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' The QulnttfMcnce ! Deraajroffulsna.,
' Having bean an active auxiliary to the
dkomiHh Uburuh in its attempt to control
HAie civil affairs of this nation, and finding
itself repudiated by the great mass of peo
plo, tho Ohio Eagle is now endeavoring to
elicit in its favor the sympathies of tho
Xf Atlirwliat ilonnmilintintl nf PrntglAnta hv
representing the American Party as being
' Ant.rwtltttttin r tliA nnnniT r.f tlinl P.lliiri.n
', The Eagle doubtless thinks that by appos
ing to the religious prejudices of the pco
Jple it will in this way bo able to effect the
overthrow of the American Party. To do
"which, it has crossed the holy portals of
Hod's sanctuary aud engaged in the nof;i
Tioustrork of sowing seeds ofuiscord a
mong bis disciples all for the miserable ob
ject of securing permanency to partisan or
ganization. J
The Eagle Cffn pander to the whims of
bigotry Si prejudice in the Romish Church,
1t can excite- the baser passions of foreign
ers who Lave and can liave no sympathies
with us as a nation; but it has wofully mis
ted tho character and standard of Dublic in-
telligence when it attempts to operate upon
tho credulity of members of tho Methodist
Chnrch or any other Protestant denomina
tion it will find that what it has mien for
religious bigotry and credulity, is ar en
lightened .public and 'christian understat
ing, made doubly 'tee-to 'through tho instru
mentality of all opcii Bible.
- What inconsistency to stand tjefore the
Jiublic, and with one hand invito to your
standard the members of the Romish
Church wh deny tomantind tiro right to
read, think and act without first consult
ing the Bishops and Priests of the Church,
and with the other becon Protestantism to
your standard whxso Very foundation is an
open Bible and whose chief prop is an en
lightened . Jicopre. What 'other motives
than thirst (or political , aggrandisement
could induce you to rally to your rescue el
ements so directly antagonistic. '
The objects and aims of Protestantism is
to enli&rhtcn and christianize the world
it seeks to control the spiritual n flairs of
mankind its regulations and laws eon1
form to Ine truest construction of Republi
can Government. It deals with the s pi rit
ual una not wun me temporal auans 01
mankind. On the other hand what are the
objects and aims of the Romish Church?
Its whole history, from its earliest existence
up to the present time, exhibits one conlin
U J scone of Usurpation and wrong wher
ever it has supreme control "darkness cov
ers the earth and gross darkness the peo
ple." Its chief dyed is to control tempor
al affairs, and to do. this it must needs
.mother the intelligence and independence
of its followers It closes the lids of the
bible, it openly and boldly denounces the
Institutions of nur country, nnd excites in
the breasts of its deluded followers feelings
of prejudice against tho government and
people of the United States. Go search
out the lowett sinks of ignorance and vice
to be found in the land, and there behold
the followersof this self'styled " triie Church
of God;" go to your pauper houses and
.plate prisons and there behold the fpre
"lstatives of this Churuh, nnd then tell us
whiter tho minds smothered by the op
presrV'iis of the Church of Rome arc pre
pared r act tho part of cilieens of a free
land, llf "on the intelligence and virtue of
fAepeojHe depend the perpetuity of our in
titutions." what, we would ask will be
come of this nation when Romanism gains
the ascendancy?
"Yl'htttls it Composed
vi lid. m ine vintimntiwiiui i't"""
composed of? J. Ins question lias been
frequently ftsked. We would reply that
" it is composed of broken down politicians,
foreigners arid Catholics. In this city it
Is lead by the repudiated tiicmbcrs of the
"Old Red Lodgo Clique" men who; in
imc past, in co-opcratioh with the Ohio
JSagll robbed the cotihty Treasury of hun
. drcds nnJ thousands of dollars. One of
Us leaders recently exhibited traits of dis
honesty, in the Auditor's office, one of
them proved htiriself totally incompetent to
discharge the duties of the County Clerk's
' office, one was recently defeated in a Coii
gressional Convention, one has for years
past held tho office of Stiperiutendentof the
. Hocking Valley Canal, one is a Catholic
' and recently discontinued this paper bo
cause it claimed the right of free discits
sion, and denied to Popery the power to
break down tho Common Schools of tho
country, one is now a candidate for the
highest office in .the gift of the people of
the State, one was recently defeated for
. county surveyor and is now traveling over
tho county trying to pass himself off as
Know Nothing, three are editors of the
Ohio Eagle, whose .characters. are so well
- known to our readers that they need no
comment. ,"
Such, reader, is the material of which
. this organization of Sag Nicbts is compos
, ed.- What do you think of it?
ZSTTbo Scioto Gazette propounds n d
- icate question. We have studiously avoid
cd ill allusion to the subject. In regard
:to the correctness of. the report the Qauite
need entertain no doubt. "It was, but is
no morel" The Gazette willreadily "per
' ceivo our situation;" .
.; :yy- jC3Tho Legislature of Indiana has ad-
journed without electing aU. S. Senator,
.ir ny State Officers and the Governor
'lias no power to fill such vacancies.
What liaa become of Johnc)
TIio pspon of th Slave Domocraoy are
silent about the letter of tlio President's
2'int o opportunely brought to light by
the editor of the Bvnjrut Journal. The
Statesman says it was "hoax" played off
by aotntbody on the liucyrus editor. Oth
ers, almost the entire press, my nothing.
The latter is doubtless tho most prudent
course, and baa tho'raerit too of being in
accordance with the injunctions of the
Sag Nichts, or "Sag Hulking i," the name
by which tho secret band is called in the
"rural districts" where there are not
enough Cermans to make Sar Kichts a
popular designation for, snys Mr. Johnes,
"our name takes well with the Dutch."
We havo culled Mr. Johnes tho Pres
ident's agent. Tho testimony of llie a
gent himself, made in the confidence of
political brotherhood, ought to bo Con
clusive. Hear what he says: f"Gcn.
Pierce will think I am a devilish queer
clerk, and am doing up hit busines s in b'eau
ful style by getting into such a confonnded
scrape. "JJ
This then is the kind of service the
clerks in tho rvnUo offices are put to!
Let tho tax payers remember that. Here
is ton ngent of the Government traveling
tho country organizing secret polilicul so
cieties, his expenses being defrayed out of
tliu public treasury! In tho name of the
President he offers bribes of political pre
ferment. Take the following specimen:
"Your county has" great teputation
with the powers "that be at Washington,
nnd of course your nnmo as well as the
names of some other lenders of your
ounty stand Iulmi on the list ot the Presi
dent's favor. If we can push the Sag
Nicht association through and keep strong
nougli to carry tho next I'residential
election, you may all expect to obtain a re
ward fully equivalent to tho majority your
feotinty will give; you know the tcims;
,000 majority will entitle your headman
to a ohargesliip, with other offices for oth
er leaders. The Postofficcs of course you
get anyhow."
Let the American citizen, who loves his
country ?Vnd believes in the necessity of
securing a pure administration of our Re
publican Government, bear these things in
mind. We can laugh at Know Nothings
and Sasr Nichts when sustained by individ
ual enterprise, but when the Government
enters the field for the organization of se
cret societies to sustain its power, we may
know that corruption lies nt the bottom,
and if not exposed nnd checked no man's
lease of his political franchises is safu for a
tvVelve-monili. 0. S. Journal.
Uailiioad Suspension Duiuce at NiAa-
ara. Tho locomotive Pluto, with a pas
senger cur attached, crossed nnd re-crossed
the Suspension Bridge on I'riday after
noon. The car was filled to overflowing
with invited guests from Hamilton, and
other places in Cl-inadn, who had come
down in it special train. Amontr them
were C. G. Bridges, . Managing Director
of the Great Western Hail road j J. Morris;
General Agent; and several prominent cit
izens of Hamilton.
The bridge is very substantial and steady,
sinking less than three inches at the cen
tre as the train passed over; It is estimat
ed that it is capablo of sustaining 12,000
tons, and was built under the direction of
Chief Engineer, John K. Itobcling.
It is not yet completed so ns to connect
with the track on the American side.
Washington papers contain a column of
appointments made by the President dur
ing tho last days of the session1 of Con
gress. Wo copy a few of them that may
be of some interest to our readers:
Eli It. Dovle, of Nebraska; to bo Mar
shal of that Territory.
Maxwell McCaslin, of Pennsylvania,
Indian Agent for Osage Iiiver agency, vice
Ely Moore.
Jscmamin J'. I. llobinson, of ivanzas
Territory, for Delaware Indians:
John Montgomery ,of Kanzas TerritoiT,
for Kanzas tribe of Jndiansi
John W. Whitlield.of Kanzas Territory,
for Upper Kanzas Indians;
lid win A. U. Hatch, of Minnesota ter
ritory, for tho Blackfect aud other neigh
boring tribes.
Hubert Campbell, of Ohio, fof the Kick-
ftpoo Indians.
Uobert C. Miller, of Kanzas territory,
for the Shawnee and Wyandot Indians.
I hoinas S Swiss, of Illinois, for the
Upper Platte agency, vice John W. Whit
James It. Vineyard, of Sacramento City,
for California.
John A. Parker, of Virginia, Register
of Land Office, Nebraska.
Eli Moore, of New-1 oik, Register of
Land Olhec, Kanzas.
Addison It. Gilmoro, of Nebraska, Uo
ceiver of PtlLliu Moneys for Land Ofiicc in
Thomas C. Shoemaker, of Kanzas, Re
ceiver fur that Territory.
We extract the following from tho Paris
correspondence of tho New York Coramcr
vial Advertiser:
"In this stale of things it is , not stir
nrisinar to hear ministers avow that Enir
land has fallen to ii secondary position a-
niong tho nations of Jiurope, m physical
force, or to hear Irom the nation a umver
sal cry of despair nnd of revenge against
the unfortunate ministry that happened to
be in power nt the moment. The natural
fear now is. that France, the Bonaparto
dynasty being in power, may take advent
a"o of these circumstances, and although
the alliance- will be maintained, a time is
eominrr when she will be liberated, and
then will rovivo all tho old prejudices and
hatred which only lie dormant, but are
not extir.ctJ These-developments of Eng
land's weakness only serve to powerfully
consolidate and strengthen Napoleon's
power; and it may well be feared that at a
proper moment this power will be put in
operation against England, nnd the cause
of liberty as well. The exultation in
France, taken in connection with tho fact
that France is physically stronger nt this
moment than she ever was, while England
is avowedly weak, furnishes an omen
I which docs not carry with it a bright fu
Tho colored peoploof Pi'.ttrWgh appear
determined to let no slaves be taken tbrou"h
thatcity. A gentleman and bin wife, ac-
'compauit'd by a colored woman, arrived at
the City Hotel on Monday, and, atiticipat- ;
ing some trouble, the proprietors were in
formed that she was free. The olored
rtf.riiih. imnpiftinr tier Lii 1a m1va fj.i..f. I
. i
. . . ., ..i.i , !
mined to run her oft, and as she wus l.;av. I
ing the treakinst on eUncsday I
I 1 .... ...rr..... .1. J l . I
!Ululimij,lll nuiivmiui u U' IIIC COI'IKU UllUKrSlHIl'l. Will UUIII.-U It) llytllU
t i i.j .. .
ored waiters, carried oli und sicreli'd. i
She was act at liberty and brmwrl,. t,,.L
to lier employer, as soon as those who took
J -o"- - '
her away wero satisfied she was not a
ii., ; ,..i i-ii. i
nt tho close of the Thirty -Third Congress,
was a bill to repeal the Neutrality Laws,
by benator IJrown of . Mississippi. Uc'iho artof boo-kceping.
proposed to repeal such sections of the law
as restrained our citizens from giving nid
and comfort to tho people of Cuba. Ex-
Governor Brown said that the Spanish
in Cuba have insulted our flag, imprisoned
our people,' searched our ships, pillaged j
m,. mtillo ntlT rnl ftlM'A.liMiint .I..... !
uu, atctiir, ..ill, J- v . vi ii i.ivil l UUia ilUt
nioVe. llnder these cirottmstaiices l:e is
for letting slip tho dogi of war in the
shr.po of filibusters. Tho bill don't
The latest advices from Mexico state
that Santa Anna is getting ready to evac
uato the premises on the shortest notice.
lie has several vessels ready to receive him
on the approach of Alvarez. Ho lias sold
the three million claim due from tho United
States, nnd has sent his valuables, mid ns
much as ho could of the seven millions
procured from U3, out of the country.
The City Council of New Albany, In
diana, Tuesday evening la-.t, by a voto of
7 to 4. ratified the subscrinlion of G400.-
imn l.t,.r,n m...l.. I V..... Alt, !
and Sandusky City Junction Railroad.
A. communication was read from the Pres
ident of the Railroad (jompany, stating that
only 5250,000 of tho subscription would
be called for until the completion of the
road i
The Washingtdn 'correspondent of the
Journal of Commerce says Col. Kinney
has resigned tho commission its Captain
General of the Central American Coloni"
nation Company. Mr. Johnson, tciupora-
ry President, has also resigned, and Ex
Senator Cooper has been appointed with
full powers.
It is understool that the model of t'10
new Collins steamer, to supply the Arctic's
place has been agreed on. She is t'o bo
?A! feel long, 40 feet more than the pres
ent steamers, ami the power and capacity
of her engines CO per Cent, greater than
those of any American steamer afloat.
Slid is expected to" cross from port to poll
in nine days.
Afer nn examination, Judge Stuart, of
New York, issued warrants for the arrest
of tho several persons charged with uid
ingin the escape of B tker the murderer
of Bill Poole. Several members of the
Police Department mo suspected of coa
niving at and assisting the flight of the
, Considerable excitement exists among
politicians at Indianapolis since the ad
journment of the Legislature. The Gov
ernor appointed several State cCiecrs, but
the Secretary of Slate refused to adrninis
ter the oath of.oKicc; consequently tho
places remain vacant.
Tho story told in the New York IlcraU
about nn nutograph lettci fioin the Emper
or of Russia to Mr. Pierco is a humbug,
and nothing more. No stich -letter has
been received by the President through any
channel whateer. It is a cannard, with
out a fettthcr of truth in it. So says
the special correspondent of the New York
An Ogdensburg dispatch of tho Oih,
says two persons of that city, formerly
stage drivers, have been committed by the
United States commissioners in default of
2,000 bail in each case, charged with rob
bery of the mail;
A ytJiing woman attempted to commit
suicido by jumping off the suspension
bridge at Wheeling, one day last week.
She kindly gave notice of her intention to
two laidies that were passing, who seized
her Sad prevented tho accomplishment of
her purpose.
"Congress has adjourned. The Ap
propriation of 818,000 to tho Collins
Steamer line was vetoed. An appropria
tion of 250,000 was made to enpply
Washington City with water. Also, 'nn
act was passed requiring the postage on
all letters to be prepaid after January 185G.
The Cincinnati tiasette says tlie total ex
penditures of the city for tho year ending
March 1, 1.C55, have been 5500.4CC 37.
The Fire Department, includingheavy out
lay for building and real estnte, has been
9 1 33, 690 40. The benefit of Mr. Green
wood's services has been incalculable.
The Washington correspondent of tho
Journal of Commerce says Col. Kinney
has resigned his commission ns Captain
General of tho Central American Coloni
zation Company. Mr. Johnson, tempora
ry President, has also resigned, and ex
Senator Cooper has been appointed with
full powers.
Toliver Craig has been arrested in Cin
cinnati by U. S. Marshal II. H. Robin
son, for forging land warrants', arid com
mitted (o nwait his examination before tho
Congress has restored to Miss. Hinton
her private property, which became forfeit
to the Government by tho delinquencies of
her husband.-'
UlMMiie In i he Follee (imxrUe.
A Ul number of lbi journal gives a
.Letch of the life of this notorious cherae-
,cr Bl enumeration of the nriuu
crimes with which he, ulands charged. Of
parentage, it say
lusann was born iit Ireland, and is the
deeendant of one of tho noblct families
in ii. at :uniry.
ll:s f.itl:-.T hi'U several
very luctativo positions under the Govern-
, wi Wnii ...... . . -.
ttrenU c-iuisrated Canada. l!UG.-t...i.
. " . .i . .. i
I . . 1 1 I: 1 ., .
country u account oi sonic neuuc'.i'ju cae
iu wl,il:h his honor GS Wt!I ar, bis Jifc
.....I.,,,.!., .., .l..,....,l . i
iwwwn M vtiuaii n u. ;injYCU III
Canada, a farm was purchawd, wh-re lif
ter a few years tho ol J men died. William,
while yet u boy, jricw t:rej of farniia-'.
inuii afier tcrniwriir frfy uohm to'rfiil.ur!
Uf litlt fnf Uiu I ,lllLn Sil iiu ual.l , ,
Cincinnati, where what, was li ft of the fur-
ty dollars was invested by our bero to learn
With referenco to his recent nrrvst it
gives the following accoui.t, which differs
from that heretofore published:
It has beer, raid that Ki.isane was de
tected patin counterfeit money, but tl:i-t
ii not so. His detection was caused by
passing altered bills, by whieb rneum he
made eleven hundred out of ten hundred
bills. Tim', i.-, he would tuLe ten twenty
(iollarbills of tho srinc bank and make them
eleven, by means of a combination. t is
di!n; thus. Supposo wc take, for esampL',
n bill and mark it in this forrr.:
"i 2 3 4 "fi ; o" jr 8"TTon
We take the first bill up, and part No. I
is torn offfttld laid avido. The bill paune:-,
of course., us many bills are torn by acci
dent. The second bill is lorn up i No. 2
and part No. 1 is pasted on, and this bill
also passes. Tho third bill is torn off at
No. 3, and No. 1 and 2, which is one
iiibvc, i men nuicti on. iv I is n;eon
,. , r. J, , i
eleven bills arc made of ten, the eleventh
bill havmgjustiis muih and no more torn
off of it limn the first bill had. It is not
our business to explain the rombiuaiion,
but Kissane is an adept at this art. It is
more difficult to detect a bill of thU char
acter than a counterfeit.' The secret for
merly was confined to Kissane, Einlay and
Co'.'-t others are now in possession of 'ii,
nnd if there is any doubt, at once refuse
One Week Lalcr ffoni I'alilbrnia.
Arrival of t::e Stcaujer lilisioi
Nkw Yorit, March 13 The steamer
Illinois with advices from San Francisco
to the ICth u!t., arrived at this port last
She brings 81.1GO.000 in gold, ou
freight, and three hundred passengers.
She sailed from Asj.iiiwall on the 2d, and
in tlm Gulf passed i-everal war steamers.
The Unilud Hi'jea steamer Fulton arrived
at Aspiuwall ou the first, on a cruiso v.Mit
ward. .
Business was better at San l'raneisco,
though no rain of consequence had yet
tuilen in tbo interior.
Tim L.it!s1 Hum siill ciin'.intin'.l in ballot
fir a S-.-iutor at intervals. The fiftieth
ballot va.'i Liken on tho 15.h u'.t., insulting
as follows: Gwinn 4 ! ; Edwards 3G; llo
niain 15; Brodrick 12; r.nd scattering 5.
Dates from Honolulu to tlio 27th Jan-
uray say that the annenatioii negotiatioiis
hail ceased by order of the King.
Uaies from ii dbouruc to Nov. 1 1th, says
tho Aintralia mm bets ha.! improved for
brea.lstutfs a:i 1 domestic 'produce. The
gul, I product had fallen olf three, hundred
and ninety nine thousanj ounces in nine
There are now in the College of Music,
at Leipzig, Gurniany, five American pu
pils a young lady from Baltimore, two
young men from New-York, one from Eos
ton, and one from Springfield. Gnld
schmidt, the husband of Jenny Liud, was
a pupil at this college.
In the Legislature of Nebraska, Mr
. . ..I
Clancy, an Irishman, gavo notice of a bii
to prohibit tho organization of Know-Noth- j
ing Councils. . .
Tho rumor that Jefi'erson Davis will
presently or ultimately receive the appoint
ment of Brigadier General of the new reg
iments, is contradicted from Washington.
The Zauosvillo Courier says over COO
persons passed over tho Central Ohio road
on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.
A writer in the New York Herald states
that Bishop Hughes holds properly in his
hai-.ds belonging td the Catholic Church of
New.York amounting to $2'5,COO,CCO.
Tl.oU. S. staairl frigxte Susquehannah
has been absent in the China Seas for four
years, nnd has just returned to Philadel
phia. It has sailed G I, C37 miles since its
Henry Newman, County Recorder at
Rising Sun, Indiana, fell into the river be
tween a steamboat and a coal boat, on
Thursday, and was drowned, lie was
much respected in that community.
Navigation is again resumed on the Mus
kingum. The trade of that Valley prom
ises to be brisk during the season.
Thi'eo powder mills ntVilniington,Del..
blew upon the 10th, killing one man and
wounding three others.
Nino hundred barrels of snails were ex
ported from Switzerland for foreign con
sumption in October ni!d November last!
In England, efforts are making to de
vise a means of annihilating the wood-pig-cons.wlioie
rtv;ijfii9 are very se'rious in
agricultural districts.
Snails nre regarded as good eating in
Paris nnd Vienna, and in October and
November last, no less than nine hundred
barrels of Snails ' waro exported from
Switzerland for foreign consumption.
A letter from a friend nt Burlington.
Iowa, dated Feb. 27th, fays they had been
without nn Eastern mail for four weeks, on
Account of the great snow storm of the 20th
A snort storm prevailed at New Orleans
on the 27th of February.
li. W. i C. AV. fine IjLttllV.
Conucll'a Bow 3 loor South V. Office.
COLLECTIONS In Falrflelrl and adjoining connlloi
entrustod.to our auro thall receive nramnt uttou-
' We will llsoaclat acent In Ilii'ptireluM and aatoof
Real EaUUi. Lancuter, .Maick J5lh Kit tS.
aV-tttciisler DIurkcls.
Gakktts Orics, March 8, If 05. Our
quotation this nvunin are ii follow:
wheat, 1,75. Hour, 9.0-) jx-r barrel;
Corn, W; P.ye, B5tC7; Out., 2U;30c;
Bjckwhi at, 4. VJ p-r UJbbN; Clover
'Sttd 5,W; Timothy seed, Zai.OO; Pot-
lal.So. rUx seed, i-a 1,00; Uul-
'ter,12 - 4l6e; iJcen'.ir, M.i, 2Sj2,-
it. . V r .. f r
!!3al5.j: IVa. ValuO: M.!4sc-. 3JI
. . . .. . .... .....
i .. . t : , n p . l I o ii -
il iy.O.OOal'J.CO. Tallow IP' per Ul.
Vbi,kv, Z0.
New Yo::s, March 10, ICS-, j
Piices of l!ie W;fl. B-ev. nr; soM
at so mitc'ia poja J,v.nfcui!'y by e'iir..i!i!
wui'.jbis, for the niHitt in t!i ju-irtr-r. J j
l'iit Quality, of gooJ f i'.r iiiiiLut iJctf I
11.11!.. i
heconu-ratc, lOalO.jf.
Inferior such a i ui. I !nt:', cowe, poor!
oX"n,nnj nu-au rteers, kl,,.iji'.
W-iinu vurv cx'rn luhJ. 1 1 ial2 :
IV..-e. of vca! C ,! . es-TI.e rh.e at which
sucn LiiiveiiH are li. ine:iti.r;i i.,r it. I me
yer.r, i.i from 4 to J W. liv- weight.
A class caiied"ki!ten"tliitti',Ca!ve from i
1( Vtfj. -.i'.-l
oho to six days old sell f.'oin 1,2 j to 3 i l
Another elis, culled g"ass C!vi', gen
erally fuld at four to six t.iotillm u'.l.brins
3 to 1 dollai a.
A goo;l fat Wr.l ofscu biini: CCO-CX
Lj iik Cu'.vs ihsprico of Cowsdi-wndj
mncu upon fancv nstnu imre oflion.es.
Ordinary Cow, 2Ca35; "'xH fair Cows,
4J; extra quality, with Calf 4.uJ.
olieep an
J Limbs C.nnmosi
ee, :
3,5J:iC; fi-traSh'iep 2 ill; Limbs
owinc; j:hu coru-ieu ioB'i, i r.ia.l :..;e,
....-. :.. . f i tf .. . i .
or w.irk!t rctaiiiii';, oja.j ,
I'.vo v.'ti'-Ii'.;
s'ill-f -d IIor's, 5aj'i; Ii" a for packing,
o.io"j. live weio lit; :irgt! ilo--, corn-fcJ,
' i ,,, I ,,, r, -. i .. .... .,
iJeai weight, oa7i;. ior erv fc.'.-'t,
i "?
Cakuwiojk, March 13. At'LI.tik"! oVA
Cattle about 433 Beeves, at.J 102 1 iJtores,
consisting iif Woiiinj Oxen, Cow cud
CV.ives, learlmgs, 2 and A -:;. rs old.
Market Bcel Extra V) cwt. CO.UO;
First quality, C, Socond quality. 7 u I;
Third quality, $7; ordinary; 0; Illil-s,
cwt ft.-s-aO: lalloW, Hall; i tits ,ua. -.j;
CairSkins.lOul le -1 lo; Barrelling Cuttle.
7aS' cwt; Veal Give-,4t, 5uC, but few in.
S.orcs Working Oxen.no srde. Ci.ws
and Calves, !.-,, 2?,, 3J, 42aC5; Yearlings
10, II, 12al.5; Two Years 01.1, Vzo,
2-i, SOalo.Tlireo Years 01 1,11, 'iUi'j, 4Ca
Sheep anJ Lambs 1,751 nt market.
Extra, CJ, 7al2. By Lot, 2l,2J,3a5.
Swiiis None.
Wool ZlnUcL
WOOL There ii a fair degree of nii
maiion in our nurkat fur D Jiujtic Fleece
and Pulled, and prices, with very much
reduced stocks and exceedingly light ar
rivals, tend strongly upward. oale; 25,
OJOl'u Floocc f.t 21a2oc for common, 23a
3'Jc for medium, and 3 la33j for line: 3 ),-
000 Pullol at 2.J,i27c for No. 1.5:3:i33c
fr suuttr, a:id 3 1 i39c for ex:ra. Foreign
B quiet, aii'l v.'j h'Sar of no saL-s wjrtli re
porting. Tlio s'.o-'k ii not largtr, but
price- ii'.i) nrm. m quote:
American Sax. Fl lb
I)o. Full Blood Mei ir.o
Do. i r.nd J Merir.j
Do. ST.itive :;tid qr. do
Sup. Pulled Country
1, Fulled Country
Extra do
Peruvian Washed
Valpmiiio, Unwashed
So. Am., Com. Washed
S,). Am. Entre Kios
Souih Am. Unwashed
Suutli Am. Cordova
East India. Washed
African, Unwashed
African, Washed
Smyrna, Unwashed
Smyrna, V allied
Mexican, Uuwiuhol
2S(i 30
2 1 (5 2.'i
J 1 . . 1 -J
aA 13
1 Cfri.:?o
Xr.7 York, M;ri:h 13. :Cc't:o'h U un
clin?;ed. l-'lnur i. firm, with fall's of 3,-
500 Wis lit C,37a!).Gl for Citanm;i lo yood
Ohio, find 9,12nO,CI for Southern.
Wliciit is Srin nt 2, 15, for Southern Ilud,
s:id 2, 23a?,33, fjr Southern While. .
Cjrn is fil m, with t-ales of 4.r,0M) niAi
els at 05 and 05 J for mixed. 1'orL i (irm.
Decf is unchang'id. Lrd is firm, 7i.is
ky '31:i3U". Ktwks oportcd buovaat, but
cliisod dull.
Motiyy is uotliidunt, sterling ixchnnge
i? linn, Viithout chariji; in n'es. Hs uf
Erio Hallway shaves at 4t; Cii'Vc'.Aiid
nnJ T-iledo. 73.'; Camberhn 1. 3 1; R.-a l
ing, 05; Naw York Central, I'JJ; I'a.
Coal C jinp'iny, 10-1; Y. six-s 97; Mo.
sixi-s, 05; and Ind. Cve3, G7.
At Nobelot-il'ie, (I.i.) a few d.ivs since,
an Iriolimrin pledgfd a portion of his clo.hcs
for liquor; the litter made him drunk, and
not havillir suflicient of tho former icfl to
j'-rotcct him frcra tho severity of the weath
er, he died from the effect of the col I. On
ma 10110W1-.1- eveil.-.K l. lit 1.11.0:1
to the Court house, where Lis f uncial k r -
i it . rii : rr -
mon was preaehed hy an OIuo Icn por.mco
lecturer. At the close of the K-rruon a
. - 'ili ,1.
. i i- ii : i.:., . i .i .
COinmiLU'O was ni'JJUIlutu iu nan mi uiu
parties that sold the deceased tl;e liquor,
and ascertain upon what terms tl. y would
sellout and quit the business. Tl.el.iller
1 . I . t ! I 1 111
proposed to Uil out lor livo liniKlieu Wl -
lars. This amount was at once raised, ami
, , . i., ...
the liquor Was llrltr0yel. JrilOXlca"i;j;
.l. r,,l c nnnni.? iiAur ho nriu-nr.nl in 'Noli!, s-
".,""w "
T . -ir A ... 11 ,o.I .,,i,l,( i.
TlOCil-S AIOSET. A Well made COUlltCrll l.
ilm mill I n:i.pi.a oifl nnw in cii'etilu
tiou'. It is precisely the same circumfer
ence 6f the true coin, but it is not to thick.
It is valued :it.GJ3,6l).' . The coii'i may be
detected by observing the word "sold" in
small raised letters oil the bottom of the
head. Ciri. Gui.
It is now said tho President will tint np-
point a Brigadier General till the weetingj
of tho next Cofiirress. i
ur N -i" -wmmm mmm i
TAMnl nil t ide, preperod to furui.li LOOKING
GLASSES in .M.il.oiMuy. Wulnnl or Kmcannl
Frain.-i. Loniiiiic tiln. l'la'te.. I'ii'turc. I'mmi". A.c.
Also.nllt Krame, Ulmana of nil sirs, end llfs,
Portrall Frame. Picl iro Frnme.. nmt a Roniral -cnrtmenl
of Picture, mid Oil Painting:., c.l wholeaula
aud retail, at tti IoicdhI price. J. C. GKST.
o. 1 Ve.t Fourtti street, Cincinnati, Cliio.
March , 1KU 14
Oppo.lte tlie Citiiri lltinae nitil Fouulnln
STEW ADDITIONS nre now lelnr made tn the fnr
I nituro nnd eonvenlencc of Utl. alrecdy Pir.t Clna.
Itolel. Traveler, will Ilud tlti. houso decidedly the
moat conifortnble place In Zane.villo, and Iho proprie
tor aparea no pain, lo inako Ml. (rue.t. eomlorl:.me.
There nre atteched to the above houM.olcf-.nt BKICK
DKOVB STABl.ES, which are Teeyenpaelou..
afarah, liiM Um VM. A . JOKEi Paaufielor.
ntr:rr.u jir.i:Tit;.:
LASCAt.TE lOlHif. K. f- March ?. ir.
CHAfll.H. S: II ;r rj.
.mf)IHTii.t April 3.1,
4.UI" X 5j.4.-- . - X .r.h
Fnjr, i.-Ai. ti. hf KIN MAS, ko5nlr.
I)It 8 U.K.
flVIiC ml-r..ufj olTr for k.Ii I llktr Arm
lh.: - w: n k'.nr ".-,M hk,
-'' i.io-i... u. n, :u
fti'. WW rTAiiLK.t.M
y : . - .w'ii.it.
l.r 1 i te, KUr otli t TUirtj Art cm well tt'ulicril. !
i-ii i i yj jiif li re, i ti ;H-mit.J Jo!Ur in lu.iit,ih
Ii.' 'i.i-1 t twnstrt,t I'uymtri.t with n-irrt.
Vtr t ift.;f ftitrUVuUiA at itj t-lU utM'rll f
v.. ni i-n-iiiKS. WlwLlA M. I AilO H.
Jfnlirr of Mi.iittt;nn.
"'Mll'C l bn ly ci'.'O trot I'. -,-..rtliTiM
i St U -r : it- i ;.r'u? uniW p. j llrui niitt.n f -
;:tH rii-i-i.l. 'i if I ii'.k. wl nifMH'i br Icfl iti tb
hji.o.v.r Jum :.
i.-,r.:ai:..f) Fb.
in tvt .-UI I.
J-!!. ITTTtE,
Jmiix u.-. i lack.
a VAM-'inu: I'-ii:-.! i on kale.
l. li.ur.il:'ilfu:i.i,i i lt.iM u -ii.-..
,u-.-k. t i ..,.n i.,t,..i
r:-'T.in " ""' ").'', n. i,f,M Lu
''i.iii.i uc; mill' i.v.u . .11 r -i.
I'rlrni,-,TI( fiUKLi". lJiKHLK.
.UiJ.,jL ivL.p, rire-'i' '"i ii. t , i",!i. nrta
A I.I Hkii VLIull
T"nd A;;.!;.!, U.i.iMidr, oiiu.
iri?Ti:brr 7, IhZi Hit
IfHLK 1H liy.rtrrl-I.Tst.f r'j-
lurt. NlVil.rH.Jjr.tH ill f- lm;i.
' i W. i
. ,., , e
lu tfrfiY.' I'UI-ll. f'ir llivl,,. linn on
8nil !' I T. K. nt Ifi.i.r r-.nT'.iira ut
C"' .4ft. X'ri,MiiJ ItoTii- I t.lf I. .1. flx-
. '"in uiu cm.! wis urmiH m;, n
ui,,rMir:u;ri i,rr.
:i.-.. . C. lit f.i-M'!l
t.;.itr'ic--t j,nii i'ti.r..'i
a i . lit r.r,; i :
T nill receive a clca. r,r
M .1.1.. II.. Sr.1 1 li J!,r tw ,n;i i..l n Klo-
..-.'. ... . r... .. ............
m " :. i .Viv v ui!. -r s, i;oi--iS
III ll'i-Au, l.iu
. iifliUi .ii.,.
OU tUtl 1.11- I
in in in . r.n.ii. n rifih.i u-iiniiT , i.-:i-i .mill r 4u.tr .11 irrap
linn in. .
'.nn'lit rr. tlj.l ti.il a ti.. of Uxi.v rilii, fi.r l o
ii i-.l i
i'V J.i.-ii!. M.ini.-!i. An .fc'r.'rn r-rl'iruiliir ll.c
I'll, in 1 l)'..!cr-, pyiy.httl ij.-c. 11 li i.i
111. ur luuT.iiir it tit I!.., i.iir"5. liLt.fi.llv r.
to ;
wnr'Jcil. LI jjui li'.. FalrfltM 'niirlr. O'i'i.
ii, Itii. TitJXA JlAii'Ii.N.
Tin: LAST soiicr..
UA Vlr i.-en ontrir'i'rwinr' nnw oir llx m.inlli-..
rut I xtili ttli'l Minn, ufruj'fil'l rfMt.,flii'r. in J.: ..:.l
In 11. t.y fmli. nuti nn I.0..V tfCrtMi.l, Ih -'rffrtr... Ii. it
li-nt. k'own. ili:il li-iin Mail ii. Ii.t.ic...r r..r 1'i.it w.iii ri
i-.'l i'j I'.iir ,ii ... aiil I1 ''l-iirjii uun 11 ue me. !ii. h 1.1- j
ruiit.ii 1111 i'l 1.11 ih iliiy -f lit.. Mlor'li. v. ill 1,1:
;.l iri-.l '.u lh titn.lt. of j ni.i:.'ifr:tJft,for ili I . 11.
oci. i'j,:r;: p. lioit.
has jl'.- i' r.'ii('!:ii;n at ti:s
C 1
f'.lio tnc:
1, ltil-.-.i
i-.Tf'PM;y AMD Cf.rvjMJvl i.T LtWf, L tv f rvf f( & t ODI0
'! ii JiUl.UT, i,:t.
U.3 13, 1:1.
jfOTICi: TO tII I I'i'FRM.
-T IV ILL cm:tre?t vUh PacV:
ptr for t,j ti-HUM.'jrtiii! -r. .!
Viti in of Frtiitht-.. from Lj,i,ca,'ir.
C:r let illr md ('hi(!ir-i.j u n.u fftn Cii.thtr. ii U
Oitio i.-ii.m! kii.j (yjiif lii nr. I w ill ruuke it lotii lu-
fT. l. SLA HU.
D?. 01. J?iti.r SVI.,10 No. 2.
07ir:-t l l-.-.-?'.y iien thntC. F. MiaAtr. Af
liiii.i-'.rut.ir of l;:-. v..nte t f AmnMia Taxman
''"I. !';'.! li t -.r J in tic i' :e of t'.j I'.'o'j-'.r: t ou.i
if rairlLl'l Cmiiij, Oli;,,, l ari'.iitLt curn-i.t aini
vu'iriie'i ll'.er'-t.i T',r i.iitrctlon ani flurl .:tttr.nnl.
ar.'l out lli suuiejvill of I jr Iteriiiar on Ui KIi i::y
of Aiuri'il llii, if i" ...on hft-r ft.t iimv lie coiviiiet!l.
Vli'OIL E. MiAW, I'rutiau Juje.
February 14, Jti: 1.
'Af.iiir.'J iicVF.lUif,
A-rroitncT iro ior?i:''jT.i.na at Liw, jirTtira or
rsi-ca a0 ui:;.k:.i. lixii aut,
I.nncatlfr,' Uiiio.
TC7"tt.r-TV e'l-'iitioii to l'ie.pnrch!ilfi-an3iilllu
WW l nall a
tf 01 K,-al r.S!:lt.. btau, 10 .:i j,rjcuril:g of
liovliiiig Vxlle) t'ni'k.
li V Y u ii ft
an tt' tiviv AT
OppnMiU'Kbirflfrii Ilo1J, I Mitcaiiter, Ohio,
UONfcY MOON and other Comalllk-f. from Punh
Aaloiiitrui-li) of an A-lrfie. x Mrs. Muwaln
Jourif I 1'cMiiral Africa, by l;aard lavlur
Kai.s. und NetuHnkn. by hale
h'm:u Myimirit'sof I'"or:itii Luuds. bj Mr. Etowa
Thij Bi'Ltjr !, Thompsuu
ai.ylouA Anry.Titc f'iinp Fir of Xopolon.
A line l it of ArtmiuU for loij, aud a flu! iol of tiull
G'.f; Hooka or., kind.
Cattiolr Frayer Kooli. Rptiscnpr.l r?r'IlrMk.ar.d
n tariff I1 of Family lbleji and I'uckui ii:lit at
red'ifi'd prit'i-1.
St h' '! ii'tokHan'1 rt.ttl.irt:rrat lit'cli& HeU'1.
-.-X W'uUti, iN'rt Mouioi. ni-' P.mi K:ir--vfr
sal ; a.ihe Hoj Suire of JOHN h'KAKLKS,
Utt. IK, 1?M -i Ct puAitt ksJr"A lUtcl.
Valuahtr ifirm Cor Sale
.rfa. A FA KM roiitniiiii.r:!! Air.?.oii tiit wntera
thl i. ', I, Ii. w ri.l, i ... k n.iK i.
aT-.-a lio? v. ci.'Z r arm," a ittl all uiulti'iil a ulri
W.'riTilon, a ill riiil.l t llio umleraijcnoii, at
.ri Hl-5 "uIl'. heir lnu. ap.ij to
U-iiirasLcr. Jano lrv'4 A. Mct'KICII. .aaa Agtnt.
iik. wa;f.miais,
"W"AS r.mori"l hi.offlee ! .a'ra'j r.raar. 1'a.t of
j I t Ii r Cuii-'t lloti.H..fp.Mitir lha Ob!o Knle OiUca.
LaiH'utler, Oclol.ur 1M. 151 '.'5
i:itie ntir Lot for Su!r.
rcirlE viWri!nr will .lisrf.,.rt of a Mn-ft and lotln
t b.zil Ijlltcatr, a ln're M r.. funk now resi.lo.
on rivurH'.lf ttrnt to Un? ,nri'hn..'r. t or nartivutara
ui lo lariii and till.., enqiifc ol P. V?in Trump.
Jan. 1, 1K5 nST.
wis.xn nosr,
' Poi TatrttT Cor.irit or Broiowt aTii:a. Sitxe
t'iucinurtti, Ohio,
! rrens n,.. and onrnmodlov. IIotM. f.oru its location
; J (..j,,,;.,,,. m,,.,,,.,.! for tho .,'fomn.o.lli.m of
! iiiiiiuainpu ii. ... u partii-s of ,i;-..uro tnii-
: ii'C Oil' .-it v. in uinr-l arconimoilitlion. .TC lic-?njre-
. r.M,,, ilic,:(.a,,..i , s..,imon of f..nr i..icinc ro..in..
; Naiti?.n-aiiiiiVii.i no-t urc tu.- prini-ii ai at-
, Ir.H, lion. :u:d t'i. utireimilinir Hl'.pnnon of tlid rronne-
(r xni ii.n.litf.ntta will In.uro aallslacliou.
I'iiii iiinutl, January lcj4 j-
A 5DV S.Ttn.
1 s r R3(! well Selected lot nf Orocpri-
, J-AVE Just Kn r.wlvo.1 l.r tlie snlivril.er, at hi.
; S k oi.i smnd. wi.crc i.o iit i- bappy to moi'i Lii
tirtonicr. nnd the liiiMIc rciiPrallr.
Gnn-iirio. will f ai.l.l ! me 1 clienpttnd ofa.?o.d
' finality aa cau bi found iu'tny alruibr ustablialiiuoiil iu
I I hafi'Jn.f reeciveil a choice lot nf Cnnlicru-a. I,.Mn-
' in. t ip-. Prim., mid ulo a pi'imml varh'ly of Nun.
1 auih o Almoml.. rini.;i Xuts. Cco Nms Ae. Alau.a
,. , ,, of oidM tslcru K..nc ( he.-'.
Lanca.ter Feb. 7. 1W 4
r?TIP. creditor, of R. W. DSXN1NG are' nrflifiecl (o
Q nreiftit tlitjir claim. oainl hint lo the undemirn
cd for aiiiti'tmttnt. and lltose hidrliicd io him win
n ..iecnll and aelllo. JlAMKL f IFPOHD,
Uec.SS, lii4 34 Jsifgm if B. IF. Daaa.
1. O. I". DAVIS,
f JJ'm"Y'"Z".V' 1 .'T? V.L
, .o..,onlU SUM ol MU1U BticiLt. 3 nr.
nr. wi'.t of I
Kreiiler't redence.
Oi toli T v.ih;i
fSiTIK tindenilirncl wtfl oj.cn 1nt the FIRST nf
g MAKCH.cn Main Mrejt, l.nicler. a compl. l"
Jiofk of 5tii'riixarr. iilNinre nl
Itritnniit W.nr, wilh a view nf doii:e .- nolc
aaleiiud retail Im.lne.,. HOAN A STLWAlil.
I.ancaolor, touruary L3, lSS'i 43 .
rulntc ol Janir" A. Alfoi-d,
"XTOTICKU liereliv gir ta lint Hie .nl .crll.er ho
l been appointed 'and e'irlllid n. rdmini.lrator on
111" E.U.U of Jninea A. Ali-r I. l it" of Fr.lrBelrl cor.tr.
Ohio, rleeeawd. II. A. P. HILL, Adlu'Wr.
Jnnnary Sa lc35-4wM .
PERSONS da.iron.nfrecotTln tho .errlce of the
iinnntv Survivor can do m bv addre.iinen Kt-
i -rlo Wii.uai HiMtt.To., Ev., Cleorcreek i. O.,
FalrAeld county, Oliro. AU bu.mcu Liter, will ua
jironijitly nmwered. Vob. 99, 1S53 H.
.LJ!..,JTl!L"1.-- JJJ
i gifts m ni Wdi
cinoL art A&Tv3xoar
Hi'itNFT.L & cu. rttoMi i hit at oirx yu
Hid m Mtiit.iM-ir' lu tfc tiiaM ihw it la
isci.hsfc. h b. di4riiuiv4 m .
ti t.t t .rKjtlt
TMIj ; n, l,Kk will Im icili.lai-Hrii iK.lr.btil ttf
r. i iu,iia ill wii.'l.jriutl num from .' Ml )llr
UJV'l.rirl ixip.lirol .uI'M rlLfm hf i.HtHH, J :
I fAl:jil.VTIIK'T.i'Itort.M.'U llW'0
i io i oiiio rum
I il.t il SittiO
1 l'...ir-K?jrjf Ur.rh l;ultir.; kkli Urt, Ifc Co-
lUIUwu. i.Iihi 6.3r
I .' 4-i 1i t5.SM
1 Bcautiriil rt,iili.t I,, iu tuwnof iiuunl
Veruou '
I 7 w'i-i.ir Brl.i nuil.U:i(lnCU:lllrulk SU
I tlrii k Citii,', and U,t lu CiilmbMa 119
1 lu do do S.w
I Pram da Ju lo kl
1 Hni.ia-iui4 C.inr i-y llilui.c la &.,
IVr.-j Mi'r, Obiu 1
4 I -i. l.u kuiltlu.r iau In Columbus at
.,v.i. f-Ctft
III ,., lu Jo tlctt liwtl
4 rlu i Clevi'lantl .
1 Oriiii.l A.T.on Pi.m', (i;Wcliurn.i,) IH'K
1 Iroid WitUh. aul with ifinninut l,'
i O il.i V. ,.i.no. B" 'it'll
10 ku.j.jU I'ul m. nt asW
.J (lu .!j i 4 o
1.1 ili 1 t.t -f
S.I o viJ WaUL.i ri k "jit 1,111
: at lu lO.Ott)
I'O iln at ",J 1& 9
16 silver i' at ill twit
Sl .lo at II
Viil t-i 'le,' C nru.l i'ii , ; I
f AI li, i;r'-:,a Ml iv. I. Dl tft
&u iit, Kl Ur.' l'.j.'in,.n.ll
Mrfi i il 1 IVnriia, t a3 HXVi
l ri- O..M .:n ::lvr Caau, ul SI VU.UM
i'-C'.'l Oald ,U. igs,u 4! .i .in. !t !tl.W4
! at !. .til IV.lr
i. -rj ,'ir. i.n.:rnt t i, j s; leMl'(l larsra Mtbnffrhie
Liirri.v.ii;r. ti I r.-civv atrrtlltmij ut Al,inibrMli!l
niiilii sr Oini to a ilifturw in Ilia aivi, Il.t ur valna
litc ai.'l cutUi O.ItH fur tu I'itu,l4. 'I lia bnirraf ltij:a
can !,- int Us ni'iil (wuiloal iioin-f JmifcKuit lu liny
j ail :i i'-i mtir.
J'l.j-vt tcsan l lrui crcl-J21
Pjh .m wi.'iirr t' nit A;-ntf ir ra w'.ll nlcaa
...1 a r,-i ,in:ii:,l.-li.ib :i..t dt iua Pu.tma.tar r
,;,,e l,:i;.,f ll.tLllCllllul UP.U 'A jll kLJ.'U L.IKlll 111 ill.
! ;!. , w.i.-rs tin-;. r,-.-,:e.
I T'lth'. r'T'-.i wl.n hvii i'.h ai-tinir a. Avunblfft.
In ,iur I'. -nir iH.-il,',t;,.i. II, h la ,t ritnitiror).
Al I ur-tiTi w i;h ttif muiiiy rm 'iuitil. frca of noaiafcte.
J T.'ill in '" ' , ii ,r','ii,t ntlitntiin.
j 1r"r .i i-ic tm prrertU m'.d'.ul, mftmtt lai a'Aara
j trnwjtvtu ...a;f mill pttrwt tiaet it ruM i
. a? jir, irr r tit i .a. ma:tr, u isi tauibac faiar
d v a tkr icaf mr.
Wa pr.,,ay aii our U-uen. circular. lo nur
ng'iuit i;T . "rrci!!j!.uat. u, anil ujm5c1 tuem Ui tie lb
HMU Wit'l Mi.
lr.(;':t.u wmI'I in a.rr town, whom we wIM
furuiU th f .m.rlrrul- r. w:li4'il-i, liiatrtu tlon.,
vc.. mi n,i.!ir:ii'"i ht i.'ir oil.'-e. or lv mail fi4 JialJ.
for f.ir; ii ;i irti.-.i ir vs .1 -i ril'!lv till 6iu., ut
enquire at ,..l.-e. -J.tf. Wi It-ult't Ul'ick.Toan htrt,
L'ulu.liua. Oii' i. Bl' k.N'hl.l. Co.. Proprlolora
JuHN II. i:iJi.-l'i;.!..iji,lfgrU-cater.
Man tl S, li.iU
rto ii.tttiLt ato as r Ait dcalkk m
Jlltin (-f, utarlf ippotit (,; Tallmfig Jfute.
A f A IN t.:l((;iloj;i:rj iu cnll.nff the attention of hit
, :i.t4ii(t:rTi it.t couiury mcrvlitihls uvruy. U
the lr.;et fx:k of ''op,Mr. 1 in uuA Imn maim
ficur:. uvnr bnviflii to t'.rt ruarkul. H" takes ffreut
j.utiDto kttfi onrfriily nn hund a 1rt,'o vsriirly of
ery thiti tl:at tan ..t.My ?2 -arar.toJ iu M (me.a.ul
.tLlcr :i uiaawif tliat from bti long exeiMoc iu Lka
hjwlt! Viar'Vnr"o f-M a;'.r.crir,n lo all wh nf
fnvor hi nt wi.i .ffirmo-lc. tlttf-.ia prartiral knowl
e i-r- of tli I i4iue4. hti -1 i inn,9 ur mult wilii a
ricir vtluniiLt7,i)iaB-ti.iid cl.cj'Udt.
iUa iiiliirlnr1'! I 'ir.ler.
Hi nW ti in ht ruploy tomiiif tli txst worV
V.iti can te t'.'turi;t, and nlwuys having on bat.4
thu vry bit mtLertal, In umAAeti t trmitufav tur V
orof r aiiviiiinj: atil arirj tL'ng ti1rmllo in ttl line,
iit ni 7'd t; hi ai.il va u fr Idruu CaO n wtjarrf
h-tl. .
AH k'iid of fttoves Ac.
!f L'Tar In th j h'.Mory of LaiirjuUr win thar an aitab-ll'im-itt
txX knf-t ou IimkI a lircT and mora comil9ttf
l i-')ri;i':n: of ?;..Taii..f alt kintJ ani Tarioti. Ii la
ijo (.ivi'Ui-f i wi.ti n iurir iitirutMT of f (irAitt abd
Tor Hi fa.coititn'MKtMin of Ucutoiner keep on hand
a li-rr- ianity of f. hrtrk, mannfactUiad zreaa
(n ti.te. aa t r.rt.hni? nee lcd In hlsllnaeah ba
nrurcd ttitir-hiw a eull. and at prMi a raon
atd ? ! r.u t ol't:ii:i-4 n nuy t!.-jr tiM:shnient tn
tin Milt;, litftmurh rj bt ifv.fit at'Kk in fraatljr
liiridflo iiN foff-idf iu finant::;, qtaUtr, variety and
ch-apn . h feol ronf. lnt lhai prnotii piviiur Lira
a call willg iawiij hiyMy d tt?ht'i and ai.ipty valbtl'id.
' a tarz'.- Stock nf Mpr JPlowt
iie io k4' r.or-.'.t.;T ou uata
' Uiartiirts.
Laiua-t.-r, MarcSj 8. 44
Gr ""ft
OPES TO LANCASTER. Twodailj Tralna (Xaa
dhy axre.t,i;)
TrAit.a ituve Cincinnati at 9 .A.M. and 3 SO P. If.; ar
rit int: at LantaMer at 4 40 i. M. and u I, al.
I'raiita I 'art LuA-lr at t A.M. at.d In 10 A. al.J
arrivii.irat Cini'lnnaU l II SKI A.M. n.ditll P. K.
Trains will nt(ir for pav,'ina;'n, a fllo : At Amanda;
Flout'., C'lrclu-vUl-?. Villiaii.aHirt, FmirCorrtera, K.w
H'inand.V,..9i,;i:ton. Katll-nnke. a'iina.t'rOM Koad;
ViHtu;ni:'.iu,lii;o. t lrk.iil and Mor. ow.
'I . iiwtiw.r tra'iii C'liinirt at M-irrow with iUm
Ira :ua ou tbe U.lle Mi.-ima iOis-1 for CM utnnna.
Line.. of Hliiira will run tn-iwou l.anl artur and Lo'
cr.n, Ni;linvii. Aiiin,.. Pomr-'r, r-ouiarat anii
Zaneai-ill'i. .ii;:iinu,? witti tno morblna; train f:n
an! f -.fiinr t'-iii? lit ( Incinn.ili..
Forothcrinf'.r.matioi. and tirkets, apply alTlt Of
fice, cofnnorof broadway and Proiiltre.;t... and at lb
Lillia luiuil ilJlivl, uc lo lUc 5?mii.ii A if ''M. on iho llnv.'
F.n?inoarar J 5utrntnlei,t.
jIj-'TIi. Comr-iny will n.il bo rer..-'i-fr;tt, fur baj;
raee exefe.liit? ft.'iii in ral in, miles. Ilia winie b r
tnrne.Uollte CondiicturrT Af "it.au'l freijrj;l .aid af
tlieraleofiinajt' fororery fjtliu rahia abora that.
aoiouut. M.rcu e, ir.
tri:f.. and plaktm or sale;
rgHr. siibrrlliiT '.ffar. to '.lie pnMic thU aprlns, a
I cii.iico coiln-tiot, ol 1 rult Uruanec'
SJ5jk t"1 'I'rwa, ..liruba, Ac. ft.'ii"i
3TC'A.-.one tlie klnns are Arpla. SiJiA
CVei'v-r, Clifrry, HIji-1, Wlaniard tiJT
and Uwarf, rVf.-ti, Atirici.t,
ii i.itl-rrv atid Currant. Ac. 'flP.
Thi. ornMiimnul kind, are Evarirr.cn and DccMooua.
'IIij.h Trc. wi'fe ino.tly rrm-Hr.l .1 Kaslru Harae
ric. and litv.! l'-i-,.nic ite'l ei'ab'-iMktd hsre.
P.riii.ari. rpiinctcd to cell only on JJ.aJatfj,1'-.c.-'ay
a.if yhd-ifn of rae!i w .'W. NocatalnuaaeaJI
Uj fari.i.noJ. furfurUicrrtnlru'ara aoe billa.
Fpr'.reGroT NMr..rli, one nillcA't.i of Carrolly
Fnirll .1.1 oo'lnlT.OIiio. Marta 1, lPii 4
.Notice ii hereby giva
THAT on tlio linn day of Jnnuart, A. D. WM. tile
und.Tiiri.ed Bt.'d thjlr r-Hlllon In lha Cl.rk'a
Od.-o ..f '.'tS ourt of CvmiiHiii HleaaofKalrflaldcnuii
ti. i.riivlnjrihi nacr.'.inn of iHose ra.'laoflii. 13th A I
lt IvlnK bi'two iiitl.e !."'. N . VM Bad 13", and Lot.
No.."fl4 nnd 31ii the Town of Luckvlllo, and that part
of Jiurih Alley In .aid Town, riianlna; fronrf t"i J!Mi
Alley lii ft P.i'u':h.i''?i'n direction to the Townhii
lin. H'.i'l Petition will coma on 1 be heard on lb
dm djyof ih uei T.-rin nt aaid Court, ur aa wo a
thereafter an co:ma.l can l'l liJ.nl.
Manna A: rlfnl.linn. Ali'l. M. S. JIITHOfP.
January 11, IE.
Nulico of A'.irtinitiUl.
Ci EOF.GE W, W 11 JiH' I E aliened all h la aredlta
T to the oniIcrin"d lor Hie eo,il heuent of bla
eredlior.. IH-cenibe'riO, l-34. Pernoaa Indebted will
mate navineuf In the utnli!ri,lnd, and thoe n.rln(
claim. axai:.t the .aid O 'l-nre W. Wllllille, will l
the anine a ith projier vucher..
Bec.d. KSi 34 . JOUS LYOd, Aajljnee.
EMnta of ltohetl T. Hunter.
TVOTICF.l. Uerehr iciven.tliat llie niid.r.l(red k.
IT teen dull unalilted a Kteculor of ta la.t will
and te.tanirnt of Hoar. T T. Hr.rra. deeeiaod. lata
ofGreenfleld Townahlp, Fnlrltold Count, Ohio
All perviii.Vnowliir thenuelvej Indebted fo aaid Ea
tate will maVk' inimadinli. payinctit.and llio.e lowborn
tlie Kaiatela nirtelneil will preaenl their account, dulf
authentiiwied within one year.
March (T, IMS-4W44 JAMES D. HC5TER. El'lor
tNinie cl Robert C. Bond.
TCTI('K l hercbyciTcn lliat Iho tinderalfrnod hat
l thi. dav li'.-i'u :'i.poltiH'd and ualilled, aa Ad.
nilni.t rater of llie estate nf lioberi C. Uond.deeeaaed.
All perioiis havinir ili.u:i acainsisaideaiai will pro
.L'i;l llie miti?, to '.lie niiderticiieit, duly ail thenlltaled
u. ri,ni'Fd by law, wiih;u ut.e yeorj and tlio.e who
ari' imleliied to said est;. to, villi oui forward aad;
tuake ioiiue-liMe t.aymeiit.
Jlanli 1, lrtii. WILLIAM nOLiPAT, Ado.
- KOT, Ci
n A VINO iVnrclm.ed the alack of Grneerlea forrrrer'
Iv nwiie.l by MaxiinlHiHli Glani.I would reirpacl
fully aVk of the public a liberal .i.are of ihalrpairon
airo. Willi many obligation. fr former farora, ba
.towed upon llie old Irin.lne new oiie preaonUmanr
addtlioiial altrecllnne, and rgn'a"mV?''l,,
vl.( W 1LIIAN blAAl.
Jaii. 18, liS3-37. ,
Attuchmeiit Notice.
4 T qt Instance an ettachm'. nl waa leaned on lha
' Vtb. of Feb.-uurr 1.-5S. Irr Jacob F.ml.Kb. a Jua
t'ic'c of'llie Peace, of Hock inn lowunbip, Falrllelil
eor.i'lv.l.iil.i, acainrl the propcrtr ar.J eOecU, ofUor
cce Upton.a no-realdenl of aaid OOuiity, for the ear
of nineteen dollar, and ainety Co.ir cent., and pepb.
.b1...nre dollar,. UDNTEB . 805.
Feb. li, ie 4wdl. , . -

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