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-t 4 . . London; Jc. 11, 1S50.- .
Correspondence of the IV. Y. Com
mercial Advertiser.- '"
"Hie principal event of the present week
has been a renewed attack by the Schleswig
Holstciners on the Danes, which has resulted
like all their previous efforts," in discourage
ment. - From Hesse Cassel the news continues
to be regarded with great interest, but noth
ing has occured to alter the state of affairs as
they were discussed in my letter by the last
pacKet' in r ranee me position 01 tiouis x apu
constitutional position, nnd "not to test to
severely the fidelity of hia army." The at.
swer of His Royal Highness was waited witl
intense interest because, relying, upon thi
promises of his Austrian and Bavarain advisers
he had thus far declared his intention of giv
ing his- beloved subject no alternative but
extermination or submission; wnne on me
other hand signs of negotiations being in pro
gress at Berlin on his behalf seemed to vin
dicate the possibility, that, like Oen. Haynnu,
he might have discovered tnc expediency 01
icon seems to become less favorable, and prices: concession. Whatever may have been the
on the Pans Exchange have continued to de- expectations cntertuined, tliey havo, however, Df God, and upheld by his
. .v ........- i - Af ;n . i- : .j t i .. I. t I. r. ...... t . :
cane, nome tue utter .auauuuc ui uuuuv peen aisapponuuu. ius ir uv waa
The Farmer A Beautiful Picture.
The man who stands upon his own soil, who
L'eels that by the laws of the land in which he
lives by the laws of civilized nations -he is
the rightful and exclusive owner of the land
which he tills, is by the constitution of our na
ture under a wholesome influence, not easily
imbibed from any other source. He feels
other things being enual --more strongly than
auothcr, the character of a man as the lord of
an inanimate world. Of this great and won
derful sphere, which fashioned by the hand
ower, is roimig
have unconditional obedience, and that he was
prepared to enforce it. A short ti mo there
fore, it would seem, must now bring the ques
tion to an issue. '
muident of anv kind -is still remarkable.
The account last week left the Holstciners
preparing to make aa attempt to recover the
tev of Friederickstad, (a fortified place, with
about 2,400 inhabitant,) which commands the
river Eyder, and which- they had "" abondoned
after the Kittle of Idsted,. Tho operations tor
this purpose commenced on the- 2l)th of -Sep-t,-mher.
and after five "days,- during which
it was believed they ha"d sufficiently crippled
the external defence of tlia uanes to renuer
it practicable to take the town by storm, and
a general attack was resolved upon. On. the
. 3d- of Octobar, therefore, the movement was
ordered, and the ilolsteiu army advanced in
threa columns from three different points.
But altough theVhighest "amont rof personal
.daring was shown, the day closed.'with the
hitter fact that in each case it had been .shown
in vain, and that a heavy, loss had once more
been incured without effecting the smallest
result" The unrelieved train of disaster to
i. : . u it..! . ; ... U.-a KAon siihii-.ied.
WUICU kUt3 iXVl3'.GlUCl un' ww. I '
from the very commencement of the war, was
not-diminisbed in.jhe. present "instance. ,In
oriH'niiiirr tha blowincr un of an ammunition.
-i : . ? . - .
wagon and in anotftertue drowning oi an vu
lire company by-the breaking in of a pontoon
bridge,, were among the many dispiriting cir
cumstances that marked the whole proceeding.
T.he bard secretiveness of their opponents also
.drew them: into-imminent loss,' since during
ko oHnr-l- nf thi. nrprddiiitr davs'on the ex
ternal works of the town, the Danes', by grad
ually slakeningthe.dcfensive.fire had given
- the impulsive Holsteiners reason' to believe
that" many works had been- silenced and dis
abled, which now, when tne nnai tusn .wwara
them was made,, sent forth with -unimpaired
efficient the most terrific volleys. - : ,- . , ? i
The loss from this unsuccessful attempt
mshAxtjlvestinutted bv General Willise'ri at
400 or 300 in killed and wounded. Bat sub-
Swuuent accounts snow inavouuor uu vuiu
- S)o much nearer the number. ; The loss inthe
town ore the oartof the Danes is" reported to
have oeea triuung. mo ugw
however, has been yery great, one half of it, as
-.ii is alleged, having been destroyed. ;
.-8- in4beec piecemeal disasters an extent oi
.mischief is c-ohisr on- far -greater than would
take place in one decisive battle."'; i.'A great loss
ending in a route either side would sum
.-up-th worst at oace, but although the num
ber of tuenjliat have been killed in this sad
war has been greater than in , many, engage-
lrtents that tave sealed the fate of empires, the
.-sacrifice has been attended by no other conse
qoencea than that of making both parties more
stubborn than at the - commencement. Im
mediately after the failure of the attempt on
Fredericksiadt was announced, the Scbeswig
" Holstein Diet issued' proclamation galling
the country to BeW: efforts.. . A forceu loan
-fras' decreed to supply the necessary funds,
'td aa increase in the army wasfesolved up
on to th extent-of upward of . -five tbousaad
' -rtt; Meanwhila r the surrounding nations
look on complacently, their only step having
been th issue ot a protocol wnicn " use" "
h HoteteinersictsUengthea tbefr appeals to
"German sympathy. ."The powerful Cabinets
Vf Europe," it is said in the last proclamation
-of the Diet, "are united with Denmark tode-
e liver, over, ocmeawij uytaw-m w
"tiostile nation forever- r '
T'- On other band the Danes are also rendered
- increasingly resolntei :;Ths legislative chamber
T at Copenhagen, was opened on" the 5th instant,
I and the King in his message, referring to the
recent victories, imitating the dread language
of Suwarraw to the Empress Catharine, boast
ed that "God was with them," and that they
' had "opened a bloody path."
ThR course of events in Hesse Cassel still
onntinnflseatisfftctorv. inasmuch as the citizens
.... Aftlir. nprsAfftrance in- the path of
'liv lllbll a,iy w .
legality, have given the Elector and hisfnends
mo escape trora tneir perpiexincB- - h""
tion of IBs-- Royal Highness is as ludicrous
oatat nf the neonle, is sublime, while the
J." figure cut by-' Austria and Bavaria, who
; are-waiting eagerly and vainly to be summon-
fid to' bis rescue, and -are merely sepi, irui"
. cntPrir.fr the territory without a. pretext by
i.or A&aA at Prussia, is one of a more .de-
. .r.An liind than, has oerhaos tet been ..re-
'1- corded in history, i To use a remark of one of
ilia Tendon Dapers the poor Elector is daily
' rlin.rtisin(r. . W anted a revolution," and can
f j get. nd answer; n ' i;x . ,
General Havnau. however, still labors inde
i "-'fatisably to accomplish -the intention of his
: ,ot.f ThH nrlncinal mode adopted, seems
I fobs that of announcing what he will do
t . W rirtnlfi titill onlv trive him ' an" opportunity
r So metunw nf Oik kind is the preparation" of
.... -
Tutorials for makinar Ted hot balls to bom
ti naitcpl. the moment the rebellion shall
' - nnvB commenced.
" Every step, however, brings-the conspiracy
infcf deeper scorn. ; , No sooner was a perman-
sent court martial appointed than its legal om
j:,y-i W:1ina to take part in it. and pronoun
A it nnlawfuL A . decree was then issued
, 1 .T f- Aiuin rrntirA Hilt.
'tor meaissarauunui n'n-iK"""!
- '" fte officers refused to attend to it, and retained
their arms and performed their duties as if it
' never been heard of. Lieutenant Bauer was
St leogn persuaded to aci as me agenv oi nj
' tun. sunn tna unior-unaie wchucuiou w
T fniinrl himsielf arrested bv order of the
reeriment. for actinsr without
' n.lloii nrrlers from his own superior om
t ti.. .Lid nln of'thftsa incidents.
, -cor iu uo 1 , , , . TT
one of the leading members of the bar in Hesse
f . rs.I adHressed A letter to the general, en-
'-."- treating him to resign, and warning him of the
responsibility that attaches to proceedings, a nd
.om.in fuiihful tt) Law. and.order;
t thu name time for new trial:
7 and vet to continue calm. Quiet and endunn
- - throuizh confidence in the ultimate triumph
rnrini- the - foresfoins circumstances!
. 1 1 l. t V. . . Mi. nra rrottimv ff U il fl Tl
jiinrRA tne reu iiufc uaua ' ' t, ..... .- ,
the result was that the general was at last
o-Url to consent'to'a sort of truce. The upper
military law court have passed a resolutiou
accusing him of treason, suspending himfcom
his cemmand and ordering his arrest: and as
- ; the troops were beginning to give signs that
they were not to-be relied upon, h appears
to haVe come at last' to the conclusion that the
crisis be had been trying to provoke, might,
" ; if he went much farther, have no other than
.' a personal end. It appears therefore, to have
" ; bVnrranged that all mersures should be sus--pended
for short time on both sides, while n
- deputation from the officers of the garrison at
' Cassel proceeded to the Elector at Wilhalm-
" shad, to implore him to return to his proper
- New York. Oct 23.
The' Asia arrived this mornins;, betweeen
10 and 11 o'clock, with dates from Liverpool
to the 12th inst. . -. .
Lard Considerable business done at good
prices.. Kales 400 tons at .5 is la a 3os. jno
improvement iu demand for Beef. Pork very
farm, but little doinr. liacon steady, at lull
puces. '
Hams neglected, tni-cse coming lorward
ready sales for tjood qualities.'
Hour tane salts, American brand
21s good brands 19s to 22s.
Wheat 6s 5d to Cs 8d ; red 5s 8d to 6s.
Corn in moderate demand 26s to 23s per
quarter 480lbs. The grain trade has been
generally dull and but little doing.
The Europa sailed at noon, for Liverpool, with
78 passengers. . - s -
The Steamer Asia arrived out at Liverpool
in" ten days and seven hours, and the Pacific
in ten days and twenty hours.
The Queen of Lngland had returned to
London from the Highlands. The common
council of Liverpool had . refused to sanction
fires and lights on board ships in their docks,
despite the recommendation of the Dock com
mittee' the subject is of some -importance to
American vessels. .
An effort is about to be made to form a
line of steamers of grit power and tonnage,
to run between England 8nd Canada. The
experiment would be tried by taking passen
gers at $40 to $50 per head. The official report
of the Board of Trade month eliding the 5th,
has been published and is salisfactory.although
showing a falling off compared with the same
month last year.
The expedition for Cuba-was to sail on the
loth Gen. Cancha wished not to set out till
the end of the mouth, but recent intelligence
from the U. S. hastened his departure. .
" ,;f DENMARK ' ;: "
The attempt to take the town of Frederick
stadt failed.- The repulse was most decisive.
It is said that France, England. "Austria and.
the German States are positively decided in
favor of Denmark and that the Duchies will be
in formed tliey" must refrain from further hos
tilities, and await the award of intervening
parties. -
The Queen of Belgium is in a hopeless con
dition getting weaker and weaker day by day.
.In America securities, money extensive,
operation and quotations are the same as last
week." " '"-'' - ' '.' - --
thrcuoh the henvens. a portion IS his his
from the center to the sky. It is the space
on which the creneration before him moved in
its round of duties; and he feels himself con
nected by a visible link with those who will
follow him, and to whom he is to transmit a
home. PerhaDS his farm ' ha3 come down to
him from his fathers. They have gone to their
last home : but he can trace their footsteps
over the scenes of his daily labors. The roof
which shelters him was reared by those to
whom he owes his beinir. Somo interesting
ilnmestic tradition is connected with every in
closure. The favorite fruit tree was planted
hu his fathers hand. He sported in his boy
hnnd beside the brook which still winds thro'
the meadow. Through the fiield lies the path
to tlio village school of earlier days.
He still bears from his window the voice of
the Sabbath bell, which called his tattlers to
t.lm house of God. and near at hand is the
spot where his parents laid down to rest and
where, when his time is come, he shall be laid
These are the teelmgs ot the
J. S. FOUK.E, Editor.
The Rail Road.
A telegraph dispatch to this place, informs
us that the city of Toledo has voted in favor
of taking $50,000 slock in the Wellington and
Toledo Railroad. The vote earried by some
200 mai., showing that the citizens of Toledo
are pretty unanimous in their determination to j
secure the building of this Rail road. I he
vote also shows that a few dollars extra tax
for a year or two, is not sufficient impediment
to them, to oppose a work of such magnitude,
and which is of so much importance to North
ern Ohio, and in fact, wo might say, to- the
whole West .
We learn, from private sources, that the
citizens of Huron county have taken stock to
the amount of $175,000, and that they will
undoubtedly increase it to $200,000.
In view of these facts, what is the duty of
the citizens of this county ? Do they ' intend
to aid in the construction of this road ? Or
do they expect to stand with their hands in
their pockets, and wait for the road to build
itself? We. trust that the latter course will
not be the one pursued, for that kind of expe
rience in the Cincinnati and Sandusky city
NotwitbstandiuK the interference of
the citizens of Sandusky city and other towns,
our people have by a large majority, declared
in tavorot a suoscripuon tome rvauroaa. me
work will be immediately put under contract
between Toledo and Fremont
Toledo Blade. ,
It was by the interference of the citizens of
Sandusky city, Perrysburg, &c, that the vote
was lost in this county. The most shameful
system of misrepresentation and lying was re
sorted to, in order to succeed in their nefari
ous schemes. Lying Handbills of tho most
outragous character, and spurious tickets, were
distributed by hundreds through the border
townships of the county. But the road is
bound to be built any how, and just where
the people want it and no thanks to those
small villages who interfere with the business
of their superiors. Two or three very large
LITTLE men of Perrysburg are marked, and
will be most cordially remembered by the
citizens of this county. One of them is known
by the blush he continually carries on the end
of his nose, and the other by his knowing pro
pensity to figure at Conventions and elections.
tional character.
bv his children.
ownrr of the soil. Words cannot paint them
gold cannot buy them ; they flow out ot the r0Ui should teach us that it is rather unsate to
deepest fountains ot the heart; tuey are me- ,ce conf1(ence ,n 0ur rivals. A" that is nec
springs of a fresh, healthy, and generous na- (hfl construclion of this road,
and the building of a depot in r remont, is tor
inoihi-rTrimnnh. the citizens ot the county to iae nom auu
Shortly after the arrival of Jenny Lind at tain $30,000 subscription to the project As
Boston, a very painful event occurred there, soon as $30,000 are obtained in this county,
... "I '.. . .fl' .j.J ,n. .
which we learn nas very senousiy auecwu ucr. g building of the road will be commenced.
" aP?lirr"KLSe1,i:rL. F;;;; Books win soon be opened for receiving
i?; W,r, hW whose rowers of mim- subscriptions to this road, when itishoped the
isvtr nnrl annrf wcrfi SUCn that he had silenced renuired amount will be at once subscribed.
v., b - .. ..
both the feathered and feline circles there
canary birds and cats giving up all attempts
to outmatch him in their respective notes. He
was removed into the same room with Jenny
who was charmed with him. After hnishing
one of her simple songs, 'Bob', tuned his pipes
and gave out a very tair imitation
Tlio Fugitive Slave Liaw,
" This law is, as it should be, nearly univer
sally denounced by the Press throughout the
North ; we say nearly, for there are a tew U
the admi- cofoco papers which sustain the law, and en
ration of Jenny was unbounded ; she tried him i denvor to justify their party in Congress who
in a snatch from the celebrated cavaunn in u passe(i it.
PuntaBi ;' 'Bob,' after one or two leaps irora But w(j commencei tilis article to correct
hpiuifiil notes as accurately as if they were papers in this part of the State, that the fugi
thn mAn Bcho of the thrillinsr notes of Jenny. ive slave law is a Whisr measure. Nothing
... Mr. Barnum, who stood by, became alarm- fcan be more absurd than such a statement,
?dJrrJ Z hoi of and" a publication of the vote in Congress by
hU willinimess to part with bim.or even enter wmcn pi ."
into 'an engagement' on any terms and here
was a bird equal to Jenny thus tar. jenny,
gST We are glad to see the signs of pros
perity that is now being evinced in our town.
There is now being erected in this place,
arge brick Church, by the Methodist congre
ation, and when completed, will be one a-
mongst the finest buildings in town. The
tavern being built by Mr. Deal, is going up as
fast as circumstances will permit Mr. Birch
ard is also errecting a brick building, which
will be completed this winter.
In addition to the above, there have been
several neat frame dwelling houses built in
the upper part of town during the past sum
mer. " '.-""'".
The above, together with the improvemen
which our streets have undergone, make
very perceptible difference in the fine appear
ance of the place, and it is now becoming one
of the most desirable points in Northern Ohio,
both as to business and residence, -r
:: '" Fromllayti. - .
The following is from the New York Her
ald of this -morning: We have received pri
vate adv'ices from Port-au-Prinee, of the 20th
ult. which indicate a war of extermination be
tween the Haytians and Dominicians on that
beautiful island. .-- -. -
Ve; learn that the armistice between bou-
louque and. "the Dpmonicinn was to expire on
the 30th and that Solouque was calling an
army to renew the- war. , .. . . . .-
however, seeincr the consternation of her friend
sprang to the piano and struck off in her best
lo hoi- -rolfihrnteil 'Swedish Eche Saner'
JtJ .. . . c
"Schielmeert, vax under heil vlarting
Weifheusrh! ha! weigheugh!' .
'Bob' listened sprang to his water jar "and
took a sin listened acaiu shook his feathers,
and fceyan! But': when he came to that point
where the' voice of" Jenny leaves' the"' earth
and turns a somerset in the clouds, poor 'Bob'
faltered: he was seen to "struggle hard; reel
ed and fell dead Irom'his pearch m a lockjaw.
. 1 : IN. i. tUve. Mirror.
that body, will show how
much truth there is in it. On the final pas
sage of the law, the vote stood as follows :
? , : ' - .For the Law ! - . ,
Northern Whigs Senate, ,00
" " House, . 3
Northern Locos .". . 2?
Against the Law.
Northern Whigs, . . . - 5
Northern Locos, only, ' ' 11
' . From the above it will be seen that only
Northern Whigs 'voted 'for the law, whil
there were 27 Northern Xocos -voted for it.
And thai . fiftu-kve Northern Whics voted
against the law,, to only 11 Xoeofocos against
. Horace Maun Eloquent Passages. , ,
In his letter to his constuents last May, Hor
ace Mann concludes thus i , ., . -"I
have now, ray fellow-eitizens,. given you
my 'Views and Opinions' on the present crisis
in our public affairs. Had I regarded my own
feelinirs. I should have spoken at less length ;
but tho subject has commanaeu me. i trust
have spoken respectiuny towards tnose irom
horn I dissent, while speaking my own sen
timents iustlv and truly. - I have used no as
perity, for all my emotions have been of grief
and not ot anger, .aiy wurua um uw
as the te ecranhlC wires, wniie-iuy ibuhuub
ave been like tne iigntning mat ruu.
them. The idea that Massachusetts snouio
contribute, or consent, to the extension of hu
man slavery ! is it not enough, not merely to
arouse the living from their torpor, but the
dead from their graves?, Were I to help it;
nay, did I not oppose it with all the powers
and feculties which God hasgiven me, I should
see myriads of agonized taces glaring out up
on me from the future, more terrible than Dun
can's at Macbeth ; and I would rather feel an
assassin's poignard in my breast than forever
hereatter to see the air-drawn dagger oi a
euiltv imagination. In Massachusetts the
e-reat drama of the Revolution beeun. At
Lexinerton, at Concord, and at Bunker nm,
the grass still grows green where the sou
Was fattened with the blood ot our lathers.-
If, in the providence of God, we must be van
quished in this contest, let it be by-force ot the
overmastering and inscrutable powers above
us, and not by our own base desertion.
o -
Jenny JLiad's Check. ,
. The Home Journal, relates the following of
Jenny Lind; -4-" - - . .. -
Jenny Lind is once more among us God,.'
bless her ! and" we "wish we had -a more- de
ferential medium than paragraph wherewith
to announce her movements, for she should. ,
scarcely be named but in a blessing or a pray-
er. " Instead of a criticism upon her voice, of
her successess;- let us reeord anew set ot her -r
angelic benevolence which she has striven .'.
with all her- ingenuity to keep .secret, but ,
which came to us through a private source '.
authentically, though by the merest accident"
and so prepare, once more, the fcearts of her '
audience to hear her. During her first visit
here, a Swede called and sent up a note in his
native language, requesting to see her. She
did not remember the name, as she reaa it,
but when the young man came in, she at once'
remembered his countenance and old play
fellow when they were children together at
school. She inquired his circumstances. He
a cabinet-maker' residing vith his wife and
children at Brooklin. The next day Jenny
Lind drove ov r and made the wife of her old
school fellow a 'long visit Again, the next
ay, fust before leaving the city for Boston,
she went again. The husband was not at
home. She gave to wife a note for him he
opened it on his return it contained a sweet
ly worded request that he would allow her to
give his children a memento oi meir iaiun
school friendship with Jenny Lind. The
memento" was a check lor ten Montana aoi-
lars.' 'This anecdote, we assure pur readers,
is eorrect in all its particulars. -i
A negro was brought up before the mayor
of Philadelphia, a short time since for steal
ing chickens. '' " '
Well, Toby," said his honor, "what have
vou sot to say for youiself?" .. . ..' J ' :
"jNumn DUl QIS, doss: a was .crazy as a uuu-
bug when I stole dat 'ar pullet, cos I might
hab stole de bis rooster, and neber done it
Dat shows 'clusively to my mind dat 1 was
laboring under de delirium trenienaus !"
' '0 7 . ''
i g3? Dr. Moses Moss Harker, a queer old
typo, iu Cincinnati, is translating the Bible, ap
nlvincr the phonographic system of orthogra
phy throughout His house is supplied with
all the appointments of a printing office, and
he is executing the -work, from first to last,
with his own. hands. He has the reputation
of beincr to some extent deranged, but he gives
evidence of an accomplished and engenious
mind. He is said to be wealthy, and a native
of the Island of Martinique. Little else ot b
history is known, - v - :;.r- Cin. Times.
' " - o .
gap Business in Fremont, for the past
week, has been quite brisk, the streets bein.
daily crowded with teams from all sections
the country. Grain, of all kinds, brings re
munerating prices to tne tarmers, auu as , s A Wj.y tIlEy HAVB.Some of the women
selling goods cheap, the ' merchants of Fre- , j T,ind's last concert in Boston, fainted
raont cannot be surpassed by any other town and were taken into her appartment" where
in the State.
Population of folnmbiis. ..
Mr. Buttles hes just handed us the follow-
ino- abstract of the population of our city
they received her personal attention. ; It was
well that this was not Announced at the time,
or half of the men would have fainted too.
First" Ward,
Second ",
Fourth " '
Fifth " '
1 Total,
A Democratic office holder in the Sixth.
Auditor's office, saved himself they say, by a
boh mot "Many men, in revolutionary times.
have, as history records, saved their beads m
that way. ''- ' ?:" "r" ;' '""' ' '! s -
In this case, the condemned omce-noiacr.
acknowledged his crime of democratic politics,
but claimed exemption- from removal under
j..t ... - i i . . i i
that clause or tne constitution wmcn says mai.
no person shall be subject for the same onence
to be twice put in jepardy' he having been
turned out as a iocofoco, in 1841.
Tub Great Basin. It is stated that th
Mormons have recently discovered whirlpools
in the Salt. Lake, which may possibly lead
the discovery of some outlet for the waters
the Great Basin, in which the Mormons have
established their home. This basin is some 1
five hundred miles m diameter every way, db-
tween four and five thousand feet above the
lvel of the sea. sent in all around by moun-
Geographical Discoveries. About two
years aco, the scientific world was surprised
by the announcement mat- urs. A.rapt ana
Kebmann, who had Deen lor some time zeai
ouslv employed in connexion with the Church
Missionary Society in eastern ana central ai-
ricn, had discovered a mountain or mountains
within one degree of the equator, and about
200 miles from the sea, which ' were covered
with perpetual, snow, and , which there' was
every reason to suppose were , no othex than
Ptolemy's 'Mountains of the -moon.' -. It now
appears that there is no doubt of the fact.
Wobdbury and Cass.
Hon. Levi Woodbury pays a tax of $729,64
the largest of any individual in Portsmouth.
Tho judge has not been an office holder forty
years for nothing. ' .'" ' Buff Courier.
Wekriow a millionaire, worth four times as
much as Woodbury, who does not pay half as
much taxes; let
Arrival of the Crescent City.
14 Days later from California.
- New York, Oct 18. '.
The steamer Crescent City, Capt Stodart,
from Charges, arrived at 2 o'clock this even
ing, with fourteen days later news from Cali-
lorma. urinmg uaca ituiu ouu x i am.i.u
to the 18th September last ...
The steamer Philadelphia arrived ai Char
ges, an the 7 tli.. The Crescent City brings
342 passengers, and one million in goia oust,
the hands ot passengers, ana 2z,uuu m
freights ,'-,,; . . )
From oacramento. Mayor cigeiow nas
bad his arm amputated and is doing well.
It is stated that on Wilson's Creek, in the
mines, men are averaging one-half ounce a day
and that hands are hired to work at wages
rancrin from 6 to 85 a day. On the north
fork of Feather River men were making fair
There had been some new discoveries made
in dry diggings near the mouth of Battle
Creek, which were averaging the miners from
two to three ounces daily, and the gold is very
coarse and bright! ,'Henry M. Nagfe has fail
ed to a, very large amount . There has been a
hard run on the banking houses, dui tney au
stood except Nagle. - - - -
t Wb wish the responsibility oi tnis law
The IiOe of the first Born. . ,,, , . a Tt r;natd with
r. J -r P ."..j- " -(, r .
newly8 burieT "her EZSZT Herp the Locofocos, it was advocated in Congress
went to visit, and on finding her sweetly re- by Locofocos, and was finally passed by a ma
signed, he asked her how . she: attained such jority of Locofocos, who had a majority in both
resignation, bhe replied, "l used to uunk oi branches of Congress.
my boy continual.! wneuier sleeping ui
waking; to me he seemed more beautiful than
other children. , I was disappointed if visitors
omitted to praise his eyes, or his curls, or the
robes I wrought for him with my needle. At
first I believed it the natural current of a
mother's love. Then I feared it was pride,
New Advertisements,
Clark & Kridler advertise 'Removal', this
week. If vou wish to obtain a suit of clothes
that aint to be sneezed at, and at prices that
is triilir refreshing to a man's pockets these
and sought to humble : myself before Him- who times . them a caL They have al
t ,iw..,hf n n(rPl stood heaide me and said : M"n"s of fixm8 on hand.
Whnr? is the little bud thou nurseth in thy Joseph Cochrane advertises 'New Arrange
bosom ? I am sent to take it away. . Where is ment' Joseph is a maker of Saddles: and
the little harp ? Give it to me! It is like those Harness and is ready to supply the citizens
which sound tne praise oi Sandusky county with any article in his line.
o UA rh 'ihi worm pierces: his last Speaking of lines, reminds us that Victory
wailing was like the sad music from shattered Haight put his name to a lew mat ue uoi-a
harD-strmes: all my world seemed cone, sun nol intend to recognize as legal, see aaver-
in my agony i nsteneu, mr mere tisement headed 'Caution.'
.TVnl:rj?C.nL, . Ira Smith also advertises .'Livery Stable.
uau warucu ujc, w.uB, - - .,.,, u: fr.;DAa ;,h
ful giver.' I laid my mouth m the dust and n ru u",u,l"'1 "
saiH T.pt thv will be mine: and as I rose. Horses and Carriages on the most reasonable
though the tear lay on my cheek, there was a terms
i i o: .i . i. : . : u
Smile also. oiliuts luru mis i uiv. uaa uLL.i
heard amid the duties of every daymethinks
it says continually, "The cheerful giver!'
Some additions are to be made to the tains, with it own system of lakes and rivers,
above for persons accidentally omitted, or from and having no known connection whatever with
other causes not yet enumerated. Jour. the sea. . " ' - ... ? t'j
' "O ; .-,- - T" I" - . . 1 '"""''
gST The New' Orleans Picayune learns me uuma.. car i "C
. . .. J l,ot ; oar, hr n connd that lusts onlv the
from Mexico that Gens. Arista and Almonte twenty.four thousandth part of 'a second
are both contending for the Presideiieyr" In -neaf persons' may converse together through
. ..." ., . K . ..t ,5 -:..:!-.,i-..i,u
commenting upon tins, tne ricayune says. t rads ot wood neia oetweeu men n.-ciu, m utiu
That the election of either would produce a to their throat or breast. . r .
revolution. Should Almonte succeed. Arista -o -
will proclaim a republic of Sierra Madre. On A sinrfuiar : discovery , has been made in
the other hand, it Arista succeed, ins opponent Fossil esre-s of an enormous size
will nroc aim the election illegal, on the ground ... ? - j ; ,t, u a ne a torront The
r . . . .11.' nai B ucc" iumiu " "J
of briber and force m securing the election. shglls arg an e- hth of an inch-thick, and the
S" It is stated that during ths severity of
the cholera at Harpe's Ferry, the cats in large
nurpbers migrated. , lhe night-watch on tne
railroad bridge saw as many as five or six cross
the bridge of a night They became: very
scarce ; and if one was observed at the place,
t would be found on a hill with an air ot great
alarm. ... ;..'." '"'.'.. "1":
-. - - - From Oregon. ... ,
The advices from Oregon are to the 2d Sep
tember. ' '
Gov, Gaines and family had arrived at Ore
gon city in good health. , Also Hon. W. Strong,
Associate J ustice ot the supreme court, ana
Gen. E. Hamilton, Secretary of the territory.
The sloop of war Falmouth remained in the
Columbia river. ...... '- i
In relation to matters generally in Oregon,
the Pacific news remarks:
" From Oregon we have encouraging accounts
of prosperity.- New towns are springing up
at every accessible point, and a commercial in
terest being awakened that is highly commendable.-
- The frequency of communication by
steam between California and Oregon.strongly
identifies their interests. We shall receive
the lumber and flour from our more northern
neighbors, and in return send them a share of
the rich mineral treasures of California.
Hamilton County,
"The Huron Reflector very truly remarks
.1 . ,1 . ..A I... fha Whii-rc ot
How to Get Sleep. lnat lne cuun, "J - -o-"
mnl. Hamilton, in the late election, was a shametul
XXUi, Kc V X " I . . . ....
ter of hio-h importance. Nervous persons who violation of the pledges given by the aele
are troubled with wakefulness and excitability, , from tj,at county in the Whig State
usually have a strong tendency of blood on c A heavy vote was promised
the brain, with cold extremit:es. I he press- J
,fMlonthhrflinkfienaitinastimula- from Hamilton for Johnston, and some even
ted or wakeful state, and the pulsations in the pledged a majority. When the Whigs of that
hiad are often painful. Let such rise and countv come into Convention again, we ought
chnfe the bodv and extremities with a crash
towel or rub smartly with the hands, to pro
mote circulation, and withdraw the excessive
amount of blood from the brain, and they will
fall asleeep in a few moments. A cold bath
or a sponge bath and rubbing, or a good run
or rapid walk in the open air, or going up a
Indian Chief at the Peace Congress.
- Among the many interesting events connec
ted with the proceedings of the late Peace
Uonf ress. was the presence in that body, of
Mr. Copway, a North American Indian Chief.
He was dressed in a dark blue frock, with a
scarf across his shou!ders,.and metalic plates
round his arms. He took part in the proceed
ings; offered a resolution and made a speech
of two hours length, which was listened to
with close attention. At the - close he aston
ished his hearers by drawing- forth "the pipe
of peace" nf the aboriginal tribes of Americu-,
handing it to the President.he said, "I here de
liver to the President this pipe of peace in the
name of my brethern in the far west. I bring
vou ereetinar from the dwellers in the-Uocky
Mountains, greeting to the children of the
Rhine and Danube. 'No more shall the peo
ple groan underjbe burden of war. Most de
voutly do I believe in the coming of the time
when all men will consent to live in peace."
This senlimsnt was greeted with great applause.
Massachusetts Fruits of Whig Policy.
The recent Massachusetts Whig State Con
vention published an able Address to the Peo-
" , . j..i .i. - j ,.1,1 1 n. crton Via chot. with a slon-nail.
Speaking oi tne prosperity oi ure gwu mu r l;-
Commonwealth.even witn tne nine encourage-
circumferencc of the egg itself is two feet eight
inches lengthwise and two feet two inch.es
round the middle. It is said the English fre-
onpntlv use them for bomb-shells. What
n j
nasty scattering tney must maise i
We would
ment that has been extended to American
enterprise and skill by the national Govern
ment, the Address tells us that at present
moment she possess a larger capital than
manv miich larger States; $150,000,000
will not more than cover the capital which
she has now invested in the industrial arts;
and while some of the . old thirteen States
have heen rotrotratiiig in population. Massa
chusetts, under Whisr auspices, has been con
stantly increasing, and now numbers a popu
lation ot 1,000,000 innaDirants.
ComnectSccttown Elections- The Hart
ford Courant publishes a table showing the
result of the late town elections in 76 towns of
Connecticut Forty-two have chosen Whig
officers, twentv-ewht Uemocranc, ana in
. r- i j n't. :..
the omcers are oiviaeu.
'" Lucas F., son of Rev. Amos Babcock, died
in Holland. Mass.. on the 8th inst, aged 22
vearS. For nearly five years the -deceased
lay without being moved an men, or a ciiange
of clothes being made. This could not be
done without putting him in the greatest ag
ony, and in the opinion of about twenty phy
sicians' who were consulted ' without causing
dpth: The orisrinal cases of his painful con
dition was probably the shock occassioned by
his'making a mistep or slide, on thebrink of
a precipice, where nothing out a small twig
or bush saved him from instant destruction.
to have proof that they are Whigs. The Cin
cinnati Atlas thus notices the election
"The Democrats had everything pretty
much their own way at the polls yesterday
The turn out among the Whigs was small
nd Of those who did go to the polls many of
Hon fw times iust before ret r ng. mem voiea a lancy ucnei ..... r
.:n :.i : i;: ;.o.,i..;nn A nmmnt. tor the regular democratic nominees. iUr wuuu-
win aiu in cuuni.nux f,. .v. " . .1... r nl;nrr
ins sleep. These rules are simple and easy of iy omcers, ana some - j-s
Ai- : .1 u: j m;;. for the regular Democratic ticket entire,
apuiicuiiuu ill uaaiic: ui ou I j 11 rpi n
. . , , , I ,,n, nffir. finvi.rnr nnH all. 1 he result
i.. j r. . ,i,. ,n rmt is. that 'True Democracy' is pretty essentially
Nature's sweet restorer, Daimy sleep." uot" "r "l . " "7. VT , . H
From thp St. T.nnis Weeklv Organ.
On the recent visit of Mr. Porter the Ken- gw We understand it is the intention of
tucky giant, he called at the post office on the ,Ue fr;ends (and who are not . its friends) of
. i ii ; l.: 1 fu- nnA 1 x
morning loiiow.ng i,iS a,..a., """the Toledo and Wellington Rrailroad, to get
finding it impossible to inquire at the ordinary auicuu . , "
. O . . . 1 . , i ..n .A,.,mn oanA in 1ht I .PIT1S al lire. tO
window of delivery, without going on nis Knees, l.... b .
very naturally peeped over the top, where the empower the Corporation of Fremont to vote
transom was opened with - for or against a subscription of $25,000 to said
Is the Louisville man in, sir j Th t ht and we hope to see ev
't he cleric at a snort aistance on, um iwj- . , onrr,iiPd on
-J .Ua ot finn 1 hllr,t cry mauouBuiB .u u
. . , it by the first of December, in order that our
What are you doing up there, boy? Get representative from this district may tate it
down from there directly.' . to Columbus with him, and have the law pas-
Is the Louisville mail in, sir 7 again inquir- , , .r!iest noes-ble moment
eu rorier, meeiuy.
Don't be climbing up there, 1 tell you, sir,
Elections. The elections to take place
the present vear. will all occunn INovemb
-er. i .- '. - as. follows :-Illinois,. Wisconsin,
New York. New Jersey, and Michigan, on the
5th. 'Massachusetts on the 11th, and Dela
ware on the 12th. -
Railroad Between Lake Ontario -akd
Hdron. It is proposed to construct a railway
from Toronto Canada, across the neck of the
peninsula, which runs, down between lakes
Erie and Huroa, to soma point on Georgian
Bay. "The length of the road would beonly
eighty-five miles. . The estimated "cost is $3,-
000,000. Xhere is a cneermg prospect oi
SUCCeSSi ' - . .. . ... . 'i.
replied the nettled clerk, 'get down, and take
your turn at the window.
.Porter tried again.
for James Porter ?'
Iate from California.
Letters have been received here from
'Are there any letters 'California boys, stating that they havearrived
well and hearty at the mines, and that some
'Oh, ah, gasped the worthy clerk faintly, for , f dWimr. some to driving ox cai
he hao seen in the 'Organ,' that Porter was in , , rri, u
.t w 'a . oMn-t t-no,,n- and some at something else. They are bou
"-t .u.uv,.., . .-. ., .,, , , -ii
usual place very , No, sir, none to-day.' I to get '.heir pile, 11 hard worn wui opiain llu
; s - ' Termont Census.
' The Vermont Chronicle reports the census
of nnmhf r of towns in that State, as ascer-
Thk nomnared tained bv the recent enumeration returned by
th last year, shows a Whig gain of sixteen the marshal of the district from which it ap-.
d a loss of two not Whig gain.ourteen. pears that in a number of towns, particularly
- :.. : ,..nt.r tlwiro has KpAn a considera-
j, i i a t n 1 -
ble decrease ot population since iou. rut
example, in Woodstock, there is a diminution
of 274, Norwich 250, Sharon 131, Chester
304, Andover 152, Weatherfield 181, Bethel
180. In many towns, however, there has been
an increase, and in a much larger rate. For
example, in Burlington, an increase ot d.ao,
on a population of 4,271, Brattleborough 2,-
1 . . . . i . . onri -kt . 1. 1: .. 1 ,1
192, tiarnet ova, rxyegate oa, uimuciu
1.163. Rutland 992. We are surprised at the
large proportion of towns in which there is a
decrease of population. It is probably owing
Among the curiosities at the late State Fair,
- .., c ... j i u:n l.
was a printer witn anve uoiiar uiumu puia
et A committee of citizens' took him in charge
nd exhibited him at ten cents a sight v
After the show was over, it leakedoutthat
the five dollar bill in' his pocket was a bill,
for -five dollars due his washerwoman;
-.-,f .- Chronicle-3s Atlas.
A Gooi Dog. A large watch dog belong
ing to Livingston .& Fargo's pxpress office,
Cleveland, chased a runaway norse, eaugiu
the lines in his teeth, threw, the horse on his
knees, and held him until secured.- He then
retired without waiting for'the thanks of the
- A Repentant Husband. A Mr. Obadiah
Williams appears over his own signature in an
Onondaga paper in this forgiving manner:
. "Where, I might have . been ' mistaken, in
advertising my wife .. Clar . as having no
"cause or pravocation" to leave my bed and
board; andwhereas she has 7 returned unto
the same, I here revoke all my fermer notice.
' rAn Albany paper this new political read
ing: "All men are created free and equal,
except niggers, and are endowrd witlxccertain
inalienable rights, among which -are i. whips,
manacles', and the pursuit of fugitive1 slaves."
Tnidenee is the mother- of generosity and
charity, in the expression of some rare or ab
struse sentiment as in the comprehension of
some obvious and useful truth in a few words.
Prkntthe's Last. The news from almost
every part of Mississipi is good. Gen. Quit
man's treasonable proclamation finds no sym
nuthptic. rsnonse in the hearts of mass. Mis
sissippi, it is true, repudiated the bonds of the to the late dates at which railroads were intro
. . . 1 r , . , . . , -ii . ...( . ,. . i c . . . . rtjrto.rtrt. A Av
Union Bant, out sne win not rcpuuiaio i auced in tne oiaie. l;.:-.lu'"' '"
the bonds of the Union itself.
Louisville Jour.
Well Said.
Readv to do every thing which may
strengthen the ties already existing between
. ... - r c . i 1 '
the two states ot Tennessee B ooutn varouua
drive "le Baurreua Autricien,"
ced to walk to the station.'
A German writer in the Daily News saysi
I happened to be at Cologne when Wen.
Haynau nrrived. Iwittnessed the horror
marked on everv countenance as he passed
throlifrh the streets. . T the credit of the oab-
the People of Tennesse want no more agitation -,,. thevtone and all refused to
no more conventions. Instead of a fire" drive "le Baurreua Autricien," and he was for-
entinir Convention to condemn the action of
Congress, and to discuss once more the neces
A moulded bullets."
aifcy vi t . 1 1 1 ' i - ,
. - . i .: . I , , .. . C 17 .. : IQlfl amniinlod
both parties are now maKing preparauuus tu ine taxation m rmuw; u xuv.
hold a iubillee to welcome home the men to 72,000,000, paid in a year of revolution
h. hov o Hnno thRirdutv in neaceblv sett ing h nonulation of 36.000.000. Were ine
ji;ffiiilt:! whinh threatened to over-1 Ttrtieh accounts made ud as the French are,
throw-the Republic This alone should be the Herald of Freedom says they would show
enough to convince agitator that this is not that 80,000,000 of taxes are paid by a pop-
the place for further action tor plots to bring nlation of 29,000,000. rroDaDiy tui d.
about revolution! Will they not take heed ment is at least ten millions under the mark.
and abandon those wild schemes, which, if
persisted m, must bring lasting a.snonor upon . ARCHBSTltcTS.-The Com-
the plotters tor the destruction oi ai tnat gives " Build; of ,he u. S. Senate
it importance among the nations of the earth ? m.ttee on Pubhc t gfor for
Lx a the enlargement of the Capitol at Washington.
Some people take more care to Side their
wisdom than their folly, " , ; . s,. ? '
Rest " satisfied with doing' well, and leave
kthers to say of you what they pleaseT
-i i. .i -o i . '
Fremont liiterary Association.
... The Association- will meet at H..E.-Clark's
School room1, Monday evening, Nov. 4th inst
Order of the" evening wilUbe a discussion
touching the proprfety of nhe'Tugitive Slave
law. ... . s H. REMSBURG, Sec.
-X71 . 1. 1 , .. ... '. .- nvnrevaeB .rA fOtTV
If 11C11 tllC HUl.a UUW 11V ujutiv".iv t i" 11
pleted Edinburgh will be supplied with Snow. The first snow of the season fell on
1Q-7C iu fo., minnto. In 1842 Saturday night Yesterday morning, tne
the supblv from all sources was only 560 gal- ground presented the appearance of "inter.-T-
U. ini. o that it has been, or will be Some three or four inches must nav
nearlv trebled. but it suddenly melted away." 'Bun. Com.
- 70
..4 on
Wheat per bushel
Floor per barrel. .-- v
Corn per buhel. ;. .
-OaU per bushel.
Butter per pound. ......1
Ejrgs per dozen.... .... .--i ...
" Cheese per pound
Salt per barreH.... 1 IS
HIiIh nr ' nonnd. ...'....' 4 ft 8
Flaxseed per bushel., .....88
Timothy seed perbu-. 1 95
Clover seed per bu 3 00
Pork per barrell.. H 60
Hams smoked per pound 06
Beans per bnshel 1 00
Potatoes per bushel 37
Onions per bushel.j. ..v... ......... 50
Apples greeu.. 25
Apples dried .....1 50
Beeswax per pound. 20
Tallow per pound. ...... ...x.. 7
Staves Pipes per M..... 14a20
.Hhdper M.. ........... . ... .10al2
fibl per M 9a 12
Elackwtaut Lumber per M 812

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