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Fremont weekly freeman. [volume] (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, April 05, 1851, Image 4

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- ,. -For this Occasion Oalj, --. .
The circumstance Vclated in "the following
lines is said to have actually occurred m HoP
ton Me. .;, t,;.s ,;,iT
-In old New England long ago, o.'y ; ;
. When all creation travelled slow. "
And noujrht but trackless deserts, ' ki '.' ,
Before the early settler's way,
A yonth and damsel, bold and fair, '"
, . liau cause to take a journey wuere,
, Thro' night and day, and day and night, I
a house would greet their weaned sight,
And,th:nking Hymen's altar should
ireceea liieir journey mrougn the wood,
f" 'They straightway to a justice went ' .
t By lave and circumstances sent!
H-k j .11 1 . . . .
Said it was quite tinfortunate,
But at that moment could riot bind "- ,v
. These two young folks of willing mind,
For his commission sad to say j
"Had just expired but "yesterday '
Yes, fcftcr all, he would not say , '
1 liat single they should go away;
And so he bade them join their hands,--
la holy wedlock Y 'happy hands, --
a jt . i:..i.. ..i.i
Kiioiili, perhapst"to safely carry-
- Enough to do them through the wood.' .
Tht Frenchman's BaWe9.
A. Frenchman, named L Jiovdinier, living
in Tenth Street, near race; . had been married
nearly five years, but owing to some physolo
gical course not explained, hd i did not find
himself in theposilion-of a parent until yester- j
"day afternoon. Then according to the proverb,
"it never rains but it pours," Madame Boudi
nier presented her lord with twins a pair of
plump tittle boys, brought into the' parlor to
be preseuted to Monsieur. ."Ab J vat is dis?"
cried he in great excitement, when he saw the
nurse enter with a child on each arm.' ''Deux
jameaxtxt let roe seel let me see! L'enfer!
vare you get zem, ha ? you wicked old voomsn ;
you vant to pretang zem shildrane are mine,
eh ? Zat not my eye ! zat not my nose ! zat not
T7? maut! iat not my shin ! CieU- none is
mine. Zay horaebogs,zayimpostaire!Ivil! arc
zem not at all: ray shall call me papa, nevare.
t ..l.l I !.
-out of soap and candlt, if you please: you
specelate on the tallow shandlervid zenv Eh
did you ziuk I was grin green? 1 not ze
faxe of zem enants. You know zat vo veil,
you old she scounuVale! Look at me, zen look
at zem; much alike," you sink? Sacreffri
ponnet Take zem- awayl" The ladies as
semblcd on this interesting occasion endeator-
s-H f.n nnniftf Mnnsipnr "fit R.. and rnnkft him
believe in his own happiness: but logic . and
rhcthoric wer unavailing. - He called on them
to exhibit some point of resemblance between
himself and the children .which, indeed, was a
work that balked their . female I, ingenuity.
His rage finally rose to suchJa pitch that he
" attempted to clear" his bouse) of th--whole
partr, including" tho nurse and the caif of
habiesT ' This outrageous behavior - brought
Mons. Le Boudinier to the bull ring, and one
of the ladies preferring a charge of assault
and battery against him, he was, reeognisod
for his appearance "at court . , ,
- ' 7 ' Messenger and Gleaner.
Sxvreo Tims. A clergymen, wha had con-t-id
erable of a farm, as was generally the case
in our forefathers' days, went out to see one
of his laborers, who was ploughing in th field
and he found him sitting upon the plough.
resting ms team. jv . . .
, ohn," said he,.wonld it not be a good plan
for you to have a stump scythe here, and be
hubbing a few bushes while the oxen are res-
john, with a countenance which might well
have become the clergymen bimseJt, instantly
replied . . .. . :
' ; 'Would it not be well, sir, for you. to have
.s swinging board m the pulpit and wjien they
. are singing, to swingle a little Hax Z' - i
Ihe reverend gentleman turned on his heel,
"laughed heartily, and said no more about
'..cubbing busbes.f ..i-,, i,- -fc ,,,:'
The following toast was given at a thanks
giving dinner at Sarr Francisco by a regular
Patlander, but the darkies refused to drink to
the last part of it: "Ireland, as she wants
to be; England as she ought to be, and the
-United btates- as they are." --' : -r:
- "The following beautiful lines, by Tennyson,
" combine the fancy pf the poet with the wisdom
icf the philosopher: ' "
Two children in two neighbor villages
r PIaying mad pranks' along the heathy leas;
Two strangers meeting -nt a festival; ,
Two lovers whispering by an orchard wall ;
Two livrs bound fast in one with golden ease;
Two graves grass-green beside a gray church
tower;. v - . k , . . i . s
Wash'd with still rains and daisy -blossomed;
Two cnuuren in one namiei oorn ana Drea;
' So runs the round of life from ; hour to hour.
"". Aptectiso IsciDKtrr. A young lady nam
ed Efiiabeth Myre, residing in the north-wes-r
tern part of the city; it is supposed committed
suicide last eveninc. "It is said ihe Touns la
dy was engaged to be married to Mr. John
. llotte, of Terr Haute, Ind. Thursday night
last was the time appointed for the- wedding,
ana iqb nppMiuieu iirue arrivvu, uui tu unu
groom did not ''.Nevertheless the wedding
festival was prepared, the" wedding garments
put on, and the guests were assembled. Still
1 the brideaToom came not, and late at ni"ht
th bride retired to rest harrassed with fee!
incs more than words can- describe, Miss M.
.threatened to destroy herself, and sometime
during Friday he disappeared, and though
the most diligent search has since been mad
no trace has been discovered.. To crown th
; melancholy occurrence, and complete the ro
' mance, Mr. John Motte arrived in this city on
- Saturday for the purpose of fulfilling the con
: tract ;- ,'- i - ' iiimes.
The editor of the Washington Southern
". Press, having said fliat Mr. Calhoun was nei-
, ther witty nor humorous, adding that "wit and
:. bumor, after alL are nothing but reason dis-
tor ted, quaint, and grotesque,' the LouisviII
Jenrnal replies inat, men me oouiuurn rress
m , f . .1 .1. O T1
,. is the wittiest newspaper extant ....
APRECtorjs Sword. The Liberty (Md.
"B'-nnsr of Liberty .says that; Col Edward
Schley, of Frederick, has in his possession th
ftant!i4t aHtft.ft Hitl. wttir.K AoerMknnt lT.VArlienr
savea me me oi oi. wnsuingiun, tuc
"Battle of Cowpena. ' It will be remembered
that one of Tarlton's men was .in th
. act of slaying tho gallant Colonel from behin
wheh Everhart who observed his danger,
rushed forward, and with one stroke felled him
to the earth. : "
r, - The Mexican Congress have recently "abo
lished three of tho orders of Catholic priest
hood. By another act Conn-res has declared
unconstitutional an act of the. Legislature of
' Q.iereUro, introducing the Jesuits into that
Bute. 1 -
Xlatest Arrival
Fall and Winter -Goods! !
It Is now universally admitted that
job 3S5zrM7!rxrgm9
SIUK& la lh place to buy Good and cheap
Goods aud mp he has otiened oh of the lartreai
locks brought to this market, he wnuld any to liis
nia customers, nua all who tnuka k rentout a trad
ilia; lHCe, to cull and examine, bearing in iniudthat
no esiaoirsnineiii in tne .
shall undersell him in any one article. Hiastock
consists in pari of - .
1'Uin and Cinur Alipacn, Thilmt cloth", Muslin de
Ijim, Cashmeres, GingliHms, 500 pieces of calicoes
warranted ftst colors. Broad ctoth, Cassatnere,
Satlinellp, Tweeds, Jentis, Bed Ticking, Flnnnel,
bleached and brown Slietinir, I 'otlon yarns & bats.
Qf everv description. . ? . , , . .
' Crockery, . -i j, ,
i.-.' Boots and Shoes, . :
T" ' - Hats and Caps,
Sole and Upper leather, Paiuta and Oile, Dye stuff.
In short, he would aav thut his assortment is
complete, and that tie is prepared to give those who
will lavor nun witn a call a grnnd neneht.
- Allkiuds of produce taken in exchange fnrcroods.
, . - ; UBETTS.
Fremont," Oct. 26, rSiiO. "
Livery : iC Stable.
IRA SMITH, '.;".,
GIVES notice to the citizens of Fremont, and the
public generally, thai he still continues lo car
ry on the above business in all its branches and
forms. ' He has made additions to his stock of
Horses, Carriages, Buggies, Aces ,
and is now prepared to accommodate, all who inav
lavor aim with a call. Horses auri carnages
For Parties or Funeral '
can be had at auv memeut. Covered and open
nggivs fur men of business or pleasure, on the
shortest notice.
Hiding; Horses of the test bottom,
always on hand. 'The strictest attention paid, so
lliat ull who call shall be accommodated without
delays Teams for -
Carrying Passengers or Movers
nto any part of the country, alwav on hand.
1 hose wrsmjigunr tiling -itt the unoTe fine, will
o well lo give him a trial, as he feels confident thev
will be satisfied, both as to teams and prices, the
former warranted to carry pas-engers lb their desti
nation in the shortest possible time, and the latter
to be as reasonable a possible. By strict attention
to business, he- Iwpes to merit a liberal share of
ubiic patrouage. ; .. .
Stables fiearlv opposite Norton's Foundry
Fremont, Nov: 2d, 1850.;... ,
Toledo, A'orwalk & Cleveland Bail
Iioad t'unipuii;,
AT a meeting of the Directors of the Toledo,
Norwalk & Cleveland Hail load Companv,
held at their office of Norwalk Dtc, I , 1850, Jl
was resolved, that the snms subscribed 4o the cap
iat stock of litis Companv to be expended on the
Western Section ofthe Road, King between Fre-
moutaud Toledo, Iw paid into Hie Treasurvof this
Companv at this offioe, in'. enstalmenls of ten per
cent, every sixty iays from tins date; and that no
tice be published of said call in some paper at Fre
mont or 1 oledo, or both, .for the period of thirty
ava, prior to the dale of pavmentsof the same.
Notice is theretore h-rebv given that an instal
ment of ten percent, on the Cap.tal Slock of the
Toledo Nerwelk' & Cleveland Rail Road Com
pany, subscribed to be expended on the Western
Section of said Road, is required to be paid lo the
Treasurer on or befoiethe lOlh day of Febio ry
leol, and a further inttaimenlol ten per cent.
very sixty days thereafter nntti the full a-rtonnt is
nd. - . w; i. k,i i i a'.uuL, tec'y.
Office of T N. & C. R. ft. Com'y. )
Norwalk Dec-,. 16, 1850. - ;- '
;; ' Cuarranty Fund, $100,000 00.
nV. B. ROBBINS, Pbksidkst. ' "
- A. L. GREER. Vick t rksioebt.
. J. It. PAYSON, Secre ABI. , ;
W. B Rolilins, ! - - J. S. Morgan,
' A. L. Greer," J. B. Casey,
C A. Withers,' ' ' S. E. Mack,
B. M. Withers, - , , & J. Walker.
J. T. Morcliead, Solicitor.
: jB. Pretlom, M. D., Physician.
'' - J. B. Casey, Ch'rn Com on Finance.
The Terriis upon which this Companv. inlure
Life are peculiaHv favorable lo the Insured; much
more so, it is believed, than the terms of auy other
re insurance company, to wit: -
The groat seuriiv afforded in a Guarantv Fund
of $100,1100, $211,000 of which has been 'paid in
Carn, and $i.iiuu secured in tne aafest maimer,
by Bond and Mortgage of Real Estate; -
Kates ol rreminm greatly reduced Iron. Die rates
f other Companies, and more eqnallv graduated;
Insurance for the beneht ot Married Women
secure from the creditors of their husbands;
- The insured not liable to assessments for losses;
"No extreme hazards taken hv this Companv;
An aunnal dividend to all policy holders, able
n Caso; also, additions madu to Life f olicies everv
five years;
Notes takou. in part for premiums;
, Policies issued udon application without delay,
causing nolo!80f Insurance to Ihe parlies.
Lives or eitner sex insured between Hie ages of
fonrteeu and sixty, inclusive, lor one year, for live
years, or lor hie.
The Pamphlets and - Tracts published bv the
Companv will be found to contain much valuable
information respecting-the nature, principles, ap
plication, and benefits of Life Insurance. Also, an
exaraiualion of the plans el the other Mutual Com
patties of this country, and a foil explanation- of the
plan proposed by this Company, together wilh va
rious tables, one showing Ihe rates of premium for
Ihe term ot lite, or several companies, compared
with tho rales of this Companv, and anolher giving
the rales of this Company for all ages and terms
at wlticn insurance is made.
Pamphlets and Tracts furnished gratis, and ap
plications rebeived and forwarded bv
- tllLBlLKLUUtlt l UiH,
' - " Agent at Fremont, O.
JAMES W WILSON, Medical Examiner.
Fremont Dec. 7, 1850. '
TTTOULD inform Ihe public that he has resumed
T f his buaiifSH at his old stand, on Crochan st.
and having hud the oporlunity of seeing and gettiitj:
All the Latest Fashions from East and IVe&ti
and hhViitg brought on an assortment of the
ha ia prepared to furiiibli iiis old customers, and 86
nanv naw ones hh can crowd into his ware roonitr,
with the moat splendid lot of
Mahogony, Rosewood and Blackwalnut
Of every kind from the Cradle to the Coffin.
As io prices, he is deiermined
He is hold to say that he can offer von BETTER
BARGAIN 8 and BETTER WORK than you can
get west of Buffalo; hehason l and, and is making
All kinds of BEDSTEADS, ' .
on New and Improved Plans;
such as Lewis4 Patent, Fowler's Patent, &c, &c.
Oo not fail to give him a call.
O He has got up a good Heatse, and will attend
funerals in town or country .
Fremont, August 10, 1850.
ANT quantify of good Hickory and Ash Wood
will be taken u subscription at the '
Frkkxah Office.
AMP and Tanner's Oil at
YOUNG Hyson Tea of superior quality at
i Hati
CJILKS, sntins. alpaccas, lawns, ginphams, &c.
all qualities and prices at
COLLARS, tiloven.
Hose, Neck and Pocket
V, Handkerchiefs at
The subscribers have just received .
Decidedly the Largest, and Best selection of
Miscellaneous, Clasical, Medical and School
Books, among which, the following are a few:
The writings of Geu Washington, by Jared Sparks,
"J2 volumes. . v". - - , i ? z- r
Prescotl's Conquest of Pern, 2 volumes;
do do r--Mexico, 3 vols.
do Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols;
do ' Miscellanies, 1 vol:
Aliisoit'e. History of Europe, 4 vols; K ? - - f
Hildrelh's United Stales. 3 vols; ' ' '
Maccauley's History of England, 2 vols;
Haltam's- Works 4 vols; Gibbon's Rome, 4 vols.
Stephens Yucatan; Greece; Egypt 2 vols each;
Complete Works uf Xjorenzo Dow ?
Addisons Works; , . Burke's do.
Josephus Works I and 2 vols; . ,Byrou' do f;
Sliakspeare's Works, I and 2 vols; .
Rolliu'a Hlvtory r - -" - g '' do'' , i -Chamber's
Information for the People, 9 votsr
American Revolution 2 vols:.. .
Marshal's Waaliiugton, volumes; , -
Neul's Pnrilans, 2 vols; ' Life of Brant, 3 vols;
MrsEJgeworlh's WorkslO vols; " ';
Spark's American Biography, 10 vols:
Memoirs and Administrations of the Presidents;
Cooper's Naval History: Brandy Encyclopedia;
History of the txirondists; . L.ile ol r ranklui;
Mrs. Bremier's Novels, complete tu oiie vor;
Harper's Family Library, 34 volumes:
do School District Library, 150 volumes;
do Clanical Librarv, 20 volumes
Swan's Treatise; - - Swan's Miseellanv;
Webster' Dictionary, unabridged ..
do do ' Large, revised; '
3 do '; . do . t University edition,"
' do '' do " School edition:
United States Dispensatory, late edjton;
Eberlee's Practice; Eberlee's Therapeutics:
Smith's Hand Surgery; ' Watson's Practice:
Hooper's Dictionary;
M'GufTev's Eclectic aeries of Readers; .
Ray's, Adams', Smith's, Davis', Dabol's and Per
kiu's Arithmetic:
Cla-.k's, Smith's, Well's, Burritt's and?Kitkam's
Grammar; .
Smith's, Oloney's Morse's and Parley's Geogra
phy, &c , &c- ' t '! - " i
Any qnantiiy of Fools Cap. and Letter Paper
plain and ruled. Gilt Edged and Embossed;
Letter Euvellopes, of all kiads and styles.
. C ALL A N D SEE! At .
Biickland's Brick Block.'
' Fremont, July, 165U . 17
New Drug Store.
- T1EA1.ER3 IN ;" :
Drugs, Paints, Oils, Dye-stuffs, Glass-ware,
Phosgene Gas and Lamps, etc., ttc.
THE suhseribers have just opened a large stock
of the above articles, which wilh their former
stock completes the largest and best aesortmeut ever
brought to r remont or vicimtr
-'' Physicians are respectfully requested to cull
and examine our articles of Drugs and Chemicals,
as we are deiermined that Frkmokt shall be thk
tows to buv Goons CHEAP.
Alt our merchants say they are selling Goods
CHEAPER than they can be bought in Sandusky,
Tiffin, or any where else in these 'Diggins' and art
ti Determined not to be outdone
by them in the way of LOW prices.
CP Country Dealers, will find it to their ad
vantage loh.uyof usany articles injour line, as we
are sure we can save them the transportation
atleast. - . -
using Paints of any kind who wish Good Articles
can he snpjilifd at Ihe smallest possible advance
from cost. While Lead pure ixtra, ftc , dry
and eronnd in oil. Chrome Yellow, Chrome Green,
Paris Green, Red Lean, Lampblack. Litharge,
Varnish, Linseed Oil, warranted to dry Turpen-
ine, &c, &. Brushes of all sizes and kinds, at
20 per cenLctitaper than ever.
V0.3, tlMfklan : s Brick MSZoch;
Sign of the Big Mortar. .
Fremont, Sandusky co. July 6, 135017 i '
Dr. Jacob Townsend's
THIS Medicine is made up wholly of VEG
ETABLE substances, contains no mineral
substance uf any kind, and is perfectly safe
and certain in its action in all persons, young
or old. it is a most euicient article in enect
ing the following purposes:
1st, It PURIFIES THE BLOOD, and cleans
es the whole eyslein ofacid, slime, worms a;.d bile.
2d.- It ts a aovereitfii reinedv in all cases of
Chills and Fever, and is equally cood in ordinnrv
cases of Ithf uuiutism, especially in those called
acute or ihUumtnatorv. I his is a valtinbie meat
cine iu Fever and Ague Countries, particularly in
the South and West. Used in the spring and
Fall, it will efiVcluallv cleans the Blood mid system
of bilicrus and other morbid matter, and thus pre
vent a heet ol Acute aud Chrome Uiseases. .
3d. It is a preat reuiedr for Ltver Coinp aints.
Disease of the Kidneys and Lirjiiarr Urgans.
4lh. It acts with remarKMble ethcucv in cases ol
D2;H-psia, Svur Siotimch, Heartburn, Sick Head-
aches, r hiliiln.ee, or int unu creates a (rood ap
pelite, bv saving lone uud streiiL'tli to the stomach,
and other dipehtive orana.
5ih. It is eouallv pood tor Colds, Coughs,
Bronchilif, and othar diseases of the Lnncs and
Chest, rituri6V. rulnittiioii ot the Heart, xc.
blh. It ts nieslimable in cases ol Uiarrhcea, UXS-
etitery, and bummer Complaints, in Men, Women
and Children.
7th It is a verv excellent remedy far .NERV
OUS DISEASES, as Tic Doloreux, or Neuralgia,
wild iNervutls UebnltV.
Hih It is one or the bet medicines for all cases
of Sen-full. -hich arises from over .ealinff he ss-
tem followed hv sudden coolinv, from bad diet, liv
ing or working in damp plnces; from humors left ii
ihe svstem which heve been produced hv iiiPfisls
scurlet lever, smail pox, itch, and the like. Hnc
it cures t.rvtipelatt, Jbalr Klieuui, bcald Head, f e
ver Sore?, ami 'nrinus Eruptive Diseases.
9th ll is !.to the very best NUKSEKY MED
ICiN E for chi'nrfii, great in Measles, Srarlet Fe
ver. Shin, I Pi x, kme Pox, Rashes and EmphoiiF
of all kindp; aud especially good fT those Feveri
and DiirrI.oi if, or Bowell complaitits which arise
from Tecliiii'g,
(hh ll i- a very good DIURETIC, producing
a free and vfv p.iKsuge of urine. It is also an ex
cellent DIAPHORETIC, promoting gei'tle per
spiration, and lb on cures many cases of Dropsy-
efpeciaily iu -uSt-s of irregular, suppressed, of defi
cient iiifiiioiiifii. t-oiiinion Fluor Albus, and all
ihe ditHcufiies iirit-iiig from Pregnancy in all its
I 2th It never foil to cure Costiveness and Piles
which are not o the bleeding kind, and acts genth
ou (he bowt-lfs, but neve as a harsh cathartic.
Price One U oil sir per Bottle.
0Six Bottles for Five Dollars. jr$
Principal Office for the Western States at
160 Main street, Cincinnati, between 4th and
5tb. - ' '
G. W. CALHOUN, General Agent.
For sa?e hv
S BUCKLAND & Co. Fremont.
Dec. 4, 1850.
I'ttister! M'lastcrT
r- BARRELS Common, Wileh anil Fine Grav
JJ Plaster, just receivcil, and for sale by
Fremont, October 19. If 50.
AVhite Wood Lumber,
F all kinds and clear stuff1 for sate hr
Feb. 9. O. H. FUSSELMAN.
Q PERM and Lamp Oil A first rate article for
sale at . jucckland tv. to'i.
PROF. Darnee'a Tricopherone. for restoring
Baldness; Phalon's Chemical Hnirlnvif orator
a beautiful article, at WOOSI'tK'S.
TOOTH Brushes, Hair Do. Hat do Clothes Do
X at
C ' .'V- ,y 5.h
i- -v-" "CiZSihs-,
H HAVING taken the old stand of J. R. Pease,
and purchased the entire stock of Pease &
Roberts, are now having it replenished with the
latest and most desirable patterns of
Air-Tight, Six-Plate and Box Stores,
ever offered iu this market, which will be sold at
Wholesale or Retail;
tosuit purchasers, and for which we will take your
-aiaes, Quins, uags, Beeswax, iaiiow, fec. .
Old Stoves bovght and sold, or exchangedor
Give us a call. ' Don't forget the niace. Pease's
Brick Block TVo. 1i atthe sign of the Stove.
N. B. For particulars call at our establishment;
Advice, gratis.
Femont, Sept. 29, 1849. ' ; ' ' "'
lopwardsof 20,000 Cnrcs!! ..
Compound Syrup of Lircrwort & Tar.
For the Cure bf Consumption, and all Dis
eases of the Lungs and Breast.
THJS Great Remedy lias not only made almost
incrodible cures of Consumption, but it breaks
up the most distressing Cungh, Cold, Pain iu Itie
liieast, and Asihma; in a tew hours time. We au
thorize our acquis, in all cases where it does uot
eive immediute relief, and the bottle is returned, lo
neenunv reiunu ihe money.
We vvil now ask tho nfHicled candidlv to exam-
ue Ihe facts below, which substantiate the merits
of this great remedy; facts which are iucoatroverti
and cannot be denied. We refer vou to the
Ftutemeiits of well known Physicians and Profes
sors, who have come forward and substantiated these
facts. 1 he most incredulous cannot but be con
vinced Hint it has made cares where everything else
lias failed. --
Extracts from Certificates tvhich can be seen
tnjull by calling on lite Agents.
y letter from John A. Collins, Esq., Editor and
rrourielorol the I emperance Oman, also A-
gent aud Lecturer for the Gruud Division of sous
ol I emperauce of Ohio:
Cincinnati, November 9, 1843.
A. u. Sconii.l Dear Sir: For Ihe uast eight
or4en mouths, I have felt incliued to sav some
thing in relation to the extraordinary healiuiz Quali
fies of yotir preparation of Dr. Rodgers' Compound
syrop of Liverwort and Tar, furyonr own, but more
especially tor the beneht of those unfortunate per
sons who ore threatened or afflicted with Pulmona
ry Consumption, and who, like myself, hnve a great
aversion 10 qnaUKS, lo their specifics and callioli
cous: but a eombtuatiou of circumstances has pre
vented until now.
In November, 18-16, mv wife took a aeverecold.
which settled upon her laugs A violent cough was
Ihe consequence, which increased in severity dur
ing the winter, and reduced her tu almost a skele
ton. It was nearly incessant, and attended with
seaere pain in the side and breast, accompanied
wilh fever and cold night sweats. She expectorated
more titan a piut ol matter duilr. U leers gathered
upon her lungs aud discharged. Her hands and
feet were cold and clammy as death, and a purpto
tint settled upon her lips. The skill aud varie . ef
forts orour lamily physician were completely baned.
On the 1st of May, 1847, he iuformed me thai he
could do nothing mere than gram her temporary re
lief, thut her case was hopeless, and that she could
not survive mote than a tortiitglit at the furtherest.
immediately called upon Dr. R. S. Newton, of
this cilv, (who hud beou so skillful iu the Irealmei.t
of coucer,) aud stated her case to him.. He rec
ommended Dr. lodgers' Liverwort and Tar: as
sured me there waB nuthiug of quackery about it,
but purely ascientitic preperatiou; and save rne Ihe
history of several cases, all considered hopeless,
where this preparation restored lo health. . A bottle
was procured, and in one week the exnectorotion
wOs nearly conquered. She coutiuued gradually to
improve, her appetite returned, tier cough in a few
moulhsceased. She recovered her streugth, and to
a very great degree her health, and is now a most
extraordinary trophy of the healing virtues of Dr.
Kndgers' Preparation of Liverwort aud 1 ar.
1 can also say thut I have derived very great ben-
fit from this preparation, for hoarseness, sore throat
and stricure across the breaBt. I have been enabled
whilesnffering from severe cold and hcarseness, to
speak with comparative ease for two hours, it has
one advantage, in my own case, over other expec
tomnts it does not derange the digestive functions
producing heuduche, or nervous u ability.
1 regard it as aduurubiv adapted for the use of
public speakers. RespKclfullv yours.
jumi AtULuns.
From Dr. Hiram Cox, late Professor io Cin
cinoah Eclectic Medical Colledge. ,
Mk. A. L. scovii.l. However reluctant I nave
been to permit my name lobe attached to patent
medicine, I consider it a dutv to the commuuttv to
stale that in three ceses of incipient consumption
viz: Miss Bell, Miss Barger, and Mr. R. H. Cox
one of our City l.ouncii, mat ur. Kogers' Liver
wort and Tar operated more like a specific than anv
other remedy that 1 ever used. One of the aases.
vt7.: Miss Bell, pronounced by several physicians to
be laboriligiinder Ihe last stage of scrofulous Con
sumption, she is now in good health from the use
of i few bottles of the above syrup.
Cincinnati January 25, IS47.
For Sale by
Fremont Jan. 18, 1851.
Stoves ! Stoves ! !
NTcw Store Store in Fremont, Ohio!
THE subscriber is just receiving at his shop on
Main street, one door south of O. L. Nim's
store, an) quantity of
Hathaway's improved Ten Plait and Box Stoves,
and better than all, Wilkson's & Co. 's
Kitchen Witch!
Principal Patents in 1837, '38, '42, '47, & '49.
The proprietors of this Cooking Stove, with en
lire confidence, claim for it the merit of being the
very best in the world, either as to economy, conve
nience, or durability. Call and examine it, and sat
isfy yourselves.
I offer the above lot of Stoves at a small advance
above cost, and with every variety of
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware,
and will furuish on reasonable terms,
Eave-trovgh, . Gutter and Conductor Pipe,
and all articles in my line warranted to b. what I
represent them. -
Farmers, Merchanta and others are invited to
call before purchasing elsewhere, as 1 am deter
mined to make it an object for them to do so. I
will also pay a fair price for all kiads of merchanta
ble Produce.
For any quantity of Sheep Pelts.
October 13, 31 -6m.
sis have been received b the Pioprietor .of . , , .
'X&stS;' MENT from Physicians
jifc the most skillful andce
;;S&Sb lebrated.ifrorn Counsel
Jggf- lora learned in the Law
sagtJt from Judges of celebrity.
ZS;. 51 on the Bench, trom Mln
isters of., the Gospelt
.if). whose undeviating in-
t.LSs9 tejrrity hove made them
ifjitjigSyy j. shining lights .in " Ihe
. . -v: pain oi i rum, uom en-.
lightened Pi ofe i irs, firm acute Merchants, and
from those of, every stati n, name and degree
among mankind all ef which, witlu.ut one d s
senting objection,. ronounce this OiLtment to be
GOOD. , . ;
As day by day it unobtrusively extend its
sphere of action along the borders of onr vast coun
try, and is circulated throughout its extent, new
evidences of its-power and ne proofs bf Jts effi
cacy are continually developed. Three millions
of Boxes, applied to disease within the last four
years, has established the astounding (act beyond
the power of cavil or contradiction, that it is IN
FALLIBLE in the cure of all Tumors, LUcers,
Sores, Burns, Tetter, Piles, Scrofula, Erysipelas,'
Chilblains, Scald Head, Sore Eyes, Quinsy, Croup,
Rheumatism, Broken Breast, Ague in the Face,
Corns, &c. It completely restores the INSEN
SIBLE PERSPIRATION, and by this means opens
those avenues bv which Nature intended to expel
the morbid matter of the body thns is the system
cleansed, the blood purified, and the health re
stored. " '
It has the power to cause all external 'Sores,
Scrofulous Humors, Skin Diseases, and Poisonous
Wounds, to discharge their putrid matter, and
then heal them. We are not ashamed of the
names of y, ' .' r
AU-IIeaiingr Ointment I
' .- s :-, - Or the ' -, ". ,.'
World's Salre ! . .
which a discerning public has applied to this
medicine ; for there is scarcely a disease, exter
nal or internal, that it will not benefit.- I have
used it for the last fourteen years for all diseases
of the Chest, Consumption, and Liver, involving
the utmost danger and responsibility, and I declare
before heaven and man, that not in one single
case has it failed to benefit when the patient was
within the reach of mortal means.
Wholesale and retail at the Grand Depot, 141
FULTON ST., New York, and by all Druggist
throughout the United States. -,. ...
J. McALISTER, Sole Proprietor, -
141 Fulton St. N; Y.
19 . .' Onlr Agents for Fremont.
Shaker SSarsaparilla,
DK. S. . HOWEj ;
Needs hit one trial lo establish its merit as the
EVER, discovered fur the cure of the numerous
diseases arising from a debilitated aud derang
ed stale of ihe system-. .
FemH.e complaints. Liver complaints. Scrofula,
Bile. Pimples or pustules on the face, chronic sore
Eyes Ringworm, or teller, sea hi hetid, rheumatism.
pains iu the bones or joints, and all diseases arising
from an injudicious use of mercury. ,
' Purify tho Blood anda 1 is well.
' ' ',- Colnmbus. Indiana, June 5th. 1850.
Messrs. S. D. Hovttfc Co. Gei.tleu.eui About
six mouths since I whs attacked with what in v fam
ily phvsiciau called Bilious Pneumonia, which he-
came seated deeply on my lungs, and after my phy
sician had broken np the lever mv luims still seem
ed to be seriuusly uliected. J had nuappetitn what
ever; my skin seemed to have lost its action and
function, there was no perspiration, and in fact my
self as well as my friends had given me up as incur
able in consequence of my complexion of disease,
and age, which is about sixtv tears, until one of mv
neighbors called to see me. who smne tour month
since was afflicted similarly to mvself.and had pur
chasad a couple of boll lee of Dr. S . D. Howe's
Compound Juctract of oaksapakilla, and it gave
her such speedy relief, she prevailed on me lo pur
chase a bottle and trr it. 1 done so more to gratifv
my friends than that I had any expectation ot being
benefited by the medicine, but before 1 had taKen
the whole of one bottle my strength and appetite
began 4o improve rapidly as well as my skin, began
to perform its proper function. I purchased the
second bottle and by the time it was all taken i
wasreaored to as good health as I have enjoyed for
the last twenty years. Mrs. L. MKINNEY;.
Dr. S. Jackson a distinguished physician of Indi
ana certifies lo the abovecure. and uses Dr. Howe's
Suakkr Sahsararilla iu his private praiii e and
recommends its use for all diseases arising from a
vitiated state of the blood and system. Such testi
mony is of more real value than pages of ordinary
The great success which has attended the use ot
Dr. S. D. Howe's Shaker Sarsaparilla since its in
troduction in the western slates, has established its
character in this section of country.
This is the only Sarsapr ilia' that acts on
ihe Liver, Kidneys and Blood at the same time,
and hencetts singular efficacy and success. Be
sure and get Dr. S. D. Howe's Shaker Sarsa
parilla and take no other. -
vuart oeuies $ i per Dome or or o Domes lor qso.
Fremont, Sandusky county.
Whelden & Rhodes, Sandusky city,
George Ebert, Tiffin, And by
DR. S. D. HOWE & CO., Proprietors,
IMo. I, College tlali, Cincinnati. U.
To whom all orders most be addressed. 17
Getweon Brordwar and Nassau.
A RE now receiving a rich and beautiful assort'
ii mentof. Fancv Silk and Millinery Goods, to
which we would particularly invite the attention of
all Casn rurchasers, and will make it an onject lor
them lo give ns a call, as we are determined lo sell
our assort ment, for Cash, lower than ever before of
fered in this market. -
Milliners can supplr themselves with every ar
ticle in their line, tit about the cost of Importation
or Auction prices. Mittiy of our goods tire manu
factured expressly for our own sale, and cannot be
surpassed for beauty oi low prices. -
Rieh Hat and Cap Ribbons, a large variety.
Silks and Latins for Bonnets.
Crapes, Crape Liases, Tarletous and Illusion
Triutniincs f.ir Hats, Caps and Dresses.
Jennv Liud Caps, Party and Opera Head dresses.
jMnbroulereu (Japes, Collars, Curt, and dlellll
Embroidered Edgings and Inserting, Swiss and
Thread, Brussels, Vulenciene, Silk and Lisle
Fhread Laces.
Embroidered, Reveire and Plain Linen Cambric
Gloves and Milts. Kid. Silk, Lisle Thread and
Sewinv Silk. Scarfs. Cravats and Dress Hkfs.
Swiss, Jacunelle, Book Muslins, and Bishop Lawns
Embroidered, Damask and Plain Catitue Crape
Shawls. A Full Assortment of Straw Goods.-
French aud American Artificial Flowers - With a
large variety not mentioned above.- All wishing to
nvuid paying long prices wilf make money oy calling
and aalislYing themselves.
Feb. P.'lcSl
Land for Sale. .
THE following lands belonging to the De Forest
heirs will be sold VERY CHEAP, as the
owners are anxious to dispose of them. Thev are
situated near Sandusky Bay on Big Pickerel Creek
in a well settled neighborhood.
R'ge. Tp. Sec. . Description. Acres
Iwesth'fsouth-westquar 80
north-east quar 1C0
I north-west qoar - 160
I south-east fraction 90
south-west quar . .120
Also 10,000 acres of Iiand,
in Ottawa county, embracing everv variety of soil
limber and prairie. Settlerscan be accommodated
with such tracts as they may wish, and the prices
will he not more than half such lands would sell for
in Illinois or Wisconsin GEO. B. SM11 H
Sandpsky City, June 29, 1850-rlf.:3m -
"QAINT Brushes, Varnish do, Stripingdo., Oil &
Lead, Copel Varnish &c. at
BY the Bottle or Gallon, warranted pore at
17 5 6
17 5 6
17 5 6
16 6 36
16 6 36
v.r, s M ARRI AGE -'
... Mast and anany wife endarcs. years of bodily
.offering and of mental anguish, prostrate and kelp
' less, embittering her life, that bf her husband, ana
" tiazardinjr the future Welfare' of her children, arisins; -from-causes
which, if kitomn, would have spared tlte ;
affn ring, the anguish to the wife, and to the has
band embarrassments and pecuniary difneokics bav , .
ing their origiain the mind being weighed down and
harassed in eonsequence of the sickness of the com
panion of bis bosom. - ; , "
How important that the causes should be known
to every wife, to every basband, that the dreadful
and harrowing consequences to the health and hip
pipes! of both may be-evoided ! ' Life is too short and
health too precious to admit any portion of the one to
e spent without the fall: enjoyinent of the other. .
The timely possession of little work entitled as .
fallows has been the means of saving the health and
Ihe life of thousands, as over
eoptes have been sold since die first edition was ia ;
sued. .: ' " -tv.':.. ;-.;;j t 4
The author has been induced to advertise it by
tne urgent and pressing request of those who have ,
been indebted to its publication for all they hold dear
(that all may have an opportunity of obtaining It), and
who have favored him with thousands of letters of
encomium, some of which an annexed to the adver
tisement. --' h --r -
Private Medical Companion. ;
i . . - BY DR. A. H. MAUKICBAU, '..
f': '"v-' riorcnoi or diiiiih or woaiea.
Twentieth Edition.' Smo., Jip S30. Prux, tlM '
LY FOB. THE MARRlED.ar those contempla
ting marriage, as it discloses important secrets which
diould be known to them particularly.
Here, every female the- wife, the mothers the -one
either budding into womanhood, or tbe one in
die decline of years, in wbom nature contemplates -an
important change can discover the causes, symp
toms, and the most efficient remedies and most cer
tain mode of core, in every complaint to which her
sex is subject. , . " ' ' "
The revelations contained in its pages have proved
a blessing to thousands, ss the innumerable, letters
received by the author (which he is permitted by the .
writers to publish) will attest.
of a Letter from a Gentleman in Duylon, O.
" ' " DiTToa, Msy 1, 1847.
"Dr. A. M. Moniceu My Dear Sir: 'The
Married Woman's Private Medical Companion.' for
which I enclosed one dollar to your address, came
safely to hand. I would not have troubled yosj with .
these few lines, but that I am impelled by a sense
of gratitude, for myself snd wife, lo give utterance ;.
to our sincere and heartfelt emotions.
" My wife has been perceptibly sinking for soma
three years or more, in consequence of her great an
guish and sntTering some months before and daring -:
confinement ; everv successive one more and mora
debilitated and prostrated bet, putting bet life in im
minent danger, and which was. ou the last occasion,
despaired ot 1 supposed that this state of things was '
inevitable, and resigned myself to meet tbe worst -At
this time (now about two months) I heard your
book highly spoken of. as containing some matters
. reaching my ease. - On its receipt and perusal, I casw
not express to you tbe relief it afforded my distressed
mind and the joy its pages imparted to my wife, on
learning that the great discovery of M. M. Deso--meaux
provided a remedy. It opened a prospect to
me which 1 little conceived was possible. No peco. .
aiary consideration can ever repay the obligations I
am under to yoa for having been the. means of im
parting to us tba malters contained in ' Tbe Married
Woman's Private Medical Companion But for
this, ere another year would have passed over my
head, in all human probability my wife would have
been in her arave. and mv children left motherless."
v .. . Extract from m Letter. ': -r .-. r
Competence and-Health.
" Lancastir, Pa, Oct. 24; 1847.
"JfT Dkar Bias I know yoa will have the hind-
ness to bear whh me in encroaching noon your time,
" while I acknowledge (in behalf of myseif and wife) .
the obligations we feel ourselves under to yon in hav
ing made known certain matters, contained in your
most invaluable 1 Married Woman's Private Medical
Companion.' It has been worth its weight la gold
to me. If I express myself rather warmly, yon will
see that 1 can not do so too warmly, when I inform -you
nf the extent to which I have, through it, beea
benefited. ' I will state my situation when I obtained
your book through the merest enrioaity - I look upon
It as oon-of the most fortunate events of my life. I
had been married some ten years, and was the rather
of seven children. I was long straggling unceasingly,
: to the end that 1 micht train a moderate eomnetencv.
bat the results of my utmost exertions at the end left
me about where I was at tbe beginning of each yenr;
and that only, with the most stinted economy, suffi- .
cing with barely the necessariesof life Finally, thia
constant effort was beginning to have its effect upon :
my health: I felt less capable to endnre its contiaa--snoe,
while I felt the necessity of perseverance.
" This constant, unceasing struggle on my part was
imperative, in consequence of the prostrated condi
tion of my wife-i'with occasional intermission) for six ,
years, much of the time confined to her bed, and of .
course incapable of taking the charge and manage .
ment of household affairs. Her condition arose from
causes of which I waa ignorant. Ob I what would '
I have given had I the six years to live over again I -W
hat would my wife have given to have been spared .--the
long days and atill longer nighta prostrate on a
bed of sickness ! -all of which would have been,
avoided, had 1 then seen a copy of 4 The Married
Wumak's Private Medical Companion.'"
. From Physician. -DANGEROUS
How many are suffering from obstruction or irreg- ;
ularities peculiar to the female system, which un
dermine their health, the effects of which they are
ignorant, and for which their delicacy forbids seeking
medical advice I How many sutler from prolaptv
uteri (falling of the womb), or fromjhior-albut (weak- -neas,
debility, A;c, 4c ) I How many are in constant .
agony for many montha preceding confinement f How
many have difficult if not danceroua deliveries, and
whose lives are jeoparded during such time, will find
in its pages the means of prevention, ameuVtntion, '
and reue'f! . ,
. : Extract from a Letter. ; f. .
To those just Married. " Had I known!":
- r--. ---Pnil.ADRT.rHlA, Nor. 29, t84T. '
"Dr. A. M. Madrkmau: Had I known of the im-;.'-portant
matters treated of in 'TheMarried Woman's ;
Private Medical Companion' some-years ago. how.
much misery I might have escaped ! I have suffered
years from causes which you point out in your book,
without knowing what to do. I obtained a copy, and
found my case treated of. I trust every female wil
avail herself of the mformatkmeentained in its page.''
'-'" Letters are daily received of this character, unne-
oessary to present -
To those yet unmarried, but contemplating mar .
riage, or perhaps hesitating as to the, propriety of
incurring the responsibilities attendant upon it, tha
importance of being possessed of tbe revelations con
tained in these pages, so intimately involving their ,
future hsppineas, can not be appreciated.
It is, of course, impracticable to convey more fully
the various eubjects treated ofi aa they are of a na
ture strictly intended for tbe married, or those con
templating marriage-, neither is it necessary, atnee
it is every one's duty to become possessed at know),
edge whereby the sufferings to which a wife, a moth-
or, or a sister, may be subject, can be obviated.
Ef Capies will he sent hy Mall free of Pastas
ts the Farcliswer.
: RT On tho receiptor One Dollar, "THE MAR
PANION" is sent fmaitei fret) to any part of th
United States. All letters must b post paid (except
those contalnina a remittance), aad addressed to Dr.
A. M. MAUH1CEAU, Box 1224, New York Clty.
Publiahing Office, No. 1 Liberty t. New York. -Over
!0,000 Copies have keen sent by I All.
within three months with perfect aalety and cer
tainty . . -, . . ,
Booksellers and agents engaged in its
sale, are muting handsome competencies
from the ready and extraordinary demand
for it, and the extremely liberal tenns of
fered them. - '-.-'
Active local or traveling Agents, tbro'
out the United States and Canadas, will
be supplied on the same terms. Commu
nications are required to bo yost-paid and
addressed ns above. . s -
S CAUTION. The public are cau
tioned against various catch-pennies inten
ded to be palmed off upon them, imitating
the title of the work ns "The Married Za
dies' Medical Companion," and various oth
er titles. The title of the work is "The
Married WO MANS' Private Medical
Companion," by Dr." A. M. Mauriceau. "
Private Sale.
THE snbscriber offers (lie followiti-;
tract of Land itt private sale at a Wat.
GAIN, described aa follows, lo wit:
The south-east quarter of tha north
east auarler of section No. Iliirt v-six. in township
? . , r T . r . o I L-..
rvo. rive, norm oi raiii-e io. luurteen, in tjDiiuui
county, conlainin-f forty acres..
This land is about three and a half miles west o
Fremont, in Washington towuahip, and is -excel-
lentlv situated and calculated for fnrinuii; purposes
Persons wishing to purchase will enquire of the
Editor of the Freeman, or address the subscriber at
Haeerslown, Wasliineton ceuntv, Man-land, post
Fremont, JoIt 13, 1850 18
Price Beduced !
v Larfv Bottle Only- One Dollar.', -.'
The Proprietor' ' ot the Great ' American Remedy,?
'"Vauohn's VaoxTAau LiTHoNtaipno Minn".'1, ,
. . induced by the urgent solicitations of his Agents, through.
' out the Suited Sums snd Canada, has now , . r i-.
j",:-::.-..v ;:; Seduced to zTtc s;
of his popular and well known articta ; and from this dats, .
henceforth, ha will put up but ons sua only, his quart
" boMlaa Ihe retail priea will b - r - i
''" The public may rest assttrsd that rha eharaeter of tha "
' Medicine, its strength, and curative properties will u. y
i stAtH umcbamoso, and the same care will be bestowed ta
' preparing it aa heretofore. . . ,
As this mediciiM, under its reduced price, will be pur
' chased bv thoge who liave not hitherto made themaelve-
acquainted with its virtues, the proprietor would beg to
r. intimate that his article not to be claaaed wilh the van,
amount or Remedies of tha dav;" it claims lor itself a
frtmter healing patrer, m all diseases, than any ahcr
' preparatitm naw brfore fte world ; and has sustained itself -!
for eight years by its superior medical virtues, and, unlit
. this reduction, commanded double the price of any other
article in ibis line. -
Noriox PARTictrLAat.v,tbisartielsactsvuhgreathssi.-
lng power ami certainty, upon the
Hood, Liver, Edaeyi, Xtmg, .'"
and all ether organs, nponths proper actitn ot which li2s
said health depend. 3
This medictoe has a justly high repute as a remedy for .
. Dropsy and Gravel, ' ' - ' '
and all diseases of that nature It may be relied upon when'
. the intelligent physician has abandoned his patient, and
for these distressing diseaaea, more especially ywim, ine
proprietor would earnestly and honestly rceommeort it. At
' iu present price it is easily obtained by ail, and the trial
wilt prove the article to be the
Cheapest Medicine in tha World!
off pieass ask for pamphlets ths agents give them
away ; they contain over sixteen pages of receipts, (in
addition to full medical matter, valuable r household
purposes, and which will save many dollars per year la
nrnriu-al houaekeeDers.
Theaa receipts are introduced M make the hook of great
value, aside from its character as an advertising mediuaa
for the medicine, the testimony in favor ol which, in the ..
form of letters from aU parts of the country, may be reUed
" upon. . . ' "
' ajar "Vanahn's Vegetable Lidioatriptte Mixsure "tha
' Great American Remedy, now for sale io quart bottles at --
L each, email bottles at 60 eta. each. No small eoui
will 1m iMiiiml after the o resent stock ia disooaed of. . .
Principal Office, Buffalo, N. Y.,207 Main Street
Sold Wholesale and Retail by OLOOTT HcKESboN. .
CO., 127 Maiden tans, New York City.
N. B All letters (excepting from sgents and dealers ;
with whom ha uanaacta business) must as post paid, SI aa .
altenuoo wilt as giveu to them,
I IS. UUCKLAJsD, & CO., Fremont ; ' " '
.'' Charles Powers, Wowdville, .
VV.-Avers, UpjxrS iiidoskr, - - - i
: Jos. !i Fonke. bitile Sandusky,
R. Perry, McCutchensville. . - t -"',.-G.
VV Patterson, Home.
' ,-: t. 1.-S --J hn &iio.. Tiffin eity, '
I). VV. , trong-. Brllvue. . ,
2eip;ler & -nook. Fort ieiieea." - : . . -S
r'" . Wni. -Fhk & Co., Cleveland,. .;.
1 Wholesale and Retail, '','-
Fremont, Nov 23, 1850 ly .
"'.' ;' AND TUB ' ' ' - ' . '
- Liberal offers to New Subscribers!! '.
''j;.. LEONARD bCOTT & CO. .
, No. ai Gold Street; New York, ' ';' . "
I iuii i i u Za io. putMifiii me iuur iMtiiiig unusn
VjQnarleriy Reviews and DUck wood's Mieaiitie;
in addition lo which they hve recettlly ciunineiicvtf -..
the (tublicatiou of a valuable Agricultural work Call
ed the "" ; , . : ; " " ' , -'.-K-i -"'."' . '
"Farmer's Guide to Scientific and Practical,
: ' Agriculture.'. - - " '
By Heirt Stkvkhs. F. R; S. of Ed'tnburf, author
-nf l!i" Rnttk nf tfit? Fm-m. rtMStHlfd litf .
JoHur P. Wortok, M.' A- t f vr flavfn, rrof;tBor
a o' Scientific Agriculture iu Yale CoiUfre, &c. -
This hichlr luiibfe work will -comprise Iwo .
tarjje reynf octavo volumes, coulainttig over
puas. with 18 or i0 pplendid steel t-nravmcs, aud
uiyre than G00 engravings on wood, in the highest
style of the art, Hlustratiugalmost even- tiriplement
oi hnsbiuidrr, iow itt uee by the betl tanners, the
beet method el', flowing, jiJuntiii, lia.nff, iiar
veti(T, &rc. the various domestic auimU in their
highest perfection; j fihort, ihe f irtwrial fdlure of-
Ihe book teiiiitqne, and ttl reuder it of Hicaicula
ble v ;il ite to th etudtjut of aoricltn'. - v "5
Tlie work is biHtjj pnhtished in semi eiouthlv
iiuiiiiHrs oi v J'ff em: ii. rxciirMi t w kiwi
engrraviHg, :d, h hen iiottifken in eoiMiection with
the Reviews-or Bltfckweod. iemotd nl -15 ents ecli
or $5 for he entire work in numbers, of which
there will be at le.ist twenty two:
The British PeriodicaU Ro published are, as fol-
lows, vix: : . . j -j - Z
The London Quarterly Review Vonserp'e)
Tha Edinbury Review, (Whig) - -The
North Rritish Review; Free church) "
The Westminister Review, (Liberal) - :
Blackwood's Edinbnrg Magazine (Tory) 3.
Although these 1 woks are distinguished hy the
political shades above indicated, yet but a, mal A
ponton oi iiieir coiueitis is uevmeu t poiuiirni uu-
(nets. It is their literary character which gives ihein
j,.,:. u:r i k...wI n..iKvmrilr
larabove ail other joorwalsof their class. Black-
wood PtiH under the mastertv ?muaice oi. k,unsu-
vftcr AoriVi, mafntains its ancient celebrity, and ia
it this lime, nnustialfr attractive, from the senul
works of Bulwer and other Itterarr notables, written
fnt that mnzine. nod first appearine in itscoluwtne
holh m Great Britain and in the United ytHten.r
:uch works us The tox-ons' Mud '-My New Novvl
'both bv Bulwer, Mv Peninfular Medal,' 'The '
G-een Hnud, and other serial . of which nuuierene "
rival editions are issued by the lending publhera
Mi tins country,; nave to oo rrpruncu f m"" ju u- -.
ishers from the pages of UlacH wood, alter u lias
been issued by MewrSa Scett So Co. , so that suh
scribers io the Reprint of 1 1ml Mrigaziue may always
rely ou having the earliest raadaig oflhe.se -ascina-f
ing tales. . - -.
- fSae list of Premium Volume below.
Per annum.
For any I of the 4 Reviews and I P rem Vol $3 110
For anv ? do S . , , 5 00
For nu'v 3 - do " 3 '" ' ' 7 00
For all Tour of the Reviews ' 2 - , 00
For Blackwood's Mafrazins 1 ' 3 00
For Klackvood sV 3 Reviews 3 : ' W
For Blaektvood & 4 Review 3 , , . 10 00
For Farmer's Guide 2? Nos-1 1 ' 5 00
tlo 1 Kev'wor UlacH. 1 - l
' do anv 'i UepriiKs .."'3 --i ? 9 00
" do but' 3 -do 2 ' 11 00
do anv 4 do " 3 13
: i. do and all 5 do - 3 V 1-1 i)0
Paymanta to be mad- in all rases in Advance.
0Remitt--nr-t'S and com Rill mentions shooM he
always addressed. "ws.-nid or fraiikeil. to the Pup
79 EuHtii streei. Nw York, "
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used by him, with or without tbe instruments, iu
the treatment of , :
Pulnonary Uonsumyjtion, Asthma, .
Ilertrt Disease, L- ; Rheumatism,
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Debility, "' " Female Complaints, "
Spinal Weetrifiss, Cpuglis, Colds, Cntarb,
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es. All to be hail of the enlv duly authorised
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