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Fremont journal. [volume] (Fremont, Sandusky County [Ohio]) 1853-1866, January 22, 1864, Image 3

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E3 O O -T S
Just Received in Addition to
. , - our Heavy Stock. , . . 4
Weave new TMfly In supply evoiy body, OlJ ami Xew
Cuntomei, with nny kind of
Boots and Shoes
Our mm tmeiit eonslti of the Col brad d (
It'irhfP-U'r mnkfl rif Honlfi aikI f Iioph,
UntTiIn tnke of Pnit,
New York City work In fhll vnrlely,
Iluyit fc IHtigham Copper Tip Yoik fur Hoys, Mim-en,,
Youth and Children,
... pim-mar, Hugo St 0o, Ruhbjr Tip Work for ChlMten.
A splendid stork of I'uittntn m't (i:if tern, Calf ami
Rid II 1 1 moral, Half Balmorals unit Luce Ilontn.
Wo certainly lmv6 iho Largest nn.l Host
Stock cvor brouglit to lliis mwikot ; nil
full stock hdJ Warranted.
ItCiTf tttf Itftlt, work hrniglit nfi.it vrn will Tepilr
of chargi.-, ll it (nils in woiknmrinliiji.
We have tli very RF.T WOP.KHEN In our shop, the
country can produce, mid inn nu torture largely for
. , , . . our custom order and for the store.
" HDPAIfllNO (lone promptly, as uual.
; Wa have We ttoik ofSml.E Snd ITI-KIt I.EATtltflt,
Kipafid Cftlf, Lining,, Finding, Jtc.
F.m KM ItFlt.onr Store Ik oppo.lle Comlit Droll),
em, in llurkiaulVi New Block - ;
3T Ot'tfe' us a call. '
FREMONT, 0., Nov. 2),1S03. ,
II 13 A U T I V V li
C. P. HI I UMAX, bavins' piirchnsl tlie Onlliry of
A. K. iiiil.K, is now inKlnir 1. 1 n.r;. ftrr;s in the largo
aky-light room, lltirkland Clock, consisting nf
Mclainot '(!, .
''; l'liotngruplis, '.i I
nnd tli reVhratrd "CARTES DF. VISITS," which
for durability ami tn-auty of aiiish cannot lie e-rrlli'd.i
Jy Remember tlio Place Htu.kland Block, opposite
the Croj-han House.
Fremont, Sept. 1, IKoM.
Dress and Cloak flaking.
I WISH to announce to Hie lotion of Fremont and vi
cinity that I am prepared to do all kinds of work la
Press lino; Puttcrns of nil kinds for Litdies,
' Misses nnd Child ran;
ft! the resilience of Mr. Clagliom, corner of Arch and
Garrison street, Fremont, Ohio.
Fremont, Oct. .10, 180.1. 43mo3
HE time had art ived when almost everybody want
There lore we are happy to announce that wo have necnred
the sale ol ihe
x ' ' "AMERICAN,"
which )m Inker, the PREMIUM OVER I.I, OTHER
STOVES at the New York Stale Fair for Iho car 1802
auu iniM. . . .... - ... -
Kconomjr i Vcultli,
which will lw fully demonstrated by BUYING AN
- A3 it will bake, hroll and roaHt better than any other
ptove, with a saving of 25 per cent in fuel, and a Tory
large percentage in convenience.
They hive the following advantages:
1st. They are constructed with a view of grout dura
bility; all the plates exposed to the Ore are made of an
Mtra tbltkr.e;. ,
2d. The (lues are lined with non-conductinff eemrnt.
thereby applvlnjr the heat directly to the oven, and the
oven can bo hcati-ri and kept in baking order with lesi fu
el than any other Stove.
3d. They have a hot air draft, which nt t onlv makes
the fuel burn freely, and laxt louger, but adds to the
Heating anu baking incilUiea. ,
4th. They consume all the jfrtsses from the fuel, there
bv adding largely to tlie amount of heat obtained from
the amount of fuel used.
5th. The Stove Is made, moanted and flnlfbed in the
most superior manner. The oven is large and well-ventilated.
Tho Stove is convenient in form, and made for
nee: to adopt the language of soma who have uned this
titove, "It will do more work with lens luel than any oth
er Stove."
A great variety of other " '
Sheet-Iron, and
Together with a full and complete assortment
Sheet-Iron, and
Copper Ware,
- Ac, Ac, Ac.
Agent! for ' 1 .
Also agents for the
Our Tin Shop, . .
Is In complete running order., prepared to do j aur
work with neatuetis arxi despatch.
Don't fall to come and nee ns in our N'KW QtAR
TKKt4, OPPOSITE TUB PUdT Os ICK, before yi'chui
Ing elsewhere. r
NoTember 20, 1S63. ' '
flauU, lowia, Aiilnittln,
Put up In 86. 50e. and f 1,00 Bmcss, Bottles, and Flaks.
W ana ? vices lor Hotels, I'utihc Institutions, 4c.
"Only Infallible remedies known.
VT Frs nroin Poisons r "
t Not dangerous to the human family.
"Ratacoiueont of their holasta UU." r
tT'Aold wholesale In all largs citlea. ,
't"8old bvall Ihnpgistsand FU tailors very where.
7"ttl IltWAHKltt ol all worthleas imitations.
jjr8H tliat '-Costar'" usme Is on each Uoxt Bottle.
and Flask, before you bur.
ry Address - IIIINRY It. COSTA H.
tyi'MIHOIPAL PwrOT 82 BlQAUWAf, bi , V.
7-Jotd by K. DIM N SON, Wholesale and Retail
Agent, Fremont, O. Jau.-H. tnol
'f r. ; : -
t-. f v1 -i y s t
ii ' I"
0. I). 1 1 Ei.i.iiK. . ' ' , t Lkasueii Petty.
mil.IAlM, & I'KTTV,
Foreign and Amencari' Marble:
Mouumeals, Grave Stones &
AU'work WnuanUd. ' Shrp" a' the old tnn1 on
Orogban Stieet. , . Fremont, May 1, lSr;j.
Guns! Guns!! Guns!!!
IS now opnnlntr a Inrre nn.l w.ll iiclorted stock of
Fine Enplioh rnublo; Otins,
Tarj ing in jiricc from 2ft to 75 Dollar, each.
Common Duck Guns,
from teuto sixteen Uoll.1i. each. - '
Singlo I'Hrrcled Guns, .
from Itiree ftni A lia f to ten dollar, each.
A roninlete n.snrtment of Game line. Shot lli-lt. anT
TouclieH, l'owder Flahkat kc.t La. Alao all kiuila of
Rock Powder la quantitle. to .ult purclia.er..
All kind, of H-)TOW dept con.tnnlly. nn ham).
Fremont, Si lt. 4, JSfiS.
Ma git tit Of
Pur vie.
Rotjal rurple.
S ror let t
V inlet,
For Pr'in(t Silk, Woolen and Mixed tjnods, Shawls, Peat fa,
Di-esirs. Kibbon, (.lores, Honntfts, Hats, Feathers,
Kid Giovus, Children's Clothing, nnd all kinds
' of Wearing Apparel
IW A Saving ol 80 per Cent.
For 25 cents you can color as many goods as would
otherwise cont Hve times that sum. Various sliadescnn
ue pronuceu nom ihe sanie dye. The process t simple,
and any onoran use the Dre with nerfent succer,s.
Directions in Kngll.h. French and German, inside of
For further Information in T) vein?, and irlrtntr a mn
feet knowjedtfo what colors are bent adapted to d.vo over
niin-rs, (ivnii many vaiuunie recipes,) pi-.rchaso It owe ft
Stephens' Treatise on Dyeing and Coloring. Sent by
"imp rrwijinii y ic ju frill W.
Manufactured by H(WR k STEVENS,
e . 2QD Broadwav. Boston.
rot-sale by Daigglhts and Dealers generally. 38mo6
TO CI.F.MKXCR A. CI1APMAX: Marv Chanman: Prid.
erick A. Chftpmin; Florence Chapman, and Kittle
Chapman, of LhuSLiteof New Jei af.r;and Cuvler K.
Greuno.'ind LouincC. (Ji fpne, hl wife, of Kusliville,
in hi n.niQ i .w i tirKj ticnrge it. r men ana
Nellie Finch his wife; Amos Woodward and Ara
bella Woodward his wife; h, (i. Uarkncss; and
.lohn TlrsL'tr, "f the State oT Ohio:
-ITOU AUK HKIIKBV NOTIFIKD, That on the twelfth
1 day of Januarv. A D.. one thnusruid eicrbt bunritH
sixtr-fiiur, Anms Woodwaid, ArimtniRtraior of the estate
or ftuuerici 'Chapman, deceased, filed In the Probite
Court, within and for the count v of Handuskr, and Stnte
nf Ohio, a pstition, alleging that" on the sixth dav of Sep
tember. A. D., eighteen hundred fifty-six, the said Fred
erick Chapman, then in full life, together with L.O.
darkness, enter into a enntrnet in writing with one Wil
liam Ford, for the sale of the following described renl
estate, to nit: -
I.ot numter one. in section number three, slln.itn in
Grot on township, F.rie county, nnd State of Ohio, con
taining one hundred and nine aeres, more or less, up
on the following terms: Two thousand seven hundred
and thirteen dollars twentv-nine rents, Tin -o in
four y oar from the date of said contract, with interest at
ui' rmo oi ten p"r cenium io ne pain annuaitv.
That said Frederick fhapmrtn and 1,, C. Haiknosa held
said nremlfes jointlv nnd mualtv in common. Tlmt said
William Foid Hold, transferred and assigned nil bin title
anu interest in sum contract unio tlie said .John Rratrg,
and that said Frederick Cinpnian consented to s:.td as
signment in his lifetime. That said Clemence A. Chap
man is the widow of said Frederick Chanman. nVeenscil
and is entillid to doner In one. equal undivided half of
said premises, Thnt said John Bragg has fully puid and
complied on his part said contract, according to the tenor
.onreoi, ano orrnanos a oeeu oi sa'a premises; that the
said Arabella Wondward.fl.oufse C. Greene. Nellie Kinrh.
Frederick A. Chapman, Mary Chapman, Florence Chap
nmn B.i-i imiiic iiHiMimii, 11m me iieirs ai law ana legal
representatives of said decedent. -
The prayer of the petition Is for assignment of dower to
said widow, to be paid in money out of the purchase
money thereof; and for Authority to make a deed to Bald
John Bratre, in behalf of said heirs at law.
Said petition will be for hearing on tho sixth Any of
r ebruary, eigbteen hundred sixty-four, or as soon there
after as icavc oi me court can ne obtained.
. AM03 wnohWATtn,
Administrator of Frederick Chapman, deceased,
Bv II. W. Wivai.ow, his Attorney.
January 12, 1804. 2v3. Pr. Uc, $5,60
IjHGAIj xotice.
TO ABRAHAM VANDDKKN; David Belts, and Do "Wilt
Krebs, by the fiim name of D. Betts & Co.; Sally
Krldlur; Dorcas A. Strong, and William A. Strong,
ber husband; rhebo Tyler; Joseph Loveland; Nut
tie Loveland; James I.oveland; Docia l.oveland;
Mary Lnvelaud and Harriet Loveland, of Snndusky
r.uunij,.-iiHBoi uinu; amf!s n.. uienn, oi Hamil
ton county, Ohio; Mary J. Ityder and John ltyder,
her husband; and Frederick Trier, r Ottawa t-oun-
Yty, Ohio; and Frank Tvler, of Wood county, Ohio:
OU AUK HKHKBYNdflKIKD, That, Julius Patter
son, Admiutstiator n! the estate ot George W. Love
Und ileceased, on the fifth day of January, A. 1). eighteen
huudredandt.ity-fopr, tiled bis petition in the I'm twite
Court, within and for the county of Sandusky, and State
ofOhiii, alleging thnt.thepersonal estate of unij diced
ent Is liiRufflcient to piy his debts and the charges of ad
ministering his estate; that ho died seized in fee simple
of the following d' scribed real cstase, situate iu said
county, to wit:
Iii-lots numbers six hundred and forty-six and nine
hundnd and nine in the village of Fremont, Sandusky
county, Ohio, according to the plat of said village; Also,
the north-east part ot the south-east quarter of section
number two, township number four, range number lif
teen, In said county of Sandusky, containing thirtv-nine
acres; Also, the east pjirt of iho north-esxt qoartirof
said section numlter two, township number four, range
uiiiouer niieen, injiuio nuuuussy oountv, coulaiiilug thirty-six
acres; Also, the north-wet-t corner of the north
west corner of the north-wet quarter of aectinu numlM'r
one, township number four, nange number Iilitfti, iu said
Sandusky county, containing one acre; Also, one acre of
land out of and olf of lliet-omh end nf the eaat half of the
soutn-east quarter or see! inn numttcr tbirtv-fivo, town
ship number five, range numlu r fifteen, in said Sandusky
county, and being the same piece or parcel of Innd for
merly owned by A.H.Miller; that the Interest of said de
cedent In said real estate above nVserihcil, is one equal
undivided one-fltth part thereof, which Is held In com
mon with the legal representatives of said Geoife W.
I.ovt-Iand, deceased, by Abraham Van Doren, Salty KH
dler, Frederick Tvler Frank Tvler, Dorcas A. Strong
wife of William A 8tiung, Maiy J. Itvder, wife of John
Ryder, and Phebe Tylei ; that David Belts and Do Wilt
Krebs, by the Am name of D. Betts Co., have and do
hold a mortgage upon a portion ol Ihe lands above descri
bed, v
The said Oeorga W, T.oveland also died seised In fee
simple of thefotlowlng described real estate, situate In
said Sandusky county, to wit:
In-loisnumJrfirhslx hundred seventy-two, five hundred
fifty-seven, six hundied ninetr-Koven, six hundred ninety-eight,
six hundred ninety-nine, seven hundred, seven
hundred twer.tr-twn. seven hundrerl turMntv.tl.rAo .nrf
seven hundred slxtv. Out-1 tits niiml.A.'B Srtv.aiv ().
eight, sixty-nine and wrenty-noe, in the village of Fre.
......., ... ..iu c n it i unity cunTv, accorllng to the plat
thereof, that the interest of thes ild George W. l.oveland
deceased. In said real estate, is. one en nut unHlvlHa.l r,.,a
sixth part thereof, which is held In common with Nettie
I.nvtdand, James l.oveland, Docia Loveland, Mary Love
land, and Harriet l.oveland, heirs at law and legal re pre
oUtlvesnf Aaron Loreland, Jate of Sandusky county
di ceased; that James K Glenn Is the legally appoint
ed and duly qualified Executor of the last will and testa
ment of said Aaron funvelnnil, deceased.
The prayer of said petfon Is, for a sale nfsaM pnmUea,
for the payment of the debts and charges aforesaid.
Paid petition will be for I ?arng on the fourth day of
February, A. D., eighteen hundred sixty-four, or as soon
thereafter as compel can be heard.
, Administrator of G. W. l.oveland, deceased.
, By H. W. Wixslow, and
J. L. Gkkr.mk, Jr., his Attorneys.
January 5( 1864, lvr pr. (ve, $10,25,
Mill I All I lit
ninrt, Wo
Dark Blut, Yo
Light Hit", " ICf fll ' - Xi
t rtncK Hint, l"- , W B Jul
Claret ltrottnt 11 j 6 i (
Dark Hrrncit, I JP
Liitht Hrov, Jj- VVry (
Snuff firar '
Dark Drah. ' ' V Jt-f- ' VJ A
Light Drab, ' W . , T-i
Dark Greta, -'tfll'-""vti?5ffl
Light tint, iJVfk
A r li f I 1 ' rt v a ' . J - -
I "h pc.l-t Dii.4 eeiilnrd tm fattn, i
Tor the whol kuaJVu Cotitiirnt ii onri."
l ' and . ' )
liiivi- Im'cii iiitrodiiited to the ntiMio for men
tlian y-iiri, nnd liiive ncqtiirod tin i
far oxredinj; nny Family Medicines of
simil.tr nature in the mtirkct.
An npprciiinlino; pnblio was not long ii
ui?rimrmg mey poMOiacu ronmrkftljie ' j
and hence their
and eonspqnent profit to the Proprietor, thru
enabling liiin to expend
"ivv TNfA.ovvo.cvik.ft
of dollnrs caoli year in advertising theil
iliorin, and publishing the
wliir'i havo heon showered upon him from
vAX. l.v. V.e Covvwvv.
The peculiarity of tho -
"S.oo Vv$vev o.w "VvW.
19 thtit thoy Btrike at tho root of Dmcruio,
by onidicating every particle of impurity -j
Aw fi.oo',
for the life and health of tho body depends
upon tho purity of the blood.
I f the blood is poisoned, the body drafts
out a miserable eiistonco. These medicines
Kve, 3v.ctv.o.eA
for curing
FSirofuln, Byphilin,
tjkin IjDiRecusm , Old Sores,
3ilt Jheiitn, Ifheumatiam,
CPycpepaia, 'EioU Etixdaohe,
Liver Complaint, Fever and figxie,
Zfeucorrhaea, ' ' Female Complaints,
Erysipelas, Bt. Jlnthony's Fire,
Tumors, Eruptions,
Fi la, ' Bor ojulou3 Consumption,
3 I ?
ONE person writes, her daughter was cm ed
of lits of nino yenrs' standing, und hit Vitus'
danco of two years.
ANOTHER writes, bis son was cured
after his Ucsh had almost wasted away.
The doctors pronounced the case incura
ble Alt OTHER was cured of fever and Ague
after trying every medicine; in hio reach.
ANOTHER was cured of f'orer Soro
which had existed fourteen years.
ANOTHER of Rheumatism of eight yenrs.
Cases innumerable of Dyspepsia and Liver
Complaint could bo mentioned in which (he
1'urilier nnd 1'ills
"WovNt Vvte, o. Ctt.vu.
are tho most active and thorough pills that
havo over beon introduced.
They act so directly upon the Liver, excit
ing that organ to such an extent as that the
system docs not rolapso into its former con
dition, which is too apt to be the case with
simply a purgative pil
They are really a
"SVoo e "XAe, WW.,
which, in conjunction with the
will cure all tho aforementioned diseases,
and, of thcmsolves, will relieve and cure
Headache, Castivenesa, i j , ,
CoJio (Pains, Cholera Jorhus,
Indigestion, Pain in the Rowels,
QHzziness, etq.
Try these medicines, and you will never
regret it . .
' Ask your neighbors, who have used them,
and they will say they are
and you should try them before going for a
physician. "
Get a Pamphlet or Almanac of my local
agent, and read the certificates, and if you
have ever doubted you will
As a proof that the Blood Purifier and Tills are purely
vegetable, 1 have the cerlf flcates) of those eminent chem
ist, rrufessora Chilton ofN, Y., and Locke of Cincinnati.
Ttead Dr. Ttolmck's Special Notices and Certificates pub
11 hod la a conspicuous part of this Taper from time to
Trie nf the Scandinavian Vegetable Blood Purifier, f 1
per bottle, orfr'tper halfdoxen. OftheScandiiMvian Veg
etable IJI.kmI Tills, 25 cents per box, or 6 buxee for 91.
Trfnrfp-il Office and Salesroom, No. 0 Kast Fourth St.,
M Unflding from Blaln Bt., Ciuchinatl,4). Laboratory,
No. 18 Uttiuiitonil Street.
C. n. MrriII,I,OCII, Fremont, Ohln.
K. DIDI.O.V k S0V. "
l'OWKlts k JAKfiKR, WoodTillc.
WM. J. Mll.l.KH. Civil..
anrl nterchnnta generally throughout the United 8tea.
New Grocery Store.
rpilK nndersiirnrd would, respectfully announce to the
pfople of Fremont and vicinity, that they have
nuril up itiiu "'((filPtl m
New Grocery Store,
Nearly opposite the Post Office,
III St. Clair'. Block, Fremont,
Where they will keep' )-
Codec, Tens, Sugars, Spices,
Fish, Tobacco, Nuts, Raisins, :
Candies, .Fruits, Cheese,. drc, die. .
Flour, Salt, Tubs, Pails, Brooms,
li fact we Intend to .lllinlv the waijts of nor friend,: and
that too, nt Low Price. Tho people an respectfully
Holk-iteii to givo us a call.
VJT Thelilliost cavli price paid for nutter, Egga, Po
tatoes, and all manner of country Pro'.luoe.
, jjr Pleu-e givo uk n call. 1
K ML It II A fitllELI.EK.
r remont, Nor. S, 1WI3. ,
Iia rW-a-Ltftl'lHlJHeSJI ttfiUtHJJ !f
4V ait SmMS VXTZmet 2
Fremont, Lima & Union Railroad.
Fall and Winter Time Twblo.
N and after Monday, Nn-cmhor 18, 1S63, trains will
run iMiiy, (aunuay-a excepien,) aa lollowa: ,
Leave Fremont, at 11,20 o'clock, A. M.
i Urunoi's 11,42 "
VViutera, 11,40
' KttnHaa.
12,04 o'clock, P. U.
41 Jackoti
Reach Ko.toria. 1 2.44
Leave Foatoria e ...1.64 u
Aicndia, ..... 1,20 .
11 Maiton... ti
Arrive at Findlay, 1 2,00 m
Leave Fiudlay, at 2.40 P. M.
" -MarloQ ........ ... .00 ..' .
Arcadia, 3,18 x ,
Arrive at Foatoria, 3,43 , ( , .' -t
. Leave Foatoria .... . 3.6s 11 ' tt
ojaikaou 4.1s tt tt
" Kan.au .. 4.3J ' , it ; ;
" Wiiilera 4,60 tt
" Bruuir'a 4.6S
Arrive at Fremont, 6,'.'0 " tt
Trjinsatop only ou signal.
Traiua on thl. Road leave Fremont art..- tl.-
the Morning train, from Cleveland and Toledo; and arrive
in the .veiling in time to go cltlier-Kiiat or We.L
Paeaeuirara by tliia Una roaob FindU. uu-.-i 1....... I-
advance of any other route.
llnv Tb t el.. via Fremont. In Clev.1.,.,1 ..t avi..j' .1
the TlebU lllliooaol the lievvland and Toledo Railroad.
Froio.l t, Novambar IS, 18S3.. '
Fremont Journal.
ISAAC M. KEKLKM, Edito- aid Piophiktoii.
Extra Copies
Of lifi Journal in wrapper-, for mailinpr, enn
ajwny ). had nt our olfice on Friday nnd Sat
iiiiIh. Price S cents egfli; 6 cnjii, 35 ccntii.
Rond the Join ma L to'ytnir fiiomln did to the
t.it nf Letter. In the Fremont Post Office.
Caliiuet Wnrenxupq, O. W. Tsfhutny.
Cuinliv Ciuj;h n.'iUnm.
Ilniii! mid Lut fur Sale, O. Ball.
DotilWy, "Dr. T. Ii." Pic-ic. " ' . r"
" 1 -
Grand Promenade Concert and Fancy Dress
Party, for Benefit of the Soldiers Aid
Society of Fremont.
The ladies nf llm 3"llii'rs Aid Society will
give nn enleilaiiinii iil r.t Hiichnid Hall, Thurs
il.iV nutl Fiidny ovrtiitijs, .Tailtmiy SSlh and
2.1th, fni tlir benefit of I he Society. They would
nnnoiincc Hint on Thursday evening the Indies
arc expected to appear in Cilim firis, Avoiding
nil eimtly co'tnine, or pny fine to the Society.
Qenthmifii re rt( nuM.nct lo provide llieni.elve.
willi n Calict Jttmlkercliitf, to be donated nt the
closo of I lie evening, to the society, or pay $1
nno. (Ju Fiidav evenius t lie ro w ill be a I'anru
Ih-cus Varli) slid ladies nnd gentleman nre re-
noeKtcd to appear in costume. All friends of
the soldier ira invited to atlcnil, however,
nhctlier in cn.lutne or not. Music on both
evenings. oc.il Hallails, Qiiartutles, drc, by
Indies and gentlemen of Fremont. Instrument
nl by the String Band. Refreshment provi
ded for nil who desire.
The ladies would further state thnt it will be
their aim to so conduct this euiertiiiiiineut as to
make it nn agreeable and festive gathering, nnd
earnestly hopo that our citizens, who have so
generously responded to their previous calls for
aid, will tuiile with them in this effort.
Admittance tickets 50 cents; to be had at Me-
CuIIoch's Drugstore and nt llm door.
A. H. NORTON, Sec'y.
At a meeting of the Sandusky County Agri
cultural Society, held on Saturday, the lGth in-
stnnl, the following officers were elected:
PresidentJon: L. 0nrr:N"E, Sr.; Vice Pres
ident Johs Moobr, of Ballville; Treasurer J.
P. MootiF.; Secretary O. W. Vallktte.
Iinrtnl of Managers. Dantfl Waoooskr, Jab
ri-:a Kixo, Wm. E. Lav, Jasos Oiiibs nnd W. O.
IlAFKoan. All good select ions.
Largo ntinibeis of Dressed llogs have been
shipped from Fremont to the F.nstern market
within the past few weeks. The C. 4 T. It. R.
Company transported during
The month of December.
January, lo ihe. 15th
.5,209 931,573
which brought our farmers from $r,0,000 to $G5,
000 in ready money.
In addiliou to the above, A. Gi;soobf and A.
Mobfiioisf. have cut and packed over 5,000
hogs in the mean time.
nn-a. Pounda.
2.2110 395.091
2,917 535,879
We have several pieces of new Pinno Music
from W. W. Wiiit.vkt, publisher, Toledo:
" We'll Cc.tiqircr or Vie." Song and chorus
words by Maggie Kilmer; Music by II. Gordon.
Price 25 cents.
. "The Realm rfllia West." Song and Chorus.
Price 30 cents.
"0! Tct'ch not my Sister's l'ichtre.' Song
and Chorus. Price 95 cents.
"BUte-Eyrd Jennie." Song and Chorus. 25c.
Viiitni:y publishes nnd koeps on hand an
extensive assortment of Musie, ond sends, post
paid, any that may be ordered, on receipt of the
price. See advert iscmeut.
The renowned Continental Old Fulls' Concert
Troupe, having with them the celebrated New
England Ballad Singer Emma J. Nichols, will
give one of their unique and very interesting
Concerts, on this (Friday) evening, at Bircbnrd
Hall. The Old Folks nre not unknown to our
citizens, nnd we have no doubt from the favora
ble impression made nt their visit in May, last,
that they will havo a full house to-night.
Kn.i.rn. Wo aro informed by letter from
Point Bnrnside, Ky., that E. j. Lki'Pfxuax,
Wagon Jlasier, from this vicinity, while nn n
foraging expedition near Meadow Creek, was
shot on the 10th hist., by a band of bushwhack
ers. Toledo Commemal, loth.
This is undoubtedly the son of E. J. Lki tkl
max, of this place. Mr. L. hns telegraphed to
learn of tho correctness of tho statement. Up
to Thursday morning he had no answer.
Messrs. Rolz.fr A Matiifb, have taken store
room No. 3, iu Ihe Vallettc, Moore fc Kawson
Block, and aro opening an entirely new stork of
Family Groceries. They intend to keep every,
thing in the grocery ond Provision line -but un
Liquors. Call nnd see them.
Is it true lhat tho peach crop of next season
has been "nipped in the bud," by the late severe
cold? Some assert that such is the case. We
should like tn kiwivv tlio forte in tho e.oco T.7.-
rlo Commercial... .
About the first of May next your curiosity can
bo satisfied. Wait and see. ' ' ' -
On Saturday, 9th, twenty loads of wood were
brought to town by the farmers of Ballville, and
donated to tho Aid Society for4 he benefit of tlie
Soldiers' families.- On Saturday, lOth, twenty
additional loads were brought in by tho farmers
of Ballville, for tho samo noble purpose. The
contributors have the thanks of the Aid Society,
of the Soldiers' families and of the Soldiers in
the field. The names of the contributors will
be found iu tho Secretary's Report, in another
pluco iu this paper.
We are glad to announce, as we do to-duv.
theorganiaalion of tho "(Second National Bank
of Toledo." This gratification is the stronger
nom tne met mat tne new institution, like its
senior, is in the hands of gentlemen of capital,
whose standing as business men is not excelled
by that of nny others in the city. Blade.
Mr. Lincoln's Reputation in Europe.
The Loudon tfee(oorsays: "The last Amer
ican telegrams reported Mr. Lincoln ill of small
pox nnd unable to deliver hie message on that
account. There is good reason to hope that his
illness is not serious; but the mind naturally
glances at the possible calamity which the coun
try might sustain in hia deaih. Few men of
average abililiea ever managed to inspire a more
proionnn irnsi in moir integrity and firmness
than Mr. Lincoln has contrived to implant in
both his friends and foes, and certainly there
is no man in his Cabinet, not even Mr. Chase,
n hom tho world would trust aa well."
The Senate yesterday. Albany, passed unan
imously tho Assembly resolutions forno amend
ment to the GtniHtitiition, which shall secure to
soldiers in Ihe field the riht to vote. - The peo-
plu will ratiry it, and our volunteers will vote
111 November for the uoxt President of the Uni
ted States.
Chicago, Jan. I7.---The Iowa LeciJature. in
joint session nt Desnmines, yesterday re-elected
James W. tlninea U. S. .'Senator by a vote of
1'28 to 6. The Itaiiiocwis voted for Juki) Jen
nings, or liuLuquo.
Rev. Henry Ward Beecher'a salary baa been
increased f 5,000, making it 18500 a year. .
Soldiers' Aid Society.
In the list of wood donations to the Society,
published in th last JoI isal, soma names were
sectdenlslly omitted. We republish them to
day: -.
Win 0tt.tHr.lel rhamb-rl-ln, D.t.ls Willi., t.l Kink,
n.nj.inln DVetrr, FrnNiinel Mrer., Khosraer Knmlnr,
ll.nr. Kins, Jntin Myeia .felia Mori l,on, Philip Htalil,
M.orv Kill, Jul. n Mr-nn, XitvliT Hn, der, Metl 'lii r'n,
mincer, Samuel HalTnrd, ft. Q tlafford, Juho Slalil, Hen
ry My.ra, Iteuben llclTii"r.
Donalions for soldiers' families for tho week
eliding January 16th, 1B64:
Mrl. Ed. Tlndatl, 6 atilrta, I asrtne., S pillow .Ufa, 3
nr, drawer., aklrl, towel, quilt, bundle cotton. Jar clier
rir., 0 clt(:ken., 1 H Iba. dried ra.plierrli a, trig of atle,
"In ... 8 aiirnn., 2 hoods, 4pra.ahoe,; Mra. I'olH.on, Jar
olii rrli'., In-nd eltei ire, 2 baea apnli: Mr.. Fe.ter, i Mi.,
dtl.d peai.he.. old eiitun, poik, eomed oref; Pterller- J
.tree, .aek of ft.ini. S yal.. aTile hotter, lei apple.; Mr,. '
r . vanifrro"s, pre. anoe,, nittiai. clouilnal nil. I,. ,
Leppi'linan S prfl. ahoe.: Mrs. J. L. lireons. .r. uanta. i
ve.t. Utile elonk; Mr.. F. I. Norton, S pra panla, ilreaa;
Mr.. J. ll.nn. pr, ahnt: Mm. n. Iitii.. ! hii.lt. whent.
2 ahnnt.ler. pork, h'd quilt, 2 .klrt., 4 dre,.e.; Mrs. Jaa.
Jarli.iin, 4 .hlrt., 4 hildn-a. dre.ne., Saprona, nndrr-clnthlrif-,
old rntton, IX Iba. dried rhetri. .. Jar raapher-
r-..m, pre. no,., airi, apron: aim. t. uilinor., Teal,
old cotton: Mr.. I. Halter, anllt, pr. lin.e, towel, 4 roll.
b:indn.,,Jarra.pl)erry Jam, 12 Iba. diladepplra; Mra. N,
Frure, eoinfi.rti-r, ,k -n vnrn. annp, old ootton, S Iba.
dried applea; Mi .. I) Tlndall, 17 M.I .alt pork; Mra. Poolo,
l pillow ,np.. BiiecT, pr. no.e, nan .Tarn, pf. noma, can
cherili... Ill 11... dried fenit. i-an pear., esn peaehea, ral.
atple butter, 26 Iba. Soarf Mra. Turner, cana peauliea,
cnmf.ti tor; Mi.. J. Halter. 6 lha. dried apple,, quilt, gal.
apple b.iller, l.npr rt. lea woolen covet let ; Mra. Wii-karil,
Ulha. ilried apple,: Philip Fry, ftaek Sour, na- apple.,
,Hlt pork, eorni il td'ef; J. Ilarri.. 4 qra. vctil.nn; Mia. S.
Ilu -kland, 0 pra. pant.; Mra. T. Ot more, S altlrta.
The following named gentlemen contributed
Edward Tlndall. T. Po'li.on, And'ew nemeUbure;. .T.
F.ine.aon. r. F,. Th d. II. I. llalter, John Jaek.nn, John
Halter, IHrnni Pool, F. S. Jnhnann, Oeo. Tlndall, Peter
Hiiraliev, Thoa. ttllmnre, Matlin Hi uner. Aaa 1'i.atcr, It.
It. Titii.. P. Fry. Mer.ra. Fo.tcr, Tltua and Fry, le
aldeln Senera eoiinlr. -
Number of ladies in nttendar.ee, 33. Mrs, A.
H. Millet-took charge of the room.
The ladies take this opportunity of thanking
Mis. tviwntrl Tinoall niul Mis. W. U. HnrTortl
for their sjiecial elforts in soliciting donntions,
wooo, etc., forsolilicrs taniihes.
A. H. NORTON, Sec'y.
Home Items, &c.
DlsUlled Dew, Phslon's Night-Blooming
Oereus, and Michoux'i Freckle Wash,
new and most elegant preparations for the toilet,
nre sold at Dr. E. Dillon 4 Son's Drug Store.
D'Rgng out of nnd through the snow banks
has been the principal occupation of nurcitigens
for the past threo days. Itev. Pmarjt rigged a
snow plow and did public service ill scraping
sidewalks, crossings, t-c. '
Burglars were around again Friday night.
They broke into Gbkinfk A Kfssi.kr's office,
Sr.BHlxo'g Grocery, and tried H. Lfsiier's Shoe
Store; but their boring on Ihe door wakened the
clerk, who turned up the gas end tbey skedad
dled. Teople should be on (heir guard for these
villains; shout Ihein. : ,
' DitATit ov as Otn Citi-icn. Daniel Williams,
Esq., an old residentof Kidgfield township, Hu-1
ron county, and extensi vely engaged in business
at Monroeville, died very suddenly on Sunday
night lust. He was about CO years of age.
Register; VMh.
In Conokkss lmsiness "begins to look
up." ' On Friday the followitif- nominations
worn sent into the Sonate t Gen. Grant to
1... T..: n 1 .1 r i .
i no uiiijir-Teiii-rHi in mo iveouiar Army:
Generals W. T. Sliornian, MePhorson,
Meailo and Ocorj-e II. Thomas, to bo Rrig-
ndiie-nniirnla in tho Pi.mil.ir A pintr
Throe Mnjor-Gencrals atul 64 Brigadier-
itcncrals ot oluntecra were bimo noniina-
' Wo le'arn that tho notorious Col. Clukc,
olio of Morgan's officers, died at Johnson's
Inlaiul, flay before yestenlay, of strangula
tion, 'caused by an ulcerated throat. It.
will be reeeolleeteil that lie was at onetime
in the Penitentiary; but was taken to Cin
cinnati to be examined on a charge of
breaking his parole, nnd from there trans
ferred to Johnson's Island. 0. S. Journal.
Tho Chicago Tribune reports that the
rebel prisoners nt Cainp Douglas still per
sist in their insane efforts tn escape by dig
ging out ami otherwise, On one of . the
recent cold nights throe of tliein made a
venture for the outside and liberty.' One
was arrested and taken back, the other
two were afterwards discovered frozen to
jo uruiiiiiziiig 1110 itjiiincsoia riouse 01 As
sembly the ouiKisitiou membera voted through
,.,t r... 11,0 tt..;..-. ..-..,-.
T.. ; -. .1. -r- . tt e .
Mr. Lincoln, when asked recently if the eman
cipation proclamation was a finality, replied
"I am a slow walker, but I never walk back."
During the recent cold term; it is stated that
5,000 extra blankets were dealt out to the rebel
firisoners confined nt Rock Islnnd. Wonder
low many extra blankets were dealt out to pris
oners in rebcldoni?
Tlie Greatest Violinist noio Living,
The Greatest Guitarist and Comic Vocalist,
Mktal Tips fur Children's Shoes aro worthy
the potnniage of nil who have an eye to econo
my. SnstOATimea.
Corona and Colds. Those who are suffering
from Coughs, colds. Hoarseness, SoreThroat, Ac,
should try "Broicn'i Bronchial Troches," a sim
ple remedy which has relieved thousands, and
which is in almost every case effectual.
Thk Romance Takk out. "My denr, the sun
ia just stooping to kiss the western wave," said
a lady to her husband, "and I am reminded that
I must seo that you hnve some biscuits for tea,
as light ns the snow flake nnd as harmless."
"Stop," said she, "I cannot do it for I am out of
Chemical Saleratus, the only article fit to be us
ed fur such a purpne." The gns-ery was doubt
less far away, or the lady would have found the
article put up in bl ight red papers.
Call on your grocer fur Herrick Allen's Cold
Medal Saleratus. It istheonlviieifectlv heallhv
S ili-iHlus made. After using one half the pa
per, if yc,ii are not satisfied, return the balance,
and got the money paid for the whole. It is
much belter to use with cream tartar than soda.
It is peculiarly adapted fur dyspeptic persons.
Try it. For hide by grocers and druggists, and
at wholesale by all dealers. Depot J 13 Liberty
Street, New York.
On the 14th instant, in Fremont, by Rev. A. Wilson,
Chas. Uoiill and Mra. Itiour.l. J. RatD.
WaiAV, per bushel IU-.1 1.18-. WhiU 1,20
Flock, per barrel 7,25
Coa.v, per bushel, go
Cosx.iu the Ear So
Rvx, per bushel ,. . aj
Oats, per bushel as
BeTTRK,perpound t. 18 a 90
Eons, perdosen ............. .... ........ 16
CnassK, per pound ig
pHKKHKU Hous, per hundred .......... .6,o0aTT
Laan, per pound ......... 10
Salt, par barrel Flue, Coarae, (S 00
HiDKS.uer pouod T a 16
Flax Skbu, per buahol. ...... .......... ..a f 2 00
TmoTui Sun, per bushel..... J,oo
Clovks Sasu, par bualiol .,70 to T,00
BAsa, Smoked, per pound 10
Bs.xs, per bushel ,160.200
I'ovAroas.perbu.hel...... 50
ArPLCa, lireen, per bushel i'J a 40
Do. Dried, per bushel 187
PaACHKa,parcd, per pound ........ T a 14
Bkbswax, pt r pounit 40
OKlo.a, per bualiol. r..... J4
. CiiicKa,l.lve, Mrlb..,... ; a
Do. Ilreaseitlper pound ......... A
TcKK.va, Live, per lb, 4
Do." DroKaeO, per pound .'.......:... .:.
Wool, per pound ; Co 70
Specif :o1Iec3.
Consumptir staffrrtrs will rcri va a raluanlt prr-rc-lp-tlon
for tlie cur of Consumption, Asthma, BroasJiitia,
sad all Tlirosttnd lAina; affections, (frta of charg?,) by
thiltng their address to
Itr. K. A. WrLSrtN-
WlUtamsbrarir -
Jf ACOi r Rlog Co., Naw Yuik.
TnESEnvB tocr Bkacty, Stmmktrt OF
FoUsT, rora IIrai.tii 150 Mf-ttst I'owiss, hy aslns; that
flufe, Plcspint. Topulsr, and p-ciflc HervrAf knnsa as
lU-ad Lite aUvt-rti emrnt in another plncc and pruQt bj It.
Cut tt out and prsrYe It. Von mny not now require It.
Jtnt map ml $ ome future rfmr.
- It (ires hatth and rittnr t tit fraae.
And bloom to th pslld ehesk " , i.
It Satm l.onf SniTt-rlns; nnd Kxposnr.
am ucwara oi uountoirciui. mrrs uoaraivea.
Whooping Cough or Croup, however so-
Tfr nifty bo atlrlntcd and curfd b? tl)t usa of lladain
This tnva'arible m.-rjloin niMMri tli e ttrsnrdlnftr
pow r of ri-lipTin(; ImmMintf y Whoopins; Conch, Diffl
cnlty of Ureal hlnsr, Hosrsnvs, H'isMfntxs snd TlrkUnt; in
tha IhrvMit. It loosens mi phlfffm, and wtll b round
tmry asrt-alU to tht Uwie. It Is not a rlnlent remv1r,
but rn,nHlnt, wsrtnlnr. sparelHns. riTectlT. Csn b ta-
kt-n lij tlis ohiest person or fonnftr'st child. For sale by
all I) moists, nt 25 cents per bottle. 3w2
Sperrfiatorrooea can be Cured.
DR. ll.tNaVM KPrrillC nru 5o-rml-rraavi,
o'e-fiaal H'.nlia.-., Impvtemty, Late of Palter, etc,
eperAily and egrttaatia. Ha elTocte are trnljr mgtcal. A
trial nf the 9r"cmo will convince the nioat skeptical of
Ita meiita. Trice, $1 a box, aold b- all rc.poctahte Drntr
lt., or aent po,t-palil to any addrra,, bjr J. J. KROMKIl,
403 CutBT-CT Stsskt, riiiladelphia, Penn. Circular,
aent fret. B.M.P. Knv.ia, mo.
Drunkenness Cured.
"King Alcohol Arrested."
Po-TIAC, llich.,Sep. IS, 1SS3.
Ma. Kroukr: I recelTed the box of Dr. Zene'f Anti
dote Ton aent me a few drive a-n, and vnrm It to the per,nn
accordinff to direction.; it has done hlln aood, and he
aa.ra he don't want any more rum. 1 have a brother who
ia a ennllrmed drunkard. 1 w ant to cure him. Plenee
sent! me another box. Yonra, A. K.
One box Dr. Zane'a Antidote will cure tho moat Inveter
ate drunkard. It can be riven without tho patient'.
knowledge. Sold by all re,peetabl Drngglat,, or aent by
mall, by JOHN J. EROMER, 403 Chkst-ct Etsx-t,
Philadelphia. Circular, free. 8.M.P. Nov.13, moS.
Tho Oreat Chinese lteniedy for Secret Diseases.
One box will perform a care.
Ingredient, purely vegetable; plra.nnt to the inate; baa
no bad odor. and ro.y be carried in tlia veat pocket with
out fear of detection. Price fl a box, aent poet paid lo
anyaddreatby J. J. KHOMKR,
403 Oheatnut Street, Philadelphia.
Circular, sent free. 87mo6 g.M.P
The Confessions and Eperienck of
ax Ikvlid. Published for the beneflt, anil as a warning
and a CAUTION TO YOU NO MEN, whe suffer from ner
roua Debility, Premature Decay of Manhood, etc., aupply
ing at the anmc time the HKA.N3 OK SELF CURE. By
one why has cored himself after being put to great ex
pense and injury through medical humbug and quackery.
By encln.lng a pnat paid addressed envelope, aiuglo
copies may be had of the author.
8.M.P.Co.2l l Bedford, Kings Co., N. Y.
Tlie f.rcnt French Itcmcdf.
The only ri-rtain and n,fe remdj fur ft M Uterint Oh-
triKtionn, Monthly DinlculUffn, Irregularities, aud all
th other dlnnanrn to which tlm woman, wife and mother
it peculiarly nnoie. Then rills contain no di'leteriool
tngreutt-ntt, nut nr ttare and certain in their action.
Thoy ill he found to etert the hnppieit etT-ct in all
of prolnpmia uteri, In luchorrlite, or the whitri: thy
will bt found the en n lent and tnot certain cure that can
be found. It ti on account nf thin certainty that they
hou'd not be tnkeu by pregnant fematen during the first
three monthi, as mitrarringe in certain to be brought on
but at other periods their use la perfectly safe,
N. D. One Dollar enclosed to any authoiiced agent
III eusuiea pnrknpe of Tills by return mail.
C. TROPHY. Opnernl Atrf nt,
Fort Krie, C. W.; Buffalo, N. Y.
C.AUTioir. Beware of CruntPiffitn, tlie genuine hare
the iifnrttnro of C. CttOSBY, on the outside wrapper.
Fnrxnlefn Fremont, by C. K. McCnlloch, S. llucklnnd,
iu iJiiiuQ a un. in uivae, oy w, j. juiner. loyi
Important to Females. .
. The combination of ingredients in these Pills ara tho
result ot a long and extensive practice. . Tbey are mild ia
their operation, and certain In correcting all Irregulari
ties, painful men.tiuations, remoilng all obstruction.,
whether from cold or otherwise, hysterica, futigne, pain
in the back and limbs, kc, disturbed sleep, -,h!ch ai ise
froui Interruption of nature.
was the commencement of a new era In tlie treatment of
those Irregularities and obstructions which have con
signed to many to a FKUMATVRB aaAVS. No female can
enjoy good health unless she la regular, and wheneverao
obstruction tnkea place the general hi-alth begins to de
ara the most effectual remedy ever known for all com
plaints peculiar to Females. To all classes they are In
valuable, iadaciag with certainty, periodical regalarilf.
They are known to thousands, who have uaed tliein at
dillerent periods, throughout the country, having the
sanction of some of the most ravines pkytiriane ia Amer
ica. Lxpticit directiomt, atating vk
Meed, with each Box the frrvce Oi
taining from 60 to SO Pills, rill.
by remitting to the Proprietor, or
eut. Sold by Drogirtsta generally.
Bl'TCHINGS H1I.LYKR, Proprietors. .
81 Cedar Street, Mew York.
Sold in Fremont, bv C. R. HcCullocb. At Uellevne, by
C. J. Steele and W. B. Dimmkk. llyl
Golden Pills for Females.
(XFiLLiriLK ,X CoRRRrTINC, RKnri.ATi.vn AXDRsaorixtf
Theenmbtnatlon of Irifrredienta in Dr. Duponco a (Sold
enl'ilUlur Femabiara perfectly barmlesa. Thy have
bet-o uned in thf pi irate practice of old Dr. Dunoueo for
more than thirty year-, and thou Bands of .Ladies can
teNtify to their great and never failing euccvee, Id every
cnne; in correcting irregulariliea, relieving painful aud
die trebling mmiatruatioi), particnlaily at the change of
ine, emuunveio ten rius win cure that common vet
dreadful complaint, the Whites. Nearly every female im
tlie land ull'trftfrm thin complaint.
Tlie above Till hns permanently cured thousands, and
they will cure you If you use them. They cannot Jitrm
you, on the contrary they remove all obstructions, re
store nature to Its proper channel, and Invigorate the)
whole system. Ladies whose health will not permit a
increitKC of family, will find these pllji a sueceKsfnl pre
ventive. Ladies p- culiarly situated, or thoae supposing
thrm so, should not use these pills during the first three
mnnthstas they are certain to produce miscarriage. Af
ter which adtnonf lion" the proprietor awtuuiea uo respou
ftibilily. although their mildness will prevent anyinjejry
to health. Tlie Ingredients composing the above rills are
mad known to every agent, and they will tell yon tbey
are af. and will perform all claimed for them. ' Trie $1
per box. Sold holesaleand retail by
C. R. MoCuLLocn, Druggist, nnd
K. Dillon k Son, Druggists,
Agents for Fremont. Ohio.
LADIKS1 by sending either of these ngenU $1 throwgh
tht Fremont Tost Office, can have the Pills sent to any
part of the country (confidentially) and free of postage,
by mail.
K. B. Tl tin ark op a Bask Cofxthrprit op Trcrb
Pills. You can buy the counterfeit arlieloat auy price
from 2f. to To eents a'box (dear at that.) I,AI1KS yor
lives aud heultli are f too much value to be trilled with,
besides beiug imposed upon with a wnrthletts article
Therefore any one offering you thene Pills fur Ivau than
$1 dollar a box, avoid them ns you would poison. They
are bonus. None are genuine unless the name of S. D.
110 WK iaon every box, w hich has recently been added on
account of the Pill" lieiag counterfeited. Buy of iny ad
vertised agents and you are safe. Sold also by ItottAca
KKiLruMi. Norwalk,and BkVtqm Dkotukkb (at Gay lord's
old stand) Cleveland, and hy oue druggist In every tII
vageaud town In the United Stites, aud by 8. D. HOWK,
H4tl proprietor. New Yoik. Apr.S,'63 ly pd.
Uu backus Mo suae It Bluer.
To Dr. C. W. Robacc:
My Dear Sir: I nm dispens-
ing a second Invoice of your Stomach Bit
t4rs among the large number f men who
' fmmA f 1y -wrivtB wnt iiisiiiuiivn ror re ire n
,yJ7 went and rest. The unl vernal tMtimnny
fp Jf '"oaiinese rtuiers aia me oeat mane.
Vj-0 y,ir tn Tsrloas summer complaints which
ytf art) let ao inanv. I know of uo remedy so
tp siifeand so sure. Plutare says: "Tq a-tk
Physirlsn what Is easy and what Is hard
w of til .rest ion. and what will as-rea with the
stomach, ia about aa eeut-iule as to ak
I r" w hat ii sweet, or hitter, nr autiii- Pur.
0 I eooe who look out for breakers and have
h9 al ynar stomach bitters la the hoosa- I a -a
sure will sever ask aay aaa the silly
question spoken of by the great philoso
pher. 1 must not omit a word or two for your Catawba
brandy. I have many men here who have brandy pre
scribed for them by distinguished aimv surreorjai. The
eilecta of youra on such are most beneficial, far mure so
thau from auy other previously takt-u. Pisuus who de
sire a really pur brandy aaonot fail In thetr parcbaaa If
inry ge. your ur.cn,
1 am. Doutor. with aiuch roHpact.
Your servant,
O- W. D. Andrews, Superintendent.
f "iy" Offlro and Manufactory, Ns. ao, Mt 00 and VS
Knot Third street, k'nr saIc every where. Voe advertise
mint. Aug. 1, 'thl. lyiou
and oil, at . I.FbllKR 8 SHOE ST0KI.
jm a.- i
The- poHfr, tr-Ti-tbe Ki4 Kr,l-n-.t,
The create a health-appetite. 4 j
The an an antidote to ohr.- of wnjer and diet. :
The- OT.reem, ett.eia of dlaalpation and lata hnnrt. )
TliBt -trenfthMi the tratem and enllren the mind. '
Tbey prevent ml.-w.atte and loUtmltl.n1 feTera. '
The- pwrir. the breath and a.ldlt- f tb. ,te-uck.
Th,reiird;-pe-laandennatl-tlna. .
Tli.j core diarrhea, clmlera and cholera tnorlma. ,
They enra liter coniptalnl and ncrroa, hoadaehe. '
Ther are the be.t bitter. In (1.. -.o.l.l Vl. . ...
'"3 wiaae ma
weak man atronit, and art , han.tc natarn'a treat reatce.
r. They an mad or ann 8t. Crala Raws tb. celebrated
Callanja Bark, rooU and beiba, and an take with lb
pleaaura ora beT.ra-(, wilhoat reward --. or lima of
dav. Particular!- ncommended in rf-iu-.
nutria a fentle atlm.lant. Sold by all Orocera. Imr-
-I... ll.,.l....a.i k -
........ -aiowaw. r. n. Hraae a Ce, 20 Bnswt-
ooia in rramnnt, lir p. fjoHK
Katharlon la from the Greek word "Kalb-n n-r..
tharlo," signifying tn cleanse, rejuvtn-le and restore
Thl. artlcla 1. what Ita nam. slgniRes. For preferring,
realortng and beaj lifting the human hair It If tho moat
u.c ,.rrp.nuon in me world, it Is again owaeel
and put np by tho original proprietor, and Is aow made
wi.u . .ante care, .am and attention which gave it a
ale of over a million bottles per annum.
It Is a moat delightful Hair Dressing.
It eradicates acarf and dandruff.
It keeps the head cool and clean.
It make, tht hair rich, Mift and gloaay.
It prevents the hair from failing off and turning gray.
It restores hair upon bald head..
Any lady of aeutleman who v. I n-. . k .ir..i ,
hair should nse Lyon'. Katharlon. It is known and used
iiirouguout ine ctvlll-cd world. 8old by all resectable
dealers. DEM AS S. BARNES k CO., Proprietory
Ml00- New York.
Inimitable Hair Itestorative.
But rentore. gray hair to its original eolor. by aonnlrln
thecapillary tubera with natural anatenanco, Impatro I
ny ago or disease. All ,utateaixu danmn eomoooed
of (anat cautic, destnrjing tha vlUllty and baanty ot
ue hair, and afford or tberoaelvea no dressing. Reiaa
street's Inimitable Coloring not only re.torea hair to Ita
natural color by an easy prooraa, but gives the bair a
Luxuriant Beamy, '
promote. It growth, prevents Ita railing off, eradicates
dandruff, and Imparts health and pleaaantneaa to tha
bead. It baa stood tha test of time, being the original
Hair Coloring, and la constantly Increasing la favor.
Used by both gentleman and ladies. It la sold by all ro
ipeetable dealers, or can bt procured by them of the com
mercial agent, D. .Barnes, Broadway, N. Y. Twt
aisea 60 cents and $1. 29aoa
Diseases of tht Throat, Chest and Pulmonary organs,
are ever prevalent, insidious aad dangeroat. Th. prop
erties of a medicine to alleviate, ours and nproot theaa
complaints, must bo Eipoctorant, Anodyne and Invigor.
ating, ooaening the mubus or the throat, and Imparting
tone to tht entire system. No dtseovory in medical tel.
ence ever mattered tills class or diacasea like Dr. Wyn
koop' Iceland Pectoral. It is need with tht most aston
ishing re.ullt In all cases of Bronchitis, Infnensa,
Whooping Congb, Diptheria, or Patrld Sore Throat,
Asthma, Croup, Cough,s Cold. Nervous Irritability, Jte.
The Rev. J. jr. Potter, otrtiOes, " that I hart used Dr.
Wynkoop't Pectoral for years, myself and In my family
for severe Pulmonary Complaints, and havo recommea
ded It to many othera, and havo aovtr tern Ita oaus!. '
Rev. J. J. Potter, Brooklyn, N. T. ,
Hundreds aad thousands of important testimonials
could bt produced, showing its remarkable cures aud that
if never faih.
It Is composed of port Iceland Moss, Balm of GileVI,
Peruvian Balsam, Eltcamnaas, Comlrey, Burdock, and
other Invaluable tvptctorant and tonic ingredients.
It la harmlea., prompt and luting. Invalids and aafft-era
cannot afford to neglect a trial. Every family should
hart it. It la remarkable for Croup. Full descrlptiona,
recommendations and dlrectlnns accompany each bottle.
Bold in Town by all Drnggiata.
Prepared by Dr. R. D. Wrnkoop, and sold by D. S.
Barnes k Co. New York. 30me4
KELlcr lit TEN niNVTJES.
)ie Original Medicine EsUbllshed in 1M7, and first arti
cle of the kind ever introduced under the name of Pti.
momc Wakirb," in this or any other eoontry; all oth
er ruiroonic w aiers are counterfeits. The genuine can
be known by the name UKYAN being stamped on each
Rvliere Coughs, Colda, Sore Throat, UoArseue.it.
ReUeve, Asthma, Drouchltii, Difficult Breathing.
Bhtax'b PrLiioxio Wapkrr.
Relieve Spitting of Blood, Pains in the Chest.
Brtax's Pl'lxoxio Wapkbs,
Relieve Incipient Consumption, Lung Diacasea.
Brtax's Prmoxio Waprrr,
ReUeve Irilation of the Uvula and Tonsils.
Rrtax's Pulmonic Vaprrr,
Believe the above complaints ia Ten Minn tea.
Brtax's Pclmowio Waprrs,
Ara a Blessing to all Classes and CooaUtattoaa.
Brtax's Ptlmoxio Waprrs;
Ara lo a simple form and pleasant to the Last.
Brtax's Ptlmoxio Waprrs,
Are adapted for Vocalists and Public SpeaAera,
Brtax's Pi'lmoxio Wakcr.
Not only relieve but effect rapid and lasting Cwrea.
Brtax's Puuioxra Waprrs,
Ara Warranted to give aattsfactioa to every . ,
Ko Family should be without a box af
Brtax's Hiaxoxio Wapkk
lo the bonne. ' . - -i .
Ko Traveler shoald be without a supply f
In his pocket.
No person will ever olijeet to give 1W
Brtax's Pt'LMOxio Wasxm -
Twenty-five Cente.
JOB M08K3, Sola Prorprieter,
iil CourtlundtStwt, New Ye.
Sold lnFreaioot by 8. BUCK LA NO, aud K. DILLON k
ty MiTnawa Cbocol.ti Woan Daora ima rail,
to destroy and exterminate all kinda or Intestinal Worms.
Art perfectly reliable In all cases and far superior to any
and all tht fancy worm confection, and nau.ro us Vermi
fuges in ate. Tbty may bt taken at all timet with perfect
safety, aa they coutain Ko Mtrcury, or other deleterious
diug. Mothers should alwaya purchat. them, aad givo
their children no other. No cathartic whatever ia nr era
eery to be gtvea. For tab) by all Druggl.ta aud dealers I.
Medicinet. Pfiot, 2ft eeuta.
CDAf. It. WALKER, tlen. A renL
IM Buffalo, h. Y ., and Fort Erie, W. '
- Celebrated Female PilU, ,
L ett na
P A T X ai T .
Prtmaredfrom a mreerriplita of Sirjmnut Claras, At. i)
f S,.irui. A.'iir.-raaaa-y le (At 2aswak
Thla Invaluable aacdicina ia unfailing in tht cure of all
thett paiuful and dangeroat dlataaea I. which tht aaials)
eooatitutiou It aubject. It nsaderatea all execaaea and ra.
morca all obstruction and a spoedy cure may be relied aa.
It I, peeullarly autted. It will in a aaort time, bring tot
tht monthly period with regularity.
Eaoh hotttt, Prioa $1, Were tut Goverameat Stama atf
Oreat Britain, to prevtat ODuatarftlta.
In all oairrs of NerTQua and Splaal AOeoUoua, rlna I.
tht Back and Limba, fatigut oa alight txtrtion, Palpstti.
Hon of the Heart, Hysterics aod Wliitea, thes FUia will
tffeet a euro whe. all other meant havo lallad; ami al
though a powerful remedy, do .ot tootaia troa, aaWtMt,
aaU-aoBi, aay thing hurtful to tht constitution. , -
Full dirtctloaa ia tht pamphlet around each package
which should bt oaref ally preaerved. f r
8olt agent for the United Htate. and Oanadai '
JOB attn-ktt, at-turrrandt Street, New York.
N.C (1,60 and sis poatsg. ataiupt tndiuwd to soy
authorised ageut,-wiU taniro a bottle containing M Villa,
by ratum aaUI. Sold In Freiaeet, by 8. Bl'CKLAKD,
and C 1UI.I.0N at 80X Aug. ,

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