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Fremont weekly freeman. (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, October 12, 1850, Image 4

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L. 1 ."
tllhtra been rocfived by the Ptoprictor of
. f. aiusr,.- , . McALISTER'S .. .
'J, the rriost kiliTul andce
lebrsted, from Counsel
'"VM -e-r X- lors foamed in tha T.aw.
f l 4fiS'r?J from Judges of celebrity
t lf" Sie-'K on the Bench, from Min-
"flVf ,ater " ln Gospel,
'eeritr have made them
.. rv- ' ' J" ' ' .'sliming lights in .the
- i ath of Truth, from en-
iiliiened Prcfewn, fr m aout Merchants, and
Xriim three of vry stati n, name and degree
'among mauidnJ all ef which., without oue J s-
entina objection, 1 renounce Uiis Oiutruent to be
"As div bv dav it inioblrn-iiveW extends its
"sphere of action along the borders of our vast coun
try, and hi circulated throughout its extent, new
vicences 01 lis power ana new propis 01 us cui
csey r cmtinmlly developed. Three millions
i" Boxes, applied to disease within the last lour
years, has established the abounding lact beyond
'the power of cavil or contradiction, that it is IN
FALLIBLE in th cure of all Tumor. Ulrt-rs,
Sores, Barns, Tetter, Piles, Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Chilblains Scald Head. Sure Even, Quinsy, Croup,
ntteumatnm, Broken Breast. Ague in the Face,
Corns, fee. Ft completely res'ores the INSEN
SIBLE PERSPIRATION, and by this means opens
those avenue bv which Naiure intended to expel
-th morbid matter of the body thtw is the system
cleansed, the blood purified, and the health re
stored. i - -
It has the power to cause all external Sores,
Scrofulous Humors, Skin Diseases, and Poisonous
Wounds, to tlischarR their putrid mattei, and
hen heal them. We are not ashamed of the
names of . '.
All-Healing Ointment !
. . Or the '
. "World's Salve! .
which discerning publ:e lias applied to ihis
medicine ; for there is scarcely a disease, exter
nal or internal, that it will not benefit. I have
used it for the last fourteen years for ail diseases
of the Chest. Consumption, and Liver, involving
the atraost danger and responsibility, and 1 declare
before heaven and mn, that not in one single
case has it failed to benefit when the patient was
within the reach ef mortal means.
Wholesale and retail at the Grand Depot, 141
FULTON ST., New York, and by all Druggists
throuchoat the United State.
J. McALlSTER, Sole Proprietor,
O 4. - 141 Fulton St. N. Y.
, -18 . Only Agents for Fremont.
Cnckland's Xcvr Briek Rnilding!
n RESPECTFULLY inform, hi. Old
f 7! Custotners and the Public generally, r' tM
that he has again gone into the Gro- fri
cery Basiness, end has now opened 'I
ZT'& nvi fw Tni wnos yt r vrtttri SlT5
Stocks of Groceries!
ever brought to this market, with especial reference
lo supply the wants of the citizens of Sandusky and
adjoining eeunttee. - -
This stock consists in part of
Sugars, Coflfee, " " Teas,
Pepper, Raisins,
Tobacco, . Segars, &&, &c
together with a complete and large asssortmeat of
the best ever opened in Fremont, the assertion of
"bogus" dealers in this article lo tna contrary noi-
ef the rarest kinds, will be be found at my store.
Lemonade, Stead, Cronk and Beer,
can be hsd ol a moment's notice. .
Fresh Baked Bread, Cake, Pie,
and Biscuit always kept on hand. Families wieb
- ing to be supplied with Bread ean at all time be
' accommodated wiln. a superior article ana on uie
most liberal terms.
But I have neither time nor the prin'sr room in
his paper, to enumerate the sixth part of the articles
kept by me, and can only ask that a discriminating
public will give roe a call and and judge for them-
. selves, feeling satisfied that I can render enttr sat
isTaetion to all both aa la prices and quality.
' Fremont, June 15, '50.
la Chancery.
Court common pleas. Sandusky county, Ohio..
is. oanuusaycoD
r.ttii. .
Ami w. matter,
i ; : VS.
3. C. H. Montgomery,
r Y virtue of a decretal order issued out of the
1 1 court of cuinsaan pleas of Sanduskv eounlv
Ohio, to me directed and delivered, I shall 3er
at public sale at th door ef the court houae in
Fremont in said county on th 21st day of October,
A. !.. 1850, between the hours prescribed by law,
the following lands and lenoments, to wit
The west half of the south east quarter of section
number twenty-three, township number Gve, range
number fourteen, in Sandusky eounty, Ohio.
Also itilot number ninety, ia Dickinson & Birch'
ard's addition to the town plat of Lower Sandusky
in said county. . r . .
- Takes a the property of J. C. H. Montgomery,
to satisfy a decre in said eourt in tavor or Ami w
Cutter C EDGE R.TON, Spec Master.
Fremont. .t. 41, 1. 5
. In Chancery.
Court common pleas, Saudusky county, Ohio.
. William r. Uixon, - .
Shnhal H. Russell, et al.
T) Y .virtne of a tectetal order issued out of the
X3 court of couunon nleas of Satiduskv county.
Ohio, to me directed and delivered, I shall offer
at public sale at the door of the court house in Fre
mont, in aaid connty, on the 21st day of Oeiober,
A- D. IdoO, between Ihe hours prescribed by Jaw,
the following lands and tenements to wit:
' in-lot number twelve in Ewing's addition to the
town of Lower Sanduskv, Sanduskv comfv, Ohio.
Taken ae the property of Shobal U. Russell, et
I, to satisfy a decree ia aaid court in faror of the
said William r. Ldion.
Special Master in Chancery.
Frement, Sept. 21, 1850. 38-5
Petition to Sell Land.
Court of common plea. Sanduky county, Ohio.
William trarber, Admintatratvr ot
John Weaver, deceased.
Solomon Smith,
rr. ...... a,,ih
Fleaeant Smith, et al. - :- i
OOLOMOS SMITH, Hiram Smith, Pleasant
k3 Smith. William Oarber, Elizabeth Garber, Da
id Conrodd and the wife of said David Conrodd,
Lovinah Garber, (minor,) Peter Onstott, guardian
Lydia Garberand Jacob Garber, and the ouknown
heirs and legal representatives of John Weaver, de
ceased, are her'by inrnrued lhat on ihe 9;h day of
September, A. D 1650, li J Adniinistaator fil"d his
Petition tn the Court oi Cuminou.Pleas of Sandus
ky county, Ohio, the object and prayer of which pe
tition is.'to outaiu an order at the next term of eid
court, for the sale of the following real estate tot
which said John Weaver died seised,) or so much
thereof am may be necessary to pay the debts of said
decedent, to wit:
The east half of the north-east quarter of section
number twentv-two, in township number four
north of range number fouileen, in the county of
Sandusky, ana (tale ol unie. Also, ins souin
west quarter of section nnmber fourteen, in town
ship number four, north of range nnmber fourteen,
n the connty of tsandusxy and slate ol unm, con
taining in all two hundred and fortv acres of land,
more Of less. WILLIAM GARBER.
- , . - Adm'rof John Weaver, deceased..
Fremont, Sept. 14, 1350 37-
TTETOULD inform his friends and the public, that
V T he has taken rooms at Ballville, where he
intends carryin; on the above business, in a'l its
branches, and 'hopes by punctual attention ami
long experience iu his trad to merit and receive a
share of patronage. 4 "
N. B- Cutting of jprmcnts of every description.
attended to in the most lasmonunte styie, ana war
n.lnil tn fit. - '
Also, he is Agent for Davis' Pain Killer
. fresh snpply just receivea ana lorsaie oy;
Billville, Jnly 13, 185018
-- i"ftr rvSS Gold Pens ami Pencils for sale
K cheap, at 8. Bbcmj & Co'..
PITHLICATIONS. A choice lot of
J Harped & brother's, just recvsd at
Large Additions and increased facilities
Having just purchased and received
hihit to the public ihe best assortment
and will sell at as reasonable and lew prices as any
o'her estalilisdinent in Sanduskv county. Ever
thankful to a diecriminating public, for the patron
ace by whioh 1 have been enabled to reach my
present position, I hope by strictly attending to bo
siness, and the interests of the public, to merit a
reutinuance of their favors. . My stock of
. Cassimcrs, . .
': v . .Vesting,
and Geut:emen's wear generatlr, will be offered at
Th KttpntVun of Ihe lHies is particu'aily enlleM.
to or ex1emiTv a!rti.nl of Drrs Goods, h:ch
ccitiaHts in pnrt of aSuke. Grn H Nap. Gro rte Rhine,
&.C.Z plain nnd fTifurfd Silk mid Sntian, and if
(her d not pwti look t hennttful vartelv of
figured and plin ft litiiu-r, '.liuirr, priolp. fec,
and thon irniiiittf hi pvticrl raripiy of tdainps.
ii,ull diirf, ribhonv of vmry d sriut ion, a tut ev
ery other article tn that liuf ; Ly lliat Uin you will
waul In look at his
Cplcnliib ramtn cf Sljatnls,
which for hfBiitr, rihnps and dnruhilitr. cannot
b3 etirpassed io thib mnrk t. Uirtteckcf
Coiiit!s in pnrt ot cable. loir, trnce and halter
cttttinn; null, crw cut, hand and back saw?, nu -riT
viffj. broad axeit ailzses, lork, tni?iir, bra
rraand Irita, and in fjrf, erery ariicte usually kept
in hardware ptorow. A'l of which will be sold ut
I'nparalleled Low Prices.
His assortment of iron, nails, jrUiti, crockery.
cuIIhtv, &e, fec. i co?iip!ela. American. Sweden
and Old Siiltle iron in n quantity, aellintr ut
mera cong.
for ladtep, pen is, bnyn and mipset in a great variety,
at prices to suit ihe times. Also a large assort
ment of -
at city price. 11 9 would also say to the public
th:tt ha has mode extensive arrangements to go
into too ' -
and is now prepared to buy
And pay CASH for auy amount that can
be had. Therefore brine- it on, together with your
produce of every dt-Fi-nption, aad yon will hod a
ready marJcel and the h prtfut irrrve Ht -
Fremont, Mav 95h, IK..
x.j." (f.rsst jr
We hereby lot Sanduskv know, - -Thst
Have opened Shop to work for all.
Who'll please to favor with a call:
We've Bedsteads, Lavnges, Tahiti too.
All kinds of Carpenter work we do
We'll mend a Chair, a Table, Stand,
Or Make them all for Cash in hand :
Rppair a Door and case the same,
Hang with hinge or make the frame,
Pat on the lock with boll or bars,
And if needs be we'll mend your Stairs:
Indeed, there is nought of wood that's made,
But we'll attempt and please if PAID.
And as money makes the mare to go
We're bound to sell our labor LOW t
For instance : Such as others sell
Of Bedsteads, we will make as well,
And one-third LESS our price shall be,
If this you doubt, just come and see,
But, where's your Shop? 'tis close at hand,
We're taken the Democratic stand
Opposite Brainard's, on Croghan street,
We'll gladly public custom greet. -Fremont
July 13, 1850. 18
The Bed-Bug Guillotine.
Much pleassd to find we've not been slighted,
By those whose custom we've invited.
And frratefol thanks we make to all
Who've bougfU and PAID or made a call.
Encouraged thus, again we'll show .
The aforesaid shop of JIM & CO.
(Now don't mistake and elsewhere go.
To Stevenson's or Singlesbaugh
. One op the hill, the other below, .
And thus attempt to jam p Jim Crew;
For if yon do weH let you know.
We'll not admit you to the show )
We've bought the patent the county's mine,
We mean the bed-bus; Guillotine.
Then come ye all who love sweet napping,
Without such twitrhinsr. Jerking, acratching.
As found with bed-steads poorly made, ...
By such as learn but half the trade.
Whose pins, and holes, and point attest
All will compose the clincher's rest.
From whence they rally at dead o! night.
And pierce your veins with venom bite.
If clean you wish lo keep your rng
Yoor shelves and blaukets from the Bug,
Come buy of us and you shall find
There's nothing like the Guillotine.
But what's the mode? come, tell your plan.
We'll buy roar bedsteads to a man !
We've nought the patent, as said to you
Called the Perambulating Screw.
So close they press the bogs together
Yon'd sell them well ftr harness leather;
And if you eel Van Doren's price
You'll iny for bedsteads in a trice;
For three and twenty cents together
He ays will buy a pound of leather.
But our liquid fadge is beet ef all,
A bottle we give to each that call;
Ita easily given, easy to take
Sure to kill and no mistake.
By presiug gently on the pate
The moDih flies open like a gate:
i There, drop one drop enough is said
' And I'll ensure the creatue's dead.
Good law! ha massa, what a dunce,
I'd better kill the brute at once,
So easy done just by a squeeze,
Just do good lady avou please. S3
; D)F2F2(DEs
WM. KESSLER, Proprietor.
MR. KESSLER, announces to the Traveling
Public thvtt he has returned tn the above well
known eta no. aud is now prepared to accommodate
in the h-st manner, all who may favor him with
their patronage.
No efForle will he spared to promote the comfort
and convenience of Cuests.
uJ" Good Stabling and careful Ostlers in at
tendance. : Fremont. November 24, 184936
s t
o .
THE subscribers having mads an arrangement
to purtslias this article on Commission, are
prepared lo pav tha
' So brine " our TVOol and sxchanirs it fur
' CASH and not for GOODS.
Fremont, Mv 25, 1350
YOUG il) un Tea ofaupericr quality at
Havnits'. ;
,rO. iiOE'S Tome, a certain cure for Fever
and Agna for sale only at
8. BOCKLAND fe Co's.
Ql WEEDS' and Pittsburgh Iron at
Perrj Davis' Vegetable Pain-killer.
For llie instant onre and entire eradication of nil pain
So matter where the pain is or of what natnre
i thin will reach it.
Beware of Counterfeits! CaUtion!!
LL persons are hereby eaolioned Binsl i"hK
inir anDlicatien for. omui-chasing Davis Pais
mee City.
lie was formerly an aeent for the sale of the gen
uine medicnes but recently it has come to the
knowledge of the proprietors that he is manufac
turing aud vending a SPURIOUS ARTICLE,
putting it up nearly in the same style aa Ihe genu
ine, publishing a pamphlet copying our direclions
nearly verbatim, aud using one of the-heads of our
advertisements, (" Isstast Chrk of Paim ") as a
name for Ilia spurious compound.
In order mora successfully tocarry on Ihis outra
geous fraud he has within the past two weeks, mude
appliation to oor western office at Cincinnati, for
another supply of the genuine to sell to those he
canuot gull with his spurious stuff, lut hit agency
is hereby revoked, and he will not receive any
further supply of the Genuine, "d all porsons
.h. r.Ine life nrf heahh. ami wish to purchase
the genuine gST PERRY DA VIS' PAINl
KILLER, must see that alikeness of the orig
inal inventor is on each bottle, and purchase of
such agents only as are named below.
1. N. Harris. General Agent. New London, Con
necticut, Mav 4th, 1850 Western Office, No.
7. College Building, Cincinnati, T. H. C Allen,
Superintendent Chas. Powers & Co , sgents
f.ir Woodville. ....Gideon Hatch, agent for Ball
ville: and 8. BUCKLAND & CO.,
June 22:3m Sole agents fo, Fremont.
Shaker Sarsaparilla,
Needs but one trial lo establish its merit as the
EVEfl discovered for the cure of ihe numerous
diseases arising troiii a debilitated and derang
ed stale of the system.
Female complaints. Liver complaints. Scrofula,
Rile, Pimplea or pustules on Ihe face, chronic aore
Eyes Riugworrn, or tetter, scald hed, rheutOHtieni,
puins iu the bones or joints, and all disesea arising
from an injudicious use of mercury.
Purify the Blood and all i well.
Columbus. Indiana, June 5tbt 1850.
Messrs. S. D. Hoyt & Co- Gentlemen: About
six months since I was attacked with what my fam
ily physician culled Biiiuus Pneumonia, which be
CHtno sealed deeply on my longs, and after my phy
sician had broken up the fever my lungs still seem
td to be seriously affected. 1 had no appetite what
ever; my skin seemed to have lost its action aud
function, there was no perspiration, and in fact my
self aa well ms my friends had eiven me up as incur
able in consequence of my complexion ol disease,
and age, which is about sixty years, utitil one of my
neifrliburs called to see in, who anne four months
since was afflicted similarly to myself, mid had pur
chnsad a couple of buttles of Dr. 3. D. Howe's
Compound Extract or Sarsaparilla, and it gave
her such speedy relief, she prevailed on me to pur
chase a bottle and try it. 1 done so more lo gratify
my friends than tht X had any expectation ol being
benefited by the mediciue, but before I had taken
the whole of one bottle my strength and appetite
began to improve rapidly aa well as my skin, began
to perform its proper function. 1 purchased the
second bottle, and by the time it was all taken I
was resored to as good health aa I have enjoyed for
the last twenty years. Mrs. L. M'KINNEY.
Dr. S. Jackson a distinguished physician of Indi
ana certifies to the above cure, aud uses Dr. Howe's
Shaker Sarsaharilla in his private practice aud
recommends its use for all diseases arising from a
vitiated state of the blood and system. Such testi
mony is of more real value than pages of ordinary
The great success which has attended the use of
Dr. S. D. Mowe'a Shaker Sarsaparilta since ita in
troduction in the western states, has established its
character in this section of countrv.
Tkii is Ihe only Sarsaprilla that acts on
the Ltver, Kidneys and Blood at the same time.
and hence its singular efficacy and success. Be
sure tindget Dr. S. D. Howe's Shaker Sarsa-
parilla and take no other.
Quart Battles $ I per bottle or or 6 bottles for $5
Fremont, Sandusky county.
: Whelden &, Rhodes, Sanduskv city,
George Ebert, Tiffin, And bv
DR. S. D. HOWE & CO., Proprietors,
No. I, College Hall, Cincinnati. O.
I e whom all orders must be addressed. 17
Agency of Dr. S. S. Fitch,
707 Broadway New York.
FOR SALE His Patent Silver Plated Abdom
inal Supporter, Patent Meet spring shonMer
brace. Silver inn tiling 1 ube, and Lectures on Con
sumption &e.
Also his Celebrated Medicines as prepared and
nsed by lum, witb or without the instruments, in
the treatment of
Pultionnry Consumption, Asthma,
Heart Disease, Rheumatism,
Scrofula, Piles, Prolapsus,
Debility, temale Complaints,
Spinal Weeknoss, " Coughs, Colds, Catarh,
and all similar diseases.
The instruments are the best of tlir kind and
warranted against all defect. The medicines are
carefully prepared by Dr. Fitch, and all, whether
used together or each article separately, will bear
comparison with and be found
Superior to any similar article,
beine made for use aud not merely for sale.
Full directions in
which is given away, a valuable treatise of 48 pag
es. Alt tn be had of the onlv duty authorized
agent for BePevue, J. W. Good son; Tiffin, Geo.
EcberL For sale in r remont. bv
June 8, 1850 12 ly
DR. L. D. PARKER, from Cleveland,
r ESPECTFULLY aunouuees to the pubi c thrit
It he bus permanently located in Fremont, for
the .inrpose of practicing
Surgical aud Mechanical Dentistry
From the ample resources which he has enjoyed,
for acquiring a thorough knowledge of the profess
ion, he feels confident that he shall be eble to give
satisfaction to all who may desire his aid, in the va
rious branches of the profession. The public are
assured that the utmost care will be taken to render
his operations both permanent and useful.
Artificial Teeth set on Gold Plate)
in nnmber from a single one to a double sett. Piv
ot teeth set in the best manner. Carious teeth fil
led so as to permanently arrest the decay. Teeth
cleaned m such a manner as not to injure the en
amel. Teeth extracted with the most approved
instruments. 1
Dr. PARKED, wishes to be understood that he
is responsible lor all his operations. . Persons wish
ing Dental Operations, are invited to call at his of
fice, in Caldwell's Brick Building, over Dr Cham
berliii's Office.
Fremont, June 30, 1849 15
1TTOULD respectfully announce that he contin-
T V ues bis business in the
Second Story of Hnanp's Building
opposite Burger's o'd stand, where he will be happy
to wait on nis oia customers ana an wno neea any
thinsr in his line.
If you want yon garments made up RIGHT,
and after the Latest Fashion yon must call on
N. B. Particular attention pifi to cutting, and
warranted to nl il properly made up.
Fremont. Anril 28, 1849.
ROSE Hair Oil, Ox Marrow,
Bear's Oil Maccassar Oil,
Bandoline Fixatrice, Philocomb,
Cream of Roses and Lilys,
Cologne, Rose and Lavendar Water, &c, &c.,
just received, at Bccklakd's.
BLANK BOOK1), full bound Ledgers, Journals,
Dockats, Cash and Invoice books, at .,
' Buckland'a.
rrpHE SUBSCRIBER will sell the follow
4, ing described Farming Lands on the
most reasonable terms, both- as to price and
credit: ' ' . '' '- "
Sandusky cockty: bavdcsky TOWSSHIP. .
R..- Tp. Sec Acres
IS 6 23 s part s e qr ) kn'n as day town
" 26 w pt ne qr J improved 139
, " " 17 s e qr of s e qr 40
" 20 sw qr ne qr , i 40
M " " e hlf nw qr 80
" " 32 e qrsw qr 80
" " ' 11 s fraction se quarter - S2
" " 13 sw fraction 135
" " 13 w partnw quar 80
" " 14 c part fraction 92
" " " south part fraction 11
" " 23 north part north east quar. 73
" " 24 north part north west quar 78
" " 26 south east fraction 106
" " 36 cast hlf north west quar - 80
" " " west hlf north east quar 80
A number of the above tracts of land are
improved and within one and two miles of
R. Tp.Sec.
north east qr south west qr 40
north half 320
north east qr south west qr 40
east half 320
north west quarter 160
north hlf south west quar 80
east half 220
north half noth east quar 80
south wi st quarter
west hlf souin east quar
frac exc se qr exc ne qr
" west hlf south west qr
" west hlf north west qr
This tract has about 40 acres improved,
R-Tp. Sec. Part. Acres.
13 4 26 south east qr north east qr 40
" " " east hlf south east qr 80
" " 35 south eastqr north east qr 40
mm m east hlf south west quarter 80
- " " 36 north east qr north west qr 40
" " 15 sonth east qr north east qr 40
R. Tp. Sec Part Acres.
13 6 10 west hlf south east quar 80
mm m west hlf north east quar 80
" " 9 east hlf south east quar 80
" " 8 north west quarter 160
. m m enst nf sout, wet qr 80
- - 9 west hlf north cast qr 80
" " 10 north east qr north west qr 40
" " " east hit south east quarter 1
10 acres improved, and log house. C
" " 15 north hlf north east quar 80
" " north hlf south east qr 80
" south hlf south east qr 80
' " " south west half 1 60
" " " -south hlf north west qr 80
" " " north east qr north west qr 40
" " 17 sourh hlf north eest qr 80
" " 22 ' north hlf north west qr .80
m m south hlf noth west qr 80
" " " north hlf south west qr 80
" " " north hlf north east qr 80
" " 25 north west qr north west qr 80
16 5 17 west hlf south east qr 80
R. Tp. Sea Part Acres.
15 4 1 n e pt und of 50 acres improved
" " 27 west hlf south east quarter 80
16 4 17 north hlf north east quarter 80
" - 2 north west qr south east qr ) . -
10 acres improved. j
16 5 23
" . 21
north west quar )
50 acres improved, f
east hlf south west qr I
west hlf south eest qr :
west hlf north east qr :
east hlf north west qr
south west hlf north west qr
north hlf south westqr l
east hlf south eastqr 80
north west qr north east qr 40
west hlf south west qr 80
15 6 25
.M M
M M Oft
16 " 30
200 known
16 6 30
tt C
u u a
as Bowsan farm, 60 acrsimpro'd
north east qr south west qr 40
north west qr south east qr . 40
north est qr north west qr 40
R. T. Sec Part. Acres.
13 7 21 north hlf n e quar 80
" " " west hlf s e quar - 80
" " 22 north hlf n w quar 80
6 3 north hlf west half se qr 40
4 south hlf s e quar 80
5 south east qr s w qr 40
C south east quar 160
11 south hlf n w quar 80
north hlf s w quar 80
14 north west quarter 160
23 s e quar s e quar . 40
1 north hlf u w quar 80
7 1 west part 325
south east quar 160
south hlf n e quar 85
2 north hlf s e quar 80
8 32 south part n e quar 81
35 south hlf s w quar 80
36 south west quarter 160
14 6 6 north east quarter 164
east hlf n w quar 88
north hlf s w quar 89
north hlf s e quar 80
south e quar s e quar 40
7 1 north w quar frac 158
south hlf n e quar ' 80
' 2 east fraction 319
- south hlf n w quar frac 81
east hlf s w quar 80
3 west hlf fraction 325
north east quar frac 163
north hlf s e quar 80
4 north hlf fraction 329
north hlf s e quar 80
13 7 17 sooth hlf 320
north east qdarter 160
east hlf n w quar 80
14 23 north hlf 320
6 13 north east quarter 160
14 south hlf 320
22 whole 640
14 north east quarter 160
15 11 south half 320
12 north east quarter 160
north hlf s w quar 80
north hlf s e quar 80
13 south half 320
- north hlf n w quar 80
20 whole 640
28 south half 320
32 north hlf 820
34 north hlf 320
35 north hlf n w quar 80
1 30 south half 315
32 west half 320
north east quarter 160
83 north half .320
14 6 25
M M 27
" 28
" 29
m 32
" m 30
" - 32
" 33
" 34
" 5 31
M M J9
m ' Ma
. - gg "est haIf"i"W"quar 80
f 26" south west quarter ,160
wwt hlf equar : - 80
j6 11 east part n w quar 80
." - 23 east part s w quar 80
.16 , , 12 west hlf s w quar . 80
; 13 west hlf n w quar - 80
60 acres improved
.' 7 30 south w qr n w qr frac 39
14 i 4 north hlf s w quar ' 80
5 south east quarter 160
6 south west quarter 156
8 31 south hlf n c quar ' 80
north hlf s e quar . , 80
. 7 6 north w quar s e quar ' 40
. . 7 north east quar 160
north hlf n w quar 78
8 south west quarter 160
10 north hlf 8 e quar : 80
12 south half . , " 320
13 north east quarter 160
north hlf n w quar 80
north w quar s e quar 40
north e quar s w quar 40
14 north east quar : 160
' . , " north hlf s e quar 80
15 west half , 320
south east quarter 160
6 7 north e qr s w qr frac .44
21 south hlf 8 w qurr 80
south w quar n w quar 40
north e quar n w quar . 40
7 5 north hlf s w quar 80
R. T. Sec Part. Acres.
9 4 5 south half ' 320
7 west half fraction 319
18 north w quar fractiou 159
7 6frc 24 north half 320
11- 13 whole fractional 382
14 do do ' 270
12 4 22 south hlf s e quar 80
United states Reserve at Perrrsbureh, un
divided two thirds of the west half south east
qimrter, 54 acres; and undivided two thirds
south west quarter.
R. T. Sec. Part . Acres.
13 ' 2 1 west half s equar ' 80
east hlf s w quar 80
10 west hlf s e quar 80
east hlf n e quar 80
11 west hlf n w quer ' 80
12 north hlf n e quar - 80
14 5 west hlf n e quar 80
north west qvarter 150
north hlf s w quar 80
6 east hlf n e quar 80
south east quarter 160
, ' south hlf s w quar 80
7 north hlf n w quar 80
north w quar n e quar 40
FREMONT, Sandusky co. Ohio )
' April 13, 185a f ;
Stoves ! Stoves ! !
New Stove Store in Fremont, Ohio!
r 1 H E subscriber is just tecei' ine at his shop on
X Main street, one door south of O. L. Kim's
store, any quantity of
Hathawa'p improved Ten Plate and Box Stoves,
and better than all, Wilkson'a & Co. 'a
Kitchen Witch!
Principal Patents in 1837, '38, '42, '47, & '49.
The iironrietoraof this Cooking Stove, with en
tire confidence, claim for it the merit of being the
verr beat in the world, either as to economv, conve
nience, or durability. Call and examine it, and sat
isfy yourselves.
I offer the above lot of Stoves at a small advance
above cost, and with every variety of
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware .
and will furnish on reasonable terms,
Eave-trough, Gviter and 1 Conductor Pipe,
and all articles in my tine warranted to be what I
represent therK ,
Farmers, Merchants and others are invited to
call before purchasing' elsewhere, as I am deter
mined to make it an object for them to do so. I
will nlaopay a fair price for all kiads of merchanta
ble Produce.
For any quantity of Snecp Pelts.
October 13, 3l-6in.
H HAVING taken the old stand of J. R. Pease,
and purchased the entire stock of Pease &
Roberts, are now having it replenished with the
latest and most desirable patterns or .
Air-Tight, Six-Plate and Box Stoves,
ever offered in this market, which will be aoid at
Wholesale or Retail;
tosnit purchasers, and for which we will take your
Hides, skins, nags, Beeswax, i allow, &c.
Old Stoves bought and sold, or exchanged for
S EW Okes.
Give us a call. Don't forget the place. Pease's
Brick Block JVO. It at the sign or the Move.
N. B. For particulars call at our establishment;
Anvice, gratis.
Femont, Sept. 29, 1849.
Lester Vandcrcook's Estate.
A LL. nersons indebted to the estate of the lata
XI Lester Vandercook, are hereby notified that
immediate payment must be made to the under
signed, or costs will be made.
A COLES, Administrator.
Fremont, May 25. 1850. 11
Head Quarters.
N account of Ihe death of Mr. Kendall we
Y shall oner our entire stock of Goods at
including a larfrs lot of Bonnets, Parasols, Summer
Mulls, Boots and Ohoes, etc., c2c. 1 ne wora naa
gone forth and this stock ILf must be sold.
The establishment will remain at present nnder
toe nrm or Kendall & IN ims.
June 15 ,1850.
OILKS, satins, alpaccas, lawns, ciughame, &c,
O all qualities and prices at - Hatmes.
-j i i.i iPsstsPffSJSSBBWSB1111 " 1
207 Main Street, Buffalo, New Fork.
Vegetable Iiithontriptlc Mixture.
THIS celebrated remedy is constantly increasing
its fame by the many cures it is making
All over the World.
It has now become the only medicine for family nse '
aud is particularly recommended for ,
All stages of this complaint immediately relieved,
no matter of bow longstanding.' (See pamphlet for
testimony. ,
' Gravel ,
snd all diseases of the urinary organs; for these dis
tressing complaints it stands alone; no other arti
cle can relieve yon, and the cures testified to will
convince the most skeptical. See pamphlet. Liv
er complaint, bilious diseases, .
Fever and Agae.
To the great west especially, and wherever these
complaints prevail, this medicine is offered.
No Mineral agent,
no deleterious compound is a part of this mixture, it
cures these diseases with certainty and celerity, and
doea not leave the system torpid. See pamphlet.
complaint of a moat painful character, is '
Immediately Relieved,
and a cure follows by a fsw days nse ef this article;
it is far before any other preparation for this disease,
or for any other disease originating from impnrs
blood. See pamphlet. - - --
Debility or the System, -week
bach, weaknessof the kidneys, ore, or infla
nation of the same, is immediately relieved by a
few days use of this medicine, and a core is alwaya
the result of its use. It stands as -
A Certain Remedy y
for such complaints, and also for derangements of
ihe female frame, - -
Irregularities, Suppressions,
pninful menstruations. - No article haa ever been
offered ezceptthis, which would touch thiakind of
dernncements. It may be relied upon as a sure and
effective remedy, and did we feel permitted to de
so, could give . . .. .
Tnousanas 01 n ames
us priiof of cures in this distressing clasa of coin
.laiiils;. see pamphlet. All brokn down, debilita
ted constitutions from the effect ol mercury, will
find the braciuir powr of this article to act imme
diately, and the poisonous mineral eradicated from
eruptive Diseases v
will also find the alterative qualities of this 'article
f a r i f y the Blood,,
and drive such diaeases from the system -see
pamphlet for testimony of cures in ail diseases,
which the limits of an advertisement will not per
mit to be named therein. Asenta will rive them
iway; and they contain 32 pages of certificates of
iuth character, ana a
Stronger array of Proof,
of the virtues of a medicine never appeared. It ie
one of t!is peculiar features of this article that it
neier fag to hetieht in any case, and if banes snd
muscle are left to build upon, let the emaciated and
..Take new Courage.
and keep using th- medicine ae, long as there is an
improvement. J he proprietor would . ; - ?
it-rainst a number ol articles which coma out under
lie head of Srups, SarsapahlUg, &c as curea for
Dropsy, (travel, &c. ; tuey are good lor nothing,
and are only concocted to gull the unwary.
Touch them not. . -
Their inventors uever thought of curing such dis
eases till this article had done it. A particular
study of the pamphlet is earnestly solicited.
AirenU and all who sell the article aie glad to
circulate gratuituousiy. - rut up in M ox. bottles at
-2: 12 ox. du. at fil each the iarirer holdine 6 oz.
more than the two small bottles. Look out and not
l-et imposed upon. Every bottle has "Vaughn's
Vrgetaole Lithontriptic Mixture," blown upon the
-flnea. Hie written signature ol vangnu,
mi the directions, and "G. C. Vaughn, Buffalo,"
stamped on the cork. None other are genuine
Prepared bv Dr. G. C Vaughn, and old at the
principal office 207 Main atreet, Buffalo, at whole
sale and retail. No- attenticu given to. letters un
less post paid orders from regular constituted
agents excepted: post paid letters or verbal commu
nications soliciting advice, prompt!? attended to
gratis. . j -, '
Office) devoted exclusively to the sale of this ar
ticle, 132 Nassau street. New York city; 295 Es
sex street, Salem, Mass., and by the principal
druggists throughout the Uuited Stalea and Can
ada. For aale by
S. BUCKLAND, & CO, Fremont;
, J. W. Good sou. Belle ue. .
Charles Powers. Woodville,
J. K. Owen, Tiffiin; . ; -W.Ayers,
UpperStindnlpkr -'
Sow. . Fouke, Little Sandusky,
R. Perry, McCntchenarille.
Fremont, June 3, 1849 ly ' ,
W V Af U it A t - JE ;
THE undersigned would call the attention of
merchants and others having property expos
ed to loss by fire or the perils of navigation to the
superior advantages offered bv the
Of Hartford, Connecticut.
1. Rules of premium as low as those of any other
2. A speedy and satisfactory adjustment of loss
es by the General Agent of the company, for the
western and southern States.
3. Arbitration (of all differences which may
arise) by referees mutually chosen.
4. Award promptly paid in specie, bankable
funds, or exchange on N. York, Charleston, Balti
more, New Orleans, St Louis, Louisville, Pitts
burgh or Cincinnati, at the option of the insured.
O Pamphlets setting forth the mode and princi
ples of adjusting losses rates of premiums clas
sification of hazards, &c, &.0 , furnished to the
customers of the office free of charge. .
For further information
apply to the undersigned who is fully authorized to
insure dwellings, stores, hotels, warehouses, mills,
manufactories, barns, &c, &c.
7;- - ALSO
household furniture and goods, waresand merchandize-
contained or stored therein, agaiust loss or
damage by fire. , . v -
dry goods, groceries, masufactureil goods, produce,
household furniture, live stock, and every other de
scription of merchandize or personal property, ship
ped or to be shipped per good steamboat, or boaia
to aud from points ou the western waters, or be
tween eastern cities (via lakes, or other inland
route) and any towns in the western country, against
the hazards ol inland transportation.
shipments of goods, wares and merchandize, per
good vessel or vessels, between new vrieans ana
other Gulf ports between all American ports and
English or European ports, or to any maralime port
whatsoever in the Atlantic waters, against the per
ils of the seas. - '
R. P. BUCKLAND, Acent,
Hartford Protection Insurance Co.
' Fremont, Jan. 5, 1850 43 3m
GIVE notice lo the citizens of Fremont, and the
public generally, thai they hava formed a co
partnership, and intend carrying on the above busi
ness in alt its branches and forms. They have
made large additions to their stock of
Horses, Carriages, Buggies, Acc;
and are now prepared to accommodate all who may
favor them with a call. Horses snd carriages
For Parties or Fnnersila
ean be had at any moment " Covered and open
buggies for men of business or pleasure, on the
shortest notice.
- Riding Horses of the hest bottom,
alwavs on hand. The atriclest attention paid, so
that all who call shall bo accommodated without
delay. Teams for
-Carrying Passengers or Movers ....
into any part of the country, alwavs on hand. '
Those wishing any thing in the above line, will
do well to give us a trial, as wa feel confident they
will be satisfied, both as to teams and prices, the
former warranted to carry pas-engers to their desti
nation in tha shortest possible time, and tha latter
to be as reasonable aa possible. By strict attention
to business, thev hone to merit a liberal share ef
public patronage. ' r. j
Staoiesi neany opposite nwion
Fremont, December 15, 1849. . r
fcT KvaitraoDY Rsau rut CARjiiMJt.i,y. There im i 5at.
r.pnlT ior me is tno sniterem i"wn caid S. P. Town,
end'- SarwnoriHa. h ia arirenissd as lti ORIGIN AL, Ct
(JlNE,and all Lou. ThsTownMnd is no dor. 10 rami never wa
but waa formerly a woriteroa railroad!, emails, end lh lite v
Lm ass-timca the title of Doctor fat the purpose of credit
for what he w not. Jl mi MLe haa auended two meaical
school, and practiced lor fitteen yearat i" fcow trulh u, ha
nrer practiced medicine a day in ht life ! Such tWT ricJo
td miarepresentatioD looki bad to the character and Teracuy of
the man. I wiab most aincere)T, he had never made those Mate
menu of bnelf or of me. When will men learn to be hone
ami truthful ia all their dealinee aad intercourse with their fei
low ateo He applied to one Ruei Clapp to assist him in DMna
factvrinc hie mirture, aiaunjr the lare auiaa I would make,
u io inducemerrt to embarir in the btmnene. Theee men ha
btifn inenlliof and libellinz me ie all poaeible (brra in onier t
imprees the public with the belief that the Old keur Saraa
peril la waa not the genuine, original SarsapariUa, made front
the Old Doctor3 Original Recipe. Thi. S. P. Town?rvd aave
I have sold the use of my name for 97 a week. I will give hm
(tfiOO if he will pro-ioee one einj;ie eolitary proof of tr.ia.
uttementa of Thompson. Skiliman 4c Co.. are no thin? but
tieaue of falsehoods, ejrnply made te deceive the public, and
keen the truth down to recard to hi Bowing, frrmeminjr com
pound. Thift ia to caution the public to pnrcfaaae oone tut Ot4
Dr. JACOB Towneend's Sa raa parii ia, bavin; on H (he Old Doc
tor's likeness, hit family Coat of irmi, and his signature acrwea
in kmkl oi Arms.
Old Dr. Jacob To wnsend,
Genuine Townsend . Sarsapariliau
Old TT. Townsend is- now shout 70 years f sjre, and h lour
been known as ihe IUTTIOR snd DISCOVERER of tim
RIL.LA." Being poor, he wa compelled to limit iu maimfao '
tare, by which mesas K has been kpt out of market, and th
sales circasnscribed ut those on It who rt&d provad iu worth, ansl
koown Ma value, it had reachea the ears of many, aersrUiaeMa,
as tnoas persoos who had bens healed of sore disease, antf
saved from death, proclaimed its wonderful
ufactured on the largest scale, and is eallad for throutrhnut the
length and breadth of the laird, especially as it is found incapa
ble of degeneration or deieiieratitm. -
Unlike younff S. P. Townsend'a, tt imprwes with eg, and
nTer changes btjt for the better; becaUM- u is prepared on scins.
Xfic prinexpiem br a orentific man. The htehen knowiedjee of
Chemistry, and the latest discoveries of the art, hare n beea
brought into requisition in the manufacture of the Oid Dri 8er
apanlla. The Saraaparitla root, it is well known to medical
men, contains many medicinal propemw. and some properus
which are inert or uselens.aix! others, which if retained in prs
P"og u for produce fermentation and oxxd. which is rt
urious to the riem. Some of the nroDertis of umim rln
are so volatile that they entirely vmporate and are lot in the pra-
pBiatNo. it wvj are not preservea try a octonUfic orecess, known
only to those experienced in Its manufacture. Moreover, these
www f simin iiv "il iu saputjOT Hn fllHIl! ion Ul
der heat, are the very tnsmXiaL medical propertiem of the root.
Anr berson can boil or ste'v tha root till th mc ,r ml
red liquid, which is more from the- colon nij matter in the root
man irora anytmns! eise; irver crtn tnen strain this tmimd or
rapfd liquid, sweeten with sour molasses, and then call it HAR
SAPARil.LA EXTRACT or SYRUP." But such is not tha ani.
rte known es the
This is so prepared that all tha inert properties ef the Sat
espanlia root are first removed, everything capable of bscoHt
ing acid or fermentation is extracted and rejected ; then every
particle of medical virtue Is secured in a pure and concentrated .
form ; and thus it is rendered incapable of kxnov, any of its vat
uable and healing pToperuea, Prepared in this way, u is bm4
the most powerlul agent in the
Curt of lnnn rnr abl DtaesMt
Hence tha reason why we hear commeadauone on every tide iq
its favor by men. women, and children. We find it dome woo
ders in the cure of "
PIMPLES, BLOTCHES, and ail affections arieir trot
H possesses a marvellous efficacv in all eompfahtts aria
rom Indigestion, from Acidity of the Stomach, from unequ
circulation, determination of blood to the head, pafpiution
the heart, cold foot and bands, eold chills and hot fiaahes over tin
body. It has not its equal in Coido and Cough ; and promovM
easy expectoration and gentle perspiration. raiSJcing amcturMol
lungs, throat and every or her pare
But in nothing is its excellence more manifestly seen and ao
knowtetied than in all kmds and stares of
It works woiders in cases of Fhtmr AUnt or Whir-, Fig
f the Womb, Obstructed, Suppromood.at Patnfui Ai -w-., jr
rtgutarityot the menstrual periods, and the like a and is eCectual
is curing all tha forms of Kidney Dieax.
By removing obstrucuona, and reeuiaung the gerieral trmv
it gives tone and strength to the wnoie budy, amiiaus curt 1
Ifer-rons Dfieaiet and DvbiHtv,
and thus prevents or relieves a great variety of oter m?!trM
as Spinal irritation, Nettralgia, I
Vitue1 Doncn, Swoonmt '
use fit, LXmtnanona, j-c
it cleanses the blood, excites the liver to hsakhv Bcttxet. ttm
the stomach, and gives good disewtton, relieves the bowels at
torpor and cmutipaiion,aJiays inrtamm.uoiL mm tie the okis.
istIfces tha efmtlattea of the blood, prrvductng eent!e wrmrk
qttally all ever tha body, and the insensible perspiration ; rs
taxes strictnras and tightness, it moves all obsirucuona, and u
vioratas the entire nervosa system. Is not 'his then
The Medicine yov pre-eminently needlf
But can anv of these thinm be aaid of S P Tnamunri'.
iter article T This young man's liquid is not to be
WMrAfttli Wil H 1 H is, ULiJ DR7S
because of one GRAND PACT, that the am ia iNPiPist a
erhlle the other DOES- eaurtng, fermenting, and blenttnr tfi
Aefef containing it into fragmenta ; the sour acid liquid e
wiu uaniaiui uurci gwtu : JN UT. nOlUlM BomftlC COOS
pound be poisonous to the system What f put acid into m
eystem already dioeaoed tcilh acid? Whai eauaes Uvspepsto
but acid 1 Do we not ail know that when food sours in our sionv
ache, what mischief it produces 1 flatulence, heartburn, pal p.
tation of the heart, liver complaint, diarrhea, dvseniery, roue.
and corruption of the blood What ie Serofufa bur an acid bv
mor in the body 1 W hat proHuces all the humors which bring oa
Eruptions o? the Skin. Scald Head, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas.
Whits Swellings, Fever Sores, and all ulcerations internal an
external It is nothing under heaven but an acid substance.
""" " suuiu an huiub oi ms ooay, more or .
teas. What causes Rheumatism but a sour and acid- flm4
which insinuates itself between the jovM: and else where. irrt
tating and inflaming the delicate tissues upon which it actst
So of nervous diseases, of impurity of the blood, of derange!
circulation, and nearly all the ailments which afflict human na
Now is K not horrible to nuke and sell, and infinttet worse
to use this
and yet he would fain have it understood that OM Dr. Jncoh
Townsend'a Genuine Origini SaroapariUa, is aa IMITATION
of hia inferior preparation! ( "
Heaven forbid that we should deal in an article which wowta
bear the most distant resembfMnce tn S. p. Towrrftend'a article !
We wich it understood, because It is the abeotute troth that
S- P- Townsend'a article il old Dr. Jacob Towneend's Sarsapa
rilla are heaven-wide apart, and infinitely diooimiiar; that they
are unlike in every particular, having not one aiogle thing ia
As S. P. Townsend ie no doctor, and never was, ie no theta
1st, no pharmaceutist knows no more of medicine- or disease
than any other common, unscientific, unproieesiona! man. what
guarantee can the public have that they are receiving a gnuine
scientific medicine, containing ail the vmuae of the articles esea
in preparing it, and which are incapable ol chaoses which might
render them the AGENTSof Disease instead of health 7
But what e4ss should be expected from one who know nothing
comparatively of medicine or disease! it require a person of
some experience to cook and serve up even a common deceat
meal. How much more important a it that the persona whs)
manufacture medicine designed for
should know well the medical properties of plants, the eesi staff
ner of securing and concentrating their healing virtues, also aa
extensive knowledge of the venous diseases which affect the
human system, and bow to adapt remedies to these diseases I -
It is to arrest frauds upon the unfortunate, to pour balm into
wounded humanity, to kindle hope in the despairing bosom, a
restore health, ana bloom, and vieor into thr crushed and bro
ken, and to banish infirmity thai OLD DR JACOB TOWNSEND
haa SOUGHT and FOUND the ot port unity and means to boaf
iua v m
Grand TJniveraal Concentrated Remedy
within the reach, and to the knowledge of ail who nsed that
they may learn and know, bv joyful expenttnee. it . :
. TranacsBdant Pswsr tn Heal
STEPH. BUCKLAND, fe"C0., -Agents. "4
Fremont, Sandusky co., O.
The Illustrated Domestic Bible,
BY Rev. Intrrain CoSin, M. Av This brautifnl
Family Bilila will be published in tweuty-fiva
numbers at 25 cents each, and will alsa be pat up
in monthly parts at 50 cents.
The distinguishing featnres of this Bible are
1. Seven hnndred wood engravings.' ' '
2. Many thonsand marginal references.- vi
3. Three finely esecuted steel maps. - ' l;
4. Nomeroas Improved Readings. :
5- A corrected chronological order. ' - ; ( 9.
6. The poetical books in metrical form. - "
7. An exposition of each chapter, containing In
essence of the best commentators, witb much orig
inal matter by the editor.- - . - .
8. Reflections drawn from tha subject of th
chapter, and giving in condensed form, its spir
itual impost. . v ..
x 9. Dates affined to the chapters for each mornms;
and evening's reading, comprising the whole Bibl
in one year. . . t
The engravings are never introduced for show,
bnt always lo explain Ihe text, illustrating plaees,
manners and customs of the ancients. .
; A specimen number with recommendations Iron
some of our leading divines is now reedy. Th
regular issue will be about the first of July, and a
number will be published on the first and 6ftesnth
of each month, till the book is complete.
Agents are wanted to procure subscribers for thi
work, mi Ihe opportunity is a most favorable on
for them to do well. .
Ix. will be oue of the most beautiful and compre
hensive Bibles ever published, and so cheap as to
place it within the reach of all.
Apply post-paid to S. HUESTON,
12:3 139 Nassau street, New York.
f -V" " i
H1TE LEAD. Pure. Entra. No. 1. Dry i j
, and ground iu Oil, for sale cheap, at 5
AILS. Fremont Iron Co.'s Hails, manufao
lured at Troy. N. at Hatbbs'. y
BnBL.ES A large lot of Family Bibles front
$ 1 50 to $6. . Also, Pocket, Clasp, Tnck(mn(k
Polyglott Bibles sad Testaments at
' ' BuCKLASP't. ,
CASH paid for Laud, Warrants, al .""
" - "i --" j, iiKAB QciMTSBl.
.' -,- . . . ' ' :. 11 - ,
1, i.tt J .-

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