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u-f i u " - - i j mi .
-Clir;C7 LASCA3T2S.
Th I'rleeii:, tj School, tfeo Hearth.
'At tl e foundation ;if every government,'
says the Ledger'iic three thingslhrpriaon
.'.. tt:a scliool, a i) e hearth. Without these, so
cial order could not bo ina'ctaincd for a 1?
month, la proportion, alto, no the people ar -free
(.Its; the influence of the f.rstd.-eline 4
. that of ill Uvo ht im-rease. AustiU am)
Tluaai rulo by the terror of the. dungeon,
The United States is governed by the peo
pie themselves:,' cdiiYatt-j to that end iutel
l'cluVily et tW "school, and morally at tha
W&rtK. .'If ever the time 6houlJ come
'. when the world; will see a pfufoct govern
mer:.', the piisou will disappear altegoth-1
. er, aud only the school and the fireside ra
" "tuai: N ". " ; ' . " " 1 -' ;
' C -Tho prison is, indeed, tho rudest of all
the agencies designed for the improvenjen'
y of the. human race. : la faet, it is practieal-
y raiher an engine for v:ndictive puoudi-
; Trjer,t,ithana,raeana for auceesafully lead
ing tha vicious back to virtus. Few who
-one enter a jsil coir.e out permanently re
.formed. The mrjoriry, perhaps, are real
ms I? lavlfli. rcrse- ..for lass hundred
year philanthropy hat. exhausted every
resource to render prison places of refer-
. ttation; but though a frw criminals, in that
. interval, have been restored to society; the
' number has leer, vastly exceeded by that
of conx iota lpleaa1j depraved.' ,
v ,. I here is, in truth, a something to' the
..: Vsry nature of a prison whi.-h, while it
strikes terror, routes tho anger cf tha vic
'. ' tiro ag.atist , society. ' Incarceration cells
,np whatever thero is of the tier io the
hart. In . hurt,' to seek to maka poople
. b-.tr hy immuring them in dungeons, is
beginning at the wrong rtid. 'Trisous ra-
stiAln, but rarely reform men. ,
, If our race is to be improved, wa must
"t?rend lets on the prison and wore on tho
school aud tha liearlh.' Io other words,
we emit nly lets on fiar aa appliod to tho
, . Ers.v "p erimipal, and Diore on the diffu
sion of ir.tylligeueo ; and good morals a
raong the as yet unperve.rted young.'
. A grcst writer has woll said, that "it is
. .. cheaper to build school-houses tLanjails."
: 8'atiailca show, that in proportion to the
incroisaof education crime- diftiiuisbcs.-
" ' Aa class. tl,o misn who cannot readaro
more bi uUl in tlifcir Ustea than the men
who cau. Tlioy drink wore, ara apt to
get more frequently into affrays, and ara
. continually offeaditfg the laws'.' Asagen
aral rule, also, nst in proportion as men
i-a.moru highly eduoaicd, are they better
., irie-nbers ofuocioty, , Where there is ona
; rTroicssor Webber,' there are scores of
- Ltiigf'dJu and Springs. Every common
vreiihh,thcrcfor(!,tLQul4 bavo good schools.
Hvry wise stttermsn will look to the
I ..flioolrhouse, not only as a preventive of
erime.butasa menUl gymnawium in which
'' strain up competent voters and Icgisla-
' tors. An ignorant pnopl may be made the
. : dupoj of jd(,'magogueB, or the :skvoa oft
military dictator, inticli easier than a well
instructed oofl. -A Knpoleon, for siam-
pie, is " a ImposMbla ', for America, ' a a
Wtshltigtbn would be.poi haps, for France.
x - lJuttle school is still not tlo most pow-'-'
erfulonjjlito in recuperating society. One
- may discipline" the intellect ond inform the
mind, but unlass the principles are cultivnt
'' "ed ttlno, enly half tho work is done. In
' fact thu tiontal qualuics are the agonts of
good and evil, exactly aspuro or impure
motives pi epoiulorato in a man. Tho Me
phjjtophiltfs of Goethe, conceded to be the
Tcry incarnation of .wi':kdriess, is the idea
fpahiuaua intellect dovoted to unmixed
.' evil. .
The Lncifer of Milton list generous
juuliisf jitiiid bia depravity. The Me
pliUtophiles is merely a cold sneering fiend.
But nowhere enn moral truth be imparUd
aoetrcctuully as at the fira-siJo. It is noi
1 a' the sohool tLat men aequiro thoir Labits
of rectitude, but at the mother's Ince, be
, ceoili tho pcacuful loTe of tie parentul
Lenrlli. For tho teacher's task is princi
pally to inform the miiid, while the rtis
aion of the home is to improve the hoart.
Every houu tcauhsr labors indeed to
educate the moral character of his or litr
. pupils; but character is not formed in the
" ' B1BI37 anitho child, moreover, Is absent
from the school at . the very hours most fa
. ( vorabla fr moral improvement. It is in
.,, the privacy of the family thattbe failings
of the child quickest betray thcmsclvos.and
t the peoifliaritiue vl iu character conse
quently becomo most evident. It is there
also that the Iruant heart opens iUclf readi-
est to the voice ofnilcclioQ. .
In reality, children who lave no homes,
' in tho tnto sense of the word, rarely bo
. come good citiions. It is now admitted,
ly all persons familiar with the auljyct,
that not only the criminal, but even the
vagabond portion of society, is chiefly brod
in the dens of the idle, degraded and law
less. '
Ti e r is a commonwealth of vice that
. perpetuates itself within the social fabic,
s foul maggots generate themselves in hu
man subjects victims of the Horodian dis
tv. Lt a man be born in the family of s
:UC i probability is that he keep
vw-3j s)i U,ivs, that ho grows up t.
f. tUt h.xtt'J. But let him first set
ti Z-jpJl if issxtWJ whsre the rxam
;'vs h. nt, 'A M iot'.j t, adtito h.
tovii'Pt, 't trptiivivt U t'tt'm, and tn U
. Vi.'lfc f.tt Iv ptni&Aft -w
germ,' and (Joes rot wait for the flower. (
The edscation of the heart is to man what
ihe flont' skill is to ti e tbtnt. As soon ',
asereryel.,lJcsnhveahomr..nthetIue.TUfits)ial, nc Sbul we rt.ratrubor none that exc-oeded iu1U'rCst m 11:0 PS
if not wholly useless, and not only willj.tils j
be romparaiively unknown, but the uitel-
lectual tiaininjr receifed rt School wilL no
... , - i
.uugr ir ,.i-r..u -u-
as is o.t asionallv H e ca.o new. Lok to
il hi-arth fas ,he schoul next, and the
prison las'." . L K' ,
extra Piltr "mitU n th ivinrap Read
ontiiftlia raitynenpuBct" W
v lfter.dins the Kbcw KoiUint .
The Fredet'.eksbnrg .Wi given us tht
ri-p'u t of a speech at $potj 1 ; aula . CViurt.
House a short time ' since, by rx-Cov.
Smith. A it aHords aooiLer iuni of cvi-
Jrnrc whk.h goes to- pruve the u'ter do
rn'iraliaatiou of tha old panics, "and the
by the Loeofoco Convention: ,
wa darply concerned at that nomi
nation 1 flt as an Old Liner that gross
injustice had been done.' All agreed to it
nut a dozen in this houe but felt it.
"But othiors, younger menthers of the part
t v, had swalluwed it, and ue couut only ac
count for this because they were younger,
and their swallowing organs more clastic,
than the Old Liners! 1 regretted the nom
inaiinu Location I loved tho . Democratic j
party. I mourned over it I felt a great
wrong bad been done." . .
That such is tho feeling of a large por
liou of the substantial men of tho parly is
bocoiniug daily more apparent,..,.
Of the Know Nothings he has a much
bettor opinion than have the men who are
prostrating themselves tbaecure the foroign
vote of the country. Wo quote L isopiu-
i ni on this subject: .'
"The Know JSotbings had been warred
on in a spirit of intolerance ho regretted
the war on tliem ho refused to join in
that war ho refused to become a party to
the crusado. I soe no reason to quarrel
with them, but I could . sec every reason
why 1 should uot join in the bitter and un
scrupulous war upon them. And hero I
say, before God, aud in tho face of man, I
will not do ill I will .not deuouueo them,
nor join jn tho cry."
Again: "Isaid before, and I repeat, there
is a vast dealof good Democracy in thu
Know Nothing creed! Gov. S. then read
tbii Platform, and proceeded to say where
in be agreed in si'iilimonL Hp was not a
Know Nothing, and had nevor sought ad
mission.' In another part of Lis speech, in refer
ring to lbs position formoriy occupied by
Mr. Wiso lie said:
. "Without desiring to be understood as
at all egotistical he might enquire. Who
would havo supposed ikattho Chief of 1 CIO,
should be ready to hang, draw, gibbet, cut
and quarter him, for tho suko of that lend
ing Whig? That boys should now be
cracking whips ovor his hoad?"
Ho closod his speocb with tho following
decided language. After referring to the
attacks msdo upon him by the Richmond
EnyuWtr, and other papers of that class,
bocauso he would not throw up his hat and
ihaut for Wise, ho said: '
"While vou fortrive' Wiso. McComns.
Bocock and Hunter ayo, and pot them
vou would sacrilice mo to gratify Henry A
Wise, who has been all things to 1 all men,
and nothing longl If it be a war to tho
knife, bo it sol It is monstrous, that 1
stiould be " sacriliccd, whilst others are
booted and spurred, ready to ride Dcnioc
racy to tho Devil "
This is fair illustration of 1 the feeling
now prevalent in Virginia. It has spread
to every section of the State. It is inipos
sible for Wise to savo himself from a terri
ble defeat so long as such prominent men
take such a aland against him, and boldly
proclaim thoir sentiments from tho stump.
The New Postage Law.
The following is en official copy of the
law in relation to lotter postago, passed at
the lato session of Congress, signed by tho
President, requiring pre payment on and
after tho 1st of April next. Postage to
California under this act will bo ten conts
Am act further to amend the act entitled
. "An not to reduce and modify the rates
of postage in tbo United States, and
for other purposes," passod March 3,
Le it enatttd by tht Stnnte and ITumt
Rtprtttntalivti o tht United States of
Anunca t Congrtn Jiscmlled, That in
lieu of the rates of postago now established
by law, there shall bo charged tho follow
ing rales, to-wit:
Tor every single lettor in maouscnpt.or
piper oi but kiuu in wincn ihiurmation
shall be asked for or communicated in
writing, or by marks or signs, conveyed in
the mad for any distance between plaeos in
I., i o..r. . j .1 ..
um vmwu 0iaiun noiexceeaing inroe iiiou1
sand milea, thrso cents; and for but dis
tance execoding three thousand miles, ten
And for double letter thero shall bo
chargod double the rate above specified;
aud tor a treblo letter, treble those rates;
and for a quadruple letter, quadruple those
rates; and every letter or parcel not ex
ceeding half an ounce in weight, shall be
deemed a singlo letter; and every addition
al weight of half an ounce, or additional
weight of less than half an ounce, shall bo
charged with an additional single postage;
and upon all letters passing through or in
the mail of the United Slates, excepting
such as are to or from foreign country,
the postago as above specified shall bo pre
paid, except upon letters and packages ad
Jresed to ofllcers of the Government . on
adiciu! business, which shall bo so marked
tn the envelope. And from and after the
tirstday of January, eighteen hundred and
fifty-six, the IWmastor-Goneral may ro-
luire postmasters to phico postago stamps
upon all pre-paid letters upon whirh such
tamps tony not hare been placed by the
writer.' .
And all drop-letters, or letters plnccd
m any post-ollice not for transmission
.hrough the mail, but for delivery only,
!,!! be charged with, poet age at tho rate
4ent cent ech;nd alllottcis which shall
r;?r t advertised as remaining' over.
vrU4 U,f, ia auy jxr.t-offioe, slmU br
certainty of their toial urerthroweven in ll 00 ami. hereby is nuihonzed to t'stnb-
by ol notice. We quote a paragraph from ing lha Mmei Hn,( t0 r(lquirffl t',ie j,.1 y.
bis remaiks upou tho nomination of Wise meat of the pnstagn, as well as a resist rn-
-. u.jm. -av
charged with, one rent esdi, in addition to
regular ros.age, Ik)U io Le aoceunttd
M"" p-lyn bow are.
Mher rxTon to ()l snv i"os it
. . ..'-.
stamp or utampi-tl envelop for'jiiiy larger 1
i"un " miiicatett upon the Hu-c of
"" Y ' Y 1 . ' . , F'T rnm
than that oharwU iherelor hv tho l'ot-Of-
r.u,,; vr ,r n -larger (um."""-"") iis 'J "J i
U,.partemcnt;and nnv prs.m who shall
viola's this provision shall be deemed guil
ty of a miMiemranor, - and on conviotion
llicnuf, sli:i!l bn ,lii'd in any Mim notions
than ten, uor more th;m five hundred dol
lars, Thi net, to takixetTeet ncd he in force
from sind after the comnieneer.ient of tlu
'Xt I'ni'al tjiiiirter Hfieriis pass.i(. 7a
ni:M, That nothing herein contained tOial
be.so eonstrudd as to alur the laws in rela
tton to the frankig piiviifge.
&mo.t 3. And Lett fur&tr entt'cleJ,
That for the g-ea:e.r security of viihmhlc
letters pnted for tr.tiirinisyion jn.tlie m.-tiln
ol tho l ni't-ii
ll.e Poslmisier - Oon -
prist a
tion fie of live cents on every such letter j
or packet to b accounted for by postmas-j
tors receiving tho same in jui-h manner as
thePostmaster-Geneiid shall diieet; Pro- j
vided, however, Tliat such resist! a! ion shall
uot be' compulsory; and it shall not render J
tne 1 OH'.-Oaico Droartmeut or its revenue
liallo for'tho loss of such letters or packets
r tbo contents thereof. :
TItc Old SoJdiei'8 IJoitntv t,al
: - ; ' :' -; Bin.- ' '
This bill as it p:t?ed Concrress provides
landH for persons of all grades, by land and
sea, including Indians, wagoners, nml flo-
iillamen, whohavc served in tho wars since
1790,' oni hundred and six'y-ncres of
land in nil to each person who has served
nut less than fourteen days rxi-ppt actually
Tigaged in battle. The widows, or minor
children who nro now minors, lo . receive
the benefit in eaie of the (loath of the por
"ousoentitli'd. The widows of officers and
tho soldiers of tho Revolutionary war to
fci entitled to the benefit of tho act, ns
likewise tho volunteers at the invasion of
Plattsburg in September 1CM; tho vol
unteers at tho attack of Lcwiston, Deh
ware.'in the war of 1012-15;-and the
Chnplains who served in tho several
wars.. ' ..''. ;
The law will interest very many on
tho Northern frontier, and is liberal in
its provisions to officers, roldiers, volun
teers, etc., 'who havo hern in tho fccrvice
of tho United States militia or Stato troops',
on land or water, during any wars since
1790. Whcro warrants have been receiv
ed for such service, an ndditionnl warrant
will be issued for such quantity of hind as
will make, in the whole, with what may havo
heretofore been received, 1G0 acres loonch
person. The law will tako a tremendous
slice from Undo Hani's immense farm, and.
listribnto it among tho members of his
family who defended his honor and terri
tory in "times that tried men's souls."
It s stated that thcro will bo no war
rants issued under the re.w bounty land
law for three or four months. New plates
havo to be engraved. Tlie holders of
warrants under tho act aro to pay the fee
of the Registers for its location, which is
iihout 81,50. Cleveland Jlcrall.
C. W. Oi Z. Itullroud.
The Cincinnati enquirer speaks ns fol
lows of this improvement: "If there is
a railroad in the West, especially in Ohio,
ihnt odors to capitalists strong imhtceniaiilB
for investments, we regard this ns the one.
It traverses tho richest, most populous,
most cultiva'ted and developed counties in
tho Slate. At this time, when only partly
completed, its business is large, and how
could it be small, when, having no compe
tition, it is tho only highway to market
for tho immense surplusses of tho products
of those wealthy counties through which
it passes? So far the road has been most
carefully, prudentlyand economically man
aged. It ever has been in good hands.
It is in good hands now.
"When through to Znnesvillc, it will
mako a connection with tho Ohio Central,
shortening materially the distance of trav
el towntd Wheeling, Baltimoro fcc, nnd
will securo to this city, in Fairfield Perry
and Muskinguom Counties, access to tho
most prolific coal-beds in tho Stato.
"With nil these as fitds, why should tho
securities of the roadnot bo safe invest
ments, as well ns profitable; nnd whv
should thoy bo depreciated in the market?
ihero is no sense in it."
Pnop. John Dawson,
Editor Cvlumlui Med., Surg., Journal,
Dear Fib: Mv father has boon confined
f , , I . , , ,
for govern weeks by sickness, nnd is not
now auto to write, 'to desires ma to sav
that ho protests against tho connection of
his name wiih the recent publication hav
ing the caption of the "Lancaster Mon
ster," ns a violation of tho ordinary pro
prieties of society.
Ho did not doubt but yott nnd other jour
nalists would very properly satisfy tho
publio expectations by n history of tho
double children, which for a timo wero un
der his charge; but in so doing, all cure
would be had to exclude matters which
Hlriolly pertain to the Medical profession;
hut above all things he never expected to
have his name connected with such a nion
ro caption. He can only hope- that so
glaring a violation of proper tasto resulted
from tho fact that you did not superintend
said publication. .
He expects you to givo publicity to tho
above. I nm, Sir. very respectfully,
(C. E. 0, IhrtiisTLEit, for
(Dr. G. W. DotnsTLEit,
3I1, uniliTiliciiPil will upon nliuiil lli FIRST or
MAKl'H.nn .Main stnun, i.uiirnnuir. a coninliMn
orlc of (tinirmwnro, lliiiviirn mid
(Irlluitlu Wiirc, wlili a vluw m dninr n wbnlo
alo ami rulull biinlutins. Do AX & STEWAltT.
l.aiicaalor, Knliruary P2, lFjJj
, Geo. W. MacKlroy.
Attorney and Couuollor tot Law nnd
Notary Public,
OFFICE Copncll'i ltow, 5 iloora toulh of tlif Poat'
LaiiiTitor, Ohio, March 15. lfiJ5 .
HOVMTY LAMM. ... s v
llio lata Lnwof Coneroai. each nf ihn
Oincora. MiuiclauHiV erivMt.i.uli.os.
vr noiu
:oi!ulani.Voliniloi)t. Kimmra or Mlllil.i.
n'vnlarty iiinuroit Into ncrvlco Iu any of
....... hi. ... iiinL-o riiuo, RlllOO 17W
uH limain iiftloath.lholr wldowa, and If
liowliloM tluiu thoir minnr idill.ln.n .n
vfiiiiirn u. uoYommrni warmnta for liM
ore of Uinl or wliar wnrranU liuneht-m
iMiird fur a loaa nmuunU then tha (omuls
niont of lh IGo Acrm.
llavlliff afllUH v....Una In II. I.
r .i ....i ; r.r. .7. .j. '
w... ... ,iiV lorwaronir Hon coiiva
ll0"flh. elaliua. . OUO. W, MtaKLKOV Au'f -
Coiiunll'a Sow. Vdiiornouihoflha I'oit Offla. '
loufalr, M;rrilil,lr41,. ..
u"'ni.iuii' i.'.i -".
The Funeral of Pool .
Vi'e have seen a "rent many very large
' i. i- . n:.
reiuii.vruemonsinuionsKi.iii - y i mo ;
numbers tlmt of William Toole, writ w.'iji8entJl'"a. we titko' ploayuro in txiin
i . I,-, . . -i T ... .... .
buried y-s;erd;iy. Tho suruta in . the vu (
einuy. oi - ins restiiejit-e ju vnristopnor ;
tioat of his house, the windows, puiiizas
and roof of the adjacent buildings, were
respectable and decorus. A . etrtinger,
knowing nothing ol liio . circumstance of
the case,voulJ deem ii strange that ' the
death of a man celebrated for nothing but
his propensities and faculties, for lighting,
should call out it popular demonstration at
l-at eti'.ial to thai witnessed at the ob.-o-
'T - 11'01 'J:u-Ksoti, Clay, or Wbster.
1 ersons faimlinr with tlii Luy nud tlie
peculiar featuies of this . rase, however,
will havenodilliculty in tindingan explana
tion less discreditable to our people than
the naked facts would imply." I'oolo had
n Kii-ai, luauv n "--""a .uiiLnig u.u . t..io
wiucti no beiongt-M comprising not only
the fighting men and rowdies of the city,
but the butchers, mechanics and woiLim;
nu n at liirgd. Uu had many good quali
ties, was bold and fearless in defence of
his fiiends, lavish with money which ho
never lacked, and was So generally known
to (ho great ruaWof . tho people that his
death undurany circumstances would have
attracted attention and commanded syrr.pa;
thy. Dut the tragedy which ended ids
hie was one of tho most brutal and fearful
ever known in this city. It startled tho
public mind more than a-iy similar event
that has occurred for years. A gang of
rii!iians had laid a distinct and prcmcdia
tod plot to murder him.. ..Half a dozen of
them, armed with revolvers, assailed him
when almost alone and wholy unarmed
and failing to provoke him, by tha utmost
insul'-nce they could umj towards him, shot
him in cold blood. His own behavior un
der tho attack was forbearing and yol man
ly to tho last degroo. 'While he betrayed
no fear even in view of the fearful odds'ar
rayod agiinst him, he commanded his tem
per with unwonted coolness, and submit
ted to tho grossest insults to avoid a fight.
His conduct contrasted with that of his
ruffian murderers and was very different,
it must boaddud from his usual demeanor
under similar circumstances commanded
no slight degree of public respect: and
during the fortnight that ho was suffering
from his wounds the public sympathy for
him has born constantly increasing.
A great sensation has been caused by
this event, not only in this city but in oth
er communities where tho parties were
known personally or by reputation. . Tho
attack upon him was without provocation
and was murderous, nnd while wo Would
not prejudge a case which must in duo
lime be brought before tho Courts, as far
as the fac's are now known their crime
must be pronounced murderous also.
"Sow that the curtain has fallen upon tho
dealh-sccno in this lo trful tragedy, which
has been iliscfrnallo in its incipient steps
for years past, and has been played boldly,
desqierii'.cly.nnd ill public view for months,
until us uiuuiiy termination, wo give a
brief history of the circumstances nnd of
the prominent parties therein engaged. -Tho
public will not fail to recognize in
the in the effective' tools of unprincipled
politicians, whoso efforts for the famo and
spoils of office have tended to corrupt and
dcinoralizo the politics of the city to an ex
tent that has created disgust and contempt
iu tho publio' mind. Bloody crimes like
these arc but tho fruits of tho hydra of vices
which has been tolerated in our midst, ami
which, noting in an offensive and defen
sive alliance, constitute a fearful power in
this city. So long as rum-selling, gamb
ling, prostitution, prize-lighting and their
associate evils continue, and desperate
lighting-jnen aro encouraged by unscrupu
lous politicians so long we shall never bo
ridot tho characters who constantly heap
upon tho city taxes and disgrace. The
schools of vico aro open, nnd hundreds are
in training to tako the places of thoso who
now go to the grave or to prison.
No. 13, Kast Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O.
J ESHKCTfUM.Y Inrornillioir ciiatomnrsniiil pur
vhufu'r Koiiorutl.v, tluil llioy uru now optmlug uu
oMunsiTu mill cHiiiili.-li ii!iirliiK'hl or
Import! illrwl ioin Maiinfai'tHrora In Knrnpo, nn.l
; i uviiitat -u a. nuuiiini in m.w lull. WIIIIMI L'IIIIIMI' ur.
j w n r mir nu,u tuu ,miou ut nbut Uuatoru imiior-
tr nn.l M.iniifiit'liir.'r.i prkua
Thnrniiskly icaiono ",frm 3 to 24 fool In ivlillh; a hirpo
clurk utnuy mi linlnl.
K.iiiillh'i, IIoIkI Ki'ciiora, SlPambint ownnr Bill
Mruiipir may UoiumhI utitn tiudliig tlio bi'il cliiHa or
jcooiUIii uur Ihiu at lirlcca a low aa tlioy ran bo pur
cliuti'il in Kualoiu citic-. .Vuroli Si, kjj-'Jin 111
ClONGHKSHallta lute m-aalon, pasaml a
ylnw. Kiviuir, ua a boniiiy, to oiuh ol' llio
aui'Vivliitft'Oiiiiiilnilniioil ami non-ooin mi
nloiii'il (iitlcora, prlvatoi, muaicltini, waicon
nialora ami ti-mnsliir.i. vbo Itnvu boon on.
(riiRi'il in nil tho wars si poo I7IW, lin'liullug
uiuiuii)i iniu wiui uroni iirimin, f
hunrtrnl and lirtit acres of limit, lirovldoit
anoli poriiiiti waa lionnriibly ilincluirtfoit ir
ino iiorou inal porioruioa tno imrvloa, lie
ilrail,lhon to Ills wlitow; If the willow bo
ilouii. lotha inliinr rliilitron. AW tluit aorv-
pil 14 iln nr mi i ra nr.. ..ill It in. I ii. il... I.
otltofllio lair. Anil ull who liavo rooolvi'd 40 orso
urroa uru oulUlod Io uAlolontlo muka up tlio 1UU
The iinilorslcnoil will profnro Warninta for a roa
onulilo foo on .i)lli-nllii. Ho will bo round M tho
oilko of (i. SniKMiH, Esq., In l.nnoiistor.
Lancantor, March 15, 1P3341 Kaglo copy.
I will acll at Piihllc Sulo at the Sws Hotfi.. In tho
city of l,niio:imor. on Xlmrmlny, Itlurrh
tfllth, S.lfl, tho following pfTHOital iiroporty to-wlt:
UU rlo.lto.i,lt UoildliiK, WVta.li .Stniida,lS OnndlB
Manila, J Huronim, 1H liokluc; Gluaaoa, 1 Inriro Mir
ror, uoo i ariiacariwtlii. SHIila Tiiliton, 7 llliiinR I
llloa.lt Olllril 'I'.il.l.i '1 k' II..I..... I'.l.l... 4
l.otui;i), l Hook Ciino, Hok.. 1 t'loao fri'M, 1 roo'k-
ii. ....... nun pipo.i I'nrlnr hlovo nml plK, 1 liirue
nioro nun pipe, iu iinion t'lmlrii. 1 tloiun vaiia
uohoui i ii.iin.a lot or mIi llowlnunil fitohura, k larao
lit or lli,hiM, l u.ioMand CullU-ry. n lot of Window
rnnnlna, aim of SIhivoIh anilToiiir,a lolofcoul Uoxoj,
llluri; llii'iuailnnd a lot of Barrels. Iloitluauinl Ho-
rnuiora. Ii;i nml t'.nnrile Kllrki,3('lot'ka, 1 Walor
Dm. a lol ol lloita. 1 Cow.iiud a lot of otlior Hrlklea
loo niiiuomiu to luonlloli. .
MiiloincoinmouooatDoVlock nfinlil rlnr, nnd nn
unuo from ilay to day, uulll all Hold. Tarnia mad
known on uavoraalo. v. UANIKli bTL'iMP.
, tuiicoalor, llanh 15, IMS. ' '
' I.ancimtor, OUio,'
T'lTlM'?lv attKiitlou to the iurchatnaniUalllr,
. "f Hi'al Kilaio, alo, to tho iirociiriug of .
iliunl Homily l.iin.U,
OKKICK In llio Hrl. t ninntt. noarlr finnnatU '
HOcUlii(C ValK-y Hank. . may 18 1P0
ln IVAGEjillALS,' ' l ! .
AS rsiotoil hlaoRlna to f.tltm't rrr, Kaat of
um vourt nonaa. oonoait lb Ulila Eazla uoiaa.
ncailarjOcUbariWjlPM . . .. -
crowacu to sutiOcanoii; winie iWctter s t am , was, quite reccnuy, tracKca iJ. k i i. .' . ,i .ii.i .1T ...r "" i '" win pm
1. 1 I t I ft 1. .1 III' II - Wlilitil Itftir J rvl -N M H.il bIii.hh Hnnjil ...!
Broadway and til the et'reeta in this City to the very thrcsbhold of.his 'Den,' which i WV." I mt,V"uit'd "(.Kfi
mid Jirookivn through winch the rroces- )U .... 1 1 iimr, .k.. i-...:.. i. ,t...i ...Ti... s siiuunri th butiuu- in t
multitude otppeeUitoro whoso appearance I , ' . ui -y ""l " r."t'u mti uii.nr t.inn..,r.-.' T,-rii'ormtra. ?ii:"h ! if3 3wS4.r3
. .. ..i44 . rii.f.iM.. n ii i . i i. J 'i-.i ts..v.. .... ll -t-t---- -
and demeanor were iu Hid highest, Uegrce i-y some u is nujipoimw- wS -''"r" :rKcZ::f!.?Vn'.T"-h i 1'AMTITION
'all the world ami tlie rest of man
iiml" .:f... i . .
liro III IKIUIg. ft -
r e .
o; ?k.ii of fi;.jts
to put the pullio in po
winch my, we trust, not o
. l t l. i-
discovcrv tmt fiimllv In hi
capture ;
. , J .
U v lmvo ' from tl:
in vnrv liest unit nrllu
10 tery oesi auti.orny
ho has ceceded from the Jvnpw' Nothings
and established this !' je "exclasively on
his own heuk" and for his "own benefit."
It 13 understood, however, that his "mode
of v:uni:ctur!n:j kit hws-IndX' U some
what different from that adopted., by the
Know Nothings and Sag TNiidits, and is
fashioned nf:er the initiatory 'steps of thc
ancient secret ordir of Sona and Daugh
ters of Toil. Wu very much d ubt wheth
er he will bi aLlj to accomplish much by
Uia nCXt flection.
'1 lms alone will tell.
SIT We . boldly assert, and have re
peated it, tin-.oaud again, that not a IV Hy
count u in Ohio f."t Lceii iorcrnrd a cheap
ly, as Fairfield l.as.nnd not one word of re
sponse ran we get from, oar neighbor.-
luile of to-hnj. ... . -4
Wo respond by saying that wo make no
distinctions. in favor of tho corruption and
profiigaey of the Whig party. .We have
time and again shown up tho corruption of
Democratic; rulo in -thi" county, and the
corruption whi-th yon claim to have proved
under Whig rule in other counties, is but
another evidence of what wo havo lous
since claimed, that both the old parties are
rotten to the core. Wo are American in
feeling and sentiment, and tako this oppor
tunity to pronounce both the old parties to
be as rotten a9 skunks, nnd free our skirts
of their stench. Will tho Eails havo tho
courage togivo "our responso"A place iu
its columns?
For the Lancaster Gazette.
Death of tlie l!iv. J. J. Scott.
The Cincinnati papers of last week an
nounced tho murdur of an esteemed Pres
byterian 'minister, lately residing near
Louisville, Indiana; but a native of this
county, whose friends yet reside here; and
one, it sister, the wife of Mr. I1'. J. Loving
of our city. Tho report is too truel Lft
ters have since been received, aud a broth
er of the deceased has visited tho sccnu of
the tragical occurrence; and wo too well
know the He v. John J. Scott has fallen
by the hand of an assassin. This man,
mimed Lciij imin Hickman, was a near
noighbor, and on very frioiidly teims with
the deceased. Several accounts havo been
given in tho nswspiipurs of the probable
motive which urgml Iiim to this deed; but
wo are assured by those who know, that no
linrsh words nasseil between them: esiiee-
ially on the morning of the fatal dav. On '
tho Oth instant, Mr. II. came to Mr. Scott'd
house; they conversed together, passed
out into tho yard, and wore sitll in friendly
converse, when 11. drew tortn a Inre
butcher knife and stabbed Mr. Scott dan
gerously. ' His wife hearing his cry came
to his help; tlie wretch threatened her; but
retrained, lure w down Ins weapon and lied.'
IIo was shorily afterwards found drowned
in a neighboring strenra. His victim lin
geroil several hours, poi fectly aware of his
condition, cat ml v awaiting the approach of
the hist messenger thus so suddenly sum
moned. . . . .
Tints cut down in the prime of his years
and usefulness, Mr. Icoti leaves a widow
and three young children to mourn their
distressing lircaviimitit. II.) had but re
cently entered the 3fUh yenr of his age;
and has been about ten years in thc minis
try. Ho has ofiiciatcd a number of times
in Lanoastcr; and several years siuco serv
ed a church in this Presbytery for several
months.; Not enjoying good heahh here
with his family, he removed to Indiaua,
and thero met this lamented end.
But to him the end was peace! Tho
event may seem a mysterious Fnvj
denoe; but we cannot call it a strange one.
Tho first soul that ever roso from earth to
heaven, was dismissed from tho body by
tho hand of violence; and from tho hour
when Abel's blood wns poured out upon
the ground, many esteemed and favored
servants of God; nnd even tho blessed son
of God himself, have died beneath the mur
derous stroke. It seems a dreadful thing
when wo think of a friend thus cut off; but
tho world of joy will bo nono ' tho less
bright for an unexpected introduction to
it; and tho promises of God's word aro
precious toevery believer, no mutter when,
or whero, or how ho may die. For it is
written, "Blessed aro the dead that die in
tho Lord from henceforth; Yea snith the
Spirit: for they rest from their labors and
their works do follow them."
On thc 15th instant, by tho Rev. John
McElroy nt his residence in this city, Mr.
Nathan 1'. McPiikiison and Miss Lydta
C. Holler, both of Fairfield County.
On tho 13th March, 1H55, by the Eov.
T. Swartz, Mr. Andrew Swaktz and Miss
Rachel Kodev, both of this county.
On March 11, by E. II. Davis, Ksq.,Mr.
Ciiarlks IIaywaud and Miss Jam; An
dhkws, all of Bloom Township.
At his residence, near this city, on the
l9th inst., Mr. Jacob Widoser, aged S3
yenvs and 29 days. J
The deceased emigrated from. Hagers
town, Maryland, to this county, whero ho
has resided for tho last twenty three years;
bearing the character of a peaceable, just
and upright man. For a number 'of years
he hits been an exemplary member of the
Methodist Episcopal Church. For the last
few years of his life, he was the subject of
muen atiiiction, which he boro With bo
coming christian resignation,, until tho
hour of his death; a few hours previous to
which he expressed tho cheesing and eon
soling exclamation, that ''though after my
skin, worms destroy this body, yet in my
flesh shall I see God." Thus regretted
and beloved, died a good citizen, a kind
and affectionato husband and an indulgent
father; leaving to mourn their sad bereave
ment, a devoted wife and 9 children, who
anxiously look forward to that happy un
ion of departed friends, 'whicli .shall .be
commensurate w ilk the eternity of God..
, , . "UI'U Uil li:o rOTlU 1L'1IUIU! IU VHllCJ- i u ....... .. w ,h . -rB lliiiuvitllllo
anjm ijajwjic etnni
. v. ; ; hh'rriJJ . firtt. ' . '..-.;.'.,
"J)li;sl' .,M lutiut rntniuiiMt uf mi or.lAr ftr MTe
rr.wu i:ii i .r i '-.mi ricu oi taii coumy
and ma .tl-.L .h I vlll o'ft-r nt imbtlo Mia at li I !
, Court llninc In LMv.,tjr..i Sal rw .-( 4v
',"' ! Hii.hlw thrlionnrMlali-k A.M.
4 .. t.-v f m. tiw in .i...chi b.-i k.-1
ii ".lii Wii . i u ..io i ii wiv roiitii i-mrnJW tiui fui in i .
i.w-.. v-. . ..L. u. tin.... .. i
M(.;;!:'.;:,I::,:jtt';;;,;;1;,;;: :
lUllmn tnlhK luwn nf tlliin,ip;. .-i-i.lii,r f.l ulT.
""",,lo"" ,own "' '""'"'"' ''"t "Sf "7.
;u, - Kiitii ,id.rLivSo. s iiuUsmwiI. ''""""- 'i.'riu
m ....-.l T......I1. '
"VVJI.1.1A.U I'OITKK HiKrlff.
; ' . " 1 0. ,M. L. Wli-t.M N, llfpntv. "
"fi 4 tH-ineitl, Ail'ja Mjni .rtslwtUiil ji.JO
'" - . . Stirriffi Sale. '.J- .
T S'i'il f,1i. fjirn.U Taan'-. rt.
"Sy'Ufl'.W r l llilo..iiniaii, of mi nnlor lor uul
ll fro. ili fnint or f.iMnaoa Tloan nf F.iirS"l
c niiilr. awl M nindimoto.l.' I will ofTorat pnWliDijIo
atlh-j Tou. t Homo ill laiu'as'.or.on tuuurjai Aa -Nl
dllof.lprilJi. Ii. U.'i.'n!vto,ui the hnnra of IU o'clock
A. M. aiol oVIovi f. il. Urn f.illoivliis donrtlwil
Itoi.l K'la'.o.to-wil: lli-l.ti huiiibjchM ail.l 4; 1 thj
town of lifikl.in.t !o VtOrliV.d cnoiilc, (llii.
VnlU'fl at, for Lot So. 1G, J.., l,.r Irfit So. 47. g1F3 50.
Tobos.M ntbo pr"i.-ly of Tbniit".i Catti. GoorirLi
C .ir, Jo'" (t or, t llluiii C riu nn.l Kinai.U"! SliUliD at
lii j sua irt (j joijo Wolf. Tartu f ali cash. .
WIM.IAM P(lTli:K,Sli,irirI.
. . Uy C. M. U WIS KM t.f. Il.puiy.
Pt:-p-o A Sii ny; Ally- .Va rch 2il Swpi'a-
' MieriU's Sule. '''
, rr ? VtirftU Qemntn.tt, , '
PTns.l'AriTtollic c.iniinni.il or un order for n!i
from tho I'onrl of l.'6iuiuon PI.'iik In and for sittd
Cninily nf RiirDoid nnd lo nl dirci tod.t ill oiler at
jiMld o "nto nt Iho C'Mirt Iioiuo hi JimviMor. on ur
' IwfAf'U A, rt. If "it. h .'tween the hours
nfleoV4i-l ,. M.wiJ 4 O'clock P. M., I!i follOYiiiiu
do.cril'od Km! Funio, tn- It: itmit In v,i fount of
'..Irdold ii filnlo of O., tho Xor'.h Imlforih Xo thwvat
O nrtor of FfFtlon.nuinlH-r (:i Ti wnihl D'lmlKit
(i:i) thirt.-on. Ur.nsjo niimlur (Hi) ninot.ion In nuhi coun
ty, i.u.itii.'iiii oi.-!ny nrroi n, .to or Ion, vulnod at four
dollar por aero. To ho aohl a !!m proporty i)f Kllna
Tiltmw; Ana Urocn mid Jainoa Prutl at tho 6'tit of
Con.olius Stoonr.id. j.v. .4:111 rodo.)
Tonus 'jfauluush. WIUJAV rilTTKR.Shorlfr.
Hy V. M. I.. W1KK.MAX. Iln'intv.
M abti cV Sriii.ii. u,Alt'j4 Match !i!-jw4'lprj3- -
Slirrifl's nle. '..
Tr.Vnl of Oai'o, ftirflcli Clt(. 1.1. .
Pi'K.sUAM' initio I'oinni.iiol of an order for ante,
from tho loo.rl ur Coioinon l'loua, ofnuld i-onnly
of Fnlrli'jld.and to iiiooiroclod, I wtlloirorat nubile
.'alo at llio t:.nt rt llousi on S.itunUi fir ei iiuo
Jlirit. .1. J). Ir35. holwocn tho hnura or 111 11'clcik A.
.M. uml 4 o'clock P. M. tho lullo'i lnff described real
rilnw. to-wit: Tho umliiidud halfof a tract of land
on lied by Peter 8llcs ami on which Its resided at tho
timu 01 his d.'ntt. In tho north part of Nrolonu Js nnd
VII in T. U K W, uliiiia!-,'il to contain I.M -to aud
V'i-ll'b ucroj, '.atucd at f:;3 per a.'w.
Also, o;o oitu'r tract nojoliiltt)-th? ahovp 011 tho
iiojlu and diciil.:.! from the uhie triiel b) n lino rnn
iiIi.r oa.-t nnd west ihronli tho inidillo of tho spriny,
and wlvii h wii sold lo .Nicholas lioery by .iid 1'eler
Sites in his lire tiia . I'lCituiniiin nUont alnet) -live ('ii)
lien's, and is lio'ii.d.-.l on th.i south l.v the lauds .if
(.'lirislian KiiiK's heirs eirept alovnt eit'lit or leu acres
sold ) Frederick Siu-s to said 1'.. lvine oil' oflhe south
sldoof suidJniiieiy-Bvo acre tract; valued at $34 lior
aero. .
Also.on-othsr Ir.iillyln; west of tin two tracts a
hove iiieiiiloued,e.-tiuiai"d to contain lifiy-four acres,
more or l" i in s o lion J'j, aud hein the miiio trai t 011
which Fre'deriil; Sites now lives and which wascon
Teyt'd 1. 1 hi. 11 hysaid 1'l ler Sites in hli liretiine; val
ued at f Io per acre, all of which lands uololi.'d to the
orilfiiml tract ow I hy ii.l IVtor Mill's now de rased,
and hoinir all U10 lauds Uuilthusald Frederick Sil"s
owns orhasaiiy inp'rest In. In said Sei liona ' and -Jll,
to ho sold us the propoi ty of I'ro.lorlck biles at tho
suit of John A. Collin-as l)uculor 01 Paler bites, de
ceased. (No. 411I Coda.)
.t; ros, Ally's. Wf. POTTEIt, Sheriff.
By ('..V. L.Wir-KMA.N, Ueputy.
Lancaster, March ltvOj ow-15.
Sheriff's Hale.
' j Tit Sln'l cf 0i. Fairfi'ld Conr.IV, .
The Court of Common Pleas of Fail Hold County, Ohio.
' Petition to foreeloso, Ac. N. Il'-T Code.
John A. CoUiiis, PUinlin.
V iii:ust
rtelson'Cnr.lf s and Ilost-r Hr.uHinw, John Kher and
llanlel Kut.. partnet's iu tr.-nlo under the name and
firm of Kel.isri.iid R11U, Panic! Sitford and William
T'ilt Creed, Adininislr.ilori of tho Fstule of John
Creed dec., Hi d J:i!!ics W hile, Ilefeiiiinnls.
TP J V Tirloe nf an order of Side lo 1110 directed In tho
g ahovn ca'isf hy tho Court of Ountnon Pleas of
soul County, I mil oti'er nml esposo lo salo nt puidic
vei.due and oul-.Ti at Iho d"or of the Court House iu
tho City of l.ancaiiK'r. in said County and Mate, on X 1
fiir.lny lhe'ist i:y tif Jlyrit, J. 1). l.-'oVt heliyeeu llio
hours of Hio'eloi k A. .M. and 4 o'clock P. .1. of sa d
day, tho fdloivii.f; Heal Fstnlo silualu in tho Comity
of FairlloliI and Male of Ohio, lo-nit: In-I.ot mimher
too (.So. v) in Marl's soh'divishiu or Out-hot nuiuhor
two (.No. 01 arid the West tialfof Out-hot nuniltertlirea
(.So. 3.) North of ami loljninlnc tho Town of .nncu-ler
in Paid County, onreplinjr snvcti (7) fret nnd six (li)
ilichei froiitit'if on Hroad Mroet, olFlho Nortli side of
sr.lil hot.nnd ruuiiljiir htick h'-tweoit parallel liuosllnit
width to an alloy in lh'' r.-ar of said hot. To ho sohl as
llio prooorly of s.".id J..felidulila Nelson Coales mi l
Hosier llraiistiaii' to satisfy .iudti't liralu.st tliUill In this
cause in fat or of.snid Plo'lntiil" for S.-SI 111 mid costs of
s'lil with Inlcied from Wlh Poh. A. I. IK'S.
Appraised at S1UI;:1. Termsof silo rasa in hand.
Cao. W.Msr. I'.'.uov.pls. Attv. V.'.M. POi'J"l'.!l, Sheriff.
A!n.-eh li, lajj-i45 CM". 1., WlSl-iMAS, Deputy.
. Slit-riilH Sule.
7'V ,Mff O.Wi. FillVnWlf Cnunf I .
John W.Tajlor Wife phdnli.fsa , 1.arlU,.p,,r.
Marv Plekc'.s, ft als., defendant. ) cUl Com. Plena.
rt V vlrtiio of an 1
mler of salo , from tha f. sort of
III Illlll f..r Hlllll all!lllV. .III. I lit Kill
ij Jl Comiiion Pica-'
lireeh d.l will oit-'r nl public sale, i,"oit fAs premhf8.
llu nrif i.ii inr s4 ,la'l vt April Jl. 1),
D-.M, belween
th" hours of Ml o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. Al.. tho
follow in described Inuds and tenements, to-wil:
Luis No. :.. No. C'i. iNo.OT. no. Oil. No. "(I, No. "li.no.
N'o. '.:i. cV No. illl. in the town of PicL-erili'.'ton, In Iho
mumy nf l-"ni rM'-l.i & Stalo of Ohio. Lot no. :r.i valued at
? .'li.no. ml at ?'-'&, no. o; at no. iMIal J.'iO.uo. 70 at
3-11, no. ;u at no. v al $13, no 113 ut aiu,uo. 101
at Sim). -
Terms ofsal",ono third In hand, one.-third In one
nnd one third iu two yours, wiih inlores't on deforred
pit) inenlsfroiii the day ofsalo,
Mutix & i iuttirii, sttvs. WM POTTER, ShorilT.
)!y C. ,M. L. WI.SF..MA.N, Deputy.
I.ancnste r, -Mnrch 15, le.i.i jw45.
Htierill's Siilct
n S'u's of O.'iit, Fairjttld County, u.
BYvirtueof nn o locution, against property, from
the Court of Common Pious, in and for said coun
ty, and to uiodiroeled, 1 witl nlTcr til public sate, nt
the Court House, in .tmcaster, on Sninrjarnie 2it
li.ii of Apr, I) A. il. lr-j., betii.oon tho hours of lno'
cloek A. M.aml4 o'clock P. M.. the rotlowiie; de
aeribed real cslatti, to-wlt: 'Sitoale in llio City of
l.aucastsr, in the county of Fuirlleld, and stuto ofoiiio,
hulnjrlho west half of Illicit number slv. In the
twetrili square of said city; Valued ut $.tniu To bo
sold as thu property of K, L. Slocum nt the suitor
.Marv nury. ituariilun ol llio cnuorou or tlio lalo Joseph
tlury.ileieasod . . .
'l'erois ornalo. essh
P. Vs Tr.i Hi'. Ally. W.M. PoTTKR, Shcrllf,
('. M. 1 Wtsrman, DupuTy. -v-
Lancnster, March l.t,, lroa liwt.l.
She. ill's Sale..
T Slnlt of Ohio, Falrfirli CeMry,
"H'JtinslJAN't' to the romlnund or second ordorfor
Is mo saio oi prope.iy iruin mo i ouri oi i ornmon
Pleas, In and for said County, and lo mo directed,! wilt
oiler at public salu ut Iho Court House in In tho City
of li:lne:istor, on Saturday tli t!t Au) of Jijrit. A. li.
lKifi, between llic hours of Hi o'cloiic A. M. nnd 4 o'
clock P, .M.ot'solil daytho 1'oLloM'intr ileserihed Heal
Kstalo, to wit: ln-l,ots numbers 1)7 uud OH, in iho North;
wnstoriiuddiilon to tho town of Lanruster.
Valued al Two 'thousand Dollars,
To he sold ns the properly or Ceorro J. Bltler, nt
the suit ofT. W',.Tullinud;re. Terms of a;ilo rash.
JiXAs ikSoN. Auoruies W.M. POT I'KK. Slieriff.
Hv C. M. L. WIHtMA.N.Denutv. .
' Marrh 13, 1SJ.V5 prs3 . .. .
' fslieriiT's Sale. -Tss
Slat of Ohio, FairfifM County, to.
Tl'JUnsil ANT lo the coninii.iid of a second order for
B. salo from Iho Court of Common Pleas of Fuirlleld
County, und to me directed, 1 will oirer utpnhliu sale
arlho Court tluso lit the City of Lancaster, on 6'irur
tlnif ihtMtit Hay of April, jl. . Ho.-,, between the hours
of 10 o'clock A. M. uud 4 o'clock P. M. of said day, tlie
folloivin dosiTlhed ilea' Kstutc, to-wit: In Lot mini
lier'i.ln thirp 'nter'nndditlon to tho town ofl.aiieastor.
Valued atetlCo. 'i'o he flold ns the nroperir of
Martin Hill, ut tho suit of John Aruuy,
Terms of sulo cash,
Kasstii & So.f, Atly's. W.M. POTTKR, Sheriff.
By C. M. L. WISF.MAN, Deputy.
Lancastor, Ohio, March li, IKii 4w43plJ r
Sheriff's Sale.
JcGowon . In Partition Fairfield '
John MoOowen. et als.) Common Pleas.
BY virino of nn order of sulo to mo directed from
the Court of Common Fleas for FniruVId county,
Oliiu, 1 will otter nnd expose to sulo by public vendue
mid out-cry, nt tho ilooroflho Court 'ilouse, in said
county, on Saturday thf lira rfuv of April, mrxt, be
Iweun Iho hours often o'clock A.M., nnd 4 o'clock P.
M.,fifsald day, tho following doscrlbed Lands nnd
tenrmeuls to-wlli In Lot No. "2 Iu the town of Kat
Fushvilleinsuid county.
Terms of sulo. one Uiird luhsnd. one third In one
year nod the romainilur one-third In two years with
iiilnreaton deferred payments from the day of salo.
Appraised nt $000. . W.M. POTTER, hhcriu.
March S, INii 44.
Shcria'is Sale.
PetorHillynrd, i , . . . .
Jeremiah tlillyard.etals.
In Partition.
BYTlrtneofan order of sale to me directed from
Uie Court of Common Pleas for Fairfield counlv,
Ohio, 1 will otfor aud expose to salo by public Voudiio
and out-cry, nt the door of thu Court House, In said
county, on Sul-nnla tbt Hth ilatofjtiiril ar rf.Wwoon
llio hours of til o'clock A., .M. und 4 o'clock P. M., of
said day .the followinif described Lauds and tonoiuunts
to-wlt: Parlor tho South West quarter orSertion No.
4r) In t.iwnBhip No. liu-e:i oframro N.l,coniaiiilns;
seventy-two acres free of any aud all liicumburauccs
wiinisoever.' . ' -
Terms ofsale.ene-lhlrd In hand one-third In one
Tearand the renialnlnn one-third in two years with
Interest on deferred payments from dajrof sal. -Appraised
at SIS bsraer.
jaarchS.ISS . . Wat. fOTTIK, IkarrC.
v v. .-' BherlU'a Main.
Owrf Uoftj.nn ui4 Uuiiel KnSrein.
Ann Mtrla llitiriium rt .
TY virtnnorawrliM'telsinino AlTvnixt Oon id
-r.r . mu. j ,wni.
i.un uil .in uiuii no an r..r ! l rSuliU'uun t , hi...
"!" "or m'9 .f?"0 w -"f, Mt
1 , twtf".
i. ""'I
f'VJ 'r
Dctwcrii inn Dunn r I o'clock A. M. t 4
, t Ihu btf UoM hlitilor, trto rnlluwluf
ti.lsko. Win Hi Thv Eui kir of Ui kl
II. X.I. 4. 1'.lUAl.lll Mil A I?..,.. If. in
..ih '.i.. ...
Uiu liiriii H.i'iul3 milti frtiiii lAitraftlcr. on ihs Ki,l.
";1v,rcr,,a b 1co -"r?-'
: V"V "T w .iuri !
ilt.riiin? Hit; life lime of Amu Mnria llulliimn. and at
l'1'" -V ... .Hf lI.U ..I imilUF
uhl tu Hie hulri of
W tli purrhuM tiinir
ln-lhlrd oh tho ilnv ..f
nul annur.l tXTmnnU
pulwulMi will be (I vou la
T Abralmm llrdavs, Silas A. Hedges, William P
Kiec. Hebi'ein TallmaH wiitow nf Tallmanf
'rialutford F. Huliliaud his wife Huchel, William Jl
Fouiitaiuaiiil Ins wile Alblrjih, tieorco lluiilworH
and his wllo Kliznlwlh. John K. Hfilitpa and JkiumS
F. Iledcos, heirs of Joshua Hediros decraaed; Jona'
Ihau Kvotiiud nnd Sachet hisw lie. John 1 nlhott ami
al y his wifr, JaiucsA. I.liiia and Keberra his
wife, Ckarles Paul ami AHrntii wifo. AnnK. lliah-
. ra widow of Hlshes, Abraham Hediros
AVill tftin Jlt'Hjfru, Jf Hctlifi'n, KfsitD Auh Heilcunf
nn-l Mur Hiuljr, liclrHof Isai lleUfft'HtJt'rettitfil,
YU1T Hill ihIcu notice Uui OMlhe twent) flntt iluy of
Wt.n li A. li. 4 lite ntHlortsIeninl rtit'd putj
ltiii In ttiti Court of I omiuon Pluua of FalrrUdil coon
ly tihlo. where tlie saws Is now pendlinr. domanotuel
pariitionof tho foltoiritia; firemises aituatu In smtil
ronuly; onehuiidred andone acres, part of tha South
Kast uuariornf section llvu- (5) Kutif-e ..nineteen (IU),
Township r.iurtoon (ij), beintxlhe lands he.iienthod
to llio said Join Mi ilir.'shy Ilia futtior Jeaae Uedxon.hr
awilldalud July lt 115, aduitttrd to Probata on lha
sos-ond day i.r Ocloher A. It. Iri5tauit rccordo.l in
Hook Sio.-oiiof lhKccords of Wills for Fairfield
County. - . ' .
At thoneit tonn ofsnld Coart.an appllrallon will ba
iim.lo by iho undersigned, foran order that partition
way he iiiiota of aald promises. . MAKV E. KICK.
'Ai.rscDWif.LiaM, Ally. Kl.liECCA KICK,
AlanhSS, lfij w4Gnr.-,0S A ., 1.
Vrobato JTiiticBTTT
"JVTQ.TlCSIsberiibv (rlvon to H persons tnleirslad,
1X th.lt llio a.'comil and fouchers or John Brandon,
Administrator of tlie Fslato of lunae .W. Mason. !
cmsed. bare horn riled in tho Probate Court for Fair
Held County, Oliio.h) said AdiniiiisirniorroriusieiHioai
and setlleiueiit. and said aorount will eunis on to b
heard 011 the 14lb day of April nesjt, or as soon there
after as may bo. VI IIGIt, K: SUA VV, Probals Judje
La 1. alitor, March ii, liij 4
jTOTICK ishoroby nivrn to nil persons tatsrrated,
IK thai Did aicounls and Touchers of tho estates of
J0I111 Dricht, Joseph Iiirurr, Joliu Campbell,
Also tho tiuurdian account or David Dunkle, liavs
henn liloil iu tho Probate Courtof Fuirlleld Count) for
in-pe. tiou and SL'tilcnient, aud said uruounts will come
on to he heard on tho tilts duy of April neit.oras soou
thereafter as niiiy he.
VIRGIL E. SHAW, Pro. Judf.
March 14th A. D. ltvj-45.
ftte of John rnmpbell.
jVTCiTIC'K Is hereby fc-ifn. that iho undrrsis-nrd hss
Il tilts day been Appointed by tho Probate Court of
r'mrrli Id County. Ohio, Administrator C iosir ana of
1I10 J'..tale of John Campbell, deceased. All persons
ntoro.-t"d will take nolle e and govern ihemselses ae-eordlni,-ly.
JOI1.1 it. 1UIALCU, Astiu'tes.
March 1(1, l.M 4 a 4i
rnoHATK NOTicr.
jVyOTU'E Is hereby eivou to all person's ii;tireslsilr
. thai Iho nrcoiints nod vouchors of Ihrestaleo'
A munda THvinnu, Thomas Friekcr.Klinbelh Flckel'
Francis .Myer.s, Saiiiueri'rovinirer and .Nancy Yoder.
Also iho (riiardian'sai rounts of Samuel Drossier,
f.i'o. S. Kukrritnd David Hritrlil. have been died in
Iho Prohato (.'mirl of Fuirlleld rouiity. Oli;o, for In
spoctiou nod settlement, nnd that said accnuntswiil
come.or to ho heard on lho'J3d da) of itarch, JSS5. or
as soon thorcariur as mnv be.
VlUliu JL SHAW, Pro. Jas.e.
Mars 1, 1S5J tX
Pnrtition Motiet.
Jnroh Weaver, Peter Weaver, Adam Weaver, rantel
Weaver, Hidouian Wenver, Anne Weaver. Knitlf
Weaver, minor, Smnuol P. Wenver. David Weaver,
George Gs and Polly, his wife, Georpe Falts and
Calharlne his wife.Sylvesle s. Sheperdand Chrisll
ii a his wifo, Oeoruo Pope and Fruncis his wife, Jo-s-ph
C. TertiloKerand Knmh his wire, Henjnrnin .
Feeninn and Marnuret his wife, Samuel L'ly sn4
Kliaheth his wife. Henry ,Miers and Maria if. his
wife and Mary Wenver. widow,
"VS7TL1. take notice that on theS-ind day of January,
W W lSoi, John Weaver aud Leonard Weaver Sled
a Petition airninst thorn In the nfllcs or the Clerk of the
Court of Common Pleas of F.iirllsld County, Ohio.
praylnk- partition oflhe Easl half of Section Jo. 4,
township Jin, ,-,,ar.d linnee .No. IS.tn Fairfield coun
ty, cycpl 41 ncresnir Iho .South end lliereof brlonginsj
tii.Koli.moii Spanjrlrr, conlroiiinr- o?" acres. And that
ntlhn next Term of said Court, appliration will he
made by said Petitioners for an order that partition
may he made nfsaid premises.
Also, In-I.ot No.S.ln Square fo. 1. In the Town of
Baltimore, Fairfield Count). Ohio.
. . HKASKK so.f, Alfys for Petitioners.
N.nrchlS, JSi (w4S
Jn KnirftRltl Cuinmnta Plent.
Berjamln Townscnd, )
' ' ; irnlnt t Divorce.
Ma-caret A. Townsenrt, ) '
rri'lK licfemlnnt. whose, place of rasl.l'iice Is
rj known. Is hereby untitled lhal drpo,iii, w, te
taken In this rase hy tli,. IMni ritlfT at thc office of the Pro
halo Juduo In the city of J4.lliesville. County of Mus
kingum and State of Ohio, on the fitli, Tlh.and nil
days of April, A. D. lsjo, between Ihe hours of ei(l:l
o'clock A. M. ami nine o'clock P. M. ofesch nf sant
Alsrch 15, ISij 3w4S Altoroeysfor Petitioner.
,:. KK.Vf.ST.riniAl7i7'
"J" WILT, expose to snte,.n Saturday thr S4(A toy of
S March, trw, by public vendue at the Court Housw
door In ihorlty nf Lnncnstur, Ohio, the fullnwlnr lieml
I Ustate: II ft j -So t I'll .tCTrsjniid lit Pcrrlsra,
of Land. S'onili ti.'irt i.rtl.A Kitmn tv..a t Clusplnp .ru..
Hon Mo. 111. Towiishlo So. lj. Hamr-a No. IS. FaiaS.ld
county, Ohio. '
stu't-l.nts yo. to, Xorfb of lanensitrr,
eontnitilnir 7 ft-loo Acres, to be sold entire or in parcels
lo soil purchasers.
I.iil o. io, in thrTos-norlrtv.1nlrni,
In said cniinly.oii which lssiiunteasuir.lt Los; House.
Lot Se. ft, in Ihe limn ott Plenausil
villi'. in said county, on which Is situate a Frame
Divelliut: House.
Trrmttof Sai One-lhlrd fn hand, ono-thiru1 In on,
and one-third In two years with interest.
Any of tho nhove properly limy he purchased atprl
Tnlesale nnterms asubore. JoilH K. Mt'MAL'G II,
Fob. 8, 1 sii 40 Assignee of C. M. Ueory.
Sale of Jteitl Otnte by order of Court.
ON Srilts94rA rfef of March A. D. lS.15.lia
tneen llio hoursof tio'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock
P. M.,oii the premises, will ho sold In the highest utd
der.liio Vnluulilo Itlill lroprrly and uppur
tenuiices, lately ownud tiy Joaalhun Bartholomew,
deceased, sit unto In Fuirlleld county, Ohio, and known
nuddisiinpriiishcd by heinff u port of the Northwest
Uuuriorof Keel ion No. 1, In Township No. IS, of
Kanite Ne.lH: H-yinnina at the Northwest corner of
llio land formerly owncil hy Thomas Kees, at the niar
pin of tho Ohio Canal tiearoriiriunl Lock No. 11, Mouth
of Lickiusr Summit; tlienco South Hl1 doirret's Kssi
IU percliea to a post; thuiico North 54 deicrees Fast
'Jti perches to a post; thunco North 30 decrees W'est
7 l-lli perches to a post nt the Cannl; thence Nprlh 5Sl
ilesroc VVesl3H 4-10 perches with the Cannl to, th
phicoof bcpinlnff. Said jiromlses to be sold fre of
the dower nf the wlrlow of suld Joualhan ilartholo
nio'iv. Apiirniscd at 8-tOO. , . i
Term iifnatt One-thirn In hand, eae-thlrd In hn,
and tha residue in iwo years from duy of sule, wita
lnterost ou deferred pnvments.
Guurdimi of Mulon J. Uarthelomew.
MsitTisiA fVni.firn, .Mlys. Feb.8'J,eo5- Sw4S '
itMate of Henry Illte. . .
ON tho 2.1 day of March, A. U. 1HM, the Court of
Prohnto of the County nf Fuirlleld and Stale of
Ohio, dnohired tho Kstato of HBifrtt IIitk to he prohs
hlv iusolvout. Creditors nro therefore renuirnd to
! present thoir claims itpiinst th Kstate to tlie under-
siirneij lor allowance wiiuin six inoutnsrroin tnenm
ahovo iiioulionod, or they will not be outltled to pay
ment. Signed DANIKL KWAKTZ.
' ' Adminlstrittorof said deceased.
STmcncnstn & Sniwr, Attorneys. March 8 5w44
Kstate of Cyi W. Martin.
TT0T1CE Is hereby s;lvon, thnt I have this day beea
X duly uppointed nnd oiialifled Administrator on
Hie Kstate of Evi jMsa-riN, ilecoused, late of Fairfield
County, Ohio. All persona knowing themselves In
debted to said Kstato will make Immediate payment,
and Ihoso lo whom tlio Kstate is Indebted will preseul
tluiraccouiitsduly uuthenticated within one year.
February US, IM5 4w43 6. MARTIN, Adin'tor.
F.stato of Robert T. Hunter.' -
TajOTirK is horohy Klven.that the nnderstfrned has
1 beii duly iiuiilllled ns Ktoculor of the last will
and testiiincnt ofRonsnT T. ilu nter. doceascd. lata
orGroenHeld Township, Fairfield County, Ohio
All pereoua knowlno: thomselvos iudebted to said Es
tate will make Imined into pay monl,a nd thoso to whom
the Entitle Is IndeLtod will present their aeoount duff
authenticated within one year.
March 8, 1F.15 4w44 JAMES P; ttttHTER, E'tsf
ttstttte ot Itobert C. Boud.', .
NOTICE Is hereby given Hint the nnderslrned bsa
this day been appointed and n,uallAed, asAd.
miiiisiriitor of the estate of Robert C. homl, Stressed.
All persons huvlnj; claiiiis fitraliisl srttd estate witl pre
sent the same, to the undersigned, duly aiillloiiticated
as reipiiri'd by law, within one year; and those waa
am iudebted lo said estate, will come forward sad
mako Immediate payment. ...
March 1, IcoS. WILLIAM HOLIDAY, Adm.
ti suup v rot7!trif wAue-booaT
James iricTrannmy
RAVINGeslnhllshod himself trt the msnnfsdurtnr
eiienf'o Buililinir. om Voor Writ of tk, Hocking fallif
Bank, Is prepared lo furnish tlio people of this county
with every liiinir that uiuy be needed In his Hue. Ha
keeps on hand ovory variety of COOKING and HEATING-
STOVES for WOOD and COAL, consisting la part
of the Lion Air Tipht, Westorn Qtioon. ,
Triumph. Buck, Presidents and Preference fof Wood
and Black Diamond fur Coal. Also Ploughs, Plough
Shares, Snpar Ketlles cV Hollow-ware. All of the abov
article will he wild a low as Tart he beuwht elsewhere.
Ho Invites ciUmu generally to rail and eiamine ala
N. B. Itouse-sronllns; A lobblns: don Bpa short -tics.
OldCupper, Brass, Pewlerand Iron salenia a
ehTig for any of th sbov arttsl. i' . .' J. M. .
A.Luasti,soal,)efH tfi,Di' "t !'
V i
i .,

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