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Lancaster ajtttt.
Tixvirsd.-iyJIornlng nart Sil 5,1855
For tha Lnjastcr Gazette.
TIio Pride ortlaC Woi M.
Ma. Slaughter: By your permission,'
I wUU to subaiit a few lines for puljjicaiion
in tl.o G.izetto. My object in tho present
coiuuiunicaiion, is io exhibit Ui iinpto.
prioty if possible, of church members dabs
lin wuh tliis vice, v:z , "Hie prnicoi me
SonKiniso Kw is Legislation. The
Boston Transcript contains the following
account of the election of a member of the
Society of Friends t the oCiocof a Mxjor
ReiK-nl of the militia of tho St-ito of
Tl'.e Ilonso of Representatives of the
Slate of Maine, on Friday last, elected one
of their members, Mr. lily Jones, Mujor
(reneial of the Second Division of the ini
luiiiof thatSta'.e. This g.' nil (man is an
esteemed membtvof the So( ity of Frieuds,
and is iitublless the first (juaLerevor elcr-i-eJ
to sof high an ofhVe in the niiliiia. r Mr,
.tones ir,dNA ciipital Fpeech, aiifi aher re-
TUe Last Cougrcss-
The Cia. Gazetta gives the followiog
summary of the best deeds of Jh last Con
World." In viewing tho christun church, JfotrinJo. the ehanjjrs he had ui:nes?$din
we perceive that liiis viuo is ; indulged. iiHtha twnular mind." oii tliu various - rottial
we perceive nisi mis viuo is ; muuicu nr
to a:t a'arais cxlertt, by professors of
ohrij.iivaiiy. This is just the way to de
stroy ourselves, and to impede tho privf
reis of ;ha christian Church, and it is the
way procla.'ly that tho great Adversary of
80u:s won! i have all his foiIotVors go. One
reason perhaps, why wo have so few re
vivals or reformations of religir-n at the
' present day is, becanso there is so litiln
d'.tijrenco between church members and
the world, r To our great moi'iirieaiionaud
rorrow, wo find professors following all
tii 3 fsl,ions iin 1 maxims of the world, not
withbUadingthey nre to ccme out from
' 'aiuu'ii them, nuU touch, Lisle, or handle
.. not tho unclean thing. "C" me out from
them and be ye separate, and I wi! receive
you, aad yo tiliall bo my sons and daugh
ters, saiih the Lord Almighty." Xfe al
low Ih it ii. is necessary to associate with
l!.d woiidso far as necis&aiy eircumstau-
-.: ves r5(iuire, but no further.
A Ml. U ,f ll Olll ,, 111,.. , .c-,r II lim I II l
preater variety of forms than that of .iiio. g"y ni.dcr.tood that ho
fr I e ir lit,..,,,,., Wrt iicvii.im, iv o 111 ivriiti,, w
If Vie sul'jfet ourselves to i s iriflucneo, wo
. can observe it jn nil our actions. It is ob
sorvablu in the niiuuii'i'.;, dress and deport
ment of i.s'd'jvotco. How jirono wo aro to
iaiidac ourselves mow highly than we
aught. It is acharactei istiit ot some per-
. ' sous to adorn themselves wi.h all the orna
ments they can procure, just merely to nt
uaot a'.tuution. Hear Tetor'a words:
." YV hos) adovning let it not bo that out
ward adorning of )1 ailing the hair, and of
. weurin c i.fappar.d, but let it be th hidden
mi.i of tho soul.'"
- Ag.-tin, if you interrogate one of those
uai iov-hear!ed profoiuiors, which you find
dosorntcd und n'iornod with costly array,
on th iitcesity and importance of sup
porting tha gospel and cci.it i ibute to tlii
Mrsiosury causa and extend the "glad
tidings of joy" to tho Heathens, who arc
tiebliiute of the gospel and tho means of
pvaco, or plan of salvation, and tho tc-
iily would be, "1 have not the means."
'lionds, t!;is ought not to Lo. If tha a-
Juount which is anmi'illy expended for the
accumulation of all the turn-foolery and
cosily array which wo find some professors
.domed with, were tippropriaied to the dis
' semination of religious knowledge, it would
ftl'.evtauwiad gladden tho hearts of thou
sand J who are yet dcstitulo of the gospel
and tlio moans of grace. "Wo aro com
tii indud that whatsoever yo do in word or
djod Jo all in tho nnmo of tho Lord Jesus."
O, christian can you indulge in tliis vice
nd still bo recognized by tho son of God
- "as a people zealous of good woiks."
These few lines are dropped in kindness
nd lovo to all. Como let us reflect in sin
cerity. What havo wo to be proud of?
Am we proud of our persons? Thsy eoon
will bo food for worms. Wo brought
nothing in this world, neither can we take
uriylliKigouf. Let UJ endeavor to follow
tii-it which is lowly and of good report.
foiticmber that God will bring ovory work
into judgment whether it be good or wheth
er it be evil. Yours for consistency.
LuCKVILLl!, Ohio.
Li.1At.l.VilLRL9r IS TUB Usitkd Rtates.
-In twenty-ono of tho States, the legal in
terest is six per cent; in four Slate it iK
ho ven per cout.;iu Texas and Alabama it
is ei''ht per cent: in Louisiana it is five
per cent., and in Mississippi it is ton per
cent. California lias no usury laws. The
Bunk cr'i Miigazint says: "There are va
rious .States that permit a higher rate of
. iuterust on ppocial contracts, vi: In Vor-
ruont seven per cant, may bo charged on
railroad bond;;; in New Jersey seven per
:ont. may bo charged in Jersey City and
in the township of Unborn; in Maryland
tho penalty is a matter of tome doubt, in
consu'iuonco of a late decision of Judge
Taney, which does not, however, meet the
ssoi;tof the bar of Ualiimoro; in Arkansas
ton pur cent, may be charged on ppoci il
contract'-.; in Illinois tlio banks may charge
bCVou rwr rout., and ton per cent may bo
charged between individuals special
contracts; in Iowa ten jor cent, is allowed
on special contract.-,; in Louisiana, eight
per cent, may bo charged; in Michigan
nnd Oliio, contractu in writing ;ro legal to
' charga ten rjer cent; in Texas twelve per
cent, may be charged ou apoiiial contracts.
The penalties for u violaiion of tho usury
Uws is different in- most of tho Slates, lii
Micliigaii there is no penally ;in Massachu
setts and New Hampshire the usurer for
feit throo times tho whole interest; in
MVme th" cx;u.b of interest is not recover
able; in Vermont and llhode Island the
xeess ni'iy bo recovrid ' b.icL; in Coa
nectieut there is a forfeiture of ull tho in
terest. Lallitnort American.
questions of tho day, l.o alluded to military
matters and said:
"Still more wondeiful. who would have
believed that tie State e,f Maine, il at net
a few years tiuce "lorivd in n Arwftook
expedition, nnd was noisy wiih military
trainings and lie din of arms, womu'in
1C.5 exhibU the spectnele ot a peacefiUK
member of li e Society of Friends, being
elected to the post of Major Ueneral ot a
division of militia, nuil ihat oy the rep
resentatives of the people in Legislative ca
pacity.'.'. . .
In the cuirso of Lis brief speech, Mr.
Jones said:
"Ho had ever endeavored to regulate
hisowii-coiiduct by the piinciplo that leg
islation bhoidd not go far in advance of
public scii'.iment; r.nd it seemed lu him
that tin's elec ion might possibly be a little
ahead of Ihut sentiment. He would sut
niitthis sUi-- a-siioii in all candor. It was
respect to tno polity oi
wars. If he was in fact on exponent of
tic views of the Lecielature on that sub
ject, l.o would cheei fully undertake to
servo the State in the capacity indicated.
With mjeii pleasure would he utand be
fore the militia of tho Second Division,
and givo kuoh orders as he thought best.
Tho first would be to ''Ground arms!'
The next would bo 'Rightabout face! bent
your swouls into plow share-, and your
spears into pruning-hooks, ami letirn war
no more!' and ho would then dismiss every
man In his farm and his merchandise, with
an admonition daily to read, at his fire
side, tho New Testament, and ponder upon
its tidings of 'Peace on earth and good-will
to mini!' "
The honor was declined, and tho honest
Quaker expressed n preference for private
life. Tho honor was declined, Si the honest
Quaker expressed a preference for private
hfo. His speech was delivered amidst in
toruptioHsof uproarous applause. Not
withstanding this declination, a message
was sent to the Senato announcing Mr.
Jones' election, but a messnm; was receiv
ed from tho Senate informing tho House of
the election on Us part of bamuel Good
ridge, as Major Go-ucral of the Second Di
Dkatii ok an OcTo.invAuu.v. ftimucl
Adams Dorr, Esq., of ihiscity, died on
Sunday last, ufier a brief illness, at his res
idence in Louisburg square. Tlio deceas
ed bus long been an honored nud esteemed
resident of Ho'i'oii. lie was a pupil in our
public schools when President Washing
ton inadj his Kaslcni tour, and participat
ed in the services on tho occasion. After
fcridu.ing at Harvard College in tho
clubs of 17 1) 5, ho went abroad, and for
many years wai engaged in conitneieial
pursuit. . lie was a gentleman of the old
school honest, intelligent and public rpir
ited. Ho took deep in litrtst in ptiblig ques
tions, and has left a good name, nnd the
influence of an upright life, extended bo -yopd
four-scoio vars. Boston Tratucript
Suil Melits.
"Our namo takes well with tho Dutch,
liut ii does not go down well with the
Irirtli. Cut tho Irish havo t;o help for
themselves. The Know Nothings are
down on tho Catholic and that fixes
them.". W.JoInu' letter to the Buey
; rut Journal.
.. Tho Statcnnun is rejoicing over the se
cession of fifteen hundred members from
. theXtiow Nothing Lodges iu New Hamp
shire, but it bestow nofa word on the
4ccaioo to the &a Nichls order of the
.. ;'Dcinot;ruey" iu Ohio. Not ashamed of
your company we hope? .The name "takes
with the Dutch" and IhVlrifch tun't help
tktns4itt!-Q. 9. Jour.
Tim Iciv Kotuily Lnnd Bill.
It is enacted, ifec, That each of the
surviving commissioned nnd non-commis-sioiidl
otlieers. mudcians and privatos,
whether of regulars, volunteers, rangers or
militia, wuo were reguiai ly musiereu uno
the service of the United btatea.and every
officer, commissioned and non-commission
ed, soiman, ordinary seaman, marine,
clerk, and landsman iu tho navy, m iny of
the wars in which tlui country has been
cnxajfod since 1790, and each of the sur
vivorsof the mililia.'or volunteers, of State
troops of on y Stato or Territory, called in
to military service, and regularly muster
ed therein, and whoso services have been
paid by the United States, slmll be en
titled to receive a certificate of warrant
from tha Department of tho Interior, for
one hundred and sixty acres of laud; and
where any of thoso who have bnen so must
ered into service and paid, shall have re
ceived a certificate or warrant, ho bhall be
entitled to a onrtifioato or warrant forsuch
a iniantitv of laud as will make, in the
whole, with what ho has heretofore re
ceived, one hundred and tixty acres to
each person having served as aforesaid;
Provided, tho person so having been in
service shall not receive said land warrant
if it shall appear by the muster-rolls of his
regiment or corps that ho deserted, or
was dishonorably discharged from ser
vice Sco. 2. And be it further enacted, That,
in case of the death of any person who, if
living, would bo entitled to a certificate or
warrant as aforesaid, under this act, leav
ing widow, or if no widow, a minor child
or children, such widow, or, if no widow,
such minor child or children shall be en
titled to n'ceivc a certificate or warrant,
for the same quantity of land that such de
ceased person would bo entitled to receive,
under the provisions of this act, if now
living provided that a subsequent mar
riage shall not impair tho right of any such
warrant, if she bo a wiJow at the time of
making her application; and provided,
further, that thoso shall be considered min
ors wlio aro so at the linio this act bhall
take effect.
Sec. 3. And bo it furthor enacted, That
in no c. iso Khali any such certificate or
warrant be issued for any service less than
fourteen days, except whero the porson
shall actually have boen engaged in oattle,
unci unions the pirty claiming such certifi
cate or warrant shall establish his or her
lit thereto bv recorded evideuco of said
' Amons theso one of the most import-
tnnt is that creating tho Court' cf CW'
Congress has long been compelled to do
vole much of its time to the consideration
of pi ivate claims, which it was a peeuliary
until court to adjust, and which it was
compelled for want of time to postpono
until the ends of justice were often defeat
ed and. much injury dono to private indi
viduals. This Court will, remedy this
evil, relieve Congress of n perplexing part
of it business, and enable claimants to
get a f peedy .-'decision ton the merits of
jtheir ehnif. Attempts have often been
ftkiuo to crcatesuch a ourt.tlfo necessity
for which sceme to have been universally
conceded, but hitherto without success.
Tk Texas Creditors' But, which ap
propriates &7, 750,000 for tho. payment of
the creditors ol Texas holding bonds or
other evidences Uebt for which the rov-i
efiue of .tl.o republic was pledged, settles
this vexed M.ljeet iu perhaps I satisfacto
ry a manner ns were possible, t The cred
itors would have got the money some day,
and we havo probably made a good bar
gain in settling with theni for that
sum. ...
The Contuhir and Dijtfomotii Bui intro
duces somo excellent changes into our
diplomatic system. Outfits and inlits are
abolished, and regular salaries are given.
This increases tho compensation of some
of our diplomatic and consular agents,
but abolishes some rank abuses, mid on
the whole is a decided impiovement.
The Postage bill fixes tho rale of letter
postage at threo cents for ull distances less
than three thousand miles and five cunts
for all greattr dis'nnces. After a certain
day, ti e first of January we believe, all
letters must be prepared with stamps ex
cept thoso wj uleii by momoers ot uon-1
i ess of course-! Letters containing money
may bo registered, but tho Government
will not bo responsible for the contents.
If tho trunkin privilege liaa ueen auol
ished, perhaps the next CongrcfS would
not have been obliged to appropriate 50,-
500,000 to the Post otiicc Department, as
this has done. , .
The bill for the ro-organization of the
Navy will doubtless have an excellent ef
fect on that arm of our defense. It gives
the young nnd nmbitious officers, the
only men who are fit for real service, a
chance to risa in their profession nnd to
distinguish themselves.. The Navy will
no doubt bo greatly benefitted by sending
tho old fogies to the retired list, and giving
the vigorous spirits who have solong rust
ed in inactivity nn opportunity todo some
thing. The bill to provide n more eiUcient
discipline for tho Navy, will nooubt tend
to promote that end.
The Uounty Land IjiII would have been
an excellent measure if thoso for whose
benefit it purports to havo hern passed,
were likely to bo helped by it. Bat as
the millions of ncres of lands which it
gives away will for tho most part, fall into
i he hands ot speculators, little goo;i and
much evil are likely (o bo produced by
f 3TA new awl elegant family Hotel to
io known as tho St. James is to bo opened
irt Buffalo on the 1st of May. It Is intend
ed foil families n:ul single gentle me of who,
wish to live in an elegant and eomtorUiDlo
establishment, free from tho irou?hi,.-nn
care of housekeeping. Suites of room will1
be rented for a term of years, and there
will linn roctn.i-.mt nil tllfi.il TSt llOOT. ar- I timo iifUlu dciilh
d.i , I 1 . ,.rtl, . : in i.ia n. It. etlUltitli.il in ciihiiiih iuij-ihv kuu
oh the I reach plan, cncli person U,.,, aerl.,t vaiJoll ul ,,., acto.
ravin? for what ho orders, and no more. Aim, ona oil.ortrnct n.ljoiiilnit tlio above on tho
k. . r ' . . ... .
Short:!' Sale.
-V 7"Slf mf Okf.Feirfi.U C .
I")VRsUA.Yl' li.lho coitimuiiil of mi unlor for Mlo,
from Hie ilourl of Coiiiiumi V loo, rii4 county
ot Firlk-ld,ud lo uio UlrttU.l, I will oft. .nil public
mtlto ul llio Court llould on Saturday ths Ut day of
i Waril, A. l. IPii, kt'lwei.ii llic hml of 10 o't-ldrlt A.
M. nml 4 'i-liiclr H. M. tho lolloalli Ooicribml roal
-lul;;,t.!-wit: Tlio umliridcil b.ilfof a tr..ct uf land
owin il by Peter riilon and on wliUh ho rviddi d nl tlio
In tlio n.irUi url oi oetu .m -n ami
itmilies can dine in their own room if they
choose. Tho CummerciW says several of
the prominent citizonsff Cuffalo nave al
ready engaired rooms at tho St.. JamcS; -Cleveland
Herald. , V.
J, W. S IlaSlrosul." ;
Tho first entailment of iron formic ub
CnUhed portion of this road east was re
ceived in this city to-day. The aro ties al
ready laid, and the Mack laying will com
mence immediately nnd be, pushed forward
toasneedv coniDlction. There aro Still
left a few bonds for this county.
ir-pXETTRAr.r.t A Ihl form!laMollwa.in. which
w-oiin .i tafllo tha 'kill of liynicians, ylcUU lilts ua
glrtC:irtnr Smndi Mixutrr. ;
.Mr. r. ttoV(K.U, liirill'Tiy l liej A-. -r n..iii-,
York, nnd into nropriotur of tlio KschnnirH Hutel,
KU-hmond, Virginia. Hons of llio hiin.lre.la who rinvo
hi-ou cured of acrure Kourilgta, by t'iur Si'UniaU
Slum I1I9 cure, liolu.i recommended It In nunili.rt
of othora, vbo worn MilTorliiit with nearly ovory form
of dl.!ni, with the mn-it wondorful uccl-.
Ho aayalt ia llu m iitertriionllnnry niodlclno ho has
ovor-u.on iiMd, and tlio hot blood purlflor kn'awii.
Sue advertiaoinoiil In nnothor column.
March Cth, lCfi5, bv the Rev. ,1. Schlos
ser, Mr. JAMES BUCHANAN to Miss
of Peter Maeklin, Esq., of Liberty town
ship, Fairfield county, Ohio.
On the41h Inst, bvtlm Hcv. I. 8. WcIm, Mr. JOHN
SCHI.EICil liT..oiCli-levillcin.Iii:sCATnAU!Nli
FICULliof Kuiid'-ldcouidy. .
south and dividod from tlio uuovo trai l ly a line ran
lilnc oast andwust through tliu mlddlu.oC tho iirait
Snd iriili h vaanld niMchtftiia Hasry by auld fei.v
Silas In lift lif.., OiiiffrYoiiiiuiDi? aSoui trety-nTe-tfXil
ucr. -mH .iiiI,n1 oii li".ooath by tho laudaof
Chrtiuii Kii.r oiireet-'inbnul,cllit. or ton aotoa
sold bv Fr.-durti'lc Siii-ato uld U. Klin: irtf ofllie aoalh
aldoof aMl Jiiiioiy-llvA aero trati; -alucd ut f 34 ier (
AUo.onoolhcr tract iitns wcstofllii l .trutUa-J
DO VU 11CII UOliril, OAli IW.10U ll CUIIlll. Jl..J-ilu. wi.n.
iiiiiraox t Ih ao.Mioniili.and bain thoaaujo tractou
wlitth Prodorlia Siua.'i,ow lh-ound,whi li yiiacon
.Vtryml to him ! anid C -lr Siloa In hlT liftlmo; vnl
uol at S 4.1 mmuto, nit nY which luii.li bulnuccd loth
oriKtm.1 truilowiied by uid IVtL-rSIK-s now d.'caaaad,
and b;.lii nil tho lands thai tlm aald Fn-dorlilt Site
(,wii0 or hunnnv iulorext in.iu cuid Soclious C'H and ii'J.
to h i ..l. ai tin. iirnporly "f l-'ri-d.-rick: Slt" at tho
aultof John A. Colllnaaa Ktooutorol'l'otoc Sltoa, de
Ci'aiod. (No, nl Oodti.)
I. rmsoi r..iu, cash.
UitiKS cr to. Aufs. - WM. PTTTER, Sheriff. -
liy C. M. I.. W!f EJIA.N, Ih.-iul)'.
Lancaster, March 13, lt53 0w3.
Partition Notice
Jacob Wearer. Holor Weaver, Adam Weaar, Panlol
V oavor, holomau Wcaror, Anna Woavor. kmily
Wuaver, minor, Samuel I. Voaver, David Weaver,
Goors-olioisalid Polly, hia wlfn, tinora-o Fulll and
Caiharluo his wife.SylvoMtor ri. Nlicpord and Christi
na his wifo, (fi'uro I'njiu nail Kruiu-la his wlfn, Jo
acpli C Torftimroralid Suruh hia wll'o, Bonjamin a.
Fociiiun nnd .Margaret Ills nifc, Samuol Civ and
Klliaboth hia wife, llonry Mlera and Maria 11. hia
wilo and Mary W euvcr. widow.
LI. take none Itiai on II... 2nd day or jnnnary,
lfa5, John Weaver nnd Leonard Weaver Sled
eiilionairalnsl Uiem In the oilieaof the Cli-rk of the
I ourt of Common I'U-as nt PuirlloJd CounlY, Ohio,
pntYlnir partition oMho Itaif hall. of Peciloh Kh. 5,
Townslitn No. I.i,i:4 Knaeo Ko. 1. In l-'alri ul.iuii-
I ly, oxoplaVI a.-rasofihoSoiiili ornl theroofiielitiirlno;
io .-.oinimin i"iaii(rii.r, eoiiiuuilnc; acre, imi unit
at tho nit Ten nfsnjil Lnurt, . application will bo
madii by sai.l I'eUllonurs for an order Hurt jiartitluu
mtiy bo madoof sail prcmisoa. ' 1 .
,-- Al,o. In-l.nl No.5,lntqare In, 10. In Ilia Town of
cmilrnoroj f niriieiii Cmnly, Ohio.' ' .;
. f UKASKH &. KuX. .Ul'rafor Pallllonara. ..
a l'eiiliim
" ' In FnirSeta Common Pleas.
uenjannu lownaoud, )
nir.ilpst V
Manrarot A. 'I'ownsend. 1
TIIK Derondai.t, whose place of residence 1 nn
known. Is herebv notill..,! thst demisitlons will In,
taken in this case by the Haltitin at tho ntllco of the Cro
hn.! Judpe In Iho city of Zaiiesvillu, County of Mua
klnRtlm and Statu of Ohio, on Ibo Cih, :iH,and lliih
'luys oi' A rll, A. 1). 1H5S. hetwonti Ihe hours of eight
oviocls A. il. and nine o'clock V. M. of rch of aul.l
ilarch l.i, 1M5 5w43 Attorneys for I'eUtioncr.
Geo. W. MncKlrcy.
Mtorncy und Cnnntellnr nt Ihvt anil
flotnry I'liblic,
OFl'IC'E C'uniiLill'a How, 2 doors oul!i of t'jc Pool
JinrrElar, Ohio, March IS. Vsia 1 .
V llifl late Law of Conpreis, each of tlio
Oliiuun, ..Itifiiiiiiiacc fnvat-js--wliot;i-
iu- lJi-uLirM.volunte..rs. I.nnjrers or .Viitlia,
re-ularly Bitmtercd into servi.o in any nf
tlio Wimof tho Uult-d Statu aini-e J!K)
end in caso of doalli, tlieir ividows, and if
no whlnu-3 then their minor children nro
entllli'd lo Oovcrum Mil warrimts for uai
iicros'.fTj-ilid orwhoro warrants have been
la-.ucd for n I'jis auioiiiit, then thJ comple
in. -nt ..rilio UW Acres.
ll.ivlntr some o.vp?rienee In llils bus'nesa.
I will attend promptly to thu forwarding and enlloo
lion of Ih ) elaiim. OKI). W. Mc Kl.llOV Atl'y
(onncll'n Hnw.y doors soulh-ol'tbo Post Otllcu.
Jjiucuater, Wanh 1.1, KjZ.
CO.NGRl'.FSatllt laloses.iinn, tas'-'da
law, clvlnfr, as n bnunly, to eacll of the
aiirvivlnirconimissiniied ai.d noti-coi;iniis-aloucil
ollicers, privulea, musicians, wuon
r.intera and teamstera, who have b;en eii
trned .it ull ihe.wnr since l.Cli, Incluiliiit;
tiiuwarsnf wilil Grt-at liriUin, On'
mmlrttl and titty urres of Intnl. provided
audi per'-oii was hoiioriil.ly !iwclinrod if
Ilia ner.au llmt performe.l Hie sorvii-o, li'i
il. ail, then to his widow; if tho wltlutv bo
dead, 1'iiiii) minor clilldreu. A II that serv
ed 11 dai s or more are entitled to the l.eue-
cntoflho luw. Ai.it ull who have received. 4(1 orHi
m-res uru entitled lo aulVu-icnl lo muko up Uio 10U
'I he nndersisneil wit! procure V.'arrnnts for a reas
onable leo nuiii iicaliiiu. Ite will h i loui.il nt tiio
ollice of O. rjTKlNM4N, Lho.,111 Lnncilli-r.
oko. sA.ii:i:r;o:'.
LancnstCir, etnn Ii 13, IP.,3 4t Knlo copy.
" ; ShoriiT'J Snle.
.' ' Tit Stah of al. Fairfioiil Covnty, t.
Tho Court of Conluioti HUias of F.lirll -Id t'ounly.Olllo.
fetltion to forecl'ne, &C. M. 327 eodu.
John A. Collins, iMaintiJ.
(i;:!!lnst ' , ' '
Nelson Coats and Iteator Urud-haw. John Rubor arid
Dnnit-l Kutj, partners in trad nndor Iho name mid
Hrm of Hebjr iind Kutz, Diuilul Siltord and Willlnm
1 i-.t l.'reed, Admlnialialors of tho li.-uto of Johu
Creed dec. and James While, l.ofolldai.lJ.
"I Y virluo m an i.fdorof .lo lo m i ilirecte.l in tho
JjJ above cause by Iho Court of Coir.iivm l'le.u of
Eol.,.1), 1 will oiler and eposnto nsl i cl public
V'.nd.ie nnd out erv at Iks door of the. Co irt ilouao In
the Ciiv of l anca-UT, In said County nnd Stale, on Sa
tarilu)'thltH da-l of Jltril, Jt. 1. l'--, b-l'VOfn tho
hours of llio'cloi k A. M. nnd I o'rl n lc P. M. of said
dav. Ilia l'iillawiu Iteul IwtKt') situate In the Coiiuly
or Vallll.-l.l and SlBto -if Ohio, to-wil: Ill-Lot nmubur
t.vo (No. 2) ill (larl s sub division of Oul-l.ol niiinlier
two (No. "i naJ llu West hifot Onl-l.nt uaiuvor throo
(No. ,) North of and ii.li.iiniii- llu Town of Lincnaler
Iu said Coiiniv, exc-.-ptii V seven (') f.iel and ait (I!)
India fronting on llroad Street, olfth-i .vorin hi.io of
said l.ot.an.l raunlnic hack bolwe.n n-intll.il I'mis lhat
v. - id t Ii to nn idl--y in the rear of said i.ci. To ho sold as
the pr'ip.irly of snid Dc-ri-nilanls Kelson Coaloi nnd
Hosier Hridshiiw to. satisfy ' ludtt'l amliisl the n in tills
eiiuseln favor of said I'lalnlil. for .1'.'i l Ctiai.d cojtj of
suit with inter"', irotn si.lli heb. A. I. leru.
Apprals -d at !(;(. Termsofs ile cnJ'i in hand.
Cko, W.M Iv.aov.pts. Alty. WM. FuTTKU, WiorlC.
ilarch l.i, le.V3-j-43 C. M. L. W ISEMAN, iMpuiy.
tl KAff, ESTATE IDa .S.1LC. ,
rWII,!, evposetn isle, on SatttrJa- far 4'J iay of
.WnTa.lt'.w, hJ nubile reiiduoct the Court lions'.
door In tha city of hall-aster. Ohio, the followlne Kuiit
F.stnto: t-'iltv-Hcven .terrinnil 4Iri-rhesi
of l.aud, Houlh p.irtorths Rumhwoit quarter of Sec
tion No.SUTovriuhl;iSo. 13, I'.angoJio. IS, rulrflcld
coiintv, Oiilo.
OnlI.or. y. 10. orth of t.atfraater.
cnutnliiln 7 a-ll'il Acre a, lo be aold entire or in parcels
io sun .iircuuHurs.
ln Mo. 10, In tfco Tevrh oINewSitlrm,
In said county, on which Is situate a small Lot House.
I.ct No. II, in liio lenn e! I'lrasanta
Till?, In said coauly, on which It eltunte a Frame
uweiunir rinuso. .
TrmtofK,tte Ono-lhlrd In hand. nne-thlrd in one.
and nuo-third In twn yoars Willi interest.-.
any oi inn above property innv be purchased: alprt
vatesale on terms asabove. Jolill M. Mil MA UGH,
fot., jcjj ii) . Ada.gnee or c. w. IJeory.
"An Ih-NDittD YEAns Old." Depart
ed this life, on the 1 1 th of February, 1 Cf)5,
at tho residence of his daughter, (Mrs. Ly
llin Lai'fih, in Dixon Tp., I'reble eotinty,
Ohio,) David Tbcax, Sn., nt the advanc
ed ago of ona hundred ycarg, 'less eight
days. Tho deceased was born February
19, 1765, in Morris county, flew Jersey.
At the age of J years, lis parents moved
to Loudon county, Va., where he continu
ed to reside till tho close, of the War of the
Revolution, and in which he served his op
pressed country in tho "tented fields mid
battle's storm." Thence ho emigrated to
Washington coun'.y, Pc-nn. A train in 1792
he penetrated tho wilds of the Went and lo
cated first in Fayette and then in Adair
coun'y, Kentucky, where ho remained
until the year J 80!), when ho removed to
what is now Dixon township, (ihen not or
ganized) in this county, whero he "pitch
ed his tent" for the rehitlno of his lon and
(.veutful life. When tho War of 1012
broke out ho was "anxious ami willing"
again to do service in the defense of his
own nnd tus neighbors hearth atones,
whoso tjitiet was often assailed by the
cruelties of Indian wnrfaro. Hut by pro
vious exposure, having partially lost his
hearing, lie had to remain at home, yet
took great interest in ni'iniuq-aiid equipping
three of his four Rons, (two of them then
in their "teens ) tor the army ot the
North-west, commanded by tho lamented
Gen. Harrison. The writer of this note
recollects with pleasure the enthusiani
manifested by this Revolutionary Patriot,
in consoling the woepiug wife and wailing
mother, wlieii taking h-avo of their loved
ones and cheering the "benrdlcss braves"
as they were deployed into line by their
CVptain, ( 1). E. Hendricks. ) The deceas
ed lofed at evei v Presidential election,
since the organization of tho Government
to tho present voted for Washington, Ad
anis, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Clay,
Harrison, Taylor and Scotl; Was the
father of fix children, only four of whom
survive him; nnd died ns ho had lived, nt
peace with the world and its Creator.
Eternal peace to his remains. Euton Beg
rrniic nam:.
TT will sell at Public fulo nl tho fiviM
I cliy of Laiiciater. on 1 litirmluy. Mart
i'l III, S5" the following personal properly lo-wit:
S'.l II d -lendsc 11 -ddll .ft. IS Wn-.li Stuiida.le Ci!lldln
Stands, a nuriiins, IH Leukine Gliis.es, I Inrjro Mir
ror,0t VurilsC.irieMinif. aside 'I'.-ibles, 7 Dinili).' Ta
bles, I Centra Table, ,'i K t- hen Tables, 3 t'citecs. 1
houiiire, 1 lieolt Cas", Desks. 1 Close I'riss, 1 Cook
Inir Stove nud pipe. 1 Harlur Stove nud pipe, 1 lurie
Cannon Move Ul.d pipe. P.' dozen Chairs, 1 doy.eil ciilio
bottom Choirs. alnt ofwaMi howl, nnd I'ltcln-rs. n lururn
lot of LUshes, Cu-l-jr" .ui.l C.iml -ry. u lot of Window
Curlnlns, n lot of Mho vet. and Tni-ff,a lot of coal lioxes,
niurfco llnifi'ieiids ilniln lot of liiirri ls, h.ittlesnlid le-eai.r.-ra.
Ijimps nnd Ci.ndle Micke, 3 Clucl-s, 1 Water
Urn, a lot nl Hoes. 1 Cow, nnd a lot of other nrtlclea
too numerous to mention.
Sale i cotnuiiineu nl II o'clock of sntd il iv, and eon
tlnno fi oin day In d -y,uni:i all aold. T erms nut. Is
known on tiny i..' sal. U.l.MKL iit-Mr.
J., iiciiler, Alimh 13, "f;5.
fHltli; midur!(rne. Inn for sulen limited stlppty of
j this beautiful rluwerlnK Tree.
GlfSftH, llniak.-s'ii medinin sl.o troo fTT,
.TV,,y.i-S...l.l l il, it.-, .ii.tviv.. ... ;:'.f.--.J
".'S. iho llwnrf Flov. erinc Almond, nv? ifi!i
.T.O.. - .. .... , , ...V
irardeiis. In Sprinir II la cover
ed witli a profusion of beautiful
Hewers. Inricn and full du'ildu, like small roses and Is
very oniitmuiital. It iiNn benrs n g.io.1 Atuiond. Tlio
Trees In hia posseaslon tmvo been i.btt.iue.l atcouaider
able oxp.-nse and troubh.. and lire the only ones of lha
kind In Ohfo to Ilia knowledge. 'I'liey are of dun alr.e.
v, lib plenty of cmil root i, so tlit if properly plain.. .1
thev cannot fall to erow. hi-li-e: best Trees .'id cents
neb. necoiut size :i7 emits em-u. osa..u ortimtti
liiuls the best for ho-liriuir, i-uu bo supplyud. Kxtru
;irBe nlnnis, very line So 'er hMHI. Hecond slro, jjoml
t'i per linio. Also a f'-w very line Tree of the best
varieties of tho Aprc.it. price .10 cent each. Appier.
Sweet Cherryi l'liiins, iwe.i Huij.ir Maples and other
superior Forest Treus for tho street of goud growth,
can be kiipplied. prieo nceor.llu'4 to sl.e.
Orders addressed lo Iho undei-siued at Rnshvlllo,
Ohio, previous lo the ilrsl of April will he promptly
nitended lo. T'i'ees delivered in tnucastur froo of
N. II. Alarire nssnrlincnt of Iho followlne Trees wilt
liefnraiilo next fall: .pplo a (rrent many vnrletlea
for Summer, Halt and inter. Includible tlio best to
ho hud In the United Slates. J'ear, tho line it varieties,
hotli on IVar and Quince Ntoek, t'ur Kiimmer. Kail and
Winter. I'oach, noarly every varlely found lo lie val
uable In oilrctlmnte, one of the be.t seleclloos in cen
tral Ohio: ciulncoa ami oilier K.-ult Trees; Urnpea.rnru
and beautiful Kverifre.-us, e.-e.,A;c. Nursery on the
Marietta Head, three lullej East or llreeiuell.
alurch M, lr'U3'- KOIIKIS T J, I1LALJI.
7'V S'tt'tof OMo. KalrJitlU Cunnly $.
jetin lay tore viueuinintm.,! , .ir,il,)r,.FaIr-
t,v H'cketa. el a'l... defendant. S MiC.oui. l'loaa
U a'V virtue i.f imieilrr of sale from the Court nf
ijt Common i'leas In and fersvd county, and lo mo
nire.led, I wiil idler lit public s:de, ";.ii Ihf premise,
OnTelat thc'Hth .iK o A;irl A. I). Il-.il, between
the li'iuis i f HI n'llo't A. M. and 4 o'clock V. M., Ihe
fiillowiie de. critic. 1 lands nnd t 'tiem Mils, lo-wit:
l. ils No. So. Oil. t.o.67. lio.til). .1,1. 70, Ko, T0.nn.ll3,
N'.i . iia. .V. J.O. 1IJ1. In Ibo town of Pickoriic-'tnu, In Iho
c.iun'.y of IVrll Id i Stale of Ohio. I...I no. nil value I at
V.'ll.i.o. li i.t $'..r. no. at f I7.i, no. f.'.iil "id, no. tii at
S-(). no. TU t SiD. no. W ut 1j, no U3 i.t !u,i;i. 1UI
lit 9 tlill.
Terms orsale, one lliirtl in li.iil'i, onc-iniru in on.i
and ono third In two years, iviui intorejt ou uerorreu
pavnientslrnintbe eayorsnie.
iUR-naiSiKuii.r.1111, ttvs. WM roTTUn, Sheriff.
llyCM. I,. V.'U-. liM-AN, Uepuly.
taiceitcr, March li, li-53 iw!5.
" " ' fliierl(!"'s '.
T.ls Mat of Ohio. FuirHcltl County, at.
UY virtue of an o.vec.itioii, uiCbinst property, from
BJ in o tourl oi lentil aunt riens. in nieiiorsaio coun
I), audio mo directed, 1 will over nl public sole, nt
ll.cCotli'l llo.lse, in l.:inca;.liir, on Saturday tha yl
i.l Jlpril, J. I. 1-,V1, between the hours of ltlo'
clock A. M.and4 o'clock 1". W., the followii-.K de
scribed real eiUC, lo-wit: .ituia.i In tho City of
1'iiicii.t r. in the county of l'':urllol..r.ii. Slate of Ohio
beli. g the west half of In Lot number six in tho
twelfth s--int-e of srd.t cily; Valued at $jOO. To be
s.tld ns the (Topeity ofl-'. i,. SJiicnm at the auit of
.'dar, hiii-,iruu:dun of tho children of tlio lute Jojcjih
'I erins of s.ile, c'ins!i.
1 Van Tin -ic. Any. WM. POTTFR, SliorliT,
l M. I Wi'rmsh, Deputy.
I.nnca. t.T, Marih 15, 1-vjon 13. ;
nhrrill's ftnlf . '
71 S'alt i Ohio. FairflehlConnty.it.
3"5Jitr.l: A.N'I' to l!ie coiuinuiid of a second ordor for
3 tli.is.ile of property ii-oiu the Court of Common
Hons, in and I'm-said County, nnil to inediroeteil.l will
. In tho nlf-.r at public side r.t Ih" ( mill Home in iu the City
luri'lt nf Lancaster, tin Hitt.rd'.-j thfittt tag of April . Jt. I).
liJjo, lintwiien tin- hours of III o clock A. M. Ulid 4 o'
clock I1. M. of said day, the fiillovliis; il".cribed Kenl
K .Isle, to wil-. lu-Uits numbers tii ai.il lif.ln the Serlh
west.irii.id.!ili.li to Iho town of l.micaaler.
iilucd at 'I'wo 'l'hous.-tnd hollars.
To ha a' l.lns the priiierty nf (rorj: I. Blllor, at
the suit ul T. W. 'l'..ltiiia.e. Terms of le cash.
Uuisis A. KoN.Atio.Miies W.M. I'Ori'KII, Mi-rlff.
Ky V. M. I., Vi'I.-ili.MA.N, Oejiuty.
March l"i, ie5j-3.i j; fj:)
THE OLD SLOW and EAR Ulllllt
JUeaara. Clarke, Wright & Co.,
UAVK taken for a number of yean, tha Foomlry
owned by John A nicy. Ken., alluata c'mi
tut ass Uromd Strottt. in lo eitf of Lmmaator, wbera
they are determined to be ou huinl with all auch arti
cles In their Hue, at tha country reuulrea.
r" ilas ir Machine CASTINGS anil
fLl)lHHW, of various patterns, war
jAaftOasasisaaal ranted a siiiierinr article. u,tf.ill,Mr witi.
all minor articles In the Foundry liae.
ClAKHE'S Cornamlk and Straw Catter,
An articles auperlor In all others of the kind la lha
country, and one to which we Invite tha special altea
tiannfiho Farmer. This machine for cuttlnc ahocat
corn for hltli f.-edllir or futlcnliia; stock, will save from
30 to 4U per cent. Com Fodder, when cut. Is nearly or
quite ennnl In buy for feediuir. either cattle or bonea'
umkinannacre of well saved corn feeder worth two
acres nf the best e-rnwu hav In (ibbi. n i,- i
Jaled fr dither hiind or horse power. Wa ar also
jjt.iisii iu iiiru.su iu oruur
NcCoruiieK'a Reaper nnd Rrna Cotter and
' " Moort'a heat Drill.
farmers Ktve ns a call. Everybody a-lvo as a aall,
and buy our (roods and wares, our ploughs and aliarea.
and we will try In turn lo buy yeur corn, your wheal.
N.....)um .i.eii,. yuur nay, your oats, your rest
hunk notes, or anrht y,.n may desire to spare, ol broken
polaoroihor ware. We therefore have the hlpheat
hope, without desiirnlnr any Joke, Dial eon will Rive a
liberal share of pntronaee to ua who are" determined la
do business on the most liberal terms.
February 11), le.14. CLAKRE, WRIGHT A C.
, LITTLE 4k. DilESti.tfJHRi c
WTlTOUI-P rospectfully nnnomira to Ahe oiUiens
v w uincaaier aim vicinity that they are as asm
rjcolpt of a very heavy and well selected stock of
Spring an d Summer Goo
are as asuai in
Sale of Ren! Ettnte by order of Court.
u-nfurif iythttVh rfa of ,W.:re A.' t. 1PSJ, he
twecn tho hoursof U o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock
t. y. .on the nreiniss, will be sold tu thu hliihest bid-
der.tho Vnlnuhle JTIill I'ropeity and appur
tenances, lately owned ty Jonathan Harlholouiew,'
deceasi'd, situate in I'airfleld county, Ohio, nnd known
and illslhifiiishrd by buii.e a r"t of the Northwest
tluartcrof Hectlon No. 11), in Township No. 1(1, of
Knneo No. Ill: n .inninv nt the Norttinest corner of
the Und formerly owned by Thomas Kees.nl the mnr-
(rln of tho Ohio Canal near original Lock No. 2, South
ofi,ifkinu;Nimiuiilt tneiiee Koutn M) ucireea r.usl
IDpi'rchcs to a n.-iat: Ihenco North 54 V dcL-reoa Knst
0 perches to a post; thence North 30 dee;ri-oe West
7 1-10 percoes tea post uttne t;anali ineuco .orin 53
itctrrecs weslli 4-ni percnos wun tno t.anal in :io
place of be;tinlnr. Kuid premises to bo sold freo of
thuduwer of thu widow of auld Jonathan Bartholo
mew. A pnraised at 5J.(-.I).
Term of talt Ono-lhlro In hnnd, nne-thlrd In one.
nnd the residue in two yenrs from day of ante, vtlh
Iuterust onaoierren pnvnionis.
(uiirdliiu of Mulon J. narthelomnv.
Maiitik & nciti.Kiru, Altya. Feb. i-J, lr.ri5- 5.V42
Kstnte of Ilmry Ilite.
ON the 5.1 day nr March, A. I). 1HS3, the Court of
Probate of the Comity of Fairfield and Hlnto of
(Miio.'iieclarcd too bsinto or Hiinky IIitk to be proba
bly insolvent. Creditors nro llitm-fora required to
present their claims itirniiist the Kstute to the under
siirned for nllowance within six morithsfrom the time
above ni'Mitiontrd, or they wiil not bo entitled to pny
nioiit.: Hipied DANIKL SWAKTZ.
Administrator of said decenso l.
STincncota A Siuir, Ailoriuyj. March 8 5w41
Kstnte of Kvl V.'. i1Inr:la. .
NOTICE la hereby ajlvon, that 1 have this day been
duly npiiolnti'd and ntiatiilcd Administrnlor on
tho Ksitite of Jivi M irtin, drreascd, lute of Fairfield
County, Ohio, All pcrso-ns knowing thcmsoles In
ilelil'id to sidil Kstate will make immediate payment,
nnd those io aliom Ihe Estate is indebted will present
their accountsdulv uutheuticateil within one year.
February ai, k j 4w43 U. MA KT1N, Adm'lor.
rJARBKXTHON hasbeenma nmn.l..
Dlirchasc.nf the Grocery rtore of H. B. IlunlcC
Sue. 4. Ant! bo it further enacted, That
s.iiil cortifioa'.esor warrants may huassign
eJ, transferred anil located hy the war-
raiitcos, their assiirnees or their heirs at
law, aueordino; to tho provisions of exist
ing lawn regulaiins the assignment, trans
fer and loeuiion of bounty lnnd warrants.
NoimiEiiN Lunatic Asviuu. Mr. Fire
stone, Superintendent of the lu-w Asylum
near Clevoland, gives notice iu tho paper
of that eity , lhat it is now open for the re
ception of patients. ' In accordance with
the decision of the Attorney General of Iho
State, no patient will be admitted unles
the iiKiui st is held, and application made
.1 V, ,' . . . .
oy inc I'l-onate judge ot tno county in
vi I. 'wh the patient resides. Neiihcr Jus
tices of ihe Peace, norClciksof the Courla
of Common l'lens, havo any legal power to
act in the pri inifog.
. .fTUcnornl Shields it is confidently
aiBied, is in tja appointed a ilrigailier Wen .
oral iu the United States army. lie is now
a Senator from lH'moim, and having lost a
re-election, is thtia , to l rewarded, like,
Dodge, vf Wiaeonsin, who goe to Madrid.
Those who lose phc by tl.a voicofthe
people, are picked vp and UDt)lietl with
iiuo'.her by the President. O. S. Tour,
A Sew Republic.
AVe learn from n correspondence of the
New York Herald, that n project has start
ed in Han Francisco for thu establishment
of mi independent ltepublio, of all that Trior
lion of thu United b.ates lying west ot tho
Uot-bV Mountain.
. Thu basis of it is said to bo confederated
government, similar to our own. The great
railroad is to ho deleatcd. iho iirst con
vention is to be imposing in numbers, nnd
especially so in Ihe distinguished talents of
its members.
Tho President, Senators, represenla
lives, cabinet ministry are all to be chosen
bv tho direct vote of the people. '1 he nut
uralizaliou laws mo to Le fixed pn osevcro
basis. - The act of independence is to be
simultaneous, with a well planned and do
cisive seizure of the United States reserves.
with whatever of moveables or live stock
they may couUiin. The Sandwich Islands
are to bo" guTranteod their independence,
nnd tho -United States are to be appealed
to in a ttitio of friendly good-bye. , All very
startling, but probably all untrue. , ,
aCSrConnectif ut is called "iho land of
wooden clocks," fioiri the fact lhat she is
more cxtonsively engaged in tho manufac
ture of clocks than any other ntute jn ,the
country. She has Sf.000,000 invested,
employs 1 ,279 workmen, nnd manufac
ture 794,000 clocks cneh year.
In Partition.
Aha ri IPs Snlo.
7Vis State of Ohio. Fairfl'td Ootniy, tt.
TT'ttUllnll A N T lo the cotiimi.iid of ti second order for
H eule from Ihe Court of Common IMcasnf Fuirlleld
County, and to me dlr 'cle.l, I willoir.-r nt public sale
nrlhe Court Mousi iu the City of !.inrn.itir, on Satur
rfuv I Ac Jlvf tiny of Afil. A. 1). li-.Vi, h lve..n the hours
of III o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock l. M. of said di.y.lho
folloiviui; deserlbed lien- Ktt.'ile, to-wil: In Lot nuin
be i -.'il, in Carp .liter's a'ldili.iu lo the town of LniicA iter.
Valued r.t SI I'.'S. To he sold ns the properly of
Martin Hill, at the suit of John Amoy.
lie shi t i rios. Ally's. W.M. I'DI'TEIt, Kherlff.
Ily V. M. I,. WISKMAN, Deputy.
Lancaster, Ohio, .March l.i, lf-55 ri4jil'J'l
SheritPa Male.
Ooorpo Itnffdisn anil Daniel IloO"inari,)
v. :
Ann M.ir'.a lleffinsn el ats.
B"V virtue ofa writ ol sale lo me directed from tho
Sl3 Court ofCouiuioul'l.uisl'ir f.iirlleldCuunly.Olilo,
fviill oiler nnd expose to sale on Unfsi-iuy, April 14,
IKS.i, between the hours of IU o'clock A. .M. and 4
id lock I'. .M..to the highest bidder. Ihe followlni; de
scribed Ileal liiliite, to-n il: The H.isi hull' of Ihe Hast
half olSjcll.iii No. 4, Township No I I, K:u.;e No. Ill,
In anid County, coiitniiis II." acres. '1 he same belli';
Hie farm atdui3 miles from l,nucuitcr, on tho Koyni
ton ifoad, lately occupied by Jacob HoUiiinii, deceased,
f ItiO tii of the purchase tuoney suliject to Interest tit
7 per cent, will lie tell iu tlio hamls of Hie purchaser
d.irlliu' tho iife-lilne of Ann Maria ilolluiiin, and ut
her deulli said sum will bo payable lo Iho heirs of
tlie said Jacob.' Tho balance of the purchase iiioney
will be reouireil us follows: one-third on the dav uf
Halonudthe balance in two equal unuuat payments
v, tin Interest, imilieiiiiiie possession win uc given to
the purchaser. WII.I.I.V.M POTTiiK, Sheriff.
March K, lf'M 5w4 Ipl43
"VTOTlCK U Ijcroliy given, that tlio uiuldrsisncd
V Almllil3trMir de betif non of Zupht'tilnli Allen,
(TucunnK'd, ty vtrttiti ot an onler nf thu i'ruhiuu Court
of Kdirflyld nxiniy. will offer for mAts nt tho court
house ittt ou Saturday tUf i Uh iuy March &t 10
oYliK-W, llit' fntlDWitig tiJit'rilml H;,.l Klate, Niluatu
In siit-l cttiii.ty. to- U: l.nt . Heveu (,) In Cnrler't
llr.1t adtlitinii t the town of LmKrtf-ler, boin irt of
Out-Lot No, Six (ti.) Hm.k al h'.U'ti, biiA. AUo purl
or IN-Lot ntiniSur.six ((,) In ('ttilerV ndilltlon to thu
town of l.uitcitvr: liL-jxtmuii? nt the ISorthwe! comer
of ;.lr Ill-Lot f,on It.iuk Atkv: thence East nlo-.i
the I i n uf rn.nl .'lv nfliieii (I-) feet; thonfc Hnuth
iarnlh-1 h Uh tho VVl'4 houndiy line of rial tl I.ot lo
Uiii Htrert; lhenv West nfleftn t:,) fed to nuifl ori
gliibl Vot-lioiinry 11 it is briny the Houthwust tor tier
ut in fiririaaiu hot; tiicncc nn i.ioi.k nam vventern
bonti'lry lirm in the itne- of befiiiMliiD, btihiff uls"
inrlfiiiiOl it. six (t) or tno nan ailuitiou, taiui of
Lull caster. VI prr.iM(l nt $."l I1. Tttlclear.
Tf rmt of$ale One-thinl in hatnl, ouu-thlrl In one
yedf-'h" ro.ililuy in two yoan with Interest on dyf-.TreJ
l-nvni-nl. UKNHY GKNGMKK, Alm4lor.
t Vub. IK, IP55 1 AJLKKtii WILLIAMS, Attorney.
Pt I5I.5C NAI-E.
f JIIinflK wltf t oid ntpnMIe nr.U i the ronUlrnfe
of thu sut'irrtber in thu villn(ju of Halt! more-, Pair
fluid county, Ohio, oh Friday the Wthduit of March nrrt
the follow iiift (iroperiy to-wit: Two heml of Ilor?e;
f rS"9",,t' Top htiKv; 1 fresh hhtvh 4'Ttt
iz-SSi ,,)W n'1 t':'lt 'l'hi'Al or !ll)0; 5e-,
i'3ii i 0 Huen; 3 floret; 1 one- yJSrm
hurne VYnv-nn; o lot of llou-iD-Jolnem TooU; work
benches, otp.. Ae. Alsou vnrlety of Honnehold nnrl
Kitchen Knniituro too numurous to mention. 1 will
hU.s.'II ut Hi ' -inme thne and nlaeea LAItGK STOCK
nfNKWLY MADK VA lilN KT-WA HK, pon-.i-tli:rf of
lli DUKKAUN, i: ff.lr of BliDSTKAUfi, CUPUOAKD,
Turiiii will ho mmlo known nn day of sfils. Fnlo lo
commence nt 10 o'clock A. iM. of said day.
Fubruury .., U G. GOfiS.
I l.T Mouldinps for Piclnre FrnniM, for sale at the
KmbrnclnpoTory rnricty nnd strle to be had In tn
l uKiurnr markt to Hirh we fnnle the attentimtor
every bo.ly, ns we Inleiiil lollintf s chenn nn-rooUean
bo Hold oat of tho Mountuin. In drtltiou to our
irbo siues, wiu oe louna a ipenoral assurtmoiitor
tiuoti, Shoc Bonnets Rod II at,
P.ranii( nnd Umbrellns, Trfokinfc Glansos,
' JiV(,.?n,"Vttr0' Oliwswnre, i-nrpotinc and Mat I Id
Wl Kopor, norderfnr and Window Blinds;
Cotton coTorletand cnriet Yanii
: ttUluf, W&ddinf,cnadle-wlck,tn.et4. . ; 4 f j
Also, a good .Stork of Fine GroeerfM
Tobaoeo. A:o In Ahort. (Kit,. ..-i.-,i i
Slnrond mnrimr,: "' --f "F -
Wo would env lu our old frioiKls snd cuslnm.n tha
vrorolitrn our slncore tlinnks for their very llb.rsl ps
IronnKiietieiided during our businew csiur oniou
tlinni.nnil nsk n ruiitlnuuiice of the isuio. w will n
(lesvnr to (.lonso nnd give satisfaction to all who will
fnvur us with their custom. All kinds of country tro-
dlH'K Ukou in eichsj'D-o for Roods for .1.1. k ,h. l,!.i..
ctt mirket irico will he mid. May ill), 1654.
Family G rocerle, (incenmars, AcM.
' hy mi red
at l o., lo Whirh ho huslnst nilitH m l.rir. mnH .. m
vnriflyi.ramisfjr.crej, now nrrtvliifr nnd to .rrivn
from (.liifiiiiiutl, nud other niuris. In ninhiiia; hi ur
Hinse he has hiul in view ihe nccommodntlon of hi.
rrli.nilsunddlscrimutins fuihllc, for nil stasons. Its
coniimiiidHtoihoirntlentiin,iimniis; other nrllclts, l
Jin.-cs Unit rnnnnt fail to !lve siitisfaction.
(:().NKECTIOKAKIliSofallkinds,for fral!lt .nd
Canitiet, Tnrrnirnnia .Almonds, English Walnut aad
Lraziliiui Ants, Hip, and dMes. .
Jrllica, nt Gelatine for Jellies, Prunes, Ac.
of hainils Groceries hn will only mention Phil. rnir
'lerudiiiul crushed ht'GAR, New Orleans do., TiiAS,
Uio and Java ('UFFEE, Sl ices, Molasses, Golden Kvr'
up. French Chocolate, Muahroon Walnuts, Toman
Catsnp, n splendid lot of F.nfliak Diary Cntltt, and
oth:'r artieles to numerous to putdnwn here.
Kol to fur;rct, also. Liquors. Hrnndy for the nick and
convalescent, cipirsi yenrs old, smoakinirand chewiiia
lOIUCCO, Powder and Shot for Ihe Sportsman.
lie will keep on hand a variety of I'ninlo, Kmrnuk
antt Japan of his own mnnufuctiiro for the trade.
Sot least, a larco and full assortment of Hutonnmrt,
F.arthtn tear. Frettrh Kare and Fnelith Olattmoro, al'
airooden wart, Tno. BvrUett, fe.
JT7 llKhnpesliiolitalnafuirahairofthspnhlle fare
in ins new iinueriaKiiiK.and looks ror tho approhation
andpntronnjreorhisfriends. Havln; been compelled
to relinquish his limner business as injurious to health.
i iiiaKeBiaiririiiiniiius.toseoiril will nol frolll
his pnrso.ns well os his health. If Hie evporlmont, (to
which ho will devote his undivided attention) does not
succeed, ho wilt hn able llu trusts, lo serve tho public la
sutne other useful canacitr.
M .1 v S 1 j'r.S lvliv nlDnuvr.UA.
. - - - - . V. . UAIIUC.Il.nU.1.
LAJIClSTEll 7iArni.ii: foixdht
C"i I'KVOI.Is prepared to furnish all klndsofSTKAal
T-KNGIM'iri.mtonshortliotica and nt flinninn&ki
and 1'iltshure: prices.
ut. kiiius oi ,iiu i.enrina:, noisiin; ncrew.
ReKiilatliijr Screws, Jack Screws; Fuller' ticraw uti
Cider Scrmvs.
Mill Spindles nf cast Iron or wrought.
Hales and llrivers, c., Ac.
lie will also furnish the PARKF1I WHKPL to snrt
any head nf water, and with eilhor iron or wood shift.
Also the ATKIMtON WHEKL (II up as above. Th
p:it.int on the Parker" Wheel has enpirsd and cons'
Hiietitly tlrey con he had ninrn cheaper.
He ulsn continues to make HtVOL'S THKASH150
.M.M'HINKS.niid keeps a lol constantly on hand; war
ranted the best In Ohio.
All the nhme articles will bo innHe with especial carr
and ly the be-sl workmen, and will be warranted.
All kinds of repairing done upon tho Shortest notice,
tie nlso koeps constantly nn hni.d, AI,L Kin US Or
f.'AIvriNGS, usually kept In a Coundry. He has eom
pleted his front shop, so that those who call can an
ine his work. ,
Tho known quality of the wort done at Ihls eslsN'
llshmont for many yearspast.ls the best (iiarranlr lhat
in future, the subscriber will labor to desire Ihe pat
ronage nfthc public. He invileaeaanilnaiton.
Ijincastor.Mny 10, 1P54. O. DKTOI..
I cily hook sloro'
April -il, 11-34. .
n. COS.NELL, Airent.
nCHITKCTUKE by I. I. Gould, A. nenjninln aad
l O. r. riinilli, Tor aalc ut mo cii) hook sioro
m- . w . U . II, . VV 1." 1 t
pril-.'l, 131.
R. CO.N.NKl.L, Agent.
CII.AKK'S Cninmei, lory nn the Old and Now Testa
itieiit, for er-.lu ut Uio city book store.
April SI, 14. K. CO.N.NllM, A(;.nt.
MHfl. Pnrtltipton' Carpel Bns of Fun, for al a
the city book store.
April SI, 1-54. B.C03SKI.I. At.nl
riIIR Huallfled Voters of the flly of Lancaster, "HI
B meet on .Hominy lliu Ullil dity ot A prll
Ui.tl , ut Hi,' following plaeus wllhln Ihoir ruspuitivo
tir.is, to-nit:
In Ward .No. 1, at Ihe Office of J. l-.niulcli, Bcecher's
In Word No. ,nt Clerk' Offlce, In Pnhllc Hnlldiii(ri
lu Wiinl No. 3, ut Ihe GniulleOllico'nst Oltlce front
In Wnnl .In. 4,i.t Ihe I lly Hull, to elect llu lollow.
hi(t Otlloers, to-VIt:
1 .siuyor, nir tlio term ot two years;
1 I'll) Hollcilor, fur His term of Iwu yonrs.
1 I'lty Treusiiror, rir the term of ono year.
1 City Mtirshnl, for the term of one year.
1 f 'Ity Trustee for each Ward, for Iho term 5 years.
I Trustee fof Water Works, fur the torni of 3 yours.
3 School Direct. irs, for the term of three years.
A Aese,iurj,on forench Ward,
Lancaster, Ohio, March 1, U5J. 43
rnnMc samh.
rrvjlF.rtlt will be sold at public sale at Iho rosl.lonre
J nf Ihe suhserlber on the TliouiA ritiirgoon Fnrui,
9 inilos Soulhuesiof Laueuster, ou the old Chilllcotho
Kond, on 1 liursdaj-s IMnrrra ISAri, the
folloa-liifr property, to-wit: 3 head pood farm llurses:
a or 3 head of Colls ono nud two years old:
Ahead of MILCH COWfl. somo nl' which will roou
havo Calves; I good gradn Hull two yoars old:
II head of Young CATTLE: 0 good breeding SOWS;
HTUClv IIOGH; 3D head ofSHKKPuiid LAMBS;
:ii) Acres Will-: AT In tlio Ground: ! Cnlilvutois;
1 good Unit and Cart Gears; 1 large Harrow;
ttlwn-horfu Ploughs, 4 Shovel Ploughs;
V Grain Cradles. Scythes; Manure and Hay Forks,
nnd such other tirtli-lea nsare gencrtilli- used in fnrm-
Ine, consisting f Jdnltutits, Hues, Lug Cbuins, Ueul
l mis, imrreis. oiC., ore. -
Also, Iron Kettles, Store and other thing neces
sary for House-keeping,
Also, some quarrying Tools, large Sledge, Crowbar.
Picks and Wedges; ", or :in Hags of good quality, Grlud
Stone, one l:irie Sled and llouhle-lrecs. .
S.'lleconiuteiiee nt 10 o'clock A. M. of said day. Six
liioiiilis credit will bsglven on till sums over 93, pur'
chttscrvWinirnotu with approved securily.
rsItcriU'i S;ilo.
Patrick B. lloach, )
. vs. In Attachment.
Andrew Ho Graff.
BY virtuo of a writ of sale to mo direclod in this
case by tho Court of Common Pleas for Falrlleld
County, Uhio, I will oiler and oxpose to sale bv public
vendue nud out-cry nl ihe door of ihe Courl Ilouse In
suld County, on Monday, March III, IrTij, heiween the
hiiursol lllo'i'loek A. M. and 4 o'clmk P. M., of snld
day, the r.illniviiig prop.-ny. to-wil: 111 perch of Stone
more orless; ITsct il.iunlo Wiipoti Harness; 7 Car Har
ness; 4 Collars; 4 Lo Chains, I lliiulilo sl of Plough
Harness iui.1 llridlu: 4 lllind iiri.llin; Tii Picks; 1.1
Grub llo.is; 0 Neck. Vokes and 4 Haves. wMtached as
Iho property of Andrew i)e Grull In sullsf)' ujudgiuont
In aluciimoiiiin tno tavoror ratru-ii i-.,ito:iuii.
, . , , WILLIAM POTlliK, Kherlff.
March P. Ug3-!v,-44pl JJ
rcnxic sale.
f B1I1F. subscriber will sell nt his residence five mile
B" North of l.nnensier, heller known ns tho Poormau
1-i.rni, on mu Columbus ltoad, ureeiilieiii lowiislilp,
Oa Monday Uio UCIli day of Marcli, 1830
The following described property, to-wlt:
. S lluad of Horses, ninong them ono Trotting Mnre
10 years old and nor 3 l olls, all aired by nurucli, tuo
ninre ni present is Willi nini oy i. lay j rusiee;
4 Cows, ono of them fresh milk, ull llurhunis;
A vnriety of Farming I'lenslis, such us Ploughs,
Harrows, Ac; HotKll dm. nssorira ni in,
One liuggv. iH.srly new; ilnggy de W'at;oii Harness;
111 Unrrcls'ciiiF.K VINEGAK.a drslrule article;
1 Cooking Stove and 3 Parlor Stoves;
A variety of Household and Kitchen Furniture,
Tubs, Ilarrols ami a vnrlctr of oilier articles.
- Six nieiilhs credit. will be given on all snmsover $3,
tno purchaserglvlua; Hula with apiiroved aecnrity.all
under 3 cash. . . LOUIS VON KOUhS
March 1, If55-3tvl3
SIUTlIPn Sale. ,.
Jacob McGowcn ) In P.irtitlou I'airfleld
John MeGnwon, etals.
Common Pleas.
HV ytrtue of an onler nf sale to mo dlrectod from
the Court of Common Pleas for Fuirlleld comity.
Hum, 1 will ohcr and expose to sale hy nubile vendue
and out-cry, ut Iho door of tho Court' II ouso, in said
county, on Saturday tht Htk day of April, ncrr, be
tween the hours of ton o'clock A. M., nud 4 o'clock P,
M.. of said dur.th? following described Lauds and
tenements to.a lt: In Lot Ko. .2 lu the town of Kusl
Kushvllle lu said county.
Terms of sule.ouu third In hand, nue third In ono
year and tho remaining nuo-third In twn yenrs Willi
interest oil deferred payments from the day of sale.
Appraisv.u in sj.itsi. v ji. i-ui i mi, puoria.
March 8, Iril II.
fyil'.OI.I flrowerj- nnd New Mission IIof.se, for sal
at tlie citv book atore. .
nUl. IWI. .- I).COSELl.,AgenU
JL Aptilll
,amn LhrlKar. for talent the city book tnr
11 i u,i.n.iai,
JAHMKMS'andKmlranl'aBook, for at at Ik
city hook store. ...
jirU21,l4. D. CON NU.L, Agent.
Thn well Known llcaalur fnrm fur Snfe.
rnVH'. undersigned offers for sale this excellent farm
I containing 43 neres of first quiility fanning land,
ljinglii Pleasant township, 3', miles cast from Lnn
cnsteriind near Uio Newark road. Tho improvement
ire a line largo brick dwulllng, nn aicollont barn and
ilhuroiitbiilldlnga.it never lulling spring of pur
water uluse to Hi.. l welling house. Tho farm Is well
wntered. If this farm Is not sold at private aalo before
Tlinrsiluv 13th March II will ho offered nt public saloon
that day 'mi Ihe premises; also wheat in the ground
Fanning utnnsila I-'resh Milch Cows Work Horses.
Young faille and II..gs-jils.i a great variety of house
hold ami kitchen furniture. Should tlio farm not he
sold on Iho lath Miirch.il will then boofforml for rout.
For terms of sale sfcc, apply to Dr. Hoerstlnr.or oa
the farm to mo CEO. VAN LE1PKE.
February 15, 133 41. ' .
maktim, ai;sy to.
At Ihrt Olil Ntnnd of Keinmnnd A nnrtirt,
HAVE lust received a largo and elegant assortment
ofJiKW GODHS, emnprising a varluty unsaf
passed, nnd which thvy will sell at great bargains. , -
ineirsiocK cosssisis or
Jlolh", Cnssimnres, Cnnnintin, Jcita, Ats
Vestlngs. nfinll the dlffercTif styles;
And for the Ladles French Morliioo,ThaibelClolhs
Alpacas and De Lainctnf all kinds:
Calicoes, Ginghams, Fiunnels. and every arilcl In
the way of Dress Goods to be found In the cities;
Shnwls, of every variety nf hue, aisr. and materials
Press and itemnel Trimmings, beautlfu lassortmentc
Iit.iiucts-Silk, Velvet and Strnw waich the Ladler
all declare to be the most beautiful and fashionable.
In nddilion to their slock of Cloths, fce., they have,
and will constantly keepon hand a largeand eieel!en
stock uf HEADY MADE CLOTHING, got up wilar
taslo and superior w oi-kmanship.
Hoots nnd Shoes; Hats ami Caps,nt price wondarfuly
low. Q-iuciidwarn and Glassware;
i:oflof, Sugnr, Ten, Tobneco, Spi, Ae
always on hand.
TTyTho now firm lender their thanks for Ihe
emirnging innnnur In which thoy have been received,
ns well by the public generally aabv tho old patrons of
tht slnnd, and bug leuve to assure alLthatifaeonttant
nlleiiii. in to their wants and a determination to keea.
up wiiu me iimws win secure a cniuinuaitnn ana en
largoincntof their business, thuy will not fall to allnlw
lliat oiul. Country produce taken in etchang. for good.
Lancaster, Ohio, Jannary 4, M5 33
been t
UcriU' Rale.
Peter Hllljard, )
i- ... ' la Parlition.
Joreiuiuli Illllyard.el alt.l
BY virtue nf an ordor of sale to me directed from
the Court of Common Pious for Pnirrleld county,
uiuo, 1 will offer and expose to sale by iiublle vendue
nud out-cry, nl the door of Ihe Court House, in said
eon my, on Hntarday Ike 14' stay of April asj, between
tliehoursof 111 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M., of
stdd day .the following described Lands anil tonement
to-wit:Parlof tlio Soulh West quarter ofSectlou No.
2ri iu town, hip No. sixteen of range No 17, containing
soveiity-twn acres free of any ami all tiicuinberttiiccs
whatsoever. ...
Terms of sale, one-third In hand one-third In one
ycariuid tlio remaining -one-ihlrd In two years with
lolorosl on ik-Lurcd piiyuiontsfroin day of sale. -AiMiralsed
nt $15 tier acre.
March S, ltiJ ii. WM. POTTER, Sheriff.
TTOTlCli ishorebvetven to all nersons Interested.
V that Ihe a.-counts and voucher of theestateaof
joiin urigitt, Joseph Turner, jnim c ampneii,
Also the Guardian aeooitnt of David Dtiuklu, have
beeiinlod in the ProhoteCourtof Falrlleld County for
uispeitionnnu settlumeut, uud sum accounts win come
ou to he lieuid on tho Cth day of April iiext,of ns soon
uicrcuiiur usiuuy no.
VIRGIL E. BBAW'.Pro. Jadge
March 14th A. I), lt'M-O.
EKt.tto of John Cnmpbcll.
T4T0T1CR Is horebv srlvcn. Ihnl tho undersigned has
y Ibis day been apHlnted by tlio Probate Court of
Fairfield County. Ohio, Ailmliilstrator off konit non of
tne Hstnte or Jumi Campbell, aecenseu. isii person
liitereslcd will take notice aud govern themselves ae-
curuingiy, junn hiuauvu, auih mr.
March 10, lt3J 4w4J
iiv i.vmrsTiiv we tiihite.
ItF, now receiving nl their old stand, ns line a stock:
nf FANCY nnd KTAPLK DKY (tjciims lias ever
nff,red In tii a niart.it. eonsisllng of ovory article
in the Dry Goods line, tnjrelher with a f ine stork of
tSOOlO Sll. OSPrs, erDirnc., rfrvnnn-nr ,"
imri. nil nf which thev are deteriiiluod to sell at low
ns iiny house lu l-'alruuld county, entire eusu storos not
oxeepuia. -Thev
bee leavo to tender their earnest thank tn lh
citizen of Liincnslers and vicinity, for the vory llharnl
shave of paironngu mcy uas o ruecivou sine, iiiey nnv.
been In business, nnd hope for a continuance nfthe
same, assuring the public that no pains shall lio spared
on Ikelrpurt lo plve entire satisfaction. Tho usnal ar
tides of country produce taken in exchange for Good.
Lancastor, Mann xt. ie.
, Jam illcilf nnamr
HAVING eslnldlshod himself In the manufacturing
Utesy'thnildinf, one Door Watt of tht Hocking Falley
bank, is prepnred lo furnish the people of this county
with every tiling that may bo needed in hia lino. He
keeps on hand every vnriety nf COOKING and IIKAT
1NU MTOVitSTor WOOD nnd COAL, eonsisllng in part
of tlio Linn Air Tight, Western ttiieeu.
Triumph. Iluck, Presidentiaud Profernnce for Wood
nnd lllark Dlnmiind for Coal. Also Ploughs, Plough
Shares, Sugar Kotilus & Hollow-ware. All of Iho above
WKniciNR an; tahietv stoke.
nrVIEnndarsiriiel respectfully advertise Ihe pub
I. liclliat he hrsoo hand firsnle,onreasonabls IcirM
for cash, ncotrptttt assnrtmonlof
Fresh nnd Well Selectqd .tfedirlnri,
Comprising evorv erarff and ckrmical. derived from th
Vrsetable, .Minimal and Animal Kingdoms, and used ia
jftlopatkir, Iiemeopatkie, F.tlocUcmnd Rolanie practice.
'i'he ns-airlmeutuinbrncesall tho Altaloidt,Retitido.
Aleakolit and Ayntout F.rtrnolt. ee. tee.
Ills stock of Surgical Instrunioul is of tho bcslqnalltys
A Pull Stock of Fninily Grocerica,
Fronch nnd Ainoricnn Perfumery tn great variety.
Havana and common Segsrs, Chewlr.g and Smoking
Tobacco; best quality of Wlnvs, Hrnndiea. ce..nativ
and imported, for medicinal use; strong Cidur Vinegar,
Window Glass and Glass Ware, together with all the
popular paton! medicines, and an ondloas yoriety of
od It nud endt botli ornamental nnd useful.
Physicians prescilpllnnspntup with great car by a
eompotoutuiid oxperleuccd disiienser.
Ocl.rje.lUlt . JV. m.Mnin , LmntHtr.
THE undersigned would rospoctfully anuoacse to
the rltitous of Fnlrrlold aad adjoining comities,
that ho desires to sell nt privnto sale the IVoolen
Inrtory situated In the town of Hnvenaport,
rat rneliicouniv, unto, i ne inneninerv ia principally
does work equal to any In the country, and has a large
ruu of custom. There Is oannectod with the Factory
Ma good nnd convenient Dwelling Ilouse, contain
Ing four rooms, and also four fluely situated lot.
The out buildings are numerous and convenient.
- Persons desirous of making a good bargain in thia
kind of property, would do well io coma and eamt
aid promises. JONATHAN K. M1K8SB.
Havensport, Octobers, 18S4V 89 '
Okng-e Orange Seed and Plants. . -.
THE undersigned have a large amount of Osage Op
ange Sends and Plants of the best qiialityurnaased
by none i n tho country ,whlcb they will sell at the lowest
market price.
At from 33 to 4(1 cants per rod, with a fair dedustieB
whero large contrnctsnre made.
At from 73 cools to gl f rod-the puymcnt as tor
lows i when the hedgo is set, and the bulauce wheD
tt win answer tue purpose oi a goon reuca.
articles will bo sold ns low ns can he bought elsv, here,
. . .IT V,"."!-.' " i eomparod with goil feaces) when It is completed.
Ho Invites allien geuorallr to call nn.
stork. JAMES M
Si. o. IInuae-avinntingiVooLitiigiiiiio uimiii snort no
tice. oldCoppor, llruss, Powlernnd Iroutukenln ox
change for uuy of the above arlicloa. J. Mo.
Luru-aster, may 1, 1634 :
Por what disinterested Judges will sny II is worth, (aa
JTOTICB la hereby given to ull person's interested,
w that Iho accounts and vouchers, of the estate n
inuiidn Twymnn, Thomas Frlckor,Eliznhvlh Flckol'
Francis Myers, Samuel Trovlnger and Nancy Yoder.
Also tho Guurdiiin's accounts of Samuel Dresslur,
Geo. S. Baker aud David Hrlght, havo been Hleillll
the Probate Court of Fairfield county, Ohlo.for in
snectlon and aetlleineiit. nud that aaid nccounlnwfil
oome.orto be heard on thevSd day of Jdareh, 184S,or
a soon taoraanar as may be.
VllCGlL X. 1HAW, Pro. Jadge.
March 1, 1SJ 43.
At tl to IA'J ter rod.to be paid for when completed,
- JAMES SUMPTEK A CO., Dayton, Ohio.
JKntSi.rTEa,Cnllrgo Crtrnor, Boiler counly.Ohio
Jsmbs McOaaw, AiOKaiidorsvlile, Ohio.
. Hrnjamin Lkas, Dayton, Ohio.
Marl,le54. G. MARTIN, Agent, Carroll. Ohio.
IlEnndersigned having nnrchased the Grist
and FlourlngMill heretofore owned by Gen.
i. Keynolds, deceased, would berahv Inform
Uiepubllcthatltishispurpoaetomako this Mill what
it should bo. a Grist mill for the accommodation of lha
neighborhood iu which it is located And having se
cured theaervlcesnf an experienced Miller, is prepar
ed, ashe believe, l do work calculated lo pleas,
and therefore nolle!, patranasje.
Mayan, lSit. J. RABIBAM.

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