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aucaster ictfr;
Th;sl-.y .norulnr Feb. 15, 1853
. lY f OfL IS DARK.
S!y soul ii dart ')!.! q. tckljr slrti.J
The hcrp I ret nui brook to bear ,
.- And lot thy fdstU ngo a tins
melting niuimurs o'ro my oar ;
If Lr. this kcort a hope bo (let r.
That son ad shall chars. It for-.a again I -If
In those eye there lurk a tour,
Twill low and ccaae to burn my brain.
Eul bid tho atraln be wiU M d deep,
r . Nor lot the oiw of Joy bo (rrt. .
' 1 tell the, minstrel, I mnt weep.
Or else thlsbnvj heartwill bnrat; '
. . Forlt bith bornby sorrow nurs'd,
And jthH! In less silence long (
iuA now 'lit dom'l tokndwtao worst,
And br..k at or.ee or j told to aocg.
' Eoun Goid Habit. There were f jtir
pyoi Imbiis s wisu anJ good man earnest
ly recommended in liif couiihI, nnl b!o
by IiU own'eXitmpW, & for nifnngpmcntof
; tcmpovat concerns. Tl eenra PunclimTity,
Aeearacy.Su-adineRs and Depa'.oh.. With
out the firs', of these, time is wasted; will.
dut the second, mis'ilu-a the roost hur
ful to our own credit n:id interest, and
th.v. of other, may be committed; with-
oit-Uie third nothing: can tie well done
- fl'1.) Vi:ioul (lie fuurih, opportunities o
grt advantage are hat which it is impoc
siWtto recall. 1 .
' BEArnFL't,. Io Victor Hugo's epeech
on the auivcrary of llie polish Revolution.
.'November ,29, 1864, occurs the following,
among oilier roma: kablv passages:
'Jus:iue i the theorem; puiiislununt 'i
exM'tai Euclid; crime bus its angles of re
D'Oii'n: ana we men rriniMi) when we
perceive in tho obsiu i'y of human d. s
n y the lines and figures of ib. it enormous
geometry which t'.e croT.dcall clinnre and
th thinking man calls rrovidence.
' 3T virtuous habit of the mind is
absolutely neeosmy lo influence tho whole
tore, odJ bpRuliiy every particnlnr action
to overbalance or 1 1 pel all the gilded
cliafms cr avarice, pi idu and nelf-interoRl
tliHt a man deservedly procures the lasting
epuheis ol a iocJ or mil, n l.o uppenis ei
t:.tr bwed ly, or icgniillits of it.
V JEST Our young ladies do not insist on a
uiijU standing of young gentl men, whenei'
a variety of prit a'.e miseries and pul lie vi
ces. A 'lorrect' young man is tho butlof
soc-ie'r; and there are. wipe men who ton
tend li nt tlie world is always right.
iJITli is observed, in worldly doini
$hit n.en's fortunes are ofiencr made b
their t iiwuo thnn by their virities, anil
more moii'a fortunes overthrown therein
than by their vices. Sir If alter Iideigk
JTZrYVhrt in the samo timo enn produ
mora than roimyolhers, has vijror; whocnr
. produce more and Letter, has talents; wlo
can produce what nono eUn ci.n, lia
genius, , . .
JJuifsa-. In churning cream, add a
lump of b:ittor to the cream before com
mencing, and the butter will come in two1
tmrds the limo it would without.
From Mr Scrap Book. Truth will cn
lighten ignorance into an amiable sim
pH.;Uy..and rondo deformity itself agree
Of all the delicate senralions the mind
is capibln of, none, p r'laps, will surpai
that which nttei da the relief of an avowed
Itnomy. ? :
, Tlie spontaneous gifts of Heaven are of
ii'gu vituie, out me atrcngtii ol pursover
nua gains tue pnzu.
i,- If there be a want of concord among
nicmuois ot mo same Itinuly, other mi
t win irks advantage ot it to injure
M mnted artillory such as Gun. S 'oti
ok into Mexico, to be mounted on mulos
is being introduced into Cibu.
XsfQod hath rrivon to mankind n com
mon library his wo'iksjand to every man
.. . i i
pr"pcr uoor nimsen.
IIu who labors for mankind wiilout
Care for hiiusulf, hus already begun 1 isim
Modesty is a veil covering the gonll
Heart, and patience holds the world ador
MoLration is the silken string runnin
tiiiougii tlie pearl chain of all n tues
, Conceit is proud that he bus learned so
WUdom is humbled thai he knows no
, Yeomen in leather doublets may bo of
mora worth than lords in velvet robes.
Gaming, like quicksand, may swullow
up a man in a momet.
; When misfortune comes, pause not to
yeep, but hasten to a chungo.
Hope paves hc golden way to bliss, and
cheerfulness is tho lamp that lights thee, a
beauteous walk.
. If there be no faith in our words, ol
what use are i!icy?
.Honors come by diligoneff; richesapring
cj onomv.
Time flies like an arrow, dnyi and mouths
like weaver's i h ittle.
t illet who can snppress a moment' anger
may prevent m n days' sorrow.
Past events are as clear as a mirror; the
future as obscure as varnish.
.The generations of men follow each
other like tho waves of a swollen river.
' Doubt and dish action are on earth the
brightness of truth in heaven.
To correct an evil whioh nlroady ex
ists is not so well as to foresee and prevent
ir. u .
. Modesty is the veil covering the gentle
. heart, and patience holds the world ador
ing. : .
By a long journey wo know a horse's
atreuglh, so langth of days shows a man's
" Do not anxiously expect what is not yet
eomo; ao noi vBiniy regret wuat is already
' -. kt V True bravery is as far removed from
rcckiessnscias it is from Jimidity.;
'' itfTBitter words of haste or hate have
often been repented
A l.ihj writer in speaking of tho extrava
fringe of the age, refers to a ybnng gent
l,J t'Ol.U.VJ IIUUI UUII1VU OfcUU3 ill uie
iy a'ali0 Sr.tilsticnl Infor
v mutton Conrcriiiitti Ohio. j
We compile lo-day for the benefit of our
readers some valuable sta:l.;lical information
concerning the mor inipoi t-int offiiwrs of
our S ato Government, their respective
salaries. tog;her with some pertinent ex
planiicy rem-irks: Tie jenrs in tiijnres
denotes tho time of he i-xpirntion of t'ir
respective term of office, and the dollars
yiving ihoir yearly salaries:
rtnt K!lS TKRM3 EIPIRK "8tART.
Will'uim Medill. of Lancaster, Governor,
Janwy, 1C6C, 91.8(H).
Jnmi's Myers, of Toledo. L'.'Govemor,
ind Pres. Son., 1H5G. 63 a day during the
..si"n of thrt Legislature.
William Trevitt, of Culumbu. S.ec.re'e--v
of Sla'e and Supcrintcndont of Schools,
l'8S6. 81,400.
William I). 'Morsran, of N-w Litbon,
AndiiorofSHlft, IC6. 81, COO.
John O. Rrcslin. of TifHa. Treasurer of
Sta'e. 1P.5C 81.500. r.
Georjrn W. M'O.w.k. of S eubcnville.At-
torrey General, 1 056, 81,400.
Hiram II. Oainev, Commissioner oi
Scl cob-. '
J'lbe. Fitch, Cmmisary General.
S. W. Andrews, of Colurja'jus.Quarter-
P..W. Rice of Cleveland, Paymaster
W. S -V. Prentiss, of Ml. Vernon.Adju-
tnnt General.
G. V. Dorsoy, of Tiiiua, Surgeon Gin-
James W. Taylor, of Toledo, Librarian
fthe SUe Library, G30
Samuel Wilson, of Columbus, Warden
of the (Sale Penitentiary. 1 230.
Alexander P. Miller, of tlamiHon, Jan
J-im" IJ. Sey.unan.of folodo, Itsbiua-
y, itj&o, ei.OJU
Wayne Griswold, of Pickaway COUnty,
f ........ if- til rnn
Jaiiuaiy, Il.o7, 1,5'JO.
The Si'prem-) Court o isists of five
tid-roR, citizen by the people nt lnrre, a
naion:v of whom form a cnionim. 11 h; s
o filial jurisdiction in quo TdoV
lamus. huUat corona, and-procedendo and
ppilute jui isd lotion. It holds at least
o in term in each year, nt the. seat of gov-
rnnien!, and such other terms as may be
proviJed hy law. Tho judges after tie
irst election (in 1001 J were :lii8Rilieu Dy
y, so that one should hold for one year,
0 1 for tWO Tears, one for three years, On bueu restored fromalarmliiK and eveu desporuto dis
T t 1 I t f . ... A i eaauaof Iheluuira, by tla use. When once trlud. Its
uir luur yvain. aim uuc im uo imi., ' I
ill subi euuent .
will be clio eu
......I., tl... .Imi.1
.mTi'iii nv o.ni .vo. ...no .v ov..v . w..-.
lUStlce. '
Al en Q. Thurman, of Oolumnus, Clnei
rustice, January 14, 1850, 81,700.
Rufus P. Rannoy, of Warren, Julge,
fanuary 14. 1B57, J.700.
Willuira Kennon, of Cincinnati, Judge
fanuary 14. 1853. 81,700.
Thomas W.Barllev, of Mansfield, Judge,
fanuary 14, 1059, 81,700
J. R. Swan, of Columbus, Judge, Janu-
try 14. 1800. 91. 700.
IfLenkall Thomas, of vol um bus, L I01U0I
Oourt in Bank, nnd Sup. Ct. Franklin Co.
Jitnuts II. Smiih.o. C.'lumbr.s; Reporter,
Tho Sta'o is divided in!o nine Common
Pleas distiiutB, of which the county of Ham-
Hon forms one. Thcso districts aie suhdi-
ided into three parts, fiom each of which
. 1 . -i 1 ! n - 1
rfe judire, to rONlde, While in ofllCO n his
diitrict, is chosen by the electors if o ch
utb.livihion for five yotrs. Courts of Com
mon Pleas a io held hy one or more of the
judges in every county, and moro than one
court may bo held at the sumo timo, in each
listrict. District Courts comnosed of
judges of the Courts of Common Pleas of
iha respective districts, nnd of one of the
judgos of tho Supremo Court, any three of
whom torm n quorum, are held in each
county nt least once in ench year. Ihe
Uisinct Courts have the same original ju
risdiction with the hupremo Uourt, and up-
pjllate jurisdiotion. There is a Probaiei
(Jour', with tho usual probata jui isuiotioii,
in each county, open at till tinios, holden
by one jude, who im chosen by tho vote
of each county, for three wars. Justices
of the Peace nro elected in each township
for three years. Lloiks ot the Common
Plans are oliosen in each county, by the
people, for three years.
lit Uistnct 1st sun. uis., A. li. Carter,
Cincinnati; 2d do. Nelson Cross, do; 3d do.
Jamoi Parker, do.
2 J D idtric t 1 st sub. d is., Abner II nines,
Hamilton; 2d do Ralph 8. Hart, Dayton;
3J do Wm. II. Baldwin, lthinchestur.
3d District 1st sub. dia., Buni. T. Mo
calf, Lima; 2d do John M. Palmer, Defi
ance; 3J do Ltwrencu W. Hall, 1'iiidluy.
4ib District 1st sub. ui.it., Lucius IS.
Otis, Norwalk; 2d do Samuel Humphre-
vilhi, Medina; 3J do Samuol Starkweather,
6 lh District 1st sub. din., Shepnrd F.
Noma, Oeorrretown; 2d do John L. Gicen,
Chillicothe; 3d do James L. Butos, Co-
6.h Ditti iut lat sub. dist., Rollin C.
Hurd, Mt. Vernon; 2d do James rttewart,
Mansfield; 3d do Martin Welkcr, Millers-
7ili. yistnot 1st sub. dis'., Henry C.
Wliitman, Lancaster; 2d doWm. V. PecV,
Porthmoulh; 3d do Simeon Nash, Oalli-
Bth JJistnotlstsub. dist., C. Cr. Con
verse, Zanusville; 2d do Robert J. Alexan
der, St. Clairsville; 3d do Thomas L. Jew-
ett, Cadis.
Oih District -1st sub. dist.. Oeoriro W,
Belden, Canton; 21 do Luther Day. Ra-
venea; 31 do Reuben Hitchcock, Paiues-
vl le. ,
I'lio salaries of these judges are 81.600
bach, and their terms of ofliceexpiro on the
tr at
seconu otonaay ol January, 1067.-
Bellamy Storer, Jud-ro, May 5. 1867.
93,600. ,i
93 6 0.
l.ll-t Ol S raall Ol tlie I'HIOO I tooappsrent la escape nnscrvniion. sum n.r. imir
lJt I101.S, caLll oi wej.lu- tuo, ar(lknnwn. the public no louKOr hesiute what
for live years, and the JUOge utldoto to employ for lh dlstrnsslup; nnd ilanceroiis
,, -,.- ij 1. tlfectionsortbe pulmonary orpnns, wnicn are inciiiein
i v rn. I T 1 k r ,nm I i r. w austnin me nattering reputation aireany nnuiu
Wm. Y. UlloUon, Judire. May 6. 1 869. ' W-.d. and In order to meet the a-reullv increased
S3 600.
She lch J. Andrews Judge, 81,600.
John Fitch, of Toledo, Judge, 81,600.
FR1KND8. -It is little W0 know of tl
Oharaelereven Of Our rO03l intimate fricndsl
If tl ril In 11 a nt tl n'r mrrnsii r
41 II ey SI 0 IK 10 US 01 tl Oir Sorrow" cr
tueir toys wuen our mint IS noi Similarly
a .. . .
till eta.1. wa esnnn svmn.tln.n with Ihiim
f .. .. u , nj MiV'iviii.. n tv.i .i.i.i,
a a, in.rtore, misunderstand them, and
every mnn lias sorrows and lovsand ahemes
of futUM life ntl hnnninr... .whir.iV
would not reveal to his dearest companion.
They remain in the sheklnab of tho inner
. . ..-rr ..
tejnjj.C of hi hoart.gf licll. h alone i
For the rapid Cure of
To rtRe a Co'.p. with Ho-Acnr mo oasi!a of
Tiia l oo,-, t.iku liio Crr I tcfrolun fniug to bed,
a n-1 xrap up warm. t woflt -liTliiir lli ul?lii,
fon Coi.o tnnfornn, l;ike It uiorniiiB. noon nn
oriilii(r,av-t-ordlnKto(lirecti!iaoiiUio boitlo.und tlin
ilirlli-iilt will aorii, ht ronioroil. ouo will lonuf-
fer fniiii UiiatrnuMa wnnn wi-y na neon o.n rt.u.
lyennxl. Porinuanfflelod with a acatud (.mirIi, which
hronks thorn iinr-.oir rcl ill ulslit. will iln l lf taking
On. nhtrr Pttemt on Mins to bed. liter may lio aura
of aaiid,iinbrok in al jop. and coiMfiJnout rjfr.bins
rt. erontrolloriroitniOiJrinf.snoan uniniuicun-,
la aifonlsd tu thti-i winls wlin aro thus aftlic-tod, by tlila
lnrluablc reniody.
Krum ItaiK-ro-wiiieerr.'ci ihiiim?ct"v monj un.i
tlieiniif lr .-a uiiwilllur; to forO(oluakO wlicu the uecoa
allr for It linea.it.
To HiaoaRa to I'i dlk-s?iKt-anua reiucny in
ralualilo, uali' iu arlinuon tin th rout and luna.w ben
aakeu In auul q-iatitilli. It mmuvos all hoaranoaa In
a fov houra.Niid aroudorfull iuorcaaoathopnweraud
Soiitnllt) ui iao ru-o.
An-riiM a ! Miu-r-illr miifh roll?T?d,nd often wholly
eurnd l Ct Pfr.torul. Bnl Ihur ro anino cuea
io ob.,tlii."ito a to yield lo u medicine. C."-y i"a
ternl will cur ihom. If liny oau be eiird.
Uroxoh tw. oriri-itiHlniiof tliollirontinia nriporpor
tlnn of llii InnifB. may be eared by tikiinc Ch&rrg Pec
toral in ainiill and fr.xin.-nl doaja. TUo uueomfortablo
iiMihiulnn lanilh relluveil.
Foa Canoe. Givean emallf of antimony, to bo fol
lowed by Urge and fri-i(iioiil noiet 01 me .nerry rec
tnral. until H aubdaesili dlaoaae. lflukon ioaooaou,
It will not fall lo oure.
Wnooeine Citron maybs broken nj) ami eoou cured
bylhe iu-f flierry Poiloral.
Tnt laf r.nanai laanoedUy romored by tlila remedy.
1umorouiiiwiiceliaro been nolicad wboro whole
fainilleiwor.-nroloftud from any sorloitt conaeqiion
eea, while their nolRlibo-a without lUo C'hjrry Focto
wl. wereauirorlnirrr.ini the diaonir.
K'pwted 'intiiiu-ejiiroroiiorteillicroofpatlontawho
have baeii cured from .....
Ltraa Oomf!.ut by tlili reraody. ao ninny that there
can be no mention of illnlii': poworon tnoaa aia
Lanes. It.iiould he poMererinitl)- taken until the pain
In the ildj aud olher unple.ini'l lyniplom conae.
KoBl.o-i.eMrTioHlnluearlle.t.lmri'a, II should bs
taken under the udvlco of a jronil Pnyslcianir po.ssiuie,
and In every cine with a curjful reenrd to tho printed
dircrtiuKt on thehottli. I f judiciously used, nnd Ihe
patient is carcf illyniir.te- nie.uitline.lt will seldom full
to subdue the dls-ase.
For settled ConsewrTiOH In llsworat form. tho Cher-
uiimi mllnl. Ami t.ol lllll ren lieill I Y cun-i lliuiv wii. bid
oonsldorod past all cure. There are ninny Ihouaanda
.(cultered all over Ihe co-inlny, who feel and any that
they owe their liros and prosoiu ueaiui 10 tue Lucrrj
Th .ritmiilf inrafl to llie coniinunur wun inn
eonOduuee we feel in an nrtli lo which aeliiom nils to
ronllr.ethe happloit eirocts tnnt can oe nu.nreu. mi
wido la the Held ef its usefulness and ao numorons the
.H.i. nf 11. iinrns. lliat ahnnst erorv aectlun or me
country abounds In persons, publicly known, who hare
sunerlority orur erery other inouicine m us aimi. is
. ,,,. And notou r l
Horsenoss.otc..nnd for Cbildreu it Is the plensuntest
and safest medicine that can be obtained. No fiunlly
should be without It, and those who navo uaou n
nevorwltl. . . ,
Pranare.lbr James C. ayer, frncticn ana Annmi
enlcliouiist, Lowell, MastachnseUs. Prkoito coots per
Bo, riro boxes ror 91.
Bold by otto w, Kro.mer and rs. 1,. nincum nnu cn
Uncaalor.Obio. U--e 14, lrl 3iu3i
CUeagtr thai ever before Offcroa In
FTA8 Intel)' purchMCd from P. Hopohls Inlorest in
I 1 11,. Hardware buainos.i. nnd In addition to hia nl-
rondy lrrostuok,ls now rlo'ly recoivins, tllroct from
the Afoaac(iirrand fnKM. luro pun-hnsu ol
new unnd.. which will iimkn lilsatork of Hunt wore mm
oftho nin.l extensive to bo found In this murk el. Ills
facilities for purchasius; and armniremeiiis wun ninnu
faclurnra. which lire uiitml to nnv. will enahlu him lo
offer all descriptions; of Hardware, nt 'uw priert than
ofSrli(MSi. 1 no attention 01 i saxias
anil Macntan a lis itivlt.xt to the oxlrunrdlnury Indiico-
1 menis now 11110 oui 10 mem in me way in rruit. u.r
r.ifuliTantlalled tlmtlf thercomullthelrowii In
mentsuow held mil to them In the way of irront liar-
lereu luer win oe oeruun 10 can alio examinn ins no-
eos before purchasing elsewhere. Hy clo.o attention
to business, and by cnnittintly kOKplns; on bund n full
and eonipUitu nasortmeut una mo nest roous, no impoi
lo sueuro alurxa share of the patronnre of tho Farmers
no niccnanirsoiuie county.
April 80, 1851.
Tfnfriry find CrsrrlAr; Itfiiltrr
selected stock ofiri
le JVssi Hardware ffarc, opposite
cuac, one of the largest nud bent
Imniinua over ot:ened ill llila inar
ii. i.eiisihiiiifr 111 pun 01
liM l'ieroa Knaml'd Duck nnd Ctinvnss,
15 ' Fancy cnlorad do.
3u u nil Wool ar.d iiiiton llnmns'te
.10 Hides pnteut nud Kitnm'ld Leather,
Brass and nllrcr Hinted Ibutds, Top Props,
Stump J-oints, Locos, rliiritiir. A xels, ete.
Lancaster. April 2li,lr34 JOHN tl'PlNGLR.
TOHN EKPIXGKK would liivltothe nttonllon of Uar
prater and flout HnHtler to his lariro atock of
House bullilliif. mnterliils. 'fliey will ilnd coiisliintly
illhnndfthe best Juuiiilu Mulls. Spikes and ilruilH;
l on most nliprovun nonr Locks anil batchus;
Wltnlnw Gliissnnd hii.tiofnll s'zesj
ConcHlin nnd Wneil's Pure White Lend and Oil;
Door and Itllml II Is, Shop Hinges, Holts, olc.
Those about hiilbling will be certeln to savo monev
ny exaniltilnir my prices beforo parL-huslng elsewhere
April '.-it. lhoi.
nicrliuiilf'N Tools.
SITlTKIItonll trni i-s nml ofllio most approved mnkc
Rnlchar'a CuM Steel, Firmer and SnckoCa Gouges,
spear ami Jucn son's t.nst nml Spring steel buwa,
Htilcher's Doiibteand Ningle PUnu Irons,
Ohio Tool l'oniiany I'liines,
Musons nud Plasters Trowls,
Cooper's Hruwlng kuirci, etc., for sle cbenphy
April 120, 1U4. JOHN KFFINCKlt.
faSsirfT.r's.Vsio Bhrk, .' f Tallmadgt oust
ana anmncr' rorsr,
UASJiistopened n large and bemitlfttl assort
ment of HKA11Y MA11K CLOTHING, to
gether with us choice selection of Ce(., Cf'f-
sisrcsoeff rrsfiNF. All or writcli lias lieon mi ..1.1.
id with groat cure and with aneelul referenco to llie
wants and lasts of this community.
Ills long expcrlenco In this brunch ofhuslnnss, ii a
ure giirnntoe thai his stock embraces tho choicest nnd
best varletv, nud his purchnso has been ms.-.o upon such
terms that ho cuu sell i the LOVVh.STPOs.SlUl.li l'la
1 he public aro respectfully reuucsled to cull and ex.
amino bis assortment, lio bus 011 hand a geuerul as
lorliiiuntof SUMMER WEAR,
And la at all tlinos nronnrod to accommodate his old
frieinla, ollher with an excellent nrtli lo of Kendy made
Clolhlns.ortn MANITPACTU IK TOORI1KR. out of
the beat mntertul andliv most accomplished workmen,
any allo of gitrnieiits, FOR MKN ANDIIOVN, In tho
best und niost faslilounble niannor. He la rouHdoul, .In
1111a rusieci, iuih nu cun g.e gonerui sntiaiuciinu.
liisuasorimoui emtiraces a general variety of
Linen Coula, Vestlngs, Suspetidera,
Dross do Pantaloons, Hosiery,
Suck do - Cravats. Undershirt.
Carpet. bnra, tngethor with all oilier nrtk-lesusuntly
kept In GonUoinnn'a Furnishing Store, and inunufuC-
lureu iu tue tuosi tasnioiuiuie siytea.
It has been nurchdsed of well-ostuhllshed bouses In
the Kaatern elites, aud will ht warranted, to be made of
good inuleilnl and In a durable manner.
lie rospeciruiiy tnvitea ma 01a cuiiomare ana ottiora
to call al his new establishment, w here he will nt all
times be ready to wait upon them with agon noons at
tub Ihowbst ustks. I.i tost his promises, be aska ar
examination of his stock In trade and tho a'yla and quel.
ny oriiisinutiuructuro. 1. l UAU,
uiiicasior, may a, inse.
rvmrOULDtakothleoppoitunlt) torelnriittiolrthankf
WW to lliolr nnmoroiis rrlends for the very liberal
nilMiuiM hiputiirnrti Mvlniifl.ul In Ih.on nml
I B-771 assure them Ibul no pnius shull be apared to
demand at there Kstnbll-dimeiil for Hoots and Shoes,
1 1 1. . I, i.. .i. iu i .1. ..i r i ..... ;
...VJ ..m. w IU.IIMIIMIIIIIIIM.irW.il 111.11111.1 ,l,lll(,J,l., IO-
eeived from the Rutt a rery lttrge and fushlonablestook,
Kuii.i.iins: in pari as iniiuwa:
nioii-a i- ine t:air, mp ana eoarae Hoou,
k Ruskliis and Monrnas.
All kinds of Ladles and Missct Uoota, Shoos, Slippers
O I nn "",r,menl of the beat quality of Children's
... uaiwrs.
In audition to the above we are con.tsntlvmannf.e.
luring largely, for aale and also to order, ull kinds of
Bootsan.l Shoes.whlch we have no hesitancy In saying,
I wnl compare in price aim quauiy wun any atoca ttttue
I W..t.tl AlkMlllpV. na. Ill HOI
I ' '
farms l-ou rai.k.
ruHBnndersigned will sell a part or ail hi land
Lol JL (being about IrW acres) In Bloom Township, one
t Ditto wesso, oarron. ine Farms as io auaiity, eon-
,i dKI
anion ana convenience, oan-i oe anrpaaseu
ion inem are y superior ennnrrika iiwet'
rr f4nuaea. Orchards of cholre fruit, ate.
Those wlshlne-io perohaae eall and . esjl am do
i formliluble attacks upon
Ho. Gil niain Street,
-rKealllnrtliat!e.it'oiioft!ioTn!jllolo tbelr new i
I vorllMmaiit, would embrace the ounvrtim'tr of rv
tiiriiiiiKtbeirtliankatotlieirnld fnorufs and Hn public
ircnoriillv for llislr very liberal patronafro in time pant,
and would mot rorpeclAiHy aoiivlto a coiitiiiuair uf
tlidaanie, aatliorare determined to apare no cifort to
umkeltboth plnvintand iinirtutbletonny and nil per
ton within? tn purchase llurdware of niir dcaeriptiou
of thorn, peeling eati'lli! wtth their eporl-.nci in the
builneaaand rrionna of keeping up a Inrcre atock, that
they can oifor rroator lnducem!nta to the public than
aafaer'aae'Aaiar itketit9artlriit. They are
well aware of lit oecemtty of arinll eaeibllhiuent,
mukina; up In blowinjtand putlir.s 'what Ihoy lark in ma
ny olher particulars, they wii-h tli3i-trore to nroid any
thtnitof that kind, ruul are enilfied ntV-r reeeirlni their
entire new atock. wnirb I- now am vine daily, that a look
tliroTish their ximnnint tttablhmrnt will aullaf? any
one that the Grtat ifarJwar Stort t the place to mid
wnai mry wanr ami at low pricci. I lioir alot win con
alalln partaa follows:
jTittalittrs Jnnlnta N jil-r.SpIIira nrnrl
CARPKNTSRP awl Bnll.lm will plMi take notice
thattho now firm of WHITE I. ATT A will -.ill
nono bill the he-.t Jnniata Nall. All Knila aold by at
will bo warranted. We hare now on hand,
S"0 K.-ira Soil., Splkei and Br.nU.
grid aixoafxlO.lOrlSniul 10x14 CItr fila.n. '
StXl Ker Wm. Wood CV Co'a Puro White Lead,
10 Karrela Unneed Oil,
SP..lrrclorPntty. .
In addition to thearrro we hare a rory lnr?-e atoel: of
BtiMl"!! Hariiwn-t of erry dlacrlldlon. which will be
inld cheaper than ercr. WlilTE A LAI TA.
l,eT COHt3r, April g9.1l'5.
utoji A!- sTrr.ti.-
OlM.UMf -" do Ham mored Iron,
l.-WOpoumUCaUSteol. to2lnrh tiuire,
3.0 do Dncli-h BIIterSteM,
tsn do liouble Shear do
urn d- German dn
1VM do Pprlnir do
inCO do American Dl!tr do
In tor and for sale at low prlee. lir
1"T,ANE loria. Chttel... end finMe.. Reeeh Planes
i Monlillusrnnd Head.MulchandTnblo, llnlchclauK"
Hard Axoa, B.-oad A Chopping Axoa. llrawliur Knlvof
ot nil a nus. M.ol aim iron Mninres. u:iHir'-a alio ir
minreanu a..es, itniirovii tjoreiup ei.iciiinos, iiniin
PkiiuoI, Tsnnenl Rliinliis. Wch and Comikum Kawa
Cross Cut i-nd Mill Saws, for tale by -
April 2fl,l!!34. " n " la i i
4Do. French Willow Wajona, -
6 do Common do . do.
. S do GlrTopCiibi
- do Sii'ioreand Round Clolhnakla,
- 10 do Mark -it EiinkeVs, ojien and cov'd
W'illow Cradles. CvC.
RorklnKllnmuaand Wheel Barrow
Put ClotUaPiiuuiid Gra-s Mntta.hy
ff Anrlls. weiirhlnirfrom 100toai5pouudsoach
U ISSolld Boxed Vices,
vz p'lirs. iiiarKsmilh s nenows,
Fl Mitres, Hummers, Borux, A-c. for sale by
April go. in:. I; WHITE iw I ATTA.
farniinqr implrmciite.
C Doit. Cast Steel Pol'd Hous.
jm do ?,3and4TlneStoel Porta
511 do nrassand Grain Scythes,
6 do Wollord'sGruiu Crudlos,
3n do Poythe Mnntlies.
30 do liny and Gruln Rukes, -4
do Bramble Scythes, rVe..chesp by
AprllW.lWl. WlllTK iV lATTA.
rriii.oKS, njoxks Arp mm,
WBhnvo now on hand, nnd which by onr arrniiRO
munts wltli the manufacturers, we can otfor a
their bill of prices with r.-Ii-elil auUei,
ueta ueni renews,
1(!U " Mpokoa,
12i Hubs,
T.- " Henl heat ShefU
imi ' BueiryUowa.
Aprll31.lS54. - WHITE & 1.ATTA
Tln-Ilatf! C'opprr, Wire, See,
Boxoh IC nnd IV Tin Plate.
1 Snuaro and 1110 Pluto do
hu'd Connor
Shoot ami liar Zinc, '
Sheet Iron und Wire, .
AprllM H54. WHITE ''AJTA
. To t'nrriago nnd Unwary makers.
SPRlNGKnndAxcIs.Bmssiind Sllrcr Bands, Rtumi
Jnlnta utiilTnti Props, KuuuCd Cirills.Ibick and Cuii-'
rtiss, Kiiniiird iind Petent l.0iilher,nll descriptions Mend
l.lniiitxs, Moss and Mnlentde Iron, eto. A grout rarlot;
of other trooils in that Hue, to bo bud i bet-put tho Oreo
tlnrtlviari Htoreal Will I'li A LATTA.
Lancastor, April 311, IBS I. .
Wnnled IO,fX)f) Jfr w Cllslnmera, ,
I addillen lo tlie old stock on hand.
JOII.f liVONd,
ANT) rilSSI.KU in
flaeon, nonr, Flslt, Pall, Glassware, Stoneware, To
bacco, Cordage, Tlne, Notions, Fruits,
Nuts, Candies, ie.
IN VITUS tho attention "f lliueltlxcnaof Pulrlleld nn.i
adjoining counties, to his new Kstubli.bineui, whicl
la ftltcd mi In siiiierlor stile, ono door West of Ida ol.i
slund and linmedlntely adloiulug the In v G.xnl, stun
of .Messra. Keber, Kilty, O ;o., whore he will bo plena
ed to see nil of ids old customer nnd leu Uiousum
new ot a. Ho Una fitted up iu grocdstjlo
Where persons from Ihe rnunlry tinrlrr Ihelr Indies Ii.
town, will Ilnd a plensuiit retrofit. An evlensire Wnre
house In tho rear, with an i!o lending freni llie back
yard to Ms front shop, with a line liUiliinf ,luoe.
Hnrlng the admitted of lh 1 roilronil hi) H prepared t,.
sell wholesulo und rut nil for llie nlmblu st.r'ri;ui. Ac
comniedutliig clerks ready to wait on you from tlit
ehlld's cent lo tho otitleiiian's iliuusuud dutlara.
April '-'i'. mi.
Ul.NI'! HUlSCs
f-'ol tiiwcst ConNEH or BuoxnwxT tHtfTuiRO STRTir
Clnciininti, Ohio.
rllTS new and coinmodlens Hotel, from Its lnrntl hi
Is admirably cnletibiled for the itrco!uiiioiluiiou ol
the hu.dnus Men, as well as parties of pleasure vii(.
ng the city. Its luliptencc'iiuuioiluOiins iiuvo lieeu.ru
entlv lucrensed by mi niblitlou of forty liuliriuir rooms.
Neatness, cleanliness und comfort are the principal ut-
Iracttoii, nud the unremitting attention oftho Proprie
tor mid liisussi'tants will insnro antiifuction.
Ciiicliiiinli, January Wi4 Cli
iKM rSUK iMHlorr-'KiioiUinvlnr; purphrtmMl Grist
'.'iil: J n,l' i'Monrinyr Mill Uur tfon owiumI hy Gon.
ti'JX J. 0 KiivitnldH. dociMisrd, niiild bori'lv tiifiirin
tlie nitllr tltiil it lnliifrH'iriMim lo make tlii Will wind
UHiiouiii iiii.nurlMi mill rorlho itccommiMhiUon or iiw
i.ulit1itnrhoti In wltlcli It I licutud. And h ivlnir s3-
curod tho rrviposnf an expurlonoed Millar, tsiTt-pnr-
tun iniToiont tiuiiciia )iuroniio.
amy vj. 1Mb , j. nAUDAUti.
A No' mid well Selected lot of Grocorl
RAVK Just bon roculved ly tiio sulworlbor. ot hln
old hU ml, whrro ha will ho hanuv to inout hU
niiiMiifjr' nun utu piimtr ffBlli'mily.
iirocone win no aoM nv me iim Hi ear and rtroi cnoii
utility aa etiu bo found In miy riimilur titHabllsUmuht lit
1 havohHt rooolrod a rholoo lot of Cmnttorleii. Tinm
on, Fifr, i'ruiw, nnu nlw a ponitm. vnrloty or rtiiw,
mm u Aunoiiiin, nrtuii nui, uoco uia. xe, aiho.u
sjiluudld lot of Old Wostorn Hoh-tvp CluJ
Lanoaalor Fb, 7, .83s ID
APK now receiving al their old stand, as fine a stock
of FANCY and STAHI.K 11IIY i;O011S as has over
been ofTered In this market, consisting of every article
In the Dry Goods line, together with a Fiss Sleek af
Boat man ft.lars, rrecsrise, tV'ieeaiairs eRa tlase
tsars, all of wlilrh thev are dt'toriiiinitd to sell lis low
as any house Iu Fair lie id county, entire cash slnrus not
Thev beo- leave to tender thelrearnest thanks to the
cllixoua of Uinciaiters and vicinity, for the vory liberal
snure 01 patrouuge they Ituve rocelved since lliey tinvo
been In business, und'hope for a continuance of the
sumo, assuring tho public that no pains shall be spared
on their purl to give entire satisfaction. The usmit nr
tides of country produce tnkou In exchange for Uoods.
imucuatur, eiurcn Kl, loos. . ,
Jaines Mcnanamf '
VINO established himself In Ihe mamifaclnrlng
i lii.uui'rtK and nhkkt-iko.h waiik iu
' fSaWa'isi.,ass Veer Wel eftht Uaetiar ratten
Sank, la nrennred lo furnish the people of this county
with every llilugthat muy be needed In his lino, lie
keeiisnn hand evert variety of COOKING and HEAT-
NO 8'i'O V KS for WOO I) nnd CO A!., caiisisllng iu nan
of tho Lion Air Tight, Western Queen. .
Triumph, Uuek. Presidents und Hreferonce for Wood
and lllark Ulatnond fur t'oal. Also Ploughs, Plough
idiarea, Kugsr Kettles it lliillow-waro. AH of Iho above
artlrlea will be sold as low ns can bo bought el.ewhoro.
Ho in vllos alliens generally to call nnd evsmino his
slock. - JAMES McMANAMY,
li.u. Hoiiio-ttioulliicetlohbliigdone unonshort no
tice. Old Copper, Brass, Pewter and Irvu taken In ex
change for any of the above articles. J- Me.
fuincwier, may l, ir34 . -
Main Street, Lancaster. Ohio.
INTEREST paid on Deposit Drafts and Solos eol
bected and remlllod Eastern Exchange aad Coir
(ou hi and sold at eurrint rates.
Januarys, is4r-iyJO .. . - -
BEMOVAL. . , .
' Dn. O. 12. DAVIS,
TTAS removed his residence and office loth br
I Ebulldlng formerly occupied by John Stallamlta,
r.sq., sou to siue oi wain ajtreat, a aoors wesi 01 m
Kreldwr's rusldence. .... October 12,184443
IANCT Artlclestn .'.t vaHetyfhrie). - ra.lbe.xUXi
-KT T71TTT A "NT Fi Tf A T TT A Tl T. Ii! 1 A
... MrC.il Klnv on the face of the arleoenow i
af the crowned heads of Kurope sink Into tiislguiuom.ee
when comparm to tnat ol our aiu'ric... ....
sturepaan Kings employ the now vested la tlim to
iDcraaaaithe riches of the rich aud lordly, and to reduce
to grewler misery ami uegrausuot, uis p. . - r--.
. . , . ... ' i iri... m forLh with eouai Wlillng-
nesa to the lorUly mauslou ami nimi..c.ra...j
to administer reltet ana to oner nranu " "-rr'
lo Dm loftj ml lowly, tlie rich and the poor.
1)K. JOHN liULiItS
la the TasrtB Woiinaa or rus iroata. and the greatest
bleeslng ever oRered to afflicted humanity; to the suffering
millions, tue ifoctor can sj, u -t:-
you bare eniy to us una sf" . .... -
-l,n .till sailer, and will not aeoept the proffered balm,
r-i - - ... ,i
This wonoerful meuicnw, uurinx tu uno. k"'
IU Introdustion. baa carried happiness to the hearts or
thou-Atids, and made lifaaeharm to many who heretolore
teKarded It only as a panuui sou iuwr..
To the winds with all liniments, Kuibroeatloos. Pali
Killers, and Pain Extractors, and let millions of glad
. .... ..w i .1 ui run m.ri i. 01 lii. iim nu...
Kiim of Pain." a preparation tompflWii solely of vegnto.
bles and roou, produced by Amsrica'a own rich and
bounteous soil.
... 1.1 w lh. L.aitsi. who are alwava eomoetent
ludaes of what la and wh la not a salunble family niedl
iins, to do io a sieeial favor by givlug the King of Pain
a aiiigle trial, aud If aaibfacua-y. exert their li.Uu.iic
In Iu behalf, rscomuieud it, speak well and often of It,
and see that It Is used by their afflicted neighbors. The
Lndies are always euariutuie. aim wuen mrj niuun ,uro.
eulferhiit friends to use tills really valuable uiedlciue,
thee will be doing en act of benevolenoe that they can
well be proud of. This Is a powerful and truly ui.ikIc1
remedy for all external dlsessea, soma, swelling burns,
Jte ana for many internal auiioiiwr., i... wtm" .h'.i
... it i. iwrrulv bitrmless. aud incauable of producing
the least Injurious effects in the most delicate cases or
(lie weaken constitution. ....
It Is eutirelr useless to follow the old ana worn-out
system or publishing to the public thousands of eertln
riu of wonders performed by this medicine. It eosta
but twenty-nve cents to try it ; anu or. miu uts u
well-earued reputation on the King of 1'aia doing all and
II,.,, ha I'llkllll. for It.
We would ask. have you the Rheumatism or Gout:
these are not pleasant companions, and we know that
you would like to drive them away aa soon as possible.
uieu use
dull's kino or PAW."
Would you be cured almost Immediately, of Bowel
Complaint, D) sentery, Buninier Complaint, Oholera Mor
bus Cramp Colie, Head Ache, Tooth, or any other ache
Or pain, Uie reoieuy is sunpie iuv iu. ..n
Would you have your Sores, Swellings, Cuta, Burns,
Hcalils, llruuef , or auy otaec wuuuu .--i
It, use tue.
tti,i n h aarrA of Scald Head. Stilt Joints, Sore
Throat, Neuralgia, Sore Urease, Lumbago, letter or Ring
Wine, Halt Kbeum, Uitesof Poisonous Insects, Ubappsd
Uands, aud all other Korea, either dry or running, we
. . . ..uuuhv la ll l.il.n Hull'.
jay again sua agaui, iu
WnnM vnn ha enred of Rlna'a Rrll. Cancer, Tumors,
Rrnptlons, or any disease of the Skin caused by impure
Kinnrl h.o ,i. hp Jnhn Bull's Snrsaparllla interaally.
and the King of Pain externally, nothing eon be more
certain tnou a speeay ana eueciuai cuxe.
Thli mfMllclna, whan vied accordlug to dimtioMwlU
iui wltUout tuil:
or Ktng'i KtII, ,
Cnreni, Kriipfloni
Of the 8k. n, KryF.fwlM. ,
Tumor. Chronic 8on Kysfl,
Ringworm or Ttt.tr". Seal a llaiid.
Itheiiinfttlnin, Pain in the Itonfefl or
JMau oiil Hon an. I Ultiera, Swolllntr of
the aiftnilff, Svphllii. D.v"!. fllt ltlimni,
TiistuMnf ilit klilnev. PtrMtaiMffarlrthifffrorn tl
.onr Me.isr-nrv IsOM of A nDftlt. Pln In fhfl8ilftnd
KhAliltira. Hnitflrn. Dchtlltv, liUiiibtum, Cnitfrim, Oolrlfl,
Dropr-y, Juii(l.f!,iJoiitTeiiiii, llrtMinhirta.WeHknttmortli
Chent, sort I iirocnn, ruimwiwrj jiiiiTvi.iaii(, "' iii-ht
4vimf'" iwiiuiiir i " ""-'"
. , UI... i XI ...... 1IU...I.-U. Wl.t.
DpirtLA, D1CH SUIU .sWB uewiiH.1111,
Swtwm. KxpoNtiiv, or lit.pruleiice In Life,
i'hronlo IJoiiftitutloiml Diwwefl. And m a
Spring Mid HniiMiu-r Drink, and Oeneral
'Ionic fur the Syaum, and gutlt
and pWiuuit purgHilfv, it it
upurtor to Itlito Lick
and 'ongr!ii Water,
Bulra. or SMliti
ri i. a rnearkable fact, that among the hundreds ef
eminent physicians who have examined the recipe by
which Hull's Harsuparilla Is prepared, not one has con
demned It, but all approred It, and eommeud II In Ihe
hli!hut terma. Many physicians express themselves
..n,..,l In tba he!kf lliat it Is decidedly the best prepn-
ratlnu of Bursa parllla that has ever been placed before tlie
public. Although there are many physicians who feel a
reluctance to having their names appended to the recom
mendation of any particular remmly, liotwkhsMuding
tlley may approve of It Iu tho highest degree, there are
ml, hn frankly yield their support in faror of a
......i. wiiti'h tbuv kuow Is oapable of delna- so much
rood iu an alllkited community. As an esiilence, read the
following from old and respectable phrsleiaua, of high
(uuidlng IU tue couiuiuunj iu uivU .1...
e-v Testimony like the following renders superfluous
.11 .. lh. enlcaev of (lull s SarsoparilU. krem
Dr I. I' VanoVll. I'mfcsaorof tlliemiairy In the lamlsvllle
Hedical Colh ge : I have looked over th list of Ingredients
composing Jolni Hull's Ooinpouud Kxiruoto.'earsaparllla,
and have uo hesitation in saving that they lorill a safe
eiiinvouud.and one that promises well iu chronic diseases,
to which It la applicable. V 1'. KANDUI.L, Si .
ImiLvllla. June tt. IS48.
What lir. I'yle", physician by appointment to the Lou
isville Mariue Hospital, says of Hull's Snrsuparllla :
. Louisville, Marsh 20, 1818:
I have examined the preserln iuu lor the preparation of
John Hull's 8ureuparills.and I bi'liuvo tlie ciiuiliinatiou to
be ail excellent one, and wull oalculatud to produce an
alterative Impressluu ou tlie .ystem. 1 have used it both
In public and private practice, aud tbluk It the best
article of Sarsapaiiua uow iu use. ..
M. PYI.K3. M. V .
llesldent Physiolau Ixiuisvilie Murlue lioiipital
Better Testlaon; than w,u ever OITered Is favor f
-. any Medlclue.
Uer. E. W. Sthsn, Ucv. K. Stevenson.
I.outsvtixa, Slay liOth, 19 19.
IVshavs used John Hull's Sarsaparillu.auJ have known.
It to be used, with entire satisfaction i aud we luiro no
lieatlatinn in sutiug our Iralirf. that it Is a sut aud
valuable mvdiiutl compound, aud eulcnlated to prodite
much good and relieve much aulferiug; and llieielora
would ciiverfully- aud most earnestly ri-eoiniueud it to the
.rioted. K v- SrillUN,
(Signed) .. H. tKVK.NSO. .
We earnestly invite all persona wno are sufutrlng with
any of ' the ills that Hash is heir to," to call ou Dr. John
Hull's agent, and get a copy of Uull's family Journal
uiif.ru; and for the sake ef humanity, we hop that a
single individual will not be fouud uuw illiug to gire bull's
Sarsauarlila a TitUL. after reading, and reeolleciiug. atthe
earn time, that It i impossible fur tlie Doctor to publish
the teutli part of the number of certlllcates of astounding
cures pefoiuied bv hia Sarsspurilla. ihe amount of
lestluuuy eoiuntsrlly sbuwereu ou Dr. Bull's sarsaparllla,
from well known and ditiuub)hed indivldiiala. both la
nubile and private lite, has been uerteetly overwhelming.
UJ- ba. JOHN HULL'S Principal OIBce, weal aide tllUl
tnt, first door Iwlow Uaiu, Louuviun, Kt.
For sale by
Luui-aler,Jul) W,1P3I.
-r-TAVlNa returned to Ihe city and orOftod alnrge
i I building in the rear oftho brick house, on the
eerasr ef II rend and Cheennt Strerta. one seware Seal
of th Market lion, Intends innnuiaciurlhg upon a
U of t'tibiiiel Furniture, I
fCfcland Chairs. Which he
' 'always on hand, togelli
large scale all tne various articius . tli m
, ueusieaiis r - .: -
e will keep
Ilior with a 4-J ' W
Inrire nsM,,rtineiit of Clucliinatl muuufaetliro. His long
experience in the business will unable him lo hnvo
muiiuiactiirou ui uomo ana liuporiou irom uuruau m.
very best of work, and as he Intends to employ none
but tne most sh Iliftil worn men ami use uie oest nuue
rials, ho llatters himself Ihut ho will give goneral aa
tisfnetlon to nit who mnV fuvOr lllm With tlielr CUStom.
The public ore invited to roll and examine tno as
sortment. The onlruuce to tho rooms Is upon nroaa
Klreat. 1). K. 0 lIir.tu
fs. R. Rnnnlrine done on tho shortest notlco, nnu in
Ihe neatest and most worktnunllko manner. Charges
reasonable. - . Lancaster, May gu.
TMPERFKCT health hnikopt mo from
-l my oUtce part of the lime for some
months. 1 have oruined inv former
strength and will iiol hcroaftor ba ab
sent from my room during business hours. 1 '
Filling Tooth receives my spccliil attention; I give
certllled guarantees for all my gold fillings to be affec
tive during Ihe lives or the parties. Iain able after
neural) years attention to the Teeth to give every per
son (he most positive assurance that Ihoy can save
every l oom ny timoiv nnu rreqiient nuonuon.
flPPirK Kwln'. Rrlnlr.nn Ihe lllll. H. SCOTT
ir-PFor those who have the TOOTH-ACHB and
will not have them extracted, I have a remedy that
eciuom lane io give ruuor. Aiao, xootn rowuer.
isrusnes. ate. n. ouuii.
Lancaster, DoremborfJ, lBi4 31
Mnin street, Lancaster, Ohio
- .
R'.mr.-rrtm. T rVii .A
iZ,'&Lp at
Titt oaixT ri.Birir.a, or t slood.
N TNFALI.IHLB KKMKDY fur acrofulu. Klne'a
eru fi.ouiiiritis-.M, obstinate cuUmeoua eruptions,
niuipiea orpu.v.ioj- . ..v., ,.M,viirtMiiu
ind nuinof thu bones and joints, stubborn ulcers, sv
;llllllllC IllSOnierS. lUIIIOOo nilliu, t:iMllMllllls, ami ail
liseases arising from au ihjudirinne use of-mercury,
iiipmuence in nie,or iiupuruj .11 wr miiuu.
This valuable medicine, which haa bocom eelebrat-
for the number or evirnoruinnry euros egu-tes
h.-uiieh ilsntrenev. has Induced the proprietor nt tho
irir.int ronne'stof their frieuds, to offer It to the nnbllc.
which they do w ith the utmost confidence in tla virtues
and wouderful curative properties. Tho following cer
litlcutoa, aolectcd from a large number, nro, howover,
itrungur testimony thai the more word of the proprio--ors;
and are all from' gentlemen wall known In their
localities., and of Iho highest respectability, insney of
hem now rosioiugin ine city 01 ikiciimonu, v irf-inia.
F. Bovdctl. El.. oftho E sell in so Holel, Illrhniend.
tnown every where, auys he bus seen the medicine
ailed cxaTea' sri:n MixTrnn odintnlstored In over n
iiindred cases, In nearly all tho diseases for which It is
.nnnimi.nilod.with tllO mOst aitoilislll llfflv L'OOd TCSUlta.
lie says It is the most extraordinary medlciue ho haa
Ann .an Pnvrn Ortat cure I hereby certlfr.thnt
"or three rears 1 had Ague nnd Fever of the most vlo-
out description. 1 had several Physicians, took qnan
Jtlesof Quinine, mercury, and 1 believe nil without
niv pormnneiit relief. At Inst I tried curler's Spanish
nl'xturo, two bottles of which effectually cured mo.
ud 1 am ltappr to mr 1 have bnd neither chills or fcer
luce. 1 consider it liio be.t tonic in the world. end Ihe
nl v medicine that has ruacheil my case. J. LUMiDb.N.
Hksvkr 1aw. near KU-hniouri. Virginia.
fl. IL Luck. Kci . now In tho city of Richmond, and
for ninny years In the Post Omce. has suck confidence
u the nstonisiiinceineucy 01 cnriors spjitiisu mixture.
!i.-it he ers bnnirlit Howards of 5(1 hottlos, which he has
;iven as-ny In the nhiii ted. Mr. Luck says hohasnover
liown It 10 wnon lasen accoriung in oirectien.
Dr. Mince, a iirt-llsing 1'hysieian, and tormerty or
ho city hotel. In tliechj of Klchmond, snys he hna wit-
lossed in a number or instance, mo ouecia ni carter's
punish mixture which were most truly surprising. Ho
avs in a ense of coiisuinntinu, deiietidci'it on the Ilvor,
he good ePects were wonderful indeed.
.Samuel m. urliixer, 01 me me iirm 01 A-irir.Keror inr
is, Kichmond, was cured of livor complaint of eight
ears standing, by the use. of two botllea of carters
punish mixture.
nmat tare af Srrefuln. Tho Editors of the Rlch-
nond Republican had a servant employed In their pross
00111. curoo ot violent scroiaia, comninoa wun rnon-
niitisin, which entirely oisniileit him from work. I wo
intiles of carter's Spanish mlxturo made a perfect cure
if him. tlie Killtors. 111 11 puiilio nonce, any nicy cucer
11 1 1 v lernmmenil it to all who are afflicted with any dia-
ase of the bbstd.
Sfi'I anotatr rare ef Srrofnla. 1 hlid a rnllisblo boy
ured of scrofula by carter's epniiiHh mixture. I con-
ider It a valuable medicine. JAMES M. I AYLOK,
Conouctor on the k. r. r. it. it. mcnmonii, vs.
Salt Rkeam of 211 Year ttandivp cured Mr. John
rhotninoii. residing In tho city of Kicbinonil, was cur
io nv tnrcc 001110s 111 carter mnisn nii.iuro, ,fi bhi.
'heuni. which he had nearly SO yours, and which ull tho
"hvxlclnnsnf the cltv could not euro. Mr. Thompson
in well known ntorchunlintiiocuyoi mcinnonu, vs.,
id his cure Is most rcmarKnine.
Wliilnm A. Matthews of Richmond. Virginia, hod a
lervout cured of Syphilis, in the worst form, by carter's
pnnish mixture.
Richard K. West of Richmond, was cured of scrofula.
mil what Physlcluiis called rniillrino consumption, by
hree hollies or carters snnnisii nnxniro.
K.ilwin Hnrtou. commissioner of tho Revenue, says
10 hits seen the good crTects of carter's Spanish mixture
11 a nitmhoror syplillltte cases, ana says iv is a ponoci
urn nr thill hvrrllile UlSOase.
William O. Hnrwoodof Hiclimond, Virginia, enrod of
.Id anres snd ulcers, which dlsnbieii mm rrun winking.
Took n few bottles of carter's spntilsh tulxtire, nnd was
nnbled to wulk wlthouta ermcn, in a tuon nine per-
uenentiy cured. '...
Prim innl Denntsnt w. wnrn.iMose nr., nn, Kimnin
;n Lnno, New York. T. W. Dyott & sons. No. i.l-.'.North
d street, Phllnilelplila. nenuei aud neers, aa. 1-0
VI iilii street. Richmond, Virginia.
And forsn rtbv RnuiTman nnd co l.nnraster fs. nnio,
luslivlll R. H. Walker. Wont Hushvlllet Porter nnd
tvolratuln, Lythopolls. ana uouiorsin mcuu'ino every
here. uec. if,ieoj ly
. I.fvEitCojlPI.AINT,
Intprptla, Jaiimlire, Chronic or JfereoTt Debility
sjtmeuwc ej ' . " i.n..,
VKnnlldiscnsesiirlsliigfroiii n disordorcd Liver or
Ktoinnch: such as consumption. inward piles, full
on nf blood to the hand, ncldityof the stomach, nnii-
iea. hohrt-bunn. dlso-ttst for food, fulliiees orweiirlit It1
ho stonmrli, sour oriieiutione, miiKtng or nittu-rinir 111
die pilof the stomach, swi mining nf tho bond, hurried
mil dlittoull bruiithlng, flIMrilgut the heart, cllnuking
iraufrorntlnn sensations whon In a lying posture, dlni-
lessof vision, tints nr webs before Ihe sight, fever nnd
nil n.-iln In the heiid.detleleiirv ofnerspl ration, yellow
ess of the shin and eyes, lmiti In Ihe side, back, chost,
linbs. etc.. sudden flushes nl heat. Imrnlnr In llie llcrah
oiisluiitliiingiulngs of ovil ei great doprosstou of spirits.
r. II.Midaiid'sl'oli'brnti'd Orrmnu Hitters
Prepared by Dr. C. Jaetron. at the German Median
overs, js o. lao jirea oiram. , 1-1.(11.0.17 iiw.
Their power over the above illsessosls not oxeolled.
f eipuilL'il, bv tiny other pnrpilrull'in In the United
-tales, as tho cures nttcst, lit many casaa after skilful
divsicitins had failed.
These Hitlers nro worthy tho attention or Invalids. '
I'o.sesiluggre'it virtue in liio rutiHrallon of diseases ol
ho Llvcrund 1-jsier glande, exorcising the mosts larch
ng powers In weiiknessand olfecllons of liio digestive
irgans, they tire, withal, safe, cortain und pletisunt. .
, Head and o raneineed. F. Kr.anal.nKin. Jeweler.
.Voosler, Ohio, December 2nd, lful, said: "I embrace
his opportunity of Informing ou of llie groat benefit I
lave derived from the use of Dr. Hooland's Gorinnn
Hitters. I huvo used lli.un for chills mid fever nnd dis-
rderod stoiiiuch.and found rolieflii every caso. They
ire the best remedy for disordered stomach, 1 think, in
V. Foi.xv, Blnomrleld. Ohio. October T, 1PJ2, anid:
'Willi feelings nfgralitudc I tnke my pen tn Inform you
if the incalculable bonellt I huvo derived from tho use
if lloolland's German Bittors. I have used them for
lie Liver complaint, and tnko pleasure in recommend
ing them tn tho public as tho anfeat und beat roinody
now in use.'1
The Editor of the Weoater Tlemirrat, May 11, 1P.15,
mid: "llolland'aGerninii Hitters. This Invaluable 1110-
licino Is daily perfiirmlugcurcs of the most romarkulilo
... -u i,.,-. We 1 11 iini.neuk o mis meiiuino wiinoiit
v.'.nk'. 'ile of lis offlency, as we huvo tried il In our
family, nn And II lo be tho only thing needed in liter
oiuplaliitor.: 'l'opiu. m ,
Ooiracc CLaW. Cnnibrldgo, Ohio. Kovombor 17,
IRVi. said: "Hy those j. nniiia who nnve usee your n-ioi-
amt's German Hitters, 1.. J " -
.. ' . ' ,.. .i 11,. I n tiara nrn
l r'YOll snoiiiu oeur in iiiiuu . .
lliorehv noss.'sslng tdviintagus
ivor niost of the preparations recommeiiuuu
Vnrsnlehv KnnfTinnn A Co.! E. Knth. KlullVille; K
B. Walker, West Uushrlllo; Porter dt Woirsteu, Lytho
polls, und Dealers In medlclno orery wnero.
vecumuor if, itwj iv .
FEILX G. BARBENCIION hns become proprtotor,
' by purchase, of the Grocery Store of II. B. Hunter
Co.. tn who Ii he haslust added u largo and superfine
variety of Familt Oroeeriee, now arriving and to arrive
from Cincinnati, and other marts. In making hia pur-
base he has had In view the accommodation ot ins
friends and dlscrimntlng public, for nil seasons. He
commends to thoirnttontion, among other articles, ut
prices that cannot fail to give satisfaction,
CONFECTION AK 1Kb of nil kinds, for fumlllet at)d
I'ciigiet, inrngonia Aimonos, Aiignsu esuirfis ss.
Bruiiliiiti Nuts, I'lgs and dates.
Js(ir,uml Gelatine Tor Jcinos. Prunes.tvc.
Of Famlls Groceries ho will only montlon Phil, pow
dered and crushed SUGAR, Now Orlouns do., TKAS,
Hlo and Java COl' l' lSE.Fiilctrs, wolacses,uoiiion hyr-
up, French Chocolate, Mushroon Wulnuta, Tonmlo
Ciitsup.n splendid kitof Knsrliek Diarn Cheete, and
other urllcles lo numeroua lo put down here.
Not lofurgut, also. Liquor, llriindy for the sick and
convalescent, cigars3yeiirs old, sinoaklngnnd cherwlng
TOBACCO, Pnwderatld Shot for the Sportsman. .
He will keep on noun n variety or fuisr., rarnien
and Japan of his own manufacture for the trade.
Hot least, a tnrgo and nut assortment or vueeneware.
Earthen wareFreneh teareaad F.nrtiah Oloeewmr, al-
i, Hessfoia'tfre, full, Buc'tota.occ, '
TTHe hones lo obtain a fair shairof the public favor
In bis now undertaking, und looks for tho approbation
aud pnlronago of his friends. Having been compelled
to rellnniilsli his former business ns hilarious to health,
he will make a fair trial of this, to soo if it will not front
his purse, as well as his nealtn. 11 llie experiment, tto
which he will devote his undivided attention) does not
siircocd.he will be able be trusts, to aerve the public in
May a icis. r bcia v. pAiuimivim
Oonire Orange Seed and Plants.
TIIK undersigned have a large amount of Osnge Or
.ii.li Knnil. mill Plants nflhe linslsilllltltv.siiriinssed
by none in tho couolry.wlilch they will sull si the lowest
market price.
At from 33 to 40 cents per rod, with a fair deduction
wuere lura:" r.uiirciB nn, mmir.
At from 75 routs to SI e rod-the tiavmenta aa fnl
lows ii when tho hedge Is sot, and the balance when
It will answer the purpose or a gooa tenco.
For what disinterested lodges will say It Is worth, (as
compared with good fences) wnon it is completed. .
At 1 to 1,23 tser rod.to be paid ror when compiotou,
JAME8 SUM PTE R At CO.. Davton.Ohln.
James SeMPTaa.Collogo Cornor, Butler county. Ohio
James Mcuaaw, Aiexanuerentte, unto.
Bknjamin Lsab, Dayton, Ohio,
liar I, If 5 1, G. MARTIN, Agent, Carroll. Ohio.
Opposite th Coesrt Haas and Fonataln
SW ADDITIONS aro now being msde to the fur
niture and eonvenlenee of thle already First Close
Travelers will nnd this bouse decidedly the
most comfortable place In Zanesvllle, and the proprie
tor spares nn pslns to make hie guesU comfortable,
One Door Enat orihe OU C'Wttcred merer -MAl.Y
TTAVING recently reinored UielraetabllshmenlfronP
I 1 T. I'. While's block.to Uie rooms suljolnliiar the Old
Checkered Store jind nearlv onnoslte the Hiwktnv v.t-
ley Bunk, and made numerous oddlilona to ihelr stookr."
take this method of tuformliif; their friends and the pub-
ur s;uiirmitt Hii-j mm pmparca io manutaoiursr
with neatness and dlspatrh all arUclea pertaining to
their line of business. I hoy have employed 0aebe
workmen in Ihe State and manufacture their article
from the besl materiala. . . .
1 hey keep constantly on hand a(enerat saaoriment
--A of the following articles! , . -
fjfTji Saddles, Bridles and Ilnmes.
Ji. Cartlnge, Wafton and Riding Whip. '
Trunks, Vulieea, Carpet Hoes,
Single and double Mattresses,
All kinds of Fly-nets,etc. ete. ;
All of which they will sail CliEAPfot CASH. All
work modo to order, or purchased at their establlnh
ment, lsw,aai-ixi) to bo mado of the BEST AATK'
iii.i u. ann in a wnrK manna e manner.
TO'Call and oxnmluo for yourself before 'Ksr1
;sowhore. May i.iiskiMn4
Mcasts. Clarke, Wright St Co., r ,
HAVE taken for a number of yosrs, the Foundry
owned hy John Aruey, Est)., situate Cefaes
0e a Rread S'reete, in tie tilf ef laneaeter, where
they are detorminod to be on hand with all such arti
cles in their line, as the country requires.
'.ssc&aMlll-Genring, Machine CARTINGS and
Zt'ST 'PLOUGHS, of various patterns, war-
'iXSeVl rnnlnrf nnr.H... .,1.1 , .... J-
all minor artlcloa iu the Foundry line. ' . .
LHUKI.IS CornstRlk nnd Struts- Cnttcr,
An articles superior to all others oftho kind In the.
cou,,try, and ono to winch we Invite the special atten
tion otlhe Farmer. Till, machine for culling shock
corn fe fiigh feeding or fattening stock, willaave from
3U to 40 per cent. tTorn Podd.?.whcVeut r
quite er,ual to hay for reeding either rattle or horses,
making an acre of well ,v.d eocn foi'der wnh twV
acres of tho best grown hoy In Ohio Thev
Intodfo, either hand or hor Mr? 'vV, lr. ri
preparing to furuish lo order V . . .
HcCormit k'. Kcnper und Cms Cotter nud
itloorti's W hent Drill.
rarmers given, a call. Everybody give ns a cnH.
and buy our goods and wares, our ploughs nnd shares!
and we will try In turn to buv your corn, your wheai;
1 : j ... jou, niij, your oois, your rur
bank notes, or aught you tuny deal re toapare.of brokoa
. l,,ri"0re nave the highest
hope, without designing any Juke, that you will give si
l iberal rliare of patronage lo us who aro determined te
do business on the most lihernl turtns.
reoruary iu, jtS4. CLARKE, WRIGHT at CO.
ORGANIZED for the Encouragement and GenrVal
Dilluslou of LITER A'l II RK iio.l in. cixe a u t v
on a New and Original Plan I '
Thianew Asanciulion ia designed to encourage anal
popularize the Pino Arts, and disseminate pure and
aholcsoino-literature throughout the country. For
thlspnrnoso a Galle,y of Arts la to be permanently
founded, which will each voar contain a choice and
, a.uuuiu cunui'tion oi rrtnttngs, statuary, 4c.,
cor rco Itiatribution.
The Association will nl.o miMl.l, .nrf ..
tuombers ench yonr, the lest Llteroturo of the day.
consisting of the most popular Monthly Magaiinea.
Reviews, nnd 1'lrloritil Library v, oiks. .
Tin Om ei:s or the a
pleasure of onnounciiig that the subscription books for
!iHhuTn5'TxiV n- "pen, and that Ihe first .,,u.l
distribution of VI orks of Art, contained in the above
"".''"" P'ece in January next; on which oe- v
cnsion there will hedlstrlhutcd among the member, of
the Association , free of charge, several hundred su
perb Vt orks of Art. among which will be the orlglna 1
und world-renowned statue of HiaaM Powtas
purchased nt on expense or over 3.(1001 Also, a large
and very- choice collection of maguiriceiil OIL PAINT
INGS, consisting of Ihe beat producllona of celebrated
American and Forelgh 'Artists, among which am ih2
r.llV VTA"- """ER, j Reao, Kkksett. G.lwoid,
Artui 'ZW"V.l"'!"'1 0,her emln-ot America.
Artists, which, with tbo constant additions msde
hrough an agent now In Kurope.will rendorthlsbv fur
Iho most complete Cnllery of Arts In the United Stile..
j ne i.lterntnre
published for dlssemlnatliigamongthe mcmbersof the
V...ni s. i rol,it or the fo owing
Monthly Mapiixlnes, Rcvlcws,c. via: Harper' JHo
ratjne. Putnam. Meet reed. Knirl erboeler, Cedrp'o
n ? "n'1 Graham', Meaatine; together with
vn li?.'n.V Rrrlewa, reprinted In New
York, Tli: H rttmiuttrr. London Quarter In JA.rfS
BWfi.fl.and F.dtvbarfh Rerteir. ""r,'
Tho association Is open tn all: anv person may be
come a member on the payment nf3, which entitles,
him to a membership and one of the above Megnxlnee
or Reviews ol one yonr, and also to a free ticlu la)
in the nnniinl distribution f Stati:av. PaiMTines, .
All persons who tnke Ave memberships, are entitled .
tnanynltha five nf the Mugniino, one year, and i
tickets In tho distribution.
The wide spread feme of tho above periodicals ren
der it needless to say anything in their praise, aa It l
conceded that, as literary organs, thev aro frr In ad.
vnnce of any others In the world. Tho publisher'
price of ench of which is Inrnriablv 3 a year; thus hy
becomlnga momherofthla Assncta'tlon.H sernrestor.il1
the two fold benefit of three dollars' worth of sterl
ing lllernltiro nnd n flfkot In the distribution of the
most Mernlflrcnl collection of choice works of Art In
the country, equal to that of the old American Art
. Union.
The Ga m rrtv oftho Assoc'ollor Is located at Fntidns
Vy city, where Ppi-ana Obsnit Bfiinmos have bees,
"reeled for It. nnd In whose si ai Ions Saloon the hole
enllection of Painting miff Statuary will be exhibited.
i ne nei prni-oL-u. uerivcn rrom Ihe purchase ol Work
of Art for the ensnlpgyear.
Am. Prrenne desiring to becoroe members, can KnT
IlieMef-exIneenirmence with any month they choose,
nndrelypn Its being mailed lo them yrnnitiiv on the
nst nf every month, direct from ihe New York and
Philadelphia PublliRers. .Dae A-asxiera furaltbed If
Tl'E farrrAS'.VO I.XrKrtsT fell III the sHesnoomral!.'
the Fine Arts, warrant the belief that this Asrotiution
will, with the ponerrul ulil of l.ltcrnture, teieae 1 1
once anirereallu popular, ns it not r nlv cultivates ti.d
encourages ino nar Arts, hill itlssemlnalcs sterlil g
Llturnliire throughout Iho Ii nd. thereby adiiating iUelf
to the present wants und tastes nf the Amerli nn people,
ennbliug-biilll rich nnd poorlomiike their homes plea
sant end nttrut Hvo, by the aid of Sculpture, Paiutingsr
nnd Iho beet rending mailer which Hie wide rang ef
American Foreign Llleruiiireuflorde. . .
A few or tho peculiar ad vunti ges dorived byjolaiar
Ibis Association, nro
1st., All porsonsget tho full valve ef their mbeerip
Honatthe ttart, In thu shape of sterling Magariii
Literature) . " .
Sd. They are at flic same timo cnntrihullng towsrst
purchasing choleo Worksof Art, are In turn to be dis
tributed among themselves free of charge;
3d. Kuch ineiubor Isafne indlrucily encouraging and
patronising the Arts and Artists of the country, dis
bursing many Ihouaanda of dollars throngh Ita agency-
Those who purchase Alngaxinea at Bookstores, w llf
observe Unit byjoinlngtho Association, f receive the
Afngeit'ae, and Fret Ticket in the annual diirioMion,ll
at thesntuo price thev kow hi for the Mngailne ulone.-
Books are open to receive iinmcw at tkcEaatera ofllce,
New York, or Western ofllce, Sandueky;
Persons remitting funds of membership. slionW ntnr
letters, "Registered," and state tho month with wAlclf
they wish their magaxlnca to commcnro.and afse fkelK
Pen OJHea aditree in full, nn the receipt of w hich,
cortiflcuto of membership, together with the magaxlnsi
desired, will bo forwarded to any partof the country.
Tr0 dices .of tho Association, nt the Knickerbocker '
Mnyailno otllco.iMH Hrontlway, Now York, and at No.
Water btruet, Sandusky, Ohio. Addross. fat either
offleo.) CL.DERBY.AcluaryC.A.&L.A.
Trrv M. GRISWOLD. Hon. Secretary Lancaster,
of which membership may bo obtained. Sept. 14
1854 THE Tt-LEGRAPH LINE. 1854
UTTOULD respectfully announce to tho citlxensof
V Lancaster and vicinity that tbey are as usual la
reculptof a very heavy and well selected stock of,,..
Nprias; and Summer Goo .V. .
F.mbrncing erorv vnrlotv and stvla to be hd In ihw
Eusteru market, to which we Invite the attention of
every body, as we Intend selling as cheap aa good, can .
be sold West of the Mountains. In addition to our
lurge atock, will be found a funeral assortment of
Boots' Shoe's Bonnet and Huts,'
Parasols and Umbrellas, Looking Glasses, -.r
Quoeusware, Glassware, carnetiitg and Maltlnfli
Wull Paper, Bordering and Window Blindas - .
Cotton coverlet and carpel Yam,
Butting, Wadding, candle-wick, etc. etc.
AIho, a good Stock of Fine Grocerle,'
Tobacco, die In short, every tiilnr nmsllv knt la at '
Storo, und more too.. .
Wo would say to our old friends and customcrwlkai
we return our.sincoro thanks for their very liberal pa
tronage extended during our business career among
them, and ask a conrlniiiinco of the same. Wa will
doavor to please and give satisfaction to all who will '' J
favor us with their custom. All kinds of country pro- il
dnce token in exchange for Goods for which the hlgU-
ftiim,,l.ii,....in . . . . . - . . .ur
...-.v.iimi .in v. .am, - aiay vui ieaw.,1
jp4 DK.VOLIspreparedtofurnlshallklndsorsTEjIM '
T.KNGlNEK,upou abort notice and at Cincinnati ,;
ami Pittsburg prices. .
Also, all kinds of Mill Gearing, Hoisting Screws,
Regulating Screws, Jack Screws; Fuller's Screws aaa
Cider Screws.
Mill Spindles of cast Iron or wrought." , . -''
Balesund Drivers, die, dee. w ft '
Ho will also furnish the PARKER w-sF.EL' to snfl
any head of water, and with either Iron ar wood shaft,
Also tho ATKINSON WHEEL Bt up as above. The
patent on the Parker Wheel haa expired and cones-
quently they con be had much cheaper.
Ho also continues to rouke DKVOL'8 THRARH1NO
MACHINES, and keeps a lot constantly on hand: war
ranted the best In Ohio. ,
All Ihe above articles will be nindo with especial ear
and by the best workmen, and will be warranted.
All kinds of repairing done upon the Shortest notice.
He also keeps eonstanllynn hand, ALL KINDS OF
CASTINGS, usually kept In a Foundry. Ho baa eowi
pletedhlarroutahop,ao that those who call can axons,
ine his work.
The known quality or the work done at this' estab
lishment for many yearsast,ls the best guarrantee that
In future, tho subscriber will labor to desire the pale
iuii.mimi.iuvm., nviuviiesexaminolion.
Lancaster, May H, 1854. G. DBVOW
Lancaster, Ohio, j ' "' .
-aVTlLL give attontton to th purchasing and seines
Iff of Real Estate, al-n. " emsm n ft P

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