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Fremont weekly freeman. (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, August 24, 1850, Image 3

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. t irrlral ef the Europa. i. I
... , .ri-:. ENGLAND. , vr s; .
The question relative to Baron Rothchild ta
. . kir-gLj. seat in the House of Commons, has
, beea postponed until the next session, when
the m.uutry are to introduce a new bilL The
House of Commons have by large majority
granted the present Duke of Cambridge a
pension of 12,000 per annum. , :,-
The Irish Franchise bill.as mutulated by the
Lords, has heen rejected by the Commons,
- ho have substituted a JEl 2 qualiScation, which
, it is stated added some 170,000 voters to the
Irish constituency. . . ' -,, : i
. The harvest operations have commenced,
: and crops promise welL
, The man who threatened Lord John Eus
t sell has been committed to prison. ...tv.
It is said that . the Great Britain steamer
lias been bought for . 25,000, and that she
s to carry passengers on the pacific, between
. Panama and San Francisco. . r
The composition of the new cabinetat Wash
... ington is regarded by the, leading English
... journals, with great favor..
Several Socialists had broken the law se-
- ureing the penalty of threatening the lives of
- Representatives,' cholera has nearly disap-
peered from Colonge. " Corn harvest is now
' half over, and it is said it will not be so plenti-v-ful
as expected.-"'" -;. r
' - The Nienna cabinst seems to be for peace
as nothingls thought of but reduction of the
army and retrenchment of erpenet. -.-v--,
-: - - The Emperor Nicholas has issued a ukase
-ordering, 7 men in each 1000 of population of
- provinces, and 10 in a 1000 in the eastern
- and some other provinces, to be received for
. :lhe army.,. t, -. . .' , .: . ; . ar.i t.
vi Populations of these districts is computed
..at 31,000,000. The Sultan has decided that
- specimens of the manufactures" of Turkey,
i- shall be sent to the exhibition at London in
-1851, and he has nominated a commission of
. 5 superior functionaries of the ministry of cora-
: mfrt!R. S muiuelmen And 2 chns.tia.na to saner
intend arrangements. . . : - ::t.? ' .,
Lamartine is at Constantinople, nothing new
from fapain or Portugal.', 1 ; . '.
- A protocol which recognizes substantially
all dues of the Danish government was signed
'- an .London, on Saturday, by nearly every for-ft-.
ign Minister at the court of St James. .
.'. A telegraphic despatcb.dated Hamburg 1st,
eays that (ien, .W jilstein had declared the Dan
ish Provinces responsible for whatever may
.happen to those of Schleswig Holstien's party.
, - r r
lion of the armies si-.; - ..-,': r-. - ,
Gen. .Willstien has issued another . procla-
mation praising his troops and declaring that
v mn rnon rro no. n. xnuot nmra in nil nnfii.
they cannot be driven from the soil of Schles
"vg, except by a second or third battle, and
' that it wui be more bloody than the first- .
Toledo asd Wellington Rail Road.
- - I Several f the citizens of Norwalkand Fre
. mont, interested in the constarction of this
road, were in this city yesterday. They ex
1 pressed n belief, that the construction of the
" road, -would suffer no delay or impediment, if
z the eatRBSiasoa 'prevalent on the line of it,
e.rwas respeaded ta by oar citizens. . We feel
confident that this will sot be wanting. . To-
ledobae merer been behind hand in improve
ments of any iiad but she does more by acts
than promises. Hard, bone labor long suf
ferance, hope long deferred, quiet submission
t. to taxation and a constant readiness to con-
; citizens have learned in the school of experi
nce, and her aaore enthusiastic, perhaps, but
- not more willing neighbors, -will find them
hardy eo-laborere in the great Railroad.
They desire no Improvement more than this.
m ',' t- s .Toledo Blade.
Pat at tie Post Office, ; 7;
, . The following colloquy . actually took place
i an cistern doe! officii: . . . .
t Pat 'I say, Mr. Postmaster, is there any
litter for mef ' ' r . , 4 f . , ;
P. M. 'Who are you my good sir ?
Pat 'I'm meself, that's who I am.' ; 4
P. M.-1 'Well what is your name ?
Pat 'An what do you want wid the name ?
, . Is'nt it on the-litter ? : -i - : s-.-t'
P M Ha that T ran KnA In lsltor it thT
is one. ..'- - . 1 - ' -.
, Pat -'Well, Mary Burns, thin, if you must
, bsve it. - " . ' r-
P. M. 'No, sir-there is none For Mary
1IUI u. . .
Pat 'Is there no-way to get in there but
through this pane of glass?' - .
- P.M 'No, sir. vs
Pat 'Its well for you there is'nt. I'd teach
' you better manners than to insist on a 'gentle
man's name; but you did'nt get it aftier all
so i m even wia you : . . ,.. v . .
.. . Barnnm has put out the following adver
ilspmentin the New . York naDera: .. ..
First Appearance of Jehnt Likd. The
. American public is respectfully informed that
. the first professional appearance ot Jenny Lind
in New York, will take place on or about the
16th of SeDtember next At . the first con-
icert, Jenny Lind will sing one of her most
ceiabrated Bravuraa, . a Duett with Signor
Giovanni Beletti, an English Ballad, and her
. Swedish soot;. , Further and ample1, details
., will be given in due time. : -
- -? , , , P. T. BARNUM.
Ore, We perceive, by a statement in' the
Newai k Dailr Advertiser, that Mr. ' Alexan-
dcr Dickerson of that place, has inrented cer
' tain improvements in the formation of the
"' pudding furnace, by which he is enabled ' to
manufacture iron of superior quality, directly
from the ore, by the use of anthracite or bitu
minous coal or wood. ;' ." ' ". " '
What irxa MaDDsa's Darliso? Babies
. el ways cry when they" have something to cry
' about Mammas should remember this, and
endeavor upon such occasions to find out the
cause of the trouble, instead of 'smacking' the
'dear blessed little thing because it won't be
good. -Find out what is the matter with ba-
by, whether a pin sticks it, or pa's whiskers
frighten it In either case remove the objec
. lion. i-i." - -r"- ,
A young gentleman who advertises for a
wife, in one of the daily papers, says that he's
'desirous of forming a connexion with a young
lady who considers herself capable of bringing
" p a large family of children.' . He ll da -
Mr. Gilbert, one of the members elect from
California, writes to the Alta California of
which he ia editor, as follows:
The whole north is with us in - sentiment
and feeling, but there are a few dough-faces
who wouii I'ke to sell utjbr political prefer?
r 1 " t. I believe we shall triumph over them
" ,L The Administration is with us heart and
eouL Mr. King will prore an ble ally.
Matrimonial Felicity. -V. . ;
"My love," says Mrs. Foozle to her husband,
"oblige me vith 20 to-day to purchase a
new dress."
'"Shant do" any such thing, v Agnesyou.
called me a bear yesterday !" - ;
"La, love, that was nothing I I only meant
by it you were very fond of hugging."
fi'ou're a saucy little puss, (a sound heard
like the explosion of a pistol) but here's a 150."
Charles Bush, who murdered a man in
California and returned home with $6,000
and located near Motville, Mich, was arrested
a few days since, and will be sent to California
for trial.
It is said that sugar burned on coals in a
room, will so destroy musquitoes, that burnt
brandy can't save 'em.
; The Dayton papers are all bragging about
a drayman's wife in that city who presented
her husband last Friday with three fine boys.
Too late for the census this year.
v An ingenous Yankee down east, has invent
ed a machine for milking cows. The editor of
the Maine Farmer has seen it, and given it a
trial. He says it empties the udder very free
lyand easily, and at the rate of about a quart
per minute. . . : , . , ::
The maehine which the Maine farmer saw
and which em tied the udder with so much fa
cility, was a live Yankee nothing else ! :
V A negro once gave the" following toast
'De Gubernor ob de State he come in
wid berry little opposition, he got out wid
none at alt ' " '. " . . ' . - , .
Wheat per bnthel. 70
Floor per barrel. "4 00
Corn per baahel " ? V ....' 37
Onto per bushel 25
Butter per pound. .8
per dozen.. ...... .... ..5'
Cheese per pound........ 10
' Lard per pound. ....5
Salt per barrel). 1 13
Hide per pound 4 a u
Flax seed per bushel
Timothy seed per bu...
. Clover seed per bu.... .
Pork per barrell
Hams smoked per pound
Bean per bushel......
1 25
3 00
....10 00
06 :
1 00
.....2 00
... 90
9a 13
Potatoes per bushel
Onions per bushel .........
Apples green..... .
Apples dried....
Beeswax per pound
. Tallow per pound...
Staves Pipes per M..
" Hbd per M
' Bbl per M. .........
Blackwalnut Lumber per M
IhTcAlister's All-llcaliiijr. Ointment.
It is a rare occurrence that we notice editorially,
any ''Patent Medicine" that is being hawked about
the country, bat in duty to the world we feel bound
to acknowledge and state that no one article ot med
icine within our knowledge, for most compIaints
which human flesh is heir to, begins to be as valu
ables.) M'Aliater'a All-healing Ointment. Having
witnessed its creat and wonderful healing proper
tie, we would not on any consideration be without
it; and we say so all beads of families, keep this ar
ticle on hand if yon wish u preserve your neaun
and save doctor's bills: see advertisement. -
" Liver complaint far always cured by the use of
Dr. G. C. Vaughn's Vegetable Lithontriptio, the
Great American Remedy; here is a letter from .
,-, . . - - t Hillsborough, O., Jan- 1, 1847.
. Dr. G. C. Vaughn, Dear Sir I deem it a doty I
owe you and the world at large to make the follow
ing statement. In August your traveling agent left
some of- your medicines with me to sell. Seeing
the great recommendations, and being myself af
flicted wiui liver complaint 1 tried one small bottle.
it at once gave me relief; I tried a second and you
will be astonished to learn so great was ks power
that I was completely cared, and am now as stout
and welt as ever 1 was m my life. - i commenced
selling the medicine to my customers, and its sin
gular effect was immediately manifested, it was suc
cessful ia alt eases, some of which our medical men
stated ceuld not be cured. . I cheerfully offer my
testimoay in favor of your Lithontriptio Mivture,
and hereby state that I consider it superior to all
other preparations now before the country. Will
yon please forward mors as soon as possible.
v . loursdtc , K.H. JOHWSUN.
Onr columns ha the advertisement of this Great
American Remedy. Get a pamphlet of the agents
whose names are found there
Wsja fit, tAi sBfi 3;
first Grand Arrival
Head Quarters,
HAVE this day received by Express lots of
PRINTS and G1NGHANS for the early Fall
Trade, and will be receiving New Goods from day
to day nntil they get the Old Establishment,
Loaded up from lop to bottom!
When that time -arrives, they intend to bring out
and give the Old and New Combination Fills.
Fremont, August 21, 1850. , ; . .. .
t Petition for Divorce. .,.-..'.
Sarah Gyde ., 1
vs. " Sandusky count, Common Pleas.
James Gvde. -
JAMES GYDE will take notice that Sarah Gyde,
has filed iu the office of the clerk of the court of
corn men pleas of Sandusky county, Ohio, her peti
tion praying for a divorce from her husband, the.
said Jamea Gyde; assigning fjr canse, extreme
cruelty, and gross neglect of duty on the part of
said James Gyde, which petition will be for hearing
'at the next term of seid court.
i.w .. . J. L. GREENE, Att'y for peUoner. .
Aoe. 1. 1850 23 5
NOTICE is hereby given that the subscribers
have been appointed and duly qualified as ad
ministrators on the estate of Joseph Hereby dee'd.,
late of Ballville township, Sundusky county, Ohio.
- B. W. LEWIS.
Ballville, Aug. 17, 185023:3
THE subscriber is prepared to furnish Social
Hall, in Buckland's Brick Block, for
Cotillon Parties, Sories, Lectures, &c,
on reasonable terms: and also refreshments,
in the best style on the shortest noticet
Fremont, August 3, 1850. -
all forms, and in the most approved styles by
Miniatures cnvelobed in Frames. Cases. Lockets.
Ladies1 Bracelets, Pins, Finger-riners, dec.
Ladies should always dress in Dark. A Dark
soarf is the most suitable Heck dress for the Gen
tlemen.. . ,
Rooms- At the Franklin House, upstairs:
where he will remain a few days only.
The Ladies and eentlemen of Fremont and vicin
ity, are respectfully invited to call and examine his
specimens, which he does not hesitate to compare
who iua meet eurcieni operators. : v. . , .
Operating hours from 8 A. M, until 5 P. M.
Fremont, July 87, 1850. 20
WOULD inform, the public that ha has resumed
his business at his old stand, on Croghan St.,
and having had the oporlunitv of seeing and getting
All the Latest Fashions from East and West,
and having brought on an assortment of the :
he is prepared to furnish his old customers, and as
manv new ones ns can crowd into nis ware rooms,
with the most splendid lot of ; -. 1 ' '
Mahogony, Rosewood and Blackwalnut
; , . F. V K.V I T V RE, ,.
Of every kind from the Cradle to the Coffin.
As to prices, he is determined
He is hold lo say that he can offer rou BETTER
BARGAINS and BETTER WORK than vou can
fret west of Buffalo; he has on h and, and is making
All Unds of BEDSTEADS,
on New and Improved Plans;
such as Lewis' Patent, Fowler's Patent, Sec, &c.
Do not fail to give him a call.
lir He has got up a good Hearse, and will attend
funerals in lowu or country.
Fremont, August 10, 1850.
Steam Mill for Sale.
THE subscriber now offers his new Steam
saw mill for sale, situate on the Ridge
Road, about ten miles easterly from Fremont, and
only 100 rods from the Maumee and Western Re-,
serve Turnpike Road, and within about 35 rods of
the surveyed line of the Wellington and Toledo
Railroad. - -:
The mill is a snperior one, in all respects, being
in a healthy location, having the very best of water,
that which will not corrode a boiler. The building
is of the moat substantial kind, 35 by 61 fset, fitted"
to saw logs 30 feet long. Hsving two circular saw
and a machine for sawing felloe attached, and
sufficient power in the engine to drive th whole,
and the boiler large enough to make the steam,
and more too.
all around, and men that have got the snap to them
to haul it; there being no less than seventy teams
astir in one day last winter, attached lo some forty
sleds and boats; and every ten days of good sled
ding is equivalent to about one thousand logs.
Any person wishing to get large contracts for ths
Railroad, or wishing to enter into the lumber busi
ness will find it to their advantage to call and see
for themselves. .
And any person anticipatinir building a Mill, can
do equally as well to cali, for they can half pay for
one while they would be building. The building
being so framed, as to be easily taken down aud set
op would require but little time to remove it.
The subscriber has also 105 acres of pood
land about forty acres cleared, a good frame Barn,
a young Orchard of over one hundred grafted Apple
trees, moat of which are bearing;, with Peaches,
Pears, Plums, Cherries, Quinos, Grapes, &c. & c
which have also commenced bearing. The mill
and farm will be sold separata or together, to suit
purchasers; and liberal terms of payment givsu.
For further particulars enquire of
. ... F. I. NORTON, Fremont,
or the subscriber on the premises.
York, August 3, 1850.
1LT A quantity or seasoned wagon and buggy
felloes, together with an extra quality of narrow
lath, and lumber of all kinds kept constantly on
hand, cheap as can be had at any other mill in the
country. 21:6m W. L. C.
Woolen Factory!
Sandusky County, Ohio.
Weaving and Cloth-Dressing done ia all styles
- - and colors, superior to any thing
in the Slate,
THE -subscriber Ending that Wool bad risen in
price beyond the manufactured Goods intend
to atop the manufacture of woolen good and turn
all the hands and machinery at custom work, such
as weaving Cassimers, Cloths, Satinetts. Linseys,
Flannels, and Coloring and Dressing customers
cloths, in all their various styles, superior to any
thing heretofore attempted.
Ho has erected a drying house 100 feet in length,
capable of drying 200 yards of cloth per day. besides
the out door bars. He uses falling stocks to full
with, and other machinery sufficient to finish 300
yards of cloth per day. The machinery and hands
will all be employed in wearing and dressing doth
for customers during the season. He has all the
different machines for dressing cloths
That are used in New England Factories,
such as Napping, Teaseling Shearing and Brushing
Machines, which were bought in YVooster, Massa
cbueetts, and are in the best of order. The work
men employed in his Manufactory, hare served
regular apprenticeship in Massachusetts, and work-
ed in the above business from 5 to tsil years. -And,
with his early and Ions; experience in the ma nu fac
toring business, and by strict personal attention to
the same.-hopej to receive a liberal share of the
public patronage.
He has the FRENCH METHOD of Col-
'' oring and uses no Copperas or Vitriol,
knowing the same to be injurious to the cloth.
-- - He will warrant all of his work, -
both as to manufacture, colors and finish. ' '
Prices per vard for 6nishln Cloths Is 6d; Cas
aimers Is 6d; Flannels Is; Satinetts 14c; Linsej s
Is; to full 3c.
Prices for weaving on Power Loom Cloths five
quarters wide 8c; Cassimers five quarters wide 10c;
r lannels lour quarters wide c.
Prices per yard for weavine and findine Chain
Satinetts toe; Linseys is.
All the cloths woven will be returned a they
leave the loom, or finished at the abova prices as
customers may direct.
lie nas made Arrangements
with the following persons at the places mentioned.
to receive yarns and cloth, and deliver the suine
when returned. Allyarne and cloth left with these
persons will be taken and returned every two weeks
throughout the sesson;
O. L. Kims, Head Quarters, Fremont
Baker's Store Castalia.
.. Chapman & Harkness, Bellevue. .
Shoemaker & Osden, Republic
Silas D. Boalt, Mexico.
, M. Brackley, McCutchcnsville.
.. J. Swagart & Co., Oregon. ,.'..
Parker & Shawan, Carey. ,
Adam Battelfeld, Springville.
C. W. Foster & Son, Rome.
E. W. Thomas, Risdon.
Wm. Heller, Van Buren, more.
Arnold fe Grey, Crowell fe Burns, Mell-
Henry Haskins, Portageville.
W. Bradner,Millgrove.
George Bautchtell, Freeport,
J. Eaton & Co., Rollersville.
C. Powers, Wooodville.
B. Caushan, Port Clinton.
P. C. DEAN".
Ballville, Sandusky Co. O. August 3, 1850 31
Administrator's Sale of Real Estate.
Court of common pleas, Sandusky eoiinty, Ohio.
David Spohn, Administrator of
C. B. Spohn, deceased, X
vs. - I
The Hsirs .
IN pu suance of an order of said court made in the
above entitled case, I shall offer for sale at auc
tion on the 31st of August next, between the hours
prescribed by law, subject to the life estate of the
widow -of said decedent the following described
lands and tenements, to wit:
The north half of the south-west quarter of sec
tion number thirty, township number five, north of
range uumber fourteen, containing eighty-seven
acres iu Sandusky county, Ohio.
Terms or Sale. One-third cash in hand, one
third in one year aud one-third iu two years, with
interest from dsy of sale, to be secured by mort
gage on the premises. -
Administrator of C. B. Spohu, dee'd.
Aueust 3. 1850. 21-5
lilt. M 1A. A,
TENDERS his professional services to the citi
zens of Fremont and adjacent conntry.
Office For the preient at his dwelling" on Arch
street, where he will cheerfully attend to any calls,
except when absent on professional duty.
June 84, 1850. -
ANT quantity of good Hickory and Ash Wood
will be taken on subscription at the'
Fbeemar Oftick.
Drugs, Paints, Oils, Dye-stuffs, Glass-ware,
Phosgene Gas and Lamps, dec, kc i,
THE subscribers have just opened a large stock
of the above articles, which with their former
stock completes the largest and best assortment ever
brought to Fremont or vioiuity 1 j
Physicians are respectfully requested to call
and examine onr articles of Drugs aud Chemicals,
as we are determined that Frimgkt shall bi the
Town to bdt Goods CHEAP.
All our merchants say thev are asllinir Goods
CHEAPER than they can be bought in Sandusky,
Tiffin, or any where else in these Digfrins' and are
. , Determined not to be outdone -
by them in the way of LOW pricea.
iLr Godrtrt Dialers, will find it to their ad
vantage lo buy of us any articles in our line, as we
are sure we can save them the transportation,
at least.
using Paints of any kind who wish Good Articles
can be supplied at the smallest possible adrance
irom cosi. wnne Lead pnre iuztra, No. I, dry
and ground in oil, Chrome Yellow, Chrome Green,
Paris Green, Red Lead, Lampbiack, Litharge,
Varnish, Linseed Oil, warranted to dry Turpen
tine, &c. , &.. Brushes of all sizes aud kinds, at
i. . 20 per cent, cheaper than ever. ...
.Vo.3, BncklantVs Brick Block.
S3" Sign of the Big Mortar.
Fremont, Sandusky co. July 6, 1650 17
We hereby let Sanduskv know, .
Have opened Shop to work for ail,
Who'll please to favor with a call :
We've Bedsteads, Lounges, Talks too,
All kinds of Carpenter work we do
We'll mend a Chair, a Table, Stand,
Or Make them all for Cash in hand :
Repair a Door and case the same,
Hang with hinge or make the irame,
Put on the lock with bolt or bars.
And if needs be we'll mend your Stairs:
Indeed, there is nought of wood that's made,
But we'll attempt and please if PAID.
And as money makes the mare to go '
We're bound to sell our labor LOW!
For instance : Such as others sell .
Of Bedsteads, we will make as well,
And one-third LESS our price shall be,
If this you doubt, just come and see, - '
But, where's your Shop? 'tis close at hand,
We re taken the Democratic stand
Opposite Brainard's, on Croghan street,
We'll gladly public custom greet. ' - ?
Fremont, July 13, 1850. .18
Land for Sale.
THE following lands belonging to the De Forest
heirs will be sold VERY C H E A P , as the
owners are anxious to dispose of them. Thev are
sitnated near Sandusky Bay on Big Pickerel Creek,
in a well settled neighborhood.
west h'f soulh-west quar 80
north-east quar 160
north-west quar ' 160
south-east fraction 90
south-west quar 130
Also 10,000 acres of Land,
in Ottawa county, embracing every variety of soil.
timber and prairie, settlers can be accommodated
with such tracts as they may wish, nnd the price
will be not more than half such lands would sell for
in Illinois or Wisconsin GEO. B. SMITH.
Sandusky City, June 29, 1850 16:3m
Private Sale.
THE subscriber offers the following
tract of Land at private sale at a BAR
GAIN, described as follows, to wit:
The south-east quarter of the north
east quarter of section No. thirty-six, in township
No. five, north of range INo. tourteen, inaandusKy
county, containing forty acre.
This land is about three and a hair miles west ot
Fremont, in Washington township, and is excel
lently situated and calculated for farming purposes.
Persons wishing to purchsse will enquire of the
Editor of the Freeman, or address the subscriber at
Hagerstown, Washington countr, Maryland, post
paid. - - GEORGE DE1HL.
Fremont, July 13, 1850 18 . , ... .
WOULD inform his friends and the public, that
he has taken rooms at Ballville, where he
intends carrying on the above business, in all its
branches, and hope by punctual attention and
long experience in his trade to merit and receive a
share of palrouage. ' -
N. B. Cutting of garments of every description,
attended to in the most fashionable style, and war
ranted to fit.
Also, he is Agent for DaviV Pain Killer
a fresh supply just received and for sale by
Ballville, July 13, 185018
al have been received by the Proprietor of
MENT from Physicians
fSggfc the most skillful and ce-
lebrated, trom Uounsei
ISliP lors learned in the Law,
Bif from Judges of celebrity
sm on tne cencn, irom ruin
s' isters of the Gospel,
whose undeviating in
tegrity have made them
' shining lights in the
path of Truth, from en
lightened Piofenors, firm acute Merchant, and
from those of every stati n, name and degree
among mankind all ef which, without one dis
senting objection, jronounce this Ointment to be
.As day by day it unobtrusively extends its
sphere of action along the borders of our vast coun
try, and is circulated throughout its extent, new
evidences of its power and new proofs of its effi
cacy axe continually developed. Three millions
of Boxes, applied to disease within the last four
years, has established the astounding fact beyond
the power of cavil or contradiction, that it is IN
FALLIBLE in the cure of all Tumors, Ulcer,
Sores, Burns, Tetter, Piles, Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Chilblains, Scald Head, Sore Eyes, Quinsy, Croup,
Rheumatism, Broken Breast, Ague in the Face,
Corns, etc. It completely restores the INSEN
SIBLE PERSPIRATION, and by this means opens
those avenues bv which Nature intended to expel
the morbid matter of the body thus is the system
cleansed, the blood purified, and the health re
stored. It has the power to cause all external Sores,
Scrofulous Humors, Skin Diseases, and Poisonous
Wounds, to discharge their putrid matter, and
then heal them. We are not ashamed of the
names of - . . s.
AU-Healiiig Ointment !
- Or the ' "
World's Salve!
which a discerning public has applied to this
medicine ; for there is scarcely a disease, exter
nal or internal, that it will not benefit. I have
used it for the last fourteen years for all diseases
of the Chest, Consumption, and Liver, involving
the utmost danger and responsibility, and I declare
before heaven aad man, that not in one single
ease has it failed to benefit when the patient was
within the reach of mortal means. -
Wholesale and retail at the Grand Depot, 141
FULTON ST., New York, and by all Druggists
throughout the United States.
- J. McALISTER, Sole Proprietor,
141 Fulton St. N. Y.
S. BLTCKLAND fe &0.,
19 . . Only Agents for Fremont.
TTtTHlTE LEAD. Pure. Extra. No. I
V V and ground in Oil, for sale chesp, at
NAILS. 'Fremont Iron Co.' Nails, manufac
tured at Troy. N. Y., at Hatkis'.
BIBLES. A large lot of Family Bibles from
$ I 50 to $6. Also, Pocket, Clasp, Tuck, and
Polyglott Bibles and Testaments at
- Great Excitement.
TremendnoDs Outbreak in Cuba!
10,000 Prisoners taken. " -
Have just received ' large " assortment : of
WHICH will be offered at great bargains for
Their stock comprises every variety of boot and
shoes suited to the market,
, f i. ' The Gentlemen W-
will find thick boots and shoes, calf and kip, sewed
and pegged,-O at extremely low pi ices.
For Boys and Youth
we have kip, calf and heavy boot and shoes, as
cheap as the market affords, and of superior qual
ity. And
For the Ladies
enameled and kid excelsiors, euameled polka boots,
calf and morocco boots, and also a large assortment
of kid and morocco slippers of different colors and
----- - - - For Young Misses " -
morocco and calf boot and shoe, morrocco and
seal buskins, morocco, kid and seal slipper, gaiter
boots, fancy colored half gaiters: and a large vari
ety of kid and morocco boots and shoes for children.
, - Boot and Shoe Makers, .-.
will take notice, that we have a large assortment of
Shoe Findings, for the trade, such a Boot Trees
and Lasts, Pegs, French calf, Morocco and Boot
morocco skins, pink red and white lining skins, and
a general assortment of findings together with every
variety of tools used in the manufacture of boot
and shoes as cheap a can be bought iu the west.
We keep constantly on hand a large assortment
of HATS AND CAPS for men and boys.
Boots and Shoes from measure.
Our town and country customers can have boots
and shoes made to order at our ahop. We have
secured the services of several experienced work
men, especially for this branch of our business, and
any work entrusted to us will be warranted to FIT,
and of GOOD STOCK.
South Store in Tyler's block at the
sign of the big BOOT, jgy ; :
- Fremont June 22, 15
The subscribers have just received
Decidedly the Largest and Best selection of
Miscellaneous, Clasical, Medical and School
Books, among which, the following are a few:
The writings of GenWashington, by Jared Sparks,
12 volumes.
Prescott's Conquest of Peru, 2 volume; ':
do do - - Mexico, 3 vole. -
do Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols;. -,
do Miscellanies, 1 vol; ,
Allison's History of Europe, 4 vols; : , "
miarem-a unuea states, d vols;
Maccauley's History of England, 2 vols;
Hallam's Works, 4 vols; Gibbon' Rome, 4 vols.
Stephen' Yucatan; Greece; Egypt 2 vol each;
Complete Work of Lorenzo Dow;
Addison's Works; Burke's do. .
Josephus' Works I and 2 vols; Byron' do
Shakspeare's Works, 1 and 2 vols; . :
Rollin's History ' "do
Chamber' Information for the People, 2 vol;
American Revolution !2 vols: . ' ;- w
Marshal's Washington, 2 volumes;
Neat's Puritans, 2 vols; Life of Brant, 2 vols;
Mrs Edgeworth's Works 10 vols;
Spark's American Biography, 10 vols;
Memoirs and Administrations of the Presidents;
Cooper's Naval History; Brand's Encyclopedia;
History of the Girondists; Life of Frankliu;
Mrs. Bremier's Novels, complete in one vol;
Harper's Family Library, 34 volumes;
do School District Library, 150 volumes;
- do Clasical Library, 20 volume -
Swan' Treatise; . Swan's Miscellany;
Webster's Dictionary, unabridged
do -- do Large, revised; --v
do i do . University edition; . j ,
do do School edition;
United States Dispensatory, late editon;
Eberlee's Practice; Eberlee's Therapeutics;
Smith' Hand Surgery; Watson' Practice;
Hooper's Dictionary; " . . -.
M'Guffey' Eclectic aerie of Readers;
Ray's, Adams', Smith's, Davis', Dabol's and Psr-
kin' Arithmetic;
Clark's, Smith', Well's, Burritt's and Kirkam'
Smith's, Oloney's Morse's and Parley' Geogra
phy, &c, See. ;
Any' quantity of Fools Cap, and Letter Paper-
plain and ruled, trilt Ldged and Lnibossed; :
Letter Eovellopes, of all kiads and styles.
. . CALL AND S E E ! At .
Buckland's Brick Block.
Fremont, July, 1850 - 17
100,000 POUNDS
Wool Wanted!
FOR which the highest price will be paid in
I would also say to all that want good, stool,
Woolen eoods or Sheetings that they can be found
at all times at the Ballville Mills, to exchange for
Wool. Also will manufacture Wool on shares or
by theyard. . . -';
Manufacture Satinets, find warp, at. . .3IJc per yd.
Full Cloth' " ...37ic
, " , Cassimers, " ' . ..37Jc - "
' Press Flannels, " ; ...25c "
; - Twill BIankting,5 qrs...31Jc' 41 ,
-" Linsey and find chain,. .25e '
Will take wool yarn, weave into Satinetts and find
- chain, at..-.. 16c per vd.
Take yarn, weave and find chain full and press 21c
" color and press 27c
: '- " - " dresss3Hc
Ths subscriber will take all kinds of produce for
the above work. r. V. DEAN.
Ballville, June 1, 1850. ' . 12
Petition for Divorce
Pending iu the Court of Common Pleas of San
dusky county, Slate of Ohio. .,.- . ,; '"
Minerva Coles, - "' '" "
vs. -. --: :' - : i'-'- :::'..r:& i :
Voloney Coles. J . .,
THE said Voloney Coles is hereby notified, that
said Minerva Colea on the 5th day of July, A.
D. 1850, filed a petition in the Clerk's office of said
Court, against him sitting forth, that she was mar
ried to him in Oakland county, Michigan, on the
2d day of June, 1844, aud moved to Ohio and set
tled in Sandusky county, with said Voloney in the
fall of A. D. 1044, where petitioner still resides:
that in July A. D.' 1846, said Voloney wilfully aban
doned her and has been wilfully absent ever since:
and said petitioner prays for a decree of Divorce,
and will be heard at the next term of said Court.
- Att'y for Petitioner.
July 5, 1850. "
. In Chancery
Court common pleas, Sandusky county, Ohio.
, oanau
Josepn tvamer ana
Absolam Ualdwiu,
Josiab Q. Hedges,
, - VS. . ' - M.:'
Daniel Alspach and .
Louvina Alspach his wife. )
NOTICE is hereby given to ssid Daniel Alspach
and Louvina Alspach, non-residents of Ohio,
that the said executors of said decedent on the 19th
day of June 1850 filed their bill in the Clerk's office
of said court, the object and prayer of which is. to
obtain a decree to sell the north half of the east
half of the eouth-west quarter of fractional aection
number tweutv-aix, in township number lour, nortn
of range number fifteen iu Sandusky county, Ohio,
to satisfy a mortgage given thereon by said Alspach
and wile on the 5th day of November, 1847, to said
decedent, to secure the sum of one hundred and
fifty dollars and interest thereon; and that said bill
will be beard at the spring term ol said court, isai.
B. J. BARTLETT, Sol. for Comp'ts. .
July 20, 1850. 19:6
GOLD PENS. ; : v
AGLEY'S Gold Pens aud Pencils for sale
cheap, at S. Buckland & Cu's.
Harper & Brother's, just received at " .
' Buckland's.
RAYER BOOKS and Church Service A
Splendid assortment, from 31c to $3, at
SPERM aud Lamp Oil A first rate article for
sale at S. Buckland & Co'.
i ,6JfONE- MOMENT t&' ci r- -f
Large Additions aad Increased facilities
ii a'v id 'b e tt s ,
Having just purchased and roccired
hibit to the public the best assortment .
and will sell et a reasonable and low price a any
oiher eatablisdment in Sandusky county. .. Ever
thankful to a discriminating public, for the patron
age by whiohsI have been enabled to reach my
present position. I hope by strictlv attending to bu
siness, and the interests of the public, to merit a
continuance of their Tavon. ' My stock of
- Cassimers, ---;
and Geutlemeu'e wear generally, will be olfered at
The attention of the ladies is particulailv called
to onr extensive assortment of Dress Goods, which
consists in part of Silks. Gro de N an. Gre da Rhine.
&c; plain and fmured Silks and Satin, aud if
they do not suit look at their beautiful variety of
ngurea ana plain de lames, cashmeres, prints, &.c,
and then examine his general variety of edgings,
mull edgings, ribbons of every description, aud ev
ery other article in tbat line; by that time yon will
want to look at his . -
0)Unitiii amtn of Srjamlfl,
which for beauty, richness and durability, cannot
be surpassed in this market.. His stock of i'
- - HARD W ARK. :r
Consists in part of cable, log, trace and halter
chains; mill, cross cut, hand and back saws, an
vils, vises, broad axes, adzsea, locks, augurs, bra-
ces and bits, and in fact, every article usually kept
in hardware stores. All of which will be sold at
" Unparalleled Low Prices.
. His assortment of iron, nails, "glass, crockery.
cutlery, &c, &c, is complets. American, Swedes
and Old sable iron in any quantity, selling at a
mere song. - " - '- "-- "-
BO O T S A N D S II O E 9;
for ladies, gents, boys and misses in a great variety
at price to suit the time. Also a large assort
ment of . i
Jleatlu-inarte Clothing. 1
at city pricea. He would also say to the public
thst he has made extensive arrangements to go
inio tne '-" f - - - ' : '
and is now prepared to buy . '
And pay CASH for any amount tbat can
be had. Therefore bring it on, together with your
produce of every description, aad yon will find a
ready marKet and me Highest prices at
Fremont, Mar 25ih, 1850. - -
An Entire NEW Stock of Goods!!
" L... ... J - 11 ';)' ' ,'
N these days of 'go-a-headitiveness,' nothing is
more true than the saying, that every day briugs
and the subscribers urged by these inventive times,
Hare got np Something 3Tew! . -expressly
for this meridean, vizi , .. ' ; - ' '
A New Store!
Filled with JYE If G O OJSS !
which will be offered to the public on
. . , , NEW TERMS; IN -
Buckland's New. Brick. Block!
consisting of a well selected stock of .
. Spring anb Summer (Boobs, -
Cloths, plain and fancy Cassimeres, Satiaettes,
1 weeds and summer Mult. .. ..j
. GROCERIES, . .... : ., - v.,. .j
BOOTS and SHOES, t T , ;
. .. HATS and CAPS, .
It is useless to enumerate the endless variety that
may be found at our Establishment- . We would
say to the LADIES however, that they can find
nets. Ribbon, Giogbams, Chambra :. -do.,
Silks, Satins, Shoes and -.
Slipper, Paraaols, Gloves, Shawls, La- . v
cefl; also a great variety of fashionable fancy ancles.
GENTLEMEN'S ' " ' ' -
Fashionable Hats aud Caps, fine Calf and Kip
Boots, Broadcloths, Cassimeres, some tine
French Cassimere Pants, Coats end Vest. '
f' ' ' A ereat variety of Neck, and Pocket
,m i - Handk'rs, Tie, Collar, &c etc :is ;
all kinds of Groceries, Domestics, Sheetings, &e.;
- . V U It V Mj U W . ; L,fr,
All of our Goods were bought since the late "
Great Reduction in Prices!
and hy calling you will find that we have the '
BEST SELEOTED, and " Z -.';
, I CHEAPEST Stock of Goods,
ever brought into this town, and be convinced by
that beet of judges experience that we '
PRACTICE what we PREACHY 1 1 v
Taken in exchange for Goods!
gDon't mistake the piace.8
Buckland's BrickJBlock.
.--;,'. ; ...j p HAYXES & SOX.!
Frement, Mar. 1850. 19
" TUB "OL.B" 1
THE subscribers having made an arrangement
i io purcuasa una ariivie vu vuujiiiissihu, aic
prepared to pay the v
So bring on your AVool and exchange it, for
CASH and not for GOODS, - T
Fremont, May 25, 1850 -.-'"
Goods by Express !
Fancy Lawns nnd Ginghams; ' ,
Silk Fringes, Laces and Braids ;
Ladies' Silk and Kid Gloves; " ' -
do do Belts; -
Gents Kid Gloves ; - .
Taffeta, Brocade, Enameled and Chameleon
- Bonnet Ribbons; White Crape; 1 v,i ;
Etather Fans and B'ancy Buttons;
Palm-leaf and Leghorn Hats; ' - .
; Brown Linen, Chambrav Gingham, and r
Tweed CoaU and Pants; -.
and any quantity of nice things too "numerous to
mention," all vr.at CHEAP. .
IOWNSKND'S Sarsaparilla A large lot for
. sale U-T only at . ' Bvcxland's
White Wood Liumber,
F nil kinds aud clear siufT for sale hv -
Feb. 9. O. H. FUSSELMAN.
ULKS, satina. alpaccas, lawn, ginghams, &c,
) all qualities and prices st Hatnks.. -
rOUNG Hyson Tea of superior quality at
AMP and Tanner's Oil at
The Bed-Bug Guillotine.
nlnnh pleassd to find we've not been slighted,
By those whose custom we've invited,
And grateful thanks w make to all " "
- Who've bought and PAID or made a call.
Encouraged thus, again we'll show
Th aforesaid shop of JIM St CO.
(Now don't mistake and elsewhere go,
To Stevenson's or Singlesbaugh ' "v
v One tip the hill, th other below,
And thus attempt to jump Jim Crow; ,
. For if you do we'll let you know,
We'll not admit you to the show ) ' -We've
bought ths patent the countyVmin,
W mean the bed-bug Guillotine.?
. Thee come y all who love sweet napping.
Without such twitching, jcrktng, tcraUhmg,
, As found with bed-steads poorly made,
" Br such a leara but half the trade. '
. Whose pius, and holes, and points attest -:
All will compose th clincher's rest, . .
From whence they rally at dead of night, ,
And pierce your veins with venom bile. '
If clean you wish to keep your rug
-- - Your ehelves and blankets from ths Bug
Come buy of ns and you shall find
There's nothing like the QuiUotine.
But what's the mode? come, tell your plan,
i We'll buy your bedsteads to a man! -
We've bought the palent, a said to you
- Called th Perambulating Screw. , ...
, ' So close they pres the bugs together . 5
' You'd sell them well ftr harness leather;
' And if yoo get Van Doren's price -.
You'll pay for bedstead ia a trice; ; '
For three and twenty cents together .;
He ays will-buy a pound of leather. k
But our liquid fadg is best f all, ' .
A oolite we give ia eacn iiiiu voii,
. Its easily given, easy to taka -
' Sure to kill and no mistake. .. '
By presing gently on the pate " . .
' 1 he mouth flies open like a gate: '
' ! 'There, drop ou drop enough is said
And I'll ensure the creatae' dead. - j ,
vr Good law! ha mens, what a dunce, .
. I'd better kill the brute at once, ,
So easy done just by a squeeze,
Just do good lady as you pfoase.' , S3
- DR. L: D, PARKER, from Cleveland,
RESPECTFULLY announces to the public that'
he has permanently located ia Fremont, foe
the purpose of practicing ', -..."
Surgical and Mechanical Dentistry
From th ample resources which he has enjoyed,
for acquiring a thorough knowledge of the profess
ion, he feels confident that he shall be able to give
satisfaction to all who may desire his aid, in the, va
rious branches of th profession. . The public an
assured that the utmost csre will be taken lo reader
his operations both permanent and useful.
Artificial Teeth set en Goli Plate,
in number from a single one to a doable sett. Piv-
- ot teeth set iu the best manner. - Carious teeth 61-
led so a to permanently arrest the decay. ' Teeth
-cleaned in such a manner as not to injure the en
amel. Teeth extracted with the most approved
Dr. PARKER, wishes to be' understood that ha
ia responsible lor sll his operations. - Person wish
ing Dental Operations, are invited to cell at bis of
fice, in Caldwell's Brick Building, over Dr. Cham
Berlin's Office. ; ..,..,
. r remont, June 30, 1849 15" ' ' '
a Notice j.
IS hereby given to all person, against harboring
or trusting my wife Phoebe Solomon, ss ah ha
left my bed and board without just cause or provo
cation, and I am determined to pay no debta of her
contracting, after thi date. ' '
... Scott township, Aug. 3, J850 21:3. ..
OSE Hair Oil, ' 0" Marrow,
Bear's Oil . . Maccassar Oil, --
Bandoline Fixatrice, , Philocomb,
v Cream of Roses and lily, "
Cologne, Rose and Lavendar Water, tc.; &c,
" '"'just received, at Buckland's.
. "Of'H of uferinr.qiiality at , - .
... V Havuks Chkav Storv:.
O.N ROE'S 'i onic, a certain cure for Fever
and Ague for sale only at 'J - "
, . . KncXLAND de LO S.
ZEPH'SR WORSTED ptttercs, Canvas, Board
and Needles, tt - ' HAViti:--
GOLLARS, Gloves, Hose, Neck and Pocket
Handkerchiefs, at " . . Hatbis'.
HITE SUN BONNETS an art'mle mad
expressly for this as,j ust received at -
.v. iri. -A, , -IX ti MATSg8'.
WARRANTY, Mortgage, and Quit Claim
Deeds for sale at the - - "
Xf thousand of Cure of Scrofula, Cancer, Svpkili, and o&ar
tmptert disucs of Vu Bloodand if tkt very SMALL QUA-NTh
he amy proof of the purifying medical pew in the Medietas maiek
kas subdxea and conquered mmcM Diseases then there u anaaeation
obis nidencs that v J----
is such a Medicine, in every reipect ; and there is abondAnt proeC
in great cares effected, that ONB BOTTLK of it contaim atara
purifyiDg, bearing virtue, and medical power, tbtva tbere ia turn
teined in Four Bottles of any sarsaparilla, or any other medietas
that has ever been olfered for- tale. There ia. undoubted proof
in onr pamphlet, that by the nee of this great Indian Pisrifiar,
they that were Dying yet Livk they that were Lams aad
Ckipplkd -can now Walk they that were Sick, ScBorui.oim.
and otherwise diseased, hare been Hkaxkd and Cubjcd
, T rHundreds-TliOTisands t
who have used Btuirr's Pukiptek, after having used and tested
iU the sarsaparitlas and other medicines recommended t coca
blood diseases, have decided that-U . . -. .
? .Brant's is. the Cheapest.,
becattse One Bottle of it has -faers medical, curative matter fa
and, in consequence, cures more disease in much less time, thaa
one hauls of any othr medicine. - -
It then, ONE Bottle of Bkajtt's Ptnmn will cure FOUR
' TIMES more disease than one bottle of sarsaparilla, " BiAjrr't
PuajFiKK1- would he as cneap at four aoUars a bottle, as sarsapa
rilla at one dollar. But BRANTS PUHJFIER is sold for oaly
ONK DOLLAR mbottle; and as a bottle of it has cured, end i
capable of curing, Four Times as much disease as one bottle of
sarsaparilla. therefore sarsaparilla, in consequence of its less pow
er end less medical efficacy, should be sold at no more thaa
Twenty-Fne Oenxs per bottle, to be so, cheap as the Fukutiks at
One Dollar. F - ' ; ,
t M One dollar's Wori !
How much Csnceb how much Syphilis how much Scmsv
PULA will One Dollar's worth of Brants PUSUJb'IERvwra t Read
the following statement, which is a speeimea of its power.
This is the case of a Vying man who yet cms. He was eared
of a worse case of Scrofula, by only Twebae Bottles of Brant's
Purifier, than ever was eared by the use of Twelve Gallons of
the best sarsaparilla that was ever made.' Sarsaparilla has not
sufficient medical power to elfect the cure of such a revoltingly
hopeless case. " - "
Mr. J. B. Haskin, of Rome, Oneida Co, If. Y., had Scrofula finer
years was confined to hi bed the last year he was so much -diseased
and debilitated as to be unable to raise his hand to bis
head. He had the best medical advice had used all of the Asst
siirsaparillaa to no food ahVctsrot worse snd worse, nnd was cost
sidered to be in a Dying State, aad could not live twenty-fows
hoars longer, when he commenced using BRANTS PURIFIER.
His neck was oaten nearly off, from ear to sai w Aefe was eatesi
through his windpipe, under his chin, so that he breathed through
the hole his ear was so enten around that it could be lifted up
out of its nlaftM. tt onlv hnlrtinw K t Mvwthi ium nf mm
arm was destroyed by two Ulcers an Ulcer under the arm, air
large as a man's hand, had nearly eaten through his side into him
body. Thus h was afflicted with twenty such putrid, acrid, offen
sive Ulcers, on various parts of his person., for further and mil
particulars, see oar Pamphlets, -
Doct. Thoha3 Williams, one of the most skilful phytictau
of Rome, was called to see Usskin the day before he commenced
using Brantfs purifier. Doct. W. examined him, and then told
him chat all the medicines in the world could not care hin that
his case was - - -
Worse than Hopeless ! f ;
Now hear Mr. TIASKIN'S statement of cure. He said : My
wife procured one bottle of BRANTS PURIFYING F.XTHACT
of Btssell 6r Leonard, Druggists, of Rome. 2 commenced using
that, and began to get better that bottx enabled me to get -
off my bed, where I had been contined one year the sccortvbot-
tie enabled me to get out of the house the third bottle enabled
me to Walk Two MUsm, to Rome Centra, where I procured Swt
Bottles more ; and when I had initshed usieir them. Seoentam oat
of Twenty Ulcers had healed up and three bottles moc stives.
ed a PbRFEC V GURU ui alt the . Ulcers, and restored me tv
good health." . , t . , ' . -.
Mr. UASKIN has sworn to the above facts, and the frets are
witnessed and certified to by DOCT. T- WILLIAMS Mr. 6. R.
BROWN, proprietor of the Wet-Rem Hotel Messrs. BISritLL
& LEONARD, Wholesale and retail Druggists and LVtf
other respectable witnesses. . - -
We Challenge the World
To PROVE a Cure of as revolting and utterly hopehw a ese of
Scrofula, by the use of Tb.N '1'i.MKS as much aarsapartUa, or
any other medicine, as was uurd of Brant's Prtrificr to e6Vct the
above cure which cure shtll be proved by as many wvtianown,
resectable witnesses, as is the above cuie , , -
..... .... j?or gale by ".!:'.
. STEPH. BUCKHAND, Fremont. "
D.E. HARKNESS, Green Creek,";., -
:.C. POWEm'4rCo:,W5bIriffe;: ; .
' All leftefa and orders must be addrcssetl ta
27sraly 100 Broadway, N. Y.

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