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Fremont journal. (Fremont, Sandusky County [Ohio]) 1853-1866, January 27, 1853, Image 3

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Saturday, Jan. 25 1853.
10 o'clock, a. m.
Prnjrr by TXcv. Mr. Kamlull.
Petition presented, Hy Mr. Wilson, tlio pc
tilion of John Welsh nntl CO others, citizens
and lux pnycrs of Wyandot county, for a law
to prerent tlio running at lart,'e of aherp in
fested with the 'fjot rot.' lloforred to the
atandinir Rommittco on Agriculture.
Mr. Smith from the standing committee on '
public works ond public binds, reported a
resolution directing the board of public woiks
to examinfl into the claim of John W, Giesey,
of the county of 1'nirfleld. for dnmn;es sustain
ed by the construction of tho .oeking Valley
caiml, which was adopted.
Tho bill to provide for the printing of blank
forms and instructions for township assessors,
was rend the second time nnd committed to
tho committee of the whole.
. Also, the bill to fix tho time for holding
the courts of common pleas in the several
courts of the fifth judicial circuit, which was
referred to the committee on the judiciary.
Also, tho bill to authorize the sale of school
lands belonging to French Grant, in tho coun
ty of Scioto, which was referred to the com
mitteo of schools and school lands.
The bill for the re-organization of tho state
(rcneury was read the third lime nnd referred
to the committee on finance, yeas 14, nays 11.
The senato then went into eommitleo of
the whole Mr. Pardee in the Chair and
took up tho bill to establish a coda of civil
The morning hours were spent in the con
sideration of the bill, after width the
committee rose.
Sundry House bills were read the Cist
Mr. Mack gave notice that on to-morrow,
or some subsequent day of the present sess
ion he would introduce a bill fixing a fee bill
for the oflice of Probule Jude. The Senate
then took a recess.
3 o'clock, p. m.
The Senate went into committee of the
Whole Mr. Pardee in the chair and fur
ther considered the code bill. After some
lime the committee arose and reported no
Snndry Housobills were read tho first
time, and the Senate a IjiurnuJ.
The first Grand Fight of the Campaign.
The different factions of tho Hamilton
county delegation to the 8th January Conven
tion had a grand tight at the Neil House, a
bout midnight, on Friday evening last. It
was the first of the Campaign, Hiid deserves
to be duly chronicled.
The Cincinnati delegation is composed of
-about 33 members. They are enliljed to
cast '-7 votes. At a preliminary meeting of
the delegation, it was manifest that the JL'l-
ninis were in the ascendant. Some disputed
eases arose, and every one was decided, in a
A-ery Bummary way, against tho Sawbucks,
and in favor of tho Miami, without stopping
to look into the right or justice ol the cases.
Jt was then found that there was a vacancy in
one of the townships. The Snwbucks de
clared that the person to be appointed should
he -from the unrepresented township. )ut
ill is was disregarded, and a Miami was pushed
in. Tho stream, by this time, got high, nnd
hJew.off loud. The red-faced Jew, w ho flour
ished so largely, was there, as the special or
igin of Snwbucks. He denounced the whole
juoceedings as corrupt. Hkkmkmk, also del
egate, reuionstiated. To cap the climax, they
proposed that one from (he delegation should
be selected to cast the entire voteof the dele
gation, and that a majority of the delegates
tihould have the power to inrtru -l how that
vote should be cat. This was aJJing insult
toannury. It was aimiliiiatiug the strength of
the Sawbucks at a blow. Jt was not to be
endured. Fakan, one of the editors of the
Enquirer, coal J not stand ihM move, and took
igorous grounds against it. But tho Miamis
re strong in Hamilton eounty.and in the Slutt.
They t.i.fd to vote the proposition through,
Jind prostrate the Saw bucks, but failed. Then
came remonstrances and denunciations.
I'Vom high words, they sotxi catnu to blows.
A rush uus mado upon the hawbucks, nnd
the red-faeed gentleman was soon mounted,
-crushed, and lerrably btatcn. Fakan was
altacted, and baet'y beaten. Rei;iM.in was
8en making a strait sboot for the outside
j . i . j i . ,
-wwi -n.iu ..3v.i .-.tt-.it-.ttt uniting!., ft mho H
row and fight worthy ('apt. Hvnueus, und the
Kmpire Club, in the palmy days of Tammany
Hall. Indeed, the. Miami TV.ile in the West,
amd 'the Empire Club of the liast, are th two
reat props of modern Locofoeoism.
But we digress. When confusion was at
its height, somebody started after the night
watch. The rioters swung their fists in per
fect phrentiy. The cool Democrats of othei
counties stepped in nnd tried to pacify the
combatants. "Bolly" was remonstrated
with, and entreated to preserve tho peace, as
41 row would disgrace tho party as well as the
men engaged in it. lie acceded to everything
that was said, and avowed himself a peace
man "us soon as ho could give Jim Fabau a
-d V
Saturday, tho bruised and beaten Saw
tucks were kept within doors, Tho fight was
a victory to the Ilia mis, of a very decided
character. It had all the ingredients of the
ludicrious and the disgraceful. It was a fair
exponent of Hamilton county Locofoeoism.
A certain JuJie Jacob Funn was a proini
nent actor. As a citizen of Columbus, we re
peetfu"1y suggest to these gentlemen the
propriety of doing up their lighting before
lltey leave home. V shall certainly feel it
our duty to expose them if they change the
venue of their operations from Hamilton to
Franklin countv. O. S. Journal,
Jan. 20th 1853, by the Re. U. T. Hie.ter Mr.
Jo!ip Hack to Mi.n Ciikistkama Euzabkth
Thravh, both of Fremont.
On the Sn'iti Inst, by IT. Lan?, Mr. Orman
Ttti- A. Mis Laura Ann Stmcklaku, both of
WJiea) perbusliol
Flour per barrel. .
'orn per bualiel. .
Data per buahel...
Mutter per pound.
Etrga per dozen..
' R305
$4 00
heee per pound. .
J-ard par bound C,
nail per barrel). ,
Hides per pound
Via aeed per buahel
Timothy aeed perbu.......
(Clover aeed per bu
I'ork per barrel)
llama amoked per pound. ...
fteans per buahel...... .
1'olatoee per buahel ........ ,
Onions per buahel , . . . .
Apples frreeii,,,,
Apples dried.,.. , , ...
Heeswai per pound..
Tallow per pound
Staves Pipes per M
, m
....1 25
....4 as
..13 00
,. 08
....1 35
...1 00
..a oo
, 20
, 7
..14al6 '
...9s 19
t" JHhd psr M. .,
Bbl perM....
Dlaekwa'nut Lumberper M.
CI b o c r 1 1 u cm cn I a .
Smith & Bush!
Marble Manufacturer?,
SEPULCHRAL Monuments and Grave Stone
of every Variety f nalern and of the most skill
fill workmanship. The Dent ao tuieni of Amrr
ienn Marble kept constantly on hanrl.
(Foreign ifcrUe furnished if desired on tht
shortest notice.)
Also a great variety of American and Enronm
Designs, of the most minus and tatlttl pattern,
t'Oinbininrr beauty and ptiraliility. I'ertins wiih
lug to procure Monuments or any kind of Marble
work, are invited In call und give a pernnntil in
spection of their Hinti'tinl and wot lonanaliip, ns
this will be morn sitis'iidon- than to purchase of
Afents, (who have no inteieat only their per cent )
williout an opportunity of tasting the quality of the
artie )e contracted for.
OYSTERS, Raw, Stewed
and Fried, Boiled Ham
nnd Eggs, Hot CuflVe, &o. Ac, to he had stall
hows ut iiheruk'a (Jrocery and e.duljr house oppo
aite Buckliui l'n Until liiuck.
rrrmont and UrGaurc Kail itoad,
"VfOTICEia heivby eiven that Hooka will be
-L opened for receivinjr mihacription to the Cup
ital Stock, of the Kremont nuil lefiance It nil Road
Company, at the Court House in the Tow n of Fre
mont, in SuiKlimkv county and Stale of Ohio, on
Ilia 26lh day of February' nt, at III o'clock, A.
M.: and, ulan at the Court Honae in the Town of
Oi-funoe, in Dcfinoc Conuly on the d day of
Murcli urxt, ut 10 o'clock, A. M.
.1 ami:-s JUSTICE,
Fr flu oat Annual School Ttlrciin.
"VJOT1CE ia hereby jiven, thut the annual meet
l. ing in eaid lown.'foj (he eltolion of two direc
tor lo aerve thieo yearx, and one for two year,
on the lioard of Kdueuiion in said town, will be
held at the Prior School House, on the 14tll day of
February, 151, at 111 o'c'ofk A. AI.
Also, that at Hie eauie tirno und place, a vote
will bo taken on the proposition to raie two thous
and dollura, by taxation, to finish Hie new School
House. J. ,S. OLMSTED, Pres.
HoMi-.n Evhh:tt, 5!;-c.
Frniiont, Juiiun v 30.
&;iEo ol Ite;sl IJsUito by Ai:iv-
NOTICE is hereby eiven that the underait'tied
will fell at Public Auction, at Ihe door ol ihe
court honsa in Fremont, in Tmiditfliy oonuiy.Ohio,
on Ihe IDlh d;iy of February, lf-33, betwenu ilia
hours of leu mid four of tiiid duy, the following
reul estate, to wil: The eon 111 half of Ilia north
west quarlor, (lot No. 3 ) euhool eerlioa aiileen,
toiviii-hip five, range liflecu, Sanduaky county,
Said real estate ia subject to a claim held by the
I.nnd Cotiitnissione.ra ol Bind ronn'y, for tho sum
of J"Jlj(l or llieri ul.iDiiiE, of which tho sum of
ia now clue, and Ihe balance ia to bo paid in itlinu
ul m inenls oi'sio 1-3. Appraiaed al jJ5.SH.
of thn etule of Itolliu t?. Roaeuberger.
Jan. 27, lt5 ?. 4
u!c of Itcul r:.t:tto by Order ol
0 the 8lh day of February, 1853, at 2 o'clock
in III afternoon, at thn door of the Court
lioiife in Fremont, will bo sold to the hinheet bid-
dor, the lolloivinjr real enl.tlo, aa the properly of
Jonaa oiblia, rlcceuaed, to wit:
The norih eas quarter nf I lie north east quarter
of aection number Ion, 10 j Township number five
5j rnu'o number aixleea, I6J in SitndusUy coua
ly, tliiio.
Tormaofaale one third cash in hand, no
Ihird in one. and one third in two yeurs, aecured
to the suliafdcliort of the evejitlor.
C. EUGKR I ON, Ad.nr.,
of Joaat Uibbs, dec.
Jun. 25, I353.
SUUCKLAND i CO. have just opened
u lai ;;e lot of Comic and entimetitiil
VALF.NTIXL'S of ull qualities and prices.
Cuil and aeo liiem. und ei-lex-l in tiiun.
N. li. Ail Vuk'ntinea dulivered free of
charge within the corporation" i'lease de
posit early in the d-iv. Mum the sender, be
ing S C Times. S.' BUCKLANU it CO.
Jan. 20, '53.
riMJKitjy Asu cmcitr.xs:
Want 100U of each for which I will pnv caa
Opposite Buckland's Block.)
I kiive jiift got the New Itiiek Building
fiuihlied, and hav -opened it for thn reception of
new and old csltrH?r, anil intend to ancoinmo
date them in a style, superior to liny Ihior; in this
town, i huve tiro rooms and the rrooda to do it
with, hav aM 1 want ht a chance: urn! 1 feel conli
tlint 1 cun nleiue tucti ua will favor me with their
v y s t u ii a,
Will lie served up at all lionfJ, during Iho sea
60ii, at reaeouahle prices.
Durin:; the winter season. Fanners can at all
hours gol cup of ood CoHeo ia the Suluon.
Such as Cukes, l'rea, tVutlwrs, Cheese, Bologna,
&C, ulwuys kept oa hand.
Wines, Itrandiea, Gin, Whisky, Ale and Cider,
from the F.aslcrn cites, of thn beat qualities, will
be kept on baud, warranted pure.
. ('MSKlieil.
A larijo stock of Fresh Candies, expressly
bought lor the openinrrof the new rooms, will be
sold as cheap ua can be obtuined elsewhere .
F.nglisli Walnuts, Filberts, Alinonde and Bra
zil Nuts.
Chewinpand Smoking a fan lot of Cigars of
various kinds, bought in New York.
Molasses, Raisins, Matches, Pipes, Soaps,
Flasks, and many other arliclea too numerous to
mention, are on hand and for sale cheap. Call
and exun ne for yourselves,
Fremont, Dec. 30. '5.'. M.A. S1IKF.NK .
American Express Co:
f "MIE American Express Co. havinjr opened an
Hlfice in this place, nre now prepared to do
ul I business in their line with the Fastertl, West
ern ami SoutliKrn Cities. Particular attention
will be paid to collecting Hills of Exchange, Notes,
Drafts, Certificates of Deposit and oilier Commer
cial paper. B. J. THOKNDVKE. Atft.
Fremont, Pee. 30, 'Si. Cm
4'arpil Hags!
Ladies and Gentlemens Carpet Baps, a ijood as
sorliuent, for aale low at McL. & McGF.CS.
Fremont, Sept 15, lf-52.
rpT inv instance in attachment was thii dav ia
X sued by A. II. Taylor, a jiKlice of the Peace
oi r-iinuumy inwnship, !anduaKy county, t'din,
against the property and efl'octs of Stephen P. Hil
born, au abacoudiug debtor.
DaJed Septemher 6, A. D. 153.
LANK BOOK'i, full bound Ledgers, Journals
XJ Uockets, Cash and I n voice books, at
Land Warrants!
T AXD WARRATS for sale at tho Bank.
rssnont, Septembers, 1855.
War with Cuba.
nAS the pleasure of annomicinjf to the rillti ns
of Old Sniidusky, th t they have oa l aud at
their we'l known esiablihlnneal , t ia
J'Jaglc Clothing Sior:
a marfniricenl and splendid slock "f Iteadv-nnde I
Clnthinif, emhrncini lbs I rtest styles nf ovsree us I
dress noma, pants, vesl', drawe a, Ac , which ih y
are oll'erinfj; al lower rates thun any esiaiilishmi in
In Fremont dare sell. Their slock also unbraces
a suieudid UfSorluiFiit of
Ficc Goods!
tvliioli limy m'iniir.irtnrp tn nnlf r, II iviiiT t mW
tii otm orihH let Pnilr in Ohio, to nutnrii)-!
tend the Cutting and Tnilnrinr Depart nietit, tlieyj
iney are conniieni lliey can please all who tnuv cull
f.pcn thin. IjvI ull old ami young rich and pour
drop in, ar.d wo will give them
shsvealso aline alock of trunks, Carpel
, comtoriers ana luocy ooilt
flTPom. n .o,l -Il ..7,1 h,. l.l,i-l
f-ni-in. b '
t'onwArtTLxriEP.G & tp.yfoos.
Frcmenl J.in. 13. l.i.'l.
DA G U Jilt Ii EI A iV A' 0 OMS!
0 cr the Post Ojjice, Turnpike Street.
rTAVLNG at much expense fnrtiialipil rooms, as
L.I above, 1 would iuvile Ilia citiz-ns of Fremonl
nnd surrouudinirconulr tocall and examine spec
mens, whether they wnnl pictif.a or lint.
To titose who want pictures 1 Would sev, ihal
whete siiiisfiic'tinn is not given no charges ore
made for trouble.
Asa ifiiiirtitiiee of whiit people may expert, I
would say that I received iho i'.'intvim for tl.ii l,t-M
Daguerreotypes at the Huron and F.rio County
Faira, for the years 1W0 and lr?51, nnd in compe
tition ton, with 111 e IipM nrui.lt in the coilolrv.
Ilnvine made u permanent location in Frcinonl.
I hall endeavor to take suuli pi-turea us will beur
f'Aaminalioti and give salislaction
P. S. The best of pictures may 1p taken on
cloudy days, though children should come on lair
days as the lim of sittin-r is less. Durk dresses
givn the ino.tt liesir.ihie died in d jgnrreoiypes.
1'ooine open frum ti o'clock A. M. to .1 P M.,
Clnr or Cloudy. A. D. WILES.
Fremont, Jan. 9lh, 1 S.13-
IS hereby given that mi lh 2!)lli day of Decem
ber, It'fi, Jnliu S. Weeks made lopliculiou In
me for the benefit of the act entitled "an act for
the relief of insolvent debtors," and the net amend
atory thereof, the bond, copies of schedules, oath
and testimony taken on Stiid application, and nil
oi i r papers rcrpiired bv law, will be returned to
t' Court of Coiiunnu Plena of Sandusky countv,
iiio, on or bef iro tho 3illh dav of Jjuuory iiejct.
Cotnmissioiier of Insolvents
of Sandus-ky countv, Ohio.
To Motel keepers
HAVE received a. lame lot of Chosen Wines,
Liquors, A.c. consisting of
Cogniite JJiandy,
Oturd, "'
C'hiiriipiiign "
Mxllniid Gin,
SiiuU Cruz Rum,
pcotcli Whisky,
Irish Whisky,
Clmmpnign Wine,
: Lisbyn
Which I will sell hv the. h.irrell or trillion, lower
llnver than articles of the same qtinlilv can he had
ill the West. J. DOUGHERTY.
. 4
' AMAjrnl for llm Pule of Holt A- Mollhv'
Orslers hv the Cm. J. DOL'O I1EKTY."
l-'reinnnl. Dec . 30.
l;iM.!n( ion,
JOTiri' is hereby jivon tlut ihe Partnership
hereloftird ex:slinnr iictweeii the undersigned
waa ihia dby dissolved hy mutu tl consent, und the
ilsbts of the lirm ill be settled in' ('. I). Hull.
C. 1). HALft,
Fremont. Dec. tG'.!i '5 ! E. K. HAW'S.
I AM very thrtnkfiil for pl favors, r.ii--l wmiid
he (jl.'id lo see id! my oM castniners u.sin, und
as many ue.v ouea us m:iy thin!, i'. fir their ad van l-atetoctll-
A complete imiortment of lloo'.s,
Shoos ami Clolhinjr limy ftt all times he found nT
tho I'inkee Hoot, Shoe and Uendv.Mcde f'iolh
iujr Store" C'. D. HALL.
r reiuout, Dec. -o.
To No. 1, Sharp itShoinoe's new Drick Iliock,
sign of the Padlock and Stove, where we are now
are prepared to show our friends one of the heat
arranged and most complete Hardware establish
ments in Ohio.
AF P El' a trial of two years in the experiment
of building lip an exclusive fiardwure busi
uesu ill Fremont, it hud proved so far successful
that au
und increated business compels us to take larger
rot. ins, where we can do business more to tile, con-
fort and convenience of botli ourselves and cus
tomers. y dirnclius our cfVjrU entirety to this
branch, V.eepir." a complete stock, and doiuir bus
iness on the sY&tum of
Small rrcftts and Cash Sales,
We have been enabled to increase our stock and
reduce our prices. Our facilities for buyinrr from
mamildcturera and importers al lowest rates, are
nut to be surpassed. Wo will still continue tou.se
every ellort to merit the patronage of our friends
and to make it lo the interest of many ino.e to fa
vor us with a call, by mnknifr Hie I'renioul Hard
wire Store second to none in the Stale. Our pre
sent fine Blore of three stories and cellar, ia lilleu
from top tn hot ion Willi our fall stock which enm
prines a larger variety than we hsvn ever offered
lo Ihe public, consisting of tile folioa in;j assort
ment of
American, English, and German Hardware!
Cutlery, lochs, latches, bulls, saws, pen and pock
et knives, knives end forks; scissors and shears;
lamps and candlesticks; snutTers; spooiia; Yankee
Notions, Flat Irons, spades, shovels, forks. Axes.
cut tack brads, sparables,
I arneutei ' tools and Planes low... adzes, lirond
axes, hammers, squares, bevels; rules, liruce and
bits, augurs, chisels, bevels, iVc.
Cooper s tools, Mason's trowels and hammers,
Dlncksmilti's tools, Carriage makers tools and
trimmings, Millwright's tools, ISIioemukers tools
and kit, Saddle and Harness makers' tools and
trimmings, guns and gun trimmings, Cabinet tools
nnd Irimiiiiugs at greatly reduced prices, and every
thing in the line uf American Hardware.
A large assortment of files, knives and ferks,
pocket knives, saws Anvils, Shears, scissors, Ac.
German Guns; Skates; Cutlery; braces, bits,
saws, iVc, Iron and Nails: Chain Pumps, alius.
ui.li and putty, paints and oils, cast pumps; lead
pipe, ride barrels; steel springs anvils; vices, picks,
The Boys are prepaied to do it up brown an
Stoves. Our assortment ii the best and lurgesl
ever brought lo this town. All we ask is a look al
our stocks and prices. Wa liavs lifleeu patterns of
sir-light cook stoves, of Ilia most approved plans.
Seneca Fulls Regulator, Parlor Stoves made bv
experienced workmen. Dux stoves and Parlor
stoves of all patterns.
Till AVaioantl Nlove Pine.
Manufactured F. iva Trough and Gutter made
to order. Repairing done in beat maimer.
Remember Ihe place, the new brick blook sign
of the I'aillook and Siovo, where you will find the
uoys iu Attendance.
Fremont, November !i0, tiih
VV luEPS 'and PillsburjUren at
Hit us.
I I'
Por the rapid Cure of
my rar ol i rim,
oi iniairi Trr 1l,e
pnWie coulideiK-e In this medicine, has won for it
an ,i,irp.-iii'i!i anil nolnr etv l,v f ,r esci eilin-i ll.e
most Himjfiiiii.! expect at ions of il f Meiida. ,ti!)i
insr hit its inlritipic virtues and the nninistok xhl-bi-ii'
lit i-on!'crrd on Ilio'isiiK - of sufl-rers, r-iuld
orirrinale and maintain ine rrpotnlinn it enjme.
While iniiuv inl-rior remedies thrust unoii fie
- ;i.. "i. : I i , .. .
'' am neen ui-o treu, una
s (TMinee inends lv evetv In.i . t;.iiir-r,-ed fa...-n.'lis
npunthe alfiiclad thv cin nv-r fn;r ', and pro
duced ei'res oa ndnicrouj and ioo reiiiurk.i!le to
be fornpllcll.
Whilo it a fraud rn (lie pnTi.'ia lo pretend tint
riny ono medicine will infallibly cure still there
is abundant proof that the I'liiaiiiT I'l i romt. dees
not only os a generil thin j, lint aim ut itivariab Iv
cure the in ilr.lii-s for wiindi it is euipioved.
As tiuifl innkea tho-e fuels wider and hi tier
known, this mitlirina has cr.idiiiillv benoma the
Ihe hen reliance of Ihe .-Illo led, from ihe I og cab
in of thn Aiiiaricin l'eas int, to the Palacos of Uu
rnpean Lints. Throughout IliU eniirn countrv,
in eiy Blule, cily, and indeed in almost rrcrv
liiuii'el It contains, Cm lint Pi cTonxi. ia ki)o ii
as the hcrt remedy extant for ('is-ases of Ihe
Throat and Lungs, mid in many forein countries,
it is looming lo be extensively used hv their mosl
intelligent physicians, la Great Britain , Fiance
and fli rmnny, nhera the tnedicnl sciences have
renclied their highest perfection, Cukiiht I'kctou-
At. t ir.t piiiuccd, nnd In const.int use in the arm-
J ies, Hospitals, Alms
Houses, Pubic Institutions.
mi il in doniRsiio iithcIic.
us Ihu surest remp.lv
Ihir nttenditis c:in employ for llm mi re dangerous
nITiclionsi.ftlie lune-y. Also in milder eases, and
for children it is sale, pleasant and elieclnnl to
cure. In luct, some of the inost fla'terinir total
inon'als we receive have been from parents who
hnK found it effiracioua incuses parliculur!v iuei
dentn! to cliildhood.
The CiiriiHT Plctorai. is manaficimod bv a
practical Chemist, mid ejinry oui:ce of il is under
his own eye, with invariable ace uracv and cire.
It is sealed and protected by laiv from counterfeits,
consequently ran he relied on as genuine williout
We have endeavored here to furnish Iho com
munity wilh a inediciiio of such intrinsic superior
ity nnd worth us should commend itself to Ih-il
enntideee a nemedv ut one sr. fe.
fecltml, which this has by repealed and cduntloss
triuls proved itsslfto he; nnd (rust by prent care
mi prcpariuz k ivmi ciieinicaitccuracy, of uniform
strenjlh to nfl'oud Physicians a new arrenton which
iney oan raty Ion toe nest teeulta, and tlie afflict
ea wiui n remedy tuut vi:i do for them till thai
medicine can do.
t'l fuaret :tn?1 soJtl by .T:ini O. Avre
riacticiil end Analytical ( Jit mist,
f.cwri.t.. Mai.'
Only Agents for Fremont.
Important to these Atflictctl!
1TTOIJLD inform the citizena of Clyde nnd vi
. i cuiiiv mat we uavo permanently located here.
lor me purpose ol I'mcliciiiir Medicine: and by
"r pi utlenlion.aud successful cures, wc hope
lo L'uiu o libejal sliuie of pulrniiu(ie.
'Po those .who have been uiHicled for vear1-, and
huve tried every body, (us tliev sav,we would
call their attention to lli advert iseiueni. V.'e
d ni'l preleml llil all diseases in ull stones can he
cured, yet there is a curable Rturre to all diseases
mid it cn-at ninny can b cured ufier they huve
been pronounced incurable by many; an. I other
rc!;-v.'d so as In be couiforla'.ie and enjnv life. 1:
is uuiiece8...!ry ecre lo enuuierole all Ihe disease
which flesh ia heir to, nur! nhmt out the nraiile s'.aje
ofe.ac'n, but call and w wdl leil you, without any
ciia,-;e, nhellieryour pirlicuiar ciseciui be cured
or nr.l.
l"..-pe;-i it altftilion will ho piid lo Fenn.les who
hi'.ve Diseases peculiar lo themselves,
r.. :. srjxt:, St. D. J. r.irriinioN-, m. d
Juiv Jt, 'ii ).
V A X V li V ,
Hulmultis Avuane, Saiduaki Cilu. Ohio.
T A 1)1
JU ii...
A DIES' Shawl, Dresses, llounets. iulions.
se, ivc, colored und nun,tieii in a suuenor
djed and pressed in the best Mvle. Faded Coats
restored lo their former brilliancy. Itrocha and
Marino Miaw.'s. and Kid (.'loves be.iiiliftiliv cleaned.
July 17, lS,i; !y F. It. COM STOCK.
To man for Coughs, Asthma, Colds, Croup,
Urnnchilis, Influenza, lileedinrr of the I. lings,
Difficulty nf breathing, Liver Alloetinns, Pain or
weakness of Ilia llreust or Siie, First stages of
Consumption, iVc.
In short, this Pnlsaui is peculailry adopted to ev
ery disease of the lungs and liver, which is pre
duced il. our ever-vurjing climate.
t tj n w q
Tiro Lives Saved hy the use of only Three
Bottles of ' ll'ittar's Jlutsum of Vi!d
Mt. Eni:K, Kv., July 24, 1S.'2.
Messrs. Harcnurt Howard Co. Genls:
The ' Dr. Wistar's Hal sain of Wild Cherry," that
I bought of you has been of such signal benefit in
my lamily, that I wish to make its virtues known
lor the tieneht ol the public.
My wife took coldatthe time of her cnufineineut
which settled on her Lungs. The physicians pro
nouoced her disease consiiplion. She had protuse
night sweats and had coughs; she was L'iven no.
for we pespaircd of her recovery, and her child par
look of her complaint. She then commenced tak
ing "Wistar's lialaam of Wild Cherry," and three
bottles effected an entire cure with her uud the
child both.
I have no doubt that thev would have now been
in their graves if they had not have used Wistar's
Oalsain or Wild Cherry SETH R. SEA .ICY.
Selli R. Searcy, whose certificates is above, is
a man of as much veracity as any in this country,
and a man nf good judgo ent, and we placa entire
reliance oil nia aiaiemaui. -
The genuine Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry
has a foo simile of Ihe signature of Iletirv Wislar
M. D., Philadelphia, and Saiiford ct Park" on a
finely executed steel engraved wrapper. No other
can iie genuine.
IT Price fl per bottle six bottles for $5.
Sold by J. U. Park, Cincinnati, O.
North east comer of Fourth and Walnut sts en
trance on Walnut street -to whom all orders
must be addressed.
Bold in Frsmout by S. BUCKLAND &. Co.
Aud by W. C. Baker, Caslaliai J. Hulohins &
Son, Uellevue; V. Rraiier, Millgrove; Charles
Powers, Woodvillej Foster & Sun, Rome; Ham
ilton A. McCartney, Republic; I. L. Si. John, Ti
fill city, and P. V. Beery & Bro., Grcsu Creek.
Fremont, January 13, '53 Iv
at iiucklaud ii. ivreretl'a Gllioe.
T. W. ( LAPP,
April 10, Irt.VJ. Conniy Surveyer.
WHITE CIlAl'i; and Black Silk Shawls,
a beautiful article, at
May II, 'ii.
Ao. 207 Main Slrcpr, IltilLtln, . I,
mmm imam miw
ViS 'l.riiftt rvtntr U iontiiiiitljr inonmaiii ti lim lif
Uit tti fit. unrwt tl it ni..I,iitf
ajx over xin: WOULD.
i tma now IWom f meairini fr fmmttt unA (
)Utlit.iilatl) itjwiuiuriltti lur
M tiift of till roraulnttit tminp.lmt!' rlUvr't( no mMfr
of Inn limir n.nnht.tf. .W fnwpklet fvr Tttwv. Ti
lllwif H im liiftnltit ;isj ( 'uni.K n A Mini M tinwr itt ifmtnlml
tirnr. uf iii;ilii'-, Ida'lujf llip altn t h ileaitv w Inch
rfsi'lsT? iliv iisiii uutvl' isti.-.idtj tttiuiMtt, lMiniijiti iu mtMt
tmlnrMlutf lmttnH.
fl mvr rt.-l! to tlti rfin'y nuil VUyn:vn It tI.lu-l
H ri Jit-ljf nli in.ri.ft m. .. tfiv p., tv M. I(r. mft
Ind ii vniMtom ut ihu r, !' anv -lntM tr h.t iirut r
Ug tlitin, ami, il tly winl. avunl tint uitnului.il
to nr.rrit. tl ilfm tu l i ll uo. iinnil .toil wa'fr ft.iw
Urttt.-, itmv to hit ii i urn. n. ati.l linnlli' l cm in v .Imnlntl
i"t tiiin jnt ii iliii rrmlv in n.m, ninl n n ,nrt
n ""rr. ilivm trv it ut imy l;trt' Ol lliia ilitrys., Hit 'I iicui
uucfiaiu.il ilw) tvill ylvt it n l.iir hinl.
ml fill t,ifi nf fti tititirirr nr'i : Kir i1. i1(tsvMtii
i'tntii'l;iiiii, it iint.U ;i!(,n.' ; lui i,.t-r ,im-I pun r-li ytmi
.itni ih -tirst ititihcil iv ill to ii. it.it tli mod aUi.ijt l i-
n-f-ik lin.-li, wtviknm t,T ih Kilii-i, or it.rttMttmf.ti.Hi
ol ft-nn., n iinins liil- r is-vc.l Itv n i--v itm ' it , .it ilm
HiMiiciue, mill a :iir p filwnsj a rfnh til it . It t ni.1 ;M
tittU, uitti al.a lor Itrniirfeiueiil
ft u, U isviopluiitU, ui.ti ii'.aa lur slfrnitfTiurulii ol On fcm lim
tili'ilul itiiMiMr.oilinn.. No lull.-! hut ti n len frru ei.l
ll.', Hl.lcll Moiil.l Ittitt'li ll.i. k.ii.l ul .ir;o eml ... Il n. iv
lie reiiMl .i,in ua h mrt. iiml llrvote irinni) , nan "I'l t irtl
ivriniu4i iti ilu to. i.'mI1m1 gi,9
prnar ..f earft In ll.it .li.ir.ini. .1..., , ,m,..l',, fl
.iiiinnlilel. All li.ol...i 'I.m. n, ,l,. ttir.it i-,,,,,-n m i,,.,,. i,m
Uit-ellwil ol no'r.'.iri . Hill li.,.1 ilie l.nt.-ii.y t,tvrot iIik inn.
ti. In mil iniiiiflii, It'll , .'iii.I llir I'ui-t, ,i,, ni.in.rul n,i,l.,:.nn
Tin; a .li.tim-l propf-ii... l.i, I. ,nnii..i., il.i. i,i, I,, ,,,,.
Ift IheanrltM .',rii,-hriy In l ,.;,.,, , ,; ,,'.
K "' '"' '? lb."". Hi... .!' i.t.:,lt. l,i,, ItJ
.'i."i"'i:'" Vm """ ' I'm i..i u 1,1 u
aorlli ol hmoi, a
wliifli in nil ilirii. nr il. rti..fn.n.t ol' the l.-.u.,u fi ou-
",""";" .101 .'.ihi,.. :. ,,!' fc j K
tll-i'i,..l a i i, ,, I,,,!,.,,,,,,,. , ,,. .,! , , ,
li lart mittiinuM, ,.l .,. ,, ,.sr.fi ,... . to, it !,.
am an e.o.itl i u !,,. 0oi ,.. ,.., ,
i:Ki!i;'(,v',;:.u - u-
for Iht- n-lltl ol i.ll Kvnitit.tlie.i. Iliwte. elln,.l:,i ,, ,irrt.
smi. y . i! a. inv. ih,. iii.,,,,.,,,-,,mi ,:,iii i,i,i evi.i.-a
f"0?,"" "' m:"''!' ""'I li.ni..i-r.,.l lt,i,.,, ,, .
u'lTVt' ' llrio.-o.,.it whittli ariw, Iruio iui.ii,,
COMHIiMPTIOJI n I,ivk r,,WMm, Bilk,,, Ih,
Mtm, luHnmaialm J H,r l.m,c,, ., (.',(,.
illwIlclitM l.i.trter Ik-ii It. .,,iil.
AMyriy-;l'Vii,',NT;M-,IARI,T,'JI',,l?. sislwl'IXAI.
r ' '-'' ' " "" Jlrtticnte km and M cuvtnir lit' w.irv.
casrt; Irt n , a$ ll ir.ls a,c r,n!.ia,,in, u olhri .
'" r "" 'inltemr, n, a cur.' iriM i taniM.i r.
ttol Ji'i.i.i ,tu vtr, tuere b'niff .11, ,ttc.ir , L ;,.,. ill
Kond iu tiiittl. Colt .1s,i, ,l fl, , i;IUIIMri.
To 'Hit Uir.it W..I ttiwrlnll), i,i tihttt llw ,.n
pl.'tiiiu intlsi;, ll.i. m., id, i, ,,llrel.
so iloteleriottt eor.iHiin.l it a ,trl of tl.it niitii.r, it ,'un
I am ,li,.i,M-t uali uwuiiiii,' aim triri.x, ami ,t.m. ol leuvs
.lie tytivm ltifilil.
Il it ni:lcul moll slone, anil it c.iretp u V't,utlil. IViiari'
I'o". ' 'Hi" nullum; III It- t'ufill.n.ii tthiWi ,.;U, i u,e It- i.l
Injnrt sny ifr-t.i n.i.lt.r any 'i?irt'i.ii-li.ii.:e. tvli;tlvt,r No.
lii-r,H., tie.lllie.l.H ol Itie ln(li,.,t le.i.eultiliili., it i.nlt'ialml
la lint iniiiiiniicu, wliitili ti.s.li.lr.hiiittl Kr.'ilniloii.ly
a oiaii.ltiiat of a mutt fninlul rlntrautcr, is
rintl a cure I'oltoo t uy i, litw tlavt ntr ..I tl.it urn. In i it I, h,
11.11 tiny olhr .irntr'.litiu In. ll.i. iliwur, or lor : mIkt
Uitute iii-ikiiiuiiiik lititii impure t,l,t. he .:t nt,.t.t-t.
will Iiml die i.lientiire iiru.triit nf tin. .'uiit'le
nint itHve touli il..i.-. In. m ihe tytlt m. frr .:mi.ltt.l lot
le.nini.iiy ol toil., in ml .lit,!,.,,. iu,., , ini,u ,,. "
llnnitiil will not promt It. I iiii.iii.iI lr. Aitri.lt (i.r Ih.'.n
art i.l ; lhL.y iruuuiii pants, til tii'iiilit.uiNt ol hitlt i'li.irst-tiM
ami a tlrtmfier
t.r Hit virion! urn inr.:i,'iur. nrtrr np.rnrr,l. Ii it ,,t t.f llm
iwralinr Iruunt'ol tint aoltl. Urn n nrtrr i !,,., ,
uitv t:u', .iitii .1 Ihhw 111..I iii..., i at, tail in baud upon m u
sniuuulvtl uuU ilugeiiuN ii,,,ui, ,
unit kern Initio, the nir.lit:ln. at lt,i,a u ll.rre It an hnpm.s.
llteltl. Iha proprlrlor wtuiltl
attaint, a aillnlir of atlinlt t wliiuli t-timr out uit.Ur tlt lirntl ol
at enrol for llrontr. Nrtital, be.: Tlir, rt , ,M,i,,
ami uou. ooltal lo lull tint ut.o Miy ;
Tlitirinvenli never ti.ntulit ol' .'.irin, tnrli ,litita ,,t t,M
ain.tlv Iiml iliii.u iu A pitiociiiur tlu.ly ol lit p.inti.lili it
S irurtlly to!lilt',l.
Actnlt ami oil tvlio tell llir mii.il' :nt
Sott.ittoii.ly. Cnt up in 3Uii. ,tilr. lit SI; li on. tto. at
l' ..u mull it.r ii'nrr lio!.liii'lj ox. iii.i.rilntn io totiti! hoi.
tW; .....A id ami lull Bel imjiitsr, m ifli. Ktrt't ttoltlr Ititt
Vuinlltn't VrKrl.'tlne f.ahnniripliti :ilixluie," hint, it upon
tll Kt-it, llm unfit, tiKititu.rr oi ' l!. I, Vutothn ' tin tl.
illrt'tioon.. ttntl ' (J. .:. Vioiu'htt, Hnrt'i.lo," t.HM J tot ti,
C...'A. .Noi.tj otl..'r aif Kriiui.itt.. t'w..:.itl by fir. ii. .;.
timlin, tttiii Mini til thr rn.,ci.Hl lllii.cfHli ..;,iu tlrrrl,
Uulhilo. ul u-h.lr..tlr iiii.l ,,'iail. ,N ,i iniri.lio:. ,iir,i to iritan
Jtilr,. ptMt tiititl -- poti pt,i.t Iftirrt, or t m li.'ti t unioiuiilnuooul
toll. ill. m n.ltiiir, prooipiij itiit-iitit'tl lo, yriilt.
H h..lt;,:ilu Ai.rm. ll..'oo. Mt-Ki'M-oi, at Kol.tnt, No. YSt
Mio.irii l.;.it, .t,v V,L ..'itv ; .Mr-. K. Ki.l.itrii .lo, llo..
iu ; 1 S. li.inl.itil & Co., ..'ih.-i.tiijii ; .1. lit,,.,, .v 'o , lit.
troll; Sfittt fc II ,y, C,,i,..; i.'i,t i Hull, flri.l.iii.l j .
fc.- tfcirtTj, I'lll.l, ; itu.1 X lii.j,., lliiitoil.,i. .' V
Iiii.l l.irn;, liy :tl' -hw i.p.cl:.t.iv llrutftO-u u,rouhoui I'te
Luilvo ttuit ,'uul C'uii.ttilt, iunl ol relitlt tj
f Riickliirii tt I!..., Ffrtnnr.t.
Cltur.os Powers, Wnoilvii!.-.
J. l'uttliins it 8mi, Bell. vtid.
.1. Iv. Fouls.?, Little S.ind.inky,
Ami by Dni'yisls gcneriillv.
Frcmunl, Nov. 0th, I85i! ly
Ths War Carried Into
THE Subscriber has the ititnjclion nf saving to
liie frioiidi', and tlitf nutdic em rrnliv. thn: he
has just completed the etilartreiiitMit of Ilia Grocer.
Room, und has supplied it with one uf III largest
and mot t choice lot of
G r o c c r i c s !
ever brouglit to this market, consitlinir in part of
Coffees, Teas, IVpper, isp-iros, fl;tis-
ins, Nuts, Preserves of variotia kliul.-', Mackerel.
Tobacos, Serurs, and one thousand other articles
usuhIIv kept in such eatahlismenttt.
lie iuisal.-o just received from ihe East, a large
and choice loi of
Brandhs, Wines, Gin, lhi:d,y. Ale, Deer.
Ac, wi.icli wiil he sold at vnry lo.v n.ures..
Tlic public are reaocctfuily invited to cP nnd
examiiio his goods und prict-s bitire p.. rcliasiuir
elaeivhere, as perfect satisfaction ca.. b" c-iv. n.
t . CLOSE.
Fremont, f ep. 25. 183 J.
To Sell Xcw aal ropular .
TXE "re in want of Arrnits to ranvai s this part
VV of the fctlnle for our now Hooks.
A small capital of hut $10 or 113 will be r.'qnir
cd to cniuuieiic with, ami an ticiivi, person can
earn from $3,00 lo ..r, HO per day. Someofour
A!euts earn much more.
Those desirous of enirnuinrr in this prnfilalite
huriness, may obtain our plan of ..pTHti0ti. and a
list of our Publication, bv Hildrosiiutt. pot paid,
No- 102 Superior t., Cleveland, ')hio.
Agents Wanted
ffrj PAGES 1na-, handsomely and iliiral.lv
JUUound, Illnalrated will. eiirravju!a. Hv
I'liw Aiiti p. M iNstisi.ii. Fq , many years the ed
itor of the Cincinnati Daily Chronicla.
The subscriber: will shortly receive from ll-.e
Press, an edition of Ilia above valnnpla work, and
will furnish those who wiah to become Aoents lo
circulate ma same, on ilia n.ott fuvorabte leinis.
For further par.icnl.irs and all tiecessarv inlnrtt...
lion, applicants will please address Iheir letters tc
thssubsctiber, H. M A. NSFIF.LD, Publisher.
lo itirit oireei, new iiuvhii, Li.
P MAXWELL would respectfully annoi.ee to
, the cititensof Fremont aud vicinity that he
is now lireiiHreil In Itltt n.,n...rr.nl,.,,a M:..:.., .
inferior to nons, ha therefore invite's all who wish'
anviiiinK in nis uus 10 ive rniQ a call, as lit feels
assured that he can give sa'iisfaetiou.
Those wishing Cuttitig dons will find it to Ibeir
advantage to ffive hint acall.
lioomt in liucMnnd't IUoel; Social IJall.
Fremonl Oolousr, 8lh, IMjJ. ; .
WARRANTY. Mortage, and QoiTUim
Dcadr fei sale all he
Dr. f;ii-oft'ft I in proved i:trarl
Yellow Korli And Sarsapariila.
The oriiiml und unly firepnrnliun fnr ih
ptTinuiKiil cur1 ol c.Miflmnplioii hhH !iit tii of
ihe Luii" wli'i ihY r nintfmitfri o he nl"t-r(fd
hy Ihi two fr luo of Mercury ( Iron, Quinine, & c
Lfitrtll who t lopurg Ihu liinn.l from iinpur
ilinn, untl prt pnii Hip hvhIc m 1'i r-1 ft fn dciiiic,
r-nirt (u 'Gnotl'n KxlrwiU oi' Yellow Ih vk kucl
iii.t)rtiijli," wh.rh a pmviii i'UfU'an hutifitii
rr in toy cf tin inoM innlitt itn iii-noMi I'imI iii-nh
it h- ir lo, nnd they will nevrr br ditrt;;miuict ; fur
hi thin rt'iiit-ily iht puli'ic liriih !- iivicr wiivem,
ut veri'rtii a r r; for it in luonrifil on exerifli.
I'lifv lly fiura llie hiitiral iioilioiitt lo Krk hopf.
hif uimI viitir Iroin thin purely Vit-luM? Kein"d.
Innvvpr tirokfit down in ht-aUlt und pini. hgw
t-vor ioiiiisoiiM lo l.ii.iHf il nnd otliccn, h i oo ut.i
uVrpuirof rfc-er i kl putifnt on!) ui Jt-rplnnl
iiml li m hti(i of i hif l rt'sriirn(ion It out r in
(n ioll'n Kxirncl ( Yellow lock mid wrHHp'.r-
illu," mid irntiNde him, lor hi
it, a, id n hu e lo hettiftttitu
Kjrf fl) rftloraiiuii to health.
hi irtkp( to in
in retiiu tinjf hi
H s1 j S Si S SI s 4
'I li fnfumiiii,' vnee of Iti U.ij.tii Huhrji ,p opp
or liip mot nlvntiiitiij uu r-'t'v nJ. After fjfty
)tHti' nit kne, 1vo Vtitiin' evcrofiiiiiiig trlurr,
ninmiUtioi. of oue If?, mid the body and limb
tiiiiufl ti ifMt of atMi(j. I'oirifvin, H iim !. arming ut
e.i't, in hp f.ured hy Nut I lew of Giuttou' L-x-
trstct of Y(--liiv Uuck miJ Saiy.ip.iritin, ia nlnioi
Tallupoohti t'o. , AU , Jan. Ifc52
Pit. CtrsOTT D-r .Sir: I m?ih1 you this tn
criitv lo jou thai your i.'.x.rs.oi ot Yellnvv Dock
tit) S5arMiariH4 hrii pfrf(r(iied one of tlio niuti
woiMirrlni c.m' oti mo tliul .101 ever brii rliectoii
oil iimii.
I hwvc ben hf.lipfed fnr Ibrlv Vnra miih iirup
fioufc on my ler. and Irei; in 1043 thy not ao bad
tlinl t Imti 10 (jo atistn iilfbf n, Htiti in IM'J I hurl not
iMiipott.tcn iihttvt iii kn-t. lo h!h-ui il it.inthf
i'tiT my ihr ttr; hrkt' rut in ljrs emio u ni
iitni'in Koifr-fit rn luV klie to 10 loot, biid dls
clwtXPd mtU'h flleiiMVn iiiatur. Mv j;roiu aho
broke out in lurtr biU'.Inoh nine!) oflMts.Tv ni il
icr, m.d ul llic n. t mi lim ni I. ft Icmd broUo out
iii tjiu ruuniiu Mote! iir.,rly to my flbwe.
The misery ill .1 I iMVf Mill' rerf for the Inat two
Vftiiii 1 rniiinl describt In Vi-u. I va in audi ug
unv thrit i nevr-t ritd d.tv nor niifiit. I wa iri
it up lo dlr, and by ihu linip ot' (.t..d 1 hud luadf
pre purniion lor ilcatli, and hud pointed uul to my
idiniiy Hip pint; whprf to bory my rtwiv.ir,
Jn Ucloher l ot my ami broiintil iue ouo of y.iur
hoiile-u r.ippf rs; I rend it, and found rt cord 01 unK
ivfituifrlnl niree pi rformeil hy your "Kxtrgct o(
Yellow Dock nid ."jornipnriiU !' I at-n1 and pot
Uvo butticaofil, 11 nd coiomeorfd hiking it. In
two wpt-Us, to my ivat antoiiisliment, my nor fit
ull b-coin- eas , aiwl I could tdiep all tiluht, a
ttuii)ff I hail not dune fur Uvo yeum. Yheu i had
Ettkfu pk buttlpH. inv aorea had nearly aM heated.
My tfoi't-a not wod if by encliaaiuiciit. I haw
now UHfd iu all eilil hotllri of yonr Hximrl nf
D.-ck itiid tV.rfajHiii!ti,n r.nd I now conciiler mr
Bt-lf well. I am at a lovm lor tiruia to let forth liia
worth of this lutMitcin', or l.t eqprpsa my pr.tilut!e
fur what it htiH done f.r me. I ihukI ouli it the Sa
vior of man from miner) while living 00 aarlll.
J eutretit hII ot iho ti.ll.i-tpd to try thin mvdinine,
fi r 1 liulifi'H tl will rure any known disear in the
tho world. Ia anidettll prt-jtidire nnd jtinl trv it.
and proclaim iia preut worth lo jutJVribtf iur.nkiud
and entieat theni to ttilie ii, for it will euro iht-iu.
Myctio ia well known in a Urge portion of
South Car.thoa, tianria and AUtbama and if any
ah ail Id doubt the above core, I invito them to call
011 me, and I wiil tdiuvv tbeni the acara- 1 Cuil be
found in Tall up o a Co., Ala., one mile from Stoe'a
Kerry. iiNKJAU IlLGilKS.
q q q
Scrofuula, yphiliM, Mcricuri.il compfaints, Cauncr
(ratirrr1 re, illiptiriiatihin and a vaat variety of oth
er .1 o.ifrrcf able and uauiri.rout d.Heanrs art.
t-i edity aiiu pcritcl y cuved by the uso of lliii.
ii.ediciue. i
ldviile. .Va.. Mav 21, 185.'.
Messrs. Pcnvilltj tV Head: Tins ia to certify
Ihal aloi.it the ti at of K.'oru iry la-'t, i w.ia nfiLcted
with dirtc or fo.ir painful aorrs on and uho.it Ihe
face, soiiie of tlitni as lurTc aa a ...artcr of a dol
! h.r; tilt v oKMiiii.-d Liie a .nciirance ol cancels, aud
wmh leariiil tiify noul.l It-rniiuato in c.uice-s.
About tlirep wri-lit s:nce I con.iuriiced taKinrr
Doctor On) soil's Kvirncl of Veliow lu.k and
Sarriauanlli.. and f..uud i.u.i.cdiiile tchef froti. us
its'. J hove not laUcu quite two bottles, ninl the
pores on in. face are all healed up; and lltoae on
my face am nt-aily so: and I Iruly belit-Ae the)' ill
be onnrch we'l iu a few dais.
1 . heriuily r-'C xuii.c.id th's medicine to person,
illliclfil wilh any kind of eruptions or cancerous
ttr.. tMyt.'iifral hcailh is much improved by
liie ue of t lie aiediciiie
iiespectluliy, RICAAUD U. DL'IIK.
ITT Trice $1 per lioiile six hollies for J5.
Sold by J. I). I'AitK, Cinciiinuti, O.
North east rerncr uf Kotirth and Walnut Us en
trance on Walnut lo whom all orders inust bs
adtiresred. '
S,.ld in Fremonl by nUCKl.AN D & Co.
And by Whcldon & llhodes, Satiilu.iv city; J.
Hutchius & Sou, Btllevu. ; V. C. Baiter. Castal
ia; W. Biadu-T, Mill drove; Charles Powers,
Wood villi Kohter e it Sou, Rome: Hamilton A.
MuCarluey, Kepublic; and 1. U. i't. John. 1'iQt.i.
F.remoiii. Jiii.uikv 1.1, Vtv
NO'l'ICF, is hen by tivet. that the copartner
ship heretofore existiittr betwepii the subscrib
ers, in the .Mi.HOurr luiiiiess, ia this day diolved
'.ml tint coitft iii. All cIumiis against the firm
will be settled bv J. II. HatV.ird
A'r:i,stj. it iwiticE.
rremont, Aupnst 2, l.'-oJ. .
Bibles! Bibles!
qO FAHHsW BIIIItF.Kfro.il rfjl SOio-Jfi.
and any qUKiiliiv of small llibles ..fervrv itr
for plion from .Oil cents lo i3 I'll. Alto, a lurire
ariatv ul I'laVer Houks and .Salttiulh sulnul hooks
sale at ' S. CL'CKI.AM) tV Co.
Oct. 25. ..!
N the Alllcl. Tract, near the Court House.
-l. 4, 15
For SaU; or to Hunt,
CiltLND has a eo.i:ni...!ious and seat dwell-
ing House, hich lie will eilher relit or sell
Apply soon lo ll.e subscriber.
p. GRi'.m
rreuinnt, Oc.oher :.Uth, Ic".;1.
TIlES.ihscribera woulj rMrweifullv atinemiee
lo the f-iiizeiis or riaudushv Citv and eicinitv
that they have purciused Ihe Book Himlerv, form
erly carried oil by C. L, Derby &. Ca , and they
are now prepared to execute stiy orders in thai hue
business. They profess to be practical work
met. in every branch nerluiuir to Hook H,o,li,,
Work ai.tr.isled lo their car warranted lo be well
aud neatly done. Particular attention paid to Rind
ing Periodicals, Music, Newspapers, Matraaipes,
a - ;perb manner, eilher plain or extra uilu . Old
Hooks of every description rebound. Hnviii(f on
hand a superior slock of paper ol every aire and
quality they are prepared la niauufucturs Wank
Hooks of every descript.ua ruled to any pattern
desired, . , . . , ,
Taper ruler! at prices to suit ihe llmss. Hook
Bindery at Ihe old stand over the Bookstore of V.
L. Derby A. Co., Caswell's Hlru k.
June, 2G, lc52 ly MILLER KIES.
N. B. Those having; work nf I he !.,.
tioii to ba dm.a. rail lea.a il at .he Uook aus Dritf j
...v..-, ... utttitmi w, wo., l( ,r, ur author,
sad agsuta. i . J
rpWOl ssesof I'ati ulet.f Mlk lisuurl. a
X nice article, just isos.ve.1 1 the Sim Mere e(
M. L. & McGEE'S.
li m li i l li iij... aaMiiirjswsy
Farms arid Farming-Lands
f Snili: SCB.sCKIlSKK will the WW '
-M. i;tj d.'Kcrihft Fakmino Lmon thn
most rcnsnuhlc term, both mi to prici nnd
R. Tp. Rlc. Acrct
15 C 20 w plneqr fr..ct!on I
" " $3 8 pt kc qr - 7i f 139
onthurivcr li mile below Fremont
portly improved.
" ' 17 o qr of e rjr 40
" " SO aw qrne qr 40
" " " t lilt iiw qr , 60
" " 32 qrfiW qr 60
H 4 1 iihmit 30 ncros mostly improv--rl,
on tin; turnpike one mile rtist of Fi
14 " 27 wrst li'f sotitli nipt qtmrtcr PO
" " 3d north west qtif.rl. r 1 HO
kno.vn na the Dana firm, iihcut f.y
cre improved, fi-tum-d huuae nnd
barn, and orchard.
uicK Tow.vt.nn.
15 0 25 south wcxt hlf north n eat qr
" " north hlf south wvatqr
rilkt Towosnit.
13 5 19 west hlf south enst qr
16 4 17 north hlf north enst qiimter
" ' 'i north east f met ion q tinner
14 5 21 west hnlf north went qtmr -""
' north hnlf nurlh went tpmr ' '
- 0 31 south oust qr north eual qr
south ntst r north cast qr
east hlf south oust qr
south ensl qr north east qr
east hlf south nest quarter
north eas'. qr nor.h west qr
sonth eutt qr north east qr
north east qr south east qr
woonvii.LK Towssntr.
13 0 10 west hlf south cast quar
partly improved.
" " 8 north west quarter
east hlf south westqr
east hlf south east quar
east quurter
south hlf north west or
north east qr north west qr 4i
south hlf north tust qr 8
north west quarter lull
" north hlf south west qr 80
" north hlf north east qr fco
25 north west qr north west qr 40
T. Sec. Part. Acre.
7 21 north hlf n e qunr 0
" " west hlf s e quar . HC
0 23 enst pt south west qr ' 89
" 11 east fit north west qr 80
i norm west qr south c qr 40
6 south oust qr s w qr
.' 4P
Bl .
. 80
o sourn enst quar
1 1 south hlf n w qunr
north hlf s w qu..r '
1 north west quarter
23 s e quar s e quar '
32 south part n e quar
33 south hlf s w quar
30 south west quarter
31 south hf north e qr
west hf south e qr .,
20 south west quarter
we&t hf south e qr
5 south half
7 west half, f.-rclion
18 n'.rth west fractiou
13 whole fraction
14 whole fraction
2 north hnlf
25 south hlf south east nr
0 4
II l
t , 44
11 C
14 4
4 44
12 4
U S Reserve s 15 undivided two thirds
west hlf south east quarter
U S Reserve s 15 undivided two thirds
, ' south west quarter.
13 4 20
" " 35
t, . a,
" ' 33
.... J3
.. .. u
1 north hlf south east qr
" east hlf south west qu
10 east half north east qr
" west hlf south east qr
11 west h!f north westqr.
12 west hlf north east qr '
o nortn west qr frac
west hlf north east qr frae ". :t
north hlf south west wr 80
6 east hlf north w est qr frac IS
" south enst qr . l(it
" sonth hit south west qr. "S
7 north hlf south westqr 7
" north west qr north nest nr 40
Fremont, Nov. 20th, 1851.
A Iiirye and Vari-d assnrtmeiit, which will ha
oflVred al etr-mely lo prices, cmisisliuir of it -
bona. Luces, Veils Ede-ins, Mu'liu Collars, Lul
lien flantlkercheifs. Fringes, rjimps and Hut.jliS,
with Hosiery and Gloves.
Tlrowaand Illesohed Sbeeliups and SHirtintra,
Denims, Uriils, Ticks, Ujrlsps, Stripes, Oheuks,
if .....,..
Woollen Ooodtt!
Ilreail Cliilhs, Casaimeres, Vesiinjs, T.veaiU
noil JeanK,'-illcd and 1'laii. Whiit. nnd ('..lur .1
r'lannels, with a good aesortmeiit of Reudv-.tiaUit
Clothing. '
Iloflli Ac Hfaor!
Are manufactured lo our order, aud will bo war
rant, d us good as custom made.
Jut$ nnd Cop.
Cenin's "fupen'orHats'withaTarielvof men
uiiu buva wear.
Grace rics
' Of al inns, all ilia kinds and of choice selecti.ui.,
for fiiuii'v ue. , . . , f
All ol our (iuotls will he freely shown, and...
wliiol. the alteuiiou of the pulilic' ur respenifiillv
directed. M. LELLAN &. MeGEE.
Friuo..l, Sept. 15, t8ii . .. -
OH Woxc- StvrlneCnodlrsijusi raeeiv.
J adaltlis'
Fremonl. Xa. 29, '51.
Black and Colored Silk. ' '
A LARGE assortment, of both rteh and la
j.1 priced rjoods. Lsdies in Waul of a 8ilk ti-
will Cud tba baaf. asseriment at iho low. p,-u-s -
St rtlnt t, . JL tLL.tl-.,-
v J'i.t. wt . J W.,. .
UU II tain ,iii;m.i.i.
PAINTED and plain Wind.w 8hnVs, with a
luiga lot of New tSlvIo Paper H .uri.i,-s nnd
llordeniig for sale iMrUu..t'.liUr..'t
CAR PENTERt es fiud Had-awa,T7aw"
ku.v.,aeal8quara,try 8quara,f)la.ros,
Jiail Haumara,Hatctiela.A-e.ofthehsiC;aal.l)at
' ' " JTt'CHar Sroat.'.
a out pxxiT " '
BAGLEY'8 Oold Tana .nd Paella for sst
ihaap, at . Buch.ab ct Co'a.
"ITOE'tO Mraaii Tea fsMpatioiruliiti T'
13 2
44 II
l It
M "
it 44
H 44
41 It
II 44
44 44

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