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OcJ-imcastcr daltc.
.TUursdyMoiiiiuiE.riai till 5,1823
O, spare that old homestead,
Nor rulhtoly part
The ties that have bound it
So tun; to my heart.
When wandering and weary,
Arrd burdoued with care,
A brlgltt spot of sunshine
Still beams for iue there.
Then spare the old homostend,
Tla d jar to me yot;
The botua of uiy childhood
luJ'ur can forot,
O, a,i-uro lbs old hontosUad 1
'T was there 1 firiUn.'f
T:n love of niy mother,
t;tl chnngloss and tmo;
l'' A father's, brother.,
A lev ad sister's care
O.thox) aro the memories'
Thatbaraou mo then-!
Th.-n .puce the old bo.u-isload,
'Til dear lo me yet ;
Tua hotnj of iy ctiildhtoJ
I uo'cr can forgot.
0, spare tlie old homestead I
' Tliouh niou overgrown,
lit hall, all d-sort -d,
Decaying alono;
Yot back te its houi-lh-stone
My heart wili repair,
As though it warm g.-jetinss
Still w.iicoiuad tne there.
Tliea spare t'u old hnu-st'ad,
' 'Tis d sar to tuu yet
Tho boms of iuy childhood
I ne'er jan forget.
O, spare th-i old hoini,t.-ad
Till tint pensive hour,
Yi'hen ae rokos rue weary,
Aud life yield., it. power;
Then boar roe when falnti!!,-,
. . To Breath Us swoot air,
. Ad dlo 'mid tho auiiahliio
. ThatBi-anisi.il ui there!
' Then spare the oliLhoiueslcad,
, . 'Tu duar to nio yet ;
The home ui my childhood
1 no'er rau forgot.
The oitl oaken Xluckrt.
I'iic .'few York Sunday Ago relittcs the
origin of tl,'n famous ballad, writlrn, il
sequin !y iSniiiu.el B. Woodworth, when a
j.:ai'uiyman printer, in an ollira situated
Ht i!i(iornor of Chail.am and Chfinibers
stnet, .New York. Near by, in Frankfort
Btrci't, was a drinking shop, kept by a man
mimed M.tllorr, whom Woodwbnh and
st vyral p.iriicular friends used to rwsort.
One af.ernoon the liquor was miper-ex-iitllent.
Woodwoith miemed iuRpiind by
it; for after taking a draught, he set bis
glass upon the tnblu, and amiit-kingliiii lips,
; ddcltred that Mitllory's cau devio wan u-ni-ri.tr
to anythinc he bad ever t.iHted.
"So," said Miil'ory, "you are mUtakon;
tliere was one whi;h in both our estima
tion far surpassed this in the way of drink
"What was that," ntked Woodworlli,
''The draughts of pure, fresh spring wa
ter, that we ued to th ink fiom tl.o old
oaken bucket that hung in the well, after
our return from the lubora of the field on a
n'Hry day in summer."
- The toiir-drun cliMtcned for a moment in
. Wood worth's eye.
"True; truo," he replied, and shortly af
ter (milled the place.
IL imitiodiately returned to the office
rrrn-wd a pen, and in half an hour the
"Old Oaken Bucket," one of the moat lie-
liyhlfiil compositions in our language, wiit.
reatly in manuscript to be embalmed in tbe
Memories of succeeding generaiious.
Thero i no posseshion more valuabh
than a good ana faithful friend. Socratei
Wickod men can not be friends, either
among themselves or with the good.-JoiJ.
TMendsdiip is one soul in two bodies.
. I'rootire no friend in hante, nor, if once
procured, in hasto abandon them. Sulon,
It is plonsant to grow old with a good
friend and sound reason. SocraUs.
Wo ou'ht to bo equally mindful of our
absent and present friends. liulea.
Ho who has many friends has nono.
Bo the same to your friends, boll in ad
versity and prosperity. J'criandcr.
We should behave to our friends just a
we would have them do to us. ArUtutle.
Zeal without judgement isan evil though
it be zeal unto good.
Good qualities, like groat abilities, nre
incimiprehensihlo and inconceivable to
EUuh as ai' deprived of them.
' We may glean knowledgoby reading,
liut the chnif must be sepera'.ed fiom the
wheat thinking.
Ituril friendfl aro wont to visit us in our
proMpnrity only when invited, but in ad
versity to coma of their own accord.
Do good to your friend, that he may be
, mora wholly yours: to your enemy, that
he may become your fiiend.CVfoWu.
To Clakikv Maim.c Si-uab: The sea
Hon ie coming on when the manufacture
of maple uj'nr will commence; and for
tho information of those who like to muke
ood article, wo commend tho method
which an intelligent Vermont farmer prac
tices for the purpose of removing the col-
' ring tni ttor of tho sap, nnd which ren
ders the sugar nearly as white as com-
. mon, crushed auar. His method is to
filtrate all his sap before boiling through
a hopper or box of sanil, which ho says,
takes oui, not only all the dirt, but all the
"stains derived from leaves, tubs, crumbs
- of bark, and all other coloring matter that
., $an prevent the sugar from being pure
wniie. mmr. farmer.
Ukmedv for thr Ckamp. Those wlio
may be ubjitt in the night time to Hint
, tjjcruliHtmg ptun culk-d onimy, moy be so
curt aTfiiimt Us ait.ickn by tjinrrniiy kiutl
of n baii(le very tightly nrouiiiT tho hg,
immf()i;itely nbovrt the L nee; or it mny bn
r(;n..licd by bu-nMiino; forcibly, nnd Ink
in,; Ion's reariirittion., tin,, exciting' theno
tiotioftha hnufw.by whiuli moium (lie
v. Itolu nystcm will be rtniinatcd, and per
Laps in kthftn 3 minulothe disorder will
do uniifej una ilie pnln ff!ctunily removed
,. v van FOfi Hi jii.HONi. I noticed in tho
f:-'ti:Aor tt M ty IGth, an inquiry for
v ia ran: in n 1,11 IUUU in A COU, (tllil tl
awor: take A wim-a t,f i-'nloe l.,..,i
. a J J ohpelre a much as will dinsolve. and
- wh the ringbone two or three timet a
,,Uy. sQno of tnr neitrhbora cured one of
- 'four yeni-a' atandinij. by the application of
ii, i a b, tii- t.ini.-s. DoDionxullaulor.
Citiaeas of Itaeaster It peitoni from taa CounUy
rflllK attention rf jMr'ns wnlln clnthlnic la re
I. Hpu.-u'iHly called to tho iminoyae MsaortiiM.I or
Mana. Uo' atid Cliildreua. Ii. wishes it understood
th .l OirmiuH f tinm r , t'r ta
tmHitkmtml, and 10;. t ho baa. Ucd principle which
Kovc-rn them. The clerks are insiriu-u-d lo reprea-nt
truttiflilly nil nrtu lit l.y them, al.d if, alter the
purvhaja. parties are not aalinllnd, Ihe ?nrmeiiU may
lie c.i a.n.L-'."r liia t.ioney will be cu oeiiutiy reiunu
ed. A partial list urrir.d :
1'rocii and Urea f'oats.
aLaca, BLra, aaowa, okiva, ciiaar plbiiy.
Siulo Urcsteil Huslncia l oau.
DKcoNsitiaa KaituKV, oiroD mixkd, rroTn, plaib,
niib, duab pnutiNt BiLvKa GatY. i'5al utii aaa
MorTLKii, B!,ea, rKi v and obav twkcd.
bl,icind Ulua LLUTll M1UK1 oi r auvao.
Kill ' and r.rora ri.Tii n.oTii no- OVERCOATS;
liUek. Klue, ll.-oan .V Olive O.-r inilure Keney no;
llloj, lilai-k. Irr.-y. Whitnoy i!lid l-rab out
" - Pilot (.'l ull, ui ) E lira Lons, do;
lilac):. Blue awl Uroau Cl-iih. Sa,u-rlor. do;
Drat) Embroidered Cloth Saei aud Walking COATH.
Blncltand nine f'l.OTIt om Exlro FiuB.
Ith.VL li.NGLIhil fU-OT C'LJlil;
Pl.i!n Black H ATIN, Kinr.-d SII.K and SATIN;
" " HU.K: Kai.ev SII.K and K.VI'I.N;
Blac'i CLOTH and FumyCAsslMliKEi
Blm lc und I'aucy VELVET;
Fuuey Volvoluud.Silli 11 ALL VESTS.
Cluck ui.il Pancy Colored D0EPK1N;
" CASbl.MF.KB;
" and Buckskin do;
ll--vMi,liire Kers;v and Oxford Mi')d do;
HI u'k, Ulaeaud K'tnry Colored SATINET;
FiiE.Noa and A.'iliililCAN CoTloNAUK.
huilHMll!! (iixitln.
SII.K. MEHINO, A1,L WOOL, R.-d.firay and Wldte
TON Mil I'S. A lit itunrmilm ii in all iimluiicci.
HALF tlOSK Oakuoy and Shetland Wool. Meril.n,
While and iirnj- Ltiuba' Wool, English abd German,
Cotton, Wliitennd Colored.
GLOVES Black, White and Colored Kid Glorea;
Thread rtilk mid Neapoliiau Hliish do:
CPA VATS Black Fancy Salin and Kil1! Cravati.
.it)i IvS AMI l'ILS,of ull djjc.-ii tiu impossible
tu cuuinerute.
Itny' mid Cliilttcril's nothing.
Black und colored Clutli Frock;
' Mu-ks;
ChihIhiph nnd T.veed Frocks und Sucfe.i;
Lhn k iihd Color id Overcoats;
M atljil, liravand IJrotVu Whitney Overcoats;
Kl.tck. I.l'io n'i:'1 lirown Cloili .I'icki-ts.
VESTS Black ( loth. Black and FuncjUlk Vests:
1 we.;d aril Colored Cnislm.ifO do.
FANTA LOONS Black nnd Fancy Colored Cusalinor
una Uoesktn:
ti'itlin-l.Twio-d and Cntlonadc;
Cliildrnu's llla. nand Colored Clolh Suits;
" " " " Jacket.,;
u 41 4 " (.'itawiivs Hiilendiil.
I'UHNISIIING GOODS Merino Kliiru, Cotton aud
C ittou ciaiilicl tirawers;
M'lslin .Slilrts.l.lni-u Kosoms.CollarseV Wrlnlbandst
C'otton and Wool Half Hose; Cnssiinere GLuv;
Hasiniuilers. Handkerchiefs, Ties end
laineaster, AuveinlM-r IU, lr-a4.
jrrrKir.s, i-katt v ivood,
AT Til It
New Wmeliouse, Junction of Rail iloud
and IlorkJng Valley C'uua).
WF. aro proparud lo bundle Goods of ull descrip
tions ut the lowenl poaslblu rules and with the
utiuiist despatch, (mark Unudt careof JcJritii, Hod St
Co., l.unc'iiitr. Ohio.) All Goods coimivueil lo us
shall receive prompt attention, oc If for transhipment
will he furwaided the ulcket and by the cheapest
t'uiasible ninile. By strict atu nlon lo business we
lope to recelveniul ineritthe piitriinuKe ol'th'i piihllc.
February !M,ljJ. JEKFI11EH, WOOD & CO.
t .lll.TIF.IlS LOOK to your IX TKUI ST,
WaiiU'U iiinncd Intel y, ftO.IRK) bush. Corn,
).O0O Wheal,
for which t vill pay the highttt marts prlciix cath.
A V1NG uslnbllslied ourselves in Ilia produce bit
I I slnuss, Farmers can at ull times soil us all kinds
ul' Grain lor the cush at market prices. Another ob
ject, wo enn welirh your entire loud at one draught und
unload with half Uio ilnieof any other Wbuteuouse in
Lancaster. As our plan tsenlfroly new, to ull we In-
..I.....I... II.-U J JIL'J U i , 1 11 X. Ill,
,1,1' MITUSIIKHllMIl, J I. E r III nil, .1 uu 4 uv.
Lulieuster, Ferbroary Ifil, lnaa tl
Peacock's Improved Steel Plow,
Wnranted in nil rejects eiuul nntl in
omo Superior to any other now In use.
t V VI IS factory bfts been In operullon tin rl nee tbe lust
I U.1 years, but for tlto last few years their ulteti-
tion bus been ((Won partlcuiurly to the Improvement
oi mo nieei .noiu-iiourii now. Any uuioiiiu oi aieu
uls, lliplonius ee., can be sltuwti, but we rely more on
the reports of larmerB from tiiirurent parts or tne
cnunlry, where they have been In coinpeillloti with
outer popular flows, than we no on tneir Ujlntrjiion
ua ny sixntur aven UUuoi trial in a t or.
A largo asvuit-iienl of Ihe dillerunt siaescoustuntly
on hand, which cuu be seuu at our warehouse or by en
quiry iitnur Book Store 15 Main si., White's Block.
Every Plow sold by us Is M-nrranied.
Fob.W.lsiS. JEFl'ltlES, WOOD oi Co.
AVING purcbused tho entire stock of the Bos
ton Book Store, we have already miide larire ad.
Itiiins thereto & Intend to increase lue stork of both
Books & Stationery. and keep constantly on hand Ihe
larirestand hestusanrtmeul ever In Hie county w hlch
will be sold (Tor cash only) cluaper than cun be
honlit at any Book Storu la Lancaster or vicinity.
And what we say Is trite.
To our old Friends unci Customer, and In the dtl
if ns of Lancaster, Falrllold and udJoiiiinK towns and
ciiuntlus, we ruspuctftllly Invito to call mid exaiuluu
for themselves. JKFKKIES, W(IOI) & Co.
Akuihs for Iho tho Adums' Exjiress Co., sluln si.,
laineuster, Ohio. Feb. Ui, ISS3 i'l.
TllllK siibscrlbor has removed his establishment lulo
1. bis New Booins A"erA Hide -Vin'a Street, nrrr jf.ink
le lliek. nnd has fitted them up lu a st lu unsurpassed
litllie West. He hopes that ilie puldii will appn-ciale
his elforts lo please nud extend to him a liberal palVon
uiro. Every thins bus been done that could he done lo
ensure success iu every deparlliient of the urt. nud his
plcturesi'tinuol he surpasseil. V. M. I, It If, v uiili.
N. B. Persons wishing to luam Die urt will have grout
facilities foriloluir so here.
Hours from U o'clock A.M. until .1 o'clock P. M.
Lancaster, November 10. liM 'Jd
CIMK subscriber respectfully Inform his friends and
X public In icenerul, Ibnt he bus much enlarged his
.stock oi' JUUfi:itii:s,
as to tb" varlelv. lie lias Just opened and has for sale
w stftjssw No. 1. fflm-kf ri-l ol llio beat quality.
Cv"s3 Also, best I'll klliltf VUlfKur.iind
small SlorU of lsrv uonilsi to suit cusloiners
all of which will be sold low forcash orapproved ciiun
try produce at his Old stand, curner of llroad 1 1 I
1AII...I1..M Uln..l. .....I ... ...!. ........11.. II...
"I I'llVU,, 1,11., MwmiJ ..nt...,. I.I.' ....... ...r
li.itul. 1. CIIUHUH
N. II. Miiller, naenn, Lard nml Corn MjuI wan tea
Limcuslcr, Scptoiulier '.'I, I HOI SO
r.i:on;i: n. e.ito, iti. .,
Pitvsii-triAN, Oculist, and OHrliornnii i. Si hoiok.
f 'A VINtKucufi-d permmnentl) In ClilllU hotlie. offeri
I I his iirofessiiinal services to ull who are nlUtclcd
with any of the followliif diseases or deformities:
Auiaiiriisls, tlpthnluila, or Intlamntloii of Iho l-'yet
firunioliir Lids) Wnlcry Kyost t'atumcts, Niincks I
Plains, effeclually removed; KlrabisiniiR or t' rose Kyei
cured in'a few secouilH; Piusls; (!lub Poolt Hulr Lip;
oirelbir with every uiliur operatl.m beloiiliig to llir
operiillve hurtreon.
in-1 it'K waiiiiie-s uioi k- itesiuenre city itoust.
jrTNo charirea for an iHlltlo
AddrusCbillkutbe,tlii . May 8,IK3d- Ij
new CAnntAai! snor.
RHRSPKCTPlfLLY tnfonniitho cltl
icn of Fttlrtleld rounlv that ho has
recenlly put np now Carriajro Shop,
Hnrttwnr tffat-D. C antra JlUm. I.rt l)h,o. whrro
ho will ronstniuty koep mi hund and nmiiufuctiiro to
r"' ' vwru! teiilciw in in Hue.
II I'ltuntilrlna' dona on ahnl n.tlfn. nl lit itint
fnvorublo triiu. f - ioc. h, aJ
SHddler,IlrtrOHa Maker A nn .'cyTrlinmor,
"ILL promptly attend to nil bustnvw cn-
irusioa t i his tHru, Heinir a Draeticid
UJand f nirlinced workman, he feel confident
A that h con render ircnrra! s!iikrsttioii to ull
ma fit v or hlin wilha cull. A "new broom iu..n.
vIvhii," no inn and try. HANlKL KYNLK.
AiUHiula, Kubrnur) 1, ini.V J3u
Hook Hlndciv? t.niirn(Corf Ohio.
,1"LASK !)OOKHforCoiirit
B Dfl cos. Jiiil (lev 111 Hit k.
Jrtukeis, Itoublu und Klnirle
Kidry Jdirers, Journals, liuv
Hooks. Ac. 4c, Aloo. Honk
UiudiuK of every descrlpllou
none in a muxi antisiat'iory
AH or..er,bv letter ur othor-
tvltt n.ni.inll uHnAA 1A
Ordora for Bindlnc can bn .t ii.M nnwHi am.
oral the Bindery, ou Mnin Blreet, lu tba room former
ly occupied byOol. K Von Trump, s. a Uw OtHca,
and aenrly oppo.iu lr. KreldCt reldenco.
UcBouiber i, lew ;
fi k ill C l 1 P"-1
Fur th rapid Cur of
coxsnn'Tiox. .
Tn mmm , Cm. a. with IIksd-Achb A!fn smteUBS or
Till Bodv, take the Crr Picltral on going to bed,
sail wrap up warm, to sweat during tne mgiii.
Fob k Cold snd Covon, take II luornlnrf. -noon nnd
evening, according to directions on the bottle, and the
rtifltiMill, will soon bo rulnovnil. None will lolllf suf
fer from this trouble when they fln.l it cau be so readl
It cured, f eraonsafllcled with a seated couirtl, which
breaks them of their real at uiclit, will Und by tuklug
the Ckerrm Ptctarkl on going to bed, the, may he sure
of sound, unbiokoii sloop, and consequent refreshing
rest, i, real renei ironi suiiering, nun uu in limine cure,
Is uMordeil to thousands who are Uluautllicted, by this
iiivuluulita remedy.
From its BgreouMo effect In these cases, mniiy Una
themselves unwilling to forego its use when the ueccs
sitv for It lifts ceased.
To Hiniibks , Pi'Bl.lc frr.iHr.KiL this romcdy Is lu
valuable, usbt ils action on the Ihroulaud lulgs,when
taken In suiuli quanlities, it removes nil hoarseness in
a few hours, and wonderfully inorcuaoslhe power und
Uexililltty orthe voice.
A jtiimi Isiranerally much relieved, and often wholly
cured bv Chtrrit Pectoral. But thero are some cases
so obstinate asto yield to no medicine. Chirr) Per
turul will cure Ibein. If lllev call be cured.
Bausi iiitis. or irritation of the throut and uiipor por
tion of the lungs, may be cured by taking Cherry Pee-
Uiral lu small and rreollelll doses. 1 ue uucoinionuuie
iiiioressinii isAiiim relieved.
Fob Canor. Oivean oinotlc of antimony, lo be fol
lowed by large and frequent doses of the Cherry Pec
toral, until it silbduusthe disease. If Liken lu season,
it will not fail to euro.
VVtiooeiNo Coeati maybe brokon up and sooncurea
by the use ol Cherry Pe-itorul.
HE Ins l.l'BNas isspooilliy removeu oj uns reni'-ny.
Numerous instances have been noticed whero whole
families were protected from any s-.-rlous consequen
ces, while their neighbors without tho Cherry Pecto
ral, were sa during from the disease.
Repealed instauccsiiro reported here of patients who
have been cured from
Liv rh Couei.A.u rs In this remedy, so many thntthere
can be no question of 'lis healing power on those dis
eases. H should be porsuvcriiigly taken until the pain
In Uio side and other uiil leasii t symptom cease.
For t;nsi MrTiOM in lis e'iriiosi suigos, u suotno uo
taken umler the advice of a good Fnysiclau if possible,
and incverv ease with a careful regard lu the printed
ifireeii'BBs on Hi - bottle. If judiciously used, and the
paliculls cari-folly nursed iueantiiue,Uwill seldom fail
to ulidue Ihe dis'iase,
Forsottled CoisnarrioH In Its worst form. tho Clier
r) Fet-toral shoald be given in doses udanled lo wliat
Ihe patient requires und call bear. It always ulfords
some relief, und not uiifrocplcnlly cures those who are
considered past all cure. There are many lliousunds
scattered all over the eouulay, w ho feel and any that
they owe lliuir lives und prusuul bualth to the Cherry
Pectoral. , ,
This ruiiiedv is offered to lbs community with tho
conililencu we r.ul in an urlii lo which seldom fails to
realize the happiest effects that can bn desired. So
wide Is Hi fluid of Its usLfalliessand so niimorniis Uio
cusesof ils cures, that almost every section of the
countrv abounds In persons, publicly known, who huvo
h..,.n r.inlonol from iilarmiiii; und oven desoerute dis-
easosof Ihe lungs, by ils use. When once tried. Its
superiority over every other mediclno of its kind, is
too apparent tlluscaHJ observation, und where Ito Vir
tues are known. Iho public no longer hesitate whut
uniiilolu to employ for tho distressing ond dangerous
nrlectioiis or Ihe pulmonary organs, w nun are iiicioeui
ii.nllmnte. And not only lu foi'iuidnhlo attacks iitioli
the lungs, but I'or tho milder varieties ot Colds, Coughs,
llorsenoss, etc., and for Children It Is Iho pleasiiktest
ami snfesl medicine that cuu be obtained. No family
should be without it, and those who Inivo used il
.w.viir wl l.
I'reiiareil bv Jninos C, Aynr, Practical nnd Analyti
cal chemist, Lowell, Massachusetts. Price -J3 cents per
Box. Five Boxes for SI.
Sold by Otto w. rircaiuor nnu r.. i.. i-incnm anu cn
Lancaster, Ohio. Deo U, 1S54 aiu3i
Cheaper than ever before Offered In
rAS lntt'lv purchased from P. Hope hi Intorost In
I tliu Hiiniwuru husinutit, nnd In uddilloii to hi ul
ntady larirti NlocW, U mw dnily rccoiviiitr, direct from
lUe Manufacture am. iMpfirtrrs, n hirpu puniiaso ol
now gondii, which will iiiaki- I.U-t.u k of Jlurdwaru onu
of tho 1110U iixtoimlvu lo he found tn thU niatkul. Uin
fncllKlunl'or pun tuiniiiK and urrun'inuiH with Manu
facturer, which uro uipnil to any, will tiinOdo him lo
oflur nil iloHcrlpllonif of Hiirdwun, at toieer prim than
ant other etabtthmft, Tho utli'nllnn of Kaii mkr
und Mif'iiANii ti Im lnvltcil to the oxtranrditmry Indnco
mttntitiow held out to them in thu way of irru.it imr
iralnt fully HHtUuVd tlutt If lli" commit thoirown tn
lt rent they will he eertitln to rail and oxainlno hi prl
eoMboforo piirchusinjc rUMwIioro. Uy chuo attt;ntlon
to httNlnuM, nnd ly coiHtantly kot pinir mi hand a full
and couiplelu nitorltnoiitiinil thit hest (food.-, tut hopo
lo Rocuro a lurK" Hliaru of Uio pulnnuigo of tho Kurmorr
and MnchanlcMoftliu county.
April .0. 151.
Hmrrv nnd 'urrlirn TIiUr
ILL ilinl.ut the JVf ilurtliearit Store, opposite
the Titllmnifire Houmf, one of the lurciti-t nnd b'.-t
delected ntoek of TrliuinliKM over i.pencd hi thla inar-
liuU i'liiiHlKlinirin purl of
11)0 Pieces hniuulM IMii kainl CiiiirnM,
.' Fancy colored ilo.
AH " nil Wod and onion Diiimuka
,Vt HiiL'A pntiMit and Knitm'ld Lf'iithor,
ltraiH and Silver Plated HniuU, Top I'm pit.
.Slump joint, l.nci, Sprit tr. .A vein, .
Lnncu.-der. April JOHN hi- Fl.NGIUl.
iioi ni: iH iLDi riM ln.ro r.
TOHN KKI'ING Kit would liivilnth. attoiitlon of Uar
ptnttrnil lloan ftuihlfr to llin larpo Mock of
lloiue titiildlutf inuleriaM. They will Und conM.aiilly
on hand, tint het Junialn XutU, Hidkon and Hr.nttt;
'I lot mot upproveo )our Lock una LnlciieB; -Winilow
G(hnh nnd Suxh of ull nUe;
Concklin nnd Wund'tj Pure Whltu l.eid nnd Oil;
lior and lillnd U U, Khop Hlniren, Holt, etc.
Tlnwo ahiiul hiilldtnir, will be certain to wive money
hy oxanitiiliii; my prlt-ttH before purctiubing uliuwhora
April .Ml, tS4.
Itll'tllllEll 'M TOO 11.
SriTKDtonll trad"nd oftho most approved ninko
Hutchor's 4':tM 'ttd, Klrmer and Sacliet's Ounces,
Spi'ur and Jackson'. t'nst and Sprluir Hteol Saws,
H'llcher's Douhlit nud Nlnirle IMuno Irons,
Ohio Tool Company Plane,
Masons nnd PliMtersTrowU,
Cooper's Druwinir knives, etc., for side cheap by
April!, 1H5. JOHN EKKLNGl.it.
T II E O 1) O It 1 2 TOi(J,
fn8hrJFr$We Rttrl between (As Tattm4f Ilouat
ana antr$er noiei,
AS just npiMtett a largo and beautiful assort
ineut of KKADY MADK ('LOTH1NG. to-
iretherwith ns choice seli-ctlon of Ctntk.i. Cm.i-
jlj. mere amd Wetting. All of which hash-Sen select-
d w.lh vreutcurn and with special rufaruitco lo tho
wants und lasts ofthlRcomniuulty.
HI lonif experience In this branch ofhiuliiHss, g a
sure iraruntee thul ids stock emWucos tho choicest aud
best vnriety, and his purchuso has been in see upon mieh
termt Unit he can null uWLto LOWEST IHlHtSIiiLU 1'Kl
The nubllo w respoctfulty roquested to oiill nnd ex
amino Ills nssortmuut liu luu on hand a general us
ortmuutof SUMMER WEAR,
And Is at nil times pre pa rod tn acroiniuoduto his old
Mends, either with un cxcell-Mit article of hVmty made
Clotlitufr.orto MAM'FACTUKK TO OliHl'.K, out of
the best matorhd aud hv most accomplished workmen,
any styie oi (rcruteuis, run Aisimiuy.n, hi (no
btisVaud most fushloiiiildo niruiner. He IscunHduiit, In
uns rvspcci, inui ue cuu Kvo general suuxiacuou.
Illsuasortmuiit uinbrui'i.j a Ronorul vurlotyof
Ltnoii Coats., Veilings, Huspendera,
Ores do Vaiitaluotit, Hosiery,
Sack do Crnviits. Undershirts.
Carpet-bnir, tofrelher with nil other uiticlus usnnlly
nepi in a uonueiuiin s r urnisiunor moto, auu uiunumo
lured In thw most fushinnuble atylea. ,
It hits been purchdscd of woU-establlshod honaea In
the Kustom cities, and mill he tcarrmnted1 lo be tnudo of
(pood uuitorial auu lu a duruMo inauuor.
no rospecuuiiy invium u old customflr and others
to cnll at his now ostablitdiment, where he will at ull
times In rvady lo wall upon tliem with qood ooooa at
tiik lowKirr hatkn. 1 o test uIm promises, ho asks an
examination of his stock In trade uud tho aJyle and i)iihI-
uy omismuiuuHeinre, T, ivisu.
i-ancua,r, Mil a,
WOU LJUitke this opportunity to return tholr thanks
to their numerous rrlind for tho vorv llbvrtil
luuroiinK" iioruioioru okicihhmi iu iiitun, una
assure thm that no pulus shall bo snnrud to
sustiiin the fliittorlng reputation alrendy ntttiht-
a Ii I assu
and In order to meet Hie rreatlv Ineroaeod
iiomnud ut thoro r.sianiinuieni rr miots anu Mioos,
thev have In addition tothulr own inttiHtfiu'turiite.histro-
ceivod from the Kast a vory large uud fuahtonablu stock, I
consisting in pan ns roiiows: i
mou s l'ino i au, nip anu coarse ttoota i
ienl jmt. Calf Gutters and Ties,
ilusklns and .Moiimcs,
Atlklndsof Ladlue uud MUsuv Uoote. Bhoos, Slippers
and OuUers,
AUo,hii asnrtmnnt of tha host quality of ChUdroiri
fancy and plain 8 hoes,
In addition to the abova wo aro constant. ymtinufae
turlnglHrg'dy, for stile and also lo urdor, all kinds of
Boots and SUiws, which we havo no hosltaney In saying,
will compare in price and quality with nny stock in the
Western country. may IH. 14)1
I (b'dui
nilto Wiwi
MK undersigned will toll a pnrtor all hla Und,
ioK noon, orren; in mnnin l ownnhtp, ouo
twtof Cerroll. Tha Fiinm tnnnHiitv fm.
. . anion ami convenience. canHbe surpn-netl. Jiiva.
Vpon thero are 9 snperlor 8prlngs,3 i)wot-VtJ
XJk- ling Housat. Orchards or choice fruit, Gte. J
Thoso wishing to purchase call and see, as 1 en da
tonnlneatosjiJ IAUUKL COFMeVN.
Deouiubtr Ut 1(4-T-
N. es SSalm Street,
IN calling the attention of tho public lo their new ad
rtlsauiaut, w ould embrace the 'opportunity of r
turnluir their thanks to tlielr old frtemls aud the public
gciierally fortiicirveo'l-beral pntmuage In time post,
I vn..l.i .. u n.- .ii.aiu i.i,iilinnnncM of
the same, as they are determined to siwre no effort lo f
uiakelllKiin pleasant and jiroliunieiu any auu au peri
suns wishlngto purchase Hardware of any dese:lption
of Ibeiu. Feeling sullslled with their experience in Ihe
business end means of keeping up a large stock, that
they rau offer greater Inducements Ui the public than
aefJkru'tosisum ia sreiriBiiy. iue) are
well aware of the necessity or small esiauiisnmenu
maklmr ii n in blowinir and Duffler what they lack iu ma
ny other particular, they wish therefore lo avoid any
thing of that kind, and are salisHed alter receiving their
entire new slock, which Is now arrivlngdaily.thut a look
tbroufh their faie (e'iAar win sausiy any
mm that the Qrtml Huritetrt Start is the place to lilld
what limy want aud at low prises. Ibelr stuck will cou
sUtlu partus followa:. "
mttsbni-ir Jun'.atiBulVB,plKeB A; Rrmli
fARPRNTERSstMl Builders will nlonse take notice
that tho new Urru of WIHTfi or LATTA will s-.'ll
none but tho best Juniata Nulls. All Finns sold uy us
will he warranted. W e have now on baud,
S50KegsNails;sp1kesand Brads,
Sal) KoxesHxIU, Itlxlisnd lllxH City Glass.
Visl Kegs Wm. Wood cV Co's Pure White Lead,
in Burrcb Linseed Oil,
3 Barrels of Puttv.
In addition to tho above we bavo a very large stork of
Bnililit Hardware of evry discriplion. which will be
sold cheaper than over. WHITE & LATTA.
Lancaster, April 9i. p-'54.
I O.mt.lo Hiuiimorod Iron,
3..K do KtipUh nutiiur
4 0 du DttiiMu Shear d
do GorntHU 1
do Spritnf do
1(00 d Atn riciin Blistnrdo
In ritoro nnd Tor salo ut low prU,A- tv
Aprlltt1ie54. WHITE &
")I.AKK Innis, Chtii-lt, nnd Gouees, Bench Pliin.
1 Moiildiuff nnd li rid, .Match uml TuM, Hult-htRiiiid
Hand Axe., Uroul & CUj,tug Axen, Ltrawiitfi: Knives
of nil kind , $ivttl und Iron Stuart's Guides und Try
SijuartT8i.il tznny improved Boreinjr Machine. Hand,
runnel, 1 otuient ttipiiitt, i aim conipud :iuiT
CnHfi Cut nnd Mill Saws, for sulti ly
April Vil. I CO 4. II 1 1 d (V I.AI I A .
4Dox. Fronch Willow Wagons,
(J do Common du do.
V do GitfTop Cubs
(J do SpiMroand Kound Cloths Rank ft ,
10 do M;irkH nitwkHts.upenandcovM
Willow Crndlus. Ac
Kot'kinir HorsoHnml Whoel Thirrow
Pat Cloth J'Uii and GraM .Mnt.B,hy
A pril 29, Mi. WHITE & LATTA.
AnviI,VlccN tiiul Blai-kKtiiilliHlSellowii
t)A AnvlN.MV'iL'liins'friitn HiU toJjpounditoucb
U 15 Solid Hoxed Viren,
r,' pairs BiiifKsnimiu nmiowH,
Kloiltfi". Hiiinniura. Borax, Vt. for ulc by
April Sii, 1H5-I; WHITK iV LATTA.
I'uriuini( liitplor.idiitN.
Cf I)nz. Cast Stuel PoPd Hoes,
JW lt tf,3ayd4TineSteel Korku I
3)t do Grassand Gralucjthei, 1
6 do Wdflurd1)! Grain Crudluti.'
30 do Scathe Snathes.
50 do May and Grain ilitkos,
4 do Urumblti Scythes, Ac, henphv
AprllSO.Kil. WI11TK (St LATTA
WE nnvo now on hand, und which by our nrrnnjco
inunU with tho maiiufuctiirors. we can ollur at
thuir MM of pricoN with friepiit added.
.rit)KctH bent Fellows,
1(.Q Spokos,
H'5 H.tbn,
75 " - Kunlhont Shafts
Itw " ButrgyUowt.
TltiPlale9 Copper, Wire, Ac
it HoxosICand I Y Tin Plate.
9 Sqiinreiiud K.U PlatJ do
TiuM ('oppcr
Hhoetand HarZltii,
Fhuot Iron and VV ire,
Coppdraiid Irou Klvlts.hy
Aprll29 H54. WHITE A LATTA
To Carrlna'o anil HuiX'xy Itlalcer
SPKINGHund Axels, llnifsautl Mflver Hands, S'luuip
Joints and Top Props. KnamM Drill;), Duck mid Can
vass, Enaml'd uixl t'utcnt l,e:illicr,ull descriptions H-Mtd
Li ii in if H, i.Im.4 nnd .Malenblo lion, etc. A tcreul variety
of other (roods In thai lino, to be hud chaup ul Hi" (Jreat
Hardware Star of
wuicaiter, April :
0, u::
Wmilftl 10,000 Nrw Citiinipr,
In addition tn the old stock on hnnd.
Bacon, Flour. Fijh. Suit, Glusswaro, Stone ware, To
bacco, Conlno, Twlno, Notions, Kr tilts,
Hut., Candies, Ac,
I1YV1TKH Iho attention of Uio citizens of PulrhVld nnd
ittljiduintr fonntius, in hits new .''.Hliddislmiunt, w hich
Is lilted up In superior stle, one tloor Went ul' hit old
stand ami linmedi;itt:ly itdjuiniuir tho Dry (iood-t More
of Messrs. Uebor, Kulz tV. ft., where he will ho pl':t
od lo set) ull of his old customer mid ton HiousuihI
now ulioi. liu lias mu'U up::: uuuaijiu
Whom pr'ions from tho country hnvlnllielr Ladles In
town, will Duo u Dteiisunl reire.ti. An evtoniivu are
house In the roar, with an isle I 'lidinif from tho hack
yurd lo his front shop, with a fine hitclnu-r plaio.
also, rj-:a;i rtn iioum k,
Hnvinir tho ndvnnlniro of tint railroad he Is prepared to
st ll vliolenlo uud retail for Ilie nimble tdxpiMixe. .c-
oiiiinodatinuT elurK r:nly to wnlt on you ironi the
chibPs cent lo the gonlluiuuii'a thotisund didlurs.
.April K, la4.
JGKURR havlntr returned to Lancrtsteriiud Intends
, toreniiilii permuneiitlj lu tlilsi lly, und h:ivii.ff re
ceived lustrucilonsfroin an experienced, lcntit from
the cilj of Now York, and obLiined a kuowlcdeof tho
l)i)liiiit,now reapovliuii) tcnuers nis protussioiial scr
vlcoHto cUixoiisof Luiicattor nml the public gonorully.
flu Is prepurud to perform all operations upon the
Teeth, such n Kxtractintr, riniu;, Filling, rujfii luting
the'reeth,troutlnspnntfv or deci.uised Gums, destroy
Inir Nerves, removinjr Tartar, etc.
ArllllcliilToeth Inserted on (ioll Pluto from one to
full set: also Artificial Crowns set on heuIUiy roots
without palu, iuu to answer all Ihe purposes of mas
tlcution. hvcrv onerntlon In Pontlstry esMentlnl to preserve
aud beautify tho Teeth, and (rive them a healthy ac
tioti.uud improve the breath, health ATaste. performed
on moiieraio term.',, luoiesin in ciiy or coiimv,;w lit
bo Hailed on at their respective places of residence, if
It ho nouustod. No charua made or uxuiuUiuliuu or
coiHultalion at hlsollh-e.
Ol-' KICK On the ISorthonst corner of tho rubllu
Stiunre,ono door from Main street.
i.uucustor, eplonloo yn, irj4 i
"TAVK removed their Clotliimr PHtubllshmont
I I to tho Tatlmniti'e Block. Art door Ktmt oj
( sits i.atta' Ifartfvart Store, whore they aru oi-eu-ii
tr ft liiriro nnd extensive usNortineulof M'ULNG AM)
MI MM Kit GOO U.S. and tire now manufacturing everv
variety nf Uprtrif am. Summer n ear, whii u they will
snllas low us tho sumo nuuliiy of troods uud word cuu
be purchased at nny othor oatiihliidiiuimt lu the city.
I hulr i intninir, is niunuiaciureu uminriueir own super
vision, it ud is conseouently superior to that which 1m
luoutrht from othor places. Thy have ulsu on hand, a
bcartifut variety of CV(As, Caimr ytin9. .Vc,
which thov aru nreimrod to luunut'iictuo to order. Tlun'
have In Ituilromploy the best of workmen nud aro ut
all times prepared U uinko tho best tils lu the lutoat
at vies. Jit I their work mill be warranted.
The public uro respectfully solicited to cull nnd ex
amine theirstock, nnd while tlmnUfnl for the I i ho nil
rationuffe thev have enjoyed, they ussure their old cus
tuiers and all others that they w ill labor to (rive Ren
eral sttll-fnctlnn both the iiunUty and price nf their
go.nlsaud work, HTKLNGKH k Tit OUT.
Lone tist ei .Apr'. It, If Si
rilUB Winter turm of this Institution will com
X moncouu Tkumda. tkt 4t h oj 'January, and con
tin ue until the it h of Jtpril.
Of tho inurrltsorthu Heholnstle Department wo will
sny nothlnst, deumlnir the prat so of others to bo of fur
greater value than aulf-cotnmoiidutlon.
During the present vacation we are lltllnjf npa Rend
lug Itoom, where the youiis; ladles will have access to
the cholceat periodical lltontture of tlie day. We uro
also mnklnir successful ollorU iu eulurglnit; our Librur)
and Musoum,and maklitff additionsto our Apparatus.
The Monrdlnir Dormrtmont la under tho Immedtutii
npurvialnn of .Mr. Harkkr, who, by his (rentlomnnly
deportment, nccommodatlufr manners anil a well fur
n UUed tublOfhas succeeded In tflvliiff universal sntis
fuclioii. He can accommodate about SO boarders, which
enables hlin to maintain hlmsoll utsuch alow rule for
i'arenta or Guardians lendtnff their daughters or
wards mny rent tisnurcd taht ro pains will bo aimrod
to promote tuelr pbysiml, intellectual nuu morui wel-
i',.i r.ifr.p.
TuiTioH Frliunrv l)onnrimonl. ner Term
$3 00
S (Ml
7 00
' " .a
i rupnrHwiry
Kxtha I.nlln. Greek, French. German. iSpau
Ish, each, per Term
Music, wilb use of Instrument, per lorin
I'alntinjr and Itrawlnjr, per Term
4 00
12 Wl
8 00
io .YRitiu-.ii tua vminary, inciuuiiiff rooms,
furnlturoHud fuel, per week S 00
Vnhin)r, nor week 37
One-half of all expenso payable In advance the
roumtndor at the close of tha Term.
January 1, 1833. lMiicipnt.
WOULD respectfully announce to the cltlnena of
Lancaster dc vicinity, tliat he has coinnie need tho
Bread, I.lKlit Hunk & Cracker Baking
In connection with his former butting, eVlB now prepared
with every thing In tho above line. Having In his em
ploy tbe best of bakers, he feels confident that be can
Dlense nil who mnv favor hlin with a ealL . .
TrpCnll si hi. Store on Main Street, and also at Ms
usie-uouse. corner nr Columbus ox Atutucrry streets
Lancaster, July 18, 1PM.
W. ;'.-..! -.v..; -iV t
. A rt V,.
Tub most powerful lilni on tbe face of the Bl.ibe now
n-iens Mipmn. iu tb. murlran llrpublw. 'the Isiwer
ef the crowned luwls of Kuro sink Into lusijuittoauc.
when tnmiparcd to that of our American Kiuic.
Kumnutu Ml. us euiulov the newer vested III thm 10
Ini-rea-ai the ricliesof lbs rli-h and lordly, and to reUuca
te areatev uderv and ilradatien tlie poor and di-pea-.Ji
iii. Our A.n.-ricaii KinK forth with cpial wlllnni
sios lo the lordlv uianskm and humb: cabin, ready allk.
to ailiuiiilstrr relief and to oiler health and hapiialuts.
ui the lefty aud luwly, tb. rich and tb. poor.
tllil AMERICA!. KISS i! PAIS!!
Is th Tbth Woauaa or Tin Would, and thenrcafest
blcsMiuK ever uuVreU to ulttiuted humiuiity; to tht culltnurf
ntitlioiis, iba Uecuir cau sny, ruhef U at your comuiaud,
Vu have aoly to litre this magical remedy. All those
who srill sudor, aud will not accept the protftjred baiiu,
dct-rve uot ths pity of their families.
This wotidrtul uiwiicirm, during the brief period since
-lis imrodnetion, b.-is carried bappiuess to the hearta of
tbuunds, aud u.fl lifeauharui to many who hwiwtul'uni
regarded ii only as a gainful aud mistntbit? uxisiuuce.
To tliB winds with all Llidiueuts. Kmbrocatious, Pain
Killers, and 1'aia Kitractors. and let millions of glad
loiotiifS prociniui Ibe lnt-riis uf the grii.t Atutirlcan
King of I'uin," a preparation couipowd solely of veK ta
bles uud roots, produced by America' owu rich aud
bounteous soil. ,
vu would ohk the LADita, who are alwaya competent
JmlKf of what Is and ht is uut araluahle himily uivdl
riue, to do iu a special favor by giving tbe King of I'siu
a at 11,101 trial, and if satUlactory. exrt tlteir iullumioe
in lU beiisif, recoiuuieud it. ak well and bfteu of it,
and iee that h b uned by tlielr itttlicted neighbors. Tlie
ladies are alwa,sch.tritabi. aud when they induce their
sidlcring friends to use this really valuable medicine,
tht-y uill bn .Mi is an act of beuuvoleoce that they cau
well be prt ud f. 'l ids is a powerful aud truly unreal
r-ivr.lv f..r all renial diseases, sores, swellings, burus,
Htc , iiuil for many internal attlicfiom, it inaccnuiu cure,
yet it is pcriectly harmless, and iucupahle of producing
tut least Injurious ctfecu iu the most delicate ixuea or
tit ueakt-si constitutiou.
It is entirely uelts to follow the old and erom-out
sy-eni of puhlislilng to the public thousunds of certitt
r.ttfs of winders iei-fonned by this inediciiiw. It co.rs
but tmtiv-nvH VKutstotry ft; and Dr. Iiuil stakos his
wll -i .-trued leputittion 011 tbu iiiug uf Tain dolug all aud
uioie iiutu liu ennuis fr it.
would Mvk, h'Vu you the Hhcumntlstu or Gout:
tln',Mi ars uot pleauit couipauiotis, aud we knew that
you wiiuiu like w tti'tve tueiu away as souu tw iuwwii.
tiieu iue
Wotil.l you be curt-d almost liuntetlUrely, of Itowsl
L'oitip-aiiit, l seutery. fiuunuer t'oinplaiut, (Cholera Mor-Im.-,
CiHtop t'olie. Head Aehu, Tooth, or any other auu
or i;iiu, iue rciuudy U siuiple uud tlie cure curUiu.
Would you hate your Sores, Swellings, Cuts, Hums,
Scaldx, liiuist),or any other wounds healed, we repeat
it, umj ilie
Won! 1 you be cored of Hunld Hnd. Stiff Joints, Sore
Throat, Ni!uml'zii,iAore Hnstsf, Luiuhao, Tutter or Kiug
V inn. it-it Ituetim. IhMi of t'oisouoiis iUM;!is, i!happd
Hands, and all other tores, eitlmr dry or running', we
4u; ag:t:u and agiin, luUtt uaMLUV is Ur. Juliu Uuii'e
WnuM you he cured of Klnns Rvll. Cunefr, Tumors,
Krtiprions" or any dNwe of the Skin canwd by Impure
hloikt, thcti uxe tr John Hull's SarrtHparilla Internally,
mid rh Klrnc of Palu externally, not hiog cun be more
certain thau a speedy aud effectual cure.
This nifldlclns. whea used according to directions, will
sure, without fail :
or Kiti;t Kvll,
fmicers, Kriiptiona
.ofthei'kin, Krvnipelas,
Tumors, Ohronlc Sora Kves, v
IlitiKWonn or Tetters, Scald Head,
Khcunxtlm, Pains in the Hones or
Joints, Old Sores and Ul-ers. Swelling of
the OliiiidHsHvuhili, Dyspepsia. Salt Kheinn,
Dl-ieiiesof the Kidneva. Di-euos ar'intt from the
one of Mercury, lwstof Apiwtlte, Pain In the Hide and
Shoulders, lltoieral behility, Lunibiu;o, t'ouhn, Colds,
Dropiy,.liioudice,l,).oveness. Ilrencliit is, Weakness of the
I'heVt, Sire't'hroat, Pulmouary Alft'Ctionn, and ull other
Ilijies toiidbiK to produce Consumption. Liter l!om
piidntfi KhiuiiUi Irregularities mid t'ouiplulurs,l,ow
spirits, iSick anil Nervous Headache, Mifht
bwi-ais. -,KpiMiircs, or Imprudence In Life,
i'bionlc l'omt.i:utinf)iil Di-seases. and an a
tjirinit nml Summer Drink, and i.euertl
'lonir tr the SKteill. and a gentle
and p'eaMtut puritilve. It la
miperior to blue Lick
and 1 onjire-'s Water,
tl's. or .'eldliit
ft U a ninirk:iM fact, that among the hundreds of
(uiHH-iir. ptntrtins who have examined thti rit'i by
woh-h Hull's .Hiirsapnrbla is pivpurtd.not 0110 his con
d' 'Mined It, i'ut ail approveil it, aiul coimueud it iu the
hi.'het terms. Many phldali expieia tlieuiHdve
stroiiuly In the beil.-f that it Ih decidedly (lie best prepa
iH'ion ot S ii'ip irlUa Hiat lias ever hueu placed httfure tlie
piihiiit. Althimti there ate many physicians who feel a
reiui'iance to having their liauius attended tn the rccnia
ineotlHtioii or any puriicular ivm.-dv, notwithstanding
1 hey may approve of it In the highrt decree, there nre
01 hers who frankly yield thuir support in l.ivor of a
nioily whieh tlicy know U capable of d"inn bo much
good In an alUirlud coinuiuiiiry. An an evidence, read the
inllowiiut from old and repecLihle phvslciiius, of high
st.uollng lu the eoumi unity iu which they live:
UT Tsthnoiiy like the following renders sunerrtuous
all coiiiniMiiis on tltHehicaeyof Hull's Huriiiparilla. Kioiu
lh. I. I'. Yamhdl, I'rofoKHor tif Ohcudsiry lu tlm Loulvllle
Me.llciil Collfire: I have louktid ov.ir the list of iirttiur.s
eoiiipoclogslohii hull's Coin pound i.xtracol.'MiruparillH,
and bavo no hu-liutioii tu itaylntf tbat lliey form a safe
eotn pound, and one ihat pruiuUes well in chnniic tli-Hiii-en,
to which It is applicabie. L. I. VAMUULL, M 1).
LoiilvilK .luneti, 184S.
Imt Dr. TyluN, pliiuiau by appolntinent to the Lou
Is v' lie Marine liuapiial. sajs of Uuil's Uurnupiurlil't :
Lot'iKVii.LR, March Ud, 1S-1S
I huvo examined tb prescription for tho pi-opai-atiou of
John bull's jjars.ipiorlila, and I bt-llttvu tlie eeiulunaiiim u
bn an HMfilttiit one, and well clc.uUud to piodtice an
ttltto-ative iinpr"4..u on tho kviXviu. 1 havn ue-l it h uh
lu ptihiic aii'l iiiviiia pricthtt. aud think U tne btt
ariitu ot tiarsiiparitla uus in uit).
M. PYLK. M. I) ,
Uvsldeut I'hyidcUu Louisvili Alariue lisi.-piral
Ucttcr Tistlmony Ihi'.n wdsrvor OficrcJ lu fdvor of
ftuy Mtukiuc.
Bcv, K. Selion, Rev. K. SluveiiHom
I.uuisvillb, May '20ih, 1SIQ
Wtthave usHd.Tohn null's fiirria.iarilla.and luvi) known
It to be u.-ed, wiih entire a-ulffaciiuti j and we havti nt
best i alii u i lu sLaiintc our iMUii-i'. tout It is a .it aotl
Valuahltf nuolicil coitipouinL and rulcitiauid to pioluei
mucli nood and relievo much sudfrtuK; ami tiiemhuv
would 'ittMii'luil and uiosi Buruetiy reeoiitnicnd If to ill
aimuiud. tfhll.iN.
(digued) K. ilLVb.jUN.
V cnntestly invite all persons wno are saffrln)( with
any of " tha uis ihat. Hush in lair uv' to call on Ur. Jouu
lino's acut, and R't a copy of boll's family Journal
us. .111. aud for itio aku oi humanity, we hop,riiiat. a
single individual will not, bv ftoiud uuMiKintt toivn buil'
lithipui tiia a HtUI.. aficr iva-tiiiK, mitt rc)ohfc.iuw, ai tu
satu tiuiH. I hat it b imptMhiii for ihe Uoetor to pohti-h
ihe ntii p;rt ol tbe uiuuhrof cm tinea of tisiuuu Hug
cuimh pcloiuiuU u.v III 8uiap uill. i nu aniotiut u
lesiiuiunv vuiuuLaiily siiotvereU uu Dr. Hull" sarriiuaii,la,
fiian weki knottu aud UiutiiKuUned belivianals, bor.li lu
liUhlio aud urivalv tnis boeu ptH'rwuli oVmi wiieOiiiiuj.
ur la. JOHN bbbt.'rt I'rmeipaUnttee, west siue kiim
t nrst uour baiow iiaui, iuuiMviLi.a. iv. '
.Forsnloby G. KAUKKMAN & CO
Lancttslor, July 90,131. 1. L. H LOCUM dt CO.
1). k. risiiEL.
HAVING returned to tho city ami erected alurce
bulldlnir in the rear of the brick house, on the
corner uf Broad amd Cite nut Street, one quart South
of th Market lion. Intends innnnfaeturiiif upon
ra, urt,
PSand I
' lulwii
inrtre seme tin tne various ariicios
utuni'l rurniture, Moustcaile ti'-.
ulwavs on hiiml. tosfethor with a -Mtf
lnrife assortment of Cincinnati manufacture. Hia lonjf
experience In the business will enable him lo have
nmnutiictureil at home and Imported rrum ahnal the
very best of work, aud as he intends to omploy none
out the most sklllrul workmen und use the best mule
rials, he fl alters hhnnelf that ho will give iroueru!
tlsfartlon to all who mtiv fhvor hlin w 1th their custom
The public aro tuvlteu lo etill und uxamiuo the as
sortmeut. Tho eulruiicu to tho rooms la upon llroad
fcitruet. D. K.. FISHliU
N. It. Repairing dono on tho shortest notice, nnd
the uuutest and must workmuullku man nor. Chargos
Lanvaster, Mny SI).
TM PERFECT hoallh haskepl me from
my ofllro part of the tiine for some
months, 1 have gained my Termor
stremrllt aud will uot hereafter be ab
sent from my room during business hours.
Filling Teeth receives my special attention, I give
eortlfled guarantees for all tny gold fllllngs to bo affec
tive during the lives of the parlies. I aiu able after
near -.Ml years altontton to the Teeth to give every per
son the most positive assurance that they cau save
every Tooth by itmelv and frenuent mention.
OP'FU'K-Ewlng's'Brick.Qn tho Hill. II. SCOTT.
IrpHor those who have the TOOTII-ACHK and
will not have them extracted, I have remedy that
seldom falls to give relief. Also. Tooth Powders,
Brushes. Ac. . H.SCOTT.
Lancaster, December 8, HUM SI
M. Z. KrtEIDF.lt,
Irlnin Street. I.Bucnster, Ohio,
AOF.NT for Knox Mutual and Kraternal Mvtui
Vlr and Life Insurance eomp.nleB. -"' -December
10 S53.
v??Ni - -NS-faX v-z-rvH,,
C Alt Ttll'S SC.VMS1I IU1XTUH,, .
Till oatsT rcBiniB or tub blood.
AN INFALLlULb KK.ME11Y for scrofula, hintr's
evil, rheumatism, obstinate cutaneous eruptions,
pimples or pustules on the face, blotches, bolls, chronic
sore eyes, nnv worm or tetter, acald-hond, anluivemeiil
l unit pum of me ooues auu joints, stnnoorn ulcers, sy
j phllitie disorders, luinboso spinal couiplaliits, and all
j diseases arising- from au Injudicious use of mercury,
1iii wi ii ww.iv. j.fin.s, B.M..U..I.. u.iuia,
phllitie disorders. Iiiiiibnso spinal complaints, and all
I iniprniieuce in uio, or impumy oi mo oiooo
'I'blB valuable medicine, which has become celcbrat-
d for tho uumlier of evtruerdiuary euros effected
throuijli its agency, has Induced the proprietors at the
tirireiil reitleaioi meir ineuiis, 10 oner ii 10 iue puoiic,
which they do with tho utmost eouttdenee in its virtue,
and wonderful curative properties. The following cor-
tillcntuB, selected from a lurge number, nre, however,
stronger testimony that the mere word of tho proprie-
tors: and i.re nil from irentlemen well known iu their
. mi. 1 .. 1 r .1... ...nA...l.lli.M . r
locuiliics, ami ,11 mw uiuu.,, ri-,wv,-tuviinj. uihiioj ol
them now residing In tbe city of Ku hinolid, Virginia.
F. Hoyden, Ksip, of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond,
known every where. Bays ho has seen the medicine
called r.RTia' si-akisii hiitibb Bdinlnlstured In over a
hundred cases, In nearly ull tbe diseases for whlchitis
recomnienueii, wun iue mosi asiouisuiugiv gooo results.
Ho says it is Iho most extraordinary mudiciuo ho has
Aoo ins Fuvriit OMat cars I hereby certify, that
for three years 1 bad Ague and Fever of tbe most vlo-
lent description. 1 had several Physicians, took quan-
tltiesof tluinino, mercury, and 1 believe ull without
any permanent relief. At last 1 tried carter's Spanish
mixture, t'vo bottles of which effectually cured me,
and 1 am happy lo say I hare bad neither chills or fever
since. 1 consider it the best tonic in the world, end the
only medicine that has reached my case. J. LONGBEN.
nnvil us, neur lucniinniu, v irgiiiin.
C. B. Luclc. Esq.. now in the city of Kichinond. and
for many yeurs lu the Post Otlioe, has such conlidoneo
In tho astonishing offlcacy of carter's Spanish mixture,
that be era bought onwards of 50 bottles, which be bns I
given awny to the nftlicled. Mr. Luck says be has never
known 11 to fall when timen ai-contingio nircctlon.
Dr. Mluge, a pniclisiug 1'hyslclan, and formerly of
the city hotel, in the c-lty of Kichmond, snys he has wit-
leased In a number of instances the elTects of carter's
Spanish mixture which wore most truly surprising. He
says in a case of consumption, dopendi-nt on the liver,
XZlil K:fiM,t..,..
t "
rls, KictHUond, wue cured of livor comr.lniiit of eight
yours standing, by tho uo of two bottloe of carter
sniiulsh mixture.
Great enre .f Srreaa.-Tho Kditor. of the Rich-
1110111I Hepulillcaii had a servant employed lu their press
room, curen 01 violent scroram. comoinea wun rneu-
inatisin, which nntlrcli cisiibled him from work. Two
bottles of carter's spaniih mixture made a perfect cure
of hlin, the Editors, in a public nolice.sny they cheer-
rully leiommemi tl to all who aro aiincica wilhunj His- omu :ii both rich and poor lo make their homes ulcu
euso of tlie blocd. si.nl and attractive, by tlie aid of S.ii1i.ii.. p.i..,i...
Still another run of 8rrofula. had H valuable bov
cured of scrofula by carter's .Spanish mixture. 1 con
sider it a vuluublo medicine JAMES M. TAYLOR,
('nnductor on tho li. F. ez P. R. R. Richmond, Vn.
Stll Rheum of 0 i'rare ttantliug cured Mr. John
Thiimiisen. residing in Iho city of Richmond, wns cur
ed by throe bottles ofcartcr's Spanish mixture, of salt
rheum, which be bad nearly Ijtl years, nml which all the
Physiciiinsof the city coutd not cure. Mr. Thompson
Ua well known merchnnlinthecity of Richmond, Va.,
uud bis cure Isinost remit run no.
Wi am A. Matthews of rt cllllioml. Virginia, hml a
servant cured of tivphills, in the worst form, by carter's
Spanish mixture. -
Itlcnaril r.. vv esioi nii-iiiuoiio, wascunoi 01 scroiuin,
and what Physicians called continued consumption, by
three bottles ot canorss imni-11 uiixiuro.
Edwin liurton. coinnilssioner of Iho Keronuo, snys
he husseeinlie good effects of carter's Spanish mixture
nun. nf Hint tivrrilile dienHO.
111 mi ..ui .. .. . - r-..-..
AVilllum G. IIurw ood of Xichmond, Vlnrlnln, cured of
old sores and ulcers, which disnlded him from wuikine.
Took a few bottles of carter's Spanish mixture, und was
enabled to walk without a crutcu, tn a ahort lime per
imiucntty cured.
Hrlm ipal Depots nt M.Wurd.Closo & o.", No. P3 Maid
en Isiino. New York. T. W. Dvott & sons. No. IW.Norlh
4Jd Htrool, r'hiludelphiii. Henuet and Beers, Nu. 123
Aliiiu street. Kicbniund, Vlrvrinm.
And forsiild bv Kaiiflmnn and co.,Ttnnonster; F.. Knlh.
Itushvllle; K. l(. Walker, West Kushville; Porter und
Weirstuin, Ljlhopulis. uud Doulers in Medicine every
whoro. Dec. 17, 1W3 1y
Dyspepsia. Jatimfire. Chronic or JVeroov Debility
Iiscae of the Kidney.
Nl)tiltd1so:tsesurisiui;from u disordered Liver or
Slomtich; such ns const) mtitlnn. in wurd piles, full
tie . of blood to the hund, itculilv of the stomach, nau
sea, licart-bunn, d locust for food, fullness or weiirht in
tlie stomach, sour eructations, sinking or fluttering nl
thii pit f Iho slomtich, s iiumlhjr. of tbe head, hurried
and iliilicult bruutlilna, (lutluriiiK ut the heart, choukliifr
orsufloeation sensations when in n lyintr posture, dim
netHof vision, dots or web before the siptit, fovornnd
lull pnln In the heiid,d.;liclency orporsptrutlon, yellow
ueof the shin nnd eyes, pttin In the side, back, chest,
IhulH, etc., s'Mld.Mi flnshe- of heat, buruinjBr in Ihe flesh,
oustaiit imttiiiiuptorovll v grout dopros.-uon otspirita.
t)r. IliiitrliiniPisCif'lrbnitt'il i'rinnii Itittn
rcpared by J)r, C. Jarkton. at the German Medicine
Store. .Vo. VJH Arch Street. Philadelphia.
Tlielr power overthe above dlsossesls not excelled.
If eoualled. bv any oilier prepttrutitMi lu tho United
Elates. us the cures attest iu many cusoa uftor akilful
i.li vichiii liiid failed.
i nesiMiiltor.' are wormy iue iiir-nnmi in iiiviiimip.
Pofsseslnir trreat virtue iu tlie rullllention of disomies ot
the Liver uud leser lHinlN,exerci.-iiifr Ihe mo.tt se.-irch-itur
powers in wOiikneHMaml effiM tioiin of the dttfeMtive
oipdis, they uro, withal, safe, certuin and pleasant.
Htatl ami be riinnineea. r. ikhki,mkir, jeweior,
Wooor. Ohio, lteceiuber 'Jnd, lr-31, suit!: ! embrace
tblMoonnrtuuitvofiiiform'.m;voutf tho trrJiit benetll 1
have lerlv(d frmu tlto use of Ur. Hoolland'a German
(titters. I have ucd them for chills and fever uud dis
ordered sloumchfiuid found r lief In every case. They
lire Ihe tiet numd) tor uiaoruerou stuiuucu, i umuk, hi
nt.KV, rdoonift'dd. Ohio. tcloTior 7, l.VJ, said:
With reeliiiirsnt'irriillrtde I take mv ien to Inform you
if the iucalculuhle beiicllt I huvo derived from the use
of Ifnnll.ind's Gorman Hitlers. I huvo used them for
the l.lvur cuiutduitit. nud take pleasure iu recommend
IntC thorn to the puuiic as iue buicm, uuu ocin rumeuy
now In line.'
The Kditor of the trooa'er nemorrat. amy 0, irW!f
sitiil: ''llofland'sGerman Hitters. I ItU iuviilunblo me-
licine is duifv performlnff cures orthemost reiuarknole
khuracter. VVe do nolsoeak of this medicino without
a knowledge of Its efllcacy, us we h.ivo tried It in our
l'u mi I v, nml Hud it to bo tho only thing nocuod lu liver
compluliit or dyspepsia.
d.ii. imV Ti.iviiKit. rtim hr dre. (into, inovemnor 17
li-.V'. M.tlil: 'Hv those nerson w ho huvo used your Moor
land's Gtirinnn Hitters, they are cunsidurod an Invaluu
ble remedy for d spopslu.'
)1 j'Viui should bour in inimi ua meso nnTs u
WKTinei.v vKnK i .ni.M. inereny nns-.i's-ouir utiviinunciis
over most of tho propuratloua rctommeiiaou loraiuu
nr ii iw.tiiwi..
For sale bv KaufTmnn ci ro.; K. Nam. misnrtno; it.
11. VVulki-r. West Husliville; Hurler At Welrston, Lytbo
polls, ami Dealers in ineiticiue every wuure
uecemucr ii, iimj iy
cnE.tr ritAKK ox iiakd aualy,
Tlie Iitikl Clinnre uml tlio JLimt oppor-
tttnily in tUo world to nave Money.
FOIl CASH o:i.y.
AVIN'O cnuclildud lo remove to the West In a fe
months, w e have dotcnulned to give ourfrlouds
and all Kaiiileld County a very good opportunity, such
as thev will never have again, to lay in a tine sunpiy or
Winter und Spring Clothing, S3 per cent lower than
thev ever bought the same kind of Goods before, and
to convince them that the re Is no humbug In the mutter.
we shnll etlnhll our marks. '1 hoe uoslrtug to lay In
good stock of Clothing ror tneir (amnios will nnu
this a good chance. We liull,also,ofT"red a Hue selected
Stork of Jewelry nud Watcnee,
50 per cent lower than ever was offer ffl this niarkot.
Come one, come ait mm tret great oarpminm.
(r. SI MOM dr. reO.
IPTflinsa having accounts to settle with tho above
nrm, will pieasecoiuu lonvnru nnu seme iuu .uuiu.,
Lancaster, January 11, IMS 3d
TTAS Inst received from Philadelphia nnd NewYork,
CAPS that has ever come to this city, of the r
rLATKsT laeaovan stvlbs, embracing cver ff ' j
jA.f varlelv of shapes, sorts and sixes conslst-l j
v Ine of "the lale Si. ring Stvle MOLESKIN
HAT, uiisnrpussed In Ohio for durability and Hnenesa.
Also, Voting Itlen'a) I lata of all kinds,
Summer Huts, consisting of PANAMA;
Pedal and China Slrawj
llruld LKGHOHSt and MANILA; 1
Halm l,euf; Kossuth Huts, both Fur and Wool;
Flue Otter and White Heuvor, for Summer;
The latest Soring Stvle CuBailnero Hats;
AU orti.riloycV CUilUn ns' I'HUcyllnts,
All of which will be sold on tbe most reasonable
terms, lower than ever colore.
N. li. Country nerennnta win uo wan ny caning-ana
examining my biock oeiore-purcuasingoisewnore.
laineuster, i, icj. a. riuuuiuu,
bx-bTTANTED IniiaodlatolvStHH) bushels of CORN In
the ear, for which cash will be paid on delivery
at the Lancaster Depot of the C. W. dt '.. Kail Road
Al.l-Kr.u WAITS.
Morrow. Ohio, Jan. A, 1P55 35tf
TTr-Mr. Mlluor freight Agent will receive and pa
rBrillRnndersUrnod hnsbeon nonolntod Aeentforlhe
Ohio, and will Insure Buildings, Merchandize, House
hold Furniture, and other personal property, mfminet
loet kmire. All losaea Will be equltaby and promptly
adjusted and paid. p. VAN TRUMP.
Lancaster, February 8, 835 3ui4V
ORGANIZED for the Knrouratcem.Bl Bnd G.neral
Oinualon of LITKHA 1UKK aud tb. hiSH AKTb,
on a New and Original flsn I . , ,
This new Assoriaiioa Is doslrned to encourage .nit
popularise the Kin. Art., aad disseminata pure and
whulesow llleralur. throuib.ul the (wnntry. For
thlspusi,ose a G.lle.y of Arts Is to b. ii.riuauenlly
founded, which will each year contain a choice ana.
valuable collection of rlntings, Mutuary, te.,
t or t ree IHatrlbutlou.
The Association will also DUbliak and iaana lo lla
members each year, Ihe best Literature f il. ar.
ipnsistitiK of the moat popular Monthly Magailnoa,
.v , ,0 w. riim a utuiiu, i.iuru,y woras.
Tub OrricBBB or tub Ass.i i.tiob for IM.. t.va Iha
pleasure of aiinouncinir that the subscription banks for
the current year are now open, and that Iho Aral annual
distribution of Works of Art, contained in theabovo
irouery, win isie piare in January next; on hich oc
casion there will he distributed amocir Ihe mem bora of
the association, free of charge, several hundred su
perb Works of Art. amour, whl. h will be tho orlrlua I
aud world-renowned statue of Htiaa Powebs,
i n. urrrfc sIbts, " : 1
purchased at anexpense of over 5.oMil Also, a lurre
and Tory eaolco collection of matrnitlcrnt OH, PAHtT-
ciiii,ii..iiia ui uir iiesi prouurtiona ofrelebrateil
nuicncno now rireirn isnisia, Blnnlir which are tha
works off-'osT.a. Mbbxcb. Hi. Kiksbtt Gum oi
( Locon, Ks.aBBss-ris.Biid other eminent American
Artist, which. . with. Ihe ,ni,.i.Hi .ai.i . . .
through an ajtent now In Europe, will render this b fa.
the most comnUto Gallcrv n An. in n.. 11..1....1 f.
The Lltrrnt -"."".
- -
pnbllshed for dlssi-relrnllnr snieng the members of tha
Association, for IrSd. will consist o( tbe following
Monthly Mngoalnes, Kcvlews.Ae., tli: I.'arper'e JVu-
eaiine. Putntm, Btact weo, Amiekerdpeler. tT.tfrw'a
I.eidi'e Beok.unn OraAewV Mapmtine: toroiher w ill,
Ihn ClI t.w Oilai-...l .... O 1 1. . 7 . . I."1
t - sic, lews, rcprn.lca tn AcW
York, vlr: Wettmniter, J.onden (Jwarterlw, jv-u
Brtie A.and f:dimknrrk Henr. . , .. ...
Tho association isnpcii lo all: anv person may be -
come a member on Ihe payment of f.1, whlih eolllle.
him to a membership and one of the above Mrgazinea
iirn.nr.B mr on. year, aim also lot frmt ticket In
In the annual dlalrlhntlnn sf Ptathsb v, Pai iiTiita.. 4V r
All persons who lake Ore membershln.. are ei,ilil...l
toany orme nve or the Magazines otie year ai d
tickets In the distribution. . . "
Tbe Ide spread fume of tbe above periodicals ren-
derlt needless tosnv nny thing In their praise us it la
conceded that, as literary organs, they are fn'r in ad
vunce of any others In the world. Tho rnbllsbrr'a
price of each or which is Invariably 13, voart thiuvtiv
becoming, tnembemfthia Association It ac cere. VJTb fl
Ihe two fold bonelU of throe dollars' w orth of atrl
nig ni-miiirn aim a llCKet in the dlstilliullnn f ih.
mostWagnlflcenicollBcilon of rh 1' "V. ' .' .
the country, equal to tbat of the old Am JliL. a J.
Union " -onierican Art-
Tiik Gst.i.ert of the A..n'ctiitl.in 1. in...j ... c" .'
ky city, w here Smsns Gaixirg Di'iLDisoa hv h-J
erected ror II. ami in w hose siaiiousr'nloon 11,.. i.i..
enllertlon of PnlUIng and Stutnary will be c vMI,t.I.Il
The net proceeds derived from the wiribmo orWo.u
of Art for the ensulnryonr. ' t" ,. . 1
Am. Pcnsnss dcslrlngto become members can liava
tbe Magazine commence wilb nnv month thev rhn,,.
a'"! SIJL" "''I J" rromniy n thi
HMMiiii. oiroct rroin tne Kew York a nil
Phllndclphltt Publlehora. Buck JYumberm ftirnUh.! if
desired. rurnitieu ir
Tnr IwrjtaAStNo Iktepift fell In tliv lvnnr.mii r
the Pino Arts, warrani I tin ' Wll. r U rinirAssoHntloiI
will, with tho powerful aid of Literature bB, iVM. t.
once vitirereiiltij jionulur, us It not nlv culllviilo nil
encourages tbe Pino Art., i.m ....!::!.. "'.",::
Literature throughout the laud. Hiercbv adiii.tliiir ilai'lf
Ilo tho present wantsand tastes of the A.erl...n .
mill ll.H hn.l M,n.ll..n ... . ..'
aim tne best ren g mailer w hich tho wi.lo r.,., mi
American foreign Llloral lire af!ord. .
A few of the fiecullar ad I'll II tl. vn- llflrlviwl hi' lr.t..l..
this Association, are ti . ;
1st. All personsget theH talue of their evheerip
tiotxtuthe start, in tho shape of sterling Alaguxifae
l.ileriitnri,. o
Vil. They are at the same time en,,irii,niin ...1
piirchasiiigcholcii Wnrksof A n.are In turn lo be dls-
iributed amonir ft,Kii,.u.. r..'.., .1 "
3,1. Each member l also li,dlr..,l. .r.o,..tin-..j
nLim.,!!.,.. u... .... ....j : S -a ---
luiironizing ine Arts aim rlisl. nt ii,a ....... ii.
bursing ninny thousundsof dollars through its agency.
Those who purchase Magazines at Bookstores, will
observo that b) .loililng tho Association, tr.t're
A''jra:iB,OBrf 7Vctf iaoai,Bi(srn'4in,iill
....... auu. u unco niBv Bow Tki lorine in ugazine atone.
Sow York, or Western ofllce. Namlu.L v . .V
t-ersoiisremllltng fuuils of inombersliln.sliniilil mrk
leltora,"Keglstored,"oiid state Iho month with. which
they wish their magazines to commence, and also llioirr
Poet OJKce addret. in .. on the rvcelnl of w hich, a.
certitti ateof menibership, together w ith the mngoilne
i'imwi, miii. iiirsnrucii 10 nny part orttie country.
- ruicosin ine association, at tne ItnlcKerbocker
Mnynclne offlco.S4n Hroadwav. Now York, and at No
ll, Wutcr Street, Sandusky, Ohio. Address, (at either
office,) C. L. HKIinV, Aclitury ('.A L. A.
irrV. M. GHlNWOl.l). Hon. Secretary Lancuater.
of which menibership may bo obtained'. e'ept. 14
Z I N K Sl B I S H,
WOULD respectfully Inform their customers,
the citizen generally, that they huvo bbwovki.
their Establishment to the North side of Main Street,to
the room formerly occupiud by the Philaitetfihia Cvm
stisisa b'ters, where they are prepared co-futulsb- ,
l'realt Bread, II links, Cuke & Crtwker
We hnve emnloved the verv best workmen in our
line of business, aiid will sell ul wholesale and retail
at the lotreet prieee.
VVe are determined to give general satisfaction. All
orders from the country for Dread, dikes. Soda, Bol
ter, Water ami Boston truckers, will be promptly
III li d. Give us a call.
Lancaster, March 31, irai. iiiv re men.
N n We hI.ii ironn mi hand a ffeiierul assortment or
FAMILY liROCHRlES, which will be sold m the
lowest rutes. ZINK at UISH
a t u ft.u
First Poor East of tlie Swan Hotel. .
OUR Stock being now complete, we are prepared
ntiiiriiin iniistrliniiie and clseuD GoodH mef
exposed lo sale iu this market, consisting of every ills.
crlptlnn of DKY GOODS In tho Woolen, J.inen. Silk
nmted and Cotton line, lor ine use oi aion, vtonian
iiudT lilldren.inid In use about the dwc-liiug, including;
choice White Good: Dreeeaed Fonef Goade, Iloeiru,
Gloree, Clothe, C"merct. retltnjtt. softnein.jrr. ere.
Also, choice lotnfCliina. ;luaittllai--tik-
u arc, of Boole, Skoeo, Slippere, 4'C-I for ull ages, of
Selected niid Clicnp Groct rien, r
the Tea: Sutars, Coffee, Molmsei, Spicte anil Syrnp
being very choice. I
All which in view nfthe times we are ur.eniiinsq to
sell wllhoul regard lo prolit. In ordor lo liose up tho
same, Iho reduction of our stock and payment of our
lluliilitioa being our groat object.
Tho public therefore before buying o'lsowhero r
Invited to examine oursplenilld stock.
liuncastur, ,sov.x-aoi , iiiia,jr.aji.iajii
One Hundred DoUara To Poetut
IIilS DIKKCTOHS or TUB Comopoi.itan Abt ssd
UTcHiRV Assoi utiob, lately organized la K.n-
du-.ky (lty,Ohlo, for the eiicoiiragomeiit and general
diifuslon of Literature and Art, oiler a I'KI.K tiF ONK
HUSDHKl) DOLLAKK for tho BUST OilK to Howcr.'
world-renowned statute of the GKKEK SLA VE.wbhb,
w ith nmnv other vulllablo w orks of art, are lo be dis
tributed among the members of the nbove A.aoHntion.
The Oiloe, wiiicti siiouiii no, exceeo nny lines in
length, must be handed In previous to the 1st of Octo
ber, ul which tlmu a committee of literary gentlemen
of New York, whose names will appear, will decide
upon the merit, and award ilie prize to the successful
' Poet, In sending In their productions, will please
give the lirat stanza of their Oil, together with their
real name anil iiiiuruss, in a sori,senieu envelope.
Communications should he addressed, posl-puid, lo
C. L. llErlllY, Actunry C. l. 1.. A.,
Cnre Knickerbocker Ofllce. 3-18 Broadway, New York,
Sept. 14,183, orS Water Street, Kandnsky.
St:tgeincn mid all who hnve rtyood Ilorto,
1, O O 14. II Va l II
e Try KNNETT GAKHKI T rcspectruiiy remlnila
yon that bo Is still hammering away on
v25i-oad Sfre.l is rs Citff Lmnoeeter, wher, he
Vr is always on hand to treat crippled horses.
Aneziierieiiro'of uearly 40 yours, and many years of
that time under the Instruction of an eminent Veterina
ry Surgeon, enable. llm lo confidently umlertiikethe
most dinicul! cases. Iu SHOEING beholds himself
second to nono
0J1IB rupuiniion IS now BO well Known tuai nur
ses nre sent to him to be shod from most of the
neighboring eltlosaud towns. His Shoeing Shop
Bccomnioduttonsaro so ample thut no rlotentlon
or delay will ever occur. BENNETT GARRETT.
Lancaster, Augusta,, lea, ixiuib
racsit An in vxt or croce ki km
... AT THE ' -
One Deer Keel ef the Hocking Vallet Bank, tenlk ii
Main Street, Laneatter, Okim.
RESPECTFULLY solicits the attention of his friend,
and customers, and all tbat may want Groceries .
and who will he so kind as to give hlin a call, both froiri
Ihe city and country , to my stipurtornnd complete stork
of Groceries, Just received, embracing In purl the fol
lowing articles: . ' i -i)
' JAVA and RIO COFFEE; Tonng, Hyson.
.AM. tii i ....... i. . . . '
.....)ai niaea snu iin)ieriai i s.n, a.v vrieana BgarY
. JJ Loaf, Crush 'ed and Fulvorlzcd; Rice, Golden
CS Syrup, 8. II. Syrup. S. H. Molasses. Ni Orleans
do., Oranges, Lemons, Rnisians,, Figs, Hruin, Alutonda,
i,.. i.' 1 1 1 k: .. . . d ii -..- i .. . . i i .
racwiB, r airaiu,vircu nue anu l i u. 1 1 u 18 , urinu Doer,
Dried Tongues and Cincinnati Cured Hams. Eigihu.
Dairy Cheese and VV. R. ('ream do.,; Hnlce. Cinnamon-.
Cloves. Nutmegs, Mace, Alsplce, Pepper aud Ginger,
rial noua, lr. i .rwar. omieruia., n.nrcu, pai.eieri XVXt.
Logwood, ludlgo. Madder, Alum, etc., etc.
Soup, Caudles, Tubs, Buckets, Brooms, Wash Bords,
Baskets, etc., ete. - -
A lino lot of Chewing Tobacco, also Smoking do. and
Cigars; Wines and Walker's Burton Hale Ale, a gener
al stock of Notions, Toys, and groat many other articles.
may I, inos. ; u, a. UHDlll.r.in.
ltI. SMAEI.ET, '
HAS Jnst received his SPRING and SUMMER '
ply of HATS C A PS at bis old stand, opposite th
Tallnvulft lionet. Mam Street. Ltmcmettr, Okie. HI
stock has been aelocted with eare and embrace,
rF.very variety-of Mats Ac Cape,
J. Including White Beaver, Molskin, No. 1 V T
and 3 China and Redal Straw and Leghorn ,.
Hats; Men', Roys and Chlldrens Palm Leaf, from ISH b
37 Also Men Bud Boy's Fur and Woot;Kosuth Hats,
Roys and Chlldrens Fancy Hats, which will be Mid ai
the lowest prices. Leghorn Hate washed and bleached
at the shortest notlco. ITP Don't forget the place.
May, 1854. M. BMALLEY,

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