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Fremont weekly freeman. [volume] (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, October 26, 1850, Image 4

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i i
1 have been received by the Ptoprirtor of
MENT from Physicians
(he most skillful and ce
lebrated, from Counsei-
-i lore learned in the Law,
from Jodees of celebrity
, ; on the Beach, from Min
f uters ef the Gospel,
whose undeviatiny in
- it-sxtty have made them
. .V i;kti in . th.
v g . r ' , r
- jiato ol i rum, irom en-
Jlightaneti Prr.feiwn, firm aottte Merchants, and
.'from those of ev.rv atati , name end degree
jatnowg mankind U ef which. without one tt s
entin; objection, ironounce thie Oiutmeut to be
GOOD. " . " ' '
J Aa dav by day it unobtrusively extendi ita
Uphere of action alone the borders of our vsst coun
and is circulated throughout ita extent, hew
3 evidences of ita power and new prooft of ita effi-
cscy ire continually developed. Three millions
..tBos.es, applied to diaean within the last four
vears. has established the astounding fact b"
the power of cavil or contradiction, that it is liS
KALLIBLE in the cure of all Tumors, Ulcers,
S.res, Burns. Tetter, Piles. Scrofula, Erysipelas,
r hilbleins. Scald Head, Sore Eyes. Quinsy. Croup,
Rheumatism, Broken Breast, A (cue in the Face,
Corns, etc. It completely restores the IN SEN
SIBLE PERSPIRATION, and by this means opens
those avenues by which Nature intended to expel
the morbid matier of the body the is the system
cleansed, the blood purine, end the health re
stored. " ' ,
- It fans the power to cause Al external Sores,
Scrofulous Humors, Skin Diseases, and Poisonous
Wounds to discharge then- putrid matter, end
then heal tbenu Wo are not ashamed of the
names of '
; Ali-Heallnsr Ointment I U
, .- -' , - . Or the i "
.V"... 'World.'- Salve I V'-' -
which discerniBS publie. has applied' to this
medicine : rot there is scarcely disease, exter
rui or internal, that it will not benefit. I have
used it for the laat fourteen years for all diseases
of the Chest, Consumption, and Liver, involving
vhe utmost danger and responsibility, and I declare
bfore heaven sad man, that not in one single
case has it failed to benafit when the patient was
within the reach of mortal means.
Wholesale and retail at the Grand Depot, 141
.FULTON ST., New York, and by all Druggists
"throughout the United States.
v - , S. McA LISTER. Sole Proprietor,
' "VI . . , . Ill Fulton St. If. T.
. : & BUCKLAND & AO.,
. 19 " ' Only Agents for Fremont
. 4 j: V. JCST OPBNKD IN - -.'-'
Bnckland'i Kew Brick BaaUding!
1 J. F. It. SEBRIKG,
n, RESPECTFULLY informs his Old
fT'jl Customers and the Public seoerallv.
fr"?i that be bae again gone into the Gro- jffl
' , !' eery Basiuass, and has new opened i jj,;
Stocks of. Groceries!
ever brought to this market, with especial reference
to supply the wants of the citizens of Sandusky and
admitting eounuee. - - a. r.
Thai stock consists hi part of -
v" Snrjars,- ; 'Z ; Cofifee, . .-f Teas,
v Spites, --i ' Pepper, - ' Raisina,
. i Tobaeco ,. ? Segars, &&, &c -t
tesether with a complete and large asssortment of
fho beet near opened in Fremont, lb assertion of
"bogM" dealers in that article to the contrary not
withstanding. --. . - -.
af tho rarest kinds, will be be found at my store.
Lemonade,' Slead, Croak and Beer,
can he ha-I ol a moment'a notice.
- I're&tt ISafced Bread, Cake, Pies,
and Eiacnit always kept on hand. . Families wish
ing to be supplied with Bread can at ail times be
accommodated with a superior article ami on the
aaawt liberal tarnta, - '' ' '
But I have neither time nor the prin'sr room in
his paper, to enumerate the sixth part of the articles
kept by me, and can paly ask thai a atscrtminating
public wiU give me call and and judge for them-
aetvas, footing satisfied that I can render entire sat
isfaction to all both as to prices snd quality. '
Fremont, Jane 1 5, '50. .'- -
: 1 Steam Mill for Sale.
THE subscriber now offors his new steam
a W milt for aale. situate OB the fiidge
Road, about tea miles easterly from Fremont, and
only 100 rods from the Maame and Western Re
eanrsTurnpiks Road, and within about 25 rods of
the surveyed lioe of the- Wellington and Toledo
jlailroad. "
Tho mill is a superior one, in all respects, being
in a healthy location, bsving the very best of water,
that which will not corrode a boiler. The building
is sf the most substantial kind, 35 by 61 -feet, fitted
to aaw.loga 30 feet long. 'Having two circular aawa
and a machine for sawing felloes attached, and
sufficient power in the engine to drive the whole,
aad tba boiler largo enough to make the steam,
and mors too.
all axound, and mea that have got the snap to them
to haul itf there being no less than seventy teams
astir is one day fast winter, attached to some forty
sleds and boats;" and every ten dsys of good sled
ding is equivalent to about one thousand logs.
Any person wishing to get large contracts for the
Railroad, or wishing to eater ml the lumber busi
ness will 6nd it to their advantage to call aad see
for themselves.
And any person anticipating building a Mill, can
op equally as Weil to call, for they can half pay for
one while they would be building. The building
being so framed, as to be eaaily taken down and aet
no would require bat little time te remove it.
The subscriber has also 105 acres of good
landabout forty acres cleared, a goo a frame Urn,
a youag Orchard of over one hundred grafted Apple
tree, most of which ere bearing, with Peaches,
Pears, Plums, Cherries, Qoiaeja, Grapes, &c &e
which have also commenced bearing. The mill
aad (arm will bo sold separata or together, to snit
purchasers; and liberal terms or payment given
Fbr further particulars enquire of
. -.e .... - r r. I. NORTON, Fremont,
or the subscriber sn ths premises. v
..,- , ; - ,- . w. L. CURTIS.
t Tferk, August 3. 1650. . . ? i
117 A quantity of seasoned wagon and. boggy
felloes, together with an extra quality of narrow
lalbf and i amber of all kinds kept constantly on
hand, cheap as can be had at any other mill in the
country. . . .. tai:pmj. ... ,.. vt.j.
- Land for Sale. .
rTTHlS following lands belonging to the De Forest
L heirs will bo sold VERT CHEAP, as the
owners are aerious to dispose of them. Thev Bfre
aiMated near Sandusky Bay on Rig Pickerel Creek,
ja a well settled neighborhood.
Description. ' Acres.
west hf south - west qu ar
north-east qear
north-west qnar
south-east fraction
aoutb-wost enar
Also le.OOO acres of Iand.
ia Ottawa county, embracing every variety of soil,
timber and prairie. 8ettlers can be accommodated
with such tracts as they may wish, nnd ths prices
will bo not more then half such Isnds wonld sell for
in Illinois or Wisconsin GEO. B. SMI 1 11.
Sandusky City, June 29, 1850 Ifi:3na
First Arrival from N. York!
' Just Received by Express,
Only FOUR DATS from the City!
MOUS DE LAIN8 and Paramettas, :
Black dress Silk, ' '
Black silk and Fancy net Lace,
Wrought muslin Collars,
- Velf et Trimmings and Buttons,
Fall and Winter Shawls,
' BoriDS.t Ribbons, tc. Ac
N. B. Ws shaH havs ths pi earn re ef showing to
The people of Fremont and vicinity, "
Tba Largest, best-selected and Cheapest slock
of Goods svsr opened here.
Tha Ladies ax invites to call and look at the
above tjroods.
August 30.
ZEPHYR WORSTED patterns, Cssvss, Board
and Needles, tt iUjKM. .
Tp; 8ee.
, 5 - 6
t 5 " 6
6 36
6 36
Large Additions and Increased facilities
Having J list purchased and received
hibit to I he public I lie heft assortment
...d will Mil .1 .. re..o,..hle and low pric .y
other establiadment in Sanduvky county, . r.ver
lhankrul to a dicriminnling public, for the patron
by whivh I have been ennbled to reach my
present position, I hope by strictly attending to bu
siness, and the interests of the public, to merit a
continuance of their favors. My stock ef
nrosuciumsi -
and Gentlemen's wear eenera'ly, will be offered at
The attention of the ladies is particolatlv culled
to oar extensive assortment of Dress Goods, which
consists is nrt of tfilks, Gro He Nap, Gro de Rhine,
&e-r plain- end figured Silks aud Satins, sud if
ther do not suit look at their beautiful variety of
fignred end plain rie lainee, cashmere, priuts, &c,
and then eiamiwe his general variety of edgings.
mull erivinir ribbons el everv description, sud ev
ery other article in that line; by that time yeu will
nt lo look at hia .
, BplenVib uarictr) of 0!)atols,
which for beauty, richneee and durabiliir, cannot
be surpassed in this mark t. II is stock of
II A B W A B E .
Consists in part of cable, log. trace and halter
bains; iniH, crop cut, hand snd back saws, an
i!s, vises, broad axes, aritsee, locks, augurs, bra
cesand bits, and lit fact, every article usually kept
in hsrdware stores. An of which will he sold a
- V ii paralleled IjOW Prices.
His assortment of iron, iia.is. iUks. crockerv
cullerv, &c. &,c, is complete. Atnericsn. Swedes
aud Old Sable iron in' any quantity, aelliiig at a
mere song.
for ladies, gents, boys snd misses in a great varietv
at prices lo suit the times. Also a targe assort
meut of
ileatly-tn iffe (lolliiuz,
st citv prices. He would also sar to the public
that he has made extensive arrangements lo go
info the '
and is now prepared to bnv .
And pay CASH for any amount that can
be had. Therefore bring it on, together with vou
produce of .everv description, aad vou will find a
ready market and the highest prices at
Fremont, Ma 35ih, 1850.
We hereby let Sanduskw know, '
Have opened Shop to work for all, , .
Who'll pleuse to favor with a call :
We've Bedsteads, Lminges, Tables too,
All kinds of Carpenter work we do
We'll. mend a Chair, a Tnble, Stand, !
Or Mass them all for Cash in hand : -Repair
a Door and cam the same,.
Hang with hinge or make the frame, .
Put on the lock with bolt or bars.
And if needs be we'll mend your Stairs:
Indeed, there is nought of wood that's made,
But we'll attempt rud plbasb if PAID.
And as maney makes the mare to go
We're bound to sell our labor LOW !
For instance : Such as others sell
Of Bedsteads, we will make as well.
And one-third LESS our pries shall be, :
If this you doubt, just come and see, - 1 ' " "
But, wher's yonr Shop ? 'tis close at band,
We've, taken the Democratic stand t
Opposite Brainard's, on Croghan street,
We'll gladly public custom greet. , . - -i
Fremont, July 13, 1850. - 18
' The Bed-Bng Guillotine.
Much plecasd to find te'w not be a alighted,
By thoce whoM custom we've iiivHd,
And pratefut thank we make to all - -
Yi bo v bought w 9AXO or made a cull.
Eocoaraged thus, ein we'll ehovK- .
1 he aroreaaHl ahop of J I XI Cz iJU. -(Now
don't mieinKf and elue where go.
To Slfvenaon's or Singleabaugh
One op the hill, the ether below.
And ihaa attempt to jacnp Jim Crew;
For if too do weH let you know. - " -.
We'll not admit you totbethow )
We've boufftit tha patent- the coaotv'a ininv,
We mean the bd-bttff Guillotine.
Thenoome y-eU who love sweet np;tingf '
Without sch tieiiiking, jerking, scratching t-.
Aa found, with bed-steada pporir made,
By such aa learti but hutf the trade.
-Whoae pinat a;id holea, and point attest
All will compose the clincher's rest.
From whence they r.tljy at dead ol night,
And pierce yonr veins with Venom bile.
If clean youwieh to keep your rnir; H
Tour shelve aud blankets from the ugv,
Come bay of us ami you sliaM find
There'e nothing like the. Guillotine. .
But wh tit's the mode? come, tell your plan,' .
We'll buy your bedstead to a man J ..
We've bought tha patent, aa said to you
Called the Perambulating Screw.
So close thV press the bus together
You'd eel litem well fcf hari.r-s leather;
An-i'tf vou get Vau Dortu's price
You'il 7 for bedsteads in a trice;
For three ttnd twenty cents together
He --ays will luy a pound ol" leather.
But our liquid t'adge is best ef ail,
A bottle we give tu f :ich that cat I;
Its easily give, easy to take.- -
Sure to kill and no mistake.
By presina; gently on the pate
The mouth flies open like a gate:
There, drop one drop enough ia said
And 111 ensure the creatue's detd.
Good law! ha masaa, what a dunce,
I'd better kill the brute at once.
So easy done just by a aqueez.
Just do rood ladvasyou please. " ' 22
: "'ST AH3. FFH(OMs
'' WM. KESSLER, Proprietor.
MR. KESSi.ER. announces tathe Trav'ina
Public thiit he has returned to the above welt
known stand and is novs prepared to accommodate
in the ta-st manner, aU wio may. favor hiiu with
their patronage.
No efforts will be spared to promote the comfort
and nouvemence-of iuests. .
U Good SrAai-lira aad careful Ostlzrs in at
Fremont. November 94, 1849 36
THE "ttt.Mtn
THE 8obfCribfr having made an arrangement
to purchase this article on Commission, are
prepared to pay the
So bring on your Wool and exchange it for
CASH nnd not for GOODS.
Fremont, May 25, 1850
YOUNG Mvsoo Tea of superior quality at
" T1
for Fever
J.VJ. and Ague for sale only at .
S. Buck land dc Co's.
AMP and Tanner's Oil at
Perry Davis' Vegetable Pain-killer.
For theinstaut cure sndsntire eradication of all pain
Xo matter where the pain is or of what nature
thix ill reach it.
Beware of Counterfeits! Caution!!
ALL persons are heretiy cautioned agaiual malt
ing application for, or purchasing Davis' Pais
Kiilkk of O" J- SiNroau Grkoubt, XUf ilan
iiife t'ily. ' J
He was formerly an airenl lor the sate of the gen
uine iiiedicnee but rtceMly ti has .come Ui the
knowledge of the proprietor, tlmt he is nianurnc-
,ari,;e "' vendrng si
sruuious AKiJi Lt:.
same s'.x lo as the genu-
ue, publishing a pamphlet cnnvinsr our direclions
nearly veroatim, and using one ol the hearts oi oui
advertisements, (" I nut a st Cork or Pais ") as a
name for hia spurious compound.
In order mora succesefullv to carrv on thia outra
geous fraud he haa within the paat two weeks, made
applialion to our western office at Cincinnati, for
another supp'.y of the genuine to sell to those be
cannot gull with his spurious stuff, lut his agency
is hereby revoked, and he will not receive any
further supply of the Genuine, " persona
who value, life and health, and wtsn to nurcnase
the genuine PERR T DA VIS' PAIN
KILLER, must see that alikeness of the ortg
inal inventor is on each bottle, and purchase of
such agents only aa are named below.
1. W. Harris. Ueneral Arent, new iionoon.von
necticut. Mav 4th. 1850 Western umt, no.
Colleee Uuilding, Cincinnati, 1 . n. c Alien
Superintendent. ... .Chs. Powers fc Co , sgenls
for Woodville Gideon Hslch, agent for Ball
ville: and tS BUCKLAND & CO.,
June 23:3m Sole agents fo Fremont.
IShaker- arsaparilla,
Needs but one trial lo establish its merit as the
T7VER disenvfrd 'or the cure of the numerous
"j dicfasr'H tirtstiij iront u dfiulii.ttH! and drmng
eti siate ot tU system.
Female cmi I unfa, Liver comnlainta. Scrofula
Bile, Piwij'ii-s or pntnlr'S on lh f.ice. cliruii aore
byes Kiiii;v"i m, or f-tfr. sctilft he f, rheuin it!iti
pnins iti the boiifs or mints, mid uh tline-.ew ;tiisii.t
Irom aa tnjuiicinus use of mercury.
Parity the Blood nd al i w 11.
Columbus, Indiana, June 5th, 1650.
Messra. 8. D. Hovt Sl Co. -Gentlemen: Abou
aix months since I waa attacked with what mv him
ily physician called Bilious Pneumonia, which be
enme seated deeulv on my lungs, and alter my pny
sician had brok- u up the fevt r my lungs still seem
ed to b senouslv nliectcd. I had no appetite what
ever; mv skin seemed to have loet ita action and
function, there was no perspiration, and in fact my
self as well as my friends had eiveu ine up aa ineur-
Me in consequence of mv complexion of disease
and aire, which is about sixty years, until one ol mv
neighbors called to see in, who s me four months
since was afflicted similarly to mysvli,Hnd had pur
chsad ; couple of bottlea ul Um. S. D llowt'i
Cohpouhu Extract of sarsapanilIsA, and it eavr
her sin ti 8netlT reiieu &he r-r-vftiled on me to pur
chase a bottle and irv it. I done 0 more lo gratifv
my Iriends than that I had any expectation ol being
beiH-fited bv the mic!nf. hut before I had tnkeu
tti whole of one tuittl' inv strength and appeiit
bejfn to improve rapidly as wel! as my skin, began
ti prform its .proper function.. I j-urc'msed il
weeoad bottle, ami hv the' time it wr-.s nil t-ken
was resnred'tOL as goofi health as 1 httve -ntved tu
the Uett vuty years. : Mrs. L. M 'KINNEY
Dr. S. Jackson a distinguished pltyatcian of Indi
ana eerttftVa to the nbove core, and tines Dr. Howe':
Shakkk Sarsahrilla in his private prartne and
recommends Hsnse for afl diMMses arising from a
vitiated state of the bU-o 1 md system. Such testi
tnony is of more real value than pages of ordinary
advertisements. -
The great success which has attended the use of
Dr. S. D. Howe's Shaker S area pari I U since Us in
troduction in the western states, has established Its
character in this section of country.
This is tte only SarsaprUlct that acts on
the Liver, Kidneys and Blood at the same time
and hence Us singular efficacy and sncetss. . Be
sure and get Dr. S. If. Howe's Shaker Sarsa
parilla and take no other. .
Qnar? BeUles $ I per bottle- ot or 6 bottles for $5
t Fremont, Sanduskj county.
Whelden Si. Rhodes, Sandusky ity, '
" fieoree Ebert, Tiffin, And bv
DR. S. D. HOWE fe CO.,' Proprietors,
So- I.Colletre Hall, Cincinnati. O.
Te whom all orders must be addres sed.. ' J7
Agency of Dr. S. S. Fitch,
, . . 707 Broadway New York.
FOR SALE His Patent S.lter Plated Abdom
inal Supporter, Patent ateel spring shoulder
brace. Silver Iuhaling Tube, and Lectures on Con
sumption &c.
Also his Celebrated Medicinea as prepared and
used bv him, with or withont 'he instruments, in
the'treatment of
PulTionary Consumption, Asthma,
Henrt Disease, Rheumatism,
Scrufula, Piles, Prolapsus,
Debility, tern-ale Complaints,
Spinal WeeknViss, Coughs, Colds, Catarh,
and all similar diseases.
The instruments are the best of their kind and
warranted against all delect. I he medicines are
carefully prepared by Or. Fitch, and all, whether
used together or each articie aeparately, will bear
comparison with, and tie toumi
Superior to any similar article,
b'-ii'i; iimde lur use aMU nol merely for sale.
Full directions in
which if given ywvT n vahmhlt lrrtit of 48 uag
es. All !i nt1 nan ttt -rut on:v au;y imnonwti
nyfiit B'Hrne. -J. y . Goirion;. Tiffin, Geo,
Ecbert. For sh'c in Frrmoiil. hv
June 8, 1850 12 lv '
Dll L. D..PAHKER, from Cleveland.
F ESPECT FULLY atmoiincffi flu- pullcihni
XV h liis pe rm-tnfiitiy located in Frt-ntont, for
lh urponf of nrticticinc;
Surgical and Mechanical PemiMry. -From
lh amplfv resources which he hns enjoyed,
for acquiring a thorough knowledge of the prufesn-
ion, he feels confident that he shall be able to give
fttttiefttetion to all who mav desire his aid. in the va
rious branches of the1 profession. - The public are
assured that the utmost care will be taken to render
Itis operations both permanent and Dseful.
Artificial Teeth et on Gold Plate,
in number from a tmigle one to a double sett. Piv
ot teeth set in the best manner. Curious teeth fil
led so as to permanently arrest the decav. Teeth
cleaned in such a mtuner bb not to injure the en
amet. Teeth extracted with the most approved
Dr. PARKED, wishes to be untlernlood that he
is responsible lor nil his operalions. reroiis wish-
ine Dental Oprntious, sre invited to call at his of
fice, in Caldwell's Brick Building, over Dr Chnm-
berlin's ( Jthce.
Fremont, June 30, 184915
Private Sale.
THE nubscrih-r offers the follow ine
tract of Lund at private sale at a BAR
GAIN, described s follows, to wit:
The south-east quarter of the. north
east quarter ot section INo. tlnrlMx, in township
No. five, north of range No. four teen, in Sandusky
conntv, containiiiff forty acres.
This land is about three antl a half miles west of
Fremont, in YV anliintjloii township, and is excel
ten Iv situated and ca!rulated ror fanuiDv porposes,
Persons wishinir to purchase will enquire of the
Editor of the Freen.au, or address the subscriber at
Hagerstown, Washington county, Maryland, post
Fremont, July 13, 185018
TTTOULD inform hia friends and the public, that
T T be has taken rooms at Balmlle, where he
intends carrying on the above business, in all its
branches, and hopes by punctual attention and
long experience in his trade to merit and receive
hare of Datrouase.
N. B- Cutting of garments of every description,
attended to in the moat fashionable atyle, and war
ranted to fit.
Also, he is Agent for DbtU' Pain Killer
a frrah suppiv insl received aim lorsale tv
Bsllville, Jnly 13, 185018
rpOWNSENU'S Sarsaparilla A large lot far
JL Me Bjr only J acciLAFV's
THE SUBSCRIBER will sell the follow
' injr described Farmino Lands' on the
most reasonable terms, both as to price and
credit: . ' '.
R. , Tp. Sea . . - Acres
23 s part s e qr ) kn'n as day town
26 w pt n e qr ( improved 139
17 a e qr of s e qr
iJO sw qr ne qr
" e hlf nw qr
32 e qrsw qr
lis fraction se quarter
13 sw fraction
13 w part nw quar
14e part fraction
" south part fraction
23 north part north east quar
24 north part north west quar
26 south east fraction
36 east hlf north west quar
1 west bit north east quar
A number of the above tracts of land are
improved and within one and two miles of
r remont
R. Tp.Sec.
14 6 25
" 2fl
IC tt
mm , a
mm 27
MM tt
m m 28
north hlf south east qr
north west quarter
west hlf north east quarter
north east qr south west qr
north half
north east qr south west qr
east half
north west quarter
north hlf south west quar
east half
north half noth east quar
MM 30
" 32
" m 33
tt li Si
' S 31
" " .8
". 19
south east south west qr frac 49
south hulf south east quar 80
south west quarter
west liif soutn east quar
west hlf south west quar
north east quarter
frac exc se qr exc ne qr
" west hlf south west qr
y 87
west hlf north west qr
- Maumee Road Tract No. 121 )
mis tract nas aooui u acres improved.
R. Tp. Sec.
13 4 26
Part. Acres.
south east qr north east qr 40
15 6
M (f
l (
M (C
It It
tt tt
tt tt
tt tt
tt tt
tt U
tt tt
M ,M
M tt
east hlf south east qr
south east qr north east qr
east hlf south west quarter
north eas. qr north west qr
sonth east qr north east qr
. 80
west hlf south east quar
west hlf north east quar
east hlf south east quar
north west quarter
east hlf south west qr
west hlf north east qr
north east qr north west qr
east hlf south east quarter
c iiupruveu, tuiu iug uuuw. j
norlh hlf north east qnar . 80
north hlf south east qr 80
south hlf south east qr 80
south west half 160
south hlf north west qr 80
nol-th east qr north west qr 40
- sourh hlf north eest qr 80
north hlf north west qr .80
south hlf noth west qr 80
north hlf south west.qr , ; .,- 80
north hlf north east qr. . . 80
north west qr north west qr , 80
west hlf south east qr ' 80
E.Tp.Sec. Part Acres.
15 4 1 n e pt una of 50 acres improved
west hlf south east quarter - 80
16 4
north hlf north enst quarter 80
north west qr south east qr ) .ft
10 acres-improved.,
16 5 23 north west quar
50 acres improved.
" " 21 east hlf south west qr
" " ' west hlf south eest qr
tt u u west hlf north east qr
" ' " east hlf north west qr
15 6 25 south west hlf north west qr 8(
" " " north hlf south westqr 81
. east hlf south east qr 80 "1
" " 26 north west qr north east qr 40
16 "' 30 west hlf south west qr 80
200 known as Bowsan farm, 60 acrs impro'd J
16 6 30 north east qr south west qr 40
" " north west qr south east qr 40
" " u north east qr north west qr v 40
7 '
Sec Part. Acres.
21 north hlf n e quar 80
' west hlf s e quar 80
22 north hlf n w quar 80
3 north hlf west half se qr 40
4 south hlf s e quar 80
5 south east qr s - 'qr. 40
. 6 south east quur 160
.11 south hlf n w quar 80
north hlf s w quar 80
14 north west quarter 160
23 s e quar s e quar 40
1 north hlf u w quar 80
7 1 west part . 325
south east quar 160
south hlf n e quar 85
2 north' hlf s e quar 80
8 32 south part n e quar 81
35 south hlf s w quar 80
36 south west quarter 160
14 6 6 north east quarter 164
east hlf n w quar 88
north hlf s w quar 89
north hlf s e quar 80
south e quar s e quar 40
7 1 north w quar frac 158
south hlf n e quar 80
2 east fraction 319
south hlf b w quar frac 81
east hlf s w quar 80
3 west hlf fraction 325
north east quar frac 163
north hlf s e quar 80
4 north blf fraction 329
north hlf 8 e quar 80
13 1 17 sooth hlf 320
north east qdarter 160
east hlf n w quar 80
14 23 north hlf 320
6 13 north east quarter 160
14 south hlf 320
22 whole 640
14 north east quarter 160
15 11 south half 320
12 north east quarter 160
north hlf 8 w quar 80
north hlf s e quar 80
"13 south half 320
north hlf n w quar 80
20 whole 640
28 south half 320
82 north hlf 320
34 north hlf 320
35 north hlf n w quar 80
1 30 south half 815
32 west half 320
north east quarter 160
83 north half 320
tt tt u
tt tt t
" 36
" 15
R. Tp. Sec.
13 6 10
tt u tt
" 8
t tt u
" " 10
U M 11
10 ac
" "15
ti tt tt
tt' tt tt
tt tt tt
tt tt .tt
- 22
1 U '- tt .
:- 25
16 5 17
. ...... 38 easthalf s w quar" " 80
20 south west quarter - ;, 160
t j. v - - 'Wost hlf 8 e quar : 80
C 11 east part n w quar 80
; 23 east part s w quar 1 80
16 12 west hlf s w quar .. s 80 1
-13 west hlf n w quar V-l 80 v
60 acres improved . - )
i;7 30 south w qr n w qr fraq 39
14 4 north hlf s w quar 80
5 south east quarter 160
6 south west quarter 156;
8 31 south hlf n e qtmr 80
north hlf s e quur 80
6 north w qu.irs e quar 40,
7 north east quar 160
north hlf n w quar ' 78!
8 south west quarter 160
10 north hlf s e quar ' 80
12 south half . - 320
13 north east quarter 160
north hlf n w quar 80
north w quar a e quar 40
north e quar 8 w quar 40
14 north east quar 160
north hlf 8 e quar 80
15 west half 320
south east quarter 160
7 north e qr s w qr frac 44
21 south hlf 8 w qurr 80
south w quar n w quar 40
. north e quar n w quar 40
5 north hlf s w quar 80
Sec Part
-5 south half
- 320
7 west half fraction
18 north w quar fractiou
6frc 24 north half
13 whole fractional
14 do do
4 22 south hlf v qutr
- 382
United states Reserve nt Perryshuruh, tin-
divided two thirds of the west half south east
quarter, 54 arres; and undivided two thirds
south west quarter.
T. Sec. Part Acres.
2 1 west half s e quar 80
east hlf s w quar 80
10 west hlf s e quar . 80
east hlf n e quar 80
1 1 west hlf n w quer : 80
12 north hlf n e quar 80
5 west hlf n e quar 80
north west qvarter 160
north hlf s w quar 80
6 east hlf n e quar 80
south east quarter 160
south hlf s w quar . 80
7 north hlf n w quar : 80
north w quar n e quar 40
R. P. BlCKIiA.l)
FREMONT, Sandusky co. Ohio )
- April 13, 1850:
Stores ! Stoves ! !
New Stove Store in Fremont, Ohio!
r lHE subscriber is just receiving at hia ahop on
.L Mainatreet, one door sooth of O. li. . Nim's
store, any quantity of
Hathaway's improved Ten Plate and Box Stoves,
and better than all, Wrlkson's Co.'s
Kitchen Witch!
Principal Patents in 1837, '3842, '47, & '49.
The proprietors of this Cooking Stovo, with en
tire confidence, claim for it the merit of betnr the.
very beet in the world, either as to economy, conve
nience, or durability. Call and examine it, and sat
isfy Yourselves.
1 offer the above lot of Stoves at a small advance
above cost, and with everv varietv of
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Vi are,
and will furnish on reasonable terms.
Eave-trough. Gutter and Conductor Pipe,
and a!! articles in my line warranted to be what 1
represent them
Farmers, Merchants and others are invited lo
call before purchasing elsewhere, as 1 am deter
mined to make it an object for them to do so. 1
will also pay a fair price for all kinds of merchanta
ble Produce.
For any quantity of Sheep Pelts.
October 13, 31 -6m.
How . jl irff&img,i5mim&s I
TTHAVING taken the old stand of J. R. Pease,
Xl and purchased the entire stock of Peaae &
Roberts, are now having it replenished with the
latest and most desirable uatterna of
Air-Tight, Six-Plate and Box Stoves,
ever offered in this market, which will be sold at
Wholesale or Retail;
tosuit purchasers, and for which we will take your
Hides, skins, Hags, beeswax, 1 allow, die.
Old Stoves bought and sold, or exchanged for
New Ones.
Give us a call. Don't forget the place, Pease's
Brick Block No. It at the sign ol tne Btove.
N. B. For particulars call at our establishmeat;
Advice, gratis.
Femont, Sept. 29, 1849.
Lester Vandercook's Estate.
ALL persona indebted to tha estate of the late
Lester Vandercook, are hereby notified that
immediate payment must be made to the under
signed, or costs will be made.
A COLES, Administrator.
Fremont, May 25. 1850. 11
1 WEEDS' and Pittsburgh Iron at
TT TH iTE LEAD. Pure. Extra. No. 1. Dry
y v
and p-rouud ia Oil. for sale cheap, at
AILS. Fremont Iron Co. 'a Nails, manufac
tured at Troy. N. Y., at Haticbs'.
BIBLES. A lare lot of Family Bibles from
1 50 to $6. Also, Pocket, Clasp, Tuck, and
Polyglott Bibles and Testaments at
CASH paid for Laud Warrants, at
vollevje or ise.metssI
207 Main Street, Buffalo, New York.
DR. G. C. VAUGHN'S : ,
Vegetable Iiitliontriptic Mixture.
fTlHIS celebrated remedy is constantly increasing
its fame bv the msnr cures it is niakins .
All over toe nono.
It has now become the only medicine for family nse
aud is particularly recommended lor ,
All atagea of thia complaint immediately relieved,
no matter of bow long standing. (See pamphlet lor
G r a t e 1 ,
and all diseases of ths nrinsry organs; for these dis
tressing complaints it stands alone; no ether arti
cle csn relieve yon, and the cures testified to will
convince the most skeptical. See pamphlet. Liv
er complaint, bilioaa diseases,
Fever and Ague.
To the great west especially, and wherever these
complaints prevail, this medicine is offered.
No Mineral agent,
no deleterious compound is a part of this mis to re, it
cures these disf ases with certainty and celeritv, and
doea not lease the system torpid. See pamphlet.
Piles, ,
a complaint of a most painful character, ia
, Immediately Keiieved. -and
a enre followa by a few days nse of (his article:
it is far before any other preparation for thia diaeasr,
or for anr other disease originating from impnre
blood. See pamphlet.
Debility of the System,
weitk back, weiikneseof Hi, kidnwve, Ac, or infla-
inntion of thp smne, is immedinieiy relieved by
tew iia8 rife ot this medicine, and a cure is slways
lite. result of itfi uhp. It Simula hs
a Certain itemed?'
lor surii conipUints, and a'sa for derangements oT
ihefemalo frame, .
Irregularities, Suppressions,
painful tiietistrtttitiotis. . No article h ever been
offVret! exot-pi tltis, which would touch this kiud ot
dera!:eiiieiitf . It rimy be relied upon ns a sure and
effective relne!y, alld did we feel pertllilted to, de
so, could give - -r
Thousands of Slame ,
as proof of cures in this distressing class of com
plaints; see pamphlet. All broken down, debilitit
ted constitutions from the effect ol mercury, -will
find the bracing power of thia article to act imme
diately, and the poisonous mineral eradicated from
the system. ' r .. . . . .
Rruptive Diseases
will also find the alterative qualitiea .of this article
, Purify the Blood,,
and drive such diseasea from the ayatem. eee,
pamphlet for tesiimony of cores in all diseases,
which the limits of an advertiaement will not per
mit to be named therein. Agenta will give them
away; and they contain 32 pages ef certificates of
high character, and a . ,
Stronger array of Proof,
of the virtues ot a medicine never appeared. It ia
one of the peculiar features of this article that il
never tails to benefit in any caae, and if bones and
muscle are left to build upon, let the emaciated and
lingering invalid '
'laice new uonrage, - - - . .
and keep nsing trie medicine as long aa there is an
improvement. The proprietor wonld
sgainst a number of articlea which com. out under
the head of Syrups, Sarsapariltas, &c , aa cares for
Dropsy, Gravel, die. ; they are good for nothing,
and are only concocted to gnll the unwary.
Toncb. them not.
Their inventors never thought of curing such dis
till this article had done it. A .particular
atudy of the pamphlet ia earneatly solicited. -
Agents snd all wno sell tne article aie glad to
circulate gratuiluoualy- Pot op in 30 ox. bottles at
$2; Viol. de. at $1 each the larger holding to oz.
more than the two small bottles. Look out aud not
get imposed upon. Every bottle has "Vaughn's
Vegetable luthontriplic Mixture, ' blown upon the
glass, the written signature ol "i. . v augnn,
on the direct ione, and "G. C. Vaughn,. Buffalo,"
stamped 'on the cork. None other are geiiuiue.
Prepared by Dr. G. C Vaughn, and void at the
principal office 1207 Main street, Buffalo, at whole
sale and retail. No attention given to letlera un
less post paid orders from regular constituted
agents .excepted; post paid letters, or verbaLcouinui
nicatione soliciting advice, promptly attended to
gratis. -
Office devoted exclusively to-tbe aale of thia ar
ticle, 132 Nassau alreet. New York city; 295 Es
ex street, Salem, Maee., and by the principxl
druggists throughout the United Statea aud. Can
ada. For aale by-
S. BUCKLAND, fe CO.. Fremont;
J. W. Goodsoni BeUevue,
Charles Powers, Woodville,. .
J. K. Owen, Tiffiin, , '
W. Avers, Upper Saiiduky,
Jos. E. Fouke, Little Smidusky,
R. Perry, MeCntcheusville.
Fremont, June 3, 1849 ljr
t .V V it .i .V J3 .
THE undersigned wonld call tha attention of
merchants and others having property expos
ed to loss by fire or the perils of navigation to the
superior advantages offered bv the
Of Hartford, Connecticut.
R ttes "f firrniium aglow as those of any other
2. A .fdy ami satisfactory adjustment of loss
es by the Geiiernl Agent ol' the company, for the
wealcm and sonlheru Slates.
3. Arbitration (of nil tiffr-rine'8 which may
arise) by rel'ereea mutually chosett.
4. Award- promptly fitid in uper-i-,' bank tb'
funds; or exchange "ti N. York. Ch irlMon, B i'ii
innrr, N-w Orleans, St Louis. L-u j-v-'K , Piitt--'.-.urtih
ir Cil;Ci'ia i, at thp ufttU't ,j ti.e niKirT.l
IE? Pamphlets 8tlillB forth the mo.le nil. I jTincl
a ol" adjusting los;-es mtea of premiums clne.
wilicHiiou tf li7. .rf!, &C-, &n , furnished to the
customers of llie nfll e free of .charge.
For f tirtlier inforniatiou
aji!y to the uiidereiyiied who is luliv am liorizeii to
insure dwellings, Mures, hotels, warehouses, itiiils,
manufactories', bnrns, &e:,'&e
household furnitureatid goods, waresaud merchan
dize contained or stored therein, against loss or
damage by fire.
dry goods, groceries, manufactured goods, produce,
household furniture, live slock, and every other de
scription of merchandize or personal property, ship
ped or to be shipped per good steamboat, or boata
to and from points on the western waters, or be-;
tween eaatern cities (via lakes, or other inland
route) and any towna in the western country, sgainst
the hazards of inland transportation.
shipments of goods, wares and merchandize, per
good vessel or vessels, between New Orleans and
other Gulf ports between all American ports and
English or European porta, or to any maratime port
whatsoever in the Atlantic waters, against the per
ils of the seas.
R. P. BUCKLAND, Agbwt,
Hartford Protection Insurance Co.
Fremont, Jan. 5, 1850 43-3m
GIVE notice to the eitixrnsof Fremont, and ths
public generally, thai they have formed a co-
narlnamhin. .nrl int.nd carrvinir OD the above boSI-
ness in all its branches and forms. They have
made large additions to their stock of
Horses, Carriages, Buggies, fcc;
and are now prepared to accommodate all who may
favor tbem with a call. Horses and carriages
For Parties ox Funerals
can be had at any moment. Covered and open
baggies for men of business or pleasure, on the
shortest notice.
Riding Horses of the best bottom,
always on hand. The strictest attention paid, so
that all who call shall be accommodated without
delay. Teams for
Carrying Passengers or Movers
into any part of the country, always on hand. '
Those wishing any thing in the above line, will
do well to give as a trial, as we feel confident they
will be satisfied, both as to teams and prices, the
former warranted to carry paa-engera to their desti
nation in the ehortest possible time, and the latter
to be as reaeoaable as possible. By strict attention
to busiit.es, tbey hope to merit a liberal share ef
public patronage.
StaDies neany opposite morion's rounurj.
Fremont, December 15, 184JK - ' ,
" ' '"'-rsiieKLB os duACKa. -
LaT Evsarsesv Rs&o this CAsa.tru.T. That, to s Sat
aaparlHa tor n. la ins i.renl iowm ullad 8. P. Town-sond's'San-partlls.
U ai artwtd as Uw ORIGINAL, OEM.
LIMB, and all umu Thia Townmid m mo aoeuruid mvci in ;
bat was (ormerlr s worker aa railnrada, cuala, and th lik-y
a. anas the till, ef Doctor lor lbs parpoM of g.iniax credit
fm what has ws. H. mn "h. kas atunOMl two aufeul
senooU. and practical tor 61tei rrg! !M Now th. tratti ia. b.
sem prectieKl nvxiicine a Say la bis Ha ! Suck tmlfal, tricM
md aiiwaprBWHitauoo looks bad to tb. ebuaewr and verKity ef
lb. aiaa. I wiak OMSt ameMely, bt aad mnmr nad. ttm. aa.
nwnts of himaeif or of m. Wbea will bmb learn to be boneit
and tratbrul ia all their dcallnsa aad intcrcovrw with ttoir rl.
low men I H. applied to on. RimI Clspp to aaK him in au.
faetarinf bis mixture, stating tb. Urge mubs be wonld rna&e,
ae aa induce mem to .mbark la ths biMineas. Thee, men bar.
bsea iasultiaff and libeltins me ia all poseiM. forme, in rder U
fmprees th. public wile tb. belief that the Old Doctor1 8area.
partj la was not tba genuine, mginmt SmrMapariUm, made mat
the Old .Doctor's Original tttaie. Thta 8. P. Towaeend says
I ha.o sold the so of my nam. for ST a weak. I will fie. htm
400 If k. will produce one einele solitary proof of . Hat
etetMMMe T rLuniMMk Bkilimaa as Co., ar nathln. but a
tiaeue of ralsehooda, amply mad. te dec. ire the public, end
Br. JACOB Townoend'e Sereaparills, hsln on u the Old Doc.
tsr'a likaoMa. his family Coat Arsis, and Bat alriatura acraas
w voat ot arms. - a .
Old Dr. Jacob To wnsend, '
Genuine Townsend SaxsaparUlA.
Ofd TVt. Towntwd m now bam TO of ture, mt hn oof
bMs known m ihe AUTHOR nl DISCOVERER t the
RILLA." Bern? poor, n wm compelled te imiit u tMntrfit
tun, by which mcmna it bas boM kept out of BMrkat, mbA Um
mim ciiXaUtwcnbed to thme only who tiad provvd u wonh. aad
ktwwB tw valtM. It hati reanhed the ears of manf , nearirMlaaa,
an mow pemw who had been lwatorS rtf aora diaeaaea, and
avad from death, proiainied um wonHrrvf
afactured on the laxgeat ecale. and ia called for thraqjthiHn tha .
leof th and breadth of the land, especially mm St ia tbuod ttypa
ble of deceiMrauoii or deteriormtton.
Unlike young & -p. Townaand'a. it tmprosae with ugm. and
never ettanfeabm forthe better; bacDM k n prepared on acitn.
Hc principle by a aiemttjic man. The tihemt taowradn of
Cbemianrr. and t
brought fauo requteitioo in the manulaecare of the Old Dr'a Sar.
toe laieat oiacorenew at tba art. bare an beea
paritla. Tha Saraaoaritla rooL i ia waH ttnowa lo madieaf
jnen, contains many ntxlicinal propertiea, and aome proparuaa
which are inert or twetaaMuu othera, which if retained ta pre
pno it for use, produce ftrmentutum and mcid. which ia itv
junoos to tha srateni. Soma a tha propertiea or Sataaparillft
are so volatile that they entirely evaporate and are lost in the pra
paratiOD, if they are not preserved by a settnhie praeeaa, knoww
only to thaw expenenced in its aunnsacmra. Moraovar, thee
wmbmi prmctwtM, wnicn ny on in Tapor. or as aa exha.auoB,
der heat, are the very euteniuU mdtcat raaartiss of the ro-
wnicn give to n an tt raiaa.
AilY Deraon Can boil r atwv um rant rJH th.. M ii.Hr m4
n& liquid, which ia mora from th. coloring rnauer in the root
wan n-om anTtnine; tse ; they can tnen strain taat insipid or
vapid liqaid, .weaten witfa war molaaaes, and cnee call it "SAR
SAPARILLA EXTRACT or SVKUP." But aac. i. aot is. arti
rle krjown aa th.
This ia so pnpererf that all tba imn propimlet of iht Sar
nparilla root are first removed, Tarythiog capable of baeotav
tts acid or feimeatation ia extracted aad rejected ; chea every
panicle of medical virtue ie eeaured in a pure end emeentrateS ,
form ; and Uiue it it rendered incapable of losing any of ita vat
aabte and nealina propertiea. Prepared n title war, a is made
tba aooat powetimagent ia the
Cure of innumerable Dleeaeaa ;
Hence the reason why we bear commends uoo n erenr tide ia
lis iavor by men, women, and children. We find it duxna; waa
dera in the cure of . t
PIMPLES. BLOTCHES, and all ejections araicc from
K poeeeseae a marveHoua efficacy in all complaints arfea
from Indigestion, from Acidity tkm StvmmeK, from aneqnaf
rirculatioiL, determination of blood to the -head, aalpitatioa av
the heart, cold feet and hands, cold chills and hot Bashes over the
tody. It has not ita equal ia Colds, and Cvk ; and promote
easy expectoration and gentle perspiration, ceiajUAg stnetaree o
iahe lune, throat and every other part.
But in nothing is its excellence more manifestly seen sd ac
knowledged Uum in all kinds and atagea of ' r.
It works wonders m caeee of FTutr Altm or VDilitt, FnJtine
ft Ae Womb, Obstructed. Suppressed, or Painful Mensrs, rr. r
regulsirity of the menstrual par looi. and the liice ; and is effectual
in curin ail the forms of & utnsv -'v:
By reniov.rya; ohetrucuorui, J r- - --
h c.Ves tone aiid tra.itgm te l t ft w 6 x , a .
fnrroa of
Kcrveni Xjeea,aea anft De;"'v,
andthna prevents or relieve a great variety of outer ma'edtea.
ll cUansea the Wood, excites the ttvar to healthy artiwi. umea
the eteaTaaca, and gives good digestion, relieve .the bowato mi
Mrpes and caoatipaiKarx, aiUye intl4ums4uwa. oerioee the kuer
3qttaJJaaa the crrctJlatJon of die blood, prtMluclng rentle warub
equally all aver tha body, and tlw-tnseneiMe perspiration: re
laxes atnetorea and tightoeaa. iftnovesatl obMrocuons, aad ia
viaorarea the entire nervowsyatefli. - la not this then
Tka 9CedUelBa yeni pre-emloeativ need! T .
Bat can any of these thins be said of 8. F. Townsend' aalev
liar anicle 1 This young man's liquid is not to be r
beeanee of one GRAND PACT, thai the one ie INCAPABLE
of DETERIORATION, and v , ,
White the other DOES; sourrnjr, ferrmenti-ng, and itomnr lh$
bottles containing it into fragments : the sour, acid liquid ea
Dioditvc. 4Uid damaarinc oihor cood' Mum notih horrihU cna :
pound be poisonous to the system f What put mcid ims
system already diseased with add J What cause Dyspepsia
but acidl Do we not all know that what, food eoura taour etom
ache, what mischief it produces 1 flatulence, beanbum, palpi-
sssuwss vi w awsua, uw Anuftaiiut. UIBI I IltfOt WivBUlorj, rOJIfa
and corrnption of the blood 1 What ie Scrofula but an acid hue
ion oi im oiooa I must si acroraia out aa acta su
Ddv t What produces all the htrrnora which bring oa
I th. Saw, Scald Head, Salt Rheum, Eryatpejae,
liiuja, Perer So rea, and all ulcerations internal aad
rivi lu ma uvur
Eruptions ot t
White Swellines. 1
aatenutl ? It is nothina; under heaven bat an acid nlmanra.
erhich eoura, and. thua spoils all the Huida of tha body, more or
less. What causes Rheumatism but a sour and acid fluid
which insinuates itself between tha joint and elsewhere, trri
Uting and inflaming the delicate tissues upon which it aetst
So of nervoue disease, of impurity of the blood, of deranged
etrculauoa, and nearly all the ailments which afflict human aa
ura. ,
Fiowta K not Horrible to make and set . and inHnUshi smarm
to use this
and yet be would fain have it undenrtood that Old Dr. Jacob
Townsend's Genuine Original Sarsaparilla ia an IMITATION -af
his inferior preparation f !
Heaven forbid that we should deal in an article which wevja
bear the most distant resemblance to 8. P. Townsend'aorftcte
We wish it understood, because h is the mosotmte truth, that
S. P. Townsend5 article and old Dr. Jacob Townsend's haiape
rilla are heaven-uride apart, and infinitely dissimilar; that they
are unlike in every particular, having- not oe siogtoaing hi
Aa 8. P Townsend in no doctor, aac sever was, is nil an.
1st, aa pharmaceutic know, ao more of nwdtcin. or tunas, :
than ir otlwr common, unscientific anomretMional anaji. aa...
guarantee can the public neve that tbev ax. racetving a swuiaa
acieottfic medicine, containing all the virtua of the articles aisj
tu jjiofimt iMjt airu writcn are mpim 01 crmnfjee wniCB ItllgHI
render them the AOENT&of Dtaeaiai instead of health ?
. But what else should be expacwi from one who know? nothing
eoniperauviy of mediein. or diweaec 1 It naquins a peraoa
Mine experience to cook and ser. up ereo a cummuu daeeal
maal. How much more rmporuuu ia it that la. paraooa wb.
manufsciure medicine deaigned for .
should know wall the medical propsnies ol pi ante, the best saaa.
oer of securing and concentrating their healing Tirtuea also aa
ezteneive knowlede. of the vanaas dtswane. which atfeftt taa
human system, and how lo adapt raawdaes to thee, diaeaaea ! .
It is to arrest I ramie upon the unlormnaie. to pour bain. tat.
wounded humanity, to kindle bops m the despurrns bosom, lo
restore health, ami bloom, and rieor into In. ertrahed and bro
ken, and to banish infirmity that OLD DR JACOB TOWNSKND
aa. souuilT r uunu rae ovponiuuty aad awans to bruaj
within the reach, and to the knowledge of all who iHwd n tast
ihey mav learti and know, bv joyful experience, its
Trstnae.SMxa.Bit remr ta Heatl :
STEP1I. BUCKLAND, & 0 Agents,'
!'"-: ' Fremont," Sandusky co., O.
The Illustratei Domestie Bible, '
BT Rev. Ingrain Cobin, M. A. This beautiful
Family Bible will be published in twenty-five
numbers at 25 centa each, and will alas be put up
in monthly parts at 50 cents.
The distinguishing features of this Bible are
1. Seven hnndred wood engravings. . ,
2. Many thousand marginal refers aces.
3. Three finely executed teel maps. -
4. Numerous improved Readings. '. ,
5. A corrected chronological ord.r. ' "
6. Th postiea books in metrical form. . ,
. 7- An exposition of each chapter, containing lh
essence of the best commentators, with mnch orig
inal matter by the editor. - '
8. Reflections drawn from tha subject of tha
chapt'r, and giving in a condenasd forrrii lu pir
itual impoit.
9. Datea affixed to the chapters for each morning
and evening's reading, comprising tha whole Bible
in one year.
The engravings are never introduced for show,
knl .!. n awnt.H tUm - :llna,Mitl Ia..
manners and customs of the ancienta.
A specimen number with recommendations from
some of our leading divines is now ready.. Tha
regular issue will be about the first of July, and a
number will be publiehed on the first and nftesnth.
of each month, till the book is complete. .
Agents are wanted to procure subscribers for. this
work, and the opportunity ia a most favorable one,
far them to do well.
It will be one of the most beautiful and eotnpfe
heasive Bibles ever published, and so cheap as to.
place it within the reach of all.
A uil imai-naiil m ' St' TJ IT F.KTTiTuV
12:3 ' 139 Nassau street. New York.
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" Hisaxs Crsaf 6tor.
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