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jr. EBillbn ;E M,
Wholesale and
Linseed Oil, Carbon
And PAINTS of every
rra, vY
Counter, -."
Sash Tool, ',
Striping, i
Walt! Paper, Borders and Window Shades,-
inn and
Olismicalsl and Medicines,
POGKET KNIVES, BEADS, Nearly every kind.
i;fr"".!;!;'.i.:,N:;0-T''I O TXT JS .
School aricL Toy Books,
"! "V, "' VlZ; ' " wholesale and retail.
WRITINCr, Legal, Letter, Note and Bill Papers.
Slates tens, Pencils, Copy Books,' Account and Memorandum Books.
tr irfest Styles, Superior Quality and Lower Price than any in the market
.'.i .Traveling and Work Baskets, new stock just received.
Hv perfimiery and Hair Oils, Hair Dyes,' and Hair I Restoratives!
W claim to be on the top round of civilization in these departments. Our Glyc
erine, Honev, Windsor ana
; Emmmobent, and
.Iti- t...
Allspice,' 1
Ginger, ;
ri'.i-.;t .
f. ... !-T : -r. :
Family Dyesi
Madder, : 1
Cud Bear,,...
Logwood, Ground,
Logwood, Chipped,"
Logwood, Extract.
Camwood, ;
And 8unarv others Warranted the best quality,
PirieWimsi Brandt
V! : .?,' ',?' Medical and Sacramental purposes.. Our stock is old and pure.
Breast' Pumps,
Catheters, .
Bougies, . v
Caustic Holders,
Cupping Glasses, '
Horse Fleam,
Ear Trumpets, . 1
Filtering Paper,
Tooth Forceps, ; Scarifiers, '
Throat Forceps, Bed Pans,
Pessaries, Glass and Funnels, . -Rubber,
. . Hydrometers,
Miscellaneous Articles.
Ambrosia, , , . Pk Saucers, :
Sterling's A Reeves'- Exterminators
iT.Mn'a Xf nimolia. Costar's Rat,
Blueine. Bed Bug, .
Bandolin, ' . , " Hair Dyes . . .
Bloom of Youth, . Batchelor's, .
Colognes,1 . - Cristardora's,
ftnn.nk- '-''' ' " Miller's." '. '
Rouge, .. ... Russian, tc, , , . ' '
: I Patent and Family Medicines. ;
' ! Something to cut any of the thousand iTla which ffesh is heir to. A larger variety of Rera
ttdiea selected on the basis of merit cannot often be found in any one Drug Store.
Johnson's Rheumatic Corupouud, la one Remedy among many others worthy of particular
notice.. .It act on the Blood, which is now discovered to be in Rheumatism the source of all the
trouble. It is certainly effecting some remarkable cures.
If Remedy cures we are not over nice to inquire whether it comes (row Jew or Samara
tin, Christian or Outside Barbariau whether it wear the badge of a patent or traces its lineage
in a direct line to the Father of Medicine.
"' The following List comprises a few of the article under this head:
' BXL8AM8,,,; ;
BranUV... v.
Strickland's Co.
Boerhave's . .
Sherry Wine !
Drake's""1' '' '' ' :'
Graffenberg'6 ;
MoffaCs ..."
Langley's -Roback's
Ac Ac.
'" cordial.
Wikhart's Pine Tree
. CURKS. .
Ayer'a Ague
oeTa Dyspeptic ' ,
CatM""1 .
Marsha.' " i
Jayne's .'
Worm Candy '
Worm Confections ,
CATARRH... j 1'
Seeley's Ac
Jayne's Family Med
icines. '.. IINIMKKTS. . ,.,
Chinese '. :
Arnica .. , ,
Mexican Mustang
Rad way's"
Pain Killer .."'
Wizard Oil '
Magic Oil
Magic Liniment '' '
Gargling Oil .'. ,
Lithonthriptic for
Neuralgia King ,: '
Graffenberg's Pile .
Strickland's Pile
Holloway's v
Ivenedy's and others
Blackberry tc
Th .hove are 0?JLY A VERY F'EW ITEMS of our lame stock in these de
partments. : Additions a"lso are leing made from time to time of every thing NEW
Jind VALUABLE in our line.
!''.. Thatwe are thankful to our customers is a matter of course, but not only that,
' ' , 3 a tnitira fiivir VlV linf;lilill(T mi.l linul. il ufl'..Wu u1u.--jva tsi Luun
we inten" o In" 1 j . .. , v., ... -
the largest variety and the best quality of every thing in our line of trade; possible to
. j i c,!! liam sit. the lowest martft mUu
DC ODiaiu,5u Ai.VA omajro wkj trix
Sabbath Hours.
The Store will Ikj open on Sunday from 9 to 10; 1 2 to 1 ; ami 5 to 0.
Retail Dealers in
. V
I' I
Oil, White Lead, Zinc,
variety and Color. 1
Clothes" '
i.lV.: Hat, HU.'
, . , Tooth, Ac
JLiantem f
EQUAJLED.' ' ' ; ; -
onaving ooaps, are x ragrant, r
pertecUy delignuuL
Cloves, Mace,
" Copperas,
:. Blue Vitriol
Solution Tin.
Solution Indigo,
Probangs, Cork Screws,
Lancets, all kinds, Trusses, Braces, and
Suspensary Bandages
Rubber, Metal, Glass,
- Syringes, all kinds.
Tooth Wast, "Starch Polish, '
Tooth Soap, Handk'f Extracts
F lavonng Extacts Jockey Club,
Pond Lily
Pine Apple,
Raspberry, .
Night Blooming Cereus,
Rose Geraneum, .
and all kinds.
Vanilla, Ac,
Holloway's -Moffat's
all kinds
for all diseases.
Neuralgic -
Horse Powders
Cattle Powders
Cattle Liniment
Horse Liniment
Worm Syrup ;.
Pin Worm
Hive Syrnp
Schenck's Syrup
Seller's .
Salt Rheum ,
Winslow's Soothing
" ': ' CORNS.
Houchin's Solvent
sarsaparHiLa. .
Sands' -Bristol's
Ac Ac
salve. '.'.
Eye Salve -Russian
Magnetic Ac
Durno's Catarrh
Marshall's Catarrh
Scotch .
Brown's and Cory's,
Mc Lane's
Frey's : .
Fahnstock's ... . ...
Jayne's ,
The tfrfial Internal Restedift
Cinut. IVcurulgia, Hing!)' vil,
; : Scald Head,' Tetter King '
' : ' Wormj' Acij '&.tiy ' ':
is truly' rfM , i '
uhWe, fr tH cur oftlie abore rJanird di
uur irtheboTe onnivd diKeM
Kwwd the folliiwitift vtmctii aod tBtimot)ial:
XV All who one it receive benefit.
t f It cure where tU other femedies bil.
t iT No other Kkmkdy hu become o popular.
J" It Kivra nniverml utiiiifaction.
j? The proof 18 rooet abundant.
It i the only aure cure for "Rhkitiiatisii." '
ry It inlinoa fr RupfToenaU Hher.4 f 'J
lV lt4erw4by liii liiilSri
I f ItiKreciwnneoaedbj Fhfcin.! .
XjT' la truth it ia a perfect benefactor.
Hear the Testimony of a SoMkr!
Provost Marshal's OrriCK, 7
PiTTSBDKa. December 17, ISM J
Mr Amiirkw Joiinrson: Demr Sir In NoTember laat
I had aaerere attack of Rhpuinntism to which I hare not
been aubject for nearlr three yera. The attack waa ao
neve re that 1 could not move my hrnt i r raiRe my arm.
AftertryinR different nieHcineM withoo any avail, I
waainduced to m your KHKUV A I i:OMPOUND
ANI BliOOD FUUIK1KK, mi before I had taken three
bottle. I wu ao cempUUl f rarea'lhat I could perform
anfJutftv which y countrrt abi"ht call m leaf
Kladly and cialidentl recommend it to all my (eUaw aol
diera aa the quickest and lurcsl remedy I ever naed.
Your true friend, NORKIS PATTERSON.
Refcrtncti. T. i'ATTKRsoir and W. Duhcak, 77
Woodatreet. f'!iO'J ''-n:J ' 1
Let I fie Suffering Read and cease to Despazr-
Mr. Johnson .Dear Sir: This is to certify' that by
mint Ikree-fourtlu of a bottle of your RHEUMATIC
cured of Chronic Rheumatism, aftee haviDg auffered for
more than eigh teeny earn. It haa been over lour jeara
aino I wu eared, and I hare not hH the alighteat lyoa.
of the return. I remain yours truly,
Allegheny City, May 3, 1864. No. Jamee-itreet.
Mr. A. Jobksow Demr Sir: My wife was taken very
ill with njlaautatory Rheumatism in Much last. Hoe
ww very much swollen,- and the pain ahe auffered ia in
dincribable; ahe waa confined to her bed. I was adviaed
PURIFIER. I Rot a bottle of it, an! before the half of it
waa tred, she waa entirely well. The cure ia a perfect
one. I never eaw each medioine. She had only taken
three doses of it till the swelling and pain began to abate.
JAMES McAIiISTER, No. 128 Cherry Alley.
Pittaburg, April 19, 1 864.
R. E. SELLERS & CO. Pittsburg, Pa.,
Sole) Proprietor.
For sale by , , DR E. PILLQN & SON.
il t.a'K 'A
. .. -i, 1- . - ;'f 'ii- "
Impeiial Oough Syrup,
Pronounced to be the Pleasantest and most
Efficacious Remedy, now in use. , .
For the ,Cure of Coughs, ,-Co(,j Hoar
ness, Influenza, Tickling Sensation
of the Throat, Whooping
Cough, &c, tie., dec.
Sellers' Imperial Cough Syrup has giv
en relief t jkunrdn irho hare used At, and the proprie
tor m perauaded that It hu the power to impart benefit
that cannot be claimed for the Cough Mixtures in gen
eral use. . :'! .HM'iA . ! Hi -4 'i
Moat of the mixtures sold for coughs are composed of
spirituous and inflammatory articles, which, while they
give little relief,, really do harm. The Imperial Cough
Syrup contains no apirltnoua ingredient whatever, and
may t naed in all oases not requiring an active medical
From A. Cuabtug;, Drugglct, Soatlk Bend,
B. 8. Owbst, Esq., VtMT Sir. In nrp! f to f oir-faw
of the 13th instant, I would say that Sellers' Medicines
hu far exceeded my expectations; and in no can have
they failed to produce the desired eff'et- The Congh
Syrup a a cure for Coughs, Colds, ho-, and the cheap.
ns of the article places it within the reach of all, which,
together with ita efficacious qualities, renders it a uni
versal favorite. Not a day. passes without, amaeroai
calls tor 'theoae thins; needful," at thi nof the
year, via: Sellers Cough Syrup. A. O. HINQ.
. PREPARED; AND 80LD BY . , 11
E. R. SELLERS & CO., Pittsburg, Pa.
For sale by , fDRSU piLLON A SON.
iijijhifjM mm; Un'l
. ', !. i n !
. v-M-n in-.-
(The Original, Ouljjrrae aud Genuine.)
Has stood for Thirty years a 8tapieReroedy, naeqnaled
by any medicine known for the cure of lAvtr Complaint,
Cottec, Sirk Htrndtcke end Billm$ Vuor4trs,ni
indeed for the whole ejus of disewes originating fn bil
iary derangements. , j? .;M;,,
Symptoms of a Diseased Xiver.
Weneral loss of ai pefitej sickne&a of ' the stomach,
pains in the head, ehouldere, back and sides; aenae of
weariness, with sleplem nights, flostivenesao bowels,
followed in totnai case by' loosoess; slight dry cough,
low apirita, with disinclinations tn every duty, are prom
inent symptoms of a diseased state of the liver The
liver Is, onwever, often much deranged w bee the most
formidable symptom are absent, and becomes daily
out of order before It is known. ...... ,,jr- , ,
Great Cure of Liver Complaint
ftj llie Original, OulyTtM A- Genuine
Kilvkr Crrkk, Ohio Co Virginia, March 20, 1H49.
JHr. U. . Sellert Dear Sir: 1 think it a duty I owe
to yon and the public generally, to state that I have
beenaniicled with Liver Complaint, for a long time, and
ao badlf, that an abaorsa formed sort broke, which left
me in a very loir state. Having heard of your celebrated
I.ivnr J'll's betnpTforaaiers)! Aiit; Sharp, West Liberty,'
and reromnieudeU to ne by my physician, Dr. F- Smith,
I concluded to give teem a fair trial. 1 purchased one
box and found than to he Jast whattfley are recommend
ed th beet Liver-fill everiised. and after taking four
boxes, I Odd the disease hu entirere-left me, and am now
perfectly well. Respectfully yours.
- . , D, H. COLKMAN.
i ' ir- Wtt Libkrty! March SB, 1149.
I certify that I am sraoaly acquainted with Mr. Cole
man, and can bear teetHnony to'tbe truth of the above
certificate. , .A, R. SHARP. .
Gkkk.ivillk, Floyd Con Indiana, Oct 27, 1868.
Mr. R. X. Seller-Sir:. I. am out of your Liver Pills,
and should be glad to receive a supply as tbey give gen
eral ea'isfaetion.
Fleas send me some soon, , CTRtS. BRADFORD.
BEST FAJflEv niilS.
AuxjUiuwa, Licking Co4 Okio, Marck 8S. -
: Mr. D. S. Ow Dear Sir: 1 hseued SELLRR3'
I.1VKR 1'ILIJS myself and in my family, and must say,
as an alurmtive and common family physic, I consider
ita very desirable pill. '!ite .f '
They are prompt, but mild in their effect; aronse a
healthy action of the Liver, carry off the morbid secre
tions, and leave the system in a healthier condition
plum any physic I have ever taken or administered. :
yery truly and respectfully,
t s TOTIIIPi;BLlGf rff
Owing Wtlie increaecd 'levjiana throughout the eoutr-'
try for Swmr Coaled Pill, the proprietor has com
menced the process otSriGius CoiTixa the Cai snBitTro
Livkr Till, thereby placing them before the public both
Plain and Sij;ak Coatkd.
. .s. proprietors, lIUKbiirr, t'a.
For sale by DR. E. JILLON A SON.
Fremont Journal.
Fremont Journal. Local and Miscellaneous Matters.
s. in. rETTifvoiUL at co
No. 37 J'arkKom, Nat York, tt 6 Stale-t,Boton,
ARK on; authorised AganU far the Faojr opajiAX,
i'a tabw cities, and are amthariaed to taka Advtrtisainents
an 8abarlpUona for us at ear LowasT Rati. - - 'S
Extra Copies
Of the Joukhal ia wrappers, for mailing, can
always bs had at our office on Friday and Sat
urday. Price 5 cents each. .
Mail Arrangements, Fremont Post Office.
Going East, Way Mail 1 .,...10,80 A. u.
" Through Mail 6,00 ,. M.
Going West, Way Mail, i,00 r. M.
" Through Mail, 11,00 A. m.
Black Swamp, (Weekly,) Saturday, 8,00 a. a.
Rollersville, ., Tuesday and Friday, 1,00 r. H.
Fostoria, ha., via L. F. fcL. Railroad (JO r. M.
From the West, Through Mail,.. 7,30 A.m.
Way Mail, 110 A.M.
From the East, Through Mail, 12,14 r. H.
" " Way Mail, 7,00 r. a.
List of Letters in Fremont Post Office.
Arlington, Kelley A Leon's MinstreiR.
Skelton's Patent Horse Shoe.
p Fish .Market. ? -' k.-.v2.-
J. M. Corey, PhysicianlandjSurgeon.
Licensed Auctioneer, 8. VV. Smeed.
For Sale; O. H. Bnrdiek. 'HXX'Tf
Dissolution Notice, Thompson A Spicer.
Ezra Vincent's Estate, C. W. Page.
Valuable Mill Property for Sale, Catharine
Collier. , - .f .
Sale of Seal Estate.
Sale of Real Estate.
Large Apples.
Mr. Thpinaa prillmor, of Ballville township,
left at our office a half-bunhel of apples, the
largest we have seen this season. Only 24 can
be got into a ball bushel 'measure; Home i qf
them measured fourteen inches in circumfrance.
If any of our subscribers can show larger or
better ones; all they have to do; is to present a
"bag full" to this office, and we will publish
the fact.
s I i j , . m ; . e- g ;
Change of Firm.
L. V. Spicer, Esq., of the firm of Thompson
& Spicer, has sold his interest in the Stove and
Hardware business to O. England and J. P.
Thompson. The new firm will continue the
business in all its branches, under the firm
name of Thompson dt Co.! The new firm are
young men of s tearing integrity, and deserv
ing of a liberal share of public patronage.
Arlington, Kelley & Leon's Negro Minstrels.
It is seldom that we recommend Negro Min
strel Companies to our readers, but for once we
deviate from our course. Arlington, Kelly and
Leon's Minstrels are at the head of the profess
ion, and will give a concert at Union Hall on
Monday, evening,' Oct. 23d. iThe Cleveland
Herald says: '
"No troupe in the country stands higher
than the Arlington, Kelly and Leon combina
tion in all the attributes necessary for a perfect
and successful organization."
The Cleveland Leader, of the 17th, says:
"Brainard's Hall was crowded last night by
an audience which enjoyed immensely the en
tertainment given by Arlington, Kelly and Le
on's Minstrels. . The performance had, the mer
it of great variety, and everything thaf was at
tempted was achieved in the best style known
to the profession. They are undoubtedly the
best troupe now traveling.
"Those who love the charming music of a good
Piano, will not fail to call and hear one of Hal
let, Davis dt Co' s. renowned Pianos, at Miss
Herriman's Millinery , Store. Their instru
ments, after 25 years use are still gootjU j
They are known in" Europe and America
as men of long established reputation and honor.
It is with great pleasure that Dr. E. Dillon
t Son inform the people ;the people that they
have enlarged their store by additional rooms
and made extensive improvements. Also have
made and are making large additions to their
stock of paints, oils, drugs and sundries.' "Among
theae we offer - -' -' "
52 Barrels Coal Oil i? r ; j t ;5 j I
5,000 lbs. White Lead and Zinc.
An immense variety of Colored Paints, Varn
ishes and Oils, Indigo, Madder and all kinds of
Dye Stuffs, which all the 'women say can't be
beat-' 1 ''" 1
95 Buses Window Glass. ; . s
The superiority . our .-Lead, Zinc and Paints
generally, their elegant Uriinh and durability,
are established beyond contaoversy.
E. DILLON & SON, Fremont.
j Their Drug Store ia open en Sunday 'from 9
to 10 a. ta4 from 12 to 1, and 5 to 6 p. m.'
-'Mrs. O. L. Claghorn. and Mrs. Mansfield
would inform the ladies of Fremont and vicini
ty that they have established a co-partnership
for making Dresses, Cloaks, Collars, Basques,
and patera of all kinds, latest styles, at reas
onable prices. '
ltemember : ' the place, corner of. Arch and
Garrison Streets, , . 40w4, . ?. . ? . .
y ; At Buckland's Drug Store, ' . ""
Metropolitan Fire Insurance Co.N. T, Assets $1,600,000
North Ajnerifan...,. ,. , ., " 7!1,000
Security Marina ! " 1,800,000
New England Hertford . . ., 36Q,000
Accident Insurance Co, Colnmbus, O, Capital , yWO,00P
L. H. Morehouse having resigned the Agency of the
above named companies, W. L. Batman has been ap
pointed agent in his eteed.- The eompaniea are alt well
known as prompt and reliable and have been liberally
patronised by our business men. alm3
W. I. KEIiLEY, M. D.
HAS opened an omoe in Birehard Block over Dryfoot
Clothing Store; and respectfully tenders bis pro
fessional services to the cttriens of FREMONT, and all
the people surrounding. Having spent two years and a
half in the 4nnjr as SURG BON, feels justified in earing
that any case of Surgery submitted to his aere, will re
ceive pmper attention. I'articulax attention given to
Chronic Diseases and the treatment of Children.
Residence, Main Street, nearly opposite the Episcopal
Church. - rremoct, Dec JO, 1864. ly .
At the residence of the bride's father, in Erie county,
Oet. llth, IW, by Rev. Walter, Lieot. o. W. COLLVER,
of the MTth O. V. I. and Miss MAR " X. KINA7QB.
At the residence of the bride's rather, In Clyde, Oct.
12th, by Rev.. 8. Broadwell, Mr. CHARLES R. MASON,
of the 3d O. V. C, and MIbs JULIA A. COLLVER.
Id Clyde, on the 17th lost, by Rev. 6. R. Brown, Mr.
GRORlit E. 8WKETLAND, merchant of the firm of
Sweet land Bro'a, Triangle, N. Y, and Miss MARY A.
C LOUGH, of the former place. . r-. . , . ; v
With all the atwve notices cane remembran
ces of the printer in greenbacks. May all the
parties enjoy long lives of happiness - and pros
perity. In Green Springs, Oct. 17, by Rev.' J. 8. BroadwelL
Mr. HENRY 1NN13 and Miss LYDIA A. FRANK.
In Lansing, Michigan, Oct Mlj, at the Teydriencs of
James Hasted, Esq., by Rev. J. S. "Weed,M. EDWARD
W. BANKS, of Fremont, Ohio, and Miss SVALINE
BAUGHART, of Ann Arbor, Mich, s -.
On September 23d, of Cholera Infantum, NELLIE G,
daughter of Willi ax E. Nubok, deceased.
' '
j -rr J;J!T
i Dr. Robinson's Unrivalled Tooth-Paste is the
safest and most agreeable Paste in se.'.It
leantifies the Teeth, prevents decay, and heals
diseased gums.. Sold by all Druggists,
"We know the world IS dark and rough,
' But time betrays that soon enough."
Still a goodly portiojvof the dark spots may be
eradicated by those afflicted with' Catarrhal dif-.
licultiea by the use of Dr. D. H. Seelye's Li
quid Remedy. For sale by all Druggists.
Ty t -: - - -
Grkat Fias. The Operator in the United
States Telegraph office at this pace has furn.
ished us the following despatch! 5 r;
' Detroit, Oct 19th. -The massive Freight De
pot of the Michigan Central R. It. Co., is now
a smouldering heap of ruins. Narrow escape
of the Passenger Depot Nearly all the Freight
Depot's contents was destroyed. Loss $1,500,-
ooo. - i ' ::
-When Mry-. Jefferson Tras asked respect
ing his religion, ltis memorable answei was :
"It is known to Gol and myself. " Its' ev
idence lfore the world is to le known in
my life; if that haii been honest aud duti
ful to society, the religion which has regu
lated it capnot be a bad one.
"Butter Forty-five per Pound.
"Butter Forty-five per Pound. BY PARKINS.
Air 11 Who will car for Mother ma". ;
JBee the kine so sleek and hairy, ' .. - !
- uaimiy cuewmgat tueir cud;
Pastures green around them growing,
' And gad flies buzzing in the wood,
Tell them that you'd know their answer,
i As you question every cow
''Mnley, tell me, tell me truly,
Who can pay for butter now?"
Chorw Around the markets I am marching,
i , - . Asking who will tell me how, ?
'a .4 In tn8 name of all that's fearful,
: Who can pay for butter now?
The farruer's tell us, to pur sorrow,
That cows are very dry this year,
But who from this ean comfort borrow,
While butter is so extremely dear?
Should you offer them but forty, -
They d kick up a precious row,
. So I insist on loudly bawling
Who can pay for butter now?"
, , Chorus Around the market I am marching,
Asking who will tell me how
' In the name of all that's dreadful,
Who can pay for butter now?
Oh, I will soak ray bread in gravy !
, - Or any other kind of grease, . r, - .
Thus making all the greedy farmers
Gladly sue for terms of peace,
But will.they keep up their prices?
. To Imposition 1 11 ne'er bow, ,".'. .",.' ,
. And tell them plainly to their faces, -
- ""I'm blowed if I buy butter now !"
Corus- Around the markets I am marching,
.' ' -.!: Asking all to tell me how,
' " ' In the name of all that's frightful,
: ' - Who can pay for butter now?
Ending October 14tb, 1865, prepared by A.
F. Gallaohee, County Recorder:
S. M. Reynold to A. George, 15 acres.
section 16, Green Creek, , $570
S. fersing tn a. ueorge acres, section
21, Green Creek, r, 800
Jno Smith to A. Hensel, 70 acres, section
19, Sanduaky, 2,000
JnVBtierwait to Weidraan, 37 acres,
section 7, Sandusky, . . - 100
Jas. Temple to . Chambers, 60 acres, -i..
section 20, Townsend, 1,500
I. Sharp to J une 4 Cu rtis, part of lot 248, ?
Fremont, ........ 4,000
R. P. Buckland to Chas. Thompson, part a
of lot 119, Fremont, 100
Wm. Luts to Sara. Luts, 40 acres, section
23, Riley, - ' -100
D. Garvin to J. Kramer, lot 141, Fremont, 3,500
S. Fennimore to C. Michael J4U acres.
section 6, Ballville, 2,060
B. Nelson to G. Daniels, 40 acres, section
13,Riley, 1,000
T. Hair to . Shoch, 40 acres, section 28
Riley, 8,000
Chas. Borer to Jos. Burger, lots 27 and
28 and part of lots 7 and 8, Hessville, 500
H. Rousb to IL Baker, lot 66, Clyde, 250
N. B. Mason to H. J. Rousb, lot 66, Clyde. 200
Jas. Temple to Wm. Lyon, 40 acres, sec
tion 17, Townsend, , , 1,000
Jas. Temple to J. N. Winters, 40 acres, -
section 21, Townsend, 1,500
M. Philips to A. Groat, lot 395 and part .
of lot 396, Fremont, 1,700
McPherson Evergreen Cemetery Association.
The President, Trustees and Company of this
Society .having been legally organized, and hav
ing secured and laid off the necessary grounds
in sizes and shapes suitable for Family Lots and
Vaults, and being now engaged in fencing and
embelishing the same, have the honor of invi
ting all interested, in purchasing a lot in those
popular and beautiful grounds, to mot ns on
the premises in Clyde, Sandusky county, Ohio,
on Friday, the 20th day of October, 1865, at 10
o'clock, Aw AL. ;
A minimum price has been fixed on the lots,
varied according to size and location, barely
sufficient to pay for the lands and improve
ments.' " Arid the excess that may be obtained
over that price by praiseworthy competition,
the Corporation is pledged to invest in such re
pairs and improvements as subsequent exigen
cies may require. Many lots have already been
selected adj acent to the grave of our lamented
General McPherson, adjoining the space reserv
ed for his monument, supposed soon to be erect
ed. But desiring as we do, to allow all to par
ticipate in this opportunity for generous rivalry,
no lots will be disposed of before the day and
hour appointed for this public sale. '
All newspapers deeming this of sufficient
public importance, will oblige us, and perhaps
promote largely the interests of a worthy object,
by either copying this, or calling attention to it,
as their judgment shall dictate.
Terms of the family lots and vault sites: One
third in hand, remainder in six and twelve
months without interest.
By order of the Board,
C. W. PAGE, Sec'y.
Clyde, Sept. 26th, 1865.
Council Proceedings.
FREMONT, October 18th, 1865.
Council met; Mayor, Recorder and Council
all present. Minutes of previous meeting read
and approved. ; .. - - -t v
Committe on the sale of Engine House con
tinued. ---'
An ordinance was passed restricting any rail
road locomotive, or car, or train of cars on any
railroad within the corporate limits of this vil
lage Running at a greater rate of speed than four
miles per hour.
The Recorder was instructed to issue a $50
order to Capt. Young, amount appropriated to
Fremont Engine Company, No. 1.
On motion of Couucilmen Thompson, the
night police were discontinued after Monday
next. ....
Street Commissioner was ordered to open
Mulberry street to Corporation line and have
fences set back on line.
The Street Commissioner was ordered to put
in a crossing at the alley between Dr. Kelly's
and D. Hoke's property on Brush street.
On motion, Street Commissioner Anderson
was appointed a Board of Health, with full
power to enforce all ordinances for the removal
of dirt, rubbish, nuisanpes, etc., throughout
the village, and o purchase and use lime
wherevpr it may be deemed necessary or bene
ficial, and that he receive for his compensation
$50 per month. Yeas Harris, Williams, Fa.
bing, Thompson and Krebs. Nays none.
Divers orders granted. Adjourned.
The commercial editor of the New York
Independent says: :
t'We woujd by iuj means give encourr
agement to any wild speculation, or stim
ulate undue trading in any direction; but
it is well that the enterprising people of the
country the farmers, the manufacturers,
the bankers, and the carriers should un
derstand that they may bojdly tush an
their great undertakings, exert their ener
gies to the utmost, without danger of meet
ing a reverse from over production or ov
ertrading. The conditions of the country
are such that, for many years to come,
.here tyilj be full empqymeiit fqr al labor:
era, and a sure market for all productions
that minister to the legitimate demands of
a civilized community."
' aim -
The Public Ledger (Philadelphia,) un
der the tjte of "The Immortality of Truth
and Justice," shows that our country is on
the eve of a grand career, and that her
prestige abroad has been immensely exalt
ed by recent events adding that
"The sacrifice we, as a nation, made in
186, in resisting the furthtir extension of
the Slave Labor system, and then, when
necessary, overthrowing Slavery itself, and
the kindness manifested to former rebels,
have given us power and credit already
in the eyes of the world, and strength such
as we had never conceived. Everything
American is now going up in the European
market, And this is only just beginning.
All history is lefore it. While secession
is dead, our government securities are dai
ly rising, and only our enemies in Europe
are confounded,"
' ' ' . , - ..
The Tunes' Texas letter says the State
is fast attaining its former prosperity.
Civil authority is gradually assuming con
trol; post offices are opening and stages
are running again. Gov. Hamilton's ad
ministration is universally endorsed.
1'."T.S- .- . ' .
It is reported that Gen. Fremont, as the
representative of a large company, has
purchased the iron works of Choutea, Har
rison & Valie, at St. " Louis, for two hun
dred and fifty, thousand dollars, and will
remain In that city permanently, as the
chief officer of the company.
, Th following ifl avtopy. ' Jbf th am'nesty
oath subscribed to by Gen. Lee;
" Omci WoVabt TcnU6, P '
RocKBWlwiCo.,Fi:f'Oct.2,'65." f
I, Robert E. Lee, of Lexington,-Va., do
solemnly swear in the presence of Almigh
ty God that I will henceiforth faithfully
support, protect and defend the Constitu
tion of the United States and the union of
the States thereunder, and that I will in
like manner abide by and faithfully sup
port all laws and proclamations which have
been made . during the existing rebellion
with reference to the 'emancipation of the
slaves. 'So help me God." ' " " '' " '
Timothy for muscle; clover Tor milk;
t orn for fat The timothy should be cur
ed in full blossom, or a little later. Clo
ver should be cnt when first reddening,
before it is fully .matured ?JThis is the
time and the 'only time' tj cut clover.
Then all the nutritive juices are-! in perfec
tion. Sneh;luiyi-rrd.T'-cared has a
slight' &laxativejteridency-Juat what is
wanted in winter. It will be -greedily
eaten, even when somewhat- touched with
mould-rrand give..millt in profusion, .This
never fails? On the other hand, timothy,
instead of secreting milk, ; will form mus
cle; hence, the hay for horses; and hence
preferred so generally. Strawwhen'ear
ly cut and properly cured not drjedi has
somewhat the quality of clover. But Oh,
how neglectful we are about the curing of
straw, when it is one of the finest of employ
ments , . There is a fragrance about such
straw, and the pale green tint which makes
it a valuable arid most pleasant fodder.
: Timothy, , then, ..for horses; clover for
milch cows;' and straw 'well cared' and
cut, for either. It is excellent to mix with
meal, or feed carrots . beats, ,with , We
would, when tlius fed, make butTitfle differ
ence between good barley or even" oat
straw, when early and properly cured, and
timothy for stock, especially 'cows in milk.
For your stock, tender timothy is excellent
We are so reckless in feeding. We feed
promiscuously we feed ! what we have to
feed without taking much pains to get a
proper selection, or to prepare it welL For
instance, we feed few, corn-stalks, raised on
puqrose for fodder, when yet this is one
of the best hays that can be fed and in
the summer, in a drought it is one of the
greatest advantages, fed out' green. Ru
ral Worttt,;H' A!;' AV'f ,",...!-,?
a! D. Richardson,' the Oregon corres
pondent of the New York Tribune writes
as follows from Portland,' Oregon :
Oregon has a healthy, steady ' growth,
and a great future, Her miues produce
gold and silver, iron and coal, copper, lead
and marble. She - Rlready exports wool,1
lumber, fish and fruit! Sheep raising is one
of the most lucrative pursuits. Woolen is
the leading branch of manufacturing fairly
inaugurated both here and in California.
Oregon has three large mills in operation,
and a fourth, ; costing. f 7,0,000, ?has just
been erected. Her lumber.re80urces are
varied and boundless; her waterpower un
surpassed in the wourld ; Oregon cider is
already famous on this entire cost; indeed,
much is sent to the Atlantic cities. Ap
ples to the amount of $250,000 were ex
ported last year; and the valleys produce
grapes, peaches' plums nectarines, apricots
and -strawberries. Fruit . trees at two
years old equal in size those of New York
and Ohio at four.; The average yield of
wheat to the acre is from 25 to 50 per
cent greater than Ohio. The best un
proved lands command - $8 to $16-per
acre : unimproved $1 25. to f 5. , Of ; the
Willamette Valley, prehaps th richest re
gion in tha Unjted -States, not more than
one-tenth is yet under cultivation, ,, ,,, , ,
The Democratic candidate, ( for, jComp
troller in New 'York, Lucius Robinson,
voted for negro suflrage, m. the, Legislature
in I860, and has never recanted the opin
ions he then neld. ,
A reiwrt recently ' -presented to the
London Academy of Medicine states that
since 'spinturlism became m vogue cases
of insantiy have augmented twenty five per
Cent - ' - ... : . :-..-, , -i
Serious losses are sustained by farmers
in me neigpornooa oi rjxmoin, Jngiana,
in consequence of the prevalence of a fa
tal disease among the swine. -
In Belgium a disease is distroying the
chickens in reat numbejwOnft pjfOpne
tor i)ear liurgen lrwt thirty-seven in a few
hours. The cattle plague is also raging in
the kingdontii"
, It i estimated, Isay 3 a telegraphic df-'
patch, that 25,000 bales of cotton will be
produced along the line of the Illinois Cen
tral xtauroaq, against, o,UUU last year. -
The Union portion of theMethodLst con
gregation in Newport Ky. over which the
RebeJ preacher Huston was recently placed
by the conference, , have resolved though
in the majority tp..withlraw land worship
ty themse'vea,, Une pt the Irfes pytenan
Churches has been tendered' them for this
purpose, j :. j
The Associated Press VwV. has . daily
communication with every city North and
South, as before the rebellion.
. The Union party,' in" the- 'late "charter
election n Newark,'New "Jersey, made a
gain of 2,400 over last fall, when the Dem
ocratic majority in the State, for McClellan
was 7001. 1 ' ' ' "" ' D " " '
Colonel Stowell, of Cornwall, Vt, has
recently sold a ram for $3,0Q0ad severs
dl tSfiU'S of distinguished rama nk 12,500
each have been recently made. ii i
k pair of dwarf elephants, not much larger
than Newfoundland, flogs, recently arrived
London from the interior of Africa. They are
extraordinary curiosities, and the flint of the
breed ever brought to England. One was
bought by the Royal Zoological Gardens, Re
gent's Park, London, and the other was pui
chased by Mr. Barnum's agent for his new mu
seum in New York. , , , j . .j ,
' Miss Harriet Lane, niece of ex-President Bu
chanan, will be married shortly to Henry E.
Johnson, a wealthy banker . of Baltimore.
Johnson was one of the political martyrs of
Fort Warren, in the early part of the war, for
running the blockade to Richmond, t) -t
; The Village of Neuchatel, Switzerland,
was almost entirely destroyed by flre on
the night of the 12th ultimo, 1 Out of one
hundred and twenty-three houses only
nineteen remain. " The fire originated in a
house occupied by the captaiu of the fire
men, aud was probably caused by an jn
In Mexico a"; general insurrection has
broken ont in the state of Ojaca, where the
patriots have accumulated large stocks of
arms aud treasure.
The total taxable valuation of projerty,
real and persqnal in the State of New York
is $1,550,80,685. In .New York chy
it is $622,595,040 nearly fifty millions
more than in 1864. The State debt is
$25,634,526 86. , Since.', 1860, reduced
8,000,000. ' -
According to the siatement'of tiie Mem
phis Bulletin that city must be. a Jiyely
place far lawyers. It says there are over
1,000 Cases on !trie"'crinnnal docket, and
4,494 cases on the docket of the Common
Law and Chancery Court 4 There is but
one judge for each-court, and the'2?MJ7rf
argues that the mrmtajf shojiH be in
creased, in order that the docket mav be'
cleared during the present generation.
'I The English capitalists visited the T'ray
eler's (Jlub in New' Yorkon - Friday,' and
some speeches were made. In respond
ing to, one of the complimentary addresses
Sir Morton Peto said ,
"He hoped the American people woul
never forget what England -ana English
men had : accomplished in former times,
and he begged to . assure them that the
people of England, ia and out .of Parlia
ment, were not really hostile to the cause
of, the Ifnion during the .late.war.,' They
were frequently misinformed and misled
as to the Resources and prospects of the
North, and very many of Ihem did truly
imagine in consequence that the Union of
the States was eternally broken, '- But this
was plainly owing to the efforts of many
Americans then, resident in, England, anil
the ' statements printed by very many
American presses on this side of the ocean
When Americans labored thus in England,
he would ask, was jt to be wondered at
that a number ' of Englishmen believed
them, and thought that the United States
Government had failed ? t He (Sir Mbrtonj
was always of the opinion that tliere were
as many friends of . the. Union to be found
at one time in the city of London as could
be had in New , York.' Of this he spoke
with a full knowledge." 7 w . j
r There is a good deal of truth in ihose
remarks. When we, had newspars of
some pretension, J)eake.r3 of note, andTNa
tional Convenlirts, solemnly proclaiming
the w ar to be a failure,, .and the restoration
of the .Union impracticable, foreigners, un
able to understand all 7 the mysteries of
American politics, might be pardoned for
accepting the Union at our own value.
The London Daily 'News frankly tells
the English that evil results have1 come of
their conduct during the war. it says:
"The Alabama and Shenandoahwere ad
mitted to all the privileges of men-of-war;
and were allowed to! pursue their career of
spoliation unmolested.-' We are now wit
nesses to the consequence of our doctrines.
' As we have sown so are we reaping.-
Jo will whining deprecation or blustering
repentance avail us now.-"-'--" t '':
' It needs little sagacity' now, surely, to
determine - which would1 have 'been the
more advisable course -t he course that
was actually followed, or that which was
rejected. No ' one, certainly, 1 who ' has
watched the course of the war1, will pre
tend that the devastations of the Alabama
and the Shenandoah either shortened or
prolonged the war one hour; No doubt
individuals suffered great loss, but itis vairj
to imagine that' the Executive 1 at ' Wash;
ington or of the American people wa? in
fluenced One jot by tbeif calamities! 1,1 " 1
-' -'Probablythe effectupon the North was
that the mass of their mercantile marine
was transferre! into the names : of British
citizens. " ine-national injury that was
done was done by this country: The peo
ple of the;. North fu,Cvv1th4 iVir...-pang
which it may take years. ,toi assuage, that
if their commerce tad . been destroyed it
was destroyed by . ships built, equipped.
armed, and partly manned by Uritisa citi
zens. , Had there Tbeen .no Liverpool and
no uiasglow mere would nave been no Air
abamas. What we have done has been
not to aid the North or the South, but to
exasperate both. . The North, indeed, felt
that let the , British sympathisers do what
it ttit ' a, m. .
iney pieasea m tne , way pt . supplying last
Bailing steam cruisers, they . could not ulti
mately affect the , result of the: war. . But
it is in vain to deny that the depredations
of the cruisers roused a . spirit of. indigna
tion and rancor in the American mind,
which, most unhapily, is still kept alive by
the. obstincy of the,. , Captain of the Shen
andoah. ..i Whether or not it js advisable
tq treat this man and his crew as pirates
we offer no opinion. ,, It is , natural
enough that soma who encouraged and dt
fended those who were engaged in fitting
out buc vessels s&oujd. be alarmed at the
results of their doctrines. , . B ut they should
console themselves with the reflection
that as the consequences inevitably follow-
eu iroija. uieir pnwciptes, n is not impro-
vmuus wut weir pnocipiea neea revision.
... xmcrs. ( ;' . t
The Columbus Journal says in pursu;
ance of instructions from the Provost Mar
shal General, Colonel Wilcox' has issued
orders for the consoldationi of the District
Provost Marshals' offices, in this State as fol
lows: ...! s-' n..s.. -v' -1
1st, 2d, d and 6th, 1 headquarters, Cin
cinnati, Captain A. E. Jones, Provost Mar
shal, m - - ! ''-
I '4th, 7th and 8th,' ' headquarters Colum
bus, Captain :A.'Nesbitt, Provost MarV
shal t.--1' '' "i'1
' 5th; 8th 'and lOthj" h'ealquarters To
ledo Captain Charles Kent,' Provost Mar-
Shal-i w;..i !...- i.'-J
j " llth, 12th and 15th, headqiiarte'rs'Cir-
cleville, Captain Wm. JX Wa-sson, Provost
Marshal. '' -:' ;'si: ' ' Vs -' '; ",;;,i'"
13th, 16th and 1 7tb, healquarteri'Ne'vv
ark, Captain J. A. " Sin net, Provost 'Mar
shal,' ' ' '' " -,;
' 14th, ! 18th and Itutij Leadquarters,'
Cleveland Captain D. Caldwell, Provost
Marshal ' ; "';" 1 "
r The above consolidation took effect Oqt
1st 1865.'" All communications should be
addressed accordingly. r . This reduces the
numbe of Provos Marstiai(to six, hich
will probaMy, m maintained until the busi
ness is wound up and the numerous ques
tions and accounts coming in are fully set-
tlea. aanausleg Jxegisler.
i The Sfc Louis Republican of Thursday
SVH - '' '' ,; ' '; ' ' ''
' . .... I t I.-.,- -. ; , .
''We hear of an awful .traeretly that oc
curred hist week in the. .town of Shiloh,
Randolph county, Illinois. 1 1t appears that
two physicians, Drs. Campbell and Jtlinner
of that place, recently sent to the drug store
oi a, iv. Anaerson, in nester, ior a quan
tity of calomeL ... In. one day the medi
cine was administered to ; forty patients,
when it was, discovered that. with the cal
omel there was mixed corrosive sublimate,
a violent poison. . A cUie patients .were
taKf Q with alarming symptoms,, and in the
cases of seven of them .the. result had
proved fatal at , the date of , our advi
ces, and it was feared that others wold not
survive. Among thosawhosr death .es-
suft((were it family named Mellinger, con
sisting of man, wife and child.'. . A' sister
of Dr. Campbell, an iJntellisent and inter
esting young lady, died in a few hours af.
ter having taken the- .dose prescribed by
her brother, ,,. .,. - ..j -,! ,i i
'The calomel containing the poison was
put up in the ordinary way, and had not
been, tampered with after leavine the store
of a wholesale druggist in St Louis, by
whom it was imported from England.
Ike presence ot corrosive sublimate was
probaldy dye to the culpable carelessness,
rather than design, at the laboratory of the
manufacturer. If this hypothesis is cor
rect, it Ls terrifying to think of the iossi-
we consequences, ia other part of the
country." ...... ,. ., ;. . .,t -
1 i
, . . j .
The number of battles fQuarht durinir the
late war. is 252. Of these, , the soil of Vir
ginia drank, the', blood, of 89, Tennessee.
witnessed .,87, Missoun 25, - Georgia ;12;
South ; Carolina , 10,. North. Carobna 12,
Alabama 7, Florida ,5, ; Kentucky 14, the
Indian Territory and New Mexid 1 each.
Qnce tlte waves of war polled into Norths
nm State and broke in thti great billow rf
Gettysburg, Qf the battk8 enumerated
17 were naval engagements,
ruocs,rbsxrl..r.J..... -
Cos.t, sor bntlMjly , Tf , . v ,r,wy'..U W
Coxy, la ths ur ....... - W
Bti, pr tnuhel ...................... ?
" OATS,prwsnsl.l'...'..-;ii-'--- " .
" Brrrs,prpomiid..'....... ...........1- Sora
Eees, per doses . 30 ?
Cassss, ysTysjs..J.. .C. sS
Hoets pr handndff.l''Ji. SSSsMO
Laro, psr ptmM'.'J.J;'. . J .'. .-i... .l.UT.SftoSi
SitT,rsrrl.....;'.jrtM, tae Caro,tS4
HitMswsi... .i ...... r..4sA?,
a fur. 8m, ps hsljJi.-...j.-.i tUfO
- HAMS,Soksd, rm pesiist.... '. J.. ;-i..lS
Saoeunn,, ...m... t
, Imi.MthulW .', ., 7 SI MsJ.lS
roTATosvpivash.i ly.u. -.:
1 AmMfQn, ft hnmhmt .',. - , ,' f 40M
Do. , DrM,prubl.., ... ,. ,.
rui.tm,vnd,?T m:.Xi,.';!r4,,:;..,.iarfS '
. BiwAx,ryowidJ:.:.'.;i.':.T.:;...: m r
Csircsvs, Urm, par lb ..... ...
Do. ,.') Dlss)il,psi'isisi4'..i.i'.l.S..: r
' tbxxt,UM ptib.i'.i5.'..:i.ijj.v.T:iil.i'.i: ' s
Do. Drissii, psr posad ...',.';::: M
- "rt-i' ..--f.:yL.r.-.,,.i.l-..
tasnvstiuslttsst tkttM fmrftt wAff
- a . nm .Hwn vmm
properties ibstvsrn,,rf n,n;w Jjio- vr-TJ A
11 ia at wammtaMiat aaaawammdL mmA il.lmi i .
COLOR. - .., '-.-Wr.!- ! i .
.'ItirHI tmmm BllriJto;'ovA.fl':,!!Tii i
It strums the scarp sa ankes tie Wr sofblaitross
sndnlkeov s, i rr(n-; - 1 '-.,' -. : ;Ti:.;
It la spleadid heir disseieg.
'S4pev .14 it po.sV.hWl4 Wi.0"i'1
. iy Ask tor BsU's Vsfetablf SieiliM Hair- bsnsN
saa Uk so .tkeV) n'i ft. P. HALL CO
Bold br d B XoCTTLLOCB, sad a dnfpeMiMsiioS
" "n 7Ie4(cln for all letsont.'
Vross the Eatoa, Ohio Dearaerat. "
Da. Robaok'b Braucs BirrssaW pmrses to have
more than a superficial knowledge of the aealia Z-eT
aad hil. ax.fw.ly preldThm' toiHB?75
bat another word for isapositiflvaalL. taerefore da ant
sllow any advertisemeat or aotioe to appear ia'enr aa.
per that haa the leas, teadeasy to eorreuJe ka.
aiind, we re alwajajLad to reeoBunead what we trale
Beliere or kaow o be a reel boon to society, aad haviaa
madeaa exparisaeatal aseof Dr. Botaak'a Bit
urs, we hear oar teetiaionr to their, reaL Reaalaa. anal
ntj beaeSoial ase. i Bt. R.'s Bitters rar sarpaas aym
araUoa of tha ktadwe haveerec aaed; aad we arm ail
who need saild, saia, aad moat aajreeaale toaia. to trr
this awdieina at aona. If yoa try it tmea, mvillb.
aare to ry U again. It is jaet the thiaglor thestoaavN.
in hot wather. . See advertUenwa t.
' ; ' -. - I
'A' CAaD.iditor of Jwrnaliji nrj
any. letters and Inqalries front people ia this sea-
rrov : . . r. ... .
wiTTu w, warn swuMiing, wiuiia . oar own acsjaaiat.
aaee, have beea eoarpietaly, anal we heUva parssaaatlr
oared. It will atop distress after aabnjf aiiaaaS taetaa
taneonsly, and enables the dyapeptie who has lived for
yearn apoa Grahasa bread aad the pisiasst dirt.veataa
heartily as he pleaeve. aad aaythiac beeboosea. wtthoat
daaaar al distrane, or eoeriag, er rlsiat aa the stoDaaea.
It ia aa Infallible unetor of iodieaiioa and aaaatiae).
tioa, creates a healthy appetite, stops sioh-heaaaehZ.
heart-barn, aickneas at the stomach, pates, erae,
enlieia either the stonweh or Im-als. 1 rr tnahliae
the patJent w. take plenty of hearty food, bieaia the!
paCTo"-! beaith,- paadaeea Tiger, Streoati ao aearrrr.
Ia every trtai we have known it haa soeedll. -.i;
Dyspepsia with all Ha attendant asnerin- m,mr7
debility, and loss of pewtr. rtTWf iastaad, inM,
tivity and tone to the stomach aad orraaa of mJZZLzT
aad as veeoaiMeaUy banara, and a the rabtishedeaT
tiBcatea in ear areolars, -'"----; aad .ia anaj. If
the leading Journal, from eoavaleaoeat patients will
Mm, eompletaly, parmaoanUy.amt aiawat eUraea
lbosly Mean the worst ease of Dspepaia ia - -
We warrant It ia e-verv inataDee. It east ha ,-..! -IT.
91,00 net hottla, or six bottles for 6,M.
0. a CLAJtK 00 rVarrietora,
Db5 K. DILLON k' 8011, Ageati; 'rImIum,iC
Etc, Caa aa Cared by one who baa really eared himself!
and hundreds of others, and wiU tail yomaothiir Vat tha
TCTH.; Address with stamp, -,,... ,u . ..
Margha,lS86. ly Lock Bei, BoaTom. ,
OrnmtltAiiIt Htrawluan.n.i
m ,M j jLaauaupe
r A Certain Bemewy for .-c 1
BiarrmvM. DyMaisry, daoleiex .
Flax, Heart Bora, and aU Bowel Complain. .
regetable. A apeciflc tor Camp DiarrheaT "raiy
! Wheieeeie Agents, Cle
Clerelaad, Ohio
wiAisjcft, waasiixai ... i.
loyou want Whiskers or Moustaches t
OarOreeiaaCompoand wiU force them terreweath.
TL"?imJl," ot "" kail aa bald aeada iS SiT
Weeks.. rMoa,L00. Seat by mailwaTT.llS I
seaied.oa receipt of prioe. Acfdnm,W'm,rmT.
t;-!i '-.'WABJIM AOOiBo.ta.,1'
JJi .. aVaotjyaCTr.-.i
. '
NEW G00DS;-.h
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.... V : : , f.'l ' " ?' ' :.
'new 'styles - ..;rrr"; 'f.'miVi
NEW 8TYLESt ? ? "
: !.. .. ,-:i.,-i!..if f -I !!;.
... ..,:t.,. : CALIBAN SEETHEH,
(: -!" ? ;.j I J-af )'v-wh'.l ;-: -u- 'i
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1 1 3-- r'r.ijru'fu! " . -.(i.t;ir'..i- .:
Who-are in Market with' a, 1m and va-.
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l - .,,. I at it!; ried iStock of ' !
:': '.'a wf. .ik I.' s
' -"-l-.t " ' ' -. t. .1'' --.f '! ' ?'' -iiV ! -H-
'.i ; 4-f.(iri.J ni-iut Tf 'IMiitli-i'
' Alpaccas, Merinos, Poplins, DeUinea, Priata, Saokiaaa..
Cloakings,all of which have beea selected with eeie. ,
! ,;;.,. .Hj ,. - y; tkI' U
mo bay tha best aadlateot leeof Cro ckery eomi'
rf,? , r- :-'! V. :-"faiCHCO'8..,,i
TO get the worth-of your rqonevrwhen
yoaboyapeoadefTEAcall at
.-. . -. EMMRICH t CC3.
IF yon want the best SUGAR in 'market'1
aad the meet tar year aiowey vow vHl tod It at
, ...i, .. : EMMRICH &CO'8.-J
pOFFEE, the best at
EMMRICH & CO'fe.'-
FOR pure and unadulterated" brwerie's"
of all kiada go . f .I......1 .'.-;..)
I-!.. . . i EMMRICH i COU :
WE call special attention to ow'r ' " V - '
'; - " NEW STOCK.'. V-''13
of aoths,Csasimers, Vaatings, Geats liahiag Goods fcl
' -.i . ! : ! . . . t (l :- I
- wen seeeeua amortmeat pr .
ceemd with spams refarenea ta Qua market and this
. T '!"l.t
Cannot b Undersold! ;
.1,1! I ' . , .
Our Profits must be Small hit Sale Quick.
! Our Stock is too complete 1 for enumieVa-
tion. We taeterelalte all wishing to pare beea rods
ia onrhae to call aad. examiae before goia elsewhere..'
as we call positively sell job goods 1 fyot wish te bay. . . ,
"No Trouble iaSho'w Ooods, v..?
. ........ w't ' ' '
r: a ' ' . -
lag fronj ths Drjr Goods Trada. ia taiaa aa ee a oar
store, and will boy. pajiag CASH aaxt, the aghast priee,
toI. ... sjs:o-r l v.iiJmI it j. :v i ; .
' -. WOOL,' AO, - AO.-1 '-'-! ;-Vi
E. t CO,
rressont, October 13, 1806. SSadlU

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