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Fremont weekly freeman. [volume] (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, October 09, 1852, Image 4

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15 Vcl
to t .-T8.'..VT?.
To n'wn for Conglis, Astlimn, Culds, Croup, j
lirnnchilis,-lnllu"ia, Ileeiinff 01 uie Iuugs,
Difficulty of breathings Liver Affections, Pain or .
weakifes ef th Breast or Side-, First stages of j
Consumption, &c... N ',
In shur, this H.'snm ts peeidailry adapted Is ev- I
ery dtK-'ase oftlie Iniirnml liver, which ie pro- i
iced in ever-vuTyiirg oliiniite.
TXTIDD C'llEKKV has long been known
V V lo posei-a important medicinal properties.
This fact to familiar lo every mafrnn iu our laud,
mid physicians often proscribe il ra differenl forms
Tur a variety of complaints.- ;Tar, also, has beeu
qmllr noted for its virtues; wtd some physicians,
whose sanies are familiar to' the whole country,
- ive eM so. fat as to declure that- even CON-
tSU MP Tit KN could be cored by that alone. In
oilier hands, agaiu, it was nearly valueless, owing,
ilottht, to their iVnorance in preparing and ad
juiuisteruij it a difficulty 'now entirely obviated
bv patient experiment and long experience.'
ha extraordinary medical, powers of these tn-s
atuhstances are now. for the first lime, combined
nd embodied in DR. - W ISTAR'S J1ALSAM
Of V ILD CHERRY." lly oiee chemiciri pro
cess, sveryMuog delslerious or useless ierejected,
that wliat reinaius is the most extraordinary aud
truly Oiiiacious-reniedy for alt iinds oj pnSmona-
" rv and liver diseases ever known lo man. To con
vince all unbeliever that our theory is really true,
refer-to a few case of cures perforated by this
' wonderful nwdicin: : !.". . r n .
Plkai.'MT Rfoi Ham. w, O. Sept. 27, "51.
- J.' D. Park t)ear Sir-!! take the likerty of ad-
Ttsinff tori of I He benefit? I have derived from the
"use of lr. Wislnf'r Blam of VViU Cherry. I
was prostrated-, by thai terrble trtfrge,' consump-
itHMi, i-MarlasV---Tfaoilack as truly horrifying
to me( for live ofocr family, (my brothers and sis
ters, fcntl died f cHu'Piou.; l was afflicted
. 1 . .. .. . r J: I
with nearly all r.ie worst icaiurca oi me unease.
lind A iriilrsiiig Cough, and eipeclora'ed a great
-te (of blood, hectic fever, severe pains in- the side
' mid chest, cold chills-, alternating -with flushes of
lieat aud copious night sweats.
' I was under ihe caroof a skillful physician, from
the time J was taken" rick until about six w eeks
since, being then about helpless,1 and lriy" friendr
sui.ered miv case hopeless, or atleast beyond our
1'hjsicisn's skill, advised the use of Wiatar's Bal
aam of Wild Cherrir. Without my knowledge
tny father procured it, and cotnmenced administer
, inc it tome, nd from tlis first day i commenced
taking It ny health jni(wov! -and in two weeks
from the time 1 eummeueed nsiii) it, I was abls to
tie out auduversee in) business, and labor, which
I still eoiitinne to do.' 1 have taken four bottles nl
the medicine, and now consider mvself perfectli
- Anotlicr AslonisliinK Cure.
" E; Kalb, highly reayeclabls inerchant of RnsU
tille. Kail field coniiiy, Ohio, sent us the fsllswing
'srolnntary tribnle to ' ' ;"Hi i -3 'f
"DR."-rlSTAR's' B.itSAll'.OF; tVILD CHCTtllT."
' ' ' : RushrHle, Fairfield co, 0 April 6, 'SI.
Mf. J. D. Park iJearSir:! wish toslalet
Tou thnt oij daughter, "Amanda, aged 16 years,
had. ahom year fhrce, a very sevrro attack of
measels, wbioh. seduced' her .very umch, nd lefi
lier with racking cough. I employed all lh phy-
nicians within our reach for the purport of remov
ing her couli, but without success. She oppear-"-ed
lo hs sinking 1to a decline, with every symp-
r0om t eattsuniuiion-' '. .
I then tried Dr. Rogsr's Liverwort and Tar."
Hal thalnggravated4rrugh, and gave hersymp-
lams of a still more niatiguant character. 1 was
'-" now roost seriously alarmed, aud it was with trem
. bliug fear that I from day to day. saw the progress
mf thai insatiable disease, consumption. I really
despaired of my daughter's recovery. Bot I prov
identially saw the certificate of Jonathan Coulssn,
-whose daughter. Sarah Jane, was cured of Con
. sumplioa by'Wuter' iialsim fif Wild Cherry;"
this created a fuiut hope that it migkl help my
k daughter, and I immediately commenced using il,
'and it almost instantly gave "relief, her lieallh was
" impfoved from Hi first bottle, and by the use of
f-pts-o bottles of Wistar' Balsantof Wild Cherry,"
n ah was restored to perfect health, and she is not
now'nl all predisposed to a coup!. -. r -
"'.' .1 wilf any to those that are afilicted with any dis--1.
' easa leading lo consumption, do not deipaif. for Dr.
W uter's-- Balsam f Wild Cherry-will core you,
- ''"ft voir wilt tut tryit.''- . . -1. KALB.
J, The genuine Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry
,1ms a fao siniile of the signature of Henry Wislur
M. D., Philadelphia, and "Sanford &. Park" os a
finely executed steel engraved wrapper. No other
ess be genuine - , v - - - - k -
r.-- ff3 Pric $t per bott!e; boltlea for $5.
- 8ld by. i J- D. Park, Ciociunati, O.
- North east comer of Fourth .and Wsluul sts en
tiaiieeon Walnut street lo whom all orders
. U must be addressed.
Sold in Fremont by S. BUCKLAXD A. Co. s
- And by Vli C Baker, Castalia: J. Hutchins &.
Son, Bellevoe; W. Braner, Millgrove; Charles
'Powers, Woodville: Foster & Son, Rome; Ham-,
iltoo & McCartney, RepuWict I. L. Strjoho, Ti
" 'tin citv.aal P. V. JJeery & Bro., Green Creek. v
Freinont, February 28, '5 J Iy
To Sell Sew and Popular Books.
WE are iu want of Agents to ranvais this part
flhe State for oar nenBook. v
A small capital of but $10 or $15 will be requir
ed to commence with, end an, unlive person can
ara from $3, GO to $5,00 per day. Some of oar
Ageai earn much more...
Those desirous of engaging in ijiis profitable
business, may obtain our plan of operation, and a
Sisl of our Publications, .hv addressing. pot paid,
.- . M-F. TOOKER & CO.,
1 sNo: 10 Saperior St, Cleveland, Ohio. .
Drugs, RledicineSy L Paints,
Q BCCKLAD Sc CO. hvejut recoir-
IO ed very largelot ef Drnfrs, Paint, Oils, Dye
" Stuffs, Glass, Ghiss-wnr, Perfumery, A c., which
they would earnestly so tic it those wishing anything
ia the line to call hhA examine fore purchnsingr
elsewhere, as we think it will be very much lo their
ad?antage to do so, for we pledge ourselves to sell
mm ean b bought in the Eastern markets at as low
1 a sriet as our neignuorsasa lor a poor article. -I
Havinff been foritM-years iu the Dnua Business
- - m this place, we-think we know somelhitig- of the
wants ol its inhabduls, and while wj would return
-oar thanks for the very liberal patronage we have
'2 reeeived, we promise to spare no pains for the fu
j tare ia eivinfour customers llie full value of their
money in. Good Goods.:
- I i Wa Aa uat think' it secMtnrr ts nnniRrnt our
articles, erlhe quantity we have, (or have uot,)of
each art tele; Suffice it to say we have a
and enough of each fo supply ulldemands, uudam
' sle arrangements to buy more:
We would ask Physicians, to call and examine
Tanr Trogs and Prices before poing to '1'ifiiu city,
Sandusky city, or elsewhere, as we do know that
we can sell ascbenp as any of litem, aud we ara
benud la do it any how -
iLifoiPaTKTEBS -
. Wi woul.Jf ?r it- .1 .': .-' t
snd al-i Wf! f(i!ijr ;ui;tj7 xy.-.y r ' r.L-
ajro. --iV-o--k -al 4(v- -;. . - -r tf-
. " I'-v-'-.i-r '..-. .,'! it .i4 i:. .-. ,
' . ; piac: .-.tij jdi -S
ijii r -:' "'
' 's:e;
r rrefns.ut,Nov. 9. 'SI
QlLKS,satinB,alpaccas, law us, ginghams, Sfcc
- v PAKC,EB,,
Colum&m AvamieSandusky CsVy, Ohio.
LADIES' Shawls, Dresses, Bonnets, Ribons,
Hose, &c. , colored and finished in a superior
manner. Also Oeutleniens'CoMts, Pmitsoiid Ve-'ta
dyed and pressed in the best style. Faded Coats
restored to their former brilliancy. - Brocha and
Marino Shawls, and Kid gloves bsHUlifuliv rleaned.
July 17. iBiJ ly F. R. CDMSTOCK.
RANGES, Lemons and Raiitins just received
by express, for sale by J. DOUGHERTY.
NAILS. Frenionllrr.il Co.'s Nails, manufac
tured at Trov. N. Y., at - Hatkks'
CODFISH ulauperiur quality at
HaysksChup Stork.
Sale of ltcal Estate by- Order of
N Saturday the 25th day of September next, at
Hotre i Frenioul, Sanduskvcnmitv, Staif of Ohio,
will h sold lu tlid tiigltest bictHtrt 1h folltmhiy
reul rNtt n ttte property cf George Hupp, de
Ce"""tli to wit : m
The north Wt'st quarter of eetion twenty-four,
24 north of rantje fourteen, I I containiiiir one
huinlretl and sixty acres; also, ih west half of the
south-west quarter of secliou twenty-four, 24 of
township four, (4) north of ruiige fourteen, ( l-t)
eontMinincr ihty acres of lanj, without any in
cnMbrance by dower. -
s 160 acres appraised $1,000; 80 acres appraised
Terms of a!e. One lliird down, one ihird in
one and one iliird iu two Years with interest, se
cured by mortgage.
- Jchn Rupp, Deo.
Eclectic Physicians.
DOTOKS Wm. Karshner A, Win. H,
Knepple. Oilice: South East corner of Pike
nud Front Streets, Fremout. Ohio, where out or
both of us w ill be fuuud at all limes lo attend lo
Professional calls.
' Fremont, July 2!th, lo-J 'r. '
9al of Heal Estate by order of
ON the second day of October, 1851, al2 eclocl
P. M ., at the door of the Court house, iu the
town of Fremont, Sandusky count, Ohio, will be
sold to the highest bidder, Ihe following rent estate
as the properly of William Barriuger, deceased, to
rit: ;-, . - -.- " i - . - '
-The east half of ihe'aonlh-trest qnarter of aee
tion thirty-one, ton-n.-hip four, rnge fourteen,
containing seventy-eighl hud fifty four oue huu
dredlhs acres. - .
ff. 3, Guardes.
Bibles! Bibles!
SO FAMILY BlIIaLESfromsjel 50to$fT
end an fjimntitv ofsmnll Bibles ofeverydo
scriptiou from 50 cents to &3 00. Also, a lurot
variatv of Prayer Books anl SwhSath schcol books
for sale at S. CUCKLAAD & Co,
Oct. 25. 'M r
TS hereby given that a petitirn will be presented
ito the commissioners of- bandusky county al
their session in Jiimie next, for a county road.com
meucinfr at the ceuir of section 27, tow nshtp 5,
rnnpe 15, rtinninjf thence south Lo the Western
Reserve and Mvuuiee Road.
Aprdfl. 195 i.
, IVotieo
IS herein given thnt a petition will be presented
to the Trustees of Gresnrreek township. Smi
dufky county, and State nf Oiito, oti ihe 2J Tu-s-dav
iu Octoher, A. I. 1552, for the laying out ol
a Township Uoad, commencing at the north-east
eoener of the north-east quarter of the north-east
quarter of sectroru thu-ty-three, (3 i and run south
lo ihe south-east corner of (he sonih-est quarter of
the north east quarter of snid section, Ihiriy-lhree,
from taence eat to the south-weft comer of the
east part of the north west quarter of fractional
section thirty-four, all in tow nidi ip number four,
Sanduskv county. Stats ofOhio.
. Sept. l". !P5i.
WEEDS'andPittsburel Iroi at
Important to Uioe AlHictcd!
WOUKD inform the citizens of Clyde and vi
cinity that we have permanently located here,
for the purpe of Practicing Medicine: and by
our prompt attention, and successful cures, wc hope
to paiu a hbeiul share of patronuge.
To those iho have been afiTcled for rear, and
have tried every body, (as they say,) we would
call their attention to this advertisement. . We
don't pretend that all diseases iu ali stages can he
cured, yet there is a curable stuge to all disease
and a great many can be cured after they hve
been pmnouiiced incurable by many: an I .others
relieved so as to he comfortable, andfupn life. Jt
is unnecessary eere lo enumerate all the diseases
which flesh is heir to, and piml out the era Me stage
of each , but call and we will tell you , without any
charge, whether your particular case can be cured
or not. - (-
Especiul attention will be paid to Females who
have Diseases peculiar to themselves.
L. C. STONX, N. D. J. rATTKRSOS, H. D. .
Jul 31, '51. .
New Spring Summer
B ?
J.'.S.- Olmsted
a targe slock of Goods, which he will et-11 as
low as thy are sOI l at uny ftore in Fremont, or
any olher pluce. Having purchased a
and goods ef better quality, than heretofore, hp
hopeti his old friends, and the public generally, will
give him a shar of their patrouuge. in his
Stock o f oods S
will be found ni.ick. Brown, and blue mixed lrod
cloths: black, mised aud fancy Cassimerfs: Sattin
nets, Jeniis and Tweeds cloths; wliite reH, itd
yellow Flannel; Calicoes, Ginghams mid Lawn:
summer Shawls, b.'ack silk, pocket and dress hand
kerchiefs; silk and colloii Parasols, lit-rnge df
I j -lines: browu shirtings aud sheetings; Canton
Black and Fancy S'dhs for Uressev;
Ribbons, Check, Ticks, Mariners shirtings: ve--fings,
cotton sfiiris and flrnwr: traveling hngi.
sea-ing silk, skei 1 and s;ool tlirn f.,11. Ladies
black, white, stitte aud mixed hosn; n jtootl aiiort
mentfilkind cotton oves. LkM'h bl.uk and
fmuy cwlond kid gloves; Wadding, llutling. Cot
ton varn, FF"ick, Carpeting, together with inns)
every olher description ol Goods to be feund iu
e.ty or country stores.
Groceries !
CO, -w..- ... ,.,r, ,. r,.i . .......s b
cloves, (-inuaiiifii. blarch. scleral us,
madder, indigo, ni'um. &c
II a r d-
Cross-cut. mill, han.l and wood-saw: cross-cut,
mill, end hand saw tile: Sweed'a iron, 6-tl and
l round bars; cut and wrought nai's; bant and hoop
irfn: 'ftst F;Fing, aud American leet; A met t.!,o
ve!e hay and itirti'iire forks; nial rods: Whit's
Sinjiii'i:;!' and CuI!:jist cast steel axes; besides ou
evtensive NSivtm',,1 nf
- .I'-rj roof.
i - iar.T-.7-
To Cabinet Makers.
tOLDLEAF &. Urones of every description
VJlaiid colors.just received at WOOslLR'b.
FISH. White,
at the
Macherel and Cod, for sale
In Chancery.
Susannah Dickcu, . . ) , J
vs.. , J (
Adorn Dlckfii " i rtlition for Dowsr. '
Jolin Dickenf lJ l -it
Isaac Dickeu, J
TU E said I-aae Dicken, a non resident of the
Suie of Ohio, is hereby notified thnt the said
Susaunuh Oicken, on the teuth d iv of September,
A- O. t5i, filed iu th court of common pleas of
iMinduskr countv, hiiU slate of Ohio, her petition
setting forth that she is the widow and relict of
Stephen lHcken, luts of said county; that on or
about the I Olh day of February , l.fc52, lha said ic
pheli Dickeil died, seiezd in fee simple of the fol
lowin? described lands and tenements situate in the
S:itd county of aadusky, 8ta1e of Ohio, to wit:
Tht south etifcl quarter ol the north-west quar
ler of uertioii thirly-five, contaittin? forty acres of !
luiid. Also, the wet half of (he 'outli-east quar
ter, and the eat half of the souh - west qnnrlur of
sc!in thirty- fire. contu:ninr ene liuudred and six
ly acre-, ( 1 00) milking in n-l two hundred acres of
laud, and aM in township number four. (4) north of
ranps number fourteen, (14) excepting a certain
tract of thirty-nine and ninety-live hundredths acres
off the south purl of said one hundred nud sixty
acre tn.ct, sold to Craijf Hunter, and that said de
feudHUtft have the nrxt estate of inheritance in
said lands, in which Paid litml, excepting as afore
said, the snid usanah Dicken claims dower, aud
prays the court to asigu the same to her.
And the snid Isaac Dicken iu hereby notified
thai unless he appear and plead answer, or demur
to said petition within sixty days alter the eext term
of said court, the matter ill said petition set forth
aifaiust him, n il! he taken as confessed aud a de
cree entered accordingly.
Sep!. 9, 165 i. Sol's, for Pet'r.
CSiaitccry A'oliee.
Ottawa comity Court of CuiuMon Pleas.
William Curtis, )
vs C
Samuel iVampbell and r
Horace Oreen. t
rTlHK said Samuel Campbell is hereby notified
JL thai v iiiKim uurt.if, ol Hie county of Sandus
kv, Stute of Ohio, has filed in Ihe Court of Com-
moii Plena of the county of Ottawa aud Stute of
Ohio, a Jhil in Chancery against him, the said
Samuel Campbell, and one Horace Green, the
substance and prayer of which hi. I is. That, on
or hbout the llth d.iy of November, A. D. lb'39,
Thomas Bennett purchased of one Stephen Crow,
Jr., the north east buarter or the north weet quar
ter ofsectiou number fourteen, iu township nuin
her seveu, north of range number iifreei), iu Ot
tawa county, Ohio, contain! ng forty acres of Jand
more or less, and give two notes of fifty dollars
each secured by a mottgage on the same premises
as part of the purchase monep therefor, which
m or 1 pa fie was recorded ou the first day of May, A,
D. 1840, .
That on the tweuty-fiet day of April, A. D.
84, said Bennett sold sold said land to one Sam
uel Campbell of Erie county, iu the State of Ohio,
for two bundled dollars, for one hundred of which
juid Campbell ngreed to pav the notes and mort-
jfge given to saiu Crow. Whereupon said Sen
net executed to said Campbell a warranty deedtin
fee simple for the premises aforesaid.
That thexe is a mistake in the recording ofaid
ciffrt irom sa;u uetineu tosaiu amueu.
'J'hal aid Curtis purchased said notes and mort
capfs, tiltd his bill in Chancerv to sell the pre m
i s aloresaid, and that upon sale ordered by court
in due form he bid oil and pureliasea said laud,
and took a deed therehr from the Master Com
missioner of Ihe court ordering stjd sale; and on
the 9Hth day of Novembrr, A. D 1843, by war
rnly deed conveyed the premises to said Horace
Green who look possession of the same. That
said Campbell has brought his action of ejectment
a If ai ut said Green ntver hiving paid the amount
of said mortgage and notes.
The suit! complninaiit prava th.it said Campbell
my he eujuined from prosecuting said action of
ejectment, and that the title ol brt'eii lo said prem
ises may be quieted, or that said Campbell may be
drcreeu to pay sid notes and mortgage, or in de
fault that that said laud be sold lo pay the same
mid for General relief; und said Samuel Campbell
is hereby notified lh;tt unless he appear and piead
answer or demur to sud bill 11 sixty d tys alter the
next term ot said court, the matters and things
therein dmrged against him will be laaeu as con
fessed and a decree accordingly.
Sol's fur Coinp't.
An-nst 12, 1862.
Chancery JVoUce.
Saudiuky county, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas
Peter Slrohl, )
Jaob Shell and ( '
John Voght. J
JACtll SMELL and John Voght are hereby no
tified that on the :i4ih day of August. A. D,
1H5 Peter Strohl of suid county, filed in the court
of Common Pleas a bill in Chancery against them.
setting forth 1 ml charging that on or about the 8th
i.ay oi ' AuguM, A. D. 1540, Ihe said Jacob Shell
ex rented and delivered to suid Voght a morlgnge
(jfva lor ine east nail 01 me norin-wesi quurlei o'
section number tweul v-nine '' in township five
5 range sixteen, 1(3 j cuntninin eighty acres of
laud, in Saiuluiky county, Ohio, which morlgage
w.is given to secure the payment of two promisso
ry notes of even dte therewith. given by said Shell
to said VojIi! or bearer, for fifiv-three dollars and
thirty-three cents each, which saTd notes are now
due and have become the property df said Strohl.
Thai s tid Sirohl afterward purchased the same
hind, mortgaged as aforesaid, for taxes from the
Treasurer of said county, and after ten years had
elapsed from the date of suid purchese, received
and still holds the Auditor's deed therefor, and has
ever since s iid purchase paid the ttxes on said land.
That the sni com ihiinant after receiving said
deed from the auditor of Sandusky county, as afore
siid, took possession of said tract of land, and has
made insti ig and valuable improvements thereon.
That complainant has desired and of Ft red to re
lease all tiis right and citle to said Shell upon pay
ment, of the amount due him on said notes and
mortgage, for taxes, interest and penalty by htm
paid as aforesaid, und for Said lasting and valuable
improVf nients, but that s iid Shell neglects ar re
fuses so to do.
Said bill prays that an account may be taken of
what is clue the complain i.nt in the premises, aud
that said land be sold to p;y the amouul thereof,
and for general relief.
And the said Jacob IipM and John Voght are
hereby notified, that unless lhv eppear and plead
answer or demur lo sii.i b 11 within sixty days after
tho next term of said court, to be holdeu 111 said
county, the matters and thing therein set foi ih
against them will takeu es confessed aud a decree
entered according' .
Sol's, for Comp't.
August. 14. 1S.V3.
Mi!c ok' Ificul ftSAi.cie ) uriiet- o
Court of Common Pleas Sandusky county, O.
Peiiijtiii to sell Lauds.
Shub.l FT. Russel, Adm'r. of
Shuiial Jiussell, dec'J.
Solomon N. Russell, et at
BV virtue of an order of the Court of common
pieas of S:iiidutky trui.ty, Ohio, I shall offiT
lor wale at public vemiue, on the 18th day of Sep
tember iipi. b.-tween t 1 bonis prescribed by law.
al the door of the court house, tn said Sandusky
. -p.
I'lie ?.orl!i nail of the uii!h east fractional Quarter
of ieeiM"ii 14, iu to.vnhip uu tiher 6, north ol range
number l:.ciiiaiutiig 7.'1 and sixty-two hundredths
acres: a'so "J2 .cres mi th west part of the north
Inr1 of the south- wesl Ir-u ti'-.nl q:iitrt?r of fraction
al seciion 19, in fractional township G . north of
range J6, bounded as lb-lows: Beginning at a poet
al I lie centre of the roid at the north-west corner
of the said fractional section 1 II, teence east 2 rods
thenee south and parallel with the section line to
liig A I mi Creek, thence west to the west line oi
aid section, thence north lo the p!hs of beginning.
S. U RUSSEI.L, Adin.
AdcniRi9li'nvn Nat? of Si4-;iS Instate
w fey or5r of Court.
OS !lie-M day of October iuxi, lfc5 1 at 2 o'clock
P. iVl. at the door of Ihe court house in Fre
mont, Sandusky county, Ohio, will be sold to the
highest bidder, the following real estate as the
property of Isaiah .Morris, deceased, to wit:
The miiiivied fourth ' art of the north east quar
irr of fricin;i see inn twelve, township five,
. rili .! ran.H fifii t -iniiiiititf eighty and forty
mie our hmt'lredih nlno, one undivided fourth
pri ot the siiulh east part ol t.he south west quar
ter, fractional section one, township five, range
fiueen, cnf Hilling seventy-five and niiiety-fouroue
huudrdelh acres, alt in Sandusky county, Ohio.
The one fourth ot the first mentioned tract, ap
praised at one hundred and eighty dollars; and oue
lonrth of the second mentioned tract, appraised a
tixty-six and seven one huudreth dollars.
Terms of Sale. Oue-third, cash in hand, one
third in six months, and the residue in one
jroar from the day of sale, with interest, secured
to the satisfaction of the administrator.
-. Administrator of I. Morris, dee.
August 31, 185?. 4w.
Sash," Boors and Blinds!
"XI E undersigned has onened a SASII
FACTOUV. in tho sliop formerly oecu
pied by J. R. Puase, on the east eide of the S.tti
du&lty river, where he has in operation the latest
and most improved machinery fur manufacturing
Sash, Panne! doors, Jjlinds, and Window
His n.nchinpry is brought to such perfection that
the work is fur superior to any made by hand.
A i.d as he uses uolhutg' but thoroughly li i I n
I l'icd Lumber, he is determined that his work
shall nut be surpassed either in point of work or
quality of material, by any other establishment iu
Fremont, Aug. I4l!i, 1852.
At the Old Stand of
Pease & Roberts.
THE SUBSCRIBERS have entered into part
nership, for the sale of STOVES and the
manufacturing and sale of
Tiii, Coppir and Shtet Iron Ware!
Together with such olher articles as are usually
kept iu a Stove and Tin-ware eslahlishinent.
They have just received 1(1 different kinds of
Cooking Stores,
Of various sizes and prices: some of which are New
and desirable patterns, to which they would invite
the attention of the citizens of Fremout aud vicini
The former friends and natrons, of the above
mentioned firm, together with the commuaity gen
erally, who are iu want of articles in our hue, are
respectfully invited to call upon us.
All kinds ol work in 1 in. v. opper, and Sheet iron
will be done with dispatch, at rettsonable prices.
and warranted to give sattsiantion.
Fiemont, July 17, Ig5.
TjROM the subscriber, living in Scott township
C Sandusky countv Ohio, three Mare Colts, light
bays, oue three year old, a white strip in the faCf
and a yoke ou: two two year old, one of them has
a large star and the other a imall s'ar in the lore
Five dollars reward will be given for information
where they cau be lound.
Scolt Township, August 21st 185.
Notice to Teachers
T)ROPOSALS to teach the Schools in Fremoont,
X will be received by the Secretary ot the Hoard
of Education thereof until the 5th of September
next. The applicant must stale ihe time he or she
will enyngf, and the price per mouth.
15 y order of the Board,
August 28, 1S52.
Feet of Lumber, for Sale
fTlHE Proprietors of the California St-e have
J. now ou haud a creat variety of all Kinds of
Poplar from i inch to 2 inches thick,
Walnut I " 4
Scaiiltinv all sizes; also Shingles for sale.
The above will be Sold at Ijw Hales.
Lumber taken in exchnge for Goods.
Fremont, Julv 31, 52.
Mniie lissrs Thl'llVCS just from Birminy
JL ham, England, respectfully announce to the
citizens of t remont and vicinity, thM they have lo
cated in this place, and occupy rooms ou Croghan
St., nearly opposite the residence of Dr. Brainard.
They would earnestly solicit the patronage of
the Ladies, iu the above business, confidently be
Moving that whatever is entrusted to them, will be
satisfactorily completed, according to the latest
Fashions; and for their services, thev will be satis-
fied wilh a reanona'ilc compensation.
Fremout, Julv 24ih, i 65 2. 2m.
Uf r remont, being desirous of builmng a new
House for worship by advice of a large number
sf the citizens of the town, offer for sale their pres
ent house and lot, with the design of locating aud
building on Church street.
Those desirous of purchasing; will apply for
price and terms of payment lo Jolin Carsliiir. F.
Grund, or H.LANG.
. Fremont, March '20, 1S5I
J. excellont article, for sale cheap, at
May IS, 185i. A. Gl SOORF'S.
Corn Sc Cob Mill.
10RN in the Ear can be ground at the Croghan
BallvilleDec-28, 1859.
ANT quantity of good Hickory and Ash Wood
will be taken on subscription al the
Freeman Office.
at iiucklaud & Everett's Oilice.
April 10, 1852. County Surveyor.
BAGLEY'S Gold Pens end Pencils for sale
cheap, at - S. Buckland & Co'a.
TTS OSE Hair Oil, Ox Marrow,
Bear's Oil Maccassar Oil,
Bandoline Fixatrice, Philoccmb,
Cream of Hoses and Lilys,
Cologne.Eose and Lavendar Water, &c, fec,
just received, at Bucklasd's.
PEEASE CALL and look at my assortment
of Crockery aud Glass-ware.
May 24, 851 . J . T. MOSS.
Splendidassortiiieiit,lrrm 3lr to 3.!it
Bl FILES. A large lot of Futnilv Bibles from
$ 1 50 to $G. Also, Pocket, Clusp, Tuck, and
PolyglottBibleeund Testaments at
A EARGE quantity of Water Lime forsale
-Z.at the Grocery aud Provision store of
June ? 1851.
CASH paidl'or Land Warrants, at
Hr.xn QsASTm .
I't'li-olf nisi or Koch Oil.
THE mo.st wonderful remedy ever discovered.
Procured from awell 40(1 feet below theearths
surface. Tlie above article can he had at Woos
ters Drug Store, first door south of O. L. Nims.
ZErilYR WORSTEDpatterns, Canvas, Board
andNeedles.it IJfES.
1'iastcri I'tastcr!
m. BARRELS Common, Witeh ami Fine Gray
yiy Plaster, just received, and fur sale bv
Fremont, October ID, l50.
Olnail's Reliiifd Suar House Syr-
USf just the thing for Hnvkwlient enkes, at the
Fremont, Nov. 29, 5I.
MUFFS! A good nssortmen
at the
Fremont, Nov. 29. '51.
Krond without Yeast.
BABBITS EtFuvesilig Compound for lir-ad. Tea
Cakes, &c. at WOOSTER'S.
OILS. Dinseed, Lamp,ud Tanner's oil, for
sale at the
Fremont, Nov. 29, '51.
Harper& Brother's, justreceivedat
jr. n T i ''J3wvs o.v,
WOULD inform Hie public that he has resumed
his basinets at his old stand, on Croghan St.,
and having had the oporluoity of seeing and getting
AUthe Latest Fashions from East and West
and hbving broug'ht on an assortment of the
he is prepared to furnish his old customers, and as
many new ones as can crowd iuto hia ware rooms,
with the most apleudid lot of
Mahogony, Rosewood and Blackwalnul
F C U W I T V It E ,
Of every kind from the Cradle to the Coffin
As to prices, lie is determined
He is hold to say that he can offer von BETTER
get west of Butfalo; he has on I; and, and is making
All hinds of BEDSTEADS,
on JSeio and Improved Plans;
such as Lewis' Patent, Fowler's Patent, &c. . &c
Do not fail to give him a call. --. -
tf He has got up a good liearse.and will attend
funerals i n town or count rv .
Fremont, August 10, 1S50.
Singing Books!
NOW IS TISE TIME for Singing, an
llucklands' arc prepared for it. and are oiler
ing to those want: - '
Tlie Mendlesoln Collection of Choice Music.
Carminia Sacra, Church Choir.
Psaltry, ' The Odeon.
Manhattan Collection, Alpine Glee Singer,
The Melodeon, 3 volumes; The Lute.
The JuvenileSinging School; Sabbath Schools'
Melodies; Missourie Harmoney, &c.&c.
Biicklaiid's Brick Block.
Oct 25, '51.
The Sandusky in a Ilage
The Locomotive coming, and the friends
ITS rushing for
who are now receiving1 iheir immense stock-of
At No- 1- BueklantTs Rlock, which ts crowded
with people front all parts of the country, who are
wise enough to examine Hnynes' Stock before
Ihey buy. Farmers of Sandusky county, and ye
who thirst alter
Come and examine our sleek. Yon will find no
hum 'ug-, no bo ft soup, no p amnion, no holding
customers by the arm, no fi Jittery, but the best
Goods you ever saw, among; them heavy yard
wida Brown Sheetings. Denims, Louisiana stripes,
fastcolered Calico, and a few hhds Porto Rico
ngar, white, dry and clean, purchnsed Inst Fall
for us by an old resident of the Inland and alt
sixpenny goods trimmed that naed trimming.
We have increased our Mock of
Jill male here, a'ld warranted not to rip, embrac
ing garments of all descriptions, styles, and qnul-
itv, and "better bargains" in the way of "fur n
ishing the outer man cannot be made west ofNew
York, than with us. Wholesale dealers in
Finding that Eatlc.vi Jllamtfaeiurers were sending
Goods to Ohio on commission, gave us a few cases
coarse Boots to tell nt twelve shillings, good kip
at two dollars, and fine calf hoots at fifty cents
more, and a I urge lot of V omens and Metis gai
ters, shoes, slips, &c., so low that none need go
of every variety, style and quality; Palm Leaf slats
al a shilling, and Bonnets in Proportion; and last.
but not least, among our many Goods, ia a rich
aud varied assortment ol
Goods for the Ladies!
Beautiful Lawns. De Lainesaud Merimac prints
eight varus foreightshillings, trimmed; Be rages
r rench Lawns, Alpacc.ts and U-iughams lor a
t rifle more.
Nails, Glass, Crockery, Hardware, Leather,
Stone-ware, &c. &c.
We do a strailforward brmness buy our Goods
Low, aud sell thrn CHEAP, for Ready Pny
Produce Uava Oue Price for all. Our motto.
Cash for Wool, Wheat, Oats and Com.
Fremont, June 19, 1S52.
TTARIEKS ! Mechanirs!
J? nud Working Men North
western Ohio ! We are happy
to announce to you the arrival of
the largest, most complete, and
general assortment of Hardware,
ever opened iu this markft. We
are now prepared to meet the in
creased demand for Goods in our
line have bought heavy of EaRtern Manufactur
ers and Importers, at very low figures, and would
cay to the
Friendr. of the Boys,
give us a call, and satisfy yourselves of the excel -Tdnt
quality of our Goods, and
we put on them.
We cull the attention of Formors to the besi as
sortment of
in town. A stiporior Plow, steol mouldboard: al
so John Rich's celeliraled iron Ileum Plow, nil siz
es: Corn Shellers. Scythe. Snaths, Cradles, Forks,
Hoes, Rakes, Rifles. Stones, Shovels, Spades,
Pyctes.-Straw Knives. Bush Scythes, &c. &c, as
low as the lowest. -
Best Eastern Nails, at 3 00 aud $3 50 per 100
pounds; aud as complete an assortment of
House Trimmings!
as c;in be found in Northern Ohio. Glass, Sash,
and Puttv. Paints aud Oils.
Blechanics Tools!
Carpenter's, Blacksmith's. Mason's, Cooper's
Shoemaker's, Saddler's and Harness Maker's, car
riage maker's, and cabinet maker's Tools and
Iron all round for Wagons, 53 00 per 100 lbs.
Saddlery Hardware, and Harness Trimmiiies and
Tools, a heavy stock at reduced prices: Buggy &
Carriage Trimmings.
CHAIN PUMPS, a first rate article.
Farmers ofSandusky County! We call show
you the best and Iki gesl assortment of Stoves, ever
brought to this market, consisting of the following
patterns nf Til:t-Air cocks; ,
Mew World; Western World;
Globe; Cultivator; Atlas;
Frrmers Improved;
F.ulo Hot Air-
Western Empire; United Stntes;
Western Quern; May Queen;
Forest Qnei-n; Prairie Flower;
nud Pr.-ii.'Ui:l Stoves.
l'ar'nr . -i Cast Iron Parlor of all Patterns
rieculatnrs, '"M l &C.
Our Till "'hop is in lu I hlssi. Work done at
shojt notice, nd in a wr.rkni uiltk manner. An
uf j-irl!iieiit of Tin-war cutaiilly on hand..
In ciMielnsion we will sty flat we have, every
illiny iu I he line of Haidware. usually called for
in this seeiioii nf Ohio. With many thanks lo our
friends i-ir 1 heir patjonae, and solioilint? further
favors.we remain your friends T8IK ItOYS
Fremont Hardware Store, Jund 15th, 185 i.
AIministrator Appointment.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersinged
has been appointed and duly qualified Admin
istrator on the estate of John K. Miller, deceased,
late of Sanduskv countv. State of Ohio.
August 21, ig57.
for the Ladies!
If 19 hardly necessary ts inform the La'
diesof our stock of : .. s ' -
as they know where thejr are, and wht Ihey are,
but we would just hint to them that we have, en
larged our stock in this line very much lliia Fall,
and we are sure they will be pleased to try our . .
Pachuly, Amlre. Verrine, Jenny Lind, -Jockey
Club, Mnynnlio, Vanillin, Cream ofLillies,
Os Morrow, Jules Iluuels EauLustrell, &c., for
they are certainly- very nice. Then there is the
Fancy Goodson the other sids:
Ladie's Ebony Boxes and AVriting Desks,
Port Folio Paper Weights, Alabaster Jewel Boxes
aud Ink Stands, Pearl,. Shell, Ivery and Velvet
Card Cases, and the finest Pcpeir JVortue Perie
JtionifJ you ever did see, and a thousand other ar
ticles too numerous to mention, winch were bought
expressly for them. - Just come and see them whe
ther you want to boy or not." ve are never tired
showing nice foods, and we want the good folks of
Fremont and vicinity to be posted up in these mat
ters. . BUCK LAW 1J & Co.
Fremont, Odtober 25th, 1S51.
ipiIE SUBSCRIBERS havejust received
me lonowing
to which they would call the alteutiou of School
1 earners and Parents:
McGufTev's Ecloctic series of Readers, numbers
1st, 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th. - .
Munderill's series do., 1st, 3d, 3d, and 4th.
Willard's VV. 8., large aud abridged.
Rational Speaker.
The Student's Speaker.
Ray's, Greenleal's, Adams', Smith 's. Dodd'
Enos' & Stoddard's Arithmetic.
Days, Davis', Rav's & Towor's Algebra.
Pineo's, Oark's. Rirkham's. Bnlliou'a Smith's.
and Brown's Grammar.
Parker's, Comstock'e, and Mrs. Phelps' Philos-
Comstock's, and Mrs. Lincoln's Botany. .
Coinstock's Mineroloffv. and Phvsiolorrv. and
Natural Historv. -
GreenleaPs Exercise in Composition- .
Webster's unabridced, revised, Uuiversity, and
school Dictionary. .
Andrew's and Stoddard's Latm Readers, Gram
mars, and Exercises. , . ;
Views ofthe Microscopic World. .
Elements of Meteorology. .. . t .'
Burnett's Astronomy., .' . " .
German Spellers,, and Primrners.
German and English Grammars, and D.icUonary
McGuffey's, Boutly's Pictorial, and Elemeutarv
Spellers. .
Also a tare assortment of Miscellaneous, Med-
ical. Musical, and Law Books. . . .
Call and examine for Yourselves.
No. 3, Bucklaiid's New Block.
Oct. 25, 151. . .
A Handsome Foot,
IT IS ADMITTED THAT n well-shaped and
handsome Foot is a most desirable leg end to set
off to advantage the-personal apjearaiice of either
a l arty or pentleman, but all are aware -(hat a
handsome foot,; if not encased in a heat-Shoe or
lioot, is a most melancholly eijit fa the beholder,
and none understand this fact -better than the la
dies. To meet the wents of his customers, the
subscriber has just returned from New York vith
a large aud well selected stock of - ., . - . -. , (
which he invites the citizens of Sandusky, and ad
joining counties, oocaIlaudexatmue.il His stock
consists, in part ot ,t, . e
Gentlcmens jine French and American' Calj
Boots, Kips and Cowhides, I3rog-au's of all kinds
Also, au excellent variety of Pumps, Walking
Gaiters, fancy Congress Gaiters, Prunella Gaiters,
Taylor ties: together with Morocco,' Seal & calf
Slijipers and Pumps.
TTjoiaE:,. -fi-jLaTMrasEaasB
Will find a very fine assortment of Shoes aud Slip
pers brought on especially for them. " French kid
slippers, Jenny Linds, Excelsiors, fine Prunella
guiterf, buskins and t tippers, besides a large and
fine assortment of shoes fur every day wear.
Children's Sltoes and Gaiters, any quantity
India H libber Shoes and Boots. The subscriber
will atpo manufacture to order, all kinds of floots
aud Shu fir gentlemen and Ladies wear. Ex
perit'iifvd workmen constantly employed. . -
Country manufacturers and dealers will find at
my establishment ail kind of ; - -
' FINDING S,: ' "--used
in the trade. French and American calfskins
Seal skins, Morocco, Patent leather. Enameled
leather, iShp sbinp, Las Ik, Pegs, Needtes, Hri3-
tles, &cr, &c. All mv arti' I- s are wnrranted.
I respfellultv invile the tadits and gentlemen
of Sandusky to call and examine for Ihemsf-lve.
Fremont, Mar ISfh, 1852.
50 REAMS Blue and White Fools Cap Piper
au excellent quality.
100 Keuiuslilue and white letter paper.
40 Reams Flat Cap paper.
20 Reams assorted nele paper.
A larire lot of wrapping paper.
:J(iO rolls wall paper of 40 different six Ics.
A ver fine lot of Window pnper, W indow shades.
Fire board Prints, and plaiu and velvet border, for
sale very low at SUiLA." L5
Oet.b"sr95, '51.
Readymade Coihing Store,
Removed!- -
TT ALL, & GASTON having removed their
XX extensive Stock of Bunts. Shoes and Clothing
into Room No. Huckland's llloc-k, formerly oc
cupied by J. F. R. Sehrinc, would take this meth
od oT tendering their thanks to their numerous cus
tomers, for the
"Material Aid!"
furnished them, thereby pneonrnjnnjy them in their
efforts to benefit and please them. Our slock of
is greatly enlarged, and consist of every variety of
style, shade and quality. Ail Ktnas oi isoois una
Shoes for Gentlemen and Ladie's wear, manufac
lured toorder, at the lowest price, and upon the
shortest notice. T he several departments ol man
ufacture are under the charge of skillful workmeu.
A general assortment ot
is ofTeied to the Irude, at a small advance upon the
iew York prices.
Consisting of Ceats, Pants, Vests, Under Clothing,
of all kinds.. Hose. Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Cra
vats, and every article that belongs to a gentle
men's wardrobe.
ofthe latest styles, and in rrreat profusion. All sf
'which ihev want to sell fcr the dimes. Give them
a call before purchasing elsewhere. No charge lor
exhibiting goods.
Fremont, June 12lh, J852. -
rpHE Subscribers would respcclfully announce
I 10 tlie Citizens ui onuutfti vuv nun vimivv
that they have purciased the Book Bindery, form
erly carried on by C. L. Derby & Co . and they
are now prepared to execute any orders in that line
of business. Ihev proless lo Be praciicai worn
men in every branch perilling to Book Binding.
Work entrusted to their care warranted to be well
and neatly done. Pnrlienlar atlentUn paid to ffiud
ins' IVnoilic.ils, Music, Newspapers, Maeazines,
in"!i superb manner, either plain or extra eilt. Old
Books ofeverv description rebound. Having on
1 1 . n.i..ri iinrk of inner of every size and
m,litv ihev are nrenared to manufacture Blank
Hocks of every description ruled lo any pattern
Pner ruled at prices to suit the times. Book
Bindery at the old stand over the Bsokstore of C.
L Derby & Co M Caswell's Block.
June, 26. 1852 ly MILLER K1ES.
N. B. Those havinir work of theabove descrip
tion to be done, can leave it at the Book and Drug
Store of S. Buckland &. Co. , who are onr author
zed agent, ' ,
Welprh and Consider. '
DR. HALL'S BALSAM is no Pareaorie
preparation, hut a Medicint WlilCjI
. MAKES CURES' at home, when lh,
parties can be found. ' "';'
Tlie Great Coiiffli and ConsnmptifV
.. . , , itemed jr. : ' -
'" READERS Tiavs you
'- '"'; f? Cough which j-oo 'me
'jtrVSt feS nsjjlectiug, under thai
F iiBii'MTirKy "a dea that u is ouly scorn-
Let frwud tell you. lit
all kinduess, : what will
soon be the probable result, 'j-,.- , ... ,i.
in a short time, if vou continue to neglect Tonr-.
self, you will begin lo feel a sense ef tightness and
oppression ucross tbe chest, accompanied wilh fre
quent sharp darting pains.- Theu a; dry hacking
cough will set in, and when you raise aorlhiug it
will be a thick and yealowish, or white frothy mat
ter, streaked, perhaps, with blood. If yon still tak
no medicine, -these unpleasant, symptoms will in
crease, and vou will soon eava a hectic fever: cold
chills night sweats, copious expectoration, and
then great prostration. It von still neglect your
self, a t'ew weeks or months will see you consigner! -
to in e grave,- leaving your friends to mourn hows
rapidly consumption did its work, ad hurried yow
away. Friend, have you no cause to be alarmed!
In the .above sketch, yon may see, as in .a glass,
how every case of Consumption progresses, with
more or less rapidity, to a fatal termination.'-.' Of
all the thousands and millions whom this great
Destroyer has galtiered to the tomb, every singhs .
case began with a cold. If this hdd been attended
to, all might have been well; but being neglected,
under the fatal delusion that it would 'wear itself
off,' it transferred ils-deudly aslioll to the substanrsi
of the lungs, exciting there the formation of tubee
cles. Another, and anulhel cold added fuel. to the
flame, until these tubercles ' began to - soften aud
snpontrate, leaving by their ufcerattun,- great-cavities
in the lungs. . At this crisis, the disease is very
difficult ts cure, and oftentimes sets at defiance all
human means. , ' ,
in the latter or worst stage, this medTcine wht
oftentimes arrest the disease, or cneck its progress .
and will always make the patient more comfortable
and prolong tiis life, aud it is therefore worthy of a
trial; but iu its incipient or former periods. Con-
sumption is as ci.rs.ble as anv other disease,' arid
if tuken i t this time, will enre il ETAS SURELY
IXB 'Tin id strong langirage,
but we can refer you to numberless living itnes
es to prove that il is true! And therefote, we ear- "
neslly ejthhrir every; man, woman and child, who
has a cough, or is subject to culds, to keep ihe
medicine by ott in the house, und whenever yom
take cold, do Hot Met it ulouc' Lo work misctiiw'f ia .
your system, but eradicate it thoroughly, and at
once, by this powerfully healing1 compound, and
leave Tour hings uninjured, to carry you iufulj vigor
to a good old age! , - . .
ILr Read t estiinonr of E." MiLrono. Esol.one ef
she oldest Magistrates iu this citv: - " ? '
" Cincinnati, Dee. 1, 1951.,.
Messrs. O. R. RaUer&Co Dear Sirs: Thne
afflicted with disease of .Ihe Lunge, will fine Off
riaii'tf liaisam tor tne lungs a most ' Valuablb
iMedlcitie. J huva. been freqneatlr attacked with
DittKASKS of the Lcncs for the laat five vears, and
Dr. Hall' BuUumdus always Bnosc up the Dis-
kase at OF9CK, 1 feel that the public should know .
the merits of such a remdv. , - v. . ;
Residence on Flutn,lhrec doors above sixth st."
-. More Cincinnati Cures f h.
Cinctnnali, Joly Ut 1S5I1
Messrs O D Baker & Co. Dear Sire: -I hard -
always had objections to bare my name in any wnjr
attached to a patent medicine, tnil when I tlHitk
(as I new have every reason ttf"b?lte) it ha -:
ed my1 life, I am indulged by sense of duty to those '
afflicted as 1 have been, to nVuUe my case kuowo,.
and recommend your Ba'sat, as a medicine that cart
be luliy relied on. Abont a 4 ear since, 1 was at
trcked with Lung Fever, which left mv tanes much
diseased; my cough was distressing', attended with -
pain in my led side, i hud seen istar s Jialsam
of Wild Cherry puffed upiq the papers, and I con- -eluded
to try it. I used botile alter hotile,. which
in taste and in Us operation resembled Paregoric,. '
soothing temporarily. My diFense had by this time
become firnily sealed; 1 bad cold night sweats, hec
tic Fevers, swelling of the Limbs, &c., showing1
Confiumkd Cos3Cmption! The remedies I obtain
ed from my Physician also failed giving me perma
nent relief or benefit. , My lLuns now LTLrKRATr.D
ond 1 raised Largk QuAXTini-s up . Mattkk from
them. 'I he Doctor told my ,; friends' thnt 1 must
die! "My Lrothrr then pot a bottle af Dr. Iluti'n
Balsam for the bung&' and 1 commenced taking tt.
At first it- sickened me, bnt, after tnkiujr more, I -found
it went to the T spot the Vkkt . Skat or Mr
Diskask. 1 bewail to raise with more ease and
could feel, daily, that my Lons were Ilea'tng on
til by the use of four buttles, 1 was restored to bet.
ter health (fa;ii 1 had enjued far yean-'.. 1 believe .
if I hrtd used Dr HtitlV Bafuin when I was firt
attacked it would have saved ma a vast deal of suf
fering. All 1 can say to otner?, is, try it. and t
think you will b bent iSited if yourliseafe is ou
vour tun9. Yours resjictrulh-, "
...... .Three d.riirs above F1I1I1 street ou Vine.
The public h.av.e Ut Lai;osd-tipoM bv remedwa
ret qinutcd'-k iy cVrtiftcM'n w hich- hnv always
oriifinjiitf'd from . aome Knnowa soarvc. We ite
:ieveha'. a Medicine possessing rent merit will ef
lect cures w herever it is us d. at borne ns well ns
alirt'd. Tiiis is. no Paregoric preparation but one
which if us; d in ftusoii will s.ive the lives ef thou
sands; and persons mny make this bargain witlt
Agents from whom they, purchase, that iu every
ease where it is used freely according to diredions
and entire nHisfiiCtion is not given in 24 or 43 hours
they can reiurn the mediciue, aud I heir MoueT
will be cheerfully refunded - -7 -
- - For Side bv,
Fremont Feb. 2, 1852.
Glorious News'! From the Soafh!!!
HE Mexicrin Mustang Liniament, that has
been performing such rematkable cures, and
ami crealii.gr so much excitement in the South and '
West during the last twelve mouths, . (J
and all those afflicted with Kheutnsttism, old Sores,
or Uncer Difeases. or Sprains, Sculds. . Burns, or
Eruptions ef any kind, can now be healed. TJiose
who have been tuJTering Cur months or years with
that loathsome disease, The 11 Ics need now
su9er no longer as this Mustang Liniamkst is a
certain remedy, no matter how bad they are, pr of
how lane standing. Cancers, Fietolee, Scjild Head
Feller or R ing Worm or any Hind of a sore, ar
healed nud perfectly cured in an incredibly-short
time. " -
; To Hie Ladies It is Iiivalaable
For sore ijIe, caked breasts, eeue iu the face.
Tooth or Eht Ache, or any puiupul sores orsvell
ings. It also removes daudnfF from the head, in
vijifomtes tlie hair, and prerents it from fulling out
aud gives a beautiful glossy softness to the hair that
is not attained by any other preparation. -
For Iorses and other -Anitnats.
it has no equal in healing Saddle or Collar Galls,
Scrunches, Manpe, spraiits or Bruises and it is an
infallible remedy for splints, spavins, or Ringbones
dissolving the large tumors, an reducing the swol
len or enlarged joints to their natttlai size, and
healthy action. Pole Evil or Fistula, -and Big
headcun now he cured; and the Mustang La n la
ment ts the remedy that cau do it. If yoii or any N,
of your family, or your favorite horse are afflicted
with any of the above diseases, try one bottle it
only costs 35 cents aud you will never use any
other remedy- -
itjf"or sale, wholesale and retain, by S Back.
land & Vi- of Framont, and by other agenla
in all tho vitlinffes and towus of this aud tho sur
rounding connlies. -. ? v
- Oct. 4, 1851. -
Agents .Waii ted
- ' TO SELL THE ' '
ff PAGES 12ino-, liandsomely'and durably
OUtlliound, Illustrated with engravings. By
t'uwiBD d. Maksfiki.1). Esq . many years ths ad
itor of the Cincinnati Daily Chronicle."-:
Th subscriben wilf shortly receiva from tha
Press, an edition ofthe above valuapla work, and
will furnish those who wish to become Agents to
circulate the same, ou the most favorable leitns.
Por further particulars and all necessary informa
tion, applicants will please address their letter t
the subscriber, H. MANSFIELD, Futtisher,
134 York Street, New Hvn, Ct.
AFresIi nud Genuine Article, just
received aud for sale at the Grocery andlPro
vision store of TILLOTSOU & TY LER.
' Fremont, November 1, '51. . r .
Kj allquaiiliesanaprices at waibei.
Fremout, Nov. 29, 5I.

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