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Fremont weekly freeman. (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, September 07, 1850, Image 3

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-. t 1
orIal ConictUlon. -.3
At a r, ;, rt'mk.n held at the Court-hottsetn
I js'iurg.Au- 22, IS 50, iW the r i'a of
tiominMinga candidate to be supported by the
Whigs of the district composed of the coun
ties of Lucas, Wood, Sandusky, Ottawa, Ful
ton and Henry.on motion, JOHN L. GREENE
Fsq., of Sandusky county, was called to the
Chair, and Wit. H, Hall, of Lucas, appointed
On motion of Mr. Huntington, a committee
f 4 wis appointed by thech-ur, consisting ofj
.E. Hfitntin.ton, Elisht Mtck, 9. O. Mugg and
.E. Rice, to draft ivaolations.
Ta nameof JOHN KELLER Esq., of Ot- j
tawa county, having ben .presented to the
convention, on motion of J. S. Fouke, he was
unanimously nominated by the Contention as
the candidate for Senator.
E. Huntington, Esq, chairman of the com
mitte on resolutions, reported the following,
which were unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That we lament the death of Gen.
Zachary Taylor, late President of the United
States, and that while we bow with dne sub
mission to the will of the Almighty, in calling
him away, at a time whsn th great mass of
the people, irrespective of party, were looking
to him as possessed of that wisdom, and deci
sion, so requisite to sustain the honor and
inteijrity of our national character, we never
theless view bis death a national calamity.
Resolved, That in Millard Fillmore his con
; stitutional successor, we rerosrnite a states
man, of. acknowledged ability, whose well
known views upon all the great questions of
national policy, afrd a sure , en-trnntv that
he wil! be governed by the broad principles of
national policy, embracing the interests of the
whole Union.
- Resoeed, That the government of the Uni
ted States is a government of limited powers,
founded upon mutual concession, and that we
re disposed to abide by the letter and spirit
of the constitution, With all its compromises.
Resolved, That while we view the existence
of slavery as a great evil, and a stain upon our
) natio at character, it is nevertheless local in
' itsfbaracter, and its control belongs exclusive
Si f . ly to the state where it exists,
ff:-. . 1 Resolved, That we have full faith in the
constitutional power of Congress to prohibit
ii . the iiJtrodnetionof slavery into new territories,
and that it is their duty to do it.
Retained, That we are in favor of. such a
bankin! system as will give a circulating me
dium to the nublie, redeemibli at all times
4n gold and silver, an I gmrdd in such a mm
. tier as will proteet the bill holders against
fraud. - " - ,
Resolved, That the present banking system
of Ohio, although susceptible of improvement
h , neverthelvss, fully answered the expecta
tion if its friends, an.l tliat until a better one
can he devised, we are in f.ivnr of sustaining it.
, Resolved, That we are in favor of cheap pos
tage. '
-J' ' Resolved, That we have full confidence in
the ability and integrity of William Johnston,
.ur nomine for Governor. .
' ' Res-deed, That in John Kelley, the nominee
of this Convention for Senator, a farmer, we
recognise an honest and capable man, well
qualified to legislate for this district.
- On motion of John C. Spink, Esq., the chair
appointed a district central committee, consist
ing of erne from each county, as follows:
Wi. John C. Spink; Lucas, W. H. Hall;
Sandusky, J. S. Fouke; Ottawa, & A. Smith;
sfittHto, & A. Howard; Henry, Jjhn Powell.
.'' O.i ra rtVun of O. Q. M ig . the proceedings
of this conveirtion be agned by the officers,
.and published in the Whig papers of.the dis
trict, ;
! On in tion, the Ciwrvention adjourned sine
die. - - JOHN L. GREENE. Ch'n.
" fl H. Hall, Sec'y.
: Arrival f tie lUasiic!
1 Theeam-r Atlnfittc ariivad at New Yrk
on SatUTday at ii P. with tour diy later
arws frvn Europe. She made the run in 1 1
fciy and 2 hours. Jenny Lind U anxog the
" passenjiers. ' .
Accounts from Schleswig represent the
complete suspensLm of the operations of both
-armies in the field, but the general impression
is that stillness will n4 tie of long duration. ;
' Advices from Belgium state thai large tract
of the country pnsjnt a most meanelioly har-
scene. For aeariy jsty miles all tlie
lowland are flooded and the corn is floating
- -. ... FRANCE. . .
- It is reported that much rain had fallen da
ring the week. The wheat crop was conside
rably injured and prices had advauted. .The
-Austrian govemroent had rejected the propo
sition of the Lomburdo Venitian deputies, rel
ative to the loan, the government not wishing
to pledge itself not to 8U' any paper money
in tlie provinces. ...
Th French president continues to meet
s with entbusiHSlic receptions through the prov
inces. ' Mark Lane report, Aug. 20th, says the liar
Test has been interrupted by partial showers
Tb different parts of tlie kingdom. Considera
ble progress has been made iu the more for
ward districts, and a good deal of corn has been
secured in a fair condition during the week.
- The accounts of the yield of cheat do not
improve, indeed the complaints respecting tlie
deficiency of grain in proportion to straw, have
increased, which wa are not surprised at, con
sidering the prevalence of blight among the
earlier sorts of wheat, and the loss which was
naturally to be expected from the facts of
large breadts of corn having been laid by the
heavy raina and high winds experienced in J uly.
t: Jt w yet too early to speak of the deficiency
but from all that we have been able to collect.
we are of the opinion that wheat will prove
less productive than to moderately good aver
ago seasons.
. Prices have suddenly risen from the lowest
point, and present rates may perhaps be about
' ro-unuineil, but we much queslhm whether
the advance entablished is at all adequate to
recompense for tlie shortness in the quantity
per acre. - j . .; - :
. Reports from the continent respecting the
harvest are decidedly favorable.
- In the early part of the week a heavy fall of
rain in t ranee caused holders to raise their
pretensions, but the movement has been fully
responded to by buyers.
The accounts from the Baltic are much the
same ss before. -
' J Southkrs Elodbsc. An effort is ma
king at the south to start several Methodist
papers.' A member of the MemphU confer
ence has lately issued a prospectus for one of
them, of which the following brilliant off-shoot
is an eatact;
,. 'The thousand bufurications o our great
natural Jiighway, forming in its ramifications,
one vast fl.?xusof intercorarr.unicatiiMd, with its
Vransveraalus wayi in the great south-west, all
all peal upon our slumbering irsand ener
gies, the mighty and startling question, 'Why
stand ye liere all day id!'
Appointments of the Ministersof the
4iwh "
Dslawars Distkict J. Quigley, P. E.
Delaware L. Warner. . !"
Rich wood J. Sterling, J. Frownfelter.
Kenton W. J. Wells, W. W. Winter.
Cherokee J. S. Kalb.
Marsailles J.BIamtied, R. Hnger.
Upper Sandusky T.J. Gard.
Mount Gilead 0. Burgess.
Chesterville J. Stoles, P. Plummer.
G. dena S. Mitchell, S. P. Shaw.
Walds Wm. Boggs.
Marion H. 8. Bradley.
Welsh Miss E. Roberts.
O. W. U E. Thompson. Pres't
W. D. Othiraan, Prin. of the Worthingtrm
Fenuile Scminan.
H. E. Pilchee," Agent for O. W. U.
J. H. Power, Assistant book Agent at Cin
cinnati. Mt. Vsrkok Dist S. Lynch, P. E.
Mt. Vernon S. Mower.
Amity E. Raymond, W. N. Conant
Martinsburg H. N. Shaffer.
East Uniiai S. D. Seymour.
Newcomerstown J. Warner, J. F. Burk
holiler. .
Keen TS. 9. Worden.
. Nashville C. Thomas, Z. C. Norton.
Jeromeville A. Coleman, D. Miw-hell.
Frederick J. McNabb, W. M. Sp ifford.
... Roecoe T. H. Wilson, T. L. Waite.
Woostbr Dist D. Lambert, P. E.
Wooster LB. Gurlv.
Dalton J. F. Kenneday, J. Elliott.
Massilon D.H.Owens.
Canal Dover C. A. Hartley.
Shanesville D. M. Conant
Millerburg S. H. Alderman, E. Hook.
, Fredericksburg W. H. Nickerson.
Congress R. Biggs.
W. Starr T. Thomson.
Richfield One to be supplied, D. D. T.
M itterson.
Ml Eaton C. B. Brandebery.
Eltria Dist H. Whitem m. P. E.
E lyria To be supplied.
Dover J. R. Jewett.
Ohio City W. B. Disbro.
Brooklyn J. T. Kellum.
Borea J. M. Morrow.
Brunswick J. A. Brown, A. L. S. Bote
man. Medina If. M. Humphrey, H. Saftbrd.
Amherst N. Taylor, U. Richards.
Florence L. S. Johnston, A. Rumtield,
Vermillion C. L. Fnote.
W. L. Harris, Principal of Baldwin Insti-
Tiffin Citt Dist. T. Barkdull, P. E.
Tiffin City S. L. Yourtee.
Republic J. Jones, L. Ward.
. BelleviM? W. S-ely, J. Mudge.
Norwalk E. S. Grumley.'
Milan M M. Ponu.ls, J. Collier.
Sandusky City J . A. Kellaro.
Fremont S. M. Beaty
Risdon L. Hill.
Oregon H. Warner.
Melmore W. C. HueStes M. B. Wilson
tiiiryrus D. Gray, J. Durbin,
Mavmee Dist W. C. Pierc
, P. E.
Maamee City T. J. Pope.
Toledo W. M. Hilchcick.
Svlvania J. Evans, J. Crobbs.
Chesterfield O. Waters.
Hryan D. W. Ocker.
EvansfKHt Miss S. Fairchild.
Deli nice Miss B. Herbert, J. S. Culler.
GillHui J. ib K ine, F. V.7. Vertican.
Findlay W. S. Ltint, A. Foster.
Wiod Miss J. Parker.
Svokkt Dist W. Broch, P. E.
Sidney S. Wiki-s.
Port Jefferson J. S. Albright, J. M. Barr.
Palestine C. .Cravens.
Greenville A. llarmount
Fort Ri-corery Miss L. R.
Roseburg, C.
St. M.nys, Miss. S. B. Guiberaon.
Van Wert and Sectiou 10 tt. D. OWSe'd,
J. K. Ford.
Lima R. Wilcox. W. A. Baker.
Waupaukonnrtpi Miss. J Hudson
Kellefonlaine J. T. Caples.
West Liberty .-i. Kant, A Builedge.
Mansfieid Dist. A. P.. P. E.
Maiifctield H. S. Pliiili.
. Belleville R. II. Cliuht.. J. Burg. ss.
Gallioa Wm. Thatcher.
Olivesburg J. Keetley, J. Orr.
Plymouth H. G. Dubois, P. Wareluun.
S. George.
Fairfiield L. Prentice, E. A. Bush.
Wellington Wm. Runnels, IL (Jiriprnan
Sullivan H. L Parish.
Orange Ira Hitchcock.
Ashland S. C. Parker.
Execution ef Dr. Webster!
Boston, Aug. 30.
Prof. Webster's family left him last night.
it is alledged, perfectly unconscious of the
near approach of his fate, from 9 to 12 o clock
be siient in devotional services, when he fell
i into a aie, waiting at intervals until uay daw
ned, ile showed s-ime agitation, ate sparing
ly of drenkfast, at which he requested the of
ficers to partake. He made reparation for
ascending the scaffold with firmness. At 10
o'clock, Putnam commended a l ist religious
service of fervant prayer, after hich the pris
oner's arms were pinioned, and with firmess
he walked to the gallows, whh Dr. Putnam,
with whom he conversed with mu h earnest
ness, and shaking hands with him, led him for
His legs were then pinioned and the blnek
cap placed on his head, the ropu around his
neck, and lie was then launched into eternity.
He died without a straggle, after hanging there
halt an hour the body was taken down and
placed in a jail coffin for transmission to Cam
bridge. The housetops around the jail were
crowded, as also the streets in the vicinity.
Thb Copper Block fob ibk Washington
National Moncmknt, says the Lake Super
ior Journal, came down from the Cliff mine
by the propeller Independence, on her last
trip. It is described as a splendid mass of na
tive copper, presenting a surface of 3 $ by 2 f
feet, about 10 inches in thickness, and weigh
ing 2,180 lbs.
The same paper states that a new copper
company has been organized on a locution
near Agate Harbor, ihey ha"e opened a
promising vein in several places, and traced
it n mile in length. The new mineral agent,
Mr. ii. VV. (JoBin, who succeeds the Hon.
John W. Allen, had arrived at the mines, and
entered upon the duties of his office.
3T Boys that have been properly reared
are men in point of usefulness at sixteen, whilst
those that have been brought up in idle hab
its are nuisances at twenty-one.
When is a man in a hurry ? Whed his wife
blows him up.
Pdbmo OPiifo. 'The private opinion of
some ball dozen editors publicly expressed.
Bisbop Do4bc, BpoB Zachary Taylor.
,. We hnd in the t hurcliman, of New Yoifc
citr. the first installment of the pobiished ser
mon of Rt. Rev. George VV. Diwne's sernxm
on the death of President Tfiylor, from the
text (II. Samuel, iii., 38,) "Know- ye not that
there is a prince, and a great man fallen, this
day, in Israel." We wish that we could find
-pace for the whole of it in our column, for a
nore eloquent and lofty concei ed tribute to
he memory of the deceased we have not yet
net with. As it is we must content ourselves
ith a few extracts:
A man has falls. . I do not
lean, a mere male, human individual. One,
whom the tailor, rather thun the mantua-ma-ker,
clothes. A walking thing, that wears a
hat I speak of that which (od meant, when
lie said, 'Let us make man, in our image, after
mr likeness.' Marred, sadly, now, by the con
cussion of that fearful Fall, butenpable .f res
toration through the cross. And justifying
well, in the renewal of its fair proportions, and
its countenance erect, the sacred record, God
hath made m-m uptight.' A man that had a
mind ; and used it A man that has a heart ; and
yields to it. A nvm that shspes his circum
stances A man that can-snot for himself.
A man with the simplicity of a child. A man
with the freshness and earnestness of a child.
A man with the directness of a child. A man
in jutice. A man in generosity. A man in
magnanimity. A man to meet emergencies.
A man to make occasions. A man- to dare,
not only; but to bear. A man to love. A man
without fear. A thunderbolt in war; a dew
drop in the day of pence. One, that against
the fearful odds of hve to one, couut sway the
battle-storm at Buena Vista, and then, from
the very arms and lap of victory write to one
whose gallant son naa nu-a, to mane us crown,
when I miss his familiar face, I say with truth,
that I feel no exultatiiiti in in our success.'
Truly a man has 'fallen in Israel.'
Alter alluding to his masterly detence ot
Fort Harrison, when but a (Japtain, his r lori-
da campaign, and his Mexican victories, by
way of proving that a great man had fallen,
the Kt Rev. preacher proeeeds to say :
And more illustrous even, than in
those, the greatness that knew how to bear
such victories: the greatness that preserved
its equilibrium, iu the storm of national ap
plause, an 1 universal admiration; the great
ness th d could see the proudest palm of hu
man power pi mted before it, within easiest
reach, and not put forth a hand to pluck it
I he gre itness, that went on to Washing
ton and took the chair f Slate, and filled it
with simple dignity, and had directed from a
'tent, the ordering of the battlefield ; the great-
new of moterat ion: the greatness ot modesty;
the greatness of self conquest and control;
these do but wound our bleeding hearts more
deeply, while they swell them, with a fuller,
higher, admiration 'if the real greatness, of the
great man, who has gone from us to-day.'
A Grave Votr. A 'freeman.' whose vote
was challenged at the polls, yesterday, was
alwiiit giving up,when he remembered he had
a clear title to a lot in one of our grare yards,
and by that property qualification he was ena
hled to vote. We he;ir a great deal about the
'green graves of our sires, bequeathed as a
precious herit ige t a natio'i of freemen."
Perhfips the meaning f it is, that a man must
engage his ernve in adane to be entitled t
a vote. Wheeling Times.
torn r f5fo:io.
-ir- tennif-s cf:ili"rf"i n-itii iftr-uir tn Ct
-: h iirw f'fmrrn E'Itci' f -? t. i-fir!''
l -ehed - E .ooi f'J -c' Fi-.'Min
Tli.- ,
l,kr iIm- ...i I'CS'A V the 17 d .1' S j
jtemb" ii- x' .ill k A M The Minixt rs -i
Fteliionl. au.i Ihe uM.c c-ner.ilh are invite'1 lo V-
l-nd AdilrRM will hedelirerei" In Kv'd I hoe.
Oirk lo'l. S I. u"'-e and -therson the ocn isii.
Aneu-t 31, 1850.
ladependfiit f andldate
Editok Khs: Rlier-eT !!? is n vi,'id
re-soi ' hy a "olioU offi. r shou'il , eleciet! me.--!
twtnttt- 'e 'a ef -i,oed He'oiio; i., certain o-e-f .
and for th- on' s- -f e (frying nr ii-i- I
h v not f t w r y.-an p -a .tteiidi .io ('',t
C .1 Cm . enlion
AmiI , -ttr llletio ree'i y '-r b -?: i tl
seH...s lo b- rl'il p "I ll' i '- I tt
n e , ,irpl m1-- 't' 'T g K nm , e fT ,
J h f, , m n. in 'ti h 'e n n able to w k: h -p
in tn oh -it t htre ni that .y opat v, 1 herelnr
resent tin n m- v f-l' ."tit ftl.: -ty
as a uan.fl.taie f..r TOPNTY TRE nn TR
Reins' aten in fnvor of rotal'ou in offic ' I
pldee myself, if snreesfnl. not again to bo an ap
plicant for tho same office.
Mw.ko'nnge, Aur? 27.
Whe.it per btishf I . 67
Flour per . .rr-t 4 Oil
Corn per hnhel. 37
Oats per bushel. 20
Ratter per pound 8
Effffti pr doien.
1 13
, 4 m S
1 25
3 no
u no
I oo
1 50
9a 12
8. 13
Chem per pound.
Lnrd prr ponnH. ...........
Suit per hrnll
HidH pr ponnd..
Flux prr bufhel
Timnthr ntd pr fan
CloTr trd pr bn. ..........
Pork per bnrrell
Hams nmoked pr pound. .... .
Beiin n" bushel. . .... ........
Pot Mtoep per Knhl ...........
0;. ion nr hnshl. ...........
An!i jrren .... ... . ... ....
vtp did .................
Rv ux tr tvntnd....
TI!o n-r nnunrf
St vm Pie per M. .........
Mhd it M
RM p-r M
RUck wftint !,nm!fr n-r M...
Mc A I is tor' All-llcaliiiff Ointment.
It t ft rr fwcurrenr tht we notice eH lorinlly.
Hny '-Prttr-nl M()-cit,', that it being hawk-d about
ihe rottiitry, hut in duty !ulh world w feel hour d
to Hcliiinw'ff'cr Hitd ntntc hat no ntif article of inri
ic'newrithtn eu knowledg, for most complaintv
vrhirh bnmiti fl-dh i heir lo. hpginff to hu its valu
able ap M'AnittHr'feAH-ttealiuff Oixtment. H.vinc
witiirs?d ir prent and wondtrfnl heal'tig proper
ti-t we would not nu any ctisiH ration h willinii
it: and we nav all head of famttie, kfp thin nr-lir-lenn
hand if von wih to preserve vonr health
and par d-irtor' hiHs d vert
livr nmiijiUint ia hIwmvh enrd li; tt use ol
Dr. G. C V ujIiii'p Vegetable Lithinititntic. the
Great American Remedi ; here ip a letter from
Hillpborouffh, O.. Ju. 1, 1847.
Dr. G. C. Vaughn. Dear 8ir I deiii it a duly I
owe u and th world at large lo mak the follow
in if HttteiiifMit. In Aiifftift yonr travelino agnl left
-mint i.f mr mr-dicineie with m o e! S'finp
hi gr-at tr-e mii,tii'HtiOMB and e'mp myalf
fltittd with 'ivf r cmpmint I lrid one vniall b'.'tW.
it ;ii tnr gave mt rrli-f: I trifd . 0eoiifl and ou
ill hf aatmtiflv d h-arn p. t?r-at Ua (Miivrr
hat I wP roinl-t, rti'ed, :i"d nil innv s utoiii
id ws!! a vr I v. in my lift-. I fi,;;; niut wf
l.ii.g h iid'riti-- nt n-t'mT. i:n ,
nl.i t-ff-rt wt.ainiiit- d'niUlv nijni!'eevd. it :!s mir-
rtiKfitl in all e '. ann" "f jv!tii-h mr tn- i i nt t
tntd emld nttf b rurkd: I chr-rfulU ' ft r ny
teptimmtr in ftrorof oor Lithoniripti M 'vtm-.
rind herhr pf t that I cMidrr it iiipvrior all
other preparation now hfiire th- conntry. Will
too pleaee forward more a oon it !vmmM".
YnrP&e. K. H JOH.XSUW.
0'ir C'ila-tin ha the adVertUemetit of thip Grat
American Remedr. G t a pamphlet of the agents
whoM namet are ietiad thtro
Bail Moad Store.
vr-- i j r I ft
1 V'v'' m .i
sr m-Mmm--swtsftitigrAwag
JOHN P. HtY.c;s Sc. SOX'S
Circular for the Fall of 1 850.
Great mltlr action!!
f I iflE 'xei-emen iinif tntk heinr about rina!rrfi-
X. vioeit brtwi ihf hov pnrtlr, we liiivreip
rladeil to "C'ini('rnmie" by making our eatablith
nipnt tlie t
Of Sandusky County and Vicinity.
Tii u i:iiiiiei)..id mirc-m whirh the Pruprietnr
ofthft b 've Store have ni-t wita since opening!
hxVtts dip(MMMf of nlmot nn
Entire stock of goods for Cash, in a fete Keeks!
h ennh'ed um to purnhaiie i
Larger, Better, and Cheaper Stock of Goods
tlun evrr making our
Second purchase, and
Fall aud Winter Stock,
thun has ever before bern offered in thin vicinity.
And mtr ranees ia the strongest argument that we
are selling Better, and Cheaper Goods, than
any other establishment in the place.
Our ttore i. LARGE ai d CONVENIENT, be
ine theft'ortb Store Bueklnnd' Brick Bleek.
is well lighted as onrGjnds do not require twi
light to sell them.
Mr. John P. Hnes, spent the month of Au
gust iu the Eastern cities, and selected onr goods.
Before slocks had been Culled,
and having been engaged in the Mercantile busi
ness in Sandusky count for the t 13 years,
kuew exactly what to buy for this market.
Onr Stock Comprise
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, . Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps, Muffs Tippets dtc.
Crockery, Yankee Notions, .
Leather, Wall paper.
Ready Made Clothing. &c,
Iron, Nails, Glass, Salt, &c fec,
and 1O.O0O nthrrtiple. too immernis to men
tion Farmers look to your interests J3
Mone, when roice is so low aiiould ouly be laid
nut w here ou cau buy your
Clothing and Groceries,
To the best advantage.
Cooie with our ives and daughters, and
mid the pric they are selling tt,
ltd yon will be imtisftrd that th
iSail M tm ft store,
is thr pUce to buy Goods ns is Goods'
P. S We would return our thnttks to the po
ptft f Stiiiloitky coutitr, und viriuitv for the pntron
tte beBtuWfd upon Us, sud vv. a d li-pe by an iiiire
mi'tiug; Mttpntiuii to our lus.ii-nftl(t-tm a ptMd
.tuick J sellitiK (foo l CtK-upi citeaper tlma ever to
receirw a cotitinuaiitMii the ctuie.
CASH and the highest market
; nee ..,ii for WffEA I . CORN,
O V TS, SEEDS, &.C. &c.
"Don't mislaLe the Place
HifcL hm d 'siirickMlock.
Fr moiit. S..,t. J8.VI.
M'ii sf -''liHfi ,?r iv.tl
Head Quarters,
HAVE tl:- Hmv r c i-T hv Exirffun lott of
PR .XT a ! GINOMAX'S r rib- enrly FiM
i'r.i'ff. nnl wi-t r-tiviMt? Clffd from
1 uii-:l th' (! rhe Olrf EsIh1 "ilut lit.
Loaded vp from top to buttomf
WieM tl h 1ttn- ariivctft, tltt intend to brine out
niiti Ouf :nf Nf- littitbiiidtioa Fi-li.
Vr..i.... A tta. 3f 1-5
First Amvalilcm N.York!
Jimt Received by Express,
Only FOlll UVS from the City!
MOUS DE LAI N3 and Paramettas,
Black dress Silk,
Black silk and Fancy net Lace,
Wrought muslin Collars,
Velvet Trimmings and Buttons,
Fall and Winter Shawls,
Bonnet Ribbons, &o. &c,
N. B. We shall have the pleasure of showine tn
The people of Fremont and vicinity.
The Largest, best-selected and Cheapest stock
of Goods ever opened here.
The f.adtea are invited to ea'l and took at Ihe
above Go..ts. J. P. HAYNES &, "sON.
Aneosi 30.
"TOTICE ' herehy o;iveti that the subsnribers
X have been appointeil and rtu'y qualiOei as aa
iinislr;ttorB on the estate ol Joseph Hershv derM.,
late of Ballviile toarn-hii-, Sondnakv l oantv, Oiiio.
D. H. HERSHEY, ) . .' .
B. W LEWIS. JAamrs.
. Ballviile. Ane. 17.185023:3
THE subscriber is prepared to furnish SoctL
H41.L, in BuekUud's Brick Block, for
Cotillon Parties, Sorics, Lectures, &c,
on reasnnnhle terinr: and also refreshments,
in the beHl stvle in the shntet nol.ee!
Fremont. Ancnst 3, 1850.
AGl.EY'S Gold Pens and Pencils for sale
cheap, at S. Bucki,a!d & Cos.
HEAP PUBLICATIONS. A choice lot of
H'trper & Brother's, just received at
ZF.P1IY R WORSTED patterns, Canvas. Board
and Needles. t Hatnks.
COLLARS, Gloves, Hose, Neck and Pocket
Handkerchiefs, at Haykf-8.
ARRANTY. Morteage, and Quit Claim
Deeds for sale at the
NT quantity of good Hicknrv and Ash Wood
L will be taken on subscription at the
Frrkmas Ofvtcf..
HITK LEAD Pure. Etr. No. 1. Drv
and ground iu Oil, for sale chetip, at
AILS. Fremont Iron Co. 'a Nails, manufac
tured ni Trov. N. Y , at Havkes'.
Bin!.: S. A l'e lot of Family Bibles from
I SO AS. A'ao, Pocket, Clasp, Tuck, and
Vui glult B:blfs and TeiIamenta nt
CASH paid for Laud Warrants, at
r'RArt QnaaTims.
1 PERM and Lamp Oil A Ii -t rite article for
tale Hi S. BOCK. AD dt. Co's.
kRAYER BOOKS and Church Service. A
Spleudiifassjttiiiet Irom Sic fo $3, at
3f vr-aa
WOULD inform the poblic that he has resumed
his business at hiso d stand, on Cronhan
and having had the oportanity of seeine and xptiiny
All the Latest Fashions from East and West,
and having brought on.au assortment of the
he is prepared to furnish ni "old customers, and
maor new ones as ean ernad into his ware rooms,
with the most splendid lot of , .
Mahogony, Rosewood and Blacktralon;
Of every kind from th Cradle to the Coffin.
As to prices, he is determined
H i hold to Stv thai he en oft"-r im BE TTER
set weat of BifFtlo: he ha on ! and, and is makinc
AU kinds uf BEDSTEADS,
on Aeiff end Improved Plant-
such as Lewis' Patent. Fowler's Patent, Slc , &c.
I in nirt rttl I., ri him a eall.
O He has irot up a good Heaise, and will cttend
runerals to town or countrv.
Fremont, August in, 1851).
Steam Mill for Sale.
rflHE pnhserbr now t'ff r htp neW StcRni
X saw mill for sale. naite ou Die uidK
Kotri.nboot ten tunes trriv from fremoui. ttitfi
onlv 100 rodsfrini the Mnunce and Wrrtfrn Ri-
pcrv-Tornpik Ruatt and within about 25 rods of!
the mirv'-yrd iin of the WelUiifrtou aod Toledo
The mill ip a pnperior on, in all resppetff. beinp
hi a healthy loCit.oits having I ha very bett of water
Hint which will not corroiie a hoiu-r, I he butfrttnif
a uf Ihe tmnt auhMantial kind. 3S hv 61 feet, fitted
to ww toga 31. fet lonffa Haviiif iwoeJrcnlarpawa
and a machine r siwinir fnlloea uUnched. audi
putncient power in the ensme to dnre the who!e.
and the boiler larjre enough to make the Btcam,
and more too. '
all around, and men that have got the snau to them
lo haul it; there being no leas than seventy teams
asur in one aay last winter, attached to aome forty
sieoa ana ooais: auu everv ten dia of s-ood sled
ding is equivalent to about one thousand lops;
Any person wisning to ret large contracts for the
Ra Iroad, or wishing to enter int. the lumber busi
ness will find it 10 their advantage to call and see
lor men selves.
And any person anticipating buildinp a Mill, can
do eqnallv aa well to call, for thev can half oav fur
one while thev would lie building. The building
being an framed, as to be easilv taken down and set
op ivould require but little tune to remove it.
The suliscriber has also 105 acres of gnod
land about fortv acres cleared, a gon.i frame Barn.
a you ig Orchard of over one hundred grafted Apple
treea, most of which are hearing, wiih reaches.
Pears, Plums. Cherries, Quinc.-s. Grapes, &c. &c
which have alo commenced hearing. 1 he null
and farm will be aold separate or together, to suit
urchHSers; aud liberal terms or payment given.
For further particulars enquire of
F. I. NORTON, Fremont,
or the subscriber on the premises.
York. August 3, 1850.
ILf A qnantitv of seasoned wagon and bugg
felloes, together with an extra quality of narrow
lath, and lumber of all kinds kept eoiistanttv on
hand, cheap aa can he had at any other mill in the
coiintrr. I '21:61. W. I,. C.
Woolen Factory !
sanansKy roanty. Onlo.
Weaving and Cloth-Dressing dune iu all styles
and cuiurSy superntr to any thing
f a ike State.
fTlHR pnh9crihr fiinlinir tht Wool had ri n iii
J price b-voi.d ihe mHuurcfiired Rood ititeud
n at ip the ntaiiufufture of woote ti gHum and turn
nil the hut id m aitd machuirrr at riiatom work, pqgIi
a wenVine Cm wi mere. Clutlm, atinifttP. Ltnaeva,
Fiaiiuels. and Coloringr aud OrePfhiK citstontera
eteth, in M their various pivlr-a, anperior to anv
thing heretofore attenij'ted.
Ho haa erected a dry inn hons 100 f,-t inleth,
C iibl f drvitig 20(1 tarda of cMfi per (l-y. b-njt'.H
ihe oat dotir brtrf. IIh usck ImIUuh Hli t-kH t Im!
with, and other iiiachiiirTT fullict i.t to tinish 300
yard of cloth per d iv. The inichitf rv and limn In
will all be emphy-d in wevinp; and dr asino; c?oth
for caatoa.er during the pftiiuiii. He hap all the
ditTfrent fuachines for drepitff clolha
That arc used la Xew England Factdrles,
noli up Nappinff, Tramlitiu ?hetirinj ai d Crus-iit'e
M iciiinp whirh were bony 1:1 in HvokUt. .M
chuKettit. and nre in the b-8t of nrd-r.. The-work
ttifii employed ia hit Manuf .ttirv. have a rvi-i i
rtjiil-ir Hi.'prentiC'-pitip in Mettawnrhntt. a:.d work
ed in th above tnieiiitaH frmit 5 tu 20 v-ars. And,
th h varlv ntid to'-g- -XfH'rifnf-e in the in.:iufr
turtitj; rinti'iie8, I'nl bv Mrief jen-H' t'eniion to
th Pt'ii. :- . tu rt-ceivti a litMral ah ure of th
tahltc patr'naie.
He has the FRENCH METHOD of CV-
oring and wtex no Copperas or Vitriol
knowing the tame to be utjunots to the clolli.
He will warrant all of his work,
both a to nrjiiaUcture, irulora and fiumh.
Pricp iv r tard f r fi.iUhine Colhr U 6.1; C.k
einier la 6 I; Flamiela Is; Sntiuettp 14c; Liiuep
4t; to lull 5c i
Prices for weaving on Power Loom-v-Cloth five
quarters wide e; Casainters nv qqtrtera wite 10c:
r Uiinela loar quarters wide 7c.
Prices pr yard for wravinir aud finding Chain
oatinette tor; Ldimev is
All the cloths vnven wi'l le returned as thev
Uave the loom, or fiiihed at the ahova prices as
cuatotner may direct.
He has made Arrangements
with the following rsoiis at the places mentioned,
to receive varns Mid cloth, and deliver the a?une
when returned. AU varns and cl"th left with th
persons will he taken and ret a rued everv two weeks
throughout the season;
O. L. Nims, Had Quarters, Fremont .
Baker's Strtire Castalia. !
Chapman & Hark ness, Bellevue.
Shoemaker & Osden, Republic.
Silas D. Boalt, Mexico.
M. Brackley, McCutchensville.
J. Swajj.-irt & Co. Oregon.
Farker & Shawan, Carey.
Adam Battelfeld, Springville.
C. W. Foster & Son, Rome.
E. VV. Thomas, Risdon.
Wm Heller, Van Buren, more.
Arnold & Grey, Crowell & Burns, Mell-
Henry II asking Portageville.
VV. Bradner, Milltfrove,
George Bautchtell, Freeport,
J. Eaton & Co., Rollersville.
C. Powers, VVixiodville.
B. Caushan, Port Clinton.
Ballviile. Sandusky Co. O. AnguRt 3. 185021
WM. KESSLER, Proprietor.
MR. KESSLER. announct s to the Traveling
Public that he has returned to the above well
known stand and is nnv prepared to accommodate
in the best' manner, all who may favor him with
their patronage.
No efforts will he spared to promote the comfort
and convenience of Cilests.
iLf GkxI Stblig tnd careful Ostlkrs in at
Fremont. November 24, 1849 36
Petition for liivorce.
Surah Gyda 1
va. Sandnskv connl, Coin n on Pleas.
Jrtlnes Gvde.
JAMES GTDK aill take notice thai S nab Gy.'e.
haa filed ill the .ime t h.' e'-rk . f Ihe r,.nrt "
romii.on pleas of S.,nd'tehy' c nntv . CViio, her peti
tion prai(r for a divorce from her husl'nnd, !
said James Gyde; assigning f r e.,oe,. extreme
croaky, and gross neglect ot duly oh ihe part of
aid James Gydr, which petition will be for hearing
at the nejll term of said eorirf.
J. L. GREECE, Aify for petioiier.
Aug. V. 1850 33 S
CODFISH of saperior quality at
Uames CnM Stoki.
NeYr:DmStore.in nnr? W
- PfiALErO IX '
Drngs, Paints, Oils, Dye-stufs, Glass-ware,
Phosgene Gas and Lamps, &c dbc.
THE sahsrVib-rs haVi just ovened a large sfock
of the abovs article, wliich a ith their former
ioek completes the largest and beat assortment ever
miujrht to Frefitcnt or vicinity-
Physicians are resprclfii'lv requested to rail
lmi examine our articles of Drugs aud Chemicals,
we are d"term'ned (hit Frkmost shall sx the
tows to bdv Goods CHEAP.
AM on- merchants say they are selling GoiD8
' HhAFEK than the can be bought in Ssndo'kr,
Tiffin, ur any a here el in these 4D'j?giiis' aud are
Determined not to be outdone
b) Ihein in the way of LOW prices. -ID
CooimtT DkaI.f.rj, will find it to their ad
vantage lo buy of us anv articles in onr line, aa we
art inre toe can lave them the transportation,
at ivaaT.
osina- PaisTs of anv kind who wish Good Articls
can be supplied at tho smallest possible advance
'rom cost. While Lead pore Eitr. No. 1, drv
and ground in oil. Chrome Tellow. Chrome Green,
Paris Green, Red Lead, Lampblack, Litharge,
Varnish, Liuseed OH. warranted to drv Turpen
tine, &c. & Brnshesof all sites aiid kinds, at
Z0 per cent, cheaper titan ever. . ,
.Vffl.3, tSurklniHt-s Brick Block,
Siktl of the nio- Mortar r MT
fremont, Sandu.kv co. July 6, 1651) 17
Bnckland'a Sew Brick Building!
RESPECTFULLY inform, his Old ML
Customers and the Pulilic generally, fl
WSi that he has again gone into the Gro- Mrim
li!;)cery Business, and haa now opened VW'M
Stocks of Groceries!
ever brought to this market, with especial reference
In f apply the wants of tos citizens of Sandusky and
enjoining conniiea.
This stock consists in part of
Sugars, Coffee, Tens, -
Spiees, Pepper, Raisins,
Tobacco, Segars, tc, &e.
together with s complete and large asssortment of
the hest ever opened in Fremont, the seeertton'of
bn0it" dealers in this article to the contrary net
of the rarest kin t, will be be found at my store.
Lemonade, Stead. Cronk and Beer,
can be had ol a moment' notice. -
Fresh Baked Bread, Cake, Pies,
nd Biscuit always kepi on hand. Families wish
ing to be supplied with Bread can al all times be
accommodated with tnperior article and on the
most liberal tertmr. - -.
But I have neither time nor the printer roorn in
his paper, to enumerate the sixth part of the articles
sept hy me, and can only ask that a discriminating
pub ic will give me a call and and judge for them
selves, feeling sati.fied that f can render entiresat-
jsfactiou to atl ho'h as to prices and quality. ,
Fremont. Jane IS. 'SO.
Land for Sale.
rjlHE following lauds belonging fo the De Forest
X heirs will be sol.i VERT C PI E A P , aa the
owners are anxious fo dispose of them. Thev are
ailuated near Sandusky Bay on Big Pickerel Creek,
in a wen settled oeignnorhood.
I p.
west h'f sontli-west qnar 80
north-east quae 160
norlb-west quar 160
eou.h.ea"1! fraction 90
sonth'-et quar T 120
aibu jl , us is aviT. ass mjmiu,
. iUA a oaa . o a -
iu f tttnu ci-untr. -embracing every vareiy of soil,
liiubrrsud pmirie. ei.tllf rscan be accoiiiiiiott.it
with such trfcols as they mav with, r.nd the prices
will be not more than liHltMirh iaods aouid sP for
in llliuois or Wisconsin GEO. B. SMI 1 H.
Sandusky City, Juue 29, 1S5H l:3ui
Prlrate Sale.
RSk ; . Tub !si:ritter otter Ihe following
fT..';3 tr .ft ot L;.od :,l oritale a4le at a BAR
fi.MX. di'scniied .s lulb-ws. lo.wii: -
The kouIo e.,ai quarter of the north
e,st Quarter of sectiuti Nil lttirt-ix, in townKhir
hve, north ot rngt io. !ou.Meen. m ouuuusx
roirt, eoniuittiiiif fortv r.
Thisl'Hd is-ttbonl three anrfa half miles west ol
Fremont, in Wannlngtoii tow on hi p. end is excel
(en Iv itu (tHt. wild c-ih-nlaled fr fatrmiai: puriMe
Persons win'iing o purch te wiU enquire of the
Editor of the Frenulum, or avMrew. the subscriber at
Hrertown, Wsli.nffion fonii'v. M-trvUiid. fM:at
pnid. GEORGEUEiiiL.
Fremont, JnW 13, 18518
WOULD iiil"rm hislrietis;aid the public, that
he hi faken rooms l Ballviile, where he
intends cnrrin on the above business, in jtll its
branches, aiid hoies bv pnactoiii atteution and
Ions' experience in his trad to merit aud receive a
shreof pHtmnaife.
N. B-. .Cutting of jrurments of everv description
Mtended to iu the moat fashionable style, aud war
ranted to fit.
Also, he ia Aeent (or farls' Pain Killer
a freh sopp'v just received and forJe hv
Ballviile. JuV 13. P50 18
tils have b.-en tec iveu by the Ptoprietor of
yZ!"M MENT from Physicians
V"4 Ihe most skilltui and ce
A -SjSjj lebrated, from Cbunsei-
-r-L.'.' lors learned in fhe Law,
!S-S?f from JndKes of eefebnty
on the Bench, from Min-
inters or the- Ouspet,
tvhose undeviatinir in
'polity have made them
tinning lights in the
rath of Truth, from en.
Iisht il P f -. rs. i m actit.- Mirri ants, and
from those of everv siti h name and degree
among manHnii all el' which, .with- ut one d g
aentim; objection, renounce Ibis (Ji. tuient to be
As dv by dav it unobtr i-ivelv eifenils its'
sphere of action alonir the borders of onr vast coun
try, and is circulated throng out its extent, new
evidences of lis power and ne v prools of its efB
riev are continually develon :d Three millions
of Boxes, applied to disease within the last lour
vears, has established tne asiounaini; oc.ywhu
the power of cavil or contradi tion, that it is Ipf
FALLIBLE in the cure of all Tumors, Ulcers,
Soros. Rums. Teller. Piles. Scrofula, Ensipelas,
Cirilblaina, Scald Head, Sore Eyes, Quinsy. CroUp,
Rheumatism, Broken Breast, Ague in me race,
Corns, &c. It c mplctely res'orea tne liNafcix
SIBLE PFHSPIRATION, and by this means opens
those avenues bv which Nature intended to expel
the morhirt mner of the body thus is the system
cleansed, the blood purifitd, aud the health re
stnr.d. It has the power to cause ail external Sores,
Scrofulous Humor. Skin Diseases, and Poisonous
Wounds, to discharee their putrid matter, ana
then heal them. We are not ashamed of to
names of
All-Healing Ointment!
; Or the : . . .
World's Ssrtve !
which discerning public has applied to this
medicine ; for there is scarcely a disease, exter
nal or infernal, that it will not benefit. 1 have
used it for the last fourtr en years for all diseases
oftheCkest. Consumption, and Liver, involving
the utmost danger ind responsibility, and 1 declare
before "heaven and man, that not in one single
case has it failed to benefit when the patient wa
within the reach of mortal means.
Wholesale and retail at the Grand Depot, Ml
FTLTCN ST., New YmV.ar.d by all Druggists
throughout the United State.
J. McALISTER. Sole Proprietor, . t
141 Fulton St. N. Y.
19 Only Agents for Fremont
Ihe subscribers have just received
Decidedly the Largest and Best selection of
JSS J& XZ. a. f ? 9
j Ji MisllaHeom, Clasical, Medical and School
i Books, among which, the fallowing are a few:
f he writings of Gsu Washington, by Jared Sparks,
12 vohimes.
Prescott's Conquest of Pern. 2 voTnir.es;
do iio Meiien, 3 vo!s.
do ;- Ferdinand and Isabel!, 3 vols;
Miscellanies, 1 vli ,,
Allison' History of Europa. 4 rols; '"'"!".'
Hildreth's tfnited States. 3 vels: ' - ',
Maccauley's History of Enstntid, 9 vols;
Hallam's Works. 4' vote: Gibbon's Ratne, 4 vols.
Stephens' Yucatan; Greece; Esypt 2 sola each;
Complete Works oi Lorenzo Dow:
Addison's Works? Du rite's do.
Josephu' Works I and 2 vols; Byrs,ns do
Stiiikspeare'a Works, i and 2 vols: - .
Kollin'e History ., ' da ....;
Chamber's Information for the People, 2 vols;
American Revolution 2 volet
Marshal's Washington, 2 volumes;
Nal Puritans. 2 vols Life of Brant, 9 vols
Mrs E'lgeworth's Works 10 vls;
Spark's American Biography, 10 Vols; 1
Memoirs and Administrations of the Presidents;
Cooper's Naval History:' Brand's Encyclopedia;
Historv of the Girondists; - - Life of Franklio;
Mrs. Bremicr' Novels, complete in one Vol;
Harper's Family Librarv, 34 volumes:
do School District Librarv, 150 volumes;
do Clasical Library, 20 volumes
Swan's Treatise;-, , -. . Sarsn'S Miscellany;
Webster's Dictionary, unabridged
do - do -. Large, revised;
do ' . do : ' " University edition; '' '
do do - School edition:
tT nited States Dispensatory, lata ediion; .
Eberlee's Practice; .... Eberlee's Tberspeutiem;
Smith's Hand Surgery; Watson's Practice;
Huoper'a Dictionary;
orr rrrtn r n sr rrtx ret k r r rernrrvrr
M'Guffet's Eclectic series of Readers;
Ray's, Adama', Smith's, Davis', Dabel's and Per-
kin's Ariihmetie:
CIa:k's, Smith's, Well', Barritt's and Etirkam's
Smith's, Oloney' Morse's and Parley's Geogra
- phv, &xs , dbe - -
ST AT 10 NA R Y. ; "-
Any quantity of Fools Cap, and Letter Paper
plain and ruled. Gilt Edged and Embossed)
Letter Envellopes. of all kinds and styles,
Tar '
" Bnckland' Brick. Block. '
, . s. nrcKiiAXo ic co.
' Fremont, lolr. 1850 17
Great Excitement.
Treraendnecs Ontbreak la Ceki!
lO.OOO Prlsonera taken.
Have iast rtwenred a laree assortment of
HICH will be offered at grent bargains for
' Their stock comprise every variety of boots and
shoes toiled to tlie market. -
The Gentlemen
will find thick boats and shoes, calf and kip, sewed
and pegged, ILT at extremely low prices.
For Bova and Yon tli
we have kip, calf and heavy boots and shoes, as
elieirtt the mak-t f.T..t mA ( . n n . . t . :
ity. And
" For the Ladies ,
enameled and kid excelsior, enameled polka boots,
calf and morocco boots, and also a large assortment'
oi am snu morocco suppers ol oitterent colon and
; For YoUng Misses ; '- '
morocco and Calf boots and shoes, morrocco snd
seal buskins, morocco, kid and seal slippers, gaiter
boots, fancy colored half gaiter: and a large vari
ety of kid and moroeee hoots and shoes for children.
Bocl and Sboe Makers,
will take notice, that we have a large assortment of
Shoe FiudiiKje, for th trade, such as Boot Tree
and LaM. Fere, French calf, Morocco and Boot
morocco ckins, pink red and w hite lining skins, and
a general assortment of findings together wilh every .
variety of tools nsed iu Ihe manufacture af boots .
and shoes aa ehesp as cau be bought iu the west.
- We keep constantly on hand a large assortment
of HATS AND CAPS for men and boys.
" ' B.jots and Sboes from measure. '
Our town and country customers can have boots
and shoes tn ,de to order at our shop, - We have
secured ihe services of several exoerieoced work.
mv -ork entriiie! ro us wo'l be warranted to FIT,
snd of GOOD STOCK. "
South Store in Tyler's block at the
sign of the big BOOT.jS -Fp-mont
June 82, " "' ' ' " 15
We hfrebv K't Sftnduskv know, '
Have opened Shop to work for all, j
Who'll please to favor with a call:-
We've Bedsteads, Lovnges, Tallies too, . ',
AH kinds of Carpenter work we do
We'll mend a Chair, a Table, Stand, , ' -"
Or Maes them all for Cash is hakd: .
Repair a Door and case., the same, T .
Hang wilh hinge or roakaxhe frame,
Put on the lock with bolt, or" bars, . V
And if needs be we'll mend your Stairs
Indeed, there is nought of wood that's- made,
But we'll attempt md please if PAID.
And as money makes the mare to (rS
We're bound to sell our labor L 0 Wl - ' . ". ' ,
For ir.Mtance : Such as others etll
Of Bedsteads, we will make as well,""
Aiid one-third LESS our price shall be,'
If this you donbt, just come and see.
But, w here's jonr Shop? 'tis close at bands -We've
Liken tlie Democratic stand .:
Opposite Brainnrd's, on Croghan street, ,
We'll ffladlj1 public custom greet. .
Fremont, Julr 13, 1850, 18
The Eed-Ecg Golllotise.
Moch pleassd to find we've net bee a slighted,
- By those whose custom we've invited.
And grateful thenks we make to all . '
. Wlio've bought and PAID or made a ealL
Encouraged lima, again tvll show - . .. . r
The aforesaid shop JIM db CO. ' 1
(Nn doii'f mialake and elKewhere go, .: -
To Stevenson's or Singlesbaugh v.
One bp Ihe hilt, the ether below,
And ihu attempt lo jump Jim Crow
For if you do vre'M let you know, . "
We'll not admit you to the show )
We've bought til patent the county' mill ef
We mean the bed-bug CrUttToiine.
Then come ye all who love sweet napping, ,
Without such twittking, jerkmg, $eralehingt
As found with bad.gtenrts poorly made.
By such as learn but half Ihe trade. '
Whose plus, and hole, and poiut attest -
All will compose Ihe clincher's rest, . .
From whence' fhey rally al dead ol n!ght(
Aud pierce your vein With venom bit. - ' : -
If elean you wish to keep jour rugs
Your alielves and bUnkeis Irom the Bugs, .
Ceme buy of ns and you shall find t
There's nothing like Ihe Guillotine.'
But what's the mode? come, tell ) onr plan,
We'll buy your bedsteads to a man! ' - -
Vfm'v bought ihe patent, ss said to yoa
Called the Pn-ambulxiing Screuu
So close they press the bugs together
You'd sell them welt fi r harness lealhsn '
And If you get Van Daren's price -
You'il pay for brdbtetds in a trice;
For ll.ree and fwenty cent together
He ray will bny a pound of brother. .
But our liquid fadge ia liest of al), ... v.
A b-llle we give hi;eaeh llial call; ,
Itseasi'y given, easy fo take
Sore 10 kill and no mislak: ' . ' '
Bv preeiop reolly 0 thslate -
The nionih flies open iik a gates - 'e-
There, drop one crop eneoeb is said c
And I'll eiisnre the rreatne- dead. ; "
Ovid law! fia hinssn, what a dune, -
I'd bettor kill the brale at once, -- v
So easy done just by a sqaeea, .
Just da good lady ss you please. , ' . S3 -
AMP and Tanner's Oil St

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