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Fremont journal. (Fremont, Sandusky County [Ohio]) 1853-1866, December 10, 1853, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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JJarc chance for
WII.I. ! cM to llio nigral biHrlrr, at tlic
door of Ih Crophnn lion, in Krrnwnl,nn
tlt 9lcl di.rof NotkihSit, H"3,at Oo'clofk V. M.
l!i" l"olrr.rin property. In ail:
Th unrlWiilrr) one Imlf of ill Smilli-n-ful qmr
t r of arclion number !.'0, to nsli p nniiilirr .",
Ml of rangn 1.1, containing, in nil, Mil) acres
lucre or lcs, ill y ailihuk v cuniily, Oliio.
A fins fram rlwlliiiff hniisa on aiirl a liatfsti.
r hijrli, iin tlio Plunk lloitl, In Kmnrnl, lirrr
,.i'..r irrt a n Tiill Minis mi i ri rm.il.
TEH-MSs Knll piyiii -nl iljwtt in tlio st.icU
IS.- rtHliiDl Pljiik Hnml ('onipnnv.
Bj order of (lie Diitr ..r oT s.id Co.
FreBifliU Oct. 6lh, '53.
l)tCE, ToWeo, Pepper, Trait, t e , hy lit.
I'tiituMilr and at tml n small adrance in r ims-I-
fn pricrs.'atNo. 1, Murri' Hlork..Tnl."!. O.
April, 9, 'a3.-Gin J. M. A'-llU'.'l
Km i tii & Rush!
Marble Manufacturers,
SEPULCHRAL Monuments and Cave Siorn-t
of every Tariclyof pulern ami oftlm most rkill
I workninllsfiip. The Ilesl a'sortiiic iit of Anier
I n Marble kept constantly on hand.
(Foreign ifarlle furnished if il si red oh I lit
ttortcst notice.)
Aleo a great variety of American ami Tnropri.
IWirii, of the most iinqiis nnil tastuful pattern
riiibiiiiiig heanlr aii'l rabilit y. Persona wish
Is..! to procure Monument or any kind of Mm hlc
' rk, are iuviled tn enlf and give a personal in-ei..-clion
of their mnteiiiil ail woi liinnnsliip, ns
l'.t will be mota aalif:iclory than to purclin se ot
A -enls, (who hove no interest only their per Cf lit)
w iliout an opportunily of testing tlie quality uf the
article contracted for.
One Dollar Only,
Daguerreotypes at Witt'' Skylight
Over llic Pot Office
AVINO concluded that alUliall have Pawner-
eeoivnea who desire, them, I aha'! hereafter
.nt ap pictures in good, plain ewee at the extreme-I-.
low price of one dollar; beleivinrr llmt the ill-er-we
of basinrss will compensate for the rednc
t"in of prices, while thoso getting pictures
t "if pictures will receive ii.ore Ihnn the worth of
ii. -ir money. The sa me style and minlity of pic
tures can now be had f.r one Hollar that IVirmerl)
cit one dollar and a half. I can any, without ties
itiilion, that I am better prepared for tukinj da
j'terreotypee than any artist lias heretofore been
ihia eectiou of country, having spared no troub
f'i nor etpenso in aiiytging that relates to a ernii-f'-'e
ajftaraha or icrll funuihid remm; and ns to pic
tures, I only ask people to call and see then) foi
ll.emselves. Grown persons fan get as good pic
tures in cloudy as in fair weather, and some eves
l-nnr, so do not wait for fine days. Children
'..-.n!d eome fair days, a the time of silling is
I- Dark dresses are beat for copying in da-i-.ierreotypea.
Gilt and gold lockets, also every
s'vle of fancy cases constantly on hand.
- Thorough instructions given in tho art. and np
p rnius furnished on reasonablo terms. Cameras
M .efferent e'ues for sale. A. U. W i LYIS.
F.cmout, Dec Iat.lbjJ.
DRUGS, Medicines, Paints,
Oils, Glass, Dye
woods, Dye
stuils.&c. BUCKLAKD & 00,
' AVF. jnst received a large lot of Drugs a nd
Medicines, freeh from the Importers, which
..ev are offering at Ihe Terr Lowest Cush price.
Cur stock ia now complete, and we will convince
ny and all, who may far or us with a call, thai
r earl and do sell Drugs and all other Articles in
ur line, as cheap aa they can ba bought Ibis
side of Cleveland. All articles waiiranthi ooou
ud jnst what they are race ni mended or the moil
Particular attention paid to paid to Physicians
orders, and good articles always given with the
privilege of reluming all articles not good.
VTarranted pure, and cheap as the cheapest.
4n:;0 . Kegs Lead ground and dry,
ill Hbls. Linseed Oil,
I'tO Iba Pnria Green,
' Chrome Green,
' Chrome Yellow,
1 French Yellow,
1 Venitian Red,
Red Lead,
1 AmSer Burnt and Raw,
I no
' Vermillion,
Bbls. Turpentine,
Sperm Oil,
Fish Oil,
" Varuiah for furniture and coach,
And a erv choice lot of Pure Wines and Li-
quors, for Medioinal aud Pharmaceutical purpos
es only.
Giva ns a call, before purchasing elsewhere
and ba conviuced that Bucklond's ia the place
grt tha worth of your money. JJon'1 rurgel Ihe
l.'nce No. 3, Buckland's Block at the aign of the
Book end Mortar.
Fremont, Oct. 1,'S3. If.
Made C'lotUinvr, Cap and
ClOtha of every variety of 6'tyle aud Quality,
in Bucklaud'a Block, Fremont, Ohio.
Ha takea thia method lo return thanks to the
public for their liberal patronage, aud hopes, by
close attention to their wants, to merit a conliuu
aca of tha lama.
He has just received a more extensive assort
nt at than ever before, consisting iu part of
Boots and Shoes!
f the Latest style. Hats and Cops of the same.
Every variety of
Broad Cloths, Caesimeres, Jeans, Linnena, and
very variety of Bummer Cloths, Coat and Vest
Trimmings, Shoemakers Kite, Upper aud Sole
All of which haa been selected with especial ref
erence la tha wanta of Ibis community.
tie alao baa ia hie employ the brat workmen i.
tha coo nly, both iu Tailoring aud thoemakiu;.'
Ceati, Vests, Pants, Boots and Shoes made to ol
ter, and work will ba warrauUd to fit aud to aa
aer reeommendatioo.
Cash, Butler. Eggs, Ac. Ac. received ia ti
changa for goods.
- r,eM.ut, April 14. '53. . C. D. HALL.
House, Wljfii, Ac Ornaniciitiil
tll-u- FitLMONT, O.
The undertigned offer their services to th pub
lic ia all th following brunches , vii:
- - Fresco, Landscape, plain A. oroameutal sign
Paini ng A-c, Irnmitatioua io wood A. marble.
Carriage paiBliug, Glaiing, paper banging. From
maay years of experience w flatter on rsnli ei, that
aan giv satiafaolion to all Ihos who shall be
pleased to giv as their patrouag.
J. C. Woi.ra. Johx Wsrser.
RtraaastiL.: to Meisers S. Birchard, B.
Bucklane) A. Co. Csnfield Bt Mitchell, L. E
2torn, C Doneyson. Orion A. Dickinson, La
au Caul, O. L. Nim.
- BajiU K-ttk, 1893. If . , ' .
For the rapid Cure of
Mutiv vrt rii rf trial, itiMe.i'l oT impnir'nrr the
.uhlic ri.iifnN-i'r.e in lii-a infilir-ine, hiB won for il
ill iiiori'i'iniiiiM uiul ni'lnriel hy fir rxtv-ciliiig the
no! fcan.nii;e t .vptctiil t.ina of ,ia (rieiula. Nolh
,n lint its ii.lrii.flii: viriiit'aMHl ihe i?uiiiitl.tkxh!rt
-t-netit Ciit.lrrri'd on l!icu:iii.is ff aiillVrera, i:nn!"l
rvii;t1e ai'd miiiiiiiti the repiitntion il eiij.-na.
Vl.i'e many inf.-ri.ir renteiliea tlirnal upon Ihe
t'oiiuminily, I nvo f.iiled anil been discern!, 11ms
ina g..i'.iee friends 1 y evoly I rial, conferred benefits
liiiin the iiliiieled lli.'V can never furi'el, and pro-
lured cures oo ndineroun and ioj uiuikul.le In
(e fiireo'tlen.
While is a fraud m l!in poh'ic to pretend that
mi v one nipdli'iiie will i iif..!!.M f.tir, still ihrre
s ill undent pror.l lliat llie Cn r:nl; V I'l i t'iiiai. does
not only ca a generil lliinj, lint aim at iava riubly
eure the mu'rdies for uliiili it i employed.
As lime lliiilirs these fads wider and littler
know ii, Ibis Hirdi.-iitti has rr.iil-rilly b.-enme t!ie
the best ri'Iiiiin e or lliu aiiliclrd. from tl'.o log cab
in of the Aineiie.m Pensinl, to the Palucos ol tin
ropraii Kinis. Thronglionl t'riii entire country,
in evrrv Stale, city, and indeed in nlinoM every
hiimlcl II coniains". Cm unv PnioR.ii. is know n
us the beat remedy ext!,ht for disease of the
Thrnul and fiungf, and in many fnrein cciinlries,
it is coming I" be citensively used by their inosl
iiitelligenl plijaii iiiiis. In Great Urilain , France
and (ierionny, hero the medicul scieiires have
reached their highest perfection. Cmdhhy lVcron
M. is iiilrodtieed. and in constant use in Ihe arm
iep, llo'ialnla, Alma llmircs, I'liblic Insliliiliona.
and in domeflic practice, ns the sureat remedy
their nltoii'liiiH cm employ for tho mre dangerom
airecliniisuf Ihe Innjp. Also in milder crises, and
for children it is safe, pleasant and ell'eclual to
eure. In fuel, soiuo of the most Haltering testi
monials we receive have been from parents who
havK found it eflitjciout ill cases particularly inci
dental In childhood.
TheCiiKitHY rrrTonAi. is mnnafiietiired by u
practise! Chemist, and eAery ounce of il n under
his own eye, with invariable neenrucy and care,
it is sealeil and protected by law from counterfeits,
consequently can be relied oil us genuine without
We havo enileovored here to fiirniali the corn-
muiiitv with a medicine of eiich iiitrt)ic supenor-
ilyand worth as should conimenc itself to 1h-it
coufnlece a nemedv at once saf1?, r iredv and ef
fectual, which this has hv repealled, nd cduutless
trials proved ilsslf to be; and trust by great cure
in preparing it with chemical tccuracv, of uniform
strength to atibad IMiysiciiius a new a;cnloii which
titer aau raly Ion llie best lesults, auu the atlticl.
cd with a remedy 111 ut will do for them all thai
medicine can do.
pared and sold by JsnnrtiC. Aj rr
Prac Ileal end Analytical Chemist,
I.cwKi.i., Mass.
S. BUCKLAN1) .fe iVO.,
30 Only Agents for l''rcrt;nnt.
James M. A&liUcy!
T TTIIOLKSALE dealer ill Drugs, Painls, Oils,
t r D8tulla, Glass aud Glassware, Limps, Gro
eeries, 1 tiro tv ma and liquors
for Medicines,
No. I, Mtirris'
Perfumery aim fancy articles Ac,
lilock, I oteilo, Ohio.
All orders promptly attended to.
April 9, lf53. i y
Epilepsy or Fits!
.Jpnund, for Ihe cure of Epilepsy or Fits a re
cently discovered invaluable medicine nurelv
Vegetable, for Ihe cure this truly dreadful disease
just received and for Sale by
J. F. W003TER, Druggist
Fremont, April MO, 'j3. ly
J AY Ell KAISINS.-Plenty
Gel. 1, 'j.T If
cull he found al
-a Olltiils iew Orierins bugar, last year crop.
J O and best quality for sale bv Ihe llbd. or barrel
al No Morris' Block, Toledo, Obis.
April 9, Ie5:l. 6 in J. M. ASHLEY
F c v c r aud A s it c Rem cd v
It is neither a Patent, Quack or Empiric, but a
gennino specific, prepared rroin the Recipe of a
Physician, and approved by the widest and best
known scientific Chemist in tho Cnu illy, ( D I!
J. R. CHILTON, of .New York.) and' by him
recommended to the world (voluntarily and with
out pry) for its valuable properties; and declared
that it contains no mineral or poisonous substance.
Its wonderful properties in removing BILK, and
and giving TONE, STRENGTH and VIGOR
to Iho Liver. Kidneys and Stomach, or iu other
words, curing the disease Thoroughly and ElPect
ually, not simply breaking the chill, but removing
tbeCAU.SE, are every where acknowledged.
Read the fillwiny Certificate; wo could
produce a hundred just like il, but wo ask the
public to try it, audslako ita eucces ou its merits
TuMo, dug.blh, 1818.
Mn. Oatnoii: I have bad the Fever and Ague
lor two years and twelve iluva wit hout cessation;
aud have also had tho most skillful physicians
the country, hru Ur. I.iick. y of Ottawa county,
second Dr. Ryder, of Lower S.induskr, third
Gerinuu physician at U'oodville, as abo three dif
ferent ones in this place, viz: Ilostwick, Clurk and
Foigu'on. 1 got so bud and became so badly
hloaleil, that I had Incut open my boots , anil
have my clothes made larger. At Lst I could
senrcely walk ulone. aud was finally cured by
ll iujiliiiii's I "rgtlullr Hi ine-lit' for Fever and Augiie
The fifth time I u.-ed this medicine the chill
aud fever left m, and I continued to take Ihe
medicine for socio iin:e aHer, i egularly, a tea
spoon fu I at a dose, ui.il nit I am fi Lilly and per
fectly cured. I hive hi ill ono-lhird of the medi
cine led in Ihe bottle, nud yet I am Ore from nil
chill and fever, nud ihe sw elling has culirely left
me. 1 mil also hnrpy and working at mp trade,
aa a Carpcirer. Il is not tiecesi.iry to ajy ail
thing more of this valuable medicine.
Sold bvS. BUCK LAN D ,V.Co.. Fremont.
J. 51. ASHLEY, Wh.dsilo agent. Toledo,
September 17th, 1'53.
D. "Barnhart, Jr.
Main St., a few doors North if Second,
HAS just returned from Ihe East with a heavy
stock of Piano's, of llie beat manufacture, and
of Ihe highest ton aud finish.
ALHO Brass and Stringed Instruments, the
best iu Ihia market. Tlie.o iuslruinsuls will be
sold on the most irasiub'e terms, und warranted
I'll proprietor wi!l not be outdone by any clher
house in the Wesl, thia he desire every body to
distinctly uudejstuud. Call iu, and exumiiiu for
yourselves. A cur will always be iu readiness lo
remove Pianos to any point.
acknowledged to L lb beat in use. They are
fir proof and water-proof, and can be had at pri
ces varying from tjiM) to ,j jUlt. Business wen are
invited to cull aud exuiuiu them they will be
D. B. ha opened a large room in Tiffiu' O., for
the sale of Piano, Mayor Win. Lang, Agent,
where tho best article cuu b bad at iba lowest
Western price.
Also, at Lebanon, O., A. Tucker, Agent, where
inslrii'iieiils may h obUiud at Dayton price.
Dujion, Apr. ihli. . .. ,
A TIIOI.ICUN I'orlhp Itrliof uiul
t'lii'o ol .snlfrrinjt I'cinuli'a :
Ilstamls pre-em-Infill
for il curative
powrr in nil llie dis-
', casr for rvliiuli it in
recommended. utiul'
lycalled Ftmntt V
jilti'tli; f,,r aurpass-
:xv'iig i.ny other mode
iV vC iro-uineiil ill ueing
www '
ert iin, less e.xiier.s
ive, mid leaving Ihe
s; stern in a better
condition. I.M all in
(eresled c.ill unci oh
lain a pamphlet, free,
cout tilling a m p I f
proof fro it fie most
rer-peclnble sources.
ol the beneficial remits of its liae: logetlu r ilh
letters Troin highly ep.rieiiceu I'lita.ciaiis, who
have used il in their praclice, uiul speak from
llieir own obervatiniis.
P. H. Pi cUlin m, M. T., Uticn, N. V.
I.. 1). rieininc, M. I)., Canad UL"ia. N. V.
' M. II. Mills, M . I)., Rochester, N. Y.
I. Y. Koote, M. Svrarnae, N. Y.
Prof, nunbnr, M 1)., Hnltimc.ro, M.I.
V. V. Keese, M. I)., N. Yolk City.
W. Piescolt, M. D, Concord. N. II.
J. P. Nrwlnnd, M. I)., UtV-:i, N. Y.
f-'. l!UCKEAM cv CO., Agents,
lrUi;gials, Fremont, Ohio.
Sold bv nil the leadiii'' i )riisr!ristn In the nclj.iin-
ing eonnlies. Letters addressed to caro of Mr
Curtis Hatch, Agent at ItaTeniia.
To 1)r Jllitrrkiri; I have leu years teen troub
led with Female complaints prolapsus, Uteri,
and all lbs attending difficulties lit limes render
ing my life most miserable. I have had Ihe at
tendance of some of the best physicians, with I. lit
lilile success. The moat that Iney could do was
to relieve a cure was out of tho question. I'cr
five months before commencing with your medi
cine, I bad not been able lo perform tiny labor,
could wnlk hula few steps ut a lime nud scarcely
went out of doors in short, I was completely
prostrated both in body mid mind. I expected lo
drag out Ihe rest of my d,iys in suffering and mis
ery: but readin:; yoitr ndrersiscment, was induced
lo try your invaluable medicine, called 'Uterine
Cnthnlicou," as the last resnrl. had not used
it a work before I fell like another woman, lty
the use of three bottles, I was enabled to perform
all the labor, fur six in the family, with case, und
emild walk any when in tho iioeigliborhood, with
oiilinjiiry. Nothing but a feiise of duty to you
and the suffering community, has inducer1 mo to
stale my case to the public; and can safely rec
ommend the preparation lo all those sotlering like
mvsoir. Signed) Mrs. SARAH A. UISIIOP,
Vreilom, Portage Co , O., Dec. 'JTlh, 18;W.
J. II. Marcblsi & Co., Proprietors, Central IV'-
pol.SOih IJ.oa.Kvay Yew York.
April u.l, 'o.l. ly
To man for Otimlis, Asthma, Colds, Cfout
Bronchitis, I nilusnz.-i, Liecdiutr of the Lungs,
Difficulty uf breathing, Liver Affection, Pain or
weakness of the Breast or Side, First stages of
Consumption, ive.
In short, this N.i'fain is peculailry adapted to ev
ery diseaae of the lungs and liver, which ia pro
duced in our evcr-varviiig climalo.
'n q q
Tto Lives Saved hij the vie of only Three
Bottle of "Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Mr. Eiikx, Kr., Ju'y 24, 1852.
Messrs. TIarcourt Howard ct Co. Gents:
The ' Dr. Wislnr'a Balsam of Wild Cherry," thai
I bought of you has been of such signal benefit in
my laniily, thai I wish lo make its virtues known
for Ihe benefit of the public.
My wife took coldut the time ofher cnnfinenvil
which settled on her Lungs. The physicians pro
nounced her disease cousuption. She had prolii'e
night sweats and li nd coughs; she was given up,
lor we pespaired ofher recovery, and her child par
look of her comphiint. - She Iheu commenced tak
ing "Wislar'a llnlsam of Wild Cherry." and three
boilles effected all entire cure with her and the
child both.
1 have no doubl that Ihey would have now been
iu their graves if they bad not have used Yitar'iJ
Balsam of Wild I hurry SETI1 R. SEA (ICY.
Seth R. Searcy, whose cerlihcntes is above, ia
a muu of aa much veracity as any in Ibis country,
and a iniin of good j'ldgn ent, and we plucejenlire
reliance, on his alaloinant.
The genuine Wistar's Balsam cf Wiltt Cherry
has a fan similu of the signature of Henry Wistnr
M. D., I'hiliKlelphia, and "Sauford A Park" on a
finely executed steel engraved wrapper. No other
can lie genuine.
lET Price $1 per bottle six bottles for $5.
Sold by J. D. Park, Cincinnati, O.
North east corner of Fourth and Walnut sts en
Imuccuu Walnut street to whom all orders
must be addressed.
Sold ill Fremont by S. BUCKLAND & Co.
Aud by W. C. Baker, Custalia; J. Ilnlchina A
Sou, Bellevuc; W. Brauer, Millgrove; Charles
Powers, Woodville: Foster t& Son, Rome; Ham
ilton & McCartney, Republic; I. L. St. John, Ti
(in city, anil P. V. Beery A, Bro., Green Creek.
Fremont, January 13, '53 ly
Sash, Doors and Blinds!
M1F. undersigned has onened a SASII
I'ACTllUYi i the shop formerly occu
pied uv i . K. reuse, ou ine easi siue ol me ban-
dusky river, where lie has in operation the latest
and most improved machinery for manufacturing
Sash, 1'annel doors. Blinds, and Window
His machinery is brought lo such perfection thai
the work is far superior to any made hy hand.
A l. das be uses nothing hut thoroughly It i I
I r let! Lumber, ho is determined that his work
shall not be suipHssed either iu poiut of work or
quality of material, by any other establishment in
Fromoni, Aug. 14th, 1952.
J win's uud Miller's Fine Cut Chewing Tubac
co, in 'Pin Foil and Paper, by the dozou or siogle
paper; also -uiural Leaf, Plug, a fiuo article for
sale ut Eiilii.Mt .
Oct. I, '5.1 If
C, 1!. TV LEU & CO.,
nrOI!L!) ItrSl'ECTri LIiY an
I V iioiiiic to Ihe citizen of Sandusky and ad
joining counties, Inat Ihey have just replenished
llieir Grocery Willi a large and complete flock,
nd are now prepared lo supply all who may favor
them with their patronage, with any thing in their
line, at reduced prices. Their stock consists iu
part of
Sugar t,
S piees,
A ills.
ci e., d-r.
Ugether with a large and superior assortment of
made from refined loaf sugar.
They keep on
nnnu a s.iperior article or
which will he sold liotl per than Ihe same ar
lielecau ba bought at any other establishment ill
r reinonl. 1 hey have also a choice lot al
by th barrel er gallon ; th best article in town,
Ihe assertion f others to the contrary notwith
standing. Ijcmoinidc, lHt'U1,Cfoiik and Ucrr,
can b found at their Grocery at all business
Kept constantly ou hand.
Fremont, July 1C, '53 6m.
I'll 1 3 TS.
I.J.'E CUths and perfectly fust colors, slliug
at bi etui at McLkllas tV McGss's.
n k, MAi;cmsr
Pi. 3ii)NOlt'si Iutprovcil i:xtnirl
Vf!low Dork anil Sarsaiiarllla.
Tlic originul hii3 only geuniiie prepanilion for the
permanent cure of consumption and ilisenaes ol
the I. lings when Ihev are supposed lobe atfi-cled
bv the t.vo free use ol Mercurv, Iron, Quinine, Ac
1, el all who wish lo pnrgn Ihe blood from inipnr
ii;na, and prepare the system lo resial rpMciiiie,
r. sort lo "liuysi.ll's Extract id' Yellow I luck and
3ai saparilln," which is proving itself an ant dole
fer iiiauy of t!io moat m-ilignaut diseaaes that fleah
in heir lo, and they will never be disuppoinled ; for
ill this remedy the public faith bus never wavered
never ran waver; for it Is founded on experience
They flv from tho mineral nostrums lo seek hope,
life and vigor from this purely Vegetable Remedy
however broken down in health and spiriti how
ever lonthsoriio to himself and others, let no one
despair of recovery ; tet the patient only understand
tint bis hope of physical restoration lies only in
"(iinaotl's Extract of Yellow Mock and Sarsnpar
illn,'' and persuade him, for his life's sake, to Irv
it, and we havo no hesitation in predicting li.s
piiedy rctlnruliun lo heullh.
The following case of Ilenajah Hughes is one
of the moat astonishing on record. Alter forty
vears sickness, two rears' excruciating torture,
the amputation of one leg, and the body and limbs
almost a mnssol eating, putrirying, 1 isrharuing ul
cere, to bo cured by eight hollies of Guysolt's Ex
tract of Yellow I'ock and iSarsaparilla, ia almost
II F ATI TH K cr.r.TrriCAir.
Tallapoosa Co. , Ala., Jan. 2, 1 852
Ph. Guisiitt Dear Sir: I send you Ihia to
certify to you that your K.xtract of Yellow Dock
slid Sarsaparilla hns performed one of tho inosl
wonderful cures on me thai has ever been ellccted
on man.
I have been afflicted for fortv years with irrup
tions on my legs niul feet; in ISIS they jjol bo bud
thiil I had to go ousel niches, und in 1 Hill I had one
leg amputated ntiove the ttneo. In nhcut 9 months
after my ollmr leg broke nut in large eMing ami
running sores fiom my knee to i;ty foot, and dis
charged much offensive mutter. My groin also
broke out in large biles, which much ollcusive mat
ter, nud ut Iho s.tino timo my left hand broke out
large running seres nearly lo my elbow.
The misery that I have Fiitfered for the last two
years 1 cunnot describ" to you. 1 was iu such ag
ony thai 1 never rested day nor nii(ht. I was giv
en up to die, nud by t tic heip of God I bud made,
preparation for death, und had pointed out to my
family llie place where lo bury my remains.
In October last my sou brought mo one of youi
bo!lln-ra;ijiera; I read il, ami found record of son.e
wonderful cures performed by your "Extract of
Yellow Dock and !"ar:ipTirilla.' I sent an I got
two bottles of il, and comnioaced Inking it. In
two weeks, lo my ?reul ostouishmeat, mv sorea
all become easy, nnd I could sleep ail night
thing I bud not done for two vearH. When I had
taken J-ix bottles, my sores had nearly oM healed.
Mv sores got well as if by eiicliaulineut. J have
now used in all eight boilles of your "Extract of
iii.ck mid I'ltrpnpuriHii," and J now com-ider my
self well. I am al a loss for terms to set forth the
worth of this medicine, or to repress my gratitude
for what it bus dono for me. I musl call ilihe Sa
vior tifman from miserp while living on eurlh.
J entreat all ol llie umictcd to Irv this medicine,
for I believe il will cure any known disease in the
llie world. Lay aside all prejudice and jut Iry it.
and procluim its great worth lo sutferiag mankind
and cntrcal them to lake it, for it will euro them.
Mvcaso is will known in n large portion of
South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, nud if any
should doubt Iho above cure, I invite tin in to cnil
on me, and I will show them the scars. I can he
found in I ulluposa Co., Alu., one mile from Sloe's
Scrofuula, Syphilis, Mericurial complaints, Cancer
Guiigrore, Rheumatism anil a vast variety of olh
cr disagreeable and dangerous diseases are
speedily and perfectly cured by the use of this
Dudevillo, Ala., May 21, 1853.
Messrs. Scovillo A. Heud: This is lo certify
that about the first of February lust, I was afllicted
with dirre or four painful sores on and about ihe
face, soiuo of them as large as a quarter of a dol
lar; they assumed the appearance of enncers, and
I was fearful Ihey would leriuinatB in cancers
About three weeks since 1 com moiiced taking
Doctor G'uyaoU d Extract uf Y ellow Dock and
Sarsaparilla, and found immediate, relief from its
use. J have not taken nailo two boilles, and the
fores on my face are ull healed up; tin J thosn on
my face are nearly so: and 1 truly belicAO they will
be entirety weil iu a lew uiiAs.
I cbeorfully recommend this medicine to persons
ultliclcu with any kiuu ut eruptions or cancerous
sores. My frtieral hea'lh ia much improved by
llie use ol the medic. lie.
Respectfully, R1CAARD B. IJURK.
UT PriceS' per bottle six bottles forS.r.
Sold by J. D. PARK, Cincinnati, O.
Norlb east corner of Fourth aud Wulnut sis en
trance on Walnut lowborn all orders must be
Sold iu Fremont by S. BUCKLAND A, Co.
And by VVheldon &. Rhodes, Sandusky city; J.
Ilutchin A Son, Rillevue; W. C, Baker, Custal
ia; W. Braduer, itlill Grove; Charles Powers,
Woodvill; Foster e & Son, Rome: Hamilton A
McCartney, Republic; and I. L. ,S'l. John, Tillin.
Fremont, January 13, '53 ly
r I MIE Subscribers would respoctfully announce
L io ine aniens oi snnuusKy i,ity and vicinity
that they have purciased the Book Bindery, form
erly curried on by C. L. Derby -A. Co , uud they
are now prepared lo execute any orders in that line
of business. They profess to be practical work
men in every branch pertuinc to Book Biudiiiir.
Work entrusted lo llieir care warranted lo be well
and neatly done. Particular attention paid to Bind
ing Periodicals, Music, Newspapers, Maga.iues,
in a superb manner, either plain or extra gilt. Obi
Books of every description rebound. Having
hand a superior stock of paper of every size und
quality they are prepared lo manufacture Blank
Hooks of every description ruled to any pattern
Paper ruled at prices to suit the times. Book
Bindery at the old slund over Ilia Bookstore of C.
L. Dvibv A. Co., Caswell's Block.
June, 2(1. i51 ly MILLER tfr KIES.
N. II. Those having work of Ihe above descrip
tion to be done, can leave it ul the Book and Drur
Store of S. Buckluud A. Co. , who are our author
zed agents.
Merchant Tailoring
fMIE undi-rgigned legs leave once more
announce to the citizens of Frenion laud vi
cinity, that lie lias just received aud ia now open
ing, a splendid assortment of
Consisting of Broad Cloths ,Cassimeres, Vest
iogs, Saltiuel, Tweed, and alao a large assort
ment f
Ifats II lid C'H1, Boots and Shoe, Sus,hii.
rier, Cloves, Cravuls. Shirls, Uude r-shirts,
Drawers, Shirt Collar, and also
T II I -M Ml.VOlsl
f every description and quality. The above ar
ticles will be sold as sheep us Ihey can be bought
iu any oilier establishment in this (own, for CVisi
r country produce. The public are invited t
call and examine my slock before purchasing
elsewhere, i 1 am bound not to ba
Undersold ly Jew or Oenlilt!
Dn't mistake the place! ne door North
1, T. Mini' Store, where ha may be found at all
reuouabl hours ready to wait on cuati'uur,
.April 14, '53. VV. B. KRIDLER.
MOM ROE'S Tonic a certain cur for Fever
and A jo for sale only at
S, DrCKLAKD il Cc's.
Consumption, Duclinc, Asthmti, Uronchilis
Wiutinjr of iho Flesh, Night Swunts,
Bpittinp; nf lilood, Whooping Cough,
Dillhiulty of llrcnthinn;, Colds,
Cotijilia, liiiWnzrt, l'lithisic,
1'iiiti in the Side, nnd nil
Discasi'i of tho (' h e 8 t
nnd 1, u n p s .
It CDiitnins no Opium, Cnitiiiii l, orMincrnl
I' O I P ,) x!
And ia fta fi for the most delicate Child!
It is ertiinated thnt I "ill, 000 persons din Annual
ly in the I'niled Slates itith coiinimplii.il, and
Yrofessor Ebi r'ysma Hint a vast number ol Ihese
could be saved by Ihe timely use ol some prompt
DR.' II ALL'S BALSAM strikes at the Root ol
Ihe Disease at once, and sued is its sperdv effect,
that any one using it freely according to directions
for -'4 or -13 hours, nnd not entirely satisfied Willi
its merits innv return it and receive hack bis mon
FUNDED The most dislressiug cough ia fre
quently relieved hy a single dose, and broken iiV
in a few hours' lime. The afflicted do not have
to lake bottle after bottle before Ihey find whothr
er Ibis remedy will afford relief or not.
Cull on the agent and gel n pamphlet gratis.
is worth more than the price of this medicine.
You will find certificates of PHYSICIANS iu
Cincinnati, nud of olhers whose cures have been
elfecleil here nt home, where thev call he fojnd
The public have been imposed upon bv reme
dies, recommended bv cerlilK;ates which bave al
ways originated from sonio unknown source.
We believe that a , .r.iV.nc imsieuini real nirritu
will effect cures wherever it is used, ut home ns
well ss abroad. i'i.t m ri i Purtgnric preparation,
but one which if used in season will save the lives
of thousands; und persona mny ni.r this liargniii
unit nxciit' from whom they purchase, that in ev
ery case where il is used freely according lo direc
tions, audenliru suliKfacliou is not given iu i.M or
4 hours, they con return llie medicine, and Ibeir
MONEY trill be then fully numlctt.
q q q q q
Wn'sh and Consider.
DR. IALL'S BALSAM is no rareqnric
preparation, but a Medicine WHICH
MA lES C UllKS at home, where th
parlies can he found.
Tlic resit Coiifili and CotiMiinpt ivr
K tADHl 1 have you
a CoUirh which vou are
iiPL'Ifcline, under lb
?:ilea thnt il is only scorn
:.nou coin, ana Hint il wi
inn wear itaell out?
Let a friend tell you, in
all kindness, what will
aoon be the .obabie result.
lu a Bhnrt lime, if you continue (o neglect your
self, you will begin to feel a sense ef tightnr mid
oppression urrnss the chest, acconipHtiiid with fre
qiienl sharp dnrling pains. 'I'hen a dry hacking
cough will set in, nnd when you raise unylhin
will lie n ttneli nut! veii'Owish, or while froihv mut
ler, slreiikrd, perhiips, with blood. If vou still In!
no metlii ine, Dieso niiplensaut syiiipluma i!l in
crease, nnil vou wilt soon cave a hectic fevor. c.d
coins, niEiii bwjiiis, co.ious expectoration, am
then great prostrution. II you still neglect your
self, a lew weeks or months will see you consigned
lo Ihe grave, leaving your friends lo mourn how
rnpiuiy roiisiiinpuoii mn us wont, an. I hurried von
iiwur. I riend, have you no cause lo he alarmed
Iu the uhove sketch, you may see, ns in n glass
how every case of Consumption progresses, will
more or less rapidity, lo u total lerininalion. Ol
ail the thousands and millions whom this great
I 'esiroyer has gulliered lo the loinb, every eiii.'l
case began with a cold. Iflhislidd been nltende
to, all might huve been well: but being neglected
nnrler the fatal delusion thul il would 'wear ilnell
off,' il transferred its deadly aslion lo the subslnnrc
ol the lungs, exciting there Ihe formation of luhre
cles. Another, and anothcl cold added fuel lo the
llame, until these tubercles begun lo soften and
snponlriite, leaving by Ibeir ulceral.tm. prent cav
ties in Ihe lungs. At this crisis, tho disease is verv
dillieitlt to cure, and oftentimes set ul defiance all
human mcaua.
iu ine luuer or wor.-i siaoe, this medicine wi
oftentimes arrest Iho disease, or cuecli its progress
am: win niwirt run Kt uie paiiehl more comlorlabl
ami prolong his hie, nnd it is thereforo worthy of
trial; but iu Us incipient or former periods, Con
sumption is ns cursble ns nny other disease, nnd
if taken i.t this lime, will cure il ij'AS SL'llEL
Ari II 15 I A!l',. Iju I his is strong language
bill we can refer you lo numberless living witness
c lo prove that it is true! And Ihereloic, we ear
noFtly cxlihrl every man. woman uud child, who
mis u cougii, or ib stiiijecl lo colds, lo keep 111
ini-iiieiiit. nt i.u 111 me oouse, auu whenever you
lake cul.l. do nut 'let il alnnc' lo work mischief in
your system, bill eradicate it liiorouirhlv. and
once, by this powerfully healing compound, and
leave your lungs uninjured, lo carry you liilnll vigor
io a goou uiu age :
5 ?
Mm. linker A Co. .-
Oksr Shis 1 ha public generally are fulh
aware of Ihe thousands of remidies for Diseased
Lungs, under llie tiles of.aiaiari!lns, Pills. Plus
lers, Liniments, Ac, Hint are daily brought to
their notice through Ilia newspapers, by way of
advertisements. iJy object in writing this note
lor puiiiicaiion, is io induce ine public, or at .last
those who are ulllicled (il Ihey will use patent
medicines), to use one that contains articles of reul
use iu I'uliivmaru Disniws. 1 am conscious that
m so doing, I am ucliug inost unprofi ssional.y.ainl
derogatory to Ihe iuleresis of medical science and
the regular practitioners of medicine.
Ihe Medicine lu which I refer is "DR. II ALL'S
scribed il in a large number of fuses, and ahcayt
nun tuccexs. true case in particular, lo which
wish now lo refer, was giret uji by several phvsi
cuius who bad been called in consultation with
myself. Ths patient had ll the symptoms
confirmed consumption, such a Cold Night Sweats
Hectic Fever, Harrassing Cough, wilh continued
pain in Ihe Lobe of Ihe right luug, attended with
sevnre UinrrlicDa: He commenced imnied utelv
lo get belter, hy the use of the apove named nied'-
nine, and was soon restored lo Ins usual heullh
1 have a bo found Dr. Hull's Balsam the most
valuable txpocloranl for brcukiug up distressing
Coughs and Colds thai I have ever used.
We the undersigned, Physicain of Cincinnati,
certify that Dr. Wright's statements are entitled
lo the fullrss confidence of the public, aud we can
fully Corroborate what he has said, having used
DR. IJALL.S BALSAM iu a number of cases,
wilh the liuppiest elfeots!
J. S. LAW SON. M. D.
VM. C. SMITH, M. I).
The Genuine signed, O. It. BAKER A. CO.
Fur sale by,
Fremont, March li, lHa'.i.
M'litiiu Volcanic Oil I.iiilmout.
For Mat aud Beast,
Tlii Liniment is Ihe very best article that has
yet been offered to the public. Beibg chemically
prepared, it is warranted not lo peparale. Where
tlunwh, poultim, ointtntul and other LininwnU
have been Iried in vain Ibis chead and valuable
Liniment wiil give immediate relief. It is infalli
ble for hltimnitiltim.llruinrnStrillifies, L'UcrM.llttrni.
Old Sisrei, t'mU )t uandt, Sorcneai aj Lxnila or Mus
clci, Ac.
I 'Or IlolX'a!.
It has been used with wonderful efTect curing
Smiin, Hingtxme, Semleliet, Saddle and Villar (inlli
Cliafit, Stiff nra o.t ll'iukmsi in ik er joiuts, Sire!'
f"C' or soirni-U thul uniiual ure liable lu from in
juries or accidents. Il has a woiidtjrlul oo tiling
i nil tic itce upon ov.JA man and Inn, I removing anv
local pains no ditferouce how severe. The urlic-
le aud cerlihcate of US emcucy call be hud of Ihe
following agents.
S BUCKLAND A. Co, Fremont. O. Wheldon
A. Rhodes Sandusky city, O,
Kliol ol I huuie, norili.west corner r purlb and
Viuo Wis., Ciu., O., Wssltra Agents.
Fancy, Music and House
Keeping Store!
WE desire lo inform tho citizens of this
nnd licihborino towns, thnt wo have
just opened a full stork of Fancy and House-keeping
Goods and respectfully solicit a shore of their
I'line X floods). Pnpier Macha Work and
Perfume Botes, Hack On in moll Hoards, Watch
Stands, Writing Desks, tic.
Also: Rosewood nud tYlnhogonr tloxes, writing
Def-ks and Toilet Boxes, Terra Colto wore of all
kinks. Parian Marble Statuary, Watch Stands,
Paper Oeighls, Spring Tea hells, Porcelain Ware,
totte Mnnnniea of evety variety, Ivory and Pearl
Paper Folders, Carved Clirasmen, Stationery,
Toi.rt Glasses Shell Combs, Bracelets, Silver
Card Baskets, Traveling C .mpanious,Purlor Balls,
Brushes of every description Ac.
Hoiise-Jieeruiid ArUMe). A full as
enrtineiil of Dixon's linel PLA TE, via: Tea Ser
vice, Castors, Cuke Baskets, Knives, Forks, spoons
Ladles, Fruit knives, IS ill Crackers, Ac.
Brittanin Ware of evety kind, Baskets of every
character, Willow Ware inclusive of every thing.
Wooden Ware, from a Failed lo a Bool Jack.
Iron Ware, such aa Steol Fire Sells, Scrapers,
Ash Siftere. Soap Stone Griddlea, Coffee Roasters,
Smoothing; Irons of new style, Colfee nud Spice
Grinders, Family Grind Stones, Porcelain Kellles
aud Sauce Pans, Coal .Venules, brass and iron,
Otslar Gridirons. &c
'Also, Cnke nnd Snjrur Boxes, Dish Covers and
Tt.nsl Racks, Apple Peelers, Vegetable Slicera,
Warming Pans, Sardine Openers, Lanterns, Fool
Hatha, Knife Washers, lo avoid washing handles;
Toilet Sells, Water Poler Pols, Slop and Water
Pails, Bandelabras, fsight and ftursn Lamps
Swinpinir do. Hull Lanterns, Towel Stunds, Fen
Iher Dusters, Wire Bird Cages, Foor ana Hand
Brushes, Tin Ware of every kind, llobbie Horses
Sleighs, Bed Cords, &c.
Jll I'jstlf!, Mimical lnslrnmenlsof nil desrrip.
lions, viz: Guitars, Violins, Fines, Banjul, Tnm-
l.orines, Clarionets, Flngenleta, Aoonrdeons, Flu
tins', and a complete assortment cf Sheet Music
I'lTf EIIIIOI'V. Weliavea iinaiititv of genu
ine Luhin's Perfumery, comprising Estracta' Cos
logne oud Soaps, with cut clans Cologne l.ollle.
ol beautiful putlems.
'I'OVS. Wholeasle nnd retail.
In arlilitipn to the above we have nn assorlment
of rislitl A piNiral US. such ns jointed
Poles. I. lues, Keel, t louts, 3iliKers, tV r.
We beg leave lo inform Ihe jun.e members of
ihe community, ihnt we have some JUMPERS
fur ihrir especial Lvncfit.
J i. not t;iM..
Campbell's Block
SsNi.r.sKY Cnv, Feb. 5tlt , 1 S-.13.
C. rEUIIKr, Proprietor-
Par-sei.cers i onvt ctl to uud from lb Cms Free.
Nov. li I y
5oocl Medicines.
Is a pleasant Mixture, compounded in agreement
with the rules ol Pharmacy, of Iherappeutic ngeuts
tong known and c-'lebraieil lor llieir peculiar cf-
iiciicv 111 oiinng I' 1 K II 1 1 1 1. A , anil similar ai-
lecli.ins uf tho system. In its action, it ai.i.avs
H.tnsKi and protlnces n heulthy condition ol the
LI V f.K, tlius removing Ihe cause ul the same
lime that il cures the disease.
Is confidently recommended lo Juvnlids, a t'suu-
rAssui by liny preparation, for the cute
COUGHS, JIOARSENESS. nnd other forms
ofl'onnioN Coins; BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA,
CROUP, CONSIJUP TtO.N in an Early Strtge,
aud for tliB RELIEF of Ihe Patient even iu Ad
vanced Slages of that Fatal Disease.
It combines, in a scientific manner, remedies
oflonff esteemed value, with others of more re-I
cent discovery; nnd beside il s intltin and toait
qualities, acts through the skin gently, uud great
elliacucv, for the cu.e of this class ol dmiaccs.
The vahii'ole Medicines above named have re
centlybeen introduced , with tho approval of
number of Iho Mkuicai. PuoKi.saio in the City
Bulliuiore and elsewhere, and iu practice have
succeeded mo&l admirably in curing the diseases
for which Ihey prescribed. They are offered
the Country Praclii ioner, as Medicines which
can ill all repects depend upon, as prepared
agi-eum-iiit with the. exiierience of some
ofilr most learned und prejudicioiis Ppysiciuns,
and especially serving his convenience, who can
not so readily as the City Pysiciau, huve his own
prescription compounded by a 1 racticul i liar
See the descriptive Pamphlets, to be had grutir
of all who have the Medicines for Bale, cuulaiiiiiir,
recommendations Irom Uoctors AIaiitin, ISalt
zei.i., Aniiisos:, Pavkk, IIanhy, Lovr. ; Ac.
Doctor S. B. Mahti.i says, "I do not . hesitate
lo recommend your Oiarrliaai Cordial and .'irit;
dune Chemi h'.rprclitrant, &.C
Duct. John Aililimu anys, "It gives m much
pleasure to add my testimony to that uf others,
luvor of the ritraordinaiiu etjlcacy of your JJiar-
raliara Cordial, A.c. ; ami of the llxfieiloranl.
have no hesitation in recommending it as a must
valuable medieine," Ac,
Duel, R. A. Payne tavs he lias used the Dun
raluua Cordial iu his praclice "wilh the happiest
ellect, and thinks il one of Ihe most convenient
uud etneieu! combinations ever oif red lu our pro
Cession. "
Duct. L. D. Handy writes, ' 1 have ai'miiiia
tered your Jlii'idynt Ejiuritrant iu several cases
ol lSroncln.il Alloclion, with tin- n rl liappu resnlli
and from u knowledge of ita aimiiublc clfects,
can, wilh llie greatest confidence, recommend it"
iV c. . . i
Duct. VV, g Love wiiletlo ns thai he lias ad
ministered i.a t'.rncctoraitl to hia wife, who bus
uaa me iiionrlulu lor jourvea ieart, auu Hint siie
it last recovering from her long standing ma'udy.
It bus in a few weeks done her more good than all
Ihe remedies ahe has heretofore used under able
inediiai counsel.
Sixteen of the beat Apolhocuriee Phai niaclieu
lisl in the City of Baltimore, wrile, " We are sat
i'tied the preparations known as Stntjler't ino lyne
CUerry Eriirelorant and Stabler 1 Diarrralioea Cor
dial, ure medicines of great value, and irry rffliienl
for the relief and cure of the diseases lor which
they are recommended; they bear the evidence
uf skill and care iu thoir preparation, and style
putting up, and w lake pleasure in recommen
ding them."
Tweuty-Soven of tha most respectable Mer
chants, residents of Maryland, Virginia and North
Curolins, whs have and als' used these Mediciner
themselves, say, "From our own eTjierirnre and
that our ciislomers, we do confidently recommend
ibein Pro Bono Publico. VV have never known
any rsnieili. used for thedisensa fur which Ihey
are prescribed, to be so efficient, aud to give auch
entire sutisfaetion to all."
The above notices of recommendation from
members of the Medical Faculty, Pharmacbculisls
uf high standing, and Merchant of the first re-pei-iabilily,
should be sufficient to satisfy all, thai
these medicines ure irarthjof trial by the ulllicled,
and thai thsy are of a dill'ereiit slaiup and class
eroin iho "liuuckery" and cure ''Curs Alls" so
much imposed upon the public.
For sale by Drugg is), Aputberies and Country
Slore-keepers general! v.
F., II. STABLER A. 0',
YVliolt-tulc OriiiriristS,
120 Pratt Street, Ballimor.
S. BUCKLAND Si Co, Fremont.
W. U. Diioiuitk, Bellevue. , .
1 11. Beery Si Brother Clytl.
Charles Powers, Woodvillo,
American Stair lit st or nitre
The only thing which Is now nsad, backed by a
written guarantee. The agents nra allowed la
give a written gnarnniee lo those now bald, and
pure will Ire warranted or no pa) required. Ta
thnss who have lost their hair, we would say, cam
and trv it.
6 E. FISH ER & Co., Propiielnrs, Clevelan dl
. BUCK LA N D A. t o., Fremont.
A. R. Ilelden , Sandusky flily.
I. L. .Vi. John A. Co., Tdlin. Oliia,
Aud Druggists generally.
Fremont, Jons 25 185.1
Traveller Ho!
JF yon are weary and foot-sore, caused hy wear
iug poorly made Boots or Shoes, come tn tno
nnd he relieved of lbs greatest of all evils Shoes
which lacerate your feel.
I have opened a shop for the manufacture or,
One door West of J. F. R. Sebring'a Oroccrv;.
where I can, nt all times be found, ready to do
Custom work on the shortest notice and most ren-
onable terms.
Give mo a call and see whelber these things ha
ao or nut. All work warranted to give satisfaction.
Fremont, June II, '53 fim V. BILLAII.
AS taken possession of his Fnnlory.and intends
carry on the v oolen and Cotton .Manufac
tory in all its various e rune lies, lie will inaiin-
factre on Ihe shares at hy llie yard.
PKICES I'Oll 5I.VlT.lt'TUltI.a
Ciissiiiieres nnd Full cloths 371 cts.
Twilled Blanketing 31 eta.
I.itiseys 1H els.
Satinet, .3IJ ell.
Flannels "..'25 eta.
The chain for Satinets and Linsey will be funis
shed ul the above rules.
He is nlso prepared to do custom at the follows
ing reasonablo prices:
To card rolls, 4 cts. per pnnnif.
To full and dress cloth, 10 cts. per yurd.
To weave Linsey find chain l .'J cts. per yard.
I'o full cloth 5 cts. per yard.
To full, color and drest cloth IS cts. per yord.
To weave Satinet, find chain 15 cts. do
To weave Satinet, find chain
full and dr.-ss, S3
To weave Satinet, find cliuin
and full, 20
'I'o weave Satinet, find chain,
full, color and dress, 39
Ballt ille, M..V '.'Mill, 1853.
K. 297 Main Street, BiitTalo, N. V.
L'flpnrntwl rvmpilr f conftuntlj inoranwni iu (mat f
A tlie ninnj cnr il ti inkking
ft hm nnn liecom th nntp mttiicin$ fur fumttg uit fttul It
pa.rtit.Hltulr rconimii4tl I
I lor
kit ttntrrt or tM complaint ImmtHliufely r1lavel, no mntttr
nr liow lour mniHtif. m Pnmphiet far Ttttim- Thii
t(itn it m trisrlttlii! :it Cmolira, nnd ilow ml tlreailfn
pronrtM of tli? nmlmly, tilo;iti'iir lli tritvm to clef re which
frniieri iho nalietit ultrlj nnabi tw mur, fr ouotit of lU nut
lliilrtwinif ffumrt'i.
H now rlet'tt lo Hit remwljr nil Pltrticiorn ua It nnlillc1f
nd irivfillr vvith Drfvol mt'tt. Cut nny on who iri
liml n umi'lnm ot Droriv, of hut cliArm ter kt tlH arltora)
tiy them, mttl. il' tlioy w unlit nvoul tli unnatural
In perrnrnto tlm trutem untl Int iitn BcuumnliiiMl water flow
awny, tmly to Mil um umiti, nnH riiinMr to cntl in ft lrutlful
death, let tltin jntt na this rfmwlf in uon, nnil nr.ovtf
k kiire. ilietu trr it nl mr ol I lit tlisu, nnil nuint
it LYrtAhi, il tit will il it litir trial.
ml nil HwfttM of lh uriimrf orrnna; Tor thia iHatraasln
onmiiluinta.it iinixU nUmw ; no oiliar nrliala can raliava fou;
ttnil lHftnura la?li(til to will vnnvinu tli muat keutitnl
6et ini,'hlsl-
won It tiftt'k, wcnkncM of ilia Kiilne.a. fco.. or in fl a mm fit Ion
of tame, ia immxliaiwlr r-in'l r a faw rinra of tliia
medic ma, nuit uttre ia ulwaya a raault l ita uao. It tint la ft
fnratn'h roaiiilrUnU, and alao for HaritnHfmanta uT tha feni'tla)
from a.
pnlnTnl nifirutriintinna. Nn nrltula li:i $prinyn tfrVt'ei
tlna, wlituli would touch lliia kunl ol iWrmtxainanta. It may
b? ntl tot) iii'iin m a aura and eh entire rtmeil, ami did wa laol
parntttttHl to do ctiultl vivo
aa proof nTcilrna fn llili dktmaaina; idnaa of rnmidnirila. tea)
pnmpnUl. All brnaau down, iIIiiIhiIh vunatitutiuna, from
tit etTeftl of mwury, will find ilta liriiuinc power ol tint aril,
nla to nrt immfttintelr, and llie poiannoHa minra eradiuMteJ
(roin tha ayntein.
The U dialinct proieniia which compose lliia art it-la, mani.
rrat tliemialvoa iar(iMiliirlr in the UDidtt-niinn nf tha anm.
pound, lor the iliatrmiina: tduaa ol' i;nnidtiinta whi hhad
tiiia ptirneruiih. For oantwriM than hita uean uaad la lle
north ol uroie. a
whirh In nil tlipiiaea nr ilernnrmenta of the Icnmla frnma.
obairtiftinna, iliflifulttea, pMinlul niatniriiiiiioiia, kc, haa
aflptUetl a cure. Thia rnol ia inditfenuna to our ail, and limint
In lare onniiU(ra, nnd nt t nietluiinnl proi'tfrty, aiaixli with,
out an ennui ; it lornia one ol' the voinpoutula m tht priarn
Unn. which, na n whole, ia the IimI rt-iiwtly r given lo a
dwbiliutrd I aim tie ; it ia aura, nnil the Mtm will Ce realoml
In henllh hr iia nt.
For the relit' I ol all Hrmpnlhelhi Diaeaaea attendant no prear
nanor : il altnya thora iliaircaiinv und pniiil'iil trouhlea whiuh
often oucur both to murried niul iinniurned iVmntea, and re
movee thoae periodiual obeirualioui whiub art Irom lakiac
cold, Vu.
CO X H T 1 M P T I O X mn I.ivmt Cowpi.AtwT, flii fh
U'M, JnHamwatf nf tkt J.ungi, Coutht, Cut.h.
nM J itrht uenl$, I'miitni, Sc.t lor ull tha tlieaaeea a
Medicine haeer Itnn itaetiuul.
Art- l,C 1 IDAS thtg Mfdtcin haa nd it turing Ue worst
tntea; 1st nv on t afflicted irilk then eomplainli, or any etAf
hettat$ fe try tktt Mtdtetnt, m m curt vili ('Irtiiili re.
auU rem Ut ust thtr tttng n Medium Main ttei W
Kvrtd tti uti. C'aU vn ,1geU and gri Pamphitt
To the Orent Waat eapeciallf , and wlietefer theae unni
pliinU prevail. One metliuine ia o Herat I.
no rfeletenona eooipound ia n part r thia mitt a re. It enree
theae dia-iiaea with ueriatMtjr ana calanty , and dnea toot laate
the ay torn inroiil.
It ta mi.da of rtwta alone, anil ia pnrelr a Venetnblo rrtpana
pon, und hue i.othmt; in iu vonioiilion which i nn in the ltwt
Injure uny eraoii u niter any inniiniitHnuea wlia later. Nn.
mt-roin uerlihcniee ol the htfhaat raiet'tubihir aie peulUheil
la iIm puniphleia, whtgh nte duinbuil irAtmtoutly
anndnint or a moat i-ainfui eharacter, ta
anrl a on re followa by u Rw iliya uao nf ihia arihile: H k far
lielore nny other prapamtion lor Una ihaaoae, or Ina ant uihef
ttiaeaae uriRitiaUiiR fiom impure blooil. tiae pnnepMel.
will Had1 the uMerame propertica ol thia anwlt
anA drive auch diaetieee Irom the ayatem. Hee pnmililt tot
tMtimoiir oftiuisM in ull duenaea, wliii h tlie limiltol an ndver-Uat-iiHtm
will not permit to Im hhiimnI hure. Aaenu giae then
awny 1 tliey coiiUin i ivt ol utrtlliuaLea ul hib thaiuutw.
iia a atronger
nf Die vlrtuee nf a nieilicine. never anpenreil. It k one of the
peculiar leatnrea ol tiiia article thnt it never I'mla i henanl in
any i;ate. niul il bone ami lunula tut lei I to build auon lei tha)
tauu:iute4 aud lingering invalid
tnd keep tnking the aiediuine tu long u there ia aa Improve.
nteni. 1 he proprietor would
Ottoinet atiniber of artloloe whiah tniM out ander the keod ajl
tu enree for Uropay, travel, fee.: They um gnul (or aolhinfl,
auu coououieti t full the ur.wuty i
Their ineeninra never thought of miring aaeh itiaaaaeethl that
article had dono it. A porlioular atuily of iho paaipblet a)
urneallr aolit-itatl.
Agenta and ull who eel I the artiele ore
6inlulUi1r. Put up In 80 at. bottlee, lit $1 18 i. Ao. al
) ute- eeuh Uie larger holding 4 oi. more tiitui two mall hot
Ilea. Jook out nnd not gal imputed upon. Krery hot tie haa
Voughn'a VegrUtble Lithuninutia .liiiiure," blown upon
the $ litM, the trr Ute aigiiitture 01 " !. C. Vajthn ' on tla
llnuona. aiwl ' ii- V. Vuugliu, Dntriile," aleMinaai en A
cork. None other are genuine. Precareil hy fir. Q.
Vaughn, ami aoid at tlie Principal Ortti.e, J07 Main afreet,
Ifiilliilo, ut whnleaule ami retail. No Attention given to letlere
Snluaa poet panl poel p&id letter, or terhal return uiiiueutme
aeliuittng auviue, promptly ailemletl to, gnuia.
k Whoieaaio A Menu. Olceu, McKftaawu Jf R-'him. No. IJ7,
MeJden I.ane, New York Cur ; Mr. K. KithUr & Co.. II. m.
fcn ; I. H. HurtU:il ft t o., t.'ini-ruimti ; J. Owen If Co., It.
E t4ellr.
: ra at lluy, t-'Lu-arfd ; ia Al Hall, C'UvUnd: H,
riiiaiiiiriru ; twiner u fima. llannltuu, i;. W
and uweal hy al' live reap. table Dragsiuu utrouhot tit
Uuiteii Htuwa uud Canada., ami at iuw by
NMiool 4li:ea
rTli0 School rxtunmerti lor bundnsky Cmty
J. wiil rnrel at ihe otl.ea) of G. W, A I', 8,
Glick ou Friday, lh3 Jth of Pept. aud fur nina
conseculive Fridays thereaftei ,
All peraoug aiiplying for certificntei will bar
to pana a atitttory exainiuelion, In Ort ography,
Ufadiitflr, writiuo;, AritlinielM, Uaograpby, aa
F.Kut,iBii Grammar, and no other used apply
No certificates will be issued ouIyoi. the dart
of i regular meeting of the board.
U. Wt UL.IL.aV.
Clerk of the Board,
Fremonl Sept. JTlh 1853. Ut

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