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A Xew Railroad Enterprise.
A writer in the Bnrvma Fnram nJvtvat&u
-. th construction of a railroad from Toledo to
. Pittsburgh via Fremont, Tiffin, Bucyrua Wor
cester, dec At the time the article w a writ
ten, the road had not been surveyed between
!' 7 1 1 -r . 1 1
gives the following as the comparative distan
ces, to New York via the Pittsburgh and the
Lake Shore route :
From Toledo to Cleveland, 105 miles.
" Cleveland to State line 71 i
. State line to Erie, 25
- " Erie to N. Y. Line, 18
. . N. Y. line to Dunkirk, 27J
" Dunkirk to N. Y. city, 151
60S "
From Toledo to Fremont
" Fremont to Tiffin
; " Tiffin to Bucyrus,
" Bucyrus to Pittsburgh,
" Pittsburgh to Philadelphia
- Philadelphia to K. Y. City,
29 miles.
18 "
24 "
187 "
354 "
88 "
The writer state that from Bucyrus to Woos
ter do grade occurs over 26 feet per mile.
Thence to Pittsburgh, none over 47; and
from Pittsbusgh to Philadelphia, going east
ward, none over 50 feet per mile, including
the Alleghany Mountains.
The road from Worcester to Pittsburgh, as
-well as from Pittsburgh east, is in rapid pro
cess of construction. '
A railroad between Fremont and Bucyrns,
now that one has already been, commenced
.between Toledo and Fremont, would be an
-easy and practicaple enterprise, and, we have
no doubt, will at an early day, be uudertaken.
Toledo is destined to be the radiating point
for more extensive lines of llailways than any
other town on Lake Erie or Lake Michigan,
not excepting Buffalo or Chicago. The same
causes that have made Toledo the terminus
of about 800 miles of canal commerce, will
make her the terminus of a much larger ex
tent of railway commerce. .
, , -. A DammiBg Compliment.
The Washington Union concludes an edito
rial on the passage of the slave bills by saying :
"Our oftentimes repeated declarations, 'that
the institution slavery of the Southern, stales
must rely for support upon the Democracy of
the North.' are thus being verefied."
" The Cholera. Seveaal deaths have oc
curred from this disease at Stenbenville, and
we also hear that it is on the increase at Cin
cinnati. The population of Washington City, accord
ing to the census just completed, is 40,000.
Louis Napoleon is said never to have used
the word Republic in a speech during his late
tour, and during that period he delivered over
fifty responses to congratulatory addresses.
Straws show which way the wind blows.
- Cbksus of Buffalo. The census just
completed in. Buffalo gives a total of 42,366.
In 1840. the population was 8,653, in 1835
it was 15,55 1 ; in 1 840 it was 1 7,14 1 ; and in
1846 it was 29.773, ,-- -
Extraordinary Surgical Operation.
Dr. Warren, of Boston, recently took from
the stomach of a girl at the Massachusetts
General Hospital by means of an incision.a tape
worm forty-one feet eleven inches in length.
The operation was performed while the
sufferer was under the influence of ether.
She observed, "on coming to her senses, "Oh!
I have had a pleasant dream, and feel reliev
ed. . The wound was dressed with reat
care, and she has scarcely complained of pain
since, the operation. This we are told, is the
only case on record where a tape worm has
been literally cut from the human stomach.
Lawyers i Emgland. Sir John Jervis
states that, at the present time five leading
barristers m London made upwards of 11,
000 a year each, eight above 8000 a year
each, and twenty-five make annually above
5000 each. But this is not equal, to what
Sir James Scarlett used to do he made 30,
000 a year.
. We saw a young lady the other day, who
came from the interior of Wisconsin, all alone
-to New York. She said that she had a little
shopping to do, and New York was) about the
cheapest place to do it in. She staid in the
city two weeks, and returned as she came
alone? Evening Post
- The projected Rail Road from Wellington
to Fremont and so further, has improved the
price of lots at tin former place fifty per cent
common lots bring good prices.
. Clev. Plaindealer.
v Extend the generous aid to him who is
suffering and in distrss; for thou knowest
aot how soon the same proffered service will
need be extendedtoyou. . .
Jenny Lind pudding and milk is now for
sale in New York.
The population of Ireland is the poorest, and
her church the wealthiest in Europe.
Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave
others to say of you what they please.
Some people take more pains to hide their
wisdom than their folly.
" - Fremont Literary Association.
The Association will meet at H. E. Clark's
School room, Monday evening, Nov. 11th inst
Order of the evening -Will be a discussion
on the' effects of a connecting railway, East and
West through Fremont On the prosperity
of the Town and surrounding Country.
' Exercise for Monday evening Nov. 18th inst
A comparison of the merits of Bolavar and
JHcAlister'a All-Healing Ointment.
It is not often that we allow ourselves to ipk in
praiM of may of the patent medicine of the day, but
owing to the many testimonials of praise that w
hear daily concerning McAlister'a All-Healing
Ointment, we moat needs say that for ourselves we
have never need or seen a medicine as in name sp
applicable as this medicine, it is indeed truly as
tonishing to see what virtue is imparted in so eimple
yet powerful a remedy. For borne, braises, scalds
ail disease of the skin, and Inflammations we be
lieve it has bo equal. Call and get a pamphlet in
the hand of agent.
Wheat per bushel. 63
Flour per barrel .. 4 DO
Corn per boahel 37
Oats per bushel . 35
Butter per pound 8
Eggs per dozen 6
Cheese per pound... 10
Lard per pound.... 5
Salt per barrel! 1 13
Hides per pound 4 a 8
Flaxseed per bushel 88
Timothy seed per bu 1 95
Clover seed per be 3 (10
Pork per barrell 11 00
Hams smoked per pound 06
Beans per bushel 1 00
1'otatoes per bushel ...Q.'S
Onions per bnahel 50
Apples greeu 25
A pples dried ....1 50
Beeswax per pound.... .... ..30
Tallow per pound 7
Stives Pipea per M $14a20
Hhdper M.... 10.12
Bbl per M 9a 13
Black walnut Lumber per M. .......... .8 i!2
Botanic Physician,
T ESPECTFULLY announces to the citizens of
-LVrremont and viciuity, that he has returned and
pei manently located in this place, and will be ready
to attend to all wno may wisn his proiessionai ser
vice. Resideuce at the Methodist Parsonage.
Office Two doors south of Pease & Roberts1
Tin Shop. November 9, 1850 ly
Mason Kinney's Estate.
NOTICE ia hereby given that the subscriber haa
been duly appointed and qnaltfied aa the Exec
utor of the estate of Maaon Kiuney, lute of York
township oandusky county, deceased.
All persona having claims aeainst said eatate will
present them d3ly authenticated for payment.
York, Nov. 7, 1850.
T ESPECTFULLY announce to the citizens of
IV Fremont and vicinity, that thev have
Removed their Shop,
One door North of A. F. d Vandercook's Store,
in the room recently occupied bv O. H. Fusselman.
aa a Tin Shop, where they intend carrying ou the
aoove ousiuess in all lis varioua branches.
Oue of the partners haa bean east and purchased
a stock of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestintjs, and
some iteady-made Vloiimg, and also, all sorts
of 1 rtmminas, and are now prepared to fnrnish
material and make up work to order on the shortest
notice, and moat reasonable terms, and warranted
to Olvx satisfaction. We also intend to keep
constantly ou hand. Ready-made Clothing
Of our own manufacturing,
which we will sell O virt low for Cash.
The public are invited to call and examine our
atock before purchaaing elaewhere, aa we thiuk that
we caa suit them in most any article in our line,
ant on aa reasonable terme as the aame article can
be had in town, for we are bound to
Sell at a very low percentage !
We would eay here for the benefit of our Country
friends who wish Cutting done, that we are pre
pared to fnrnish them with Trimmings as reasona
ble as thev can be had anv where else All Cutting
done here, waranted to fit, if properly made up.
Also Agents Tor Williams' Reporta of fashions.
Fremont, Nov. 1st, 1850. 34
New Arrangement!
T) ESPECTFULLY announces to the citizens of
Xly r remont, and vicinily that tie has taken the
old and well known stand of H. R. Foster, where
he will be happy to supply the old customers and
poblic generally with any article in his line.
Keeps constantly on hand and manufacture to
order of the best material every variety of
Saddles, Harness, Trunks,
Valises, Bridles, Martingals, AcAc.
Carnage 1 rimming cone on the shortest notice.
All work warranted.
Fremont, Nov. 1st, 1850. 34
THE public are cautioned against, and requested
net to purchase a promieory Note, executed to
Lyman Ames, by Victory Haight aud Henry Wey
roogh, amounting to Eighty dollars, payable three
montha after Hate, and bearing date, Octobei 23rd,
1850, aa aaid Note waa obtained by improper means,
and no ualue has been received for said Note, for
hich reason its payment will be contested.
Octobcr31et, 1850.
GIVES notice to the eitizena of Fremont, and the
publie generally, that he atill continnea to car
ry on the above business in all its branches and
forms. He has niaue additions to his stock of
Horses, Carriages, Baggies, Ac;
and is now prepared to accommodate all who may
favor him with a call. Horses and carriages
For Parties or Fanerals
ean be had at any momeut. Covered and open
bnggies for men of business or pleasure, ou the
shortest notice.
Riding Horses of the Iiest bottom,
elways on hand. The strictest attention paid, so
that all who call shall be accommodated without
delay. Teams for
Carrying; Passengers or Movers
into any part of the country, always on hand.
Those wishing any thing in the above line, will
do well to give him a trial, as he feele confident they
will be satisfied, both as to teams and prices, the
former warranted to carry passengers to their desti
nation in the shortest possible lime, and the latter
to be as reasonable as possible. By strict attention
to business, he hopes to merit a liberal share of
public patronage.
Stables Nearly opposite Norton's Foundry
Fremont, Nov. 2d, 1850.
One Cent Reward.
ALL persons are forbidden harboring or trnating
Samuel Cook, an indentured apprentice to the
Blacfcsmithing bnsiness, who absconded from me on
the 8th of September last, as I will pav no debts of
his conti sitting from this date
Oct. 21, 1H50.- JACOB F. HULTS.
Latest Arrival
Fall and Winter Goods!!
It is now universally admitted that
1 yjixZa IB ine piace 10 out uoqo buu cneBi
O Goodsand aa ha baa opened one of the largest
. rrn-v r t-V" .1 1 . 1 -t 1 1 1
tock brought to this market, he would say to his
old customers, and all who make Fremont a trad
ing place, to call and examine, bearing in mind that
no establishment in the
shall undersell hira in any one article.
His stock
consists in part of
Plaiu and fancy Alipaco, Thibnt cloth, Muslin de
Lain, Cashmeres, Ginghams, 500 pieces of calicoes
warrauted faat colors. Broad cloth, Cassameree,
Sattinetts, Tweeds, Jeans, Bed Ticking, Flannels,
bleached and brown Sheeting, Cotton yarns & bats.
Of every description.
Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
Sole and Upper leather, Faints and Oils, Dye stuff.
In short, he would sav that hi assortment is
complete, and that he is prepared to give those who
will tavor nun with a call a grand benefit.
Aiiainas 01 produce taken in exchange torgooos.
Fremont, Oct. 36, 1850.
1 ILKS, satins, atpaccas, lawns, ginghams, &c,
all qualities and prices at Hums.
To Former Compatriots in Arms.
My Brother Officer and Soldier:
No more let Patriots declare.
That, 'Republic's ungrateful arc,
For you and I, who fought and bled
And for the Heirs of the brave dead
Our Country has provision made.
The Land Bill, late by Congress pass'd,
And graded as in service class'd'
From Forty to a Quarter Section
Is tendered to us for selection
Of good, rich soil, (not rough nor thorny)
From Maine to golden Kally-forny.
Just call on me, And gut your Land
I am your servant to command.
True as the needle to the pole
So true vou'll find
Fremont, Oct 19. 1850.
Road Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that a petition will be
presented to the Commissioners of Sandusky
county, at their next session, praying for the loca
tion and opening of a new road as follows: Com
mencing at the north-east corner of section No. 30,
Jackson township, running thence south nearly two
miles, to Jesee Mowry's land, then making an an
gle to !!. right, (twenty rods more or less) to inter
sect the county line. 32:4
School Teachers.
IT1HE Board of School Examiners, for thia Coun
JL ty, will assemble on Saturday, Oct. 19th, at
the School Room of F. S. While, in the basement
of the Methodist Church, at 2 o'clock, P. M The
sessions of the Board will be held at the same place,
on sucessive Saturdays, at the hour mentioned
above, for eight weeks. By order of the Board.
F. S. WHITE, Clerk.
Fremont, October 12, 185031:8
Planter! Plaster!
BARRELS Common, White and Fine Gray
Plaster, just received, and for sale by
Fremont, October 19, lfc'50.
Bounty Lands.
BT a late Law, Congress haa granted Bounty
Landa to all officera and privates whoseived in
the War of 1812, Florida and Mexican Wars, and
Indian Wars since 1790, according to their term of
service, or their widowa or heirs in rase of death.
The subscriber is in possession of all necessary
papers and information requisite to obtain these war
rants, aud tenders his services for this business.
C. EDGERTON, Atl'yatLaw.
Fremont, Oct. 19, IO 32:ff
WOULD respectfully announce that he haa
Ilemovcd bis Shop, one door
South of Leppelman's Jewelry Shop,
opposite Head Quarters, where he will be happy
to wait on hia old customers aud all who need any
thing in his Hue.
If you want you garments made up RIGHT,
and after the Latest Fashion von must call on
N. B. Particular attention paid to cutting, and
warranted to fit if property made np.
Fremont, April 28, 1849.
WOULD inform the public that he has resumed
his business at his old stand, on Croghan St.,
and having had the oportonity of seeing and getting
All the Latest Fashions from East and West,
and having brought on an assortment of the
he is prepared to furnish hia old customers, and as
many new onea aa can crowd into hia ware rooms,
with the most splendid let of
Mahogony, Rosewood and Blackwalnnt
Of every kind from the Cradle to the Coffin.
Aa to prices, lie is determined
He is hold to say that he can offer von BETTER
BARGAINS and BETTER WORK than you can
get west of Buffalo: he has on hand, and is making
All kinds of BEDSTEADS,
on New and Improved Plans;
such as Lewis' Patent, Fowler's Patent, &c, &c.
Do not fail to give him a call. ,
(L? He haa got up a good Hearse, and will attend
funerals in town or country.
Fremont, August 10, 1850.
A Select School will be opeued in Fremont by
Rev. F. S. White, on
Monday, October 15th.
The Terms kc. will be made known on application
to him. He will give special attention to those who
wish to prepare themselves for teaching. Scholars
from abroad will Slid the expense of attending this
school no greater than that of atteuding the public
schools of the town. The advantages will in all
respects be at least equal to those of any other
school and in some respects superior, on acconnt of
the limited number of scholars.
Fremont, Oct. 5, 185030:3
NOTICE ia hereby given that the co-partnership
heretofore existing uuder the firm of Roberts,
Hubbard & Co., ia thia day dissolved. All ac
counts of the company will be settled hv Pease &
Roberts. O. A. ROBERTS,
Sept 19, '5030:3 J. R. PEASE.
NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has
been appointed and qualified aa administrator
011 the estate of George Van Doren, late of Sandus
gv county, Ohio. C. EDGERTON.
'Fremont, Sept. 27, 1850 30:3
ALL those knowing themselves indebted to the
estate of Samuel Ryder, either by note or book
acconnt. will do well by calling and settling imme
diately, and yon will save costs, if not, costs will be
made, for further particulars call at&sq. Ureene's
office. RACHEL RYDER, Adin'rx.
Oct 530:3 By JOHN RYDER, Ag't.
Jotice The Stocaholders of the Fremont, Green
Springs & Republic Plank Road Company, are
notified that an assessment of 10 per cent, on their
Capital Stock is hereby called for, the aame to be
pa:d to Ezra Stoner, treasurer of said Company, at
Green Springs Mills, on or before the 10th day of
December 1850.
By order of the Board of Directors.
R. iiMITH, Prea.
S. H. Smith, Sec.
October I, 1850. 30
A large and splendid atock of
Fashionable Fall and Winter Goods,
Purciiased almost entirely with CASH
In the month of August, the most favorable aeaaon,
PRICES, for Cash, or Country Produce.
These Goods were selected with great care,
in regard to qnality and price, aud cannot fail to
Suit all who will please to examine them!
All the latest styles of
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Silks, &c. &c.
can be found here, and shall be sold cheaper than
can be had elsewhere!
Hats, Caps, Bonnets,
Hardware, Iron, Nails, Glass, Fish,
Sole and Upper Leather, Coffee, Teas, Oils,
Crockery, Boots and Shoes,
Ready-made Clothing, Molasses, Sugar,
Yankee Notions, &c, fec,
In truth all articles wanted in the western country,
can be found and will be ecld without regard to
profit for ready pay. A. B. TAYLOR.
Fremont, Sept. t8, 1850.
White Wood Iiiimbcr.
,F all kinds and clear stuff for sale bv
Feb. 9. O. H. FUSSELMAN.
1 PERM and Lamp Oil A first rate article for
sale at s. jjvcklakd et to i.
To the Tax Payers of Sandusky County.
Treasurer's Ofmcb, J
Fremont, August 28, 1850. j
THE tsx psyers of said county, will take notice,
that the following taxes have been levied there
in Cor the year 1850, to wit: for state purposes 3.20
mills on the dollar; for county $4000; for county
debt $3000; for school $1000; for county infiinarv
$1500; and for interest $500; amounting to 4.30
mills ou the dollar.
There has been levied for road purposes the fol
lowing rates to wit: York township 1.35 hundredths;
Towusend 1.40 hundredths; Green Creek 1.33;
Riley 3; Bsllville 0.75 hundredths; Jackson 250;
hundredths; Washington 1.50 hundredths; Scott 2;
BlMdnon M ot) hundredths; Woodville 1.75 hun
dredths; Rice 2.50 hundredths mills ou the dollar.
For township purposes in York 0.25 hundredths;
1 owneend u.5 hundredths; Ureen Creek 0.75
hundredths; Riley 0 50 hundredths; Sanduskv0.25
hundredths; Jackson 0.30 hundredths; Scott 0.25
In Ballville Townshin there is an extra lew fur
scnooi purposes 01 u.iu nunaredtns, and in Kice
township fat same purposes 2 mills on the dollar.
1 Here nas also been levied the following special
taxes to wit: for Woodville and Rollersville Free
Turnpike 3 mills on the dollar valuation of all lands
withiu the legal limits of said road. For corporation
purposes in the town of Fremont 1.50 hundredths
mills. In Fremont school district for tuition pur
poses 3.40 hundredths mills; for purchasing site and
school house purposes 3.85 hundredths.
In school district No. 3 Scott townshin. I mill:
No 8 Townseud 1: Fractional District 8 Ballville,
Whashiugtou, ore 1 mill; No. 6 Townsend 1.60
hundredths mills; No. 4 Green Creek 1 mill; 7
Green Creek 1 mill; 9 Green Creek 1 mill; No. 8
Riley 1 mill; No. 6 Ballville 1 mill; No. 12 Ball
ville 1 mill; No. 8 Madison 1 mill; No. 2 Wood
ville 1 mill; No. 5 Woodville 1 mill: No. 6 Riley 1
mill; No 8 York 5 mills; No. 9 Jackson 2 mills;
No. 7 Woodville 1 mill; No. 1 Woodville 3.75 hun
dredths: No. 1 York 1 mill: No. 2 Sandusky 1
mill; No. 3 Scott 1 mill; No. 2 Ballville I mill: No
11 Ballville 2 mills; No 2 Rice 1 mill; No 3 Town-
send 1 mill; No. 7 Madison 1 mill: Tract 7 Madi
son and Woodville 1 mill; Tract No 13 Ballville &
Green Creek 1 .'25 hundredths; Tract No. - Madi
son and Scott 1 mill. Making the rates of taxation
(excepting the special taxes above mentioned) in
the several townships aa followa to wit:
on o fo Won H
5 S
York 3.901 4.30,
9 95
Townsend 3.20
Green Creek... 3.20 4.30
Kiley 3.2U
Ballville 3.20
Sandusky 3.20
4 '30
Jackson 3.20
4.30 j!.50
Washington.... 3.201
4 30,
Scott 3. at I
Madison 3.20
4 30
Woodville 3.20
4 30
Rice 3.20
4.30j 2.50i 0.252.00
The subscriber will attend at his office in Fremont
until the 20th of December next for the purpose of
receiving taees, after which day the duplicates will
pass into the bauds of deputy collectors, when pen
alty and mileage will be charged on all taxes that
remain unpaid.
Tax payers will aiao take notice that no bank
notes except those of this state chartered under the
new banking law will be received for taxes.
27 Rreasurer of Sandusky County.
Head Quarters
Since the Great Explosion and
Blow up at Head Quarters!
Has been to N. York City,
Of New Goods,
And is now prepared to supply all the former
customers of Head Quarters, in addition
. to his old friends and patrons who
by their patronage rendered
Celebrated throughout Sandusky county,
as the most favorable place to buy their Goods.
At his Old Stand on the Turnpike,
Opposite Wbyler's Tavern.
In his assortment will be found
B BLACK, Brown. Blue and Mixed cloth, black,
mixed and fancy cassimeres, blue, black, and
mixed satinetts, Kentucky jeana and tweeds cloth,
red, white and Yellow flannels, red and blue plaid
cloaking, gimps, fringes, calicoes, gimghamB, al
paccas, and lawn cloths, shawls and dress hand
kerchiefs, aud the most fashionsble fancy dress
goods for the ladies that the New York market can
ufford. Bleached and brown
Shirtings, Canton Flannels,
Ribbons, Black Silk for Dresses,
Sewing Silk, Checks, Vestings,
Twist & thread, Comforters,
Cohoe's Shirts and Drawers,
Traveling Bags,
Muffs, Carpeting,
Waddings, Battings,
Cotton Yarn, Carpet Warp,
Crpeting, and almost every description of
Dry Goods that are kept iu the Western Country.
Tea, coffee, sugar, pepper, spice, ginger, uutmegs,
cloves, cinnamon, starch, salrcratus,
madder, indigo, alum, dec.
Hard-war e,
Cros-cot, mill, hand aud wood-saws: cross-cut,
mill, aad baud -saw files; Sweed's iron,
flat and round bars; cat and wro't
nails; band & hoop iron;
cast, spring, &
American steel; Ames'
shoveta, hay and niauure forks;
nail rods; White's Simmons' and Collins'
cast steel axes; besides an extensive assortment of
Pocket-knives, table knives and forks, butts and
screws; dooi hangings and tritnminfrs, &c, &c.
Boots and Shoes,
a very great variety and warranted waterproof.
Sole and Upper Leather, dtc; all of the
above articles will be sold cheap for Cash, or ex
changed for Wheat, Corn, Oats, Rye, Timothy,
Cloveror ax-seeds, Hides, abeep.pelts, cutter,
Lard, Eggs, Tallow and Wax.
S3T Don't let those Sh ylocks around where
the large flags bang out, make you believe that
their stores are branches of Olmsted's Estab
lishment, it is only gammon. Olmsted's Store
is still on THE TURNPIKE, and Olmsted is
there himself, to supply his friends.
1 remont, October 5, IBiU
To the Lower Sandusky F. Road Stock.
THE stockholders of the Low. Sandusky Plank
Road Company, are hereby notified that an
assessment of ten per cent, on their capital stock,
is hereby called for, the same to be paid over to
John R. Pease, Treasurer of said Company, in
Fremont, on or before the 1st flay or November.
La Q. Rowaon, Sec')-.
Fremout, Sept. 31, iS50 8
THE subscriber ia prepared to furnish Social
Hall, in Buckland's Brick Block, for
Cotillon Parties, Sories, Lectures, tc,
on reasonable terms: and also rcf rcsllilicnts,
in the best style on the shortest noticet
Fremont, August 3, 1850.
CARPENTERS can find Hand saws, Draw
knives, steel Squares, trv Squares, plane irons.
Nail Hammers, Hatchets. &c. of the bestquality at
NY quantity of good Hickory and Ash Wood
l will be taken ou subscription at the
Fkelmak Office,
Bulletin No. 1.
Head Quarters!
The Returns are all in, and
TS declared elected. The majority for Head Quar-
jl iers wui range irom
150 fo 200 tons of the most splendid
variety of Goods that were ever wafted nn thn Sn.
dusky River. After so close a contest, thisip prob-
amy me greatest Ticiory ever won oy mortal man.
The news waa telegraphed from Sandusky citv, on
Tuesday evening, and we iinmedistely charter
ed the steamboat Islander for three, per
haps four trips. "All aboard passengers free."
Nims is the sole Agent for tlie People's Line,
Having secured a Tremendaus Low Freight,
by shipping our entire line of Goods in connection
with the Old Establishment in Elrria. and bv
of Oswego, at about one half the usual
Prices paid by small dealers,
who ship by Buffalo. And having many frienda to
reward aud no enemiea to punish, we propose
Offering some inducements to the
People of Sandusky and adjoining counties,
That will drive the Old and New Combination into
On the 28th day of September,
We shall commence selling SO.OOO pounds all
kinds of Iron for wagons at $3 SO per hundred.
As we are the sole agenta for this kind of iron, we
can warrant it to be of the very best quality or the
vasn shall be Jiefunded.
20,000 pounds best Eastern orWheeling Nails,
at $4 per kee.
2,000 pounds splendid cotton yarn, warranted
one lureaa to noia up the bundle, at only
87J cents per bundle.
100 cases Boots and Shoes, and the whole
shall be sold on the low pressure system.
Our stock of Ready-Made CLOTHING, is
probably the largest in North-western Ohio.
We have prepared our aonth room for the exclusive
aale of Hata, Caps, Boots and Shoes, and Ready
Made Clothing For the Iiadics, we have a
large line of
And we can sell them splendid new style de Laines
at 12 J cents per yard.
Real Scotch Ginp-hams at Is. some for less.
Plaid Prints at 4 cents ; 100 peices at 6 cents,
ana we win warrant tne cloth to Dave been worth
more money before they ever went into the print
We ean only enumerate a small portion of our
ponderous stock, but shall be disppoioted if we do
not see the whole country
moving in one Grand Phalanx, for
Head Quarters!
Aa it ia the
Old Regulator of the County!
In all agea and sections of the country, it has been
ustomary for people after sailing under one class
of Colors until they become old and tattered, to take
another 'tack.' In future we shall make a special
charge for all vetbatim Circulars copied from Head
Cash Paid
Brought to this Market by the Farmers.
Head Quarters,
Sept 26th, 1850.
Stand from Under!
Jlre on the Fall!!
ARE just receiving a large and splendid Fall
and Winter stock of Boots and Shoes, which
Will be sold, cheap for Ctshl
It consists in part of Gents, Calf, Kip and coarse
Ladies Enameled Lace and Polka Boots: Enam
eled Excelsiors and Buskins, aud a great variety of
Slippers and Ties of the best style. Lasting, Mo
rocco and Cilf
Misses Enameled Lace and Polka Boots; Mo
rocco, Lasting, Gaiter, and Laee Boots; Calf and
Kip Boots, Morocco Buskins, Slippers and Ties.
Children's enameled, laee, and polka boots, Mo
rocco and calf lace boots and shoes.
A general assortment of heavy Boots,
for the coming season.
Boys', Youths,' and children's kip aud coarse
boots aud shoes.
A general assortment of Ladise; Gents, and Mis
ses Patent
India Rubber Boots and Over Shoes.
Also, a large stock of Leather and shoe Findings,
which we would be glad to have our city and coun
try shoemakers examine.
Boots and Sboes lrom measure.
Our town and country customers can have boots
and shoes made to order at our shop. We have
secured the services of several experienced work
men, especially for this branch of our business, and
any work entrusted to us will be warranted to FIT,
and of GOOD STOCK.
4" South Store in Tyler's block at the
sign of the big BOOT,
t remont uct. a, 'J
Scnooi Notice.
THE Common Schools ia Fremont, will open
for the reception of pupils on the first Monday
in October.
It is directed by the Boaad of Education that un
til further notice the pupils attend respectively at the
aame rooms attended by them at the close of the
last term.
Teachers desirous of employment will file with
the undersurned their proposu and certificates at
the earliest posible time.
lsy order of the Board,
Fremont. Sept. 21. In50 '28:3
To Let.
pied bv E. N. Cook, iu Fremont. Possession
given the 6th October uext. Apply to
u u unnwT. a vn
Fremont. Sept. 21 I SO. 2S
AGLET'S Gold Fens and Pencils for sale
cheap, at S. Buck i. akd & Go's.
WARRANTY, Mortgage, and .Quit Claim
Deeds for aale at the
ROSE Hair Oil, Ox Marrow,
Bear's Oil Maccassar Oil,
Bandoline Fixatricc, Philocorab,
Cream of Roses and Lilys,
Cologne, Rose and Lavendar Water, &c, &c,
just received, at Bccklakd s.
LANK BOOK, full bound Ledgers, Journals,
Dockets, Cash and J uvoice books, at
NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership
heretofore existing between the subscribers in
the Livery business, is this day dissolved bv mutual
consent. H. WILLIAMSON.
IUT The business will still be continued bv the
subscriber at the old stand. IRA SMITH.
Oct. 16, 1850.
-1HEAP PUBLICATIONS. A choice lot of
V Harper efc Brother's, just received at
Rail Road Store.
Circular for the Fall of 1 850.
Great Attraction!!
THE excitemont and talk being about equally di
vided between the above parties, we have con
eluded to "compromise" by making our establish
ment the
Of Sandusky County and Vicinity.
The unanticipated succeaa which the Proprietcra
of the above Store have met with aince opening:
having disposed of almost an
Entire stock of goods for Cash, in a few weeks !
has enabled ua to purchase a
Larger, Better, and Cheaper Stock of Goods
than ever making our
Second purchase, and
Fall and Winter Stock,
than has ever before been offered in thia vicinity.
And our success is the strongest argument that we
are selling Better, and Cheaper Goons, than
any other establishment in the place.
Our etore ia LARGE and CONVENIENT, be
ing the North Store in Buckland's Brick Block,
ia welt lighted as our Goods do not require twi
light to sell them.
Mr. John P. flames, spent the month of Au
gust ia the Eastern cities, and selected our goods,
Before stocks had been Culled,
and having been engaged in the Mercantile busi
ness in Sandusky county, for the past 13 years,
knew exactly what to buy for this market.
Our Stock Comprises
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Boots and Shoes, .
Hats and Caps, Muffs Tippets dec, . .
Crockery, Yankee Notions, .-
Leather, Wall paper,
Ready Made Clothing, &c
Iron, Nails, Glass, Salt, dee., dec,
and 10.000 ether articles, too numerona to men
lion Se Farmers look to your interest sg
Money, when produce ia ao low should only be laid
out where you can buy your
Clothing and Groceries,
To the best advantage.
Coma with yeur wives and daughters, and .
and the prices they are selling at,
and you will be satisfied that the , ,
Rail It on d Store,
ia the place te buy Goods as is Goods,"
OC2 3E3C 3sE3 A.
P. S. VVe would return eur thanks to the peo
ple of Sandusky county, and vicinity for the patron
age bestowed upon us, and would hope by aa unre
mitting attention to our business .keeping a good
atock and aelling good Goods cheaper than ever to
receive a continuance oi tna same.-
HASTT and the hirrVioet tnorlrof
price paid for WHEAT, CORN,
OATS, SfcrJDS, fcc A.c. -
Don't mistake the Place.,,
Buckland 's BrickBlock.
Frement, Sept. 1850. 12
Woolen v Factory S
Sandtttky County, Ohio.
Weaving and Cloth-Dressing dime in all styles
and colors, superior to any thmg
.in the State. . . .
THE subscriber finding that Wool bad risen in
price beyond the manufactured Goods intends
to atop the manufacture of woolen goods and turn
all the hands and machinery at custom work, such
as weaving Caeaimers, Cloths, Satinetts, Linseys,
Flannels, and Coloring and Dressing customers'
cloths, in all their various styles, superior to any
tiling nereioiore attempted.
Ho has erected a drying house 100 feet in length,
capable of drving 200 yards of cloth per day, besides
. 1. . J 'l rj r-li: L . r..ll
mo uui uwr oar, u. uses iBiuug. stucAB w iuh
with, and other machinery sufficient to finish 300
yards of cloth per day. The machinery and hands
will all be employed in weaving and dressing cloth
for cnatomers durinir the season. He has all the
different machines for dressing cloths
That are used In New England Factories,
such aa Napping, TeaaelingShearing and Brushing
Machines, which were bought in Wooster, Massa
chusetts, and are in the best of order. The work
men employed in hia Manufactory, have served a
regular apprenticeship in Maesachneetta, and work
ed in the above business from 5 to 20 years. And,
with hia early and long experience in the manufac
turing buaineas, aud by strict personal atteation to
the same, -hopes to receive 'a liberal share of the
public patronage. ,
He lias the FRENCH METHOD of Col-
oring and uses no Copperas or Vitriol,
knowing the same to be injurious to the cloth.
He will warrant all of his work,
both aa to manufacture, colors and fiuieh.
Prices per yard for finishing Cloths Is 6d; Cai-
simersls6d; Flannels Is; Satinetts 14c; Liuseys
Is; to full 5c.'
Prices for weaving on Power Loom Cloths five
quarters wide 8c; Cassimers live quarters wide lOcr,
f lannels lour quarters wide la.
Prices per yard for weaving and finding Chain
Satinetts I5c; Linseys Is..
AH the cloths woven will be returned as they
leave the loom, or finished at the abova prices as
customers may direct.
He nas maae Arrangements
with the following persons at the places mentioned,
to receive yarna and cloth, and deliver the same
when returned. All yarna and cloth left with, these.
persons will be taken and returned every two weeks
throughout the season;
O. L. -Nims, Head (Quarters, J? remont
Baker's Store Castalia.
Chapman & Harknese, Bellevue.
Shoemaker & Osden, Republic.
Silas D. Boalt, Mexico.
M. Brackley, McCutchensville. ' " ''
J. Swagart & Co, Oregon. ' ',;
Parker & Shawan, Carey. -
Adam Battclfeld, Springville.
C. W. Foster fe Son, Rome.
E. W. Thomas, Risdon.
Win. Heller, Van Burcn, more.
Arnold & Grey, Crowel! fe Burns, Mell-
Hcnry llaskitis, Portageville.
W. Bradncr, Millgrove.
George Bautchtell, Frccport,
.1. Eaton & Co., Rollersville.
C. Powers, Wooodville.
B. Caushan, Port Clinton.
Ballville, Sandusky Co. O. August 3, ieoO 21
Sale of Real Estate by order of Court.
ON the dlst day of October, 1850, between the
hours prescribed by law, at the door of the
Court House in Fremont, iu the county of Sandus
ky, and state of Ohio, will be sold to the highest
bidder the following real estate, as the property of
Daniel P. Newell, deceased, subject to the right of
dower of the widow, to wit:
The west half of the sonth-west quarter of sec
tiou number thirty, township number five, range
number thirteen, containing eighty acres mere or
less. Appraised at $400 Terms Cash in baud.
E. HUNTINGTON, Adminiatrator.
September 17, 185017:5
CASH paid for Laud Warruuts, at
Head Quarters.
The subscribers have just received
Decidedly the Largest and Best selection of
Miscellaneous, Claaical, Medical and School
Books, among which, the following are a few:
The writings of Gen Washington, by Jared Sparks,
13 volumes.
Prescolt's Conqneatof Pern, 2 volumes; ,
do do Mexico, 3 vols,
do Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols;'
do Miacetlaoies, 1 vol:
Allison's History of Europe, 4 vole;
Hildrelh's United States, 3 vols;
Maccauley'a History of England, 2 vols;
Hallam's Works, 4 vols; Gibbon's Rome, 4 vols.
Stephens' Yucatan; Greece; Egypt 2 vols each;
Complete Works of Lorenzo Dow;
Addiaon's Works; Burke's do.
Josephua' Works I and 3 vols; Byron's da
SliBkspeare'a Works, 1 and 2 vols; j -
Rollin's History "do
Chamber's Information for the People, 3 vols;
American Revolution 2 vols: ,
Marshal's Washington, 2 volumes; .. . -Neat's
Puritans, 3 vola; Life of Brant, 3 vela;
Mrs Edgeworth's Worka 10 vols;
Spark's American Biography, 10 vols: '
Memoirs and Administrations of the Presidents;
Cooper's Naval History; . Brand's Encyclopedia;
History of ths Girondists: Life of Franklin;
Mrs. Brenner's Novels, complete ia one vol;
Harper's Family Library, 34 volume:
do School District Library, 150 volumes;
do Claaical Library, 30 volumes
Swan's Treatise; ' Swan's Miscellany;
Webster's Dictionary unabridged
do do Large, revised; '-.r5
do do University edition;
do do ' - School edition;
United States Dispensatory, late editon;
Eberlee'a Practice; Eberlee's Therapeutics;
Smith's Hand Surgery;. , . Watson's Practice;
Hooper's Dictionary;
M'GufFey's Eclectic-series of Readers; - s
Ray's, Adams', Smith's, Davis', Dabol's and Par
kin's Arithmetic:
Clark's, Smith's, Well's, Burritt's and Kirkam's
Grammar; . .. .. r -... . .
Smith's, Oloney's Morse's and Parley's Geogra
phy, &c, dbe. - .
Any qusntity of Fools Cap, and Letter Paper.
plain and ruled. Gilt Edged and Embossed;
Letter Epvellopes, of all kiada and etvlas. .
- sro. 9
Buckland? Brick Block. '
Fremont, July, 1850 17
List of Letters -
REMAINING in the Post-office at Fre'mont,
the 1st day of October, 1850.. .
Asbodge & Beal
Almond Thomas '
Aemberth J G ----t :
Baud Peter
Brown sarah Ann mrs l
Bessnette Christmas.
Bromley George W '
Ball Elliot
Bronner Pogi
Bracker Aederman &c
Brotter Lonia Miaa -Bremer
Joseph P '
Board man Mr
Bachtall Joba ,
Bntts Daniel 3
Cline Jacob
Cole Howard - - -
Crawford J R -;
Cully Emilly Mrs , '
Conger Matnew '
Dana George T
Debbert Abraham
Dreyfus Isaao - 3
Endicott John B s
Ear'es Daniel
Eastwood Thomas :
Ford John P -'
Grace Thomas
Gardner M F
GaraDb mrs E
Gross Jacob
Gore Henry
Gardner William B -Gebbow
Hertey Jucob
Hanley Cornelius : -
Hawley Joseph
Higby Elijah ' '
Huffman sarah miss
Huntziuger Joseph; - .
Holmes J M
Honeywell William
Htgby Daniel
Henline John " 1
Hasted mrs EC-
Myers maryan mrs.
Minkler R s '
Miller Edwin R '
Metis DaviiK .
Mills Le
McFsrlan Win - ,
Mete David m -McNdlt
Calvin .
Monger Caleb .
Mclntyre John, ,
Miller Bradly
Mackeron John
Nightengale Rev L
rue won j xv
Ott Fidel '
Pringle John W' -Pnioe
Payton Mr ,c
Pharis John
Porter Harmon
Pence a
Pratt Esther
Parrish John s.
Reed John
Rammington Geo 3,
Robinson Henry
Rider Jacob
Rowley Adrew "
Stin Joha
Fpohn Daniel ' .. : "
Steaeason J P -
Sanderson Rebecca
Stevenson HE
Stahl MaryJ B miss
Smith John
Shroad Henry v
Sowar Robert - .
jSterens James
Sevmour Ralda
Tiff Wm .
Thomat Christ -t -
Wondsley Elian
WiduerJohn .
' 2
Whetsel Silas
Wire John
Working Philip 'J. ' .
Johnson Henry
Jeme Jasper
Wiler Abraham ' ,
Wool worth Chester"
Wiechmann Hen rich
Well man Luka B .
Wright Eliae
Logan Jacob
Louns Eleanor
i -. -:
Lee J. .
Lity Andreas ' '
Letter John
Vandersall Messers '
Vangilder Jeremiah
German Letters
Lesber siies Susannah
Persona inquiring for any of the above letters will .
say advertised. W.M STARK. , s,,
New Drug Store.
- ' " DEALERS IJT ' V , 'V ' .. . " k
Drugs, Paints, Oils, Dye-stuffs, Glass-ware, '
fnosgene tfas ana iamps, ac, esc. ...
THE subscribers have just opened a large stock
of the above articles, which with their former
stock completes the largest and best assortment ever .
brought to remont or vicinity ' " -:,-,
Physicians are respectfully requested to earl
and examine our articles of Drugs and Chemical.
as we are determined that FazstOKT shall be ths
tows ro bdt Goods CHEAP.
All our merchants sav they are selling Goods "
CHEAPER thsn they can be bought in Sandusky, '
Tiffin, or any where else in these 'Di jr gins' and are '
Determined not to be outdone .
b them iu the way of LOW prices. - . :
ID Country Dbauxs,. will find it to-thatf ed-
vantage to buy of us spy articles in oar line, as are
are sure we can save them tht transportation
at least. ...
uains: Piists of snv kind who wish Good Articles
can be aupplied at the smallest possible advance "
from cost. W hits Lead pure tiira, mo. i, ary
and ground -in oil. Chrome Yellow, Chrome Greco,
Paris Green, Red. Lead, Lampblack, Litharge,
Varnish, Linseed. Oil, warranted to dry I urpen-
tiue, &e.. Sc. Brushes of all sizes aud kinds, at ,
20 per cent chea oer than ever. ,.-.
give us A call;
auckland' s BrickBlock,
Sign of the Big Mortar, jgsy ;
Fremont, Sandusky-ce. July 6, Ir350 IT- "
first Grand Arrival ... .. r
Head Quarters,
HAVE this day received by Express lots of
PRINTS aud GINGHANS for tire early Fell
Trade, and will be receiving New Goods from day
to day unlit tney get the Uld tstaolisnment.
Loaded up from top to bottom! - ,
When thai time arrives, they iptend to.bring euf
and give the Old and New Combination Filts.
r remont, August zi, tsou.
Administrator's Notice.. .
NOTICE is hereby given, that the folfowing ex
ecutors and administrators have filed in the of
fice of the Clerk of the court of common pleas, of
Sanduskv county, their accounts current for. final
settlement: Samuel Crewel! and Jacob H afford,
Ex'ra. of Levi Hoffbrd; Charles s. Shutta, Adm'r.
of the eatate of Gabriel T. Shults; George Over- ;
mire, Adm'r. of the estate of Joha Blubaker; Chris-"
tian Doncvson, Adm'r. of fhe estate of Christian
Stibley: Joaeph Garn, Ex'r. of the eatate of David
Garn; George IPalea, Adm'r. of the estate of Ja- '
oobUlch; Michael M' Bride, Adm'r. of the eetatej
of Lester Allen and: Cheater Edgertoa, Adm'r. of
the estate of Stephen C. Smith,
D. CAPPER, Dent. Cl. '
Fremont, Sept 25 185a 39;S

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