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Fremont weekly freeman. (Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio) 1850-1853, October 30, 1852, Image 4

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Qtfiintfut vanyei. "Sandusky 'City," Vhio,
T.,Ail E' Shawls. Dreseae, -Bonnets, Riboos.
aJHow. &a.aulorad and finished in a.suarier
nvaener. AIm GntleHisKels, Psnis and Vests
dvsdand-prsesedin tha bent stylo... Faded Coats
rest ored "to their former brilliancy.- Brocha and
Marina Sliewla, and Kid glnvea bsaulifullv cleaned.
July If, ly f. K. v-u.M l uutv.
RANGES, Lemons and Raisins joat received
AILS. Kremonilrnn Ct.'i Nails, manafac-
twree! Trwv. Ni Y.V at
eriord,alin hi
ivte el .Heal . Eatute by Order of
a , . , ' Clltt- . , ,
OX Sainrdav the 25th day of September next, at
two o'clock P. M., at 'lha door of the Court
Koue in Fremont, Sandoaky county, State of Ohio,
wiM bs sold to-ihe highest bidder. lha following
real eatate aa the property of George Rapp, de-oftedy-to
wit: . - --' - ' - -v.
r The north weal aaartar of aeotion twenty-four,
34 north of range- fourteen, 14 containing one
swmdved and sixty acres; also, the weal hat of tire
souib-west quarter of section tw-ny-fonri 241 of
towtoahtp sour, 4) north of rents foufceea,-( 14
eonf aiaing eighty. aerea of Isnd, without any-la-eoMbrance
by dower. -. --.
16T acres appraised. $t,000f JJO acre appraised
Terms of 'safe--Ono third , down, one third Jin
lie and one third in two" years with intertet, as-awseeVbv-
mousses, i u , '. i '-
JOHN. SHTJPP, Adas. f- t ;
r : J icbn Rupp, Dee. a
Aogast 14.-1&3
instep t j i TvP hj a itt Wyv;;.
DOCTORS Wiri. W, Karahner fc Wm. II,
Kneople Ofliee! South East corner f Pike
awl Front Streets, Fremont, Ohio, 'where one or
both of -aa will be found at all times to attend to
Frafessionsl tails'." - .',-
Fremont, July 2ilh. 1859. ly. '
Sal f
Ileal Estate
' Court.
by ' order of
ON the second day of October, I8S5, at 2 sclnck
P. M at the door of the Court house, in the
'tneo of Fremont Sandusky count, Ohio,, will be
sold to the highest bidder, the following real estate
aa the property of William Barringer, deceased, to
wit: - - r
-The eaat half of the soulh-wesi quarter of sec
itisn thirty-one, township four, ranee fear teen,
containing seventy-eight had fifty-four ana hwi
drsdths eerss.
evaW. 1 ! ftia ; . . Aa.rJiti.i
SO FAMILY BlelLES from $ I SOtoffi,
and- any ..quantity of small Biblea -of erery de
scription from 50 centato.. $3 00. Also, a large
variatv ef Prayer Books and Sabbath school books
for sale at S. BUCKLAiND Jt Co.
Oct,25.'5V. -
IS hereby given that a petition-will be presented
to-the commissioners of Sandusky . CQunty at
theiraeseion 1n JnnnehAt.oV a county mad.com
eirencine: at the center of aectioft 27, townshia 5,
araage 15,. running thence' south ts tha Western
cReearvoaad niauniea Road. - -April
9S. 1S5J. - ' .
T3 herobr eia-en that petition will bo pres'en&d
hAttttha Trustees of -Greenereek -township. Sao
daskv eoantr, and State of Ohio, on the 3dTuea-
"nay in Octoher A. D. 1552, for lha laying out of
a I own shin- bla'VcamFaeoctur at- tna-aarlh-eat
coerterof the nortWeast "quarter nf the horth-eest
quarter of -section thh-tvthr, (33) and run south
- to the south-east "corner of the south-eat quarter of
tnenortn-east "inrtor orsaio section, ttiirty-tnree,
fltroni. laeneo east to--trie .-aouth-west eorner of the
j east part of the north-west qnarter of fraettoaal
aectiou thirty-four, all in township number four,
. Ssudusky coaaty. Stato of Ohio. -
Fv. Sept. 1.15 i tici.-i -..( -fj-Ji j i
' Important to tuose itflicted!
.:. - . ELECT ICS,"
-TTTOUJ.D inform the citiiena of Clyde and i-
VV cinitytfiat we have permanently located here.
for he purptee of Practicing Medicine; and by
. our prom pit atteiition.and successful cures, "wc hope
to gain-alibejaf share vof patronage. ' -To
those ho have been afflicted for year", and
"fcave tried .every . body, s they yr)wa -would
aafl IkejP aiteaSon" to 4hal . advertiemueato. We
don't pretend that all diseases in eii stages can be
'cured., yet there is a.ctirjble stage to all. diseases
and a reat nianv can be eured after, they hs?e
. been pmnounced' incurable by .many: and .others
' relieved so as to be comfortable and enjoy life. .. It
9 is rinheceesHry eereMo enumeritte all the diseases
which flesh is heir to, aud nistit out the crahle stage
of each , but call and we Will tell you , without any
' charge, whether your particulsr e'e can be cured
or not.
. Especial attention will be paid to Females who
have Diseases peculiar to themselves.'
C ircraTd.E.'at, O,
, . J, ritIMO, - Pv.
t i . . - - - -
Ne w jS p ring sfe 811 m n$r
Z jT IB jb lms t e:d .
XX iarjlck of Gods, which fit win tell as
low as thy are sOld at auy tore in Fremont," ar
-aray thc piac Havins; purchased a' ' 1
sad goods etf . better .qnalily, than- hrrelofnre, he
hopes his old friends, and the public generally; will
fMFe him a share of their patronage, in his
Stock -o if - Goods !
. jrill bs Cousd Black, Brown, and blue mixed broad
.elsths: blaesv-mixed end fancy Cassiniereat.Sattin
neis, Jenna and Tweeds..cl0thss, whits red and
yslisw Flannels; Calicoes. Ginghams and Lawns;
summer Shawls, Uaek srlk. poeket and dress hand
kerchiefs; aiik and ottoi -Parasols, iterage- de
Laines brown ahirtiuga and sheetings?- .Cauton
" FTannels, " ' " ' " ;
Black jcutrf Fancy J&lls "folL IXresseu;
Ribbons, Checks,. Ticks, Mariners shirtings: -vas-''tings,
cotton shirts knd drawers: traveliug. bafs,
" sewing silk, skei 1 and spool thread; fans". Ladies'
black, white, state and mixed hose: a goad assort-
meat silk aud cotton .gloves. Ladie's black and
fancy " colored 'kid gloves;. Wadding, Batting, Cot
ton yarn. fP'ick. Carpeting, together with .most
"ervSry other description of Goods ts be 'found in
"tty sreoatitry stores. '
:&rpcerie& !;.': i;;
Tea, CofTee. sugar, pepper, spice, g-inger, nntmegs.
,. cloves, cinnsihorl, starch, aalersfos, 4
t' . madder, indite, allum. itc. . ..
J-:H.a.rd-W, are i.
Cross-ftuL mill, hand ad wood-savwcross-cut,
mill, and--head, asm faleat..SwedSriiron, flat and
round bars: cut and wrought nails: band and heep
Iron: ast. spring, and American steef; Amei. sho
Weles, hay and manure forks: ia redsj' ' White's
Simmons and Collms' cast stsel axes; besides an
vtensive assortment of a t
"" - SHELF H AD-WAinr, such ji's' ( )
Picket-iu table knia and Tarks, butts and
crpws: door hanging and tool tilings. &c, ,;&c.
-"Boots and Shoes,
. ,. very great variety and warranted waterproof.
'Sohl'andpfe eerli; all o f . tht
mhW artielo-vwiU be fold choap for Cssu. bx ex
cbaiFd Wrreat. Cm- Ofrts. Tv-TvWhy
Clever or Flat-tfeeda, -tida, Srip-pelu, U utter,
t,L Umrdi EfrTallow and VVai s;; t;
TtOLLARS, (Jlpves,
Neck snd Pock
... , Hvss'.
"C Handkerchiefs. at
t,7i OLD )EAF &. lireoies of every" dewTTiptioB
aStra-csiqrrBijitsi rjcmvea at nuusiLit o
QN the Affleck Tract, near the Court HdHe
; ?- C A Bl? CKtANO & VRETT,
eiapah Oicken, , - , , r. f
j i. aa. JtAs . it k
Adam Oicken, . ) , Petiliou for Dower.
John Dicken,
Isaac Dicken,
ITHE said Isaac Dickeuv a . non rrsiiient of the
X state of Ohio, is hereby notified thxt the said
Sueannnh 'Dicken, on the tenth d y of September,
A- U. 1852, filed in the court of common p'eas of
panaaacy-ceaaiy, anu slate 04 unto, nrr petition,
setting forth that jhe ia Hi widow and fnlict of
Stepheu UickDii. lole of .said counly: that vn or
about the iOih day of February, 1(552. tha said Ste
phen Dicken dii d, aeieid in fee pimple of the fol
lowing described lands and tenements situate in the
said county ef Saaduekyk Stats of Ohio., to wit: ,
The south enet quarter o( the north-west ouar
rer of sectiatr thirty-five, comaininy;7 farty acres Of
land: - Afso, thewst half of the south-east quar
ter, and tla eaat half of lha- souh-west quarter of
section thirty-five, containinfr one hundred and six
ty acres, 160) nmkiug tn all two hundred acres of
land, and all in township number four, (4) north of
rang number-fourl?en,.(14) excepting a certain
tract of thirty-nine and ninety-five hundredths acres
off the sonlh part of said - one hundred and sixty
sere tract, sold to Craig Hunter, and that raid de
fendants here tha net estate of inheritance in
aaid land, in wuich said land, excepliiir es afore
said, the'eaid &eaanah Dicken 'elnlms dower, and
prays tn a oourt to assign the asms Is her.'
. And-, the. said Isaac Dicken is hereby- notified
that unless heappenr and plead answer, or demur
tn aid pelilton within aixty date after the eel t term
of vaid court, the matters in said petition set forth
arainst him, will he lakeu as confessed and a de
cree entered accordinely. J "'
Sept. '9, 185 J. Sol's, for PefrV
Cbancery Aetiee. "
Ottawa county Court of CoSaMoa Plena.
William Curtiav ..
' . . va ... .. .
Samuel dbampbell.and
Horace Green. ... . .
THE'said Samuef Campbsft is hereliy notified
that William Curtis, of tha eaunty of Sandus
ky, State of Ohio, has filed in the Court of Com
mon Plena of tha county of Ottawa and State of
Ohio, a Bill in Chancery against him, tha mid
Samuel Campbell, and one Horace Greeu, th,e
aubatance and prayer of which bi,l is. That, on
nr about the 1 1th day of November, A. D. 1639,
Tbomaa Beunelt purchased of one, Stephen Crow,
Jr., the north east bnarter'or the north weft quar
ter of section number fourteen, in township num.
ber seven, north of ranpe number .fifteen, iu Ot
tawa county, Ohio, containing forty acres of Jnnd
more or Ires, and give two notes of fifty dollars
each secured bj a moitgaga, on the same premises
as part of the -purchase, mouep therefor, which
mortpage was recorded on thenrsi flay ot May, A,
D. 1340, .. , . .
That on. the , tweuty-fist;.dy of April. A. D.
If 41, said Bennett fold sold said land to one sm.
nel Campbell of Erie eounty, in the State of Ohio,
for two hundred Rollers for ona hundred of which
said Campbell. agreed to pay the notes and mort
gage given to saiW Urow. Whereupon said Sen
net-executed toaaid Campbell a warranty deed in
fee simple for the. premises alvreaatd.
H hatlhrx is a mistake In the recording ef-scld
deed from said Bennett to said Cambell. .. . ,
That said Curtis purchased said notes and mort
gages, tiled his bill in Chancery to sell the prem
ises aforesaid; and that upon kale Ordered by court
in due form he bid off and purchased said land,
and took a deed therefor 'from- the Master Com
missioner of the court ordering said sale; and on
the 23th day of .ovemborr A. D-,18-43, by war
ranty deed conveyed the premises to, said Horace
Green who took possession of the same. That
aaid Catnpbell has brenglit his action of ejectment
against said Green never having paid tlie-asaount
of said mortgage-arid nstcaf ' - .: -.
. The said complainant prays tbat said Campbell
may be snjoined from prosecuting said action of
ejectment, and that the title of Green to said prem
ises may bs quieted, or that said Campbell may be
decreed to pay said aoteaaad mortgage, or in de
fault that-that said land be . sold -to pay the same
and. for Genaral relief; and said Samuel Campbell
ia hereby notified that unless he, appear and piead
answer or demur, ts said. -bill in sixty days aftor tha
next term of said court, the mnttera aud things
therein charged against "him will be taken as con
fessed and a decree accordingly.
... Sol' fur Comp't.
August 12, lHba. .
Chancery Xottce.
Sandusky counly, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas.
Ptr Klrahl.
' : i - s
TSJ 3 ' ' I
ir i
Jacob Shell and
John A'oirt. .
JACOB SHELL and John Vegit are hereby no
tified tbat on. the -J4lh day of August. A.- D.
185 -', Peter Strohl of said county, hied in the court
of Common. Pleas a bill in Chancery against them,
setting forth, t, nd charging that on or sbeut the-Sth
..ay of August, A. D. 1540, tha said Jacob Shell
executed and delivered to said Voght a mortgiige
deed for the east half of the north-west quartet or
section number twenty-nine ,23 in-towashiu five
dj range sixteen, toj coiunuiing eigt-.ty acres ot
lapd- fa Sandusky county, Opio. which mortgage
I was given Iq secure the pu-tnent of two premiasn
J1??'1? f f le-tlMrfewith.grreB byia Shell
to said Voufit or bearer, fdr fifty-three duiiars' and
ihirtr-lhre cents each, which said, no too trevovr
i!ue and have becoriiti;e property of said Stph)j
3T.a saidi Strolil atierwardn purchased the iaini
land, mortgaged as aforesaid .for taxes from ths
l.reasrerof said cottntr, and flr ten years had
elapsed from th dales oX said - parehese, deceived
and still holds the Auditor's deed th era for, and has
ever since suid purchase paid tlie tax on said lajtd.
,.That.tha fait. coizi'uant.. after receiving said
deed from the auditor of Sanriuaky county, aa afore
said, look po4eion. of said trnctof.laud, and has
made iaali-ig and Valuable Improvements thereon.
' That complainant has desired and'uffefed to re
Tease atr hie right and sitts to said Shell opon pay
tnent, tf th amount due bim on - suid notes and
mortgage, for taxes, interest and penalty by htm
paid as aforesaid, and foraaid lasting and valuable
approvement, but thaf said Shelj v neglects er r
fus so tarov- i.- - W.XJ..-J . --.j.-i.-i.
atd bill pry that an account may be taken of
what is due the complainant in the premises, and
that said land be sold to pay the amount thereof,
and for general relief. ' .
And the said Jacob Shell and John Voght are
hereby notified, that unless they eppear aud plead
answer or demur to said bill within sixtv davs after
the next tarm of said court, to be ho Id en in said
county, the matters aud -things therein set foith
a gains t them will taken as confessed and a decree
entered accordingly.
,a -. i BiPs. for Conipt. !
Siile , ot Hetil Jbaate by . or sler f
Court of Common rlsss Sanduekv countv, O.
' - Petition to sell Lands ; "" '
Shnbal H. Russe'l, Adin'r. of J
Shubal Rusaoll.dec'd.. -. ... j .;-.-"' '
Solomon N. RuasalU et al. )-- .In
BY virtue of an order of -"the Court of common
pleas sf Sandusky .eosnty. Ohio, -J shall offer
for sale at public vendue, on the 18th day nf Sep
tember next, between the hoars prescribed by law.
at the door of the court--house, in said- Sandusky
county, the following lands and teumeiiU. tawit:
1 he aorlh part ol the south east fractional Quarter
sf sectii-u i4, in township number 6, north of range
number l,cona!uiing 7? andaixty-tws hundredth
acres; also 22 acres on tha west part of the north
part of the south-west fractional quarter Of fraction
al section 19, in fractional township 6 .north of
range 6, bounded asoliowsj-- beginning at a po
at thecentref the-road at - the north-west corner
ol the aaid fractional section, 19, teence east 2S rods
thence south and parallel with the section Una to
Big Mud Creek, thence west lo the west lips of
said section, thence north to the plxcs of beginning.
Adfaiaisir&tors Salot stale
br order of Court. i r, .
ON Ihe9d Any of October nexf,185 at -3o'ecfc
P. M. at the door of th court house i Kre
mont, Sandtiaky county, Ohio, will be -sold to the
highest bidder, the following real estate as tbe
property of Isaiah Morns.'deceased.io wit: -
- The ond ivied fourth r-art of the north east quar
ter ef fraetionnl'eoiion -twelve, township five,
north of range fifteen, eontaining eighty and forty
one one hundredth acres; ateo( one andivided foorih
part ef. the south east part of the south west quar
ter, fractional seotion one, township five, rang
fifteen, containing seventy-five and ninety-four ou
hundrdeth acres, all in Sandusky county, Ohio.
The one-fourth of the first mentioned tract, ap
praised atone hundred and eighty dollars; and Uie
fonrth M the second mentioned tract, appraised a
fixtrei tHid seven ne bun.'trerh dollars. : J
. linMtr it. One-third. caBh in hand, sne
third in. six mpmhe and "-Jhts" reiifJua : Tn 'one
ytar Trom flf dy ef sale, with friterest, Secured
iethe aati&fartiotr ef tha adminnirator; ; ' i - -
, v . . it:"!,- Administrator ef I,- Morris, Wee.
7Mkv rW? 44
rffjE'8.;urn!eriilirned ,has" ofieqed S.ffelt
.1 FACTORYi in the shop formerly occu
pied by J. R. Pease, on the eaat aid of thean
duskv. river, where he h ip operation the latest
and meet improved machinery for mannfacluring
Sash, Pannel doors; Blinds, and Window
Frames! ,
Hie machinery is brought to auch perfection that
.the work ia far superior to any made by hand. -A
i.d as lie sura-Mttthing butthorouehly K 1 1 n
1 r 1 Cd Lumber, he is determined that his work
shell not be surpassed eithef In point of work er
quality of material, by any other establishment in
theSl'aje-; FRANCIS LAKE,
Fremont, Aof . Mth, 1853. - '"! " i
At the Old Stand of
Pease 4& Roberts.
THE SUBSCRIBERS have entered into part
nership, for the sale of STOVES and the
manufacturing and sale of . . . -t
' Tinr Copper and Sheet Iron Ware!
Together with such other articles as are usually
kept in a Stove and Tin-waro- estalrlishment.-a
They hsjve jast received JO different kinds of
Cdokiiig 8tbtcs
. . . C7 ! , . , . ;., . . . .j -p
Of various sizes and prices: some of which are New
and defirabie patterns, to-which they would invite
the attention of tbs citizens of Fremont and vicini;
ty. -. . . i ' ' . ,.. i
-:The former friends and patrons, of the above
mentioned firm, together with the community gen
erally, who are in want of articles in our line, are
respectfully invited to call upon us. .
All kinds of work in Tin. Copper, and Sheet iron
will be done with dispatch; at reasonable prices-.
and warranted to give satisfaction.
Fi'emonf, 3 uly 1 7 , 1 85 . " '. . '
TTROM the subscriber, living in Scott township
i? Sandusky county Ohio, three Mare Colts, liglit
bavs, one three year old, a white strip in the face
and a yoke ou: two two year old. one of them has
a targe star and tha other a small star in the fore
head. .... , , : ., ' .
Ftvc dollars reward will be given for information
where they can be round. -
Scott Township, August 21st 1352.
.. - Aotice to Teachers..
PROPOSALS to teach the Schools in Fremoont,
wiH be received by the Secretary of Board
of Education thereof until the i5tl of September
nejL . The applicant must state the time he.or.she
will engage,. and tue price per montn.. ;
., . By order of tha Board,
,..-','. . ..- H. EVERETT, Sec,
r August 28, 1852. ....... '. ..,
Feet, of Lninber for Sale
r iHE Proprietors of tha California Store have
X now on hand a great Variety of all Kinds of
Lumber. --,: ; ,J "- - -'-
Poplar from I inch to 2 inches thick,
Walnut I " "4 "
' Scantling all sizes;, slao Shingles for sals. '
The above will be Sold at ljv Rata. -
Lumber taken in exchnge for Goods.
Fremont, July 31; '52. " - .- ' ' '
1 1 the ITIissea Tliraves just from Birming-
JL ham, England, respectfully announce to the
citizens of r remont and vicinity, that they have lo
eated m this place, and occupy rooms on Croghan
sr. ,'neariv oppoaite the residence of Ur. ISrainard.
They would earnestly solicit the patronage of
the Ladiea, in the above business, -confidently be
lieviug that whatever is entrusted to them, will b
satisfactorily completed, according to "the - latest
Fashions; and for their aervices, they will be satis
tted with a reasonaote compensation. . 1
Fremont, July 2-fih, i85i. 2m
Of Fremont, being desirous of building a new
House for warship by advice of a large numbe
of the citizens of the town, offer forsnle their pres
ent house and lot, with the design of locating and
bundingon Church street. . .
I hose desirous of purchasing will apply to
price and terms of payment to John Carshner. F
Grnnd, or H. LANG
Fremont, March 20, 1S5I
.Taj Notice. v
Thkasurf.r'p Omci, ) .
Fremont. Sent. 4th, 1852., i
TV U 1 l-t is hereby riven to the 1 ax payers o:
Xi Sandusky County, that the following taxes
have been levied hv the proper authorities n th
taxable property in aid county, Tor the year. 1S52
ad tha duplicate thereof placed in the band of
the undersigned for collection.
The ratasef-taxation for the. several purposes on
each ooiiarot vatnattorf entered on th grand list,
for said year, in the several, townships are showu
in lha following table. -. x . r - -
a O
CO w w
State tax
', County .
Inter'st on
Co. d'bt
' CJ O -
13 "to tototc w to 'to 01 "to
coor. oocoojoogrjoooj c
(iora sch'l
by county ,
g ii w i -i '- i
aCcS::--; " t:
ooooooOo o o
Interat on
R R bonds
o ot S o en S ot w
Road .-
t Ot
to to CO to
. ' - o
Ex. schbol
by t'ps
iotal gotoaioi-'(3--
- oa. O
TTiere has also been made and placed upon said
duplicate the fellowiug special levies to wit: In the
town of Fremont, fdr corporation purposes, three
mills on the dollar; for fire engine, two mills; on
the dollar: and for school house and tuition' purpo
ses she and a half mills on the dollar.
" In the town of Beirvue for corporation -purposes,
eleven mills on the -dollar: for tuition purposes,
two mills eu the dollor: and far so hoot house par
poses 1,25 mills on the dollar. : In the township of
Ballville "2-5 mills on the dollar foe aehool purpn
8es;and the towBshifi nf Rice two mills nn the dol
lar for school purposes; in school district .No eight
Madisoj three mills on the dollar: district 1 Ball
ville ona mill; district 7 Riley UJ '.mills; district
eie-ht Townaendtwe -milla: district five Ballville
two mills. . l . i 1
The subscriber will attend one day by himself
or his deputy ia eaclt townimip for the purposes of
receiving taiies, at the usual Ipacei of holding elec
tions, as follows, to wit:
In Scott Sept 15
Jn Jackson Sept 21
Ballville ; ,i 22
OreenCk 24
York ... , 543
. Tnwnsend r 7
Rilev ,-. , -'5
Madison ' ' .. Ifi
Woodviile ..17
Wasliington .. li-
Rics ,.'23
The subscriber will attend ai his office in Fre
mont threader until the 20ih December next, for
the purpose of receiving the fojegoing taxes. Af
ter thaMime;1h0 rhTjilrcates wrH-"irsss into the
hands of depuli collectors, and mileage . and pen
alty charsed thereon on all taxes then unpniil.-e
Koiwnk nates will be received in payment of
tales except those of specie paying banks of this
stats, isasod according to law. i - J
- VlL3eW M-. STARK.
S i . -! A "i - Tistirr of Sandusky etriu'.f.
. srcrr.vsw.v, ; t
WOULDinform the pubjielhsl he has resumed
his business at hrs old stand, eh'Crog'rmn st.,'
and having had the oporl unity of seeing and ge'ttitig
AUtie Latest Fashions from Fast and West
and having brought on an assortment of the .
he is prepared to furnish his old customers, and es
many new ones as. can crowd into his ware rooms,
with the most splendid lot of.
Mahogony. Rosewood and Blackwalnnt
0evtry kindfrom the Cradle to the Coffin
As to prices, he ts determined -. . ..
He is hold to say that -he can offer feu- BETTER
BARGAINS and BETTER WORK than you can
et west of Buffalo.-, he has on hand, and is making
All kinds of BEDSTEADS, :
on JVew and Improved Plans;
such as Lewis' Patent, Fowler's Patent, &c', Sic.
Do not fail to give him a call.i; . . , -: !
UJ" He hasgotupagood Hearse, and will attend
funerals in town or country.'.. -. v. -i a.
Fremont, August If), 1850. . i
Singing i Books!
NOW IS THE:T131E forBinging, an
Bucklands' are prepared forit, and areioffer
g to those want: !;vj, ,:::;,'? st i
The Mendlesoln Collection of Choice Music.
Carminia Sacra, ; ..... Church Choir.
Psaltry, ;", . .The Odeon.
Manhattan Collection, Alpibe Glee Singer,
The Melodeon, 3 volfiimes;. The Lutr.
The Juvenile Singing School:. Sabbath Schools'
Melodies; Missotirie HarmoneyiVc.&c.
IV O aa SB a)
Buckland'l Brick Block.
Oct25,'51. " ' . !
The Sandusky in a Rage
The Locomotive coming, and the friends
ITS rushing for .
who ars now receiving their tanmense atock of
At No It Buckland's . Block, which is crowded
with people from all parts of the country, who-ar
wise enough to exaniine. Haynes'-. Stock before
they buy. - Farmers ef JSandueky county, and ye
whe thirst after . -v
Cheap Goods! r '.;
Come and examine our stock. Ton will find no
humbng.no soft soap, no gammbn, no holding
customers br the atnu.so. Hatterv, but the best
Goodwyou ever saw, among themheevy yard
wide Brown Sheetings, Denims, Louisiana stripes,
fast.eoteretly'Caliecs- and; few hhdsi Porte Riop
Sugar, white, dry and clean, purchased last Fall
for us by an o!d resident or the iland una all
sixpenny goods t rimmed that naed trimming.
We have increased our stock of 1
.47 made here, and warranted not to" rip, embrac-
ng garments ofall description, styles, and qual
ity, and "better bargains" In the way of ''furn
ishing the outer man eennotbe made west efNew
York, than with n. Wholesale dealers in
f ' BOOTS AKD SHOES,; ,;".'.,
Finding that Eatlevn Manufacturers were sending
Goods to. Ohio on commission, gave.ua afow eases
coarse Boots to sell at twelve shilliugs, good kip
at two dollars, and fine calf hoots at hlly cents
more, and a large lot of Woniena' and Mens' gai-
tersr shoes, slips, Oic, so low that sons need go
barefoot .... .. . -i ... . -.
of everv variety, style and quality; Palm Leaf hats
at a ahilling. and tionuetsiit rroporlion; .ana lusi
but not least, apaong our many tjroods.
and varied assortment of ... i .
. Coods (or tbe Ladies
Beautiful Lawns, De Lainesand Merimac prints
eight yarns for eightshillings, trimmed; lterages
French Lawns. Alpaccas and Ginghams for a
trifle more. " "
Nails, Glass, Crockery, ..Hardware, Leather,
, . btone-ware, &c. &c. -
We do s straitforward bhsiness bov onr Goods
Low, and sell them CHEAP, for Ready Pay or
Produce Have One Price for all. Our motto,
Cash for Wool, Wheat, Oats and Corn.
Fremont, June 19, 1352. ; .. .
FAHHIEJiS ! "Mechanics!
and Working Men North
western Ohio ! .We are happy
to announce to you the arrival of
the largest, most complete, and
general assortment of Hardware,
ever cpeued in this market. We
are now prepared to meet the in
creased demand for Goods in our
line have bought heavy of. Eastern Manufactur
ers and Importers, at very low figures, and would
say to the ' :
: Friends of tin
s of the cxci
give us a ce.ll. and satisfy yourselves of the excel
Idnt quality of our Goods, and
The Low Pride I
we put on them. -
We call the attention of Farmor to the bcaj
sertmeot of . , . ; - ;
in town. A euporior Plow, steol mpulil board: al-
.n lnhn Rich'a celebrated iron beam Plow, all siz-
Com Sriellers. Scvthe, Snaths, Crarlles, Forks,
Hoes, tVaKCS, ItlHeS- -lOiiea, ,-n,,yfri, pac,
Svclea. Straw Knives. Bush fecythes, &c. &c, as
low ,as the lowest. , .-
Best Eastern Nails, at $3 00 and $3 50 per 100
pounds; and as complete ait assortment ot
House Trimmings !
as can be found in Northern Ohio. . Glass, Sa,l:
and Puttv, Paints and Oils. " : , -f
Mechanics Tools!
Carpenter's, Blacksnnlh's. Mason's,, trooper's
Shoemaker's, Saddler's and Harness Maker's, car
riage maker's,' and cabinet iuakef's Tools and
trimmings. ...... . t
Iron all round for Wagons, 3 00 per 100 lbs.
Saddlery Hardware, and Harness Trimmings and
Tools, a heavy stock at reduced prices: - Buggy &
Carriage Trimmings. . .. . .
CHAIN PUMPS, first rat article:
Farmers of Sanduskv County! We can show
von the best slnd.iai treat assortment of Stoves, ever
brought ts this market, consisting of the following
patterns of Tight-Air cooks:
Mew World; Western World;
.. Globe; Cultivator: Atlas;,,, j( ..
Frrrners' Improved;,. . ...
Eagle Hot Air
Western Empire: United States;
Westero QnseniMsy'Qaeeni, j. ? ..
Fnrest Queen; f rairie 1 lower;
: and Premium Stoves.-
PaMur Stoves. Cast Iron Parlor of all Patterns
Regulators, Cottage, &c.
Our Tin Kl.oii is iu full . blast. Work done ai
shojt notice, and in a workmanlike mariner. . An
assortment of Tin-ware constantly on hand.
In conclusion we will sav that we have every
Uiini? in the line of Hardware, nsuallv called for
in thia section nf Ohio. - With many thanks to on
r.inda tor thair natjnnae'e. end olicttinff furthe
favors. ws remain your friends. THE ROYS
. CA.MF1LD& .All ICHtilL,,
Fremont Hardware Store, Jund 15th. 1851.
Administrator Appointment.
XJOTICE is hereby given that the iMidersinged
Xl has been appointed alio duly quniineo nuunii
istrstoren he estate of John lC. Miller, deceasod
late of Sandusky countv. Slate of Ohio
Atrftiet SI,
Ffethe slsiadiesl e
It Is hardly n'tcesgarjf to inform the Ls
dies Of VC Stock Of , ; ,, , ;ir'.Uiv,yt 9
as lwy know-where they are, and whaH Jhey are'
but we would just hint to tliero that we hwve.etn-
isrged our stock in this line very much this Fall,
and we are sure they will be pleased to try our
faplttuy, Ambre. Vcrrtni, Jenny Lind,
Jockey Club; Maynolin, Vanilliu. Cream of Ullies, 1 f
0 Morrow, Jules Huuels EauLustrell, &.C,, for.l
they are certainly very nice. Then there is the
rancyGoodson the other side ? -f w
Ladie's Ebony Boies and Writing; Desk,"
Port folio Paper Weights. Alabaster Jewel fln
and Ink Stands, Pasrl, Shell, verrand Vp-Ivet
Card Cases, and. the finest PapKir Jfaehve PerU
Monies you ever did see, and a thousand oilier ar
ticles too numerous to mention, which were bought
expressly for them. Just come and see them whe
ther you want to buy or not. We are never tired
showing nice goods, and we want the good folks of
Fremont and vicinity to be posted up in. these mat
ters. . ' P. AUCKLAND & Co.
Fremont, Odtobet 25th, 1851. - ;'
VJ! : & rtl . ''-; I" it.-t:5 i .J-iMiife
fpiIE SUBSCRIBERS havejust received
JL the. follpwi.tig . -j ;i 4
to which they would call the attention of School
Teachers and Parents: ,
- McGufTey's Eclectic series of Readers.'ntimTjers
1st, 2dv3d4t)i and 5thv .::,.. " -... :
Munderill's series do., 1st, 2d, 3d, and 4th. ,rr"
. ,VyUlard'sVY. S large and abridged.. V
R'ationRrSpeaker... - '
The Student's Speaker.'
Ray's, Greenleaf's,' Adams', Smith's, Dodd'
Enas' & Stoddard's Arithmetic.
Days, Davis'. Ray's & Towor's Algebra.
Pineo's, Clark's, Rirkhara'a, Bullion's Smith's,
and Bruw-n's Grammar..
Parker's, Comttock's", and Mrs.' Phefps'Pnilos
ophy. Comstock's, and Mrs. Lincoln's Botany. .
' Coinstock's Minerology, and Physiology; and
Natural History. , . , .
, GreenleaPs Exercise in. Composition.; a
Webster's unabridged, revised, University, and
SchooT Dictionary. ' .' ' -
'Andrewsand Stoddard's Latin Readers, Gram
mars, and Exerciees. ; .'.
. Views pfthe Microscopic World.,: . re,s- .j
Elements of Meteorology, ' :
'"'Burnett's Astronomy. " ""' '." '' H '
German Spellera. 'and Primmers.5 -'"";
r German and Eagltsh Grammars, and Dictionary
.McGuflVi's,.Boiitly's Pictorial, and Elementary
Spellers. , .... r
- Also a iarge assortmentof Miscellaneoua.'Med
ical.'Mnsicaf, and L'nsv Books. ' ' ' -
.Call and examine for yourselves. : - i t
No. 3, Buckland's New Block. 1
Oct. 25, 1851. ; ' ' ' ' ,
A tfandspine Joot,
TT I3 ADMITTED TUAT a well-shaped and
X handsome Foot isa most desirable g-rnrf to set
off to advantage the person at appearance of efther
a lady' or" pentleman,- bat all" are 'aware that a
handsome -foot,.- if not encased in a neat Shoe or
Hoot, is a most meJancholly sight to the beholdter,
and none understand this fact better than ihe la
dies. . To. meet the wants of his customers, the
subscriber has just returned from'New York with
a large and well selected stock off A . -
Boots Shoes?.
which he invites Jhecitixens of Sanduslir, and ad
joining counties, oo call and examine, r-Hi stock
consists in part of - .,-. i r .7:!,..;s ..
(rentlemeits'1. Jlne .French, and American Catj
Boots Kips and Cowhides, JSroynn's of aH kinds
Abo,(, aii excellent variety of Pumwa. Walkinjr
Gaiters, fancy Coneri'ss trailers. Prunella Gaiters.
Taylor ties : together with Morocco, Seal & calf
Slippers and trumps.
Vill find a tery fine assortmentof Shoes and Slip
prtrs broofflit on especially tor them. ?i French kid
aiqpersi Jernny Uinds, Excelsiors, fine Prunella
gaitere-, lnjskiiis and slippers, besides a Urga ajd
fine ttSfortnienl of shoes for every dav wear.
CMldreis Shoes and Gaiters, any quantity
India .lubber Shoes : and Soots The subscriber
will a'so xnanulacture to order, all kinds of Boots
and Shoes for gentlemen and Ladies near. Ex
perienced workmen constantly employed. -; ?
i Country manufacturers and dealers will Bud at
my eBtaMishinent all kind of - . - -r. -
FINDING S,-.v.--
used in the trade. French and American calfskins
Seal skins, Morocco, Patent leather Enameled
feather. Sheep kinsf Lasts, Pegs, Needles, Bris
tles, Ac, &c. All my ajijclos are warranted.
i respectfully invite the Indies and gentlemen
of Sandusky to call and examine for themselves.
Fremont, May lSth, 1852. .
fl RF. WIS Rlue and White Fools Can Paoer.
J an excellent quality.
100 Reamsblue and white letter paper. - '-"
40 Reams Flat Cap paper. - .
20 Reams assorted note paper. . , .. ;w . - 4
A large lot of wrapping paper. j .
300 rolls wall paper of 40 different styles'. '
A vervfinelot of Windowpaper, WindowsTiades.
Fire board Prints, and plain and v-elvelfcorder, for
le very low at .... .. . , tivyAuAIt Lio"
October25, '51. ' . . v ; ... .
' " - '' :
Readymade Cothing S
TTALl. & GASTON having remove
extensive Stock of Roots, Shoes spd piothing
into Room Jfo. liockl.ind's Block, formerly oc
cupied bv J. F. R. Sebring, would take this melh
od of tendering their thanks to tneir numerouacus-
tomers, for the
"Material Aid!"
furnished them, thereby encouraging them in th
efforts lo benefit and please them. Onr stock ol
ia sreatlv enlarged, and consists of everv variety of
atvle, shade and quality. . AU .kinda of Roots and
Shoes for Gentlemen and Ladie's wear, manufac
tured to order, "at the lowest price, and upon the
shortest notice. 1 he several oepanmemsoi man
u facta re are, nuder the charge of skillful workmen
A geueral assortmelit ot i,.- trvi .cs:
is offered to the trade, at a small-advance apon ths
New York prices. . -,- ,. j- y
.. read y-made: '; Cl othing i .
rrm.aiaiinn ofPeata'. Paula. Vests. Under Clsthine
of all kinds. Hose, Gves, Handkerchiefs, Cra
vats, and every article that belongs to a genue
tnen's wardrobe. - ' ' ' ' -i -
of the latest srvles. and in great profusion. All
which thev want-to-setl fcrthe-dfmes. Give them
a call before purchasing elsewhere. No charge Isr
exhibiting goods. '
i v. .. , - . - - HALL & GASTON
., Fremont, June 12th, 185 71-, , i. .!
.r:;. ,;;:-,;;.: 18521
THE Pubscrfberswou1df "respectfully annouhce
lo the -oititsns of Sandusky City and vicinity
that thev have Bare lased the Book Bindery, form
erly carried on by C. L. Derby dfc- Co., and they
are now prepared to execute any orders in that line
of. Business. They profess to be practical work
men iu every branch pertaing to Book Binding.
Work entrusted-to their care warranted to ne wen
nt neailv Hone: Particular attention paid to Bind
: p.irliia Miiie. Newsnaoers. Magaaines.
in a superb rrianner, either plain or extra gilt... Old
n..u. ...n HeBorlntinn rebound. Having on
hand aeuperror stock of paper of every . siis and
quality they" are prepared to manufacture Blank
Book of. every- description ruled to. aay pattern
desired. ... .. :.f;i. -;; ri" ?
Paper ruled at prices to- suit the, times. Book
Binderv at the old stand over the Bookstore of C
L. Drbv & Co. .Caswell's Block. 1
.June,'2G..lS5 !y MILLER KIES. ;
Ni B.: Those having work of the above descrip
tion to be" done, can leave it at the Book and Drug
Store af 3. Buckland &. ' Co. , who rf oar aalhet-.
tad aArnt. ' ' ' --.
Xf tick An A roriiildar
p;R.:iffAZTt: T&tfrSA jkTis n6 PaJe$rU
MA KES. QXJRES at horne. ielitr,
" 'i)6rtiHcan he roihd." " ' . r.
fae"6fcdt Coiiffii nhd Coasiiri!TtIrv
ir-SJ. 'ktXbZVLl navsoi
,dea that it"ia only acom-
''t"J- 3 rioo eold. sod thai it will
soon wea? itsi
tSptjT 'ail kindness
soon wear itselr cul?
wbat wiU
sosatte ths .nbable sewJt.0..1-!'it'iu i. -.!.
In a short lime, if vou continne to neglect roure
self, you will begin to feel, a sense ef tichtueas aud
oppression ucross the chest, accompanied with fre
quern- sharp darting pains. .-Then a drv hack in J
cough will eel. in, ans when yon raise anvlhinr it
be a thick and yealowish. or whiteifroiliv mat.
ter, streakrd, perhaps, with blood. f you still take
no medicine, these unpleasant symptoms wilt in
crease, and yos will soon eave a hectic fever;, eeld
chills, night sw.-ais, copioss cxpectoratios, and
then great, prostration. 11 sou still nerrlect rour-
self, a few weeks or months will see you consigned . VtJ babit' h
to the grave,: leaving 'yoururieuds to mourn how tuduced feel
rapidly consumption did, its work, and hurried you Vltteu. to an
Bway; 1 r"na' na"S J'ou no cause Us bs alarmed I ,
In ths above sketch,' ou ma'v see. as m V irlass.
howsrery caseof Cronsnrnfitfon progreeees, with
mors or - iext s apidi ity,, U A Mil ternuoatioa.: Ait
all the thousands .andnilliops wiiora-tbis- sreat
llestrovf r-has Fathered lo the tomb, everv a.nnl
case began with a cold. .If this hdd been'attfndert
to, all might have been" well; but being negtectes,
under the fatal delusion -that it would 'wear
oft,' it transferred its deadly astioq to the saba'.anro
of the lungs, exciting there the formation of tubee
cles. Another, and anothet cold added fuel to the
flame, Until -these tubercles began to soften and
tupontrats. leaving by their ulceration, great cavi
ties in the lungs. At this crisis, the disease is vsry
difficult to cure, and oftentimes sets at defiance all
human-means. - ...-w.
' In'the latter or worst 'staeel 'tfiii niediclna "will
t oftentimes arrest. the disease ar 'eueek its progress
and will slwava make the patient, more comfortahla
ana prolong his lite, and it is therefore worthy of a
trial; but in its incipient, or former periods,, Con
sumption is as eilr-ble einv- -otlnr disease! "and
if taken rt this time, will enre it ETAS SURELY
AS JT IS TAKEN rjm "Tl.isls strong language,
uut'we-vsaa rferTOa to nassheriesk Jiviio;'witness
es to'firova tbat it is true! And thereibie, e ear
nestly eilihrt every man, woman and child, whs
has a cottgh, or is subject, to colds, ,'to keep the
'medicine. by yoi iii the house,' and irheneverroii
take cold, do not 'let it alone' to work mischief sn
your system, but eradicate it "thoroughly, and at
once, by this powerfully heatinir comnonnd. and
leave yoor lungs uninjured"; to carry yoo infull ftgor
to a good old age! ' ' t;i" tv -- ii'i ":v -
(LrRead testimony of R. Mn roRDT Esq. .ona af j
ihe oldest Magistrates in this city: I
uicinnaii, iec. l, loot. . i
Messrs. O.JL. Baler & Co. bear Sirs: Thoie i
fflicted with disease of the Lnn?sJ wilt fine Dr-
Hall's Balsam for the longs a moat VaLtrjsOc
illeniCKie. , 1 tvaVe been ; Jrequently atacHedwith
DlsKASHS OF ths Lungs for the last five veara. anil I
Dr. Hail's Balsam daa always Broik vr thi Dis
kase t once, 1 feel that the public should kcow
the merita of such a remedy.:" . ;.---:. ? . i. i
, r -; f , , KICHAH.D MULFORDJ
Residence on Plum, three doors above sixth, st.j
'-;. More Cincinnati Cttres!. j,,y
s ..-..i-- . CincinBnIi.'JnIy 1st, 1851
Messrs 0 D Baker & Co; Dear Sire: : 1 have
always had objections to have my name in any way
attached to a patent medicine." But when 1 think
(as 1 new have eVBry reasos le believe) it has sav
ed my life I am inducetl by a sense of duty to those
afflicted as f have been, to make my case known,
and recommend your Bi'sal as uweuiciua thatcan
be fully relied on. ; --About,a - year since, 1 was at-
rcked with L,ntvg f ever, which left myjunza much
diseased; my cough was distressing, attended with
lain in my left side. I had seen WreUr's Balsam
ef Wild Cherry palled up id the papers, and I con
cluded to try it. i used bottle after bsttle, which ,
il taste and in. Us operation resembled rarevone.
soothing temporarily. My disease had by this time
beennie flrnilv seated; I had cold' night sweats, hec-
ic k evers sweilins ol the Limbs, our., sbomnr
C'onfir1 CosscMfTtoii.' : The remedies I pblais
ed from my Phvaician a'eo failed siviofr me pecma-
nent relief ot benefit. My Lnnes now JJi.crMtto
ond 1 raised Lis QuAirrrTtES or Matte from
hem. 1 he LMelor told mv friends chat s ' rana-t
die! My brotherthen got a bottle af Dr. Hall's
Balsam for the Lungs and I commenced taking at.
At first it' sickened me, but after taking morn, I
lonud it went to the spot the Vert Seat or Mt
Disease. A began to 'raise - with more - ease; and
could. feel, daily, that my Lungs were .Healing un
til by the use of four bottles, l- Was restored to bet.
ter health than I had" enjoyed foryears. '1 believe
(I had used Ur Hall's Halsain when I. was best
attacked it would have saved ma a vast.deal of suf
fering. All 1 can saylo others, iw, try it, and!
tbiuk you vi&be.-.'benefitted if ;!TOftiriseafis' ha
youdangs YvursrsspectfuilW, hssmy
J. L.'. WltjIaaVHU,
s Three doors above Fiitb street on V'ine.
The public have bsen imposed apon by remedies
recommendesuby certificates which have always
originated from some unknown source.. We be
lieve lha'. a Medicine possessing real perils will af
fect cores wherever it is used, at -home aa well as
ahroad- . This. is no Paregoric preparation, but one
which if used in season will save the lives of thou
sands;, aiid persons may- make 'this bargain With
Agents frorri whorrr they- purchase,- that'iii' every
case where it is used freety-nocordiag'to dnWtiaae,
and entire satia&etion is not given. in 24 or 4S hours
tbev can return the medicine, ancj their .Money
;i,t -it: T..II. l-J -- - . 1
will OB cnecriui iciuiiuru ,
For sale 6y, "3 - "'l : s''
Fremont Feb. 28, 1853. ' '." .iT
: : 2VEWS! WEWS! ! -' ' .
Glorious New sS Troia Ue JpntWi
z HE Mexican Mustanr Lirtisinent, thnt has
been performing uch remarkable cures, and
and creating samuch excitement in the Solitk and
.1.. t . i ... -
ins ARBivrn ivorii MlfbiS
and all thoseatfiicted with -Rheumatism, eld Boies
r Uoeer Diseases. or. Sprainav Scalds. Barasqor
Eruptions of ai'.kino can, now. ba healed, .jMjse
who have been suffering fer months or years with
that loathsome disease. Tile PJ1 need' now
su9er no' loirger--ss this Mr9TAsa,LiMAia1ri a
certnia remedy,- ao matter bow bad thev .ars; or of
how lang standing.: Cancers, Fistulos, aeald tlefsd
Feller or Ring Worm or any kind of a sore, ars
healed and" perfectlv"cnred in an incredibly1 short
tim'. ' "' to--"'.- ..uio.aai
i" To tike Xndl It W Ilvtiliiiiblcs
For sore ttiples, caked breaslsj agne ' lit tfte" face,
Toothr Ear-. AcheoT-sjoypaitipal sores oravrell
inga. .'H also remqvse daudnff ,jrom7he hed,1n
vigorkteslhe.hair, and prevents it from falling oat,
and gives'a beautiful glossy softness to'tha hair that .
is not attained by any ether preparations' 1
F6rl Horse's and other"AnirnalsV7 51
i has no equal in healing S"addle"pr Collar Galls,
Scratches,' Mangej Sprains'or Broiaes and It is an
infallible remedy for splints, spavins, st Ririghsaee
dissolving the large tumors, and reduciagrtbswwiil
le.n. or -enlarged joints ,to theit nalotai size, and
henltht. action. Pole 'Evil or Fistula, "and" Bjg-heade'a-n
now be tored; and the Mustang Linls
ment is the remedy that ea do" it. If yol!bT-sy'
of Vour family, or "ybar. fairw Josa sr sifiictet
with any of the above disease, try. one bpttle-afit
only costs 25 cents--and you will never use .any
-ofher'remedT.' ..!.-...- -
i ILTIfiotsaW whole-ale aad sala. f S BK
Iand St -. of FrsmoaW; and by ,Hliet agele
in alljhe villiages and. towns pf Jhis .and Jh sur-
rounding conntics.
Oct. 4, WSV "'--'' ;-
' ' To Sell 'Sew ahd Popular. Books,, j
WE are ia want of Agents tottn this part
of the Slate for our new Books,. ,.,vf,
' A smsU capital of but $10 or $15 wilnja requir
ed to commence "With. and an -active' person can
earn from $3.00 to $5.00 per day Sonieof sur
Agents earn much more. -,r-; u..'-
Those desirous of engaging in this profitabls
business, may obtain our plan of . operatiool, and a
list of our Publications, bv'Hdilresing, post paid,
. , ; M. F.'tOOKEIt At CO-.Vi -
No-' 10J Superior St., Cleveland, Ohio,
; J i'arpct ISogxT u
'. Ladies'anri Genllemeas Carpet Bags, a good as
sortment," for sale low st McL. dk McGEE'S:
Fremont, Sept 15, 1852. --. H il
GASH paidfor Laad Wanants,at -. r
'-.-' K:.y ' ' sfca sa'trrlrtifs
Touneat ic
op port u

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