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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, March 08, 1855, Image 4

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11.! radar Homing SI arch S(IS53
,(-.;:,)! ( Pot t!ij Lno.-xatcr CusUa.J
'" Uk.abrhtbtand lovely vialou,uld the darkr,os of
tu curat.
ir.,iii m' irniii el, stun, fir sue dawned cposi .
- my eia-ht, A !
Ong uuVi glance on only abe but Cashes and ju i
Aud'inj'honrt tell Itwasloncly, evau lonely liU lluit
. . , ' , . .1
One mora thould dawn apon Kt u upon tli -,t Coptic
Famed statue which al raorainf, wttS lbs rising sun
boaia alnjf ;
. hi,iiNaalu that gUnc. of hers, st:U SttOJlly 03 me
fcch posrleu charm entrano--. me thUanlhjin ttnsl
.well u
For siireaii- .ntlicut It must b. that baart 'ho soul
Ylw leaden, cloud's that cluster rouud ao earthly sp.r-
ll'alv;. ., ,
' Ati3oia fjelttig or thought oCoarlh cuuld mingle
VlUta iRht Uiat bctri an offoriti up to jnthaibrlue
it bar. ,'
Like Cytheroa aprliiglnic from CiS aca't eoibraclcg
Klaca ouch cbarm bofora mi which buth niailo ray
hi .irt tia homo . ,
And ai jtieannl-vintrancinedol fsjlhcr vnive must ),
For Ui'ira'a music Ut Iha luntli.i; or her vyo-nu.'h
mtja ma
Oh! .! p"nlu of Anjtlo uTr f-rm or feulnra eTii!
l'.ct u.n!i u-ugLou of lli hdaiLuid tout could ao
aiiai.tvo, , .
And wsMiajy butoiuboJiad la thu ailout apoukluK
' l::o,
Pf.-mlwul jftorl J3J otiilua no'or ouoh lotoiiiMuakad
a.:cn ' . '.
Ob what wara Ear'.h'a or Ilcaven'a or tba Pa;)iail
tuaakio' cbrina
Or luo Um hi tli all bud (Iron to inch biaut) in my
And uiii were Jotoa ambrovia to tlta rosol of Uer
Or ki ceriar of of Olympnt tntho k!o 1 would alp,
AnJ' r.i,-. uocUr worl 1 qucC!c( at hla banqtiot aeal
' V'U.lo lia "God Jots ever lai.glili.ij-' ou ma luvUbcd
i.K V.-r love,
. aa'.b 0i; ipoil he flings around ruat down (be nectar
1 .iill iltrow
Ait'l t.i"l:mg:il')r loving GoJdM"fortllla biilng from
And Ue koowelb If ib! trlWi ibould bilsbt-uya ev
vr irrm't,
Tbntol:juv thaturo knoolli.g evi-r kbuelii g at hot
ten. . .
, Tbura l- wl)o would abandon, tliouth linuiorUI bo
All thu Lojiia m .Voliajracd, tot a isouieut lu bur
' CiiaoK' A:oii;i. We prul'ur a qitiitk
tdmpur "quick rami and quick over" to
a rj!im one: but to anjjtr of nny dwerip
lion It!., d.i'i.-rcm.i to yield, ftinl,ihcfuf(ir,
to alt wo any, "Cl.cek your nngor."
Pause beforo you put intu tSL-utUion the
' dyoils wlii:h ic prompta. Rofl!ciion is of-
ten a ante nnti.lo'.o for Mutt poison of tlm
. mi ' m . , ...I
. . .nea:.. liiu wuuuinui iue wise nit-n wnu
govern nation concai'siu ajknowl:d,'iii
(lie boiielits of deliberation, vt'ii wben (be
' lior.or, liberty; ond oxintenue of nations is
involved; bttitte the coldnnss and courtesy
nd tod iu m of negotiations between pow
ers.who, tliougb tliey liolely baieeiieli otb
cr, ti!l strive to m:uutuin tlio aucouduncy
'. of rsa60U over passion.
Storo your mind well, for it is lmrd for
on empty eatk to stand upright.
. Whutrtliu heart's out of tune thetongne
r. so', lorn does ri-ht.
( . Ba.ro faced falsehood fibs toVl by thu
luJies iu the presont style of bonnets.
' Honor, liko the shadow, follows thoc
wlioQue from it, but flics from those who
' ' purauo it. .
, . lie who will tuke no ndvier, but bo al
. ways his own counsellor, shall bo sure to
, Lave a fool for bis clieut.
Corroetion does much, but encourage
ment duos more. Kncourugflmeut after
censure is as the sun after a shower.
Laws bhould bo so framed, that the pub
lie would Cud it more to their interest to
keep thcra than to disobey them.
Irn illicit faith proves imbecility; yet im
probable relations should be k-'ptieally re
ceived, not positively denied.
1 . .I'idulity. good humor, and complacen
cy of tempor, outlive n' tho charnH of u
, lluo tico, tin J m'lUo lU il.'c:vy invisible
A breeder of Shanghais says that ono of
. thevo fowls, when catinfr corn, takes one
peek at a time.
': Tho velocity of a musket-ball U, on an
averajjo, 1,0;.)0 fyed per second, mid it.t
ran jo uult a milo.
A Paddy wriiin'r from tho west, saya
pork is so plonty thai "vory third man you
loeet is a Iwj."
Boaitin seldom or never accompanied a
sense of reul powor. "When men feel that
thry C;n express themselves by deods.they
do not often care to do so by word.
' 8ocMt sorrow is liko thoso destructive
ingredients which wo are forced to con lino
and seal up, but which corrode in tho via
' sels in which t'.my aro contained.'
Why will England never bo in debt. to
Because whenever charges nre brriuyht
again :it u, wo roturn thum wi:h interest.
, Why is tho liikiah army liko a looking
glass? Becuusa it cannot bo beaten without be
" Injf destroyed.
; Why is a weary nisrhl traveller in Glou-
ceslershiro liko the wounded soldiers at
Seutaii? .
Because ho is ohcoredby tho preseuce
of ihoNightinc'iilo.
Povorty is, except where there is an ac
tual want of food and raiment, a thinir much
; woro imaginary than real. Tho shame of
poverty tho shnme of beinpf thought poor
I ' -is a great aud fatal waknenB.
. . Integrity is the first moral virtue, benev
olence tho second, and prudrnoe tho third:
without tho first, the two latter cannot ex
ist, and without tho two former would be
often rendered usetos.
', Envy sneks poison out of the sweetest
and fairest flowers, and liko an ill stomach,
' converts tho best uutrimnt into the worst
and rankest humors. It pursues worth
and merit at shadows attend shiatng
. E'Wmgn wlichwebavo slighted when in
, our posHossion, are more hiihlv miiad
when there is danger of our being depriv-
d of thorn; and our hetrts are more keen
ly touched by tho anticipations of lots than
- . uy me tuiaess 01 enjoyment.
. . It is one of the wine and evident , uses of
. tuJaen uatn, mat we may so live with our
friends that oome when and how it will
- we mty not add to the grio'vious -loss the
1 elf-ri'j.roatb of unkipdness or neglected
' au.i.). 7 ' :
- "MV'aid on inquisitive little "girl,
i,, "will ri:l and poor pVonle live togyther
trhen they go to havon?' ' "Yes. my daar
they will be all alike there. "Then, ma.
,Htiy don't rTelr and"poir Christians mso'
" ciate together. ner?" .The riclt'notir
,00 cco'.-v.
r1"IE .T.TTf .K IftlfH AXCs?rO.,of Hart
ford CoUB.,hTvii,g cooitlled wiut iLj law 10
rtMulutd Insure.. co Ag-'uciusof Companies iucorx,
r.iiod bv other Muee. nmnliiii It, lt54, publish
tue folio. lag. at (Centred thoroby. TaeocttUial uit.-
want beUif "u iil in the Stale Auditor's oia, ue
duplN-aW with ihoLlerk f Com woe fleae, Couuly
Court. - -
IututfiBo'C.ui id L" A. 11 art Cms.
To thi Aceno. or tc st-trov Omb: ' ' ! "
. Pie.ise furnish are-
a nr vr oerti .,,,-.(-. ntheriii to P. V ar Tromp.
01 Lici..;,;r, ee . duly appointed Aires.t of tho Ktka
iclll,:t fnuFAiit, of Hartford, Conn., who hare-
attb pusjiiu a ji ttHt4t ml auto CoiilpHiiy, i.a i
airod lv mu lw of tlra bulla ul Uhio, paas.'d 11 ) fr,
lti4, aa rtiLua:- t -
'ibauunuut th rorportOrxt In ,Krm Ihihci
CourMf, locnt-id at Hurlffrd,ronu.
'I ho Cm.iua la. Fiva U audraa 1 houun'd DolUra, and
l l"i'l 'p. . : . . ... t !
1'U Aa tnf th romfnuj r:
Ciali (U hai.d. in U.mk, aud liilmj hnJ '.
i'i or uibor pjFMiua, . . , 212JSC3.f5
K . utu uuii'.coioboretl,
M.itlirHo lin.d4 :.nd 7 prr cent hi- '
lor.9i N,TAtl .'atoi-nlilinnlly,
Dbu loo ('ouipr.iyocurii b Mori- -
iriiao, .
DjI l i o!vi:Mo amj 1) 'ureJui.it p.-y-
. Pramfuui Notei.
All otbof uiir!t1ea, vm "
it.ti Mock, llnrlford and
Nutr tUronKuil kod Co., i.tAS
2li " .", Jl.rtlonl aud
P.iiviiiiM.etf ; .; U,o0 .
1C7 ' Itoaioii aiid
: WwrMJr' 10,lii5
4 ", ', Sow. Albany
i.ud H-Ium " HI)
JWi CohiiMtUU
K;cr U.w.0
Sutl "
50 "
iui "
lio-nlx B'k,H:.rtfo;d MMO
Hnrlf t.l .". '.
t'Hv 1
llartfonllSo.'' ."
w ' ' '
1 Ejglo, Providcnoa,
1I..I.W of Arur!ca,
' 7 N-jw.York,
' Ouuk ot K. Amori-...-
Sa.UH v'
. Il.l ii j.
-1 5 .0t .
!'i "
3tl "
K. I.
lot) "
t a,
io - "
lie :
lS..ukof Ctfnimou
Uauk of "I'.opiib
'liroadwuy Cxk,
Pc-opiiia Kunk,
iluuovar Bunk,
Mtfdi.mia Bank,
' 4.SV0
1300 '
0,1 UU
too "
IHIJ '" "
JbO " " .Vow York 1.1 fo aud
I Mai to.,
" " 'Ftufftiiil B..nk,Conn.
; uiii'-Jd li.aiulliitciti paid Ui, "
' ' Coua.l.iVOi'COilipuoy,
Tho fuiouiit of linMlltloa dna or not dug
to Unkaor oibor troOaora, uoum,- '. .
l.u6;tL-.lJuaU(l blld dllO, -MOIIO' '
i.nB.tdiiiiju"ied i.iid not ond, (148,318 j
l.uatij lojutljuoii and in au- - 1 .
pci.i.', wuiiiLg lor tuniiur' ' i
.r.nf, fll.S.VVV)
All tiLlii-r clatma nar.auiittho Co.uiutn aro amall jucb
oui) u pruilintr,
iIkui.m u.niruiioa loi.iica no riaic over in.umi. . .
'J ho amount injured in any eity, town ar vtlluffe, da
iitinda on tlio i-UoiactJr, iu.-ituriiit. and construction
ol'InuliiiiiKatlio widili ofatruola, tlio aupply ol wutor
und comlillon ol'llu ilia uspuilineut, unu oilier ur-
cuni.iantus. -' -
Tho uuiouut Initiroil In blorkanf huilillnica.Tnrtan-.the
d "iifii u to limit tba Ivw by an) ouo U to t IVJMi or
'I'tio act of Incorpnriillon) tlio aumo ua Sled in July,
IW. I no. i Al.KSaNUKfl, areraiu.
bmeor ConNgTit.eT, j M lirtlurd, Juu lai, IcM.
Personally ftppeurwd Thomas
A. Ai.axaNDiii.RoerotRry ol tho ACt ltJ;'iii!tCoii
riNV, mid uiudooiith Hint tlio foregoing fttutuinuul by
blm aub.4oril,uii, 1 truo, iti-cordini; to liin btal k now 1
oiijaund betiuf. IIknuv FovLR,ii(ico(Ar'ue.
cuiiririCATK or At IIIOIHTV.
(To vxyiio uu thu Ult day uf'Juiy9i8at).) '
Eta Tie or Omo, AudiTo ap Statk Orrn i,
C'of.ijMULi. I'-Jbrtiuiy U lf.w,
H'htrtr.iy Tha Atim litsurtmce Cottijittiiy, of Hurt
forl( Cui.ii.. I'M'tiiuJ ut U irifajrU, lit thu Nulw ol' (Jmii
imcl.t -it I, liut 1 1 led iii Uiiaulliuo attuoru nt.i,uii.uiil of It
coiulit.ftit, tm rkMjtiit vl b lliu rirdt jiuctiaii ot iUt Ai'l
tu ropitlal Ut rtoiu'ii ttf Iii4it:rui.L'u (.'timMt5 uul
liiciritofiaUa ujf uu tihj 01 uii.a," p-jou utaj,i
Ir ..I:
j? m.. Whtrta. Nnlrl L'ninnitcy lin furnlihoil tho uu-
dirigitMlt aaHaf.H'lyry wvitlitoo lltut it U poMuidud uf
t hnM on -j liiiiMirLMi tuoiuiiu uoiiJtrfOi ue,iuai uujniui
iuvjatttil iu utockjiuf at luiut Jmr vuluu, or in UtHiiU or
morlifu;; j of tinliR'iH.ibjfOii fj.tt 04b.it) worilt Uoublo
Ide ftiiio'tiil for u littrli tlio u:nu ti inortcii-fod. ,'
And Wur.'tKii. SnLU ContpMuy huiiUlcU in thU utile
awrliUn Intiramnul, mnl.ir lu oncpnrtflu-tuatl, AifriiOtl
liy thy I'roiltU'itt mul Socrftiry tltoroof, itiimiimthtf; and
aiioiiitltiK I'- VAN TIUiiMF, tf ,Uni4lw. it A-K--iilt'"r
thu trbtioutil.ou ol Iho bimiiicni of .nut rani nt
mul fttl At uuroiiiirvut-llj uutliuriZ'iitf him to iixkiinwl
edj tiirvtr J of iirncuHsfor uinl on hcli.tlfof tiuld comprt
nv. coiiatiiitiutr ttiut lurvlt;!) of nnn'O.M urnxi him tu
al'l A(tt)nl, slitill bo Ukomttid balti in ho us vulht un if
aorvt'il atMiii till coiiiiiiiity.iii'Ciirdinjt to tliB htwi 'f tliin
Nutn. or of any uth jr KutJ, nn4 wtsUiutf ut cUlia of
arroriiy rousoiior tticu imuo;.
St.w. TiiKHBr-onc. in iiurHtiancn of thfl !rt knrtlnn of
tit j kut:l to fi(rul.tlullu iiriJi ol'li.itiirnnctf CtHiipii-
ntii not tiu'orporuimi uy iuo muio 01 uiihi," jum)H
.May 1, 1H.TI, I VVilm.M 1). Momuan. AitUilor of said
Mute, nn iibukiiy critTii'V tltut thu .mid f, VAX
I1 Ut: Ml' U :iuthortr.tl t.a tin Aifi'iit for ilia tot hi Coiunn
ny, lt Iran rut ths bnHluu.m of lNHURit n, iu litis
.-lull, until tho ll iriy-llrnt dity nf J'lly.ln tho yt-ur
onuthfMiAiiiiil !iK"l hunoroii 01 ol ilily-riv", mo rnr n nr
iiiriv ti.j IolmIIv (jhiitotvoretl tittudn by hln lultor of in
pointineitt, nt ttu initruutluiis whiih tuuy bo jfifoii td
liliu bv itins.tlil c(j(ii any.
1m VV'iTNitKt WitKHKOf . 1 Iiaro li3ratoft.rt tilmm-ibod
my li'tiii'), hi id t'uutatf ilititj oul of my nrttvu ti
bj nilUoo. Hit Itk dny of JutDinry, it
I.. S. tlt vonr of our l'urd oim thtiuuhUuihi hint
drudund fi.l -flvu.
Atl thrU hate proporty to Ii.aurt. will ploa-ju tniptut
eiut Moriitlnlzii tho pfocidln rrltttido WApost. ol thU
old und looif trltidi orponitloo, KitniMtilitt,!,iiu
ritv nod itromitittiJj.Uhti8ovorlontl fir-it ill itn lino
urir.iitoai lioiu mid for ftUility nud uiouu will uttnu-t
Ihu iilb'itlloii of th (uu tiring public lo conllrin ttiolr
i'oillttuine lit H. Tho -tatcinoitt is ao pro partii. m j one
chii ctMitrttst lu canditi-'ii vtillrtot ui mid Stitto li-iur- '
Mm n onli et If dljpoiiid. il liivi'itiitcnlN tin of that
a'did ilinrarVur a Itol to bo iittitorlhlty iiUgilvd by Iho
lat" doprtiallmi 111 thttttditHrl tf iti-autn. ;
TU iiiorototrt of iU cnpitHl Ntoik to ,.! 0,(rtH),lHit bona
3d. rash addition lo tho alrt-'iiv'tli oflbu rorpoiutlon,
und u tKirmao'Mit InvoatntOtit for thti pluda undgcu
rit or lu poiitdfa.
TUh m t"atttly and wu trtnoflt of Iimnrimoe are WoM
exoiiiptnld in thu fact t!ii.l tho compuny hm pnld rush
lo30 diirlnic thu pnt yonr,ut lu VVittern Jtnimdi nf
flou nlono, in t'lni-li.nt.tl l thtv sum of tU-lli.5; '4 tir?,
moat of lilch lina m pnld fnnaidrohly in ndvuinju
of thu ttruo lokfully db, and U linn hud itotnit or lit-ti-
tlon. If all oiitoy of ihiMt' fuel") aro iiidiiiuiniotitH to tliw
rontltiunnvo of It t rrilmibl j p'tlrunrift.. or IU turron.-',
thuv will And lu hhh- ovor ryady to nit on d to thu do
maitda tf buMn.'At u horloforo, with prniiintilndo, ml
. fuvoruul j ratua aitd tvniM, uu arurny to mi pormita.
iAU v t: tt a kt y r i;n.
1MK Mbat ribtT hu rotnov.'d M onlttbll.hinent Into
h innff JtooniHvVfliiA SidMitn $rtt,orr Z.n
4' Uith, and hiisi lilted them nn lit a rtyle tnmurpniureil
in thn W'it. 1I ilou' tUttt lliv iMibllc will apprui'lutt
hi elTorti to plair aiid uxtond Ui him o llbnrtil atron-
fitfO, AVfry IliliiK In bi'on 11011'? lh;it uoulU be iKuif to
eiiiuroiiucc'-Aiuovdry dipnrlnienl ol'llm nrt, nnd hli
pit lurt'Ki'uuiiui do iiit'pmw.'ti. v. m. ti t w out'.
N. H. Pnron) wIMilitfjr to I jam tbt art wiU huvo grout
fac'illl,,' fordoing so htro.
Htiirfrom tto'vlowk A . M. until 3 uVlock P. M. 1
Laockut, Novenibur JO. ieti5'. '
NOTICH. - - -;
Mill tt subscriber reanoctfnllv Inform hlsfrlenda nnd
X punllc lu general, Unit Ue has much enlarged tile
as lotha varldty. Ho has Just oponad and has for anl.
''lTK.tu-1, Uim'lierr"! oriho best itunllty.
JXZS.JjJ&M, beat h-klln Vineirur, and
a small allies or rry l.uo.la to suit customers
all olwhlch will b sold low forc-ish orapprisvad cus
tiy produce al bis Old stand, oorner of ttroad's i t-
In. Ill, Slroets, und nearly opposite the 1 1 14 1 ir
Hotel. -1. CH'Uiajll
N. It. Ilulter, tlaroti. Lard and Coru Maul wuutod -Lancaster,
BcpleuibwrSt, 1HS4 Sit . v, ,
UUU11CB 8. It ATOM a St. '7,
Pnvaii msR,Otijt.iar, aHO OamorMical Surokok.
nAVlNOIscstsd mtrmanettlj In Chllllchoth.. orferi
his urufessloiint services to ail who ara-alllleled
wlih any otitis follow lnt diseases or dofurailtlea:
Amaurosis. Untlmlinia. or liirtMii,tiini i( ii.a ifwA.
Gruiuelar Lids; Watery Kyea: (ntaracta. Snacks and
Plums, uRjcliinlly removed! btrnbtaums or L'rnaa lim
cured lu'a few aecondst Piaslst Club Fouli Hnir Lip;
toftothor with every other uperullou belwujlng to lb)
operative bursreotl.
ur eiijii "auoiu aoiocR-. neaiaenco Vlty none..
TfT-No charttea for extiu-lnutln
Address ChillU-olh,Okl . ,-May 1,1854- If
V ' P. C. DIF.TZ ,
rmn TKESPenTPULLYInformathcltl-si-S
sSW' J V. ena of Palrllold county Hint he lms
immtilitteloiitikeremref While f alls'.
ffarrfvars ffraee, C.arcr frv, ..Masfse OA,., where
be wilt constantly k.op.ou hand and rnanufucturo t.
oroerevary variety or veotci. 111 his lino.
TTpKopilrtna; duo on short notice, and the most
favorable terms. 1W. I4t 1K14 3a
taddler,IIarness Maker & BuReyTrlrnraer,
fr-'V17a-t' promptly attend to all boatnee. -i
,F Iruausd to his car. Belli practical
VJ"?,0" xlri'B4 workman, -It. fool, oontldent
that ks oak rwndw rnnajurl aatlsfaatioai to-all who
imy Iroor bin with . al. a "new broom swaana
clean," Mini, noil try. VHASrEI. SVN1B
Aiaandn, r.bnury 1, 18iS Jj3a
1 t-
. for tt rapid Cure ot
tnoMuuis, wiioopixc-foiGii,
." ' ... ' COXSCMPTIOlN,
' T rrn & r-ni.i. wvrw tliiD-Acai uft aomKRKaa or
rn lioar, l. ike Ike t'acnl pteitml on iruiug to bed,
aud wrap, up warui.U twoat ilurir.n the uibl.'
Hot a Colo aud Colon, lake it luoruiuic. noon end
erenliiK. uocordinr to direciiona on the bottlo, and the
ditlK-itll will soon bo reunited. Mono will louC auf
f jt from th: trouble when thev And ituu be o readi
lyourod.. r'emoiiaalllrluJ witti a aeated ooush, whith
brau' lhe,n of lii'-lr re.,t at nli-lit. will tlnd by takluK
the Ckerrf I'tettraton (!olii(t to bed, they may bo sure
of aound, uobrokon albep. aud opusoifuant refreshing
real. Or o nl rolief froui MiilloWne.aud an iilliintm'ure,
it altoioMd to UienauiuU who are Ibua ufllicUd, by tliia
lur;liial)lo rciuudy. .
- rrom itiiirre.iwblooffi.'ct In these caes, many una
themxeivoa nnvii)tiiigioiorirgojUuo wuenlhoneooa
aity for It hiArettV'l. "
To RiKuaaa iti PraMr Hpnitea thla remeny t in
raluable, ubv Hi jell. m on tho ihroal mul tuiiKwbon
lukon lira uull (iiuiiU.s, It rehtovom-.il hoaraeuoss In
a few hour, ."id woiid3lull4.iuorvua'Mt'"inw erai.d
liedb.litj t.l the Tulce.
A nil laeaerally much rollvod,aud often wholly
curiMl l,7 CAf-rv Ptriorui. rln there uro vuie uuioa
soi.oai.neto aatoTitiio Mim nicuiciue. tJiirrf rcc
crif wUJ riii-e lh(.ii. if tbdt can beeured. '.'
IfhoS-oilrTia. or Irriliitiou of tuo throat und upporpor
lion of laiolunzi. Itiay be cured bj taking Oaarry f
rral in ?ini.ll m.d freiiuent doaa. TUouucouifortublo
onnrCA-init'lmono roltuvod.
For Truof. 6ire au euuetle of antimony, Uvbo fol-
lawt'd by lurxo and frequent dotra of ibu Clurry Poc
turak. uaibt' it tfib.lneatUe illaoaau. It taken In jeuoou,
it-wiUuutfall to eujo. ..
v iioopnfo i onoii may do uroaen ui anu awn vurou .
by tho line of Cbwrry Pectoral.
i kk i MPLiiRRza taneeuiiy remoT-oy iniaromcuy.
Niimoroue uatai-ea fitivA bajn noticed whero whole
uimilie? wore protected ffom any aerlmia conaequen
while their nebrhboia wlthoultlie Cborry -Poutor
ml. we re aufi'erini; from tiie diseuaii.
Hepontod InaUuc jaro-royrtod heruof patienta who
have boen cured fro. n
Liven CoxpL.tRTS by flii remedy. o nianyianuncro
mi bo no quu4liou of Hj bealiuc power on Iheao dia-
eo;a. It nbonld be vtt iv.innirly tuKon until tlio pum
ii tha alda aim otlrtr ui.jl-.wj:ii -t y inptoiu lou.e.
Fun (.'onauMfrio lu Its uurlieat aluiren. It hould ba
taken under the adviioof a foA Pnyeiebiu if possible.
i.d In everv cuJ w.1.1 a rarjtul eeiriiril to ilia priutao
ifrecCiona on the bokUo. If judli-ii.ui.ly ued,nndtlie
patiotit la rarefiiily nniaud iueuulime,itw.Ualdoiu Uil
to nnbdue the disease. '
Foraotlled CoaaoniTioR InitiworBl mrm.tna cner-
r Poul .rul should be piveu In looa a.i.inioit to wnui
tho pntlont requires und cuu bmr. - It alwnya atforda
uiine ri-iinf. nn.l not uiifrcnueullY aurva Ihoan who are
innioreil p:t all cure, i ilure ore many luoinaniia
'tutored all over ilia eollnuiv. who fool and auy that
tney owe ueirliviis aud pruaoutueuuu to iuo kuurry
1 Uii reinodv Isofr irod to tha community with the
in Iblu ur.e t a fejl iu ail iirl'u-le wlileli aoldoni fiiila to
roulizelhu hnpiiict ofTutt4 that. ORit be de.iired. 6o
wido la tlio Hold rtf Its uaofulnoaa aud ao nuuioroira the
ensoaof 114 curei, that almiut every aoetioii of the
i-oiintrv anounna in u:raiu, puniiciy Known, wnonnva
boon rotorrd from alnrniiiiir and even dutnieriite dia-
eaaaof tlio4unin, by It nau. Vlien unee tried, lu
aiiporiuritv ovorovory other modiclno of its kind, la
loo iliilnrelit taoseane oncrvulion. ana wnuro us vir-
titoo ai-e known, tho public no lonu-er hesitate wluil
antidote to uiunloy for tho iHntruMlni: and danireroua
...UDi-tinii. of tho pulmonary organ, hlih aro im-idi-nl
toeiluiuio. Alio not only in loruiiuuoiu iiiiiiuk!i upon
tlio liinira.but for tho mlidor vurietlnaor(olds, t'ouirhn,
tlorauneM, eto.inuil for i;niiuren it laine pieaffunifn
nit anfeat luetiicina that can be niitutntMi. no ranniy
ahnuM ba -without 11, and those who haro used II
uuvorwi i. '
Piopared by JaiO'W C A yer, Prnctlcnl and Analytl;
chI ciiDiniKl, Uiwelt, Jf.iHadiuaotU. Prii'Oiil ceutu per
linx. five Uoxim lor tjl.
Sold by Otto W, rkroiiuor and K. b. tiloriim anil en,
Lauciulur, Ohio.. Hoc 1J, lo54 3niv3
Ckcapcr thau rvt r before OfCcrcd In
UAS lately pitrclitiseil from P. Hope his In.tor-st In
Iho Hardware b'i!uua, and In addition to tits al
ready lurira atock. la now dally receiving, dlruit from
tlio JMuHtfactarersun ImpurUri.a larffo puribUriO o(
new iroodi. which will miikehls stock of Hnrdwaroono
of tho most eatenslve to bs fotin.l In tliia murkct. Ills
fiicllittesfiir nuri'lllisliiir andarruuiretniilita with Mniiii-
faoturors, wiilch era eipittl to any, will ouublo lilm tu
offar all desert pilous; of ifiirdwnro, ut lower firict than
nnwotiitrtitabUtkmtnt. Tho attention of PsriMKas
and Mrohsrics is Invltod to tho o.ti-uordiiiary Induce
iisontsiiow held out to them In Iho way of irront bar-a-ulns
fully anllslled that If they ciiniiillthnlro-.vli III
lorcat tliey will becort.dll to cull and exnthtno bla prl
cos before purchasing olsewhero. Hy close attention
ti buslnesa. and by constantly ke-nlnir on hntul a full
nnd complete assortment and the bust koooh, ho hopes
to secure alnrire share of tho patronufre of tho Partners
and Mechanics of tho coul.ly. ,,i ,.si. ;
April yo, itto-i. ( . .
1'U Key mid rarrlatra illnkcru
WILL mid. lit thn .V Hurttwtirt Store, opposite
the Tatlm'gr or, one of the liirpesl mid hcsl
seleclod stock of Trliuiuiiurs over Oioned In this mar
kut. t'ouslstincr In part of
IliO Pieces Itlnntul'd llufk and Canvass, ' '
' 1$ . " Fancy colored do.
Ail " all Woid nud onion fiuniusk a
AO Hides nntut ami Kuuin'ld Leather,
Hiaas and Silver Platiul IIiiimIs, Top Props,
. Nliimp Joints. Ibices, rlprilif. Axels, ete.
Lancaster. April U(J, 1HA4 JOHN EKPINGKR.'
- - --
hoi nk itt n.nr.jcs m:iMT -
"ffOHN KKPINllKIt would Invite the atlontlou of Car
y Rsarsrsasrl llumt HnildtrM tu his lari?e stock ot
House htilldlnr? niatai-luls. 1'hey will And constantly
on hi'iid.lhu bent Juniata Nails, hnlkus and llrailsi
The mosl unproved Doof l.orks and Luti-hos; .
Window Oris, and Fash of all sizes;
roncklln nnd Wood's Pure White Load and Oil;
Poor ami mind II Is, Shop llhif.-a. Holts, etc.
Those about hulldlntf Will bo Curtain to save uioney
by ttxituilninr niy prliisa buforu iar(hablug olaowhoro
SPITFOtiall trndon and of iho most approved miilto
li'itt lior'a ( nt Stuol, Firmer ond Kiitkut'stiouico,
- rponr aoo .mcKiton'ii tiimi nun rfinnr niooi nuw,
Jtutt-hnr DottbU and Hhiarlw PluitO Irons, '
Mii Tool OooipuiiT . Hlanog, . . . : ,
MttMfMii und JMuAli'mTruwla,
Coopnr'A hrtiwlii Unlvoa, oto., fr lt. chonp by
, April Co, 1KS4. , JOHN ISFPINOKK.
T EI 33 O O O II F. T O N O 7"
fn S9fr' Jftte IJtofk, bittoten tff Thttmaiji Jloust
una snwjer'w rrvinj,
TT JTANJtiHtoponiMt n InrifH and bcaiitlfitl (tnort
Inmvntnf KKAOY M AIK CliOTHINO-, to
ffllinr with fti4liilci"lBrtion of CffA, Ci
mert mmH Vtiatinaa, All of vrliit'h hit b joii rtuli't t-
od with irriM't euro and wltlr aittvinl ruferunctf to Uio
woman! tMmUortiiHooiiiniiiimy.
HU lotia wxpHilfiioo in thh bruiirh ofhndnriM, it a
jnrti irarttntao ttml iiht alook oniOrwin tho jlioloaat an
btisit VHrlnf i. ii i til Iii nit n hasn h;iH h.'i'ii nia ;. otvitu aurli
tornu that ho cuuaoU allho WWIiSf r OzSUiLE fUi
Tho tiiihllr aro rotnoctftitlv ronitoitod to cull and ox
amino nlsnaurtimuu Ho boaoii hand a gonurul W
S U MMl. ll TV K A H r
And la at all UmH4 proimrd to a.romniodnt hit old
frtnd,vltUor wllhnnntroltitiiiartlrle nf Kondy iimdo
(iuthliig.orto MANUFACTURE TO OHDP.K, out
lite best material and bv most nccimplished work.ien,
auyaljlu 01 lurmcriia, port mt.l abiibuyk, in tho
hoslaud uiost fushiounbla ninunur. llolsconfldent,'!!!
mis rusiecs, luai no can Five iroiiorai aausmcsion. '
llleassortuioi.t iiibrm-asn iruneral varletyof '
Linen t'oala, , . Vestiuffs, 1. . Hiisnondort,
Orosa do Paiitalooua,' Hoaiury, . ..
Back do t'ravuls. Vliders'hlrts.
Carnet-bmra. tosether with all other arllstasusiinllv
kepi In a CJotitlc-iiniii PuruishliifrMiiru, and munufau-
lurea 111 in. iiiom uisiiiouunio siyioa.
It lias boon nurchdsed nf well-estahllkod houses In
the Eastern cities and ill k Miaeraatsd, to be made of
food material and in a durable manner. 1 - .
He respectfully luvilea hta old customer and eUidrs
lo call at bis now establishment, wherebtf will at all
tttneab. roudy to wall upon thum with .oao annus at
Tti. kowasT nsTRs.- jo test nta promises, he asRfl at
examination of his stock lu trad, audtbnatyloand lynal.
Ity otuisniaiiiiiaciure. 1, . T. roUv
; Lancaster, iMa) A, 1SA4, '. '
WOULOtake this opportunity to return th.lrtkaukl
lo their numerous fileuda for this very libera
nairunune noreioiore .xtuHUuit to tuoui. and
assure thorn Hint no pains shall bo siuired to
sustain me uattorinir reputation niroaily attain
ed. aud In order to meet the erentlv tiicrouauc
deainnd nt tlier. Establish incut for Roots and rihuais,
they bar. in addition totiielr own tnamifm-lurliictiislre.
celved from the East a very largo alid fasblonablu stock,
oonslattnf; tu part aa follow.: 1
Meu'a Fln Calf, Kip and coarse Boot., -. -; '
Genu pat. Calf Gail era and Ties, -"
, Rusklua and Mnnroea, ' i
411 kinds of Ladlus and Hisses Uoots, Sliocs, eilppwn
Also, an assortment of tba best quality of Children's
fanev nnd plain Shoes, .
In addition to ihe .bore w. are eonstsnllymnnnfae
tiirtnglanrely,rbrsnle and also to order, all kinds of
Boots and Shoot, which we havo no hesllancv In saying,
will compare In price and quality with any slock lu this
Wostoni country. may Hi, ldi4
r," rAti.no rw aAL,t:. ' !.
rpHB nndenluned will sell a pirt or all )t Und,
jV.b.?,n' boutSO0cre.)ln Bloom Township, on.
mil. West of Carroll. . Th. Farms a. to quality, .on-
Mdltlon andcotiT.nlehc.,can'tbsurpaevd.
Upon th.m are superior 8prings,3 Dwel-aL-J
liJifHoaeae, Orchard of sholc fruit, t. l
Tboa. wlshlntoDuava. Mil and sc.,- ai I aru a
HriMdWitdir; . ;-- SAklVXLOPMAN,
Cecaasber 14, 1M M
i .V St i.'i.
' ' N. Art. Main Street,
" ' ' '" ' WlilTK aV lliTTA
ISe.ilrln(rthRtriittOBofthepubUcto their near d'-verii-MiueiitvWoJuldauibraretko
optrunrty of ro-.
turniuiriheirihankauithi'lrold frieu.U and the publli
iioriillfortl4rry liberal pntronaira lu time past,
and would aioat respectfully so helm a tontiuiunr 61
tb-sunie, nstheyara aoieriulnea to spara no euori 10
niakltbothpldaiintandiiroitabletnau)i and all per
aninwUliinflopurthaKe Hardware of any description
01 tnoill. TeoiniR- auiineu wun tmiii .... . .....
bnaitaaaand mean of koeplor up larpo atock, thai
tlieyranoiTer rraaler Inducement to the public than
r4airrtefiaiiara'eririair. Tbeyarc
well aware of thai ueenaaliy of amall eataMiAhuieuU
making up In blowing aud pnnlna-whiitthoy lack iu ma
nr other nartlrulura, thev wish theri-foto W vnd any
ihin(totthatkiud,aiidaraniia-1oil.H1er recoivinir ihetr
flntlre new tlnrt, whlek i bow rrlvindll ,thula look
ilironsh their cie iefn will auiify auj.
one th iUlia Srui-MiH S'ars Is the place to Slid
wliat they want and at low prices. Tboiratotkwilloou
aUtlapa'rtaafolLowa: .... ...
lMttvburff FuMlaatit Hla;M,plKe -V Brada
aftA RPKNTKRS and Builders will olease take- notice
H, that the new flriu of WHITE fir I.ATTA will aotl
none but the bsst Juniata Nails.. All Nails sold by us
willbewarrant'Mt. We have now on baud,
Sob Kecra natla. Spikes aud Urads.
r)llBoxe)u,18xl3ant I0'4 OUT fllas.
sun KartWn. Wood dt Co'a Puta While Lead,
in turret I.iusied Oil, .
9 Barrels of Pnltv. ' ' ; ;' '
In adrtttlou to the above we have a vary Intra atock of
BuiI'Uhj llnrilmart of erry dlw'ln'lon. wlium win ue
. . i.l . i .1 ., - U-l!Tff X, 1 1
lncater, April S3, 1P54.
OAA ftlflAl'rtui.d.. of ROLLED IKON, v
tS ',IPlMP20!i0d Hamroord Iron, -
.mi pouiduir.t ftm, M 10 a men square,
i ..t do - Kiiglish BlitorStl, ' '
40 do Pot i bio Shear An . ,
W.Q do 0.nn,in , do ,
1.W0 1 do F prime do " ' '
)(HiO do Ain4r.un Dllitnrdo
In rtoro and for aul at low urit'"-bv-pril
V3. lfaVt. WHITE & J-.ATTA
Iron, Ch.eU. and G-tnfi.i. Benfh Piano.
Wouldiiiifftr.d H;d.MiitohiindTablfl.HaU'lT'Uand
Hand Axos. Bm id dc Chopping Acu, Druwii Knhf
or an ktnoei, btem no a iron isniinr, .r'tarc mio rr
naurHn i aizo. im:rftTt?d Porolnflr Alrtfhlnoa, tinno
Phdhj1, Tcnnoirt Rinpliia.- Web aud Compftai fcaws.
a" '. -a J killl L'...u -a...... rk kv
V""' UUI elllU iHlU OaWt) (VI "7
i 0 do Common do do.
9 do GieTopCnh - '
! l do .Sqiiaroand.Hmi!if1ClotbsBaUett(
' - 1 do Murtret Bm.KBts,opon and cov'd
; Willow flmdUi..Jf
Fot kinBr Horn-isaud Whcol nnrrows,"
HMClothaPiuaana Craw Mat to. by;
A pHI 2?l. WM. - : WIl ITR d r,ATT..
Anvll,' Ices and ISlarlikiuUli'hISc-llo-ivs
CtA Anvils, welisliinp from 100toS5 pounds each .,
tU liSolid Ho tod Vices.
J pni rr m:ictniiin n nuuown,
Sleitires. Hiuuuiora, Uorux.ec. fors;do by
A p'-il W, IMJj WHITE dc I.ATTA.
t'lu-iuiu implements. :
CIrTI Doi. Cast Steot Pul'd lines,
2J?U do ,3and4TlneStoel Forks
j t AU do Grass and Grain Scythes,
. - rt do WotliiriPs Grain Cradlos,
SO ilo Hoylhe Rnatbes, -,
'.. AO do Hay and Brain Rakes, '
' 4 do Bramblo Scylho.A-c.chespby -:
April 29, 1834. WH1TK ci lATTA,
. rr:t.i.oj-s, spokes ami iii bs.
-Ti"TEha'vo now on hand, ami which by our arrange.
V V rneuta with the manufacturers, wo can offer al
theirblll of prlceswtin n-iegni auaea. - ,
I V) Sets IJont Fellows,
IIHI " p'pokes, , , , . .
. ICS " ! Hubs,- '
.. "5 " , Kml heat Shaft ' , ' ,
; 10 " - Buggf Hows.
April tip. 1S54. WIIITE A liATTA
- Tlii-Platci, .'oppc-r, Wire, fVc.
Boxes IC nnd IV Tift Plate. ;., ,
J 1 .Suaruund lllOPUtj ilo 1
. i TliiM Copp i i
r.. .; Mieetuiid UarZlnc, '
-; - ' Sheet iron and Wire, 1 ' '' ' t
Copper m.d U-oaltlvits. hy
Aprll29 IW. WHITE dt LATTA,
To fitrrlajto and ISittrjy- UlaXers.
CJ PR1XG.S nnd A tols. lir.isstind Silver Hands, Stum
Joints iiml Ton Kroiis.r.nam'd Drtllf.lttir k ond
vuss. Eiiamrd and I'titent beallierjill dencrintions I
l.inlutra. Moss and Mailable Iron, cic. A great vartol.
of oilnir itooilsin II. ut lliu, to behed i-lieapal tlio area
Hardware store of V UITC et i.A l l A.
Ijincasl jt, April 59, l4. i.
Wmiteil 10,000 JiVtv Ciitiimerv,
' In udditlon to lha old stock on hand.. ,
JOHN ' .Y4M!4,
AhlrDKAbKH If"
Gucon, Klour, l'ijh. Suit, Gln.iiwaro, FUnowaro, To
bacco, Cordatfo. Twlno, Noinuta, Ftuits
NttU, Cundiua, tic, , '
"51 V'lTKK tho .(.tuition of Iho iti7.on)idf K.'difKdd an'
adjoining comuIIi'm, to bU now Kdubl;di:nisnU whirl
llttod up ui mtpurlor l it), ono dour Wtt-t ul' hie ol
stand and iimnfelmtHY ndjointnir ihj Dry Goodn stor
f Miusn. Kubur, tviiu kk t o,, v imrt? mi will bo plona
ed to auo ulMof hNold cti'loon-rrt and ton tliouaaii.
uowoucj. ilo hua Hltod up tiv oodttty lo
as t: via HoiKU. i
Whore ncrnorifi from Iho country liuvlnir Iholr I.ndloi Ii
town, Hill rind a pkuttiiit r 'trcut. An etlt'nivo Warv-
hotiio In tho roar, wuu un uio letintnir irom mo imcK
ard lo l l froitt bioj, Wtth u IlovrniUluny; plaio.
f In vl ucr Iho ftdvaittiiLTd ofdio mil road lie t-t pri'pttrod t
-toll wholcido and rotail lor tho iiitnldo sipotmo. Ac-
Hiimotltitlnr idorks rcttdy to wait, on yoil Iroui the
hilil coot lo tho uonlluiiiuu'ti '.honaund dullard
April i(0, lr jl. .
1 ufcvnsTKY. 5. '
IT' G RUnil havlnir rotn mod to I.niifnntoruiu! Intend
9 e to roiualn pormanui.tly in thittity,attij havtitfrro-
coivoii iiiHinu iioiiHirom uu oxporiL-i.vi o iifiiU.it irom
tho rlt' of Now York, and obtuined a hnowlodoof thr
busliiodkt, now rosptti li'ully tundors hlk prof.itiuntil svr
vlcoato citlxonn of faiturtutur Mild tho pnbllr g-nurully.
no m propttrou to porionn un openninna upon ino
Tootlt.itiK'h as Kvlrtu'tlnir, IMitiriinr, Ftlliiiir.roirulittlnir
thu Tomtit, IronlinirBpii ni:y or doccuriod Ouins, dotroy-
I nar iSorvoH, roiiioviitir i unar., vu, ,' '
Arllilt'IalTuoth litHL-rtt'd on Go d Flulo from ono to
full sot: also Artiflrhil frowns wt on boultbv rnoiK
without nulii. so u lo uiMWur all iho nnrho-os of mua-
Kvory oporntlon In IiontlHlry es4Mitinl to preserve
mul beautify Uio Ttfftli, and ulvo thnm a houlthy ue
tlon,and intprove tho hrnnth, noalth t1;Tate,prforinnl
on modomtk. lurmn., Ludionln tho cilvor lOiiniv.'wHI
be witttptt on at ihetr iMHpootivB places of roMdenco, if
ii no roqiMTra. no rnurges muuo or oxuminuiion or
consultation at hi" oillro. ' ,
OFKICK On tho Korthoat cornor or tho Public
Sqnaro,dno door from Main Ntroot. '-'- 1
.Lancaster, hoHCmbtr SiH, Jra4 SI , ,' ,
srnixtiF.u dc TROI T.
TAVK removed ttiulr Clolhluir Entubllslirnenl
Uitlte 7v(dire Block: fret door .'
J.ttlta Hartlntire Store, where they aro vpep-
nsr n Inrirn an
evt.tnslvo aMSorliuciitof hPKIMr AMI
NllM.MEK UOODN.and aro now nianufuctiirlnB overv
variety ofA'priilf and 5utamer ll'ser, which they will
soil ns'low us the same iiuullly of iMods mid word cuu
b,i purehuaod at,any other eslublishiiioiit in tlio city.
rneir ciutiiiug is inaiiiiiacturuii iiuueriuoir own super-
.vision, and ta consequently superior to-that -which Is
luntifflil from plber places.- i'hev have uNu nn baud, a
beartifal earirtoof ClotkeCaeeimeree, yeetivgt ..Vs.,
wliicli lliey are pruiairod to manufactno to urdor. They
liuve In tlioireiuploy the boat of workmen aud are at
all limes prepared to make the best Ills lu tho Litest
stvles. JIlltmeirworlcVHl a a)rraer..
The nulille ltpri rH.ni,rtr,ittv solleited to call and nv
ofLamtR thwirstwek, md- while thankful for tho Iltitfr.il
pattonuico thev have oiiiycd, they assure tholr old cus
loinors and al) others that they will labor to give gen
eral suttafartlnit both In the nnallly nud prl.-.i of theli
goods aud work. , - HPltl.N'UKU it TP.OUT.
J4iuraalor .Apr.lo. lea. '
rjTliU Winter term of this lustllullim wlll cotu
1 uioiu'uou 7'Asrsdoa, As4U of Jaaaarv.aad ae-
tlaiie uati theAtkof April.
ui me murriisoi lliu r.noinstic iicpnrunent we win
say nothing, doomluff tho praiso ofoihura to b. of, far
greutor voluu thuu sulf-coinuiondnilon. .
During the present vaciition we aro Hlllnir spa Road
Ing Room, where th. young; ladles will havo across to
the choicest periodical literature of theday. Weare
also niuklng successful efforts iu enlurKliia; our Llbrarj
and Museum, and inaklnic addttiouslo uur Apparatus.
Tho Hoarding Uoniirtiiiont Is under tlio Immediate
supervision of .Mr. rlxaKRR,who, by his centlemaiily
deportment, acr.oinmodntlng manners and a well fur
ulsliod lnblu,hps sucoooded In givinff iiulvorsnl satis
faction.' Ho cuu accouiniodiite about 51) boardurs,whii-h
oiuihloshliu tu inulnlaln btulsolf at such a low raw for
Parents or Gitanltaria aendlnp;' their danr-lilors 'or
wards may rest a-isurod tab, ro pains will be spared
to promote tholr phvslcnl. Intellectual and moral we)
faro. , . . FXPENHES, , ;
Ttrtrtoa Prlmnrv l)ojartuieiil, per Term " '81 CO
Preparatory , v.- " " ' " S 00
Aadeuilo . ; " ." I-' ' " 1 uo
Extra Lnlln. Groek , French, Gorman, Span
ish, each, pur Torraf 3,.. ;. i 40S
Music, with use of Instrument, per term -12 00
Painting and Drawing, pur Term g so
BoAROiau ln the Suniluarv. tucludlno- roams. , ,
furniture and fuel, pur week and
Washing, nor Truck ,' . 37
uue-tpur or all expenses payable in advance th,
reruujiidtti- at Iho close-of thoTrni. ,
- . 0. U. SPE7ICER,
January t, IBM. . Priuclpal',,
, ... . SAMUEL BEE11T
WOULD respectfully litrmone. to Ihe cltlions of
Lancaster as violuity, that ho baa commenced th..
Bread, Light Hunk 4k Cracker Ha It In g-
inaoDuectlon wlthhlsformerbaklnjr.dtls now prcparod
'' , TB FURNISH FAflllEIE! ,
With every thine tn th above IhMv ' Hnvlnf It) hts'.m-
pii.y mo oesi oi oaaera, n, veaie eonanout tbat n.kan
liUJasenkt who mnv favor him wttti anll. . . .
-jTTPCaU at blaster on Main Street, and ilso .t his
Dae-noase,oumer or uoiumbus at Mulberry streets.
MHW.WI.WJ sc, ioja.
x'W4t--'' iswwaalan
.'..ir'..vUa , tt tJ. ; , ,t.i
aawliRai lial 1111 l llaT-
. ,Ba. tOIOl BOLL . . t.
vs.. wnntt Mwerfot Rlni on the face of tha globe now
. . 1. ,1.. ...7..n lunublie. ITia power
af tlia erowaad heads of Kurops aink Into Insiguincane.
wbeo aoupared to tbat of our amerieaai nira.
Koropaan Klnea employ tha power vested In them to
i..JTl1 .r .h.Vl,h .,! lordlv. and to raduca
to gnter misery and dsgradatioo tha poor and depen
. . r. . 17;... - forth will, aoual wtUlar--
VVOS. VQTMWIMu . R IS ". , ' - : . ,
w admluutar aalier and to otlur health and napppinrsf
a . innii ManMnn .nil buuiii , cuiiii inw. -
M tha lofty awl lowly, the ncn ana iue poor.
tlHT 11IEIE11 1155 IE fill!!
1. w t.nt. Wnsnis nv thr Vi'ORLb. nnd the ureatsst
blessing ever offered to sfiUeted bamauily; to the aullarins
onlluona, tna uootor can say, reuei ie jwi v.
Yaw have enir w oaa inia magical iciuou . . n,
who atiU sutler, and will not accept tha proffered balm,
j-um. thM nilr of their famiiiea. . 1
Thle wonuarlul mauiouie, eturiug in. vnei avriuu hw.
IU Introduotien, baa carried bappiuea to the hearts of
thousands, and mada Uta a ebaros to nsasir wbe baratofora
regarded it only as a painful and miserable existence.
To the winds with all ldnluienta, Embrocations, Psln
Killers, and Pain Kxtraetors, and let uiiutoua of glad i
tooRuoe proclaim uia botw wi s'
King of Pain," a preparation composed solely of veaeta-'
btea and roots, produced by America'! own rich aud.
bounteous soil. . - '
WawoaHtasa tna ladibb, woo ai. aiwnjs rorapww,
i.m Af wkas is and what Is not a valuable family insdl-
eloa, to do us a special favor by giving tba King of Pain
a .Ingle trial, auu It saiisiaciory, aaers .aur inuunnu.
la Ita babalf, recommend It, apeak well and often of II,
and see that It la used by their amioted neighbors. Tb.
ltdlea sr. always onantaoie. anu woea uiey iuuuc mwis
suOurlnJ friends to use this really valuable medicine,
tuey wui ba doing an act of benevoienee tbat they can
well ba proud of. This is a powerful and truly uianicaj
remedy for all external diseases, eorea, swellings, burus, .
to., and for many internal altUctiors, It la a certain aura,
yet It Is perfectly haraileaa, and Incapable of produolug
tba least injurious etfccta in tha moat delicate cases or
tba weakeat constitution. . ..
It Is entirely useless to follow tha old and worn-out
system of publishing to tha nubile thousand, of certifi
cates of won.lers performed by this medicine. It cost,
but lweuty-ttvec.au to try It; aud Dr. Hull stakes bis
well-earned reputation on the Kiug of l'alu doing all aud
more than he olaiais for it.
We would ask, have you the abeumatlsm or Goutt
these are not pleasant companion., aud.we know that
you would lilu to drive thum away as aoou as possible
than use . . i '
dull's Kisa or pain." . ;
Would yon be cured almost Immediately, of Bowel
Compluiut, D sentery. Summer Uoinplaiut, Ubolera Hlor
bus, Cramp Uolic, Head Acha, Tooth, or any otber aohe
or pain, tba remedy Is simple and the our. certain.. , - .
. . USB T1112 GItKaT KING OF PAIN. .
Would you have your Sores, Swellings, fJutt, Burns,
Scalds, bruises, or auy other wouuds healed, we repent
It, use the -
tTr.ii 1,1 vou be cured of Scald Head, SUIT Joints, Sore
Threat, Nsuralgla, Bore ureaet, Lumbago, Heller or Uio '
Wirru, Belt llheuui, llitea of Poisonous lusecta, Chapped
Usads, a.u alt oiuer oores, eiviier ury ur iuoviuk,
jay again aud agaia, vou. atuaur is br. Johu Uutl.
1 ' . " KING bF PAIN." " ' b ' ''f,'
Weald too be cured of King's Kvll. Cancer, Tumors,
Kruptlons, or auv disease of the Rkln caused by Impure
blood, then use Dr John Hull's 8anaparllla internally,
and the King of Pain externally, nothlog oan be mora
certain than a speedy and effectual cure, t - . . , ' i . .
'' DR. JOHN BULL'S : !"'' .
This mdldn, when nsed according to dlroctlooJ, will
tort) without (all t - ,
- , . Scrofula, 1 '
' or King's KtII,
Canoors, Kruptlons '
of ths Skin, Kryaipulns,
, , Tumors, Chrouio Soru Kyes,
ti -' ' RlaffWormorTnttora, Soild llornd.'
KheumatUnt, Vatus tu ths noDs or
JoInU, Old 8onw and Uloers, 8wllln(of
tba Glands, Syphilis, Drpep"iS alt Rattum.
ltJrrVfT'rf hVl-s KUtatM. HltnasaMaM arUlnfi froM th
. UMdf Meirury, IsOtwof Appeiito, Falu in tlwSideand
Bhoutderr, Onnonil lability, Lumbairo, Coughs, Colds,
Propsy, Jaundice.OostiransHS, Hronohicls,Wi9ttktiesa of tho
Client, Sore Throat, Pulmonary AlTetloii, and all other
lyiwiMtes tndiaf( to producn Consumption, Llrsr Coui- t
Spirits, Hick and Nsrvous IIaJach, MkIiK
fewata, Kxposuras, or Imprndtowo In Lifi, . 1
Chronic Conntltiitlonnt Dnteiuas, and as ft
; tiprlog and tiuniroar Drink, and t3MMmt ' t.
'X'oiilo for tba System, and a Reutlo
aud peasant purtratiro, Uio
superior to Jilue Uck ,
andt'ongross Water, ' . .' 1
tialrs. or Seldlita ' 1
'r - Vuwdars. , . . t. . ,
It Is a rsmarkalilo fact, that among: tho hundrods of
cmiusiil physicians who havo examluad tho mcio by
which Hull's tiarsttparUla Is prepared, not ono ha4 eon
dctnDed tt but all appro Ted it, and ooinmsnd it In tho
hlKht terms. Many phrtdciAns express tlieniselTci
Strongly In ths belief that It is decidudly lbs best preptv
rHtiou of i$iiruiparilla tliat baa erer beeu nlitced bnfora iho
public. Although them are many phystuians who (eel a
reluctance to having their names appended to the reeon
maudaiion of auy particular remedy, notwithstanding
they nmy approru of It iu the hightut dunroe, titer aro
Others who frankly yield their support In fitTor of a
rvniudy which they kuow Is capable of doing ao niucb
good iu an alUlcted community. As an evidence, read tho
following from old and rwpecUble physicians, of blgU
lauding in tho couuu unity in which they Urol , -. .
tfJT Testimony like the followiog renders superOuous
kll conimsnla ou tha efflcaey of Hull. Snrsnpnrilla. from
Ur. I.. I'. Ynndell, Professor of Chemistry in the LouUviHe
Uadleal Uelleira : I have looked over the list of iuuredlents.
niposlng.lohn Bull's Cmlipouud b'airaetof saraaparilla
and navv no nesicauoa iu m.t,ii. iubi tuny term a sale
em pound, and one that promises well In chronic diseases,
to which It is applicable, - - L. P. YANDKLlU J.
l.oui.,111., June 0. 188.
What br. Pyles, uhysiolad by appoInlmenV to the Loo
bvilla Marina Uuspilal; Bays of bull's Sarsuparilla :
' , ' :"; ; ; 1 l.Kiisvtu.R, March 20, 1348.
I have examined the prescription fur the prepurailuo of
John bull's barsupsrilai. and I believe tlia combination sd
be au excellent one, aud well calouiated to produce an '
aliuratlve impression eu lire avstsin. I have used it both
lu public aud, private practice, aud thluk it tha best
arthita vf SaraaparJUa now In use. - . - ! ...
M. PVLH3, M. D ,
Resident 1'hyslclan Lauisvllla Marlue lloaptial
Better TcsUiuoiiy tlmn was erer Offered In Atvor of
' Df Medicine. .
BTs' E. Xtt Sthon, Ker.' E. Stcrcnson" '
, I" .1 : Loutavuta, May 20th, 184. '
Wa have used John Rull'a Sarsapurilla, aad have knnwu
It tu be used, with entire satistuctloa ; and we bare uo
hosilattuu lo staling our liviief, that It Is a salii aud
valuable, inedhud Coiupouud, aild oaloulaled to produce
uiuch good and relives much siilfurlug; aud llietelure
wi.ul.l cheerfully aud most euruesily recommend it to the
iflltcurd. K. W. SKIION,
. .(ilgncd) ; ...;'. K.StliValSaON..! ;
We earnestly invite all persons wno an suffering with
.ny of " the Ills that Hash Is heir to," 10 call on Dr. Joha
Hull's aieut. aad get a copy of boll's family Journal
uuAtrs'; and for lie sake ut humanity, we hope that a'
single individual Rill not be found uuauliiig to give Dullk
barssparllla a tuial, after reading, and rmdiuciluA. at. tins
aame time, tliat It is liopoesibU, fur the Doctor to publish
tba teuth part of the number of ce'rUllcutee of astuuudlug
oures pelormed by bis Sarsapnrilla. Tins- amouut of
tesiimouy voiuutarlly showered ou Dr, Hull's Sarsapaillla, .
fi-oai well known aud dlsuagulsbed Individuals, botu In ,
pubbc aud private litahaa been pvrfvetly overwhelming. .
H- Da. JOHN HULL'S Priurlpai Ottlee. weal aloe tilm
. ' at flrat dour below Alula, LeulsvlLLS, Kr. ' '
Forauloby- 1 -, , C KAUPFMAS 0.
' Luucastor.Jutj-M.leSr. . L, b'LOl'L'.M & CO..
nAVlN'G returned to the clly and erected a large
hnildliirln Uio roar of Iho hriuk honso, on the
corner ot Broad aad Carsauf Strcete. one oenare South
of the Mnrltet nuse, luteuda maiiufacturiuif upon a
Cl of 4!u
y.m,l (.'
' " Inlwil)
M alt, ni I me vuriuua (iriii ios
vublnut Kiiriiuurd, UeiUtendsw', -'i
d Choirs. Which ho will keen !'-
wave on .hand, tos-othor wtlh . tew J 1 1
largo assot-tment of Cinciiiuatl inaniifiicturo. His loug
experlouce In the bualiioss will chalde- hint to havo
tnatiiifacturod ut homo, and Imported from abroad the
vury oesi ui woric, ana ue no intuitu 10- employ tiona
oui mu iiuwi sKiurui worknion ami use the best mate
rials,- ho ButU'rs liiiusolf tUut he w ill give general an.
usuiciion u an wno muv tijvor nun wun tnoir custom.
Tho pnbllr aro.invlt.nl ly (all aad examine the-srs
jortinont. The entrance to Iho rooms Is upon Krnad
blrooi. ., . ... .,; . i,,, 1). K. FlSflliL.
N. Kr Ropalrlng done on (lib shortost notlcu, aiid i
the neatest and moat workmanlike manner. 'Charges
rvaaouuuie. uintasier, way au.
r;--.; r -"T
i 1
a cAitn:
' TMPKRFKCTheallb h.sk.pl me from
I my oulio part ot th. time for aonto
imontna,. j have tulued my former
strength and will not heroaiier b. ab-
raom ilucleff hn.iiie. hn,,r.. ' ''
eont from my room durleir business hours.
rilling; leeth receives my spoclal nttoutlon, 1 frlvo
eertltled niuirunteoa for alt my gold 0lllti t-a to be airec
llve duriujc Ihe live, of the parties, lain able after
near VO years altontion to the Toeth to (rive every per
son tho most positive assurance that they-.an save
very innin .y tunuty and rreuncnt attentlnn.
OPPICE iiwlnir.'sHrlck.nn the Hill. H KOOTT,
lrpFor thoaa who have th. TOOTH-AOHhV and
will not hnve thorn extracted, I hay. a remedy, that
uiu.nn ism u rut ruuer. Aiao, iooiri fow flora
i ; Lanoaater,'De:e sabw 6gS4l' c JO i 'o. . ';
s- :W '- MS Z.-KRIIDER.'
Mnin Street, Lancnater, Ohio, ..,- '
AGV.NT for Knot Mutual and Fraternal Metui t
Fir and Life Intursnc cotnpani.,
D.c.mk.r 10 53.
. - r Jf fit e-af 'ri
I ' ' ttr b . . - .
va: it i. .w J..iJ ( vj Jv ,!.!:
. ' Till SUSAT eniMM;o T lioon. '. :,:
AN INFALLIBLE ivJT-e.il a lor scroiuia, n-ing-a
ovU, r4ieumiiUs.n, oistinaw cuiuooij orujiUots,
pintpios or HuanuuB vm iv -. "j fc
sore oyos, rinir worm or wtur.siu-uu, cuiergnnkajiu
und p:in or Uto Done ami jntnu. siuioprn u At ore. nj
lUihtlc dlsorderri, lurnUng'i spinnl cbmplaiitU, and all
difteasos uriaintr from nn iniiidit;ious uso of mercury,
iinprudeno in lifts or imparity of the blood.". .
Tliin valnublo medicino,. which has hocoiuo celbrat
p(l for tho number of -extraordinary ouroii e Hooted
Uiraiik'fi itiufroiu'v. has ludufcd tlus proprietors at the
urirent requestor their friomd, to otTorit to the vuhlic.
width thoy do with tho utmost confide not) In It virtues
and wonderful enrntive itropirtltr?. T)ifolto-in(r tier
tilicates, so let led ft out a largo numbor, nrehoweror,
Wronger tostlnmny tliat the mere word of the proprie
torn; anduro ull fiotn frontleoien-veil knowp in their
liii'-alUius, and of tbft highest rpspectablllty, Incny of
thvtn now residing in the ttty of Rich iu ond, Virpiula. .
K. Roy don, Esq. of the Exchinffe Hotel, Richmond,
known every .whero, .-as ha bus sunn the jnedicine
en Mod hARTta1 spaKisii at-iXTCHK odininlstcred In over a
huudrod ouses,lii nearly nil Uio disuses for which it la
recoinnieiided.witli the inostiistontsiitiifciy trood results.
Ue says it U Ihe) uosf oxtraordinaryt iue die I no ho liaa
ever seen. ,
Anna and ?RvkCtrMt avt-aw 1 hereby certifyrthat
for three years 1 bad Aeruo and Fever of the most vlo
lontUoserli'tlon.; i had ac-fernl Fl'Tcifllans, tok qnttn
tltias of Quinine, mercury, and I hclievo ull without
rtny fAorjimmnl,rolief.' At 1I 1. triod carter's Spanish
mixturo, Iwo bollles of whieh ejTortually cured me,
and 1 am tuppy to wiy 1 havo bad nollher chills or feer
siuce. 1 ronsidor It the beM tonic In the world, nnd the
out medicine lital bus reached my cane. J, LQlSGDKaV.
hcAVXR Dam. near taiehtpond, Virginia.
C. B-Lucfc, liii -unwtn the city of Richmond, and
for inuitv vennt in tho Posl Ofllco, baa-Jiuch onOdonee
in heastonlsh.n;omeacy of fiittor-s Spanish mixture.
thut do boiairht, upwards or aoooiiiest woicnner niot
riven away to the nfllieted. ' Mr. Luck snys hehns neyor
known it tq full whon tuke.n according.to direction. .
Dr. Mhipe. a praetisli!1hydrinn, and formerly of
the city hol d, in thu city of Kfchmond.anvs he bns wit
nessed hi a number of ntdrincos the eflocis of carter's
piiU4ii liilxture whU h were most truly surpninp He
stttysln a ens a of cotiHumptlnn, dopeudont on the Ifver,
the o4d eflet ts wore wonderful Indeed. '- c -.; ,'
Samuel M. DrlUkor.of the thVflrm of DrinkeToz Mor
ris, l.if'hmor.d. was enrud of liver complaint of eight
yours sUndlng, by thj use of two bottles of curler's
apnuUh inlxturo. '- -'. ',
Great turn of Scrofula. The Editors of the Rich
mond Uepubliciin and aaorvanloiprtoed In their press
"oeui, enruu oi vttiieni scroiitia. emnoinca wuq rneu
inatlstn, whlcti ei.tiroiy eisubled Mm front iirlc Two
bottles ofenrtor'sspur.Uh mixture made n perfect cure
of hi pi tho Editors, In a "public, notice, any they ; etoeeiH
fully i.-coiuiiieiid It to all who are. nfllictod with any dls
ease of tlu hor d.. - ..flx Vf' '
StiN Mother fi'ue of rtrfM.-Tjian 4 tftlunblo boy
cured of acrofuln bv curler's apnnlsh mVxttiro.,. I con
.Idurlt taluntdouvedle.ine.- JAX1-5H M. TAYLOR,
Conductor nn the Ii. K. A P. K. U. Klchmnnd, Va.
Jtiautn f afO .ffiart -ttiunliwr curtit. Mr. Jobn
Thompson, residing tn the ity of Richmond, waacur
sd by throo bottles ofciirtorS spanlstv mWtMTO, of salt
houm, whU h be bud netirly 30 years, and which oil the
Physiclnniof th dtj oonla not euro. Mr. Thompson
Is a woll known HierchaoVln tho city gf Richnfond,. Va.
an, hlseurn la mot relnmUnhle. ' 1 ' -
William A. Matthews of Kichmondi AMritiiila--hiHl a
ervant ciirod'trf Kj phlllj, iit the worsi fbrm, by carter'
ipu in-sti nuxtiiro.. . r 1 - t
' Richard K. "WeRt'of I.lchmonn.'wus'curod of scrofuln,
nnd what I'liysiciuna calli'd cojiilrniiideonsuiniition, by
tlfrje hotnes or carters spiiiiisn mixuire. i
jr.tlwla;Uurtoiu comutiiouur ot ine rw venue, ;aay
ho hasHC-m the good eifeets of curtor's MpanUli mlxturo
in n uuinburof syphiMtU' JTiaos, and bujsH it a perfect
cure ofthni hVrr1blftdiwn. ;l
Willinui G. HiirwiMtd of oichinono, Vlrplnltt, cured of
ld sores mid ulcers, w hich disabled him from wnlklug. 1
rook a i"W botUe!orejtrUTminpli mixliirinnd was
inuoicu u wiiia wuuuui a vruici., in t tuiot'ii inuu por
nnnenlly cured. " ;- !; j
J'rimipnl ypntsat M.Wnrd.Ctoso & e., Nn. Maid
en U'tne, '''w York, T. W. Tyott & sonm NosiM, North
.'d itret, I'l'ila'l.'IpNIfl. Rennet and iloora. Ho. 125
.Maiustrtiel, Uiehniond, Virginia.. . . i-
And fors;tld bv Kmitnnun mul co., Tsnnrnster; K. nnib.
Ruahvltln; it. H. .'nlktr Went Rushville; Porter a.-.d
wetratuin, Lj ibo; olid, una Demon in iwemeine every
nlioro. ; .-1 ". ' -Dec. lTylCSS ly' 1
Dyspepsia Jaunitiee Chronic or. Norfitvt-Debility
F ' . " U .J ..... .
NI)lldlsousi;duriAhigfrom a dion1ered Idvor or
Stoinnch; tn-U as cniiHiiinrtlon. toward niles, full-
no. -w. of blooi to tho huatd aeillty oiftho .Htomai'h, nan
ua, hfiurt-buandiiHt for food, f'l.liions oTweiehlin
thu toitiitrtiv aims eruuttitIMif sink iue or Hutteriutf ut
.It pil of tha stomach, nwlnnn'mg of the hoitd, hurried
and lUlflenU breitthing. fluttering ul tho hunrl, choaklug
jrsuITU'Hliou suHatious wbon lu a tying posture, mm
nefts'of viaion dots or wohshofore the MirirWfeverniid
lull pitHi in Hi 3 heKl.dtillelenry of pernplratioii, yellow
ims4 of the shin and eyes, p.nln lu tho sulo, buck, chost,
Mm !.-. ete.. at'dtlen floHhi'n of hoat, burning lunhe flesh.
' ouirtant iiniigiiiliigof ovtl grout depression of,dpirits.
l)r. HmUmim1 relrbnitfd c nn ml flitfnra
Prtptirr.il bt Dr. C- Ji on. at tb Qsrmnn Medicine
mure,.Vo. ISO Jrctt Strett.' Philailttlphia. t ;
Tlr.!lr riowor over tho above" Vio,ws Is noi excelled
if eiputllLHl, by nny other preparation in thai United
states, ns tho cures nit en I, l.i i;i.tiiy vu&cs uflcr ajiilfol
physiclHtta hud fvifod.'. ., f . i
These Hitters are worthy tho nt lent ion of Invulid.-
FossliH?gr'mlvirtu hi llio rutifltutiiiu of dlitiesof
'.ho 1tvor ami leaner glaudA.oxerci.Hlng Iha uitiit scHrch
ingpoiver&in wenkneMitnd o0jctiona of tho digestive
or uiH, they are, walial. safe, certain and pluanunt. ',
ItcttJ-ami be wMniaetfrtF. IIhssblmk!, -Juwelor,
VVooiter. Ohio. Deeeiobor and, IKM, suiit: 'l enibrnee
UilsopportuiiHyof luforiningyou of thogriat be no fit 1
have derived from the use ot lr, Hooflmid's German
lilllera- I havo usl-d tlieiu for chills mid fever and dls-
)rt)tTotl sLniuucluJtnd (o'ind relief in every c;to. l'htvy
ire the teu rjiuol lor tjisoraoreu stomucu, l llilnt, ku
r3.iteneo.,'1 t '
P. P01.V .- nioomfl ild; OhloV Octobor 7, IfK, aaldj
Vltti foeliiiKAof irraliliidv I take my own lo Inform vou
"of the hiculculahle benefit 1 huvo dorivod from tho uho
if If iiinlitsl, a.niiui( Uit.tsr-H. I IlllVak llatrttl tlutin fur
the )ivvr rompluint. and take pleasure lu reeommend-
ingthetii to tho imbue a4 iuw auut aua oem roinuuy
now In nse. '
ThoKiltlor of tlio Woor Democrat, Mmf 6,
said: "Hnnnnd's G 'rinaii Hitters ! hi Invaluable me
dicine MdnIlT porfurudiitf ouniMjf the tnont reumrkablu
chiiraeter. Ve do notsneuk of this meilleliie without
uknowlode of Its etl-ea. y. as- wo bnve tried tt;m our
family, uud Had II to bv the only thing neudcd in Uor
coi)tduiul or dvspopilu. : " i'i
Ouirko ft.AUKfc;, OHinbrldge, Ohio. November 17,
IKi'j, wttu: "My ihoroj persons wuo nave useu your nour-
and's Go nn mi Ittttonv, theyuro cousldored un invaluu-
hie remedy f dvstietndn.11
ll r'Y ou Kliotild buur in liiiuu inn, inese ntitors are
STtntr.r VKoKTAntu, thareuy possjsHtnjr lldvaiitaKes
overniot or the propurutious rocomtnJiiuoa lor sum-
larillsoasea.' --V. . .; f
For sulo by Kntiffuinn ck co.; K. Kain, Rushvlllo; R.
, Wulkor, West RuHhvilla; Porterec 'WeirstOu.Lytho-
pulls, uud Dealers in imiuiduo uvcry wuoro,
Dcoeuiu.'r jv, (tju rur ... . ,. --
The tLnisf Chance nnd tha I.utit ssppor-
tunity 1st tjiu. world ti aut o ITIouoy,' ,
AT 4tST,-;
, LtlH (tSU ULV, .,);
AVISO concluded to reinovotiitlio West In a few
moi.ths, we have determined to irive.'our friends
aud at) Pntrtlold Countyavery irood opportunity, such
ns thev will nover huv, airuin, to lay In a lino supply of
Winter nnd Kprlna-Clolhintr.i.'S r cent lower than
they ever bouebt Ihe same kind of Gpods before, and
to co u vl lice thoin that there Is nn humbug til the tnattor.
woishtill exhibit our asartta. 1 hose itosmns; to iny m
p good alock of Clolhiiig for thoir fauilllob will Ann
tits n good cnance. vie snuii,aiao,piTerod annesciectoa
Stock ol Jewelry nhd wutchrt.
JO nor eeu lower than over was offer In this market,
COfas ear, caais ait ana ret f rrae earr atne.
, .... , .. l. mimo.1 AO.-.ir .i '-u'ri :
11 ' - JO.SKPH FRANK. Salesman. '
TTr'Tlioaahasdiii account, to'suttrewlth th. ahoao
firm, will please conic furwurd and settlo the same. ,
Lnchttur,jjiouary li,ieao--w f. ;.-., tt-w ,
TilB faniLAT n.iT Asm cAP stouH.
;j .' eOTU WHOLESALE Jt.YbK.ETjllL,'. . '.
HAS lust received from Phil.'idclphiaatid NewYork,
oueM'llio r.AROKST STOCK Of HATS AJfl)
l,4re uisi na. ever.coai. m(uibci,v, o. ,n.
slaiwsi' iMfRovab a-rTi.ics.' enibrucliia-every
1 variety of shapes, torts and, siies ennylst
tlii.oftho lute Rnriur Blvlo MOl.K-SKIN
HAT, ausiirpttsfpdiin Opto for.luhiblliF and Bnenra
Also, Tonnjr ilcu'. Hal. of ssl) klndn,
rSu'mirrcr Htits cotislstlug df PANAMA; " '
. Pedal and t'tilna blraw; ...,
' Braid LtiOIIOhJ and MAirn,A! '
Palm Leaf; Kossuth Hats, bolb Fuf knd VTool;. '
Fine Oiler and White Heaver, for Suintnorj --The
latest Spring Stele Cassliuero HuU:
.tl.Horlaol'UoyitA.ebilsJrenN' Kntirf Iltts,
Btn tl.rl'K, WOOL AHlM5lltA
Jill Ol wnicn win oe mm ou lu
sold oil .the iitos reososiable
before, rri't-l ; ' ..: u
tints will do well by calling and
tortus, lower than ever
N. B, Country Murchanta
examining nW alrtck before parchaslirg elsewhere.
...LituoiisWr.MwjritSliMA. r-.,tl K, PltLDlNO. I
..ai't.i".' 'TO i FAKMER8. "' '-' -'"'
WANTED rtnndlatoiySnOO Bushels of CCRIf la
the ear, ftir which cash will bo paid on delivery
at the Lancaster Dopot of the C. W. A Z. Rait Road
1 . ...... ' ALFUliil WATS.
Morrow, Ohio, Jan. 4, lWA-Klf. '
L lITMt. MilJierfrolgiitAgoutwll rtoplvf and' i-
1U1 ills uvru.
ratME undersigned basbeen appointed Agent for th.
I 101T 1 NSO R ANCK COM P M, tf Y" of CtpTm.d,
Ohio, and will in.ure Ruildlnga, Mercbatdlre, Honse
hold Furniture, and other personal prefWlyfajr!"
fare yjlrs. All lowes will be eqnltAby and promptly
adjusted and paid. P. VAN TRUMP.
ucastcr, February 1, 18SS 3a4
45, t.i ,
ORGANIZED for the F. n r ou rage nmnt and Gunaral
Olffpaion of LITKRATUKE and the F1SK Xsi,
oil t New. ad Original rtasil-o: . i. ;--j t. iC
'l'hlauew Aaaoclution ladeslgned ta ncoaran. anil
popnlurtzothe Fine Arte, aau disseminata purwand
whetsuae.'tltosaiare tbroufk.ut -the-coniilry. Far
),.ii,un m UMii.wArw IB SO D p.rinaujllitlv'
founded, which will each yesi contain-, chute o and
w.,wwmw. vf . rinuiigB, Diaiuary, ax..,
. For Free Itlntrlbatlan.
Th. Association .will also publish aed Issue to tin
members ack year, Ibo best blleralnre of ihe day
coDslstlns; of the most popular Monlhls AlaarnxlneV ".
Re,vluws,d Plctorlul Library works. ""S""11".
i u. urrit-aaa or tub AaaocixTion tor 1PS4,, hnv. tbn
caslon there will he distributed among (he men bara'aS
the Associatloo. free ftf charge, Prreml hundid in
perb Uorka of Art, among which will be the orlirina 1
and world-renowned atatuo of HmA(1 Powers i',,B
Tht Creek Hnve,r,T '"'"5 '
purchased at an expenso of over t4M)o1 A lso, a lurro -
v..., t-asi.ivR-iinH I'J.fHHifOliiClsK PAINT.
i"?"- eonslBlliieor the best productions of celebrited
Atnerioun au. fOrelgb. Artlskt, nmojijr uu h are tba
wot!, a of Port ao, Mrkkkr, Rrao, ?VT.T, Caifroin,
Ct.oDO,FAivR..T",:and other iuiiient"Am,,.
Artlsu. bl.-b, wlib the onar.n! : Bdtlillopi "id.
thromrh sn arent'no. n Enro.wlll render tlltsnr fb?
ui. moaicouipioio umiery or Arts In tha Iftiitofl Etatrt.
- .iicrainre !. :,-..
a r. ,IU "'emners
-,. Per.am, Bloclveoi, A',rci TT'I
Br,f(sA..nda;rf,,Br,. jj,"- JV Jt.'l
Tbeoclatlonlsopen to all: -an perKnn rnsv t,..
A r ", nu one oune above Mr.svine.
or Reviews ofr one year, and also to s '. If"., il
In tho annual dislribntlonsfSTATn... V. u
Al. Per.n, ,j,o fi,"Z,lZ""2':
tickets 1
the two fold benefK of thret doUars"", oHh;;.,0.,'
in, literature and. ticket In th. rfl.." n'i?.-.f "f'"
most Marnlflcent collection of cbols. work, ..fir, In
,heeOnUntr,,oqu.l to tb., of 'ft. old AmVrl?!? Ar"
I? arw...- 4rb.yoS.
sTc Jfimltere furnished If
IhJprT ' Arts' r!;.T.,r,,,T" ,n tiie d.rct.aieitf
cncouraur the Fine Arl ,rt divei e, Merl" 2
Lilerature Ihrouchout the land, thereby . ",,?!,,, "(."if
in S, "hVi " t"te" of morlcin pcopre.
enabllna both rich and poor to mnke their homis pica
aant and attriu Uvo, by Ibeuhl of ftcult tur, Paintli ,
and the best readily manor Mt-h- Ihe wide rancL ,7
Aniericn Foroitu Literature altnnls. " ' fc
A"lw,no",fc,!he'"n rl" ''r srr,
LUeralnre; ' h" Sl",po 0f ,ler"l,J Me"lb
.r.d- T ! V Vl? Unto contribiitlrr loward
bsirsliin mnuy thousands of dollars throntrh listen, y.
h ?!2?,,"?f"X,U i'!"' w-a'"OA at Hookatoree;vill
observe that l.y1oi.,li,et,0 Awoclatlon, t h re..,r.
Jfoptias.ORsI tree Jisrs, tssi.ifi.riaI,,all
HtMr l ' row fay Torino Mac-arinenbin
l,a ...... ,,. li. ..
i "'"'"""Ifasiiirs to roinni.uco.Rud also llrelr
'"'?i""J "'I, on the receipt of wbiih. a
certifli ateof membership, tiurether w Ith tho nisgazii,o
desired, will be forwarded to any p.rtof the foui.trv.
lrrOlllcosof the Asanelatinn. .1 tl. Ti ., I. l .!,, b
Majazlno oftlco,S4D Hrondway, New Vork.and l No.
n. V b,ruot' Randusky. Ohio. Address, (nt either
"V , ' wc.nori vsriunry u. A. b. A.
TTVV. M. GRlNWlll.li ti,... t!........ i ....
or ,t.i.u v.. . 'V -"""
v. ...iu muiHuonuiip inuy DO oOlUillOtl. kept. 14
' i, i . ' . ' , i" . i ,, ' .
2 I N K &, BIS H,
WOULD respectfully Inform tint r customers,
the citizens ircnernllv. thut thev have asMnvan
their Establishment to ttie North sldo of Main Hlrccl.lu
the. room furiuorly. occupied by ilu- rnila-lelptia CVa,-
stissiea sioref wnure inoy are iiropuroii to rurulah. ,
Frcali Hread, Husk, i:ukcs Crttckeris
We have cmtdoyed Ibo very best workmen In ottr
line of business, uud will sell ut wholesale, and rol.il
at tho loweet priree. ' i '
we are iteturinlnod to fflvo o-cnorul anllsfai-tloii. All
orders fnim tho country for Hread, f akes. Soda. Rut-
tor,-ater and Boston CrackurOy.will.be promptly
flltod. ' Give us a call.
Luurusier, March 31, 1PR4. ZIKK BISH.t
N. II. We also kocp on hand a genernl assortment of
FAMILY QRQCZklES, which will be. sold at Ibu
lowusi nucs. , : ( ; dtlr Dsu
altjaviTBi a tvia ai v
'-FirAt Uoor' East of tiie Swan Hotel". '
OUH Stock being now cnmploto. we are prepare,
oilorliie mostchoice aud clieuu t,oslaevn
exposed to sale in this market, conslstiugof every tils
criptiuu nfliRV (jUOUS In tho; ;ooim, Luira. Bit
Horefett na Votton line, lor mo uso ui muii. woman
and Children. and In use ebon I the dwi'lllug,liieludlr.i
choice If kin Oeo'le. Drtttord Fancy fc'"f. Ileeeiry,
Olottie, Clothe, Caeeimfree. riettnB. s-r,asr,a. .
Aiwa epolce lotofChiar. Ultta. .k Uneeas
ivarr) of Boole, Skoet, Slifpere, Ice.; lor all ages, of
tcloctcd und Clifttp (Jititferlta,
the Ten.,. $urari, Cbjtce, JUolueet,' Sjiien i Mfrop
being very cliok-o. , ...
- All which in view nrth timet we arc dot'rmtned io
soil without ri'K.ird to profit, in order to close up Iho
satue,'the-ruduction of -ourituck and' payment of our
lltibililic. bring our grenl object. ....
The public therefore before- buying olsewliore oro
invlled toexatiiiue ourspluudld stock.. ... ,' ... '
Lancaslor.Nov. 2-3m W H I TE, Jf. 4 JULIAN.
- One It it Sid red !ollar.-T Focta!
TlfK ltlRHCTOUS nr im CoMoroMTAg Art aro
Litkrauv Assoiuatior. luloly organized in tan
dusky Citv.Ohlit, fur the eueourngomcht and' giiierBl
riimislon of Literature and Art, offer a PKlB OF ON K
ilUNOKKD DOLLARS for the UKST OilK to Powers'
world-reuewnudalatuteoftheaRRKK SLAVK.whlrh.
with many utbur valuable works or art,! nro to be dla-.
trlboted iiinong the uiemheraof Hie above Aasociatiou.
The Odes, .which should not exceed flfly lilies In
length, must bo huuded In previous to-Ihe Jal.f Octo
ber, at which lime a committee of literary gentlemen
of New York, wln.su namos will appear; will ileciile
upon the merits ubd. award. tho prixe tp llie, aucceaefut
competitor.- ', ' . '
. Poets inaendlng In tholr productions, will pJ.R.
give the first stanui of tholr Ode, together w ith their
riuil name and address, in a eeprat e sealed e-n-velopo,
Contmuiilcutions should he addressed, post-paid, to'
- C. Li PKKBY, Actuary C. A.4L. A.,
Caro Knickerbocker Office. 348 Broadway, Now Vvr,
, Sept. 14', lr54 - - - or 3 Water Street, Fandusky.'
iTpbuTs.iiViFA n m Ens, m v eky and
SUtgcnicn and all who have a?oOd Ilor.e,
(TTKXNETT GARRETT respectfully rdmlud.
j you that he In still haiumoring away on
iJrcadStresiatAs Cit 9 if L.acesYer, where hu
Is always on hand to treutorlpplod horses.
AaeRperieneoornearly 4(1 years, and many year, of
thai tl mo uuderthe instruction of un eminent Votpriua
vy Hurpeon, enables him to confidently ondortnkethe
most dlfHeult- eueea. t Ju SUOElJiQ he holds bluiaolf
socondtonoiie.' - - ' ' ' - 1
sos nre' lei
His reputation. I.nnw ao well known that bor-
titto ntm tone shod from most or tho
boring oitioaand towua. His Shoeing Shop
modutibusaro so amide that no detention
ordelaywillevarorcur. . BKNNKI.'T OAKKJtsT.i
Lancaster, August24, 1P34 ISmlll
;' : ."' i-', i -tt--. 1 'i 1 ' .' i t-t i. r r.i
' 'AT TUB' . :
- '' iiexrvu'a; G-Emvkni,"'
On Seer txel f the lietUKf.VbJler freaky Seul k " ii
.. . Mmin Street, Lamceeter, Ohio.
TJ ESPECTFUt.LY solicits the atteiiilon of Ms friend,
XV aiul-custeniers, and all that may want (rrocarie.
aniTwho will be so kind as to give him a mil, both from
thu clly and country, 10 my .uperiur and complete .tuck
of Grocerltis, Just rooolvod, embracing lb part th. ful
lowing articles: , v . '., .... -,
JAVA and RIO COFFKKi Young," Hyson,
.fiVSM Blaek and Imperial TEAS; Now Orleana Suras,
KStEjia Loaf, Crush'ed aud Pulverised; Mice, Golden
3V iB Syrup, 8. H. Syrup, B, H.' Molasses, K. Orlean.
do., Oraiigea, Lemons, Ralsians,, Figs. Pruin, Almonds,
Pecous, Fllborts,Coeo Nuts and Braall Nuta,Driod Baef,
Dried Tongues and Cincinnati Cured Hams, Jiuglish
Dairy Cheese nasi W. R, Cream do, Spice, Cinnamon,
Clovos, Nutmegs, Mace, Alsplce, Pepper and Ginger,
-So Sod.,'r.T.rUr.6nliriratsa,8Urcri,tSaltpeAer, UtX
bUKVUwi, ii,,tijc, mnutir, nium, eic.eie
.Soap,C.udleaTiiba, Buckele, Broonis, Wash. Barua,
Baskets, etc.etc.
A flaelot of Chawing Tobacco; .Isolraoking do. aad
Clears; Wines and Walker's Burton Fain Ala... a-ener.
ai stock of Nation sToys, and graatniauy othor artiste..
jnay J, looa. . .
PtAlU, ; RO AO., .QAJt.Bv ,Afl IN.
V, r ' '' ' .) SMAE.t.KTi'.i.'flT'.; ,n'f
HAflJust received his SPRING and SUMMER .: r
ply of HATS ot CAPS at Ms old stand, ..,(. r
Tedlmadf time, Mai Street, Ltncaeter, Oil.. ,H
' toek baa been aelected with care and embrace
Everr rstrletrof Uait.eVCaipa awa,
' Including White Hearer, Molskln, No. f V f
NsndS'lilD,and Peal.Straw end Leghorn "A
Hals; Mew; Boys arid Chfldrens Palm Leaf, from 1 to
37t--i-Alao Mennud Jtoy'.Furand WooPKoasuili Hata,
Boysand Chlldrens Fancy Hat., which will be sold at
ttav lowest prices. Leghorn Hats washed and MeachoA
at the shortest notlo. Try Don't forget the pl.ee.
Ms? 5,1844. M. 8M ALLEY..
inriuuro vi nuunciiiR; inai me aiinacriplUin bpokafor
tb. torrent year are now open, and that the first annual
distribution otM'ork. of Art, aontalned In tbe iovo
Gallerv. will Ink. ntaec In Jaauan . .k, .v'
iTrt. wioo spread fame of-tho iho..
dor it needless tosnv any IMna- lu their r...i.
ooncjtdod lh.t,.llt.r brpRn."."'; Z 'Zr'tfJ'
T.nco of any other. In the world. . lE.hi . ,t
and rely pn , MvZti 'to'&Sp' 'o'n .V rt.
"."""'"'"''"dlrect from the Te-1 vL? ..,!
... o, .o A-aoiiiners.-.
dcslred. ' ' 1 "
Y. L . V, "e .,ursoi Art, are in- turn to bo dis
trict, ,i amont; lliemselvos r,ee of i-borcei -(
3d. hark mombor Isalso Indirecily .ntonr.slnsr'.i 4
putronltuii the Arts and Ami,,. J ,i, 5 7,;"
vv", ' . """"e uaniesnt Ihctasleiu olBco ,
iew Fork, or Woslertiomca.fiandnskv. '
iJ..!;;0.'.1or'"71.1"" "i,ld ot meniborsi.ip. slionld mark
tituta.-nrKiaiereii.Hnii a tut

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