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Fremont journal. (Fremont, Sandusky County [Ohio]) 1853-1866, February 05, 1853, Image 4

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frTiit largest and nr.sT stock, of
TVVstof.New York, lias jut betin rttioned in
Fre mnnt, one door south of Pease & RobberU'
" '"tin h.... ..'....,..,
mHE SUBSCRIBER, believing lht a large
J." and well enndncled Dry OoodsStore, was rauoh
nf Gondii, purchased in New York with csn,
Hnich he now respectfully invitee tlin eiliJens of
Kanduskv, and the adjoining comities, la cull nnd
sitmin.' The altenii. m oftha Lama is especial
!v directed to hit greut variety of
.-. Magnificent Dress Goods
Bilks .Latins, Paris de Crepe, Silk Grenadine,
Pilk Albanie, new tle printed BeragK Cheni
Cerage, a large lot of French, English and A meri
dian Lawns, euperior to anything in the market.
- Hersge rle Laines of the newest styles nnd most de.
airahle pattern. A superior assortment of French
end other Gingham the tnoet beautiful pattern.
'.Mohairs, Poplin, plain figured and changeable
" 'Alniircns.'alsn, euperior Black .Silk Lustres Alpaccas
A large and general assortment of
Crane. Beraoe. Tibbel, Straddle, and
K.ShawU. eplendid pattern", unci tlie ladies cannot
fail to h emled.
' The geiilleineli will find a good assortment of
Broad-cloths, t'ahimeres, Sallineh; Jean,
" A t., of the finest quality, which will be sold Cheap.
.", , RE A V r- MA DE CL O THING.
., Cnnt., Pant, Veate, of every varinty, from the
finest hrnad-clnth to the cheapest fakiic, which can
',' and will be sold cheaper thau enn be afford A in any
other atore any where.
in great variety, from the beet to the moet common
quality warranted w-ll made and will be auld
Inw. A fine articlo of Sho- for tho Ladie, of the
", ,bel and latest pattern. Cull and lee.
A large variety of Swiss Muslinr und Jackonets,
.' French worked good, Bonnet Ribbons, Parasols,
-Glove, lloisery, Embroidered Swiss, Calicoe.
k Chiiilr., Muslin,' Bed licks, Fl.tnuels, etc., ic.ol
. all descriptions.
.! Coffee, Sugar. Tea, Spice, Pepper, M-Uee.
' Tuhnoeog, and nearly evory article iu that line of
the beet qualitie.
A above renierked. all my good are new, and
will be old a ionic prick. So give in n call. Per
formance every dayeeept Sunday. Door open at
iinlf past S A. M. ' Performance In begin at 6. Ad
miion free, children half price. No posiponeinent
, en account of the weathar. Never wa there euoh
tin pnportunity Iihm the dat of Solornan to gratify
. the eye and mind with o little eipenae.
' ., A for price, "lhere' nn u".e lnlUii.g." We el
o low we aae afraid folk may think we (leal our
good! But don't he afraid, friends ootne all, a'ld
vou ehall see what you elull see. Give u a calj,
end we will suit you to nnv thing in nur line.
Fremont, M-iy 1H52 ly.
"" itJ' He nii to recollect the place, one door south
nf Peise St llobberte' 'J in Shop.
Celebrated Family Ointment.
' ' h Mild, Safe, 'IHormrk md le rrtatttt External Kern
" iy ner uttd. II it ompoKit if VtgHMt Ettrutt md
fottutu pmttr untqvaUed i iht msHals MtiuxMj ttf
curt nf Infiemmolorif Dmatet.
It ta univerwily nckiiowloiljed to be an Infallible ramedv,
i hi every cnu wliere it list been faithfully apptieit on in
tiumsu ytem, tor promoting Inxeasit.le I'ernpiration, and
ntnviluaWe in allilieaicufihellfHih. Ohftinaie Ulcer,
Old Soree, I'tiillblatni. Sore Throai. Bum. Cuu, Cuianeoui
: '.' Eruption, Sore Nipples, Hore Ureait, Ulwaaeii of the Eje,
1 Atue in ihe Face. Rlieuniatie Pain, Contracted Cord.
. Pain iu Hie Siile, Back and oilier part of Ihe yttiin. Scale
Head, Brubw. t'reth Wound. Pile, and every kind of
aore containing Uie lean particle of laflaiuiuauoa, are
. permanently cured by tin great remedy.
a It 1 a act. auihenticated here, at well aa all over Ihe
Btale. and indeed Hie whole waatern tate, that Bloan'a
Medtelne have attained a wide pread celebrity, and re
puiauon, to which they are justly entitled by their "heating
eirtuCT." and power. We re not among thone wlio are
prone to endorse every patent humbug that come along,
and in this lntance have delayed our endorneinent untfl
we have been able 10 mike auurance doubly ure, not only
by leating them perionallv ourelve. but from the testi
mony of a numeroui portion of tlie coinniuaiqr living
around ut.-l llliuoi Gloia), April 13, 1W0.
Horse & Cattle Medicine.
fi Medicine in lie haa acrompllhed o aioxy Er
trSnitrf Caret, and given to Vmirertal Satitfaetim In every
' variety and alaire of divenee, i.r lliat ha o extent M
' empidm tte mt blomn't Ointment and Condition Pimder,
The Ointme ia pwiftly urceillng all other Omunent
' and Linlmenu for the cure ef Prekh Wound. Oalls of all
aiuds, Hpraina, llruiee. Tracked llrel. Kinglioue, Wiad
' gall, Poll Bvtl, Cnlloii. Spavins, Bweeney, Pimula. Bit
fasl, Btraini, l.anieuei, Band Track. Foundered Feet,
Scratches or Ureoee, Manue and llorae Uivtemper.
The OmdUum 'neder willl remove all inflammation and
fever, purify l lie blood, looren Uie .kin, clean the water
and itrenpthen every part of tlie body! and haa proved a
aovereign remedy for the following disease:
Founder, IMi.ieniier, Hide Bound, I.oi. of Appedle, to
ward Strain. Yellow Waler, liirt.unmallon of Uie Kyea,
Fatigue fr.Hii hnrdeierciee ; !k Kheuinalinn, (commonly
railed ttff complaint.) which prove o fatal to many valu
1 able hore In tin country. It I alto a nfe aad eertala
reuiedy fur Cough aud CoUl. wbicb geuoraie ao Biaug
iatat dieea.
Three, remedie amer injure, and afwqa Cure, H the a
recnon are followed.
For lurther particular and a mmMnde of CerUhcmtet at
whatM Vmrte, gel rampmmt or mgentt.
W. il. BLOAM,
" ; , ' Ormui Deft, 40 Laha tl., Uuevft, ML
" " Vlusler! M'itmtert
i m nr BARRF.LS Common, Witeh and Fin Gray
ii J'J f taster, just received, and lorsale bv
' ' S. BUCKLAN1) A CO.
Fremont, October 19, 1350.
AILS. Fremont Iron Co.'e Nails, manufac
tured st Troy. N. Y., t H AVaics'
1ASH paldt'or Laud Varrants,at '
vy .. .. . Hun fjsisma.
TISf:. White, Ma.hertt and Cod, for sale
X at in .
. ... ... ,:".-. R;t-ROAD STORE.
' Fremont, Noe 39, '51. ' ...-.
lODFIH efsuperierqnalityai ' " : ; -J
. IIavsksChIe r 8 to sr..
' i.Vl and Ague forsale only at
1 " ' S. BocKtAKB A Co'a.
. v W indo w G 1 ass
,i1,8 by lO, $1,50," 10 by 12, $1.75. 10 by 14.
$3,00. ' Far sale at these prices to close a consign
' A I.AKOE ASSOHT.tirS T of Paint,
"''X' Varuirh, Scrubbing. White-wash, Counter,
Blacking, Cloth, Hat, Hair, Tooth and Nail Kreeh
'., rt ' BUCKLAFDS' .
i'iOet.'S5, '51, ' ' '
ryZPUM a WOaSTEDpaUerna.C.nvas, Board
,4sal Naedlea,rl ;,,.. , .,,,.. JUvfcav
A Fritkli "ml 4Uenuine Article
received auu lor sale at the Grocerv and Pro
y,W. stor. pf , ,. TiLLOTr30Ji& TyLER.
Fremont.rvovemher 1. 'L. ....,... ; 4 4 ''
CToLLAiTs-Glo've', Ho.., Neck and Pock
Handkerchief., al Haisis'.
. WclRh aud Consider. 1
DR: 1 ALU S BALSAM is o Fareporic
' preparation, but' a Metlicin ' WHICH
' MAKES CURES at tome, where the
parties can le found.
Tho Great 1'oiikIi niul CoiiMimpU e
' ': ' r"."- READER I have you
i0mm.f ,J ' a Cough' which yoa are
ff ' W 45 neglecting, ' under the
a ' AifaAiiaiV 'Hideo that il Is onlv eeoiii-
L' ''.'.' '-.'A jinuU cold, aad that It will
' f ,' y.o wear ilat-lf MiH-
j I V , Let a friend tell yon, in
M4 .all kiiidueaa, what, will
nnn be Ihe S obable rtfeult. '
i In l ahort time, if vou oniilinne tn neglect ohr i
f'lf, VnO Will begin In feel a en ef tightnent and
oppreseron ucrosetha theat, accompanied wilh fre-1
qnent tlinrp darting pains. . Then a dry harking
t nngh will et in, and when you fnise anything it
will be a thick aud yealow ieh, or white frothy mat- i
ter, streaked, perhn'pa, with blood. If you -till take
no medicine, theae unpleasant aymptoina will in
crease, and you will soon cave a hectic fever, cold
chill, night aw lata, copious expectoration, and
then grout prostration. II yon Rtill neglect your
self, a few week or montha will see you consigned
to the grave, leaving your friends to mourn how
rapidly consumption did its w ork, and hurried yon
away. Friend, have you no cause to be alarmed!
In t ii e nbove rketch, you may see, as in a glass,
now everv ( nan ui uilsillliluioil prog reasra, v nil
"l ... . if
inure i.r irnn rupiuii. , iu n mini ir rui uiuiiuii. i
all the thousands and millions whom this great
Destrojer lina gathered to the tomb, every mngle
case began Willi a cold. If this hdd been attended
to, all might have been well; but being neglected,
under the fatal delusion that it would 'weur itself
oil',' it translerred its deadly aelion to tlie subs' unrc
ol the lungs, exciting there the formation of lubee
e.lea. Anolher, aud anothel cold added fuel to the
flume, until these tubercles began to soften and
suponirute, leaving by llieir ulceration, great cavi
ties in the lungs. A. this crisis, the diaea-e is very
difficult to cure, and oftentimes seta at defiance ail
human mean.
In the latter or worst stage, this medicine will
oftentimes arrest the disease, or cueck its progress
ami will always make the patient more com'ortuhle
and prolong hi life, and it is therefore worthy of a
trial; but in its incipient or former periods, Con
sumption i as rnrsble as any other disrase, and
if taken i t thi time, will cure it ITAS SURELY
AH IT It TAKEN !rj This is strong language',
but we can refer you to numberless living witness-
e to prove that il is true! And therefoie, we ear
nestly exlihrt every man, woman and child, who
ha a rough, or is subject to coIiIm, to keep the
medicine by you in tlie house, and whenever you
take cold, do not Met it ulouc' tn work mischief iu
your system, but eradicate it thoroughly, and Ht
once, by this powerfully healing compound, and
leave your lungs uninjured, to.carry you inftill vigor
to a good old age!
q q q.. q
tlj"Itead testimony of IJ. Mti.rtiKD, Esq., one ol
she OLDKsr Mauistkath hi this city:
Cincinnati, Dec, 1, 1351.
Messrs. O.R. llaker&Co Dear Sire; Those
afflicted wilh disease of the Lungs, will fine Dr'
IlaSi's Balsam for the lungs u most Valimhi.f.
Medicine. 1 have been frequently attacked with
1ih ,ist or the Lungs for the last five years, and
Jr. Hull's Balsam das uliviiv Uroke I'p tiik Dis
kask at nan:, I feel that Ihe public should know
the merits of audi a remedy.
Residence on Plum, three doura above sixth St.
More Cincinnati Cures
Cinciunali, July 1st, IB.jI
Messrs O D Baker &. Co. Dear Sirs: 1 have
always had objeetinua to have my name ill any way
attached tn a patent medicine, but when i think
(as 1 in w have every reason to helieve) it has sav
ed my life, I am induced by a eense of duty to those
afflicted as 1 have been, to make my case known,
aud recommend your (ialaul as a medicine that can
tie fully relied on. About a jear since, 1 was at
tr ked wilh Lung Fever, which left my lungs much
diseased; my cough wan distressing, attended with
pain iu my left side. I had seen Whtlnr'a Ilulsam
of Wild Cl erry pulled up in the papers, and I con
cluded t" try it. 1 used bottle after bottle, which
in taste and ill its operation resembled Paregoric,
soothing temporarily. My disease had by this lime
become firmly sented; I had cold night sweats, hec
tic Fevers, swelling nf the Limbs, ifcc, showing
Cokfikmkd Consumption! The remedies 1 obtain
ed I rum my Physician also failed giving me perma
nent relief or benefit, f'v Lnngt now Ulckiiatkd
oud I raised Larok Quasi. ..ks ok Mattkk from
them. The Doctor told my friends that 1 miisi
die! My brother then got 'a bottle af Dr. Hull's
lialsum for the Lungs and I commenced taking it.
At first it sickened me, but after diking mnre, I
loiiiid it went to the spot tlieVmr Skat or Mv
Dlsr.Asr. I began to raise with more ease, and
could feel, daily, that my Lungs were Healing un
til by Ihe use ol four hollies, 1 was restored to bet.
ter health than 1 had enjoted foryears. 1 heiieve
if I had used IV Hall's Dulsam Ithen I was first
attacked it would have saved ma a vast deal of suf
feriug. All I can say to others, is, try it, audi
think you will be benefitted if your diseafe is on
your lungs. Yuurs respectfully,
Three doors above Fifth street on Vine.
The public have been imposed upon by remedies
recommendrk by certificates which have always
originated from some unknown source. We be
lieve that a Medicine possessing real merits will ef
fect cures wherever it is used, at home as well ss
abroad. This is no Paregoric preparation, but one
which if used iu season will save the lives of thou
sands; and persons may make this bargain with
Agents from whom they purchase, that in every
case where it is used freely according to directions,
and entire satisfaction is not given in 24 or 4 hours
they can return Ihe medicine, and their Money
will be cheerfully refunded
Kor sale bv,
Fremont Feb. 2fl, 185J.
McLellan & rIcGee,
Recently of Massacluissetts,
HAVING tnken tlie Store of S. Birchard
F.eq., onpesile the Hank, which has been thor
oughly repaired, are uow opening a
Large and Well Selected Slock of Staple and
fancy r
Carpeting, Floor Cloth,, Paper Hangings. Crock
eey and Glaus-ware, Looking Glasses,
Heady -JfTude Clothing!
uatu, t'uii, Hoot and Mio, Xe.
Together with a choice assortment of
rvnuti.Tt auoenmiisr
To which we respectfully invite the attention of
the Inhabitants ol r ren..,at and vicinity
In ctft-ring the above named Goods to the nub
lie, we claim that the enperience of many yet rs in
four busiuea. combined with the superior advant
ages we noes to procure Goods, will render it alike
desirable aud advantageous fur all to examine our
Good and Price before making their rail Pur
chases, which al all times will be found to be low
and uniform. We hope to be able to offer such
inducement to purchasers as will secure to us a
"hare of patronage.
Dress Goods!
The attention ef tho Ladies is respectfully so
licited to the examination of our Stock of Ne'e-
Hoods, convening in part of Black aud Colored
.Silks, rich all wool De I. anies, Brocade and Plain
Poplins, Persian and Lama Cloths, together wilh
a great variety of low-priced Priuts and Plain De
Lams, &c. , .
Merinos, Alpaccas , tAoneese Clothths, Lnglith
and American Prints and Gingham, with all the
various kinds of tancy and blaple Ureas Goods
which the market affords.
Those In want of Goods in this line will find a
good assortment of Carpeting, Window shades,
Looking glasses, Paper Hangings, Tea (setts,
Kuivesaud Forks, Glaaa Ware, Spoons, Sheetinirs.
Trke, guilts,.- . ,.
"Our stock of CARPETING consists of great-
er variety efps"Mis and much larger assort-
uteul than we aver before tillered la this vioinily.
Rich Solar Lamps and Girandoles, ,
with id variety of other kuida of Lamps, for Oil and
Fluid, all of which we are prepared to offer at the
lowet price. McLELLAN &. McGEE,
A . . L. - V - C. . L - U L
IVew Spring &L Summer
GOO DS!v':t;
J. S- Olmsted
HAS JUST KFXElVI'.Dfrnm Now York a
a large stock of Unoris, which be will sell as
luw a they ar sOld al auy store in Fremont, or
any other place. Having purchased a
and goods af better quality, than heretofore, be
hope his old friend, and the public generally, will
give him a share of their patronage, in his
Stock of Goods !
will be found Hlnrk, Brown, and blue mined broad
cloths: black, mixed and fancy Cassimere: Sallin
nei, .'enns and Tweed rlollut White red, nnd
yellow Flannels; Calicoes, Ginghams and l awns:
summer Shawl, black silk, pocket and drees hand
kerchiefs; silk nnd cotton I'arasul. llerage de
Laines; brown shirtings and sheetings; Canton
Jllack and Fancy Silks for Dresseu;
Ribbon-, .Checks, Tick, Mariners shirtings; ves
line, cotton shirts and drawers; traveling bag,
sewing silk, skei 1 and spool thread; fun, Ladies'
black, white, state and mixed hose; a good assort
ment silk and cotton gloves. Lndie's blnck and
fincv colored kid glove; Wadding, Batting, Ct-
ton yarn, Wick, Carpeting, together with most
every other description of Goods to be feuud in
city or country stores. , .
Tea, Coffee, sugar, pepper, spice, ginger, nutmegs,
cleves, cinnamon, starch, saleratus,
madder, indigo, allum, &o.
II ard-W are!
Cnfl-ciit. mill, hand nnd wooH-nw: tr-cun-put,
mill, and liHiid naw files; Swepd's iron. Ant nnd
roil ltd hnrs; nut and wrought tini's; band nnd hoop
iron; snst, spring, and AiriHriciin tl; Am' pho
vete8thayand manure forks; nial rods; White's
Simmons and Collins cast sloel axea; besides an
evtensivH afisortnipio nf
. SIIELlf IIAD-WAIIE, such as,
Pocket-knive, table knives and forks, butts and
screws: door hangings and .rimming, &c, &c.
Boots and Shoes,
a very great variety and warranted waterproof.
Sole and Upper Leather, dc, ; all o f the
above mticles will bo sold chonp for Cusii. or ex
changed for Wheat. Corn, Oats, Rye, Ti bothy
Clover nr Flax-Heed, Hide, Sheep pells, Butter,,
Lard, krgs, I allow and IVnx.
Tillot'son & Tyler,
"DESPECTFlTlLiW announce to theciti-
zeus oftanilusUy and adjoining counties, that
they have just replenished their Grocery wilh alarge
itudcomplele Stock, and are now prepared to supply
their Old Customers and all who mav favor them
with their patronage, with any thing in theirliue,
at reduced prices. Their slock consists in part of
StiKiii-s, Collicc, Teas, Siccs,
r'!pci", Xtsiisms, Tohncro, Scum's,
IViitsi, Powder, SSiof, Ac, &c.
togetherwith a large and superiorassortmenlof
OTZ2 vTV. kT MX at !
made from refined loafsugars. Tliey keep ouhand
a superior article of
uim:s, brandies a x d g i m
which will be sold clicn ncr than the same artic
le can be bought at any other establishment!!! Fre
mont. They also have a choice lot of
which willbesold from 21 tG cents pergallon
the best article in town, the assertion nf others to
lliecontrury notwithstanding.
Lemonade, Mead, Cronk and Beer,
can be found at their Grocerv atull business hours.
Thankful to the public for their heretofore liberal
patronage, we respectfully solicit a continuance of
the same.
Fremont, April 12th, lr51 No. 51 y.
And a Fair Fight!
tT HAS BECOME the too common practice
of many men, Iu order to sustain their falling
fortunes, to renrl to calumny and. nbuse of their
rkals iu business, and no class, unfortunately, is
more addicted to lhi habit, thun merchants.
mot to lias been, and i now,
"An, Ilonorahle Dealing with the Public'
and let those enjoy their folly who have been so
extensively engaged in throwing out their abuse
upon thair neighbors.
I take great pleasure to say to the citizens of San
dusky, and adjoining counties, that 1 am now re
ceiving a large aud splendid
Stock of Goods!
adapted for the season, which, from the great de
duction east in many article, we can cfl'er lower
then they have ever been sold in this market be
fere. My stock consists in part of '
Brond-clotli, Cassimeres, Tweeds, Snltinetts,
and Kentucky Jeans, from a common tn the first
quality, with an extensive assortment of Summer
stuffs, aud bleached Goods of ever kind. Iu the
way of
I have a large assortment of Black akd Fnncv
Dress silk of the most superb patterns. Ginghams
Lawns, Muslin and Cerage de Laines, and a large
assortment of Calicoes, which will be sold very
Bonnets, and Bonnet Trimmings,
Hoisery. and Gloves of every description. A gen
eral assortment of Shawls. Handkerchiefs, Par
sols Umbrellas, &c, aud those wishing to pur
will do well to call and exemiue. at I have a large
stock at much lower prices than usually offered.
Paper, and Paper Hangings, anond assortment,
A large quantity Coals, Pants, VeMa, nnd Shirts,
which will be sold regardless of profits; itnd a lull
Sole and Upper Leather, Hals and Caps, &c, a
A Full assortment of Groceries, Dye-stuffs,
Painta and Oils.
.-'.mrm.'ai.-io3 t
The attention of Hlacksmiths is particularly di
rected to my stock of Anvil and Vices. My stock
embraces every thing usually called for in this line.
Iron, Nails, Glass, Glass-ware, Crockery, See.,
I would corbiatly invite mil who wish to purchase
to call and examine aud aatiafy themselves that
this is the'plnce to gat gooda cheaper, aud fully equal
to auy in the Stale. ;
To the Farmers I would say, bring en your
Wheat, Com, Oats, Wool, Sic, tic.
the highest price will be pr.id Cash up.
. . I). BETTS. ;
Fremont, June 12th, 185i.
New Groceries!
THE Subscriber is now receiving a choice lot
of Groceries, Coufectionariaa, Nut, ilain'nug
Cheese, Mackerel, aud 101)0 fttlier articles. Also
the choicest lot of , .
Wines, Brandies, Gin, Rum, etc.,
ever brought to this place, and warranted purr;
also the beat assortment of every d.scnptiou of
i Tobacco and Choice Cigars, i
And will sell as low aa the lowest. Call at the
One Horse Grocery !
Opposite Nimas' Store, if vou want gosd articles
and good barguin. . J. DOUUitEKTK.
Kept. IS, ld52.
Valuable Land for Sale.
THE subscriber will sell 1 CO acres ofeicellen
timbersdlaud, lying near Hamer's Comers.
i 1,A. 14. Itiwau.-i.
frement, Ma 3d, 1851 4w. , . , .
iflANGLS, Lemons and Raisins just received
by express, for sale by J." DOL'GHr.KTI ,
Sash, Doors and Blinds!
TIlF. undersigned fiaa enened a RASH
FACTOIIVi in the shop formerly occu
pied by J. It. l'esie, on the east side of the San
dusky river, where he haa iu operation the latest
and moil improved machinery fof inanuficttiring
Saslt, Pannet doom, Jllind.t, and .Window
Frames! ,
Ftis machinery i brought to mich perfection that
the work is far superior to any made by hand.
Andes he uses nothing but thoroughly Ii 1 1 il
IU r I ltd Lumber, he i determined that his work
shall not be surpassed either in poiut of wark or
quality of material, by any other establishment in
Fremont, Aug. 14lh, 185'J.
At tlio Old Stand of
. LATE .
Pease & Roberts.
mHE SUnSCRIBERS have entered Inta part
X nership, for the sale of STOVES and the
manufacturing and sale of
Tin, Copper Biid Sheet Iron Ware!
Together with such other articles as are usually
kept iu a Stove and Tin-ware establishment.
Tbey have just received 10 different kinds of
Cooking Stores,
Of verious sizes and prices: some of which are New
and desirable p litems, to which they would invite
the attention ol the citizens ol t retnont and vicini-
ins: rmer irienos and patrons, ot tne anove
mentioned firm, together with the community gen
erally, who are in want of articles in our line, are
respectfully invited to cnll upon us, n t
All kinds of work in Tin. Copper, and Sheet iron
will be done with dispatch, at reasonable prices,
aud warranted to give satisfaction.
Fiemont, July 17, ItiS.
Feet of Lumber for Sale
r MIE Proprietors of the California Store have
X now on hand a great variety of all Kinds of
Poplar from i inch to 2 inches thick,
Walnut " 1 " " 4 "
Scantling all sizes; also Shingles for sale.
The above will be Sold at l.mr Unlet,
Lumber taken in exchnge for Goods.
Fremont, July 31, '53.
Of Fremont, being desirous of building a new
House for worship by advice of a large number
of the citizens cf the town, offer for sale their pres
ent house and lot, with the design of locating and
btiildiugon Church street.
Those desirous of purchasing will apply for
price nnd terms of payment to John Carshner. F,
Grund, or ' 11. LANG.
Fremont, March 20, 1351 .
Patent Meicines!
JTJL dusky county, for the following standard Med
Oxvrrenaled Bitters,
Mo'ltat'a Ifitlers,
Mustang Liuament,
Nerve and Bone, do.
Gargling Oil,
Liverwort and Tar,,
Judkin's Ointment,
Ilulsam of Horehoune,
Donplaud's Fever and
Ague Cure,
Monroe's Tonieforagne
1 'Bgood's l.tiologoguge,
Hungarian liulsam,
McLane's Vermifuge,
Townseud's sarsapnrilla
Shaker sarsaparilla,
Bull's sarsaparilla,
Guysolt's sarsaparilla &
Yellow Dock,
Favunstock's Vermifuge
oeners vermiluge,
Jayne'a Vermifuge,
Psin Killer.
Sursapnrilla, WildCher
ry and Dandelion,
Brant's medicines, '.
.1 n y lie's mediciaes,
Sloan's medicines,
Fitche's medicines,
GrafTeiihnrgCo.s. do.
Fuipire Co'a do.
Wild Cherry Balsam,
Oherry Pectoral,
Christie's. VI agneticCur
Magnetic Plaster,
Magnetic Ointment,
Mc Aliater's Ointment,
I Pain Extractor,
t.ure for Pain,
Pain F.xterminuter,
Nervine Rnlsam,
Lithnutriplic inixlnje,
Pettit's Fye Balve,
Dyspeptic Ritters,
Dyspeptic Cordial,
Thompson' Eye Water,
Cook's F.ve Water,
Dean'aCiiemical Plaster
Canker Balsam,
Ginseng Punncea.
Gregery's. Jaynes, Sellar's, smile's, Phinev's
llalsey's, Moffat's, Uriindrelh's, Woredell's, Mc
Laue's, Mff'iilloch'e, Bushes', and Diery other
kind nf Pills that are good for any thing, end all
other standard medicines of the day, at
Yo. C, ffff,7lil,A lirich Block,
Sign of the Big Mortar. JF$
Fremont, Sandusky co. Nov. 1 , 1851.
Drugs, Medicines, Paints,
Sltt'CKLAKD & CO. have just receiv-
eri a very large lol of Drugs, Puints, Oils, Dye
Stuffs, Glass, Glass-ware, Perfumery, Ac, which
they would earnestly solicit those wishing anything
in the line to call Hiid examine before purchasing
elsewhere, as we think it will be very much to their
advantage to do so, for we pledge ourselves to sell
ns can be bought in the Eastern markets at as low
a price as nur neighbors ask for a poor article.
Having been for ten years in the Dnuo Businkss
in this plane, we think we know something of tlie
wautB ol its inhabitants, and while ws would return
our thanks for the very liberal patronage we have
received, we proinisa to spare no pains lor the fu
ture in giving our customers the full value 0 i their
money in Good Guoiis,
We do not think it necessary to enumerate our
articles, ,iortlie quantity we have, (or have not,) of
each article, oumee it to eny we have a
and enough of each to supply ulldeinands,andam
ple arraiigementsto buy more.
We would ask Physicmk to call and examine
our Drugs and Prices before going to Tiliiu city,
Sandusky city, or elsewhere, as we do know that
we can sell as cheap at any of them, and we are
bound to do it any how.
to paThters
We would say that if our Paint are not first-rate
aud all we recommend them, we will pay all (lain
agea. We da not ask you to take our word for it;
ask any Painter in Fremont and they know, for
lliev huve used them -if liucklund' is not the best
place to buy any kind of Paints, or Pubk LtnBLtD
Oil or Varnishes. '
Don't foigetthe place,
No. a, Buekla litre Elicit Blerlt,
. S. BUCKLAND fe Co.
Frement, October 25th, 151.
hit cry
" Ira smith,'
GIVESooticeto tliecititensof Fremont, and the
public generally, that he still continues to car
ry on the above business in all ita branches and
forms. He has made additions to his stock of
Horses, Carriages, Buggies, drcj
and is now prepared to accommodate all who ma
avor him ith a call. Hones and carriages
For Parties or Funeral
can he had at any moment. Covered sndopen
bnggiesfor men of business or pleasure, 011 the
shortest notice. ' ' '
Kiilius Horses of the lient bottom,
always on band. Theatriotestattentien paid, so
thatall who call shall be aduomniodated without
delay. Teams for
Carrying Passengers or Movers
11 to any part of the country, always on hand.
Those wishing any thing ill tlie anove tine, will
do well to give him a trial, ae lie feels confident they
will be satisfied, both as to teams and prices, the
former warranted lo carry pBstengers to their deati
ualioa iu the shortest possible time, and the latter
to be as reasonable as passible. By strict attention
to business, he hopes to merit a liberal share of
nu III ic natronatre. ' ' ,
rjlti.bies Ne arTy opposite Norton'. Foundry
r rsmonl, riuv. 'I, loot).
WOULD inform the puhlictfiathe has resumed
h'S business at his old stand, on Crnghun si.,
and having had the oportuiiity of seeing and getting
Allthe- Latcet Fashions from East and West
and having brought on an assortment of the
he la prepared to furnish his old customers, and aa
many new one as can crowd into Ilia ware rooms,
with Ihe most splendid lol of
IHahogonr , Rosewood and Bl.ickwalnut
Ofevery kind from the Cradle to the Coffin
Al to prices, he Is determined '
He is holdto say that he can oiler Von flFTTKU
BARGAINS and BB:TTEIl WORK than vou can
getweatof Buffalo; hehaaon hand, and is making
All kinds of BEDSTEADS,
oh Jyeiv and Improved Plans;
etieh aa T.ewis'Patent, Fowler's Patent, Ac, &o-
Uo not fail to give htm a call.
ILT lie line got up a good Hearse, and will attend
funerals in town or country.
Fremont, August 10, 1850.
Singing Books!
TVTOW IS THE TIME for Singing, an
I 1 Bucklanda' are prepared for it, and are offer
nig to tnoaa want:
The Mendk'8o!n Collection of Choice Music,
Crtrminia Sacra, Church Choir.
Psaltry, The Odeou.
Manhattan Collection, Alpine Glee Singer,
The Melodeon, 3 volumes; The Lute.
The JuvenileSinging School; Sabbath Schools'
Melodies; Missourie llarinonev, ,vc. &c.
Itiifkhtmr. Krick Ulock.
Oct 25, '51.
Tho Sandusky in a Rage
The Locomotive cominq and the friends
I IS rttshtnrjfor
who are now receiving their immense stock of
At i"o. 1, Bucklnnd'a Block, which is crowded
with people from all parts of the country, who are
wise enough to examine Havnes' Stock before
they buy. Farmers ef Sandusky county, and ye
whe thirst after
Cheap Goods!
Come and examine our stock. You will find n
humlitig.no soft soap, no gammon, no holding
customem by the arm, 110 flattery, but the best
Goods yru ever saw, among them heavy yard
wide. Brown Sheetings, Denims, Louisiana stripes,
fast colored Calico, and a few hhds Porto Hico
Sugar, while, dry and clean, purchased lust Full
for us by an old resident of the Island and all
sixpenny goods trimmed that naed trimming.
We have increased ourstock of
All mails here, nnd warranted not to rip, embrac
ing garments of all description?, styles, and qual
ity, and "belter bargains" in the 'way of "furn
ishing the outer man' cannot he made west of New
York, thun wilh us. Wholesale dealers in
Finding that F.atle; n Mnmtfadurers were satidino
Goods to Ohio on commission, gave us u few coses
coarse Boots to sell at twelve shillings, good kip
at two dollars, and fine calf hoots si fifty cenli.
more, and a large lot of Women' and Mens' trai
lers, shoes, alipe, iVc, so low that none need go
ofevery variety, style and qtmlily; Palm Leaf hats
at a shilling, and Bonnets iu Proportion; and last,
hut not least, among our many Goods, is a rich
and varied assortment of
Gooils for llto l.:tli's!
Beautiful Lawns, De Laines and Meriinan prints
eight yarns toreiglitsliilliugs, tmnnied; Uerages
French Lawns, Alpaccas and Ginghams for a
trifle more.
Nails, Glass, Crockery, Hardware, Leather,
Stone-wnre, ike. ifcc.
We do a straitforward hhsiness buy our Good
Low, and sell them CHF.AP, for lieaily Pny or
Produce lluve One Price for all. Our motto,
Cash for Wool, Wheat, Cuts and Corn.
Fremont, June 19, ls'52.
Glorious News!! From (he South!!!
' ; HE Mexican Mustang Liniament, that has
v been performing such remarkable cures, and
and creating so much excitement in the South aud
West during the last twelve months
anil all those aillictetl with Rheumatism, old Sorei
nr Uncer Dit-euseR. or Sprains, Scalds, Bums, or
Eruptions of uny kind, can now be healed. Those
who have been suffering for months or years with
that loathsome disease, 'File I'lIt'N need now
suOer no longer as this Mustang- Liniaiuknt is a
certain remedy, no matter how had they are, or til
how lung standing. Cancers, (istulos, Scald Huail
feller or Ring Worm or any kind of a sore, are
healed and perfectly cured iu an incredibly sbon
To the Endics it is Iiiviilu.tttle
For sore niides, caked breasts, aetie ill the face.
Tooth or Ear Ache, or any pxinpui ore or swell
ings. II also removes dandnfr from the head, 111
vlguraleslhe hair, and prevents it from falling out,
and gives a beautiful glossy soilness to the liuir thai
is not attained by any other preparation.
For Horses and other Animals.
it has no equal in healing Saddle or Collar Galls,
Scratches, Mange, sprains or Bruises and il is u'i
infallible remedy for splints, spavins, or Kilighoues
dissolving Ihe large tumors, and reducing the swol
len nr enlarged joints In their nnuiltii size, and
healthy action. Pole Evil or Fistula, and Big
headcun uotv be cured; mid the Mustang Linia
ment is the remedy that can do it. If you or any
of your family, or your favorite horse are aHlicted
witli any of Ihe above diseases, try one bottle it
only costs '25 cents and you will never use any
other remedy.
Oor sale, wholesale and retain, by S Buck
laud Vc Co-, of Framont, and by other agents
in all the villiages and towns of this aud the sur
rounding comities.
Oct. 4, 1851.
niWnt Cradles!
Willow wagons and Rocking Horses for the
Children. Also, Fancy Baskets for sale cheap at
McL. & McGEE'S.
OII.S. Diuseed, Lamp, and Tanner's oil, for
sale at the
Fremont, Nov. 29, '51.
Harper& Brother's, justrceived at
1 excellont article, fur sale cheap, at
May IS, 1851. . A. Gl'SDORF'S.-
Com Ac Cob Mill.
CORN In the Ear can be ground at the Croghan
.Mills. ' ' JOHN MOORE,
Stuart's) Hi-fiiicd Sugiir House Syr
up, just the thing for Buvkwheat cakes, at the
: Fremont, Nov. 29, '5l.i ,
MUFFS I MUFFS 5 A good assortinen
, Fremont, Nov. 29,'fil. , ..(..:, .. r .
NY quantity 01 good Ilirkorj and Ash.Wsed
illbetaken on subscription at the
FattMis Ort tea.
for the Ladies!
Ti in li 11 i(ll)' nrctssHry to Inform the La.
1 dieeof our stock of . ,
as they know where they are, and what they are,
but we would jut hint to Jheni that we have en
larged our stock In this line very much this Fallr
and we are sure they will be pleased to tryonr
' Pachuhj, Anrbre. Vcrrine, Jenny Lind,
Jockey Club, Maynnllti, .Vanillin, Cream nfLilllea,
Ox Morrow, Julee iltiuel KanLnstrell, Ac, for
they are certainly very nice. Then there is the
Fancy Goodson Ihe otherside:
Lndie's Ebony Boxes pnd Writing Desks,.
Port Folio Taper Weights, Alnbnster Jewel lloxes
and Ink Stands, Pvnrl, Shell, I very and Velvet
Card Cases, and the finest Paprir' Jiarlni Perle
Mtmirs you ever did eee, and a thousand other ar
ticle too numerous to mention, which were bought
expreesly for them. Just come and see them whe
I tier you want to buy dr not. We are never tired
showing nice good, nnd we want the good folks of
Fremontand vicinity to be posted npin these mat
ters. S. I1UCKLAND tfc Co.
Fremont, Odtober 2,"lh, 1851.
milE SllltSCItlUEItS linvejuel received
1 the following
to which they would call the attention of School
Teachers and Pnrents:
McGufl'ey's Ecloclicseriea of Readers, numbers
1st, 2d, 3d, 4th and 5lh.
Munderill's series do., 1st, 2d, 3d, and4th.
Willard's W. S., large and abridged.
Kntional Speaker.
The Student's Speaker.
Hay's, Greenleaf's, Adams', Umlth'i, Dodd'
Loos' iV Stoddard's Arithmetic.
Data. Davis', kar'a X'. T... A l..l...
Pineo's. Clark's. Rirkham'. Rallinn' Smith'.
and Brown's Grammar.
Parker's, Comstock's, and Mrs. Phelps' I'liilos
phy. Comstock's, and Mrs. Lincoln's Botany.
Comstock's Minerolnirv. and PllVtmlnnV anil
Natural History.
Greenleaf's Exercise in Compoeition.
Webster's nnahridirnd. revisnd. If,iioraiti.. and
School Dictionary.
Andrew'nand Stoddard's T.Hlin Ranriara ft,am.
mars, and Fxercise.
ViewB of the Microscopic World.
Element of Meteorology.
Burnett's Astronomy.
German Spellers, and Primmeri.
German and English Grammar, and Dictionary
McGufi'i-y's,' Bontly's Pictoriul, and Elementary
Also u iitrfra assortment nf Mianall.ni.ni..
ical, Mnsical, and Law Bonks.
Call and examine for ynurselve.
No. 3, Buckland's New Block.
Oct. 25, 1851.
A Handsome Foot.
TT IS ADMITTED THAT a well-shaped and
X handsome Foot is a most desirable hr-rrni fo
off to advantage the personal appearance of either
a laoy or gentleman, nut all are aware that
handsome font, if not encased iu a neut Shoe or
Hoot, is a most meluncholly sight to tlie beholder,
and none understand this fact better then Ihe la
dies. To meet the wants of his customers, the
subscriber has ju.it returned from New York with
a large und well selected stock of
Boots 4 Shoes.
U'hinh he Intlilp Ihf, IMti-rana nf flannn.L.- A
- ...... ..n u. unimu.R), qnu ,U-
joining counties, 00 call und examine. His slock
consists, in part of
Gcitlemchsine French and American Calr
Boots. Kins and CliU'llidna. Rrfli.nl r all trl.wl.
Also, an excellent variety of Pumps, Walking
Gaiters, lancy Congress Gu'iters, Prunella Gaiters,
Taylor lies: together with Morocco, Seal & calf
Slippers and Pumps.
Will finr1 k very flue assorliiifnt nf Slmxa n,,A Kli-
in-rs bioufht on esnee.iallv for il,-.,,,. rru..ni. t,;.4
slippers, Jenny Liuds, Excelsiors, fine Prunella
piirm, nusKins una suppers, oesiiles a large aud
fine assortment of shoes for every day wear..
Children's Shoes and Gaiters, any quantitii
India Rubber Shoes and Boots. The subscriber
will also manufacture to order, all kinds of Boots
and Shoes fur gentlemen and Ladies' wear. Ex
perienced worameii constantly employed.
Country manufacturers and dealers will find at
my estublisliiii-111: all kinds of
. F I N D 1 N G S.
used in the trade. French nnd American calfskins.
leal skins, .Inrocco, Patent leather. Enameled
leather, .Sheep nkins, Lasts, Pegs, Needles, Bris
tles, iVc, iVe. All my articles are warrunted.
I rHSiinctfttlly invite the Ittili.. m,A rr..ilu...an
of Sandusky to call and examine for themselves.
Fremont, May 18th, 1852.
(! REAMS Bine and White Fools Cap Paper,
O 1111 excellent quality.
1(1(1 Reams blue and white letter paper.
4(1 Reams Flat Cap paper.
xM) Reams assorted note paper.
A large lot of wrapping paper.
300 rolls wall paper ol dtl different styles.
A ven line lolof Window paper, Windowshades,
Fire board Prints, and plain und velvet border, for
sale very low at BUCKLANDo'
Octob"er25, '51.
Readymade CothingStore'
ilemoved !
HALE & OASTOiV having removed their
extensive Stock of Boots, Siloes and Clothing
into Room No. :, liiicklund's Block, formerly oc
cupied by. I. F. R. Sebring, 'would take this meth
od of tendering their thanks lo their numerous cus
tomers, for the
"Material Aid!"
furnished them, thereby encouraging them iu their
efforts to benefit and please them. Our stoek of
is greatly enlarged, and consists of every variety of
style, shade and quality. All kinds of Boots aud
Shoes for Gentlemen and Ladie's wear, manufac
tured to order, -at the lowest price, and upon the
shortest notice. The several departments of man
ufacture are under Ihe charge of skillful workmen.
A general assortment of
is offered to the trade, at a small advance span tlis
New York prices.
Consisting of Ceats, Pants, Vests, Under CIslhiiig,
of all kinds, Hose, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Cra
vats, and every article that belongs to a gentle
men's wardrobe.
3at-"BCym-racs3 Si T3 jm-Mmm
oftha latest styles, and in great profusion. All sf
which they want to sell for the dimes. G'vs them
a call before purchasing elsewhere. No charge (er
exhibiting goods.
Frsmont, June 12lh, 185 1.
II OSE Hi.ir Oil, Ox Mnnow, .
Rear's Oil Maccnssar Oil,
Bandoline Fixatrice, Philgcornb, v
Creum of Roses and Lilys,
Cologne, Rose and Lavendar Water, &c, tc,
just received, at Buckiand'b.
PLEASE CALL and look at my kssortmeut
of Crockery aud Glass-ware. '
May Hi, 1851., , , , 3, T. MOSS. ,
PRAYER BOOKS and Church Service, A
Suleudidasaorlment.'frcni 31c to $3, at
BIBLES. A Urge lot of Family Bible from
f I SO to $C: Also, Pocket, Clasp, Tuck, and
PolyglottBiblesand Tesianisnti at '
BcCClAIto'i. '

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