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:" Fremont Literary Association. -
'. '"TW Kev. A., P. Power will deliver an
. Address before, the Fremont Literary "Asso-
. ciation, on Monday evening, Oct 31st inst,at
the school room of H. E. Clark. -s i- "
After the address, there wUl be a free dia-
fusion upon the following subject, ti : "The
duty of citizens of Free States in reference to
;the fugitive slave law." - - ,. ,
: .,- c.' Q. MUGG, Sec. t
McAlister's All-Healing Ointment
Ut is) not oftea that we allow ourselves to speak in
praise of any of the patent medicines of the dav, bnt
wing to the many testimonials of praise that we
hear daily concerning McAlister's All-Healing
Ointment, we must needs say that for ourselves we
fa are never need or seea a medicine as in name so
applicable s this medioine. It is indeed truly -
- toaishing to sea what virtue ia imparted in so simple
jet powerful a remedy. - For bnrss, braises, scalds
all diseases of the skin, and inflammations we be
lieve it baa no eqaal.v Call and get a pamphlet in
the hands of agents.
"VTOTICE ia bereby gwen that the copartnership
O. " heretofore existing oetween ma lumcnarra m
the Liven business, is this day dissolved by mntnal
-consent. ri . vt il,ljiim.?vsiv.
O The boeiness will still bo continued by the
obscriber at the old stand. IRA SMITH.
. Oct. 16, 1850. - " - '.' '
One Cent Reward.
LL persons are forbidden harboring or trusting
Xi. Hasnael Vook, so indentured apprentice to me
Blacksmilhins- business who absconded from me on
the 8th September tut, si IwilL par no debts of
His eontrai:tmg from this date
Oct. 21, lfc50. JACOB F. HULTS.
; Latest Arriral
-' , ... " . of ". - " . ; "
Pall and Winter Goods!!
It Is w sulrersally admitted that
CJTORE is the place to bny Goods, and cheap
O Goods ana as be has opened one of the largest
stocks brought to this market, he woold say to his
eld customers, and all who make Fremont a trad
ing place, te call and examine, bearing in mind that
no establishment in the
shall anderaell him ia any one article. ' His stock
consists in part of ' ; .
Plain and fancy Alipaeo, Thibut cloth, Moelin de
lam, Cashmeres, Ginghams, 500 pieces of calicoes
warranted rast colors. . Uroad clotn, Isassameres,
Satlinetts, Tweeds, Jesns, Bed Ticking, Flannels,
vlaached- and brown aheetmg, t.otton varus d& bats
,v s-i. ' HARDWABE- '
- Of everr desrri ptien.' V r i -
Groceries, . . '
v..,.-. Crockery, - ? " ' ' ' -
.- , - r i . Boots and Shoes, J . .
'' - '--- . Hats and Caps,
Sola and Upper leather, Paints and OjJs, Dye stoff.
In short, be would say that his assortment
complete, and that we ia prepared la give those who
will favor bint with a cat! a grand benefit.
" Allkmds of .produce taken in exchange for goods.
-., . ... - - - II. Ut.1 IB
"Fremont, Oct. 26, 1859. - . . : ;
r Wlaslr! JPJaserI
gr gr BARRELS Common, White and Fine Gray
KfJ r taster, just received, ana lorsaie oy
" Tramoot, October , 1850. - - - ,"-
1 1 Y a late Law. Congress haa granted Bounty
JD Latade to all offieera and private wbeserved in
the War oT 1812, Florida and Mexican. Wars, and
Indies Wsrs since 1790, according to their term of
service, or their widowaor berrs ibccss-o death. -.Tbe
snbscriber is in possession of all necessary
papers and inronrmttea seqnmte to obtam these wir
nnta, aad tenders tits services Tor this business.
7 . C. EDGEUTOJf, Att'yatLaw.
Fremont, Oct. 19, 1890 3i:ff
lo former tompatrlots in Anns.
'fr n.ii..; Vjar " J c ir ... -
jay ormntr vjktt ana ootazw.
7 No more let Patriots declare. :
That, 'Republic's srngrateful arc, -
For you and I, who fought arid bled
AM tor trie near oi tne iwave aeaa
Our Country hat provision made. "
The IdiND Biu, late by Congress passed,
And graded as in service class d
From Forty to a Quarter Section -Is
tendered to us for selection
' -aflr mswai4 nnn ane-aif nAt -tl rtr4- nrw Tii-kSwsnw
jwe sa asviis uui ivuu iiui ararun t-ij j
From Maine to golden KaHy-fomy.
'Just call on me, And get your Land
True as the needle to the pole
,J5a true you'll find - - ---
T.Avn AfitrvT nTiriWTr.T.T.
Fremont, Oct 19. 1850.
" - ' Road Notice.
'rVrOTICE m herebv eiven that a petition will be
JLi presented la the Commissioner of Sandusky
bounty, at their next seasioa, praying for the loca-H
tion and opening of a new road as follows: Com
mencing at the north-east corner of section No. 30,
.Jackson township, running thence sooth nearly two
gin re the right, (twenty rods more or less) to inter-
. , . - , . gCB00 Teachers.
f T1H E Board of School Examiners, for this Coon
"J ty, will assemble on Saturday, Oct. I9th, at
the School Room of F. 8. White, in the basement
f the Methodist Church, at 3 o'clock, P. M. The
cessions of ths Board wilt be held at the same place,
.as sncessive Sstnrdays, at the hour mentioned
above, for sight weeks. By order of the Board.
F. S. WHITE, Clerk.
Fremont, October 12, 185031:8
WOULD respectfully announce that be has
Removed his Sbop, one door
- Soith of Leppelman's Jewelry Shop,
opposite Head Quarters, where he will be happy
to wait on his old customers and all who need any
thing ia bis line. - ; v .. i . , .
, If you want yon garments made up RIGHT,
and after the Latest Fashion yon mnst call on
... H. B. Particular attention paid to cutting, and
warranted to fit if properly made up.
Fremont, April 28, 1849.
WOULD inform the public that he has resumed
his business at bis eld stand, on Croghan St.,
and having had the oportunity of seeing and getting
AUtlie Latest Fashions from East and West,
'- and having brought on aa assortment of the
he is prepared to furnish his old customers, and as
many nsw ones as can crowd into bis ware rooms,
.with' ths most splendid 1st of . :
Mahogony, Rosewood and Biackwalnnt
Of every hindfrom the Cradle to the Coffin.
1 As to prices, he is determined ,
He is bold to say that he can offer von BETTER
BARGAINS and BETTER WORK than yon can
get west af Buffalo; he haa an hand, and is making
AH kinds of BEDSTEADS,
't " on, New and Improved Plans ;
such as Lewis' Patent, Fowler's Patent, &c, &e.
Do set fail to giva him a call.
3" Hs baa got ap a good Hearse, and will attend
funerals ia town or country.
Fremont, Angust 10, 1850.
A Sklict School will bo opened ia Fremoutby
Xi. Kev. r. o. white, on
Monday, October 15tb. '
The Term fce. will be made known on application
to him. He will give special attention to thoae who
wish to prepare themselves for teaching. " Scholars
from abroad will find the expense-of attending this
scnooi no greater than that or attending the public
schools of the town. The advantages will in all
respects be at least eonsl to those of anv other
school and in some respects snpsrior, on acconnt of
ma limited Bomber of scholars.
Fremont, Oct 5, 185030:3 - -
""TOT1CE is hereby given that the co-partnership
X neretotore existing ander me nrm oi tiooeris,
Hubbard & Co.. Is this day dissolved. All ac
counts of the company will be settled by Pease cfc
Roberts. t-. a. nuntft i o,
Sept 19, '5030:3 J. R. PEASE.
NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has
been appointed and qualified as administrator
on the estate or Ueorge Van uoren. late ol aandus-
gy county, Uhio. L. LUUtKlun.
" Fremont, Sept 37, 185030:3
ALL those knowing themselves indebted to the
estate of Samuel Ryder, either by note or book
account, will do well by calling and settling imme
diately, and too will save coats, if not, costs will be
made. For farther particulars call at Esq. Greene's
o trice. - KflLHtL ki LU.K. Adm'ix.
Oct 5-30:3 By JOHN RTDER, Ag't.
Notice The StocKhoIders of the Fremont, Green
Springs St Republic Plank Road Company, are
notified that an assessment of 10 per cent, on their
Capital Stock is hereby called for, the same to be
paid to Exra Stoner, treasurer of said Company, at
Green Springs Mills, on or before the 10th day of
December 1850.
By order of the Board of Directors.
R. SMITH, Pres.
S. (I. Smith, Sec.
October i, 1850. 30
Head Quarters
Since the Great Explosion and
Blow up at Head Quarters:
Has been to N. York City;
Of New Goods,
And is now prepared to supply all the former
customers of Head Quarters, in addition
to his old friends and patrons who
by their patronage rendered
Celebrated throughout Sandusky county,
as the most favorable place to buy their Goods.
At his Cld Stand on the Turnpike,
Opposite Whyier'a Tavern.
In his assortment will be found
"OBLACK, Brown. Blue and Mixed cloth, black
AJ mixed and fancy cassimeres, blue, black, am
mixed satinetts, Kentucky ieans snd tweeds cloth
red, white and Tellow flannels, red and blue plaid
cioaxtng, gimps, innges, calicoes, gtmghams, at
paccas, and rawn cloths, shawls and dress hand
kerchiefs, and -the most fashionable fancy dress
goods tor the ladies that the Mew York market can
attord.- Bleached and brown
Shirtings, V Canton Flannels,
Ribbons, '" Black Silk for Dresses,
Sewing Silk, Checks, Vestings,
Twist & thread. Comforters,
Cohoe's Shirts and Drawers,
Traveling Bags,' ...
Muffs, - Carpeting;
Waddings, Battings,
'Cotton Yarn, Carpet Warn. ''"
Carpeting, aud almost every description of
Dry Goods that are kept in the Western Country.
Tea, coffee, sugar, pepper, pice, ginger, nutmegs.
ci uvea, cinnamon, ttiarcn, aaiteratDSa
madder, indigo, alum, t&c.
Croa-ot, mill, hand and wood-saws: - cross-cut,
mill, and hand-saw files; Sweed's iron,
fiat and round bars; cut and wro't
' nails; band & hoop iron;
cast, spring, Sc.
- Americsn steel; Ames
shovels, hay and manure forks;
nail rods; White's Simmons' and Collins'
cast steel axes: besides sn extensive assortment of
rocket-knives, table knives and forks, bntts and
screws; dooi hangings and trimmings. Sec, &c.
Isoots and Shoes,
a very great variety and warranted water proof.
SoU and Upper Leather, d-c; all of lte
above articles will be sold cheep for Cash, or ex
chaaeed for Wheat, Corn, Oats, Rye, Timothy,
Clover or rex-seeds, Hides, Sheep pelts, Batter,
Lard, Eggs, Tallow and Wax.
K Don't let those Shylocks around where
the large flags hang out, make you believe that
tnetr stores are branches oi Olmsted 8 Estab
lishment, it is only gammon. Olmsted's Store
is still on THE TURNPIKE, and Olmsted is
there himself, to supply his friends.
Fremont, October 5, 1850
Stand from Under!
Jlre on th-z Fall!!
ARE just receiving a large and splendid Fall
and Winter stock of Boots and Shoes, which
Will be sold cueap for Cash
It consists in part of Gents, Calf, Kip and coarse
Ladies Enameled Lace and Polka Boots: Fnam
eled Excelsiors and Buskins, and a great variety of
aiippcra ana i tea oi tne nest stylo. Lasting, Mo-
Misses Enameled Lace and Polka Boots: Mo
rocco, Lasting, Gaiter, and Lace Boots; Calf and
Kip Boots, Morocco Buskins, Slippers and Ties.
Children's enameled, lace, and polka boots, Mo
rocco and calf lace boots and shoes.
A general assortment of heavy Boots,
for-the coming sesson.
Boys', Tooths.' and children's kin aud coarse
boots and shoes.
A general assortment of Ladies: Gents, and Mis
ses Patent
India Rubber Boots and Over Shoes.
Also, a large stock of Leather and shoe Findings,
which we would be glad to have our city and coun
try ahoemakers examine.
Boots and Shoes from measure.
Our town and country customers can have boots
and shoes made to order at our shop. We have
secured the services of several experienced work
men, especially for this branch of our business, and
anv work entrusted to us will be warranted to FIT,
and of GOOD STOCK.
J3T South Store in Tyler's block at the
sign of the big BOOT. ijr
Fremont Oct. 5, 15
To tbe Lower Saadusky F. Road Stock.
fPHE stockholders of tbe Low. Sandnsky Plsnk
J Road Company, are hereby notified that an
assessment of ten per cent, on their, capital stock,
is hereby called for, the same to be paid over to
John R. Pease, Treasurer of said Company, in
Fremont, on or before the 1st day of November.
. -. JAMES JUSTICE, Pres't.
, La Q. Rowson, Sec'y.
Fremont, Sept. 21, 18508
Bulletin No. 1.
Head Quarters!
The Returns are all in, and
JS declared elected. The majority for Head Quar
ters will range from
150 to 200 tons of the most splendid
variety of Goods that were ever wafted op the San
dusky Kiver. Alter so close a contest, this ip prob
ably the greatest victory ever won by mortal man.
The newa was telegraphed from Sandusky city, on
Tuesday evening, and we immediately charter
- ed the steamboat lalsnder for three, per
haps fonr trips. "All aboard passengers free."
Nims is the sole Agent for the People's Line,
Having secured a Tremendaus Low Freight,
by shipping our entire line of Goods in connection
with the Old Establishment in Elrria. and bv wav
of Oswego, at about one half the usual
Prices paid by small dealers,
whs ship hy Buffalo. And hsvine many friends to
reward and ho enemies to punish, ws propose
Offering some inducements to the
People of Sandusky and adjoining counties,
Thst will drive the Old and New Combination into
On the 28th day of September,
We shall commence selling fift.Afll) nounds all
kinds of Iron for wagons at $3 SO per hundred.
As we are the sole agents fur this hind of iron, we
can warrant it to be of the very best quality or the
Cash shall be Refunded.
20,000 pounds best Eastern orWheeling Nails,
at $1 per keg.
2,000 pounds splendid cotton yarn, warranted
one tliread to hold up tbe bundle; at only
871 cents per bundle.
100 cases Boots and Shoes, and the whole
snail be sold on the low pressure system.
Our stock of Ready-Made CLOTHING, is
probably the largest in Worm-western Ohio.
v e nave prepared our south room for the exc usive
sale of Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, and Ready'
made Clothing or the IiadlCS, we have i
tocga line ui i
And we can sell them splendid new style de Laihes
at izi cents per yard, .
Real Scotch Ginghams at Is. some for less.
Plaid Prints at 4 cents; 100 peicesat cents,
and we will warrant the cloth to have been worth
more money before they ever went into the print
We can only enumerate a small portion of our
ponderous stock, but shall be diappointed if we do
not see the whole country
moving in one Grand Phalanx, for
Head .Quarters!
As it ia the .
Old Regulator of the County!
In all ages aud sections of the country, it has been
customary for people after sailing under one class
of Colors until they become old and tattered, to take
another 'lack. In future we shall make a special
charge for all vetbatim Circulars copied from Head
Quarters. '
Cash Paid
Brought to this Market by the Farmers.
Head Quarters, )
Sept 26th, 1850. T
TE it ordained by the Council of the Town of
XJ Hremont, that all orders hereafter drawn on
the treasury, for expenses in building sidwalks, rail
ings, earnings ana gutters, or either or them, in
front of any lot or part of a lotr shall state tbe num
ber or description of the lot or part of lot ia front of
which such improvement is made.
Sec. 2.' All orders drawn on the treaaurr, in ao
cordance with the provisions of the first section of
this ordinsnce, shall be parable oat of any nuappro-
prtated money in the treasury, and shall also be a
ten on the tax levied, on such lot or part of a lot.
forthe same and on the premises due for said improv
ment, (and if not previously paid,) shall be paid out
of the taxes so levied, when the same is collected,
or out of the money, if the same ahall be collected
out of the owner or owners.
Sec. 3. When any' order on the treasury shall
be preaented to the treasurerfor payment, and there
ie not sufficient mouey in -the treasury to pay the
same, it is heroy made the duty ot the treasurer, to
endorse on the baek of such order, the dste of pre
sentment andthe words not paid for want of funds;'
snd every order so endorsed, shall draw interest at
the rate of ix per cent, per annum, from the date
of such endorsment until pa-d. -
B. J. BAR TLETT, Mayor.
C. R. McCorxocH, Recorder.
Sept. -M, 1850.
School Notice.
mHE Common Schnnl. in Frnmnnl. will nnan
L for the reception of pupils on ths first Monday
n Mctober.
It is directed by the Boaad of Education that un
til further notice the pupils attend respectively at the
same rooms attended by them at the close of the
last term.
Teachers desirous of employment will file with
the undersigned their proposals and certificates at
tnn earliest posioie time.
xy order of the floard,
Fremont. Sept. 21. IP50 28:3
To M,et.
pied by E. N. Cook, in Fremont. Possession
given the 6th October-next. Apply to
Fremont, Sept. 21 I 50. 28
CARPENTERS can find Hand-saws, Draw
knives, steel Squares, try Snuares. Diane irons.
Nail Hammers, Hatchets, &c. of the best quality at
fJAVsjzs Cheap Stork.
Great Excitement.
Tremenduoas Outbreak in Cuba!
10,000 Prisoners taken.
Have just received
a large assortment of
WHICH will bs offered at great bargains for
Their stock comprises every varietv of boots and
shoes suited to the market.
The Gentlemen
will find thick boots snd shoes, calf and kip, sewed
and pegged, iLr at extremely low pi ices.
For Bovs and Vnnth
we have kip, calf and heavy boots and shoes, as
neap as tne market anords, and of superior qual
ity. And
For the Ladies
enameled and kid excelsiors, euanieled polka boots,
calf and morocco boots, and also a large assortment
f kid and morocco .slippsrs of dinerent color and
For young Misses
morocco and calf bools and shoes, morrocco and
seal buskins, morocco, kid and seal slippers, gaiter
boots, fancy colored half gaiters: soda large veri
ty oi kid aud morocco boots and shoes for children.
Boot and Shoe Makers,
will take notice, that we have a large assortment of
Shoe Findings, for the trade, such as Boot Trees
and Lasts, Pegs, French caLf, Morocco and Boot
morocco skins, pink red and white lining skins, and
a general assortment of findings together with every
variety of tools used in the manufacture of boots
and shoes as cheap aaean be bought in the west.
We keep constantlv on hand a lars-e assortment
of HATS AND CAPS for men and bovs.
BAGLEY'S Gold Pens and Pencils for sale
cheap, at S. Bucxlabd & Co's.
ANY quantity of good Hickory and Ash Wood
will be taken on subscription at the
Fbelman OrricE.
A large and splendid stock of
Fashionable Fall and Winter Goods,
Purchased almost ' entirely with' CASH!
In the month of Angust, the most favorable season,
PRICES, for Cash, or Country Produce.
These Goods were selected with great care,
in regard to quality and price, and cannot fail to
Suit all vtho toill please to examine them!
All tbe latest styles of
Ladies' Dress Goods, -
Ribbons, '
Bilks, fec. Ac, "
can be found here, and shall be sold cheaper than
can be had elsewhere!
Hats, Caps, Bonnets,
Hardware, Iron, Nails, Glass, Fish, '
Sole and Upper Leather, Coffee, Teas, Oils,
Crockery, Boots and Shoes, -Beady-made
Clothing, Molasses, Sugar,
. Yankee Notions, fec, &c,
In truth all articles wanted in the western country,
can he found and will be sold without regard to
profit for ready pay. A. B. TAYLOR'
Fremont, Sept. 18, 1650. -
To tbe Tax Payers of Sandnsky County.
Treasurer's Ofjtice, )
Fremont, August 28, 1850.
THE tax payers of said comity, will take notice,
that the fo'llowing taxes have been levied there
in forthe year 1850, to wit: for state purposes 3.20
mills on ths dollar; for county $4000; for county
debt $3000; for school $1000; forcounty infimary
$1500; and for interest $500; amounting to 4.30
mills on the doller.
There has been levied for road purposes the fol
lowing rates to wit: 1 ork township 1.25 hundredths;
Towusend 1.40 hundredths; Green Creek 1.33;
Riley 2: Ballville 0.75 hundredths; Jackson 250;
hundredths; Washington 1.50 hundredths; Scott 2;
Madison 2 50 hondredths; Wbodville 1.75 hun
dredths; Rice 2.50 hundredths mills on the dollar.
For township purposes in York 0.25 hondredths;
Townsend 0.25 hundredths; Green Creek 0.75
hondredths; Riley 0.50 hundredths; Sandusky 0.25
hundredths; Jackson 0.30 hundredths; Scott 0.25
In Ballville Township there is an extra levy for
school purposes or U.7U hundredths, and in nice
township for same purposes 2 mills on the dollar.
1 here has also been levied the following special
taxes to wit: for Woodville and Rollersville Free
Tnrnpike 3 mills on the dollar valuation of all lands
within the legal limits of said road, r or corporation
purposes in the town of Fremont 1.50 hundredths
mills. In Fremont school district for tuition pur
poses 3.40 hundredths mills; for purchasioir aite and
school house purposee 3.85 hundredths.
lu school district Mo. Scott township, 1 mill;
No 8 Townsend 1: Fractional District 8 Ballville,
Whashingtou, etc. 1 mill; No. 6 Townsend 1.60
hundredths mills; No. 4 Green Creek' 1 mill; 7
Green Creek 1 mill; 9 Green Creek 1 mill; No. 8
Riley 1 mill; No. 6 Ballville 1 mill; No. 12 Ball
ville 1 mill; No. 8 Madison 1 mill; No. 2 Wood
ville 1 mill; No. 5 Woodville 1 mill: No. 6 Rilev 1
mill; No 8 York 5 mills; No. 9 Jackson 2 mills;
No. 7 Woodville 1 mill; No. 1 Woodville 3.75 hun
dredths: No. 1 York 1 mill: No. 2 Sandusky 1
mill; No. 3 Scott 1 mill; No. 2 Ballville I mill; No
II llallville 2 mills; No 2 Rice I mill: No 3 Town-
send 1 mill; No. 7 Madison 1 mill: Tract 7 Madi
son and Woodville 1 mill; Tract No 13 Ballville ot
Green Creek 1.25 hundredths; Tract Na. - Madi
son and Scott 1 mill. Making the rates of taxation
(excepting the special taxes above mentioned) in
the several townships as follows to wit:
York 3.90i 4.301
1.2c! 0.25 I. 9.00
1.5l) 0.25 9.25
1.331 0.75 9.53
2.00 0.50 10.00
0.75 0.50 0.70 8.95
2.20 0.95 9 95
g.50 0.30 10.30
1.50 0.30 9.00
2.00 0.25 9.75
2.50 0.25 - 10.00
1.75 0.25 9.25
2.50 0.25;?.00 12.00
Townsend 3.20 4.30
Green Creek . ". . 3. 20 4. 30
Riley 3.201 4. 30i
Ballville....... 3.20 4 30
Sandusky 3.20 4.301
Jackson 3.30 4.301
Washington.... 3.201 4 30,
3CQltw.jh 3.20 4.30
Madison....... 3.2014 30;
Woodville 3.20 4 30
Rice......... 3.20)4.30
The subscriber will attend at his office in Fremont
until the 20th of December next for the pnrpose of
receiving taees, after which day the duplicates will
pass into the hands of deputy collectors, wben pen
alty and mileage will be charged on all taxes that
remain unpaid.
Tax payers will also take notice that no bank
notes except those of this state chartered under the
new ba:king law will be received for taxes.
27 Rreasnrer of Sandnsky County.
To the Qualified Voters of
BY virtue of an act of the Geneml Assembly of
the state of Ohio, passed February 28th. 1846.
entitled "An act reirulatinsr the mode of Droceedins;
wneu vouuty commissioners may be authorized by
law to subscribe to the' capital stock of Railroad,
Turnpike roads, or other incorporated companies in
this slate.
And also, bv virtue of an set to incorporate the
1 oieao, norwalk Cc Cleveland Railroad Company,
Yon are hereby notified to vote at the next an
nual election to be held in the several townships in
said county, on the 8th day of October next, for, or
against a subscription by the Commissioners of said
county to the capital stock of the above named
.And for the pnrpose of effectually enforcrine the
provisions of said acts the County Commissioners of
said connty do hereby direct: That the voters afore
said cause to be written or printed on the tickets
which they put into the ballot-box of aaid election
for state and county officers the words "For the
Railroad subscription," or "Against the Railroad
And the Judges of elections in the seveial town
ships aforesaid, are directed to count and return an
abstract of the votes so given for or against the rail
road subscription, to the office of the clerk of the
court of common pleas of the said connty, in the
poll books of the other electors to be returned to that
And the clerk of the court of common pleas is di
rected to make an abstract of the votes so returued
and file the same in his office, and eertify the num.
oeroi votes lor railroad suoscription and the num
ber of votes againat railroad subscription, to the
commissioners of said county within five days after
opening the poll books aforesaid.
Uy order of the Commissioners. '
County Auditor.
Fremont. Sept. 11, 1850. 27
Cleveland and Itlauniee Railroad Comp.
fVTOTlCE.is hereby given, that at a meeting of
JL 1 the commissioners or the Cleveland and Mau
mee Railroad company, held in Mauniee City, on
the 4th inst, it waa
Resolved, 7 hat Books of Subscription to the
capital stock of said Company, be opened on Mon
day, the sum September, 1BSU,
in Maumee City, at the office of Young & VVaite,
under the direction of Samuel M. Young and
Isaac Hall .
In Perrysbursh, at the office of Spink St Murray.
under the directiou of John C, Spink, and Benja
min F. Hoilieter.
In Woodville, at the Ferguson House, under the
direction of A. R. Furgnson and Chan, Powers.
lu Fremont, at the office of R. P. Bucklsnd, un
der the direction of R. P. Buckland and John R.
In pursuance of the foregoing resolution, books
of subscription to the stock of said company will be
opened at the time and in the several places men
tioned above under the direction of the several per
sons therein named.
John E. Hunt,
Rob't A. Forsyth,
Wm. H. Hopkins,
Samuel M. Young,
Daniel F. Cook,
S. N. Beach,
It if. Auckland,
September 7th, 1850 27:td
THE subscriber is prepared to furnish Social
Hill, in Buckland's Brick Block, for
Cotillon Parties, Sories, Lectures, &c,
on reasonable terms: and also refreshments
in the best style on the shortest noticet
Fremont, August 3, 1850.
White Wood Lumber,
fF all kinds and clear stuff for sals bv
KS Feb.
SPERM and Lamp Oil A first rate article for
sale at S. Bucklakd & Co's.
Rail Road Store.
Circular for the Fall of 1 850.
Great Attraction!!
' I iHE excitement and talk being aboot equally di-
l viaeu neiween tne noove parties, we have con
cluded to "compromise" by making our establish
ment the
Of Sandusky County and Vicinity.
The unanticipated success which the Proprietors
of the shove Store have met with ainco opening:
naviug oisposea oi almost an
Entire stock of goods for Cash, in a few weeks!
has enabled us to purchase a .
Larger, Better, and Cheaper Stock of Goods
than ever making our
Second purchase, and '
i all and Winter Stock,
than has ever before been offered in this vicinitv.
And onr success is the strongest argument that we
are selling Better, and Cheaper Goods, than
any other establishment in the place.
Onr store is LARGE and CONVENIENT, be
ing the North Store in Buckland's Brick Block,
is well lighted as our Goods do not require twi-
un i to sen inem.
Mr. John P. Haynes, spent the month of An
guai in tne r-aslern cities, and selected our goodi
JSefore stocks had been Culled,
and having been engaged in the Mercantile bnsi
ness in Sandusky county, for the past 12 yean,
..." vAauuy wnat 10 ouy tor tnis market.
Oar Stock Comprise
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, "... Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps, Muffs Tippets &c.
Crockery, Yankee Notions, '
Leather, Wall paper,
, Ready Made Clothing, &c,
Iron, Nails, Glass, Salt, &c, dec,
and 10,000 other articles, too numerons to men
tion J3 Farmers look to your interestsg
Money, when produce is so low should onlv be laid
out wnere you can nny yonr
Clothing and Groceries.
lo tne best advantage.
Come with yeor wires and daughters, and
and the prices they are selling at,
and yon will be satisfied that the
Rail Road Store,
is the place to bny -'Goons ae is Goods,"
P. S We would return our thanks to th n.Ai
-I ea . ....... r
liui oanuusxy county, ana vicinity lor the patron
age bestowed upon us, and would hope by an nnre
mittinv attention to our business keeninir rwiH
stock and selling good Goods cheaper than ever to
receive a continuance oi tne same.
CASH and the highest market
price paid for WHEAT, CORN
OATS, SEKDS, Stc. &c.
gDon't mistake the Place.
'xeiro' toff
rement, tept. 1850.- 12
Woolen Factory!
sanaaiay t onnty, onto.
Weaving and Cloth-Dressing done in all styles
ana colors, superior to any thing
in the State. .
r inc. snoscriner rinding that Wool bad risen in
X' price beyond the manufactured Goods intends
to stop the manufacture of woolen goods and turn
an ine nanas anu machinery at enstom work, such
as weaving Cassimers, Cloths, Satinetts, Linseys,
Flannels, and Coloring and Dressinir customers1
cloths, in all their various styles, superior to any
thing heretofore attempted.
Ho has erected a drying honse 100 feet in length,
capable of drying 200 yards of cloth per dav, besides
the out door bars. He uses falling stocks to full
with, and other machinery sufficient to finish 300
yards of cloth per day. The machinery and hands
win an oe employed in weaving and dressing cloth
for customers during the season. He has all the
dinerent machines for dressing cloths
That are used in New England Factories,
such as Napping, Teaseling Shearing and Brushing
maciiiues, wnicn were nougnt in vvooster, Massa
chusetts, and are in the best of order. The work
men employed in his Manufactory, have served a
regular aprrenticeshin in Massachusetts, and work
ed in the above business from 5 to 20 years. And,
with his early and long experience iu the manufac
turing business, and by atrict personal attention to
the same, hopes to receive a liberal share of the
pnbiic patronage.
He has the FRENCH METHOD of Col
oring and uses no Copperas or Vitriol,
knowing the same to be injurious to the cloth.
He will warrant all of his work,
both as to manufacture, colors and finish.
Prices per yard for finishing -Cloths Is fid: Cm-
simersls6d; Flannels Is; Satinetts 14c; Linseys
is, to ma oc
Prices for weaving on Power Loom Cloths fire
quarters wide 8c; Cassimers five quarters wide 10c:
r lanneis lour quarters wide 7c.
Prices per yard for weavinsr and findin? Chain
Satinetts 15c; Linseys Is.
All the cloths woven will be returned as thev
leavs the loom, or finished at the abova prices as
customers mav direct.
lie bas made Arrangements
with the following persons at the places mentioned.
to receive yarns and cloth, and deliver the aume
when returned. All yarns and cloth left with these
persons will be taken and returned every two weeks
throughout the season;
O. Ii. Nims, Head Quarters, V rcmont
Baker's Store Castalia. - -
Chapman & Harkness, Bellevtte.
Shoemaker fc Osden, Republic.
Silas D. Boalt, Mexico.
M. Brackley, McCutchensville.
J. Swugart & Co., Oregon.'
Parker & Shawnn, Carey.
Adam Battelfeld, Springville.
C. W. Foster & Son, Rome.
E. W. Thomas, Risdon,
Wm. Heller, Van Buren, more.
Arnold & Grey, Crowell fe Burns, Mell
Henry Haskins, Portageville.
W. Bradner, Millfrrove.
George Bautchtell, Frccport,
J. Eaton & Co., Rollersville.
C. Powers, Woood ville.
B. Caushan, Port Clinton.
Ballville, Sandusky Co. O. August 3, 185021
Sale of Real Estate by order of Court.
ON the 21st day of October, J850, between the
hours prescribed by law, at the door of the
Court House in Fremont, in the county of Sandus
ky, and state of Ohio, will be sold to the highest
bidder the following real estate, as the property of
Daniel P. Nswell, deceased, subject to the right of
dower of the widow, to wit:
The west half of the south-west quarter of sec
tion number thirty, township number five, range
number thirteen, containing eighty acres more or
less. Appraised at g4uu t erras Cash in hand.
E. HUNTINGTON, Administrator.
September 17, 185017:5
SILKS, satins, alpaccas, lawns, ginghams, &c,
all qualities aud prices at Haines.
The subscribers have just received
Decidedly the Largest and Best selection, of
Miscellaneous, Clasical, Medical and School
Books, among which, the fallowing are a few:
The'writings of Gen Washington, by Jared Sparks,
12 volumes. -Prescott's
Conquest of Pern, 2 volumes; '
do do Mexico, 3 vols,
do Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols;
do Miscellanies, 1 vol:
Allison's History of Europe, 4 vols;
Hildreth's United Slates. 3 vols;
Maccauley's History of England, 2 vols;
Hallam's Works, 4 vole; Gibbon's Rome, 4 vols'.
Stephens' Yucatan; Greece; Egypt 2 vols esch;
Complete Works of Lorenzo Dow:
Addison's Works; Burke's do.
Joseph us' Works I and 2 vols; Byron's do- ' '
Sliakspears's Works, I and 2 vols;
Rollin's Hictory , do
Chamber's Information for the People, 2 vols;
American Revolution 2 vols;
Marshal's Washington, 2 volumes;
Neal's Puritans, 3 vols Life of Brant, 9 vols;
Mrs Edgeworth's Works 10 vols;
Spark's American Biography, 10 vols: ,
Memoirs end Administrations of the Presidents; r
Cooper's Navai History: Brand's Encyclopedia;
History of the Girondists: Life of Franklin; .
Mrs. Bremier's Novels, complete in one vol;
Harper's Family Library, 34 volumes: i
do School District Library, 150 volumes;
do Clasical Library, 20 volumes
Swan's Treatise; ' -Swan's Miscellany;
Webster's Dictionary, unabridged -.
do , - do Large, revised;
do do University edition; , . .
do do . Sehoail !! linn
United States Dispensatory, late ediion;
Eberlee'a Practice; 'Eberlea's Therapeutics:
Smith's Hand Surgery; . Watson's Practice;
Hooper's Dictionary;
M'Guffey's Eclectic series of Readers:
Rsy's, Adams', Smith's, Davis', Dabol's and Par
kin's Arithmetic;
Clark's, Smith's, Well's, Bnrritt's and Kirkam
Smith's, Oloney's Morse's and Parley's Geogrs
pnv, ace, ccc
Any quantity of Fools Cap, and Letter Paper
plain anu ruled, Ixilt lodged and ftmbossed;
Letter Enrellopes, of all kiads and styles. '
ra sm 9
Bnckland'i Brick Block. '
Fremont, July, 1850 . . - 17
List of Letters
TJ EMAIN1NG in the Post-office at Fremont, on
-S-V tne 1st day of October, 185U.
Aabudge & Beat
Almond Thomas
Myers meryan mra.
Minkler R s
Miller Edwin R ;
Metts David
Mills Lee
MeFarlan Wm
Aemherth J G
Baird Peter
Brown sarah Ann mra
Bessnet'e Christmas -
Bromley George W .
Ball Elliot
Mels David m
McNott Calvin
Bronner Pogi .
Bracker Aederman &c .
Brotter Louis Miss
Bremer Joseph P .
Munger Caleb
Mclntvre John
Miller Brad I y
Mackeroa John
Board man Mr
Machold G
Bachtall John . ..
Nightongale Rev L
Bntts Daniel , . 3
newoll J. ft -
Cline Jacob ,., ,
Cole Howard
Crawford J R ;
Cully Emilly Mrs . .
Ott Fidel
PringleJohn W
rrnce Lysandef
Paytoa Mr-! - '
Pharis-Jobn rr- V
Conger Mathew , - -
Uaua (ieorgo J .
Porter Harmon
Pence s
Pratt Esther
Parrish John s
Reed John
Debbert Abraham
Dreyfus Isaac 2
Endicutt John B a
Ear'es Daniel -Eastwood
Ford John P
Grace Thomas "
Gardner M F
Gree J F
Remmington Geo R
Robinson Henry
Rider Jacob
Rowley Adrew
Stin John : i:.
Fpohn Daniel .
Garaob mrs E
Gross Jacob
Gore Henrj ' - -Gardner
William B
Gebbow Edward - .
Harley Jneob
Hanley Cornelius
Hswley Joseph
Highy Elrjah
Huffman sarah miss .
Huntziuirer Joseph
Steaecson J P
Sanderson Rebecca '
Stevenson H-E
Stahl Mary J B miss
Smith John
Shrond Henry
Sower Robert -
Stevens James
Seymonr Raldh
Tiff Wm
Holmes J M '
Honeywell William . T
Hieby Daniel
Thomas Christ
Wondaley Elias -Widner
Henline John
Hosted mrs EC
Whetsel Silas
Wire John
Johnson Henry
Working Philip
ems Jasper
Wiler Abraham -Woolworth
Chester -Wiechmann
Klolz John ; . - p
Logan Jacob . j.
Lou ns Eleanor
Wellman Luke B
Lee J -. - n ' - -
Wrieht Elias
Lity Andreas -Lefler
Lesher mies Susannah j
Vandersall Meesers
Vangilder Jeremiah i
German Letters
Persons inquiring for any of the above tetters will
say advertised. w. m s i Attn..
New Drue Store.
Drugs, Paints, Oils, Dye-stuffs, Grlass-ware,
Phosyem Gas and Lamps, dec, dec
t I1HE subscribers have just opened a large stock
J of the above 'articles! which with their former
lock complete! the largest and beat assortment aver
rought to f remont or vicinity
Physicians are respectfully reqnested to call
and examine our articles of Drugs and Chemicals,
as we are determined that Frehokt shall be thi
towh to but Goods CHEAP.
All our merchants sav they are selline Goods
CHEAPER than thev can be boueht in Sandusky.
imn, or any where else in these 'Diggins' and are
Determined not to be outdone
by them in the way of LOW prices.
O Country Dealers, will find it to their ad
vantage lo buy of us any articles in our line, as we
are sure we can save tliem the transportation,
using Paints of snr kind who wish Good Articles
cau be supplied at the smallest possible advance
from cost. White Lead pure Juttra, No. I, dry
nd gronnd in oil. Chrome Yellow, Chrome Green,
aris Crreen, Red Lead, Lampblack, Litharge,
arnish. Linseed Oil, warranted to dry Torpen-
ne, c, ol. Brushes of all sizes and kinds, at
20 per cent, cheaper than ever.
Vo., RucklaneVs Brick Block,
SS Sign of the Birr Mortar. jfS .,
Fremont, Sandusky co. July 6, t850 17
First. Gratid Arrival
Head Quarters.
AVE Ihis dav received bv Express lots of
L PR'NTS and GINGH'ANS forthe early Fall
raiie, and will he receiving fc ew Goods from dsy
to day nniil they get the Old Establishment,
Loaded up from top lo bottom! ,
When Ilia! time anives, they intend to bring out
and give the Old and New Combination Fi.ts.
Fremont, August 2. 1850.
Administrator 'a notice.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the following ex
scuiorsand administrators hsve filed in the of
fice of the Clerk of the court of common pleas, of
Sanduskrv county, their accouuts current for final
settlement: Samuel Crowell and Jacob Hufford,
'r. of Levi Muflwd; Charles S. Shutls, Adm'r.
the estate of Gabriel T. Shult.: O-oroe Over-
mire. Adin'r. of the estate of John Blubakt-rt Chris
tian Doucvson, Adm'r. of fhe estate of Chri.tiau
Stlblev: Joseph Gam, Ex'r. of the estate of D .vid
arn: George Ifales. Adm'r. of the estate of Ja-
bUlch; Michael M' Bride, Adm'r. of the estate
of Lester Allen and Chester Edgerton, Adin'r. ol
the estate of Stephen C. Smith.
D. CAPPER, Dent. Cl'k
Fremont, Sept. '.'5 1?50. D;3
fi s " ffiW? r
in?, ' ir f
; This valuable Medicinal preparation
from any imple " Extract of Bartmpariila " or eomtn
- purifying Medic ins?. It ia a twmpouiul of many of (be '
With otners acting dirtcttf ths Kidty, or having i
mediate reference to tbe relief and con tinned liealtny o.
ration of some internal organs. It contains attic
which enter into no other preparation in eiiatence, a.
In purifying and refreshing effects, by any Medicine
- ine world. It ii put up -
Is very pttiumjU to the taste, and is mora coneentrat
Thaw ant if mlker in market. Persona who hare taJt
- "Sarsapariltoa " fty the g alien, without retier, tiare ben
. rditMllf cured, by using two or iJirw hoi ties.
This ia the only Compound in which SurBanariUa, Wi'
Cherry and Dandelion are so prepared, to oiler tlte pec
Kar virtues of each, in eotnMnatkm with pare Extra?
of other healing articiea ia Ligkiy concentxateU atair
Ita ingredient! are . . .
And are such roots and barks as are found t) rough chietf;
aueeting certain parts in their jp-neral tendency to pr
To eure mnny diwases, Dropsies. Kidney Com ptoi a t, fce.
- draw olf Watery Hummus from the Btrsod, or corrupt and
': irritatina spcretioaa of diseased oriran from the bodv.
without, the thorough opkkatior ok the Kidmbtb, as
' caused hy thia Medicine. - No other extract erert pretend
w ft eject, in wet enra very operation tot wmcn it as
pmrtiemlarlf compounded, differ from all other preparar
tiona, and mokes it Ms beat compound in 4zxMnet.
Use thia medicine, ft mill nlisvo. It Mow cured whom
lift iiactf woo despaired of. It contains articles that wilt
euro if ontft king con, qrirl takes the onlm wutkod to niaka
permoneni turn. This Remedy
AU impure and proas hamore, not only by wrjrking direct-
ly on the blood, but by re tor ins efl organ to healthy
vigor, and especially increasing the action of those whica
draw from the body, and lastingly remove l I -
All diseases originating in a depraveti state of the vital
fluids. Eruptions. Ulcers, Sores, tktioo of Watery
i Will find this tbe Uot alterative, and irost cleansing Me
. dicioe, for iefore other in invigorating ojctt. H
has worked some of toe gremtott curt oi littieuses of Ujs
Urinary Organs,
. Bladder, fce. A tplendid diuretic. TV extract to so good
for Weikness of the Kidneys, Wank Back, Betcntioo or
Involuntary flow of Urine, Burning or Scalding, Jnvoiw
Utrv Emion, or other irritability, Kembniii, Ike cmt
tfedidno that hemic thcom posrtc lo Berotulous habits &'
.e System, Lax and weakened states, ' . r ,
diseases' of the Lungs, Pains in tbe Breast, it-
. the soothing Pectorals and bracing Tonics, beal the Lot.
moat kindly, and strengthen the bodv, wbiie the act
humors that lend the system are cleansed. Tkt rttiovn
actio of las Kidney is mmrkmd in i-ung diseaoo. it
warranted mperior to onu preporatx on cS ucUt mm attac
. Oram Exposure ore certouUu cured. '
. Tor Irregular, Sup-Dressed or painful Menstruation, Flu
- Albus, Uterine Dlaeases, or any deraritTement of the F
. male Frame. It never disappoints expectation. Ao em
Bio medicine will reach thorn derangement. This Co,
pound contains certain Roots, the beet and emit onto th
ohomid he uoed. It cures the most aggravated forms.
t will refresh immediately. A few days mm wtH cot
vince tbe incredulous. The appetite increased tt
nerves so quiet -spirits raised and new. Pure astsV Rk
B4ood takes the place of vitiated and corrupt. -
Yoa will never be without it. It will do more goosV r
cure more speedily, the hundreds of petty ii.nan n. Cold1
Bowel Complaints, Impure Blood, Jcc. than any thin
you have ever tried. Look at Ceriijieatet. The Wsai
bst IifFAKTor most delicate Female cam take it wUh mm
feet oefely. . , . r .
That this is tbe onbf medicine that has ever cored the low.
. wearing Ship Fever, as attested by the oath of com. -thirto
of the cored, and you will acknowledge
Where obstructions of the organs have caused deposit.
Or Stone in tbe Bladder, this medicine has been nsrru
With astonishing success. For Certificate f Cure t
" -thia mr emm ssosaus, ass Pemephtet-of cure, . . - , :
Of Biszajtes of the STOMACH and BO WET. 8, Cesri
ness, DYSPEPSIA, with Debilitv, ate. For Bowei Con,
plaints it con be relied on as meertem remedy. AlH
when accumulation of bile has caused j -
Jaundice, Itc or when thev are coming on. take thi em
feu are aaft. It carries olf the corrupt bile rapidly, b
tlte naturai channels, and eases immediately. It has curat
Of years standing as eertiflcates testify. tt always gut. '
eatisfoetio. Try it. -Great Physicians prescribe alwat '
diuretics, Tb is compound is excellent iajufc) ton alecW
is almost specific. .. - - .. .
On the pages of oar PAsrraxrrs, or columns of our papamr
A list of as influential names has nener been givea it
support of any Medieince. We haw there imdioputaUi
testimony of the certain cure of every disease we mentHm.
The mtfst thorough investigation is reqvesied. GET A
PAMPHLET. Call on the certifiers or ask their opiiikasa.
and you too will use it. It will a fleet you diflerenl tic .
any other, and we think it will do you more good. s
Old Established Remedy:
Is dow put-vp in the - ?-
And is acknowtedfed lo be the-
v ' madc4 as is certified by ths
tt baa. per formed. The original eopfes of wbiek are In she
. posscssioa of U proprietor,
. Tttnt Banrroi.'s is the only
gnEtrjti & original aeticue
Ajid -is 4tfiw brought befcre the public in a 'i,
runs ever oReied bv anv render. ' "' --' '
Tlie proprivtor is determiniH that the nrna aervriTto,
h has acquired for the last H j-ean sDaU be laauiauned.
no matter at what sacrifice. r.
Piirrhnscrs must be ca'efiil. if they wish ths f fT l E
EXTRACT ors.-irsn.-irilli. to call fer "Bristol's Original
fl.-irsnpnrilln,' in the . Inrgitt mzd estrtas ever offered, at
One" Dollar jier bottle. - - - . . ..
New York General Depot, 34 CorUandt-St.
Buffalo Depot, 225 Main Street. ,-
IT Orikni ixklmsnl W . llraE, NewYor, or C C
fiaisnm nullulo. will ineetwiib prompt sttention. ,
For Sandnsaj county. .
Wm. Whipp, Bellevnei
, T. Daniels, Toledo, . r
Mamilton & McCenlory, Republic, ,
McCulloch & Thorp, Sandnsky,
F. H Bover, Tiffin.
June II, '49. I7:Iy
-.B V
UEi JAftll.V MEEKER". 8
n OSE Hair Oil, OxMarro.
Bear's Oil Maocassar Oil,
Bandoline Fixatrice, Philocotab, . --
Cream of Rosea and Lilys;
Cologne, Kose and Lavendar Water, Ac, Ac,
just received, at Bccklait&'s. ;
LANK BOOtC?, foil hound LeaVere. Journals. '
H---Y: ' ft 'j- - "TV T
if) fgaiy "Xl
Oockels, Cash and Invoice books, at

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