar
rett's saloon. The Justice gave a judg
ment for the amount and costs.
The Dunkirk Standard and Forest
Review were illustrated last week.
Mis George Bailey, near Forest had
her hand amputated recently.
At Toledo, on the morning of the llth
W S Waite, a well known citizen, while
temporarily deranged from hemorrhage
' e UD"S' got out uPp lne roof of his
re idence, and missing his footing fell a
distance of forty five feet. He lingered
but a short time after tne accident when
death relieved his sufferings.
Mr R C Thatcher, of Fremont, a deal
er in stock, died suddenly at De'ta, Ful
lST3 ciias
uwu ura!leu 1 'X8 01 """"K
nmeyearsago. This is the same woman
who was arrested in Adrian, Mich, last
September.-with Matt Nolan (they hav
ing put up as man ana wife,; and against
whom a divorce is now pending. Her
husband is heir to one of the largest ea
tales in the country.
The tailoring establishment of F Bradr :
Fremont, was robbed of $100 worth of
" . ,ai 01 m,
joon v iison, coioreu, was spoitea, ac-
knowledged the corn, restored the goods
and is now in jiiL
In Townsend township, Sandusky Co.,
the 12th, a young man named Chris,
assaulted a Mrs Be bee. with intent to
violate her person, but she, heroically,
struggled and fought until finding him
self worsted in the fight the young vil
lian fled.
Lizzie Dutcher, of Sandusky city, car
ried off a judgment of $3500 in a breech
promise case against Lewis Cassiday.
last week and she has another rod in
pickle for him in the shape of a bastardy
Great Favor.
Among ladies aud gentlemen of re-
fineuient Dr. Pr.ce , TJuique Perfumes .
are iu great favor. Haviug sweetness
and durability, they are universal fav
orites among all lovers of perfumes.
Try Dr. Price's Alista Bon-suet for a
handkerchief perfume it is delightful. I
... I
Big Business for a Few Month's Trial, j
Mr. G. W. Walters, tbe Agricultural
Machine Agent of tbis place for many
years, becoming disgusted witn tne
trade in those implements, branched
into the carriage trade last April,
ne purpose ol gettmg at tne true
cost of that business. He has sold op
tbe middle or December, a little
over twenty two thousand dollars
worth of buggies about sixteen thou
sand dollars being cash sales. He in-
forms t.' that be Is making arrange-
ments to supply shops and small fae
- : - with nnnilnted work, trimmed
n. t M hft A-Wed and of dif
ferect gradeg) at prfceg ,eM baJf
what they can be made for in small
bhops. The movement is a good one.
David L. Grable, of Marion town
ship, drove into town on Monday night
to attend the Lodge met ting of tbe
Knights of Pythias, and hitched his
team on Sandusky street, near Main.
drove into town with the "music
the bells" ringiog in his ears, and
making bim bappy. He drove borne
silence, with withering thoughts
gainst tbe thief who stole away his
mnsto. 1 wo strings of bells were de
tached from tbe horses, And carried
ff, and no trace of the thief or thieves
yet been disoovere d. It is a little
strange, however, how such a robbery
could be perpetrated at so early an
hour in tbe evening without being
detected. Its very boldness must have
been tbe cauee of its success.
Death of Bon. H. P. Gaga.
On Saturday night last, Hon. Hanks
Gage, who had been lingering since
morning of the 10th lost, when he
unfortunately attempted bis own life,
died at 10:30 o'clock. It bad been tbe
opinion of physicians from tbe first,
that he could not recover, bat his nat
urally stroog constitution and excel
tent physique, at times seemed almost
conquer and promise bis recovery.
After bis death, Drs. Hnrd, Firman,
Entriken. and Ballard of this place aud
Phillips. of Kenton.a sembled at his
residence with the view of making a
post mor ten examination, bnt objec
tions being made by tbe family of de
ceased, no regular postmortem was
held, bnt enough was determined, by
tbe passage of a silver probe, to estab
lish the fact tbat tbe bullet which en
tered the right ten: pie had passed into
tbe brain. Tbe funeral ot deeeased
took place at half past two o'clock, on
Toeedav. Tbe services were held at
bis late residence on Sandusky street.
and conducted by Rev. D&vies, of tbe
M. E. Chnrcoc Quite a number were
present from abroad, ana notwith
standing tbe bitter eold weather the
attendance was large to pay tbe last
tribute of respect to an unfortunate
fellbw citizen.
"Double, Double, Toil and Trouble."
The following marriage licenses have
been issued by Jndge Huffman since
our last report: -
Lewis N. Nichols and BacLael Gordon.
Charles Cromley and Melissa E. Feller.
John T. Leader and Alice Morebart
Adam H. Wagner and Sallie M. Feller.
Henry Pasold and Louisa Weiger.
Sidney Davis and Irene Pratt
D. W. C. Row and Margaret A. Tippin.
Social Mosier and Caroline Weber.
Isaiah Fetters snd Jane E. Miller.
George W Snyder and Alice S. Wyer.
Peter Tussing and Elizabeth J. S pence.
R. D. Thompson and Lavanta Marshall.
J. Nickelson and Samantha Hathaway.
Philip Reimund and Isa Hastings.
Philip Latchaw and Araminta 3. Grose.
Newton Patterson and Luanda Myers.
John Moats and Caroline Weiss.
Leroy F. Heflick and Emma Annitage.
G. W. Kindle and Emeline Patterson.
Howard Linhart and Ella Vosborgh.
Solomon George and Morilla Sholty.
Joseph Sbafer and Julia Stacy.
E. A. Harde&bell and Susan Bosman.
J. W. Tawney and Eliabeth E- Long,
John W. Dennison and Sarah Tocum.
Fred. Spclth and Mollis Weber.
' Chan e In the Manser of Doing Business
POSl T1VE NOTICE is hereby given
to all perSv"0 "iebted to as o eotce
and settle by h or note I y the 15th
r t0 r-a AH unsettled accounts
.ff, hf ' B9 put luto me
hands of a collector. We further give
nnlih.t.h T VT lSt, 79, IPS
shall reduce our prices an ttu u;La
FOR CASH; or a positive "
when to pay. After years cfex "Perienee
under the depressed condition o ba9'
ness, we not only flad our present w'
of doing business an injastice to ou'r
selves bnt a la J to our customers and
we shall hereafter positively decline
Belling to any one who will not oomply
with the above conditions. Hoping
those inter-sted will govern thTnselves
accordingly, w6 earnestly solieit yonr
patronage. Shcll & Fxshbb.
Miss Virgie Kimmons arrived home
from Wooster University last Friday,
and will spend the holidays at borne.
Fred Niles.'of Wooster University,
came home Friday night last, to spend
the holidays.
Mrs. C. A. Beelman, of Fremont, was
visiting friends in the city last week.
Mrs. N. Portz, of Fostoria, was visiting
friends in the citv last week.
Ewald Kuester left for his home, Del
phos, last Saturday to ppend Cbristmas.
Misses Minnie Holt and Kate Fen
nington, of Tiffin, are spending the holi
das in this city.
Misses Annie Osborn and Mamie
Maxwell, of Upper Sandusky, are spend
ing the holidays with friends in this city.
Spaith & Dennison, of Leipsic, make
alternate weekly visits to Findlay. The
attractions are irresistible.
Mr. B. Lambert, of Kenton, O., spent
Christmas with Rev. J. G. Buhl and fam
iU of this city.
Mrs. Henry Brown and her daughter
Kitty, are spending the holidays with
relatives and friends in Cleveland.
A Contemptibln Trick.
Troths. wertueim,of NwYo.k,
save a concert at Findlav a few even
logs since, and the matter of taking
out a license was overlooked by him
Tbe Marshal closed the performane
before it was hslf out, aud next dnj
arrested the Professor, and forced bim
to pay tne license. II it bad been a
'Pud :h and Judy" show or some lo
vari ty performance it would most
likely have been allowed 'o go on tc
the end. Professor Wertheitn is one
of tbe best violinists in tbe country,
and bis daughter one of the bes
vocalists. Mauy will remeniber wirb
pleasure the concert given at Opera
Hall in tbis city a few months since by
tbe Professor and bis daughter, assist
ed by excel let. t local talent of Tiffin.
We nndersrand that Professor Wert
heim will give another concert hen-soon-
We tiope 'tis true. The Findla)
officials have uo music in their souls
j MtKengt
Our city officials have not been in
tbe babit of demanding thirteen free
tickets, and euough money besides as
respectable entertainments should be
obarged altogether. A reasonable
license fee is charged and that is ex
pected to be paid, by all but Home
Eotertaininents of a certain class,
Prof. Wertheim did not overlook the
matter of license, bnt directed tbt
lessee of tbe ball not to pay it, claim
ibg his exhitition as a home entertain
menr, those were his words tons
tbt Northwestern Band and Oi chest ra
having assisted him. His claim migbi
have been justified on tbe grounds thai
the assistants furnished tbe best part oi
tbe performances truly, not otherwise.
We do not approve of the manner hi
which tLe peiforinanee was closed.
Either tbe license should have been
paid firrt or been permitted to stand
nntil after tbe concert bad conclnded.
jr audiences have rights which should
be respected. In this case, however.
do not think the audience felt any
thing but relief The Professor eould
readily have remedied the dilemma,
and concluded his entertainment, Lad
he chosen, by paying the fee, bnt be
thought to "run tbe machine" bis
way and was picked up. The Profes
sor is a fine violinist, and he knows it;
his daughter is an excellent songstress,
but by no means among the best
neither is the violinist In that category.
They, however, with our "home tal
ent," were all there was of tbe perform
ance. Tbe rest were awkardness per
sonified and at best but indifferent
performers. If such a concert as was
given here could "carry away" a Fre
mont andienee, we may be excused for
venturing tbe opinion tbat not only
Fremont "officials" bnt Fremont aud
iences ''have no music in their souls.''
There are a dozen ladies in our city
who would outrank "the Youngest
Prima Donna" as singers.
Real Estate Transfers.
Below we give a statement ol the
transfers of real estate since Nov 21st,
to Dec 24st, with tbe consideration
Thomas Fenton to William William
son, 40 acres, Union, $L
Daniel Bender t? same, 40 acres,
Uuion, $1.
Margaret Loa Runkle to same, 40
acres, Uuion, $L
Uhas. S Johnson to H. H. Johnson,
40 acres, Marion, $1,200.
Louis Adams to John W. Davis, et.
sis., iulots 53, 54, 55, and 56, Findlay.
Joseph Ewing to Samuel Mogle, 153
sqr. rdi, Pleasant, $100.
John Ward to Aquilla Gilbert, et
als., lot 17, Vanlue. $40.
BassRtwson to Nancy J. Haven,
85 18-100 acres. Pleasant, $100.
Qolomon Moore to Isaac Moore.inlot
184, Findlay, $500.
W.Williamson to J. B. Strain 40,
acres, Uuion, $2,500.
J. 8 Strain to Hannah M. William
son, 40 acres. Uuion. $2,500.
Pearson Heaser to Brice K Mont
gomery. 40 aires. Orange, $2,100.
Mary E. Worst to Abraham Dillinger,
lot 42, Fiodlay, $300.
David Wineland to William Beard,
mill lot No. 3. Arcadia, $50.
Miicil Walters to John Ward, inlot
18 Vanlue. $40.
Bailie W. C. Myers to Major Brisht
40 acres, Amanda, $100.
Win H. BIy to Fraueis W. Firinin.
inlot 33, Findlay, $1,200.
Henry Stover, et ah. to Minor T.
Wiokhain, 40 acres, Uooo, $800.
Samnel Whbler to Gtbriel Dreis
back, 64 acres. Union, $3,190.
Samnel C. Moore to Wm. H. Blv.
Inlot 33, Findlay, $1,200.
George Zay to Richard Showal;er.22
acres, Uuion, $1,120
Jarvis Humphrey to Catharine Phil
lips 77 acres, Findlay. $7,850.
James T. Adams to Mary J. Kob. 4
acres, Findlay, $1,700.
John 8. Fry fo Michael Fry. inlot
133. Fostoria, $300.
Auderson Corn well to John W.
Corn well, 120 acres. Orange, $6,960.
Joo. W. Davis to Bass Rawsoo, 1
acre, Findlay, $100.
Sldoey Strother to J. H. Johnson.
Inlot 64. Findlay. $100.
P-ter May to Dora Metzlnger, outlot
137. FuidUy , $225.
Jacob F. Houck to Sarah E Semler
InloU 19 and 20, Jaaaaoa. $100. '
Wm. Thomas to George R-imnnd.
16 81 100 acres, Mirioc. $1,500
John Plotts to Aaron Al-pacb. 40
acres. Amanda, $3,000.
II. P. Gage to JoLn Plott?, 40 acres,
Amanda, $2,200.
40 acres. $2,000.
HvMva aaiuauis t is A. r.Cl fcT) ar inilr
G. W. Bish to Wm. W. Cole,
acres, Bigiick, 500.
Wm. Ho.lgd to Jac. H- Wood.
aos, Madia n, $300.
Samuel Renninffer to Cha. H
Deitscb, inlot 85, Findlay, $12 000.
Margaret D. ChafSn to Joo. D. Nel
son, 160 acres, Ca-, $50 Quit claim.
David G. Sarles to Wm. Karo, in
lo 15 and 16, Arcadia, $185.
Sa me to Evangelical Lutheran
Cburc Q Arcadia, Inlot 73, Arcadia,
Amos V'M'ey to John Graham, 80
acres, BiglL, $3 000.
John Grb. m to Mary M.. Wiseley,
80 acres, Bigli-. 3 000.
J. Sitnou to tlargaret Klley et aL
1 53-100 acres, P.'easatt, $2,000.
Win. Mo-erove. Jr., to Wm. Mos
grove. Sr., C9 acres, Delaware, $2,000.
Sheriff of Hancock Co to Isaac
Davis, i inlot No. 40 Findlay, $50.
Jchn A Redick to Adam and Geo,
Re lick, 160 acres, Vaii Bnren, $4,000.
Isaac Bushong to Ulrieb Thomas, 10
'Cres, Madison, $500.
Zerab Marvin to Levi Bright, 8
acres, Marion, $80.
John H. Yanata to Wm. C. Perse,
inlot No. 25, Union, $400.
Wm. Anderson to Jas. T. Adams,
part of inlot No. 93. Fiodlay, $5 000.
Thos Buthaway to Silas Long, 30
acres, Amanda, fl JOO.
Sheriff Hancock Co. to Michael
Loucb, inlot No. 46, Findlay, $50.
Cyrus Stratton et als. to Robert
Strattoo, inlot No. 40, Union, $290.
Wui. O. Stratton to same, inlot No.
40, Union, floO.
Isaac Srratton to same, is'ot No. 40.
Uuion, $100.
During the same period tbe smouut
secured by mortage was $55,613
Amount of mortgages cancelled was
List of Ladies who will Welcome their
Friends next Wednesday.
Below we give a list of places where
the latch string will hang out, on New
Years Day.and the names of tha ladies
who will do the honors to their gen
tlemen callers:
At the residence of Mr. W. . Snyder,
an West Sandusky street: Mrs. W. E
Snyder, assisted by aliases Kate Did
way and Ella Church.
At the residence of Mr. S, D. Houpt,
on East Hardin street: Mis. S. D
Houpt, assisted by Misses Eva Cburoli,
Inez Church, Mamie and Laura Ste
venson. !
At the residence of Col. Huber, on
South Main street: Miss Emma Huber,
assisted by Nellie Huber, of Council
Bluffs, Iowa, Stella Mathews, of Fos
toria, and Susie Winders.
At tbe residence of Mr. B. P. Hyatt,
on East Sandueky street: Mrs. B. F.
Hyatt, assisted by Misses Jennie and
Laura Totten. Eva and Fannie Hnrd.
Dora Twining and Miss Sadie Follett,
Granville, O.
At the residence of Mr. B. F. Kim
nons.on West Main Cross street: Mrs.
B. F. Kimmons, assisted by Miss Mary
Wheler, Elta Tate, Lilly Grer, Ella
Bigt-low, Carrie Siegentbaler, of
Wooster, O., Nelia Jones and Virg.
At the residence of Mr. P. Kunz, on
West Hardin street: Leu. Kunz, Clara
Kunz, assisted by Mrs. Shirk, Mrs. D
Winders, Mrs. E. L. Kridler, Dora
Vance and Anna Vance.
At the residence of Mr. Len. Turley,
Xo. 15 East Main Cross street: Mrs.
Len. Turley,' assisted by Mrs. Laf.
furley, Miss Minnie Sexton and MUs
Minnie Holt, of Tifflp.
At the residence; of Dr. A. Hnrd, on
West Sandusky street ; jMrs. Dr. Hurd
and Haldab Hurd, assisted by Mrs. F.
Glessner, Jeonie Caldwell and Lillie
Cell, from 12 m. t 6 p. m. -'
At the residence of Mr. Aj ft. Belden,
on Sonth Main street: Mrs. A. K.
Belden and Mrs. CK Niles, assisted
by Mrs. Isaac Davis, Mrs. M.Vance,
Misses Estelle and Grace Belden. and
Mis Carrie Vance. '-
At the residence of Mr. Henry Blech
r, on South Maiu street Mrs Hrury
Blecber, from 1 to 6 p. m.
At the residence of Mrs. H. D. Bal
lard, on East Hardin street t Misses
Ada and Nellie BalIardaEtste by
Mifs Eva Ballard, of Lima. - - ' '
At the residence of Mr. M. C.White
ley, on South Main street: Mrs. W.
H. Wbiteley, Misses Nellie and Jennie
Whiteley, assisted by Misses Sallie and
May Vance.
At the residence ot Mr. L. Glessner,
on West Bandosky street: Misses
Florence and Laura Glessner, assisted
by Misses Mary and Sylvia Carlisle, of
Fostoria, from 1 to 6 p. m.
At the residence of Mr. B. L. BeldLig,
on West Hardin sheet: Mrs. B. L.
Beldiog assisted by Mrs. Dr. C. E
Rubl, Mrs. Dr. A. F. Price, of Fremont,
and Miss M. E. Brati:y, of St. Mary's.
At the residence of Mr. J. A. Bope,
on Eat Hardin street : Mrs. J. A Bope,
agisted by Mrs. F. W. Firm in, Mrs.
B. Rotbebild. Mv-ses L'zzie Meeks,
Fitnnir B itbchild, Fannie Meeks, and
Olivia Hall in an.
Mis. D Joy. Mrs. A. Joy, Mrs D. D.
French, of Milwaukee, Mrs. IL Icbel
berger, of Cape Vincent, ; New York,
Miss Alice Joy and Master Clarence
Joy, will receive In the Joy Hone par
lars, from 10 a. m. nntil 8 p.m.
Christmas Slippers.
We have the nicest Ladies and Gents'
Slippers ever seen in Findlay.
Christmas Slippers. HUME & HALL.
The Low Prfcas of Fork
Is heard of everywhere, And it is
equally we. l established that correspond
ingly low prices are made on Boots,
Shoes and Rubbers at Cash Store of
Hume & Hall's. They keep best goods
and sell for Itut money.
QnrKawLme i
Of Ladies Fine Sid, Oil Goat Button and
&iae i-iicc maae mpeciauy tor rau ana
. i 1
winter wear, emorsce uw wn siyiea
out Hums a hall.
cosacBirtios cntin.
An old phyatelan, mired frora
bavins bad olmaed In hi. hands by
India mtationary tb k-naata oi a aim
vegetable remedy, for tbe spuy sod per
mauent care for ernsfiin0aoa. breehihs
catarrh, sxtbma, ana ail tarcM- aod lung
aoeeUOD. auo a pettlve aaS rmunai ran m
nereoua debllitv and all neose eoqnplaiots.
after bavins texed ita weadartul curativ.
powera In tboasanda of e " 'ol U bis
doty to make t kaowa to bis aoflerlBfC fal
low. Actaated by ibis arsUve. aod a desire
to relieve unman aseriMC- . .C7
orebarge to ail wbo dear . iipc.
witb foil dli
direct tons for prJfn
an, Pren.b. q1, KagUsh. Bent by
iddreasng -iih alamp, naming this
u n
mall by adtii
rjam-r. W. W. nnerar. iai
Bochester, Mew York.
For the largest oyster, the largest cans,
and the most oysters, &"
. TV JtcHasnss,
91 Maio St.
On Bhnrday evening ft wte
Ring with Amethyst . from Home
Ha.i's Boot and Suoel J"'.?:"??
it known, and if he reH J
dercigned no questions Qgf!?i.
Our Three
X; S-f TDER C0- "01d Whitc Corner." j
8MDER & MCDONALD, McComb, Ohio. )
on)? tofbuy.GKoods ia OTiZinl Packages, direct from the Importers, thus saving
One profit. OI Whioh Onr niltnmcn at a tKu. k..k . 1 .... -6
i : iu cery xowDsmp id Hancock County, and laree-
y.lPj'ng, count.es, and in order lo saUsfy this increasing trade we Ta
hucijt maea largeiy to our stocks in all departments.
Xress floods Department.
.H We hTe n immense variety of Black and Colored Dress Silks of extra oualitv
EiMJX1,, ? Si!k8 ! S" i0. New Colors to mDres,
BlT.-H r,V..K'"LLu tti i,T
Black Si.k Warp BombazineTand HenrieTtl Bo
all the Novelties in Medium and Tw Pri-t nTT congees, ana
v wui vyvriui rzm uiuii ii it- h i iiii win
TVotion and Hosiery Department.
TS - -.
c arrv & WnoipmlA ztrutr nt fhAu
ri. "Ti "mm,n Ribbous, races. Novelties in Ladies' and Childrens' Stocking
&hing GinSyBU,t0 &C-: 4,30 GenUemeft
urnisning uooos in the city.
. . - .uu-w
Ladies' and HXisses Cloaks.
Over 100 New Garments int r;vi
made and tnmmed. Ve Fit and Suit any
Clotliing- Department
fk f RA,'..rf"fl,ii.l-.'.
c wirry me isrcesi siocKOI uood Clnthinir in tha 1 1 .i , , .
vT.T.iI,t , m X
wuuu..cia. n c u, ouu ion oeu
have a large stock of Hats and Caps.
Trunks Valises.ColUrs. Tis, Socks, &c. ,
uiuiiui, vwiiuju nui,i3ii. ah
The Lareest and St rosiest Combina
tion of Capital invested in Dry Goods,
vioiuing, occ, in norm western, Ohio.
Large Storesj
Da F: 18 bu of All Wool
in m nrm waiifn a kj i s
riAArln Tk: . t a m. ...
wvrua. mis lycuarLinpnL inrnnp a vav-tr
New stylos, perfect fitting, and nicely j
Jiumca irom 4 to 10 years old.
"-a -"V loeonij complete
S'1 aePa"ment is now replete with the
" ."'","S1CCT Miuwn in me cny. urer wo coats now
every one ma: layors us with an inspection
Fine Shirts tjuimiri Kni rni.nn .i "
&c. This is is emphatically the SQUARE
koous warraniea as renresentM
Vanlue Letter.
VANLUE, O., Dec. 17th, '78.
Ed. Jkff: Nothing special has c-e
curred since we wrote you last. There
quite a stir among our little folks in
anticipation of a Cbristmas tree.
The protracted meeting at the TJ. B.
is still in progress, and much
good is being done. May tbe good
work go on nntil maay souls shall re
joiee in a new life.
The Vanlue Temperance Society, we
sorry to say, has died a natural
death. Several efforts were made this
to resurrect it, but without suc
cess. While the temperance meetings
regularly held, a ebenge for the
better bad taken place in many of our
young men. Had the me i tings been
maintain d, the well begun work
would have been permanent. It was
bad move to quit and the banef.il
effects of intemperance are again dis
eernable. We are informed that the members
the L O. O. F. of this place have
received an invitation from the Mt.
Blanebard Lodge to be present at their
installation, and to participate in
grand oyster snpper.
Some of onr side walks are in a bad
to go into winter quarters. It
surely is somebody's business to see
they are repaired.
The schools throughout the town
are all in session. James L. Scrate,
yonng Vanlueite, is teaohiug near
Whartonsbnrg. We hear a favorable
report from bun.
Winter is coming in earnest. Tbe
for lonely mortals to shiver when
to bd, is at hand. And yet
matrimonial tnarkt ia very doll
uupta, on us mission oi love, seems
have missed Vanlue, or else onr
yonng people are proof against his
But tbe old maids and young
widows have entered into a conspiracy,
contemplate opening a campaign
against our eligible Lords t f Creation,
a lively time is anticipated. They
resolve themselves into a commit
of the whole, and hope for manifold
blessings. When the bugle note for
onset shall be sounded, they will
advance, to a man. -.
The health of our village is very good
present. The youug folks are sighing
for the beautiful snow.
[From another correspondent.]
Dec. 20th, '78.
The present eold snap seems to have
very pinching effect on our villagers
generally, as they appear to enjoy their
firesides with an unusual degree of
cemfort All are rejoicing at the pros
of good sleighing which greatly
facilitates business and general pros
perity. Turkeys are beginning to perch
np in the branches of tbe trees in
locality iu anticipation of Christ
Our yonng friend James L. Scrate,
has been teaching in Wyandot
eonnty near Wbartousburg is at borne
a weeka rest and to enjoy Cbiietuias
bis '.riend. Mr. S. is engaged in
first term and seems to delight in
Rev. Barlow received a dispatch
Mary 8 ville on tbe 20th stating
his brother was lyion very low
requesting his presence. Conse
quently Mr. Barlow had to leave on
morula g train to-day, giving the
protracted meeting in which he was
eugaged here into the bands of the
for a few days.
Rev. Barlow is a pastor wbo is much
beloved by bis flock.
On the 17th inet, Loeinda Myres a
blooming damsel of abort nineteen
years, appeared before B. F. Boruap
P., aod bad a warrant issued lor
arrest of Newton Patterson of Mt.
Blanebard, charging said Patterson
demandiug immediate action on
Her deposition having been taken
in the evening, tbe warrant was
immediately put into tbe hands ol
Constable Jno Roberts, who with a
others started in a sled for ML
Blanebard about midnight. Having
informed where Mr. P. would
be found, tbe Constable called
the boose and Mr. P. responded
cordially and the said yonng man
presented himself before Josties Bar
and proposed to make "wrongs
by marrying tbe girL Tha
of -Probate was interviewed
during tbe day and on tbe evening of
the services of B. F. B trnap Esq.
again sailed into requisition,
which be did to the 'letter of
law." And now "they are no
longer twain bot one flesh," and in tbe
fullest enjoyment of wedded bliss.
As this as tbe Sqaires first exper
in solemnizing tbe "Marrisge
several of his (riends were anx
to see
S3 by permission of the parties Inter
ested,a few of bis friends accompanied
bim to the residence of tbe bride's par
ents which is here in the village and
bad the pleasure of seeing him "tie bis '
first knot;" whioh they say be did witb
all the grace and dignity of a Local
Tbe yonog couple made their flrt
appearance at the U. B. church next
evening; and their every notion indi
cated tbat they were reveling in the
sweets of tbe Honeymoon.
We say long may their "stars'1 shine
coping Mr. .Editor tbat you may
nj iy a Merry Christmas and good
digestion. I remain,
Yonra truly,
Rawson Letter.
RAWSON, O., Dec. 24, 1878.
Ed. Jkff: Ouce more do we take
np our pen to give you the news.
Sleigh riding is now in vogue. The
boys are busy greasicg their sleighs and
engaging their belles, anticipating a
merry Christmas.
By the looks of tbe stores and gro
ceries, one would think tbat Santa
Clause had taken np his abode In
Hogs still continue to go to market.
J. C. Smith shipped a fine lot of fat
cattle yesterday.
Tbe school, under the Instruction o'
U. K. Striogfellow is passing off quite
pleasantly. Has been in session one
month. Number of pupils enrolled 8L
Average daily attendance for the
month 7L
Mother Lucas has been very poorly
for quite a while past.'
Mrs. Samuel Lane is quite sick; bnt
prospects for her recovery are good.
Father Nowlan departed this life
very suddenly, Saturday night. . He
was, appearently, Iu good health on
Saturday. On Friday he walked from
his son's to Rawson, and back a dis
tanse of thtee miles, and on Saturday
evening was as lively and jovial as
nsoaL Near eleven o'clock in the
nfght he took sick witb a pain in bis
side, and died in less than an boor
from the time of his taking sick. The
old gentleman had always enjoyed
good health; bat the sands of life bad
run their course, as he was in bis 84th
Tbe P. M and TJ. B. churches are
being repaired.
Mr. Freeborn bas his house most
ready to move into.
R. B. Littrick gets a load of grain
now aod then. Rsspectfully,
Mt. Blanchard Letter.
MT. BLANCHARD, O., Dec 25, '78.
Jcrr: Cbristmas GUY Did yon get it
Snow is very acceptable when it affords such
One sleighing. Many enjoyed the sleighing in
coming to the Christmas Tree last evening, gi
ven by the JL E. 8. 8.
Many presents were bestowed and as many
hear is made to beat with gladneas. C L. Gilbert
received a pair of saddle bsgs. Be is a
medical student of W. X. Tost, M. D, and wCl
perhaps need them some day.
1L. Beck, landlady of Commercial House,
has returned from a visit to Eastern Ohio.
Prof. L. T. GUbe.-t and wife, of Forest, Ohio,
are here visiting friends aad relatives.
Prof. PUtsford, who was in attendance at the
X. W. O. Teachers Association, at Toledo, has
returned home.
The ML Blanebard schools have dismissed
for a two week's vacation.
Our township teachers, and many teachers
resident here, hare flocked hito ML Blaachard
to spend a pleasant vacauoa; viz: Misses Mel
vena Sheldon and Ella Stewar; Messrs. O. A
Shoemaker, C. L. Gilbert, W. D. Humphrey, A
B. Cook and A. B. Masters.
Tbe M. P. denomination will giye a snpper
on Xew Tear's f.ve.'
The L 0. 0. 1. wiU giye a sapper at Houck
& Xkhol' hall, Jan. 2d. The Installation of
officers will take place at Odd Fellows Hall the
sameeTening. Also a public address.
XssR week will report officers installed in
the Masonic and Odd Fellows lodges.
On J anuary 4th the teachers of this township
and adjoining districts will meet to organize a
Township Teachers' Institute.
L. X. Nichols and wife have settled down to
housekeeping. May peace and good win (ol-'
low them all their life long, is our wish.
Michael Treece had a valuable horse injured
by raising Xed in the stall.
Our man milliner, B. J. Hughes made his
usual semi-monthly visit to the Bidge last
Sabbath. Mud nor rain, heat nor cold, does
not prevent him.
He says the roads are generally quite rood
bout a mile and a half X. . of Carey. Cor.
Wyandot, County Tunea:
Mr. Eoster, painter, is now in the employ of
Eouck AXichola.
The residence of Jerome Smith came near
being consumed by fire on Wednesday last
Origin of fire unknown. Damage nearly $300.
Wm Latham is the happiest nun in the
vicinity of ML B It's a girL
Tbe family of & J. Hkkle have endured
quite an amount of suffering from a mild form
of scarlet rash. 8even of the children were
sick, but are an reported better.
J. H. Eiddle and wife celebrated their Tin
Wtding, on Monday evening lasL A good
attendance and a pleasant time.
Bespectfully yours,
Baeklcaa Amlra Satire.
The Ban Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Tet
ter. Chapped Hands. Chilblains, Corns,
and all kinds of Skin Eruptions. This
Salve ia guaranteed to give perfect satts
faction in every case or mosey refunded.
Price 23 Genu per Box. For sale by
Haven A Fleck, Findlay. lB0.
1 "SKi
nlnent Chemists i
from &dnltei-a.tjroi
tnan any others, and that they
Th Bt Ami
-nemisTS ana Physicians certify that these eoods ar.
Si1?0er- more effective-. productSuS
Ml Tfia
. 1 uke Pleasure in calling your attention to the fact that all bit elofhf I. m.
k DOUBLE TIlREADwing Company's Melhalof B&t&htll
seams are sewed with double thread, instead of inrl t,.' JLnl T-
. .i l?: 1 blIieTe' wiIi tte wanto ' le community, who have lone oM-cted
rihinfS7 ot yMade Clothing." A nsit to 8. D "hoCPW
Clothing House wiU convince you at once of iu being just as represented.
P-S. Beware of small imitntnr that will .ttl. . ..
Thread Sewing Company's Goods."
The "BOSS" Clothier, 73 Main Street.
Send for Illustrated Circular and
Don t buy until
til you have seen
the World, the Ever
MTDDLKTOWX, COJiX- aad Kos. 199 Mad. 201 Wabash Atmm, CHICAGO IU.
use them in their
- uut uwy use mem m tneir own families.
7r 2XEJ!: An arecble. healthful Liquid Dentifrice.
LEMON SUGAR. A ih;mi. iL...
v .v. w tj
Chicago, St Ionia & Cincinnati.
m 1 1"
f Sing!e' ' doubly strong"
y ou " -wouoie
( Isprovements Septemier, 18781
'" Hiring tegard fey th nil of fhl
5 prosraai'ra age, wmaw offers tba WoeU
I tba
i, I 111111 I1U1U11
Important Improvements.
Notwithstanding the fCTOR has long been
the peer cf any machine in the market a fact
supported ly a host of volunteer witiuism n
n now confidently claim for it gieate
simplicity, a wonderful reuaetiea ef
friction, and altogether a. J?ore Com
I'.jutlUn ef Desirable. QaaTUUs. For sals
ly Merchants cad others.
Trices. liberal Terms to tbe Trade.
the lightest runniner machine in
Reliable "VICTOR."
A Wonderful Discovery.
For the speedy cure of Con sumo tion
and all diseases that lead to it, such as
stubborn Couchs. neglected Colds. Bron
chitis. Hay Fever. Asthma, pain in the
sine ana cnest, ary nacking cough, tickling
in the throat. Hoarseness, Sore Throat and
all chronic or lingering diseases of the
throat and lunzs. Dk. King's Xsrw Dis
covert has no equal and has established
for itself a world wide reputation. Many
leading physicians recommend and use it
in theii practice. The formula from which
it is prepared is highly recommended by
all medical journals. Tbe clergy and the
press have complimented it. in the most
glowing terms. Goto your druezist and
get a trial bottle free of cost or a regular
size lor f i.uu. For sale by Haven A
JTlecs, Einulay. ; 23-28-34-40-46
MT. BLANCHARD, O., Dec 25, '78. NOT ANOMYMOUS. Local Produce Market.
MT. BLANCHARD, O., Dec 25, '78. NOT ANOMYMOUS. Local Produce Market. FINDLAY, O., December 26, 1878.
Chickens, 4 eta.
Ducks, 4 cts.
Turkeys, 6 cts.
Bacon. 46 els. per lb.
Shoulders, 46c per lb.
Hams, 68c.
Eggs, 18 cents.
Butter. 612 cents.
Hides, green, 4i5 cents.
Hides, dry, 10 cents.
Calf, green, 6(3 cents.
Shijep Pelts, 25c75c.
Ta'.low 5 cents.
Lard Sc.
Flax seed, fl 10.
Rags, 1 cent.
Beeswax, 20 cents.
Timothy Seed 75$1 00 per bu.
Clover Seed 6 per 2.
Oats 20 cents.
Potatoes, 40&30 cts. per bu.
Dried apples 2 per lb.
MT. BLANCHARD, O., Dec 25, '78. NOT ANOMYMOUS. Local Produce Market. FINDLAY, O., December 26, 1878. To-day's Grain Market.
FINDLAY. O., December 26, 1878.
Wheat. New No. 1. 85c
New.Ear Corn, 36c per 100 lbs.
Oats 20c per bu.
The above prices are paid o-day by O.
V. HrxBS. at the L. E. A L. By. elevators
FINDLAY. O., December 26, 1878. Local Business Notices
Handle Timber Wanted.
The highest market price in cash nsid
for prime second growth white ash and
basa wood handle timber at findlay Stave
Jk Handle Works Factory at west end of
Sandusky street. - 2t
John G. Weizel bas removed his stock
of goods from the Osterlin block to the
Adam tveii property, one floor West of
the L. E. & L depot, Main Cross street,
where he will be pleased to see his old
customeis and as many new ones who
may favor him witn their patronage.
32 34.
Box Stationary, from 15c to tl.50 per
box, at Haven & 1 leek. s. . 32U
A Largs Lot or brackets, clockshelves,
bat racks, clothes racks, foot rests, chil
dren's chairs, wall pockets, tc, at
2W. U. KLilJLtLL'S.
J. D. Bess wants 100.000 pounds,PorL
TET, Quails, Bides, Pelts and Furs.
For arerr aeha. naln aaa arolaa on man
or beaut Unela 8aaa's Boa and Narva Lini
ment Is lb Balm. Hold by Havan a Fleck.
Gloves, Hosiery. Corsets, veils, em
broideries and underwear at Mrs Zay a
Millinery store. 24tf
"Dutch Enatutr
for 1879 at
Haven & Fleck's.
Fine and cheap bats, flowers, orna
ments, ribbons, ilea' hers, ore. at Mrs Zay's
Millinery store Z4tf
The eh e pest place to buy Lamps is at
Haven A Fleck's. 32tf
Notice. .
All Demons knowinr themselves to be In
debted to us will please call and settle Im
mediately as we desire to balance onr ac
counts on or beore January 1st, 1970.
n e extend our sincers thanks lor past
patronage and wish all our customers a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Tear.
A. LUtr&CH cv.
When boras aad eaalaar spiritless jrraa-
ry and (table tbr naa treatment wnn
Unci Mam's Condition Powder. It po rifle,
tba blond, las proves ih aopeOte.Care. Colds
and btateaipara. Invigorates tba ttystem a x
wll keep I be animal la a Healthy. Hand
soma Condition. Bold by Haren A ftae.
Persons knowinr themselves indebted
to the late firm of 8; A J. M. Huber. either
by note or book account, are hereby noti
ced to call and pay the same on or before
thefirst of January. 1879.
Ail claima left unpaid at that time wUl
pasa into the hands of a collector. -
Thj iuiIm and uvnnili will be foUUd
Ruber's Drug Store until JJaU878.
aU-tX. . ' d- as. ..
Uncle Sam's Harness Oil pat on b arm sss
will make tba leather looK new. and keep It
sort and pi labia. Give It a trial. Bold by
Haven a Fleck.
Pittsburg Coal for Blacks
For sale at Findlay Gas Works. 19-tf .
" Peevish children bay worms. Dr. lease's
German Worm Cabea will destroy tba
worms and mak thm ehUdran, asay. Sold
by Haven A Fleck. . . -
Prescriptions and Family reciepts ac
curately compounded from pure and fresh'
Drugs at HAVEN dc FLECKT&r -
Five Hundred Overcoats
that must and will be sold at prices that
cannot be peat, at A. EBUNG'S
School Books, all kinds, at Haven Jb
Fleck's. , .,. Wilt
Zay's Fancy Goods Store.
Heck & Chamberlain have the exclu
sive sale of Atkin's celebrated "This
Back" and the Silver Steel "Diamond'
Cross C'it Saws. Every blade warranted
to cut thirty cords of wood without filing.
For new and standard Patent Medicines
go to HAVEN & FLECK'S.
It will pay you to look at Haven &
Fleck's stock of Holiday goods before
buying. They have a line assortment of
Vases, Toilet Sets, Albums, Autograph
Albums, Fine Stationery, Portmonies
Lamps, etc., etc. 32tf
Coal and Coke
For sale by the Findlay Ga Light Cam
Why b distressed with headache, tow
spirit and nervooDas whoa . lien's Day.
light Uvr Pills are sold by Haven Fiaek.
The largest and most complete stock
of Dishes, Glass Ware. Lamps and Look
ing Glasses will be sold cheap for cash at
Your Wife
Wants one those floe Rocker as
Mother when yonr dear baby saffasw lax
tawbleg, as Dr. Wlaetiarls reMhlncMrrap.
it recalata to bowels soothes tha pain an
brings aataralalaeB. 8od by Havea Flee.
Bickelhaupt & Sons
Are headquarters tor Silver PTaiedt
Ware, China fUncy roods. Toys. &c Aa.
Sold cheap. 24t
Perfumery and Toilet artielea. a very
fine assortment at
Seal and Fur Caps.
T. II. Houpt has lust received aa ele
gant line of Seal bkia aad Fur Goods
which will be offered at extremely low
rates. Give him a cau. 33
For information eonearnlaa- tha ti laiam
of ebronle diseaaee wlw Electricity, ad lor
a pawpaw oa caeccno troauasas, wniea
will be seat frsa. oa aoaiietio to tba afa-
laUMb Eleetrle Belt aad baUsry Co-, 11 A
$200,000 To Loan.
I have made perfect airan semen ts eo-
ablingme to loan Two Hundred Thous
and Doil irs on'first-c lass fane property ia
Ohio One to five years' time at low rate
of interest. J. W. Shaw. Findlay. O.
Office over Karst A Son's Grocery. 27 tf
Stop at Haven dc Fleck's and see ths
Double Globe Lantern before buying. It.
is the best in the market. 82tf
For the Holidays.
A fine assortment of Patent Boekern
and folding chairs at
Pictures, . , .
Toys, and Holiday Goods in endless vari
ety at Zay's Pkture Gallery and Fancy
Goori- Store. - 31
Kjrma. Forks, Spoons, Wooden and
Willow Ware. Good stock of trocwr-
at bottom pnoesat
24tf BICKELHAUPT at 8053k
Tbe vellow Bvr Dklanie
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ferlDg. sorrow sad wit) deab- Thsv la ao
remedy mora vaiaabla than Ellen's Kxtraea
ot Tar aod Wild Cherry, thos tbat wast
know U worts, aad will not be wUhoat M.
Zr 11 sure'r aodqalokiy eares Cokta Cooaas.
Catarrh. Brooch lai and Pnlaoaarv
CjApialata. gold by asm a Fl
A Card. :
Having bought late I have been enabled
to bur goods at prio msch lower than
could have been obtained earlier ia t a sea
son and consequently J can sell them si
fre&Uy redoeed rates. A. Y.ZUXQ.

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