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Fremont journal. (Fremont, Sandusky County [Ohio]) 1853-1866, April 11, 1862, Image 3

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ro im rinimciir axd ocaa of
CfiwminB, jf. ftta, Ckraait Arr4ru, fferpant Pros
tration, Gtneral Utbitila, Oittpepota. Srrafalo Mar:
Muni, Lett of dattitito, Staralffta. ttmoto C'wiw-
wfaisll, and alt Vitordir nf too .W.w.
and Blood Systems.
This remedy has nbt.ined a treat reputation for moat
TH lOUIIIN RV i:l'lir IV Al.l. STACES of CON-
BUMnioy. It In recommended by many thousand Phy
sician. In Ilia United States and Europebavins lioon n
Tin 'f..aijaiie lim two.fnld sod f'Vf- t
TCTFS NERVOUS K.KR'Y,nJ mi tli.olher.beln. the
KNOWN. Id of JVrr ' Pr.slr.fiMi
til vilaf rmtr: tram any mN, tlin roan.dy ku no
" Wlnelir Oenwlne Prf pamllon,"!
f th. .fr rttiaUt form of the HrrortmsrniTES, raid.
.. .. r, , ...M,.i. r n. ri......i.iii
aii.r ii" "K' " i wniiHiuiiM.
ty A Fair Trial I Certain Core. J$
y I'KIOKS. In 7 ns Mottles, St. i. Bottles for
In 16 Bottled, f i. Three for St. Circulars, rratla
Sold far nil rwerteelshle Preexist., and nt the Sole Uen.ral
Depot In the United States. !,
J. WINCIIKMTEH, it John Street, N. T.
a irncrnc rrmkby row
5Mrmlrr4t er f nntaaJ R'tntwa, d Qtntrml trri-
tabxlitji im either trz.
TMa Haled r, tht terrible tonttquente of which are too
well known te require more than a bare nllualon to them.
Ii on of tbe tnot inviOunuM, and tticrcf"re dnngroni, of
ail lb lono; eatnioinie or human in, it ih very
prlnfr of Lffp, rapttlly ualerniinen tl enntitutlor, and
Inkl thf tifihupny XmherWitr anr! a pmnitaN
fra.1 Fmm ontoirt wmrt the "PFCIKItJ PM.Lare
ufflrlrni tcftt a Brinnnent era In uovr aoqh.vxxkd
cams. vbeihroottMitvtioaal or arUinf from Iom or
Medical Testimony-.
We bHer it to be, tn the treatment of Spermntnrrhtm
M wear a wneefflen any me1icine rao be. II. KRim, M.
D., lai. our. of Mtdical Science.
I hare found them eft thmt reva be dt tired. Their eff
ect bah it it it f trclt wofinitKri'L. I utivU tlin in a can of
Spermatorrhea qf long ttandinf, which ban beon uoOer
treaimenivr year. I tntriK three Doxee will complete
the enre." . P. Dirkke, M. D,
,y Thl U not a nontnenrMtlitc Remedr, nor It tho re
any mereury or other deleterious Ingredient combined
wtin n.
PHICE. 1 per Bx; ilx boxen for$f by mn, nre-naid.
For eale by all respectable rtruinrUtii, and at the Sole yen
oral Depot In the miMl Rteten. hr
J. WNCI4rrEH, 3ft, John Stn H. T.
KoT.1.1361. 8.11. K.&3. X.HCt. 42yl
. A Han and VaiiuMn Toilet AitloKte
Preserving & Beautifying the Hair !
T.lnliinliluMlnoofl)irlo..litiiof Amnrj.wltmnTi
foilu Inrkhmtil. pm)MtiM..fml), u bniuM.
wilhotlMrnrticMnltrk-U vtliM.
In"1tMi. tV Hn-; TiomvntflltftfKlllnitonf ; Tt iCinnlntni In
Uwr; ltpnnnole.th.gnWUiMditiwgtb.ftbB Unit.
ItnwHfiiwt forlRmptlnn..iKlTrTttitlonOi toe Rrulp:
rroiore JI llindruff, nod excite I he rootl oflbe Heir 10 DMitigr
T.lh. nm ambct Heir rHtearinf wr Intrndnrrd. It Inm Ih.
lJrmuu)w.lrMAeudghjH. Jt Iw.utiOi.'s th. llr. It i lii.im.
filtiniTl.T PFnPrMRT,my romMnri tSa rMnaofallolber
Hair rrwen-alives with thoee thet e entiKir Bcw.
IttwCVprr4M well MtKo Unit H.ir nsMmr InnM. ABaafia
thMlo will )w ill uperietitj la ail otlttfe.
. , far ! j IhsnWi CcnnnllT. . .
Trice, - Twenty-Pive Cents a Bottle.
Bn&U..S.T.nnilFortBrte,C.W. (tamlnl,
rorH.I. In Tromont r C. R. MeCUI.I.OCH; 8. Dt'CK
LAxD; end R. DILLON.
Jn Clyde, 'A ll. J. MI1.I.KB. 40yl
Gr r e a t C u re.
Anti r Rheumatic : Band,
Rheumatism, Gout and Neuralgia,
It ! a conveniently arrnjyeJ Band, eontnlnirir: a medt
ented eompouud, to be worn around the waist, withont In
jury to the moiit delicnte pereona, no ehangc in habttt of
Hvinxl require!, and It entirety re,ir tho tlincniefmm
the irRtem. without nrodiiclnjf the lnjarionn cfructfl arin
tng from the uko of powei-ful internal medicine which
weaken and dBtrny the conn tit nt ion, and eire temporary
relief only. By this treatment, the medicinal prnpertieit
contained in the Band, come tneontact with the blond and
reachva the dinoaKP, through the pore of the k(nt effect
ing In erery lntnnca pel feet care, nd rentornF the pnrt
aOlicted to o healthy condition. Thin Bund fn!rio a moat
powerful Anti-Mkhocriai. agent. and will entirely reliere
the yatein fioni the pernicious effect of Mercury. Mnd
rat easea are cured is ftw day, and we arc eontanty
reoeirlnfc teatlmonlaU of It efficacy in aggravated caseaof
long standing.
Pa km, $i,00 to be had of Druftftiata generally, or eaa be
sent by mail or expreaa, with full direction for ua, to
any part of the eoantry, direct from the principal otSee,
, 400 Broawday New York.
G. Smith & Co, Sole Proprietora
N B Descriptive Circulars Sent Free: '
3T Agents Wanted Everywhare. JE$
MayS, 1R61. 17yl
Ji. 1ST I
FOR : :, .';,":-';:
" O.ASU!.. : '
or - ' "
!: ' T.! ! p A'Y
tnattt, D.C U, 1M1.
Sv.H.,0: IS
' t. ' 1 , y
niuu i
' ' ' STYLES
And now being E!iilu(ed
to Firry cents per roll.
g3T Call and Seo.
o. r. Mcculloch.
Fremont, March 7, 1802.
MIHKKY. .lu-t piihllhed in a .Scaled Kuv l'po;
Prtre cent. A Lecture by lr. CiiWerwell, on the caue
and cure of fprmntori hwa, CunwiimptioD, Mental and
PhvHlcMl DebilltT Nervonancnit, ftpm-nnv. Imiiaired K
trithm uf the Body, Lassitude, Wcnkne of the Limb and
the B.ick, Inriiaportltion nnd lncnpnclty for ctudy and la
bor, Dill In1 or Apprehension, I,oof Mn-niorv, Aversion
Societr. Lore of Solitude, Timidity, Self dltraat. Dlftl
ne, Headache, Alh-cltonn of the Kyvn, I'imple on the
rnce, lnrniiintary KmiHftUinii, and .iexnnl Incajtficity, the
Confqnenee of Youthful ludincretlon, hv... Ac
f (P" Thi admirnlile Lecture clearly prore that the
above ennmernted, fften elf afflicted, ell may be re
moved without medicine and without dnneroo aurfrical
nptTAtlonaand should be read by every youth and man In
the land.
Sent ander en! tnnny add re, in a plain, enhd envel
ope, on the receipt of lx cent, or two pontic t:tmpR, by
aaurefiiug JT. cilM. .1. L. MJ.NK,
lAyl 1'27 Mowery, New York, Post Oil ice Box
EGAL NOTICE. Edoar Cornkll,
oe plnee of rei lence I onknown, rltl take no
tice that iKabclla A.f'urnrll, ff the County of Sandtikrt
in lite state ol umo, ty H. w. Wimlow.iicr next friend,
ma, on tne ntneteeinii uay ol 3iarcli, A. I)., etjrlitren Hun
dred and fllxtvtffo, file her petition in the Court ol Com
mon Plea within nnd for the ald County of HnmliiKky,
tn wita aute ol mm. niratnRt the a-ud Ktitrar Cornell, de
fendnnt; ecttinpfoith In ultance: That nid InlHlla
A. Cornell I the win of anid Kdsnr Cornell, def'-ndant
that Raid dVfendnnt hn donerted her, and ha tn tally and
entirely neglected to provide forbif fit ml h for more thin
one year lnt paU That nld iHabelln A. Cornell ha nnd
hold In hernwn name arid rlffht, title In fee simple to a
certain 101 or piece oi land euunicu in t lie village ft ucn
oa. Coantynf Ottawa, in the State of Ohio; and ornrt,
that Raid Court order and adjudge that henceforth, he,
the ild I nabel la A. Cornell be fully Inveated with rluht.
privilege and HaMlltlett of u feme toU, ol acquiring, poa
ceinr anu nippomng 01 ner own property real ami per
sonal, epecinlly of the afoiTRaid lot of land, making ornv
tiactaanu being liable thereon, and nueinir nnd neiittraU'
ed lu her own name, without anr intot Terence or hitid'
ranee from her Raid huhnd, Kdtrar Cornell. And the
i Id Fdpnr Cornell i notified that he I rrqulred to appear
ami answer Raid pet n too on or teTore ine inir-i ?fiiTiiraay
after the first day of Mny, A. B., eighteen hundred and
ixty-two, or the name will be taken la true and judgment
rendered accord inch.
By Greei.o ft VV Inflow, her Attorney!,
March IP, 1862. nwpf.fS,8S
Peter Strohl, .
vs. Snndiiftky County
Fremont Gaa Light Company, et. al. ) Common Plcaa.
HY virtue of an execution to me directed from the
Court of Common Plea of Sandukv County, Ohio,
in the above entitled cause, I is hall offer for Rule at the
door of the Court House, la Fremont, in aid county, on
Saturday, May 10ih, 1862,
at one o'clock In the afternoon of uld day, the following
deci iiwd land nnd tenement to wit:
In-lot number one thouand seventy-four, in the vlUce
of Fremont, 8anduky County, Ohio. Appraised at three
Uiouannti one nunurea aonar.
A. R. FERGUSON", Sheriff.
Finefrock k Ltnet Attomev.
April 4, 1802. 13w0 prfe.t3.23
Peter Amboa,Treaaurer &c,
vs. SSandnskv Countr
Fremont Oaa Light Cooipapy, et. al. ) Common Pleaa.
T)Y virtue of an execution to m. directed from the
X 9 Court ef Common Plcaa of tiandunkr County Ohio,
in the above entitled caiinc, 1 slinll oiler for sale at the
door of th. Court lloumi in Fremont, In said county, on
Saturdny, May 10th, 1862,
atone o'clock In the afternoon of said dav, the following
descrllied land. an. tenements to witt
In-lot number one thousand scv.nty'four, in th. vil
lage of Fremont, Sandusky county, Ohio. Appraised at
three tuouaand one Hundred dollars.
A. R. PKRGUS0V, Sheriff.
Flnerrock ft I.lnsey, Attorney..
April , IStrs. J Jo pr fre (3,23
Frederick Miller, ) l .,,,-.
FrMln-iek Jaegar. ) PLEAS.
Y virtu, of an order of sale to me directed, from the
1 Court of Common Flea, of Samlnaky CoSnty, and
State of Ohio, I will offr tor sale at the door of th. Court
Houae In f remont, tn aald County, on '
Tuesday, April 12 A, 1802,
at one o'clock tn th. afternoon th. fullowlnr described
Heal Kstate, to wit:
lnl(t number twenty-one in Woodville, and In-lota
number seventy, aeveoty.one, eighty-eight and eighty,
nine in Pratt', addition to Woodville, in SaaUuaky cono
ty, Ohio.
. A. H. FKROCfON, Bheriff.
Fremont, March 1, 1S52. h)w pf S8.X2
Gordon, McMlllen k Co.,
Frederick Emch, et
BY virtu, of an execution Issued from aald Court In
tb. above en ti tied causa, 1 aiiall at th. door ot th.
Court House in Fresuont, in Sanduaky County, Ohio, on
Tuesday, April 22d, 18A2, '
at one o'clock In the afternoon of aald day, offer for al
at public auction, tho following dcacribed laud and ten
ement,,, to wit;
Two aere of land off of the inath-oAat corner of tract
nnmber eighty-one, of the Western Reeerve and Maninee
Road laniia, and In section nnmber eighteen, township
nnmber ii, range nnmber thirteen; being the aame land
deeded to Frederirh Kmch by EUaabeth Emch, and being
the him two acre of laud lately occupied by th atd
r rvuerica woo.
A. R. FEKGUHOIf. Bheriff.
March 14, ISaa. I0ww pi $S,H
Iwui Leppelman,
Leppelman, 1
va, '
Dhapman, et al. )
Sylve.ter Ch.pman, et al. ) . COMMON PLEAS.
BY virtu, of an order of aale lasoed from aald Court
th above entitled eau.., 1 shall, at th. 4oor of th.
rthouMin Fremont, in Banduskv county Ohio, on
Tuesday, April 22d, 1862,
at on. o'clock In th. afternoon, offer sir sal. at public
auotion th. following described l.nd. and tenement,
towlti That portion or lot number thlrty-fo.r Is Ames'
vldalon to th. vill.geof Clyde which lie. north of th.
Cl.nUnd and Tnldo Railroad and la unoccupied by said
road. Alan, that portion of lot number fortvfive,
Ainee' addition to til. .III. Ml of rt.,l mhrh liM. nneth
of ana U uaotcupled by tb. tler.l.ud and Tolado Kall-
roaa. Appraisou at SI DO.
.. A 'F.ROUSOM, Sh.riff.
tlrrene ft win.low, AttnrB.v.,
Marrh2t, IW. llw pfas.gj
Manufaoturar am) WbotMnl. Dealer in Ounfccttonery.
Alao dealer In Foiwlrnaiie homestie Nut.. Fruit, fir..
crte. sod Vaitke. Nokiooa, Princlpod H.vanna Cijcara.
rroeieira fshsimr, ti.
Matuiws' VssrrsAS Haia Dyi, always givee
a flns snd permanent crflor to the hair. t
Cor. Front and Pikc-sts.
Havo alocked the abova Stora with n
Which will bo offered to the public nt
H"or Casli,
We Bball always keep on linnd a LARGE
&c, fcc, fcc., &c
A Large Assortment of
Hosiery, Gloves, Embroideries,
Laces, Ribbons, Dress Trimmings,
Veils, Collars, Beltings, fca, fec
tmm cooos t
S3ST One of the firm being in the jgg
7 East, will enable us to keep our mg$
f3T , assortment full, and as wo Jf
$s- nvY run cash, g;jr
tS AND jg-jr
$3T yon can rely that our Jf
tsr prices jet
LADIES, may depend
.! ' ...'....:',
Upon finding at our Establishment,
A rich and extensive assortment.
Prompt attention and polite ttoatmeut.
A fair representation as regards the qua!
ity of Goods.
Our whole stock has been selected with
great care, and we think it is well calcula
ted to meet the wants of the people of this
vicinity. At any rate, all we ask is an ex
amination of it by CASH BUYERS BE
shall adhere strictly to the ONE-PRICE
. Birchard Block,
Corner of Front and Pike Streets,
' FREMONT, 0., April t, 1863.
ISAAC M. KEELKR, ditok amo fKorfttrroft.
The Joukmal iapuliliBhod every Friday morn
ing. Office, lit BucVlaai'e Block, third etory
Frtroon 0AnJtieky oonnty Ohio.
One copy, per yenr In adraneo, by mall..... $t 50
Prtid within the year, 8 00
After the tx pi ratio u of tht year,. ..a--..-...-t- W
Town tthiertbera, aemd f the carrier, la advanc-o,: 1 7
17" Nw paper dineontlntied (exeeft at tho option of
tht publUher) untU all arronrajfevare paid. ( , ,
One 9itaro-.(10 Knot or Inn) one I nee rt Ion, ..$0 M
Do. Each additional lnertiott,... 26
Do. Three mont),,. 100
Do. Six month, I 00
Do. ' Oneytar, 00
Dug! um Card. 0 Unci or le, one year,. I 00
t3T Contract for a period of out lew than aix month'
laRcrtloa, will be wrado for
One-fourth column, changable quarterly, per rear . .915 00
One-third, ...20 00
One-half, " ...WOO
Whole, " ...46 00
Leaded and Special Xntle, preceding marriage, and
Doubla Coluain Ad-ertiementi, will be charged double
the above rntr.
Adrertlemeiita ihould bo marked with the number of
inaertlona, or they will be continued nnttt ordered out
and charged accordingly.
We have a beautiful Power Pro capable of making a
thouaaud ImpreIon an hour. Wear therefore prepar
ed to do all kind of Job Paurrrxa on ihort notice, and to
the aatlifacttoo of onr patron.
We keep Blaxki ot varlou doncriptlon oa hand, or
can print them of any desired form on short notice.
Killtor and Proprietor.
BLANKS. Local and Miscellaneous Matters.
Mall Arrangements.
At tho rremont Pontftfllc, the tn.ili will close
Onlng Rent .nd Month, at 7 80 r.M.
We.t.nd North,t ...10 40 a.m.
" rindla., t lu.40 a.m.
H. R. SHOMO, Postmaster.
Time Table.
Th.r. r. now but two p.iit.enger tmlnn perlar, enrh wny,
on tne u. s I. ko.ii; train, will Iravp ft, fnllnwn:
CnlnnEut Hi.il (114 A.M. K.Y. Exp. 24 r ..
Going We.t,... Mill II.IHa.m. Tele. K.xp. 11.37 r.u.
On tljo Fremont .nil Intli.ua Road, train leaven 11.20 A.M.
" fit that in the world would rie,
Matt rrar TnK NKWS an adtbktisk !"
A Lad,'. Fur Glove Loat.
Notice to Town.liip Anatsaora. hj County Auditor.
N.w Stock Hardw.rn, kt., Canleld k Brother.
Legal Kotlce.
To the Commlanlnnpra or Trea.urer SandiiFKr County.
Kew Good E. Dillon & Son, Druggist.
The Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Society.
Meets every Tburiday nlternoon, in Buc.-
tand Block (second tory.) Tbe ladies of
Ibe town and vicinity are inviled to nttontl.
Sorghum Seed.
We have a lot of Sorghum Seed at tho
Journal Office, which we can recomniotid.
Those who want must call soon.
Our Correspondence.
The rights and duties of parents and chil
dren, by 8. V. will appear as soon as we
can find room for it.
Vegotnblo Physiology, is also accepted.
John C. Cochran, formerly of this town,
now in the 67lh Ohio, was in the Winches
ter battle, nnd writes us a spicy letter; but
having been so long in reaching us, its do
tail would be of liltlo interest now. Wo
trust ho will write again.
Sibscribk roa im FREMONT JOURNAL.
It is published every Friday Morning. ' It con
tains all tiir WAU NEWS, together with in
respondence from Washington, nnd various por
tions of tho country. " Particular attention isde
voted to Cocntt and local hatters. It is the
bust weekly paper in this region. Terms, by
niail,$l 50 per year; 75 cents fur six months.
Voluntker Relief. The Commission
ers of Sandusky county will meet at the
iudi tor's office, in Fremont on Friday, the
18th day of April, for the disbursement of
funds to tho families of Volunteers in tho
service of thoUnitod Statesrom thiscounty.
When a man locks his vault, safo or door
he considers himself his own insurer for the
safe keeping of the contents thus locked up.
Wherever valuables are thus deposited tho
great desideratum is a safe, and a lock that
the owner may also call safe. During tho
last few yenrs tho lock making business has
benn brought to great perfection and it
would seem almost impossible that any ad-'
vance could bo made.' Still there are mon
who assert that the lock which for the past
three or four years has been considered as
the best, is not safe. Tho Commissioners
of this county purchased a safo with tho
Lillie Combination Lock, and tbe Treasurer
has unlimited confidence that it is burglar
proof. A few days since an agent for an
other lock was in our town. In converse
lion with our Treasurer he asserted (ho
ability of Mr. Sargent to open the lock in
ten to sixty miuutcs. The Commissioners
gave him permission to try it on Saturday
last. The safe was locked by Assistant
Treasurer, J. M. Smith, in presence of the
Commissioners, and at 20 minutes after 8,
Mr. Sargent commenced to operate on it,
working until 15 minutes to 1 p. m., when
he went to dinner. Afier dinner the Treas
urer told Mr. Sargent that he must uso the
safe, and ho could havo but half an hour
longer to work on it. The Treasurer thinks
Mr. S. was no nearer obening tbe lock
the end than at the commencement of his
trial. Mr. Sargent has left with us the
following adveitisemcnt:
GENTLEMEN: I will bet you any amount lorn S26
1600 that I oan opn or pick the Lilll. Combination Lock
on out.idu door of th. Sat'u in Tre..ur.r'. Olllea, without
Injury to eitker Look or 3au), time ant to .aoerd
aoura. JAML3 oAr.ur.n l.
Fremont, April 1, 1M2. UwS
What notice the Commissioners may
take of this challenge remains to be seen.
That Mr. S. is an expert in this business,
and has opened many complicated locks,
is numerously attested to. Dut the Treas
ury of bandusky county is still taft.
Friday, Saturday and 8undy were pleas
ant. Monday wind in north-east; in tho
afier noon a snow and rain storm set in con
tinuing until Tuesday evening wind high.
Wednesday cold and windy; night snowv
and rainj. Thursday1 a beautiful day.
Who has found Lady's fur glove t See
The Union Schools of this village, will
commence the Spring Term Monday,
Washington Correspondence of the Fremont Journal.
Letter from Washington.
WASHINGTON, April 1, 1862.
M. EnrroK: The way In which great men
great men on paper I m.an are made, and
the manner in which candidate, are tliruat fur
ward before tbe people, i not generally known.
In or Jur tli at I may not aeem to be severe upon
aome genlletnen of tho lren t will auppone a
cane, and by tide nir-nin .how how candidate
making is done, and also how it happens that
aome very unknown persons spring intonotorl-
ty to the boundless surprise of every one who
knows the purlins thin hoisted to the pinnacle of
fuuie. I do this Hit more readily, because the
which I am going to speak requires
no tnletit to perform it It is very simple and is'
very often successful. It Is tho plan by which
reliable and good mon sre thrust aside to make
way for unscrupulous adventurers nnd soulless
politicians, whose cravenisli submission to the
party elevating them is tbe sole condition on
which such elevation can he obtained.
I do not Bay that this submission "snfferelh
long," and is by any means "kind," uftcr power
is obtained. To tlie great horror of those who
expect it, it often turns into downright rebellion,
ami instead of stibmiiwion, the proudestdenauce
is hurled into the face of those who, according
to contract, hud a right to expect otherwise.
A very pointed illustration of this kind may
seen in the course pursued by the State Leg
islators elected from the county of Cuyahoga.
When nominated, it was fairly understood by
those making', as well us those receiving the
nomination, that one condition was the support
that the nominees were to give to (he re-election
of the Senior Senator of the Statu to the Uni
ted States Senate. Instead of supxirt, these
legislators now present the most decided oppo
sition. But, Mr. Editor, I did not intend to write a
homily on the treachery of legislators. Nordid
I intend to rumble away from the supposition
which I started out to make, to bring myself up
to a standing position among the short-comings
of Cuyahoga county legislators; yet while in
this county I will commence anew on my sup
position. Let us suppose that there is a paper
published in said county; and such a thing is
perfectly (opposable. We will give it a very
honest nnd almost Quakerish name. Let us cull
it the "Plain Dealer." It must be admitted thai
we have one of the most attractive, and to all
honest people most seductive names ever given
to a paper. Now let us find an editor whose
moral and intellectual capacity shall be worthy
of guiding the paper aforesaid.
He must not be vulgar in thought, word or
deed. He must be equally pure as profanity is
concerned. Tho nearest approximation that be
dares make townrds intemperance is to own a
vineyard. Having procured such a man to be
our Editor. Let us show bow he may proceed
by ineansof the most doubtful species of Plain
Dealing to thrust some particular crony of his
own before his readers and the State nt large as
a most desirable candidato to be run at the next
It niRkcs no difference whether this man is
well known or not, the plan about to be pursu
ed by our Plain Dealing editor will, without
fnil,causu him to bo well enough known. A
Governor is wauled and the most available man
must be selected. It may not be amis to say
that our editor does not belong to the leading
party of the State, and as a matter of course
sees the necessity for an extra effort. Our edi
tor, it has already been remarked, is not a vul
gar man, nor a profane man; but he is sharp and
that too without the help of any catnwba from
the vinyard aforesaid. Feeling tho desperate
condition of the caso ho will go to work on this
wise. Ho will obtain the names of tho papers
of his own State most likely to assist htm in the
accomplishment of his Plain Dealing political
schemes; and will write to tho editors after this
Mv Vkby Dear Sin: Knowing by tho tenor
of your paper that you sincerely desire tho res
toration of our down-trodden party to power
once more in this State, I anxiously urge your
co-operation in the effort to place my friend Mr.
P , in a prominent position is a eandidate
for Governor, prior to our next Convention.
Mr. V , is a very great friend to gentlemen
of the press, and I pledge him to great liberality
in oeliall or your paper, .1 you in your next is
sue come out favorably to him.
Very truly yours.
In the bonds of political favor,
This missive is sent to about ow-third of his
editorial friends as his first effort. During the
week in which this effort is made, and while be
waitBthe result of his first letters, he comes out
in his own paper in an article, mentioning the
names of several good, worthy nnd reliable gen
tlemen, around anyone of whom would bean
honor to rally, and any one of whom could unite
the broken fragments of their party; thus lead
ing it to a successful and glorious victory:
winding up his article by counseling a little de
lay, as tire party was overflowing with good
men, so there is no need of haste.
This presentation to his readers of so many
names at once is ouly a piece of prudent Plain
Dealing strategy used to keep outsiders thinking
until a few editors in their own way and time
can . take the matter entirely out of the hands
these same outsider.
Tho next week he sends a copy of the same
letter to the other two-thirds of his frieuds, urg
ing them in the same manner as before. This
same week he comes out with a aliort article
stating that quite a number of last week's ex
changes were out in favor of Mr. P , who ho
has no doubt will make a most competent and
available candidate, and iu the same article, in
sinuating that he has no choice, and it would be
well not to hurry matters.
In the following week his exchanges are all
on hand, all speaking in favor of M. P , a
directed. In tins week s issue our editor comes
out in an article of three or four column long,
quoting the sentiments of the various papers
tram all portions of tho State, urging Mr. P
tne candidate ol their choice, iiuture such
an overwhelming expression of unanimous sen
timent, ot which our editor had not the least
forewarning, he bows, and of course, is compel
led to give Lis support to the popular candidate.
By such means aa the above more than one
Goveruor has obtained his nomination. And
have known just such transactions to be dime.
The same mean are just as available ia the ef
forts to obtain popularity for a General.
. the third slep in the Uolilen Circle prog
ramme is about to be inaugurated. The Dem
ocratic party ia to be resuscitated and placed
the old foundation. The luual Vallandtgham
leads the way. Cox follow' next in order.
Where your Noble will be I am unable to say.
Some Democrats are boasting of what an ea
sy thing it will be to wipe out the Republicans
by using the tax law a an argument against
them. They are pleased to have a new ergr.
ment by means of which tbey think they
break down the anti-slavery influence of
Administration and its supporters. One argu
ment they never can use against Republicans.
Thoy never can taunt us with the member
uur party who serves or sympathises with
rebels. 1'his cannot be said of any of the other
parties. ,veB Douglas was caught run mug
with a man on his ticket, who is now Attorney
General in the rebel cabinet.
There aro thouaaud of our army who have
never voted any thing tint the Democratic tiek
et, who will never vote that ticket again, unless
it be an unequivocal anti-slavery Democratic
ticket. ' An anti-slavery DeroocniLie. Ticket
would be just the thing fur Republicans.
Our daily expenses now exceed thfeo
a-half millions dollars.
I cannot say that I admire your alteration
my letter of the lrfth ult: There are two Gun
erals by name of Porter, one named Fits
and tho other Andrew. There are two Generals
by nam of Keys. Vou metamorphosed Nag
ley's name so that he would uot know it him-
Tennessee. River Expedition.
From our Correspondent.
Letter from the 72d Regiment.
PETERSBURG, Tenn., March 24th, 1862.
art inferiority quality, InterHpersed with hieko
processof ry. Axineu go its tdfnnce of each regiment
and prepare tho camping ground by cutting out
J the undergrowth of brush, shrubs and stnaU
trees. r,ittl rills ramify the whole ground so
trroB Joc tti Tlio 71d and the grand
army of troops in this "mote,!' are lying quiet
ly encamped en the left, or south-west bonk of
the Tetmeee,herektthisplsca they call "Pitts
burg," which, by the way,, though tho 3outb
ernors may (all it a town, is not oven a hamlet,
there boing no more than three or four misnra.
ble log houses, With no claims lu tht world to
be called a town. J'lio country Is ralher level.
and thickly covered villi tiinlx.r, inoslly uak of
faf occupied, furnishing us conveniently with
wuter. The soil is a light yellow clay which
may lie fairly estimated front tlie fact that the
land is wholly unimproved, and Sold, before the
war, fur no more than $3 per acre. The price is
merely nominal, however, as. having more ter
ritory than industry, Tenucsseenns have been
languidly content to improve and till tho heal
on.'! their soil. Tho instituttonsof tho State,
with the unnatural relation of capital and labor,
make it unprofitable to cultivate any but the
richest and ino.t remunerative districts. "
Our camp is five miles from the landing, in
the direction of Corinth. We are now proba
bly not more than 15 miles from the Mississippi
line. Tha present ifafus of affairs hereabouts is
substantially this: There is a strong foroe hero,
which is being daily augmented, and its bearing
is toward Ibe Charleston and Memphis Railroad
which is the only line of communication left
between the Atlantic slope and the Mississippi
valley of the bogus Confederacy. This road
once in our hands and the rebels of the West are
pretty effectually cut olf from those in the East,
On this road the rebels seem disposed to make
a stand at Chattanooga, in the sooth-east of this
Stnto, and also at Corinth ' which la soma ISO
miles in our advance, and at the jnuctiou of the
C. aud M. Road with tho Columbus and Mobile
Railroad. Jt seems to me that Corinth must be
a place of great importance to the rebels, and
no ciouot tne obstinacy or their stand there Will
bo proportionate to their estimate of its import
ance as a military position. The reports of their
numbers are very conflicting, and uo doubt, as
usual, greatly exaggerated. The more reasona
ble reports place the number at .'30.000. The
country intervening is level and wooded, cross
ed by bridgeless streams.
1 lungs seem to move slowly, aud the frrcat
"Anaconda" to draw in his coils very deliber
ately. It is now about 20 days since we left
Padiicah, and all that has been done, o far as
can be seen, is to bring this force a few hundred
miles up t lie lennessee and encamp it, employ
ing for this work some hundred steamers, at an
expense ol not less than sg'iD,i)U perrtay. '
1 ne sanitary -condition of tins regimeut,
is rapidly improving, and, with a slight improve-
nient in the commissary department, usual good
health will be restored. Our Hoaniial arranere-
nients are exceedingly poor, through no fault of
our surgeons, and certainly demand attention
from ome quarter. This regiment has not one
hospital tent, nor ambulance. Is nobody blam
able? Thanks tn the constant euro, attention
and medical skill of onr most excellent Sur
geon, Major Rice, and his no less attentive and
skillful asitatlt, Dr. Kaull, not a pstient under
ilieirtrealment has yet died. Yet they have of
late labored nt great disadvantage, and under
most discouraging circumstances.
Send me your paper promptly. The only
news we can get, must be through friends al
home. Let them send the soldiers papers, even
the old ones. Vou may read them, and send
them to ns, to whom they will yet be full of
news. Why a paper not more than 10 days old
will sell for 120 cents very readily. A few days
since as I was strolling along the river bank my
attention was called by a man i uiininar at the
lop of his speed. Looking more composedly,
i luuii'i it to ne my gooa iriena ijr. iv , who
was industriously employing all hjs locomotive
powers in pursuit ot a newsboy. Had I not
ascertained hispurpiise by his calling out to that
"boy to hold on," I should have tlvoticht him
mad. On ho went, furious, almost frantic, the
perspiration standing out in large drops on bis
forehead, panting like a racer, till be reached
tho boy, only to exchange 15 cents for a daily
five days old. The miser covets not his. gold,
as we poor sours covet a newspaper, no matter
now ancient me nate.
Tuesday, March 25th. Nothing new turns lip
Willi tlie army hire.. (.eu. oheroiau lo-dav' re-
viewed the 4th IWade Col. Buekland. Not
i ... en'..- v ,. i
C J u .,' 1 Ci,n '".mure to say
iiiui.li ii i ii it., ueaiues uenionsirntinrr Ine tol
erably good and neat condition of the soldiers,
t pioDaiily ilcmonstraiod one olher fiict. vis: in-
competency and perhaps neglect, on tho part of
a portion of the officers in the Brigade.
aiajor uen. t.rant, commanding this district,
is now nt Savannah, and, I suppose, will hereaf-
tor ha ve tho direction of military affair con
nected with tlie army "Up the Tennessee." In
him we' havo great faith, and believe he will
lead us to victory and triumph. ;
rneesin tlns"inraiied retion rule enormous
ly high. Coffee $1 per pound, and not 1o be
had at that, ball $4 per bushel, and terribly
scarce. Uther tore iini articles bear like prices.
Tho "natives," many of them, are nuite desti
tute of cloth ing. Tho old suits are being care
fully made to do the most possible service, new
ones being like the kingdom of Jeff, a little un
certain. 1 nil y there is great destitution here.
and the people may well begin to open their
eyes, and long to grasp tho cornucopia which
the just and beneficent government of Uncle
Sam always held out to them, and which they
themselves thrust madly away by seoeeding. .
friends and relations sending letters or pa
pers tn ns, should be careful and write their di
rections plainly, addressing: 72d Reeimont O.
V. I., naming the company, via. Louisville, Ky.
PETERSBURG, Tenn., March 24th, 1862. SEVENTY-SIX.
On th. Sd Inst, at th. Reformed Paroonaee. bv Rev. J.
Heller Mask Turavls and Miss Sarah Herman, both
or rjillvllle towiialnp.
lly the same, on th. 8th. at the Trmmoeon Hrmsr. Jo
8KPB THOuranx and MUa EHa L. llCTTSRriXLD. butb, of
urrcnvrKi lowusuip.
In lhli villa (??, pftut nid. April 2d. of d.pthtria, 1.0 C-
tiufoiw oi mi. myihm, aftea 10 ytiui.
On tli. 4 Hi, MHt.idn, WM. AJittSTKGN'e, 4 29yeM
On the itht after lonfc .IIiicm of ootuturaptinn, CH A3.
Dim 1 ii, iirp ma or n m. a. otura!, neoQ w;t'ii.
On tlia th, out 4ri... FRANK MM 1RVINO. rfJ
vf-nr, 11 month! and '2A da. On tUo 7th, CBAULES
M'GfcNK. irrd fl yfarn, 2 man thi aodAdayi; ioui of
rtr.uA tasu saaaviABi, uiAiilTTi . r
Tliu nll.er hoHtvrholil U v4If brtwod. Bath
droa were Uken with ac&rlet tver. Wbn tit ft fuaftrjd
erviccs tor tho Srst were being conducted the tfcond one
i dy.Dg. The Bervicek were iuicnfled tnd the next
)ny together, the Httle ones wore imM la the av.
Those who bre been bereered of their children tiyat
pathize with thcee &01icU4 urMM..
In, Clrde. Aandnrky eoantj, April 2d, et d.ptfaerU.lin.
- The ngoI of death hath come to tn hour ve thoueht
aot of, and ti.kem from onr flDtdat Idolbed wife And
affectionate daughter, and a torel? young coopanios.
ScaroetifteeD moot ha have waxU aad waned; itnca w
twipeti the orange wreath and arranged the, hiliial jtii
around her fair brow, undbeheJd her a beautiful bride:
j 07011 a tn the am reaiuauon or lort'a morning.
That the deatrof ng angel ahould toaott ou upo whoee
tattle rtatud! the iulk ef youth a4 braitb; w
beatt the light of love wne quick eaU eg every nargy
the amiable, giftwl girl Into tlie ripe frwita of womaebood,
and around whose pathway- there clustered ao much
affection, to w4rty fond bopea, would teem all too craeT,
did we not know that hla arrow a alwara dtracUd by
loTfog Father tn Heave aoeth all thing a well,
aod dovh notatfltot ilUnflj," bat UTth th ehCLdraa
whom be cbaatepelh -,
Aaan Intimate friend and an askoelate teacher, we have
known the deceaned far atjuabt off yearat aad wa
that from onr affectiona a golden thread haa been drawn
aoroaa the river of death, to looeea the tendrila or earth
from about the heart and direct it. thought aud aspira
Uoos toward heaven. Hat lif wa. on. ef .null., woin
anly purity and kindnes. I'wokaiite -all Too pur.
th rough walk of life. And o wlthOAil. wiointnfs
warnin;. tli. nieaa.n(e aama, um) whil. to sh'in
J gently to fall a.k-rp, bore her far away Xrvm sorrow
and stifa to world ol .rwrlsstiwn blUa. '
I Th. furs-. 1 wis attoodedon Hie 4lbst Ui.Uotv.ruMrt
Cliarch, and a illseoors lull ..f cr.iiMilatton to tb. bwreav
ad rooniaeiadiiv.r.d bv Raw. e). H. Jirowa.
ha., been wirsxl awav. Xo Mrlblr rs can briiur than
peaoi-fiil rasiiruatioo; nettling ssi. . flf in r.li.nc in
Almighty aim ".hli-h kt .iro lo save," and 'lean
their aoi rows hAh" 01 oy tlr pour His sptiit ia
at.und.iie upon their bleedlnjhr.rts.andiiiv.tliem Ml-
ace ina bnautilul tul. ai4ulii Ibalmoawik wot aaliaos-
vd; wbiai ...ii trah them notto look d..n to th. crar
for the Wuliful Louisa; but as tuviuf puKil iu silttts.
throoifb Mieh.dow.ol In. veil of d..ih. .od see
jovtullv .iio to tola., bar. I. th.t bmaai aaadt,
vUe mm w.l .nit awrsarh. are ah. nrua.
DIED, Clyde, April 6, 1862. MRS. M-M.
jt?TM At h i! we Chocolate Won Pjom-'
Never fill to destroy and eitcrnilnat a!! Vletrtw of Iir-" '
tlnal Worm.. ArtpMBj'tlJ r.llM. In H os an f
.tlrtor M any ml sit m rr Want CaafecMon. s4
nausemi. Vrrflilfuc in a. 11y nay V Uki1 .1 ail f
time, with perfect safety, aa th.y eotiula No kt.trurr, of
other n1.terlon.drti(. Mother, should always pitrciiu.
them, and (tlr. ViioIt chtl1r. wo ot.,w. ,T .
(.Voeitliartic . iiatever ! rwee.s.r to h .i.n
or sal. br all LVwr-ri. a.d l".ir. le, MlinWl
Pilrw, UiwnU... .A. k MATIIKWa, Oeruual As'V. J
atll J Buffalo, X, T. Sr-3 fort rte. C. W.
U.il I
THE greatest utesslng of tb. age, Is the duevvetr of s,
nrfect cure for Klieumatltm Gout aud Neuralgia, tad th.
pcrnlolona effect, of Mcrcnty, whic h Is efferttsf wrvhtr I
any litenviiler, ow th. us. ofinfemal meiRehWvl. . Wm t
ail tatlsiM a. to Its ajaptalloai tetbewtinoMotw rca- J
able aomplalnta, and t.k. plei.ure.ta ealltng Uilsttenf toa v
nf our readers to the advertisement tn another coluvaa of .
our paper, of Dr. Dvland'S Antl-Rheuniatlc fiimd. o2w.
' ii in n m
Special Notice Te SJonasttstptlve. -.
Th. advertiser having been restorud to hV.Ui lu a very
few woeli. by arery alnipl.rmedy alter having suffered
several years with a arr.r. Inog iSVovtow, av) th.i reV '
dlsc.iaC.ntutilon isamteai to wake known to hto 1
fallow punVror th. aeavwof one. , i,. (; !. : r
To all wha d.srr. H, b will n-t.aopy of the proMria-
tlon nsed, (free of charge,) with th. direction, for prepar
ing and using the same, which tlirr win and a srnt eras 1
for CiyevuT!r, Astbbta, HaciTil, o 'Tb .nty 1
nhjeet of tli. Advetttaof tn OTndinr Sti. wiewt.ilpt Ion Is Sw
honeflt the afflicted, and spread Information wbtrh h. n
celve. tonHnVAltinhle, nor) he hot, .very awOeret wtM-t
try hi. remwdy, It U1 onat lhrt tiling, anal saaf -
prnvea blessinr. c
Parties Wlahllg the presertStlnS WOT tllau tMrMf ' 'i
. . ... Rw. El,WAM A- slUW; .
mo 'Wllliam.tmrg, Kln County, tt.T-
'I lie Ureal t rench licmeaJf , ,
FEMALE RIUi-e.) r. 1 -; !
Tb. .ill certain aad Baft. ReSMy roe Sit CUrtoS) V "
tractions, Monthly Dlldcultis, lrregularillea, od all the-,
ther diseases to which, the Woman, Wu sad Hothf r la
peculiarly li.bl. . t . , , ,,r,
These Mils contain no deleterious Ingredient., hot are
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exort the happiest effect In all CUM of VrslaptM I'osf! '
In Luchorrbst, ot the WliltMh tkey will be) fwaad th.-v
lest and most certain car. that can be found.., Jt t. on - J
account of thi. certainty they .hould not 6. taken by
Pregnant Females (during (A.JtrsC (Are. moatk; a4 ml
tatrtaft it rartain ) 16 b brought oa,' k.t at ether peri
ods their vs. Is perfectly ..fei .' ' t ol .'.! :
N. B. On. Dollar .nclomid' to aa authorised A went. .
will ensure a package of Pills by return of mall. f ,
- ' C. CROBY, Oenersl Aewnt, '
.. . . rortrio,C..W.,Beaio,ir.T.T.'.
C actios.- Beware of Cnnniftrfetta. the eenutne have v
th. signature of C. CItOPItY, on the Outside wrar.per. ,
.or sal. in rremont, sv v. H BtoMvuioen, p.' oar-mania,,-
E. Dillon. In Clyde, Wai. i. Miller. . . . , y ..
J INVALID. ' . '
l'uonsiMsi lor tn. scneRT ana ase wartime awe eamnwwi
to younif men who sulTrr from Nervous DrlilUy, Prema- .
tur. Dfoay, Aje.l surmlyinraSthMn-tlm. th. nrreanw-W i
Retr-Curel lty one wlio ha. cured. utanerU after being put ,
to great expanse through medical Imliot'itloa and quack
ery. By enctoaing a post pnict addre..iad .rwkp ner., I
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MAVFAIR, Esq., B.dford, King. Co., N,T. ' lOyl 1 '.
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the land sutlers from this complaint. ''
Th. abort' Pill has permanently ear.4 thewABaa, see
ther will cure vou if you nse tllcm. Ther cnnnit harm
yon, on th. contrary they remore afl ohrrruetiomi, re
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whole syht'-m. Ladira whose health will not permit an
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pcrtiox.. boia wuolesote aaa ralau by . ;; -vr -.; ,
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. En Dillon it So, Druggisti. ,; ,,r.r,-ii
Agents for Fremont, Ohio. ; ' f. - -i " n
LADTF.S! hy unding either of these agents $1 through
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WaiAT, p.rbusb.l. IU4 i Oil Whit. 1,00.
Fi.oca,per barrul. ,...
Cork, pat bushel, .......
- -
CoR.v,ln tho Ear.
Rvs, per bnsliel...i.i...
Oats, per bushel-. ........ ......
...:..J.StM '
. 10
' Bees.'perdoMa ui.jx;.iv-.i.AUtJAi3-l e!l'
Chrrsb, per pound. ..tu.usJ:". ........ 0!
Das.SKoHcs,Bn hitndvM .... rr,pe4,'0
Lard, per pound. . .04
Salt, pr barrel ..'..'...'.'.r'Tn t,STi Coarse, 1,-'
Eipss.per aonad ..'-....-....'...,TSi m i
Flax Skid, par borfiel ..tl.oAa fl,M
Timothv Skkd, p.rbush.1 '.....1,78
HAMS,SinokU,peTpond,rT.t,...rt, j
. SnOtTLDERS. , , v.... .w. f
. Bia.vs, per bnshol..'.J........' '...!..l....;..75aie
PoTATOws.rjorbn.ht.;..,.-.'...Vi.'.'I.'.'..''.lr..C..J.' 4!'
An.aa, Qrwr, p(bnwtw...l.t.i...t..;...Ito- '
Po, , Dried, ebatiel.. ,.4.1.....
PsACBis.parsd.peBpoiiDd.,,!..,....,. IX,,
Bksswax, per pound.. .1 t
Okiors, per bushel.....'.'........ M
Criccsns, Live, per lb. .1
Do. ' DrMs.d, per po vid ....''......'.... ..i.
. Tvaaars, Livit, lb. j.i .. j 4
.,. De. ,,..IXroo4,rrpoiw4Wr-i--.-.'wt.t
WcKH,p.rpoad.,.tjT.w.if,..i.J,.. . s 41 ,
When to Plant Sorghum.
: Tbe Bueynid Fofotn cofxtains a an ai-tifcte
from Rev.' A." Myern oftbal plnee.'io wWh
he states that the experience of forty poo.
son ef Lie acquaiataece. rieraotMirate-uba
early planting ie sot prsclicaule.'- 'Of
the experiment from the las of April niC
in tne ititn or way, not one- matured; ,
those frora tbe 10th of Mar until the' 20th
were ripe, or nearly s6; and ail, without ex
ception,1 froru the 20th' May to the 1st of
June wer6 perfectly matured, demonstrate
ing, conclusivefy.hat the latter part of BJaj
ia the best time' to plant. It U bsolatcly
essential to success in 'making' tuga, Le
says, tbatlhe sorghura thovild: bsully ma
tured, an4 as early planting is cot Bnfe, he
tbii)kse must' hav ,onie prc'pftktt'oii ,
bring the seed up early, .,. f , . y ll f
; " Garvin ft Co!; bavt) Veceived their aprlo
goods,"' ' -
'- Chicaoo, " Apail 8.-f3pecfaf le Time':
Four hundred eigiily 'prisoners, fnclncft
ing 17 officer, . tf)ty eieooe ' artillery,
largo quantity of nwiinilfor, musUeta,nd
small Arm were captured ee the Island. i
It is laid that the Confederate bad ' W
eom perfeelly tk-moraiised, lo'msny eai
e wliclo rcgiinoiils refused toebcy erderi.
Much ill-feelinff prvjvwi'ed, among the offi
cers and none had ,anr ' leontJe,nce. So th
commandinff oRie'eT.'' J ' '"" .' ' "" '
Vi s ' " :t V;.wtfl!
.Y: TfcB of amislUBstien and ur rilrl
at iMUlIld o.t 10 is tlimenir. , iavel (rlL'iTr
I .ay it is tho strpnetst fortification tW have
I mL-. AurtnvtliaWsr 1 U. f. ..
e "- , .
' BOVeUtf cavuwiu Wcr taleiv thrU bandra
and siaty Miiglji Hsoore,. evtw-en srtiieena,
ona huilllred wick arul ana hin.di. il mu,l.,..l
I ? . Z . V. U "f""' ' liuboat
1 he property taken I. vtlued at, tliiea
nonarefl tU'Wiwirl frnllsrs.'?v ine steamer were
1 capture ,u j

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