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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, February 22, 1855, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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4 CO.
J"d Generck
rncourare and
nato pure and
j country. vn.
be nernmnotitiv
(iain a choice and.
afuluary, 4e.,
'Uh and laana ii
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than a
lima ambition wlmn
uint full, ia love with himself will
imve no rival. j
' -There are trw darker aign. in the 1,1..
trtryofany profeorof roliyioi, than fie.
com from aflliciion."
: , Cod leal and Doctor'a tele the fee.
" tlw aw Wad' T,aTSr7 bringanp"
' He that can trarcl wdl" afoot keep, a
good t.oro. r
""'o monster; heada enourj-K but
''-ii mountod, sho
-won came tumbling
fttilil not bo forgotten ns goon ns
,10 dead and rotten, eitlwir nriiin
.iiML-8 worth rcadincr. or do aomnLliinn-
worth writing.
HoDPS Rlld JlsHnnolntmrnfa n dm Im
and ontortninrnent of hunim life; the one
serves to keep u from presumption, the
other from tlucpair.
It it one of the worst of orriira trw annnnon
that there in another path of safety Lcsidos
iniu 01 uuiy.
lfa truthbt eritnblished, objection! are
nothing. The one in founded on our knowl
edge, the oihor iu our ignorance.
Pntience in tlioley of content. Mahom
et. Guilt ia best discovered by its owe funrs.
Faith has a quiet breast.
True nobility ia exempt from' fear.
The choicest pleasure of life lie within
the range of moderation.
lit, in
of MM
jf.M nil nthornrtlcloa usually
.'UnilidiliiirMoru, mid uiauufuo
iittinnhle stiles.
nit t,.tan.l nru-,.ll.-.l..l.ll.l....l I .
- I -..-uauiiiii.iiyi, milium in
.untlim I'llll. mill mill hm VurruuliJ ... K i.r
wm, nii.tui 1111 nun in a 11 limine manner.
Ilii viimiiiKiriillw titvlli.a 1,1. ial.1 iiii..iha ....1 -it
li 1 . ' ... . ..-.imvui. inn, uuiura
In cull nt Ilia now establishment, whnru ho will nt nil
lime be ready to wait upon them with noon unnns at
tub l ow mr sates. T.i tout hit promises, lie uaks nn
er.unii nation nf Ms Mock In trudo und lUu stylo iiml .pinl
Ily ofblsmniiiifiicturo. T. TONG.
Lnneustor, May 5, 1H54.
W Oil 1.1) take lliUoiiortiiiilty to return tliolr thnnks
to tliolr ntimnroita friends fur lliu vory lllieml
patronage neremioro exiondoil lo them, and
assure them Hint no mln ahull be snared to
sustain Ilia Hull.; rlnjf reputation already attain
ed. and hi nrilor to imiut Lhii crreutlv ii....,,,...,!
demand at there Katnlillahtiioni fur Hoots mid Khoos,
thny hove In addition liHIuilr own iimiiHlurliirlinr.iit ni
ce tvod from the h'nsla vory largo and fuahloiiabloalo.k.
consisting In purl na follows:
Men't Pino Calf, Kip mid coarse Booll,
Oouta put. Cnlf Guitars and Tim,
Buskins and Monroes,
Allklndsof Udlos mid Misses lloou, Fhoot, SllnDert
mid Gaiturt, 1 r
Also, an assortment of the beat quality of Children'!
fnncyand pluln hhoea.
In addition to the nbom we are eonatnntlvmnnnrne
tnrlnir lanrxly, for aulu mid alao to ordor, till kinds of
Hnntemid rlhoee, whlrk wo hnvnnohfaltnncy iiiaiirlnir,
wll! eoinpnre In price and quultty with any atork liitlie
We.torn country. may 111, 1834
rrVtRooderleiii.d will toll a partnr all hl land
(lwln about SHO tcroa) In lllnom TowmMp, one
mile W of Carroll. Tha Farina at to aunlltv. con-
flltlon and eoiiTenleuce.cau't be iuriaiuud.
Upon them are S auperlor SprlncO l)wal-tJ
. .iiiB nuwiwi vrvnarue oi euoiee rruii, etc. a
lioae wUkln In tiumIib all -... 1
. p r . n ... .iiu mrv, mm nin ue
Urmlnedloaell. SAllfKL tuFMiX.
.r, at lila
tuout hi
.mnnd of aaeood
tar ustiibliahmout In
ice lot of Crnnberlea, Im-
i u ironoral vurluty of miU,
il Xul". Cocci NuH, (to. Also, a
iVe.item KoMrir Ciiocf.
I'vb. 7, 185v9 .
r.isi i.toxs,
JL KR now rpeclvinr nt tholr old alnnd, nn lino a ator-k
J of KAN( Vnnd MTAPI.K lUV 001)Sna haaovor
n.M'n oir.ri'd In tills iniirket, rnnaiatlna of ovory nrtlcl"
I n t li ii II ry (iiiuilj lliu., tnjotlii-r Willi a fine Slack mf
Boats ami Sinra, (Iraon aierf, Qaaaif aJire iinil GU'
uart, nil of wlilrh ilicy are determined tit oll na low
nanny limiau In l'ulrlk'ld eounly, 9iiire cuali atorua not
Tin') bi's luaro to tnmler lliolr carnoat thnnka to the
clllunii ni liiuicunli'M and yliliilly, for tho vory libonil
alinro of piitrniiiiu tlioy Imvo rocolTod alnoo tluiy hnve
boi'ii In IiimIiium, imd Impo for a contlniiiiiire of tho
auiiiu, im.urliiK tlm public Hint no paint ahull ba "pared
on lliolr purl lofrivu niiilre wniafiiction. Tbo uanalnr
ticli'a ol'i'iiiiiilry prtiiiiiifi liikon In exchange, for Gooda.
LoneUBtor, ilurili si, lbS-J, v
JampK monanamjr
E AVISO ojtnlillnlii'd hlimolf In the mninifiiftnrlnp;
'BnUdims.tniDatr Wntafthl ltorlinf Vallt
Dout. Ih pri'ivirud to fiinrith tho pnnpln of thla county
with ovory liilna-tliiit iuy bo noeili'd In hln line. Ilo
knopann linnd ovi'rv vnrlotyof 00OK1NO and 1IKAT
IKlt STOVUSfur W'OOU mid COAL, coiialatlii.lu part
of llio 1.1. mi Air Tlj-Ul, Weatorn tjnwn. -
Triiiinph, Ituck.l'roaldonUaud Proforonce for Wood
mid nini k llliiiiiond fur ('mil. Alao Plotiirha, I'louxh
Mmrim, Sueur It.mk'j A Hollow-ware. All of tho above
nrlli loa will bu told im low an can be bmmlil elaowhero.
Heliivltuacltliena uoiiorolly to mil and omnium lilt
link. ' JAMHS McMANA.MV.
M 11 IT at. i l .1...... ....... -1.,.-. .in.
.. " wKpoiiiinirw iiiiiiiina "i'.iw
tlcn. Old Ciippur, Hima, Pewtorand Irou lukon In ex
cliunico for any ofllui iiuov artlulet. . J. Mc. .
iuui.-ai,iur, may i, jini4
jonn p. iiaaTix. r. a.iiwiM. a. . a-rtMaition
Main Street, l.nrjcntcr. Ohio.
INTRHKBTpald on Dopoalu Prafta ndKoteicol
boctod mid rumluod Enatcrn K-cbaugo and Coil
gou lit and anld at currjnt ratoe.
Jaunary 4,IKM lyM,
TTA8 removed hla roaldence and ofllo to the brick
(balldlna; formerly occupied by John Mtallamlth,
r-ai., aouth aldo of Main Streot, 3 doors wrat of Do,
lirolder'a realdence. j October 12, 18J4 S3
IT AXCT Arttalei la mat Tariety, for aula at the city
AirU81,)tJM. B. C0K5E1X. A(tRU
f rom
form a Kife
olironio dlaeaaea.
. YANUKLli, M. 1.
appointment to the Lou-
( bulla Buj uparilla :
l.ouuviixa, March 20, 1818.
t areenrliition for the preparation of
urllia. and 1 buliere the combination to
ae, and well calouluted to produee an
.vaatnu on tlie ayatetn. 1 bare uaed ii both
.nd srivate aruotlca, and Uiluk it the beat
oaraaumilla now In um.
M. PYI,K3, M. D.,
Umldent Pbyalclaa Loubvllle Murlue Hospital
.ctter Tcitliiutty than was ever OCTcred In favor of
. ., w 1I..II..I...
M juftuuui;! .
Uev. . We SehoD, tet. E Stcuson.
1.00MV1LL8, May 20ih, IStD.
We bate uwdJohn Bull'i H.urMpiu'ilia.auti Imvej known
It to b UfwU, with tjutira at.fctlmi; uuU w biiTu no
LieHi-Htioti In tiitiojc our belief, tliut It It ft unfu nU
Tailuablu mcttitiul oouipouuil, ttuj ouIcuIaiuU to proiluca
uiucU otl ftnU rliivi uiuoli ulluring; al tliiuin
would cheerfully tuid uoet earuedtijr miotuititind It to (Ue
eiuicteu. j. iv. nijiiui,
We enrneHtly in rite ell pornon wno are mlTerlnst with
ny of " the ill tliut IIuhU i bulr to." to cull on lr. Jolin
liulTe agent, unl ut a copy of Uull'e Jfumily Journal
uhatim and for the aake of huumnlty, we hope that a
tingle iudirldual will not be found unwihliiK to lve llull i
Bureaparilla a Till At, uitvr milling, aulitroollectliitthe
eaute time, that It in lutpotMible for th Doctor to publish
the teuth part of the number of certitwaiu of utouudlu
curve peforuicU by hU 8.-irtuiparlila. 1'lie amount of
tettuuiony voiuutevlly ltowurvd ou Dr. Uull'e Sumu pur ilia
from well known and dUUtmuiMlMiii luJividueli, buM In
public end private lito, h;t buen prfvntly orerwhtiltnltig,
(L-Da. JOHN HUl.la I'rlnclpl OlUtM, weet tdde Jfiltu
t, firet door below Meiu, LuuuviLLt, K.r. .
Fors.il.il.y . O. KAUFl'MAN & CO.
LuiiciMtLTtilj C0,iej. K, L. HI.OCUM & CO.
D. K. F1SIIF.I..
H AVISO ruturnod to the city nnd eroded nliirce
biillilliifr In tho rear of tho brick house, on tho
cumf r ot liraml and Chmnut Strett. onna-iuar South
mf the Marlet Ilonito, intunda ninniifactiirliia upon a
l.irfo nnnn 111 i llio viiriinin ni iivn'i. - m...
.U of Cabinet Fiirnlliire, UwlsU-ad.gTWWT"
VOtnnd Chiilm. lilch he will koop'? .'ir'-T.?
1 tulwnvaun hand, tuffethur w ith aw "
lurjro nieiortinuiit of Cincinnati muniifncttiro. His lonir
ONporlonco In the bualuoas will oimtiio htm to have
manufactured at homo und Imported from abroad the
vory beat of work, nnd as ho. Intends to employ uone
but tho muni nklllful workmen mid uao tho liost muta
rial, ho Hattora b I in. it'll' tliat he will clv ironeMl a-
tiaui tinn to ull who tuny favor blin with their etistom,
Tho nubile are invited to cull nnd examine th. as
sortment. Tbo eiitnilico to llio rooms la upon I' road
Htreet. 11. K. PISHKL.
f. H. Ropnlrltiff done on tho ahorteat notlco, and In
the iieateMl uud tuoat workntaiilike miuiiiur. Churgo
reusotiauie. uiuaiuier, jttay au.
TMPKHFECT health hnskont me from
M. my oillce part of Hie titno for somo
inniiiiia, 1 havo Kaliied my formor
atrouirth and will lint heroaftor b ab
sent iriini my room duniiK nuainoaanoiira.
Killlnir Touth rooolvea my special attention. I rive
f ortlllod RHuraulees for ull my irold fllllnira to be afleo-
itve annuo-me lives or the parlies. I niu able anr
nuartHI youra attontloit to tbo Tooth to irtve every per
aon the moat poaltlvo aasiiranco that they can aavo
every tootii ny timely ami rroqtiem ntteiitinn.
OFPtCKK wine's Brick, on the Hill. H. KCOTT.
irpHor thoaa who havo the TOOTH-AC HB and
will not have thoni extracted, I have a remedy that
setiinm imta so give reuor. Alao, loom rowners,
urnanoa. oze. u. cicuiT
Lancaster, December 8, lBis 81
Mnia WtreeN Lancaalnr, Ohio,
AOT.NT for Knox Mutual and Pratoraai Matai
Flra ami Life Insurance companies
Dac.mb.r 10 H53.
.full- I
nun- I
n.7 nt
I, hurried i
t'hoakliis 1
nostiiro, tlini- i
zht, fovernnd
lo, b.uk, ctiost.
urtilne In Itit tmh.
Icpru.mion of ipixiU,
at the German Medicin$
6treetn Phlutfeljhia.
ovo d1sos9l(i not oxonlhd.
uior primurullofi lit U.a- UnirnJ
f Lost, In many cuso alitor akiluil
worlhv tboflttontlon of InvnlUla.
.rlue In the ri-itttlrnlMn of diuoosys of
;r eliimls.exoTri-tlnir U: most stmri-b-
SukTMisennd oiTt-tinne of the donative
i. withal. e:tfi. cvrtriin und rdwHiit.
tin etrtivineot!.-V. KrH-ntr.HRiR, Jowelor,
io. mvmber2nd, 11, utd: ! cmbrarc
nllv of ftifornitnsr von of tli irront bunullt I
rlrod from the uho of ir. Hoo(tunds Gorman
I Imvo used tho in furchtiu und rover anil din-
.urod eloiunrb.nud found rcllofiu every caso. Thoy
;-e tho b."t rotnudv for disordered stomticb, I think v In
P. Foi.ky. filoomflolrt, Ohio, October 7, snld:
"With ftjeliiirs of snitlludo 1 Uiko my ion to Inform you
Mho inrnlfMluMi lontitlt I Imvo donved from tho iino
f lloorl.'ind'n CurtHiin Hilteni. I hovo tuiud thorn for
tl'.e I.ivor conijilotnt, and tnke plonnuro In rucommund-
ue thorn to tuo pun. io as iuo smoat uuu oust roiuour
iniw In itno."
The F.'lltor or tbo fvoonttr Democrat, May 0, IHJJ,
ilrl: "H.fi.infpB Gorman Hittere. This InvaltiuUo mo
diHiitt U dullv porft.rmlnp euros ofthotnoRt remarknldo
fiterncior. oui mMio u uue uuuriiw nmiuui
a knowloilfto of ll otllciiry, ui wo bavo tried It in our
ru.nilv, nnd And il to be tho ouly tbiug nvoded in iUor
ompiaint or dyspeprtia.
IKK, said : Hy thow poreomi who have neoa your Moor-
timrH German UittJir-t, thoy aro couslilorud an invalua
ble rom ml v for dvai-OHKin.'
if i Y ou Hiiouiti utar in muiti inni vnoeo iiuhtji nro
evTiuKi.v vuaRTAnt.a. t horehv noAHOMintr nnvantnires
ovur most of tuo iirujiurutions rocoinmouueu lor snui
inr n AOitftLM. ;
For -uloliy KnuiTtvimi & co.; E. Kntb. Ruslivllloi R.
R. Wulker, Wn.it Ku4bvlllis; Portar& wotraton. Lvtbo-
polU and ucitiun; tmnediLino ovory wuoro
uecomuori., jcoo-ij
I'amll jGroccrca,Jucenan-arn,oV:c.,A;c.
TtElLX G. rlAKBfcXCHON haabecomo proprietor,
' by purchase, of die Grocery ritoro of H. H. Hunter
At 10., to WUU'll HO loiJIIHl auueii a nire ami siiperiinu
vurlnt of Familtt Ofcerie. now arriving: and to arrive
from (:!iii'iiinut),:i!iutotlior marts. In making his pur
chase ho ban hud in flow tho accommodation of his
frlcmbniid diwrinijliuir public, for nil seuaons. Ho
coniiueiidntotlielriilteiitloit,aiiioii!r other urtlcloa, at
prieea that ranuot r;l to Hive sntlalaullon.
CUM''KCTlU!tAllKSorallklnda,for families and
p.irlli.8. 1 1 1 ....
cannier, i nrnTirnP'u wiinniMis, iiigiinii iiuu,uu
Ur.ir.illuil ftllta, Kl!illld ilutoa.
Jrflfj,nnil Crjli.ilno for Jellies, lrunes,c.
of l.'aniiUGroeerli'alio will only mention Wilt. Pow
durod nnd cnu'ied JtlOAR, Now Oi leans do., TiiAS,
lflo nndjiivn COl'f KK, fipicoi; Molasses, Golden Syr
tip, Frenck CliocoKite, Miinhmon VuIniita, Tomato
Ciitui),B.iileiidldk)tof f.nalitk Diarw CAs, and
niiinr nrili'iiia tn ntinioroiia to nut down hero.
Not 1,1 liir.n.t. uka. Llnuors. Hritndv for the sick and
coiiTalesrotit, flKaajSyoiiM old, smonklngand ebowing
TOHAClli, fomltranu nnntior mo nnortsman.
ilo will keep On bund a variety of Pais', farms
tltif Japan 01 Ilia own lliniiiiiuriurc no me iraviu.
Kol least, a ltiri:s ami lint nsortmen oi r.nwwr.
r.arlhm icurc, t rait rare ana l.ngua (yisss wars, ai
u H oodnwarf,:i no, ncvsrs,cy6.
tr-pHe bones t.i nlitnlii a fair abnlr of llio pnblle favor
In hla new uudertakliit,and looks for tbo approbation
andpntronniroofisfi'lenda. Having boon compelled
io ndiiiniilih hla former bualnotwuaiuturlouato hoalth.
ho Will lllttktf a lillT trim oi lllia.ioaeu 11 u will mil. iron,
hlapurso.oa welliialiiahcnlth. If the exporlmont, (lo
which ho will dofote hla undivided attention) doea not
Buoceoil.hu will so able no trusts, lo serve uio puutio in
aomo other UBenii capacity.
May o Ifos. rci.i.v u. jia mm.i vjv.
Oantro oranze Seed and I'lanla.
ffilB uiidoralrne d havo a lnrjte amount of O an ire Or
l BiigBSoodaaiidHanta of tho boat quality .surnussed
by none in the ceuntry,whtch they will sell ut the lowest
luurkelprtr. I
At from 33 to 1 cents per rod, with a fair deduction
wuereluriro cnurnci itro mnoe.
At from VI e.uta to ! 'rod-the tiavuionts as fol
lows x whan tho hedge Is set, and tbo balance when
II will answer tne purpoao ot a goon lence.
For what dlalntoreatod ludaos will any it Is worth, fas
compared wttn sroou reneesi wnen iitaenmpieioa,
. 1 1 I w 1. .'..11 1)1 L L'l V7 f. U. Ill V
At 1 to 1 1.95 or rod, to be paid for when completed.
JA.MLS BUM FTEH & CO.. DuTton. Ohio.
Jra RraPTaa,Ciillrse Cornor, Butler county. Ohio
J,a Mi omw, Aiosuuiieravitio, unto.
IUnsamin Lass, Duvton. Ohio.
Mar L, loS4. G. MAKT1N, Agent, Carroll. Ohio.
Opposite tha Court Tlnnse and Pouiataln
TBW ADDITIONS aro now bolnfr made to the fdr-
nitnre ami oonvciiieiie n mis airoaov virsL ,.iass
iotel. Traveler, will And this house dooldedlr tha
most comfortable place in Zant-svllle, and the proprie
tor spars po palna to make hla guests comfortable.
i nere are attanien io ine anova aone,eiogant BKluri.
AMnv laai.s nuan, wmen are very eapaciona.
Marsha, W4 Urn Wsl. A. icitfir' Pfapirieaaa,
l.llcrulure of the day,
r MonthlT Ma-i.,..
fy worka. .
1htio for US4. har. ih
Hie aubarription booka for
n, and that the fir.i
r.rl, eontaini.il in
. I - . ' " ... IIU t o
i January c vi An . 1. 1 . l
Sbntcd amonr the nirinbera or
tnarc-o, several hi...i..j ...
fnat whlrh will be the arlglna 9
utue of Hiaaat Powaa.T B
(Greek Inrr,
nao of over an:fwn n. .
loclioii of inivulHcent OIL PA1ST.
P'flhe beat i.r,l..ii.' . u1,r
witn tbo eonatant im... j
I now In i',nrm. .ni ?'"
re Caller, of Art;in.h.Vr'S'.?7'r
aau auiiierataire
nro4HoVi'.'w'.rA.t vl : '"V.'
rZV" "l"ib VTtS
i in? H larti'ily Kovlewa, reprinted in New
nd KdittLvr,. R.r,,.- vnmif, A, -Ik'
Xiho aKAocictlon fsonen lo all .
onio a member on ..To p",, Z'"! "i,l
All peraona who toko Are meniberalMpa. a emitled'
loiinyofthe five of (he Miiralac onL Ve.? .. a
tlckota In tho dMribiitl..... "'ac "'" T'". i
lie wWo aprecd fume of the ahore perlodlrala ra--X
it nee. Ilea, to v any thin, lu their prZe. a. it - ' (
price of each of which la Inrari.h 3 a yeVi ,. , L - f '
nuTerir, re a'nd".1 S' J'TF wrlh o? .l" r" . C
initllleralurwand a tlckot In tho distribution of lli
U1.I011. - old ln Art
l nn w.M.i.aaT ni ine aaoeliit..n 1. 1 a ... .
coHection of Painting , K,,,I.";.,"1, "b"" lllT
Tho net procood. derived from Z .Tn'
f Art ror tno enautng year.
Ar t. PeRPOKS ttealrllirto heenno .k ... v
;KeMnirar.li,e,.on.mei,ce wilh.ny month il, rlo...
nnnreiypn lla being mailed lo them promt tly on the.
'"rect from the PKew' York aid .
. .,....,.,,.. , uu.icoers. nut jTunotrt furaithed If
TnK IjlCRRASlNO lHTH, fall 1. .1.. j ,
l.hiiiFLnMhjl;o,wnrrn,c",""' buii"f ih AoTr."io
will, with the powerful aid of Mlornture, becoaia at.
It'" H?"'!??i"J' " " no cultlTntea sr.d
""- ytna, nut diaaemlnatea sterlii g
Literature throughout I behind n.r..i.. .i'.,i... fr
Mtbt rresent want, ,nd ,, ofthoAnierliin people,
onnbllngboth rich and poor Io make tliolr homes plea
sant and attracHre by the aid of Sculpture, Pointings,,
nnd the boat reading maltor which the wide range of
nuiuricuii roreisrn i.iioraiureaf)nrds.
A few of the noculinr uiv. j v.
this AMoelntlon. are-"" joav
1st. All personage! the fa; N -r ... i......
a at the rtart, In the shape of sterling Magaiine
.iteruliire; .
Bd. Thorareat llio aam nn.. i,...i. m
purcliasliig choice Worksof Art, are in tnrn to be ais
trihiited uniong tiiomwlvos free of charge;
3d. Kacn memherisalso Indirectly encoqrsglng and!
patronizing the Arts and Artists of the country, dis
bursing many tbousunda of dollars throneb llsugency.
rhoao who purchase Magazines at Bookstores, wiU
observe that byjolnlng the Aasoclullon, I hi reeeiet the
Mogaune,and t'reeTichet in the annual ililrioMtion,nl
at tho same price tiikv sow ht forthe Magazine alone.
uoii i rurciT.o names at tne tustoru ofllce,
Kow York, or Weatorn offlco, Sandusky.
Porsonaromittluir fumla nfinnmhAMiiii, ..w.
lettera,"Heglalored," and stale the month with which
thoy wish their magaxlnoa to corn inonro, and also their
Poet (jffm aJttrnne in full, ontlie receipt of which, a.
cortillcatoof membership, logothorwllli tho magaalna
dealrod, will be forwarded to any part of tho country. .
j. i .'Mit..s , .no anociuiioii, at tno JvnieRorbockew
Mnynjlnoomeo,i;4H llrondwny, Now York, and at Ne.
3, Water Street, Kandtiakr, Ohio. Addresa, (nt eitheir
""I,, I'RBV, Actuary C. A. A L. A..
irV. M. ORIHWOLl), Hon. Seeretary Lanceaterj,
of which monibership may bo obtained. Sept. 14
arroUl.D respectfully announce to the citizens of
V r Lancaster and vicinity that thoy aro as usual la)
receipt of a vory heavy and well selected stock of
Spring and Snmmcr Goo '
Embracing erory variety and stylo to be had In tha
KllSteril IIIUrkoL. to Which WO IllvltA tho nttnttnn nr
every body, ns wo intend soiling as chenp as goods can
ww .niu osk or me mouniuiua. in aituttton to oar
largo stock, will befottiidaguueral assorlmoutof
Booti, Shoes, Bonnets arid lints, '
Paraiols aad VmbreHasvLookliig Glasses,
, ftuoenswaro, Glaaswuro, carnetiiigand Matting)
Wall Paper, llorderlug and Window lllinds;
Cotton ctworletniid cnriiol Yarn,
Butting, Wudtling, candle-wick, ate. ote.
Alao, a good Stock of Fine Groceries,
Tobacco, die.. In abort, evorv thine? nanallv front la
Store, and more too.
We would say lo our old frlonds and customers thst
wo return our sincere tbauka for their very liberal pa
tronago extended during our business career among;
them, nnd oik a continuance of the same. We will en
deavor to pleuse nud give satisfaction to all who will
invoriiswun ineir cuatoin. All kinds of country pro-
the high-'
uuww uiKuii in wxi'iinuge lor trooua lor which
est markot price will be paid. May SO,
GDKVOLIa pre parod to furnish all kinds of STBA f
'. ENOlMEH.uiion short notlco and at ClnoinniS
and Plllsburg prices. I
Alao, all kinds of Milt Gearing, Hoisting RcrewV
Rogiilating Screws, Jack Screws: fuller'. Sorews saarw
Cldor Screws. S.
MlllSpindleaof cast Iron or wrought. .
Hnlesund Drtvera, die., die. '' 5
Hi, will nl.n furiil.h Hi PaRKffU VCnVVY. I .rS If
any head of wntor, and with either Iron or wood shaft, .fip-1:4
Also the ATKINSON WHKEL St np as above. Tha - J
patent on the Parker Wheel baa expired and conse
quently they con be had much cheaper.
xio niso continues to muxe uavuii'H I rlKAanlnu
MACHINES, and keep, a lot constantly on hand: War
ranted tbe boat In Ohio. ;
All tho ubovo articles will be made with esneclal ear
and by tho best workmen, and will be warranted. -
All kinds or repairing none nnon the Nborteat nstlco.
He also keeps constantly on hand, ALL KINDS OP
CASTINGS, usually kept In a Foundry. He baa eom
iicteantaironisnop,ao mat mate who call can exam.
The known Quality ofthe work done at this eatsb
llshment for many yearapaat,! the best guarrantee that
in tuiure, tne siiDscnuerwiii tabor to deatre ibe pav
ronageof tha public. He tnvUeaexamlnation. -Lancaster,
May 10, 18it. , ,( G. UKVOU
arroiaaT aaa conan.t,os it t'sw, imrrici or
rasca staiut uas sosst, ,
Ijsnoavater, Ohio, .
WILL give attention to theparchaalngand sellttst,
of Real Estate, also, to tha procuring of VjS
alona and Bounty Lands.' - 'i
OFPirKln the Brich sUoaaa nearW epmaan j",
lUsklng SlWy Bsuta. is) V -4 1
v. 4 Mi
t t
V. A

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