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Fremont weekly freeman. [volume] (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, May 29, 1852, Image 4

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QIL&DYE '-'STUFFS, dbc. ,
Cheap for Cnuli or approved Credit.
First door South of 0.L. Ntms,
HAS ON HAND, and wcomtantfjTeeVhrtnj di
rect fn New York, the largest end best -as-tartment
of Drags, Medicine. Phyaiciana' Glass
ware, ever offered in this market, which will
be aold 2Q,per cent lower than w ever offered in
this placev Ilia stack eoasisM ia pari of the follow
in j: : w?- ..- -v- .t' .,-,-: .
50oi. Soilidi Ouiuinel .1 20 Gum Arabacdo
SSdraenlph Morphine, i tl Ilota Sulphuric Elhor.
25 ex Salicine. '. I 10 Co Acrlio : do
95 os CKiutedioe, . I 5n do Aqua Ammonia IHT
13 olSuychniae, ! ou Spi H lire IJulcm,
SS ei Iodine, ' ! 10 lb Eng Calomel,
100 Gsfa Camphor, .1 10 o Tummiuc, '
85 GutaQptunti Turkey, 5 gala Cod Liver Oil pure
SO os r ipenne, . t x-t Ifota - nushton
20 ox Kreonote; ' - ' ?! " " Clark do
in t ...... r.a.i;,LfViJ on n.i. r,matnr r;t
tallied. " - f 10 Sweet do ' -
10 Par i 80 Lump do anmmor &
10 Common : - winter (trained.
SO lbs Uum Mvflih
1000 lbs Day Lead pure
00 do do po -100
Groond in oil
SO French Green
3a Chrome Greene,
' Black, " "
30 Chrome Yellow,
J bbleepta Tai-wnline,
SOgaUCopel Varniihfor
Turpentine do
tO Japan do for dyes K
Paint Brsshes,
VarnUh do of every
90 Amerrsam VermilKon
3 Chimera do ..x
10 Praseisn Bine.
5 Drnn Black.
bl Eddys refin'd lamp.
To Milliners.
White Glue verj-superior article, American,
lainglasefJrinjettwe. 'v -
40 (ale Brandy dark pure
Bhl Port Win
Bbt Sweet do
Bbl Sour do
31 - no rale pu
Bbl Rum,
11 bl Gin
Bbt Alcohol 92 per eent
It im namll ad milled that VV ooeter keeps the
beet Liquor-sin Town. Thoee wanting- Liquor
for Madtciuni nurnoee wouin oo wen icau.
x Fremont, A ng. 0, 1850.
pixr of cixcixxiti, omo.
l:, Capital, $500,000. :
Chartered by the State of Ohio, Charter
i -&-e- " Perpetual. ' - .-:"
ALL the advantages which ran be aecured by
Life Inewanco in any office ia this country
- anav be bad in this company. ,
- nlirBmi risks taken on "th moat favorable
terms. -AB liabilities paid ia (honey afiar proof of
- E. M. GREGORY, Fres't.
. 8. F.tART, Sec-v:- - " J
, ' . G..W. GLICK,
'""' Agent for Fremont.
" Fefi. 28." 1852. . '
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry.
mHE SUBSCRIBER: has removea hie
il Stock of Jewelry to the shop recently
prepared for that pnrpose, two doors North of hie
former place of bnsine, and having jost returned
from New York cilj a largo and complete aa
eortment of ,, . : . ... . . ".. . . . , .
Clocks, Watches, Gold-Pens, Jcwelrr,
&C-, is prepared lo accommodate the public with
any article in hi line, at reduced prices.
UU Watchea, gold and silver, of all patterna.are
'. n.- i J 1
nnexceiiea in ricnuess a.uu. utimji uia iw;jk vuu--
isU of various kwtia and qoalilies, and are warran
ted. An exceiient aerortment of Gold Pens, Gold
mud Silver neneils. of the molt anoroved flianufac
tore. A sDleadid assortmeut of irold and diver fin
ger-ring. ear-ring, lockela and breast-pins, all of
l he latest pattern. Also, a general awortment 01
Musical Instrument, and a large quantity of toy
for little folks. - : ' " '
Walches.Clock, etc ; repaired on the aherteat
notice.- - E. LtrfELMAM.
Fremoat, Jane 20, 185L lyr.v ' -
- - ' . i. w a a .
J. ne r people's lirocery y
TP '1 1 Tal -,1 AO w.
Stand, the largeat and beat lot of
Mamburg Vheese
over brought to the placn, whioh customers need
only taste, to make them with it would sever get all.
from $ centers to "penny graba," and '
twenty ream old, warranted yurt and imaduHtraktl,
selected by competent Judge, expressly for onr
swonte, and ht certainly the best article in Fre
mont. ' It wilt recommend itself to all competent
judges, and needs no orefcndea'certificatos to bolster
' Gr ERM AN, W IN E !
the beat article vr brought lo th county. Also
tarffa variety of other brandies, from the cheapest
to the beet which my euitomerf can have cheap
for the dime. . Wines and Gin in any quantity.
various brands, which wa are selling cheaper than
anybody ele, and a better article loo. Particular
attention i paid to the Liquor department, and onr
coatontPTS shnll have good articles in any quantity
Bet prohibited by law.
Wa keep all articles asnally kept in anch estab-
- 1 . ci.- . - J J : 1 1 11 AL .
rmIl & Come one. come ail. and trv the Peoule
grocerv. Remember the place Be!!' Old Cor
ner. "Look ont for the roads leading in ether diree
tieoa, for some of them lead towards Jericho, and
yon know what happened the chap of old, that tra
veled ia that direction. '
- . -. pof y a, Shrek x.
' Fremont.' January 17th, 1852.
Drugs,: Bledicines Paints,
C ttCCKXAIVD V CO. haveiust receiv-
O eda very largo lot of Drags, Paints, Oil. Dye
R.nffa Rlau. O I .m.id k . Prfnmerr. An-- whih
they would earnestly solicit thoss wishing anything
ia tba jina to call and examine before purchasing
elsewhere, as w think il will be very much to their
advantage to do so, for wo pledge ourselves to sell
as can do bought in the Eastern markets at as low
a price as onr neighbors ask for a poor article.
Having been. for ten years ia the Daue Business
in this place, wo think we Know aomeining oi ins
want of it inhabitants, and while wa would retura
oar thanks for tho very liberal patronage we have
received, wa oromisa to snare no pains for the fu
ture ia giving oar customers tho full value oflheir
money in Good Goous.
TV 3a nr. ,K 1 m V it mA.Maarv t n nnmii..ta nit.
article, nor th quantity ws have. (or have not,) of
each article. Bumee u lo say we nave a .
and enough of each to supply all dsmands.aodam
ple arrangements to buy more.
Ws" would ask Phisicians to call and examine
ear Drags and Prices before going to Tiffin city,
Saadnaky city, or elsewhere, as we do know that
wo can sell a cheap a any of them, and ws are
boand'lo do it any how.
::to paTnters
AiXV AJuii wnu train raiiuoi
Wo would soy that if onr Paints are notfirt-rat
and all we recommend them, we a-ill pay all dam
ages. We do not aak you to tiike onr word for it;
ask an Painter ia Fremont and they know, for
they have aaed them if Bueklanda' is not lbs seat
place to bay any kind of Paints, or Pens Lihsied
Oil or Varnish.
. . Don't foiget the place,
Tft. S, Bvckland'w Brick Block,'
- - S. BUCKLAND & Co.
rrsmoat, October 25th, 1&51. - i
a wt, . ,mm . i . . "rn ri a TXTrpo I
'Look out or tht Caret tchen llit il Ringt'
J0US P. HATXES &. fe0X
Are not receiving at the
Rail Boad Store,
So. I, Duckland'a Hlork, tlicir
OUR stock of Good seed no blotcing aud puffing
auch as ia frequently inflicted on the public
comialing of mere taunt? an d fury, signifying natliing
It is hot ouh link. WIihI tar of our gooda,
we intend ehall be free frmn Gas, A little mixture
of itrright-forward enmmon m in advertising, in
tliee day of Humrko and Prktence, ia refreshing.
The eole of Saudunky and adjoining counties
have already made the diecovery that they can buy
at J. T. Hat. A. Sons' llian at any oteer place
in Northern Ohio, as the crowds which rush to the
(lailrond Store, prore. -
- So fr an regards our ss.es heretofore, our most
sanguine einectnlions have been more than real
ized, end we would do injustice to our feeling, if
we lailetl to return our thanks end most greaUul c-knowlt-dgemenis
for the very liberal patronage (hat
has been been bestowed upon us. and to continue
to receive that puttonsg . we have largely in ere as
ed onr1
fur the Kail mud Winter Campaign. Our stork
was purchased during the late stringency in the
Money Market in New York, and at time whe-u
goods were lower than they hve been in the last
ten veers -and they will be sold at corresponding!?
few rat .
We hare spared no pain in our Fall and Winter
Purchases to make our stuck
More Attractive than Ever!
) t consist in part f 300 piece of Merrimaeand
Cochece Prints; 1 00 piece )rea Goods, from 1
to 8a; 100 Bay State and Scotch Long Shawl
from (l2to$8;
- n oisr .w zez rm? 9
Shoes, Drrs Trimming, Ribbons, and number
leea other articles for (he Ladies. Call and see
them whether vou buv or not.
We have Coats, Pants, and Vest, from thedxr
to the ckeape'l fabric. Over Coata from g3to$14.
Lhirt and Drawers, iioolsand shoes, flat as Caps
Also a large assortment of Cloths, Citesiineres, srt
linets. Tweeds 30 percent cheaper than last fall.
So come on Gentlemen, and you shall be suited to
your liking, and no mistake both as lo prices and
quality. ' V. i. : ' ' ' .
Our sir Pennv Good are the Rett in Fremont
and the Uailroad atore has taken the Premium for
the best
16 lbn?ur for ill: 16 yards Brown Muslin for $1
16 yard fast colored Prints tor eight shilling; 10
lbs good Rio Coffer for $11. 5 lbs Cotton Yarn for
7 shillings; Parker Mill Nails at $4; 50 pieces all
wool flannel foa2 a yard; sole leather at 16c; Up
per leather at Taunera' Prices; Molasars at Three
shillings! Satinets at fourahillinga, guod enoughfor
the f resident. Also the largest assortment ol
over opened in Fremont.
To enumerate oar stock ia nseleaa. Wa would
only say that in our assortment can' be found every-thins-
anDertaininir to the trade.
Come nne Come All! and be convinced that thil it
ifjrCaen paid for Wheat, Corn, and Oats.
ETAI1 kind of Produce taken in exchange for
Good J. r. HAYNES Jfc iON.
Railroad store, '
Fremont, Oct 1151 J
Hard-ware Store!
il'LEU, at Inst, that at a
regular Hardware Latablish
ment ia the place to buy Go"d
in that line, a the rush tot.ie
for the last mouth fully proves.
The 'Boys' take this opportunity
to return their sincere thanks for
the increased patronage with which they have been
favored, and to show that they are not entirely un
grateful for post favors, they have brought on the
of Hardware and Iron to he fonnd in Northern
Ohio, which they now offrr at nnparalelled low
We invite the attention of all Northern Ohio te
the fact that we are now selling
lower than any other establishment in the
A complete assortment of Hardware purchased
direct from Manufacturers, coupieting of Houe
and Cabinet trimmings. Carringe and Harness
trimmings. Carpenter's tools, Blacksmith's tools.
Cooper's, Farmer's, Mh son's end Tanner's tools.
Leather and Findings, Sash. Glass, Putty, Pumps.
Lead pipe, fcc.f &c.
Manufactured to order, with an improvementin the
way of Patent Cast Iron Curbs.
Cuttlerj, Steel, Guns and Gun Trimmings,
aud a general assortment of House Keeping articles.
Stoves and Tin-Ware!
Stove-pipe, Eave-troughs, - Conductors,
And all kinds of Tin-ware constantly on hand, and
manufactured to order. Qepairing doue at the
shortest notice aud in the best manner. Work
warranted at the Fremont Hardware store Tyler
Block, opposite the Bauk sign of the Mammoth
Pad Lock.
Fremont Nov. 1, le5L
Readymade Clothing Store.
THE SUBSCIilREKS would respectfully
announce to thecilizeus of Sandusky and ad
joining counties, that they have just received the
Largeat dt best telected stock of Boots t Shoes
that have ever been offered in this market.
Having purchased our Boot and Shoes directly
of the manufacturers at their lowest cash prices, we
are prepared lo sell th same at a sttving to our cus
tomers of 25 per cent from the old price even in
this market, eo noted for selling gooils at cost.
Our stock consists in part of
497 pairs Gent's Calf, Kipp, and Stog.i Boot,
Boy's do
do do do
do do do
Kid Welt Buskins,
d. H. R. do
Misses Bootees, Uaitursdf Buskins,
and of children's shoes too many of all kinds
to enumerate. .......
We have also a very fine article of French Cal?
skins, Linings, Bindings, Pegs, die, dec. , to sll
at very low bargains to the trade.
N . B. Boots and Shoes by ths case at a
very liberal deduction from relailprices.
Amongst our '
wo have blue, browa, drab, and gray beaver Over
ooats; black, dress.rock andsack, brown frock and
ack, sheep graf, caaimre, tweeds and jeans
Coats! cassimero, satinelt, corduroy, sheeps gray,
and velvet pants; black and fancy satin, caasimere,
silk, worsted, and satinett Vests, Wrappers, Draw
en' Linnen Bosoms, and Hickory shirts; collars,
suspender, comforters, cap, Over-alls; carpet
Bags, Umbrellas, with article of other kinds too
aumeroua to mention.
It may be necessary for other establiahmenta to
ae Ga, but if you want a good article, a first rate
article, a warranted article, call at the
Buckeye, Boot, Shoe, and Ready Made
and TOO will be sore to find the article desired.
Fremont Nov. 22, 1851.
Valuable Land for Sale.
THE subscriber will sell 1 GO acres of excellent
timboredland, lying near Hamer's Corners.
Fremont, May 3d, IK1 4w. .
Creates. Excitement Ever in Fremont!
.'Pennsylvania Store!
M. N. ZIEGrtiER,
jHT8 Mammoth Establishment opened out
in Fremont some six months ago, since which
time the most tremendous and unparalleled excite
ment has prevailed in this coanly that has ever
been known in the era of selling foods. Some of
the braps have beccme alarmed, and finding that
their small stores could not compete, have enlarg. ;
ed their rooms, but in vain others have about con
eluded to close their doors.. While the proprietor
of the Pennsylvania store, actuated by that Philan
thropic spirit by which he is governed in all hir
dealings continues determined to keep up the ex
citement until every merchant and tane-cutter in
town falls into the ranks and says he will take off
that sxhorliitrtnt tariff which he has heretofore put
upon his Goods, and sell them hereafter at the low
prices ditrtated by the Pennsylvania store. Al
though this estah'inf.n.eut has been so recently lo
cated in Fremont it has nlreacy become one of the
most famous and distinguished houses for cheap
nens and fairness in this section of the counfrr.
Where is the man, woman cr child who has not
heard of Zieg1ers Cheap Store? Railroad, politi
cal and every other excitement has given wny lo
the great commotion caused by the unrivalled bar
gains lo be had only here. In view of all these
facts, the undersignrd has been to New ork,
Philadelphia and Boston, for a large supply of Fall
and Winter Goods, and sure he has got 'em.
Steamboats, vessels and railroads all are loadvd
down, every arrival, with New Coods for M. N.
lOOcasr Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings; I iO cases
Satinets, Jeans, Tweeds, dtc.
In endless variety, among which are 203 pieces of
bcotch Uinghaiiis, at from 9 to 12 cents; 1.000
pieces of American Prints, 4 to 5 cents; a good
Muck Alpaca, for 25 cents; Lustres. Delaines. &c
a splendid assortment Shawls plain and fancy.
Ready-Made Clothing
No Slop-shop work! Hut such as is well made aud
in good style. My. assortment of
Iisuneqnaled iu this county. I have a large sup
ply of enpeiior articles, of which I warrant the
work to stand, and pay all damages if it does not.
In this bynnch 1 havo Men mid Boyr Boots aud
Shoes; Wonifu'a, Missos and Children's Hoot and
Shoes iu great variety. Jf you wish to practice
economy in Soheing yourself aud family come
and buy of me. In
I am hound In undersell. I will sell 10 lbs best
Rio CoflVeTor (StT: Toung flvson Ten, 37$ cents.
1 make this declaration of facts, and I am willing
to demonstrate the matter ou the counter. I intend
to keep it before the people, that I wage a success
ful war apainst High Pr:ces. Come and my Goods
and you will he able to deteot the old hunkery sys
tem of long yams, long prices, and mixed up with
humbugging. I iutenp to give them lots of grape.
Fremont, Sept. 27. 1851.
Cheaper than ever
WOULD again soy to his customers and the
Public that he has received his Fall and Win
ter stock of Goods, and although the raw material
of Wool and Cotton bore a high price during the
p st year; j et it is an incontrovr,nble fact that most
all kinds of Goods are cheaper tn the eastern cities
hau they perhaps have ever been heretofore, and
here lore will enabve us to sell goods at
Unparallelled Low Prices.
Sheatings one yard wide a fair article for 5 cents,
ang the best but a trine higher. Do you want cut-
ton yarn, atUnette, I weeds, Keutucky Jeans tvc.
I will sell them to you at such prices that will make
those quake who have already been driven to make
capital out of smoke houses; to them I would say
that the smoke house is there, and the unfortvnate
man thus lamenting, must reconcile himself the
best way he can.
A beautiful article of white sugar perfectly dry at
tj cents per pound, strictly prune Coiiee, and aU
oilier Minus of
at the lowest figure. You can find in Northern
Ohio 400 pieces Calicoes, mostly Merrimacks of
the most beautiiui styles, and 150 pieces of dtnerent
such as muslin de lains, plain and fancv Alpaccss,
Pnaamentrs, ranging from one shilling upwards.
A full assortmeut of Long and Figured Shawls,
tunnels, Uteacneu tjroods,
to he sold at corresponding price with wheat at 5e
cent per bushel. Aty stock of
i comn'ete, and will be sold very cheap Gio
eerie, Dye 8tuffs, Oils, Paints, Hardware Crockery
sole & upper Leather, Iron, Nails &c will at all
times be kept on hand and Bold cheap.
In conclusion I aould say thatif you watitto save
money, call aud see ue, it costs nothing to examine.
Cash will he paid for all kinds of produce.
Oct 10, 1851.
flh! T)rMir What Can the Mn.fpr R?
V mmm v vaska. V V aauw VMJU -' "V aV J I
And the Excitementat at
Is Ten degrees above Fever IJeatf
TniEIR ELEVEN ROD Establishment
is crowded with Farmers from all parts of North
Western OhioThe news hasspiead on the 'Wings
of the Wind,' that. Nims hna
And is bound to close this Ponderous Pile of over
200 Tons of the most Magnificent line of Goods
ever exhibited to the People of Sandusky county.
Believing, as we do, that Wheat must rule at
low figures, and that our interests and that of the
Farmer are blended together as one, we are going
to make a proposition to compromise the matter, so
as to make one baud wash the other. - We ask the
question, whether or not, all kinds of Iron for
heavy Wagons at
And real Agawin Nails at $3.50 a Barrel, are not
iu proportion to Wheat at 60 cents a bushel say
ing nothtng about those 30 hogsheads of
Sugar, at 16 Pounds for One Dollar
In tinning over the next leaf, we find tha old Bay
State has deposited with us over 100 Bales of Cot
ton Goods, and those yard wide Sheetings at 6 pence
and Ready-Made Bags at 25 cents, make those
fellows who have tried to 4pe us in improvements,
look a little blue aboot the Gills, and wish the Brick
never had been burned that are piled up in that
splendid smoke house, erected at Niuis' Ware
house door. Put in your smoke, its no use to try
to block the wheels of this old Regulator.
Are with us, and understand who it is that first
spihod the guns of this old combination. On the
second page you will find they have laid in a iarge
line of
including 50 piece Muslin de Lanes at 13 l-3cjs;
a perfect Mountain of Black & Figured Alnpaeas,
Paratneltas & Cobnrgh Cloths, Poplins, Plain &
Figured Prints at 6 pence, Shawls & Ribbons in
proportion. Passing along down the counter about
Four Rods, we find the
Ready-Made Ctothing Si Shoe
Have partaken of the spirit of 60 cents a bushel A
judging from the rush down that way, the farmers
must think so too. we cannot say how long this
stock will last, but pledge ourselves lo keep well
posted up, until this immense stock is closed, and
while some or our neighbor spend their evening,
in canvassing our expanses, and say we must fail.
another closa declare they have made over Ten
1 housand dollars the past year, and have made up
their minds to sell goods one whole year at New
York cost we dotit think they would be cheap
even then. Let them drive their tallest team.
Head Quarters has thrown up a breast work that
never Jare.
The Rocks are here for all your Wheat, Cora,
Oats, Pork, &c.
Aead Quurters, )
Oct. I, Is51. i
Harper& Brother's, justreeeived at
als hare been received by the Pioprietor of - ,
teW- MENT from Physicians
" , ! the most skultm andce-
v- -a- lebrated, from Couniel-
lora learned in me Liv,
SuSfSS. a s3i:eil from Judges of celebrity
on the Bench, from Mm-
55 isters of the Uospel,
whose undeviating in-
eSSpf2- tegrity have ma
gfejffi'fe'"Sr sliming lights
path of Truth, I
made them
in the
rath of Truth, from en
lightened Profewrs, from acute Merchants, and
from those of every stnti n, name and degrea
among mankind all of which, without one dis
senting objection, l renounce thi Ointment to ba
GOOD. ' .
As dav by day it unobtrusively extends its
sphere of action alone the borders of our vast coun
try, and is circulated throughout its extent, new
evidences of its power and new proofs of its effi
cacy are continually developed. Three millions
of Boxes, applied to' disease within the last lour
years, has established the astounding fact beyond
the power of cavil or contradiction, that it is IN
FALLIBLE in the cure of all Tumors, Ulcers,
Sores, Burns, Tetter, Piles, Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Chilblains, Scald Head, Sore Eyes, Quinsy, Croup,
Rheumatism, Broken Breast, Ague in the Face,
Corns, &c. It completely restores the INSEN
SIBLE PERSPIRATION, and by this means opens
those avenues bv which Nature intended to expel
the morbid matter of the body thus is the system
cleansed, the blood purified, and the health re
stored. It has the power to cause all external Sores,
Scrofulous Humors, Skin Diseases, and Poisonous
Wounds, to discharge their putrid matter, and
then heal them. We are not ashamed of the
names of
AH-Healingr Ointment !
Or the
World's Salve !
which a discerning public has applied to this
medicine ; for there is scarcely a disease, exter
nal or internal, that it will not benefit. I have
used it for the last fourteen years for all diseases
of the Chest, Consumption, and Liver, involving
the utmost danger and responsibility, and I declare
before heaven aad man, that not in one single
case has it failed to benefit when the patient was
within the reach of mortal means.
Wholesale and retail at the Grand Depot, 141
FULTON ST., New York, and by all Druggists
throughout the United States.
J. McALISTER, Sole Proprietor,
141 Fulton St. N. Y.
S. BUCKLAND & &0.,
19 Only Agents for Fremont
B AGLET'S Gold Pens and Pencils for sale
cheap, at S. Bochlabd & Co's.
OSE Hair Oil, Ox Marrow,
Bear's Oil ' Maecassar Oil,
Bandoline Fixatrice, " Philocomb,
Cream of Roses and Lilys,
Cologne.Rose and. Lavendar Water, dtc, &c,
just received, at Auckland s.
Hail road Grocery.
T) CLOSE, would respectfully inform his old
L customers and the public generally, that he
has just returned from New York with a lar?e and
well selected stock of Groceries, Toys, and Notions
which he now offers at greatly reduced prices
nis stock consists in pirt of cotlee-at IU cts per lb.
Sugar at 6 cts, good Melasses at 3 shillings per gal
Tobacco at 25 cts, Rice at 5 cts, Codfish at 5 cts.
No 1 Mackerel at 8 cts. bfRt Tea at SO cts, Loaf,
crushed and powdered Sugar, laer Raisens, sporm
star and tallow candlt-s, shot, lead and powder su
perior nalaratus, 1'udrting starch, extract of coffee,
pepper sauce, English curents, pure liquors for
sinkness, such os Pale and Dark Brandy, Cherry
Brand-, Cherry Bounce. Cherry Wine, old Irish
Whisky, Port, Malga and Maderis Wines, Gin
and Rum, and the greatest assortment of Segars
over brought in market, and a great variety of fruits
f runes, t igs Arc., lar rickles, bardmes. Nuts of all
kinds. Combs and Brushes, Gent & Lada's Pins
& Rings, Fancy Boxes, Dulls, Harmonicans, Jews
Harps, Gun caps, marbles. Blacking, Hair Oils,
Pursea, Walets, Port Monies, Toy Whips, Toy
Bureaus and Babies in cradles. Horses and Riders
Animals, Glass Deers and Birrs, Whistles & trum
pete, Mnsques, Toy Chairs, China Voces, India
Rubber Dolts and animals and a thousand other
things too numerous to mention, call and see for
yourselves; 1 have also fitted up my Saloon & cook
Room and am prepared to get up meals at the
shortest notice. Hot Coffre at all limes; and I have
also an agency from the Baltimore Oyster Corn
pany which enables me to sell Oysters lower than
any other shop in town, and as low as they can be
had at Sandusky cilr, please call one and all
Fremont Sepf SO, 1S50.
Office to let.
fTHEroom in the Tyler Buildings over the
J store recently oocupied by Topping & Wegs,
teill. it. r.
Ang 31, 1851.
For the Toilet.
beautiful article of Rose water, Cologn, Bay
water, Lavender do, HairUil, &c, at
T)LEA$E CALL and look at my assortment
JL oi crockery and tjlass-ware.
May 24, 1851. J. T. MOSS.
JERRY DAVIS' Pain Killer, a full Bupply just
receive pat WUUSTEK'S
JRATER BOOKS and Church Service A
Splendid assortment, "from 31c to $3,at
CODFISH ofsuperior quality at
Havkes Cheap Store.
BIBLES. A large lot of Family Bibles from
$ I 50 to $6. Also, Pocket, Clasp, Tuck, and
PoIyglottBiblesand Testaments at
A LARGE quantity of Water Limeforsale
at the Grocery and Provision store of
li. iu. T1LLOTSON.
June '7 1851.
Singing Books!
NOW IS THE TIME for Singing, and
Bucklands' are prepared for it. and are offer
ing to those want:
The Mendlesoln Collection of Choice Music.
Carminia Sacra, Church Choir.
Psallry, The Odeou.
Manhattan Collection, Alpine Glee Singer,
The Melodeon, 3 volumes; The Lute.
The Juvenile Sintrinsr School: Sabbath Schools'
Melodies; Missourie Harmoney, Ac. &c.
Auckland's Brick Block.
Oct 25, '51.
Prices of
DR CARIiTEE'S Galvanic Curatives.
Galvanic Belt, $3.00
Necklace 2,00
" Bracelets 1,00
" Matrnetic Fluid. 1.00
A large supply of the above articles justreeeived
at Wooster's Drug Store, first door south of Nims.
COLLARS, Gloves.
Handkerchiefs, at
Neck and Pocke
ARRANT Y, Mortgage, and Quit Claim
TpaSJI. White,
Macherel aud Cod, for sale
-L at the
Fremont, Nov. 29, '51,
Boxes Sterine Candles just receiv
ed at the
Fremont, Ktv. 2D,
F At -
for the-Ladies!
It is liardly necessary to inform the La
diesof our Block of . ,,-!
as they know where they are, and what they are,
but we would just hint to them that we have en
larged our stock in thi line very much thi Fall,
and we are sure they will be pleased to try our
' Pachulg, Amlre. Verrine, Jenny Lind,
Jockey Club, Maynolin, Vanilliu, Cream of Lillies,
Os Morrow, Jules Huuel EauLustrell, &c, for
they are certiinlv very nice. Then there is the
Fancy Croods on the other side :
Ladie's Ebonv Boxes and Writinr Desks.
Port Folio Paper Weiehts, Alabaster Jewel Boxes!
and Ink stand, f earl, Shell, lvery and Velvst
Card Cases, and the finest Papeir JTachu Perte
Monies yon ever did eee, and a thousand ether ar
ticles too numerous to mention, which were bought
expressly for them. Just come and see them whe
ther you want to buy or not. We are never tired
showing nice goods, and we want the good folks of
Fremont and vicinity to be posted up in these mat
ter. S. BUCKLAND & Co.
Fremont, Odtober 25th, 1851.
milE SUBSCRIBERS havejust received
JL the following- '
to which they would call the attention of School
Teachers and Parents:
McGuffey's Ecloctic series of Readers, numbers
1st, 2d, 3d. 4th and 5th. ,
Muuderill's series do.,' 1st, 2d, 3d, and 4th.
Willard'e W. S., large and abridged.
Rational Speaker. ' '
The Student's Speaker.
Ray's, Greenleaf's, Adams', Smith's, Dodd's
Enos' & Stoddard's Arithmetic.
Days, Davis', Ray's & Towor's Algebra.
Pineo's, Clark's, Kirkham's, Bullion's Smith's,
and Brown's Grammar.'
Parker's, Comstock's, and Mr. Phelps' Philos
ophy. Coinatock's, and Mrs. Lincoln's Botany.
Comstock's Minerology, and Physiology, and
Natural History.
Greenleaf's Exercise in Composition.
Webster's unabridged, revised, 'XJuiversily, and
School Dictionary.
Andrew'sand Stoddard's Latin Readers, Gram
mars, and Exercises. - - - r: -
Views ofthe Microscopic World.
1 Elements of Meteorology.
Burnett's Astronomy.
:- German Spellers, and Primmers. . 1
German and English Grammars, and Dictionary
McGuffey's, Boutly's Pictorial, and Elementary
Also a iarge assortment of Miscellaneous, Med
ical, Musical, and Law Books.
Call and examine lor yourselves.
No. 3, Buckland's New Block.
Oct. 25, 1851.
Glorious News!! From the South!!!
f J HE Mexican Mustang Liniament, that lias
h.n narrnrmimt rtt.(i Kamarlrohlo nn-eoa v.rl
and creating so much excitement in the South and
West during the laet twelve months,
and all those afflicted with Rheumatism, old Sores
or Uncer Diseases, er Sprains, Scalds, Burns,
Eruptions of any kind, can now be healed. -Those
who have been suffering for months or years with
that loathsome disease, Tlie Piles need - now
su9er no longer as this Mustang Liniament is a
certain remedy, no matter how bad they are, or of
how lang standing. Cancers, ristulos, Scald Head
feller or King Worm or any kind of a sore, are
healed and perfectly cured in an incredibly short
lime. . - -
To tnc Ladies it is Invaluable
For sore niples, caked breasts, ague in the face;
Tooth or Enr Ache, or any pninpul sores or swell
ings. It also removes dandriff from the head, in
vigorates the hair, and prevents it from falling out.
and gives a beautiful glossy softness to the hair that
is not atluined by auy other preparation.
For Horses and other Animals,
it has no equal in healing Saddle or Collar Galls,
Scratches, Mange, sprains or Bruises and it is an
infallible remedy for splints, spavins, or Ringbones
dissolving the large tumors, and reducing the swot
If n or enlarged joints to their nalutai size, and
healthy action. Pole Evil or Fistula, and Big
headrun now be cured; and the Mustnflg Linia
ment is the remedy that can do it; If you or any
of your family, or your favorite horse are afflicted
with anv of the above diseases, try one bottle it
only costs 25 cents and you will never use any
oiner remeay.
0,nr sa?e, wholesale and retain, by Click
land & Co- of Framont, and by other agents
in all the villiages and towns of this and the sur
rounding connties.
Oct. 4, 1851.
At the Old Corner!
II AS just received the largest and bestse-
MM- lected Stock of Goods ever exhibited at
theOW Corner; which were purchased in Au
gust, with Cash, at a time when money was
worth 3 per cent a. month in New York, and
Goods even sold at a Sacrifice of 25 per cent
by Importers and Jobbers to raise the wtndl
1'his.StocR of Splendid Goods
will be sold at a very small commission from
HK5T COST. For ready pay. '
The public is respectfully solicited to call
and examine goods and prices before purchase
ing elsewhere ?
Others may FUFFand BLOW, and adver
tise prices to their hearts content, the OLD
C ORNER will undersell them at anv rate
All the Fashionable Styles of Silk, Dress
and fancy (roods can be found here as well
as a large Stock of Groceries, Hardware,
Dry Goods, Silks, Shawls, Ribbons, Bonnets,
Hats and Caps, Wall and Window Paper, Bor
dering, tc A large lot oi
School Books, Ink. "Writing Paper,
in fact all articles to suit the wantsof the com
munity. And all we ask is an opportunity to
show our (ioods and Trices, to show an intel
ligent and discriminating public that this is the
place to buy your goods.
Cash paid for V heat, Oats, Olover and 1 im-
othy Seed, Sheep Pelts, Beeswax and Butter.
a. a. iail,uk.
Fremont, Sept. 35, 1851.
Petroleum or Rock Oil.
THE moat wonderful remady ever discovered.
Procured from a well 400 feet below the earth'
surface. The above article can he had at Woo
ters Drug Store, firBt door south of O. L. Nima.
ZEPIJT R WORSTEDpattern,Canvas, Board
aad Needle, at Haykts.
M'laster! Plaster!
f gr BAKKi.lj!s Common, vviteh and ine Gray
OO Plaster, just received, and for sale by
Fremont, October 19, 1850.
Ii. I Parker Surgeon Dentist, -
RESPECTFULLY tenders pfofessionalservices
to the citizens of Fremont and vicinity, all ope
rations relating to the preservation and beauty of
the natural teeth, or the insertion of artificial teeth,
on pivot, gele or silver plate, done in the neatest
manner. He is in possession ofthe latest improve
ments now in use. cousequentlv he flatters himself
that he is prepared to render entire satisfaction to
those who may desire his aid in any branch ofthe
proiession. ;
Liethean iuther administered, aud teeth extracted
without pain, if desired.
Office in Caldwell's Brick Buildiner, over Dr.
Rice' office.
Fremont Jan. 24, 1851.
Bibles! Bibles!
89 1'AJTHLY BI11I.ES from 1 50 lo $6,
and any qunntitv ofsmall Bibles ofeveryilo-
eerption from 50 cents to $3 00. Also, a large
variaty of Prayer Books and Sabbath school books
r sale at
Oct. 25,
Weigh ' and Consider. ; ; A
DR. HALL'S BALSAM is : no Paregoric
preparation, but a Medicine . WHICH
"' MAKES C URES at home, ahere . the
parties can be found. ., ;
TIte Great CouRb and Consumptive
REAPER! have yon
-x a Cough which you are
e , vsr " ir. i neglecting, under tne
f fjgr.iffi ,8"r"i3t"-g 'dea that it is only a oom
1 li-Kiffjli yt - jinon cold, and that it will
kj: Kiri-t oon wear itseu out
Let a friend tell you, in
' all kindness, what will
soon be the Drobable result.
In a short time, if yon continue to neglect your
self, you will begin to feel a sense ef tightness and
oppression ucrosethe chest, accompanied with fre
quent snarp uaruiig pain-. , ncu a ,ia....K
cough will set in, and when yon raise anything it
will be a thick and yealowish, or white frothy mat
ter, streaked, perhaps, with blood. If you still take
no medicine, these unpleasant symptoms win in
crease, and vou will soon eave a hectic fever, cold
cfiills, night sweats, copioas expectoration, and
then ffreat prostration. II vou still neelect your
self, a few weeks or months will see yon consigned
to the grave, leaving your, friends to mourn how
rapidly consumption did its work, and hurried you
away, friend, nave yoa no cause lo be alarmed :
In the above sketch, yoa may see, as in a glass,
how every case of Consumption progresses with
more or less rapidity, to a fatal termination. Uf
all the thousands and millions whom this great
Destroyer has gathered to the tomb, every single
case began with a cold. - If thi hdd been attended
to, all might have been well: but being neglected,
under the ratal delusion that it would 'wear itself
off,' it transferred il deadly astion to th substance
ofthe lungs, exciting there the formation of tuber
cles. Another, and anothel cold added fnel to the
flame, until these tubercle began to: soften and
supontrate, leaving by their ulceration, great cavi
ties in the lungs. At this crisis, the disease is very
difficult to cure, and oftentimes set at defiance all
human means.
In the latter or worst stage, this medicine will
oftentimes arrest the disease, or cueck it progress
and will always make the patient more comfortable
and prolong his life, aud it ia therefore worthy of a
trial; but in its incipient .or former periods. Con
sumption is as cursble as any other disease, and
if taken i.t this time, will cure it 0AS SURELY
AS IT IS TAKEN !xB This is strong language,
out we can rerer you to numoeriess living witness
es to prove that it is true! .And therefore, We ear
nestly exhhrt every man, woman and child, who
has a cungh, or is subject to colds, to keep the
medicine by you- in the house, and whenever yoa
take cold, do nut Met it alone' to work mischief in
your system, bnt eradicate it thorourhlv, and nl
once, by this powerfully healing compound, end
leave your lungs uninjured, to carry jou infuil vigor
to a gooa oia age: -
,; ... q q - q q
CTRead testimony of R. MfLroKD, Esq.,on of
he oldest Magistrates in (his city: . . ;
- - Cincinnati, Dee. 1, 1351.
Messrs. O. R. Baker & Co -r-DearSirsi Those
afHicted with disease of the Lung, will fine Dr
Hull's Balsam for the lungs a most Valuabtb
Medicine. 1 have been frequently attacked with
Diseases or the Lukgs for the last five years, and
Dr. Hall's Balsam das always Broke up the Dis
ease at oscr, I feel that the public should know
the merits of such a femedv.
Residence on Flmn, three doors above sUth st.
More Cincinnati Cures
Cincinnali, July 1st, 1851
Messrs O D Baker & Co. -Dear Sirs: - i have
always had objections to have my name in any way
attached to a patent medicine. Bnt when I think
(as I new have every reason to believe) it has sav
ed my life, I am induced by a eeuse of duty to those
afflicted as 1 have been, to make my case known,
and recommend your Bu'eal as a medicine that can
be folly relied en. - About a year since. I was et
trcked with Lung Fe.ver, which left my long much
diseased; my cough was distressing, attended with
pain in my left aide. . X had seen Wistar's Balsam
of Wild Cherry puffed up ia the papers, and 1 con
cluded to try it. I used bottle after bottle, which
iu taste and in its operation resembled Paregoric,
soothing temporarily. - My disease had by this lime
become firmly seated; I had cold night sweats, hec
tic Fevers, swelling of . the Limbs, &c. showing
Confirmed consumption : i he remedies i o blam
ed from my Physician also failed giving me perma
nent reliefer benefit. My Lnngs now Ulcerated
ond I raised Large Quantities or Matter from
them. The Doctor told mv friends that 1 must
die! Mv brotherthen got a bottle af Dr. Hall's
Halsam lor the Lungs and I commenced tatting it.
At first it sickened me. but after taking more, i
found it went to the spot the Vert Seat of Mt
Disease. 1 began to raise with more ease, and
could teel, daily, that my InngS were Healing un
til bv the use of four bottles, 1 was restored to bet.
ter health than I had enjoyed for years. 1 believe
if I had used Dr. Hall's Balsam when t was first
attacked it would have saved ma a vast deal of suf
fering. , All I can say to others, is, try it, and 1
think you will be benefitted if your diseafe is on
yonr mugs. xuursrespectfnliv,
Three doors above Fifth street on Vine,
The public have been imposed upon by remedies
recommendek by certificates which have always
originated from some unknown source.. We be
lievethat a Medicine possessing real merits will ef
fect cures wherever it is used, at home as well ae
abroad. This is no Paregoric preparation, but one
which if used in season will save the lives oi thou
sands; and persons may make this bargain with
Agents from whom they purchase, that in every
case where it is used freely according to directions.
and entire satisfaction is not given in 24 or 48 hoars
they can return the medicine, and their Money
will be cheerfully refunded
For sale bv,
Fremont Feb. 28, 1852.
IIoteI,Boarding& Prlvatellouse keepers
TTTOULD do well to call at A. McNeil's Uphol
V V etry and examine hi Mattrases, a this is the
time to repair and clean house for Spring and Sum
mer. I here is nothine in use that can compare
with a Good Curled Hair Mattrags,
which are sold at Buffalo prices; and hia Straw
Mattrasses will be found more serviceable and con
venient for under beds, and cheaper in the Ion;
run, then theold fashioned straw bed, as they Bare
labor and trouble: tleo prevent dust, dirt, &c ,
which always arises from the use of straw beds.
They are found in all cities to be advantages and
are adapted for general use.
He is also prepared to do all kinds of Upholstry
Work that comes in his line of business.
a. McNeil.
Sandusky city, May 17,1851.
Corn Sc Cob Mill.
CORN in the Ear can be ground at the Croghan
Ballville Dec- 28, 1859.
NY quantity of good Hickory and Ash Wood
willbe taken on subscription at tne
Freeman Office.
LANK BOOK1), full bound Ledgers, Journal
Dockets, Cash and Invoice boose, at
Tn rahinet makers. .
r T n 1 r A F A- Rmn... nf.v.-v M.rtntinn
(jTand colors, just received at WOOSTER'S.
50 REAMS Blue and White Fool Cap Paper,
an excellent quality.
100 Reams blue and white letter paper.
40 Reams Flat Cap paper.
20 Reams assorted note paper.
A large lot of wrapping paper.
300 rolls wail paper of 40 different styles.
A vervfine lot of Window paper. Window shades.
Fire board Prints, and plain and velvel border, fnr
sale very low at BUCKLANDS'
October25, 51.
mart's Refined Siipar Honse Syr
up, just the thin-r for Hin.-Kwneal eaaee. anne
KAtL-ltUAJJ Diurvji.
Fremont, Nov. 29, '51.
MUFFS! MUFFS! A good assortmen
at the
Fremont, Nov. 29, '51.
Bread ivitboiit Yeast.
"DABBITSEffuvesingComponndfor Bread, T"
JJ Cake, &. at v VV1 -
.Farms and Panning Lands
flTIHE SUBSCRIBER will sell the f0u0
M-: ing described Farming Labtds on tit
most reasonable terms, both as to price and
credit: .'- - - . . - .
R. To. Sec.
A . 26 w ptneqr fraction 77
3 n d r.m - U tl
-" a og j. f j
5 on the river li mile below Fremont
partly improved. " . , .j . ;
" 17 leqrofse qr v 40
" 20 s qrne qr ' .1 i - -- 40
" " e hlf ow qr ' -. j a " . ... .. go
. 32 e qr iw qr . ' . . . .; . go
4t 1 about 30 acres mostlv inwboi
on the turnpike one mile east of Fre-
, msnt. ' . . . ;
" " 27 west blf southeast quarter 80
. " 36 north west quarter 160
known as the Dana farm, about 50
acres improved, ' framed boustf and
barn, and orchard. , '
" ' , RICK TOWNSHIP, , ,' ' ' '
15 6 25 south west hlf north west qr
" ", " north hlf south westqr -
V ! - o . BH.ET TOWOSHIP. , . . - , . ,
5 19 west hlf south east tir ftft
4 17 north hlf north e-nat
" "13 north east fraction quarter .1,. 151
14 5 21 west half north west quar
." " . north half north west quar .
" 6 31 south east qr north east qr
13 4
26 south east qr north eastqr ; 40
-" east hlf south east nr Rrt
south east qr north east qr 1 40
east hlf south west quarter
north east qr north west qr
south east ar north east or
north east qr south east qr- 40
13 d
10: west hlf south east ouar
. 80
; 80
. 80
partly improved. . . -. ,
.8 ,- north west quarter , s.
..." east hlf south west qr .
' 10 . east hlf south east quar
15 east quarter
" , south hlf north west qr
north iast qr north west qr
sourh hlf north eest qr .-.
north west Quarter
, " . north hlf south west qr
" . north hlf north east or
25 north west qr north west qr 40
T. Sea Part. ' "
1 t 21 north hlf n e quar' V
" " west hlf s e ouar
' 80
" 89
23 east pt south west qr
11 east tt north west or - ": 80
" - ' ' 3 north west qr south e qr 40
' 6 south east qr a w qr 40
H south east quar - 160
.' 1 1 south hlf n w quar 80
. north hlf s w quar "' 80
-"- 14 north west quarter " 160
23 s e quar s e quar1 40
I : 32 south part n e quar' , ' 81
; " 35 south hlfs wquar 180
36 south west quarter " 160
'- 31 south hf north e qr ' t 80
' - west hf sooth e qr' 1 80
7 ' 26 South west quarter 160
west hf south e qr 80
WOOD -COUNTY. . '' " -"v
5 south half ' '" - " : ' 320
7 west half, frrction ' 318
18 north west fraction 158
13 whole fraction . . 281
14 whole fraction "' 270
- 24 north half ; ' 820
2.i smith Tllf ftnlitll frnef nr ' " fin
9 4
11 6
12 4
U S Reserve s 1$ undivided two thirds ' .
' west hlf south east quarter " 53
U S Reserve s 15 undiiided two thirds
soutn west quarter. . 187
1 north hlf south east qr - ; 80
. east hlf south west qu 80
10 east half north east qr . 80
" west hlf south east qr 80
11 west hlf north west qr ' ; 80
12 west hlf north east qr .: 80
. 5 north west qr frac . ' 146
" west hlf north east qr frae 73
" north hlf south west qr : 80
6 east hlf north west qr frao , 75
"south eastqr :. ; , . . 160
" south hlf south west qr. 78
7 north hlf south west qr - . . 79
" north west qr north west qr 40
Fremont, Nov, 29th, 1851. . . ,
WOULD inform the public that he has resumed
his business at hisold stand, oa Croehan st,.
and having had theoportgnityof seeingand getling
Allthe Latest Fashions from East and West
and having brought on an assortment of the
he is prepared to furnish hi old customers, and a
many new one as can -crowd into hi ware rooms,
with the most splendid lot of r 1
Mahogony, Rosewood and Blackwalsit
Of every kind from the Cradle to the Coffin
As to prices, he is determined
He i bold to say that he can offer von BETTER
BARGAINS and BETTER WORK than von can
get west of Buffalo; hehasonhand, and is making
All kinds of BEDSTEADS, :
on New and Improved Plans J
anch as Lawia'Patent, Fowler' Patent, &c.,&c.
Do not rail to give him a call.
ID Hehasgotnpagood Hearse, and will attend
funerals ia town or country. ..;
Fremont, August 10, 1850. .
From the Laws and Regulation ofthe Post Offie
Department. . .". i. - :
Chapt. 7, See. 59. 'When the mailsrriveson
Suday, he (the postmaster) will keep hisoffioeopea
for one hour or more, if the public convenience re
quire it, after the arrival aud assortment theroof.
unless it be during the time of public worship; in
which case he will keep the office open for on hear
or more, if necessary afterthe same has ceased. .
The above reeulation will be observed at thi
office. . I. M. KEELER P. M.
PoslOffice, Fremont Jan. 1851.
Varnish, Scrnhbing,. White-wash, Counter,
Blacking, Cloth, Hat, flair, 1 ooth and nil Brnsh
es, at
Oct. 25, '51.
. mattrases:
OF everydescription, size and quality, kept cos
stantly on hand, and manufactured to order.
Also, Lounge of every description, shade and fash,
ion. A. MeNEILt
Sandusky city, May 17, 1851. .
THE choicest Liquors and Winesfor Medicinal
. and Mechanical purposesforsale at.
BncartAim's. .
ONROE'S Tonic, a certain cure for Fever
and Ague forsale only at
5, Btckxakb C,
13 2
M 44
-. M 14.
4t 4
4 44
U 4t
44 -44
44 U
M 44

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