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Fremont weekly freeman. [volume] (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, December 28, 1850, Image 3

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. . jUW. Pavimater'B Estate.
Notice is hereby given, that Amos Fenn, has
been appointed aud qualified u Administrator
on the estate of Julius VV. Formatter dec, late of
Greon Creek, Not 30, 1850
Toledo, Xorwalk Clcvciand Rail
. . - ' a a Anns n v.
AT a meeting of the Directors or the Toledo,
r il . Ril Road Company,
held at their office of Norwalk Dec., I i, 1850, It
was resolved, that the sums suMcnoeo .o u.e co
ital atock of this Compauy lo be expended on the
Western Section of the KoaO, hhiiki.. r -
, .! T-..I..U. K. Baid into the Treasury of this
Company at this office, in enetalments of ten per
cent, everv sixty dors from this date; and that no
lice be published of said call in some paper at Fre
mont or Toledo, or both, for the period of thirty
davs, prior to the date or payments 01 the same.
:,. ;. therefore hereby given that an instal
men! of ten percent, on the Cep.tal Stock of the
Toledo.- NorwelK ,teveiana Rail rioaa wm
n.nv. subscribed to be expended on the Western
Sectiou of said Road, is required to be paid to the
Treasurer on or before the 10th day or Febiuary
1851. and a further instalment or ten per cent.
very sixty days thereafter until the full amount is
paid. W. F. KITTR'.DGE, Sec'y.
Office of T. N. &. C. R. R. Com'y.
Norwalk Dec., 16, 1850. $
Sale ot Real Estate by order of Court.
William Garber, Administrator of )
Jcha Weaver, deceased $
ve )
Solomon Smith.
William Garber, et. al. J
ON the 21st day of January A. D. 1S5I , between
the h.Ml.a at 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P.
M. at the doer of the Court House in the town of
Fremont, Sandusky County Ohio, will be sold lo
tha highest bidder, the following real Estate as the
properly of John IPeaver deceased, to wit;
The east half of the north-east quarter or section
number twentr-two. in township number four.
worth or range auinber routteen, in the county of
Sandusky, and state ol Uhio. Also, tne souin
wemt quarter of section noinber fourteen, in town
ship number fonr. north of range number fourteen,
in the county r Sandusky and state or Ohio, con
taining in all tw hundred and f. rly acres or laud,
mora or less.
Terms of Sale. One third in hand, one in one
Tear, and one third in two Tears from rfsyofeale
with interest. WILLIAM GARBER, -
Adm'rr John Weaver, deceased.
Fremont. Dee. 1, 1850.
McAlistcr's All-Healing Ointment.
It is not often that we allow ourselves to speak in
praise of any of the patent medicines or the dav, but
e-iug to the many testimouials or praise that w
hear daily concerning McAllister's All Healing
Ointment, we must needs say that for ourselves we
have never used or seen a medicine as in name so
applicable is this medicine. It is indeed truly as
tonishing to sec what virtue ie imparted in so simple
yet powerful a remedy. For burns, bruises, scalds
II diseases or the skin, and inflammations we be
lieve it has no eqaal. Call aud get a pamphlet in
the hands of agents.
" Tti ralualtle McJfriunl pre, a ration
from mit uimftir Extract of S:irsnfr,rr,t " or common
purify in? Mc :k iue. U is a cotu;ouKri ol wany ol" tle
With otiKT ftCwtiic Mh-ortlm wke K'uters. or Ii.itim?i
iirli.Tr rcfrrviKx: to the reltH" nml eoMinjeH .eaUliy ope
- rafvm of oie internal or!n. . It comniiis article!
- tvltich enter into no oUmt prt'usmnot in vMs-tence, ami
-in imri lying nnn reirpsuiiig cuccia, any iticutvuic im
bc'worUI. It i- put no
fa terv ptemsttHt to the ui'fe, and is uiore concentrated,
Tfm-n miro tter in market. IVr-wiw wlw tnve taken
:ra?j:ictMni" fa the i'o, wiihost! relief, imve burn
tn7v -itrsrt, l.y 0412 two Of tilW hOHio.
Vii i the w I'omr-iunrt in whih firsiiTrilr.u WiM
CSiwy ntt-1 Uaw.koi. aft so niYtKtC'L o orter ttoe pwu
liar viruies of eaeli, in coml'iti.TTio'i -nich pure K.tnwts
oto:itt r iK-fiitw auictot iu a liijirtj-couccirtntleii etatr.
jT:s i.itTC:iM1"t'9 are
An-"; nTT mrh mo: and lutrls": .TTv iottt' thoi!)i rhie'lv
n(Ie--liri2 ctTt.-ii;i jMiris t!t litcir 3i':;ir:il tciLtviicy w iro-
"To ctirr r. ti "n v, trop-ik,i. Ki !riy "ot p!" iiit. Sec
o:f VV.-iivn' Iftimors Voi 'e t'loo-I. r rnmi; mt
tTi'Jiiiu? -p- rrmnt f.f ".-twrH orrriMi tir IkxIv,
t'itltO'rf .t:vc !!nmiu pr'-siriiis ns tiik K nwvs, n
a!is. !v t-iis ii !!.. No r.--isR cfr;ir-l tv-M ftrtle.nt't
;;-. in tii? ri ' vrry orv-r-no'i ("r i--iv it i-
Ceo:i, d'll linSrs il l"e rTpttt:ii iu ';.srfc,
IN Al.l. rAI- OF rRDVV,
IT-pfTii :,. nr. Il ff re'rrre. !t Z'.a cur-L t
Jifm it-fff Wft tifBfirrH of. Il rO"ii:-ir ;:i-f.t. , -r: .
or if mHHfttTi? ra. mt! f;tkis ilw eat : ''. -i :: -i,-;.
crmfet vtrts. Tt( KtiiKly
All ihiptirn Tin4 ffros htamm. rwdtw" v orM- ' :
iyoii Uu l.loofi, Idit ly rrmjti rer!) 7rjrn m '
Visor, am) fptfi- ly i-K-rf.ini: flf :i-rioT: t-i '.t?r r
lraw froia die iiy. a-nl t-'iMitmlv tr.irove
' IMPt RE Oft K&VA FIT.'"
AH .iicrrrs vri-rinT.'ri'! ii n Vjir tvt! stnic i.r i'
P4inl, -JOr'jtWuTrs l.-icws, Sores. Col'vviioii l'
TTjT) TfTJ THis JVrf nUmtttv ! - t;
hns worked - of the frcmJctt rrt of - ;
VI.Ktttvr. afce. A splendid diuretic. A.'Ci.V .
Tor iVetkneasot" lite Kiti;c!, Werh .
Jiiviiuirtary (ww W U ? tourumz i'-iai. .1..;
. 4rjf NMwo.oroilrrr iriUa;i4t, it t r.: !-... '
lr"iiV hHlx t&cse wrls. i; SLro::;1- . . .
, e 8?vRtiu, LliX twici wpr.iifiiCi: : r-s
"..(; : h: i-r r.-' t ; 'i.-j--. ; : . vuU'il toni'
Vou -.viM iit-'.'t i: r- !l f .;; .r. it w -!i -w n cr;- .; , ...
.ori jetii rt.w. In 'j;-- lifc-ou, fio. ' ihan ;n:;. I!
o i tt ir trk'tt. JL.rV (V.i;!(.,.'. 7 c Wt.'h-
rF.(vrr HiOfct uciicate Fl-iii.iU; com takr. ii utlh per-
Tii -it ihif" ih? oni? Ktedicir.c (unt ha t ver curtM ri.- t..u .
v r-rif 5?n.t t'rvra, as ;rtt?5l".i !y l.-c pa --As st.un
tiirt? of itx' cu.:rl, ami ott wil! crW-a U'.'t-
t?h?k is soMrriiix; ix it.
Or SGne in ih Elrrcie.-r, tl-i iwlicife 1S5 Ij-cn uneti
with aiOJ'Wiitic wh:c-s. rr Cert'fftea of Cnra j
ti it or iy diectm see t'cwplict of cures.
1 OT Pisfamw of the STOMACH and UOVKI,P,
DVPKPSIA. with DeMHry, c. tor Howel f'efu
f)liit9 t Cain relied om usmrerfai raiueJy. A So.
vtieu accumulation of t-ile hff rai.e,
JaaiHfire. fce or wftptt thry are enmln-j oti. .f'5 fra
y re wtfe. It carritM o'fl" t.K. corrupt Lilt; ntpi:'lv. is
tlie ny rat c linn ncK and eae imtssdimttfi. h liAfcenre't
Of years stamlini' as cortifiratf teiify, riry give
mmtitfiteUom. Try it. t. rr.it Phyirintt pre?Mrie nliraut
diuretics. This eoHtpouiul is excciieHt lianikiion a lorn
is almost ipeeilir..
On the pneesof otir rAMrmim, orrohiimt ofottr ptpr.
AliM of as influential nautew lmf merer hern rivt-n in
support of y Metlicinee. We hav tU ro imtlitfntimtoe
testimony of the txrtaim rare of evert dueite we mention.
The m est thorough inrestijmttem is rr.qoeated. C I'.T A
PAMPHLET. Call on tic eerlifr or ak llteir opiinon.
ad you too will use it. It viM anect yoti iti1i-ieit tr
anyoUier, and me tliink it will tUi vmi n r -wi.
ASelict School will bs opened in Fremont by
Rev. F. 8. Whiti, oa
Monday, October 15th.
The Terms dec will be made known on application
to Aim. Ha will give special attention to those who
wish to prepare themselves for teaching-. Scholars
from abroad will find the expense of attending this
school no greater than that of attending the public
schools of the town. The advantages will in all
" respects bo at least equal to those of any other
school and in some respect superior, on account of
tha limited number of scholars.
Fremont, Oct 5, 185030:3
Toledo. Korwalk and Cleveland
Hall Koad.
SEALED Proposals will be received at the Of
fice of the Engineer in Fremont, until the 31st
day of December, 1850, for the Grading, Bridging,
and Masonary, on the Western Division of said
Road, extending from the Maumee River to Fre
mont, a distance of 29 miles. The line will be di
vided into sections of about one mile each.
Flans, Profile? and Specifications of the work
will be ready for examination at the Engineer's Of
fice in Fremont, on and after the 15th inst. For
particulars enquire at the Companie'sOffice in Nor
walk. or at the Engineer's Office in Fremont.
VM. H. NEWTON, Resident Engineer.
Norwalk, Dec. ad, 1S40.
WHISKEY is now selling at 95 cents a gallon
at the Grocery opposite Mr. Bells' Store, the
same article as others are selling at 31 cents.
Also, for sale, the largest and best lot of Ham
burgh Cheese in town.
Raisins cheaper than can be bought elsewhere,
A largo assortment; and the best Segars in the
Wines, Brandies, and a pure article of Holland
Gin, and all other articles usually kept iu such es
tablishments, which will be sold as low as can be
purchased iu towu.
Fremont, Dee. 7 1850.
TTTOULD respectfully inform the inhnbitanta of
T f f remont and Ticimly. that he haa opened the
store recently occupied by M'-asrs. Oppenheimer,
with a good und well selected assortment of Drue,
Metiifines, Paints, Oils, Dve-Stuffs, &c, which
he offers ou very fair and lihern) terms.
Having been engirel in the business for several
years, he can assure the public, that I nun his expe
rience and facilities in bovine iu the New Yo k nd
Etsterti Markets, that he Cmii aud will sell as low hc
any establishment in Northern Ohio. He will not
be undersold.
Please call and examine qnatiir and prices, and if
we dotrt sell you, it will not be owing to th price-
Physicians are particularly invited lo call aud ex-
amine quality aud prices
At J. F. Woosler's Dne Store may be found a
chotco lot of Liquors for Medicinal, Mrchrtntcnl, &
sacramental purposes. Alcohol, 4Hi prool liraudy,
pure. Pure Juice of the Grape. Port Wine, Ma
teria, Sherrr, &r.
Fremont Dec. 7 1850.
Guarranty Fund, $100,000 00.
V. B. ROBRINS, Fbksidkkt.
A. L. GREER. Vick Prksidukt.
J. R. PAYSOX, Secrr abt.
W. H RobLins, J. S. Morgan,
A. L. Greer, J. B. Casey,
C. A. Withers, S. E. Mack,
Jt M. Withers, S. J. Walker.
T. Morckeod, Solicitor.
jRL Pretlow, M. 1)., Physician.
J. B. Casey, Chm Com on .Finance.
The Terms ntxn which this Comnanr infure
Life are peculiarly favorable to the Insured; -much
more so, it is believed, than the terms of any other
ie insurance company, to wit:
The proat securitv ulforded in a Gnarant- Fund
of $100,000, $20,000 of which has been paid in
Cash, and $80,000 secured in the safest meaner,
by ootid and Morfrape of Real Lstate;
Kates of f rem mm grealiy reduced f-om the rates
of other Companies, and more eqully pradunted;
insurance for the benefit ol Married Women
enre from the creditors of their hutibands;
The insured not liable to assessments for losses;
No extreme haxards taken by this Company;
An annual dividend to all policy holders, payable
in Caso; also, additions made to Life Policies every
Notes taken in part for premiums;
Policies issued udeu application without deiay,
causing no loss of I tieoranee to the parties.
Lives of either sex injured between the aires of
fourleen and sixty, inclusive, for one Tear, for five
a-ears, o for life.
I he ramphlets aud i racts published by the
Company will be found to contain much valuable
information respecting the nature, principles, ap
plication, and benefits of Life In sonnies. Also, an
esamination of the plana of the other Mutual Com
panies oi this country, and a foil explanation of the
plan proposed by tins Company, together wi:h va-
noiit tables, one el rowing the rates of premium for
the term or kite, or several Companies, compared
with tho rates of this Company, and another giving
the rates of this Compatv for all anes and terms
at which ftisurance is -made.
Pamphlets and Tracts ftrrhished aralis, and ap
plications rebeived and forwarded bv
. CtttS I tU KUUEIt l UW,
Affent at Fremont, O.
JAMES W WTLSQ5L Medical Examiner.
Fremont Dee. 7, l$S(L
Dr. Jacol) Townsend's
THIS Medicine is made up wholly of VEG
ETABLE substances, contains no mineral
substance of any kind, and is perfectly safe
and certain in its action in ail persons, youn
or old. It is a most efficient article in effect
ing the following purposes:
1st, It PURIFIES TflE BLOOD, and cleans
es the whole system of acid, slime, worms a;.d bile.
2d. It is a sovereign remedy tn all cases of
Chills and Fever, and is equally good in ordinary
cases of Rheumatism, especially in those called
acute or inflammatory. This is a valuable medi
cine in Fever and Ajjue Countries, particularly in
the South aud West. Used in the spring and
Fab, it will effectually cleans the Blood aud syr4eiu
of bilious and other morbid matter, aud thus pre
vent a hoet of Acute aud Chrome l. senses.
3d. Jt is a great remedy lor 1-4 ver Coiup'aints,
Disease of the Kidneys and Urinary Organs.
4th. It acts with remarkable ethcacv in cases of
Dspepsia, Sour Stomach, Heartburn, Sick Head
aches, Flatulence, or Wind, and creates a jjood ap
petite, by if Ving tune and strength tu the stomach,
and other digestive organs.
5l li. t is equally good for Colds, Coughs,
Bronchitis, and "thar diseases of the Lungs .iiid
Chest, Pleurisy, P.ilpit ttion ol the Heart, &c.
btti. it is iiieMiitiuble iu caves ol U jirrttosi, U
etitery, and Summer Couiplamts, iu Men, Wutneii
nd Lhildreit.
7th It is a verv excellent remedy far NERV
OUS DISEASES, as T-c Doloreux, or Neuralgia,
and Nervous D'bililv.
6th ft is one or the best medicines for all cases
of Scrofula which arises from overieating the os
tein followed by sudden cooling, from bud diet, liv
ing or working in damp p!;.e?i; from humors iH'l in
the system which heve been produced hv m'iivii s.
scarlet fever, small pox, itch, and the like. Hence
it cures Lrysipelas, bait Kheum, bcald Head, re
ver Sores, and various Eruptive Diseases.
yth It is also the verv best NUHSEKY WEU-
ICIN G for children, great in Measles. Srftrlet Fe
ver, Small Pox, Kine Pox, Rashes and Eruptions
of all kinds; and especially good fr those Fevers
and Diarrhoeas, or Bowel'l complaints which arise
from 1 eething.
10th It is a verv good DIURETIC, producing
a free and ea?y passage of urine. It is also an ex
cellent DIAPHORETIC, promoting gentle per
spiration, and thus cures many cases of Dropsy.
nth It is great ia FEMALE COMPLAINTS,
especially in cases of irregular, suppressed, or defi
cient menstruation, commou FInor Albus, and all
the difficulties arising from Pregnancy in all its
I ith It never fails to cure Costiveness and riles
which are not of the bleeding hind, and acts gently
on tbe bowel Is, but neve as a harsh cathartic.
Price One IoIIar per Bottle.
DZTSix Bottles for Five Dollars.. rp
Principal Office for the Western States at
169 Main street. Cincinnati, between 4th and
G. W. CALHOUN, Genera! Agent.
For sale by
S- BUCKLAND & Co. Fremont.
Dec- 4, 1850.
MCALLISTER'S AH Healing Ointment, Deans
Chemical Plaster, Bloke's Bitters, Ac, at
Messrs. Crobaugh
Would most respectively announce to the Peo
ple of Fremont and vicinity, that they are pre
pared to execn'e
By the late Paris Process, entirely superior to any
taken by the old Process. Jt will be seen that these
Pictures possess a strength not inferior to the most
celebrated Oil Paintings, et possessing all the
beauties of light and shade that ran be found in the
finest lineal engravings. Thes- Pictures are also
made indellible, bv the Patent Gilding, which gives
them that peculiar and beautiful tone, which is seen
in no other. In fact, their heanty is pst ovscrip
tiou. Persons must examine them, to be able to
judge of their perfection. The subscriber has also
a variety of the richest
OT their own selection. Persons visiline ibis place,
on bu'iuess or pleaserc, thould not neglect this rare
opportunity of obtaining for Ibemselves and friends,
fliese inestimable tneinrnioes.
P.S. Messrs. C ar- also prepared to give Instruc
tions to any who may wili lo embark in this fasci
nating vocation, which meets the. most favorable
approbation and patronnge from all possessed of
cultivated tasls and refinement.
Inexperienced operators can receive instructions
in the art of mnking the different kinds of Accelera
tors, Patent Gilding and general imrovemenls
Furnished, w.th instructions. All of these are in
despensulilv necessary to compete with artists pos
sessing the above facilities.
Miiiblnres sut in Pins, limps. Ladies' Bracelets:
&c. Also, Dsauerreotipes and Oil Paintings cop
ied with accuracy The subscrioer will remain in
this place a fewinonthsonly. Their Rooms may be
found at the Franklin House..
Fremont Nov. 30, 1850.
mi- it. s. limn.
Continues the practice of Medicine in Fremont
and adjacent country.
Oefice, ns tormrrly, on Front street, oppo
site Deal's new building.
Fremont, Nov. 23, 1850. 37
a oesioeuatim:
Gold, Steel, and Quill Pens Superseded.
Each of W byte's newlwly invented amvlga
tfd Zinc and Plotina Pens is equal to thirty
Steal Pens, and surpass all others in elastici
ty One trial will prove the fact that they are
cheaper and better than any other pens invent
ed. Price 3 cents each, or 25 els per dozen.
Manufactured by R. Whyte, London, Eng.
Jacobs & Co., sole agents for the patentee for
the United States.
S. BUCKLAND & Co. sole agents for Fre
mont Sandusky county O.
Fremont, Nov, 19, 1850. 37 : 3 m.
Rail Road Store.
jVeyvgooos: jew coos.
Fall and Winter
At the Railroad Store!
John P. Haynes & Son,
Dealers in everv variety of
Boots and Shoes, IJals and Cops, Ready
tloitiing. Hardware, Crockery, Kails, Glass,
Leather, Stoneware, &c. &c.
"We Will not be Undersold,"
We have just receive our third stock of Goods
for the trnde of 1650, pdrchused t the close of the
busiiiesn season , in New Turk city when jobbers,
to avoid wintering goods, were selling them at
manufacturers prices, and were consequently bot
lower than the early purchases which will enable
ns to offer you
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes
Hal and Caps, &c. at great ty reeuced pi ices. We
need not enter into nu argument lo convince you
that we are selling cheaper than other establish
ments, for the fact that we have sold Two Lakge
.Stocks since June, 1850, is convincing proof that
we are selling Good Goods, nud selling them low
To the Ladies!
Finding Ladies' Goods, such as Shawl?, Alpac
cas, Mertnos, De Laines, Ginghams, Prints, &c ,
&c. i very low, we purchased a large assortment,
which we will sell t.vkntt per cxnt lower than
the same articles can be sold by those who bought
Ginghams 12J cents per yard; better than
ever belore offered in this market for that price.
Come and satisfy yourselves.
Shawls Buy Slate, Empire, Scotch, Brocha,
CuPSiinrre, and Black Si!k Shawls, which we offer
at great bargains.
Prints, the best and cheapest assortment ever
offered from 6 cents to one shilling, aud ail fast
colors. If you want a dress, be sure and call St
Haynes' before buving.
If yon wish lo save twe ntv per cent in buying
your Clothiug, Boots und Shoes, Hats and Caps,
and have a fresh and belter assortment to choose
from than ever before offered yon, call at the
also, if you are in want of any kind of Groceries,
Muslin. Le .titer. Nails, Glass, or Stoneware, come
and look at our slock before buying.
And with the determination to spure no pains to
give entire satisfaction, both to our village and
coun'ry trade, we cannot fail to continue to hear it
ttaid ih t
s fhe pl,,ce lo buy "Goods as is Goods,
Remember the pluce North Store, Buckland's
Brifk Block, aud the Motto, "We will not be Uu
P. S Wanted iu exchange for Cash or Goods,
:0,()ljtl bushels Wheat, Oats, Com, Rye, Barley,
Sec dried Frnii, Flax seed. Hides, Sheep Pelts,
Coon skins. While Beans, Rugs, &b.
Nov. 23, 185(1.
Bounty Lands.
BY a late Law, Congress has granted Bounty
Lauds to all officers and privates v hoseived in
the War of 181:2, Florida a tn Mexican Wars, and
Iud'an Wars since 1790, according to their term of
service, or their widows or heirs in rase of death.
The subscriber is in possession of all necessary
papers and information requisite to obtain these war
rants, and tenders his services for this business.
C. KDGF-UTON, Auy at Law.
Fremont, Oct. 19, lt-50 32:ff
Messrs Crobaugh takes this method of notifying
the citizens of Sandusky and adjoining coun
ties, that they have located iu Fremont for Ihe coin
ing winter, and are prepared to furnish Music to
dancing parties on the most favorable terms.
Fremont Nov. 30, 1850.
Rebecca Crandnrs Est ale.
NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has
been appointed and qualified as Administrator
on the estate of Rebecca Crandal, dec, late of
Townsend Tp, Sandusky Countv, O.
Townsend Tp., Nov. 30, 1850.
HULLS Trusses. Double & Single, Abdominal
Supporters, Shoulder Braces &c. at
jm r -mm
Padlock & Stove!
In tbe Store formerly occupied by E. N. Cook,
Nearly opposite the New Bank.
THE SBBSCRIBERS take thin opportunity to
say a word to the citizens of Sandusky and
neighboring counties. You have no doubt long
felt tho necessity of having a Hardware establish
ment in Fremont, where can be found r.n assort
ment of goods necessary for nearly every branch of
business! Seeing this, wc have come among you,
with as good an assortment of Hardware of all de
scriptions as ran be found in any town est of the
city of New York. From a long connection with
the business, our facilities for buying American
goods direct from the manufacturers, thereby sav
ing commission to agents, will'give us the advant
age of selling over general country dealers, as we
are disposed tn sell goods at a small advance above
cost. Wn shall be the better able to do so, as we
have concluded to adopt the cash svstem. We will
take any thing the farmer has to offer in the way of
produce, aud pay the highest market price in Cash
or Goods. Among our extensive assortment, may
be found the following articles, viz:
Shovels, spades, hay
forks, manure forks, po
tatne hooks, hoes, and
pruning knives.
Scythes, grain cradles,
scythe snaths, rifles, rub
stones, hay rakes, and
sheep shares.
Corn shellers, plows,
and fanning mills.
Rope, bed cord, twine.
wire and ok tips.
Spring bellows, steel
yards, oven mouths, and
wheel heads, & sivea.
Chopping axes, crow
bars, grind stones and
rollers, and pick axes.
Nail'' and iron, and all
th e necessary imple
ments for farmers' use.
Mechanics' Tools!
Carpenter's Planes,
Bevels, and squares, saw
setts, aud cutting pliers
Braces, aud bits, augurs
and girnblets, augur bits,
and hollow augurs.
Broad axes, hatchets,
hammers and addzes.
Plane Irons, gauges,
compasses and gouges-
Fermer, mortice, tur
ning chisels, aud turn
ing gouges.
Coopers' tools: an as
sortment of Barton's best
Tanners' tools; and
brushes, paint mills.
Anvils, vices, ham-
American door lock of
every descriptinn with
silver plate, mineral and
brass knobs, at manu
facturers prices.
BrF8 and iron patteiit
blind fastenings aud self
fastening hinges.
Blake's patent thumb
latches, stop latches,
knob & rim latches.
Window springs, frame
and screw puliies, sash
fasteners, shatter screws
mers, sledges, bellows,
stocks and dies, pliers
and wincers.
Hand, panel, up and
back saws.
Masons' trowels, cal
lipers and rules.
German and cast steel
mill and X cut saws.
Circular saws, web
saws, and key hole do.
Taper, mill, fiat, half
round, square, and touud
Wood rasps, half round
and flat, horse rasps.
Wrenches, back saws,
frames and stretchers.
and fastenings
Butts anH screws, bolts,
rubboard ketches ana
Buttons. Cubboard, till,
chest and trunk locks.
Brads, tacks, finishing
nails, rivets, hooks, sta
ples and hasps, strop,
hook, table aud blind
Mahognr and miner
al drawer knobs, bell
pull, door knockers and
f priugs,
Leather and Findings.
Sole snd upper leather,
knives, long sticks-
kip skins, fretieh and
Steel tacks, ran files,
stitch markers, brush &
bone slii-s.
Roll binding, galloon
inding and webbing.
Shoe thread, wax,
measuring tapes & size
French wheels, peg
markers, coltices, sta'ps
last hooks and boot irons
of ail descriptions.
common, calf skins.
morrocco, roam, lining
and bidding skins.
Lnsis and pegs, shoe
hammer, pincers, pun
ches and rasps,
Pegging and sewing
awls, pat. helves, com
mon do, sand stone,
sparables, gum, kit 6les,
shoulder sticks, shoe
A full assortment of
Buckets rings, terrets.
Tools, hammers, pin
cers, punches, patient
leather compasses, pink
ing irons, reiu rounds,
seat awls, needles and
awls, pattent channelers
splitting knives &. alt
other necessary tools.
Haines pad trees,
blind irons, saddlers silk,
reiu & girt web.
pad hooks, swivels, cock
eyes, breeching loops,
snaffles, mull & ring bits
Breast & rein snapps.
pad screws, ornaments,
brass revets & nails, ro-
selts. martingale rings.
tic all the trimmings nec
essary for a harness.
Carriage makers
and Blacksmiths.
Iron axels, steel springs
Stump joints, carriage
hows, top irons, india
rub cloth, curtain frames
& carriage lamps, iron
& steel horse shoes &
horse nails, rasps and all
the necessary tools for
blacksmithiug and wag
on niakiug.
wagon boxes, maleable
iron, & carriage bolts.
Brass &. silver hnb
b inds, sand bauds, dash
frames, & seat handles.
Patient leather, pat.
cloth, satinett, damask.
broad & narrow lace,
& lace tacUs.
Public Generally!
Brittania. brass, pla
all frizes, chain pumps
& fixtures.
Guns, doub'e & sin
gle barrel shot guns, ri
fles, pistols, powder, shot
percussion caps, powder
horns, game bags, shot
pouches, & gun trim
mings. Cofiee mills, paint
mills, skates, sad irons
4 taiIor1s goose.
ted, iron, jap'd, tin and
glass candlesticks.
A heautii ul assort
ment of Phosgene & so-
l..r, stand lamps, cam-
phene & oil side & sus
pended lamps, & mantle
piece ornaments.
Knives at, lorks, pen
tfc pocket knives, carv
ing Knives, steels, butch -
& bread knives oc
Brushes of all
Cords & tassels, slides
&; willow
& rollers for curtaius,
curtain pi- s & bands, a
Sives, cards, curry
combs, tea, hand, cow,
& sleiyh belts, wire
cloth & brass kettles.
Jappaned ware, an
Gate latches & hing
es, & foot scrapers, and
fine stock of the latest
styles win dowshades &
damask for curtains.
Scissors & shears, ra
zors, brittanttt tea e col
fee pots, snuffers & trays
brass & iron andirons,
shovel &. tongs.
a general assortment of
Pumps & lead pipe of housekeeping articles.
Stoves and rpin Ware.
We would call the in
tention of farmers and
others to our fine stock
oT cook & parlor stoves
consisting of farmers air
tight, mechanics, west
ern & premium, & iron
Parlor, Irving, thetirs
fancy, open front, cot
tage, i-heet iron & box
stoves, beautiful stylet
all of which we will sell
at as low prices as any
establishment inthe state
An assortment of tin
ware constantly on hand
& manufactured to or
der. Tiu conductor & cave
Eng & Russia stove
pipe, zinc, sheet iron &
Stoves trimmed with
tin or copper.
Job work done at the
shortest notice, and in
the neatest and most
substantial manner.
Don't forget the place; in Tyler's
block, opposite the new Bank, at the sign of
the mammoth Fad-lock nnd btove.
Fremont, Nov. 23d, 1850. ly.
Estate of William Preston.
"VfOTICE si hereby given that Margaret Preston
i has been duly appointed and qualified, as Ad
ministratrix on the Estate of William Pre si on, late
of Ottawa County deceased. AM persons interes
ted will govern themselves accordingly.
Harris Township Ottawa Co. Nov. 7th 1850
Bulletin No. 1.
Mead Quarters!
The Returns are all in, and
IS declared elected. The majority for Head Quar
ters will range from
150 to 200 tons of the most splendid
variety of Goods that were ever wafted tip the San
dusky River. After so close a contest, thisip prob
ably the greatest victory ever won hy mortal man.
The news was telegrapbed from &ani?u;ky city, on
Tuesday evening, and we immediately chart r
ed the steamboat Islander for three, per
hps four trips. AM aboard passengers free."
Nims is the sole Agent for the People's Line,
Having secured a Tremcndaus Low Freight,
by shipping onr entire line of Goods in connection
with the Old Establishment in Elvrin, aud by wor
of Oswego, atabout one half the usual
Prices paid by small dealers,
who ship by BufTalo. And having many friends to
reward and no enemies to punish, we propose
Offering some inducements lo the
People of Sandusky and adjoining counties,
That will drive the Old and New Combination into
On the 28th day of September,
We shall commence selling SO OOO pounds all
kinds of Iron for wagons at $3 SO per hundred
As wo are the sole agents for this kind of iron, we
can warrant it to be of the very best quality or the
Cash shall be Refunded.
20,000 pounds best Eastern orWheeling Nails,
at $4 per keg.
2,000 pounds splendid 'cotton yarn, warranted
one thread to hold up tlie bundle, at only
87 cents per bundle.
100 cases Boots and Shoes, and the whole
shall be sold on the low pressure system.
Our stock of Ready -Made CLOTHIAG, is
probably the la gest in North-western Ohio.
We'have prepared our south room for the exclusive
sileof Hats, Caps. Boots and Shoes, and Ready
Made Clothing For the JLadiCI, we have a
large line of
And we enn sell them splendid new style de Laines
at 12 cents per yard.
Real Scotch Ginghams at Is. some for less.
Plaid Prints at 4 cents; ICO peicesat 6 J cents,
and we will warrant the cloth to have been worth
more money before they ever went into the print
We can only enumerate a small portion of our
ponderous stock, but shall be disppoiuted if we do
not see the whole country
moving in one Grand Phalanx, for
Mead Quarters!
As it is the
Old Regulator of the County!
In all ages and sections of the country, it has been
rustnmary for people after sailing under one c!a?s
of Colors until they become old and tattered, to take
another Mack.' In future we shall make a special
charge for all vetbatim Circulars copied from Head
Cash Paitl
Brought lo this Market hy the Farmers,
Head Quarters,
Sept. 26th, 1850.
Stand from Under!
.Ire on the Fall.::
ARE just receiving a large and splendid Fall
and Winter stock of Boots and Shoes, which
Will be sold cheap for Cash!
It consists in part of Gents, Calf, Kip and coarse
Ladies Enameled Lace and Polka Boots: Enam
eled Excelsiors and Buskins, aud a great vanelv of
o uppers arm i ies oi ine Desi siyie. casting, Mo
rocco and calf
Misses Enameled Lace and Polka Boots; Mo
rocco. Lasting, Gaiter, and Lace Boots; Calf and
Kip Boots, Morocco Buskins, Slippers and Ties.
Children's enameled, lace, and polka boots, Mo
rocco and calf lace boots and shoes.
A general assortment of heavy Boots,
for the coming season.
Boys', Youths, and children' kip aud coarse
boots aud shoes.
A general assortment of Ladies; Gents, and Mis
ses Patent
India Rubber Boots and Oyer Shoes.
Also, a large stock of Leather and shoe Findings,
which we would be glad to have our city aud coun
try shoemakers exemiue.
Boots and Sbocs from measure.
Our town and country customers can have boots
and shoes made to order at our shop. We have
secured the services of several experienced work
men, especially for this branch of our business, and
anv work entrusted to ns will be warranted to FIT,
and of GOOD STOCK.
South Store in Tyler's block at the
ftipn of the big BOOT. JT
Fremont Oct. 5, 15
Latest Arrival
Fall and Winter Goods!!
It is now universally admitted tbat
STORE is the place to buy Good aud cheap
Goods aud as he has opened one of the litrm:!
stocks brought to this market, he would say to his
old cus uuiers, and all who make rremout a trad
ing phice, to call and examine, bearing in timid that
no establishment in the
shall undersell him in any one article. His stock
consists in part of
u G- IES 2 9
Plain and fancy Alipaco, Thihut cloth9, Muslin d
Lain, Cashmeres, Ginghams, 500 piece oi calicoes
warranted fast colors. Kroad cloih, CdRsamere,
Saltinetts, Tweeds, Jenuc, Bed Ticking, Flannels,
bleached aud brown Sheeting, ( -olton yarns & buts.
Of every description.
C roeliery,
Bouts and Shoes,
Hats nd Caps,
Sole and Upper leather. Paints and Oils, Dye stuff.
In short, he would say that his assortment is
complete, aud that he is prepared to give those who
will favor him with a cull a grand henrfit.
AH kinds of produce taken in exchange for goods.
Fremont, Oct. 26, 1850.
School Notice
THE Common Schools in Fremont, will open
for the reception of pupils on the first Monday
in October.
It is directed by the Boaad of Education that un
til further noiice the pupils attend respectively at the
same rooms attended by them at the close of the
last term.
Teachers desirous of employment will file with
the undersigned their proposals and certificates at
tho earliest posible time.
Bv order of the Board,
; Fremont, Sept. 21. leoO 28:3
CARPENTERS can find Hand-saws, Draw
knives, steel Squares, try Squares, plane irons,
Nail Hammers, Hatchets, dec. of the best quality at
Ha Tiers' Cheap Stork.
Head Quarters
Since the Great Explosion and
SSloiv up at Ilettff Quarters!
Has been to N, York City,
Of Mew Goods,
And is now prepared to supply all tlie former
customers of Head Quarters, in addition
to his old friends and patrons who
by their patronage rendered
Celebrated throughout Sandusky county,
as the most favorable place to buy tlleir Goods.
At his Old Stand on tbe Turnpike,
Oppooite WUyler's Tavern.
In his assortment will be found
B BLACK, Brown. Bluf and MixrH cloth, black,
tnixfd and fancy rassimeres, bias, bluck, and
mixed satinet!, Kentucky jeans nnd tweeds cloth,
red, white and Yellow finnnels, red and blue plaid
cloaking, gimps, fringe, culicoes, gitnghams, si
pacCHR, and lawn cloths, shawls and dress hand
kerchiefs, and the most fashionable fancy dress
goods for the ladies that the New York market call
uSord. Bleached and brown
Shirtings, Canton Flannels,
Ribbons, Black Silk for Dresses,
Sewing Silk, Checks, Vesting
Twist & thread, Comforters,
Cohoe's Shirts and Drawers,
Traveling Bags,
Mufl's, Carpeting,
Waddings, Battings,
Cotton. Yarn, Carpet Warp,
Carpeting, and almost every description of
Ury Uoods that are kept in the western country.
Tea, coffee, sugar, pepper, spice, ginger, nutmegs,
cloves, cinnamon, starch, sahcralus,
madder, indigo, alum, &c.
Cros-cnt, mill, hand and wood-saws: cross-cat,
mill, aad had-stw flies; Sweed iron,
flat and round bars; cut and wro't
iiails; band & hoop iron;
cast, spring, &
Americau steel; Ames'
shovels, hay and manur forks:
nail rods; White's Simmons' aud Collins
cast steel axes; besides an extensive assortment of
Pocket-knives, table knives and forks, butts and
screws; dooi hangings and trimmings, &c, &.C.
Boots and Shoes,
a very great variety and warranted waterproof.
Sole and Upper Leather, d-e.; all of the
above articles will be sold cheap for Cash, or ex
changed for Wheat, Corn, Oats, Rye, Timothy,
Cloveror Fax-seeds, Hides, fcjheep pelts. Batter,
Lard, Eggs, Tallow and Wax.
JKS" Don't let those Sliylocks around where
ihe large flags hang out, make you believe that
their stores are branches of Olmsted's Estab
lishment, it is only gammon. Olmsted's Store
is still on THE TURNPIKE, nnd Olmsted is
there himself, to supply his friends.
Fremont, October 5, 1850
B AGLET'S Gold Pens aud Pencils for sale
cheap, at S. Buckland & Cos.
WARRANTY, Mortgage, and Quit Claim
Deeds for sale at the
XJ OSE Hair Oil, Ox Marrow,
JL' Bear's" Oil Maccassar Oil,
Bandoline Fixatrice, Philocomb,
Cream of Roses and Lilys,
Cologne, Rose and Lavendar Water, fec, &c.,
just received, at Bccklaxd's.
To l,ct.
pied bv E. N. Cook, in Fremont- Possession
given the 6th October next. Applv to
Fremont, Sept. 12, lf5l. 28
SP. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, Old Jacob's Do.
Massing do., in two quart bottles, only $ i per
bottle. Jaynes Familv Medicines: Osgood's ludia
Cholngogue: Perrv Davis's Pain Killer: Brant's
Medicines; Mcffdlt's Life Pills dc Phcsnix Bitters;
Ayres Cherry Pectoral: Traslt's Magnetic Oint
ment and almost every Patent Medicine of the
at ... WOOSTER'S.
PROF. Barnee's Tricopherone. for restoring
Baldness; Phuliin's Chemical Hair Iu,vioriitor
a beautiful article, at WOOSTEit'S.
TOOTH Brushes, Hair Do. Hat do. Clothes Do.
I.T Brushes, Varnish do. Striping do., Oil &
Lead, Copel Varnish &c. at
Y the Buttle or Gallon, warranted pure at
LANK BOOK-t, full Imnnd Ledgers, Journals,
Dockets, Cah snd invoice books, at
CASH paid for Land Warrants, at
Head Quarters.
SILKS, satins, a 1 parens, lawns, ginghams, &c.
all qualities nnd prices at Hatnks.
ODFl'sll of superior quality at
Hatnks Cheap femur.
OLLAKS, G ovs, ilose, Neck and Pocket
llnnilkfri'liiels, at IIavnks'.
ZEPHYR WORSTED patterns. Canvas. Board
auriNeodUB.it IUinus.
"7"OUNG Hysi'U Tea ofsupprior quality at
J Havsks'.
M O.N ROE'S I onic, a certain cure for Fever
aud Ague furale fliily at
S. Bccif'.AND & Co'S.
AMP und Tanner's Oil at
HEAP PriJLI CATION 3. A choice lot of
Harper & lirothert, just received at
tfifcr: Plaster!
o BAR 1 ELS Common, VHth and Fine Grav
03 Plaster. j'.it ri'-ivcd. and for stile hy
Fremont, Ocioher 19, 150.
SPERM and Lamp Oil A first rate article for
sale at S. Kdck:.and &. Co's.
THE puhlic are cautioned Hgiiinst, and requested
not lo purchase a promissory Note, executed o
Lyman Ames, bv Victory Haiorht and Henry Wey
rough, amounting to Eighty dollars, (taytthle three
months iilVr !dte, end bt-arinff date. Ot-toht-i iSr.
1850, us said Note w as obtained hv improper me.m.
and no ua!u has been received for -aiff NtMe, lei
whieh reason it payment w i'l he ro!iit ttrt.
Ortohcr.Vsi. 1 5.
NT quantity of (rood Hickory nnd Ash Wood
will be takeu on subscription at the
Fmzkmah OrncE-
Woolen Factory!-
Sandusky County, Ohio. !
Weaving and Cloth-Dressing done in all stylet
and colors, superior to any thing ' 'n
in the Stale. " ' f
THE subscriber finding that Wool had risen ia :
price beyond the manufactured Goods intend -to
stop the manufacture of woolen goods and tana
all the hands and machinery at custom work, each .
as weaving Cassimers, Cloths, Satinetts, Lioseys, '
Flannels, and Coloring and Dressing customers'
cloths, in all their various styles, superior to any ;
thing heretofore attempted. .
IJ has erected a drying house 100 feet in length, ;
chpable of drying 200 yards of cloth per dy, besides
the out door bars. lie uses falling stocks lo fnlt '
with, and other machinery sufficient to finish 300
yards of cloth per day. Tlie machinery and hands .
will all be employed in weaving aud dressing cloth ,
for ruston.ers during the season. He has all tho
ditlereiit machines for dressing cloths "
That arc used in cw England Factories
such as Napping, Teaseling Shearing and Brushing
Machines, which were bought in Woosler, Main,
chuselts, and are in the best of order. The weik
men employed iu his Manufactory, hare serrrrt--a
regular apprenticeship in Massachusetts, aod work-
ed in the above business from 5 to 20 years'. And,r
with his early and long experience in the manafao !
luring business, and by strict personal attention to.
the same, hopej to receive a liberal share of the
1 u'dic palrouage. ,
He has the FRENCH METHOD of Cof- 1
oring and uses no Copperas or Vitriol,
knowing the same to be injurious to the cloth.
He will warrant all of his work, " 1 -
both as to manufacture, colors and finish.
Prices per yard for fiuishing --Cloths Is 6dr Ca; I
sillier, is no; r lauueui is; oauneua j?c; .mosey
Is; to full 5c. : . t . " . t
Prices for weaving on Power Loom Cloths fivo .
quarters wide 8c; Cassimers five quarters wide 10c:.,
Klaunels four quarters wide 7o. 1 ' ' i -
P-'ices per yard for weaviug and finding'Chaiu'
Satinetts 15c; Linseys Is. . t,
All the cloths woven will be returned a ihejr i
leave the loom, or finished at the abova price is,
customers may direct. t
He has made Arrangements ' !( . ;
with the following persons at the places mentioned, '
to receive yarns and cloth, and deliver the samo .
when returned. All yarns and cloth left with these
persona will he taken and returned everv two weeks
throughout the season;
O. L. Kims, Head Quarters, Fremont
Baker's Store C as tali a. ;
Chapman fe Harkness, Bellevue.
Shoemaker & Osden, Republic. -Silas
D. Boalt, Mexico.
M. Brackley, McCutchensville.
J. Swagnrt & Co., Oregon. i
Parker & Shawan, Carey.
Adam Battelfeld, Springville.
C. W. Foster & Son, Rome. . ' -E.
W. Thomas, Risdon.
Wm. Heller, Van Buren, - ; more.
Arnold & Grey, Croweli & Burns, Mell
Henry Hnskins, Portageville.
V. Bradner, Millgrove.
George Bautchtell, Freeport
J. Eaton fe Co., Rollersville.
C. Powers, Wooodville. . . j
B. Caushan, Port Clinton. ,
P. C. DEAN".
Ballville, Sandusky Co. O. August 3, 185021
A large and splendid stock of -
Fashionable Fali and Winter Goods,
Purchased almost entirely with CASH.' .
In the month of Ang nst, the most favorable season,
PRICES, for Cash, or Country Produce.
These Goods were selected with great care,
in regard to quality and price, and cannot fail to
Suit all who wi I please to examine them!
All the latest styles of .
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Shawls, .
Silks, fcc &c, . ;
can be found here, and shall be sold cheaper than
can be had elsewhere! - . . ,
Hats, Caps, Bonnets, , . .,
Hardware, Iron, Nails, Glass, Fisb,
Sole and Upper Leather, Coffee, Teas, Oils, ,
Crockery, Boots and Shoes, ,
Ready-made Clothing. Molasses, Sugar,. . -Yankee
Notions, fec, &c, i. :
In truth all articles wanted in the western country,
can be found and will be seld without regard to
profit for ready pay. A. B. TAYLOR.'
Fremont, Sept. 13.1 650. '
First Arrival from N. York!
Just Received by Express, . '
Only FOUR DATS from the City!
OUS DE LA1NS and Paramettas, -
Black dress Silk, ........ ;
Black silk and Fancy net Lace, - - -Wrought
muslin Collars, -v -Velvet
Trimmings and Buttons, '
Fall and Winter Shawls,
Bonnet Ribbons, &c. &c, . '
N. R. We shall have the pleasure of showing to
The people of Fremont and vicinity.
The Largest, best-selected and Cheapest stock
of Goods ever opened here. - "
The Ladies are invited' to rail and look at th
above Goods. J. P. HAYNESjfc SON.
August 3D. .. ;
One Cent Reward.
ALL persons are forbidden harboring or trusting
Samuel Cook, an indentured apprentice to the
Biacksmilhitifr busineps, who absconded from roe on
the Bih ol September last, as 1 will par no debts of
his coniai:tiiigr from this date
Oct. 21, 1S50. JACOB F. HULTS.
Sale of Real Esiate by order of toirt,
ON (he $ I -t day of October, JtsiO, between th
hours iercribud by law, at the oor of the
Court House iu Fremont, in the county of Sal das
ky, nnd Mate o' Ohio, will be sold So lh highest
h'iddrr the follow icg real estate, as the property f
De.iiet P. Newell, d ceasedsubject to the right of
dower of the widow, to wit: .
The weft half oi the south-west quarter of sec
tion number thirty, township number five, rang
number thirteen, con thinist 7 eighty neree more or
less. Appraised at $U(0 Terms Cash in hand.
E. HUNTINGTON, Admiuistrator.
September 17, 1850 lT:ff""
Liivcry Stable
GIVES notice to thecitizpits of Fremont, and trre
public generally, that he still continues to car
ry on the ubove business Jo .all its branchy and
fornix. He has made additions to his stock of
Horses, Carriages, BuggiesArcf
and is now prepared to accommodate all who may
favor him with a call. Horses aud carriages
For Parties or Funerals
can be had at any moment. Covered and open
buggies for men of business or pleasure, en tho
shortest notice.
Riding Horses of the I 'est bottom,
always on hand. The strictest attention paid, so
t hut nil who call shall be accommodated without
delay. Teams for
Carrying Passengers or Movers
into any part of the country, always on hand.
Those wishing an v thing iu the above line, will
do well to give him a iriat, ns he feels confident they
he satisfied, both as to tenuis and prices, the
fcrrner warranted to carry pHSeng-ers to their desti
uaiion iu the shortest possihle time, mid the latlrr
to he us reasonable as possible. By strict attention
lo husine, he hopes t-J merit a liberal share, of
puhlic patronage. . . . 1 -
StUbles Nearly opposite Norton's Founlr
rremout, Iov. SJd,
White Wood Li I inilc l'. :
,F nil kinds aud clear stuff for sale, hr :
r.b. 5. O. H. FUSSELMAJf.

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