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Fremont weekly freeman. [volume] (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, May 29, 1852, Image 3

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such election. - - I .-.
'-Set. 101. All officers elected or
appointed in any municipal corporation
shall take an oattr or affirmation to
f uppott the constitution of the) United
Slate", and the constitution of the state
!tf Ohio and also an oath or affirmation
of" office, and the trustees or council of
any municipal corporation, way require
from such officers as they may think
proper, a bond with proper penalty
and surety, tor me inuniu. Mir--... 6v
of the I'uties of their office; and such
trustees or council shall have power
to declare the office of any person
Doointedor elected ; to any office
ho shall fail to take the oath of
ffice or gire bond when required, for
ten days after he shall have been noti
fied .of his appointment on election
vacant, and proceed to appoint as in
other caes of vacancy,
IONS. , See. 102. All by-laws or ordinances
shall, as soon as may be after their pas-
' s.i ere. be recorded in a book kept for
that purpose, and be authenticated by
the signatures of tne presiding officer of
ihe council, and the clerk, and all by
laws of a general or permanent nature,
fnd those imposing aBy fine, penalty or
forfeiture, shall be published in some
newspaper of general circulation in the
municipal corporation 5 and it shall be
deemed a sufficient defence to any suit
5 or prosecution for such fine, penalty or
forfeiture, to show that no such publica
tion was made. ' " i
Sec 108. On.tbepassage or adoption!
rf every by-law or ordinance, and every
resolution or order to enter into con
tract, by any council of any municipal
.corporation, the yeas and nays, shall be
'.-called and recorded ; and to pass or a
dopt by-law or ordinance, or any such
resolution or order, a concurrence of a
majority of the whole number of mem
bers elected to the council shall be re
quired; all appointments of officers by
any council shall be made . viva voce,
and the concurrence -of a like majority
'shall bo required ; the names of those
voting, and for whom they TOted on the
vote resulting in an appointment shall
be recorded. No money shall be . ap- j
propriated by the council except by or
dinance.. .
Sec. 104. No street or highway shall
be oDened. stritrhtened or widened, nor
shall any other improvements be made,
which will require proceedings to con
demn private property, witnout tne con
eurrence in the br-lawa, ordinance or
.resolution directing the same, of two-
thirda of the whole number ot memnera
-selected to the council; and the concur
rence of a like majority shall be requir
-ed to direct any improvement or repair
f a street or highway, the cost of which
ia to be assessed on the owners of prop
erty, unless two-thirds of the et to
ba charged shall, petition in writing
therefor. . . , :
See. 105. In aU cities ef the first
class., where there shall be a board of
city improvements, no improvements or
repair in relation to streets, sewers, or
, bridges shall be ordered or directed by
-the city council, eieept on the report
-and recommendation of of the said board
-all petitions from owners of property in
'relation to such improvements, shall bej
.presented to such board, who shall re-
.port from time to time, to the city ooua
cil, when any such improvement, is nec
ssary or proper, and when an assess
ment is required, and the proper, a
TOount to be assessed ; -and the city
-council shall take such action thereon
as mm be deemed nroDer. '
4 . -r- r . . . .. ,
r. .Sec. 106. All rights and property, of j
every kind and description, which were
'vested in any municipal corporation un
der its former organisation, shall be
deemed and held to be vested in the
time municipal corporation tinder the
organization made by this act; and no
u-ighte-or liabilities, -either -in favor of or
gmnstuch -corporation, existing at the
lime -of -taking -effect of this act, and no
suit or yrosecu ban of any kind, shall be
an any -manner affected by -such Change.
'"-but the -same -shall stand or progress as
if nosach change bad been made; Pro-
"vided, that where a diBerenl remedv is
given in this act, -which -can be proper
ty made applicable -to any rights -existing
at the -time of its passage, the same
ahull be deemed cumulative to the rem-
-cdies before provided, and may be used
accordingly. - " ---- -----
- Sea 107. Any -municipal corporation,
. which, under its former organization,
held or exercised any power or duty, in
'-ordering or directing the election ot jus
tices ef the peace, constables, or other
township officers, snail ooatinue to bold
l-and exercise such power and duty, un
, til otherwise provided for by law.
'Sec. 10&. Any municipal corporation
I in whiab, under its former organization,
-any law or charter regelating any liters
ry, charitable or benevolent institution,
r vested any power appointingofficers of
. wopervision or control, shall continue to
bold and possess the like power and a-
thority in every respect '
Sea 109. That the mayor, trustees,
. marshal, tressuer and all officers hereto
fore elected by the people, or appoint
ed by any municipal corporation, now
in office, shall remain and continue in
' their respective offices, and perform the
several duties thereof, under the provis
ions of this act, until the time shall ex
pire for which they shall have been e
lected or appointed, and until their suc-
sessors shall be chosen or appointed and
qualified, unless the council of such cor
poration shall'otherwise provide; but all
such officers shall notwithstanding any
.instruction in this act, be subject to
such rules and regulations touching their
-duties -or compensation, as the proper
authority of any municipal corporation
may provide ; and all laws, ordinances
'and resolutions heretofore lawfully pass
sed and adopted by the city council,
shall be. remain, and continue in force,
until altered or repealed by the city
council established by this act; and I1
special acts in relation to any municipal
corporation, repealed by the first section
of this act, shall, notwithstanding, so far
as Ihe same effects the particular po
lice regulations, or local affairs of any
municipal corporation, in matters notin
eonsistent with this act, be and remain
in force as by-laws and ordinances of
the particular municipal corporation,
until altered or repealed by the proper
authority thereof.
See. 110. That section seventy-one
of the act entitled an act for the assess-
' ment and taxation of all property in
this State, and for levying taxes thereon
according to its true value in money,!
passed April 13, 1852, be and the same
Sec. 111. This act shall take effect
from and after the fifteenth day of May
best. .
' Speaker House JieprcsntaXives.
President of the St not, pro tern
Way 3, 1852.
AunrroR's Office, -
Sandusky county, O. "J
; I certify that the foregoing laws, are truly
copied from those furnished this office by the
Secretary of State.
County Auditor.
J.S.FOtTKE Editor.
29, 1852.
Two Weeks More,
And we shall have completed the publica
tion of the laws, a consummation most devout
ly wished for.; If any one thing, more than
another, shows the incapacity and stupidity of
ihe shallow pated majority of the late Loco-
foco Legislature, it is the laws psssed by that
body. For instance, look at the law published
in to-day's paper. It has 110 sections, and
makes sevneteen columns. If there is a school
boy above the age of 15 years, who cannot
condense the law alluded to, in less than half
the space, and at the same time, have it more
concise and intelligible, he ought to be expell
ed from school, and as a more severe punish
ment, put to the printing business, and be
compelled to set up the laws. The laws, like
the speeches of many of the members, are no
thing but words, words, interminable word
. " The National Conrentlon,
. Of the Locofoco party, convenes at Balti
more, on next Tuesday, the 1st day of June.
Gen. Csss will have the largest vote on the
first ballot, but the two-third rule may defeat
his nomination, but that is not at all certain.
We think his chances are the best, Douglass
next But all is uncertainty. Look out for
rich times. ' -
: S3T The attention of our readers is re
spectfully directed to an advertisement in an
other patt of the Freeman, headed "A farm
for Sale.' This is one of the most desirable
farms we know of, and cannot remain for sale
a great while.. . . '
- j '
, Shrenk's Grocery has been removed into the
new building, opposite Pease fc Robert's tin
shop, where he is prepared to accommodate
his old, and as many new customers, as may
favor him with their patronage. -
Wheat p-eTbnshel. ........
Fleurperbarret. - .-
Corn per buahel- ........
. Oats per bashel .............
' Butter perpound- ........ ...
Eggs per dote..-.
Cbeeae per pound. .....
Lard per pound...
Salt per barrell.
Hides per pound....
Flax aeed per bushel ....... .
Timothy aeed per bu
Clever seed per bu ........ ..
.. 60n65
......3 50
- i 3o
... .... 10
......1 18
4 a 8
...... 1 25
4 25
' Fork per barrell , 12 00
Hams smoked perpound.
Beans per bushel
., Potatoes perbushet.... .... .
Onions per bushel
Apples gre-an.... ..
Apples dried....
Beeswax per pound...
. Tallow per pound....
Staves Pipes per M. ........
' Hhdper M. ........
" Bbl perM
Blackwainut Lumberper M.
....1 25
I 00
....9a 12
' Uj WISTAR'S Balsomof Wild Cherry im
parts new-vigor to vital action, aud relieves the
system by opening the pours of Ihe skin, and pro
moting the secretion of mucous matter. Its action
is sufaorific, sedative and expectorant, by opening
the pores, allaying- irritation, and by rendering the
expulsion of mucous matter easy.
. These who take the Balsam will feel immediate
relief from the distressing irretations that accom
pany aiFections of the respiratory organs. The pores
have been closed, the Balsam opens them. The
Luns suffer from irritation, the irritation is sooth
ed; the pulse is violent mid feverish, they are sof
tened, and the mucous membrane is relieved of its
ngoreement with rapidity and ease. AH by the
He of this delightful remedy.
. See advertisement in another column.
Clres Universal Satisfaction. "
.... , ; , Victor, N..T. Jan., 22, 1851.
W. B. Sloan, Esq. Sir. Tout Agent. Mr.
Morehouse left with oe some ol your valuable med
icines; and we have already disposed of the Oint
ment for Horses, and it has given universal Satis
faction. Please forward na by railroad to this
place some efthe Ointment, as we are very much
in need of it. Yours respectfully,
See 'Sloans Complete Farrier and Cattle
For choosing, breeding, rearing, and general
management; together with acenrate descriptions,
causes, peculiar symptoms, and the most approved
method of caring all diseases to which horses and
cattle are subject.
CTSee Agents' names at l lie loot ot oioan's
Column. For further particular and testimouals,
get Pamphlet! of agents.
InBallville. on the 22n dav of MaV. 1832. bv
John Moore, Esq., Mr, Elijah McColiister to Miss
Edny Ann Hill.
By the same, on the 23d dny of May, Mr. Ceeley
Anderson, to Miss Margaret Manlet.
By the same on the 26th day of May, Mr. Benja
min r . Howe to Miss Susan Spade.
A Farm for Sale,
IT CONTAINS 1 14 sores, (nearly.) Ia on the
Western Reserve and Maumee Turnpike, about
two miles west of Fremont: bounded on the north.
by said Turnpike, and the south, by the State-Road
from Fremont to Rollersville.
There are two Improvements on said farm in
all about 25 acres. Two dwelling houses, and
three wells of excellent water. The soil now un
der cultivation ia fertile, and productive; the bal
ance heavily timbered (never having been culled)
with Oak, Hickory, Ash, 3- ate. ,
It would make two convenient small farms,
and if ao desired, will be sold in seperate tracts.
Also Two In Lots (W oa 858, and d4i; in fre-
Also A. House and Lot in Rollersville.
Either of the above described Lots, or land, Will
be sold on accommodating terms.
lew L.1BD VViBRKBTS yet for sale.
Muskalonge, May 29, 1852.
EFTifTm Advertiser espy two. months and send
a bill to this office.
Tooth Brushes.
A splendid assortment at
Sew store in fhemost.
Great Exhibition.
West of New York, has jnst been opened in
Fremont, one door south of Pease & Aobberta'
Tiu Shop.
THE SUBSCRIBER, believing that a large
and well conducted Dry Goods Store, waa much
needed in this place, has just opened
of Goods, purchased in New York with CAStf,
wnich he now respectfully invites the citizens of
Sauduiky, and the adjoining counties, to call ana
examine. The attention of the Ladiks is especial
ly directed to his great variety of
Magnificent Dress Goods !
Dims, fauns, rarta oe vrape, our vjrronnuiiit-.
Silk Albanies. new style printed Berage, Chenl
Berage, a large lot of French, English and Ameri
can Lawns, superior to anything in the market.
Bafage de Lainea of the newest styles and most de
sirable patterns. A superior assortment of French
and other Ginghams the most beautiful patterns.
Mohairs, Poplins, plain figured and changeable
Alpaccas.-alao, superior Black Silk Lustres Alpaccas
A large and general assortment of
Crane. Beraire. Tibbet, Stradilla, and Silk
Shawla, splendid patterns, and the ladiea cannot
fail to be suited.
The gentlemen will find a good assortment of
Broad-cloths, Caisimeres, Saltinets, Jeans,
&c, of the finest quality, which will be sold cheap.
Coals, Pants, Vests, of every variety, from the
lineal broad-cloth to the cheapest fabiic, which can
and will be sold cheaper than ean be afforded in any
other atore any where.
in great variety, from the best to the most common
quality warranted will made and will be sold
low. A fins article of Shoea for the Ladies, of the
best and latest patterns. Call and ee.
A large variety of Swiss Muslinr and Jackonets,
French worked goods. Bonnet Ribbons, Parasols,
Gloves, flaiaerv. Embroidered Swiss, Calicoes,
Chintz, Muslin," Bed ticks, Flanuels, &c. , &c of
all descriptions.
Coffee, Sugars, Teas, Spice, Pepper, Melasses,
Tobaccos, and nearly every article in that line of
the best qualitiea.
As above remarked, all my goods are new, and
will be sold at ode rRicx. So give us a call. Per
formance every day except Sundays. Door open at
half past 5 A. M. Performance to begin at 6. Ad
mission free, children half price. No posiponement
on account of the weather. Never was there such
an opportunity simta the daa of Soloman to gratify
Ihe eyes and mind with ao little expense.
' As for prices, "there's no use talking." We sell
so low we aae afraid folks may think we steal our
goods! But don't be afraid, friends come all, and
yon shall see what you shall see. Give us a call,
and we will suit you to any thing in our line.
Fremont, May 18. 1852 ly.
O Be snre to recollect the place, one door soulh
of Pease & Robberts' Tin Shop.
New Firm and New Goods!
EISENHOUR & COLES having purchased
A. B. Taylor's
Stock of Goods,
and removed them into the store lately fitted up
intbe Knapp'uilu;, are na jv receiving a large
assortment of
from New York, which will be sold at a vary email
advance above first cost, for Cash, or Country
Produce. Our slock consists or a
large assortment of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockeiy, Hardware,
Ready-made Clothing, Boors & Shoes'
Hats and Caps, &c.
Also, the Latest and most Fashionable Styles of
Bonnets, Ribbony, Silk Laces, Cambric and Swisa
Edginga and Insertings, Gloves, Mits, &c, &c.
The public are particularly invited to call and
examine onr Goods and Pricea before purchasing
elsewhere. We can assnre them that we will not
be undersold by any other store iu Town.
By strict attention to business. and tmall profits,
we hope to merit and receive a share of public
Fre nont. May 22. 185'.r-3m
la Chancery.
Court common preas, Sandusky county, Ohio,
Frederick S. Shatter
Thomae Pinkerton.
BT virtue of a decretal order to me directed and
issued from the court of common pleas of San
dusky county Ohio, I eha'l offer at public sale, at
the door of the court house in Fremont, in said
county, on the 26lh dayof June next, between the
hours of ten o clock A ul and lour o'ciock r Ai,
the following lands and tenemeuts, to wit:
lu-i.ot JNo. 21, in UeDoerung's addition to ine
town of Lower Saiidusky, Sandusky county, Ohio.
ljevied on and taken as the property or 1 nomas
Pinkerton to satisfy an execution in favor of Fred
erick S. ShafiVr.
Special Masterin Chancery.
Fremont, May 22, lb53. 5w
- - Notice iu Chancery.
Sandusky County, State of Ohio, Court of Com
mon Pleas.
Nancy Mackling
Peter Bnriroon.
Hannah Coperider In Chancery.
Peter Coperider
and others
TASON CANFIELD, and Sarah Canfield his
j wife, jacoo mackling, ooioman isomoou, ana
Eliza Dombolt his wife, and John Mackling of the
State ef Indiana; together with the unknown heirs
ot Jonn HlacRling, late 01 oanausay county, De
ceased, are hereby notified, that the complainant
above named, Nancy Mackling on the loth day
may, A. D. 1852, filed in the Court of Common
Pleaaof the said county of Sandusky, a Bill in
Chancery, setting forth That said John Mackling,
inhis life time, Boid and delivered all his real and
personal property to hiB sun John Mackling, Jr.,
subject to thepaymentol the debts ot the said Jonn
That the payment of said debts and the convey
ance of said real property was not nntirely com
pleted at the death of of said John Mackling, J.,
that he died bequeathing his real property, iu part,
to said complainant absolutely, and the remain
der thereof to her if she should survive the said
John Mackling. That afterwards said John Mack
ling died intestate, and said Peter Burgoon was
appointed and qualified to administer on his estate,
that he as such administrator under the order of
the court of Common Pleas of said coonty of San
dusky, sold a portion of the real estate bequeathed
as aforeaaid, to pay the deble of the said -John
Mackling'e estate, that said Burgoon has fully ad
ministered upon said estate and filed his accounts
for final settlement thereof, showing a balance of
money arising from the sale of said lands or real
estate, in his hsnds which he refuses to pay the
The object and prayer of said Bill is, that the
rights of the said Nancy Mackling in the premises
may be protected and enforced and that said Bur
goon may be decreed to pay the balance of said
inoneyin his hands as aforessid to her the said
complainant, aud for gsneral relief;
And the above named defendants being non resi
dents of the Stale of Ohio, add said unknown heirs
of said John Mackling deceased, are hereby fur
ther notified that unless they appear in said Court
and plead answer or demur to ssid Bill within sixty
daveafterthe next term thereof: the said com
plainant Nancy Machling, at the term thereof
neat after the expiration oi aaia sixiiy na s win ap
ply thereto to take the matters in said Bill as con
fessed and to decree therson accordingly.
Buckland & Everett
Solicitors for Complainant
May 18, 1857.
Sale of Real Estate by Order Of
ON the 26th day or June, A. D. 1852, at one
o'clock in the afternoon, at the door of the
court house, in Fremont Sandusky county Ohio,
Will be sold to the highest bidder, the following
real estate as the property of Jonas Gibbs deceased,
to wit: The north east quarter of the north east
quarter of section No. 19, township No. 5, north of
Range 'So. 17 containing 40 acrea.
Tkhms or Silk. One third iu hand, the bal
ance in one and two years.
Adm'r of Jonas Gibbs, dec.
May 8, 1S52.
New Goods!
The Balville Store Ahead.
Great Commotion at the Old Store
J 3 NOW RECEIVING) and opening one of the
largest and most complete assortment of
Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps, Ready-made Clothiug, &c. &c.
ever before olferep in the Western market.
A Tremendous Pile of Goods !
for men's wear, such as Cloths, Castmeres. Sat
tinetta. Jeans, Tweeds Drillings, tieiiiios. Mar
iner's stripe, fec. Hist stock of
is nneqnaled by any in the western world, con
sisting in part of Calicoes, Poplins, De Laines,
Borages, Berage De Laines, Jaconets, Victoria
Lawns, Btahip Lawns, Plain and Doited Swiss,
and Book Muslins, &c. , all of the latest and most
beautiful styles, and cheaper than can be afforded
at any other establishment in towu. Any quantity
Bonnets, Ribbons, Parasols, Cbenp Summer
Shawls Cotton, Linen, Mull Edgings aud Insert
ings, Linen Tape, and Bobbin, Gloves, Hoisery,
Drapery, Muslins. Counterpanes, Musquito bars,
and in fact every thing kept in any establishment
of the kind iu the western country.
Those wishing any thing in the above line will
do well to call and examine my
chasing elsewhere, as I am bound to sell goods at
least twenty per eent cheaper than any other ef tab
Mshinent this side of the city of New York. Now
is the time. Call, and you shall receive goods at
your own price. Tobacco of the best quality at
your own price. Tobacco of the best quality at
Q5c, Sugar at 6c -which I will warrant to ve a
better article than yon will find nt any store in
town for the same money. A few cart loads of that
Good Old Four Shilling Tea!
warranted to suit the taste of the most fastidious.
Coffee, Spice, Pepper, , Ginger, Saleratus,
Nutmegs, Cloves, &., &c.
Give us a call at the Ballville Store, opposite
Deal's new tavern, and satisfy yourselves as to the
quality and cheapness of our goods, and please
bear in mind that Moss's ia the place to aet your
money back. J. T. MOSS.
Fremont, May 14, 1852.
A Handsome Foot
IT IS ADMITTED THAT a well-shaped and
Irandsome Foot is a most desirable leg-end to set
off to advantage the personal appearance of either
a lady or gentleman, but all are aware that a
handsome foot, if uot encased in a neat Shoe or
Boot, is a most melancholly sight to the behol der.
and none understand this fact better than the la
dies. To meet Ihe wants of his customers, th
sabscriber has just returned from New York with
a large and well selected stock of
Boots Shoes ,
which he invites the citizens of Sanduskv. and ad
joining counties, oo call aud examine. His stock
consists, in part of
GentUmens fine French and American CaJf
Boots. Kips and Cowhides, Broiran's of all kinds.
Also, an excellent variety of Pomps, Walking
Gaiters, fancy Congress Gaiters, Prunella Gaiters,
Taylor ties: together with Morocco, Seal &. calf
fcljppere and rumps.
Will find a very fine assortment of Shoes and Slip
pers broutjnt on especially for them. French kid
slippers, Jenny Linda, Excelsiors, fine Prunella
gaiters, buskins and slippers, besides a large and
nne assortment ot shoes tor every day wear.
Children's Shoes and Gaiters, any quantity.
India Rubber Shoes and Boots. The subscriber
will also manufacture to order, all kinds of Boots
and Shoes for gentlemen and Ladies wear. Ex
perienced workmen constantly employed.
Country manufacturers and dealers wilHind at
my establishment all kinds of
used in the trade. French and American calfskins.
Seal skins, Morocco, Patent leather, Enameled
leather. Sheep skins, Lasts, Pegs, Needles, Bris
tles, &c, &c. All mv articles are warranted.
J respectfully invite the ladies and gentlemen
of ban dusky to call and examine for themselves
Fremont, May 13th, 1852.
Petition for Partition.
The State of Ohio, Sandusky county. Court of
Comtnou Pleas,
Oscar Ferguson,
vs i
Elizabeth A Bell
Emily Foriruson,
Caroline Manahan & )
Samuel Manahan. J
ELIZABETH A. BELL, Emily Ferguson,
Caraline Manahan and Samuel Manahan,
will take notioe that it petition was filed against
them on the 30th day of April, 185 3, in the Court
of Common Pleas, of Sandusky county, by Oscar
r oreuson, and is now peudint?, wherein the said
Oscar Forgo so ii demands partition of the foilowiug
real estate, to wit: 1 he east part or the south-east
quarter of fractional section twenty five, township
number six, north ot range sixteen, in Sandusky
county, Ohio, containing one hundred and two,
and twelve hundredths acres; and the northeast
quarter of the south east quarter of section thirty-
five, township number six, north of range ilfteen,
in Sandcsky county, Ohio, containing forty acres:
and the east part of the south east quarter of frac
tional section thirty-five, township number six,
north of range sixteen, in Sandusky county, Ohio,
containing seventy-four and forty-three hundredths
acres; and the lot number muety-niae oi the north
part of the east half of the north east quarter of
seetlen number thirty-one, townhip six, bandus
ky county, Ohio, and containing thirty-five and sixty-three
hundredths acres. And that at the next
term of said court application will be made by the
said Ocar Forguaon for an Order that partition may
be made of said premises.
G. W. GLICfc, His Alt'y.
Fremont, April 29, 1851 6w
Second Arrival
Of Spring and Summer
At the United States Clothing Store I
THE SUBSCRIBER has this day received an
other Large Stock of Spring and Slimmer
Clothing-, which mnkes his stock the largest and
best ever brought to this place. And 1 am deter
mined to sell the same as low as can he bought any
other place in the United States. The public are
requested to Call and ezamiile for themselves. Dont
forget the place-, nest door to J; T. Moss' store,
and opposite Deal's New Tavern.
Fremont, May 8th, 1352.
Sale of Real Estate by Order of
On the 26th day of Jnne, A. D. IT52, at one
o'clock P. M., at the door of the court hodse,
in the town of Fremont, Sandusky county, Ohio,
will be sold to the highest bidder, tha following
real estate as the proprety of Franklin Williams
decessed.to wit: One equal undivided fourth part
of out lota No. 42 and 45, and on equal Undivided
third part of out lot No. 43, according to the naw
numbering, in thetown of Freraout Sandusky coun
ty Ohio, subject to the dower of the widow.
Txnvs or Site One third in hand and the
balance in one aud two years;
Adm'r of Franklin Williams, deo.
May 8, 1852.
In Chancerv.
Court of Common Please audusky county Ohio
Btirllett Muddlebnuk,
David Luthia et al.
BY virtue of a decretal order issued out of the
court of common pleas of Sandusky county,
Oliio to ine directed and delivered 1 shall offer at
public sale at the door of the court house iu Fre
mont, in said county, on the 2Gth day of June,
A. D. IrtoJ, between tha hours prescribed by law,
the following lands and tenements, to wit:
In lots No 7, and 46 in Pratts addition to the
towu of Woodville Sandusky county Ohio.
Levied on and taken as the property of Uavid
Luthi to satisfy an eqecution iu frvor of Bartlett
Special Master in Chancery.
May 33. '5J. Sw
Petition to Sell Land. ,
Probate Court ia Sandusky Couuty, Ohio.
John 8hupp, Adm'r of
Geofgo Kuppt Dec . )
Catharine Rupp and ) " " - -
George Rupp $
mtl said Cathnrine Huno and George Rttpp
I are hereby notified, thnt the said administrator
on the the bth day of May, A. J J. hlrd his
petition in the Probate Court of Sandut-ky county.
Ohio, the object and prayer of which is to obtain
an order of said court for the sal 0 of the foilowiug
real estate, (of which said George HUpp deceased,
died seized to wit:
The north west quarter of section No. twenty
four, 24 iu township four, 4 J north of range
fourteen, containing eighty acrea of land, in the
District of lands subject to sale at Bucyrus, Ohio.
and in the said county of Sandutky.
Said petition sets forth that said Catharine Hupp,
isirlniw nf snail) Hr-.il.ii f taraa ..ntilln.l In Anntmm aaa
ihm lurid tafnrpgaid. Hint nn nr fthnist tht mmlranti rlxV '
of July, A. D. 1851, she released and convened all
her right, title and iuterest therein by deed, to said
John Shnpp, in trust, for the payment of the debts
due from said decedent's estate, aud prays that
said laud may be sold, unincumbered by said dow-
And ths said defendants are further notified,
that by the order of the Hon. John Bell, Judge
of said Court of Probate, the said petition will be
heard at his office in Fremont, in said county, on
the twelfth day of June, A. D. 185 J, at which time
Mid place, said defendants are notified to appear, or
iu default, the matters charged in against theom in
said petition w;IJ be takpn as rrnrsaed.
By Buckland & Everett, his Sol.
May 8, 1852.
Sale of Ileal Estate by order of
Court.. .
ON the 12th day of June next. 1652 at 3 oclock
P. M. at the door of the conrt house iu Fre
mont, Sandusky countv Ohio, will be sold to the
highest bidder, Ihe following reel estate as the
property of Elon G. Ames deceased, to wit:
beginning at a stales being theft, r,, corner or
the lot formerly belonging to John L Oillelan and
running h. 161 dee., 10 perches, thence a. 731
deg., E. 5 perches, (hence N. 1 6 J dee., E. 10 per
ches, thence N. 73& deg W, 5 perches te the
pluca of beginning, lying south of the United States
road and being the store lot deeded to Fredrick
Vanderconk by Edwin N. Cook, containing five
sixths 15-6 of an acre of land. Also a piece or
parcel ot land deeded to said V undercook by smd
Edwin N. Cook described and bounded at follows.
commencing at the United States Turnpike at the
east corner of a lot seeded by James ItiiiiimII to J.
Li. Uillelan, and running south west tba leet and
4 feet wide, containing 2 rods, and 96 feet adjoin
ing and lying west of the above described store lot.
be the same more or less, also a piece or parcel of
laud described as follows: Beginning at a stnke on
the north side ef the Western Reserve and Mau
mee Ruad, being the S. W. corner of a piece er
parcel of land deeded to Asa G. Ferry by Ambrose
Ldward, Joseph and Robert Clapp, running tnence
N. 7 rods and 5 inches to a stake, thence E. 174
deg., S. 5 rods, thence S. 15ft deg., E. 7 rods and
13 feet, thence W. 17ft deg., N. 7 rods to the place
of beginning, coutaing one quarter of an acre of
land, anhjeot to dower
Terms of sale one third cash in hand, oa
third in sixmontha and one third in one yeart with
interest from the day of sale.
May 8, 185J-
Sale of Real Estate by . order of
Court of Common Pleas Sandusky county, O.
Petition to (ell Lands.
Abram Hamilton
Administrator of
Benjamin Clemens dec
James Clemens & others.
VN the twelfth day of June next, (1652 at 2
vyo'clock r. al. at the door of tne court house,
in ihe town of Fremont Sandusky county Ohio,
will be sold to the highest bidder, the following
real estate as the property of Benjamin Clemens
deceased, to wit: The north west quarter of the
north east quarter of section number five, (5) in
township number five. 5 north of range seventeen,
in Sandusky county and state of Ohio, containing
forty acres of land, subject to the dower of the wid
ov. Terms of Sale. . One-third, cash in hand, one
third in one year, and the residue in eighteen
months from the day of sale, with interest, secured
by mortgage on the premises.
Adm'r of Benjamin Clemens, dec
May 6, 1851.
Toledo, Xnrwalk & Cleveland Itail
Hoad Company.
AT a meeting of the Directors of the Toledo,
Norwalk & Cleveland Rail Road Company,
held at their office of Norwalk Dec, 12, 1850. It
was resolved, that the suma subscribed to the cap
ital stock of this Company to be expended on the
Western Section of the Road, lying between Fre
mont and Toledo, be paid into the Treasury of this
Company at this office, in enatalmenta of ten per
cent, every sixty days from this data; and that no
tice be published of said call in some paper at r re
montor loledo, or both, for the period of thirty
days, prior to the date of payments of the same.
police is therelore hereby given that an instal
entof ten per cent, on the Capital Stock of the
Toledo, Norwelk &, Cleveland Rail Road Com
pany-, subscribed to be expended on the Western
Section of said Road, is rediiired to be paid to the
Treasurer on or before the 10th dayof Febiuary
IBdii ana a lurmer instalment of ten per cent
every sixty daysthereafler-until the full amounlii
paid. W. F. KITTR'-DGE. Secy;
utnceoi i . . & tJ. K. K. uom'y.
Norwalk Dec, 16, 1850. (
AXE Thousand Live Chickens wanted toimedi-
v ately by the subscriber Itving in Fremont, for
wmch the hignestprice tn Cash will be pein.
Fremont, Feb. 21, 1852.
rjillE Board of School Examiners For San---
diisky Coilnty, will meet on Saturday
March 20th, at 1 o'clock P. M. in the West
room of the Stone school house In Fremont,
for the examination of Teachers-, the ses
sions will continue on eight successive Satur
days, at the hOUr and place above specified'.
Jf . S. Y tilTE, Clerk.
March 8, 1852.
YOUNG Hyson Tea ofsoperiorqualilVat
"1ASH paidfdrLand Varrants,at
UciD QoiRTtrl.
Dissolution TVotie
NOTICE is hereby given that the co-partnership
heretofore ekisting under tha name of Leib
& Kelly, in the mercantile bUsiuesi, is this day dis
solved by mutual consent.
tt.iiuiic; Lt.lU,
Travis kellv.
Ell more, bttawa county O. April 26th, ld&i.
N. B The business will hereafter be carritdon
Under the nnme of Kelly & Beach, who are author
ized toaettle all accounts against the late firm, aud
also to collect all Claims dde it-
Road ftoticei
NOTICE is hereby given that there will be a
Petition presented to the Commissioners of
Sandusky county, Ohio, to have a rdad surveyed
and laid out, as followa: Beginning eighty rods
from the south west corner of section tan, ia Wdod
ville township, and running on the south line ef
section ten east to the south east corner to intersect
with the county road running east to the state road;
and also to vacate a part of the road, beginning at
the south west corner of section ten, running east
on tha south .side ofsecitida ted eighty rods, then
ieaving the line and runniug an angling course to
the north east corner of seotion ten. The part to
be vacated is tba part leaving the lino and running
angiiug to tha north aaat corner of section ten.
Woodviile tp, May 1 . 185 i.
Pissr Strcklad, will take notice, that a peti
tion has been filed, in the Court of Common
Pleas, of Sandusky County, Ohio, against her, by
Jusapit Strickland, for divorce, the cause alleged
in said petition, is wilful ubsence from her hUsbaud,
tile petitiouer, for the period of three years.
for petitoner
IS hereby given that a petition will be presented
to the commissioners of Sandusky county at
their session in Junne next, fbr a county road, com
mencing at the center of section 27, township 5,
range 15, running thence south to the Western
Reserve and Maumea Road.
April 59, 1S53.
Charles P. Freeman & Co.,
144 Broadway, one door south of Liberty St.,
- NEW YOBK) " -
HAVE now on hnd, and will be receiving daily
through Xhv sesaoni Aeic Gtwdt, direct from
the European manufacture!! aud cash Jluetinng,
rich, fashionable, fanry Silk Millinery Goodt, Our
slock of Rick Ribbons, comprises every variety of
the latest and inot benutiful designs imported,
Manv of our goods are manufactured expresslv
to our order, from our own designs ana patterns,
aud stand unrivalled. We offer oat goods for nett
CWi, Ht lower prices thau anv credit house in
America can afford
All purchasers will find it greatly to their inter
est to reserve a portion of their money and make
selections from onr great variety of rech cheap roxfi.
Kitmoiis rich lor Uouuets, Caps, oaalies co Dene.
Bonnet silks, satins, crapes, lisneesnd tarletons.
Embroideries, collars, cheinisetts, capt-a, berthas
Habits, sleeves, eutt, edgings and inserting:, r
Embroidered reviere, lacet and hemstich cam
bric handkerchiefs.
Blonds, illnsinus, and embroidered laces for eaps.
Embroidered lacea for shawls, mantillas and
veils. ---- -
Honiton, mechlen, velencienes, and Brussels
English and wove thread, Smyrna, lisa thread
and cotton laces.
Kid, lisle thrsad, silk, and sewing silk, gloves and
French and American artificiu! flowers.
French lace, Eugliih, Americau, and Italian.
Straw bonnets nnd triuiiuiug,.
January, lej. -
'. rOTTICE..
THE Slorkholders of tne Fremont Flank Road
Cotnnanv ara hereby, notified, to meet at the
Franklin House, iu Fremont, on the 10th day of
April next, at one o'clock r . M. thea aud there
tu elect five directors for s-iid compear.
v Fremont P. R. Company."
Fremont, Feb. 28, IW52.
Great Bargains!
ON MONDAY, the 15th day of March, the
subscriber will commence selling aff his lnrge
stock of Goods, embracing Dry Goods, Crorken.
Hardware, Boots and Shoes, Ready-made Cloth
ing, &C. ... r-
rmc mz a s TbT :
Give me call, and examine uit stock; lam
bound to sell goods cheaper than ever before heard
of in Fremont, and yon will be snlisfied that this
the case, if you will oulv call aud make an ex
amination. .
Don't forget the place, the 'O'd Ballville Store
opposite Deal's new Tavern stand,
- J. T. MOSS.
Fremont. Merch '3th, lt-5.
y at Auckland 6l r.verett s Ortice.
April 10, IPS?. " County Surveyor.
Licensed Auctioneer
To Sell iew and Popular Books. ;
T'lTE are in want of Agents to ranvats this part
f v of the slate for our new Books.
A small capital of but $10 or $15 will be requir
ed to commence with, nnd an aelitre person can
earn from $3,00 to $5.00 per day. Some of our
Agents earn much more.
Those desirous of engaging In this profitable
hooiness, mar obtain our plan of operation and a
list of our rublicition. bv addressing, post paid,
No- 10 J Superior St., Cleveland, Ohin. -
Of Fremont, being desirous of building a new
House for worship by advice of a large uUinber
of tne citizens ol the town, otter for sale taeir pres
eut house and lot, with the design of locating and
building on Church atteeli
Those desirous of purchasing will apply for
price and terms of payment to Jobu Carshner. I,
Grund, or H LANG.
Fremont, March 20, 1351
rKE WHOL SECTION of the best Wheal
land in the State, laving in Fulton Township,
of Fnltou County, containing 734 acrea, and it will
be sold for five dollars per acre, or less, for it raUst
he sold bv the first of May next for some price.
It ia well situated in a good neighborhood of hon
est and indnstrfons Germans The Location Is
healthy. The Tnledn Plank Roadisalreadv Com
pleted tn within about four miles of H; and the
Railroud west from Toledo will probably pass along
Ibe north line of the section The soil is first fate
and is heavily limbered, and tha limber will be
needed for the construction of tha Rail Koarii
It will make llid very best kind of farms and is ou
t ie whole very desirable property either to keep
or improve, but it belongs to a company: it fell in
to the hands of a wealthy Banker east bv bank
ruptcy . and the order is to sell at what it will bring,
and to take in pavment Morses, Cattle or proper-
tv,or lo&ive a liberal credit where the security ia
good. 1'he owner would prvf.T to Bell it all to one
man, but if no such opportunity offers it wi'l be di
vided to suit purchasers. Peraous wishing lo bny
had much better go to sea the land. tr. B.
PoormuTi, who lives on an adjoining lot, will give
all necessary information about tha lines and cor
ners, and the bargain for it hnti be made with D.
r. COOK or Dr. O WHITE, at Maume. who
are fully authorized to sell it. Tha title will be
a good Warrantee Deed.
March 20. 185 i.
Patent Medicines!
dusky county, for the following standard Med
Oxygenated Bitters,
Judkin's Ointment, '.
Balsam of Horehuune,
Bonpland's Fever and
Ague Cure,
Monroe's Tttni far ague
Ogood' Chologoguge,
Huugarian Baliami
McLane's Vermifuge,
Fa.Vuhslork's Vermirdge
Seiler's Vermifuge,
Jayne's Vermifuge,
Pain Killpl.
Mortal' Hitlers,
Mustang Linament',
Nerve and Bone, do.
Gargling Oil,
Liverwort and Tar,
Townsend's sarsaparilla
Shaker sarsaparilla,
Bull's sarsaparilla,
Gnvsott's sarsaparilla &
Yellow Dock.
Sarsaparilla, Wild Cher
ry and Dandelion-,
Brant's medicines,
I tain Extractor
t- ure for rain,
Pain Exterminate?,
Nervine Balsam,
Lithontriplic mixlttie,
Pettit's Eye salve,
byspeptib Bitters,
Dyspeptic Cordial,
Thompson's Eve VValftr,
Cook's Eye Water.
Dean's Chemical Plaster
Canker Balsam,
fjinsang Panacea;
ayne's rnediciaeS, .
Sloan's medicines-,
Fitche's medicines.
Graffeubdrg Co, a. do.
Empire Co's do.
Wild Cherry Balsam,
Cheirv Pectoral,
Christie's Magnetic Cur-
. atives.
Magnetic Plaster,
Magnetic Ointment,
McAlister's Ointment)
Greperv's. Jarnes, Seller's, joule's, Phinrv's
Halsev's. Moffat's. Brahdreth'e, Worsdell's. Mc
Lane's, McCullobh's, Rashes', and every other
hind of Pills that are good for any thing, and all
other standard medicines of the day, at
Vo. 3, Guchtttn's Uriel: Black,
3T Siffh of the Bis Mortar,
Fremont, Saudusky co. Not. 1, 1851
THE SUBSCIBER will sell In-Lots, No. 326
and 327, in Fremont, at a bargain, They are
situated on the north side of Market Streel, ahd
east or Main, They are finely located to erect
dwellings upon. Enquire at D. Belt's store, of
Fremont, March 13th, 1852.
Estate of Sarah Ann Davidson.
NOTICE is hereby given that the aubseriber
has been duly appointed aud qualified as Ad
ministratrix on the estate of Sarah Ann Davidson,
deed., late of Towrt-;end township, Sandusky coun
ty. Persons indebted to said estate wiil settle im
mediately! and those having claims against it, will
present them duiy authenticated for settlement,
within one year. MARRISSA SMltll,
Townsend tn. May t, tS59. 4w
CARPENTERS --. lind Hand-saws, Draw
knives, steel SdiiHres,trv Squares. planeirons.
Nail Hammers-Hatchet". &e.ofthe best quality!
. llATKZS'lltr.Ar BTOllE.
Celebrated Family Oinussnt,
h MUd, Safe lltmrmgk mmd tht rrtMut Etmt Jbnt
f mr mmd. A M tompomd of VgmmtiU HxtrtU aSaW ,
ptmtmupoiber ttmequoUed 4m Uu mmrnmit tf MtHnnt far tkf
It to universally acknowletlged to be an tafriftbte rene-4v .
In every ease where if baa been faithfully applied tit
human ly.tem, for provnoiiug Inaemribte Ppr.,jcralkn, mo4
m inraiuaWe in all diaeaaes of the flesh. Obatinai Cleerav
Old6ore,ChU.bia.aSoreTa ,
' Eruption, Sore Nipplei, Sore Breast, Diseases of Uie Eye,
Ague in the Fact. Kheumatie fains. Contracted Coriv '
Pain tn the Side. Bach and other parts of the system-, 8eal
Head, Bruises, Fresh Wounds, Plies, and erery kind of
sore containing the- least particle of InflartMitstaftn, ax
permanenUy cured by this treat remedy, -
It is a fmct, authenticated here, as well as all over tha
"hate, and iudeed the whole western states, that Utou'ty
Medicines have attained a wide spread celebrity, and if 1
pittatton, to which they are justly entitled by their "ktmiinf
sartaaa," and powers. We are not a won; thoae who a rep-rone
to endorse every patent humbug that cornea aionf
and in this instance have delayed our sndorseuieut until
we nave been able to iake assurance doubly sure, not OfWy -by
testing theta personally ourselves, but from the tosd- ;
niony of a numerous portion of the eooun unity llrkay
arouud us. illimois Globe, AyrU U, ltttu.
Horse & Cattle Iledicine.
, Ke Medteinetn use has so-ompllshed so mmf Aar
' rtUmry CwrM, sod fpreu wo Ummtnut Siafdvm in mmf i
variety and suive of tli--ea--e, oc that has so irtrm-iM md
frnpida wait mt SlomfM Oimlmei and Owrfifiwi Pemdtf. - - '
Tkt OaUmumt is swiftly supenediDs all other Otn latent ,
and Liniments for the cure of Freah Wounds, Galls of all
sinus, SpraiDs, Bruiaes, Cracked Heela, Ringbone. Wlnd
' sails. Poll EvlL Callous, Bpavina, Sweeney, Fistula, BU-.
fast, 3lralnr, Lameness, Sand Tracks, Foundered Fast, .
or Gn-j-re.-Manre ad Horac Ytnitmyes.
- Tkt Comdxttn Poudcr Willi reaiove all inflaarniatkm tatf
lever, purify the blood, loosen the skin, cleanse the water '
aad strengthen every part of the body-, sad aas proved a
sovereixa reioedv for the foltowuie dl-easae.
Founder, Distemper, Hide Bound, Las of Appease. !) r
ward Strains, Yellow Water, I nnammaiioa of tne Kyea.
Fatigue from bard exercise ; also Rbeutr-atWra, (coma-col y '
- - called stiff complaint,) which prove, ao fatal to many vans.
able hones in this country, it is also a Ban sad eertahl r
- remedy for Caugbs and Colds, wlaca ganctsta so ajaaf' -
-' fatal dia-eaaea.
The rer-ietHea -wear a-yara, and afiaai Oars, IftbsdV '
lections are followed. - - - - -
For furtlier particulars and a laBif- ds of Oi-njli-atai M -ras-a-iaWi
Cm-m, gel PawjilfiK of una.
Oesaal Btfd, -to Jcs ifc, CHmf, a.-,
CTA1I Medicines and Book advertieec by W.
B. Hloao, are sold al retail, at the proprietor'
price,!-; ., , . .. ,S.,BUCKLAND& Ca., .
Fremont.' "
Hamilton &. McCartney,' Bepoblie.-
John Ooodson Sc. W. Whipp, Bellevoe. ';
A. B. VAN UOREN, General Aft-ent.
' Springfield, Clark Co., O.
Ualsted's Water tare and BIotorpatMe
ft " " en
-3 i
flA A UAMSiOTH tStAfiLlSHatWt-r, ' ; .
ton large to ffivaa par iieuiar description ot, mere-
fore we wlllmentlon only a few Hems, that at ran- -
-fera may have soma idea ef oar aecomaaodttone. '
VVeliaV-i 94 hatliin-e Foamai 1 ir Ur-ra roama with
wardrobe aud bathin-r-roctn attached) a large .
sitting saloon where all congregate at pleasure: '
larja exercising hall tor gymnastic and calisme- ;
nical a trotting; rail-road: bowliug alley and mt '
ny other sources of astaaemettt. . a -'
'One hundred and one bjtliing cenVenlences.as
cebdinff, tfecendinjti and flexible douches, are all ": l
come lo a department - -' .-- ' :
wliich has proved itself far superior to any medio. .
lions Ih-rt are known 10 tha world. This ia Mo. . . ,
ToariTHT, tha art of curing: disease by vttnlixinj -
motion. Here w stand unrivalled and alone. It ,
1 a discoverv of ourowrt. sanctioned by every ehy .-.
ticiaa who has inveslis;aUd it. Ia fact the phsi- -. ,
eians are sendinjr us tha majority of onr patients. .
So valuable ia this treatment that many of onr old- ,
eat medical men have said, that it is the greatest
discdvedyia medical science. Over three hundred " -j
letters have been received from Physician, and 4
nearly ana liundeed ef them have visited Ihe insti- -tnlinli,
within three month-, from different part of
Ihe United State and the Canada, inqnirintf into
our manner oftreatiug ao saeesafully Liter ins dis- '
ease. . - - -: -
Every variety of dlseasa luciilenr 18 woman, U . -
heretofore Unknown. : itany cases of FotM
Utkki Ma eared in a fear days: and tha most dif- . .
fitull in it law weeks. . To produce this almost in . (- ,
stantuneont relief the patient is subject to no pain
or inconvenience. t
systoin is equally efBciaut. Many of the moat in
vetefat aud extraordinary cassa of Irotn ,.
twenty-two . years' standing, soma abcoiupanled ..
with extreme urinary difficult.,, and mauy with. t ,.;.
that inability to stand upon .the fret, or ba raised
f--.iri hovtiuinti-i noaitian, which ia Deouliar to
the diseases) have been brought here os bed
hundred of nitlesi attended by their ptiysioiaus
. . ,. . l ,i . rt .1 I. -1 .. 1 -
ineilUB- a 11 u ut-ae fluuBii-- n.ijitc wu.i.c-h .
have in every instance been raised from their beds, " ,
aad after a abort treatment have been enabled to . ,
walk from one to ten miles daily, aud take much ... ''
other exercise. . ' -- -
The wives of some of Dtar moat distinjuisherl matt "
asClerps meni, Member of Legislature! Slate and
tinited dtate Senators. &C have been anceeax .4 .
fully treaUid by Molorpalhy after everv sllier y .
tern had Droved worse than useless, VVe ara ner ....
milled to refer to, and give the name and address) -
Ot these ladies-, to ladies only. - - - -
Those who have gone through long courses of . .
treatment unaer oineron-i s-(a-.-3uia, auw hut urc .r..
Hamtc talhy and Water Cure Combined from on
to three year without material beuefit, have beetl -
entirely restored by our vilaliiing treatment in af
No stays, pessaries) or supporter sfe Bsr d ia . ,
this Institution. We consider thein all very inja
Hons) and immediately throw thr-m off the organs)
are made to assume their natural pasition the pa .
tient is immediately pht upon bar feet, and no ef
fort of hers can produce displacetneat. All that
l tt.afe ia .1st l,-illnti-l,l MWkA lhP, Hfi-. nf Polll
water, exercise) dten to re-gain her general health."
In these eases water is only used aa au aid not as '
a necessity aa an auxiliary) not as a core. ,
It is nnuecesaarv to mention the various trade
of dierases successfully treated here Suffice it to ' " -
aay.Motorpathy three Prolapau Uteri, Retrover ' ' '
sion, parti .-I inversion, Antiversian, I iirlntat ion. ";
Harduess, Knlalgement, 1 nmetaciion,ongesnon :
Ulceralions, Scorofulous Tntnors, Tubercular For ' '
Ir 1 . . . : -"..1 - .
nation. L,ncorrnma. Amennorrntea or i-aioiui oi-
. IT- J:ll'.. IVri,..,;.. I'u,!..:
ness, and In most cases tne moat stannorn nertnty .
Indeed nearly five thou'aud Ca-e Ol Uterine die ...
heei) ehred without a f lilure-. Moiorna-
thv does not admit Of a failure, if the patient etay
a sufficient length Of lime to re-aih her genual
strength. - . ' ' '
We have a register will a nistofV Of every ease,
aOareSB, C&C, WHICH cnaui-. wo ..v. a d
sftrtiou We make) and stand ready al all times to
do Bo.
Tha severe tetl we bave been pUt lo in coring;
the worst pratracted and rejected ease of Prolan '
sua Uteri, makes us taeiltireiycdnfldentof koecaai
in everv case, that w are willing to deposit in any
bank the id in of $1,000 against the equal amount)
that we ean cure, under ordinary circumstance.
any case bffrtHapstts Ulerii If put anurr our caie.,.
JMOtnroatnr in a sure cure in all cases 01 incipient
Pnnaiimntinn lfitiinrtiAl-. flninal. Ullthnfe aHd Qal. .
vou Disease. . . . ... ?
Wa have Wo male and dn fernAle Physician. -. .
fl 7- A It .A,.tn,n!-l nnm aVinlll.l Hm adHf-asa-nil fS ..
H. Halated, M. D. Rochesleri N. Y.
N. B. Stimulated' by oar luccess, many water
euros have started iu this city, which may mislead
etratic?rs unless theV are carefbl to inquire for IiaW -sled
Hall) No. 299 Buffalo street. .
JXOTICE. . -. -,. ,- --' . v
At.L persons intejeated will take notice thot "
Etneline Miller on the seventh day of Novetaa :
ber A. D. 1861, sued ont a writ of attachment froirt " .
(lie vi vyiiit,, a-faiuas rv 11,111111 anwawmr tur
the tnin of ten thunsand dollars whN-h writ hn.
been served and returned.
" 3. A; SMITH) Clerk 1
t.K..r-. II TSSiJ,
.1. cm.. .,rtk: .. : . j -, 1 . . t. . . i
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