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Fremont weekly freeman. [volume] (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, December 28, 1850, Image 4

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Decline and Fnll of Agitation.
slfo um of llie times is more significant, or
mer Worthy of attentive remmk, than that
whiclMndioates at the present moment the
wift decline of slavery aiuinm in this quar
ter of Ihc Union. Rabid, rampant, ;ml nwr
iag, na it was but a week tan a!, it in
melt down in a gentle strain, riva'lin I li it.
of 'flutes and 8jf l recorders." All this is nut
the result of chance or individual caprice;
there is a meaning in it, and we have already
intimated that orders were issued from a cer
tain quarter "to cill ol that doj;," s:n"o which
time this barking; nnd laying nt the mon
has been abondoncd chiefly to the regular old
tvtaraen abolition Cerberus A campaign
fr lh6 Presidency is about to bo bu opened
in which slavery agitation and disaffection to
wardi the compromise measures would turn
out to be insurmountable obstacle in the eyes o!
some people, although they have been so
uliortsighted as to pledge themselves logo to
the death upon that issue.
.i .. -,, . Boston Courier.
'Equally remarkable is the deline of nota
tion iu this quarter, "War to the knife," was
the cry but fortnight "go now it i "peaee
nblo Hon conformity, and "let us alone."
"Thai mnrii hits. Koin iri4ts.il r'lr.m vli the wli!i
linn. Our neighbor has fur jot ten the enur
rattle of the fugitive law. Elude.
I believe there " is no vainer sorrow than
irrowing fur the dead. If the pi-t be unal
terable, nnJ th future in 3,r ibie, then is la
mented o.T the bi'-r vanity itself; but in
truth we m nrn na'.f tr the ih ad, but ft'trr
the den I, n tr u.irelves. An I this t.i.
i vain i weakness of our nature, t be in
dulged in only so fir. as it caictinVs and iin
prove us, be mas':uvd when it mild n
feable oar inin !s or postrau our ncrgii-s. 1
like not the custom of the Hebrews, wh i Ion
red their dead with waiting. I wonl.l pre
fer to struggle for the composure of feelings
that will pi?rmil me to recur with pleasure to
to H the endearing rccolh i tii i-s w l.ii h restore
W me my friend unalloyed with gloom or re
pining.' There are few to w horn time does iu t
at length bring ibis tranquility -he is the
wisest who can reach it soonest. 1 shall let
death rob me of as little as I can. If he take
'ho body that t loved, ( shall not suffer him
to mar my spirit's intercourse w ith that of t In
departed with that I shall held converse in
my lonely rambles, and in the watches of the
nigh. I will cling to all thj . endearing and
enduring memories that m ik.i it ofiie iitimes
sweeter to think upon the d-ol than to com
mune with the living, Dub. Univcr. Mag.
. o
' Sous Pbfhom jsa or Dkfkctivs Vtis;ox.
One of the earliest evi.iemii s of old .-ge is
defective sight, and the opinions l.iihcrlo h, hi
respecting the cause of this have been various.
A letter has- lately appeared in the London
KJinburgh, and Philosophical Magczine, from
n Mr. R. T. Cranm are, Esq., respecting a dis
covery made by him, which will appear sin
gular to many, because the flattening of the
u-nea has hitherto been held lo be the causc
nf loss of vision, and this is the reason why
convex glasses are employ. -d : restore it, and
' we believe this is the pi inciple upon which
l'rof. lironson. acts to restore sight but Mr.
Crsnmore, who has been defective in vi.i..n,
states that he look a card and made two tine
pin boles, exactly iii the position of the c nteis
of the pupils of the eyes, and he found thai he
saw the true immage as correclty as ever he
did in his life, to use his own words, ii sup
plied lite place of a pair of spectacles.
, i By "making the pin holes larger or smaller,
the focal distance is increased or diminished
proporlionably. J n. sunshine he can lead at
the natural focal distam-e, but with faint light
there is the common confusion of letters. A
flattening of the cornea won't explain -this; he
thinks the cause to be Some want of contrac
tility engendered in old age in the iris.' There
is one curious fact which he has observed, viz..
thai tine wire gausc, of 1-50 of nnd inch in di
ameter, in meshes, enabled him, when woln
close to the eye, to read small print with great
facility, at the distance of six inches, nnd v hen
the meshes are still closer, he can see tin
most minute object with remarkal ie distinei
nessl 'This is something for our optical instru
ment makers.
Cass or tub Eves. Looking into the 111.
is very injurious to the t yes,- parii.'ulai ly
Coal tire. . The stimnlnsof the light and heui
Suited destroy, the eyes. ; Heading by twiligM
IS very injurious to the eyes, as ihey are bli-j
ed to make'great exertion. Ri nding or sew
iug with a side li;lu, injures tl,e-ves,as b".:l
should be exposed to an a-iud decree of ligle.
The reason is, the sympathy hctween tl
eyes is so great, that if the pupil of one is di
lated by being kept partially in the shade, t la
One that i the mm exposed ranmit ronliaci
itself snSiienlly f r p'-oii-ttii, ii, hikI will hi
malely be injur.nl. Those w ho wish to m--erve
th-ir sihi. .tho.ul.l preserve their gene
ral' health by eo-r.- t h dais, an.) jjiv.- tin ii
eyes just wwk enough, with a due degree o
light. ' . . .
The best crop a man can raise, after all, i
akrxp of children: provided he onlv educiit'-s
them properly.. We know a friend of ouis
-who derives a revenue of sixteen hundred dol
lirs from four boys, which is a better vield
than any farm in the country turns in. As a
matter of money, therefore, matrimony is
amonjf the most productive pursuits that men
and women can eng ige in.
m, :
'Tele;baph cxdku Wateb. There are
three lines of submarine telegraph wire in
working operation under the Hudson liver,
four un ler th.) C irpecticui, two ua l.-r the
Delaware, an I eig!it under the H n l iem river.
ftU Coated with jutt.i pereha. And one, we
jearn fro-n the Chic ig.i .fu -nil, on O'ileilvs
Jine, rtnder the river at Chicago.
Western Enterprise.
The Alta U iliio nia in gicing some account
trf the disastrous fire at San Kraivi-c detail
the following, -, The jam about the powder is
..tolerably Uugh,hil we suppose that we must
believe it
' Not a few incidents o-ciired during the fire
orthy of notice. In the mi 1st f it a man
ban in hi arim a k.v f iruripowder, so much
on fire that one en. I of th h'ps was IimiiiI
oT while in his hau Is. IIjh-llt tjie keg.
however, until those about him advanced and
.pinched it out wit'i their fiitrers.
Ex-Gov- Ford leaves the city, for bis home
this afternoon. ' He takes with him the la st
wishes and kindest regard of our citizens. No
Governor ever left Columbus more generally
nnd deservedlv popular with all classes. The
straight, forward, true-hearted, honest, anil
.energetic republican has shone forth in all he
has said and done. He will long be remem
' bered as a model Governor for Ohio.
.., JtTherft is an, old lady, named Slevees
residing in Overton county, T'enn., whose age
is one hundred and twenty years. Her young
est Mn U a sweet lad of seventy.
TIic California Lrgisfc-.titrc.
The Sacninicnt-iTiiiiiseripl givi s the names
of the persons elected lo the Legislature, nml
sums upjMt!iiica!'v : s follow s : 1
Venule Di nnerais 8, Whigs 7 Dnu-.
cr.v.ie tnajoiitv, 2. '
AxxeitilJti Denwrnls 1!). Whigs 14. Inde
pendent 1, Doubtful 3 lYnn eiaiic plurality,
On Juiut Ballot Democrats 27. Whigs
21, Doubtful and Independents 4 Demon a-1
tie majority, 2. I
The subscribers have just received
Decidedly the Lartjcut nnd L'est selection tf
IE IB 32 JML 9
Mih t llttitf (i-. Dave', MfilirHl unit S.I tool
Bank i , mtittitir which, the fnttuu iii r m lew:
Tlt tvritMi'ftul Gr-iiVuftiiurtitit !.y Jiir! Sttik,
1 '2 VoltlHtf (.
Priwttii Ctt-4tlt'el of Ptw, 2 tuTntttr;
il ' M xim. 3 tln.
it Pf nfiii-ittit it it ' y.t'it:i, 3
tin Mtsi cllniiif 1 vt-l:
.MHfS'm- ll'xio'y . K'tr . 4 ;
Mili!r-iliV I'm i. it Smii. 3 ol;
M.HTtiitlf lit"i ! Kn,.,i. ? v.!x:
II tlUttiV Wmds 4 v: C3 I lltiif, 4 r'.
Sif flifiif. Viti-Miiiii; Gift K if i ui i-hcIi;
("otn)i't-it W'l-iks in l. r iixn l)iv;
A'I.Iimm.V WorU; l!n k.
Jnifliii- V oiU I utifl 2 vlc; Xirii'f lu
S'. ,k-i'.-.,r..V Virk-. J mil 2 vtiln:
Ktii.V II.N.IV i.
t'hni.b'iV I ti1rniHi'ti fri'i- 1 2 vuti:
Ain-r-in !- ittiiiii 2 i'.:
I:iInIiiIH nS'tini'! , viIuh-k:
-,lv I'nr tin 2 l.if- i llrH, 2 vol:
Mr Rit."..ri.V t' vt m
M-i '-i s fii , iiiii':!.'i..ii-i.i il.. r i.i-:
("tto;MiV Ni HUtt-r : Ilr.tt!'- K- r it'n;
Hi. i. . f tU. fi ! s!-: I.i K ai k i ;
Mm. Pr utis-r- N" .it , 1 t-iif ! ' i- ' ;
II .ri in Kmii. Liltr .r . ;M v- ii-i:
(Jn - fl.f.1 p'tr it I . r. i , iiJll tottui.i t-
.!.. 0..-M-.1 l.'t r i. ..tiin.
Srt nnV Trejti.; St :m's.V;ie -Mt-iij ;
WfllnV Dit-lit.Kiir . UHtil't ith"
I.i tU I. 'i c. r- i" tt;
1i tU Um v'j'iM I'tltltun;
il'i il i-t.tMil -!iiiiii:
(Tiiitptt Slates Di-pftift.itot . Iit vi'i rti;
Elirrlfr'n I'fiti iif : KlM-il't-n Tin rtt iil c;
S mil It V II i i-d Siir-r ; Vim V PrHtiiu :
I tiiictt ).t iitu-ir :
M'CIiifEV K l vi:- n-fi-! l Ktt'r;
i"i. Ailftut. uiill.. IXi , I.iifl'ji iiiul P-r-
l-iuV A tii I' it i'" ;
('l;kV. SmirhV. Well's IliirrillV mill Kuk.it.V
Cirnliiiti;ii ;
SiniliV. ilMr N MniF-'! mill Prtrlri CIoi;rB
j li , A .
s t a no xa n r.
Aiy q i inliiv F.Mtlj (.tt wit't l.-titT Piijw-r
h it nix! iiiUit. C,i',t '.tltt-tl unit KMitfril:
L11 r Iiiv t!ipi. of ki .i!t ik! -i t-.
C A L L A X n S K K ! At
l!n'ktiit:!'s UrU'ic litctok. .
Iit t KI.AM & .
FrellMllt,, Jn', 1..(1 17
New 'Drug Store.
S. Bi;CKLAiD& CO.:
Drt'ffS. Ptt'itfs, 0x, Jf'e xfifjix, (rtxittHre,
Phftsfjcue Gws ttud Ltniij.s, dr., tt'c.
THE mi I ! r h'T hv- jnt -iif 1 ri- sti-f k
fi ill i1mvi nr?tcI-. vtirl m i'ii ili-ir t'tirin-!
N'ti c ttnj. !-! iti .ir-.-i -imi ! Si iiPttrilnt ltt rvei
hr UmIiI Pr iin'iti tr vt(-inil
Phvsifintty rc r-sK i:'tntlv r jH-'tl !
Hifd s it m i 1 1 'iir nrl'i 't Dnirs iit't! ( 'h'-i-i;'f.
tw nrc )- r iii tttr it 'tt -I Fl.l MwNT ; II A I I. Bt. 1 II K
tmvs nt buy (h'DS HEAl.
A't ii' iiifir-tuftilit n tit V r t?(;tti flit, i;
CHEAPER, iht.it ih fm, ,Mi?tit in ShtkIu Is v.
Ttffia, urniiv w h-r !- in I . ) i tent hth
Determined tnt he outdone
U tiin ! -mt, .nV ri-i.
lL I'oUMHT lf'Al.lHS, lit fttit tt lt llirir ml
v:iiitiii' i H-tiv Mrl H in utr liii-. mj a
ore sure we con xare them the transportation
nt Iras'.
Il"ilitf I'aixts ef h diml win isli O.i. Ii At.Ticl.lh
l-HII l'i mi ,IimH m1 lite ieiiiiiltt-,.1 ..si(li ilaic
fn.iii cnl. While 1, "10! ! ir K.:r. Ne. I.lr
lllt ;rrillit ill eit. "lir.iip Y'1'W . t'liO'in' (ir.'HI.
Parii Or-M-n, It.t I.hn.I, l,;,iii Uls.ek. Ij'Omrw.
V'uriesli. I.iiiieet Oi'. warrant. .1 I.i ilr Tnr.en
tine, &e.. V. ltrnli ill' nil p-Z I it kilul", l
20 per rent, cheiificr tmii ertr.
V.i.3, nticLltux ' v ti t in', ill' l. .
Sinofihe I'ig Moitar. 3T
Fr iihmii. Si.ihi!., .It,', C. s5' I"
xnw vrot.'K: st.w i'liii ij:
.a. a: ri fi-w.sti.v.
WOIM."' ii. fo in t' ''itti if tiiif lit- It t fsiiiiit'
1, U I"i k "''I -I t".'. .... ( .t. ,Mti m..
iiill tlivil'tf ii tt "i iitt o' . f; .t"i! irctfiKt'
AH the Ltrte-ft FttHittnx j'mni J'Jnutond Wtsl,
aiil li;.tiitj triit.t u - H-.otn. ti i f
S i prs i;r-tl In Imiiifti i i- tl ui inrr. tltllH
Wm If M ltH t! ITti.ll lllltl V,!C flttllit-.
idi Itu liitwt nt..t (J .f lot f
Itl!Cr;t!T. aai HLtrkualnnt
f v U x i 'i u ii i: .
Oj'eiery l-iiiil front t.'ie t'W.V to the C'tjiii.
As ! eo.-. Ii- - il-i. ..... ...!
ii- i t.oi.l i.. si nee h-e..i ..rt'. r liKrTF.U
ItAltGAIXS .1 lit: T I Eft WORK H.nn . ii c...
...ei w-l ol' Biilfil..: lie lii i.ii ' ini-1, nn.f is- iiiiiKinjj
All kinds ,,f r.EDSTEADF,
on AVo and Jmpr'ired P.'ons;
-aieli mh L.is P.iti'nl. Fl.wl.r I'.-li-m, Ae ilfce.
Iln im.i f.iil I.i Jove lint, n ei.!'.
ITS' l- Ion. tf'-t wji h jriL.tl Heiiise, ami will allei'C
fnti.r..l-. in ii. ii er e. meri .
Fr. iiitmi. Aii.jiini IS5.I.
To Former I'ce: panic. in Arms.
A'jf Jjri ther Offinr tiud. itoldiir:
No more h i I'iiiiiots declare.
That, 'K.-pul'.l c's iit.giatef.il an-,'
For you and I, who f light and bled
Anil for the Heir ol the I, rave dead
Our (.'otintrv im roision made.
The Land Hill, h.te by I'ungress pass'd,
And graded ns in si r ice c!ast.'d
From Forty lo a Quarter Fretilin
Is tendered to us for sth-ctioi:
Of oiKid, rich soil, (not rou'h i ..r thorny)
From Maine to .;. i!i n Kallv fmnv. "
-lust call on me, JtfT And ijil i,nr Land
1 am vour servant to command.
True as tin- i die to the pole
-So tru- voii'll find
Fremont. O. t. lit. f s.-.ti.
sf-.tji.-;;:'! svimut,.
Sta.i cr :-i Hum. n;!l t r ii hi Fr.-n.i.iil !
2 !l-i. F. S. mm, i.n
."tlotKfsij-, Octefecr l.'tli.
Tltf T.-tiie. e." .-. w .ft t.-iu-nf. kii-.w a nn ,i:i:..i' ioi.
(. 111'. I t If l l't " S ei-i ,l :itl. il,i-i In til. ft- W I.I.
w.i-ll I.. T J. re ! tieiu.-t t ei; ftir le.u lia.i. .et'o'ao
tl.ii'l it' r -H ! Ivi'i liii'i lie- ..!'.Oii nt nil- eilitu"
s. l. ...it mi i.n-,.1. r l:i.. t'eil ..I hl-ceiijec t' l-i.bl
siim-.t-. of I lie li.-.ii." "J it- i..t va nl ii .It in .ill
1'M'tIiI.h ill -iil iHiit til It.,.- if ;t . li
B 'l'O 1 l.Mtt ill HIIIH' r- Hj'1-e'S slll. lior, ell aeciii.tit i.i
It... Iiu.il.-fi ..:iii!i"i- ill s. h.i'irs.
Fi.-.ii.n.i. O. i .r. 's;.n .")ti:- .
Se!i!i Teachers.
ipliF. n.i..n)..rK. h..ol Evn
I ly. will jis-i-iii!i'.. n S.
KHItltlH-r. fur IlllH t lllltl
lur.l.iv, Oi l. I D li, nl
tae tc' ei.. I Il-H'in nl r . f. i tii'i'. in li..- Iiisein-tit
..f I lie Mellii.iti-t Ciiiuii. .t '.-.l.ek. P. M 'J' I,
. erl:llllS nt lite f.i.iirii u ill I t lie'il al tl; Mime l ti'c
leu flu. Miive S..liir'ti. s. til llie litmr iniiit!iilitl
1 ulinve. for eiht ih-i Lr. Itv ntcl.-rel tin- Itimril.
j F.'S. WHITE, Cleik.
1 Frmuaut, October 1.', 1650 3l:H
fnHE iSUIi.SC lilliEK will sell the follow-
01. ing described Fahmino Lanls on the
most reasonable terms, both as to price and
s.vNiu'tKT coonty: savucsky township. .
II. Tp. S' e. Acres
15 5 2S 8 part s e r I k'n as day town
" ' SiJwptneu.r j improved 13!)
" " 17 seqrofseqr 40
"' " 20 sw qr tic qr 40
" " " e blf nw qr 80
" " 32eqrswqr 80
" " 1 1 s fraction se quarter 32
" " 13 sw fraction 1 35
" " 13 w part nw quar 80
" 14 e part fraction 92
' " " south part fraction 1 1
" " 23 north part north east quar 73
" " 24 north part north west quar 78
" 20 south east fraction . 106
" :ili east hit" mirth west quar 80
" " " west hlf north east quar 80
A number of the above tracts of land are
improved and within one mid two miles of
H. Tp.Sec.
14 ti 25
.. fi
tt t
" ' 27
tt tt
" 28
(4 tt
tt tt .t
- " 20
north west quarter 100
west hlf north east quilt tor 80
north east qr south west qr 40
north hall' 320
ninth east qr south west qr 40
east half 320
not ih west quarter
i ut ill hlf south west quar
i 2
s-.uth east south west qr flue 4!
south h It' soitll
si quar
South West Oll.'llter
west hll'soilltl east quar
34 west hlf south west quar
3 1 ma th i-nst qmu i-r
Irac exc se qr J; exc lie qr
" west hlf south wist qr )
" west I 1 1 ninth west qr J
i i
121 )
cd. J 138
Blauir.ee. Uoad hail Io. 121
This tract litis about 40 acres inq ro
Part. Acres.
east hlf south ensl qr
south eat (i noith i nst qr
east hlf south west quarter
IS. Tp.Sec. I'm I. Acres.
13 6 10 w est Idf south east quar isO
" " west hlf north east quar 80
" " 9 ea-t hlf smith t list quar 80
" " 8 Itoilh west quarter 1 CO
' " " east hlf soul h west qr 80
" " 9 w. st hi! noiih east qr 80
" " 10 north east p-north west qr 40
" " ' asl hlf south east quarter ) g(j
10 acres improved, nnd log house, j
" " 15 mirth hlf north east quar 80
" " " north hlf smith east qr SO
' " ' south hlf south east qr 80
" " " south wi st half 100
" ' " south hit noi th west qr SO
" " " north etist qr n. nth west qr 40
souih Si If", in il th ei st qr 80
north hll' liiiith west qr 80
south hit' uolh nestqr 80
iioitli hlf south west qr 80
north hlf north east qr 80
north west qr noiili westqr 80
IU 5
west Hit smitn east qr
R. Tp.Sec. Part. Acres.
15 4 I II e pt und .V of 50 acres improved
.... 07 west hlf south east quatter 80
10 4 17 north hlf noith e.-si quaiter 80
" " 2 not th west qr south east qr
10 arics iiliplond.
ltlLKY Towosilll'.
1C 5 23 noith west quar
o iicres tnq
" " 21 easl hll soul h west qr
" " " west hlf south ei st qr
" " West hlf north easl qr
" " " easl hlf noi th wesl qr
15 6 25 south west hlf north west qr 80
" " '' north hi! smith wi.qr bU
" " " eat hit .-mil h east qr 80
' " 20 north west qr iku ill east qr 40 !
10 " 3D west hlf south wtsi qr 80
200 known as Bow sail f n in. Oil aci.-impio'd I
10 U 30 north easl ijrsoulh wi st qr 40
" ' l. in th west tp south east qr 40
" " " noiih east qr noith wesl qr 40
li. T. Sec. Pait. Acres.
13 7 21 to Hlli hit ii e quar ot
" " wesl Idtsei.uir 08
" " 22 north lilt n w qunr ot
6 3 ii..:ih hli west i. all's e qr 08
4 south Id: s e qtit.r 08
5 souih easl qr s w qr 08
, ' 0 smith east qv.iir 100
1 1 south hi! ii u quar &0
i.oilh hit s w quar 80
14 lioith wim quarter 100
23 s e quar s e qi.ur 40
1 inn In I. If ii w quar 80
7 1 wesl pail 325
south east quar 1 150
south hll n e qunr 85
2 ie ith hit s. e quar 80
8 u2 s.i.uih pin I ii qu.-.i Cl
35 south Id! s w qual .' U
30 soutii west qitail.-r i(0
14 6 0 noiih last qui. i lei Hi I
ensi hll ii qi ar 88
tun ih Idf s w qi.ar 89
not th hli s e qliar 80
south e quar s e qu; r 40
7 1 inn ih w quar Irac 158
south hll ii e quar 80
2 east fraction 319
South hlf n w quar frac SI
easl bit s w quai tO
3 west hit fiiiclion 325
north ea.-t quar frac 103
inn th hll s e quar 80
4 ii. .till I. If frnciioli 329
not th Idf s e quar 80
13 7 17 souih hlf 320
i-.oith easl qdailcr 100
east hit n quar SO
14 23 ninth hlf 320
0 13 inn ill ciisl quarter liili
14 south Idf 320
22 whole 640
14 ii.n ill east quai ter 100
15 II south half 320
12 north east quaiter 100
north hll s w quar 80
north hll s e quar 80
13 south half 320
no: th hll n w quar 80
20 whole 040
2S south half 320
32 noith hlf 320
34 ninth blf 320
35 north hlf n w quar 80
7 30 south half 315
32 west half 320
north cast quarter 100
33 north half 320
R. Tp. Sec.
13 4 20
M tt tt
" 35
u .
" 3ti
" " 15
. 30 east half s w quar 80
20 south wist quaiter 100 I
west hf g i qutir 80
0 ' t 11 east part li w quar 80
! 23 cast part s w quar 80
10 12 wesl hit's w qunr 80
13 west I, If n w quar 80
. CO nen s improt ed
7 30 south w qr n w qr fine 3!)
14 4 north hlf s w quar 80
5 south east quai ter 1 60
C south wesl quarter 1 56
8 31 south hlf n e quar 80
north hlf s e quar 80
V 6 north w quar s c nunr 40
7 north east quar 1 00 '
north Idf n w quar 18
8 south wi st quai ter 160
10 north hlf s cquttr 80
12 south half 320
13 north east quarter 100
north hlf n w-quar 80
north w quar s v quar 40
north e quar s w quar 40
14 north easl quar 160
north Idf s e quar 80
15 west half , 320
south east quarter 160
6 7 north e tp- w qr fine 44
21 south hit's w qurr . 80
south w quar u w qunr 40
north e quar n w quar 40
7 5 north hit's w quar 80
R. T. Sec Part. Acres.
0 4 5 south ball' 320
7 west half fraction 319
18 north w qunr fraction 159
7 Ofic 24 i oith half 320
II 13 whole fractional 382
14 do do 270
12 4 22 south hlf s e quar 80.
United stales Reserve at Peirvsburgh, tin-'
diided two thirds of I lie west half south east
quarter, 54 acres; nnd undivided two thirds
south West quaiter.
R. T. Sec. Part. Acres.
13 2 1 west lialfse qunr 80 1
cast hlf s w quar 80
10 west Id!' s e quar 80
east I. If n e quar 80
1 1 west hlf u w quel- 80
12 north hlf n e quar 80
14 5 wesl hlf n e quar 80
north west qvarler 160
north I. If s w quar 80
6 easl hlf n e quar - 80
south east quai ter 160
smith hlf s w quar 80
7 north hit' n w quar 80
noith w quar ti e quar 40
FI'.EMOXT.Smiduskv co. Ohio )
April 13, 1850. " j
Stoves! Stoves!!
New Sieve S(ore ia Fremoni, Ohio!
TI j K Milt-crihiT is jlifl n,(-'i"iiitf :it hIk'Ji n
Mii'-n tifHi-!, fiir ito.tr smith uf O. L N.inV
rlitr-. tun r) . i t i I l
1 lttli-itv f iii..r.'t iJ T n Pint- Hint Unx Siui'c.
-, nuti IwPi-r tiinil nit. W ilkf-ui.'f i?t (Ji.
Kitchen Witch!
Principal Patents in 1837, '38, "42, '47, & '49.
The prii: lii'inrM-f I hi- CiM-kup Sitiiv. w itli !
lire t-niifnh i re, rrlnini tr h lit im-r.l ol hfitlif th
vt iii thf worht, itti.-r m to ffinniv. riMirc
iti'i-ff, -r iiirilt(lit. mul cxniiiiitt it. mid sitt
isf t'lirf v (
I i-fT-i- th i.lrtiv- l .t nl Stove tit ii Mii.iTI sidvMi.r-mIiiii'-
i-i-t, :ml ih vr Viiri-tv "t"
Thu (T1J.5KT and Sheet Irou V ttre. .
itmf ui I (tirniFli itii rfnHf'ii.ihh- t-im.
uvt-trotn;h, Ottittr and Conductor PijiC,
Mini h I . I'M! in my hi.r wiiimuU'ii lit u hfii I
r'r- nl llit in
fainivrs. M ichmiti himI ihfr i.ff iiiv-tl'i
tl tT-l.ir t'iiri lirtii- -t.-v4 Ii-r. t mil l-t-r
iiiiixiitti ntHitf i tt y c tin ii in in lit ft, j
ill (.-iTr h fiir i. lor ull ki ttls f iiifM-huut
hit l'rdui'f.
cash p a 1 )
for nuy qiiautity oS !Iieo Pelts.
O. II FU.-ll:L.MA..
OitinlH r 13, 3 1 -Cm.
AMY I IIJ.il, .M:iV ;tii., A All
HIIAVI.NG taken I he old shilLlef J. It . Pease,
mid pun Iimm-iI llie elllire li.ek of Pen- iV
U..tii Hi., are inn- looiiiif il retlel.iblll w ith tin
lati St tind niiml desirable pnllt res nf
Air-Tiglit, Six-I'latc and I'.cx Stoves,
ever oil red ill lilt lliiilkel. u lui'li will tie M.lil a
AVItoIitito p Hftstit;
o. Mil' pno lii.N. l. ni.il Inr w liu-i ve will I rke vein
1 lii.'es, 8kins, liags, I'eeswtix, Tallow, iVrc.
Olil Siti ts honijhl and sold, or exeliuviid for
New Ones.
Give to h en'". Diiti'l Inrjiel the pl..ee, Pense',
111 ell Itl.i k Ao. It Hie Men id Hie l. v
IS. li. For ,
In II li, 1 1. e .11 -.1 enr rflahli.-lilileitl;
A ti le', ri,ti.
I t. 211. Ic4!l.
Lester VandercGokS LVate.
ALL peiM.ii il d I O il In Ihe .-I,te of the Tut.
L-Mer V.t d. o i i k. ate l.eo by notified line
linn. eit. ute pi. o.i nt ti. iii- be itinde lo the under
-leln d, or t frts v ill I..- ti-nite.
A COLES, Administrator.
Kr. inoiil. Mi. 5. Isjd. Il
W KKDS mul 1'iiltl uri t lnm nt
II I'l f. I Eil). Ill-e. t.xlrii. Ne. I. lt
mid eicunil in Oil, for Fult- cheep, nl
I'fCK land's.
Bini.rs.-A i-.i.e i.i of F.ni.iii itihi. t. rriiio
$ I 5(1 i $6. A Pm-kei, Clnsi, Tuck, unit
I olt:liill llibti b mid I ettlilnt-lltt nl
NY qiiHiit'iy of ioind Ilickorv sttd Ash Wood
will be taken on subscripto-ii nt Hi"
Fkkkhaii Orrm.
,U have b.-eii rect iveil ly llic riopiietor of
frinn Phydiciaus
the iniisl skillful andce
lehrnteit, friini Counsel
lors learned in the Law,
from Jiulj;es of celebrity
oa the Bench, from Min
isters of the Gospel,
whose undeviattng in
tegiity hare made them
rhinitis lights in the
1 ath ol Truth, I torn cn-
lihte iwl I' 1 fc 1 r. I'-im acuta Mjroi nuts, and
from tlnse of every stiiti , ninne nnd degree
inmig miuiUnil all el' wlih-li. illi. nt one il -sealim
otijeciinii, ronounce this Oil tinent lobe
As div hv dav it nn.ibir idvek extenU itt
ihereef action al .11; the bnrd rsof ur vast coun
Irv, and is circulated throng out its extent, new
evidences of its power and nee prints of its effi
cacy aie c ntinuilly develop d Three millions
ol' Itoxrs, ai.iel liidisease within the last lour
years, 1ms estahl idled llie nm tdiiiif luct lieyond
the iower of eavtl nr contradi lion, llnil it is IN
I'A I.I.I I'.l-K. ii the cure of all Tumors, Ulcers,
Sores. Burns. Teller, Piles. S rofula, l'.rysi i las,
Chilbl.iin--, Scald Head, Sore R es. Quinsy. Cn up,
lihenm.itisin, lirokin llreast. Ague in the Kace,
Corns, kr. II c mplet-dy res-ores the INSKN
SII!LK PI' RSIM RATION, and by this means opens
those avenues bv w hich N itnre intended to expel
the morbid mat er of the body ihna is the system
rleanned, the blood purified, and the health re
st, ri i.
It has I he pow er lo cause all external Sores,
Scrofulous Humors, Sliiti Diseases, and Poisonous
Wounds, lo discharge their putrid mallei, and
then hei.l them. We are not ashamed of the
names of
AU-IIealiit? Ointment !
Or the
AVorltl's Salve !
which a diiwernini public has applied lo this
medicine ; for Ibere is scarcely a disease, exter
nal or internal, that it will not benefit. 1 have
uned il 'or the I isl linuteen e:'rs mr all dieases
of the Chesi. Onnmitinii. ami I.iv.-r, involving
the inmost dtirper md responsibilily. and I derlaie
liefore heaven and mm. Ih;t not in one s'u.gle
casi- has il failed to b nefit when the patient was
within the reach of mortal means.
Wholesale and retail at the Grand Depot, 141
FULTON ST., New Yoik.and by all Druggn-t
throughout the United St: tes.
J. McALlS I KK. Sole Proprietor,
141 Fulton St. K. Y.
S. 13UCKLANT) & AO.,
10 Onlv Ae;enls for Fremont.
JShnkor Sarsaparillii,
DK. S. O. HOW i-:,
A'ecdx tut one trial lo establish its merit as the
EVEU liK(tlVT'lt t(r thf I'Htf lf thf IHIIIIlTOUt-itii-rj-s
.inV tit iriHit ti ilthilii.iit tit it! it ruiiji ,
tHlf tl III- t(tfll-.
Kt iimlp in in;. Unlit. KVf r r-iu It n s. Sto "i1-.
ft I im jilt . nr u1il H li lll l.tl-i. Clm'IIH t'H
Ky-s K 1 1 win iu. or t"i'ir. cil( l--.iit. rltt-mii.ti md.
'-iit i't th limn n nr ii-iiii.-. it nd ult iti.-f-.-ifi .msint
Irn-it nil iiin'hii us 1le l iitniir .
I'm i;y tliu ISIoo-rlaiuI i I i wi'Il.
Colllilittlir-, lit(ii'tli.. Jilt v 5 It. li".)
Mt pjsrp. S. I). 1 1 i A: Ci ;i'I--iii-h: A'mhi
l lliMlitilt- Mllie 1 W..!- .illiH-Kfit M It.t tlill II lillo-
t-y !ificiitti :.tlltil Itilit u I'll UM.tniiM. wliit li It
-n.e s-Htu-t ti- o;l -H ! y im j, atut ii r m li)
si i-irtii Ii id ln.k-it n; iii i v i im Ii iis nfi-.ii
it tl llr MTHMIflv tl'l-lo'i'. I ll.itl tin tl'l)l ! A'Il It-
Vi'l ; iit r-K'lt IM it t tilt VP I if H tt-M niM
:itiit:tii.tt. id r it tif ii'i ( rf'ir'tti.nt tiut in 1-ti-I ui)
.ill m M t'!t if HIV ltir-li:i it.ill (.'itt'It 111 Hl MI It'Clll
.1 !' ill ColtyfllU! C 'l U 4Mltl.fX...t 4ll lltf.iM'.
-iliil ti ji. wliii li . d4t4t Vf.tri". liiitil fiie nl in)
irl!llllll l;t'Ii ! !- Il t (Hi III I III UHMillV
-llll'f TA iifll C ll S 'Hll 1st I l t IH M'l", till llHll Mil
C i.ti;l ; t.i i-l b .ii: - t Dii. I lluwt.'p
tt.HptUMj ilxrn.uri of aisai,ahim. a. htnl it aiv
iit r sitcli t--ri'y ifllfl, -litr 'rv-i:'it io t" pur
-.lt;i:i- a tu.tll rti.ti II il. i ilonr r inor' u Jfrrttii;
HIV lr'lilH Id-ill t'l.il I lnl -im -Xri-lrtiion i ti-tlit
lii' iiint bv th tiirt.j)u, Imi liiore I li.id l--k5i
ih u tio-nf out lioiil-my trt'iMili -m l npifii
ifiin to i-n tovi- i.ijii H i.f ui - .it- in t-Uiii, I'-'U-f
in iii r'orm itr rn. r im emu. I piiri'lmio'il tin
-w. iu) b itiV. iif bv th- Inn- tt u nx t.lj :.kn 1
.. JiK fKiiltll to l yt.Oll htitlttl tH I Ili-V ljiilfi til
.hi- I..m i , ut .-,.ti. Alii. I.. M Kl.NNLY.
Or. S. J ti-koli:i idivtiinfMii-lietl .ii-!jim ol liiili
tim -i-ri'li- v " lb 1 111 e. iid uic Dr. H.v t
Ml Kl K S I S.U tlill.l.A ITl IliS JiriV.tlt I'Titt-ti r HI:C
r iti'iiHfthiti- ii ti' i-r h;1 de-iM-i hiip Mg trti
Vlt'.ilt l r-trtlr ol'tliH bl !(! mid t-tPin. , Sticb Ifr-I
iiomv im of inir r.l i'u ili.ni i.ijt-i nf (iriliimr
IrtV- lllHl 1111-
't'li i't-iii ih-i'v-i n liii-li bus Mtitn(t-tl tin iie ii
Dr. S. I II-- St:,k,f Snr.--i)'irill -iio-e it
rxSiut mi in lb- vvflrrn -tii--. kirn estrt'iiit.til ii.-f.tr.ii-r
iii linn fi t'tMui ' I'l itutiv.
yTj id the only iurnuiiriUa that actn w.
the Lirer, ICtdnrtft and Jjimtd ot the name turn:
aid heart its s'nfjtifut cjictirf a.:d xucrexs. JJi
sure nnd yet Jr. S. 1). t'twe'tt 6ov.er Sns -
jtart'ta ant in be no idnvr.
Viurt ISfllfr-c I r I I- t r h imIUv8 lor ii
I'Vemont, Samlusky county.
WI.eM. n & Rl.oil-H. S.iinluk"c.iV,
Oe'-r.-e l.llerl. 'l .ffin. All'l lV
DIS. S. I). UOWK &, CO., Proprietors.
No I. t;.illeie II..H. Oi.en nli O.
I't tt lioin nil orderi. lllilrt lie mhtr.-s i ll. IT
The Red-Bug GuiiloiiEC.
Much pli;is?tl tn tin.! v i. nl bf ii xlilitiM.,
ii t In ii-1 a In (--1 1 A'fim v - e invi' ii.
Am! cr.itlul tiiitiikt m n..ik i nil
Wtu.'v hnwjtl Mini I'Al L i f tiiitilf u C ill.
KlU'lMlfrt;-!! lltll, Hf ill' M ' H Is'tO'-V
l b .(... ..i.i sln i i f JIM & l).
- ( Now (Jnii'i miii.k iiii't !? (. lit n (jo.
To Sit-vi i"ii. Sitinb sl''H't;b
One u, iii" bill, il.t "Ui. r i lou .
Ami ibii-i ttiiiipt t jiMiip Jin Cruiv;
K.r it xii lb eH ! x kiiiv.
VW'.I not .ntn.il y-n i the-ln.w )
V.'vi b.Hijrl't t .- pii'iit lb r mti l initif,
We- ihi:iii tin bl l.uj Ui.iHniiiu:
Tlifti coin f nil who loVf u'ef 1 ll-iM,,"Lt
Viilo't! MfC'i hriUhiit. jefhrgy irrahhittg,
As i.-ihmI .itli bi!-tt pnony m.td,
I'v Mii-h m8 l-'iiro Imi Ii i l ) e irm'e
WlniSf iilt4. mid ItolfS, ;ititl poinlj. i.tlCfr-t
All will i'i)inifi' tbr i'inrl.frh r Hi.
Fici b iii:t tb rH l iil M'ubt,
Ami pir '-iir fins witii -i-uih Li .
chm ntl n f hIi lo kfi'p Mjnf illfj-
Y'"r b;lvff. Mini bl.itik-i l. in llit Bugs,
i't-Mf buy ol lis mot iU fl.hll flint
Tb M'V Moibinj l.k- tbe (luillolite.
It tit w'.iilV It C llltilll'? C-illlii. tell onrpliiti,
I tiy M.nr bf (Isti-i.ds lo iiitinl
V-f t(itirtii lb- pHtfiit, nr n.tiil lo yoti
Cu!lf) ib trunifnt'aling b'cretc.
So 1 1 .t-f tb,v prPi th I nit; h tojjtbT
YoiiM 'l ito-iii wll f r b im n b-iitbf r;
An l i'ii Vim Ib.rriiV pnt:f
Von. I rr b-d-t-inf in ii irift-;
K.tr il.rf ;niil t-i,t i-ni. toifi)ii r
II f will t'tiv h ptm ml ol lniif r.
tit our iiipii'1 fulfil if l.el fifnll.
A b 'ill- tiv i fiifti tluit call;
Jt.-t T Vfll. fH to iMie
Sin- o kill ntnl no mislitk
Itv pr sinrj; . oil oo Ibf pntf
'I lit mouth tllr- op ii bk :i (Jiite:
I bf. i-rop on' !io f noiiob is SJiid
Ami I'll fopiir lb i-rr-liif.-dil.
Ci.t't bU ! lilt llll-SH.l. w hat it lilllll'f,
I'.t b:i-r kill lis- bui! il oi':-,
fiir- ib'llf jtJl tl fl fPIJU Z-.
Jill tfo i o d l.td iifJtMi pb'Bie. 2"2
Land for Sale.
Tillf. follim ifg il' l.el..i.iiinc the T- Forest
I heir-- ill be M.I.I V K It Y C II E A I' . n ih
.ii Il.-oi Hli- linXiells lo i!i.-i-t-e of ihelll. Tllev are
uliinied nenr Siilutn-ki Iti.ymi Itig Pickerel Creek.
ill tt well yeltied neic. I.bnl hood.
tt i (-1 bf si nib u'cslquar
tn-rlli'i ttt-t qmtr
lll.rlhwet qnttr
nelllb-eHI fr..elioll
Fonib-u et qnur
Also 10,000 acres of I.mul,
in Otintt ii eiiitiitv, embnicini! every vnrieiy of soil,
iinber mid irnirie. Svlilers cnn he ticcotiiiiindiileil
willi nil b III els its Ihey IlliiV u-ish. end Ihe lirices
will he not inure ihmi bull'i-uch Imids uon'd el for
in l!liiuier W iseefsin GEO. It. &MIIH.
SnudusUy City, Juus 29, 1850 1C:3oi
li-. I i. See.
17 .1 fi
I? 5 6
17 .r. 0
IG C Sfi
l(j G 36
Ma.Y and mnny svrife endanrl yera of Imlily
ufferiiig mid of mental nniniitih, praarrnte nwl help- .
less, enibituirtng Iter life, tlmt of her basbnnd, ana ;
hnziiriliii tl future welfare of her rliil.Iren. riiing'
from cnuHen which, if kwtem, would have apared tlie
nflering, the anguish to the wife, and to the hat
band embarratwmenti and pecuniary diffirailtiee bar
ing their origin in the mind being weighed down and
hanuned in eoni-eqaeuee of the sickness of the eum
pnniua of his Uwntn.
How important that tlte canses slirmld be known -to
every wife, to every husband, that the dreadful
and harrowing cunaeijuencea to tlie health and hnp
piuef of loth may be nmided ! Life is toosliort and .
health too precious to admit any portion of tlie one to
lie apt-nt witliout the full enjoyment of tlie otlier.
Tlie timely pos8sion of a little work entitled as
fellows has been the means of saving Ute health and
die life of piuusauds, as over
copies have been aold since the first edition was is- ,
The author baa been induced to advertise it by
tlie urgent ami pressing request of tboee who have .
hern indebted to its publication Kir all they Imhi dear
'tlmt aU may have an opportunity of obtaining it), and
wIk) have favored1 hint with thooaanda of letters of
encomium, some of which are annexed to the adver
Priyalc Medical Companion.
BV OR. A- M. MAURICKAU, " " ' "
rtoKEiiuR or ttiir.Aei or WOUII,
Tirnlirtk EthhOM. iSnto , yp S50. Pfier, 91.00
f,Y FOll THK MARUtKi,or tlm-ie contemoU.
titiu in:irri. h tt itisfiiieii iniunrraiit secrets which
lioiild Im known to them puniniUrly.
Hr( rvirr leml the wif. the mother the
'me eitlior iHidiliii-x into woiunnliMMl, ttr the one in -tin
iki-liiie of yours, iu wIkhii unture tiHiteniplatos
ii imNinaiit rlinnae rnn dwnvcr the fauses. syinp
tiiiiis, flu.i i hi imrt efliriunt reni-ilies and must rer
tuin niivli- of nre; in every cum plaint to which Iter
4HX In ailbjtl't.
The rtvlitinns tontniHd in its pa!r-a hve nived .
a blenniit lo lltoiismidfi, na lliw imitimcrable letters
fV'iivei by lb Rinhr ( wbirh he is permitted by the
writers lo'publinb) will iilteat.
Extrnrt j ' Istter j 'om a fifntlrmnn ih Ihiytrnt, O.
Davtos. Mty I, 1817.
-I)k A. M. MAtiHirKAl Attf tr Hit r 'The
Maml VVimiHii's Piivnte Me.icMl CompAiiion.' Ibr
wliii-h I iMl(ised on dnliitr to your addreatt, came
snfi ly to hand. I would not have trim Med yon with
these few lines, but thm I am imnt'lbd by a sense
ot" gratitude, myelf and wife, to give utterance .
.to our sincere ami hesrttolt emotions.
My wife has bn pert-eptibly pinking for some
thne Veara or more, in "iiS(p3ei, of her jrcat sn
;uinh and ntli;riim some month heliire and during
cnnlioement; every runtM-as'ive one more ami more
debiiiiHted and pn.-tnitd Iter, uittintf Iter life iu im
minent danser, and which was. on the last occasion, .
despaired of I aupposrl thai thi state of tU;n was
inevitHblt, ami resigned mysMf to met tlie worst.
AtiliiH time (now alwmi two months) 1 heard your
book hijihlv spoken nf. as contniimig some mutters
rvm-biuf my case. On its n-ceipt and pentsnl, I can
notexpretv to you the reliirf it aflonleil my distressed
mind mm! the" joy tts pag'a tmprtel to my wife, on
learning that thi great iiisi-over' of W. M. Deso
maux pnivi(.l a remedy. H opened a pmspert to
me which I little iimceive.1 was jHWfttbl-". No ieco
iiiury coiMiileration can ever repay tlie oblitrstions 1
ain 'uuiierto you fin having been the means of tra
iihrtiiij to ue the mHiters cotitaiiivd in 1ie Marri-I
Woman's Private Medical Companion. Hut for
this, ere another vear would have passed over my
head, in all bumaii probshihty my wife would have
lrsn ii. her pnvf m mr .-ttiM'-w l-ft nwrtberlMs
Extract from m ttTrr.
Competence and Health.
KrASTm. Pa . Oct 21, !J7.
Wv Dkah ?ik: I know yon will have tl a kind-
t benr wiilr-nie :n enrroitf'hintf npon your time
while I acknowleiiire (in behalf of m-eil and wife)
tlie obligations we feel oumelvra nniertoyoti in bav
hir maile known certain matters, contained in your
most invalnnble Married Wnmaii'B private Medical
Com ft union. It hns been worth its weight in gold
to me. If I express myself rather warmly, yon will
see that I can not do so too warmly, when I inform
von nf the extent tn which 1 liave, through it, been
benefited. 1 will stste my nit nation when f of-tnined
yonr look thmtmh l!e me-ent curioaiiy I look Uon
it as in of the moftf fiirtunere events of my life.
hd been mnrried some t-n yearn, and wns the father
nf seven children. I wmh Ions atrticyliiie nnceamnuly,
tn the end tlmt I miuht sain a mmiernte competency,
but the result nf my utmost exertions at the end left f
me alMint when I wits at the beirinninsr of each year;
and that only, with the most rtinteil economy, anffi- ."
cin? with hanly the neceaaariea of life. Finally, this
constant etlbrt wai leirimiiiii? to have itt effect npon
my health: f fh m capable to end ore its continn
awe, while I felt the necessity of perseverance.
" This conataiit, unceasing ntnitrle on ray jmrt was ,
imperative, in conseipience of the proatrateil contli
tion of my wife fwith oci-aidonal intermissiVMi) liir six
years, much of the time confined to lier bed, and of
course incapable nf taking the charye ami ma it pe
ine nt of household a Ah ha. Her condition anise from -causes
of which I was ivnoraut. Oh! wliat would
I have pi ven bad 1 the six years to live over again !
VV hat wouhl my wife lmve fiiven to have been spared
the Ion Ways and still longer nights prostrate on a
btd of sickness! all of which would have lieen
avnhleil, had I tlieti seen a cofy of Thk MakhikD
Woman's Pkivatk Mkimcai." Cohpaniuk.''
From a' Phifician.
ll.iw many are suBeriuar from olistrnction or irreg
ul a ri ties Hi'JiliHr to tho female system, whk-h lin
den nine tln-ir health, tlie etleits of which tltey are
itrnoniiiT. and fir which their delicacy furl-ids rieckitig .
medical advice! How ninny antler from prnitTjt
uh;i (fullim of ihe womb), or from yr'Mw--?! weak
neas, debility, 5tc, Ac)! How mnny arc iu mustani
aiitiy liffinatiy tntiiitItspreceliiiicoiitii.enent! How
mauy have diflicult if not daii-cnma deliveries, bim!
whose lives ae Jeopanled during snch time, will tioil
in its paces the means of pteveutiou, auielioratiou,
and relief ! - t
Extract from a "7,tter. I
To those just Murrinl. Hail I Known!"
" Piut-AUKi en ia. Nov. 09. 1?-I7.
"Dk. A- M. MaukickaU: Had I known ot felte im
Pirtant iniltem treatetl of in 4The Marrieil Woman's
rivnte Medical Compauioir some ytars apo Imw
mm'h niher- I mieht have escpi-d ! I have suffered
vears from ranses hih you jNtiut out in your book,
without knowing wliat to'do. 1 oItaiued a copy, and
fianid my case treated of. I trust every female wil
avail heiaelfof theintiirniiitiiHiaiutaiueiliu its pages."
Letter are daily received of this character, unne
cessary to present
To tliose vtit unmarried, but contemplating miar
riaee, or pcrlia besitatinsf as to the pmpriely r
inctirriin; llie retiKMisibilities attendant upon it, tin
im-MM-tance of beiiie Hwesaed of the revelatiinia con
tained iu tlioat pages. o iutimately involving tlicir
future hsppiues, csu lHt be appreciated.
It is. of ifiiirw, impracticable ti convey more fully
the various subjects treated of, as ihey am of a na
ture strictly uitimded for the married, or tlmae con
templating' marriatre ; neither is it necesaarv, since
it is even ones duly to liecome Mwaeaaed of knowl
edue wber.by the slillerimrs Ui which a wife, a molli
- r, or a sister, may be sul-ject. can le obviaU'd.
Of Copies will he went by Mull free ofTo-tuse
to Ihe Purchaser.
t" On the receipt of One Dollar. THK MAR-
P ANION" is sent (wrilnl frJ to any part ol the
Uniti-d States. All loUemniiift be post paid (except
titoae tntJiiuinir a remittance), and addressed to Dr.
A. M. MAUH1CKAU, Box 1H9-I. New York City.
pullUhiiie Office. No. Liherty ax.. New ork
liver 10,000 C'oplea have been mcnt by MAI I.
wii Inn three months wiUi pert eel saiety and car
ta iutv
BookselU-rs nnd atrta engaged in its
snl arc male in handro ne imH-liMioies
fnm the ready Hnd ixtra(irdinry d(;mand
for it, and thu exircmrly libera! tcrmB of
fered them.
Active lnc.il or irnv:linp; Agents tliro
otit the United Stales and Cumulus, will
he supplied mi tin- sanu terms. CoUimu
nicHtionit are required to be yost-poid nnd
addressed is ;ilM.ve.
T CAU TION. The public are cau
tioned niiinsi various -aieh-pt nuiea inten
ded to he palmed off Hn them. imit;itino
tin title of ihe work as The Married La
dies Medical Companion," and various oth
er titles. The title of thu work is "7rhe
Married WO MANS Prirate Medical
Companion," by Dr. A. M. Manrieeau,
Private Sale.
T 1 1 K Mth-criher offers Ihe following
i;;:!!f trwet of l,iud ;il priva'e s;i'o oAlt
I'ky -'I'ii. itefcrii'en ih i i.iw. iu wii:
l ii yniim eiii ipoin-r ui lite iiirn-
m-I qni-rt'T f t.-'c!ion No. liiitjx. iti townshi:
Xe. five, north of rne No. (oitileen, in Suitdtisky
coiiiiiv, -oiiiiiiiini' fort v iter p.
This I .it'll is niton t thrrp mid hhlf miles wen I of
Fremont, in Wnidiiiietnti township, mill i"i xi:l
lett'lv fitiiHtt-rl mid cb uUted "or f.irHi'ni purposes.
Persons wibinj to pnreleie u ill enquire nf the
Fditnr of the Frpeiinni. or address t'e subscriber n
llrt-etstowit, WhShinirinii ronnv. M-iybid. ost
Frmont, July I3..1850 J8
Price Beduced!
. Irvo Bottles Only Que .Dollar.
induced by the urgent soliciuuion of his Agenis, ihrougiv
out ihe United Slates and Canada, has now - .
' Beduced the Price
or his popular and well known article ; and An this saw, -henceforth,
he will put up but one sua only, m qpmn
boiistMtns retail price wfili be . ;,
The nubile mar rest assured that the eharactar of ih
Medicine, its rtrengih, and curative properties wiix aa
main dkchakbed, and the same care will be be stowed m
preparing it as he re u (ore.
As this mefiichie, under its reduced price, will be pur
chased by those who liare not hitherto made themel
acquainted with its virtues, the proprietor would beg to
immune that his article i not tv be classed with the vast
. amount of 4 Remedies of the day ;" it claims tor itself
greater keaiing power, in all risaaee, than any other .
preparation none before the world ; and has sustained itself '
for eight years by ns superior medical virtues, and, wail
this reduction, roromaitded doaMe ihe price of any other
anicle in this line.
No rica V wt tout, a Alt, this article acts with great haat -buj
power ami certainty, upon the
Blood, Liver, Kidneys, lunge,
and all other organs, upon the proper action of which If
and heal ih depend.
- This medicine has a justly high repute as a remedy for
: ; Dropjy and Gravel, :. .- ; ... :
and all difvases of that nature, it may be relied upon when
the intelligent physician has abandoned his patient, nd -for
these dtrtrewinf diseases, more especially Dropt, the
Iiroprieior Would earnestly and honestly recommend it. At
ts present price i is easily obtained by ah, and the trial
WUI prove the article to be the
Cheapest Kedicine in the World! '
BVF PlesM a-tt fur pamphlets -t he agents give them h
away; they contain over sixteen pas" of receipts, (in
addition to full medical matter,) valuable for household
purposes, and which will save many dollars per year M -practical
These receipts ars introduced to make ihe book of irreat ;
value, aside from its character as an advertising toedjutn - ;
for the roeiliciae, the testimony in tavor of which, in the
form ol let tera from all pans of the country, may be relied
ip0" ' -
"Vausrhn's VissetaWe I.ithontripttc Mixjre "the
Great American Remedy, now for fa!e in quart bottles at '
1 each, email boittes at 50 eta. each. No smalt bottles
will be issued alter the present -nock is dipoed of.
Principal Office, Buffalo, N. V., -W Main Street
G. C. Vu?hn.
Sold Who'e-ale and Retail bv O I. POTT McKESSON 4b ;
CO , 127 Maiden Lane, New York City.
N. B. All letters (excepting from agents eud defers
with whom he transacts business) must be post paid, or no
atieutiua wilt be given to them, . . y
b. ii U K i j A N D, & CO., Krtmout;
Cli n lee roM eii?j Voo(lvilte,
W. Av-rs. Upper S.iodnkc.
J.. E. Foiikt,- Little Siiditbkv, , '
K. I'erry. MeCnchei.R iller
H V "P.uter-- n. Rom-.
I. ).. & V. TtfTtti city,
D. V. f iron?, bellvne.
Z-ig-lrr & -f ook. Fori urea.
Wm. Fiidt & o.. Oevehwid, .......
W hole S Ie and Retail.
Freinonl, Nov "3. lv " !
.V i R. .V JE .
T'lE titidersicued won Id rll the attention of
niercb nit nnd othertt lirt,vin( propertV rxpoi-t
ei lo loss Ivy fire or the peril of imviijatiou to the,
-nperior iilit.ttfes offered bv the
pnoTcmos ixsuniME fGMrAsy,
Of Ilui'tford, C'OKuectic nt
1 fl lies ol preiiiiuin ntIow as thos ufativ ether
ItESrONSlBLEoriic-. -
'2. A t-p-'edv himI M.itislactory adjiietmont of loan
s by the Generil Agent ol the con-pMin, far the
.ve:rn and southern 55tntes. -
3. Arbitriilioii (il nil difFienca which may
irit-e) h rebr ei mti ti-il' ( o-en.
4- Awtrd- prompt y p,tbl m speci. bkb!e
iiiMi-i. r exc'iitnije 'n IH. Yolk. ChrtrtestoH, H-tlti- .
mire, S'-w Urirnim, St l.onirt L'-ni--ville.. fit tts
or eh ir (ii.fiiHtin i, at the optiiM. nl t - mi.fd.
LT" Iuitiibl-l tttlint f'rt. the h- aUil pr lici-'.,
pi of ii'y fll uif ltsi s rales of retlltmn :lrtfc
.rteiioti . Imx rV, Are . . Ut nmbrd tv thu
-oflonieiB ol ihe t-ffii-e fre of ebrce.
For further iuformation
pplv ti tb iiiilTMjjit tl uliu t Join ninb r-zed to-
iicuie diVel'rtij;. st.re, h.te. WitrehoHM-, mills:
unUUliiCloriet, b.iti h. &r., r. .
ALSO ' ' " ,
Uott 'bob I fnrn lure and go !, Mrsand merct.ou- '
iiX eont,ino! or stored ttlt-fetft, u.tu-4 i r
l.uii; ge 'y lire.
Irv ?'ofljt, arorerier. niwhiif M-inred foos. pr!nee
Hiiisehobl ttirniture, bye taiorfc , Mini ex efv -"ttt-r rte ,
-cripiiiot f ifrciii'lt2- r ernI i rp- ri thip
ed or i be a'tippe,! t tjiM-d MthH, hm'
tu Mild from points io the n-sTtrit w-ttviM. h
iteen extern irittes ( vin hei. or fthrr itl.ud
nnte) iill'f iVldWON til Ih WferilCt)UUlry, ugiittlt
Ute hit2rd ul iul iiid ir.ntfprt;itioii.
jliijintentn. of ff iods, wnres nnd mercbuiH-ize, per
r.w! ve-l or vessels, (ft w -n New r renin wild
'ber Gulf port!' Iki - H Ameiica.ii fmrtaiHl
Eyylifh r iii(p-Hu Mrt, tr twHtty m-tmtims1 nrt
'b.itsoever m the Atluinic waters, aguinst the prr
ls nf the :
It. 1'. CUCKLAXD, Agent,
llriford Prtt rtion Insurance Co.
Fremont. J.. 5. I5f 43-3iii
To the rower SartdnvL) p. IXszi Stck.
II IE ftickbold-rs nl the Low. Sniti"ky fiank
Koid tNniivty. are her by WiMifi rhr n
tHj-epniiient of ten prr cent, on Ibeir eaptt:! ftrh.
i- brebv tt illed Inr, the attnie to b v-r to
Jo'i t R. Peae. Trensnrer if id f itt-a t iu
I r 'lliollt, on or b fur- tie It-t i'hv -t Jill ifV
Lh Q Rowson. Se-v.
F.-eKHinl. Sept. 2'. H50
Agency of Dr. S. S. Fitch, 1
77 ftfvlwMi -New York.
FOR SALE His Patent S.Wer PUte-l AMmn
i.iHl Sitpptirtrr, Patent Meel ,rirf dor
'.rrtCf, S.lver Iiihiilin; Tube, mid Lt cturtaen Can
iitnplioit -Y-e.
Ala bs IVIehrufed Meilicinef. na prepared and
used bv b m, wilh ur vitbi-l the iiisttetrteitts, iu
he trefittiieitt itf
PuHiuimry Consumption, Astlimn.
Heart Uiscitsc, Kht-uniatism,
Scrofula, Tiles", PndHpsus,
ebiiilv. Female Cmjltiml-,
3p nl Weikniss, Coughs Ctdiii Ci.Uirb,
an I n-l siniihr ilierFe.
The tKaiiuiiientH are the bet of their kind and
wwrr.nited Hg.iiift all lele. The medicine ire
eareftiHv prepitred bv )r. F.lch, hmi) h!', htber
llit -d lOtlieror erb nrt cle separately, will betr
eiiMi(frisoii wilh. nnd e fnntl
fiipei'ior I o any similar artic"r5
beii ni'iile tr ni-e miiii itt merely ftr a.ile.
Full directions in
which if Jfiven whv, n vniiinble tr.lh tt AS ac-
AI1 .! be hml nf the only dn'r MUfhnzetl
tif-nt lor B-I'evue. J. XV . Goodtton; 1 ifiin, Geo.
hubert. ror nle in ! retiimtt. bv
June 8. 1851 12-ly
.ff.f .V O.ISt; .JT JLvJSTU
We licrcbv let Snndusliv know.
Have upenod Shop lo work for nil,
Who'll please lo favor with a call:
We've Bedsteads, Lotinyes, Tables too,
All kinds of Carpenter woik we da "
We'll mend a Chnir, n Table, Stand,"
Or Make them all fur Cash in hand:
Repair a Dixir and case the mime,
Hang with hinge or make the frame.
Put on the lock uiih boll or bars,
And if needs be we'll mend your Stairs:
Indeed, there is nought of wood that's made,
But we'll attempt and flbask if PAID. i
And as money makes the mare to go
We're hound lo sell ovr Mior LOW !
For instance: Such as others sell . .
Of Bedsteads, we will make as well
And one-third LESS our price shall ie, ,
If this you doubt, just come and see, '
But, where's your Shop? 'lis close at hand,
We've taken the Democratic stand . . y
Opposite Brainard's, on Croghan street, .1
We'll gladly public custom greet.
Fremont, July 13, 1850.
PRAYER POOKS snd Church Srvic. A
Siileudid ssiirliiii-.. " Sr f 3v " ,

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