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Fremont weekly freeman. (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, October 09, 1852, Image 3

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The following letter .wm written 'by General
Scott to General Paex, soon after the strug
gle made by tbes. Republic of Columbia to es
tablish iU liberty and independence. It shows
that the General's sympathies with struggling
freedom are not limited to the boundaries of
kis own country. ' ; ' "
Fortress Monro, May 28 1823.
DAB GawBBiLr Our friend. Lieutenant
Cokmel Young, is on the point of returning
to Columbia, and will do me the favor of ex
plaining to you how our correspondence has
been interrupted, and the lively interest I take
in ther three 6ne bora you have done us the
honor to send among UN for their education.
The PrcsUent deemed this circumstance so
flittering to the United States, that following
no his kind feelings for a sister Republic, he
immediately ordered, with the approbation of
Colonel Young, that the boys should, as they
- successively attained the proper age, be ad
. milted into our National Military Seminary,
on footing who ourown cadets, i ne eldest
ef the three will join in a few days, and I
halt have the pleasure of being present and of
'' rendering him all the assistance in my power,
j You may rely on a continuance of those atten
tions fc him, and. also the other two, who are
placed at school near my headquarters.
We have heard with deep regret of the
ios ui two ot your amp. i
. -M. . .,!. .niwrinr fnrcc Thank God.
' W IfcU m MMVM wji.ii" -
- ISnwevcr. rour inileDendence and liberties ate
ttu reach of foreign airrrress-
" -
-ion." In few yesrs more our continent can
not fail to be occupied wholly by Republics.
r Liberty seems also likely to spread over a
l.rrr. nnriinn of KuroDC. and ssnonrr iu gallant
assesstors, the Columbian army certainly oc
cupies a foremest position. ' .
Permit me, General, to say that I shall, at
. m .: k.nnv to haar from vou. and
'that I am. with great personal admiration and
Your obedient servant,
Te General J. A Pam, &C.
. The Directors of the Sandusky County
' Agricultural Society, have the pleasure to an
' aaouneeto the citixens of said .County that
"tha irronnda for the fair which will take place
w & :
n Weneadnv and Tuesday next are now pre-
narinrr. and the directors will be in readiness
- to receive every article offered for Exhibition
, by 8 o'clock A. M. of the 6rsl day. A com
, mittee will be on the ground to advise the
owners where to put the articles and stock
md to assist in the arrangement. Suitable
? Mnbles and Shelters will be in readiness for
the aafe keeping of articles on Exhibition and
ultable posts will bo provided ff hitching
Horses and Catttc, aad pens will be provided
for enclosing Sheep and Swine. It is ex-
iJ -..- r,le will k Virrtii rrlkt ill smHll
-ffWVCIM .' " ..... o
coon's which can be placed in the Fair grounds
The awarding committee will be appointed
' on tfce day of the Fair at 1 1 o'clock in
nteraiing comprised of members of the society
".' . u ..- .X t kJ .mitiwi 1 linn nrM.
nt Ail pceauiaB. awarded by the com-
lar of the fuir at noon. Hay will be pro
ided for the stock aVeeof charge. The Di
rectors are advertised ihnt we loll Oates on
' .u TV T?MaMrA anH Man men. road nnd
She Freasont Plank Road will be open to all
.j;. ,fil, rnnntF to coma to and return
groin said Fair free of toll. The Directors
aire assnred that there ijl be a peaeral turn
:.ut of the masses lo ttend the tm, and we
nut and Jinne that our Fair e-rwurtd will be
- ... . l .1... sU. .ill
--ferinffa4on2atk.Utbem.an ameant of stock
n.l niliM antirlea which will do credit to our
4jHnty and how that we are cot beWnd our
neighboring aouoties in progressive improv--
: La. O. RlMOO.
S. rinirsrd,
S. Dockland, "
'S Skinner,
J. v.fcvw. .. ...
4 GlirV, :
1'''' -A.Cote.. ' : ' .
ML -JUlxoa.
. SwetMary Office, Oct. 7, Wot.
: On (ne- 3d ins., V A. TJ. Taylor. Esq., Mr.
Thiletos 'Ldbdetl ana Hies Margaret Duncan, all
f Saada.kyenaot-. .
On tho 7lh . in., by Rev. W. J. Wells, Mr
Jaoeb Moore and Miss Rebecca Kestler, all
Fremont' . . ' -
On the 5lh iot., in Liberty Township, Henry
Couuty. fhio. Mr. Curlia R-oby, of Weaipwt, Mis
souri, and Mm Rath Anu Gallop, of the former
place. ' ' v.- "' ' "
On the 22d day r, Aoguet, SARAH DANA,
aged 22 years.
On the S9ih day of September, HARRIET DA
I?A. aged 18 years.
IS hereby given that the ondersigned lias beea
appointed and duly qualified as adininistrater on
- the estate of Enos Cochrane, deceased, late of
Sandusky eoanly, JAMES MOORE.
October 9t. 1H51
FINE Clolhs and perfectly faat colors, selling
at coots at , McLillas Sc. McGkb's.
Blstek aad Co-ored Silks.
A LARGS assortment, of both rich end low
priced goods. Ladies in want of a Silk Drees
will find the best assortment at the lowest ptices
mt . McLkllis & McGkk's.
PAINTED and plain Window Shades, with a
latgo lot of New Sirle Paper Hangings and
Bordering for sal McLrLLiit Sc. McGaa's .
Wiles Skylight
Over tht Pott Office Turnpike Street.
HAVING at much expense furnished rooms, as
above, I would invite the citixens of Fremont
and surrounding country to call and exami ne spec
imens, whether ther want pictures or uot.
To those who want pictures I would say, that
where- satisfaction is not given no charges are
snade for trouble.
Asa guarantee of what people may expect, I
wonld say that I received the Premium for the best
Daguerreotypes as the- Huron and Erie County
Fairs, for tho years 1850 and 1851, and in compe
tition loo, with tho best artists in the country.
Having made a permanent location in Fremont,
1 shall endeavor to take such pictures as will bear
.. examination aad give satisfaction.
- Rooms open from 8 o'clock A. M. to 5 P M.t
Clear or Cloudy. A. D. WILES.
Fremont, Oct. th. 1852.
. Daguerreotypes!
P MAXWELL would respectfully annonce to
. the citizens of Fremont and vicinity that be
is now prepared ta take Daguerreotype Miniatures,
iaferiov ta bom. ha therefore invites all who wish
anything ia his lino lo give him a call, as ba feels
-aaearefl that hecaa give aatiaraclion.
Those wishing Cutting done will find it to their
, advantage to give him a call.
;Kjfiom in Buckland't Block, Social Sail.
emont October, 8th, 1852.
: : , IfHllow V rattiest
. WJfn mr,A R-V;.,. t-l r.. Ik.
i- Vii(H - i.w, Kf jjcli ir ante ciienp w
., .-. . McL. St McGEE'S.
- a I r . D L . - t i I
J rEPHT R WORSTEDpattorna.Canvas, Board
n peeoies, i riirxs
, Tax STotlce.
TasAaDRca'f Orricr,
Fremont, Sopt. 4lh, 1852.
TVTOTICE ia hwb; given to tho Tx pavers of
11 Snduky t-ouni y, mat ine following- ua
havo been levied by the proper authorities n the
taxable property in said coantv, for the year I S5-I,
and the duplicate thereof placed in the hands of
the onderagned for collection.
1 ne Ktaaer taxation for the eeveral porooeee on
each dollar of valaaliou entered on the grand liat,
for aaid year, in the several townships are shown
ia tho iollowinf table.
t ; a
i a ? 5t 5 a.
sr 5 2.
S a
3 O
a. 2
State tax
3 SSSSgSSSgggg
3 Vj Vi Vr J "-i Vi V, V, v, -
wt O
oooooo oo o o
Inter'st on
ODOcoocoaoooooaooo aoco
Me3eSeSMeSeoos ea
Co. d'bt
(iom sch'l
by county
Inter'st on
R R bonds
Sen "c o 2 ' S 2 o 2
- s -w ks to
3 wMuBt2oH0tn
oj o 0 o o
IC K) U K) Ol K)
O en
oa u n o oi
Ex. school
by t'ps
3 '
eei'o'a n'a o oi "-"io V-r
- o
There ha also been made and placed npon said
duplicate the following special leviea to wit: In the
town of rremont, dr corporation purposes, three
mills on the dollur: for fire engine, two mills on
the dollar; and for school hoase and tuition purpo
ses six and a half mills on the dollar.
In the town of Beilvoefor corporation purposes.
eleven mills on the dollar; for tuilion purposes,
two mills on the dollor; and for school house pur
poses 1,25 mills on the dollar. In the township of
Uallville 2-5 mills on tne dollar tor school purpo-
ses;and the township of Rice two mills on the dol
lar for school purposes; in school district No eight
Madiaon three mills en the dollar; district t Ball
ville one mill; district 7 Ritev 11 mills; district
eight Towusend two mills; district five Ballviile
Iwn mills.
The subscriber will attend one dav by himself
or hie deputy iu rach towoship for the purposes of
receiving taxes, at tne nsual Ipaces ol nolding elec
tions, as follows, to wit
Jn Scott
Sept 15
Sept 91
Madison -Woodville
.. lb
.. 17
Green Ck
.. 24
.. 23
.. 27
.. 35
The subscriber will attend at his office i
mont threafier until the 2!)lh December next, for
the parpoae of receivintr the foiegoing taxes. Af
ter lhat time, the duplicates will pass inio the
hands of deputy collectors, and mileage and pea
aitv chanred thereon on all taxes then unpaid.
We bank netes will be received ia payment ot
taxes except those of specie paying bsuks of this
state, issued according to law.
Treasurer of Sandoaky county.
McLellan & McGee,
Recently of Massachusetts,
T AvING Snken the Store of S. Birchari
EFq.,oppeite the Hank, which has been thor
oughly repaired, ant uow opening a
L-rae and Well Selected Slock of Staple and
Carpetine-. Floor Clothe,, Paper Hangings. Crock-
-eey and Glass-ware. Looking Glasses,
Ilcculy-Jtlade Clothing!
lint, Cap a, Roots and Sboes, &c.
. Together with a choice assortment of
Ta wTiich we rrpnctfuHy invite lte attention or
the nihMhitKutc ol rremaitt tirl vtciwitr
1 efff riHjF -the above n tutted Goods to the pub
lic, we claim that the extjrince of many $m n in
-eer tfetiM.oailHiied with 44ie Mi?rior tvani
etrets - poes fo prorure Ooodi. will rnidfr rt nUkv
ilesiraUe and advatKfoa for all to rxamiiie our
Ouo J and Price before miking their Full Par
chnMfl, which at all times will be (baud t be lew
nd uniform. We hope to be able to offer such
ducementsto nvrchaeere a will aecare to us a
hare of patronage.
Dress Goods!
The aHenlieti of tho fjftdies ia respectfully o-
licited to tlve examination of our Slock of Nev
Dootlt, consisting in part of Black and Colored
fi!ks, rich ail wool De Laines, Brocade a rd Plain
Poplins, Persian and Lama Cloth, together with
a pre at variety of low-priced Prints and Plain De
Lams, tVc.
Merinos, Alpnccas , AAoueese Clothths, English
and American Prints and Ginghams, with all the
va riroe kinds of fancy and Staple Dress Goods
which the market enords.
Those in want of Goods in this line will find a
good assortment of Carpeting, Window shades,
looking glasses. Paper Hangings Tea Setts,
Knives and Forks, Glass Ware, Spoons, Sheetings.
J teas, uilta. Ac.
Our stock ef CARPETING consists of a great
er variety of patterns and a much larger assort
ment than was ever before ottered in this vicinitr.
Rich Solar Lamps and Girandoles,
with a variety of other kinds of Lamps, for Oil and
Fluid, all of which wo are prepared to offer at the
lowest price. McLbLLAiN & McUbL.
At the JNew Store opposite the Bank.
The War Carried Into
Af r i c a!
THE Subscriber haa the sMi -.faction of saying to
a : I I Li:. 1 1 ! - l.
j. nra irieuav, ina nw puuuc gi.rre."y, ma. hv
haa just completed the enlargement of his Grocery
Keom, and has supplied it wun one ol tne largest
and most choice lot ol
erer brought to this market, consisting in part of
Coffees, Teas, Pepper, Spices, Rais
ins, Nnts, Preserves of various kinds. Mackerel,
TobucoB, Seffars, and one thousand otiier articles
usually kent in such establiaments.
He hasalsojust received from the East, a largo
and choiee lot ol
Brandies, Wines, Gin, Whisky, Ale, Beer,
oYc.,w!.ich willbeeold at verr lo Sifures.
The public are respectfully' invited lo cal and
examine his goods and pricee before purchasing
elsswnere, as perfect satisfaction can be given.
. Fremen t, Sep . 35, 185!.
gaile of Real Estate by order of ttae
rrooatc ourt.
n the 8th day of November, 1853, between
Vthe Honrs of a o'clock A. al. and 4 o'clock P
M., at the door of the Conrt House in Fremont
Sandusky county. Ohio, will be aold to the highest
bidder, the following real estate as tha properly
of Phillip Kriliell deeeased, to wit:
The north-east quarter ef the north-east quar
tar of section twenty-six, conlaininr forty aerea;
also the south-east quarter of section thirteen, all
in township number four, north of range thirteen,
subject to the dower estate of Mary Reitzell their
in. . HENKIH. KE1 1 2ISLL o
Adm's. of Pillip Reitiell, Dec.
October 9. IS5.
SILKS , satins, alpai
accas, lawns, ginghame.oVc!
Dramatic Equestrian
Additional Attraction, Unpurallelled Xovelty !
Will perform at Fremont on Saturday October
9th. Doors open at II and 61 o'clock. Perfoim-
ances commence at 3 and 7 o'clock F. M.
O Admission 35 cents Children under 9 years
of sge, 15 cents.
It is with no ordinary feeling of satisfaction that
the Proprietor of this Establishment announces
that an engagement haa been effected with the
professor Mccormick,
Whose great Scientific Experiment, entitled bv
the Public Press the ANTIHODEAN FEAT, a
performance which couaisls in actually
Walking Head Downward),
On the under ride of a Smooth M&rble Slab, at mn
elevation of HO feet from the ground.'
haa excited in the ctties of New Tork and Phila
delphia greater interest and curiosity than any
thing which has beeu brought Delore tne public
during the last 30 years! Since the discovery of
the Magnetic Telegraph, no scientific invention
has created half the excitement, produced by. thia
most extraordinary achievement, and even a suc
cessful exnesilion of Porpetuai Motion coold scarce
ly canae a greater commotion in Ike acientific
world. All classes, all ages, and aI ranks ofeo
cirry have flocked to witneas this performance,
whereever it has been exhibited, and the complete
satisfaction evinced bv the fashionable audiences
who hove attended Professor McCormick's rep
resentation, sufficiently prove that no shadow of
deception has been attempted.
Two Distinct E ihititicns.
The Entertainments in each being entirely dif
ferentBlending with a full a brilliant
An extensive, talented, and very efficiently or
ganized DRAMATIC CORPS! Euibraciug in
the Eutertainments all the most pleasing
Feats of Horsemanthip, Gymnastic Exercises
Together with a vivid and truthful representa
tion, with appropriatn Costumes, Music, Ma
chinery anb Brilliant Acceasories, of an intensely
intereelinir MrloArammtxc Hittnnral Subject iu the
exhibition of wh ich, upwards of SIXT Y LA DI ES
AND GENTLEMEN, camprising many of the
most Popular Professors of tho Equestrian and
Histrionic Art will appear, iu order to give full ef
fect to the various performances introduced. In
the course of the Performances Mr. Pchtlaud
will introduce his
Fine Stud of Trained Horses and Ponies,
Mounted, Csparisoned and Costumed in a style
of tasie and aplendor positively nneaqualled by any
Iroope in this country.
The following distinguished artists compose Mr.
Penllanri'a Dramaiic and Equestrian Troupe:
Mad Virginia Sherwood,
The beautiful Fquestrinne, will appear in a variety
ot cJegaut 1 ours de tzrace, positively unacnieved
by any other lady in the profession. The graceful,
eon fident and animated ft vie of this lady's perforin
auces, facinate every beholder.
Mr. George Bale h elder,
The Leading Gymnaisl.
Tho Melo Dramatic Artiste.
Marie molselle SHERWOOD,
The Great Danseuse.
The Great Sommerest Equestrian.
The Wonderful Scenic Rider.
The Antipodeau.
.rr. William St. nter,
Master of the Ring.
Mast-, smithy illiains, Brawn, fcc. Stc
And Ittst- though not lenftt. th
.inimitable JOE PENTLAND,
With a host of other talent.
Leader of the Band, MR. HENRY SMITH,
with a full and highly effective Orchestra.
O9 New Scenes of Equestrianism in the Circle
will be given at earn entertainment, .Afternoon
ana iLvemng. I he rrogramme ot eacti being en
ttreiy dilterent.
The afternoon Entertainments will end with
in which the whole Company will appear.
(IT The Exhibition will be Brilliantly Illumina
ted in the Evening by means of Newly construe'
ted Maguittcent Chandeliers, without emitting
smoke, or any ohenaive smell suedding a flood
light upon the rertormauces oud around the am
muted interior.
tfc"7-The Horsemanship and Gymnastic Feats
in ihe iriil be entirely varied from those
given in the Afternoon, and will terminate with
a graud Uramatic and Equestrian spectacle or
world-wide celebrity, with 8ongs. Choruses, Pro
cession, &c.f eutitsed
Or the Wild Horse Tartary.
Taken from the popular Poem of Lord Byron, and
reproduced and adapted for the Circle, u-jth a most
attentive and careful Exhibition of tho powerful
situations so graphically described in the great Po
etic Legend.
(fc-The Music and Overture directed by Mr.
The varied and rpleudid Costnmea by Mrs.
Needhain. Every description of imitative Decora
tion, appertaining to Poland and Tartury, by Heer
wm. Ueer.
For further particulars see bills at the principal
The above
hi bit at
Vompatiy tcill ex-
Rome, Oct. rth. Tiffin,
Oct 8th,
BctloTue, Oct. 11th
F. J
fBtFIE Board of School Examiners for San-
dusky Count j, will meet on Friday Oc
tober 8th, at 1 o'clock P. M. in the Luthe-
riau house of worship in Fremont,
for the examination of Teachers. The ses
sions will continuo on eight successive Fri
days, at the hour and place above specified.
F.S. 'WHITE, Clerk.
Sept. 18, 1852.
Carpel tings!
Ladies and Gentlemens Carpet Bags, a good as
sortment, for sale low at McL. k McGEE'S.
Fremont, Sept 15, 152.
CASH paidfor Land Warrante.at
Hue QTrr!.
Farms and Farming Lands
THE SUBSCRIBER will sell the follow
ing described Farming Lands on lk
most reasonable terms, both as to price aad
R. Tp. Sec. Acres
IS 5 26 w ptneqr fraction 77 )
' 3 s pt se qr - 72 J
on the river ll miles below Frumont
partly improved.
17 s e qr of s e qr 40
" " 20 sw qrneqr 40
" " " e hlf nw qr 80
" " 82 e qrsw qr 80
19 4 1 about 30 acres mostly improved,
on the turnpike one mile east of Fre
mont. " 27 west hlf south east quarter 80
36 north west quarter 160
known as the Dana farm, about SO
acres improved, framed house and
barn, and orchard.
rick Towirsnip.
15 6 25 southwest hlf north west qr 80
north hlf south west qr 80
16 5 19 west hlf south east qr 80
16 4 17 north hlf north east quarter 80
" " 13 north east fraction quarter 151
14 5 21 west half north west quar 60
. i j north half north west quar 40
" 6 31 south east qr north east qr 40
13 4 26
u as si
' - 35
M 4M tt
" 36
" - 15
" " 14
south east qr north east qr 40
east hlf south east qr 80
south cast qr north east qr 40
east hlf south west quarter 80
north eas. qr north west qr 40
sonth east qr north east qr - 40
north east qr south east qr 40
13 6 10 west hlf south east quar 80
partly improved.
8 north west Quarter 160
" east hlf south west qr 82
10 east hlf south east quar 80
15 east quarter 300
" south hlf north west qr 80
" north east or north west qr 40
sourh hlf north esst qr 80
north west quarter 160
north hlf south west qr 80
north hlf north east qr 80
north west qr north west qr 40
Sec Pnrt. Acres.
21 north hlf n e quar 80
" west hlf s e quar 80
23 east pt south west qr "89
1 1 east pt north west qr 80
3 north west qr south e qr 40
5 south east qrsw qr 40
6 south east quar 160
11 south hlf n w quar 80
north hlf s w quar 80
14 north west quarter 160
23 s e quar s e quar 40
32 south part n e quar 81
35 south hlf s w quar 80
36 south west quarter 160
31 south lif north e qr 80
west hf south e qr 80
26 south west quarter 160
west hf south e qr 80
0 4 5 south half 320
" 1 west half, frrction 318
" " 18 north west fraction 158
11 6 1 3 whole fraction 281
" 14 whole fraction 27
" 24 north half 320
12 4 25 south hlf south east qr 80
U S Reserve s 15 undivided two thirds
west hlf south east quarter
U S Reserve s 15 undivided two thirds
south west quarter.
1 north hlf south east qr
" cast hlf south west qu
10 east half north east qr
" west hlf south east qr
11 west hlf north west qr
12 west hlf north east qr
5 north west qr frac
" west hlf north east qr frae
" north hlf south west qr
6 east hlf north west qr frac
M south east qr
" south hlf south west qr.
1 north hlf south west qr
" north west qr north west qr
Fremont, Nov. 29th, 1851.
A large and varied assortment, which will be
offered at extremelv low pricea, consisting of Rib
bons, Laces, Veils Ldgings, Muslin Collars, li
nen Handkercheifs, Fringes, Gimps and Buttons,
with Hosiery and (cloves.
Brown and Bleached Sheetings and Shirtings,
Ueuims, Units, 1 icks, Burlaps. Stripes, die cks.
Woollen Goods!
Broad Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Tweeds
and Jeans, Twilled and Plain White and Colored
Flannels, with a good assortment of Ready-made
lsoois tv siioes:
Are manufactured to onr order, and will be war
ranted ae good aa custom made.
Hats and Cops.
Geniu's "Superior Hats," with a variety of men
aud boys weer.
r rocc riesl
Of almoat all Ihe kinde and of choiee aelectiona.
fur family use.
All of our Goods will be freely ehown, and to
which the attention of the public is respectfully
directed. McLELLAN &. McGEE,
Fremont, Sept. 15, 1852.
TJ LANK BOOK'S, full bound Ledgers, Journals
JJ Dockets, Cash and 1 nvoice boefcr, al
Land Warrants!
LAND WARRATS for sale at the Bank.
Fremont, September 3, 1852.
NOTICE is hereby given that the copartner
ship heretofore existing between the subscrib
ers, in the Masonry business, is this day dissolved
by mutual consent. All claims against the firm
will be settled bv J. H. tlarturd.
Fremont, August 2, 1853.
A DIVIDEN D of 6 per cent, has been declared.
XXand will bepaid npon the first dav of October
next, lo the stockholders of the Fremont P. R Co.
npon presentation of certificates of slock to J. Jus-
lice, Presideut ef said Co.
JNO. R. PEASE, Treas.
Fremont, Sept 9, 1852.
mWO Cases of Fall Styles of Silk Bonnets,
I nice article, just received at the New Store of
McL. V McOlit'S,
TTTARRANTY, Mortgage, and Qait Claim
v T Ueedstersaieattne
frrfwav orrrcE.
13 2
tt 4
14 "
4 44
44 44
4 44
4 44
44 44
Agricultural Fair. -
AT a Meeting of the Board of Directors of the
Sandnaky County Agricultural Society, held
at the Secretary's office in Fremont, on the fourth
day of September, A. D. 1853, it was
Resolved, That Ihe first Fair of said Society be
held at Fremont ou tha 13th day of October, A- O.
Resolved, Thai all members of this Society be
invited to exhibit al aaid Fair, horses, cattle, abeep.
awine, poultry, field crops, frail, dairy and manu
factured articles.
Resolred, That the following premiums be paid
at said fair, to wit:
Fremlnmi b Cattle.
Best yoke of work oxen ovsr 4 years old $5 00
2d Beat yoke of work oxen over 4 years old $3 00
Beet bull over 3 years old
3 00
3 00
1 (10
3 00
9 00
3 00
3 (III
do do between 3 and 3 years old
do do do I and 3 do
do cow
Sd do do
do fat oa
3d do do do
S3 00
do stallion oyer 4 years old
3 00
9 00
3 00
a oo
3 00
9 00
3 00
1 00
a oo
1 00
3 00
3 00
20 00
2d do do
do brood mare and colt
3d do do
do match pair of horses
?d do do
do Feldinz over 4 years old
5d do do
do work horse over 4 rears eld
3d do do
do colt between 1 and 4 years old
3d do do
do buck
9 00
2d do do
1 00
3 00
do 5 ewes
3d do do do
I 00
6 00
do boar over I year old
3d do do do do do do
do breeding sow
2d do do do
do fat hog
3 00
I 00
3 00
1 00
a oo
8 00
do lot of 5 domertie) fouls
3d do do
3 00
1 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
4 00
3 00
1 00
do roll of Slbs of butter
do cheese
do variety of labia Iruit
3d do da
3 00
Field Crop.
do sample of wheat not less than I bushel 3 00
do acre of corn 5 00
do acre of pototes 3 00
do design for farm ba ru
Ladies Department.
do made shirt
de woolen stockings
3d do do
de article of needle work of any kiud
3d do do
9 00
a 00
1 00
1 00
a oo
1 00
7 00
3fanaf:ictnred article.
do farm wagou 3 00
do do 3 00
do plow 3 00
do buggy 3 00
do do 3 00
3d do sofa 3 00
do do 9 00
3d do table 3 00
do do I 00
3d do window sash 3 00
d3 do do 1 00
3d do window blinds 3 00
do do 1 00
3d do pannel door 3 00
do do 1 00
3d do made frock coat 3 00
do do I 00
3d do made pants 3 00
do do 1 uu
3ddo farm harness 3 00
3d do saddlo and bridle 3 00
do fiue boots 3 00
do do I 00
3d do side harneas Isather 2 00
do dressed cnlf skiu ) 00
do fine shoes, 3 00
do do 1 00
do yards of Sattinett 3 00
3d do do do I 00
do vaids Flannel 3 00
3d do do do I 00
do yards Casimers 2 00
3d do do do 1 00
do best 4 horse shoes with sails 9. 00
2d do do . do I 0i
do barrell of Sewer 3 00
do barrel 2 00
do ham of bacon 2 00
da barrel 2 00
Discretionary premiums will be awarded for ar
ticles of merit Exhibited by members or their fami
lies, in all the various branches, and it is hope d
that general Ehibitinn will be made. Tho above
premiums will be paid in cash or Agricultural,
Horticultural or other scientific books, at the op
tion of the Directors.
La. O. RAWSON. Tree.
D. Capper Sec.
See's. Office Sept. 4, 1853.
Sale of Real Estate by Order of
BY virtue of an order of the court of common
plcaa of Sanduskv conntv, Ohio, I shall offer
for aale at public vendue, on the first day of No
vember next, between the hours prescribed by law.
at the door of the court house, in aaid Sandusky
count, the fallowing lands and tenements, levied
on and taken as the property of Samuel Buyd et al
tosatiafy an execution in favor or Augustus Great
er, to wit:
Beginning at a stake, being the nr.rlh east corn
er of the lot formerly belonging to LesterC. Beach,
and running thence south sixteen and a half de
grees, west ten rods to a stake, thence south seventy-three
and a half degrees, eaat eight rods to
a stake, thence north sixteen and a half degrees,
eaat ten rode to a stake, thence north seventy
three and a half dngreee, west eight rods to the
placa of beginning, containing one halfacreof land,
in Green Creek iu the county of Sandusky; also a
piece of land situate in the asme township, begin
ning at a stake, being the north east corner of the
above) described piece of land, and running tbenrs
north seventy-three and a half degrees, eaat two
rods to a stake., thence aooth sixteen and a half
degreee, weet ten rods to a atake, thence north
sevety-three and a half derrea, west two rods to
a atake, thence north 16 and a half degrees, east
ten rods to the place nf beginning, containing one
eighth of an acre, being the same and known as
the Tavern Stand deeded to Spicer hr Weslv An
derson. C. EDGERTON, Alt'.
September 18. 185 ..
THE School Examiners of Fremont will
meet in the Lutheran House of worship,
on Friday Sept 2 4 tit, at 1 o'clock P. Ji. far
the examination of Teachers.
H. LANG, )
F.S. WHITE, Examiners.
Sale of Iteal
by Order of
ON the 16th day of October, 1853, at 3 o'clock
in the afternoon, at the door of the Court
House in Fremont, will be sold to the highest bid
der, the following real estate, aa the properly of
Benjamin Clemens, deeeaeed, to wit:
The undivided two thirds of tha north-west
quarter of the north-east quarter of aectioa five,
township four, north of range seventeen, contain
ing forty acres more or less, subject to slower.
Terms of Sale- One third cash in hand, one
third in one year and the residue in eighteen
months from day of aale, with interest, to be aeenr
ed by mortgage on the premises.
Sept. Ig, 1853.
rTVIEchoicestLtqnorsand Winssfor Medicinal
1 and Mecnanicalpurposesrorsale at
IV JON ROE'S Tonic, a certain curs for Fsve
XV-L aud A gue for sale onl) at
5. Beeirt-ty i; Cs's.
And a Fair Fight!
IT HAS BECOME the too eem moo practice
af many men. In order lo sustaiu their falling;
fortunes, to resort to calumny and abuse ar tnn'
rivals iu business, and ne class, oiifortanat'r is
more addicted to this habit, than merchants. -J
motto has been, and i now,
"An Honorable Dealing uith the Publicl'
and let those enjoy their fully wha have been en
eatensively enrsged in throwing out their abnsa
upon thsir neighbors.
I lake great pleasure to say to the citixena of San
dusky, and adjoining euuiiiics, that 1 am new re
ceiving a large aud splendid .
Stock of Goods!
adapted for the season, which, from Ihe rreat de
duction east iu many articlee, we can cfTer lower
then they have ever been aold in thia market be
fore. My atock consists in pari of
Broad-cloth, Cassimeres, Tweeds, Sattinetts,
and Kentucky Jeans, from a common lo the 6rat
quality, with an extensivs assortment of Summer
stuns, aud bleached Uooda of ever kind. In tha
way of
I have a large assortment of Black aad Fanev
Dreas ailke of the matt aoperb patterns. Ginsrhaai..
Lawns, Muslin and Cerage de Lai nee, and a largo
assortment ol lilicoes, which will be said very
Bonnets, and Bonnet Trimmings, .
Hoieory, and Gloves of every description. A gen
eral assortment of Shawls, 'Handkerchiefs, Para
sols, Umbrellas, Ac, aud those wishing la pur
will do well to rail and exemine, ai I have a large
aioca at inucn lower pricea man usually ottered.
Paper, and Paper Haugings, a food assortment.
A large quantity Coata. Pante. Vest, and Shirts.
which will be sold regardless of profile; and a full
iole and Upper Leather. Hat and Caps, oVa., a
A Full assortment of Groceries, Dye-stuffs,
Paints and Oils.
The attention of Blacksmiths is particularly di
rected to my atock of Anvils and Vices. Mr atock
embraces every thing usually called for in this liue.
Iron, Nails, Glass, Glass-ware, Crockery, fec,
I would corbially invite all who wish to purehi
to call aud examine and satisfy themselves that
thia is the?p!ace to get goods cheaper, and fully equal
to any iu ine aiaie.
1 o tho armera I would say, bring on yrar
Wheat, Com, Oats, Wool, &c, dc
tha highest price will be pnid Cash up.
U. JiET I S.
Fremont, Juno 13 th, 1351
New Groceries!
THE Subscriber is now receiving a choice lot
of Groceries. Confectioneries Nuts. Hamhuir
Cheese. Mackerel, and 10 JO other articles. Also
the ohoiceel (ot of
Wines, Brandies, Gin, Rum, '
ever brought lo this place, and warranted pure
nlso tne best assortment or every d scnption of
Tobacco and Choice Cigars,
And will sell as low as tha lowest. Call at the
One Horse Grocery
Opposite Niinns' Store, if J on want good articles
auo good Dargnins. J. UUUuJtltl I.
Sept. lb, 1853. --.
NOTICE is hereby givan thai the Partnership
heretofore existing between the undersigned,
in the Butchering business, is this day dissolved by
mutual eoneent. All debts due or against tne
late firm will be settled by M. Wegslein.
F. GRl'ND,
Anggnst 19, 1852.
N. B. The subscriber will continue to carry on
the business, and will be happy to formats thecit
izene or t reinonl with choice meats
Sept. 4 1852. F. GRTJND,
Window Glass
8 by 10, $1.50. 10 by 13, $1,75. 10 by U
$3,00. For sale at these prices to close a eoueigB'
Varuieh, Scrubbing. White-wash, Counter,
Ulackiug, Cloth, Hal, Hair, Tooth end Mail Urnsh
es, at iSUUa-LAr LIB
Oct. 23. '51.
Great Exhibition
West of New York, has just been opened i
Fremont, oue door south of Peaae Su Robberta1
Tin Shop.
THE SUBSCRIBER, believing that a large
aud well conducted Dry Goods Store, was much
needed in this place, has just opened
of Goods, purchased in New York with cSH
wnich he now respeclfuHy invites ihe citixens of
Sandnaky, and the adjoining counties, tu call and
exanmie. I he attention ol tne uadilj is especial
Iv directed to his great variety of
Magnificent Dress Goods
Silk. Siitin, ParU Cwpe, Silk Gre-nnrfine,
Silk Albanies. new My la printed Berne, Ciieni
Btrnt?e. a larire lot of French, Enelinh aud Ameri
can Lawn, vuperior to anything in th market.
Bernge de Lainrs of the neweat atyleaand moat de
sirable pattern. A anperior aaortmenl ef French
and other Gingham the moat beautiful pattern.
Mohair. Ponliii. plain fiVured and changeable
Alpaccaa;alo( uu peri or Black -Silk Lustres A 1 pace a
A larue and general assortineui 01 .
Crnne. lieraire. Tihbel. Stradilla." and Si
Shawls. splendid patterns and Ihe ladies cannot
fail to be suited.
The gentlemen will find a good assortment of
Broad-cloths, Caitimeres, Sattinets, Jeans,
Sec, ot Ihe finest quality, which will be sold cb-ap.
Coats, Panta, Vesta, of every variety, from the
finest bruad-clnth to the cheaoest labile, which can
aud will be aold cheaper than eau be afford d iu any
other store any where,
iu grat variety, from Ihe best to Ihe most common
quali r wnrrtinlee) will made and will be aold
low. A fine article of Shoe for the Ladies, of Ihe
best ami latrst pnttrna. . Call and See.
A large variety of Swisa Mus'inr and J.tekonets,
French worked goods, ltoiinet Ribbons, Parasels.
Gloves. Iloiserr. Embroidered 9wie, Call roes.
Chintz, Muslin,' Bed ticks, Flannels, Ac, Ac.ef
all descriptions.
Coffee. Sugars, Teas, Spice, Pepper, Meti
Tobaccos, and nearly every article in that lino af
the best qualities.
Aa above remarked, all my goods are new, and
will be eold at osa rates. So give os a call. Per
formance every day except Sundaya. Door open al
half past 5 A. M. Performance lo begin at 6. Ad
mission free, children half price. No postponement
on account of the weather. Never was there snoh
an opportunity simte the da) a of Solomaa to gratify
the eyes and mind wilh so little expense.
Ae forpriees, there's no use talking." We sell
so low we aae afraid folks may think we ateal our
goods! But don't be afraid, friends come all. and
you shall sea whal you shall aee. Oiva as a call,
and we will suit you to any thing in our line.
Fremont, May 13, 1S53 ly.
O" Be sure to recollect the place, one door south
of Pease Sc Hobberte' Tin Shop.
CARPENTERS can find Hand-saws, Draw-
knives, steel aqoaree.try squares, pianeirons.
Nail Hammers, Hatchete. Ac. ofthe bealqualityat
I AM ihe only agau( for these invaluable Medi
cines i Fremont, for particulars call and see
hiU and pesnahteea- at the 8oro Room rippeait
vii ia rrt
TKat wf a1J mat femil, wwrec hi tkn mttr) af K
kwok in Mltk 4 piriu wilh a coMpliCMioa of
sl avilmtnu, dvpriTins Utera of th jrower tot iKr wAymet
tifc tvt- an ae whaa .physical hawrtk, ay ay of spww,
aa hamy MrfHtty of miosi, artaiag Lien a emduton of WttK
taoald b- 141 j m ina 'it.
Many of tb mmw of fcer raffariftsi at ftfts! frMp
twttx. paKfM diu-ir.c Birlriorx., or th ftrat rA wan if
wt rt in tlriu otifiii m tizlu w M m UaVvue!, afi tf ant .
aVtSWctCsi. m ArTKJjt TfcARSf .
WlkM too lata t WitJ r kiwwHago, wo la
batck ansl anoant. a tcgtM- lk iU wwtatsM srf mt
'batoaW W aot etiou. fit t poaaa. ta oaaty tW
yowletltea w obUta in all year An 4 wttat Us a a
ich'a of anrnish nisi nut staio taa . tf ilM
kuowsw-titfa waa tiawly iomm4. ii ia
Ta Wholtl ib ukM i& JTcrim enSBras W many aaib
for many yaant. froaa aa itnic ant coHtittUaltU, atr
iMftt ot anr arill, ut iucmmil, uarwry
i wira Ann hommmX
fom6 ih twlbraiariovt cnntifi in a Httle rolaaMj ( ailh
io ikm mcU sUi) Kth wouU nmr Iw bmnril
1 Aaf t ).t abari4 lHa wmm toH ant aitatrry mf w-i,
scaMrily- devoir inn upon fctrn lna stcksioM ol cba it.
wtthosH sirinr; bit rixt owtunauity of aotsitrisig that rf4
patanea whifti his ratttioua ara euiulrei, atl irsa jto)0
t which wmlsi aacai tbm hpviu vl hi wisV,a
ahiltir. ,
V BfCftnittar IB Unit PSWsatM
mt yt lha knowlaslM, tka wr
icknrma mt& ixrtv of ifauaswnsls.
f Wbllh lift CStatMsl lh t)ickfe?M aaw4 Hrty o
1st via-sr nf svieh rtiRMnwuci. iu wife OT tesOtbrr m
aabVw it' aba- neaVret to haraaif of that kBOwlt-dva is
. rwaacl to harwrlf, vrbicb -wotsld afiarr Kr aiarh ifftrit'tc. -
lha aiaaaa of kappivsoaa an! Prortty ru b?r hastxawsi, m-4
confar apon hat ehrtdrau that bjkavsitaa alNa all pn iy
Keslirs). with bwairhy mi us- 1 au luiisvUaHi u aoaaaicsrei m
a iitti Portvutiti4
Private Medical Companion.
BV KB. A. tU MiCtlCHaO,
Oas M aaarsiia EiitiM. ISsta.sp.tIS. tnss. SO csa,
(os ias oraa. ears sinDisa. I OS.). -'
- TUslsaWUIwaiamr.aUUIsast
'Conatderlnsr that KVERt rXKll.I,
- aeejwlv m saill ki.wlela;e a tfca
Issinsotav awai raasrs fcrt aasaisllm
with Us. v.rl.m araaptosata. Mat Uusa
' sseaurly .
Haxr a wiLXMin copiss ,
' saeaM Vave sU. - ' ' '
It. is istpncticjM. t. CMrrev fallr tW. vsneas nhv'Msi
saut of, s ikrs. of s nstara ,Otril, iatsua4 for ik.
urrise, K tliOM CMtmplMios atsmssss, sax a tVmslm
' aMirou, ariijaria( bull, t4 tht kMKBtr, (Miwui .
knltli. wkieh I coi hcit. te krr own hsppifiM,. m4 Uua
.- mt Iwr hnMn4. b.l snher hM arwtH obtai. u, M m ot wilt
vary bMtMa. wbo has Ibe lo., nd S.rlioa af hi wisr at
lMart,wlkatarBiaawmivcajiauy impmomsM. . ...
Hata Van KB1 BY SSSIl. sritkia taa last Uw smiIw ,
ICTBase and Shameful Fraud ! !
Psitranl r4 aajwftca, has heeo mfritrtinly iaaseaV wWh
- tha amr rVrM autt all. osacUy th mm TiTi- r!..
exarily tha HMt .
Bt annthar nanv auhatiTHtt-tt for "tr. A. M. Mar
KaTsaaa aecarahis to Act af Cnrweaa ia tha yr , W
la ba Ctark'a Oic of tha Iftatrict Conrt of tha SaihstaL
District of Naw o ,.
. ':. OaVlTTKIK :
Tha ceaieat, taMjci aaattar, aa raadiNf ara ? 4
; KlTTmEbY DirFIBERf v
FrtMef tm jut"?, hrowrtiah, tlirtr fapr, with a i-anar eswar
It eau ba k'towu also from th Mii.vtraLl ani illattiVtir wt.V
- cau acattci4 thraafhaat iu m- TiUtapgrifiU 4ut
aano'VM norm. .... . .
If thrra ara any tn tha trad loa( to ahaM nmt Biaiw
. awOitetijr aa t V wiiliajT i-vnaa
Ne la" than th laxal ownor of tha prorwrty hi crpvrthf ,
they will he imMactucti, ansl uj wiU ke Ukm ta i.twa
thcta ta the rutjlic. . . , .....
A copy wfll b sent to each aoohaenar or arm. (wtth the
terme inm which the wiU ha Aimwhad.) ai-oa twecMH
.. hu or iheu- saatiMMa car oj aoatrea.
. .' mm wot tnzgnjiVomit
Bar so Book anlosa Dr. A. M. MsaHers.. r f iWrr .
N. Y-, iaou tha litla pas, rntui tfca aalrv n Clart l Osn ia
lha book of the titU paff r.orrtvoa aa haram, swS.fcs . X
of rssuectabla mud lionorabla dcalais, or sn by ssail, aaa 4
j n- X, ..... r -
Fall ritla pajrr. wi coataats, otlf Vfitb s few
matins of imiHwtant asbjacu lo a,ary mamail twk will
bs aMt, ft ot ehara, to aor ooo aucloaisss mtsa stamp os
. a stepoitl lattar, sddreasa. sa baioia.
TTOpj receipt of ftnjr CeWta, (str Oiae
- Dollar for tste fl n ISeUUoit extra fevltiftlttv.i
WKDICAU COMPASflOK ta aastt isMf.T
rWe) ta m.nr part ot tlse Dnlft Statra. all
letters must be poal-pam. aind sli-ac
DR. A. M. HAtliUt'KaV, BatHM.1'"
York C'ltw. r-nbl lasting OflW, So.lJswi."!'
Btreet, Mew Vorit. . r c ...
- Patent Meicines!
dusky coouty,ror thorolluwtDgstaudardMed
icines: -.
Oxygenated Bitters,'
Jndkin's Ointment,
Bala. ni of Horehnuse,
Bonpland'a fever and
Ague Core,
Mouroe'a Tonie for agtto
Osgood's Chologogagea 1
Hutigariaa Balaanta
MeLane's Verinifuire,
Fayunslock m Verrntf ago
Seller's Vermifuge,
Javu'a Vermifuge, .
Pain Killer.
Moffat's Bitters,
Mustang Linament,
Nerve and Bone, do.
Gareliiir Oil,
Liverwort and Tar,
Townaeod's saraaparilla
Shaker saraaparilla,
Boll's sarsanarilla.
Govsolt's aarsaparilla &.
Yellow Dock,
Saraaparilla, WildCher
ry and Dandelion, .
Broot's medicines,
Jayne's mediciaes,
Sloan'e medieioee, .
Fitehe's medicines,
GrarTeohnrrCo,B. do.
Empire Co'a do.
Wild Cherry Balsam,
Oherrv Pectoral,
1 Pain Extractor, ('
Cars for Pain,
Pain Kxlermiuater,
Petrolenm, -
Nervine Balsam, ' -
Uthonrriptie mixtojet
Pettit Eye salve,
Drepeptic Biltera, "
Oyspeplie Cordial,
Thompson's Ere Water,
Cook's Eyo Water,;
Dean'sCliemieal Plaster
Chrietie's Magnetic Cur
Magnetic Plaster,
Magnetic Ointment,
McAlister's Ointment,
Canker Balsam,
Ginseng Tanaces. .
Gregory's. Jaynea. Seller's, sonle's, Phiuev's
llalaey'e, Moffat's, Brandreth'a, Worsdell'e, Mo
Lane's, McCullonb's, Rushes', and every Miter
kind nf Pills that are good for any thing, aud all
other standard medicines of the day, at
wVo. 3, Bucktan's Brick Bfrk
Sign of the Big Mortar. JFjf
Fremont, Sauduaky eo. Nov. 1, 1851.
Sale of Real Estate by O rater
- Coasrt. -
"IN the I6th dav of October next, at two oel
UP. M.. at the door of the Court-Iloute in Fr
rnent, Sandusky eounty, Ohio, will be sot.l tu lit
highest bidder, the following real etlate aa Ihe prof
erty of David Lutho, deceased, uaincatubered f
dower, to wil: . f
The undivided one half of in-lota auntbersix J
and fortv-aeveo, 1471 io Pratta addition to the
uf Woodville, in Saudutky coualy, Qdio, app
Terms ol tale one third east, irt nanil,
third in oae.aad one third iu two year, with i
eat, secured lo the salisf tetion of the rt'jmf.'
Sert. 7, WSi. , - , '
..".' " :'" Xotle. .' ; ,
TT my instaaoe an attachment waa thi diyiw
soed by A. B. Taylor, a juttica of tha Peeea
of Sandusky township. Sandusky county, Oliiw,
against the property and effects of Stephen P. Hil
born, an absconding debtor." N '
Dated September 6, A. D. 1851. '
SW Restore that which is not thins urn.
$10 Reward!
IF the person whs look Sixty dollars frim
Dorr's counter, in Fremont, oa Saturday eve
ning ins .sain ot abioh last, wii, nn " - -"
lo me, I am authorised to pay him 910, an I aa
questions asked. SAM'L. CKOWELU
Muakalunge, SepL 9, 1652. -N.
B. The public are requested to notice tha
presentation of a $20 bill on tho Northern Bank af
Keulucky, aud one of a like denomination, a tha
Stat Bank o.' Indiana especially if tendered try
one with whom each bills ara seldom found.
II1TE CRAPE aad Black Silk Shawls,
a beautiful article, at
May 14, '53. ? , MOSS
'IJ'OVSO HvtMiTes f.ureriorquam?t
I ' . Htl!s

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