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Fremont weekly freeman. [volume] (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, July 13, 1850, Image 4

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J. Aivpellou fc Co.,' Kew-York.
Hove m cou.-as of publication, in parts, price
twenty five cent each, -.4 :, '
;.: : 1 .' :xs, si ecm'a x i cs, excixe-
nssiostu o ,
Practical wstking mnu and these intanded for Hie
s .,, . . Engineering profession. -FIHTEIJ
formerly Professorof Mathematics College of ci'il
i. t 1 .Tii, London. Author ud fnrrutor of 'the
r,, .niliu of form, nh new and improved avstem
of Logarithms,' the elemeuts of auclul by colore,'
- etc,, tc, etc.
1 ' work is of targe 8vo Kiiactrttaiuinc nearly
t" tnousaiv) pager, upward of fifteen hundred
llaie, ond tlx thousand wood-Cots, it will present
worliinsj-drawTOg and ilasvripttons of (he rooel im.
portam inachiuei m llio United States. Indepen
dent tf the results of American ingenuity, h will
cout.im crrtliu practical treatises on Ma'chanics,
Vsrn:n;n-, r'tiginework, and Engineering; with
ttii that U iisami in more than one thousand dollars'
v. 1 it 1 Ito rolnmea, magazines, and other books
anions which way be mentioned the following:
1. iiihhotheqva dea Arta Industrie I. " Masson. "
farm. 2. Civil Eagineerand Arcliiteel'a Journal.
l,oiitUii 3. Engineer and Machinist's Assistant.
I -c..ie. O'a 4. Publication Indnatrielle. :
A e uj Ame, Paris. 5. Jamkison's Mechan
u s of f itiiua. 6. Trentise on Mechanics. Poisson.
T. A tfemtine Baoieisung mil Abbilddmigen. Formal-,
.eii. 8. Organ for die Fertschritte dee Eis
e in fp-n in techoiecher Beziehung. Von
V ijidcjrj, YV lesbsden. 9. Sherwin's Logarithms. '
10. ijvfue'a Logarithms. H. The Mechanical
and Mathr-maiica! Worits of Oliver Byrne.' ,13. Sil
lunarr'a Journal Allgameioa Maschinen.EBcyc
L . e ii,i"--p. Leinzitf. 14. Cotton Mftnufac.
tore of Gr.at farit&in and America contrasted. "15. .
H-jUrati!---!'" Turning; -aud Mechanical Manipula
tion. Iu. The Steam Engine'.. J. B-jurne. 17.
f -iSn-ZfiSttijr, S'.ntta-arf. IS. Thrydgold on
e. ' a Lt.gine. 19. Pike's Mathematical
as Hi instruments." 20. Diclionnatradea Arts
et . i sniiiseturea, Lalwlitave, Paris. SI. Sgan
- nil's Civil Engineering. 2'J. Brown's todicatoraud
IH lometer. S3. Otigin and Progress of Steam
Ni n. Woodcraft. 24. Eesai sur I'lndnstrie
si-. !?'"' Textile, Michel-Alcan, Paris. "25.
JlacneiU'a Tanies. 26. Grier'a Mechanic'a Pock, i
- at Dictionary. 27. Templeton's Milwrighl'a and
t -i..i's I'oeketCompanion. - 28. Lady andGen- ;
t - -inn's D .ir, 29. Marine Steam Engine. Brown. I
3y. Wetback's Mchatitcs and Engineering. . 31,
' i Mftt'iewiatician, London. 3. Bar low on
- Strength of Materiala. 33. Hann'a Mechanica
Zii. ieohaiiii-al Principles of Engineering and Ar
chitecture, Msley. -35. Journal of the Fruoklin
InEdtne. 36. The Transactions or the Institute of
t sv.l jugineere, Loudon. 37. The Artisan. 38.
t 'isrt-rly Papers on Engineering, Pnbiisbed by
veaie, London. 39. Imperial Dictionary,-Glaa-gnv.
40. Student's Guide to the Locomotive En
1. . 11 Hdiiway Eug'me end Cnrriasa Wheels,
h.; 1 u-, Loudon. 4i Recueil dea Machines In
sfruNeota et Appareils, le Blanc, Paris. - 43. Bu
tnansu oil Mill Work. 44. Practical Examples of
iiocem Tooleaud Machines, G. Rennie.v' 45.- Re-f--
re d I'Industne Francaise-et Etrangere, L.
: n:a, Paris.1- 4fi.: Treatise on the Manafecture
ot tras, Accum, London. . 47. Setting otH Corves
oil .fcadwavs, Law, London. - 4d. Hodge on the
ewn Engine. 49. Scientific American. 50.
Railroad Journal, New York.: 51 American Arti
san. 52. Mrchonics" Magazine.- 53. Jiicbolaon's
I.-t.ouary of Arcliitectore. 54. Dictionnaira dn
- .-: 9 a Vjiles et a Varenr, Do Bonnefaux, Paris.
. . ( on-wey and Meriai Tubular Bridges, Fairbau,
' .eca Railway Practice. 57. Barlow's Math
e'l'fal Dictionary. 58. Bowdich's Navigation.
-. .. Greffon-'a Mathsmutics for Practical men.
6 ?. Ln:iier'B ard niechanics Encyclopedia, Lake
Herbert, til. Patent Journal, London. 62. Breea'
: i try of Engineering. 63. Encyclopedia of
Civsi iuiiijineermg, Craay. - b4. Cradock'a L.ecture
- on the tfteam Engine. , 65. Aeeistant Eugineer's
JRai'say Guide, Haskoll. , 66. Mechanical Princi-
, pm, Leonard. - y- " " " . -
Tiie great object of lhi publication is to place be-f-'ie
practical meu and atudenta sncn an amouutof
tVitoreticBl and scientific knowledge, iu a condensed
fv rin, aa shall enable them to work to the best ad -v.ii
i-. and to avoid -Mhrse mistaken which they
n . 1 r,tlierwt&e commit. The amount of nsefot
iu r'n.tion thus brought together is.alinost beyond
precedent in auch works. Indeed, there is hardly
onv suM-'Ot wunm its rantre which Ms-Slot treated
v -,-h stju ctearees-s and precision, that even a tnaa
ot ihft. nicsit ordinary capacity cannot full of under-
aiafi-:nij if, thus learning from it much which
: is 11 ri'i it tor hiai to know. , . -. - -
Frnitr:e annexed list of the principal anthors
and suh "cii eorponsed in thia woik, it is self-evl-d
. 1 in c . t ns engaged in the practical and
iiae I an, etc , itioy derive -eeftential advantages
from the pcKoanon and study of this pnbhcatiou:
the f'jiiowir.? 1 lav he especially designated:
Mil; rt-nelits. ivloulders and Boiler makers. Ar-
- tificers in bfA?-1 copper and tin. Cntlers and work
- m et st.&e!m general. - Carpenters. Brickmakers.
oi;rs in iv jtv bono and horn. Civil engineers,
t r3, and contractors of earth work
a r -j. i f eery description. . Architects and
' briefs bn rn. Builders, master masons, and
b i, cis t i p builders, masters of vessels, ihip
carsentera, and others connected with building and
ti'irmng ehipn. Block and pump makers. Herop
0 r : ssar and rope makers. . Matsfaclurers of linen
l. C' tion fabrics. Mannfacturera of spinning ma
, : i i? miichinea, card breakers, and finish'
e 1 ti iA 17 frames, witiows and pickers, etc., cou
reclfu Kith cotton,, flax, aud wool machinery.
Cnienderers, bleachers and calico printers. Cloth
f -i a 1 msasnrern, and perrons interested in
e 1 rrach (.-y Cochor and cable chain roan
aMclarera. t;utting and turning tool makers.
1 in nnd needle makers. Nail and rivet makers. '
1 ! t nrd srrew-b.ilt makers. ' Nil cutters. Coin-
I .rit ier drcssera and corriere.-- Manufactur
rs of great gons aed small anna. Candle makers.
L - .1 1 ami craekar makers. - Lace makers. . Kib
bon weavers.- tono cutters aud. marbio masons.
LH.-s, cloth washers and scourers. Coopers. , Ci
ti. 1 arid eheeaa manufacturers. Crown, chrystal,
,tid piata tfsss makers. Sugar boilers arid refiners,
with proprietors of .sugar plantations.. Manufactur
e's of railway, bur, ruund, ribbon and rod iron.
V. heel, nzle, and spring makers. Engine drivers
and persons connected wiili the toconiotire gsoer
aily. Engineers and captaina of steam vessels.
, I; wuatrera of stationary eneiues Lumbo, dealers
and owrsrs of saw mills. Veneer cnltera. Own
ers of planing machinery. Corn millers, and per
sons connected with bolting and bran separating
jtw-h-nery. Farsnera and parsons using- grain
siieiiingaud threshing mac bins nr. , Buhl workers,
carvsiv, engravers, and ornament makers iu gena
rai. F ersoas employed is the manofactuie of gss.
Jiiakers of copper -and lead tubing. - Linen and
straw paper makers. Ship owoere, harbor maata rs,
and others interested in dredg'ng niachioery. . Well
smkers. Astronomers, philosophers, ad others
' vs'.cg philosophical apparatus- and instruments.
Engineers, miners, and others interested iu pnmp-
- iiig engines.- Persons intarasted in canals and
a- redacts. Warehousemen, and others nsing hy-ii,,-.:-.c
presses, dyoanomslric cranes, jack screws,
coAtrat.11 and feed cranes, r Workers in metals and
B..cj i. Tin plat workers. Spring mauufaetur
mm. W lel Wrights, dock moksrs and bbroiogists.
Lie. . eic. . etc. , . .-. . . -
Tne publishers have sxpended a large nn of
meueyto get original drawings or macninery m
practical uae io this country, ar-td hava procured -jjir.i
every work oa the subject, whetiw published
in England, .France, or Germany, the most essen
tial rin-.eoi' wliioh being comprised in this Dictiona
ry render it as perfect and comprehensible as pos
s.aie. The poblishers have endeavored to ue grwja
economy ia type, so (hat each psge of tha work con
tains at least four times the number of words found
in ardioary pages of the same size. -This has also
seenred to each plats working drawinga. of ample
sirs and clearness, so that a mechanic may con
struct accurately any machine described.
j 19 publishers are, in abort determined, regard-
of noet, to make the work aa complete as possi
ble; and it is hoped every one desirous to obtain the
work will procure it as issued in numbers, and thus
emceorage the enterprise. , . , v.,. - -.
The work will be iseued in aemi'monlhly Burn
tvii's, commencing in Jonnary, 1650, and will prog
tss with great regularity.
. The vtholo work will be published in 40 numbers,
at 25 cents per number, and completed within the
entrant year, 1850. A liberal discount will be
ia j.a ts Lgest. ' :
Any one remitting the publishers $10 in advance,
jiail recoive the work through the poat office free
of e.irrense. - . . -
Zj- 1- ;r,8 foregoing adMriisemaot is inserted five
f : trie year, and iha paper containing it
et, .: to u, 1 copy of lbs work will be sent gratis iu
Jn all kinds of Produce;
At t OI4 giand
TJorr-.cr'y occi--icd by Dickenson & V. Doren.
ri.EMUNr, OHIO. - .
December 15. IH'X . - - 'r.
rmUE SUBSCRIBER will sell the follow--M-.
ing described Farming Lands on the
most reasonable terms, both as to prict and
credit: ;'-" '";, LI ' . :. '
R Tix Sec ,- - . V. Acres
15 5 2& s pnrt 8 e qr ) ka'ti as day town
28 w pt n e qr f , improved 130
' " 86 cast hlf north westqnar 80
. . " west hlf north east quar , .'80
A. number of the above , tracts of land are
improved and within on and two miles of
rremont ' s .,- .
R. Tp. Sec. . Part. ' "'
17 s e qr of a e qr
: 520 sw qr ne qr, - ..
" e hlf nw qr . ; : r . ;
.82 e qrsw-qr -lis
fraction se quarter - - .
13 sw fraction
'13 w part nw quar - ' - - :
14 e part fraction
; " south part fraction - -
23 north part north east quar
24 north part north west quar
28 south east fraction 1
14 8 .25
" 28
4 H .
" L -' 27
" 28
. . 11 ,
" '29
" " 82
. 30
"'. u 32
. ' H - tt
i - 34
u S 81
' 9
""' 10
13 6. 10
" " 9
. " II l -
' "10
. it 11 V it '"
.-; 10acr
" ' 15 -
;; Ji ..-,
'-. " T
' tt " ,
tt . tt
. , 17 s
" " 22 -'
tt :tl - M
It U - U ' '.
- - u
- " 25
U 5 17
16 5 23
" ." 21
north hlf south east qr .
norm west quarter "
v, west hlf north east quarter
, north east qr south west qr
north half ,
north east qr south west qr
east half , .
i north west quarter " ' .
. north hlf south west quar
' east half
- north half nnth past nnar
south east south west qr frac 49
south west Quarter -
west hlf soutn east quar
west hlf south west quar
north-east quarter "
frac exc se qr exc ne qr
" west hlf south west qr
j Maumeo Road Tract No. 121 )
This tract has about 40 acres improved, j 138
R. Tp. SeC Part. : X . Acres.
13 4 26 south east qr north east qr . 40
- " east hlf south east qr - 80
" " 35 south east qr north east qr 40
" " east hlf south west quarter 80
... " , 36 north cast qr north west qr 40
' . " 15 son th east qr north east qr . 40
1 : "' ' ' ' WOODVILLE TOWNSHIP. .; "'
R, Tp. Sec i-i '.- -." Tart. I - Acres,
west hlf south cast quar ' 80
west hlf north east quar - " 80
east hlf south east quar 1 80
.north west quarter - . y 160
east hlf south westqr v 80
west hlf north east qr " . 80
north east qr north' west qr 40
east hlf south east quarter )
es improved, and log house, j
north hlf north east quar 80
north hlf south east qr '- ' 80
south hlf south east qr ' " 80
south west half 160
south hlf north west qr - - 80
north east qr north west qr 40
sourh hlf north eust qr - ' 80
north hlf north west qr ' ; 80
south hlf noth westqr -.''...'. 80
north hlf south west qr 80
north hlf north east qr ' 80
north west qr north west qr 80
west hlf south east qr - ' " 80
'r "bau.tiu.1 towhship. '"" "-:'
Tp. Sea - . Part Acres.
4 '1 ne pt und i of 50 acres improved
. " 27 west hlf south east quarter . 80
16 4 17 north hlf north east quarter 80
2 north west qr south east qr ' )
- . 10 acres improved. )
.'. ".. "'.RItIT TOWOSHIP. " '
north west quar ; )
' 50 acres improved. J
east blf south westqr :
", " "; . west hlf south eest qr .
west hlf north east qr
" " ' east hlf northwest qr.
15 6 25 "south weat hlf north "west qr ? 80
" " norlh hlf south west qr . . 80
'" : east hlf south east qr 80 "J
ft 26 "- north west qr north east qr 40 j
16 80 west hlf south west qr 80- f
200 known as Bowsan farm, 60 acre impro'd j
16 C 30 north east qr south west qr - 40
" m- . north west qr south eaBt qr 40
.!- ' north east qr north west qr- 40
Sec .Part. ... . Acrea
21 north hlf n e quar 80
" west hlf s e quar - 80
22 north hlf n w quar 80
- 3 north hlf west half s e qr . 40
- . 4 south hlf a e quar ..80
. 5 south east qr a w qr 40
6 south east quar . 160
-. . ,11 south hlf n w quar 80
. north hlf b w quar. . 80
- 14 north west quarter . 160
. . 23 s e quar s e quar 40
.1 north hlf n w quar . 80
. 7 - 1 west part .. . . 325
, south east quar 160
. . .. - south hlf n e quar 86
r . .- . 2 north hlf s e quar . 80
8 -32 south part n e quar 81
. 35 sooth hlf s w quar . 80
,36 south west quarter . 160
14 .. 6 6 north east quarter . 164
east hlf n w quar 88
r. north hlf s w quar 89
north blf a e quar 80
south e quar e quar 40
- 7 --. 1 north w quar frac . 158
... south hlf n e quar 80
.-..':::. - 2 east fraction ., . 319
- south hlf n w quar frac 81
. east hlf w quar . 80
,3 west hlf fraction 325
--. . north east quar frao '. .163
. ' north hlf e quar . 80
... 4 north hlf fraction 329
north hlf a e quar - 80
13 T 17 south hlf - 320
. - north east qdarter ' v 160
east hlf n w quar 80
.14 . 23 north hlf 320
, 6 ,13 north east quarter , 160
14 south hlf ' 820
22 whole . " -' , 640
. 1 4 north east quarter 160
15 11 southhalf : 820
. norta east quarter 160
- north hlf s w quar ' 80
. . north hlf e quar 80
13 southhalf . 320
-- ., north blf n w quar 80
" - 20 whole 640
28 southhalf - 320
33 north hlf . - 320
34 north hlf 320
85 north blf n w quar - 80
7 SO south half 815
- 32 west half 820
north east quarter. - 160
.. . . 33 north half 320
. ; 88 cast half a w quar ,,, . ' 80
' 28 south west quarter " 160
- west hlf s e quar . . .80
- 0 R 11 east part n w quar J 80
i"; 23 east part s w quar 80
-V M 2 west hlf a w quar 7 80 1
13 west hlf n w quar a 80 V
ou acres improved
7 30 south w qr'n w qr frac
- 80
. 78
4 north hlf s w auar
, 5 south east quarter . '
- 6 south west quarter
SI south hlf n e quar .
' ' north hlf s e quar
6 north w quar 8 e quar
7 north east quar -
, north hlf n w.quari . '
8 south west quarter ....
10 north hlf s e quar. -12
.,13 north east quarter ,
north hlf n w quar '
north w quar s e quar
' - north e quar s w quar
14 north east quar -
' north hlf S e quar !
15 west half - - 1 1 :
south east quarter
7 north e qr s w qr frac
21 south hlf 8 w qurr
south w quar n w quar
north e quar n w quar
5 norlh hlf s w quar .
See . Part. -
. 5 south half
-. . 7 west half fraction .".
18 north w quar fraction
6frc 24 north half
13 whole fractional '.
, . 14i. do., ;do.. .? fi -1
4 22 south hlf s e quar
United states Reserve at Perrysbureb, un
divided two thirds of the west half south east
quarter, 54 acres; and undivided two thirds
south west quarter. :i ' . '
I " .' i -- SENECA COUNTY.
Sec t " Part : -
. 1 "west half s e quar
east hlf s w quar
10 west hlf s equar
east blf n e quar
11 .west hlf n w quer
12 north hlf n e quar ;
6 west hlf n e quar
. north west qvarter
' i-s . :.' -north hlf s w quar
. - 6 east hlf n e quar
: - , - '. .---e-outh east quarter
- , . south hlf s w quar
." 7rist-orth hlf n w quar
... . north w quarn e quar .
FREMONT, Sandusky co. Ohio )
April 13, 1850. ' f
,.. .382
:; 160
V 80
, 80
, Published by Fowlers and Wells: .
.129 and 181 Nassau street, N. Y.
Education Complete: embracing Physiology,
Animal and self-coll ore, and memory, ia one
large volume, price 200., .. :
Moral and Intellectual Science. :.By Combe,
stratton, Cox, Uregory, and others. Illustra
ted. Price S 00.
Phreoojogy Proved, Illustrated and Applied.
Embraeinir concise Elementary view of Phre
nology. Tairtyaeventh edition. Price 1 00.
American Phrenologies! Journal and Miscel
lany. Devoted to phrenology, physiology and
self-improvement. A year, i 00.
Water-Cure Journal and Herald 0' Reforms.
Devoted to hydropathy and medical refotpi. A
year, 1 00. ' , : ;
Combe's Lectures n Phrenology. By Geo.
Combe. A complete course aa delivered in the
United States. Price 1 00.
Familiar Lessons on Phrenology and Physiolo
gy. Designed for children and youth. Beaut i
- fully illustrated, 1 00. - ' - :
Phonographic Class Book and Reader: Con
taining the Brat principles of phonography, p 62c
Hereditary Descent: Its Laws and Facts ap
plied to human improvement. A new and Im
proved edition, price 50e.
Self-Culture and Perfection of Character; in
cluding the management of youth. J Improved
stereotyped edition, price 50c. . ,
Memory and Intellectual Improvement: Ap
plied to self-education and juvenile instruction.
Twentieth edition, price 50c.
Religion, Natural and Revealed; or the Nat-
. oral theology aud moral bearings of phrenology.
A Home for AH : Or a New, Cheap, Conveni
ent and superior mode of building, with appro-
priate diagrams, price 50c . ... V
Maternity : Or the Bearing and Nursing of
- Children, including female education..'. .With
appropriate engravinga, price 50c. ""
The Principles of Physiology. Applied to the
s improvement of physical and mental education.
- By Andrew Combe price 50c. -
Combe' on Infancy : Or the Physiological and
moral management of ohildren. Illustrated p 50c
The Constitution of Man, Considered in Rela
tion to externa! objects.-'A new, revised, en
larged and illustrated edition, price 50c.
Education, Founded on the Nature of Man;
containing an illustrated description of the-tam-peratnenta,
price 50c. ., -..; ; ; ;
Human Rights and their Political Guaranties;
rounded on the moral aud intellectual laws of oar
being, price 50o.,.; - . : -
Water-Cure in every Known Disease. By J.
n- rtaueaa. Irauslated Dy V- aleeker, lrom
the German, price 50. :
Water-Cure Manuel: A popular work on Hy-
oropatqy. ay Joel enow di. u. t,very family
should have it, price 50c.
The Parents Gnide for the Transmission of de
sired qualities to oSsprmg, and childbirth made
Easy, pries 50c. "- -
A Defence of Phrenology.' By Andrew Board
man, a good work for akepties and unbelievprs50c
Mesmerism in India,. A superior work by the
" celebrated Dr. Esdails. Highly recommended
. by professional men, price 50c
Rationale of Crime, and its appropriate treat
ment, witn notes and illustrations, pnes Sue.
Food and Diet: containing an annalysis of ev
ery kind af food and drink. Sy Prof. Pereira,50.
Vegetable Diet, as sanctioned by Medical Men,
1 and experience io all ages; also a system of Veg
etable cooxero, price 50c -.-
Familiar Lessons on Astronomy : Designed for
children and youth in schools and families.
Beautifully illustrated, price 50c.
Botany for all Classes: containing a Floral Dic
tionary, with numerous illuftrations. By John
B. Newman, M. D., prios 50c.
Woman: Her education and influence. With
I a general introduction by Mrs. C. M. Kirtland.
With thirteen poitraits, price 4Ucc. - -
Fascinnation, or the Philosophy of Charming.
(Magnetism.) Illustrating the principles of life.
Illustrated, price 40e. -
Marriaee: Its historv and Dhilosotihv. With
- a phrenological exposition of the functions for
nappy marriages, price 37c- 7 . '
The Water-Cure for Women in pregnancy and
- childbirth, lllustratsd with numerous cases.
By Joel Shew, M. D., price 25c. r
Hectares on tbenhilosonhr of mesrnerigm and
clairvoyance. With instructions in its process
ana precnoai application, price ioc.
Matrirmony : Or Phrenolocrv and Phvsioloev
applied to tha aelectioo of congenial companions
-- ur iiiv. Aiiusiraiaa, price ZD.
Love and Parentage: applied to the improve
ment of offspring, including important direotiona
10 levers ano tne married, price zoc.
Symbolical Head and Phrenological Chart in
.map form; designed to convey tit e natural lan-
, genge 01 eacn organ, pnee iftc.
207 Main Sheet, Buffalo, New Yerk.
' DR. G. C. VAUGHN'S , ; r
Ycgretable Iiitliontriptic Mixture.
r I tills celebrated remedy is constantly increasing
JL lis lame oy tne many eurrs 11 is ruasing .
ah over tne uoria.
It has now become the only medicine for family use
aud is particularly recommended for .
P r o p a y - .
All stages of this complaint immediately relieved,
uomatlerof how longstanding. (See pamphlet for
testimony. -
and all diseases of the urinary organs; for these dis
tressing; compleints it staude alone: no other arti
cle can relieve yon, and Iha cures testified to will
convince the most skeptioal. See pamphlet. Liv
er complaint, bilious diseases.
Fever and Ague.
To the rrest west especially, and wherever these
complaints prevail, this inediciue is offered.
. . . 10 mineral agent,
no deleterious compound is a part of this mixture, it
cures these diseases with certainty and celerity, and
does not Isave the system torpid. See pamphlet.
riiei, .
a complaint of a most painful character, is
Immediately Iteiieved. .
and a cure follows by a few days use of this article;
it is far before anv other preparation for this diseass,
or for any other disease originating from impure
Diooo. see pampniet.
Debility of the System,
weak back, weakness of the kidneys, die, or infla
mation of the earae, ie immediately relieved by a
few days use of this medicine, and a cure is always
the result of its use. It stands as
A Certain Remedy
for each complaints, and also for derangements of
the female frames
Irregularities, Suppressions, -painful
menstruations. No article has aver been
offered except this, which wonld touch thia kind of
derangements. It may be relied upon as a an re and
effective remedy, and did we feel permitted to do
so, could give . . -
Thousands of Names
as proof of cures in this distressing class of com
plaints; see pamphlet. ' All broken down, debilita
ted constitutions from the effect ol mercury, will
find the bracing power of this article to act imme
diately, and the poisonous mineral eradicated from
the system.'
Eruptive Disease
will also find the alterative qualities of this article
Purify the Blood,,
and drive such diseases from the evstetn see
pamphlet for testimony of cures in all diseases,
which the limita of aa advertisement will not per
mit to be named therein. Agents will give them
away; and they contain 32 pagea of certificates of
high character, and a -
Stronger array of Proof,
of the virtuea of a medicine never appeared. It ia
one of the peculiar features of this article that it
nsver fails ta benefit in any case, and if bones and
muscle are left to build upon, ret the emaciated and
lingering invalid
Take new Courage,
and keep nsing the medicine as long as there is an
improvement The proprietor would
against a' number of articles which come out under
the head of Syrups, Barsapariilae, &c, as cures for
Dropsy, Gravel, &c; they are good for nothing,
and are only concocted to gull the unwary.
Touch tlicm not. .
Their inventor never thought of curing such dis
eases till tni article nao aone 11. a particular
study of the pamphlet is earnestly solicited.
Agents and all who asll tha article are glad to
circulate gratuituously. Put op in 30 oz. bottles at
f -4; V ox. do. at SJ1 eacn tne larger Holding t oz.
more than the two small bottles. Look out and not
get imposed upon. Every bottle has "Vaughn's
Vegetable Lithontriptic Mixture," blown upon the
fleas, tha written signature of "G. C. Vauohn,"
on the directions, and "G. C. Vaughn, Buffalo,"
stamped on the cork. None other are genuine.
Prepared by Dr. G. C. Vaughn, and sold at the
principal o3ice 207 Main street, Buffalo, at whole
sale and retail. No attention given to letter un
less post paiu order from regular constituted
agent excepted; post paid letter or verbal eonimu
nicalions soliciting advjee, promptly attended to
gratie. . ....
umcan nevoien exclusively to w, m- -
tide, 132 Naaeau atreet. New York city; 295 Es
sex street, Salem, Mesa., and by the principal
druggists throughout the United States and Can
ada. - For sale by
S. BUCKL AND, & CO., Fremont; j
.: J. W. Goodson, Bellevue, - j
- Charles Powers, VVoodville, - j
.' J. K. Owen, Tiffiin, .
.7 W . Ayers, Upper Sandusky, ' ' '
Jos. E. Fouke, Little Snndueky, .
R. Perry, McCntcheaaville. -Fremont,
June 3, 1849 ly
I JY S U JR. aJ .V V E .
THE undersigned would call the attention of
merchants and others having property expos- '
ad to losa by firs or the perils of navigation to the
superior advantage offered by tha
' Of Hartford,' Connecticut.'.
I. Rates uf premium aslow as those of any other
RESPONSIBLE office. .,
2. A speedy and satisfactory adjustment of loss
bv tha General Agent of the company, for the
western and southern Stales.
3. Arbitration (of all differences which may
arise) by referees mutually chosen.
4. Awards promptly paid in specie, bankable
funds, or exchange on N. York, Charleeton, Balti
more. New Orleans, St Louis, Louisville, Pitts
burgh or Cincinnati, at the option of th insured. -
ST Pamphlet setting forth the mode and princi
ples of adjusting losses rates of premiums clas
sification of hazards, fcc. &c, furnished to the
customers of the offioe free of charge.
For f nrther f nfnnnation
apply to the undersigned who is folly authorized to
insure dwellings, stores, hotels, warehouses, mills,
manufactories, barns, &c, Stc. .
household furniture and goods, waresand merchan
dize contained or stored therein, agaiuat lose or
damage by fire. . ' ' .
dry goods, groceries, manufactured goods,produce,
household furniture, live stock, and every other de
scription of merchandize or personal property, ship
ped or to be shipped per good steamboat, or boat
to and from point on ths western water, or be
tween eastern cities (via lakes, or other inland
route) andany towns in the western Country, against
the hazards of inland transportation.
- "'-''.';. 11 S O
shipment of goods, warea and merchandize, per
good vessel or vessels, between INew Orleans and
other Golf ports between all American ports and
English or European ports, or to any maratime port
whateoover io the Atlantic waters, against the per
ils of the eas.
R. P. BUCKLAND, Agsst, ,
Hartford Protection Insurance Co.
Fremont, Jan. 5, 1850 43-3m
And Over-land Route, ;
1 HA P'eceB PRITS and GINGHAMS, for
M JJ early trade, and shall ba receiving from
any u uoj uuiti wa
r Cover the whole Plantation
with Goods, and for this reason they hava bought
very lightly of the old stocks of poods be mar sold at
Auction. Soma people had rather buy old stocks of
goods lor lna farmers than new, bnt the ' - . '
Proprietors of "HEAD QUARTERS'
. ; Go in for eVcw Goods!
GREAT BARGAINS and no nine months credit.
. Fremont Morch 29, 1850.
. TKICKf iK aCACKS. ' - 7
Lmt EvsxrSooT Ru.b this CAaEiiJLLv.-Tbere is s 9ae
caparilla tor tuie In tha ditlerent lowin caijud s. P. T-wn
end's Sarwtpariitau k is aitTenised as tba ORIftlMAL, GEN-
UiN E, miHl all tiMt. This Towiuwtnd is no docurvnd never wai ;
btttWM formerly a worker on rmiiroaJd, 6tiQviavind the like yet
be asBumes the title of Ioctor for the purpose of gaiaiug credit
for what km is not. Re says " be Das attended two medical
schools, and practiced for fifteen rears ! !" Now the truth is, he
sever practiced medicine a day in his Iff Sttch urilfuJ, trick'
cat misrepresentation toots bad to the character aod veracity of
the man. I wish most sincerely, he had never made those state
ments of himself or of me. When will men learn to be bonest
and truthful in all their dealings and intercourse with their fel
low men ! He applied to one IluelClapp to assist him in manu
facturing his mixture, statins; the large sums he would make,
as an inducement to embark to the businetas These men have
been insulting snd libelling me ia all possible forme?, in order to
imprese the public with the belief that the Old Doctor's Sarsa
parilla was not the renuine, original SarmzpartUa, made from
the Old Doctor' Original Rectoe. This S. P. Townsend aara
1 have sold the use of my name for 7 a week. I wit) give him
500 if he wilt produce one single solitary prof of this. His
statements of Thompson, Ski 11 man fc Co., are nothing but a
tissue oi Htsenooas, simply mane to aeceire tne pueiic, ana
keep the truth down in regard to his eouriitg, fermenting con
motmd. This is to caution ths pnblic to purchase none hut Old
Dr. JACOB Townsend's Sareaparilla, having on it the Old Doc
tor's likeness, his family Coat of Arms, and his atgneiure across
Che Coat of Arms.
JPrineipat OJtce, MX2 Nasxau-street, V. T City
. IF
I . JS. V
Old Dr. Jacob Townsend.
Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
Old Dr. Townsend is now about 70 vean of age. and has long
been known as the AUTHOR and' DISCO VBRBR of the
RILL A." Being poor, he was compelled to limit its manufac
ture, by which means it has been kept out of market, and the
amies circumscribed to those only who had proved its worth, and
known ite value, b had reached the ears of many, nsrertheless.
JQuaJlies the circulation of the blood, producing gentle warmth
equally ail over the body, and the insensible perspiration; re
laxes strictures and tightness, ic moves ail obstructions, and in
vigorates the entire nervoDsyBtem. Is not this then
Tlie Medicine yon pre-eminently- need?
But ceo any of these things be said ef 8. p. Townsend's infe
rior article 1 This young man's liquid is not to be
because of one GRAND PACT, that the one is tNCAPABLK
of DETERIORATION, and ivrni,B
while the other DOES: touring, ferrnxeTUing, and blmtn th
hottleo containing it into fragments ; the sour, acid liquid ex
ploding, and damaging other goods 1 Must not this horrible com
pound be poisonous to the erstem 1 What .' put acid into s
ytam already diseased with acid 7 What causes Dyspepsia
but acid 1 Do we not ail know that when food sours in our stom
achs, what mischief it produces 7 flatulence, heartburn, pal Di
lation of the heart, liver eomntaint. Hirrhn Hvur.t. -iT
nd corrnption of the blood? What is Scrofula but an acid hi?
i ure vuuv i urouuees mi we numors waicn bring oa
Eruptions of the Skin, Scald Head, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas.
White Swellings, Fever Sores, and all ulcerations internal and
external? It w nothing under heaven but an acid substance,
which sours, and thus spoils alt the fluids of the body, more or
less. What causes Rheumatism but a sour and acid fluid
which insinuates itself between the joints and elsewhere, irri
tating and inflaming the delicate tissues upon which it actat
So of nervous diseases, of impurity of the blood, of deranged
circulation, and nearly all the ailments which afflict human oa
Now Is it not horrible to matte and sell, and infinitely aserse
to use this
and yet he would fain hare it understood that Old Dr. Jncob
Townsend's Genuine Original Sarsaparitia, is aa IMITATION
ef his inferior preparation ! !
Heaven forbid that we should deal in an article which would
Dear the most distant resemblance to S. P. Townsend's articl I
We wish it understood, because it is the absoiute truth, that
8. P. Townsend's article and old Dr. Jacob Townsend's Saroapa.
riila are heaven-vide apart, and infinitely dissimilar; that they
are unlike in every particular, having not ens single tains; ia
As S. P. Townsend is no doctor, snd never was, ie nn chem
ist, no pharmaceutist knows no more of medicine or disease
than any other common, unscientific, unprofessional man, what
guarantee can the public heve that they are receiving a genuine
scientific medicine, containing all the virtues of the articles used
in preparing it, and which are incapable of changes which might
rentier them the AOBNTSof Disease instead of health 7 '
But what else should be expected from one who knows nothing
comparatively of medicine or disease 1 It requires a person of
some experience to cook: and serve up even a common decent
meal. How much more important ie it that the persona who
manufacture medicine designed for
ehould know wall ths medical properties of plants, the best man
ner of securing and concentrating their healing virtue, aiseaa
extensive knowledge of the various diseases which atTect the
human system, and how to adapt remedies to these diseases '
' It is to arrest frauds upon the unfortunate, to pour balm iota
wounded humanity, to kindle hope in the despairing bosom, to
restore health, and bloom, and vitror into the crushed and bro
ke and to banish infirmity that OLD DR JACOB TOWNSEND
has SOUGHT and FOUND the opportunity and means to bring
his .
Grand TJtU-reraal Concentrated Remedy "
within the reach, and to the knowledge of all who need u that,
they may learn and know, by joyful experience, it .
Trauftseendaint Power to Heal
as those parsons who had been healed of sore diseases, and
saved from death, 'proclaimed its wonderful
ufactured on the largest scale, and is called far throughout the
length and breadth of the land, especially as it is found incapa
ble of degeneration or deterioration.
Unlike young S. P. Townsend's, it improves with aga, and
never changes but for the better ; because it is prepared on scien
tific principles by a scientific man. The highest knowledge of
Chemistry, and the latest discoveries of the art, hava all been
brought into requisition in the manufacture of the Old Drs Sar
saparilla. The Sarsaparilla root, it is well known to medical
men, contains many medicinal properties, and some properueo
which are inert or Belees.and others, which if retained in ore-
paring it for use, produce fermentation and acVoV which is in
jurious to the system. Some of the properties of Sarsaparilla
are ,o nolatile that they entirely evaporate and are lost in the pre-'
paratieT ' u7 m t uw nvmcTox oj m scsmyteproemms Known
only to tfVe experienced in its manufacture. Moreover, these
volatile trrineipi which fly off in vapor, or as an exhalation, un
der heat, are the very essential medical properties of the root.
which give to it an ?
an iwnnn r.- hofl or Btew tha root till thev ret a dark ent
ered liquid, which i more from the coloring matter in the root
than from anything else; they can then strain this insipid or
vapid liquid, sweeten wK ?our molasses, and then call it SAR
SAPARILLA EXTRACT Pr 5YKUP." But such ia not the arti
cle known as the
This ia so Dranared that all tha inert oroperties of the Sar
saparilla root are first removed, everything capable of becona-
tag acia or lermeniarmn M extractea ana rejeCvSftf un fy
particle of medical virtue is secured in a pure and po.csntrated
form; and thus it is rendered incapable of losing any ?t-s val
uable and healing properties, prepared in thia way, it hi niC0
the most powerful ape nt in the
Curs of innumerable Dlseaee
Hence the reason why we hear commendation on every side ia -its
iavor by men, women, and children We find it doing wan
ders in the cure of
PIMPLES, BLOTCHES, and all affection .rising froae
It possesses a marvellons efficacy in ail complaints arftar
from Indigestion, from Aciditv of ths. Stomach, from unMiiil
Circulation, determination of blood to the head, palpitation of'
uie noan.-coiu ieei aau nanas, coia cnnra ana not nasnes over tne
body. It has not its eauat ia Colds and Cousrhs and nmmniM
easy expectoration and gentle perspirauon, relaxing sine lure oi
win iuus. uirua ami every oiner pan.
But in nothing is its excellence more manifestly sesa and ac
knowledged toon in all kinds and stages of
It works wonder, in cum af Fiuar Alhum nr WliW FntttmM
tftht Womb, Obstructed, 8upprested,OT Painful Merue, Jr
Ttffularity of tbo nMfwtroperiods. ana the like j ia .fiSclua
Bv xumOTing obstructions, ana rerulatinc the gnetJ system,
it givee lone and strangta. to the whole body, aodthus cure all
Inrmeof . ,
Herronl IMseauws sund DeblUtr
and thus prevents or relieves a great variety of other maladiw,
as Spinal irritation, Neuralria, St. Vitu? Dance, Swooning,
Epileptic JTite, Convutmione, fc.
u cJeanese the blood, excites the liver to healthy action, to Me
the stomach, and gives good digestion, relieves the bowels of
wrper and constipation, allays inltammalinn. nnrifiea the skis.
- .' Fremont, Sandusky co., O.
Tbe Illustrated Domestic Bible, -
Br Rev. Ingram Cobin, M. A. ' This beautiful
Family Bible will bs published in twenty-five
number at 35 cant each, and will alsa ba put up
in monthly part at 50 cent. . . -
The distinguishing feature of tni Bible are
1. Seven hundred wood engravings. -
S. Many thousand marginal refereooee.
3. Three finely executed steel maps. . -..-.-r
" 4.. Numerous improved Readings. 7
5. A corrected chronological order. " '
7 6. The poetical book in metrical form.
. 7. An exposition of each chapter, containing the
essence of the best commentators, with much oris;
inal matter by .the editor.
8. Reflection drawn from the subject of the
chapter, and giving in a condensed form, it spir
itual impotl. - - ;
: 9. Date affixed to the chapters for each morning
add evening' reading, comprising the whole Bible
In one year. 7 .
- The engraving are never introduced for show,
bnt always to explain the text, illustrating plaees,
mannera and customs of the ancients. - .
A specimen number with recommendations from
some of oar leading divines is now ready. The
regular issue will be about the first of July, and a
number will-be published en the first and fifteenth
of each month, till the book is complete.- '
Agents are wanted to procure subscribers for thia
work, and the opportunity ia a most favorable one
for themi to do well .
It will be ono of the most beautiful and compre
hensive Bibles ever published, and so cheep as to
place it within the reach of all. - '
, Apply post-paid to S. HUESTON, '
- 12:3. 139 Nassau street. New York.
To the Lower Sandusky P. Road Stock.
THE stockholders of the Low. Sandusky Plank
Road Company, are. hereby notified that an
assessment of ten per cent, on their capital stock,
is hereby called for, the same to be paid over to
John R. Pease, Treasurer of raid Company, in
Fremont, on or before the 15th day of Jane, 1850'
1 Fremont, May 4, 18508
In all ChrUtisnixed and civilized countries, has canted a lertref
proportion of deaths than any other malady that afflicts the hu
man family; and, until within a few years, there has not boon
any certain remedy to stop the devastation of tbe destroyer. But
BOW - - - -'--
Cures ment stanv of ths most stronatm marked and dtwelorjAd
cares of Pulmonary Consumption beal, undoubted ease of ul
cerated and diseased L UN OS such hopeless eases as were never
before eared by any other medicine. Bo utterly hopeless were
some of the afflicted persons, as to hare been prooouneed by
physicians and friends to be actvax.lt Drove. Some, who bad
their burial-clothes made, hare been cored, and yet live others,
who it was said would not live another day. are now as well
and hearty as they ever were.
It possesses all the cleansing and pnrifVing virtues nearly as
puwwiui mm i;tiM mm uie prepsraaoii wnicn we oaii
This differs from that because this possesses several other Medi
cations which are peemmrty adapted to, and are mmmtiaUy neces
sary, to cure , .
Coughs and Consumptions,
and all diseases of a pulmonary nature such diseases ss asually
jHu v wuu uiiuor uj uujotj treatment, waea tney suae tne
Breast, Throat, Lungs, and Heart
This BALSAM heal and cure Ulcere in the Lunge, snd vise
where internallv. me eertainht ami mZv P.-.
tbact carat and kemie alcers crtemauf This Batsam cures isms
case, of Coufh and Consumption oat of ten, after all other rams ,
dies hare Soiled to ao good. .. .. . , .. 1
Thousands of Consumptions t j
and 1 Crronfe Oaught, sbnodantly prove Its unfailing eJUacein
such diseases, and its undoubted csrative power, and aoothins.
healing properties, in the following complsinta sad diseases, via :
tm of Blood, Bleeding et tie Lunge. Pom m tie Bremet and
Suie. Nigkl-SvxalM. Kereoue Complaints, Palpitation ef He Heart,
Cholera Infantum, Deemtery and Summer Complointe ta CkiUren
and Adulte, Aethma, and ALL .
No remedy that has been offered to tbe pnblic baa evrr been
halfms certain and effectual in correcting ALL the incidental weak
nesses and irregularities of the female sex. as BRANTS P ULMO
NARY BALSAM. It makes no difference wbetner the de ran (re
men t be oppression, trzeess. or other incidental weakness It REG
ULATES ALL, hy strejithcning the system, sguaUxing the cir
culation, and soothing and silaytn NERVOUS IRIUTAJj IL1T Y
Sot sur pamphlsts for proof.
A Dying Woman Cured ! . .
We state this core to prove tbe power to save life, when this
BALSAM is used, even alter the person is considered by physi
cian and friend to be in the last stages of disease actually dy
ng and, in this case, so far gone that the shroud and burial
clothes were bought. For the particulars of this ease, and tha
respectable and undoubted proof of all the f immTirrrrr and
frets, we refer to our PAfllPHLETS.
This core was effected on Mrs. ZIBA DYKEMAV, of BaUston
gpa, Saratoga Co.. N. Y. We can prove, beyond a doubt, many
others almost eaitaUy as hopeless, and innumerable eases ef Coughs
and Consumptions CURED, which were pronounced incurable
by skiliul physicians.
0M the sure of Dr. Hubbard, of Stamford, CL, and others.
Dyspepsia ! '
See the cure of T. 8. WUsox, merchant, of Attica, Wyoming Co.
N. Y., and many more, m our Pamphlets.
Dysentery and Summer Complaint
In Children and Adulte are always cured. Weakly children will
become JUehy, healthy, and hearty, and grow rapidly, by the use
of thia BALSAM.
- No mother need ever mown ths death of her child by C Ttol
era Infantum, while teething, rf BRANT'S PULMONARY
BALSAM be administered. It should b lor such cases, fivaa aa
larger than the ordinary doses.
. - M'or sale by
i D. E. HARKNESS, Green Creek, "
C. POWERS, & Co.,Woodville.
. All letters and orders must be addressed to
27smly ' , 108 Broadway, N. Y.
1 f
1 a .
THIfl .
Old Established Reined
Is now put up in the
Anrl la tsa-itnwledflied to be the -a .5
, made, as is ecrtiBed try ths s - , .
tt bas performed. Theorifinat copies of which are in the
v - possession otuie propricw. . v, s , ,
R E m"b M B 13 ni
- That Bristol's Is the only - - A
And I now hrourht before the puttie In a
Than ever offered by any renar. -'
The proprietor is iletennined Uiat the man ikpttutiow
it has ncquireti for tiie last Id years hall be waintAineoV
no nintter at whin sacrifice.
I'm rch.1 sera itttist be cnefui, ir they wfh e ru KB
EXTRACT of Sarsnnnrilln. to call for "Bristol's tHirtMl
Snrsnpnrilln," In tle largest sized settles ever oncred at
One Uoilar per bottle. .
New York General Depot, 34 CortlandUfit.
Buffalo Xepot, 226 Main Street
ET Orders addrexnnl Ww. BtntoKit. New-York or CC
Bristol. DuiLalo wtll meet with prouipt aitentio.ir
If thousands ef Cures of Scrofula, Cancers, Syphilis, and ether
impure diseases of the Blood and if the very SMALL QUANTI
TY which was used of a Medicine to egect Cures of such Diseases,
he any proof of the purifying medical power in the Medtdne which
has subdued and conquered such Diseases then there is unejuestien-
eau ewaence uua- .
is such a Medicine, in every respect : and there is abundant nro
in great cures effected, that ONK BOTTLE of it contains atsrs.
puntying, healing virtue, and medtcat power, than there is eon
tained in Four Bottles of any sarsaparilla, or any ether medicine
was nas ever oeen oneroa lor sate. 1 nere la undoubted proof
in our pamphlets, that by the use of this great Indian Purifier,
they that were Dtino yet Lrvx they that were Lam and
CnirrxBS can now Walk they that were Srcx, ScioniLon
and otherwise diseased, have been Ubuxbo and Cyaxo
Hundreds Thousand--
who have aeed Brant's PtTaiFiaa, after having used and tested
aix the saTsmparillas and othor medicines recommeaded to core
Diooa aiseases, nave aecutett tnafr . ,
Brant's is tbo Cheapest, ;
beans One Bottle of it has mors medf calL tsnmi-w- wtat- It t
and; in consequence, cures smore dieeaee la much 2sss time, than
one bottle of any other medicine. v
it then, ONE Bottle of Baant's PtnUFran will enra FOUR
11MJL8 more disease tnan one bottle of sarsaparxlla, Bxairrs
PumiFixm" would be as cheap at four dollars a bottle, aa ssrssvs.
rilla at one dollar. But BRANTS PURIFIER is sold ibr only
ONE DOLLAR a bottle ; and aa a bottle of it has cured, and is
capable of curing, Four Times as much disease as one bottle of
sarsaparUla, therefore sarsaparilla, in consequence of its less pow
er and less medical -efficacy, should be sold at no more than
Twenty-Five Qents per bottle, to ba as cheap aa the Poainxa at
"Ono Dollar's Worth!
How much Cance how much Srrinxts how much Scao
rULA will One Dollar's worthof Brunt's P URIFIER oarer Read
tne Huiowmg statement, wnicn is a spocimen oi it power. r
This ts the case of a Dying man who yet lives. He was cared
of a worse ease of Scrofula, by only Twelve Bottles of Bruit's
Purkfityr, than ever was ured by the use of Twelve Qallons of
the best sarsaparilla that was ever mado. - 'SarsepariUa has not
fcient medical power to effect the cure of such a revolting ly
hope9 esse. - -
Mr. j. 3- HASKTit, of Rome, Oneida Co., N. Y., had Scrofula four
years irs a?onfined to his bed the last fear he was so much
diseased ano! J.-biUtated as to be unable to raise hia hand to his
head. He had th medical advice had used all of the beet
eursapmrillae to no oOd efiect got worse and worse, and was con
sidered to be in a State, and could not live twenty four
hours longer, when he Crimincett using bhahi o rururiKK.
His neck was eaten nearly o. trCVi ear to sot a note was eaten
thmnarh tii MMntiM uni- hi'a chi.u. so that he breathed throush
the hole bis sar was so eaten aroaJ V couid be uju up
out of its place, it only holding by a fPce the use of one
arm was destroyed by two Ulcers an CV s
large as a man's hand had nearly eaten throatfb .nJt9(r
aoay. i nus ne was amictea witn aoenty sucn put , i "f"
stee Ulcers, on various parts of his person, for fiirtier 2W "
aarticulars, see oar PissipUecs. -
Doctv Thomas Willi am , one of the most skilful pbysfciwuf
oi xvome, was cmiea to see xiassin toe aay oejore ne conimeneea
using Brants Purifier. Doct. W. exatmined him, and then told
him that all the medicines in the world could not cure liim that
his case was -- - -
; Worse than Hopeless ! : : s-
Now hear Mr. HAS KIN'S ststement of cure. He said : Mr
wife procured one bottle of BRANTS PURIFYING EXTRACT
ot Btsseu 6f Leonard, Drug gut, of Roma. 1 commence: uanig
tnat, ana oegem to got sawr -that boxixs. ena&ied sna to jet
off my bed where I had been confined one yeor the sxoohd bot
tle enabled me to eet out of the hrutm thn third bottle enabled
me to Walk Two Miies, to Rome Centre, where 1 proenred Sis.
jtoutee more ; sna wnen naa anuuiea using tnem, itsventeen out
of Twenty Ulcere has- hialkd to and three sottlss more ed'ect'
ad a PERFECT CURE of all the Ulcers, and restored mxm to
Mr. HABKIN bas sworn to the above facts, and tbe facts are
witnessed and certified to by DOCT. T. WILLIAMS Mr. 6. R.
BROWN, proprietor of the West-Rome Hotel Messrs. BI83ELL
eX LEONARD, Wholesale and retail Drugguti and ELEVEN
other respsctabh witnesses.
We Challenge tbe World - V
To PROVE a Cure of as twoMv and uttermt hevelsss a ease ef
Berofula, by the use of TEN TiMES as mnch sarsaparilla, or
any other medicine, as was used of Brant's purifier to effect tha
above curewhich cure shall be proved by as ataaw tfeftbsoani,
rmpeewjs wunesses, as is we aoove cure
JFor sate by y . :
D. E. HARKNESS, Green Creek,
C. POWERS t Co,, Woodville. i
All letters aqd orders' Dtust be addressed toj
27smly 106 Broadway, Y.
The Rush of the People is now for .
1, llff
" o )
COME LA DIES! are have the latest styles of
D R GOOD!- -and
the prices are TOO LOW to talk aboot. 4
We shall b. receiving Goods .very week from
New York city, and can therefore fiv yon the
Latest Fashions in lOto 14 daya -
From the time of their first appearance
CALL SOON! we cannot keep themlong!!
In a few day-w shall be able to give full de
scription of ear stock. - ' -
Fremont, 30th-April, 18508
r ewe tu -era re- r fl
This valuable Medicinal prenaration
from any simple Extract of BarsapHnlla1 or comrooa
purifying Medicine. It is a coiopouutl of many of the
With-others acting directly on the Sidneys, or having Im-"
mediate reference to the relief and continued healthy ope
ration of some internal organs. It contains articles
which enter into no other preparation in existence, and-
purifying and refreshing effects, by any Medicine lay
the world. It is put up - ' - , ,
C very pleasant to the taste and im more concentrated,.
Than any other in market. Persona wlw have take
SarsnpariUaa by the gallon, without relief, hare bees
rod call hf cured, by using two or three bottles.
This is the only Compound in which Sarsaparilla. Wifoy
Cherry and Dandelion are so preparer), to otier the pecu
liar virtues of each. In combination with pore Extra!
of other healing articles in a highly concentrated stoat.
Its ingredients are , - v : -"
And are such roots and barks aa are found though ehfefljr
affecting certain parts in their general tendency to pro
duce the most cUansing and healing effzets. -
To core many diseases. Dropsies. Kidney Complaints, ate.
draw off Watery Humors from the B(oo!, or corrupt and
irritating aecvetions of diseased oramis from tle body,
without the tlrorough, .opeeatiom oh the Kiokkts, as
caused bytiiis Medicine. No other extract even pretends
to this effect. In feet fllU very operation for wliich it ia
particularly compounded, d liters from all other prepara
Hons, and makes it the best compound iu existence.
Use this medicine. U .wilt relieve. It has cured whew
life Useff was despaired of. It contains articles Unit urilt
cure f anything can. and takes liie only method io make)
permanent cures. This Remedy -
All impure and eross humors, not only by working direct
ly on the Wood, but by restoring each onrnn to heniihy
Tiaor, and esnecinlly increasinc the action of those which)
draw from the bodv, and lastingly remove all -- - v
All diseases originating in a depraved of the vital
fluids. Ecuptions, JLT leers. Sores, -Coilcction of Watery
Uuinors, .
Will find this the best alterative, and niotc!ean?mir Me-
'lirfrtr.- ffrr before ant other in invigorating effect. It
has worked sotiie of the greatest tares of iieaee of the
Urinary Organs,- " ' "
Bladder, ke A splendid diuretic. No extract ia se gevel
tor Weaknes of the Kidneys, Weak Bitck. Keitntuon or
Involuntary flow of Urine, Burning or Scalding, Involun
tary Emissions, or other irritability, Rshembes, the ol
Medicine that- heals these partes In Be rot ulcus hbitof
h System, Lax and weakened states,
Wasting diseases of tbe Lungs, Pains in the Breast, bec,
the soothing i?ectorals and bracing Tonics, tteai uie Luiij?
most kindly, and strengthen tiie body, while the urn
humors that toad the system are cleansed, Vi'A relieving
action of the Kidneys is marked in JLuug disease., it is
warranted superior to any preparation -saudiim. attack
from Exposure are certainly cured.
For Irregular, Sup'jressed or painful Menstruation, Floor
Albas, Uterine Discuses, or any derautzentcni oi ths Fe
male Frame. It never disappoints expectation. A' reas
men medicine will reach these derangements. This Com
pound contaiuscertain Roots, the best and only omes that
should be used. It cures the i-tost aggravated for in. ,
t wUl reftTsh immediftteiy. A few days' ts will con
vince the incredulous. TJie appeti'C inrreaed the
nerves so quiet spirits raised aud new. Pure ad Rich
Bioodiake the place of vilinied and corrupt. - -
Too will never be wittout it. Jt will do more food and
eure more speedily, the hundreds of petty di?erM5e, Colds.
Bowel Complaints, Impure Blood, Jbc. than miv thing
i-oZ have ever tried Lok at Certijuales.- The Wea.
T l -nt or most deiicata Female em tat tt.?afa pea-
feet softly'. 1 ' ..H-..v?vs
- jOAR IT IN MIND. 1 '
That this is the en medicine that baa ever ctr?rf t( low.
wearine Ship Fev, aueated by the oaths ef soma
thirty of the cured, acu you will acknowledge
Where obstructions-of the organs have caused depositsv
. .T.v: " - GRAVEL . " -Or
Stone tn the Bhddr, this medicine ha been used"
with luaonwhing success. For Certcate ef Cures ef
this or amy disease, see Pamphlet of cures. , j ,
Of Discases of the STOMACH and BOWELS, Costive-,
nes, DYSPEPSIA, with Debility, 4te. For Bowel Com
plaints it can be relied on as a certain remetfy. 1 Afo
wheu accumulation of bile has cause I -
Jaundice, ic or when they are coming oa, ta'e-C s
you are safe. It carries on" tt eorrupt bile rapt.. iiy
toe natural channels, and eases immediately. Ithabcived1
years standing, as certifientes testify; ft always files'
sedisfaetion. Try it. Great PbvsiciaJia prescribe elmaye
diuretics. This compound is eicolient DandeHon aloie
Is almost specific. - - ' " :
On the paffes of our Pamfi.tt9, or cohjmns of our anpem.
A list of as influential names has erer 1een siren !&
wpport of any Medic ince. We have there Wii
testimony of the rfo cure of every disease we
The most thorough investigattem is requested. W-l h
PAMPHL"ET. Call on tiie certifiers or twk tlwiresiutont,
and you too will use it. It will affect you different irt
any other, and we think rt will do you Brore ood. -
,; ., -. r ; : r r . . - 'fo? gajidiUKjr COttOty .
'-. Wm. Whipp, BellevA - r . . ,w s
-. T, Daniels, Toledo, . . . ,T.
Hamilton fc McCentury, Repoblitfa r
McCoHocb & Thorp, Saadusky,
- " - F. H Boyar, Tiffin. ; .. . ... . v
JiwaIV49a - - I7:Iy
. .-9 &g g s 4 ..oa
r, 3 sn! Z s v.cp l ,
a ill &q g ;f s
SiPWjs g.-aB-
r- 8-si sa S

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