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jrarasttr (settle.
CITY OF LA.ECASTEE. -TliurdiyJIoralnB.Karcb2,l5
p!e under which our country has risen
beyond all precedent to wealth, power and
happiness; will not the editor do us the fa'
ThlBgt to BcHtmbered.
It is really quite refreshing to wititess
the denperation of demagogues in their ef-
Tor to point us to some Country, where Iio- forts to regain the political power they
mUh politics have produced their legiti- jonee so shamefully abused. It gives us
mate fruits? We dc.iro to sco what thote i encouragement, and Mtifit. u that the
- Political Catliollctftua.
We have on more than one' occaion in
tho columns of the' Gazette proved by co
piom ex'.raots from leading Catholic jour
nals that the Romish. Church seeks to con
trol the political affairs of this nation. It
lias been but a short time since we Called
the attention of the Eagle to certain ex
tracts from the Shepard of the Valley, &
Calliolio paper formerly published in St.
Louis. The Eagle avoiJed replying in di
rect terms by asserting that the paper from
whicli we took our extracts, had becu dis-
ml lauahed at the idea of
ouotimr l ns authority to prove the
political and proscriptive tendencies of
the Romish Church. Recently, however,
a new Catholic paper has been established
in tho same cily and is under the immedi
ate supervision of the Bishop of St. Louis.
It is signiGountly styled "the Leader," and
in the editor's salutatory he leads off in the
following language:
;. "What is a Catholic Paper? Many
suppose that a Cuteolio paper must be a
religious paper. It may be, but it is not
necessary. Nay, I will go further, and
ay that it is not expedient. I will go fur
ther still,, au J obrvo that as a general
rule, it is not the fact. Take the most re
nowned Calliolio papers. There, is the
Dublin Tablet it is. Catholic to the back
bone, asitwere, but it is not mainly re
ligious; it is almost altogether political,
with a strong dash of the literary. The
New York Freeman's Journal set the ex
amplain this couutry of breaking through
the limit proposed to bo set to Catholic
journalism by identifying it with religious
journalism, and through its masculine ar
ticjos oil all current topics of interest, has
in a rmnner proclaimed the emancipation
of the American Catholic press, and inau
gurated He effective usefulness.
' "But the political papers are worse than
the literary. We may ignore the latter,
but in this ago of the world we can hardly
get along without tho former, and with the
very best intentions the political press as
sails and misreprcunts us attvevy tuin.
And the truth is, it is conscious of a dif
ference an irrcconcileulle difference of
principle between it and us. Politic is
one scien:e as viewed from the Cutholicstund
poin', and another as seen from the Prot
estant. If the Protestant political press
1 it us entirely alone, or spent itself in flat
tering us, we should still need to set forth
our own views of government, of social or
der, tc, which are radically different, at
loast from those which are popular. Only
a few old, stubborn conservatives and tra
ditionalists, who have riot forgotten the
ideas of their fathers, think as we do. It
can be shown, I think, and we ought to
show it, that tee are truer republicans than
our friends on the other tide of this question;
Unit their principle lead at last to despotism,
while ours are tho bost guarantee fur lib
erty, which iii human affairs is a synonym
of order..
How does the Eagle like this expose of
political Romanism? Will it have the au
dacity, in the face of this testimony, to say
"the Catholic Church is not apolitical par
ty?" Let the Papists and the partisan
presses that hold them as faithful allies,
deny that Catholics are as such, politicians,
read still further from this new exponent
aud defender of politkul Rotnunism. The
"Leader" says: .
"A Catholic journal, then, is one, not
because I ho editor is always talking like a
devotee, or because its columns are filled
up with pious reading adapted to form its
readers iitto saints, it tney would oestow
on it the attention it deserves; but because,
to whatever line it addicts itself, whether of
literature, news, commerce, or politics
whether to the instruction, the interest, or
the recreation and amusement of its read
ers it is directed by Catholic principle.nnd
if not inspired, is at least controlled and re
strained by the Catholic lex credenti, the
Catholic lex vicendi, i. e.. the Catholic faith
:and Catholic morality."
With that eloquent and able Divine, N.
f . Hick, editor of the St. Louis Presbyteri
an, "we arc trvioly glad to see this bold a-
vowal of a truth, for asserting which Prot
estants have been charged with slander
and with bigotry. The Church of Romo,
' Ve are plainly told, has her politics, which
are part and parcel of her religion, or are
inseparably, connected with it; and her
polities are radically irreconcilably opposed
to those set forth by tho political press of
- onr country. It is tho duty of her clergy,
in their papers, to teach her views of gov
.erumcut and social order, which are radi
cally different from those which now pre
vail. Clearly, then, it is the avowed aim
of the Romish clergy to overturn .our civil
government, and to establish in its place a
.government founded upon the political
- principles of Rome; and Americans are to
make' their selection between the free iusti
- tutioiis established by our fathers, and the
despotic principles of Rome. . In other
words, wo are to decide, whether the Popo
'of Rome and his 'clergy shall rule our
country; The decision, we are persuaded,
will be easily made.
; Jn what light, then, are we to regard
the Church of Rome in this country?. If
the "Leader lias not most grossly misrep
resented her principles, she must be looked
upon as an organized political party, led on
by a foreign priesthood, in league with the
greatest tyrant on the earth, . whose aim is
to revolutionize- our government, and to
establish in its stead an ecclesiastic despo
,tism. Every Romish paper, church and
fic'heo) is part ofthe machinery for the ac
leomplisament or this object. And yet
Hon Mr. Chandler could make a speech in
Congress, pretending that Popery has no
political view whatever;. ' .
But since "The Leader',' is established
for the purpose of persuading the Ameri
ca people to abandon the political princi-
political principles have done for other
countries, before we exchange ours for
them. Perhaps ho will tell us of the pow
er and glory of Mexico! Possibly lie will
tell us of the internal peace, wealth and
power of Spain or Portugal! Or will ho
inform us of the delight with which the
people of Rome submit to the political gov
ernment of "his Holiness?"
"Oh! Consistency."
The Eagle has frequently made merry
over what it termed "the inconsistencies
ofthe editorof tho Gazette," but ' since its
marriage to the anti-American, Roman
Catholic secret order of Sag Nichts, we
suppose it-can now find ample material in
its own household to develop its mirthful
propensities. Before the election last Fall
the Eagle was "particularly down" on
secrot organizations and its columns teem
ed with anathemas directed at all who be
longed tothem;hut a change has come over
the spirit of its dream, and we now find
this beautiful specimen of ."consistency"
engaged in not only waking up the preju
dices and fostering Ihediecontent of a for
eign population, but actually forming them
into secret political cluls, in order to put
down those American principles which
are possessed by the "American Party,"
and substitute in their place-, the accursed
influence of Foreignisrn . and Jesuitism,
with their long train of corruptions and
But really it is enough to have made old
Phocion hiniscif, who, itissaid, never was
.known to have indulged in a smile, lausrhf
right out, with a real hearty shake-of-the-sidos
explosion, to hear these old, palsied,
wily, wire-working, puppot-dancing.thim-blo-rigging
partisan leaders preaching a
guinst "secrot political societies'' of Native
born Americans and at the same time be
the prime movers in a "secret' political or
gunizalionof Foreigners and Catholics,"
thus claiming privileges for aliens and
Catholics that aro denied the "Native
sons of Liberty." It is, indeed, enough to
make the leanest dispeptic in existence
laugh himself into full fatness? Beyond
all question, it is the best illustration to be
found on record of the meaning of that oft
repeated saying "Satan reproving sin!"
Another Evidence.
We want no better evidence of thepow
erful influence of public opinion, in com
pelling men into tho proper performance
and discharge of duty, than was on last
Tuesday presented by the editors of. the
Ohio Eagle. Heretofore, and when these
editors had perfect and sole control over
tho county Treasury, they chnrged ONE
DOLLAR PER QUIRE for printing As
sessors' Blanks, and declared upon the
honor of gentlemen that this was no more
than they were justly entitled to. We at
once denied the justness of their claim, and
when wo stated that the Assessors' blanks
could be furnished the county at less than
half the Eagle's charge, they sot up the pit
iful cry that "the laborer is worthy of his
hire" and that wo were endeavoring to de
fraud them out of money they had honestly
Now what are we to think of these hon
est ( ?) editors-what will the people think of
them when they "go Legging" the printing
of Assessors' blanks at fifteen cents per
quire! which they did on Tuesday last,
What will the tax-payers of Fairfield coun
ty now think of the honesty of their form
er declarations "that these blanks were worth
one dollar per quire! fifteen ants per
quire! Shades of Fauslus defend us!
Who would have thought the dignified
editors ofthe Ohio Eagle would have made
this open confession of the dishonesty of
their former charges of one dollar per
enemies of Amoricanism have no longer
any hope of success. The battle i already
won ovor an adversary when argument
fails him, and he resorts to Billingsgate.
Partisan editors throughout the entiro
country are busily employed in maligning
the American Party, they have steeped
their pens in the vilest cess pools of party
corruption and have essayed to give bat
tle with all the eager and desperation that
love of spoils and power will excite in tho
human breast. They declare American-
. .1 i -. i . .
ism to lie me ratines, crime fcnown io ei
ther the moral or political code. The
love of one's country they pronounces
heinous sin. , Efforts to check tho growth
of demajouueism are "selfish and willed."
To place guards against the introduction
of Earopcan pauperism and crime is "an
outrage to reason and religion." To pur
ify the ballot-box, by the exclusion of lor
eign ignorance, folly and licentiousness
therefrom,' is "corrupt and mischievous."
In fine, according to the views of these
partisan spoils fighting leaders, American
ism is the "vilest pestHunce that ever curs
ed the land."
What say you, Americans, to this abuse.
this vituporation, this calumny? Is it a
sin to honor, to love and defend the prin
ciples of Washington?
Remember, that it was your own Wash
ington that wished thcro was not a single
foreigner in tho command of troops dur
ing the Revolutionary struggle, save Lafayette.
ilememler, that it was your own W asii-
inuton who said "it does not accord with
the policy of this government to appoint
foreigners to ofllco, civil, or military, to
the exclusion of Americans."
Remember, that it was your own Wash
ington who said that it was not good pol
icy to encourage the emigration of foreigners.
Remember, that it was your own Wash
ington who warned us to 'guard "against
tho insidious wiles of foreign influence."
Remember, that it was your own Wash
ington who said that "history and expe
rience prove, that foreign influence is one
of the most baneful foes of a Republican
Remember, that it was the opinion odjour
own Washington "with respect to inimi
gration, that except of useful mechanics
and some particular description of men
and professions, there is no use of encour-
One Week Later froei Earop.
Arrival of the
New York, March 27. The Namer
Atlantic, with advices from Liverpool to
the 10th insl., has arrived at this port.
She brings one week luter news from all
parts of Europe.
CummkhcialInteluukkck The cotton
market, at Liverpool, opened active, and
prices in the first part of the week advanc
ed nearly jd, but towards thu close the
market became dull, and prices declined,
jo, holders prcting llieir stocks npon the
market. The sales during the week reach-
LaUer Crevia .Ueilca.
Nnv Obliam, March 20.
By the steamer Oriz.iba we have ad
vices from Mmico to the 19th.
There is nothing dot-Live in regard to
Alvarez. It was reported he find on the
jnpj.roach of Santa Anna's troop, andw
pursued to the neignoorhooa 01 Acnpuico.
Santa Anna was received at the capital
with enthusiasm.
Committed Suicide.
Bo, March 27. Thomas W. Hoop
er, the paying tullar of tho Merchants'
Bank of this "-iiy hung himself lhi morn
ing,. in the caller of the C.tiilt. His ac
counts arc all riht as far as knowu.
ed 07,000 bales.of which speculators took
1 ,UW bales, and exporters 12,000 do..
Jjreadslulisof nil kinds were dull, and
Loss of Ike NX-inner IIuntvllJe.
New Orleans, March 20. The steam
er Ilunlsvilli;, with fmr thousand bales of
,nH.,n alin'.ril in ri.lw.rf i.it fiil.ilfv fl ltriv.li
prices lower. Wheat hid declined 2J per ,v Cr. No nirficulars.
KiliW-Nrtiinre AbffA.
Nzw Oim.kass, March 26. The Know-
quire? But, gentlemen, repentence with
out restitution is but a poor evidence of
Christianity, and until you refund into the
county Treasury that which you have
yourselves acknowledged to have stolen out
of it, we can place but little confidence in
your sincerity. Can it be possible that so
amiable, vivacious, kindly and dignified
gentlemen as theedifoisof the Eagle claim
to be, could be influenced in the smallest de
gree by vindictive fooling or revengeful
memories. Truly.thisisaspecies of "death
bod repentance which would require
more faith than ordinary men possess to
command confidence or respect.
3TA number of persons, we under
stand, who were kicked out of Know
Nothing lodges on account of disreputable
conduct, are making the editors of the
Eagle particularly happy in their exulta
tions ovor what they deem the prcmonilo
ry symptoms of a final dissolution of the
American party. ' We would merely state
that these men were found to be bcyondthe
pale of reform, hence their being sent back
to the party they once disgraced.
Tlic ltepoit
Of the Committee appointed to measure
the "foot-prints on the roof" was not
handed in in time for our last issue. The
committee ascertained, beyond doubt, that
the aforesaid "foot prints" were made by
the same gentleman . that stole the poll
books of the last October election. The
Eagle will please comment. We can't
do the subject justice.
JfarWinter is still lingering in the lap
of young Miss Spring." Such familiarity
at this season ofthe year is decidedly out
of taste to say nothing about "prudence."
In the name of all the pretty little girls in
the city we protest, yes, yes, toe protest!
Remember, that the patriot Jefferson
oncosaid, "I hope we may find some
menus in future of shielding ourselvesfroin
foreign influence, political, commercial,
or in whatever form it may be attempted."
Remember, that it was the patriot Jeffer
son who declared, "I can scarcely with
hold myself from joining in the wish of
Silas Dean, 'that there were an ocean of
fire between this and the old World.' "
What thi hk, you reader, of the Ameri
canism of Geobqr Washinuton and Thom
as Jefferson? Is it "selfishness and
wickednoss?" Is it "corrupt and mis
chievous?" Is it a "moral pestilence?"
or does it brand ns basely libellous the
charges of the corrupt and corrupting par
tisan leaders of the day? We trust, here
after, that when the bantlings of partisanism
fling their vile epithets at your devotion to
American principles and the American
Union, that you will remember tho princi
ples and patriotism of Washington and
Jefferson, and frown down every attempt
to swerve you, in the performance of the
duty you owe yourself, your country and
your God.
Jt&" As a last resort to regain political
ascendency in this county, the Eagle has
employed certain hangers on, expectants,
and defeated politicians to furnish its col
umns communications purporting to come
from ceceding Know Nothings. Now we
have no hesitancy in pronouncing these
statements base forgeries, just such for
geries as were given to the public through
the New Hampshire Patriot, just such
forgeries as wore given through tho col
umns ofthe Cincinnati Enquirer, prior to
the election in New Hampshire and Ohio.
The communication in tho last Eagle sign
cd Jefferson, was written by a lawyer in
this city who has not moral stamna e-
nough to give character to Lis assertions,
What Say Youl '
Now that the editors of the Ohio Eagle
have acknowledged that fifteen, cents per
quireh a fair and honest remuneration for
printing assessor's blanks, will they re-
storo the county all they formerly receiv
ed abdvefifteen cents? . Come, gentlemen.
a new Court llouso, a new Markot House
and a new Poor House will shortly have
to bo erected at the expense of the tax
payers of the county, and they vrould
doubtless be "much obliged for that small
chance." "Every little helps." Fork it
bush; Flour Is per brl. and Corn Isper
llaring g Circular says a fair bavner.s
was doing in foreign and colonial produce.
Iron quiut. American slocks quiet and
unchanged. Consuls closed Friday eve
ning at 98. The money market easier.
The Liverpool circulars are very contra
dictory in regard lo the state of the mar
ket for Breadstuff.
Dennixtown says Flour had declined 2s;
Wheat 3d, and Corn 2i Cd, and quotes
Western Canal Flournt 33ia37s; BaUiinorc
and Philadelphia, 37kh39s, and Ohio 3f.sa
42s. White Wheat 12s, and Red 1 Is 3d;
Yellow and mixed Com 40sa41s Cd, aiid
White 41sa43s.
Genkiiai. Iktem.iukkce. There was no
mistake about the announcement of the
death of Nicholas .by the last steamer.
The Emperor Nicholas is dead, nnd his
son Alexander has ns ended the throne of
the Empire, with the title of Alexander 11.
His succession look place without opposi
tion, amid perfect order and quiet. 1I
has issued a manifesto, suiting that he " ill
adhere to tho policy of his illustrious fath
er, Nicholas, Constantino, nnd his othor
brother, with the leading government olu-
cers, have taken theoaihof allegiance.
Alexander has confirmed the instruc
tions of his father to GortschakoJl", the
Russian diplomatist at Vienna, to negoti
ate; and the preliminary meeting of the
Conference had been. held nt Vienna.
The late Czar had, before his death, re
called Menchikofl from the command ofthe
Russian forces in the Crimea, and had ap
pointed Gen. Gortsehikofftotbe chief com
mand, and Gen. Osten Sacken second in
command. Gen. Luden had been appoint
ed the command of the Russian forces in
Alexander had appointed Gen. Rudisncr
Minister of War.
Tlic allies have ordered their Generals in
the Crimea to press forward the war.
There, had been more lighting in tho
Crimea. The French stormed a redoubt,
skillfully erected by tho Russians in the
iiitrht, and several hundred were killed on
both sides.
ll was rumored, and generally believed,
that the Grand Duke Mitchael ha.d been
wounded at Sevastopol, and has since died.
A large Russiau force threatens Balak-
The blockade of the Danube bus been
Ui oussa, a Turkish city in Aia Minor,
had been nearly destroyed by an earth
quake, together with thico-fuurths of the
Strong indications of a disagreement
have aiisen between Franco and England.
Napoleon has said that the armies shall no
longer act together, if Roebuck's commit
tee proceed with its investigation in regard
to tho war.. Upon this Lord Clarendon
started by express to Bologne to patch up
matters, und it is reported lie succeeded,
but it was believed, nevertheless, that the
Parliament would bo dissolved, and prob
ably the Ministry would have to be re
modeled. The committee, not withstand
ing, proceeded with its investigations.
Difficulties of a serious character exist in
Tie.ino, in Switzerland, nnd the crisis in the
Belgium cabinet continued.
He says the welfare of his Empire shall
be his primary object; that he will endeav
or to maintain Russia on the highest stand
ard of power and glory, tnu I113 aim shall
bo to carry out and accomplish the iuces
snnt wishes and views of his predecessor,
and hopes all his subjects will assist him in
his endeavors.
As soon as the death of Nicholas was
known at Paris, orders were sent to Canro-
bert to press on the siege with the utmost
rigor. In regard to the departure of Na
poleon for the Crimen, nothing further has
been developed.
Tho debates on the hrst meeting ol the
conference at Vienna, was to establish tho
meaningof the third of the guarantee points.
The Russian represeulativo was not pres
ent at the first meeting. Gen. Wedell had
left Paris on his return to Borhn, and it
was said he was benrer of dispatches,
which would insure the conclusion of a
treaty between Prussia and the Western
powers. The ratifications of the treaty
with Sardinia had been exchanged.
It was rumored that Schmyl, in conjunc
tion with the forces under Neal Mahomed,
will invade the Crimea by the way Anapa
and the sea of Azof.
Tho difficulty in Switzerland.in the Can
ton of Tyrno, is between the federal com
mission and the citizens of the Canton.
Belgium was still without a Ministry.
The London Morning Herald says it has
the most excellent anthority for stating that
the French Emperor has remoustrated a
gainstthe committee for inquiry into the
conduct of the war; and that ho has said,
in the event of tho committee continuing
to sit, tho armies of the two countries can
not act together, although they mny act
separately far the same object. - In order,
therefore, to satisfy Napoleon, without of
fending the English people, a dissolution
ofthe present Parliament must take place.
Apprehensions were entertained inEng-
. ' . T - V l l 1 I.
land that another jvaner war wouiu ureah
out, and England wsa using nil its influ
ence to prevent it.
Nothings carried tlic charter election to
day by a large m-ijoriiy.
Z N K IT O I 8 H,
l.nnrr.eter nrkett. ,
Oazettc Omen,' March 29, 1865. Our
quotations this mortdng are as follows:-
wheat, l.CU,
Corn, 60; ' Rye, JW; Oats, S0a30c;
Buckwheat, i.bJ per 100 bb!-.; Clover-
seed 5,50; Timothy seed, 3a4,00; Pola-
tes, J, SO, Max seed. csi.OU; Jint-
l. 11,ir.. Vrtrrm 1 (Wnf. KiU- 2.fiO9 .
75,' Beans'. sToO.' Soap.. .: e,j' U
I3al5c: Tea, SOcalOO; Molauca, W """:'. W" . . ,"..".
rAMILr GBUVLUlkt, UUk will " "!
WOtlMl itiHy InlWns tfclr eutotaor,
Ik r!;.Mia reorUv, lhl tby fcar
their h.iiU:Jiit u ih f'irU ada Mat Htnvij
Flour, 9,00 per barrel; !iMi ', wscre um impami w t.nMh
W have etplf v'n ifk Ut
II ue ol bualiidu, will tell l oholMul Mail null
at K Umttl frit: .... ...
We ro iruimlud to clT faol aatlaiarUua. Ali
ordur. rroin ih cuuutn I ft Hrit. . Soda, MM-
KAMlIO.-iAJU.K .Mt 1.1.1 Kit VI
'TkTR oull pnrt'culftrly Invite Hi nil -ittioa of oar
,fii r?i4ir, wn'i tiii'Mt. vtiin.r f.nt utnaii
tin Srin or Ktnnin'T. lo tbe C3ktuiii-ve Block of Mr.
i. A. llfcSUKll.SO. 1-iti
. 7J 21 H . I C II ,
'. ' (''mutating of
'' -rIHonr"i f'lblxiH"., FtMvrr nn4
Tiimtiiln'rM of tiii l'it-t p;mdr N-w Y'nrkirt'lt;.
Hnrnlork ll,v r-irlha I..M!(iKr In 1i rlti. and In
l.-.t fon-tailiy full t.v l.-.(l.V AUlti VAI.S fr-iru Urn !
Sif. Yunrmm, mil S'tttm timid. Ulvfi a4 Lm- 1
ft. Iftjr'ittn'f nitlitlte ntoi.1 n'uf li..3.,n. r- und i
TniMMiKii Kiao.eiMl Kakv il AiTii'iL Hioivr.im;
liiinrt-d; all of wliirli nhii will .-11 c-i 'T f'M. I.t:r i
lllan itnv iiilirriM'.MWl.niriit hi f.'iix-innatt. Il'rt r 1
FII-TH M KKKT. Iii-twecn klu ii fluiu.
Cinvinuuli, Murth 2U, Ifl-w 1)47
37c; Vinegar, 18a25c;Tcbr.5CO,18a25c;
IIay.9,00al0,00, TallowJOL per bri. .
WhUky, 3Dc.
ni'.c.vt.n mkltiju;.":
UNCAHTP.H I.OVGF. So. ST Minh fff, 1S5J.
" MUl-niK. tin. Jl Murill 8!9.
KM'AMHMKf.T.Ao.K. A.ril 3d.
" COi:X( ll.,o.4.-- - - Mink Kith. "
Fjuruary IS, leSJ. O. tSTMX M.X, Kesorder.
t'iour,.ltncAnt t ibfalt,Tar, t ordac,
'fwinr, CIa Mone Wm1-
ru Wares, Tolarco, 'null, Ci
gar9 Siyc Klurr., f ruits, c
lionsstr.f Ac.
03K lor weii of K'lia.ix Bank of Martin A Co.
.Mniii trct Lflit-r, 0iir, HivUm (he mtpit
tioi.of liio Uics'itaJi of F.vlrli'-M miU .''Ijuihh ff iimh
tie.to biHBAliuive lfrk on hJirt'l. U?U fiisfff1
Utl. fnnu Uiji cftiM) c-fi.t to the t?!itlt-ni!ii t u
tho.tiutiiouollaM. mid it be Ui.ii;riLsoU itiui lia don't
lei mi) boiiiMt u..'1-t tfU IH in.
V. H. IJhvIii? tak.:a iUv rUnp tuih of th Mttrket
houit. ami Mcvi it Tltieery rri-t of Grot erf;i,
iJro taniij Ac, til ofwlihU will hv fid ui KUe tain
inr. on tiio ul liii Mi.iii trowl t!io, flu would
-i lo tin t'.if,t3r that li 1(M imuvjh wlli be jru
purfrl to fnij.lj tiieui wuliuil kii.di ofluksj liiti.
lirii.ic imi onr llm on or ijiui.ey. oroiiu jercrcJlt
to I hh UiLt wi.b lo i'n an ar-nuU
si:v ZIA5BDV oie.A.tiKXT.r Ti;s:.
i. a tick iKL'i;r.E vuwhHir.o AU&oxn.
T SVIH Piitlnr.vtTH'"! li- f r lo fl IlioiUU r.iyiAy of
Ai,i,AM)i:;i ii. i;vas,
"fion n 'veriil yearn rotiuM t-l wltli ;x -nl Drpart
iut:iit uf I'm O'JwirA Gov jruut -i.!, miJiiimu hi
. .. KuUUl) Kuiid Ap'!n 111 'Imii I l!V, r.h'i
tf wotili n-ll llio btt'.M.tion of Olii SolUt r
Crj-ti.'l Ucr lii'IrH, to i!u vrry ( t rim u.m
;--". v h'n Ii li'.- i-ri'fHP'n warr-iiH ioVr the !
Uuuty IaimI Liw of Croiicri-&. Hi- iirr .ii.-uji
ithtUi' l)i!urttnt;iiUi. cu fjtitiilf rity w tlii tif nt;tii;'t -nittnl
of t-ais. w ill irnaMu iina to iroturi wur
rai.lu U ill) lliu lua-t poshAA.:
In ii'Mititjfi to hi t.fM-riiif lift lovw94i nmrli
rniimtife rtftor uito u'i uitM.i.:rj I'viui-mcaH cruiii- .,.,
iiijr 1 1 liio ntniHTou .l:tJ l vlutnm. I p 1( (
2 rr A rinj ii; -m, hlU-r). Team ;t IV'ivsil Of
lJv.liii.uii:ir AVur. Wur oMH-M I'tfi'ln, or
the hnli:n V . f.r a iurj'r f ui lf i'in fvmrfenn
art now tiit:ll-l to a Luml W.-.rr.n.t for ; r. !
i ln.f who m e uirM.iH.v riTetrcu t'n'ir w r f u wro i urilor
VurruA arc l;ow ei.llica 10 UU liUlil.ul.ai (;uiiuj ; ohto. w
iwrinjr I r.
a iiuiJiiiiti z tree
ijiiT'-T-'iil Umn
J-'lost-rij.jr Almoud.V? f"-Ai
imi foiii.a In mfiiy U y,
lit S; rii.jf H lroTT- v
Ir'vtlie llarf Flower
'Vir'a tmaii r u
FIoi.t, lar tttifl foil rfo iMu, lik'e iiti; !l roc uu i
rT iiri.JiMifi.i.il- It ul-o I'nn b f. Mil Almoin). T !i :
Trrtii lit i (o . hiiVf h rei uutuutvA a'. '.nitl.ir-
allc t mi iroulfl in ul un Viv otI iKit or rj
i k.tnl in ttiii. lo hn li'-y rj of tut mt.
I wit'i hi '.ml v of r"'I r't. tliat if iirly j.lant -u
th caMiot fnil to erow. Iiitr; bu'll iff- 50 cents
Sfouri.l 3 mil. 0.-ur5 Uraiy
t'.i . 1 ;- ff fan hi Htifij l;"l. Kitr.i
i.-r itDMi. .1 i-'t a i rw l or i b;m j rr'-i i in
Viirici in ii i' . iirnti. nri o i i-'-nv t. it 11, n:ii i"i; r - ni
uy ot t jiW . .rn. pi inn. ric.; Soir M:i(." itn4 o.h.ir . '
3inK!vl!.M'. UAII. UOAI.
OPR."? TO I.ANCAS1EH T.ed.ll) Traia. (Ha-
1 rHio. Icutc Clai'iiinali at .!!. ni 1 0 P. Ijip
ririi.jc at luurM.rai I P. M ,iij -. M.
I rani, loa'a Ijiilcntor t i 30 A.M. u4 10 ltl A. Mj
arm n. K at c'uiciolinli at II A.M. and J HO P. M.
I r.ti.. will Moi for nowenseraaj follow; At Amanda.
Ktrttit'a. tircU-tiil;. t',.Uiamsrt.rt, I'oiir Comra, Kaw
Hollanil. Maahhigtoii. natiii"ti.e,r.niiaa,i'Toaaifowat
W llmiiiKtoil.Milf". larka-. iilo and Morrow.
Thadnwuiri41ratM eonua.t a Morrow mk tk
twin, on Hib Ultw .Miama i. i't
Lini-.of ataif will mn Itflnten Lai.raatar a ad La.
-n, X'-lou.ill, Alhns, l'oroaoy, Homarawt aad
2i:iioilli.fiintli.it wll!" 0" "iorulnf trwa fro at
and eviMilnjr tralo to Clm'ir.M.ii.
For oilier u.ff.riontlnn aod tirkoli, itiplj al Tlrkal Of
g.n.ro'niirr'irrlroadwi.) and front.trrru.and al Ua
Muiui Uouot, or to Uie Si;ili"D ArnUn lb. llaa.
K. W. WOiillWARU.
Rniai'.raad Siinarlhtandant.
7T7"11ieromiiiiyFlll ""l renll,l fof Lar
rao exre.vliPf ailnTalua, nnlvtii tlia mu ba r.
turiiod nth-! l ondartnror Airnl.aiid fr.lflil paid al
tl.r rut. :aiwgefearjr (iWla.alna awora laai
autouat. Marcb 0,
po lixsa" saTrA n m irirs, m v (RYASD
.StitKtrtieu nr.-J nil wha litO agooal Horse,
S. S- - U. 11 w v
"5K?rSKTr O.ARKE1T n-nnectfully ramlna.
f ku Ibi1. h i i till I'Mnuivrlh away oaj
hr,jj.sirttt;i C.' wliora ba
1. alwf. iKji hand to tr oil rrlniili-il bornea.
Ane!ri"iK'.- of marlj W jifr.,!"! many jeara ot
tliul lime uiolortl.eln. lru- tioii frfun umineiil Vtrlii
ry Surfiit. uuuul". Ui:n lo imiilllt.itlT nmfertaktf Iba
dilHrillt iact. la HilOfclS'i bt hoida blmaolf
g'jeond lo non.
ilia rrpiil:.lir" U now o well Kt.o-wn inai nor
(Uit r u iitlo him to b i.tiod from iniwl of tha
i.o!lilrlnTi itl5aiid town., lit. boning Ph.
a.;roiinnd-ilioli.ar w :-ilJ-1 ml no dotontloa
d-l.y will -nf ''' liKN'ili'T OAUUtlT.
Lai,ca,it r, A jjtul '.M. 1-W limlS
'..nor l:
I (iruuiil to Hill aiTi.l
I ! r 'J.''-i.'ul.ir iorri-jonili.4 w Iio pri'iisri' and
Ilorwarii iiumii to uiv Luiirus:, lor iuauu'.uii'i.i uutv
Hill liiiJil..T;illv il..H fcllii.
JPrA t ill KT VV t'l.Al.VK lnvil )rloM;lnrwiti-il l.
1 Conrrfs. iK-l'-.ru vi III ll. I. II 1'kiva-ii. t l.us. liol (ro-
viili-.l for l,y l:iw. uri- l:i be prM,iiit'U for u'ljutlit-;.l.on,
Mr. hMn w ill ujiljn.,ku tirj iuuiuKcitifiitiVui cuji.-b
before tliat courl ft-olo be iirti;-i upon.
JPr'KuKii i or Fiot:t hiaii I.iko Warkaktu: (ritkvut
rrfanf faai'w) Uuorlglual .ai'liUcutiuua. ulil)' 6-1 for
1 Hi' rente $1.
Hrmata. aa lion. L. P. Waldo, Cwnnil'aiourr of
Peimioii.: Jolm Wiloiit. l'oiiiiiii.ioner of fi-'iier.d
Ijllld Oflli'e; John M. l l.iMoll. I'. S. Selinle: S.A.lloui;-
Ine.l'.S.; Jolm Boll. II. H.i i. it. V.Kt a. ;
Lew v. fiiKH, t. S.; hntu Honitoli, V. S.; T- J. Ku-k. V.
s.; W. II. Sewuid, and lo lae member, of ilie ttjirt;.-!
third Congre. Mareb U, ItjO i" j
Admitiitinliit Sa e.
JOTICE U lierebv (liven, tlihl Ui5 und:r!7ned as
1 J .uluinUlriitor i loni ton of Z.'lieniH:i All-'li.
iTiH-eaced, t iltne ol'nii order of tho Piot.i.1,; Court
of F;iir(leld lolll.ly. will ol!er for ai.le M Ilie euiirt
hoUMt iloor on .S I'j'rfoa lhtrth da vf Jlfiril. l.ij, ::t
1(1 o lock. Ilie folio wine -lewribed Keal h-li.te.fc.li,ite
in Muitl i ounty. to-w it: l.ot .No, seven ') in ( u.-t.'r.
Iln. :iiliiltion'to the town of Liilieir ter, belli? purt ot
Oti!-.ot No. six (ii) Hunk uil!itioii. K:i..t. .Uo part
of lu-lot iiiiiiiliemiic ('!) Ill turfr". luldition to tbo
lownol l.unca.t r: ll"iiinlli(ritt tlie ortiiweia (orittir
ofmiid lli-l.ot No. 8, on Knnk Alt'!: Ibeine fca-st nlofs
the lineofmlid Alley till, en UTi) feet; Ihenea SoiitU
liarotlel with the V e-t boiind.iry lino of r:.id l.'t to
Mniii Mrcel; llien.e W't.t luteal. ( !i) feet lo raid ori
jrinal Went lioiindiiry line. beintr tile Houthue.t turner
of ttieuforeiiaid lt;'llieiire Xorlh ulonir s.-iid SVe.t.rii
bouuiinry linelo the d;.eo nf beiiuiin. Iteinp nho
tiarl or' Lot No. ui (ti) of tH Hank addition, of
Laneastor. Ajipnilsed i.t 9-'MK '1 illei lenr.
V of sale One-third in bund, one thirJ In one
veur, the residue in two veiir. Ith interest on def rreil
iiUMiiel,!.. IltNHV (ilNfiHKK. Ad.n'lor.
iianli-!" 54" ALKEHO WILLIAMS, Attorney.
i fort!..- .tr.'-i of good growth.
! Ire.,.'il lo lite oii.ier.'irii-
' to the tl'.t of A prd will be prom,.
0 Vfr LWvf ' Ihrtinr yillrw ia, SaatA ii
MdimStrtU. I.car.atr. (lata.
ESPHr'i'Pl'' LV )i:e.t-she attention ofMiMand,
l.toint-,.. ard all Inat limy want urorenaa
who ill le kind a to Kl.o lit aeatl. ImiiU froru
. ,!,,-, i' iu .lei.ul."' .to ui ai.periur il.U eolnplote nu;
I al KiLlmlle. ,.,... i ... I .oihrnrinir In liart Iba fol-
LanrmUr free ol i ' liVA an.-t RiO roPKKE: V'nun. Ilyiwn.
! ' " ,,, I F; Bl: -k iu.d iniuiifial TI'.AS; New OrleaBl Kncar.
X. 11. Alarff.'aw.tlM-litofllie fellowinar Trei will ..f, c.:re.'. ami t'nl-.erir.-d; Hire, t.oljon
I bi f..-li! net I ii : Apple a Brent injur apetie. I a,s. rJ., j,. hyri.T-. H. II. Mela-.". X. Orleana
jlorriii iiiiior, nil and Winter, lurladitic the b lo ! ,(o (jraiii -! ! Liii'.ui, K-i'i".. Vit. Pruin. Almond.
b - bad in til.- I'n.t-l Si. tel. Penr, the linert rarletlei. ftenM, Kill-rV.Cotn Nu .and liraiil S'ltn.lirled Bet,
: l.-.rl, on I'e ir and (i iii iu f-t'H-k. for KLinni.!.-. Kail ulid ; lr;tfj Tonit'ie. and t.itir.i:u oti Cured llama, Klldhh
j VVii.l.;f. reni h, nearly ever. .urU ty fnuiid to bj vi.1- ; ,, rhee.eand W. K. I r. amdo.j Sp'Me.Clnramon,
i.- in our . I : in n -. one of Ih-i bed -l-rl on., in cell- ' c,im..,, Mi.ee. Alii.ice. 1'eplier and Ginrer,
tuil (l.nor (tutiiee.aiid other K.inl Ir -, lyraie..rar , rt rr. Tnrtnf . K ilierut .a. titareh. SaitoeWT, Lit.
,d;d to. T d;llve
ii il.iior Cluiitee and other P, nil Tr'
l biaiil f.il KtrrxrrJn. &e..&e. snrnery on Ihz
.Vfari -t::i Kosd. thr..-e nul.,4 iia of Breenien.
.J.inh li. l.u-3i IIOIIEKT J. HLACK.
jtSTLast week's Euls gives a graphic,
thrilling and heart-rending description of
a rocent seduction case near Hamburgh.
It seems that the infernal Know Nothings
have seduced one of tho oldest and most
virtuous citizens of that ancient Germanic
village! Throe cheers for Old Killbuck
01 Crackee!
JJ3rAbout the time our neighbors were
'going to press" last week the "telegraph
broke," consequently they failed to get a
full report ofthe result ofthe New Hamp
shire election. We have great sympathy
for their misfortune!
l.ix r.m sale.
ffT'lK utnler. iened offer, for le ElsHty Arm
0 af I. Illlll, loraled In 11 or k lee .)I:ain, 3
niileii went of uineiwli-f, on tho liimplkD, ilei.
.follow.: il beiuff tb West bilf "f lbs hol.lliweil
Uaarterof Heitiou No. 1G, Town-hip No. M. In Kanue
r- N'. lb. Iiiiprovetnenia c ..:at of TiVOav
'ii llWKI.I.INli llol'SKS and STA BLK-to'! JJ
hrIUN(i !i::n U lo the Dwell:!,!.-, a Coilll
VIIU"U Kt MAIti) of grafted Fruit. Fifty Aire
elear d iirdernilf.i.tion. bole Kiehty Acre. Uli
dsriood feuve-tbe other Tblrty Acre, well timbered,
a iiicSitz.ir orchirt. ! n;v .Mil in? renn of
w:.terp:i-ii:?t!iro:ixli tbe farm. Tha pries ofthe a!"ne
land 14 $.il p.r urro. two tbou-and ilollnrii In buiid,lb9
bulnnee In iwounnuul paytueult with tnlereyt.
F ir furth er pt:nieular apply totin-.abwrth. r llilnj
ontlie:r..ml.e.. WiLLlAM M. TAYLOK.
l-ehruar) 1. ijo a'J"
i ,.h In. lien. MMlder. Alum. etc.. ale.
Koap, Candles. Tuba, fcut-kela, Urooua, Waali Bonla,
A flnel d of th'JWhiffTot.aeeo, al Rlnoklnt do. nd
Cirar-5 Wine and Wallser't Burton Pale Ale. a eener
al o.k of .N'dion.,Toj., and (real mu.y, ..tln-r , artlrjea.
ilav I. IW. A. UtHliLlllJI.
.enb-d , .
Xotice ot IuH!otiou.
'OTITE l hereby iriten that the ro-rrtnrMji
It .retofi,reoi:itiiia:niid3r tb firm name of LU
T1.K it .MATLAt'K hiubeen thi. day diolvfd bytuu
lual convtlt. The book, and account, are left In tbj
hands of John N. Little for aelllemenu
Uncastsr, Fjb. S7, !5i. JU11S AIATLACS.
(uardian Salr.
Tirttic uf nn ortli-rof uW to me direct?!, from
Ilie u nr. of Pnt.:it; hi mi J for the t'ouitiy ol"
Id utiil htulo nf i -o, 1 Hill nffr f-r m nt
u ltl if vl-ihIiib. Oft tbr Hr-th 4i Jltril Jl. it. 1H5."i,
iiL'lncen tlioliuursuf 10 o'llutlt A. M. iiuJ 4 aVI'K'b
F. M. of eaid iny. on tbo (nfiulie. the two umli
vided eijiiul third i.arla of lite followinf; dei'hlK-l
nul Chljilc.lli.it U Ui ity I; inp and Immh In ilie
count) of KjiirUld aforoiid, bi'jfiiuiiii(f tl thu So.iili
loundur of sctlioi) IWvi.tv-six (U), tdwiidhip twelve
(1-2), Tuugv tweiily (-irt) fn the cbiire of (lie Zain'!vllle
H.id Muysvlllu Turnpike Koud; thein-o NurtUSP, dr.
(trrcs, Eut 4 hUchiiinn to a pout neurilie oalsidof
ouid mud; llu'iice West 1HJ clmlnn to the nrflioti
11.. .. .1 i..it., ll..,. Illl'l r....),. I,.
.i... !.... a -..r i u ii . ...ti..... ,.f ti...t(.A ! Imuorto l direct from Manufarlnren to Kuroi, and
EurTlcl.ttiiiiiUi ttlHijt wo ur the wmidiiof said ( punWd ul aurtiou in .w York, which i ciiahl-s u
t.ir.Xik r.md: themo North 2 UW huii.lo a n.dnl in to iUVr our Bot this aaun at about liastru lmor-
No. 12, Unst Fourth Street, Cincimuti, O.
RKKPF.CTFL'LLY li.f Tin their ccutomers and pur
i'haeM tr-MiemHy, that Uu-y are uow uponiugaD
jxWasive snd 4'OiuideU: uAiottuiuut of
zt "s a -r a s ,
TAfi jn "Wed hl RPKING and PfMMKR
M ply of II A rii f'APa klhi.old .tand, a.il. 'a
Jiaa' llo't.Mi Slrttl. ImmIit, Oit. Ill
1 eV b.i beeo .olecU'd with cam and enibraeo
; i:vrry mrlelr Ilnte C'M iiwi.
VW iucl mimr WUite Beaver. Mol-tin. No. 1 Xgr
and2 t'Kiaaand Pednl Straw and Leeborn
Mat; Men. Ho . and Children. Hnlm Lef.f.from 15 te
AUoMe'nand Roy'. Furani Wooi;Ko.ntb Hate.
Hoy. and rblldreii. Fancy Hats which .ill be eold al
the'lowe.t rice. Leghorn ltal waiedand bleaebwa
it Hie .horirrt notice. iry-Dou'l forfst tb pt.ee.
Waji, lit. M. SUAUJiT.
A?5i 51. ANTS lOU 111.
TiMK.utvribrr offer, to tbe puklla tkia aprlng,
clioico collection of t rail and tirocmuatw
(-fi tail Tree, SItrnbe, dec.
I i-V'tAmonr tbe kin.1t are Apple, t,-I"'tfcr
C-i?Z) P""r' -berry, Mam, M.nd.rd M
w end Jiwarf, Peach, Aprirct,
jt OoiMeberrr and rjrianu, dec. eMZaVA
The ornamental klnde fcre Everrcen ajid Uecidiieea.
Tbe.e Tree, wero moIy procured st liartern Ifurae.
rie, und hare become ir.7 tsubnthti here.
rirsoii.ace reqiictcd toenll only on ,tfau.,Pr.ev.
mJuiiW "rvf i of cceh week. NacjUaloe-uea eaw
be furui.Uoii. or IurlUur pariicuiar. ue uin..
a A M L r. I. tinman.
8prlnG'ore Sumerlea, one uiileWnt of Carrel
Fairtieldcounty.Obio. March 41
the centre of. :lid lload: thence East 19 S3 clllllli. id
tone in the line of Juliien North.' land; thence Hniilh
3 Mclmiii. to a .tone; llience Ka.l ll f7 cbniiiKtoa
.tone; thence South O.il chains lo stone: thence e..t
11 H7chuiiltotolie! thence Houtll 8 53 ll:.ins tm
.tone In the section line; llieneo West 19 clialii.tolhe
plnceof betrliinine, contmiiinr forty nine (.:i) acres
more or I cue. The above hinds will be mild by me as
tho guardian of G.iorpe W. Moore and Catharine
Moore, who are minors, ana cam eiuiiivu to oue eijuiii
undiviiled Ihird parlor said binds.
Term, of sale one third cn?h In band, one third in
oneyearand lite residue In two years, with tulerc'-l
front the day of sale secured by morljraffe on tbe prem.
iscs. Kachoue undivided tiilrd np, raised nt $3"j,
OSi CASl'F.K T. HITI.EH. G mrdiau of
GKOKUK VV. MOllHK.(mlnors.)
Pnxt-nrowe & Sitiw. Atty's., for Petitioner.
Also,al the sain'i lima ami place, I will offer for
ante the othor undivided Ihird part of said nroin!sa
IheAirenl of Moore.
March, SU, li3 5w4:iif0,u0.
C. T.
TAMat 'r.ll lime. tireparcJ to furnish LOOKING
GLASi-KS in .Mnli'ia-nuy. Walnut or Koswoo.l
Frnnies. Looking Glass Pliiles, Pictures Frames. Ace.
Also. Gill Frame. Glass", of all siKJs and .Ivies,
p,,.ir.,li Frames, l'itture Frontea. and a eenerul ns-
sortmetil of Pictures and Oil Painliu-:. nt w holesale
uud retail, nt the lowest prices. J. C. FST,
No. 9 West t ourtu Mruei, citiciuiiaiii wuio.
March d, 18i5 U
Loss of the Steamer Bulletiu.witU Tu en
ty-live Lives. .
Nkw Orleans, March 2G.
The steamer Bulletin was toUlly dos-
troyed last Saturday below Lake Proyi
dencc. torjretlier witli lier careo, consisting
of 3.600 bales of Cotton, 'f wenty-tlirce
of tho crew nnd passengers were burned
or drowned.
Amonrr the passengers lost are J. B
Williams, New York; Jasper Biown, of
Friarsport; Orille Hill of JNnshville; ii.
Hardworkcr, of Memphis; and W. 0.
Ffirtruson: of Tennessee.
The lady passeDgerB and officers were
all saved. .-
le.'s and Alunuractarers price.
TLionni-hH aMtne.l,rroiu3 to tHUai iu width; a leire
aliKk ulna m hauii.
Kuiiiilii.4. Hotel KajrHsrT Siramb:tt owners and
trtiuilsin o'irtiiii.- tit jirii-f aa low as tlic y an ln jmr
thascU iu 111-' teUU'ru ctUca. MurcU --Jaiio
lONGRKSS atits lute L'nln, ita(4l 1
liiw, eivlitg, a a bounlv. to eacli of tho
iir iviiicinnii!i.ior.t;o ai.a uon-umiins-
ioiiid I'lttier, itrivatr. mtiH iur., wuct'D
niMHtera and ieanislfm. bo liar e been eu
(Tr'd m all the wur Kincc l4i, including
ttitswarauf llii Uh Great Britain, Oat
hundred mmd ixf ere mf land, provided
will pern n was hitorally iliwuured if
tlie hvnt.iu thni terliriaed tue sorvice, be
drad.tliun tri bis willow; it tue widow tie
dcid. to the luinur cliitdntn. Allfhatsrr-
,-"--. ri 14 ta or inirearv en tilled to the ftone
ofltoftlitf law. And ull hn Jmve rei-eived 4' orHt
KiTi'i am entitled to aufficienito tuaku tip tun luU
The uii'lers.jmed will procure Warrants for a rt'an
01 Hilda fi-e on uipUr:.tiou. lit will ue found al tbo
oQIcc of ii. fiTKiXJUS tsu.. In LanrnsttT.
Luucaster, Slarch 13, 18i3 U Eagle copy.
3. W. & C. W. Mncl'XROY.
Council'. Mow 2 4oom ft'onlh 1. Office,
COIXKC 1 IOJ in fairneni anu B.ijitiniitjc rnuimci
ouiruitud to our car aliull rtfcoivc prompt iiUen
' .... . . t
Wo will hiso act an ne? m pun-iiHi-e nni iwm 01
Real Estate. l-aiuaalcr, Mart-It IStli lcoi (j.
Osago Orsiiio Seed and Plants
milB iindfrslcncd have a larffe am.iun. of Osa Or- ' 3 larro H.Viead rnd a l;;t "fBar Jp.''1,
..tV-untrw oforuruclo:
.;...L..i i.ri
Atfrnm.13 to 411 cunta i'r rod, will) a fair Uoductioa
wliLTe lurtrfi'i'titrnctsnro itiiidu.
At from 75 cents in $1 f rml-4lie nayiuenla as fol
lows i- when Hie hfilgo Is art, ami t'.ie Imlanco when
It will answer lUf ptirpose of a s'""' fence.
im.l'lrr.r ifiiw".i.
For wlint dlslntnro sti'd Jintpva w ill aav ll t worth, (us
coinpartMt u tin trooo ii.nrr.; " y
Ur.tKil'.r iu.nn.r.ir.111 u"..
At SI to 81.23 Per rwl.t.) b- pnid for wlien cimipletcd.
JAMliS SUMIM EK t CO., Itat, ttliio.
Jmr.li SrtPTKa,('"lle?e Corner. lliitli'rcouulJ.OUio
jAMt.s MrOaaw. Alexulidewlllu, Ohio.
Hmij.aia Li... Iihyton, filiio.
Murl,W4. G- JMAKI'IN, Agent, Carroll. Ohio.
FirilLlC SALE.
Iw ill pll at Public Falo nlthe Sw im Horn.. In the
city of I.incaater. on Tkaratlay. -Murcli
2!'tll? 18:,5 Ihefollnwiiifr pemotml property to-wit:
33 H .-d "loads .St H.-itilinc. IS Wash Mands.lft l andle
tuinU. 3 lltireaus. lrt Lnnfcii.e Glns.es, 1 lursre Mir
ror.'ino Yards t'arnctinc. 3 .'tlde TahU-s, 7 Ilininjt T
blto, 1 l onlre Table, 3 KiUben Tnbljj. 3 Settees. 1
Uitmico. I Book Caae, He.ks.l Closo Press, 1 (nk
ii,f Move ami pipe.l Parlor Move and pipe, 1 lnrye
Ci:nnoii Slnve and pipe. 1 dozen Chairs, 1 ilozun tube
buitotu t:hutrs.alolofwash HowUand Piu bers. n Innro
l.ilof Dishes. l'i.-toriim! I'lilllenr. a lot of Window
f'tirtalns. a lot of fihoiels nnd Tonts.a lot ofeoul Ho jus.
tiiletoeoiiiuieneu at sio'iini . ot sunt uay, ana con
tlnuii from dav to 'lay, unlit all uM. Terms made
known on duy'i.r sale. ' UAMEI. 6IUMP.
Lautaler, Alun-h 15,
Hetart. Clarke, H ri.ht & Co.,
RAVE laV.-n for a nnmherof years, the Ponndrj
owned by J.hn Arney. twi.. situate .... Cmlmm-
tus a.ai'i... H'rtet. in ttit eitv i.ar..tcr. whvrw
ihey are determined tn be on hand with ail such arti
cle. Iu their liue, as the couutry requires.
Ja.Mtn Gt'rl'g' Mnchiue PASTI5G8 an4
?Si-V:l'HLOLGiIS, of vurkiDft palteri., war-
ail uilnor articltia tn the foundry line.
CLARKE'S Cornninlk and StrnwCattcr,
An article nperior to all other oftha kind In Ui
countfj. axd on? to which we Invite Ihe ftpvcial attoa-
nn oi me ranucr. iuh wiaciitne iur ou:iinf anoc
rnrn for tifb fevdinic or fntu-ninc sl'v k, will nave front
30 t 4 per tent. Corn FoilOer, Itenrnt. it uenrly or
qutiieqv;ai to hay ir feedu.c etihwr entile or nor,
uiaklnp an aero of well M.'ed rorn f.xider worth tww
afr.- of the let jrion n hay in Ohio. Ther are calrw
lutd foffitbt-r Land or It one power. V are ala
pri-parii'g to furuisU U order .
aicCcimicki(.c;it:r r.nd Crnn Cotter aaa
MooreS Wheat Drill.
Farmen pire n a c;.U. Everybody pive ds a call
and buy our trends and warex. our jiIimikIis and share,
and f will try in turn tn tur tvur eon. our wheal.
your Boor, your mat.yfHir h:-y. your oats your raff
bank n:s, or anjrtit jnu may desire to sjmro. of broken
pda or other wart-. We ih.'rvfore have the hlghea4
hojMj. witliiiHt desiiruinsr any joke, that you will irjre
libtrul i bare of :itmntirre to u who are deVenuUed t
do L-itHtiiMs on tin ruoi Itbeml t"Tni.
February K Ii-54. CLAKKE, WRIGHT A C0.
"V'T'Jfl.D respectfully announce to the cltlzena
Y T I-niicasier and vicii tty that (buy are as u.uai aa
receipt of a very hoary and llaelei ted stock ol
Spring and Numnier Goo
Embracing ory rariety and atyK to be bad In Iba
EaHorn murfcel, tn uih.we imitn the attention t
erery N'!v. ua w intend i'llicjt a cheap a goods aaa
i). iiii (r iu s Aioin!iiai. la auiittoa 10 wot
rl!IEtinilorslcnl respeetfnlly advertises the pub-
forcash.aMM.fste assortiuentof
lrcHhand Well Selected illetliclnc,
Contprlslnp eververaiftf anrf eaeioiVa, derived from the
VrtllaHc.Minrrtltmd luimnl Rlneiloins. and used ill
jlllopalkie, fVioaf i'f, F.elrclit nn t Polimir practice.
Tlioassorlmeiiteinbraceeiill the v)lW.i',ieia.i(,
Jlltcholic and ..jtK Ertrottr, S, r. ttr.
His stock ol Surgical liisUuueula is of the best qnality.
A Full Stock of Fnmily Groceries
c.nneh .ml Ainerlcnn Perfttincry Inirreat variety.
Havana ami coiiiinoii Seprars. Chew Itisr uud KlrioUna;
Tobacco) best quality of Wines, Bralnjics. eVc.nulite
and Iiu ported, for medicinal use; stron Cider Vinegar,
Vi.!..w Classnnd Glass Ware, tosolhcr with all the
nonitlar patent modieines. auil an rmlleas veriety of
( and caifa both nruutnuiiltil and menu.
Physicians preserlptlonspul up with groatcore b a
coiutielvutand exnurlonced dls ncr.
1 Al. .. KRF.IDER,
Oct. 3fi, 1S5 . . .Vff. 1(16, Main Btrett, liamlir.
; DR. O. K. DAVIS,
HAS removed his residence and office to the brick
building formerly occupied by John Btallsmilh,
Esq.. south side of Main Blreet, S dnorr west or Iir.
KreWor's residence. October 13, 1854 S3
X1T,e.XGINKS.iiiiuii shortiMilice aud al CiuduuaU
and pitLdmrg prices.
Alro, all kinds of Mill Cesrlnf;. Hoisting Screws.
Regnlalii.g Screws, Jack Screws; Fuller' bcraws aud
Ci'ler Screws. -
.lillspiudles of cxt Iron er wrought.
Bulesntid Drivers, ttic., A c.
He will also furniaii the PARKEIl 'WIIF.EL to snlt
any head of water, and with either iron or wood ahsft.
Alio Ihe ATKINSt'S WKbht til upas above. The
putem nti the Parker Wheel has expired Dd eouse
uuenilv thev con be had much cheaper.
He sU continues lo make llliV'OL'S THR.smfl
MAiHINKS.tind lieepsulolcoustauuy on ustul; war
ranted the best in Ohio.
A 11 the above articles will be made with esjeelul ear
and bv the best workmen, aud will be warranted.
All 'kinds of repairing dune upon Uio Shortest notice,
lie also keeps constantly on bnnd, AIX KIMIS OF
CASTINOS, usually kept in a foundry. He has com
lilele,! Ills front shop, so lluit those who call can exam
ine his work.
The known quality ofthe work done at this estab
lishment for liiany ears;past,ls Ihe best guarrantee Unit
In future, the subscriber will lubor to deslro Ihe pat
ronage of the public. He iurllesexaniination.
Lautasler, May 1U, ISO.. G. DEVOL.
mm? would respectfully announce to
B theclllrens of Fairnvld and adjolnieg counties,
that he desires loaell at private sale lite rtoolcu
I'ikVtwrr slluated in the tevn uf i.ii vonnporl,
Pnlrnold "oiiotv. Ohio. The maeblnory Is nrlneipslly
does work e(ual to any In the country, and has a large
...n ..r..i,ioin. There is connected- with tbo Factory
a kood r.nd convenient liwellintr IIouso,'cnntn1n-
ACA lug four rooms, and also tour llliely situated lota,
fej 'i iieonlbulldintrsnre numerous an.) convenient.
Persons desirous of makings good baiir-ln In tbiaj
kind of proporty, WOUia an wen to come ana exiimroe
taid pretnlMt. - JO.NATHAK . MIE8SB,
Dsvcnsf ort, Octobers, lKV-et ,...-
larj;e stock, a ill be found a g mural ssaortnteulof
Honfu Shoea, Biutitls a..l Huts,
rarnls and Umbrellss, looking GlasM.,
(tueenswure, Glnss-srare, ciirpeling and Matting
Wall Paier. Bordering enu Wlitdoar BluiU
Coilou coeerlet and carr.el Yam,
halting, Wadding, eaudlo-wick, elc.ete.
Also, a cuotl Mock or Fiee (irocerlee,
Tobcceo, cVe., in short, erory thing usually kept la
Storo, and more too.
We would eay to our old frlebds atid eustoniertlhaA
we return our sincere ttiuuks for ih'lr very liberal pe
trounge evtended during onr nusiuos. career ataoir
tbem.and ask a coiitittuauce of tbe saute. We will eu
deuvorlo please and give saiist'sclloii Ui all who will
fuvor H.wiih tlieir ev.stom. All hinds of coootry pro
duce taken In exebnngu for Goods for which Ihe high
est market price wilt Ue paid.- any.u, irm. -
FamH)'Grocorlea,Utieenawrari,, &.,&.
I7E1LX G. rlARBE.NCHO.N has becom. proprietor,
by purWinse. of the Grocery tiore of li. 1). Jiunter
Co., 1 which he basjust added a large and superfine,
variety of Family tfr.f-rr,.., now arriving and to arrive
from Cincinnati, and other marts. In making bis pur
chase he has hud In view tho accommodation of hie
friends and dlserlrr.stliig public, for all seasona. Ue
cuiiiiiieudstolheaiteiiiloii, among ntner anaciea, el
priees that citnnot fnil to aire .alisfnctlon.
to.NFbC'llu.SAKIhSofall kinds, for farulllet end
C'aa.iss. Tarraironia Alinonda, English Welavite and
Tlra.ilian Jiuts. t lira and dates.
Jrrlic.and Gulatlnu for Jellies, Prunes, de.
Of Fatnlls Groceries ho will only mention Phil, pow
doredaud crushed Sl'tiAR, Kew Orleans do., TEAS',
lilo and Java fOFFLE.St Ices, Molasses, Golden yr
up. French Chocolate, Masttruon WalnuU, Tomato
Catsup, a splendid lot of F.pglUk Ditty cm, aad
other arttclesto uutuorojs to rut down here.
HotternrgeLalso, Liquors, Brandy for Uie sirs ana
convalescent, cigars 5 years old. wnosklngand cbuwlug
iun.ll.t u, rowilerrnu MiolHirmo .i.irvi:ia.
Ue will keep on hand a variety of Fotui: remit
ond Japan of lli.oirn nianofacSure fvr tbe trade.
NolleaU,alargoaiidfullasortrat'ii of Vaxaaerare,
:.r vsri; Fw' aad F.rtKik OIsms., al
so, fKitirar. 7V. OackiH.tr:
JTfHe Loiies to obtain a flr ah.lr of the public rsvoe
In Ills new undenltli;g,i.iid looks for the approbation
and patronage of hlefi.vtids. Having teen compelled,
londtnanlshhlsfovinr 'uc.-l.ie sailnpniouslo health,
i... will aiakeafali-trtalof t".:ls,tsce if it will sol froit
blspurM.aaweliashlahealih. If tlie evperim.nl, rts.
which be will devote bis undivided attention) does os-t
ueeuad. he will be able he trusts, to terra Use pablle 1st
some other netful cepacltv.
stay 1654. FELIl O. BARBKKCHOK.

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