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t T" " ' : : t,t-,i-1-,:.'-1. -t
CUT OF LASCASTEi: . -Thursday
ISvralng Harcb 8,1855
wuat ux.nu uxrocmsY."
, j -
" "W clip lis following from tli0lko
We hear great deal said about Cath-
. a c..t. - r..-
' -one intolerance ana wmioiio pruncripuun.
- tut what rank kypoeruy."
. - What rcni hypocrisy." eli? That is
".. Just wlat the Topo's mioions have been
trying to impress" upon the minds of (he
'a. L 1 A "V
far the teaching of their, . Divines and
, WMl WW ss ...... - - j
. pretensions can be seen by the following
.xtraets: , . . -'-.
- Bishop O'CowsrsR. of PI tjburgh, says:
-.t ' "Rilijious Liberty is merely endured
' tiatil the opposite can - be carried into ex
. .V.UUUOI)' Wl.llUUS Lions CV Sl.v . vnuviiu
. orld." ; . - ,- ' -
To direct public attention to the above
' , proscriptive, anli-Ropublican sentiment
.". from the lips of a Catholio Bishop , the
'.. Qliio Eagle would call "Hank hypocrisy."
a mi'jiii" m ii m S
, Agtllll. lug luuuwiii Hum suv cjiic-ci., u
. pf the Talley.' will doubtless be termed, by
. the editori of the Eagle," harmless an 8 in
offensive, and to call it any thing else
; would be "rank hypocrisy."
? "Raligious liberty, in the sonse of a lib-
irty possessed by every man to chooso his
own religion, is one of the most wicked
"' delusions ever foisted upon this age by the
j, father of deceit.": ' ' .
S much for the "rank hypocrisy" of
the American people in alluding to the
prescriptive tendencies, of the ' Church of
" Rome. But let us travel a little further in-
to Romish literature and see what their
. learned Divines say in regard lo the great
- American Common School System. Beg
ging the Eagle's pardon for not culling its
'.attention to this matter at an earlier day
. we trust it will not find it unprofitable
even at this late day, to calmly peruso the
' following from a' lecture" delivered by the
- Rev,- Dr. Mann ad ah in 1053. The Doc-
tor says:, -. :' . -. .,- :
"The exclusive right to educate belongs
t the Church. Either this must bo her
exclnsiye right, or tho powers granted her
are of no avail. We are, moreover, boi.n 1
not to expose our own and our children's
salvation to the dangers inseparable from
" tin-Catholic education wo must,thercfore,
. ' have resource to Catholic education, not
, an a matter of choice, but absolute obligation-"..
.' Again he says: ' ,:. . ,;. '.
'Is not education, in fact, tho engine
and instrument now hoped most from a
gtiiist the Church? Is it not, in fact, a
: r-.i.i:..:... si.:
t:trri.ili nuy ng.-tius. wiiuiciiicuj -sr.. a
'wion educational svstem V common schools
and mixed school!".
B.iOWNSosr, in his Review, says: - .
Oar enemies rely upon Godless sclifwls
S:ate education as a means of checking
the progress of Catholicity. V mustad
mit they have laid their plans with infern
al skill.: The result will not meet their
Anticipations, howovtr." .
" .The New Oilcans. Catholic Messenger
echoes the above sentiments in the follow
ing strainr ;, '. '..
. - "Public Sc.iioola infringe on our rights,
And those who advocate thm, such as they
now are, would be betrayers of the Holy
Faith which thev received from their fath
ers; - . ., '.. r;
A rchbishop - Huge't organ, the Free
man's 'Journal chimes in as follows: ;
"Ceriaijily it seems as if the Dnvil were
- let loose 'Upon the Godlctis schools to ren
der them , abhorrent even to Pagan na
ture:" . .
. ... .The Western Tablet goes a step further,
ff possible, and makes use of tho following
. language, whivh is' enough to arouse the
most lelliargio .'""from fancied security.
The Tahlotsays;";';' . . - ,
. "Parents . must first come to feel the
. dangers of Cite Godless . schools, so pro
foundly as to . forego with alacrity all the
apparent advantages they aflbrd, and to
dream no ijiore of consigning their offspring
to these nurseries of heathenism, vice, and
crime, than they would of casting their
children itrto some Ganges, or beneath
come car of Juggernaut, or immolating
them to some grim and bloody Moloch, or
. making them over, soul and bodr, for time
and eternity, to the Devil."
'' It remains, however, for the Ohio Eagle
to put the grand ' climax On tho whole, by
declaring every allusion to these damnable
sentiments f'rank hypocrisy." We bad
hoped there was not a man in the Union,
. who had received the benefits of a Com
mon School education, 1 who would thus
. boldly and openly, stand up as the appolo
gist of the Romish Church in its war upon
- the educational interesU of this Republic
Therp is, perhaps, nothing of more impor
tance to the happiness of our people arid
perpetuity of our institutions, and which
has a more direct bearing in equalising all
ranks and professions, than the cultivation
of the mental powers and the acquisition
of usful and substantial knowledge. On
' the acquisition of knowledge and the cor
responding course of conduct to which it
leads, depend the happiness of our fellow
men, considered both as an individual, and
as a member of the great family to which
by government he is attached. A commu
nity may be generally considered as vir
tuous as it is intelligent, and this general
intelligence has ' heretofore and probably
always will oe receivea mrougn iue tuan
nel of our Common Schools, which may be
said, in one sense, the mighty bulwork of
our liiborty. . Aa intelligence and virtue
ore the controling and guiding-star to the
permaBency of aoy" Republic,' so the oppo
site, ignorance and vice.are the vehicles of
bigotry, prejudice, barbarity and wicked
ness..' It can .readily be seen, therefore,
why it is that the Romish Church enter
tains such rank hatred . for the American
ponunoB Sebopl Syitem far h sees in rt
meant of intelligence that will in due time
dissipate tbe mists of ignorance and super
stition now hanging over the deluded fol
lowers of the Roman Pontiff.
The Romish Cbureh has opened its eyes
to the fact that where tho archimedian
power of the Common Schools has been
brought to bear, free and open to all, un-
trammeled by .Church -or sect, Republi
canism does, must and will exist.
Let the people be educated, and we, as
Americans have no cause to fear the insid
ious, crafty and deceitful diplomacy of any
pope, despot or barbarian. Tho Romish
Church knows this fact, hence its untiring
and bitter opposition to the spread of gen
eral intelligence among' the masses. One
of the first and Universal steps taken by the
Church of Rome to establish its suprema
cy is to blot out the lamp of general intrlli-'
gence, as embodied or disseminated by
and through our Common Schools. Mon
archy and Absolutism disappears before
the lrresistable . power of knowledge like
the drapery mist before the bright glory of
the rising sun. Let the masses be edu
cated, we say, and the Republic stands on
an immovable basis. Despotism cannot
exist in the atmosphere of general intelli
gence it never did nor never can. - Edu
cation is the fore-runner of civilization.
Tho grand difference for the superiority
of the intelligence of Americans over for
eigners, iu relation to our civil and political
polity .arises in the fact that Americans are
American educated, which .is a Republi
can education; whereas, foreigners, have a
foreign education, either under the super-
intendoncy of Monarchy or Popery, and of
course, therefore, antagonistic to religious
and civil liberty. These are the natural,
iuseperuble results, as effect 'must follow
cause. We say, therefore, let u in defi
ance of all Popish opposition have Amer
ican Schools, - an American education,
and American Republicanism as secured
to us through our Common Schools.
Oar Cousalar System. .
The Diplomatic and Consular bill, now
before Congress, abolishes all outfits and
affixos a regular salary to oach mission.
Ministers to Great Britain, 817,000 nnnu
ally; to France and China, each 815,000;
to Spain, Russia, Austria, Prussia, Brazil
and Mexico, 512,000 caoh; to Peru, 510,-
000; to Turkey and Chili, 89,000 each,
to all other countr.es to which Ministers
are now sent, 7,500 each ; mnking an'ag
gregato for twenty-eight full ministers of
3269,500. The Secretaries of Legation
aro lo receive salaries of two grades, to
wit: 91,000 31,500 a rear. The salaries
of the Commissioners to tho Sandwich
Islands is to bo $6,000. Consuls aro to
receive salaries varying from 81,000 to
$7,500 that of Amsterdam being the low
est, and those of Liverpool and London
being the highest. Thoy are not to trans.
act any other bunoss, Charges upon
invoices and for leviseingpasf ports are a.
bnlishcd. . Commen ialagmls areaproint
eJat about one hundred diQVrrnt point?.
irWhen,t!ie country comes to under
stand the character of this political Jug
gernaut, and its vile machination, the peo
ple will arouscand obliterate from existence
this worse than Spanish Inquisition. Ohio
bogle: ' ' . ' ".
It is truly laughable to hear the "Ea
gls Ulk." If the Eagle will but take the
pains to consult the election returns o
last full we think it must necessarily open its
eyes to the fact that "the people" are pret
ty generally . acquainted with this great
"political Juggernaut." . And if we can
properly read the signs of the times, it is
their intention to- agnin put the "old mer
chine" itr motion next full.. If the editors
of the Eagle are not willing to witness the
sacrii e we would ndyh-c them to start as
soon as: possible to Holland. Nothing
short of that will save their "phclinks."
We are informed that this Juggernnut the
Eagle speaks of is now in tho koeping of
"Sam," under whose direction it is Un
dorgoing a thorough renovation, and will
be greased and in first rate running order
by the second Tuesday of October next
3TYou now say that the "SaglTtchts"
are composed of "Catholics" dto., who are
oound by the - "sanctity ot nn path i
"every vote they give on the most tri val
question." How does this taller with
your former reiterated assertions that the
Catholics are bound to tho Popo, and that
they can take no obligations to any body or
principle, are traitors, and every thing
else, owing to the fact that they can not take
any other obligations , save those .imposed
by yourfnend aforesaid, the t'opc. VVhic
opinion do you mean to stick to? . That
the Catholics are bound to the Pope, or to
the fcag IS lohtsir fiio ,
As the order of Sag Nichts is but one of
numerous branches to the secret order of
Jesuits, we would inform you that wo can
very consistently stick to both.v Tbeoath
of the Jesuit is alike obligatory on the"Sag
Nicht." Both sworn to accomplish the
same thing, viz: The overthrow of our
Government. . Besides this, it is pretty
generally believed that the Bishop of Erie
was the prime originator of the Sag Nichts
in this city, and administered the first oath
to his zealous co-laborers in the Jesuitical
cause, viz: the Governor and the editors of
the Ohio Eagle.- ; , , . , ' ,'.
", JtSTHen then we have what is tlie 't
of the Order." Now, a largo majority of
the members being which, it is easy to see
that when "nominations" are to be "made
by the order," whigs malco them, and then
under the gag of an oath, ,"an unscratched
ticket must be voted by every man in it.
0Ao Eagle. ... ...
How can you get over the fact that a
majority of those elected by the Enow
Nothings last Fall were formerly mem
bers of the Demooratio partyDemocrats.
Thus you see your article emrn'ei false
hood on iUace. " -
- A Bill has been introducsdm the Penn
sylvania Senate authorizing the Governor
to offer for sale at auction, in the city of
Philadelphia, the mainhne of public works'
of that State. The works not to be fold
below seven mlllioaof do'.Urs. The Wm
of payment are. consequent upon the a-
mounttbo works sell for tbe credit run
ning from fire up to twenty years. .
During Trtxa's administration Con
gress passed bill into a law in spile of
the President s veto It yen ' an act ro-
pecting tbe building of revenuo cutters.
After tbe veto, the rote in the Senate
stood ayes 41 noes.l. lathe House, the
vote stood ayes 127, noes O. . Is there
another instance of the kind in tho history
f our government"
A destructive Cre occurred near the de
pot in Springfield, Massachusetts, on the
morning of the Sd inst. The brick block
owned by C. W, Chapin and occupied by
Greenleaf Si Taylor, paper dealers; Brown
k Graves, Hardware; and Nelson & El
mer, Boot t Shoe dealers. The lots is
about 810,000. Fully insured. .'
The Cleveland Herald says an efficient
gent is taking Cue sensus of that city.
Six wards have been' canvassed, ', which
give a population of 31.000. . The remain-
ng five wards will incrtare tho number to
47j000. It will be remembered that Clcve
land now embraces Ohio city, but the in.
crease is very great since 1850. . . '
TheU. S. Senate is discussing in secret
session the demand of Benson St Co.' on
Peru, for indemnity for losses on guano
vessels sent out in 1851, under guarntec
of protection by State and Navy Depart
ments.' The amount claimed is two hun
dred and fifty thousand dollars. It is pro
posed to request the President lo enforce
the demand.
The Supreme Court of Pfcnnsylvania has
granted the Erie and North east Railroad
ninoly days to chango the location of the
track in the borough of Eric, and thirty
days to chango tho same at Harbor creek.
The rioters at Erie grumble at this, but
will probablu submit, without another out
break. 1 ... : -
The county of Polk, in Oregon, has tax
able property to the valuo of 81,014,455,
and a total population of 2,621. It has
three flouring mills, six saw mills, ' (one
propelled by steam,) nine stores, and me
chanic shops of nearly every kind.' '
We are sorry to learn that , Mr. Benton
lost tho dates and notes for the, 2d volume
of his "Thirty Years in the Senate," to
gether with other important documents,
books, Src, by tho recent destruction of
his house, in Washington.
The "Memoirs of Jarncs Gordon Bon
net," of the New-York Herald, it is said,
aro about la bo puUUWI. ' It will do to
hind up will) the au'.ibography of Bar-
Mr. John Halstead, one of the early pio
neers on the' Great Miami River, died in
Butler county ov the 16th, nged- C4. He
emigrated to Ohio from North Carolina fif
ty years ago; ' .
Tho . temperance men of New Jersey
have ordered a State Convention on the 7tb
of March, lo take into consideration the
n jeclion of the temperance bill by the Leg
islature '- '
The latest report from thcSfour canal is
that it is confidently expected to bo ready
for navigation by spring. 100 men nru
employed on the work during the winter.-
' T .' 2 ' - : 2
The Board of the ten Governors of the
New York Alms House, has passed a reso
lution removing from the institution under
their control, all officers who are not nat
uralized citizens. s
Col. Beston lost by the fire athishouse,
on the 27th Feb., the dates and notes for
the second volume of his "Thirty Years
in the Senate," -together with other im
portant documents, book, Sio. '
It is stated by a writer in tho Bosion
Transcript that nearly a million of; dollars
have accumulated in the Treasury of liar
vard Univertity.
The Parisian Jews have introduced .or
gans into their synagogues.and the Greeks
have done the Bamo. This is an innovation
upon old custom. - -: " .;
1 Strong efforts have again been made to
procure the pardon of the dentist Beale.
After a full hearing of the case, Gov. Pol
lock positively refused to grant a pardon.
" ' What for? All the Railroad Companies
in Indiana have given ' free passes to the
members of tbe Legislature. No "dead
heading," of course.
The business of Mr. John Thompson,
stock-brokor ' and publisher of the well
known Bank Xote Reporter, is worth 850,
000 a year. . '. . , , . '
The office, and a portion of the ware
house, of the company engaged in building
the Canal at the Saul, was . destroyed by
fire a short time since. Loss about 82,500.
The blockade of the ports of Cuba is not
against merchant vessels in tho ordinary
oourse of trade but is intended to apply to
armed vessels.
The board of the ton governors of the
alms house, in New-York, have ordeied
the removal of all officers under their
control who are not naturalised citirens.
- Billy Bowlegs, the renowned Florida
warrior, has two hundred warriors left.
He still refuses to leave his old haunts in
that State.; - .' ' . . '
' CoNQaxss has passed the bill authoris
ing tha "construction of a Telegraph to
the Pecifie,. .'. nd". granting the right of
Laiicasirr ffljisrkfle.
Gazkttk Onncs, March 8, 1 855. Our
quotations this morning are a follows:
wboat, 1,75 -Flour, 8.?5(iiO,60 p-r fcrl;
Corn, 6l)j Rye, . C5c; Oats, 283yc;
Buckwheat, A.M pr 100 bbln; Clover
seed 6o,7iX; Timothy seed, 3a4,00; Pota
toes, 11,25, Flax seed, ca 1,00; But
ter, 12a 15c; Eggs, lOcenU, Salt, 2.C0a2,
75; Beans, 2,00; Soaps, 6Ge: Coffee,
ISal5o; Tea, 63c100; Molawt', 30
a37c; Vinegar, 18a25c; Tobacco, 18a25;
Hny.9,00al0(00. Tallow lOi per brl.
Whisky, 39o. -
Cattle marttct.
- - ' , Nxw Yo, Match 2,1055.
Prices of tho week. B.-eves are sold
at so much a ponnd, generally by estimated
weights, for Hie meat in Hie quarters.
Firat Quality, of good fair matkut Bcf
llatlic. v
Second-rate, lOalOJc' .' "
Inferior such as old stags, cows, poor
oxen, and mean steers, 8a9c. -
Some very extra g.wu, 1 1 Jal 2i.
. Prices of veal C.dvcs The rate at which
such Calves as are fit to eat sell for all the
year, is from 4 lo 7o, l lb, live weight.
A class called"kiitenfc"that is, Calves from
one to six days old sell from 1,25 lo 3a4
each. ' '
Another clas, called grass Calves, gen
erally sold at four losix months ol J, brings
3 to 7 dollars. .
. A good fat Veal often brings 820a33.
Milk Cows Tin price of Cows depends
as much upon fancy as the price of horses.
Ordinary Cows, 2835; good fair Cow,
35a40; extra quality, with Calf 45aC0.
Sheep and Lambs Common Sheep,
3,50a6; extra Sheep 8al2; Lambs 3a5.
Swine Ohio corn-fed Hog, small size,
for market retailing, 5a5c. live weight;
still-fed Hogs, CJaSJc; Hogs for pocking.
5a5Jc. live weight; large Hogs, corn-fed,
dead weight, 6Ja7J. for the very bout. -
Cambridge, March 2.-Al Maikot C21
Cattle all Beeves, and no Stores contui
ing of Working Oxen, Cows and Calves,
Yearlings, 2 aud 3 years old.
Market Beef Extra 1 cwt. S8JaS9;
First quality,-8, Second qunlitv, 71a7k
Third quality ,61i7;ordinary;6J; Hides, t)
cwt 5ia6; Tallow, 8Ja9; Pelts lal 25;
Calf Skins. 1 1 al 1 Jc p Ib;Barrelling Cattle.
CJa7J; Veal Calves, 4j, 5aG, but ft-w in.
Stores Working Oxen, 125. 132, 150,
a225; Cows nnd Calves. 25, 36, 37, 58;
Yearlings, 10, llal5;Two Years Old,
28a40; Three Years Old, 41, 44a45, 48a
58. . '
Sheep and Lambs 2,652 at ma -ket.
Extra. C, 6J-. 7a9. By Lot, 2J,2.3,3J,4.
" Swine None. 1
Remarks sales firm at quotations, but
not quick, as there has been a very large
amount of Baof, Pork, and Mutton in the
carcass; and also large quantitiesof Poultry
brought into the market from almost evey
section of the country. during th fortnight.
92 cars came oretthe Fitehburg Bail-
road, and 52 over the Boston and Lowell
Railroad, loaded with Cattle.Shccp.Swine
Horses and Fowla.
wool niiiiuct.
WOOL-Domealic Fleece l.asheen more
aitive, with a Letter fueling anions' holders;
tho sales sum up 52,000 ib., within our
range. Pullud is in demand at full prices;
sties 3,000 lb No. 1 ut 2GVc., l.OOOfoet
tr;, 34c, an l 33,000 & Ohio Tub Wash
ed at 27c, whioh is below the market.
The arrivals hae b en very light and the
p.t ;ck at present on haad is the smallest for
manyyears. foreign is in icuve ana we
have no sales lo noticp. We quo:e:
AmenVanSnx. FI 13 lb 3C42
Do. Full Blood Merino 35(.37
Do. i and 3 Merino " " 30$33
Do. Native and qr. do 24fe27
Sup. Pulled Country ' e830
Do. 1, Pullod Country 2123
Extra do 32(36
Peruvian Washed 3032
Valparaiso, UnWashed 13 1 4
So. Am., Com. Washed 12 13
So. Am. EntreRios t4tlG
Sotttli Am. Unwashed - l! 9
South Am. Cordova . v2620
Eastlndia, Washed ' ; SG2tl
African, Unwashed. 918
African, Washed ' 1830
Smyrna, Unwashed 1314
Smyrna, Wiiahcd ' - ' 2326
Mexican, Unwashed 12(3114
New York Flai kci. -
New York, March 6. Cottcn is dull
Elour is firmer, with sales of good Ohio at
9,50, and Southern at tho same. The sales
reach C3U0 bbls. Corn is drooping, with
sales of mixed at94:i95. Pork is firmer,
with sales of old Mess at 13, 7G, and. new
Prime at $14. Beef is in fair demand at
full rates,. Lard is'dull and prices droop
inir. Whiskey is declining, and with force
arrivals, holders are pressing sales. The
transactions lo-dny reach iJUObrls, clos
intr al 32o. for Ohio. Sales of 2250 bags
St. Domingo Cotfe at 8. Linseed Oil is
tirmatva.- blocks are firmer anu mgner.
Va. sixes, 954, Indinna fives, CO; Mo,
sixes, 92k Erie, 4G; Rcading,79J; Cleve
land and Toledo, 74 j; and JNcw I oik Uen
tral, 95. Money is cusy. . . .
Notice of Jlissolntion. ;
TmroTICE la hereby (tiren tbat tha eo-partnomhlp
1 w iiermuiunvJiiaiiuK uikiw u. .... .w.ua wi u.a
Tl.K ck MA'l'LACK bun been tbla day diaaoleed by mu
lual conauul. I lia booka and acconnla are loft In tbe
bauda of Jobn a. IdlUa ror eslliemeni.
Laneuter, Fab. 87, luSS. JOU.X MATLACK.
Estate of Evi Yi. Martin. . .
7VTOTICE it hereby five", Hint 1 have Ihll day been
duly uppointed and nnulilled Admlntitnilnr on
tbo Kstate of Evi M irtih. decensed, lalo of Fnirfluld
County, Ohio. All person, kuowinir tliomielrea In
debtod lo taid Eatutu will make Immediate puyweut,
and thoae to whom tbe Ealato ia indebted will preieul
their accounnrtolv aatbuntlcatea wiiuin one year.
February SB, 18jJ 4w43 ii. MAKT1X, Adm'lor.
Entnte ol Robert C. Bond. . .
mTOTICK la hereby Klvon that lha nudcrjlenod haa
IbU day been uppoiliiea ano (luanneu, aa Au.
miiii.iraiiip uf tlie uaiala ol lloberl C. UouiMocoaaed
All uron IwvliiK claiuu ajrliilald eatato will pro
aetit Uiu aanie, to liie unrtersifrned.'dulyjiuihouticaied
aa required by law, within one year; and thowwbo
are indebted lo an id ealato, will coma forward and
niake Immediate. naynii-nl. ,
jyOTICK lahereby Xlven to all peraon'k tnterstedf
1 mat ine accounia aou .gmusi, iubwwwu
ImaiKln Twyman, Tbomai Frlcker.Kliiabetb FlckoP
Fraucia Myera, Baninel Trorlnirer und Kancy Yodar.
Also the Gunrdiuu'i accounts of hamual Uroiwlor,
Geo. fr. Baker and David Bright, have boen filed lo
tbe ProbuU Court of Fairfield county, Ohio, for In
paction and settlement, and that said accounts wilt
come, or to be heard on the -.'3d day of March, IBU, or
as toon thereafter o uiny uu. - -
VIKGIL B. 6HAW, Pre. Jodja.
.larch 1, 165S 13. - -
LOST. ...
K tha iSi of Dm. laat,betweeB mthotrsa and Rich.
I I ard Hookera Blacksmith shop, on the Co
lumbus road, a small leatbor pocket book containing-
aomeux receipt and a note of hand calling for two
i.uniMiA Aniiara. n arable Dee. 1st IKS, and timed
bv Jacob blouub. A-ny person raiomlna; tha aame to
me, or laavtaj tl a tola ojlea, will barslly ra--wardaf
P f Fatrflajd COonty.Okl.
' Fab" , iSSS. . ' TUOKAi HAhllB..
Later ftmm Harm a.
Niw Yoai, March 6Ji. Bv the ateam-
er Black Warrior, which has arrived al
this port, we Lave dates from ILtvans te
the 27th ulL .
Tbe Lluekade of the Cuba ports still con.
tinned, bat iLe stamur was ailowod to
pais in aud out.
Ao new arrests were made. Great pre
parations were still going on. Tie British
FrigaU Vernal was in port-
A grand review, aud a mock LaUla bad
Ukeu place near Fort Principe, In the pre,
ence of tbe Captain-General. Jfuniroui
band of volunteers were undergoing vig.
orous diilling.
A report was in elreutation that ell Itr
eigners on tbe I.land would be forced to
take up arms er quit the Ltlaad. -
Esrtii Snocx of'ab EABraaciu. On
the night of the 13th inst., two dutinot
shocks of an earthquake, accompanied by
a heavy, rumbling noine, rtscmoling dis
tant thunder or heavy cannonading, were
experienred a:Kin'Jcrhok and Stnyveksnt
Falls, N. Y. , h is said they were suffi
ciently severe to shake the houetsand pro
duce considerable consternation among the
crockery wire. The next morning the
ground was discovered to have opened, in
several places, two or tUce itickct in
Arretted fur Kuluitpplur.
Philadelphia, March 5. A female ne
gro, belonging to a Louisiana r hmter, was
tiikcn off a New Orjeans vessel, lying off
New Castle, Deleware, Saturday, by the
Police of this city. A man named War
wick, who had the girl in charge, was also
taken in custody, and brought to this city,
and committed on charge of kidnaj ping.
Bostok, March 5. In the United States
Circuit Court, to-day, tle cases again-t
Wendell Phillips, Theo. Parker and oth
ers, in wlucb ihor arc charged wi'.h par
licipating in the Barns fugitive slave cate,
were not taken up, but the trial has Lceu
asiirned for the t i ird of April.
Burns is to have a graud reception given
him on his arrival, upon which occasion
he will Le iio-lion.
Norfolk, Va., March 5. The United
States brig Bain bridge has put in heie iu
distress, in a gale of wind, on the 2l .t
ult., she had to throw her guns overboard
to save herself. She is badly injured.
lOlUill an K ST Alb PliLM IS
Main ttritl, n$rlf tfpniii ik TllmJgt Brnut.
A GAIN tnkai)lfa.ar In eallir.? tlia attention ofh'i
caitoinora ami country mor liauti r 'lur.lly. to
tli larjr-'st alack of Coar.Tin an.J bat-lma niann
future, evorbrouirhl lo lb la markot. II Ukearraal
paint to kaep toinuuiilr on ban.) larpo variety of
erery tliilifr lhalraii toaibly bowautoil in Ilia lino. aj.il
D&lltffa blwaeir thul from bia long experlrinv lu Uik
Tin aud SUcat-lron IJiine,
hs will b able to full atitruvtioo lo nil who mir
f.inr blni ilU llu-ir wurk. Ilivinifa practical knotrl
bjcior lha biifinaas "i tJlUoiia arj mi wita k
Tiaw ludarabiMiy,ilyljandiliiiapii jir.
NanaCacturfd to Orjpr.
IIflnlko konjx in big employ r-noof the boat work
man tiiat cmo uo a.curiid, aiiU nlwya baviir on bunil
Hit fary b.t material, in ennUa.l t'j inanifa-tur to
irjjr aiiylh'nir and arery tfiiuir fl jlrnl.U in bt Una.
in hi food al; lo aud on j fair Ur.-na aicaa aujwbara
ba bid.
All kind of Stoven, io.
KoTer In lli i hiitory of Liicait-r wn lhara an aitab-llalimdnltli-it
kfpt on It tii.l a laiv.rkliJ more eomnlate
atorliuuf.t of sViTa.of ati kii.iU nn.l trarirtiaa. lia ia
al prapared a-itii a larr numb.-r of Fir, omtet. ahd
forth at'coinmudutiiinof hit caatomera kcefia on hand
alurpe i.r.tlly of Vtrt B-ie':. unuinfacliujd axpreaa-
i - ... ...... I n . .
In Una. any and epunihii. noo.leU in bia line can b
sicurod by irii'inc him a tall, aud al prica aa reamn
ubU aa cun bii obtninod ia any oiiisr etbltabmant In
tlio Ftalj. . Inasmuch aa hit prea.tnl aiiM-k ia arraaily
..UH)riortohlfornir in quantity, quality, rarHty and
cbcannt:!., ba fa:'ln eoiirl.lent lliat paraoua ffivlnp him
a call wUI go away bif lily dulia-litd and amply ati.uled.
ne aio aeepi cnnManurnuhitlid
a large W.k of Mewl J'lowa,
of Cii.rii.iiatlatidClrclorUleuun
l!fartnre. . - . . -
Lancalor,Marrli 8, itii-H
z4m:vii.i.i: rail koau,
day OACcptud;)
raii.a ic.i r i luLii.Hnu at a a, at. WHI a TTJ r. N.: ar
rUii j- at Lancjuterat 4 ill V. M. and U i'S f. M.
Trailuleve Ijsucuslor ut 1 3IP ..H. and 111 10 4 U
arriving ut CincililiMll ut 11 in A. .'d. and i 4U f.'Sd.
Tmiuawitl tipforpaaaotiKorauafiliow: At Amarda,
Sluut'a, CircU'vlllj, Witliamsport, FourCoriiera. New
Hi!hiid, aabmirloii. KMiuui!ia,(e,ruliina.CroaKoad,
Willlltilifrtoli. hliiro, ( InrkKTiil., und Murrow.
Tliodowuvar'i trains f.-onliei t at Morrow with tthu
trainaon tbe Little Mliiuia Koad forCotiinibna.
Lioeaof siair'.a will ruub-Jlwoo Lanrail.sr and l.o-
iran, N.d.onvill3, Athens, Piiiiiorny, Soitienmt and
Xancaville, connecting with the morning train from
and evening truinto ('iiicli.nnii. . .
Foroliieriiif.iriuatian aud lii kcts, ani.ly at Ticket Of.
flee, cornnorof Br.iad'a and PronlalrojU, ajid at tbe
UlUe Jilauil Uvpul, or loUiehlaUoM Ac. iiIkui thu' Hue.
v . v . nonilVIAKII.
Knffineerand NuTHrriiilendjiit.
J) y-TTie Toaipany will not bo roponai!le for ban-trnfreexceedineS-tiiln
ralue, mileaa Ilia anme be ro
turnuuioliie cunuui-toror Arimt.nml rreipot paid at
tlieraleofapaaaugoforererj iuuin value almre that
amouui. . juarcfa e, tjj.
fVlHlisubecrlber offers to the public this aprluir. a
I choice coliection of S'rnit saatcl Oruaiui'U.
TtSTf tail Trrcti, kbrubt, Ac. I'S-
iSrSFeur, Cherry, Plum, Standard
FW -j lia-arf. Poai-h- Aiirii-oc.
anaaB. Gooaebem- and Currants. Ace. saaa.
The oniaiuental kinds are Kverirreea and Dec-id ions.
Iheao I rees were nioatiy procured al biistero nurtu.
nes. and have beconiu will HtaHtsneu here.
Psrsonsare requested loeull only on Jsfadavs.lTpd
arjtfays end Fridays of each week. No caUl'iKO es cun
be furnished. For further parlii-nlnra tea bill..
-. - bAMUKt, COFMAS.
Kprlre Grove Kurterli't, ona mil West of t:rroll,
Fairlijld conuly.Obio. . March 1, IKii 43
SHEHE will be told al public S.1I0, at the residence
.of the auhscriber un tbe old Kvsslrr Farm, 3 1-S
is Kuatof Lancaster, ou tha Newark Iinud,uu
ThuraUar site I5I elar C MitrcU, 185.r
Tho followluirpersonul prnperlv,to-w-1t:
8 Mood of CAITLr.; 9 Breadieenwaand 11 hbnels;
- 1 twu-borte Wnarmi; 1 rlne-kyi 3 Plows. Hurmwa,
And a great vancty of Farming Utensils:
1 t oiikin(c Stove, 3 Parlor siovev 5 B.-dstaads;
1 hofa, and a large assortment of llouaehoid and
Kitchen Furniture not necessary 10 mention.
Nine months credit will ho given on all awns over
tS, the purchaser giving note with approved airiirity,
under 3 cash In hand. . GEOHGK VAX LEiPiL.
March , lc35 3w43 .
Oaac;e Ornngv Bretl and I'lnnta.
THE iindernlgiied havaalnrgc amoncl or Oaasl Or
ange Koode aiiiiPIanls of the best qualliy.su riissai-d
by none in the country ,whkh they will sell al the to weal
market price.
At from 33 to 40 cents por rod, with a fair deduction
w here large conlraeteare rnado. -
At from 75 eauU lo (1 t rod-Ihe paywiliit a M
j.,ws a when the hedge It set, and tha bahuicd wbea
St will answer the pur)'Ow of a good fence.
For what disinterested ud:ea will say It ia worth, (aa
compared with good feoees) when it is completed.
At tl to il5 f or rod.tobo paid ror when completed.
A . JAMKrl HUMp-rUR ok CO.. Dayton, Ohio.
JswisSrwpTaa, College Corner, Butler county. Ohio
Jiaas Mc-Gasw, Alexandoravilie,Ohio.,
HtsjiMs Laaa. llayton. Ohio.
Mar 1,1854. G. MARTIN, Agent, Carroll. Ohio.
- , NOTICE. '
PERSONS fleirtrowa of receiving tha aervlce nt thi
County Hurveynr can do ao by addresalng a let
l.-rlo Wii.luw HceiLTOv. Kso,., :iaarereek H. O.,
Fall-Held county, Ohio. All business letters will be
promptly answered. Feb. 9. lrtSJ 42.
Nolica of Aeaiifiiment.
EOEGB W. WILLfTITE naslpned all hit credits
T to the nndursigned for the equal berioflt of hit
creditors. December 23, 1P51. Penoni Indebted will
make payment to tbe undersigned, and those having
claims against lha taid George V. WiUhito, will Ola
the same win proper vouchers,
ilea. 8, 185434 . JOHS 1T0XS, Auigaeo.,
' Eatata of Hobert T. tlnnter.
mjOTTCE is harehy given, that tha tmdsrtlgned has
X been amy quaiinea aa fiveeutor or sua last win
and tsatament of RoaaaT T. Hntrraa. deoeaaed. lava
of Greenteld Township, Fairfield County, Ohio.
All persona knowing themselves Indebted to aaid F.a
fate will make Immediate paymeutad tkeaa to whoie.
tha Estate la Indebted will prasknt uwti-aaoaiutaauiy
an'heuiliatcd wlUilp ana year ... . j -.
44 jajies B. ru'3i rue. mw
. AT
""r mkwus r Kkti Be4
.'. UocUm VatUr Cau
. , , . .
Wl mrpnyn4 tu hwiAl Gixxl nt M JrHt
tiuat Ui. ) t miiNIi mu .1.4 u 11 o
uluiuM "Wpuh, ttttrtf Jtjrxn, ttfj
C.. ItiHUr, (.) Ail O tit.it cn.nncl uv u.
liall rci ytuimUmmUou, 4i if fur u..u:.i.mil I
will b furra4 0. uuk.l kd by Ui diui,vM
kruMf k, JkMHl, M OOli Al LU.
FAM JIEHfc LOWK to year l.TLUl tT.
MaBi4 iatnceUtlXi iO.OOO t,nk. Core,
80.000 Wbrnt,
AVI5& aubllsaa4 aurslves In tbe produce bu- ;
ram furtlx rut t noikal i.nie. Abutker ui.
ataeaa, r.rajiiHav an uuieaejuu. all ailKla
rftn w.f It yu't ,ittr lutj u uns araUKiil id
touloil wiiii blf lU tuiu,r hfiy otkor WlNrui,aM In
Uaeuuir. A out flu u.:iuriy nj. i all w la-
TlWluWllKllU. JKl'p'rtlii.l, MJ.
Uuk, Kvrtrory kv, leii U
Peacuck's Iiaprctetl Sletl Flow,
Waraatea M all reijxeu eqtiul aal in
wncgaperiortoaar uUtriow in .
mil IS factory kaa but In optrat'.ua dirluj tbo laat
L V3yan,bulfTUi Uu fj )r, tl.uir ktuiu
ti ha bipA xiftfU I'aruertlarly tu U, liiijiruvulnvut
of the Kkiil iiai J-Uoril Any nmouut fM xt-
uU, L-ilvutac., cak 1 aha, kal r.l) nwr. nn
tu report ot Urmmri Iru:4 ditfurnt Mrla ut lb
country, brtUrr Uar l.ili lb eoil.libii wilb
ulbar MiiUr Wuwt, tkan vj4pa Uia.r kanigjadg
d bf I'.fhiorwt u a aliarnt trial al fi'r.
A Urrj uu I acitlul rba didkrMit at.ulty
ou bab.1, wkick t-.a ba aa at our ttretivuMvr by u
qoiry alojf axil Store 4i Mj.u at., Wuito'a blbclt.
Li'.rj flow aol.l by la warrautud.
b. SK, Icii. JKVFfiliW, WOOD C9.
AVING par-liased lha entire stock of the Bos
ton B.Hk blore. we bare already insHe lara-e ad-
ilia thereto ek intend lo Increase toe stuck of bih
books a. HutioMv-ry.ai ke o couauntly ou band ibe
larfstand best a.wriinent ever iu tbe county wMcb
witi bi vjlil (!.r cask onU) cheaper run can be
bought at any B'wk More in" laucaaiurur vit.u.tj.
And wbatwe nay islruaw
To our old Friend, and Customera and to tba cltt.
sens of Laueaator, PairHeldand adjwli,ina toa aa and
i omili-e. we r4rJClfu.i invite to call and ex:tmii.e
for tbem-lre. JLFPIIIKS, WOOD k Co.
Ajrsnu for lha tha Adams' Linresa Co., .Vain at.,
Lancaster, Ohio. Fju. ill, lci-U.
VrOTlCL I, kireby iven, that Die i.dersit-ned
11 Administrator iisa of Zj ii:ii)i.b Allen,
U'jt-eaadd. I.) virtue of an oior of Lbe i'rubi.te Court
ofeirHd.l (.ou.'.l. Will or.or fur aaie at the roo.-t-bous--
J.mr on Salmtf laa A ay JKirch al 1'j
o'u.rk, tAa followmz dscr.oad Ki.:.t. a.iaLa
in a:;io r.mni . !- u: u. AO. Koran (..j lu Carter
or., auuiuvn w ine sown 01 itiu-aer, l jinf part of
Otlt-Uit Xu. rI c; 1 Hank ad illioa. k.jaL. All. I -.1
of ln-Loi number blx (S.J ill Carter'a ai.:.'.:on lu tbe
town of Lancaster: Hryinnit.y at tUe Northw.--l timer
of aud ia-l,1 ;.o. S.ou U.nk Alley: laei.ee Kaat u
u,e una oi aaio aik-j nileuu tia; leal; Itience !orh
parallel with the We.t boHbdr) line of sid lol to
. .. .... v.... .... i,r.. .. ... ....
gmal West boundry lino, belfs; tbe roulhwe corner '
in tue ai,resaiu 1.01; tnaiice riona aioiiir sam vt e.ieru
iMjndrylin i to tbe place of betrinuii e, bellia; also
pan of Lot Xo. six (ii) of the Hank tiM t.oti, Liiat of
Lanraslrr. A M raised H fjlt. litis Clear.
T'.i'sieee--Ori-iiiird lu hand, one-lbird In one
year,tbe residue in two years wi.li ii teresl on def-rred
payments. HUNhV GlXGHferi. Adtn'lor.
f ah. M, IBS 13 AiUliU WILiAHJi. AUoru-.-y.
Su!e of KeM EM ale by ordi-r oi' ton.-t.
iui, h-
f tueun lbe hours of k o'clock A. M. and 4
r. M.,o.t the premisjs. will be aoitl to the hit-.
4 o'clock
breiiiisjs. will be aoitl to toe kia-hvulrtild-
der.uhe 1 Mluuble .11111 Propeity and appur-
venances, n.iiy ouneo uy junaiasu Garvi. ! ...
ilcctfaaed, s'.tuate In FsirSeld connly. Ohio. and know u i
and disiii.jrtii.hed by bein? a part of tLt Somites:
U'larterof Kjiihin'Xo. l'.i, in T !;. hip Xo. HI, ,.r
Kanre Xo.lpi; Keffiuning al tlia Northwest corner of I
the laud formerly .iwne.l by Ttiomas Keos. at the i.iar- J
fin of the Ohio Canal near nriinal Loe' No. if, hn.:.;i !
of Uckinr Sumiuii; ihence fio-..ih rti deirrejs l-.i-.i
lb perclrs to a po.l; thence Sorlh 54 dearies i.al
Sll perchia lo a alt thnt.ee North 3u dekre-i .1VP,1
7 1-10 perehe. to a post at the Canal: tbeBi e leiilj 52
decree. West 34-i'J perckea with the Ci.nsl lo U.j
nlaeeof oeeiiiirc. ard premiiK-a to ba sidd fre of
the dower of the widow of aaid Jonathan Barthuio
oiew. Appraised at fJ4i)fl.
7-acf esaf One-thiri in hand.one-thtrJ fc one.
andta' residue In two years froia dny of aato, w:ib
interest onddfe.rvd pavmeuts.
Gunrdian of Maion J. h.irth .lomew.
-V.t-. 4 Stuvgi: n, Att;a. Feb. Sv, liii- i Jii
dlank nooK. 3I.XrrACTOHV AXD
Hook 0iuil;ry I.aucnHir. Ohio.
HouCmdr., Ac. li'Mtc
Bimlii k of tacry ii.'Si.rijJ..t)n
lu m tuot wvll4f).clur;
m. ile iliii . .1 ah orner,iFT irntr or inner
tiffgaSaaSe lyr. i.roniptly au.'ii.ltr,! ti.
Ord-rfor lliulinr ran i loft al lb a OUici.
nr&tthe Binder), on Muiii Ftrjit, in Uic r.,o;a fonn-f
ly crupietl br ( ul. P. vn Truiiip, a a iuw OtLvo,
ai:t1 nearly opponitt? Dr. Kruiajr'a ru:tttnce.
AJecaiuucr 14, lti 22 J. liU.- ti-L.
and mill and many of my old cutnir.er IndeMad
le by note and on book account. Ihereforv. be it
sbv known, Uiat lean wait unlonrer for ih:t which
A V1NG ben out of bUr-iiiMs iiowoTf!riTmonl,,
tulntaty doe me, and hi I fUims ttnw il.ie in,v l.it h
remain unpaid on U.e .'th .ay of tiu tnoiitti, ill b
plurrd in tun hnndaof jroteroffictfrdfur roH li'.n.
thu fi.lloalnp:
Swan's Trentiea. price ti: Swan's Manuel, $15.
Lancaster, November 53, itil ia
sTTnairev ist cocxssLLua aT iiw.iia. imit, otr:e
V-f,7UXrmctleu Inihe Count of Fairfield and ad
m joinir.tr counties.
lie mm be 'fouiid durinar Irnalaass honreot tha offer
of H. II iluiiter.fcsn. may J3, Jeo4.
T Wlbt cunt rait with Tar-kcni ard
r.j t , A e!fi p r'hii'iier. f r tho tran.portitllon uf
rSfJfTiiin kinds of Freights, rr.im J.at.cnler.
flrcleville and f'hiilit oilie to and from Cim-innati tn
Ohiri Canal and Ohin K.r.-r. I will mpke It to llu' ln-
tervvt of Shippnre toaeud Ibcir froi-iit by tit's r.i.itj.
. f. C l." , 1 I
Dec. SI, lfi4 4S3 lor Scioto No. 3.
TOT1CE la harebv given thctC. F. Fhst ffer. AJ-
J iiiinislrabif of ibe.cstate of Aiunmia Twyiumi
deceased, bas tiled in the offi-e of the I'io isle Court
.f KhlrS.-dd County, Ohio, bia account current and
voiic-liura inereto tor iH.peciroo.alia mini e'-ni-niei.i,
snd thai the same will tm f-ir bearing on the th day
voiichura thereto for la. peclioo. and Ctnil e'-ttlmei.t
ofalarcb lcCvi, or as soon after as m:i) be convenient.
vutu.lL r. bu.i , r.-ouaie Jung...
Febmary 14, UU 41. -1
aTToaNBV aao roriiaiMia at u, Jrrrica ar
raaca asa oisksl L.xn aoaaT,
Iranc.sttf r, Oltlo. ...
WILL g've attention to tb.' rrar(-lia.liiiraad.illlrr
of Hdal Estate, also, 40 tbo procuring of
sion. snd Bounlv Lands.
OFFICF: In the ttrtcr Block, nearlv oppoatta
Hocking Valley Bank. may IS 1H44 -
seahi.K's Dooic sToiir,
OppORitBMh.TfTor'a tlclet, l.nucaslcr, Ohio.
nOXEY MOOX and other Cnmalities from Punrh
Autobiography of an Ai trens, by Mra Mow alb
. Journey to C'ui.ln.l Africa, by Da: ard Ta lor
Kanswa and Nebtaska. by Hide '
fi jirtiy MemorleaorPnrcign I.auda,by Mrt. Stowe
The Better Land, by Thompson
Nspoleon A bis Army.The Camp Flretof Xapolena.
A One l"lof Annunls for ICCjo, and a Una lot 01 small
Gift Hooks of all kir.da. -
Catholic Prayer Books. Episcopal Prayer Books. and
a large lot of Family dliblea and Potiol bibles at
rcilnced pricea.
Pcbool Bioksand Stalloiierv at Wholesale H Retell.
. Packet Wallots. Port Monioa, and Pen K'Mves, for
sale at the Bnok Mora of JOHN SKARI.fcS,
Oct. ati, 164 5 0?ote SUft r' liatlL
Talnitble Farm far Sale. .
jafWL 4 FAHMcontalning919Acrea.onthewators
f''- IV of Clearcreek, ir. Maiirsan toLsh!p. know
Avyivi the "Vt ei Farm." with u- o-rolUnt watei
JLSm privilege, will be aold by lbe nndera'.gued, ol
private aula. For forms apply t , .
Uneaeter.Jaoo 7,1(34 A.McTKlCH.tawdsal.
TTArmved hlaoc to t.tfn cemsv. Kaat of
1 1 tha Court nrpusa.pniie me uuio t-agie utnee.
Unc4Wter,OrtolpoCad,lrS4 8 -
Uoase end Lot fox Sale.
rrniTE sohmrlhev will dlepoaa of a hooso and lot la
I it. .a l..eaatev. wharw Mra. Cxinkie now resides.
on furorahla ufms la Ure psMrohaaar. For particulars
to iacata and CtM', aHquira f rX'lJ.
3 1?
J ' .J
Slemr. Claibe, Ttthl Jt
clMtUialrl.i, liiu.U7 rwiu.ro.
! - ', v R-.-s-j.M.-r.i.-c.uTwcsi.4
j '4TyuLTv l'U' CMS, nwwi IMtlfirt,
fc,iur mci in tlx K.Wj lin..
tri.AKKl rotilked utri-w Cotter "
I Wirl:rl..pfuru.illo:. n ol Ik. kiwU III Ui
oi.i y. u,hh-aii,Ttt. I3. ;ui.-
''nrnVm fh laml,L or fr tu-i.ii $ in. k, t'l un fr..i
3u wi n ,r tN t. i t.rn Vj'Uimr. mlir n I. ! I r.t'.f eJ
i uml w !.e tvftMh r.t.or tn.lu op l.nrM
L.iwlr., mn u.t ut oU&ia r.n, f, .'.or vnrth to
'atfitt U. rr..-.l, h.JT In Ohio. IhlT . rtlr.
'-'roiilmr ur li.ru yuir. V r tUt
HcCoruivUsUnp.rnud i'.rmt Ce'.ler uad
hmu'i vhHi f.-rll.
funntit'.H mc.ll. EtarrkVy r1- call,
r.4 buV Ql.r -tf.Ml IT,B. UUP l l:.... ..fkJ lru.
sua j try In w.t, u. U.j cui uiu, Jour uhMl,
ll'mr Sour, yojr rj-n ,..r a.y. vour oai.
hope, without doair h-rairj joke, -.list ow t;' CH a
liberal sba'etif patrona :o a. wh.ip.rs d.OrmLied U
oo nu.ii.ea. on in mosl in.arp.i t.-rina.
February JO, tAt b, WKIGliT CO.
'Ke Door EnM ofttirOli) riiccVcir-d Stoia
UA ING r ecu.) rciiiuJ.1 ti-stret clta.o'.ei.'.frosl
T.C.Vvbiia-. b'.i..k:iUrru,riia J , i.iut the Old
Ckstkisrvd H v Ml mi .rK uiii.mi., Mi.tt.l.l.
loy Uri.k.ui A mid. ui iueroi a hituli',.na to ihklr itcik,
i.kt itiH n.U:odof 'i foni.li tb lrf. udii;i.; iker.vb.
Irfkei;err.ll, Ibtt 1h j ate j rii ctMl lu iratibleHura
wilbb-atbeis and d..i'..li ,11 ;K..!u. )ertirilC t
tblrllBi.f buaShewa... 'lief have e p!i vwl.U a t .l
workmen Ir. the Mate 'rod l.Li.uLc.kia ll.ajp art.tlsa
from tli'i bc,l lnat.-n.rlt.
Thiy ke roi't'uMlr or. hai d s ji a-il usor.mtl
fo il. fh(iil..iiea.ii.-l t.
foSi2. !ddl .. KM :t ai.il Hun-eia.
i far l.:re, VV r ,n ut.d Kidl; a WUos.
Tr-.nta, Vilis..., .-.rpet La-a, . r
fi:.(rle and do -bio JI.ilrMaca,
Allkbiftof it'.t. tr.
AO of ),!. b Ih y !!l s- IU HV.ATtot CASH. AH
work nurue to order, or p':rtitd tt ih-r OMpWi.a
sjent, isw.au. Ulan to l. iti.de of I ha IZil HATH
ill.'. L. srd in a wurkmpril.ke mai re..
r .-full and a xi. mllis forvcjLiali hiV. ni.
elsewtere. ntJ JJ;ivi,A.i.V
Lim.r. ft i:rsij.iem
WOCLI)rp),:r.il!y ai.noui.es to lli tiifiana
L-inhrnr.d vis-IiiItt tut -b.y era as v.tiaj la
race.; I of a nr; iuavy ..r.a areli . :1..L'I .Ijti of
Wprlm; Am', Kuuiu'.i-r C.vo
Knbrapn ry vaett and i1;l to be had In tha
L-ujrn mark ;!, to bt h li.v.ta tbu atm.tnu ..f
-ve.-y l.od. aa r m!-i..l illir.JJ as ebaau at t;o..ta tan
lie toll Weil of t:. .Mointilnj. lu a i l.tbU l ou
Utg. .iu. k, will be f'jjnJa r;n;.--l uMrtiuant jf
Uootv, Sh'i-v, IJiui.it mi. J llat,
Priol and Cmire!!, Isr.im r.Hnes,
ills rn.:ai.rj, Gi..ware. carj .'Hi,r and Muttlne
V.IJ ruper. i;.,-d irinir i.(.d VViuilw
folion tiiv ;.-: -i ind eari.-it V'&rii,
iiMtUi.;, V& U:.ji, eiu.dle-wick, etc. etc
A'so, n g-uid Mmk of fjue Grocerieia
Tobacco, &c,in hort, every tilnj usaaily kCLtia a
Store, and prior too.
AewjMwi5 to o'tr old frlendt ard etittomen ttaV
we return o.jr sun jrj UiaLki fur tlidir very hu:;al pa
trocti, e cVindud d..rli.a: our bo.tmeaa career a!i.ni
'ieav.or 'j pieA ulo rive atrailloa to all who will
t.iciu..... ... n bvi:i:lu.ii Ol 110 saillO. 0 W III OB
n.ror us a iui ineir CMn'orn, Ali kinds of eii-mtrv p-o.
d-e L.ken In aarbarei Kt 3 ,jdafor which the inea-
est market pr.: a .11 be paid.
Uay SO, HH.
FamitlyC race riea,uoonaM-ore, ix,,ic.
FEtl-X G. rJARRESrilOX hns become jinprlTtor,
b; .urtt .of tne Groc.-'y f-t jreofH. b. liai.ter
ro., to w hub be hiA'unt added a Ultra nd sjperune
aricty of f'umiy CVructri, now arn',uj. end b, arriva
from Cine ii.h.ti. ur,d i.or in.rcs. In m-ikirtr b.s (-ur
c haae be liasbnU iu view tb i actojimodatiou of LU
friend, nl.ddlscriiuat.1.2 M:bllc. for ail ajussiis.-. 11a
couioeT.Osto rhi-ir a'.tenlioi:.aaaoi'Z o'.her articles, aft
prir-e th-.t i:;iiiiiot fail t.,ivd .wiifni lUm.
CoNr EL i lOli Al:liB of ail klndi,for faratliaa and
Canute.. Tsmnia Atmonrla, B:.aTl'th Walcta Sal
Brazilian Xuu. F.vi sn.i d..e..
J?Wtg, toil f rii.tii ef..r J-'Iles. Irai:e.,&c.
Of riiiiiii..Groi..:.v.ilu i'l i:ilv in :i.Uou Pull, nov
dered and cr.i-h M O f , K j -''.i.-leai.s !., TcSS,
iiio sift Juva V ol FKK.Si leas Jtoki.v;., Gol.leu jr
up.rrcnrh C b..-ilnis. M i.i..e,o :.iit-.Ui, loRii-
I atsup. a splendid lot .if t'.-agliik D.fy Cases', iu.d
olb'jr iirt-ies lo nuiHero-is lo -ntt ri.ia n h re.
Xottofortret.al l.ii;uor. Wdi.i'yfor tl:e sick sh:J
conva!t'-ent.cia:i:rs5 ye:in Old. si'ioainfut d cbowlLf
ToBALTO. r-oderai.d h'hut fur the S; o'rts u.n.
lie will ke?p iim band .1 fi.rle? if -'ciar.. rarmitb
mn4 Japan of bi.oa n Piiaii'ifi.i l. re tor the ir 'd-t.
Xot lejuc, a large and liiil Ms.orttnettt of (fatrmlvnrt,
r.trtht vore, rncA rarraa'f Kigliik G'svors. id'
, H'ap4nwart. Tiki. Br: tu. Sec.
inM.new un-Jrtrtirr.ai- I loiis f-r lhj a'-TPw.i.ii.1o.r
i.e uoie... to ouiain a i.ir A'.a'r orti-.e -mol1 nivor
tnd piitronare of his friends. Haulier b?en coref eiWd .
to r'l:i:nili hi- former b.!:ie.a n. ll.j'-roii,:o Jielib,
ne will iiuxo a lair trial of u.ls, to mso -.1 l will pi iret
lii Tiur--s. Its well cs hi. b -i.lib. II in e .e.-iiui n, fM
alii a lit- will d 'V..t? ld r.il',vi.V;'l at:?rit!or) do Lt
.lii i-eeti . I.b a '.(( .i alilel. .ruela,lo srv e U.a pui;l.a ia
seme n'her useful CApntltr.
JIay5ii4. VZi.lX (j. UAItEErTCLTOS.
(1 ltv;i.l.prp-.r.
i so fin. si. all MadsofKl KA3I
short nol.ee anu i.1 Ci.
n.l r-llt-iVirir nrirc-e
Ala-i. nil kinds of .M:tl Garr. IToIstinj Fcrewa,
Ruiatii:ir Kcrswa, Jack licrew Fullji'a btrotra ilu
Cuier irc .
.Mil! Spin-il-.-.of ra.i Iron or wrought.
i:al.-;;nd lirfvtfrs. rVc.slc.
ile will also furisish the PA RK Ell V. FT SL to teH
! avy head of u:.t t. i:i d l-l oith-r ir..n or wvim! altar
' AWo tha ATrvlNSOX ViliLtL Ut uj a. tbovi. Ti
i imti-M on the Hurker V.hs.l hr. e-. ired ai.d cexj.
I a I ; 1 - oitli 'f lr'li or woi alintt.
.nri.i.llv tl.ev con l-e had in'if h
He nt. continue? to nu.!!e IKlni.S THIlArniXf
y Ai'HIXKS. a "1 s-ej a lot siiiiV.:r.iy on hunu; w-r
rai.t-"" '.hr- i.t.t in f i.io.
All lb -nhi-ve url'.i l. HllTtr md with esj C'tnl Mn
and nv ihebet v.orhinc-1. and will lie w:ir.-.i.:e.l.
A I! kinds of r!-.rt.rinril.iie uj.iii tne short--.: r.t ijea,
llr fcv;.e.w(i..l! on l:.i..!, Ali KITIK Or
C.VTI VG. n.-iiihy k .; 1 in a Kil..'ir;. Hi bss enn:
pl.'td h.s front sbip, so tliut Iboie wha call exaui4
ine his w.rt:.
Hi? kni.an onslity oft .c wor: d ne at tit! es-aV
ll.hnient f-r oimiv y.T.r j : the lieal ;irTi.rti-e Hi.1
lu lutur... ihe ii'irnbr -.il! l-.lnir In ilcs re li:u j-ifc-roi.nce
of 'h ? p'lfilic. ITi. iulitesuuiiuii.i.'joi..
UiKast-.r,.M:.ylii,lfil. G. tliVOU
SAiCII, f.ll SY cV CO.
At th0!d Sti:i:d f f lif'ilirriiiud A Mmt:c,
n VE 1'iit rer-ir.l a lirr?ai:.I .1 -?.in'. aiso.-trn-int
of XKW G 1-lillS. a varijly ensue
p:iio,i,nit which th.-r Hill soil at yrcLtbatgulrs.
lheirsiot COlniaUul . . .
cilnllif, l'iiMni-'if!s Cnasinc-t, Jer.31, ii.
Vjstiurt. of..-il1 thediir-r-nt -los
Ami lor the tar! let Finin h M !.liwc',ThJt!'jalClothai
Alpcusai d Le Liiln. of nil Lii.ti.;
Ca.ic-o,'.. iri'.rcriiaois. Fiui.i.ei. ai d every a-ilcla la
tlie way if ilr-.- G.it.i!. 1-1 b.- fo md ir. tli ; itien;
h-'luft 1-. 01' o very v.iriety of h r. si . n!d iiiatjrll;
l.-ess and iiiiuii.'t 1 ri:uri; '"eant'fii lasrtnin:;
II 'iniieta ilk, Vuli. t ami s:ri-sv h;ib Die Lauftaw
all det-Ure lo l.e Iru inoit h.-n.-iif-irnn.'. nisliinnald.
In addition lo their etwt. of 4'lo.hs, the-ara,
and wilt conitsntlt keep o;i l.:.i d larg 1 ai.il e vcellei.i
' ;-t--
lJ anda-tp r irwsVni.....n..
lick of HKAIiY MAilli C!.'ilciIG, got up .wita
Boo!anrt h'ioj:Hf.t-iiiid t iM.'.-it pric;a woaae.fuly
low. U Uii'.sar." ai.d CiU-swjfJi .
CuiTc-c, tagitr. Tm, 'Ig'j itco, Spioes, ic
nt-A-Hys on band.
7Tha new firm leu.i.-r thelrttianka for tll8 Cn
eo-arnirfng mnr.nor in ul.icli llu have bcii rocclvod,
swell by lha public ten rill as by the old pat-u. of
the stand, and b.?ir leave to ashore ull.llixtlfucon.ui-.t
attention to th dr wants and a determination lo k?ep
t.p with thj times will s-i-.ie a conlinnatloa anu au
liirgeiii-i;t of their bt:sia. tboy vill notf.il i intt-iit
Unit end. Com' try pro-liue l-iketi in erckanjr lorgooua
LiUiCastor, GLio, Jnliuar 4, lc-3 35
fllllE'ind rs!"nd retneetratly advertises lbe r''-
I. lie that Id h -son ImihI frsaH, on reasonable terma
fnrcash.aeniRp.s'rs uasortment"f - - -Frr-ah
Mnd Well Helertml Medicine', ,
Compris'rg rvervrns inVtirs derived from Iba
rrgseaA's.-sf'"'"' "'-'"'' tSingdiin-s. and ced la
J'ltpnlke. fieri'l'. ir'-sfiV nrf!s'ei practlea.
Th'jasorlm.irtle.ihr;ic?.;ill Ihe 4Ui!i-U.,JlejAi?t,
jl'rmlirlJ.it'M" Kr'rnrri.l .t-t. - .
His stock of Surgical Inslrumei.ti Is of the bet, quality.
A FnlfSlock rf Fnnsiiy Crucetlsa .
Prenchand American Prf:imciiy Id great variety.
H ivana and coiiinmn Sejmr... C hen It e and ftmoklni;
liibacco: bed ijunlityof Wine. tSrar.dica. cVc .i.allva
smt imported, forincd:ciral nae: ;rongCiiler Viiiei-ar.
Windnw Glass anil Glast Ware, t.-gmlier with all lha
popular patent medicines, nftd an cr.dleas vcrli'ty of
s'sand sad both oriiaiiientclar.il useful.
Physicians prescrlr i;cns put up w ilk great care tf a
eompeteiiland axuorieneed disi-e.er.
Oct.S3.ie51 . X: 108, Jfain S-V, .s;.se.
ffOOtr.1t TACTOilY FOB SA I.K.
THE undersigned wonld respecifiilly ani.ounra la
the . linens of Fsirfliild and adjotnlrg mi Hea,
that hartin-atoacll at private sale the Woolen
Vactsrry titirated In the town ol Haven apt,
Fairfield rountv. Ohio. The tnjchlnerv Is pr rcipiilly
NEW and In FIK8T BATE KUVN LhG 01 1st
does work equal to any le Ihe connt-y. and has a larra
run of custo:n. There I. connected wtih the Factnry
a go d and convenient Dwelling House.eouiJiln.
tn- fe.ir rooms, and r.lao four Sucly situated lota.
Iki Theout holldings are numomns snd convenient.
Perrons deelrone of making a good barga'a la vkia
kind of property, would do M , .
LsaM promises.
Havcasport. OetoberS, 1854-C1
rr,A5CT,AfiWiB VH ri-ri -te t tn cur

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