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Fremont weekly freeman. (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, October 05, 1850, Image 3

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A Skuct Scvroet. will b opened in Fremont by
Re. F. 8. Wwti,m ,
Momlaf, October ltli.
The Terme &c. willb made known on application
to him. He will glee special attention lo thoea who
wish to prepare themselves for teaching. Scholar
-from abroad will find the expense of attending this
school no greater than that of attending the public
schools of the town. The advantages will in alt
respect be at least equal to those of any other
School and in some respect superior, on account of
the limited number of scholars.
' F""nMt' ct- 5, 1850 30:8 ' -
"QTICE Is hereby given that the co-partnership
O. X heretofore existing under me una oi (loneris,
Hubbard & Co.. j this day dissolved. All ac
counts of the company will be settled by Pease &
Koberta. u. A.Kuni.nra,
Sept 19, '5030:3 J. R. PEASE.
NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has
boon appointed and qualified as administrator
-ea the estate or txeorge run Uoren, late of Pandas
;r county, Ohio. C. EDOERTON.
"Fremont, Sept. 57, 1850 30:3
ALL those knowing themselves indebted to the
estate of Samuel Ryder, either by note or book
wecouut, will do well by calling-end settling imme
diately, and Toe wilt says coots, if not, costs will be
wiade. For farther particulars call at Esq. Greene's
wthce. - - KALHIL itiuLn,amTi
Oct 5 30:3 By JOHN RYDER, Ag't.
"Jetioo The Stockholders of the Fremont. Green
Spring & Republic Plank Road Conipaui, are
notified that an assessment of 10 per rent, on their
Capital Stock ia hereby ealli-d for, the same to be
pa d to Eira Stoner, treasurer of (aid Camtmnv. at
Green prioe Mills, on or beiefw the Oihday of
uemntMt l (-ail.
By order af the Board of Dirrctors. '
. .. R. iiMlTH, Pres.
: S. H. Smith. See.
October 1, 1850. - '30
Head Quarters,
; Since the Great Explosion and
Utatv up ttt Ilet tt Quartern!
Has been to N. York City,
k Of New Goods,
And is ttow prepared to supply all the former
customers of Head (juarterav m addition
t v; to bis old frieods and patrons who
by their patronage rendered ,
Celebrated throughout Sandusky county,
aa the most favorable place to buy tlieir Goods.
At his Old Stand on the Turnpike,
Opposite Wltyler's Tavern.
In bis assortment will be round
T BLACK, Brown. Blue and Miced doth, black
AJ mixed and fancy eeasimerea, bine, black, and
mixed satinetts, Kentucky jeans and tweeds cloth,
ated, white and Tellow flannels, red and bine plaid
cloaking, giro pa, friaijea, calicoes, (iniehams, at
Dacca, and lawn cloths, at aw Is and dreea hand
kerchief, and the most fashionable- fancy dress
frond for the ladies that the New York market can
afford. Bleached and brown ;
Shirtings, . - Canton Flannels,
v Hibbbna, : Black Silk for Dresses,
wing Silk, .... . Checks, Veetings,
: . Twist thread, Comforters,
' ' Coboe's Shirts and Drawers,
" Traveling Bags, - --y
- Muffs, Carpeting, .
' s ' "Waddings, . Battings,
Cotton Yarn, " Carpet Warn, . .
Carpeting, aud almost every description of
JJry booda Wat are Kept in the Western-Country.
Tea, coffVe, aogar, peoper. spice, ginger, nutmeg.
v -.- wnai Bimumwii, aiarcn, sataaraio.
madlr, iniiifn, alom, &c.
ayraa-cnt, mill, hand and wood-aaws: cross-eat,
mill, nod hand-saw files; B weed's iron,,
t ' , flat and round bare; ent and wro't
- nails; bend-eVtteoptroir; ".; ;
, .. . cast, spring, V
American steel; Ames
-"- Shevele. hav and tnaaun- forks: '
nail rods; White's Simmons' and Collin
wast steel axe; besides ra-ewtetterve assortment of
SHELF HARD-WARE, such as, .
pocket-knives, table titer and forks, bo Us and
arrow a: .goat hangingsand trimmings, tie., Ac.
Boots and Shoes,
s very great variety and warranted waterproof.
SoU and Upper Leather, Ac; tdloftAe.
above ertielea will be sold cheap for Cash, or ex
perienced for Wheat, Cora, Oats, Rye, Timothy,
Clover or Fax-aeed, Hides. Sbeep pelts, Batter,
Lard, Eife. Tallow and Wax
1", Don't let those Shvkjcks around where
"the Urge fags Bangut, make you believe that
"thfir stores are orancues ul Olmstetn Esub
lishment, it isnnly pwrnmon. O'mstfd'a.Sture
is still on THE TURNPIKE, and Olnwted is
there himself, to supply bis friends.
- . FremeaK Oct4Wr 5. 1650
Stand from Tnder!
. lrr. She fwlf.V -
E yo receiving a large and splendid Fall
I ll and Winter stock of Boot and Shoes, which
; V Will U told chtap for Pith!
Jt eonaiaU ia part of Gents, Calf. Kip and coarse
; ln,s.- - -:f BOOTS & SHOES. r ffj
' ' - Idis Enameled Laee and Polka Boaaa; Enam-
lad Exceiator and Bsskina, and a great varietr of
f Slippers and Tisa of the best styls Lasting, triv
ia rocoo and c-ilf ,
c Misses Enameled Laee and fo!ka Boota; Mo
' Toceo, laiing. Gaiter, and laee Boota; Calf and
! ' Kip Boota. Morocco Book in. 8 Uppers and Tie,
t Children' enameled, iac. and polka boots. Mo-I-
toceo and calf laao boat sad shoe.
r- . A geseral aasottment of heavy Boots,
' for tho coming season. . ' ' - :
i ' ' Boys', Tooth and children's kip and coarse
i 3oots and shoes.
-. A general assortment of Ladies; Gents, and Mis
( jos Patent .. .. . ,;
India Robber Boots and Over Shoes.
I Also, a large atock of Leather and shoe Findings,
J jwhmh w would bo glad to bare ear city and conn
t rj aboomake ext.mina. - :.
r ' Boots mad Shoes from neasare.
I '" Onr towa and conn try customer can have koots
t ' and shoe mad to order at oar shop. W have
' .aaeared the service of several experienced work-
' men, especially for this branch of onr basinets, and
aBy work enlrnsied to os will be warranted lo FIT,
: and af GOOD STOCK . ,
J -' t3T South Store in Tyler" Hack at the
tiff of the big BOOT. JEt
Fremont Oct. S, 5
T the Lwwer Sandasky P. Read Stock.
.f-W-,HE stockholder t the Low. Sandnsky flank
I - Read Company, are tierevy notified that an
,, of U-n per coat, ea their capital stock,
j keeeby called for, the same to be paid pw to
John B. Feaae, Traaearer of said Company, ia
Fremont, on or before the let day or November.
' La Q, Rowsob, Sey. - - t f
Fremont, Sept. 21, 16508
Bulletin No. 1.
Mead Quarters!
The Returns are all In, and
IS declared elected. The majority for Head Quar
ters will range from
1 50 to 200 tons of the most splendid
variety of Goods that were over wafted on the San
dusky River. After so close a contest, I Ilia ip prob
ably the greateat victorv ever won bv mortal man.
The newa was telegraphed from Sandusky city, on
1 aesday evening, and we immediately charter
ed the attain boat Islander for three, per-
hapa four trips. "AH aboard paasengers free."
iViim is the sole Agent for the People' Line,
Having secured a Tremendaus Low Freight,
by shipping onr entire lino of Good in connection
with the Old Establishment in Elyria, and by way
or uawego, at snoot one halt the usual
Prices paid by small dealers,
wh ship by Buffalo. And having many friends to
reward and no enemies to punish, wa propose .
Offering some inducement to the
People of Sandusky and adjoining counties,
That will drive the Old and New Combination into
On the 28th daj of September,
We ahall commence selling SO OOO pounds all
kinds of Iron for wagons at 09 60 tier hundred
As we are the sole agents for this kind of iron, we
can warrant it to be of the very beet quality or the
Cash shall be Refunded.
20,000 pounds best Eastern orWheeling Nails,
at $1 per keg.
2)000 pounds splendid cotton yarn, warranted
one thread to hold up the bundle, at only
87i cents per bundle.
100 cusps Buots and Shoes, and the whole
shall be sold on the low pressure system.
Our stock of Ready-Made CLOTHIAG, is
probably the largest in North-western Ohio.
We have prepared onr sooth room for the exclusive
sale of Hais, Cape. Boots and Shoes, and Ready
Made Clothing For the Ladies, we have a
large line of
And we can sell them splendid new style do Laiaes
at 124 cents pec yard.
Real Scotch Ginghams at Is. some for less.
Plaid Prints at 4 cents; 100 peicesat 0 cents,
. and we will warrant the cloth to have been worth
more money before they ever went into the print
worka. .
,Wa can only enumerate a small portion of our
ponderous stock, but shall be disppointed if we do
not see the whole country
moving in one Grand Phalanx, for
Head Quarters!
As it is the
Old Regulator of the County!
fn all ages and aectionsof the country, it has been
raatomery for people after sailing nnder one class
,f Tnliin anlil lhv twrniim nl H mnA tattMft. IA lake
snother 'lock.' In fntnre we shall make a special
enarge lor au veiueiiui circulars copied irotn neaa
Vah Paid
Brought to this Market by the Farmers.
Sept 26th, 1850. f
TJE it ordained by the Council of the Town of
XJ t remont. that all orders hereafter arawa on
the treasury, for expenses in building sidwnlks, rail
ing, earnings and gntters, or either ol tnem, in
front of ant lot or part of a lot, shall stale the nnin-
ber or description of the lot or part of lot in frout of
which snch improvement is made.
See. & All ardors drawn on the treasorr, in ac
cordance with the proviaiona of Use first section of
this ordinanee. shall he payable oat of any unappro
priated money in the treasury, and shall alao be a
lien en the tax levied, on ouch lot or part of a lot,
for the same and on the premise due for aaid improv-meit-(and
if not previously paid,) shall be paid out
of the taxes so levied, when the same ia collected,
ar oat of th money, if the same shall' be collected
oat of the owner or owners.
See. 3 When any order on the treasury shall
be presented to the treasurerfbr payment, aud ther
ia not sufficient money in the treasury to pay the
same, it ia her by made the duty of the treasurer, to
endors s the baek of uch order, the date of pre
sentment and the words not paid for want of funds:'
snd every order so endorsed, ahall draw interest at
the rate -of ais per eeai. per annum, from the date
of each endorsment until pa d.'
B. J. BARTLETT, Mayor.
C. R. McCbcxocM, Recorder.
Sept. -20, 1859. '
Administrate-' JVotice.
NOTICE it hereby given, that the following ex
ecutors and administrators have filed in the of
fice of the Clerk of the court of common pleas, of
Sandnskv ennntv, their accounts current for final
settlement: Samuel Crowell and Jacob Hufford,
Ex'r. of ljevi HofTord; CharleaS. Shutta, Adm'r.
of the estate of Gabriel T. Shutta: George Over-
mire, Adtn'r. of the estate of John Ulnaaker; tnna-
tian DoncTon,. Adm'r. of rhe estate of Christian
StibUr: Joseph Gam, Ex'r. of the estate of David
Gam: George ifales, Adin'r. of the eatateof J a-
cohUlebf Michael M' Bride, Adm'r. of th estate
of Lesier Allen and Cheater Edgerton, Adm'r. ol
the estate of Stepheu C. Smith.
D. CAPPER, Dept. Cl'k.
' Fr-Hwl, Sep. S l.i. Si3
.School Notice.- .
THE -CumtiM'ii Schtxils ia Fremont, wilt open
ir ike Kweptiuu of pUalsu the ri Monday
in October '
It in directed by the Boaad of Education that un
til further notice lite pupL attend respectively at tile
same rooine attended iv them at the muse at the
la! tTtn.
Teachers dVtin us of employment will file with
(he undersigned their proposal and certificates at
th earliest posible time.
By order of the Board,
Frfceiem.Spt. J . Ik50 48:3
ia tbaneery.
Court common pleas. Saiidosky coaatv, Ohio.
Alexander fr. Ewing, ,
vs. . i
Shobal Russell, and ' ' ' " ) -
Sophia Rumvll. : )
BY virtue of e decretal order issued out of th
court of common pleas of handuskv coumy.
Ohio la modireeted and delivered I shall offer at
pnbke aale at lhe door of the court house in Fre
mont, in said conuty, n th 2It day of October,
A. D 1850, between the hoars prescribed1 by law,
the following lauds snd tenements, to wit:
In-lot number thirty-five as designated on the re
corded platt of Ewing' addition lo the town of
Lower Bandusky, Sandusky county, Ohio.
Taken as the nronertv of Shubal Ruasell and
wife to satiafv a decree in said court rn favor of Al
exander H. Ewing.
Special Master in Chancery.
Fremont, Sept. 31. 1850, : 38-5
Ia Chancery.
Conrt common pleas, Sandusky county, Ohio-
Frederick S. Shaefer,
Thomas Pinherten.
TJ Y virtne of decretal order issued oat of the
AJ court of common plea nf Sandusky codnty,
Ohio, to m directed and delivered I shall offer at
public sale at the door of the court house ia Fre
mont, in said county, oh the 21st dav of Oetober,
A. D. 1850, between th hours proscribed by law,
th following land and tenement to witi
In-lot anmber twenty-one, in Heberling's addi
tion to the towa nf Lower Sandnskv, on the cast
side of th Sandusky river, in Sandusky county,
Ohio. -
Taken aa th property of Thomas Pinkarton, to
atiefy a decree in said court in favor of Frederick
o. Snaefer. . .
"V. Special Master in Chancery.
Fremont. Sepi 21. 1850. 28-5
WARRANTY Mortgage, and Quit Claim
Deeds for sale at the
A large and splendid stock of
Fashionable Fall and Winter Goods,
jcst axcxivao raaai biw tokk snd bostox.
Purchased almost entirely nith QASEf
In the month of August, the most favorable season,
PRICES, for Cash, or Country Produoo.
These Goods were selected with great care,
in regard to quality and price, and cannot fail to
Suit all who will please to examine them!
All the latest styles of
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Silks, fec. dec.,
can be found here, and shall be sold cheaper than
can be had elsewhere! .
Hats, Caps, Bonnets,
Hardware, Iron, Nails, Glass, Fisb,
Sole and Upper Leather, Coffee, Teas, Oils,
Crockery, Boots and Shoes,
Ready-made Clothing, Molasses, Sugar,
Yankee Notions, &c, dec.,
In truth all artiules wattted in the western country,
can be found and will bo scld without regard to
profit for ready pay. A. B. TAYLOR.
Fremont, Sept. 18, 1850.
To the Tax Payers f Sandusky Coanty.
Treasurer's Office, )
Frimont, August 28, 1850. J
THE tax payers of said conuty, will take notice,
that the following taxes have been levied there
in for the year 1850, to wit: for state purposes 3.20
mills on ihe dollar; for county $4000; for county
debt $3000; for school $1000; for coanty infiinary
$1500: and for interest $500; amounting to 4.30
mill on the dollar. - - -
There he been levied for road purposes the fol
lowing rates to wit: 1 ork township 1.25 hundredths;
To mend 140 hundredths; Green Creek 1.33;
Riley 2: Ballville 0 75 hundredths; Jaekson 850:
hundredths: Washington 1.50huiidredths; Scott 2;
Madison 2 5ft hundredths; Weodvillo 1.75 hun
dredths; Rice 2.50 hundredths mills on the dollar.
For township purposes in York 0.25 hundredth;
Townsend tt.25 hundredths; Green Creek 0.75
hundredths; Riley 0 50 hundredths; SsnduskrO.25
hundredths; Jackson 0.30 hundredths; Scott 0.25
lu Ballvilla Townahio there is an extra lew for
school purposes of 0.70 hundredths, and in Rice
township for'same purposes 2 mills n the dollar.'
There has also been levied the following special
taxes to wit: for Woodville aud Rollersr.lle Free
Turnpike 3 mills on tliedullar valuation of all lauds
withiu the legal limits of said road. For corporation
purpoaea in the town of Fremont 1.50 hundredths
mille. In Fremont school district;for tuition pur-poees3-40
hundredths mills; for purchasing aite and
school house purposes 3.85 hundredths.
In school district No. 2 Jcoit township, I mill;
No 8 Townsend 1; Fractional District 8 Ballville,
Whashiogtou, dee. 1 mill; No. 6 Townsend 1.60
hundredths mills; No. 4 Green Creek 1 mill; 7
Green Creek 1 mill; 9 (ireeu Creek I mill; No. 8
Riley 1 mill; No. 6 Ballville 1 mill; No. 12 Ball
ville 1 mill; No. 8 Madison 1 mill; No. 2 Wood
ville 1 mill; No. 5 Woodville 1 mill: No. 6 Riley 1
mill; No York 5 mill; No. 9 Jaekson 2 mills;
No. 7 Woodville I mill; No. I Woodville 3.75 hun
dredths; No. 1 York 1 mill: No. 2 Sandusky 1
mill; No. 3 Scott 1 mill; No. i Ballville 1 mill: No
It Ballville t mills; No i Rico 1 mill; Ne3Towa
aend 1 mill; No. 7 Madison 1 mill: Tract 7 Madi
soa and Woodville 1 mil!; Tract No 13 Ballvihedc.
Green Creek LIS hundredths; Tract No. - Madi
son and Scott 1 mill. Making the rates of taxation
(excepting the special taxes abov mentioned) in
the several township a follows to wit: .
s -an H
a :? ST
. a. & p .s 2.
York 3.-D 4.301 1 2g 0.25 9 00
Townsend 3.20 4.30 1.511 0.-5 9.25
Greco Creek... 3. !0 4 30 1.33 0.75 9.S3
Riley 3 20 4.30 2.00 0.50 10.00
Ballville.. 3.20 4 ?0 0.75 0.50 0.70 8 95
Sandusky 3.i0 4.30 2.M) 0.95 9 95
Jackson 3.20 4 30 5 50 0.30 10.30
Washington..., 3.20 4 30 1.50 0.30 9.00
Scott 3.20 4.30 2.00 0. 5 9.75
Madison 3.20 4 30 2.50 0.25 10.00
Woodville 3.i0 4 30 1.75 0.25 9.25
Rice .......... 3 201 4.301 2.50) 0. 25 j Oil 12.00
- The snhecriber erill attend at hia office ia Fremont
until the 20th of December next for the purpose of
receiving laees, after which day the duplicates will
pass into the hands of deputy collector, when pen
alty and mileage will be charged on all nue that
remain unpaid.
Tax payers will aiso lake notice that no bank
ootas except those of this state chartered nnder the
new banking law will b received for laxe.
27 . Rreaenrer of Sandnskv County.
T the Qualified Foters or
T)Y virtue of an act of the Gener-I Assembly of
U Uie state o! Ohio, passed F ebruary -atli. Ic4t,
eutitled "An act regulating the mode of proceeding
when bounty tommiesionero may be authorized by
law to subscribe to the capital stock of Railroad,
Turnpike roads, or other incorporated companies in
this state.
And also, by virtue of an act to incorporate the
Toledo, Norwalk &. Cleveland Railroad Company,
Yoa are hereby notified to vote at the next an
nual election to be held in the several township in
aid coanty, on the 8th day of October neat, for, or
against a subscription by the Commissioners nf said
county to the capital stock of the abov named
And for Ihe pnrpose of effectually enforcrin the
provisions of said seta the County Commissioners of
said connty do hereby rirect: 1 hat the voters afore
said cause to be written or printed on the tickets
which they pat into the ballot box of said election
for state and county officers Ihe words "For the
Railroad subscription," or "Against the Railroad
And Ihe Judge of elections in the sevetal town
ships aforesaid, are directed to count and return an
abstract of the votes so given for or against the rail
road subscription, to the office of the clerk of the
court of eoinmtn pleas of the said county, in the
poll books of ihe other electors to be returned to that
Aud the clerk of the conrt of common pleas is di
rected to make au abstract of the votes so returned
and file the same in hi office, aud certify the nam-
berof voles for railroad subscription and Ihe num
ber of vote again! railroad ubrcnntioii. lo th
commissioners of said conuty within five days after
opening the pell books aforesaid.
riy order 01 the Commissioner.
County Auditor.
Fremont. Sept. 11, 1830. 27
Cleveland and Maumee Railroad Comp.
"TOTICEi hereby given, that at a meeting of
X ' the Commissionenof Ihe Cleveland snd Man-
me Railroad company, held ia Maumee City, on
the 4th inst., it waa
Resolved, That Books of Subscription to the
capital stock of said Company, he -opened on Mon
day, the 30th September, 185S,
JoMauinee City, at the office of Young & Waite.
under tho direction of Samuel M. Young and
Isaac Halt.
In Perrysburgh, at the office of Spink & Murray.
under the direction of John C. Spink, and Benja
min F. Hollister.
In Woodville, at th Fereuson House, under the
diresfioa of A- R. Fargnsoo and Chaa, Powers.
In Fremont, at the office of R. P. Bucklsnd, un
der h direction of R. P- Bwkland and John R.
Pease. -
In pursuance nf the foregoing resolution, books
of subscription to the stock of said compaiiy will be
opened at the time and in Ihe several places men
tioned above under the direction of the several per
sons thsrein named.
John E. Hunt, Samuel M. Young,
Rob't A. Forsyth, Daniel F. Cook,
Waa. H. Hopkins, a N. Beach,
R. P. Buckland, Commissioners.
September 7th, 1850 27:td
ZEPHYR WORSTED patterns, Caneaa, Board
and Needles, tt Htlr.
QPERMand Lamp Oil-A first rata article lor
k sale at
S. B0CKLSD & Co'.
)R AYER BOOKS and Church Service A
Splendid assortment, from 31c to $3, at
CODFISH of superior quality at
Hatses Cheaf Store.
f10LLARS, Gloves, ' Hose, Neck and Pocket
W Handkerchiefs, at Hatsxs'.
SILKS, satins, stpaoca, lawns, gingham, dec.,
all qualities snd prices at Hatmss.
Rail Road Store.
t ;iv ... rfc . .a; .J
Ciniular for the Fall of 1 850.
Great Jtttr action! 7
fTHJE excitement and talk bein about eouallv di
X vided between the above parties, we have con
eluded to "compromise" by making our establish
ment tna
Of Sandusky County and Vicinity.
Th unanticipated success which ths Proprietors
of the above Store have met with ainc opening:
naving uisposvu 01 almost an
Entire stack of goods for Cash, in a few weeks !
has enabled ns to purchase a
Larger, Better, and Cheaper Stock of Goods
than aver making onr
Second purchase, and
f ail ana winter Stock-,
than has ever before been offered in this vicinity.
And our success is the strongest argument that we
are selling Bitter, and Cheaper Goods, than
any other establishment in the place.
Ourstorsis LARGE and CONVENIENT, be
ing theJVorth Store in Buckland's Brick Block,
is well lightnd a our Goods do not require twi
light to sell litem.
Mr. John P. Haynes. spent th month of Au
gust in the Eastern cities, and -selected our good,
Before stock had been Culled,
and having been engaged in the Mercantile busi
ness in Sandusky county, for the part 12 years,
knew exactly what to buy for thia market..
Onr Stock Comprises
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps, Muffs Tippets &c.
Crockery, Yankee Notions,
Leather, Wallpaper,
Ready Made Clothing, &&,
" Iron, Nails, Glass, Salt, &c fec,
and 1 0.O OO other articles, too nnmerons to men
tion ,C3f Farmer look to your interest J
Money, when produce is so low should only be laid
out where you can boy your -
Clothing and Groceries,
To the best advantage.
Coma with your wires and daughters, and -
and the prices they ar selling tt,
and you will be satisfied that the
Rail Road Store,
is th place ta buy -'Good ss is Good,"
P. S. We would return our thanka to th neo-
ple of Sandnsky county, and vicinity for tha patron
age bestowed upon us, and would hope by an un re
mitting attention to our bomne keeping a good
stock and selling good Goods cheaper than ever to
receive a counnuance or the same.
CASH and the highest market
price paid for WHEAT, CORN,
OATS, SEEDS, &e. fcc.
Don't mistake the Place.
Buckland's BrickBlock.
Fremont, Sept. 1850. 12
Woolen Factory!
sanansKy l oanty, unto.
Weaving and Cloth-Dressing done in all styles
ana colors, superior to any thing
in the Slate.
fTIHE subscriber finding that Wool had risen in
JL price beyond th manufactured Goods iulends
to atop tha manufactar of woolea goods and turn
all the hands and machinery at enstom work, snch
as weaving Cassimers, Cloths. Satinetts, Linseys,
Flannels, and Coloring and Dressing customers'
cloths, in all their vanoue style, superior to any
thing heretofore attempted.
He ha erected a dry in e bona 100 feet in length.
chpable of drying 300 yarda of cloth per day, beside
the ont door bars. He nses falling atock to full
with, and other machinery sufficient to finish 300
yards of cloth per day. The machinery and hands
will all be employed in weaving and dressing cloth
for customers during ths season. He has all the
different machines (or dressing cloths
That are asei fa New England Factories,
such as Napping, Teaseling Shearing and Brushing
Macmnes, wnicn were bought in Wooster, Massa
chusetts, and ar in the best of order. The work
men employed in his Mannfactory, have served a
regular apprenticeship in Massachusetts, and work
ed in the above business from 5 to 20 veara. And,
with hi early and long experience in the manufac
turing business, and by strict personal attention to
the same, hope to receive a liberal share of th
public patronage.
Be has the FRENCH METHOD of Col
oring and use no Copperas or Vitriol,
knowing the tame to be injurious to the doth.
Ho will warrant all of his work,
both ss to manufacture, colors and finish.
Prices per yard for finishing Cloths Is 6d: Caa
aimers Is 61; Flannel Is; Satinetts 14c; Linseys
Is; to full oc "
' Prices for weaving oa Power Loom Cloths five
quarters wide 8c; Cassimers five quarter wide 10c
Flannels four quarters wide 7c.
Prices per yard for weaving and finding Chain
satinetts 13c; Lunsey la
All the cloths woven will be returned as they
leave the loom, or finished at the abova priees aa
customets may direct.
lie has made Arrangements
with the following persons at the placea mentioned.
to receive yarns and cloth, and deliver the same
when returned. AU yarns snd cloth left with these
persons will be taken and returned every two weeks
throughout the season;
O. L. Niras, Head Quarters, Fremont
Baker's Store Castalja.
Chapman & Harkness, Bellevue.
Shoemaker & Osden, Republic.
Silas D. Boalt, Mexico.
M. Braokley, McCutchensville.
J. Swagttrt & Co., Oregon.
Parker fe Shawan, Carey.
Adam Battelfeld, Springville.
C. W. Foster & Son, Rome.
E. W. Thomas, Risdon.
Wa Heller, Van Buren, more.
Arnold & Grey, Crowell & Burns, Mell
Henry Haskins, Portageville.
W. Bradner, Millfrrove.
: George Bautchtell, Freeport,
J. Eaton & Co., RollersviHe.
C. Powers, Wooodville.
B. Caushan, Port Clinton.
Bsllville. Sandusky Co. 0. August 3, 185021
Sale of Real Estate by order of Conrt.
ON Ihe iUt day of October, 1850. between the
hours prescribed by law; at the door of the
Court House in Fremont, in the county of Sandus
ky, and stale of Ohio, will be sold to the highest
bidder the following real estate, as the property of
Daniel P. Newell, deceased, subject to the right of
dower of the widow, to wit:
Th west half of the south-west quarter of sec
tion number thirty, township number five, range
number thirteen, containing eighty acres more or
less. Appraised at 400 Terms Cash in hand.
E. HUNTINGTON, Administrator.
September 17, 185017:5
rpoWNS END'S Sarsapsrilla A iarge lot for
X sale B7 only at Bdcklakd's
New "Drug " Store.
Drug, Paint, Oil, Dye-stuffs, Glass-ware,
Phosgene Gas and Lamp, dkc, etc
THE subscriber have just opened a large stock
of the above articles, which with their former
slock completes the largest and best assortment aver
brought to Fremont or vicinity
Physicians are respectfully requested to call
and examine oar articles of Drugs and Chemicals,
as we are determined that Fremost sball be tbe
tows to but Goods CHEAP.
All onr merchants say they are selling Goods
CHEAPER than they can be bonrht in Sandnvky,
Tiffin, or any where else in these 'Diggiua' and are
Determined not to be outdone
by them in the way of LOW prices.
ID Country Dealers, will fiud it to their ad
vantage lo bay of us any articles in our line, aa we
are lure we can save them the transportation,
at least.
using Pairts of any kind who wish Good Articles
can be supplied at the smallest possible advance
from cost. Whits Lead pure .xtra, No. 1, dry
and groand in oil. Chrome Yellow, Chrome Green,
Paris Green, Red Lead, Lampblack, Litharge,
Varnish, Linseed Oil, warranted to dry Turpen
tine, dec, Brushes of all sizes aud kinds, at
20 per cent, cheaper than ever.
eVo.3, Bucklatul's Brick Block,
S3T Sign of the Big Mortar. JFf
Fremont, Sandusky co. July 6, 1850 17
Bnckland's New Brick Building!
RESPECTFULLY informs hia Old
Customers and the Pnhli iwnpnlle.
WjW that he has again gone into the Gro- ffflffflj),
ill eery Business, and ha now opened i;l
Stocks of Groceries!
ever brought to this market, with especial reference
to supply th want of th citizens of Sandusky and
adjoining counties.
This stock consists in part of
, Sugars, . Coffee, Teas,
Spices, Pepper, Raisins,
Tobacco, Secars, &a, &&
together with a complete and large asssortment of
th best ever opened in fremont, the assertion of
"bogus" dealers in this article to the contrary not
of th rarest kinds, will be be found at my store.
Lemonade Mead. Cronk and Beer.
can be had ol a moment's notice.
Fresh Baked Bread. Cake, Pies
and Biscuit always kept on hand. Families wish
ing to be supplied with Bread can at all times be
accommodated with a superior article and on the
moat liberal terms.
But I have neither time nor the printer room In
his paper, to enumerate the sixth part of the articles
kept by me, and can only ask that a discriminating
public will give me a call and and judge for them
selves, feeling satisfied that I can render entire sat
isfaction lo all both as o prices and quality.
r remont, June ia, 'ou.
Land for Sale.
THE following lands belonging to the Do Forest
heirs will be sold VERT C H E A P , aa the
owners are anxious to dispose of them. They ar
situated near Sandusky Bay on Big Pickerel Creek,
in a well settled neignnornood.
west h'f south-west quar 80
north-east quar 160
north-west quar 160
south-east fraction 90
sooth-west quar 120
Also lO.OOO acres of Land,
in Ottawa county, embracing every variety of soil
timber and prairie. rJstUeracan be accommodated
with auch trscla aa they may wish, nnd the prices
will be not more than half such Isnds would sell for
in Illinois or Wisconsin GEO. B. SMITH.
Sandusky City, June 29, 1850 16:3m
Private Sale.
. THE subscriber offer th following
tract of Land at private aale at a BAR
GAIN, described as follows, to. wit:
I he south-east Quarter of th north
east quarter of section No. thirty-six, in township
W o. n?e, north of range No. fourteen, in Sandusky
county, containing forty acres.
This land is about three and a half miles west of
Fremont, iu Washington township, and is excel
len'Iy situated and calculated ror farming pnrpoee,
f ersons wishing to purchsse will enquire of the
Editor of the Freeman, or addresa the subscriber at
Hagerstown, Washington connty, Maryland, post
r remont, July 13,IBau IB
First Grand. Arrival
Head Quarter,
TV A VP !.:. J... k IT i.,. ?
Ltl PR'NTS and GINGHAN3 for the early Fall
1 rade, and will na receiving New oood from day
to a ay uniu tney get tne uia x.staoiisnmeni.
Loaded up from top to bottom t
When that time ariives, they intend to bring out
and give the Old and New Combination Fiita.
Fremont, August 21, 1850.
First Arrival from K York!
Just Received by Express
Only FOUR DATS from the City!
MOUS DE LAINS and Pararrtettas.
Black dress Silk,
Black silk and Fancy net Lace,
Wrought muslin Collars,
Velvet Trimmings and Buttons,
Fall and Winter Shawls,
Bonnet Ribbons, &c. fec,
N. B. We shall have the pleasure of showing to
The people of Fremont and vicinity.
Tbe Largest, best-selected and Cheapest stock
of Goods ever opened here.
The Ladies are invited to nail and look at the
above Goods. J. P. HAYNES di SON.
August 30.
fTIHE subscriber is prepsred to furnish SoctL
L hill, in isuckiand's Brick rJiock, lor
Cotillon Parties, Sories, Lectures, &c,
on reasonable terms: and also rcfresnrrjentSj
in the bsst style on the shortest notice!
J. r . it. smum v.
Fremont. August 3, 1850. -
WOULD inform his friend and the public, that
be has taken rooms at Ballville, where ha
intends carrying on the above business, in all its
branches, and hopea by punctual attention aud
long experience in his trads to merit and receive a
share of patronage.
N. B. Cutting of garrrterils of every description,
attended to in the most fashionable style, and war
ranted to fit.
Also, he is Agent for Travis' Pain Killer
-a fresh supply just received and for sale by
Ballville, July 13, 185018
B AGLET'S Gold Pens and Pencils for tale
cheap, at S. Bdcslans & Co's.
Harper dc Brother's, just received at
Ai. ijuaiiiiijr oi iww mvaurr aim Asn vr ooa j
will be Iskeo on subscription at the
a aTV r i II 1 i i tz7 i
1'tiEr.MiS Orrici.
The subscribers have just received
Decidedly the Largest and Best selection of
Miscellaneous, Clasical, Medical and School
Books, among which, th following ar a lews
Th writing of Gen Washington, by Jared Sparks,
12 volumes.
Prescott's Conquest of Pern, S volumes; - ;
do do . Mexico, 3 vols,
do Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols;
do ' Miscellanies, 1 vol:
Allison' History of Europe, 4 vols; -' 3.
Hildreth's United States. 3 vols:' . -
Maccauley's History of England, 3 vo'sr '
Hallain's Works, 4 vols: Gibbon's Rome, 4 vols.
Stephens' Yucatan; Greece; Egypt 2 vols each;
Complete Works of Lorenzo Dow:
Addison's Works; Burke's do.
Josephus' Works I and 9 vols; Byron's do
Shakspaare's Works, 1 and 2 vols: -
Rolliu's Hirtory , do r '
Chamber's Information for the People, 3 vols; ,
American Revolutions vols:
Marshal's Washington, 2 volumes;
Neal's Puritans, 2 vols; Life of Brant, 2 vols;
Mrs Edgeworth's Works 10 vols;
Spark's Amenesn Biogrsphy, 10 sols: -
Memoirs and Administrations of tbe Presidents;
Cooper's Naval History; Brand's Encyclopedia;
History of the Girondists: ' Life of Frsnkliu; ,
Mrs. Bremier's Novels, complete iu one vol;
Harper's Family Library, 34 volumes:
do School District Library, 150 volnmss;
do Clasical Library. 20 volumes
Swan'a Treatise; Swan's Miscsllany;
Webster's Dictionary, unabridged .
do do ... . Large, revised; :
do . do University edition;
do 1 do School edition: -
United States Dispensatory, late editon;
Eberlee's Practice; Eberlee's Therapeutics;
Smith's Hand Surgery; Watson's Practice;
Hooper's Dictionary;
M'Guffev'a Eclectic scries of Readers;
Ray's, Adams', Smith', Davis', Dabol's snd Per-
kin's Arithmetic;
Clatk's, Smith's, Well's, Burritt's and Kirksm's
Smith's, Oloney's Morse's and Parley's Geogra
phy, etc , ccc.
Any quantity of Fools Cap. and Letter Paper
plain and ruled. Gilt Edged and Embossed;
Letter Envellopes, of all kinds and styles.
ZJevr a 9 . ' -Dockland's
Brick Block.
Fremont, July, 1850 17
Great Excitement.
Tremendnons Outbreak in Cuba!
10,000 Prisoners taken.
Have just received a large assortment of
WHICH will be offered at great bargains for
Their atock comprise every variety of boots and
shoes suited to the market.
The Gentlemen
will find thick boota and shoe, calf and kip, sswed
and pegged, O st extremely low price.
For Boys and Youth
we have kin, calf and heavy boots and shoes, as
cheap as the market affords, and of superior qual
ity. And
Tot the Ladies
enameled and kid excelsiors, enameled polka boots.
calf and morocco boots, and als large assortment
of kid and morocco slippsrs of different colore and
For Young Misses
morocco and calf boot and shoes, morrocco and
seal bnakins, morocco, kid and seal slippers, gaiter
boots, fancy colored halt gaiters: and a large vari
ety of kid and morocco boots and shoes Tor children.
- Boot and Shoe Makers,
will tak notice, that we have a large assortment of
Shoe Findings, for the trade, such aa Boot Trees
and Lasts, Peg, French calf, Morocco and Boot
morocco skins, pink red and white lining skins, and
a general assortment of findings together with every
variety of tool need iu the manufacture of boot
and shoe aa cheap a can be nought in th west.
We keep constantly on hand a large assortment
or HA I B A.1U cars for men and hoys.
WOULD inform the public that hs has resumed
his business at his old stand, on Croghan St.,
and having had the oportuuity of seeing and getting
All the Latest Fashion from East and West,
and having brought on an assortment of the
i prepared to furnish hi old customers, and
many new ne a can crowd into hia ware rooms.
with the most splendid let of
Itlauogoriy, Rosewood and Blackwalnnt
Qf every kind from ths Cradle to the Coffin.
As to prices, he n determined
He is hold to say that lis ean offer yoa BETTER
BARGAINS and BETTER WORKtlian you ean
get west of Buffalo; hehasou hand, and is making
AU kinds of BEDSTEADS,
on New and Improved Plans;
snch as Lewis Patent, Fowler's Patent, &c., &c
Do not fail to give him call.
O He ha got op a good Hants, aud will attend
funerals in town or country.
; Fremont, August 10, 1850.
Steam Mill for Sale, -
THE ubscritxr now offor his new team
saw mill for sale, situate on th Ridge
Ro&ri, h bo nt lep mi lei easterly from Fre in out, aud
only 1(H) rode from the Maumee and VVealera Re
serve Turnpike Road and within uboot 25 rod of
the surveyed hue of the Wellington and Toledo
Railroad. - ..
The mill m a superior one, iu alt respect, being
tn a lieatthT location, naviugthe very best of water
that which will not corrode a boiler. The building
is of Ihe most substantial hind, 35 by 61 feet, fitted
to saw logs 30 feet long. Having two circular saws
and a machine for sawing felloes attached aud
eutncient power in ths engine to drive tne whole,
and the boiler large enough to make the steam,
and more toe.
all aronnd, and men that hav got the snap to them
to haul H; there being no less than seventy teams
astir in one day last winter, attached lo soma forty
sleds and boats; and every ten days of good sled'
ding is equivalent to about one thousand logs
Any person wishing1 to et lafgS contracts for ths
Ra lroad, or wishing to enter into the lumber busi
ness wili find it to their advantage id call and
for themselves.
And any parson anticipating buildiuv a Mill, can
do equally aa well to ealU for they can half pay for
one while they would bo building- Th building
being so framed, as to be easily taken down aud sat
op would require bnt little tun ta remov it.
The subscriber ha also 105 acre of good
landabout forty acres cleared a eood fram Barn.
a you.ig Orchard ot over one hundred grafted Apple
trees, most ot wnicn ore oeanutr, with reache.
Pears, Plums, Cherries, Quiucs, Grape, &o. &o
which have also commenced bearing. Tha mill
and farm-will be aold separate or together, t suit
purchasers; and iioerat terms of payment given
For further particular enquire of
P. L NCRTO'fc. Fremont.
or the subscriber on the premises.
York, August 3, ISS0. - -
fcr A quantity of seasoned wairnn and bus-trr
felloes, together with au extra niialitr of narrow
lath, snd lumber of all kinds kpt constantly on
band, cheap as can he had at arrv othr mill in the
country. 21:6ml W. L. C.
AMP nnd Tanner's Oil al
White AVOori LiUinbciS
Y all kinds and clear stuff for s .1 hr
Feb. 9. . O. H. FUSSLXSAN.
CARPENTERS can finri Hanil saws, Draw
knives, steel Squares, trv Squares, plane irons.
Nail Hammers, Hatchets. Ac. nfthe fu-et quality at
Hatsks' ("Hitif Stork.
BLANK BOOK-), full hound Ledgers. Journals,
. Dockets, Cash and Invoice honks, at
, In Chancery. '
Conrt common pleas, Sandusky coon ly, Ohio.
Ami w . Gutter, .
vs. " : " -
i.C H. Montgomery, et. al.
BY virtue of a decretal order iaeued ont of th
conrt of common plea of Sandusky county,
Ohio, to me directed Snd delivered, I ahall oflVr
at public aale at the door of the court house in
Fremont in said county en the lot day of October,
A. D., 1850, between the hours prescribed by law,
the following land and tenements, to witj . - - r
The west half of the south east quarter of section
number twenty-three, township number five, range
number fourtsrn, in Sandusky county, Ohio.
. Also inlot number ninety, in Dickinson & Birch'
srd's addition to the town plat of Lower Sandusky
in said county. '
Taken as Ihe property of 1. C. H. Montgomery,
to satiafv a decree in ssid conrt in favor of Ami V'.:
Cutter - C. EDGERTOJf, Spec. Master.
C" t- oi IQUI
ia Ctiancery. - '
Court common pleas, Sandusky county, Ohio. ,'
William P. Dixon, - - 1
s. V
Shahal H. RuswII, at a!. , 1
BY virtue of a decretal order issued out of the
court of common pleas of Sandusky eoontr.
Hh n,. .,,,1 a!iv....l t ah.! I Jv-.
at public sale at the door of the Conrt house in Fre
mont, tn aid county, on in zist day or Uclooer
A. D. 1850, between the hours prescribed by law,
the followins lands and tenements to wit:
In-lot number twelve tn .wina"e addition to ths
town of Lower Sandusky, Sandu&ky county, Ohio-''
Taken as the property of Shubal H. Kussell, et
af . to satistv a oecree in saia court in xavor 01 ttt
said William P. Dison.
' Special Master iu Chancery.
Fremont, 8ept. 21,1850. ' '
Pot It Inn t a KaII I and.
f!nart nf enmmoa nleaa. Saodaakv eonntv Ohio.
imam vraruvr, aumiuvmiw 4n :!::
John Wsaver, deceased. - - ) -:- -
- vs. : .
Solomon Smith, , i ;
Hirain Smith, r
Pleasant Smith, et al. " J " . -
SOLOMON SMITH, Hiram Smith, Pleassnt
Smith, William Garner, Elizabeth Garner, Da
vid Conrodd and the wife ef aid David Courodd,
r - r. 1 r r D-. r . . . . t
LriOVinan uaroer, iniiaw, J 1 twi wuataic, guaruiau,
Lydia Garberand Jacob Garber, and the unknown
heirs and legal representative of John Weaver, de
ceased, are hereby informed- that on lbs 9th day of
September, A. D. 1850, said Administaator filed hia
Petition in the Court ol (Jommon rises 01 Bandus
ky county, Ohio, th object and prayer of which pe
lition ia, to obtain an order at the next terra of said
court, for the sale of th following real estats tof
which said John Weaver died seized,) or so much
thereof ss may be necessary to pay tha debts of said
decedent, to wit:
The east half of the north-east quarter of aeotioa
number twenty-two, ia township number four,
north ol range number loot teen, in tne county ot .
.,tnnartrtif aMtioa anmaer faartmo. ia town
snip ouiooer tour, nnrut ui 1,113, uuiuuer iduikw.
1U wwuu.j w. j - 1 - .
Jn .11 I n 1. 1. nrl ...1 .nil fitrt. . r . . i.f !aft,l
more or icaa. " wA.w.b,
Adm'r of John Wsaver, deceasedi
Fremont, Sept. 14, 1850 27-fl
, r f LI trv-; r-1, -
t- i
This valuable Mediciaal prr pa ration
frtvn any wimple " Eitrnct of SaTwipinila ' or rommoa
(nirifyng MedictMe- It a compound of many of tne
With others sctlng dirtctly eutfre Kidney, or hoviny im "
meflintc rcterentx! ta the ieii ana eonunaea ueaiuiy opc
ration of some internal organ. It co&mina artictoi
wlucbeutei' iuto no other preparation ia existeope, aod
in punrying ana ie?tnrmig etieciw, oy tuy nir-uitijc tn
the world, it i put u?
N very pleasant to tbe t&rte, and is roort concentreted. :
MitUAUKHt IKdt ILK AU tllt l LI.
Than eV other im merktt, Pereicna vrtiO hawtf taken 1
"aSnraparr!la" f the gaiion, without relief, have beear
rJ;etlt rnrci, by uslns two or ihrp fcOltlWR '
Cherry nntl Damlelion are bo jj re-pare, tt) ofllr fhe
h'ar virtues of each, iu corobinatiou xvM pure Extrata
of other fter.ni.j articles in a hijiity ccDCCiitrateU state.
Its ingredients are '
And are such roots and barks a are found thoogi. ehiefljr "
fivt i not rfrt in mrtawilt thftr ri-rafrli frflrtf tWV IO D
ducc th sum cleansing mm kemtt tescts. ,
it is iiUPosiBis : : .
Toeurr mitny dHenses, Drorsies. KhieTCompiMfcte.
draw oiY Watery Huworj froio tlte Biood, o? corrupt nntt
iTriin!iit iwerrt-tioiis of tlisprtirvd orrr-tits from t)ie fcoxiy.
witnotit uie twrougn uikt'p oh tw iviihky9
eaukp1 bv this Meiiciiie. No oturk eitnwt even prmtnd
$9 this lti fact this verv operation for which ts i
pmriieulxTlf cantpvt.ndt-1. di!e"fs from all other
tioos, and makes it IA turnn nt ritlrc. .
Oe tilts medicine, ft wilt rtlure. It he rvrrit tn
life ilM'f tens depired. 0 It eontahis ank-k4fca( witV
acvr if anything- ca. an takes the oxly jthod to 016.13
ptrmmmejet'tHT. Tbis Rtmieriy
AH impure and gross humers, not only tty workina d.rww
iy oa ice blood, btrt fir restofina tneh orartn to Jwiritiiy
visor, ttml enpecitilly increanttTg the action of tbosa whici)
draw from live body, and tastiugiy fcmov ah"
irarntE on diseased ni7iis.
Atl disenw originatintf in a sepmved star of fhe rhtf
flimis, Kruntious, Lkcrs. Sores, CoUcfition of .Viiery
Will find tliis tJe iest nlterntiw, aiH mc?tcie.isfti:S Mr
diiire, rnr br.t'nre o'r in invitfmrutiitff eett. It
hns woiked some of tie frtU cure ot lnk of U
Urinary Organs . . .
Bladder, kx. A tptendid diuretic. A extrm is as gfi
for Wcikneas of Uie- Kidi.cys, Weak Back, HcU;ii.Qii cr
Inroiuntary flow of TJritie, Burning or ScnliHnr, IrvtUvw
tary i.tMir.on, or outer irriuwitiv;
VcdieiKt tkat heals then vortW. In
R Est V i U.n. ttt Utti at
In Scrafctous ta.bu cf
Le bybLcin, Lzz and weakcrred states.
IVattin-r iWv-LTM cf the. LausTS. Pai.a in the Bit-art. me
t!.e wootliinti 1'cctori.is ami bracing Touics. iwit tri Liases
oiorjt kindly, and streiiiben tlte lotij', wliil the acriii
hantors ibrtt load L'te syniem are rJesnactL 'Mm rtdteiinj
meUon of tke A'Uxcy pun kid in l.s.uf Oiaettga. It is
tvarranted sp:riar f jt prepnriitUm Suiitita aUacita
(arum llxposure ors etrtazntf cured.
Por Irrcaulixr, r'ui-.rased or paiuti:! Menstruatinti, riccr
Aihutv, t'terine D eeastis, cr any ociangeiwiii ot tfie ra
aisle t'raute. U never disoppoiuts expecfc.'jn- i- os
tu msdidn tciU reach the derangement. 1'UH Ca:
pound cot.taftiB certain Aoots, As Usi and f.ity :
thmtUd he used. It aures U most aggravated tcrias '
t.C' 2L.Xf.AIa liCIJILill I . Anil MJEULltll1 Ma
t will refrpah immediately- A lew days use-wilt eon
wirtce tLe iiicrclulcut. Tiie rt;fTite increcceJ il-e"
nerves so qunt spirits raised etui new, fere atd Hicit
Elcod trJke Uie p!,ice of vitifttcd and corrupt.
Vou will never be wittout rr. Tt will do more fac4 and1
ture utore speedilv, ti hundierts oi itetty diseskjee. Cotds,
flowel Coaiplalnrstf Ituiure Blood, &e than sitl thing
you have ever tried. Look t rtiatss Tt Wsk
mt 1 ht ot baCst tteiicitc Kctuale can io.U it u,tth jtf
UU eajtiy. - " ' ,
TbM this i5 tbe oa'y mediciae that has ever curt4 Aa losTw-u-ennng
Shu Fi-vtn, .is saesrtd by th e-atkt $ kwas
thirty of t&t c'JreJ, and ;ou will acknowledge -
Wbeie oifsuoctiooa of Use orsxis ba.x czutCX Jcoeiw
Or jWowe tn tbs Bladder, tfih nuc:Hcine iwi t-eeir v&i
with atonihiur aoe-cetM. IVf Ccruxu& ef Cw.J
Mis r dimf.. u Pvtnpliiet of cure. , .
Of Diseases cf the STOWCtf anrf BOWETJf, Co-tive-oesa,
.UVSPE3IA,.rUi Dehility, cc.( for Bowel Coni-.
pin in is it cam he relied as at certain remedy. Alru
when accumulation of bile bx eaucetl
BILIOVS bisbask;
J'aumTf'e, te or w'hen they arecoruinji oi."fsT rA'S and
umt nre utft, Tt carries o'lf the corm,'t t-ile raptdly, W
Um aauvul chsanels, aiui eases imsnedieJtfr it iko curcJ
Of vn stamlng as certificate te'rif. ft mTicaitirjfUee
4tiftittim. Try it. Grt.tt pbysiciaiis fvrescriN: aJizW
diuretics.' 'Ifs cotiipotmd ts iricetleiK irauJ.0j oicu
nahnost ppecifie - - .. -
look ton iESTiHoxi" t-- -
On Hm VtttOfU nf rmr ft ru ts--ri. nr ,V, . .-.: -.ri-w r nat afrs
A Ht Of as iifltinilrt n:unea us ner t-eft -ii'o in
siport of -wif Med trine We hav tfwrc irJfejHfrKe
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