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IXiglUf important Newt tfom Ceit
i -. ral America,
Captain Ellery left San Jimn in the Eng
lish steamship Severn, for Chagres, on the
19th April, and came home from the latter
plaee in the steamer North America, arrived
M N. Wednesday.
Ho brings tha gratifying news of the entire
withdrawal of the British naval forces at San
Junn, the probable immediate abandonment of
the ridiculous Mosquito proioeioraie oy me
English and the surrender back to the Nicar
ngmtn Government oX the port of San Juan,
and all the territory over which the British
hare so long onjustly held sway I
Tha odious1 negro police was to be done
away with in six weeks, when, it was reported
the entire gorrmrm-nt of the place and con
trol of thu territory would be given up to the
Niear iiruan. trovertiment.
At San Carlo, the Nicaraguan authorities
were creDanns a detachment or soldiers and
the proper officers, to move down toSnn Joan
as soon aa the English evacnale. -
This new turn of affairs has already began
to inspire confidence and activity among all
' classes. Americans as well as foreigners are
beginning to settle, and in a short time, &an
Juan, if the English stick to the treaty, will
become a place of importance , and extensive
business. .
The enrinecrin!i' corps of the ; American
Ship Canai Co, were at San Carlos, awaiting
the arrival or funds trom JN. I oric
The new road from San Juan del Sur, on
the Pacific, to Point Virge on Lake Nicaragua
1 1 miles had been - commenced. . The trees
had been fulled, aid a mule track opened.
This is the new route to be opened !r. June
next, when passengers from San Frnncltco
will come down in steamers to San Juan del
Bur, thence across that splendid sheet of wa
terW steam to San Carlos, and thence down
the San Juan river; 85 miles to : the port of
San Juan on . this side, where the steamer
Prometheus, and others, will receive passen
gers for New York and New Orleans. v
Capt Ellery corroborates the statement ia
regard to the reward of one thousand dollars
being offered fits the arrest of an American
. . WT II I I
named J. tjnlveriT mail, wno is cnargmi ihi
the murder of a Nicaracuan police officer at
Granatin. Hall, it appears, had been guilty
of fraudulently obtaining money, and a war
rant was isew-rl for liis arrest. On the officer
presenting himself to conduct him to prison.
Hall shot him dead, and made his escape.
This M the fellow who recently arrived at New
Orleans, and told so many base stories abort!
the Nioaraijuan, atating that their esteem for
Americans had snddenly changed.
.--- - - -- ? -
- ' o ' '
i ;;;- From Santa Fe." ' 1 '
Advices frorn Santa Fe to the 1st of April
fcave been received at St. Louis. ; The Apa
ches had been very troublesome, but a Treaty
of Amity v had been effetced with them
through their chief, Chacen, by which he
bound himself to keep the peace on penalty
OS forfeiting his head. The Mexicans are well
pleased with their new government since the
power has been taken from the hands of milita
ry. Business was quite brUk at Sat ta Fe, and a
number of mills are being constructed in the
aeighborhood. The election for territorial
officers was to come off in few weeks. The
mail was met on the 15th of April nt Middle
Cunrarona.' The Apaches had made several
demonstrations and menaces of hostility on
(he route, A Mr. Wm. Bent had sent out a
ltspotch to the Camanchea and , Kansas to
trade and treat, and they were expected in a
few days. Few Indian have been seen on
the route and the party were unmolested.
),,. .... ., X '
" " .' . ' ." Washington, May 0.
The Jury of the Circuit Court , gave $000
damages against' Col. Hiifjie for an assault
upon a O, S, eoldier,while he was Governor of
' - Advices from the South reached here last
night stating that owing to the prompt meas
ures tiiken by the Government, tlie contem
plated Cwban expedition has exploded. ' ' L
: Tbc Xae If r. Grizzle.
A Very worthy fisherman, by the name of
Grizzle, was drowai-d some time since, and all
search for Irisbody was unavailing. After it
had been in the water some months, it was
discovered floating a the surface, and taken
So the shore, whereupon Mr. Smith was dis
patched to convey the intelligence to the af
flicted widow.
. flJrbmithvyH. Mrs. Oriztle, we nave
found Mr Orirzi; body.
'. Mrs Grizzle You don't say so!
'. Mr S. Yes, we have; the jury has sot on
it ana find it luH f cek. - .
Mrs O. Yaa Wt say Mr Grizzle's body
is fntl of eels. . " '
Mr S- Yes, it is. and we want fcj know
what von will have dene with it.
Mrs Q. Why, how many eels should jou
think there w in feiw? " '
, Mr & Why, about a bushel.
f Mos G. Why; tlien, I think you bad bet
ter sead the eels ap to the house and set him
gaia. - ' ' .
jE"The, Ohio Statesman and the Locofoco
press in general, have opened their batteries
against Gen. Scott, with warmth and zeal
very Indicative of their fears on. the result of
tne next rresiuennai weciion. - ah ngm:
Wa will see whether . the vituperation and
bu3o lliey are heaping upon him will pay
expenses. ' Torch Light.
Sadden iBtcrrnptlon of ss Iady's
. . , Toilet. . -
A day or two since.a lady living en Pi ddlr
Strectbet ween tenth and clfventh.wa engaged
before her mirror in going through her toilet
exercise, when the glass suddenly receded
from her - a the entire front wall of In
building parted cf'mpary with its neighbor
nd- wkha tremendous crash fell into the
street Tim 'lady in utter astonishment
at the sudden ess of the motion was left
standing in dUhabille.though singularly enough
entirely uninjured. . In oonsequenc of the re
eunt grading of the street the earth beneath
tSie wall had been partially removed, and its
sudden giving way was the cause of the acci
dent, j ' St Louis intelligencer.
1 What a Fam. "was there. C D. Murray,
editor of the Howard County Tribune, says:
'On coming from Tipton on Friday on horse
back, in crossing the bridge across Mud Creek
we beard something drop, and on further ex
amination found our precious self sprawling
on the bridge, with one foot under our noble
teed, and the otiier into our new hat Some
of the cross pieces on the bridge had given
way, and both h ind feet of tour said horse
dropped through." -
-! w 1
' The spinners at Fall River, Mass.,
numbering 3,000 operatives, have been on a
strike for (he last twenty-four weeks against a
reduction of wages amounting to 25 per cent,
Their laboring brethren in Massachusetts are
contributing to their support ."
A Capacious. Throat. The Cincinnati
Star relates the following anecdote of a young
gentleman of the south, whoexpended a large
fortune money, land, negroes, everything in
the course of intemperance and profligacy.
He had just paid a last year's grog bill of
1800. One day he was walking in the street
very leisurely, when seeing a physician on the
opposite side, he called out to him to come
Doctor,' said he, 'I wish you'd just take a
look into my throat.'
'I don't discover anything, sir," said the doctor.
ou don't!' said he, 'why that's strange ;
will you be just kind enough, sir, to give an
other look?'
- 'Really, sir,' said the doctor, after a second
look,' ! don't see anything.'
No! why doctor there is a farm, ten thou
sand dollars, and twenty negroes gone down
my throat! ' . ... .
Miss Susan Nipple gives a loud certificate
in favor of some of the popular patent medi
cines of the day. ; She was suffering from
genera! debility, sick headache, heart burn,
indigestation, tape worms, constipation, rheu
matism, in the back, shoulders, and htns, and
besides these she did'nl "feel very well herself
more'n half the time." At length, she says
"I was brought very low,' so that my most
impudent friends didn't know me, and the re
gular faculties did'nt expect me to live from
one end to other. '
"About this time a friend recommended, as
the last resort, that I should try a few bottles
of the Pictorial Oxinutcd Compound Saxfa
rilla Extract of Wild Cherry Wine Bitters,
satisfaction giving or money refunded, to be
well shaken before taken, destroy the label
as soon as possible, no pay no cure, beware
of counterfeits none genuine unless the pro
prietor is on the wrapper. I took three dozen
bottles of this truly invaluable medicine and
it i?nve immediate relief in three months.
Personally appeared the said Susan Nipple
as aforesaid, and swore to the toregoing, and
said she d be darned if it was nt true.
Wheat perbnshel, .... -,
Floor per burr!.
Corn per hnshel.---.
Outs per hnshet. .... .... ....
Hntter per pound.
Eeg per duxeu,.. .
Cheese per pound.
l.ard per pound.. ,
. Knit per barrell.
Hide per pound. .
Flaxseed per bushel.,.. .... .
Timothy seed per bo..
Clover seed per bu.-.. .... ...
Pork per barrell.... .
Ham smoked per pound, .
Beano per bushel ...... .... ...
1'otntoee per bushel ....
Onion per bushel
Apple frreeu... ......... ....
Apples dried. ... ....i
Beeswax per pound.... ...
Tallow per pound. ...
Staves Pipes per M..........
' Hbdper M.
4 no
1 13
....4 a 6
I 25
4 50
....13 no
.....1 00
.". "I4h20
BhlperM.. . 9 12
Blackwalnut Lumber per M 812
At the Old Corner!
HAS ;st received from Sam York, a Urge and
s-asv'iabfe Hock of
puiclmsed ia. the Treat decline, which will
rnablo him to etl many articles LOWER thou
was (ta d by those who purchased in the early part
of the season.
Bonnets, Ribbons, SUis, Dress Goods and
Cloths, have fallen at leaM -5 per cent, and can be
sold here at prices Diet will ionih vou.
It is N'it iy pr-irinco In fcV-a?.' 'Pujfor Zou;,T
or eresio any 'Xea-pot 'jTempcatst' Ixii
ths .ulilie my rest aesured Hie OL.L) COIlNEIt
will not bsaudersold br any exlabiisliment in town.
A. U. TAYLOlt.
Fremont. M v 14, 1 S5! 3in
THEaixh-raigued having madn arrangement
with Messrs. D. CaHipheh& Sou, lor the
'Sando-kian and Clarion' cutnhli-limrnt, con
template publishing; a DAILY NEWSPAPER in
this City, Irom i nd alter the 36th of May, next, to
bo nailed the Dailt CoaarMciiL IIfcistkk,' and
to be devoted to l lie dissruimaliou of hasinese int l-iigrn.-e,
political and miscellaneous news, &e.
The larjre and icreaine; commercial interests
of this place and Hie adjacent country require, and
will, no doubt, sustain, swell conducted. Daily
Sheet, which shall stall times furnish the In test
and rt-liakle commercial etittMics, prices current
and daily transactions. It ia the intention of the
undesigned sa to conduct the paper, as to entitle
it to lh confidence of business men: and we ro
pectfnllv solicit tha patronage of the Merchauts,
Forwarders. Produce l'ealers, Ac, iu this section.
The Department of General Neas will alwara
reeeire the careful atleation of the Eililors. with
the hope of keeping; their paper, in that respect,
fully -up with the times.1 The fncililirs furnished
by iWcg-ropA Line., RaU Roads and Stcamert, for
tha early receipt of all kinds of uea s at this point,
are unsurpassed bv those of auy other place in the
ET The 'Register will be printed on an impe
rial sheet, (sia columns to the page,) ud furnish to
subscribers ou the following
Per annum, in advance, $5.00
do payment after three months, 6,110
For six ntouilir, t 3,0(1
three mw hi, ' - 1,50
a oue urotitii, 50
Ail saMrcripiions for less thaa a year, to be pa d
The new law, to take effect July 1st, reduces the
ftnsleeeeu daily papers to the following low rates:
50 mimes or under. 25 cents per nnarier; from 50
to 3IIII miles, 50 cents; aud from 300 tu 1001 miles,
i5 cents.
S mdusky City. April 15th, It51.
(LfThe Publishers take pleasure in calling; at
tention to the. fiMlowing card, from some of the
principal citizens and business men of this City,
and trust tha general confidence expressed in it will
not be forfeited:
SisDOJir City, Arait I5th, IS5I. -
Having understood that Messrs. Bill and Wao
osxn have purchased of Meesjs. D. Cahtsfll &
Sum the 'Samiunkian' establishment, and that they
intend to publish a Daily Newspaper, devoted in
part to the commercial interests of this section of
country, the undersigned. Merchants, Forwarders,
Produce Dealers, dVc, taka pleasnre in saying that
from a personal acquaintanca with Messrs. II. and
W., we have great confidence in their ability and
intention to cenduct their paper in such a manner
as to command the confidence of men of business
having commercial relations with Ihis point.
I. Campbell A. Bon, J. G. Forbes. Prest. M. &
5. C R. R. Co., J. W. Witherell. Agent for Amer
Express Co., 8 B. Caldwell, E. E. Oaborn, Supt.
M. R. A L. E. R. R. Co., Henry Raynor, H, C.
Williams, E. Lane, John Toungs Collector. L. S.
Hubbard, R. i. Gib be & Co., Rice Harper. J. G.
6, J. A. Camp, E Sheldon, T. Tlelden, A. H. Bar
ber, V, L. Derby & Co., C. F. Drake, W. P. Mc
Crearv. 8. E. Hitchcock, F. T. Barney. Higgins,
Blosier &, Co., W. W. Witherell. Conveeae Sc.
Sloan. A. H. Moss. S. W. Torrer & Co.. W. II.
CassweH. Lifham Sc. Adams. Pool St, Perk, Hen.
d-rson Sc Peltibones, Geo. R. Morton, Henry If.
WARRANTY, Mortgage, and Quit Claim
Deeds for sale at the
A. McXElLi
Upholster & Paper Hanger,
. Sandusky city, May 17, 1851.
OF every description, size end quality, kept con
stantly on hand, and manufactured to order.
Alio, Lounges of every description, ehsdeand fash
ion. A. McNEIL.
Sandusky city. May 17, 1851.
TrAnsparencd Window Shades.
A LARGE and beautiful assortment, joet recei
ved from New York, of all etzee, colours and
deione, varvine in prices from 6 !f cents to $ 1 50.
Cord, Tauele, BraMes, &e. &c, by
Sandnrkv eilv, Mvl7. '851.
Hotel, BeardiD?& PrlrateHouse keepers
WOULD do well to call at A. McNeil's Uphnl
stry and sxamint his Maltrases, aa this is the
time to repair and clean house for Spring and Sum
mer. Thre i nothing in ne that can compare
with a Good Curled Hair Mattrass,
which are sold al Butfalo prices; aurl his Straw
Mettraeees will be found more serviceable and con
venient far under beds, and cheaper in the loos
run, then the old fashioned straw bed, as they save
labor and trouble; also presents dust, dirt, &c ,
which always arises from the use of straw beds.
They are found in all cities to bo advantsges and
are adapted for general use.
He is also prepared to do all kinds of Upholstry
Work that comes ia his line of business.
a. McNeil.
Sandusky eity. May 17. 135'..
Administrator's Sale.
BY virtna of a decretal order isned out of th
court of common pless of Sandusky' countv,
Ohio, to me directed and delivered. I shall offer
at public sale at the door of the court hones in Frs
mont, in aid count), on the 17ih day of June,
A. D. 185!, between the hours of ten and eleven
o'clock A M of said day the following described
real estate, belonging to the estate of Daniel P
Newell deceased, subfect to the right and dower of
the widow, to wit!
The west half of the south west quarter of sec
tion thirty, township five, range thirteen containing
eighty acres more or lees.
Term, one third cash in hsnd, one third in one
year, and the balance in two years with interest, to
be secured by mortgage on the premise.
May 17. 185t 5w.
Public Sale.
WILL BE SOLD the 26th of May next,
at the late residence of Isaac Millor, in
Washington township, the personal property,
consisting of Cows, Mieep, Hogs. Plows, Har
ness, Agricultural Implements, House-hold
Furniture, wheat in the ground, and many
other articles too tedious to mention.
Snle to commence at 10 o'clock, when terms
will bo made known hy
Washington tp, May 10, 1851.
Clear the Way!
Topping & Wegstein!
THEY are just receiving, at their ItOOt and
llOO Store, the largest, best and cheapest
stock of
ever offered in this market. We bavs the
now in use in New York, Philadelphia Si, Boston,
such as the
for Ladies, Misses and Children.
for Ladies, Misses and children, and auy '
Quantity of other styles and qualities
better and cheaper than can be had at any other
establishment in town. Wa have also a splendid
article of Gents enameled
Enameled Shoes and Slippers, and a good assort
ment of Roots and Shoes for Gents, which will be
offered at
Reduced Prices!
We eotilinne to manufacture all kinds of Work
in ourline nf bnatnes. and keep a rood assortment
of Shoe FinJingft, Leather, &c, &c-
Fremoin. May 10, '51.
ciiNtouner. ntid the pnbiir. euer!iy, that h
hn reeriw-eri lurre and vplendid utock of
G.oe nd n'oiildecay tit I an he hn bern so lihcr
ullv :Hlronized bx the citizens of Satidiikv and ad-
jinins nounlii ns to placa him in the condition.
that ih rm'icn aa
Old 7Wi ond Old Prices are done away,
and COISIpe f tion ' the order of the day in Fre
iiotit, he lias drf trmiiied to teM tliove who boast
and, to iay the least, will make them sell GtMidn
cheaerthan they liave ever old before, if they sell
at nil to those who examine the market.
Among his slock will be found,
Plain and Figured Muslin de Lanes. Poplins, A!
fnecas. Law tip, 200 pieces of Scoch Ginghams and
500 pifCea of Calicoes wiiich will bs sold at unpar
alleled low prints. Bleached poods of all kinds
Urefs Sitka and Silk Shawls, and a variety of Liu
en Shawls rating from 50 cents upwards. Ju
Woolen Goods
he has ft complete assortment, consisting of Broad
Cloth. Cnsstt,. iters, Satineits, Jeans,Fluirirels fec.,
also 150 pieces of Cotton Goods for summer ware
whieh will be sold at a mere trifle, 100 pieces of
ltd Ticking lobe sold lower than ever, Cnrpelittp
ratittfr from S rent upward, 3000 yards of Sheet
vie toeether wilh cotton yarn, Bts& Keady Made
Bairs which he will sell at unheard of low prices as
tney were purchased after the treat decline in all
kinds of cotton good. A splendid assortment ol
Bonnets and Bonnet trimmings; his stock of
is lnrge, and was selected w'th great care from the
heM establishments in New Ymk, and is of the
timet approved patterns, and will be sold very low;
his ztock of
ia very large and will be sold regard! ofprffit, a I
Mill assortment ir O-rneenee, D)e stntt( f ttitilstjils
llerdn-nre. Crockery Qneena Were, Wood ware
iron. Nails, G!as, will at all times bo kept on hand
In conclusion he would invite all to call and ex
amine and be convinced that goods ar cheap. Cash
win ne paid lor vv neat, L-orn, Us Is, etc
Fremotil May 10, '51.
IT AS just received a lot of the best FRENCH
A BRANDIES ever brought to the place:
The ptrr juice free from drugM or urotcr; real old
Holland Gin; Mnnongaheln Whiskey, Santa Cms
Rum; common Brandy, all of a hich will b sold by
the gallon, cask, or quart, and in less quantities fir
medicinal purposes, cheaper than the same qual
ities have ever been sold in Sandusky county.
Good Whisky only twenty five cents a gallon.
Also the best lot of common aud Fancy Candies
in town.
Pool's Flour, the best brand in the county, in
barrels and half barrels always on hand.
Remember the cheap Grocery, opposite Belt's
Agent for M. A. Shu tux.
Fremont May 10, 5t.
Talnable Land for Sale.
THE subscriber will sell ICO acres of excellent
timbered laad, lying near Harrier's Corners.
Fremont, May 3d, 1851 ivr.
Petition for Partition.
Court common plaas, Sandusky county. Ohio.
Samuel Smith , V
Polly H. Smith
Christian Gasser Si . '
Adaline H. Gasser '
' . VS. ' - - v I - ' i - '
Eliza A. ColTiin .-' ; J .
Monroe Coffin
Robert I. Tavlor 3c others
ELIZA A. Coffin, Monro Coffin, Robert I
Taylor. Mary F.. Tavlor, Erly J. Herbster,
John F. Herbster, John M. Honeywell, Emeline
Honeywell, Esther E. Honeywell, Harriet A. Hon
eywell, Napoleon B. Clark, Oscar A. Clark and
Erastns W . Hnnepwell will lake notice that a peti
tion wasfi'ed against them on the 30th day of April
A. O. 1851. by Samuel Smith and Polly H. Smith
his wife. Christian Gnaser and Adeline C. H. Gas
ser his wife wherein said Petilioiiera demand parti
tion of the following Real estate situate in th. conn
ty of Sanduky. to wit The west half of the north
west quarter, and the west half of ths south west
qnarter of section eight, in township (bar, north of
range sixteen, containing I bU acres mora or less,
and that at th next term of said court application
will he made hy aaid Petitioner, for au order that
partition may be made nf said premise.
Alt'y for Petitioners.
May 10. 1851. 6w.
Joseph Keller, Adm'r ?
of Wm Barns dec i
Xera M Aldrich S
and others J
THE andersighed will sell at public vendue on
the 16ih dav of June next, at the door of the
Conrt House in Fremont, between 10 o'clock A M
and 4 o'clock P M : The east half of the north
west quarter of section ?to ( II eleven in township
No 4 fonr Range 13 thirteen: aubject to the dower
estate or Kutn Aldrich therein.
Terms of sale one third cash, one third in one
year and on third in two year with interest, se
cured by mortgage on the premises.
May 10, 51.
In Chancery,
Court common Pleas Sandusky County Ohio.
Frederick S. Shaefer '
Thomaa Pinkerion et al.
BT virtue of a decretal order issued out of the
court of common plea of Sandusky connty,
Ohio, to me directed and delivered I shall offer at
public sala at the door of the court houa in Fre
mont. in said county, on the lGth day of June
A. D. 185!, between th hours prescribed by law.
the following lands and tenements, to wit
to lot number twenty one (31) in Ilebberling's
addition to the town or Lower Saudusky ia Sandos
kv county Ohio.
Levied on and taken as the property of Thomas
Pinkertoe to satisfy an execution in raver or r reder
ick S. Stirrer.
Special Master in Chancery.
Fremont. Mav 3. 1851.
A LL persons indebted to the estate nf Jacob
XI Uowlos, tare or Sandusky township aannnsay
county, deceased, are requested to make immedi
ate pa mnal; and all those Raving claims against
said estate, are desired to present them legally au
thenticated for pavment within one year
M.y 10, 1851.
Petition for Divorce.
Betsy C. Whitaker,
Josenh Whitaker.
TH E said Joeeph Whitaker will lake notice that
the aaid Petsv C. Whitaker ha filed in the
office of the Clerk of th. Court of common plea,
within and for th county of Sandusky, and State
nf Ohio, her petition pra ing to be divorced from the
aaid Joseph Whitaker, assigning for cause extreme
Fttfis. Attorney.
April 1C, 1851.
In Chancery.
Court of Common Plea of Sandusky county Ohio.
James Einghutn
Hiram Ward "
Isaac Ward
Quincy Day
Klixa Day
Lea-is Ward
Samh Ward and others.
TIIEsai'i Hiram Ward, Isaac Ward, Qnincy
D.iy and Klixa D.y will take notice that Jiuiee
kinghau of th. County of Ottawa, and state ot
Ohio hu filed his bill iu Chancery iu the court of
common Pleas of Saiiduky county agninal then
aud others setting f-rlh that on th 1 1th day of Oc
tober 1836, G.iihrnthe Ste art then of Sandusdy
county and late of Ottawa comity, now deceased,
a-as .Inly appointed and qualified as Guardian ol
Hiram Ward, Isaac Ward, Elixa Ward (now E'ixa
:Ih) Lewis Ward, and Sarah Ward heir of Amos
Ward lute of SamlU'.ky county deceased, that aaid
Hiram, Isaac, Eliza, Lewis and Sarah being iu
debted to one Eh Koglesong for their support, board
cloihiug and schooling, from April I. 1836, to June
10, 1834. the sai l Guardian die said Fogh-aong sub
mitted the qnestiou a to the compensation due to
said Foglesong to the arbiiratement of James
Knight, Roger Kirk and R. Archbold who award
ed to the aaid Fogleaong the following sums for the
support Ac of Hiram Ward $10, of Isaac Ward
2il, of Ehxa Ward 30, of Lewi Wark $50 andof
Sarah Ward $50, aad duly delivered their account
in writing to aaid Foglesong, a copy of which was
presented to said Guardian who agreed to pay the
same out of the property of said miiioro. That said
heirs of Amos Ward were copartners in the follow
ing Reel Estate, to wil: The norih west quarterof
section No (3 three township 7 seven, north range
15 fifteen, containing 160 acres more or less in Ot
tawa county, aud the east half of the southeast
quanerof section 32 twenty two, township 5 five,
north range 14 fourteen eoutaiuifcg 80 acres more
or less in Sandusky county. -Tht said award has
been duly assigned to the said Kingham who is now
the owner thereof.
The object aud prnvcrof sa'd bill is tocompell the
said Hiram, Isaac. Eliza. Lewis and Sarah, to pay
said award and to subjpet the Real estate aforesaid
to the payment thereof and for other relief.
And the said defendants ar notiged that unless
they appear and plead, answer ordemnr to said biil
wiihin sixty days from the rising of this court, the
said bill will be ti ken for confessed and a decree
rendered accordingly.
Solicitor fur Compl't.
May 10, '51.
New Arrangements.
THE SUHSCRIBEItS have rented the well
known Ftctorv in Ballville, Sauduskr coutitv.
O., of P. C Dean, wheie they intend to carry on
the manufacturing of
in all their various branches, and have lilted up
their machinery in the best order. They intend to
keep nn hand all styles nf goods, such nscus?iuieres.
lull cloths, sattinets, n innele, ulatikrting, Linsev
and cotton aheetings, caitnn batting, &c-, all of
which will be exchaugvd for wool or cash on the
moMfivorable terms. They will manufacture ou
the shares or hv the yard.
Prices for Manufacturing per Yard.
Cassitneres and full cloths 37 1-3 cts.
Twille I filauketiug, 31 1-4
Liuseys, 18 cents.
Satinet, ,,311-4 ct.
Flannels, 25 cents
The chain for Ih sattinet and linsey will be fur
nished at the above rate. They are also psepared
to do cuztom u-ork on th. shortest notice, and in the
heat maimer, at the following reasonable prices;
To card wool 4 cts per lb.
To full cloth, 5 ct per yd,
To full and dress cloth, 10 els per yd,
To full, colorand dress cloth, 18 cts yer yd.
To weave liusey and find chain, - 12 cts per yd.
To weave sattinet and find chain, 15 et per yd.
To weave sattinet, fiinri chain and full, SO et per yd.
To weave aatlinet, find ehain, full
and dress, 93 cts per yd,
To weave sattinet, find chain, full
color and dress, 29 cts per yd.
With our long experience in thehtisinesa of man
ufacturing Goods, and thoiiroaghly understanding
the machinery, with strict attention to business,,
hope loshare a liberal patronage.
They would say to the farmers of Sandusky and
adjoining couutira, that they will find it to their ad
vantage to give u a call.
Ballville, Mav 3d, 18SI. 6m
1 PERM and Lamp Oil A first rate srticls for
' sal at 8. BeesxAsaj et Co'.
Grand Arrival
frihe Tremendous Pile ffoda bow open
A. ing at Head Quarters has perfectly astonished
th whole country, and tha people erm to be mov
ed wilh on feeling ia support of th es.'ablishiueni
that first spiked th gun of th
Our counters ar lined with people ev.rv dav,
and the rush is so great that about one half are
obliged to go away empty. It i acknowledged by
every body that Nim ha brought on tha most
Magnificent stock of (joous.
ever brought west of the Sandusky river, anil judg
ing from the cart loads of Goods that leave us every
day for all parte of the country, we think prices are
no obtectiun. We are going to do a thing this
spring that never tins been done. We shall sell
you real Double Milled Salinetts at 37 cents, and
heavy sheep's gray, all wool, at only 50 cent par
yard. In tha wayof
w have opened a splendid variety of silk and linen
changeable, and watered Poplins changeable
linen Ginghama. Best Manchester Gingham at
IU cent per yard, and real linen Lustres at l !
Beautiful berrege de'Lains, Printed Swiss muslins.
'20 pieces black Alpaccaa at Hi cents, and a great
variety of other drees goods, and we shall sell them
in the seme proportion. Our stock of
ISOH'M'K'X'aia .
would nearly cover a ten acre lot, end the ribbons
will make up the balance. Tue prices range frcm
nothing up to 50 cents, and aotne for a trifi more.
Eleven cords Slimmer Stuff, Cass:meres.
Cloths, Slc, and the prices will tell. mistake!
Our Ready Made Clothing & Shoe Room
are now filled with a whopping stock. We shall
sell a suit ofcloths. Coat, Vest and Pants at $2 50.
First com first served. They are going like the
dew. The proprietor of Head Quarters has taken
great paiti with the
Shoe Department :
and by going over to New England, and buying di
rectlv from the manufacturer, enables us to give
some Great Bargains in this line. We shall sell
ladies' slips at 25 cents. Mens' calf boots at $ i 50
and warrant them not to rip or we will pay the
damage. SO case of other styles that shall be
sold in the same proportion as long as they are on
hand. We intend to keep the People posted on all
matter concerning their interest, and when the
Rsar Battalion arrives with that splendid lot of
Fragrant Young-Hyson Tea ! 100 bags Coffee !
and 30 Tons sngar! we ehal! then give the people
some figures that will blow the lid off the tea pot,
and the sweetning all out the sugar bowl. Having
bought our stock early, just before the great rise
in nearly all kinds nf goods, and buying in connec
tion wilh the Old EsTiSi.tsBMr.ST in Elyria, gives
us great advantage over smnll dealers, who
arrived ia New York a LrrrLie too lath- - -
We are always on haud with the whkxls to pay
ror all kinds of produce.
Head Quarters, May 3d, 1851.
Rail Road Store.
L-a test Arrival of
Just received at the
100 pieces Merrfmac & Cocbeco Prints.
50 " Fancy Print! -30
Ginghams. ' :
29 " Fancy Lawns.'
Silk fe Linen Poplins.
Berage de Lanes, &c, &.,
All bought since the great reduction in prices
and we can now offer you
GI.VGIIAIUS at one shilling per yard such
as have heretofore been sold
i.i Fremont at 1 8 cents.
LAWKS, 8 . yards for one dollar only
six days from New York city.
PRISTS were so low in New York that
we bought none but fastcot
, ors to sell at one shilling.
Call and see them also our
Six Pennt Prints which ore
worth 10 cents at old rates.
We shall receive our full supplies of '
in a few days and then look out, not for
"Breakers" but for the best selected, and
cheapest stock of goods in Ohio.
Fremont May 3, 1851.
And Cloth Dressing.
THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully announce
to the citizens of Sandusky and adjoining
aounties, that they have fitted np two double geared
and are now prepared to card wool and dress cloth
on the shortest notice, and at as low prices as can
be had at any other establishment. Their ma
chinery iaofthe best quality, in good repair, and
will be managed by
and all work done will be warranted. Their ma
chinery is situated on tho race about 50 yards above
Morgan & Downs' mill, where the public isrespeet
fully requested to rail and exame Work tnd Prices.
By strict attention to business, punctuality, and
hr doing Good Work, we hnre to irrit a share ol
public patronnge JOHN TAYLOR & Co.
Fremont, Sau'losky county, ., April 2d, '51 .
Mercy V Honeywell's Estate.
Noticx is hereby given that the subscriber has
been oppointed and qualified as Administrator
on the estate of Mercy V. Honeywell dec., late of
Sandusky county.
Green Creek, April 26th, 1751. 3 w.
Road Notice
NOTICE Is hereby given, that a petition will be
presented to the Commissioner of Smiuekv
c-Uiily, at their next Regular Session, prtying
that a County Road may be laid eut and Htablished
as follows, viz., commencing at the State Road
leading from James Mora's mill to Greensburgh, at
the half section corner of section telve in Jakmi
township, thence south through the center ef said
section twelve, and the north half of section thir
teen to intersect the county road uar the residence
Of Martin Urn tier.
April 19th, 85l
N'otice The Stocaholdersof the Fremont, Green
Springs & Republic Plank Road Compauy,are
notified that an assessment of 10 per cent, on their
Capital Stock is hereby called for, the same to be
paid to Exra Stoner, treasurer of aaid Company, at
Green Sprint Mills, on or before the lOihdayof
Februar 1651, and every aixty day thereafter until
the whole is paid.
By order of the Board of Directors.
R. SMITH, Pres.
Dee. 14 1850.
I WEEDS' and Pittsburgh Iron at
LANK BOOKl, full bound Ledgers, Journal,
brockets, Cash and Invoice bocks, at .
THE Undersigned, will keed constantly on hand
the nomine year, Fresh Lime at Ballville, one
aud a fourth mile Up the River from Fremont;
March W, 1951.
. Head Quarters ...
Since the Great Explosion and
Blouf up at Ilea a Quarters!
Has been to N. York City,
Of New Goods, $
And is now prepared to supply all tbe former
customers of Head Quarters, in addition
to his o?d friends and patrons who
by their patronage rendered
Celebrated throughout Siodusly county,
as tbe most favorable place to buy their Goods.
At his Old Stand a tbe Turnpike,
Opposite Wlij-ler'a Tavern. '
In bit assortment will be found -
B BLACK, Brown. Blue and Mixed cloth, black,
mixed and fancy cassimerea, blu, black, and
mixed aalinetls, Kentucky jean and Iweeda cloth,
red, white and Yellow flannels, red and blue plaid
cloaking, gimp, fringes, calicoe, gimghams, al
paccaa, aud lawn cloths, shawl and dres hand
kerchiefs, and the most fashionable fancy dres
goods for the ladies that tha JNew York niaikelean
afford. Bleached and brown
Shirtings, Canton Flannels,
Ribbons, Black Silk for Dresses,
Sewing Silk, Checks, Vesting,
Twist St. thread, Comforters,
Cohoe's Shirts and Drawers,
Traveling Bags,
Muffs, Carpeting, . , '
Waddings, Battings,
Cotton Yarn, Carpet Warp,'
Carpeting, and almost every description of
Ury Uood that ate kept id the western country.
Tea, coffee, sngar, pepper, spice, ginger, nutmegs,
cloves, cinnamon, starch, ealseratus,
madder, indigo, alum, See. '
Cros-cut, mill, hand aud weod-saws: cross-cut,
mill, aad hand-aaw files; Sweed' irou,
fiat and round bare; cut and wro't
nails; band & hoop iron)
cast, spring, St '"
American steel; Ante' ".'-r :
v ehovels, hay and manure forks; ;
nail rods; White's Simmons' and Collin'
cast steel axes; besides an extensive assortment of
SHELF HARD-WARE, such as, -
Pocket-knives, table knives and forks, butts and
screws; doot hangingsand trimmings, ozc, &c.
Geo.- Bl Tillotson,
RESPECTFULLY announce to the citi
zens of Sandusky and adjoining counties, that
he lias just replenished his Grocery with a large and
otmplete Stock, and is now prepared to supply his
Old Customers and all who may favor mm vritn
their patronage, wilh any thing in his line, at re
duced price. Mis stock consists in part ol
Sugars, Coffee, Teas, Spice.
Pepper, ; Baiscns, Tobacco, Sogara
Nnt. Powder, Shot, Ve fce.
together with a large and superior assortment of
made from refined loaf sugar. He keeps on hand
a superior article of
which wiil be sold cheaper than the sameartic
le can be bought at auy other establishment in Fre
mont. He alsohas axhoice lot of
WI1ISKEI! v, ,j
whxh will be sold from 31 to 26 cents per gallon,
ihe best article in town, the assertion of othirs to
thecontrary notwithstanding. , .
Lemonade, Mead, Cronk and Beer, '
cen be funnd at his Grocery at all business hours.
Thankful to the nublic for their heretofore liberal
patronage, he respectfully solicit a coutiuuanc of
the ame.
Fremont, April t3th, 151 No. 5 Ir-
- : lit Chancery.
Court common plea, Sandusky county, Ohio.'
Alexander H. Ewing'a AdW. )
John Smith. . )
BT virtue of a decretal order issued out of the
court of common pless, of Sandusky eon nty.
Ohio to me directed and delivered, I shall ofT-r at
public sale at Jie door of the court house ia Fre
mont, in said eouuty, on the 16th day of Jane,
next, between the hours prescribed by law, the fol-
lowiug lands and tenements, to wit:
In lot No (36) thirty six as known and described
on E wine's addiiion to the own platt of Sandusky
in Sandusky county Oluo.
Levied on aud taken a the property of John
Smith to satisfy and execution in favor ef Alexan
der H. Eewing's administrator. , .
i;nrjiLK e.Lnii.niua,
Special Master in Chancery.
Fremont, Mav 3. 1851.
In Chancery.
Court Common Plea Sandusky County Ohio.
The Stato of Ohio,
Willim Hubbard et al. - '
VB. .
William Sergeant
Lorin L- Sargeaut.
BT virtue of a decretal order issued out of the
court of common plea of Sandnrky connty.
Ohio, to me directed and delivered I shall offer at
public sale at the door of tha court house in Fre
mont, in said county, ou the 16th day of June,
A. D. 165', between the hours prescribed by law
the following lands and tenements, to w't: -Tho
east part of the west half of the south eaat
quarter and part of the nest half of the north east
oaarter ol section IMo twenty jM) iu township ol
York, in the couutv of sandukr audatate of Ohio,
and bounded as follows to wit: commencing at a
post cn the south line of the Maumee aud Western
Reserve Ro.id at the north eaat corner of land be-
longing to or formerly owned by Charle Morse aud
running thence south 3ichaina and 67 links, thence
eaat 1 3 chains and 54 links, thence north 22 chains
anil 29 links, thence north 73 deHrees, west 8
chains and 75 links, thence north 5 chains and 25
links, thence north 73 degrees, west 5 chains and
19 links to Ihe place of beoiuninr, containing 35
and 75 one hundredths acres of land more or less
and being Ihe William Sergeant Tavern stand, so
Leviecon and taken as the property of William
Sttrireaiit and L'.rin L. Sarireant to satiafv an ese-
entinn in favor of the State of Ohio and William
Special Master iu Chancery ,
Fremont, May 3, 1851.
Exhibit wi the Receipts & Expenditures
of the Corporation of Fremont, for the year end
ing April IS51.
Total amount of orders issued for
Corporation purpose and road
work. . 1104 26
Cash ree'd of J. S. Tyler, forme
Treasurer. 33 74 .
Cash ree'd of Township Treasurer 125 00
Cash ree'd for Riceuses, 3 ) 00
Cash ree'd of county treasurer 443 54
$630 54
Ain't of Corporation liabilities
To meet the above liabilities, there
are claims against LolSt for which
a tax is leied, to the amouut of
$473 74
184 76
Excess of Expenditures
There are also order issued for
33.:8 98
sidewalk work, which are lean -upon
Lolsto the amount "f $1103 tj J
Tax levied on lots" to meet above ,
liabilities, - $1102 6i
C. R. McCtfLLOCIL Recorder
Fremont, April, ICS 1, 3w.
r"p HE subscriber wants One Thousand Cord of
X wdod cut, for which a liberal price Will be given,
and cash oaid.
1 " H. RANDALL Jr. '
Green Creek April It, '51 H
im m f -
Padlock & Store!
In tlie Store formerly occupied by E.N. Cook .
Nearly opposite (be Sew Bank.
THE 8BB9CRIBERS take this opportunity to
ssy a word to the eilisens of Saudusky aad ..
neighboring counties. You have no doubt lon
leittno necessity at naving a narnware tsonn.
me nt in Fremont, where can be- loflna vat a .'ri
me n I of good necessary for nearly every bia&cs
business! Seeing this, we have come among yon,
with aa good an assortment of Hardware of ail de
scription asean be found in any town west of the
city of New Tork. From a long connection with
the business, euroiacilrties ror buying Ameftcaa
gaod direct from tbe manufacturers, thereby sav
iug commission to agents, will give as the advant
age of selling over general counlrv dealers, as we
are disposed to sell goods at a small edvanee ai ore
eost. Wn shall be th better able to de so, aa w
have concluded to adopt the cash system. We will
take auy thing the farmer has teener in the way of
produce, and pay the highest market price in Cash
or Good. Among ourextensive assortment, may
be found the following article, viz:
Shovels, spades, hay
wire and ox tip. 1
' , Spring bellows, steel
yards, even months, and
wheel heads, St. sires. -Chopping
axe crow
bars, grind stone and
roller, and pick axe.
- Nail' and iron, and all
th e accessory imple
ment for farmers' use.
forks, manure forks, po
tato hooks, bees, and
pruning knives. ;
Scythes, grain cradles.
scythe snath, rifle, rub
tones, hay rake, and
sheep share. v
torn ahellers, olows.
and fanuing mill.
Rope, bedcord, twine,
Mechanics' Tools!
Carpenter' Plane,
Bevel, and squares, saw
mers, sledge, bellows,
toek nd dies, pliers
and wincera.
Hand, panel, up and
back saws, t (-
Masons' trowels, e
lipera and role.
German and call steel
mill and X cut saws.
Circular saws, web
saws, and key bole do.r
Taper, mill, fiat, bal
round, square, and rouud
files. -
Wood rasps, balf row
and flat, horse rasps.
. Wrenches, back saws,
frames and stretchers.
setts, and cutting pliers.
Braces and bite, augurs
and gimblete, angnr bits,
and hollow augur.
Broad axes, hatchets,
hammers and addze.
Plan Irons, gauges,
compasses and gonges.
Former, mortice, tur
ning chisels, and turn
ing goege.
Coopers' toots; an as
sortment ofBar ton's best
Tanners' tools; and
brushes, paint mill.
Anvils, vice.
American door loek of
every description with
silver plate, mineral and
brasa knobs, at manu
facturers price.
Bras and iron pattent
blind fastening and self
fastening hinge. --
Blake's patent thumb
latches, stop latches,
knob St rim latches. .
Window priogs.frame
and screw pnllies, sash
fasteners, shelter screw
and fastenings.
Butts and screws, bolts,
cobboard ketches ana
Sutton. Cobboard, till,
chest and trunk locks.
- Brads, tacks,fruishing
aails rivets, hooks, sta
ples and heaps, strop,
hook, table and blind
Mahoghy and miner
al drawer knobs, bell
pull, door knocker and
Leather and Findic
Sole and upper leather,
kip akina, french and
e e m m o o, calf akin,
morroceo, roam, lining
and binding akin.
Lasls and peg, shoe
hammer, piheers, pua
ehe and rasps,
- Pegging and sewing
awls, pat . helves, com
mon do, eand stone,
sparables, gum, kit files,
shoulder sticks, shoe
knives, long stick.
Steel tacks, ran fi'es,
stitch markers, brush dr
bone slicks. :
Roll binding, galloon
inding and we bbiog.
Shoe thread, wax,
measuring tape St six
- French wheels, peg
"markers, eollieee, sta'pe
last hook and boot iron
of ail descriptions. .
A full assortment of
Buckets, rings, tenets,
pad hooks, swivels, cock
eyes, breeching loop,
snaffles, mull & ring bits
Breast Sc rein snapps,
pad screws, ornaments,
bras revets Sc nails, ro
sette, martingale rings,
&all the trimmings nec
essary for a harness. -
Tools, hammers, pin
cers, punches, patient
leather compawes, pink
ing irons, rein rounds,
eat awls, needle and
awls, pattent channeler
splitting knives St all
other necessary tools.
Haines' pad trees,
blind irons, aaddlera ilk
rein & girt web.
Carriage makers and. Blacksmith?,
Iron axels, steel springs
wagnn boxes, inaleable
iron, Sc carriage bolts.
Brass Sc. silver hub.
Slump Joints, carriage .
bowe, top irons, india '
rabcloth, curtain frame
Sc carriage lamps, irou
& steel horse shoes Sc
horse nails, raspa and all
the necessary tools for
blaeksmithing and wag
on making.
bands, sand bands, dash
frames, Sc seat handles.
Pattent leather, pat.
cloth, eatinett, damask,
broad Sc narrow lace.
dr. lace tacts. ..
Public Generally!
Brittama. bras, pla
all sizes, chain pump
Sc fixtures.
Gnn. doub'e Sc Bin
pie barrel shot guns, r '
ties, pistols, powder, shot
percussion cape, powder
horns, game bags, shot
pouches, 8c gun trim
- Cofiee mills, paint
mills, skates, sad irons
Sp tailor' goose.
Brushes oT all des
criptions. Wooden & willow
ware. .
Sites, csrds curry
combs, tea, hand, cow,
Sc sleigh belts, wire
cloth i& bras kettles.
Jappaned 'Ware, an
assortment. y
Gate latches Sc liing- .
e, Sc tool scrapers, and
a general . assortment of
ted, irou, jap'd, tin and
glass candlesticks.
A beaotitul assort
ment ef Phosgene Sc so
lar, stand lamps, earn
phene Sc oil side Sc sus
pended lamps, & mantle
piece ornaments.
Kaivee Sc forks,- pen
&, pocket knives, carv
ing Knives, steels.butch
er Sc bread knives Sc
Cords Si tassels, slides
Sc rollers for curtain,
eurtain pive Sc band, a
fine stock ef the latest
styles Win dowshadea &.
damask for Curtains.
Scissors Sc shears, ra
zors, britlania tea & cof
fee pots, snuffers & tray
bras & iron andirons,
shovel & toil js
Pamps St lead pipe of j housekeeping article
Stoves and Tin Ware.
We would call the at
tention of farmers and
Dthere to our fins stock
of cook St parlor stove
consisting of fanner air
tight, mechanics, west-'
ern & premium, fe iron
Parlor, Irvihf, thears
Taney, open ffout, cot
tage fhet iron & bos
stoves, beautiful iylea
all or whieh We will sell
at as Inw prices as any
establishment inthestate
.. An assortment of tin
war constantly on hand
Sc raanufactbr4 to or
der, -
. Tin conductor & cava,
trongh, .t
Eng St Russia stove
pipe, line, sheet iron Jr.
coppor. .
' Stovej trimmed with
tin or eorp-r. ,
.. Job work done at the.
shortest notice, and ia
the. 'neatefst and most
substantial maaaei. :
DonH forget tlie place; Tyler's:
block, opposite the new Bank, at tlie sign of
the Mammoth Pnd-loclr. 8nd Slove . " ' -
Fremont, Ngv. 23d, 1,850. ly. ,", .. t
CARPENTERS can find Hand-sews,, Draw,
kniaee, steel Square, trv Squares, planeieaua..
Nail Hammers, Hatchets. &'. of tha beet quality els
' - Havana' Cht Stow-V.. ,.,
THE choicest Lienor and Wine for Medicinal
and Mechanical purposes for sale at ,:i ,

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