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Fremont weekly freeman. (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, April 10, 1852, Image 3

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For President,
Of Nets Jersey.
- For Vice President,
s.. ? Of Tennessee.
Subject to the decision of the Whig National
Prksidkstial Spbcoiatiok. My own par
ty are alt candidtttes, including the Army, Na
T and Mililia. There will be slirring times at
Baltimore. The Convention bids fair to be as
atermr the National Assembly of France.
The cohorts of Lane, Butler. Pillow. Cass.
Houston, Pierce, Quitman, Cusliing, ' Twiggs.
(General all,) will be in battle array, and will
attempt to ride down each other, and every
body else. Should one of these succeed, and
nd should, Greeley's drum and fife candidate
also be selected, we shall have a complete
"General training. If Commodore ferrey
vhould tr op to Baltimore with his squadron
instead of Japan, and threaten to blow 'em up
be would undoubtedly be selected as trie -intervention'
candidate, in spite of the noise and
confusion.' The Democrats will probably see
'that be in ordered off, thus securing a tin field
fight. Promising this to be the cae, tilings
look very much as uen. v.ass woum nave a
majority at the epening of the Convention.
"His friends will be these that have been tried
by adversity, and therefore not likely to be ea
y shaken off. - His" premier is an able
nan and will fight to the last. Those who
know Daniel S. Dickson, know that be will be
the last to desert his friend. This majority
will be stifled by the two-third rule, brought
about by the inveterate hostility of the Free
Boilers. Now these same Cass men are aband
of brothers, and they are not going to be sedu
ced away and split op into little factions, be
ause Cass cannot be nominated.
Their majority will have the convention so
long as they act in concert, and ttiey can nom
inate any other Cass man, because there is
none to obnoxious to the Free Soilers. Again
the loss of their first choice eader such circum
stances, would add ereatly to the prospect of
.their second choice, through the influence of
-sympathy upon a minority. A new candidate
with such majority to start with, would re--pel
few if any, and would attract many on ev--ery
ballot This new man is not ecpeeted
4e take up all the quarrels of Cass, and then
if he should happen to come from a disaffected
State, state pride would heal up many eld and
iesteriag weunda. ' In looking about I think I
ce just the man in the Empire Slate that will
. named by the Cass men, and by the Con
tention. He has friends in New York and ev
ry where. His principles are will known.
His devotion to the Union and the Constitu-
-lio haa been uniform and consistent The
!-fceline is his favor m general, and has been
expressed by the Texas Convention, in a pro-
posal to Dominate mm lor vice rresiaenv who
be Hero of San Jacinto. ' Alabama has spo
tn out, and ber voice finds a prompt response
in Missisippi. He is not a candidate and is
for Lewis Cass. D. S. Dickinson's chances
-are worth all the rest. "
"Board or Pvbuc Worxs. This Board has
introduced itself to pubKc notoriety by issuing
decree that ail railroad bridges, over the ca
mats of the State; shall be removed before the
tfrst of Juaeaext. The object is to increase
the expense, and retard the speed f railroad
business, so aa to retain the patronage of the
anals. In this day of lightning such a meas
ure will be unpopular. Gness the Board must
-comedown." -
We clip she above from the Democratic U
mion Sentinel, a new Locufoco paper, just star
red at Canfield Mahoning county. The editor
must be a Yankee, by the cute way be has of
guessing. We guess the Board As come
dow a few pega, and they are bound to come
- "down a turn more- before th y stop. Was
there ever preposteros idea hn to attempt
to tear down all the railroad bridges in Ohio
that happen to be bailt ever canals? and did
tct a act of politiciana make a greater mistake
than the Locofoeo leaders permitted the . Sta
tesman to make this order of the Board,, and
; the doctrines of their report to the Legislature
issues in the coming elections ? We repeat
: the Democracy will not support those men hi
their desperate, nnfoi tunate and ill advised or--der.
The Board will come down a long time
. before these bridges wilL t That is our guess;
put it en record. . -
;' ; ' -.- 0. & Journal.
The Wklgeof Mansfield.
: We are happy to see by the last Herald,
that the Whig ticket f r Mayor and corpora
tion officers prevailed by majorities of more
- than two to one. We de not know how the
vote has stood heretofore, but this is large
"Wbig vote for any city or townshipin Richland.
Perkins Bigelow is elected Mayor, receiving
283 votes. -. One B. C. Smith, who distinguish
ed , himself as the champion of Msdary at the
- late Democratic meeting in Mansfield, was his
-opponent, and received 130 votes only for the
office. That our readers may know something
of the progress of events up there, we propose
to submit the folio wing. The case is not a
aelitaryone: - O. S. Journal-
' Straws, &c On one of the tickets cast on
Uondaj's election, in this place, was written
the following: -
"The eontlitution in th hands of it friends
I voted for h, now I go Whig.
' - What 'Democrats fight For.'
In speaking of the printing question, the
8tetman of Saturday says :
f- "It has surely some to a pretty pass, when
democratic victories are toured to whig advan
tage. We might just as weU let the Whigs
take the field at onee and save the trouble of
political contests I .It would be a pretty exbi-
. bitioa for freemen to make to the world a fine
specimen of Republican success." -
An Ebnest confession truly ! If Ihe printing
fs to be given to the lowest bidder, as the
present 'Demo era tic Constitution' prescribes,
the Democraer might just as well let the Whigs
take the field at once!" "A fine specimen of
JRepvUiean suceese sure enough, for a Uem
acrallr nartv to submit the dispensation of
spoils' to a law of its own creation ! No, no,
that would never do! John C. Calhoun Whs
once a prominent Democrat, and he said the
"party was 'held together by the cohesive pow
: er of public plunder. So the Statesman seems
to think, for it proposes to disband the party
and 'let the Whigs take the field.' whenever it
is settled that no 'plunder' is left for the pub
lished of that paper. And this is 'Democracy ,
is it?' - Com. Register."
Winchell, the inimitnele drollcrist, who was
" reported as killed by falling from a railroad
' cur at Alleghany, a few days since, has tele
graphed the Mayor of that city to keep his
remains until called for, as he wishes to have
them interred a the family grave-yard in New
York. : This is Voogravs a joke to be lost
The editor, of the Vox Populi says an editor
down east last week stabbed wimself with a
paste-brush. His recovery is doubt ful. Cause
disappointment. A package of unpaid news
paper bills which was found on his person tells
its own story. A paste brush, similar to the
'fatal instrument' mny be seen at this office.
Also any quantity of bills of the same character.
at Bucalaud & F.vereils Office.
T. W. ( LAPP.
April 10. IP5J. Conntv Surveyor.
j Ames not Giti:itT.
Licensed Auctioneer.
To Sell New and Popular Books.
WE are in want of Agenta to ranvata thia part
of Ilia Slate for our new Book.
A amall capital of but $10 or $15 will he requir
ed to commence with, and an active person can
earn from $3,00 to $5 (10 per day. ome of our
Affama earn innch mora.
Thoae deatrona of ti;niritir in thia profitable
hnnineea, mav obtain our plan of operation and a
liat of our Publication,, ;iH tn.a-in?. pot paid,
M F. TOOK F. Ft A; CO..
No- 102 Superior St.. Cleveland, Ohio.
First Arrival
Of Spring and Summer
At the United States Clothina Store !
T r'T r,iro T t. . c., . I
ii lwi. itu. i - muss s oime, una oppo
XV site Deal's old Tavern stood.
I am now receiving an Immense stock of Spring
and Summer Clothing of every description, whih
I will sell as low as an be bought in the United
States. Call and see, and judge for voursehes.
Fremont, March 97, 1352.
Attorney at Law & Solicitors in C hancery,
Will jrive their uudivided attention to profeaaion
al business intruated to their care iu Sandusky and
adjourning counties.
Office In the second story of Bucklund'sBlock.
Of Fremont, oeino; desirous of building new
House fur worship by advice of a large number
of the citizens of the town, offer for aale iheir pres
ent houae aud lot, wKh tha design of locating and
buildingon Church street.
Thoee deairoua of purchasing will apply for
prica and terms of payment to John Cnrahner. F.
Grand, er H. LANG.
Fremont, March 20, 1S5I
ONE WHOL SECTION of the best Wheat
land in the Slate, laying in Fulton Township,
of Fahou County, containing 734 acrra, and it will
be aold for 6ra dollars per acre, or less, for it must
booold by the finst of May next for aome price.
It is well situated in a good neighborhood of lion
eat aud industrious Germaue. The Location is
healthy. The Toledo Plank Road is already com
pleted to within abuut four miles of il; aud the
Railroad weat from Toledo will probably paaa along
lb north liue of the section. The soil ia first rate
and is heavily limbered, and the timber will be
needed for the construction of the Rnil Road.
It will make the very beet kind of farme, and ia on
tie whole very desirable property, either to keep
er improve, but it blongtoa company: it fell in
to the hands of a wealthy Banker easi, by bank
ruptcy, and the order ia to eell at what it will bring,
and to lake in payment Horaes, Cattle or proper
tv, or to rrve a liberal credit where the security is
good.' The owner weuld prefer to sell it all to one
man. hut if uo such opportunity offrrs it wi't he di
vided lo suit purohaarra. Persons wishing to buy
had much belter go to see the land. Mr. B.
Poorman, who lives on an adjoining lot, will give
all aacastmry information about the lines and cor
ners, end the -bargain for ii can bn made with D.
F. COOK or Dr. O WHITE, at Maumee. who
are fully authorized to veil it. The title will be
a good W arrantee Deed.
March 20 I85 .
chickens; chickens:
ONE Thousand Live Chickr ne wanted immedi
ately by the subscribe r living in Fiemont, for
which the highest price in Cash will he paid.
Fremont, Feb. 21, 185S.
THE SUBSCIHER will sell lu-Lots, No. 36
and 37, iu Fremont, at a barg-am. Tli-y are
situated on tile north side of Market strt-el, arid
eastofMdin. They are finely located to erect
dweltitiga upon. Enquire at D- Belt's store, of
Fremont, March l?th, Is52.
AMP and Tinner's Oil at
IEPSIN, A aew articla lor Dtspepeia at
JtTST received a sttpplv of Slonn'a celebrated
Horse Moilieineaat J. F. VOOTER'S.
PER M and LamjiOiI A first rate article for
sale al ft Bucklamd &. to's,
Patent Medicines!
dasky cauuiy. for the fu.lowiug standard Med
ici it e -.
Oxrreiiated Bitters.
Motftl Bittom,
Maatang Linamant,
Nerve and Bone, do.
Gareling Oil.
Liverwort and Tar.
Jurikins Ointtnenr,
BalsHni of Hnrehnuue,
Bonpland's Fever and
Agoe Core,
Monroe's Tonie for ague
Osgood's Choloefoguge,
Hungarian Balsam,
McLnne'8 Vermifuge,
Favonstocks Vrnifuge
Seller's Verniilnge,
Javne's Vermifuge,
Pam Killei.
Townaend'a flareapartlla
Shaker aarsaparilla
Ball's aaraapariHa
Guysott'asarsapariUa &
Yellow Dock.
Sarsaparilla, WildCher-l
. ry and Uandelion.
Brant'a medicines,
Jaynea mediciaes.
Sloaos medicines.
Fitch medicines.
Graffeobarjr Co,s. do.
Ernpin Co's do
Wild Cherry Balsam.
Cherry Pectoral,
Christie1! Magnetic Cor
Maneiic Plaster,
Magnetic Ointment,
McAlister's Ointment,
1 PaiH Extractor,
Car for rain.
Pain Kxterniinuter,
N-rvine Balsam,
ttthontriplir mixtnje,
Pvitits I r sulve,
Dvpeptic Bitters,
Dyspeptic Cordial.
Thompson's Ere Water,
Cook' Eye Water,
Dean's Chemical Plaster
Canker Balsam.
Ginssng Panacea
Gregory's. Jaynes, Seller's, soule's, Phioev's
Ualsev's. Moffnt'a, Brandreth's, Worsdell's, Mc-
Lane's, McCnlloch's, Rashes, and every other
kind of rills that are good for any thing, vnd all
other standard medicines of the day, at
JYo. Z)Buckianit Brick Block,
- Sign of the Big Mortar. Jf
Fremont, Ssndunky co. Nov. 1. 4651.
Toledo, Norwalk At Cleveland Rail
A Road Company.
T a mepiii.got the Dirr-cioic of th Toledo,
Norwalk fe Clevi-Und Rtiil Road Co nifiativ,
held at their office fNorunlk Dc, I , 1850. It
'" resolved, that the suiiih suhscribed lo the cali-
Ital stork of this Compntiy lo be expended on I he
Western Section of l lie Road, hrtween Fre
mont and Toledo, he paid into the Tmtvurv of thia
Company at thia office, in enatalments i.f len per
cent, every sixty nays iroin tniaoate; and that no
tice be published of iaid call in aome paper at Fre
moot or Toledo, or both, for the period of thirty
dava, prior to the date of payments of the same.
Notice i therefore hrebv eiven that an itistal
tnentof ttn percent, on the Cap.tnl Stock of the
I oledo, Noriri-lk &, Cleveland Kail Koail Com
pany, subscribed to he expended on Ihe Western
Section of said Road, ia required lo be paid to the
Treasurer on or befotetho 10th day of Fehmary
1851, and a farther instalment of ten percent,
every sixty davstherenfier until the full aoionnl is
paid. W. F. KITTR'DnE. Sec'v.
Office of T. N. & C. R. R. Ccm'v.
Norwalk Dec, 16, 1850. f
SILKS, satins, alpaeeaa, lawns, giuplmirs. &e.
allqaalitiessnd prices at Haxrss.
List of Letters
"REMAINING in the Post Office in Fremont, on
iVthe 1st day of April, 1852-
Adams Isaac
Adams George
Anala llauuah S
Ash Wm
Auderon Ralhy
Abel S K
Brown J C
Botrlna Wm
Bruner Elizabeth
BrOAii Thomas
Bartholomew B J
Bells N O
Barrett I'hebe
Boyr John
Baillett Win
Browns A P & J.
Hnrringer Mrs Laura A
Bedel John
Cavalier Elizabeth
Carroll Daniel
rnut Henry
t hapniHti Charles
Coe D S
Criter James
Cnriila Malmda
C.IU Fraiicia C.
t'lai'P Cbaa
Craiue Esther et al
Dnllar Jacob
Doll John
Dear John
Dumas George
Dearabaw Levi
Dean James
Doddsvrorth II.
Paiia D II
Dana O B
Etzel Henry
Engler Martin
Engler David
Eversoll Jacob
Eastwood Thomas
Foster Henry
Fields Sarah L
Feiterman John
Ferey Christopher
Fox Joseph
Fox Wm
Fetters Ely
Fisher Joseph
Fisher Mary
Garer W m
Grimes Isaac
Grout Heury
Gribliti Wm
Gaeiri Asbory
Gilimore Mary A
Gleason Majy
Hower Harrison
Huffman Michael
Miller John
Miller John W
Mrera Benjamin
Vlohler Jeremiah
Moffatt Jitir.ri
Mason Charles
Mason Thornaa
Nesbitt Samuel
Otl Fidell
Overinyer David
Overnner Jacob
Oxhorn Knos
Ohlins;er David
rensh Kevi A
Philips David
Phillip- Jchn
Post Muv E
Phelpa Mis Ann
Porter Joseph
I'inkerion Thomas
Rov David
lliaby Polly
''like Mm" Catharine
lhertso T H
Ridout DO
awaH E!iziheth
ttnv cnas ,"i
Rathburn Saxton
Rub Hitrrieou
(ice M iv
Roberts Win
Ilodffers Isaan
Rnlph Sarah Jane
-imth Jnsliua
Smith Andrew
Smith Geo B
Smith Jeremiah
Sloane John
Shell Isabella
Shale John
Sphon Henry S
Sphon Henry S.in
Steel Oliver" P
Sivickoord Daniel
tokea John
Siephene John
Shesely Lucy Ann
Sprague Samual
Short Rachel
Tillon John
TiffW. C.
Trtmner William
Wright Elbanon
Wright Orrison
Wright & Wilcox
Winchell Stephen R.
VVaponer Solomon
Wagoner Sarah Mrs
Webster William
Ward Isaac or Lewis
Ward John
Wise Jacob
WilFoo Nathaniel
Wilson Mary
Walters Epnraim
Walters John
Wildameau Hanry
Win! John
Might Isaac
Harvy Mrs Betsey
Hilt Samuel
Harly Harriett J
Harly James
Havens Henry
Hufford Jacob
Hues Matt M. Miss
Haaly David
Horsly William
Hollinger John W
Hubbard Oliver F
2 Waehborn John
Tounjr John
Vandersoll Jacob
Jnman W
Vaudersooll Messrs
Jack Eli
lounger veorge
Yoenger Nicholas
Zink Levi
Ikish Litters
Bourk John 3
llrnwn Thomas
Kearns Jacob
Klinger Christiana Miss
Klingman Wm
Kline Christian
Krout Henry
Kurney John
Kiny John
Knna Samnel
Kemmorly Henry
Lease Mary C
Long Henry Rev
Lattirv Benjamin F S
ICnmmingham Edtnond
Cumnnnsnam i imomj
Conley Phelana
Conlev Felix
Mc K'ncrry Corneliua
Mc Knerry Jra
Mc Namara Kodger 2
Leese Rodgers
Lniman J H
Houkrlao Cornelius
iHackelt Pat
iHanunr John
9 Mora Corneliua
2;Courney William
:Lawrenc Horace
2 Sliaui.haii Daniel
iQuiulaii Michal .
iQuill tnortou John
.Q n ink John or
IMike Rieley
iQuinie William
iQuilter Daniel
ITGermau Letters
Lautx Simon
Lord T W
Lobdill S C
Mitchell John
Mitchell Uriah
Manly Eliza D
M'Nult Calvin
M'lntvre John
M'fntosh Miss Nancy
M'Creary Wm
M'lntvre Thomas
M'Gili Cha
Miller Mark
Persona callirg for any of the abeve letters will
av aareriuea . 1 oi li.r.r.i-.x.n. .
. . . r- , T-t, . ,
April 1, 1852.
Charles P. Freeman & Co.,
(late FREEMAN, nODOES, fc CO.)
144 Broadway, one door south of Liberty St,
TTAVE now on hand, and will be receiving daily
XT. through Ihe season, Aew Goodt, direct from
the Euronean manufacture!, and rath jlurtintu.
rirh. farhianablr. fanev Silk Millitieru Goods. Our
the latest and ino.t beiutilul deaigna importeil.
Many of our goods are inaiiutncmred expresalv
lo our order, from our own designs and patterns.
and stand unrivalled. We offer our guoda for nctl
Oi h, at lower prices than any credit house in
America con afford
All purchasers will find it greatly to their inter
est to reserve a portion of their money and make
selections from our great variety of rem clifoppnoas.
Ribbons rich for Bonnets, Caps, Sashes &. Bells.
Bonnet silks, aaliits. eraDee. liesesalid tnrletons.
Embroideries, collar, chemisetts, capes, berthas
Habits, sleeves, cuffs, edgings and lnsertingc.
Embroidered reviere, lace, and hematich cam
hric handkerchiefs.
Blonds, illusions, and embroidered lacee forcapa.
Embroidered laces for shawls, mantilla! and
Honiton, mechlen, velencienes, and brussela
English and Wove thread, Smyrna, liee thread
and cotton laces.
Kid, lisle thread, silk, and sewing ailk, gloves and
French and American artificial flowers.
French lace, English, Aftiericau, and Italian)
Straw bonnela and trimmings.
January, 1862.
THE Stockholders of Ine Fremont Plank Road
Companv are herehv notified, to meet at the
Franklin House, in Fremont, on the 10th day of
April next, at one o'clock f . M. then and there
to elect five directors for said companv.
Fremont P. R. Company.
Fremont, Feb. SB, 1852.
Great Bargains!
ON MONDAY, the 15th day of March, the
subscriber will commence selling off his large
stock of Goods, embracing Dry Goods, Crockery.
Hardware, Boots and Shoes, Ready-made Cloth
ing, &c,
sx35 ma sai rac
Give me a call, and examine my stock. I am
bound to sell goods cheaper than ever before heard
of in Fremont, and yon will be satisfied that this
is the case, if you will only call aud make an ex
amination. Don't forget the place, the 'Old Ballville Store
opposite Deal's new Tavern staud,
Fremont. March 13th, 1853.
Fremont Plank Boad Company
A DIVIDEND ofeiphl per (tent bus been declar
ed. uu I le 10 tbe Stockholder on the fiMdav
uf April next, on prer-e illation of certificates of Slock
to James JuMire.
JOHN It. PEASE. Treasurer,
Fremont, Match 4ib. 1852.
THE Board of School Examiners for San
dusky County, will meet on Saturday
March 20th, at 1 o'clock P. M. in the WVst
mum of the Ketone school house in Fremont,
for the examination of Teachers. The ses
sions will continue on eight successive Satur
day, nt the I. our and place above specified.
F. S. N HITE, Clerk.
March 6, 1852.
YOUNG Uysou Tea ofsiuperior qualitat
CASH paidfor Land Warrant?, at
Hkad Quartit.
A good supply of Botanic Medicines just ree'd at
Celebrated Family Ointment.
I MUd, Safe, Tkanmgh and the trremUat ExUrnml Rem
nfr ever used. It ia competed of Vegetable ExtrmcU md
jwjlx m poteer mnetptaUed in the mmuUt of Medicine for tM
mire of Inflammatory Uioeaoem.
It in uuivenally acknowledged to be nn Infallible reroedv.
In every ease where it has been faithfully applied en the
human ayittetn, for promoting Insensibie Perspiration, and
tw invaluable in all diseased of the flesh. Obstinate Uleers.
Old Sorea, Chillblaina, store Throat, Burns, Cuts, Cutaneous
Eruptions, t$on? Nipples, Hore Breast, Diseases of the Eye.
Ague in the Face, Kheuiuntie I'ains, Contracted Cords,
Pain in the diile Back and other pruts of the system. Scald
Head, Bruises, Prpsh Wounds, Piles, and every kind of
ore containing the lenst particle of Inftaimuatioa, are
permanently cured by this great remedy.
it is a fiut, authenticated here, as well as all over the
State, and indeed the whole western states, thai Sloan's
Medicines have attained a wide spread celebrity, and re
putation, to which they are Justly entitled by their "kemlinf
atrtws," and powers. We are not among those wlio are
prone to endorse every patent humbug that comes along,
and in this tnntancc have delayed our endorsement until
we have been able to in ike assurance doubly sure, not only
by testing them personally oursolves, but from the teati
mony of a numerous portion of the community living
arouud us. (Illinois (Jlobc, April 13, ISM,
Horss & Cattle Medicine.
No Medicine la use haa accomplished so momy Extra
jrtUnarif Cvret, and given so Umeeraat Satisfaction in every
variety and stape of disease, or that has so extensive m4
rapid a sale as Sloan's Ointment and Condition Powder.
The Ointment is swiftly superceding all other Ointments
and Liniments for the cure of Fresh Wounds, Galls of all
inds. Sprains, Brubes, Cracked Heels, Ringbone, Wind
galls, Poll KvU, Callous Spavins, Sweeney, Fistula, Sit
fast, Strains, Lameneas, Sand Cracks. Foundered Feet,
Scratches or Grease, Manpe and Horse Distemper.
The Condition Powder willl remove all inflammation and
lever, purify the blood, loosen the skin, cleanse the water
and strengthen every part of the body, and haa proved a
sovereign remedy for the following diseases:
Founder, Distemper, Hide Bound, Loss of Appetite, In
ward Strains, Yellow Water, Inflammation of the Eyes.
Fatigue from hard exercise ; also Rheumatism, (commonly
called stiff complaint.) which proves so fatal to many valu
able horses in this country. It is also a safe and certain
remedy for Coughs and Colds, which generate so man
fatal diseases.
These remedies never injure, and always Cure, if the dh
reetioDs are followed.
For rurther particulars and a wtmHUmdm' of Ceriifkaiet of
ftsnarkabU Catres, get Pmmpklets of agents.
Craed Depot, 40 Lake St., Chicago, W.
0A11 Medicines and Books advertised by W.
B. Sloan, are aold at retail, at the propriotor's
prices, by B . UU UK LAIN D fir Uo.,
Hamilton & McCartney, Repnbtic.
John Goodaon & W. Whipp, Bellevoe.
A. B. VAN DC-REN, General Agent,
Springfield, Clark Co., O.
Ilalstcd's Water (Jure and Dlotorpathie
Institute !
Rochester.' ar. y.
too large to (rive a pur ticulur description of, there
fore we will mention only a few items, that stran
gers may huve some idea of our accommodtUious.
We have 23 bathing rooms; 12 large rooms with
wnrdrobes and bathing rooms ttttuchfd; a large
sitting saloon where all congregate at pleasure: a
largo exercising hall for gymnastics and calisthe
nics; a trotting mil -road: bowliug alley and ma
ny other sources of amusement.
One hundred aud one bcttliing conveuiences,as
cendiug, decending, and flexible douches, are all
oa the latest and most approved plans. Now we
come to a department
which has proved itself far superior to any medica
tions th it nre known to the world. This is Mo
torpatut, tha art of curing diseases by vitalizing
mouon. Here w. stand un rivalled and alone. It
is a discovery of our own, sanctioned by every phy
fieiaii who has investigated it. In fact the phsi
ciatis are sending us lbs majority of our patients.
So valuable is this treatment that many of our old
est medical men have said, that it is the greatest
discovedy in medicrtl science. Over three hundred
letters have been received from Physicians, and
nearly one hundeed of them have visited the insti
tution, within three months, from different parts of
the United States and the Canadas, inquiring into
our manner oftreating so successfully Uterine dis
eases. Every variety of disease incidenr to woman, is
treated with an unvarying certainty of success
heretofore unknown. Many cases of Prolapsus
Utkki i-.Tta cured in a. Tew days: and the most dif
ficult in a few week. To produce this almost iu
etaiitaueous relief the patient is subject to no pain
or inconvenience.
For the removal of other Uterine weaknesses this
systom is equally efficient. Many of the most in
veterate and extraordinary cases of from oue to
twetitv-lw o iimwTniiiliiii some iibcoiiipaitifd
with extreme uriunry difficulties and many with
that iuabihly to stand upon the feet, or be raised
fr m a horizontal position, which is peculiar to
these diseases, have been brought here on beds
hundreds of miles, attended by their physicians or
friends; aud these suffering and hfloless women
have in every instance been raised from their beds,
and after a short trentineut have been enabled to
walk from one to ten miles daily, aud take much
other exercise, '
The wives of ome of our moat distinguished men
asClergrmen, Members of Legislature, State and
United States Senators, &c. , have been success,
fully treated by Mutorpathy after eVery sther sys
tem had proved u orse ihuii useless. We are per
mitted to refer to. and give the names aud address
ot these ladies, to ladies onlv.
1 hose who have gone through long courses of
treatment udder dinerent systems, and have tried
Woiiicc atlv and Water t-ure combined Irom one
to three years without material oenefit. h-iVe been
entirely restored by our vitalizing treatment iu a few
No stays, pessaries, or supporters are used ito
this Institution. We consider them all very inju
rious, and immediately throw them off the organs
are made to assume their natural position the pa
tient is immediately put upon her teet, and no ex
forts of hers can produce displacetneat. All that
is then required is statumination ttnd the use of cold
water, exercise, &c. to re-gaiu her general health.
In these cases water is only used as an aid not as
a nece&sity as an auxiliary, not as a cure.
It is unnecessary to mention the Various grades
of diseases successfully troated here. Suffice it to
say, Motorpathy cures Prolapsus Uteri, retrover
sion, partial Inversion, Antiversian, ludutatiou.
Hardness. ,nla(gement, I umeltiction, Congestion,
Ulcerations, Scorofulous Tumors, Tubercular For
mations, Lucorrhrea, Amennorrhoaa or painful ob
structions. Unitary difficulties, Dyspepsia, Costive
ness, and in most cases the most stubborn sterility.
Indeed nearly five thousand cases of Uterine dis
eases have been cured without a failure. Motorpa
thy does not admit of a failure, if the patient stays
a sufficient length of time to re-gaiu her general
We have a register with a history of every case,
address, &c. which enables us to prove every as
sertion we make aud staud ready at all times to
do so.
1 he s Wre t-st we hnve been put to in curing
the worst prntructed and rj-cted cases of Prolap
sus Uteri, makes us soenlireU confident of success
in every case, that w are willing to deposit iu any
bank the sum of $1,000 against the equal amount,
that wv can cure, under ordinary C rcuiimtaiice,
anv Case of ProlapMis Uteri, if nut uiid-r our co e.
Motorpathy i a sure cure in all c ises of Incipient
Consumption, Bronchial, opmal, liilious and iter
Vous Diseases.
We have ton m iIh arid oue female Phvs'Ciaii.
(O9 All cumnmnicHtions should by addressed to
H. Halsted, M . D. , Rochester, N- Y.
N. B. Stimulated by out success, many Water
cures have started in this city, which may mislead
strangers unless titer nre careful to inquire tor Hal
eted Hal.', No. 299 lintt'tto street.
ALL persons interested will take notice thot
Emeline Miller on the seventh dav of Novem
ber A. D. 1851. sued out it writ of attachment from
the Court of Common Pleas, of Ottawa county, in
the State of Ohio, against William Shoemaker fur
the sum of ten thousand dollars'; which writ has
been served and returned.
S. A. SMITH, Clerk
February 14, 1852.
Cheap for Cash or approved Credit.
. First door Sovth of O. L. Nimt. t
HAS ON HAND, and isconstantly receiving di
rect fiorn New Yurkt tha lagest and best as
sortment of Drugs, Medicines, Physicians' Glnss-
ware, oe-c. ever otter;d in Una market, wlneh will
be sold 20 per cent lower than was ever offered in
litis place. His stock conaisls in pari of tha foiloar-
50 ox. Sulph Quininei
25 drs sulph Morphine,
25 oz Salicine,
95 oz Chiniodiiiet
12 olStrychniue,
25 oz Iodine,
; 20 Gum Arabac do
; 11 Hole Sulphuric Eiher
i 10 do Aceitc do
; 50 do Aqua Ammonia RY
; OH bpls IX It re Uulcis,
10 lbs Eug Calomel,
100 Gum Camphor,
10 OS I umininfr
25 Gum Gpium, Turkey' 5eJCod LiverOilpur.
20 oz fiperiue. , 24 Hots Kushtoil A
0 oz Kreosote, Clarka do
10 Lunar Caustic, cry-i 30 Gala Castor Oil, .
talized, ; 10 Sweet do
TO Pnro I 80 Lump do summer &
10 Common ! winter atraiued.
20 lbs Gum Myrhh
1000 lbs Day Lead pure
500 do do poi
20 Chrome Yellow,
100 Ground in oil
2 bbls spls Taipentine,
20ga!sCopel Varnish for
25 Turpentine do
10 Japan do for dyes
Paint Brushes,
Varnish do of eTery
50 French Green
2n Chroma Greene,
20 American! Vermillion
2 Chimera do
10 Prusaian Blue,
5 Dron Black,
Bbl Eddys renn'd lamp-' descriptioa.
White Glue a verysuperior article, American,
Isinglass Brimstose.
40 gals Brandy dark pure
Bbl Port Wine
Bbl Sweet do
Bbl Sour do
21 uo rale pure
Bbl Rum
Bbl Gin
Bbl Alcohol 93 per cent
It is reneralty admitted that Wooster keepsthe
best Liquora in Town. Those wanting Liquors
for Medicinal purpose would do well to calt.
Fromont, Aug. 9, 1850,
Capital, $500,000.
Chartered by the State of Ohio, Charter
ALL the advantages which ran be secured by
Life Insurauce in any office in this couutry
mav be had in this company.
California riska taken on tha most favorable
terms. All liabilities paid in mouey after proof of
E. M. GREGORY, Prea't.
S. F. CARY, Sec'y.
Agent for Fremont.
Feb. 28, 1852.
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry.
L fTlHE SUBSCRIBER has removeJ his
t JL Stock of Jewelry to the shop recently
prepared for that porpose, two doors North of his
former place of business, and having just returned
from New York city with a large and complete as
sortment of
Clocks, Watches, Gold-Fens, Jewelry,
&c, is prepared to accommodate the public with
any article in his line, at reduced prices.
His Watches, gold aud silver, of all patterns, are
unexcelled in richness and utility; his Clocks con
sists of various kinds and qualities, and are warran
ted. An excellent assortment of Gold Pens, Gold
and Silver pencils, of the most approved manufac
ture. A splendid assortment of eotd and silver fia
frer-rinjrs, ear-rings, lockets and breast-pins, ail of
the latest patterns. Also, a general assortment of
Musical Instruments, and a large quantity of tova
for little folks.
Watches, Clocks, &C, repaired on the shortest
notice. E. LluFrELMAN.
Fremont, June20, 1851. lyr.
The People's Grocery!
Bell's Old Corner,
Stand, the largest and best lot of
Hamburg Cheese
ever brought to the placn, which customers need
only taste, to make them wish it would never get alt.
from 5 centers to "penny grabs," and
twenty years oldt warranted pure and wwlulletatect,
seleoUd by a competent Judge, expressly for our
own use, and is certainly the best article in Fre
mont. It will recommend itself to all competent
judges, and needa nojrrf7iicdcertificdtcs to bolster
it up.
the best article ever brought to the county. Also
a large variety of other brandies, from the cheapest
to the best, which my customers can have cheap
for .he dimes. Wines and Gin in any quantity.
various brands which we are selling cheaper than
anybody else, and a belter article too. Particular
attention is paid Co the Liquor department, and our
customer shall have good articles in any quantity
not prohibited by law.
We keep alt articles usually kepi in sUcrt estab
lishments. Slippers excepted, and will sell cheap for
cash. Come one, come all. and try the People's
grocefv. Remember the place lieU'e Old Cor
ner Look out for the roads leading in other direc
tions, for some of them lead towards Jericho, aud
yoti know what happened the chap of old, tliat tra
veled in that direction.
For M. A. Sbrkrk.
Fremont, Jannftry I7th, 1852.
Drugs, Medicines, Paints,
S BUCKLAND CO. have just reoeiv-
ed a very large lot of Drue, Painta, Oils, Dye
tuff's. Glass, Glass-ware, Perfumery, Act, whieh
thev would earnestly aolicit those wishing anything
in the line to call and examine before purchasing
elsewhere, as we think il will be very milch to their
advantage to do so, for we pledge ourselves to sell
as can be bought in the Easte.u markets at as low
a price as our neighbors ask for a poor article.
Having been for ten years in the Dttuo Busineis
in this place, we thiuk we know something of the
wants of its inhabitants, and while ws would return
our thanks for the very liberal patronage we have
received, we promise to spare ho pains for the fu
tore in giving our customers the full value of their
money in Good Goous.
We do not think it necessary to enumerate otir
articles, nor the quantity we have, (or have not ) of
each article, bumee it to say we have a
and enough of each to supply all demands, aud am
nle arraiiiremenlslo huv more.
We would atk Physicians to frail and examine
our Drugs and Prices before coiie to Ti(nn citv
Siiiidusky city, or elsewhere, as e do know that
we can sell as cheap as any of them, aud We are
bound to do it any how.
to paTnters
We would sov that if our Paints are not first-rate
and nil we reroniirleiid them, we will pr.x ull dun
sees. We do not ak von to take our word fur it;
Hfk any Painter in Fremont nnd they kunvr, for
they have used thtrn--if Htirk'aiid' is not the beM
pi wee to buy any kind of Paiute, or PIjkk LtxsEsti
Oil or Varnishes
Don't foiffH the place.
No, 3, Bucklalid's Brick lUcfli,
Fremont, October 25th, 1851.
'Look out for (lie Cars, when the Bell Ittnge'
Are now receiving at the
Hail Road Store,
So. I, UiicKland's Block, tbeir
OUR stock of Goodn neeils no bt Mcing aud P'ffinf
such us is frequently inH rted flu Ihe public
coni$liiii; f mere s und .uMiftry, rignifying nothing ;
IT IS NUT IN O0H LlfiK. W Hat We say OF OUT ffOOd. '
we intend nhiiM be free frut Oas, A little mixture
of iruighl-fitrrard nmimrtH rente in advxhtisisr, iu
tbee days nf Humbug iiud Phetkpck, is refrehm?.
I he people of bamlunky and admitting counties
have already made the disf-overy thttl the) can buy
at J P. Uavnks & Sons th .n at any oteer place
in Northern Ohio, as the crowds which rush to tha
rtnilroHd store, prove.
So far as regards our sales heretofore, our most
sanguine expecUtmus have been more than real
iced, and we would do injustice to our feelinr", ii
we tailed to return our thanks and most grealful n
kuowledgeinenls for the very liberal patronage thai
has been been bestowed upon us, and to continue
to receive that patronage, we have largely incroas
sd our
fur the Kail and Winter Campaign. Oorstork
was purchased during the late stringency rn Ike
Money Market in New York, and at time when
goods were lower than they have been iu the lst
ten years-and they will be sold at correspondingly
low rtiies.
We have spared no pains in our Fall and Winter
Purchases to make our stock
More Attractive than Ever!
It consist in part nf 300 pieces of Merrimarand
Cocheco Prints; 100 pieces Dress Goods, from Is
to 8s; 100 Bay Slate and Scotch Long Shawls
ito in m, to sjco;
Shoes, DrrsB Trimminirs, Ribbons, and numbei-
less other articles lor the Ladies. Cull aud
them whether ) ou buv or not.
We have Cots, Pants, and Vests, from the deareit
to the cheapett fabric. Over Coats from A3 to JIM
Lhirta and Drawers, Boole and ahoea,Hats &, Caps
Also a large assortment of Cloths, Cassilneres, art-
tinels. Tweeds 0 per cent cheaper than last fall.
&o come on Iventleinen, and von shall be eutted to
your liking, and ao mi8toke both as to prices and
Our six Peony Goods are the Bat in Fremont
and the Railroad store baa taken the Premium for
the bvst
16 lbs sugar for Al; 16 yards Brown Moslin for$l
16 yards fast colored Prints for eieht ahiltines; 10
Ibsecod Rio Coffee for $. 5 lbs Cotton Yarn for
7 shillings; Parker Mill Naila at $4; 60 pieces all
wool Bannel foe as a yarn; sola leather at 16c: Up
per leather at Tannere" Prices; Molasses at Three
shillings! Satineta at four shillinga, good enough for
the r resident. Also tha tareeat asaortment ot
ever opeted iu Fremont.
To enumerate our stock ia useless. Wi would
only say that in our asaortment can be found every
thing appertaining to ine trade.
Came one Lome and be convinced tnal lAu u
i true bill.'
lITCash paid for Wheat, Corn, and Oals.
(CTAIl kinds of Produce taken in exchange for
Goods J. P. HAYNES &. SON.
Railroad store,
Fremont, Oct 1
1151 J
Hard-ware Store!
1'LEI), at last, that at a
regular Hardware Establish
meat ia tha place to buy Goods
ill that line, aa the rush to t!e
for the last mouth fully proves.
The 'Boys' take this opportunity
to return iheir sincere thaukfur
the increased patronage wilh which thev have bee a
favored, and to show that they are not entirely db
grateful for past favors, they have brought o a tbe
of Hardware and Iron to be found in North era
Ohio, which they now offer at nnparalelted low
prir.ee. -
We invite the attention of all Northern Ohio to
the fact (hat we are now sal lint;
lower than any other establishment in the
State. , .
A complete assortment of Hardware purchased
direct from Manufacturers, consisting of House
and Cabinet trimmings. Carriage and Harness
trimmings. Carpenter's tools, Blacksmith's tools.
Cooper's, Farmer's, Mason's and Tanner's tools.
Leather aud r indmgs, bash, Olass, rutty, r umae,
Lead pipe, &e., &c.
Manufactured to order, wilb an improvements the
way of Paleut Cast Iron Curbs.
Cuttlery, Steel, Guns and Qun Trimming,
and a general aasortmentof Hoatae Keeping articles. !
Stover, and Tin-Ware!
Stove-pipe, Eavt-lrovghs, db Conductors,
And all kinds of Tin-ware conatantly an hand, and
manufactured to order. Qeaairing done at the
shortest notice and in the heat maimer, " Work
arranted at the Fremont Hardware etore Tyler
Block, opposite the Bank sizo of the Mammoth
Pad Lock.
Fremont Nov. 1, 1851.
Readymade ClotWng Store.
announce to thecitizena of SandtiBky and ad
joining counties, that they ha.e just received the
Largest &best selected stock of Boots db Shots
that have ever heen offered in thi8 market.
Havintr purchased our Boots and Shoes directly
of the mannfacturera at their lowest cash prices, we
are prepared to sell the same at a saving to our cue
temera of 25 per cent from the old prices even in
litis market, ao noted for selling goods at coat.
Uur stock consist iu part ut
407 pairs Gent's Calf, Kipp, andStoga Boots,
231 " Boy's do tio Uo do
81 " Youtli'sdo do do do
23? " Ladie's Boote
195 " . do Shoe tees,
127 " do Gaitors,
350 " do Kid Welt Buskins,
187 " do doE.IL do
211 " Misses Bootees, Gaitors & Buskins,
and of cltiidren's shoes too many of all kinds
to enumerate.
We have also a very fine article of French Calf
shins, Linings, .Bindings, Pegs, &c, dtc-i to sell
at Very low bargains to the trade.
Jf. B. Boot, and Shoe, hy the case at a
very liberal deduction from retail prices. .
Amongst our
we hnve blue, brown, drub, and gray beaver Over
er'nts; black, dress, frock nnd suck, brown frock and
sack, ' heeps grar. enssimere, tweeds and jeans
Cofats. cassimere, s;iiinelt, cordtirny. sheeps gray,
aud velvet pants; black nnd hinriSHtin, Cisniinere,
silk, worsted, and satinet! Vesls, Wrappers, Uraa
ers' Limieu Bosoms, and Hickory ihirt; collars
iispendrrs, comforters, cups. Over -ut l; carpet
Bugs, Umbrellas, with articles of other kinds too
numerous to mention.
It may be necessary for other establishments to
use Gass, but if yon want a good article, a fiit rate
article, a warranted article, call nt the
Buckeye, Boot, Shoe and Ready Mafic
and voa will be sure to find Ihe article desird.
Fremrnt Nov. 22. 1:51.
TalsaMc Lan-? for Sa!?.
i' rTl'lK si.'.is.-ri'.-ei- w-il 11 .t t: t "I .-rt-ll.-l I
J t i ill be rc-i lnnt ! ii;; ii- t 'i tin--'1 : vti'fB.
i.A. Q. UAV4 SOiV.
Fremont, May 3d, 1851 4w. . ,
To man for Cowghs, Aftthmn, Cold. Croup,
Bronchitis, liiunanza, likeiiisr or the Lungs,
Difficulty of breathing. Liver Alfci-tiotis, Pain ot
weakliest of the I3reut or 8tde, First singes of
Co'nriimption, t5tC " " ' - ' " -- -
In short, thrs fia'smu is peeul;i;lry adapted lo et v
ery disease of the lUitfn abd liver, uhiLh is pro .
duced in our ever vafyiug ciimale ,
WIJL.D (HEUBY hss loUtf been (ennwa '
to possess iinportaut medicinal pr'per(t :
I'hia fact is familiar to every matron h our hH '
Miid physicians often prescribe ii in ittflVreiit Ihh .
for a variety of complaints. Tar, also, ha hern
equally, noted for its virtues; and .cinf phj MciaHf,
whose names are familiar to the wlio'.c foonrr,
hitveffnneso far as lo declare that even CON
SUMPTION cuuld be cured by thr.t alone. I'l
other hands, again, it was nearly valueleso, Oft iua, -uo
doubt, to their it?nortnce iu preparing and art
tninister.iiig it a difficulty now eutlroly obviiiUtl
by patient experiment and long experience,
. 'I be extraordinary medical powers of these two
substances are 'now tor the first t'-me, eofubmed
and embodied hi DR. WlgTAll'S OALSAM
OF WILD CHERRY. By a niee chemical pt
cess, every thing deleterious or Useless is rejetrda
so that what remains is the moet extraordinary uad
truly efficacious remedy for all kinds of puffiioua
ry and liver diseases ever koown to man. To coa
vince all unbelievers that our theory is really ;rne,
we refttr to a few case of cures perFormed by thii
wonderful medicine; ";". 1
Plzalirt Ridok. Ham. Co. O. dept. 2.
J. D. Park Dear Sir: I take the liberty of ad-r
vising you of the benefit I have derived noin th
use of Dr.. Wistar's Balsam of Wil j Cherry I
was prostrated by that terr b?e scorge, con u in p.
tioa, in May laet. The attack w trulv hrri Aw g
to me, for 6ve of ocr family, (my brothers aI i.
ters.) had died of consoMtpfion. I rrn i;a.aid
with nearly all the wcrt features of the liifease. I
hnd a distressing cougH( and expectoraed a great
deal of blood, haclic fever, severe pains in the side
slid chest, cold chills, alternating with tubes of
heat and copious uight sweats.
1 was under the caro of a skillful physician, frm
the time I was taken sick -until about six weeks
since, being then about helpless, and my friend
cottsL ered my ease hopeless, or at leant beyond our
Physician's skill, advised the nse of Wistar's Bat
sain of Wild Cherry. . Without my kuowledge,
my father procured it, aud commenced administer
ing it to me, and from the first day j commenced
taking it my health improved, and in two. weeks
from the time 1 commenced using it. I was able Jo
be out and oversee my business, and labor, which
1 still continue to do. 1 have taken four boltlesuf
the medicine, and now consider mvself perfectly
' r - - - , , . . r. . J
Another Asfonichin Cure. -
E. Kalb, a highly vesy act able merchant of Rush
ville, Fairfield ceuuty, Ohio., seat us tbe following
voloutary tribute to
Rushrille, Fairfield eo, O. April G, '51S:
Mr. J. D. Park Daar Sir: I wish to stale U
yon that my daughter, Amanda, aged. Jfi yearw,
had, about a year since, a very severe attack f
mease Is, which reduced ber very much, and left
her with a racking cough. I employed all (he phy
siciana within our reach for the purpose of re mav
ing her cough, but without success. She oppear
ed to be sinking into a decline, with every svicp
torn of coutumptrafa. " i - ' " A
I then tried Dr. 'Roger's L.VBrwort ami Tari
But that aggravated bercouph, and gave hersmp
tonis of a still more malignant character, i wm
now most seriously alarmed, and it was with trem
bling fear that I from day to day, saw the progress
of that insatiable disease, consumption - 1 realty
despaired of my daughter's recovery. , iiuivl prov
idenliaHysaw the certifj?nte of Jonathan Coutnou,
whose daughter, Sarah Jane, was cured of Con
sumption by Wistar balsam of Vlri 'h-rr ;
this created a faint hope that it jiiiiykt ln-lp any '
daughter, and I immediately commenced litu.ii,
and it almost instantly ave relief, her henhh was
improved front the first bottle, ntid by the use of
two bottles of "Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry,
she was restored ts perfect health,; and she is itot j
now fat ail predisposed to a couch.
- X will say to those -that are aiHieted with any dis
ease tending to consumption, do not dsgrair, for Dr.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherrr will rure rou,
ifyoB wifl but trr it. - F.. -KAf.B.
The genuine, Wiatar'a Bahvan- of Wild (Cherry
has a foe simile of Ihe siguafuie of Henry Wisiuf
M D. f hiladelphia, and "Sauford & I ak oh a
fiaeiy executed steel engraved svrappar. - No uthef
can be genuine.
ILT fnce $1 per bottle six bottles trt:.
Sold bv . J. D. Park. OmichimbU. O. i
North east corner of Fourth and Vali'Ut ft en
trance on Walnut street to whom all order
mast be addressed -. ?
Sold in Fremont by 5. BUCKLAND & Co.
And by W. C. Baker, Cast alia; J. Uutchins fc
Son, Bellsvue; W. Braner,. Mirgrovev Charle
Powers, Woodville; Foster & Son, Aome; Ham
ilton & McCartney. Republic: I. L. St. John, Ti
fin city, an i P. V. Beary & Bro., Green Creek.
Fremont, February 2St ly
Dr GuysoJt's improved Extract
Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla. .
The original and onlv genuine preparation for tha
perinanelare ot aoiieurnpliou kun atsenea oi
the Lunge' when they are aiipposed lo he atfVcted
by the two free nse ot Mercury, Iran. Quininv. &o
Teorofula or Kine Evil, Cancer., Tuniora. E
ruptiona ofthe fkiu, ErvMpeta. Chrnn'cr-ir e- e,
King worm or 1 eitrre. acaiu Head. iviirniiMitem,
Pain in the honea or ioiiils, fid sorea and alcera.
Swallinr ofthe glands, Svjhilia, Dvr'ueif.lu, Salt
n. r-i- r.t. vz. i - ,
ttneum, ltaeaae oi m iviuueje, iuw oi jaiieiiira
Uliaasa arisin? from the uee ol Mercury, Pain in
the aide and ahouldere. General Debilit v, Otcpay,
Lumbago, Jaundice aud Uostivenesa.
The Best Female Medicine AmoJcij
The Shaker prepored Yellow " Dook,' and
the Red Hondufee Saraaparilla, are the invulaahlo
remedial agenu from wliirh "Lr. Oujtott'a Im
proved Exlraei of Yellow Dock and Sarsnpartl.a"
ia formed; aad the lahoruforv of Lit. Ouvaott l.aa
given ua the virtues of iheaa route in their erfec-
tion. Hia preparations contaius all the rt .urulivr
properties of the roots, coinbinod and conccntralt-d
in their Utmost strength add efficacy.
. Experiments were marie iu the manufacture of
this medicine, until it was found thai it could not ba
further improved.
Accordingly, we find it resorted to almost uiii'er
sally in cases of Uepatic, Scorbutic aud Outane
oua complaiute, for general proatration of the vital
powers, and all those toriiieutina; diseases of the
akin so trying to the patience, ahd so injurious to
health, ' :
the fotibwinjj letter is from a high'- epctutl0
physician, who enjovs an exleriivepretiert "
Navarre, Stark Co , O .Nov. I, 1851.
Dr. John U. Park Dear Sin "lr. tiuysotfa
Extract ofSurHparilla." ,'i'his liicditiuc haa been
prescribed by me fur ihe lust three years, ivillrjjuod
ffiebl. In general debility, LKer tompl'iilit, ; Juan
ilise, Dyspepsia, Chronic and Xerv.ma diseuses. Itl
ill Feiualu complninla it eeruiuly i nnniniiSed.
In the use of I his hieeiciile lite piiiuMiW'ninnt
ly 'ifaiiis strength and vigor, a fact worthy of g-ieal
consideration. It is pleasant lo the taste and snelU
ami cult be used by persons with Ihe iuojH ilehcalrf
stomachs, wilh safety, nniltr aiy cbcfmaitincee.
am speaking from e.iperiekce, uml In Ihe iiffl.it' d f
advise its use. 11. 3. S. LKil'KIl,
O" Price $1 per bottle sis bottles for $3.
told by J. I''. PAitK. Cuicliuiiai', O-
Norih euet corner if ri:ilh and Waliitlt sis en
Irmic pp Va!i:u; to A hoiii all viucr itrnsl bs
addressed.' ' .
Sold in Fremonl liy S. XXC CLAN"D & Co.
And by :-ViiMnli'& Rln.Jee, S .i. dusky .!t: ,
Uulr!.it.e& Sot.. Efile.'lK! VV. C. Haker. Ct.l
i...: V. Iraii:'-r, Milt -Orov.-f-Char. TcHi'ry.
Woiidvilit:' Frr tt r &l Ftiti, V.uv e; Fiiai i'ti Ti' &,
McCartney fUepubtk:;- and 1. L. jSI. Joltu, TiliJl
Frejaon:, February 28, lSl.Jy -

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