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Fremont weekly freeman. [volume] (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, May 08, 1852, Image 4

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Having principally disposed of his Old stock
Has been to York City,
And purchased alarge and splendid stock of
g od, which ha is datacuiined to sell a UUltlowtt
the can be had at -any other store to Fremont,
aeir oiaier, ftrajin, Aiiaj, &c(ro the oou
trary notwithstanding. . ; . .
Having purchased a larger stock, greater varie
ty, and a better quality of goods than ha hasevei
daua before, ha hopes to merit a eontianaucaot
atlia favor. v , .
. The Ladles Generally,
will do wall to evamin his stock, aa ha haa soma
IlkmmftitautifiU Oreaa Goods yet sees in Fra
anoat, from a bonnet to a pair of shoes nctun'rr.al
pwae which 'cwn-Mtitim,'' haa not yet dared to
eeeaaDowalo. -
', In hit assortment will be found
B BLACK, Brewa. Blue and Mixed cloth. Mack,"
mixed and fancy caaaimeree, hioe, black, and
eatiaetta, Kentaeky jeans and tweoda cloth,
.14, white and V el lew flannels, red and blue plaid
unking, fimps. frinves, caliooee, gimghams, at
paecas, and lawn elolha, ahawla and dreaa hand
rasmfs, and tha moat fashionable fancy dress
gaada for the ladiea that tha New York marketcan
afford. Bleached and brown ;
hirtings, J : V, Canton Flannels, .
'.. JRibbona, . Black Silk for Dresses,
Sawing Silk, Checks, Vestiugs,
- -Twist A thread, Comforters,
i7i i Cohoe's. Shirts and Drawers, I '
Traveling Bags, , . .
: -lluffsy . ;,,vs "Carpeting, ..ir
Waddings., r--Battinpavs r-; -z 5.
u . Cottoa Yarn, , ; Carpet Warn, ,
' Carpeting, and almost every description of
xary Uoeda that are keplin tha Weatern Country.
lit Groceries,:;'
Tea, eoflTse.sogar, pepper, spies, ginger, nutmegs,
' 4 olovee.einnamon, starch, salasratoa, '
' - madder, indigo, alum, etc.
vTas-eot, mill, hand and wood-saws: eroas-cut.
' beiii, ana nand-eaw hies; aweed's iron,
flatand round bar: cut and wra't "
';-- aHs; bandJkhoop iron;
'' ' east, spring, A
-v American steel; Ames'
ehovela, hav and manure forks; '"
'V)aiTrods: White's Simmons'and Collins"
aststeetavea: nesides an extensive assortment of
J" - - SHELF HARD-WARE, such as. v.
Packet-knives, table knivee and forks, butts and
v screws; dooi hangingsand trimmings, &e.,tfcc
Bppjs :,and Shoes,
. avary grea tvariety and warranted waterproof.
Sols and Upper Leather, de.; all of the
bov articlse will be sold cheap for Cash, or ax
hanged for tW heat, Corn, Oata, Rye, Timothy,
Cleverer Fa -seeds, Hides. Sharp pelts, Butter,
Lard, Eggs, Tallowand Warv I -
1 Fremont, Oct. 24lh, 1851. .- .--'
A Fresh nad Genuine Article, just
received ana for sale at the Grocerv and Pro-
arisiow store r TILLOTSOS t TYLER.
FremonUNovemHorl, '51.
1XS Dinaeed, LamD. and Tannar'a ail. for
aale at tha ,
29. 'SI.
a- rrmont, Nov,
.A CART. LOAD of Salinetts, Jeans, an
OJ. Cottoa Gooda, for eomrner wear, caa be foun
at tha Beady Pay store of
J, T.
A-.OOOD ABXICtEofBlackTeacanba
' aa
ad bv aallinff at mv atnr.
, Maji4.185U . - - ,
Uallville Store!
! f; roaTr.THorsiitD dollars
:I7crth of . New Goods !
..-.j. T-JVioss
is a ia ivnn aatain wiin an immense
atoek of :-f
Fall & Winter Goods!
which ha ieboond to aell cheaper than the cheap
sat. This ha ia enabled to do by having made hia
purchases daring tha late panic in tha New York
market, eanaad by the breaking down ef a boat el
MaKs,ana wntie Kwaoat were in eoneeqnence sell
ag much cheaper than ever before.
He can and will undersell those who bought
en the rags of worthless banks were considered
good, and were taken in exchange for gooda at an
immense profit to New York merchants. The
people of . - . . j-
have been in tha habit of trading at Fremont be
can as better bar-grains eoold be. obtained
ksrlthao elsewhere. Cheap as they have hereto-
forsMHirchaaed, they have aow aa opportunity of
ta Still Baore Goods for their money i
at the celebrated BallvIIla store, than aver before
heard of. His stock comprises a .,
v A Larger and more Extensive
Variety than ever before brought into Saodnsky
eoeuty. . He would call particular attention to his
largw-aaeortment of superior
Broadcloths. Cassimerrs. Satiaetta. Fulled elotha.
Tweeds, Jeans, doe. Also to the endleaaauenlity of
Venght expressly for the ladies of Sandusky and
adjoining counties, and embracing all the lateat
styles.- -French and English Meri nos, Cashmeres,
Alpaccaa, Poplins, Ginghams, OeLainesat 12 1-2
awatS a yard, and Calicoes, -warranted fast colors,
from S to 10 cents a yard. ,
Also, 50 .Cart Loads Queens-ware, Groceries,
. .' Hard-ware, Boots aod Shoes, Hats Jr. Cape,
, ,;. 'Ready-Made Clothing, dec.
Also,' 50 Chests of that Four Shilling Tea.
Also,- 20 hhds superior New Orleans Sugar
at 6 1-4 cents per pound.
Also, One hundred bags best Rio Coffee at
10 cents per pound. - . - '"'
Also, 30 Boxes good Tobacco at 2 shillings
per' pound. "
Also, one ship Cargo of Spice. Pepper, Gin
Xor' aleralaa. N utmegs, Cloves, &. , &c,
I, . in the same proportion.
a Small Prats and Beady Pay
isthe motteatthe BaHville Store, which the people
f Sandasky county will please bear in mind, for
ikie immense stock mnat be sold before next Spring.
'All kinds of Produce takenin exchange for gooda.
The, highest market price paid ia Cash for
Wheal, Cora and Oats.. .1 ,
far further particulars, enquire ef
i..3..... . , - J. T. MOSS,
Mrv;;;iorE.K gaston.
C t .. . At the BaHville Store.
Fremont. Oct. 25lh, 1851
mue LADIES will find at mvstore. a hand
JL soma assortment of Summer Drea Good' and
Hmmittnmmnzs. Call soon if yoa wish to see
iIiwm ' i. - J. T. MOSS.
Hay 94, 135 1.
YOU WILL FIND at Moss's a good as
sertmentof Crashed, Pulverized end Coffee
.agaro. --- V. T. MOSS. I
May 24, 1851: ' ' " ,
Bibles! Bibles!
8 FAMILY BI 1IL.ES from $1 50toS.
and any .quantity of small Bibles ofeveryde
sriptioa from 50 cents to A3 00. Also, a large
variety of Prayer Books and Sabbath school books
frlst; --- S. BUCKLAND 4. Co.
,. Oet.9S.'Sl: - - i ; .
AILS. Fremontlron Co,
'a Nails, mannfas
- : .. Hiraxa'.
red at Try..Ji,ar.
Unpwnrdol 10,000 Cnm!!
Compound S rap of Liverwort & Tar
Fir the A,' art ConutnpUon, and all DO
eases of the Lunqs- and Breast.
THIS Great Remedy haa net only made alinoat
incredible curea of Consumption, but it breaks
up tha most distressing Cough, Cold, Pain In the
Bieaat, and Asthma: iu a few hour lime. We au
thorize our ageuts, in nil caaea where it doea not
give immediate relief, and tha bottle ia returned, to
cheerfully refund llio money.
w a wn no w ana me aniioieo eanoiaiy co hi
in the facta below, which aubatauliate the merits
of thia great remedy; facta which are iuooatroverti- I
ble. and cannot ba denied. We refer yon to the
alatementa of well known Physicians and Profrs
eors,who have come forward and substantiated these
facta. The moat iiicreduwuo eannot nut no con
vinced that it haa made curea whereevery thing else
Extracts from Certificates which can be seen
t full by calling on tue Agents.
A letter from John A. Collins, Eq., Editor and
Proprietor of the 'Temperance Organ;' also A
genl aud Lecturer fur the Graud Divisiou of sons
of Temperance of Ohio:
Cincinnati, November 29, 1848.
A. u. coan.f. Data Sir: For the past eight
or ten months, I have felt inclined to say some
thing in relation to the extraordinary healiug quali
fies of your preparation of Dr. Rodders' Compound
syrup of Liverwort and Tar, foryoor owu, but more
especially for the benefit of those unfortunate per
sons who ore threatened orafflicled with Pulmona
ry Consumption, and who.like myself, have a great
aversion to qnabks, to their specifics and ealholi
eeoa; but a combination of circumstances has pre
vented until uow.
- In November, 181G. my -iftook a aeverecold
which settled upon her langs A violent cough was
the consequence, which iucreased ia severity dur
iug the wiuter, and reduced her to almost a skeleton.-
It waa nearly incea.,ut, and attended with
eeeere pain in the eide and breast, accompaned
with fever and cold night sweata. he expectoratedi
more thao a pint ol matter duily. Ulcers gathered
unoa her Irtnga and discharged. 'Hot hauda and
feetwereculd and clammy as death, and a purplo
tint settled upon her lips. 1 he skill aud variai. el
forts ofour family physician were completely bafled.
On the 1st of Mty, 1847, he informed me that he
could do nothing mere than grant hor temporary re
lief, that her case was hopelcs, and that she oould
not surviie meie than a fortnight at the furthereet.
1 immediately called upon Hr. R. S. Newton, of
thia city, (who had beou eo skillful iu the treatniel,
ofcoacere,) and stated her case to him. He rec
ommended Dr. Rodgers Liverwort and Tar: ast
sored me there wee nothing of quackery about it,
bnt purely a scientirie prepevatiou; andgave me the
history of several caaea, all considered hopeless,
where this preparation restored to health. A bottle
was procured, and in one week the expectorotion
wOa nearly Conquered, he continued graduallay to
inpreve, her appetite returned, her cough in a lew
months ceased, he recovered her strength, and to
a very great degree her health, and ia uow most
extraordinary trophy of the healing virtoes of Or.
Kodgera' Preparation ol Liverwort and 1 ar.
I can also aay that I have derived very great ben
fit from thia preparation, for hoarseness, sore throat
and atricore across the breast. 1 have been euabled
while suffering from severe cold and hoarseness, to
speak with comparative ease for two hours. It haa
one advantage, in my own case, over other expec
torantsit doea not derange the digestive fuoctione
producing headache, ornervons inability.
I regard it as admirably adapted for the use of
public speakers. Respectfully yours,
From Dh. Hiram Cox, late Professor to Cin-
cinoati Eclectic Medical (lolledgt.
Mn. A. L. jcovtll. However reluctant I nave
been to permit my name to be attached to patent
medicine, 1 consider it a duty to trie community to
stale tnat in inree ceees 01 incipient consumption,
vis: Miss Bell, Miss Barger, and Mr. R. H. Cox,
one ef oor Cny Council, that Dr. Rogers' Liver
wort and Tar operated more like a specific than any
other remedy that 1 ever used. One of theaaaes,
vis: Miss Bell, pronounced by several phyaiciansto
be laboring under the last stage of scrofulous Coo
sumption, sheia now in good health from the use
of a few bottles of the above srrap.
Cincinnati January 25, 1847.
, For sale in Fremont br '
Fremont, November 1st, '51 4m.
Glorious News!! From the South!!!
'! HE Mexican Mustang Liniament, that has
and creating so much excitement in the South and
West during the last twelve months,
and all those afflicted with Rheumatism, old Sores
or Uocer Diseases, or Sprains, Scalds, Burns, or
Eruptions of any kind, can now be healed. Those
who have been suffering for montha or years with
that loathsome disease. The Plies need now
su9er no longer aa thia Mustahq Lisiamest ia a
certain remedy, no matter how bad they are, or of
how lang standing. Cancers, ristnlos. Scald Head
Feller or Ring Worm tr any kind of a sore, are
healed and perfectly cured in an incredibly short
time. -
To the Ladies Ills Invaluable.
For sore niples, caked breasts, ague in the face,
Tooth or Ear Aehe,-or any pninpul eoree or swell
ings. It also removes daudriff from the head, in
vigorates the hair, and prevents it from falling out.
and givee a beautiful glossy softness to the hair that
ia not attained by any ether preparation.
-i-i For Horses and other Animals.
it has no eqnaj in healing Saddle or Coilar-Galle,
Scratches, Mange, sprains or Bruises and it ia an
infallible remedy for aplinte, epavine,or Ringbones
dissolving the large tumors, and reducing the swol
len or enlarged joints to their nalutai aire, and
healthy action. Pole Evil or Fistula, and Big
headcao now be cured; and the Mustang Linia
ment is the remedy that cau do it. If you or anv
of yonr family, or your favorite horse are afflicted
with any of the above disease, try one bottle it
omy eosis cents ana yon will never use any
otner remedy.
07nr eale, wholesale and retain, by S Buck
land A CO., of Fromont, and by other agents
in all the villiages and towns of this snd the sur
rounding connties. , , .
. Oct. 4. 1851.- ; - I - ' -
At the Old Corner!
HAS just received the largest and best se
lected Stock of Goods ever exhibited at
the Old Corner; which were purchased in Au
gust, with Cash, at a time when money was
worth 3 per cent a month in JNew York, and
Goods even sold at a Sacrifice of 25 per cent
by Importers snd Jobbers to rat's the windl
Thia Stock of Splendid Goods
ill be sold at a very. small commission from
FIRST COST, For ready pay.
The public is respectfully solicited to call
and examine goods and prices before purchas
ing elsewhere? :
Others may f Vte and BLOW, and adver
tise prices to their hearts content, the OLD
CORNER will undersell them at any rate.
All the Fashionable Stylet of Silk, Dress
and Fancy Goods can be found here as well
as a large Stock of Groceries, Hardware,
Dry Goods, Silks, Shawls, Ribbons, Bonnets,
Hats and Caps, Wall and Window Paper, Bor
dering, rtc. A large lot ot
School Books, Ink, Writing Paper,
in fact all articles to suit the wants of the com
munity. ' And all we ask is an opportunity to
show our Goods and Prices, to show an intel
ligent and discriminating public that this is the
place to buy your goods.
Cash psid for Wheat, Oats, Clovtrand Tim-
otly Seed, Sheep Pelts, Beeswax and Butter.
A. a. lAILUK.
Fremont, Sept. 8. 1851. -
Petroleum or Rock Oil.
THE most wonderful remedy ever discovered.
Procured from swell 400 feelbelow the earth's
surface. The above article can he had at Woos-
ters Drag Store, first door south of O. L. Niras.
IWEEDS'and Pittsburgh Iron at
ZEPHTR WORSTEDpatterns.Canvas, Board
aad Needles, et ' HTxs.
Greatest Excitement Ever in Fremont!
Pennsylvania Store!
,1 HIS Mammoth Establishment opened out
iu Fremont aome aix months ago, since which
time the moat tremendous and unparalleled excite
ment haa prevailed iu thia coanty that haa ever
been knuwn in the era of selling goods. Some of
the brags have become alarmed, and finding that
their small atorea could uot compete, have enlarg
ed their rooms, but iu vain others have about con
cluded to close their doors. While the proprietor
of the Pennsylvania store, actuated by that Philan
thropic spirit by which he is governed in all hie
dealings continues determined to keep up the ex
citement until every merchant and tape-cutter in
town falls into the ranks and savs he will take off
that sxhorbitant tariff which he has heretofore pot
npon his ooons, and sen tnem nereaiter at the low
prices ditctated hy the Pennsylvania store. Al
though thiaestnblisl.rneot has been so recently lo
cated in Fremont' it has alreacy become one of the
most famous and distinguished houses for cheap
ness and fairness in this section of the country.
Where is the man, woman or child who haa not
heard of Ziegler's Cheap Store? Railroad, politi
cal and every other excitement has given way to
the great commotion caused Dy tne unrivalled bar'
gains to oe nad ouiy nere. in view ot all these
facts, the undersigued has been to New 1 ork.
Philadelphia and iioston, for a large supply of Fall
and Winter Ireods, and sure lie haa got 'em.
Steamboats, vessels and railroads, all are loaded
down, every arrival, with New Coods for M. N.
100 cases Cloths, Cassimeres, Testings; 130 cases
Satinets, Jeans, Tweeds, dec.
In endless rariety, am one which are 200 piece of
scolch Ijinjihams, at from H to Xz cent; l.OUU
pieces of American Prints, 4 to 5 cents, a good
III nek Alpaca, for 25 cents; Lustres. Delaines, &c
a splendid assortment Shawls plain and fancy.
Ready-Made Clothing
No Slop-shop work! But such as is well made and
n good style. My assortment of
lisunequaled in this connty. I hnve a large sup
ply ef snpeiior articles, of which I warrant the
work to staHd, and pay all damages if it does not.
Iu this hyanch I hnvo Men and Boyr Boots and
Shoes; Wwmensa Missos and Children's Boots and
Shoes in great variety. If yoa wish to practice
economy in Soheing yourself and family come
aua uuy ol me. in
t am bound to undersell. 1 will sell 10 lbs best
Rio Coffee for $ I : Young Hvson Tea, 37J cents.
I make this declaration of feels, and am willing
to Demonstrate the matter on "the conuter. 1 intend
to keep it before the people, that I wage a success
ful war against High Prices. Come end my Goods
and yu will be able to detect the old huukerv sis
tern ol long yarns, long prices, and mixed up with
humbugging. I inlenp to give them lots of grape,
Fremont, Sept. 27. 1651.
Cheaper than ever
TTTOULD again say to his castomrrs and the
f V Public that he hsTs received his Fall and Win
ter stock of Goods, and although the raw material
of Wool and Cotton bore a high price during the
Dust rear:) et it is an incontrovmable fact that moil
all kinds of Gocds are cheaper in the eastern cities
nan tney perhaps have ever been heretofore, and
here fore will enabve ns to sell goods at
Uuparallelled Low Prices.
Slieatings one yard wide a fair article for 5 cents,
angthe best but a trifle higher. Do you want cot
ton varn, Sattinetts, Tweeds, Kentucky Jeans &c.
i will sell them to you at auch prices that will make
those quake who have already been driven to make
capital out of smoke houses; to them I would say
that the smoke house isthere, and the unforlvnate
man thus lamenting, must reconcile himself the
best way he can. .
A beautiful article of white sugar perfectly dry at
6i cents per pound. Strictly prime Coffee, and all
otner ainasol
at the towoat figure. Yon can find in Northern
Ohio 400 pieces Calicoee, mostly Merrimacks of
the most beautiful sly lea, and 150 pieces of different
such aa muslin de lains, plain and fancy Alpaccas,
Peaamentes, ranging from one shilling upwards.
A full assortmeut ef Long and Figured Shawls,
r lanneis, uieacned uooos, . ..
to be sold at corresponding price with wheat at 5e
cents per busbel. My stock of
ia complete, and will be sold very cheap- Gio-
ceries. Dye 8tuffs, Oils, Paints, Hardware Crockery
sole &. upper Leather, Iron, Nails ace will at all
times be kept on hand end eold cheap.
In conclusion I would say thatif you want to save
money, call aud see us, it costs nothing to examine.
Cash will be paid for all kiuds of produce.
Oct 10, 1851.
Oh! Dear, What Can the Matter Be?
And the Exeitementat at
Is Ten degrees above Fever Heat!
FHEIR ELEVEN ROD Establishment
iscrowded with Farmers from all parte of North
Western Ohio-The news has spiead on the 'Wings
of the Wind,' that Nime haa
And is bound to close this Ponderous Pile of over
200 Toils of the most Magnificent line of Goods
ever exhibited to the People of Sandusky county.
Believing, aa we do, that Wheat must rule at
low figures, and that our interest and that of the
Farmer are blended together aa one, we are going
to make a proposition to compromise the matter, so
aa to make one hand wash the other. We ask the
question, whether or not, all kinds of Iron for
heavy Wagons at
And real Agawin Nails at $3,50 a Barrel, are not
iu proportion to Wheat at 60 cents a bushel say
ing nothing about those 30 hogsheads of
Sugar, at 16 Pounds for One Dollar
I r turning over the next leaf, we find tha old Bay
.State has deposited with us over 100 Bales of Cot
ton Goods, and those yard wide Sheeting's at 6 pence
snd Heady-Made Dags at 23 cents, make those
fellows who have tried to J3t us in improvements,
look a little blue about the Gilli, and wish the Brick
never had been burned that are piled up in that
uptendid amoke house, erected at Nims' Ware
l.ouee door, rut iu your smoke, its uo use to try
to block the wheels of this old Regulator.
Aie with us, and understand who it ia that first
pi.tod the guns of this old combination. On the
aec md page you will fiud they have laid in a iarge
line of
including 50 piecea Muslin de Lanes at 1 1 1-2 cis;
a perect Mountain of Black & Figured Alapaeas,
raram ettas . oourgn tiuins, ropnns, nam Cav
Figured Prints at 6 pence, Shawls & Ribbons in
proportir n. Passing along down the counter about
Four Rol's, we fiud the
Reatly-AIade Ctothing k Shoe
Have oarta en of the spirit of 60 cents a bnshel 3l
judging from the rush down that way, the farmsre
must think s. ioo. vve cannot say now long inis
stock will last,, but pledge ourselves to keep well
posted up, until' this immense stock is closed, and
while some of oc r neighbors spend their evening
ia canvassing our expenses, and say we must fail,
another close dec.'ure they have made: over Ten
Thousand dollars th e past year, and have made up
their minds to sell ioods one whole year at New
York coat we do fit think they would be cheap
even then. Let th.em drive their tallest - team.
Head Quarters has thrown up a breast work that
never Kores.
The Rocks are li ere for all your Wheat, Corn,
Oats, Pork, &o.
Aead Quurters,
Oct. I. 1851.
PUBLIC fcTlONS . A choice loto
rper& Broths.r'a, justreceived at
ES have been received by the Ptoprietor of
ispt.. McALISTER'S
sSSS'v? MliJJT from Physicians
piSgi fjRY:5? the most skillful and ce-:'-"z
iEjfi?S5ifi lebrated, from Counsel-
t-r'-- Ts 1W--V.- lors learneu ln lne t-w ;
ESn, ijSaa?! from Judges of celebrity i
StetfS llVr fit5 on the Bench, from Min- I
I )tf -ggt "ters of the Gospel,
IJgjsjJj Ijf' AiW whosci undeviating in-"jSiKMsg-
'egrily have made thera
''&bi&iSj0p shining lights in the
KMPP5 path of Truth, from en-
lightened Piofoi-rs, from aoute Merchants, and
from those of every stati n, nsme and degree
among mankind all of which, without one d s
eenting objection, i ronounce this Ointment to be
As day by day it unobtrusively extends its
sphere of action along the borders of our vast coun
try, and is circulated throug-iout its extent, new
evidences of its power and new proofs of its effi
cacy are continually developed. Three millions
of Boxes, applied to disease within the last four
years, has established the astounding fact beyond
the power of cavil or contradiction, thai it is IN
FALLIBLE in the cure of all Tumors, Ulcers,
Sores, Burns, Tetter, Piles, Scrofuls, Erysipelas,
Chilblains, Scald Head, Sore Eyes, Quinsy, Croup,
Rheumatism, Broken Breast, Ague in the Face,
Corns, fee. It completely restores the INSEIS
SIBLE PERSPIRATION, and by this means opens
those avenues bv which Nature intended to expei
the morbid matter of the body thus the system
cleansed, the blood purified, snd tha health re
stored. , . -
It, has the power to cause all external bores.
Scrofulous Humors, Skin Diseases, and Poisonous
Wounds, to discharge their putrid matter, snd
then heal them. Ws are not ashamed of the
names of
All-Healing Ointment 1
Or ths
" World's Salve t
which a discerning public has applied to this
medicine; for there ia scarcely 'a"l
nal or internal, that it will not benefit. I have
used it for the last fourteen years for all diseases
of the Chest, Consumption, and Liver, involving
the utmost danger and responsibility, and I declare
before heaven sad man, that not in one single
case has it failed to benefit when the patient was
within the reach of mortal means.
Wholesale and retail at the Grand Depot, 141
FULTON ST., New York, and by all Druggists
throughout the United States. ,
J. McALISTER, Sole Proprietor,
141 Fulton St. N. Y.
19 Only Agents for Fremont
AGLET'S Gold Pens and Pencils for sale
cheap, at S. Bucelahd at Co's,
ROSE Hair Oil, Ox Marrow, -Bear's
Oil Maccassar Oil,
Bandoline Fixatrice, Philocomb,
Cream of Roses and Lilys,
Cologne,-Rose and Lavendar Water, &c., tc,
just received, at duckland s
Railroad Grocery.
CLOSE, would respectfully inform his old
has just returned from New York with a large and
well selected stock of Groceries, Tots, and Notions
which he now offers at grently reduced prices-
His stock consists in prt of coffee at 10 cts per lb.
Sugar at 6 cts, good Melasses at 3 shillings per gal
Tohareo at 25 cts, Rice at 5 cts. Codfish at 5 cts.
No 1 Mackerel at 8 cts. best Tea at 50 cts, Loaf,
crushed and powdered Sugar, layer Kaiaens, spurm
star and tallow candles, shot, lead and powder su
perior Salaratus, Pudding starch, extract of coffee,
pepper sauce, English curenls, pure liquors for
einkness, such as Pale and Dark Brandy, Cherry
Brandy, Cherry Bounce. Cherry Wine, old Irish
Whisky, Port, Malga and Maderia Wines, Gin
and Hum, and the greatest assortment of Ses-ars
over bronght in market, and a great variety of fruits
Prunes, Figs Ac. jar Pickles, Sardines, Nuts of all
kinds, Combs and Brushes, Gents & Lada'a Pins
it Rings, Fancv Boxes, Dolls, Hnrmonicans, Jews
Harps, Gun caps, marbles. Blacking, Hair Oils,
Purses, Walets, Port Monies, Toy Whips. Toy
Buresua aud Babies in crad'ea. Horses and Ridrs
Animals, Glass Deers and Bircs, Whistles & trum
pets. Masques, Toy Chairs, China Voces, India
Rubber Dolls and animals and a thousand other
things too numerous to mention, call and see for
yourselves; 1 have also lilted up my Saloon & cook
Room and am prepared to get up meals at the
shortest notice. Hot Coffee at all limes; and I have
also an agency from the Baltimore Oyster Com
panv which enables me to sell Oysters lower than
any other shop in town, and as low as they can be
had at Sandusky citv, please call one aod all
Fremont Sept- 20, 1850.
Office to let.
THE room in the Tyler Buildings over the
store recently oocupied by Topping Jk Wegs,
Aug 31,1851.
For the Toilet.
beautiful article of Rose water, Cologn, Bay
. water, Lavender do, xlairUil, ace. at
T) LEASE CALL and look at my assortment
j. ni trocaerv aud tilass-ware.
May 24, 1851. 3. T.MOSS.
"QEURY DAVIS' Pain Killer, a full supply just
I receive pat
IRAYER BOOKS and Church Service A
Splendid assortment.'from 31c to $3, at
CODFISH ofsuperiorqnality at
Haysxs Cheap Store.
BIBLES. A large lot of Family Bibles from
$ I 50 to $6. Also, Pocket, Clasp, Tuck, and
relyglottoiblesand lestamenUat
A LARGE quantity of Water Lime for sale
at the Grocery aud Provision store of
June '7 1851.
Singing Books!
NOW IS THE TIME for Singing, and
Bucklands' are prepared for it, and are offer
ing to those want:
The Mendlesoln Collection of Choice Music.
Carminia Sacra, Church Choir.
Psaltry, The Odeou.
Manhattan Collection, Alpine Glee Singer,
The Melodeon, 3 volumes; The Lute.
The Juvenile Singing School; Sabbath Schools'
Melodies; Missourie Harmoney, Ac. &c.
MT MO aa S B at
Buckland's Brick Block.
Oct 25, '51.
Prices of
R CARISTEE'S Galvanic Curatives.
Galvanic Belt, $3,00
Necklace U.IMI
Bracelets 1,00
Magnetic Fluid, 1,00
A large supply of the above articles just received
at Woostei 's Drug Store, first door south of Nims.
COLLARS, Gloves, Hose, Neck and Pocke
Handkerchiefs, at Hatres".
WARRANTY, Mortgage, and Quit Claim
-White, Macherel and Cod, for sale
29, '51,
Fremont, Nov.
Boxes SterlneCundles just receiv
ed at the
rremont, Nev. 2, '51.
For the Ladies!
It 19 hardly necessary to inform the La
dies of our slock of
as they know where they are, and what they are,
but we would just hint to them that we have en
larged our stock iu this line very much this Fall,
and we are sure they will bepleased to try our .
Pachuly, Amlre. Verrine, Jenny Lind, J'
Jockey Club, Muynnliu, Vanillin, Cream of Lillies,
Ox Morrow, Jules Ilunels EauLustrell, dec, for
they are certainly very nice. Then there is the
Fancy Goods on the other side :
Ladie's Ebony Boxes and Writing Desks',
Port Folio Paper Weights. Alabaster Jewel Boxea
and Ink Stands, Pearl, Shell, lvery and Velvet
Card Cases, and the finest Papeir Aachue Perte
Moniet you ever did see, and a thousand oilier ar
ticles too numerous to mention, which were bought
expressly for them. Just come and see them whe
ther vou waut to buy or not. We are never tired
showing nice gooda, and we want the good folks of
Fremontand vicinity to be posted up in these mat
ters. S. BUCKLAND & Co.
Fremont, Odtober 25th, 1851.
Used by Physicians of High Standing.
These BITTERS remove all morbid secretions.
purify the blood, give great tone and vigor to the
digestive organs, fortify the system against all fu
ture aiaease, can De laheu witn salety, at no time
debilitating the patient being gralelul to the most
delicate slomach, and remarkable lor their cheer
ing, invigorating, strengthening, and restorative
properties, and au invaluable and sure remeOy for
Bispepsia in its Worst Forms.
Also, Liver Complaints, Jaundice, Heirtburn,
Costiveness, Faintness, Disorders ol the skin. Liv
er, and Skin, Loss of appetite. Low Spirits Nerv
ous Headache, Giddiness, palpitation of the Heart,
Sinking and Fullness of Weieht at the Stomach.
and all other diseases caused by an impure state of
tne blood, liver, ect., which tend to debilitate and
weaken the eystem.
Who suffer from a morbid and unnatural eoudition
will find this Medicine of .
Inall cases of gckkral debility, thia Medicine
nave tested us emcacv, and thousands more are
now under treatment: and not one solitary case of
lauure nas yet Keen reported Vo'umes could be
filled with certificates of those who have been per
manentlv enred.
Call on the Agent and get a Pamphlet,
Containing the Certificates of Remarkable Cures.
and the high estimtitioii in which this medicine is
held by the Public Press can be had of the Agents
- ,C3"Price 50 Cents ter Bottle
Principal Office, 132 Ftltos St., N. Y. , up stairs.
For Sale by
Fremont Sept 18, 1851.
tpiIE SUBSCRIBERS have ju.t received
J the following-
to which they would call the attention of School
Ttnchtrp and Parents:
McGufTe) ' Ectoctic series of Readers, numbers
Is I, Vd, 3d, 4th and 5th.
Mnndf rill's series do., 1st, 2d, 3d. and 4th.
Willard's W. S-, large and abridged.
Rational Speaker.
The Student's Sneaker.
Ray's, Greenleaf's, Adams', Smith's. Dodd's
Euos' &, Stoddard'n Arithmetic.
Days, Davis', Ray's & Towor's Algebra.
Pineo's, Clark's, Rirkham's, Bullion's Smith's,
and Brown's Grammar.
Parker's, Conislock's, and Mrs. Phelps' Philos
ophy. Comstock's, and Mrs. Lincoln's Botany.
Cotnstock's Mineralogy, and Physiology, and
Natural History.
GreenleaPa Exercise in Composition.
Webster's unabridged, revised, University, and
School Dir-tionary.
Andrew's and Stoddard's Latin Readers, Gram
mars, and Exercises.
Views ofthe Microscopic World.
Elements of Meteorology.
Burnett's Astronomy.
German Spelters, mid Primmers.
German and English Grammars, and Dictionary
McGutTey's, Bonlly's Pictorial, and Elementary
Also a inrcre assortment of Miscellaneous, Med
icnl. Masu-ul, and Law Books.
Call and examine for voorselves.
No. 3, Buckland's New Block.
Oct. 25, 1851.
Plaster: Plaster!
a fT BARRELS Common, Witeh and Fine Gray
tJJ f laster, just received, and tor sale By
Fremont, October 1 9. 1850.
SUCCESSORS to C. T. Lonesireet At Co .con
liune to Manufacture Clothing, and are now
prepared with a stock thnt cannot be excelled in
the Uuiteri States, either in
Style, Manufacture, or Prices,
to which they would invite the attention of their
friends, nnd the patrons of the late concern, as well
as all wishing th purchase Clothing.
The reputation of the old concern is well known
all through the West,and it will be the endeavor
of the New to sustain it, for selling well-made and
fashionable garments at low prices.
It is the style and workmanship of the goods to
which they especially ask the exa nination of pur
chasers. Orders will be promptly and faithfully attended to.
New York, Aug. 1, 1851.
Ii. D Parker Surgeon Dentist,
T) ESPECTFULLY tenders professionalservices
XVto the citizens of Fremont and vicinttr. all ope'
rations relating to the preservation and beauty of
the natural teeth, or the insertion of artificial teeth,
on pivot, gele or silver plate, done in the neatest
manner He is in possession ofthe latest improve
ments now in nse, consequently he flatters himself
that he is prepared to render entire sutislacuon to
those who may desire hia aid io any branch ofthe
Lethean Ether administered, aud teeth extracted
without pain, if desired.
Office in Caldwell's Brick Building, over Dr
Rice's office.
Fremont Jan. 24, 1851.
Tootli Brushes.
A splendid assortment at
CARPENTERS can find Hand-saws, Draw
knives, steel Squares, try Squares, planeirons,
Nail Hammers, Hatchets. &c. ofthe bestqualityat
TOOTH Brushes, Hair Do. Hat do.ClothesDo
Welh and Consider,
DR. HALL'S BALSAM is no Paregoric
preparation, but a Medicine WHICH
MAKES C URES at home, where the
parties can be found ... " s t ,'
Tito Great Congh and Consnmptive
- - - Kemedy. "i
READER! have yoa
F - sCo
a Cough which you are
acting, under the
Tdea that it is 'only acorn
jtnoo cold, and thai it will
i!fnn' tVattsr itaulf
Let a friend tell you, in
all kindness, what will
soon bt the orobtfbi result.
In a short time, if you coiitinne to neglect your
self, yon will begin to feel a seuse ef tightness and.
oppression across the chest, accompanied with fre
quent sharp, darting pains. Then a dry backing
cough will set in, and when you raise anything it
will be a thick and yeatowish, or white frothy mat
ter, streaked, perhaps, with blood. If yoa still take
no medicine, these unpleasant, symptoms will in
crease, aud you will soon save a hectic fever, cold
chills, night swjats, copious expectoration, and
then great prostration. II you still neglect your
self, a few weeks or months will see yoa consigned
to the grave, leaving your friends to monrn how
rapidly consumption did its work, and harried you
away Friend, have yon no cause to be alarmed!
In the abov sketch, yoa may see, as in a glass,
how every case of Consumption progresses, with
more or less rapidity, to a fatal termination. Of
all the thousands and millions whom this great
Destroyer has gathered to tha tomb, every single
case began with a cold. If this hdd been attended
to, all might have been well; but being neglected,
under the fatal delusion that it would 'wear itself
off it transferred its deadly astion to tha substance
of the lunge, exciting there the formation ol tuber
cles. Another, and anothel cold added fuel to the
flame, until these tubercles began to soften and
supontrate, leaving by their ulceration, great cavi
ties in the lungs. At this crisis, the disease is very
dimcnlt to cure, and oftentimes sets at defiance all
human means.
In the latter or worst stage, this medicine will
ofteu times arrest the disease, or etieck its progress
aud will always make the patient more comfortable
and prolong his life, and it ia therefore worthy of a
trial; bat in its incipient or former periods. Con
sumption is as curable as any other disease, and
1K. t1AlL.'S oALoAitl tUil I tit LUlNUS,
if ukeo t-t this time, will cure it 0"AS SURELY
AS IT lb TAKEN Jj This is strong language,
but we can refer you to numberless living witness
es to prove that it is true; And thereto. e, we ear
nestly exhhrt every man, woman aud child, who
hus a rough, or is subject to cold, to keep thi
medicine by yon in the house, and whenever you
take cold, do nut 'Jet it atone to work mischief is
your system, but eradicate it thoroughly, aud at
once, by this powerfully healing compound, aud
leave your lungs uninjured, to carry yea iufull vigor
to a good old age!
Ulr'Reacl testimony of R. Milford, Esq.,one of
he uldut JHAaisTRATKS iu mis city;
Cincinnati, Dec. I, 1651
Messrs. O.R. Baker& Co Dear Sirs: Those
afflicted with diseane of the Langs, will fine Dr
Hall's Balsam fur the lungs a most Valuable
Medicine. 1 have been frequently attacked with
Diseases or th Lungs for the last five rears, and
Dr. Hal IV Buteam das always Brokk vf thi Dis
ease at owes, I feel that the public should know
the merits or Auch a remedy.
Residence on Plum, three doors above sixth st.
. - More Cincinnati Cures! ;
CtncinnaV, July 1st, 1851
Messrs O D Baker Sc. Co. Dear Sirs: 1 have
atways had objections to have my name in any way
attached to a patent medicine. But when I think
(as I mw have every reason to believe) it has sav
ed my life, I am induced by a sense of duty to those
afflicted as I have been, to make my case Known
and recommend your Ba'sal aa a medicine that can
be fully relied on. About a year since, I was at
trcked with Lung Fever, which left my lungs much
diseased; my cough was distressing, attended with
pain in mv left side. I had seen Wt star's Balsam
of Wild Cherry puffed up iu the papers, and I con
eluded to try it. 1 used bottle alter bottle, which
iu taste and in its operation resembled Paregoric,
soothing temporarily. My disease had by this time
become hrmly seated; 1 had cold night sweats, hec
tic fevers, swelling of the Limbs, Ac, showing
C-osfibmed Conschptioh ! I he remedies 1 obtain
ed from my Physician also failed giving me perma
nent relief or benefit. My Lungs now Ulcer ATM
ond i raised Lirgc quantities or Matter from
them. The Doctor told my friends that 1 must
die! My brother then got a bottle af Dr. Hall
Balsam for the Lungs and I commenced taking it.
At first it sickened me, but after taking morp, 1
fouud it went to the spot the Very Seat or M
Disease. 1 began to raise with more ease, and
could feel, daily, that my Lungs were Heating an
til bv the use of four bottles, 1 was restored to bet.
ter health than I had enjoyed for years. 1 believe
if I had used Dr Halt's Balsam when I was first
attacked it would have saved ma a vast deal of suf
fering. All I can say to others, is, try it, and 1
think you will be benefitted if your diseafe is on
your lungs. i ours respectfully,
Three doors above Fifth street on Vino.
The pnblic have been imposed upon by remedies
recommendek by certificates which have always
originated from some unknown source. We be
lieve that a Medicine possessing real merits will ef
fect enres wherever it is used, at home as well as
abroad. This is no Paregoric preparation, butone
which if need in season will save the lives of thou
sands; and persons may make this bargain with
Agents from whom they purchase, that is every
case where it is used freely according to directions,
and entire satisfaction is not given in 24 or 48 hours
they can return the medicine, and their Money
will be cheerfully refunded
For sale by,
Fremont Feb. 28, 1852.
HoteI,Boarding& PrlrateHouse keepers
TTTOULD do well to call at A. McNeil's Uohol
VV stry and examine his Mattrases, aa this is the
time to repair and clean house for Spring and Sum
mer. There is nothing in use that can compare
with a Good Curled Hair Mattrass,
which are sold at Buffalo prices: and his Straw
Mattrasses will be found more serviceable and con
venient for under beds, and cheaper in the long
run, then the old fashioned straw bed, aa they save
labor and trouble; also prevents dust, dirt, &o ,
which always arises from the use of straw bsds.
They are found in allcities to ba advantages and
are adapted. for general ase.
He ia also prepared to do all kinds of Upholstry
Work that comes in his line of business.
a. McNeil.
Sandusky city. May 17,1851-.
Corn Ac Cob Mill.
CORN in the Ear can be ground at the Croghan
BaHville Dec-28, 1859.
ANY quantity of good Hickory and Ash Wood
will be taken on subscription at the
Freeman Orriciv
LANK BOOK1, full bound Ledgers, Journals,
Dockets, Cash and Invoice boons, at
To Cabinet Makers.
GOLD LEAF fc Bronzes ofeverv desiriptioa
and colore, just received at WOOSTER'S.
m0 REAMS Blue and White Fools Cap Paper,
an excellent quality.
100 Reams blue and white letter paper.
40 Reams Flat Cap paper.
20 Reams assorted note paper.
A large lot of wrapping paper.
300 rolls wall mnar of 40 different stvlcs.
A vervfine lot of Window natter. Windowshades,
Fire board Prints, and plain and velvet border, for
sale very low ai -
October 25, '51.
Q tuart's Refined Su
11 r House Syr
UP, just the thing for Biwkwheat cakes, at the
Fremont, Nov. 29, '51. ' '
TtIlIFrS! MUFFS!-A good assortmen
XV J. at the ......
Fremont.Nov. 29, '51. , , - .
Bread without Yeast.
TJABBITSEfTuvesingCompoundfor Bread, T
U Cakes, os. at
Farms and Farming Lands
rrnHE SUBSCRIBER wUl sell the follow.
-M ing described Farhikg Lands on ths
most reasonable terms, both as to price sad
"'; n ?j L - H ;j i.H A I
r. Tp. Sec.; ; Y v- - - ,' ,
15 6 . 28 w ptneqr fraction 77
" S3 t pt se or - 72
' on the river l miles below Fremont
partly improved. , ' , " - ; "
17 seqrofseqr 40
SOswqrneqr w --40
1 . " e hit sir qr . v .c - - SO
' 32qrswqr - - . .-:,:.'. 0
15 4 1 about 30 acres mostlr irriDroveal.
on the turnpike one mile east of Frs
ment. 7 " "' y ' . ' ' -
.". 27 west blf south east quarter 80
. 36 north west quarter -- 1601
known as the Dana farm, about 69
acres improved, framed houss and
barn, and orchard. v ' " : y . - -
15 6 25 south west blf north west ar 80
" " " north hlf south west qr 80
16 6 19 west hlf south east qr 80
16 4 17 ' north hlf north east Quarter' 80
13 Dorth east fraction quarter " 151
14 5 21 west half north west ouar 80
" " north half north west quar , .. 49
6 31 south east qr north east qr 40
- SCOTT TOWNSHIP. : . , . t.t.
13 4 26
S 4 M
, " " 35
U M t
" 36
- 15
" " 14
south east qr north eastqr '40
east hlf south east qr 0
south east qr north east qr 40
east hlf south west quarter 80
north east qr north west qr , 40
sonth east qr north east qr ' 40
north east qr south east or V 40
13 6 10" west hlf south east quar 80
. . partly improved.
8 north west Quarter
east hlf south west qr
east hlf south east quar -east
quarter . ' ' .
south hlf north west qr
north east qr north west, qr
sourh hlf north ecst qr .
north west quarter '. :
north hlf south west qr ..
north hlf north east qr - '
north west qr north west qr
' 7
Sec Part. ' " "
21 north hlf n quar
. 80
? 69
" west hlf e quar ;
23 east pt south west qr
" yll east pt north west qr ' 80
" 3 north west qr south e qr 40
o soutn east qr a w qr .
6 south east quar
11 south hlf n w quar
north blf s w quar ,
14 north west quarter
. 23 a e quar s e quar
8 32 south part n e quar
35 south hlf s w quar
36 south west quarter.
31 south hf north eqr
-. west hf south e qr
7 ' 26 south west quarter
. 80
west hf south e qr
0 4 5 south half . . . .
" " 7 west half, frrction
- " 18 north west fraction f..,;
11 . 6 .13 whole fraction .. , . 1:, - .
" " 14 whole fraction ;..1.(tJ',
" V 24 north half f , -' . ..'
12 4 25 south hlf south east qr ..
U S Reserve s 15 undivided two thirds
west hlf south east quarter
U S Reserve s 15 undivided two thirds
south west quarter. , : .
S 80
; 78 .
; 1 north hlf south east qr .
" east hlf south west qa
10 east half north east qr
" west hlf south east qr
11 west hlf north west qr
12 west hlf north east qr -
5 north west qr frac ' , "
" west hlf north east qr frao
" north hlf south- west qr -6-
east hlf north west qr frao
"south eastqr
" south hlf south west qr , .
7 north hlf south west qr
" north west qr north west qr
Fremont, Not. 29th, 1851.
7. n. STEVEJYSOJV, -'1
WOULD inform the public that he has resumed
his business at hisold stand, on Croghan St.,
and having had the oportonity of seeing and getting
Allthe Latest Fashions from. East and West
and having bronght on an assortment of ths '
he ia prepared to furnish his old customers, andaa
many new ones as can crowd mto at ware rooms,
with the most splendid lot of
Mahogony, Rosewood and Blackwalnut
Of every kind from the Cradle to th Coffin. ,
As to prices, he is determined r' - ' V
He is hold to say that he can oftVr vou BETTER -BARGAINS
and BETTER WORK than too caa
get west of Buffalo; he hason hand, and ia making
All kinds of BEDSTEADS, , . -
on New and Improved Plans;
such as Lewis' Patent, Fowler's Patent, &c. , &c.
Uo not tail to give him a calU
IU" He has gotup agood Hearse, aod will attend
funerals ia town or country.
Fremont. Auaust 10. 1850. ' '
From the Laws and Regulations oOhe Post Offiea
Department. , . , t
Chapt. 7, Sec. 59. Whea the mail arrives on
Snday, he (the postmaster) will keep his office open
for one hour or more, if the publie convenience re
quire it, after tha arrival and assortment thereof,
unlessit be during the time of publio worship; is
which case he will keep the office open for one hoar
or more, if necessarv after the same has ceased." f
Tha above regulation will be observed at thia
office. I. M. KEELER P. M,.,
Post Office, Fremont Jan. 1851.
Varnish, Scrubbing, White-wash, Counter,
Blacking, Cloth, Hat, Hair, Tooth and Nail Brush,
es. at BUCKLAFDS',,
Oct. 25, '51. . - . .. i
'.: . mattbasess . ,. ,
OF everydescription, eiia and quality, kept con
stantly on hand, and manufactured to order.
Also, Lounges of every description, ihadeand fash
ion. A. McNElL.
Sandnskycity, May 17,1851. -
THE choicest Liquors and Winesfor Medicinal
and Mechanical parposesfor sale at ' - - -"
MONROE'S Tonic, a certain ears for Fever
and Ague for sale only at
S. Btjcixautj sk Co'i,
13 2
U ' 44
4 it
4t 44
. M
4 m
14 "
M " 94
4t M

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