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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, March 29, 1855, Image 4

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crrr LincASTzx
a rlTi:siis r.ovE.
:" -n foiltn-t we to wortalatfrea
V'-ia. iasa !tt earii iu then lb" heaven
".d It ilt-re to a lien -n tear
1 f '-1m ps.-jlou's 4 reared o1 clear,
'(' 7 A tef.r llm;ciJ and so mock,".
m would nut iln an ar cheek,
T1 lUt which ;' ftihor' shed
;Viiu t xiutiou ilacg'iiera twad.
. .-Wu.ft'-e what wuruc in private.
I !Ws3.i3 l'ie f ll Vifirm.
,(, Oi'-i.: cUies aw St'.aii's uuivorsiiifs.
. v ETii'eU In na lt.ro are n?vr fortuitous.
, IV? ad much but f w Louis.
' I!e rmt rrs IcT'ii-bnnd is bi-linrl i.nn;l.
' All is but lip wisdom tlml wants expc
i'rrr let your tongue gi before your
" To ijnvevn w'uL jiJyment is to govern
Vi'.li jMs:i.;eJ , .
'., VTe mny" li-ve bj-, forms, tut tlieie ii no
'dying ry forms.
' Ti.rinj never cits heavily on us out when
bn.l'y Dtnj.lnyo'J.
' ' Time is like a vcrfi, that can only be
nst! J in the .-cseut tr no.
S-jlion wdvi.re given by hisservaat
'to master.
ToviriT is Vile ft panilier look itatcad-
i!y in tho face, nad it will turn from you.
An ImiiM mm u lidieved without an
ot'i, for bin rt jiuUV.ioii swoara for l.lin.
" TJo womk-r wo Vw ilSu tried fl:!tcry,
wlun we lnv itcv; u '.vi.cn it Ktkucwu.
ACllodows.'wo l d wheWonos thy
put n new edgo ojion our princiloa.
In 'pri f'.'o w.i mitsl wnlch our thoughts;
in the f,ii!iiy onr tempera, in company our
T into is n !T'.itcf,:l friind; iiso, it Wt'll,
and ki.ovcr ii.iU to uiitl.y tsuituMo rotiuit
!. Literatim1
tta the Ley!
I would
p!oj:'!i!y dicfcted, is, as much
at nr.', tiie fjumdiiin of public
r. t ba a woman, (huts Jenu
Paul Kuditcr, ) for tln-n I could not lovt-
TI: 1. 1 nd d.i'y are like two p-ilin tieB
which hour fruit only when L'roH'iny side
by aide.
Atiiitu fire .he only jiropprlv of n man,
when ho is valued as to hid sucn.l wortli in
the world.
1 l".n. eoP'iarv to iron, ore worse 10 oe
wrought irivn .ihtu :hey nro hot; and ftre
fir moic it ao'.ulk' in oold blocd.
, Uo not AiTronloJ ;a ft jest. If one throws
aidl at ilieo, thou will receive no harm,
Unless thou hast soro places.
NoluiLg i mora diverting fl'in to uo
men, f.r wlmin ve huve v.ell-groundod
conti.ni ijt coLtfimpt fur uj.
Acreil ch.'iir'o in lifa ia like a cold
b.-ith mi wiiiler, wu all lni-iln'. at thu li is L
How nnich is tlieroin one minnto whon
we ii-Ik'cl that outs minute cicttjiidd over the
..Love (1 at hn.i nothing but braitty to
keep it in good bcnlth, U short lived und
a)t to have ugue tils.
15:fnre wh rasnioim'tly wish fur any
thiiv.; wo should cY tiiiiiu Suto thti happi-
nobst it COIileiS mi of lit 1. 4.
Abser.e, in love de.troya anmll p.i
iouaniid iucn-u.ei jjreut oihm, us the wiud
i';i.yuitd,i'a t tpt rs und. kii.dleH Cres.
, It betckfiiiR as g.vat. a foul to be capable
of curing fdult.as 10 hi iijtlipablo of coi
niittmg U.
Our vi-ry vmnntra is a thing of impor
tancn. ' A kir. l m h -l en mui e agreeiiblo
t IIU U VOUjfll yt'if.
(j:ther i.i liiiowlod:') with n diligon
Lnud, it in tho 01. ly e.u ilily good that wil'
not ibjiii j'jiiii '.;io you pain.
ITo oivj enn iinprov in ctitnpany for
wliieii ba bus not icf j t.ct enoujh 10 bo un
der Suniii rostraint.
A Hinile, an vApiesMion, will tidl a his
tory; Ihoieni . ye.irs of ussociatiou ill it,
lung yeais of unuiiory nnd shadows.
Money i., a l-i.ttotolis sea, in which
honor, toi. ounce und tnuli tuny be
d row rod.
S'df concoit nnd innnneo nrn twin
brothers; t'.o empty bond ia usuiilly the
Doiaicnt, for it dujniudd on that for making
known lis exi..Uiiiue.
A m.iuitaii, U made up of atoms, anal
fiienddhip of Yi, c matter 1, Riid, if the ut
umu hoi 1 v. t tontlier, the mountuin U
crunilb'd 't'to dust.
Ilii:') of ui bears within himsulf a world
uu.u n to hi fellow bcinjri', and each
may rvuUe of hims.'lf a hiMl.Ty resembling
thut of every one yet like thi't of no one.
, . Tim pwlV: let art id llm expression.
Foro-.r:- t,oetie:'l fiioatii:i that j.i ma le on
rce-iuiil of the hiv1it, 11 hundred are
made for tba rn!:a of ibe plinibo.
If sr.innl'und hia nngry palons with
his tufnrtdi nftor truth, b. cnmu his supfrioi
by tiir.i rchjin:; youirt, ami attend only to
the juoini,4 f.,ul force of Lis revolting.
. .. The vbl.t irrara low nnd eovers itself
with its own U-..r,JiiuJ of ull lluwern yiohb !
the uioi.t delirious and fi iigi aut biucll-sucb
ia humility.
Wii'.iam Wirt's letter to bis daughter on
the "e-,v.'d swoct CMiriesi.jB of life," cou
. Uins a isngc f; oni which a deal of hap-
piaess u.iht Lm learned: "I want to tell
you a secret. The way to make voursclf
pleain toDibfrs, is to show that you cure
; foj them. The wholn world . U like the
dji Ho U Munadeld , ' w l.o eared for nobody
, no, riot tc becaiie nobody eared for
..him.' And the wholo world will ar
: you no, if you pivo them the same oauae.
t ,brt;t all persons, therefore, see that you do
cure for tlm, by showing thorn what
' Sterne so hf-ppily calls 'the sinnll, sweet
courtesies,' in which there to no parade;
' whose voipe ia too still (o tease, and which
manifest tbomselves bv tendor and affec
tionate bioV.s, and little kind acts of at ten -
tion, givi.ig others the prefercnoe in every
Mitieenjoymcnt at ino table, in tho field
Watkuiff. lal.inj, or standing.' '
ClUioo of Iiacaiter psrtoM ftom the Country
r.noru.r.ii. smith,
s)HK attention nf persona wauling- clothing la re-
er.tully ouiieu t wi .
KUKtnnl, and thit bo Ima xcl rincii.lia whiih
govarn ihom. The tloita ;ire Imimc.cd l repre.-iit
porcha-B. i.rtie art nl atl.l,h (rarnii,la may
heMhauK!,orthin.acjr will b cawerfully rofund
d. A partial liu arrived:
t'rock. and Dreu Coat.
Lf-i, i.ra, atoirx. oun, cun d noiartaT.
Stufcle Urca-teil Basinosa CcaW.
it o.iBia Kaasr, nronD aura, rtirra, ruin,
ck, oaa DoiMii, aiLTaa oav, cimihure ao
Blunan Brown -riTv ciotm ro' OVERCOATS
Hln, i;:ml,Crf. Wliiliioyii.d lrl "!
H:lot Cilmh, .uie Btlra Lnnf, an;
lit,. .V V'n A i.al Mmwn rintii- Sunerlor. l(i
Dr'.b LruUrl.lori..l Cl.'U. Faci and Walking COATS.
Clarkar.rl Btuo CliOTll totna Rtlra Flua.
Plain BUrk TIX, FUrur.w) SII.K an-IPATnj
" " IlIv; t'aiuy bK.K and HATIJi;
Blao!: CLOTH ami F.iui v C.At.SiMtKfci
r.iac !; a..t .i J VI'.I.VKl-,
h .iic-T Volvut aud Silk BALL VESTS.
Blarkan.l Fancy Colored TJOH!Kl!f;
" and Bu;KVln "';
Jtcrnmliir K.'rvv- and Otfird Mliod d';
Hlai-k, lil'jan.id F.n,. ) Cilir.-d nATINET:
l'iirn;-ni'i liooiN.
SILK. MHR1SO, AM. V.' )0T., Ri'd.GraT aul Wlilto
fi'.HU.VS iii4 IIHAWKHS, ALL, l.lNkN and COT
TON HI11TS. A ill ruartiit-'l In all hiMaiirH.
ITAI K ir.iCB (Liknoy and Miellnnd Wuol, Murinft,
Wlttlo auJ Griv iiuihs Wiitil,li:gli0baiid Gorman,
Cciiton, Wh'l-siid Ci.lnrd.
OL')v'l';". Illai'k, White and (Nilorod Kid Glirea;
Thrad Mlkand Ni-aiillUn l'luh do:
lr-i1) IJ.iok (il.oVHSand fiAKSTl.ETS.
rr.v ATM mat-It Fann Sr.tln and S'.lh Crnvnta.
Bf U(KR A Ji 1) 1 1KS, of all dacri.li'oiji lniiMiblo
rj,ifi nnd Chllilnni'a nothing.
bUi-k mi colored C lolli Frookx;
i K;ik:
ruMtmc-ro nd Tweed Frof'ti and Fot'k;
liUi k an 10 il.ir.i.l Overcoali;
i'lf.ljd. (ir-ivnnJ Hriwn Wlulii?yOToroat;
lllack. Ul i i vi I !!.- wn t'liitli Jai'km.
VERTB lllwk ( I 'Hi. Elavil and FKixjr-ilk Wt:
l'w.3 id Slid Colitrt'd Casxlin.ira da.
PA iNTA LOOM Sinik and fancy Culorod Liiiioro
and i;o ekin:
S'Uii.al. 'J "1 "' nnilntiadf!
Cliil Uu'i liUtli and Culorod Cloth -ult;
u Jiukt'ts;
ii - Cutaways itiiLAmlld.
I'CHN'ISItlVn GOODS Minna bhirta, Cotion und
t ill. in runti.'i or.iwor
M.Mitn Siiirf.I.in mi li .-)ni,roU.TriVWrl"'.baii(l;
('i.lioii and Wool Half Horn", ('initiiiorit Glovaa;
(iuspnilor. IIaiulk""i'hlrfa. Tina and
fill.K.,MiTTlN imd OI.MrllAM UJiBliKI.LAa.
Laai-atar, Aovoiniior lu, 104.
(CCC !') to)
i t)nAt.l;l.u h C011iiS10 KEKCilASTS,
nuAiani ia
AT Till
.few Wftrehimiw, isncctoii of Rail flood
and liothlng illtf tiinnl.
WK aropr'M.irt:d to tifltult" Gooda of nil dsorlp
tiona hi in" li tnt 1 i.n:blc rulM nnd with tho
Urn ml d",l'uli'li, (wart OauHi tart of .IrlTrltM H ood Si
C'-, Ltnemltr, Ohio.) All Goodl I'oiinlKnnd to u
lii.ll win nroinl tattonllon, V if for trnn,liliincnt
will l.o forar4id the qiiltkoat mid by the rhvapi'it
.Mihlii modo. ii 4trtcl MLunlmti to bililnoMS wu
iioimi to ri'i-t'tvti ar. J merit thi- ni.troi.oin id th i i:ohlko.
Fobruury M.IS. JliFKlES, WOOD iV CO.
f.ill nCHM LIIIIK layanr I VTLHI Vf
Uauled iiuinttlitflily, b,0O0 buh. Corn,
a 80.KK) " Vli(.nt,
Friiii wWla f,l Xikttt morhtl frirt in crA
1 A VINO astiiMUhml ourselves In the prndilcn be
4 1 sines. Fanners cun at all times sell ns till kinds
ot i.ri.111 for Hie cash at market tirk"s. Another oh
td l. wo i-i.iiwii'i'h 1 our entire load at oli' drniighl and
inlond ilMinlf Hi" limonfany other Whorehouse in
Lancaster. As oirplun uenlir -ly n . 10 nil wo 111
rileiureitl.-ail iii. JKFt'UIKS, WOJl) dt CO.
Ltneosler, Ferbruary ihf, It-Si
Peacock's Jmiuovnl Slccl Plow,
Wurtiiilctl 111 nil reojircls eijiiul nnd iu
min' Kuperior to any other now in sri.
rfylth fartoryhnabeeu In operation during tho last
H .1.1 years, toil ror tne nisi few yars tnuir atten
tion has been given pnrllcularly to the linprovemeii
of the Ho. -I Molil-llnard Plow. Any amount of Med.
ids. Diplomas eke., can he shown, hut we rely more on
the r. ln of farillnrs from dilferelll l.arts of the
i-'Kiniry, where they hnvo been In romp, -till. in wiih
it her noieilnr Plows, t'.sn we do 011 lueir boingiuog
od lit aiirhlor av.'ii a sliirht trl,tl ul A fair.
Alnrgi asHortinent of Ilia different slzesconstantty
on hand, wuich con uj seen nt our aarunniuti or n nu
qulry utour Hook Store 1.1 Muin si., w lulu's llloea.
Kvory Plow sold by us Is warranted.
Fob. Kil, Ini5. Jbl Fllltrt, WOODiCo.
n a VINO purchased Ihe entire stock of the Hot
tun Hook Sior,. hc have ulreaiiy ninde large ad.
illllons iherelo ek Inlond 1 1 increase the stock of both
lioi.ka Ai rit.iilni.crv.ai:d keen ronsiiiiitly on hand th
Inrirestand besiiissnrtiii'Mit evur liitlm county which
will b" mild (fir cash mil) ) cheuper than can ho
bnuelit al any 11-mk Herein Lancaster or vicinity.
And what we say is true.
To onr old Frleudannil rnstomera and to the cltl
aeiia nf l.atn-asiar, Falrtleld nnd adjoining ti'wns and
enuutlea. we roaiioctfully invito to call and evaminu
for IhemselvM. JF.KFUIF.S, W OOD A Co.
Agent for lha lh Adams' linnrets Co., Main si,
Uncusler.Ohlo. Feb. 1W, It'SJ .
f 9VIK sii!iariliar has removed his establishment Into
I hls.New Hoollis .Vff Kiifs Afaia a'rrsl, onr Stink
St Mist, aud has nil", I them 11 11 lu a style unsurpassed
iiilliu West. He hopes that tiie public will appreciate
his ctforts t" please and exteuit to 111111 a tineriti iairon
ago. fever) intng lias enen uouc unit couiii nu ooiie u
ensure success In every depariment of Uie art. and hi
nicturescannol hesurimssed. V. M. trKIS W0L1V
N. It. Pnrsobsw Idling to luuruthe url will have gieut
racmies (.irdfiliig so ner-i.
Hours from ua'cloi-k A.M. until S o'clock P.M.
Lancaster, Noveuibur IS. leliA t:S
.Mii in.
rfnttl? S'lbserlber res'iei-lfully Inform Ills frb'tuis an
public in general, taal ho has much enlarged hi
kilo K or i.lt(H:i:itlt:s
a to the varlet'. lie has List opened and has for sal
.lMi'war.'', li lUlHs'lir rel oftho b.-st quality
''a32Ala,,. hi st I'lrkllliir 1 llleifur.au,
a sinull SlorH o( Dry UimmIi lo suit customers
all oiwhicti will on s-oit low ir ciisti or approved couti
trv produce ut his Old staml, corner or Ifrond , 1 1
Win, Unit Streets, and nearly opposite the 1 1 tada jf
ll'H.'l. 1. i.uriti u
K. II. natter, neon,!.ard and Corn Meul wunlud
Lancaster, Ki'plaiubur?!, IbSI SO
;i.iiu;r: a. it.vro.v. n.
Pitvair-n-T&. Ort'i.tsT. 110 Oa-runPKBiraL Hi-aoaoa
f f AVINOora'cs" pr.nilr In Clillllohotho, nfTr
I I hi professional services to all wtio uro attiieto,
a, I1T1 anv of Ihe f iMowlnur diseases or deformities:
Amnurasls, Oplliulinliu or lullnmaiion of thu Eye
firanielar l.ide; VVntery Eve: Cataracts, Npnrk.i nut
Plains, etfoctiuill) removed; Kiriiblsnius or Cross Eye:
cured lii'a few aeiomls: l'lasls: Club Foot; Kalr l.i
lojoiher with every other operation belonging lu lb
operi'.llve Hlirgeon.
1 1 F F 1 1: 1'. V ml, lie's Rlnek- Kfsidonca City House
II '.lo ctiarg"s or exoii lei.llo
Address Chitllcotiie, Oln
May t.lP.M-IJ
fjAaittAan snor.
IIF-SPKCTPIILLV Infofmslhe cltl
, tent of Fairfield eounty that lie has
reciitly put up anew Carriage Shop
immiiii'mtmlu in Ihtnaraf WkitrA- f.r'i
VttrHirart Mtrt.l'tntrt Alll. Inneatler Ohio, whore
he will I'ouatnntly bri-p on liauit nnd mauiifai'turti tu
order ever) vurlett of vehicle In his line.
Tj "pIL'P ilrlin-domi on ihot notice, and lha moat
ravorui'in lurins. Dec. 14, lt.Vt 3'J
Saddlcr,IInrueaa Maker St U Jv'syTrlmmcr,
mx ii'upnimpiiy aitnnu in all huslaasa en
W Irusled 10 hi care, llelng a practical
und experienced- workman, ho f.'.'ls confident
tnal lie can rendersreucrHl a-ittfui-il,m 1,. uli u 1...
may favor him .with a call. A "nw Umnm
cleaa," come and try. 1'ASIKL KYNEH.
Amautla, Febiuary I, lfij li3'J
Book DlnUcry, I.nnoaitcr, Ohio.
NK IlOOKRforCountv
I i ota
thick at,
Olllve. Justice' Ulank.
;1, lluublo nnd binirlo
Entry Ledger, Journal, liny
npoas, ate., oie. aio, hook
Hindlng of every description
dona in a moat atisfactory
All ordars.by letter or other-
..To. ?,Da,1, b Uft at In. Gaaeita Offlca,
orattba Binder. on Main m...i i.,JTra."?!r
rt-., m ... .. - -, i'.uiitii ttpnova V.
lyoanuplad byflol. P. Van Trump, a a Law oata.
and naarlr oppoita br. IkraUar't r14c..
vmBwiH,isr) i. KUSSSLL.
For tho rapid Curl of
Toceaa a rntii.wiTH llttD-Acuc mo aoarwa'a or
ma llonr, tnkethc Crr 'rataru' ongoing to oea
Ami wmn nn warm, to awoatourliie l ie l l?ni.
For a Cold d Conan, lako it inoriilne. noon and
eTenintf. accordlne to direelinna on the bottle, and the
dlflleultv w ill soon be reuioTcd. None will lunir suf
fer from tli ib trouble whon they Snd it can De an ream
1 yen rod. Pemonaaffli-lail with a aentoil cnuffh, which
break them of Iboir rout at iilirhl, will Oud by taking
the Cktrrf itWon goin-r to heil.thi-y may be 'nro
of aound, unbroken sleep, and consequent rofrushing
roal. Groat relief from (utrorii.r.andan ulllmntecure,
I afforded to thouaauda who are thus nflliited, by tills
Inrnluabla remedy.
From itausrooriiilo eff.cl In tlusa !, many find
theinsolrea unwilling to forego its use wbou Ihe necea
ailr for It hniiceaed.
to Kiana'.is n IVai.ir SraKE this rotnedy Isln
ralnablo, aabyltsavtlouou the throat end iiincs.when
tnkeii In amall q ianlillus. II rumoTCjall hoaraonessln
a few hours, audwonderfullyliinreasealhepoworand
flexibility of the. voice.
AaTiia a Is generally, mnrhrnlioroil.aiid often wholly
cured by t'herr) Ptctoral. lint there are some cases
so ob.-tiunto aato yield to no medicine. Cktrri Pet
Ural w ill curu them. If they can beeured.
UanxrmTis, or irrit.nlon of the Ihroat and upper por
tion of tho lunf.i, may bo cured by biking C't Pec
toral in ainull and friUuiil doses. The uiieomfortiible
oppression Is soon roituvou. 1
For Caior. Give nu emetic of antimony, to be fol
lowed by Inrio and frequent doses of the Cherry Pec
toral, until It subdues the disease, lflukeu iuseasun,
it will tint frill to ur.
WnonriHo Oncou niy bs broken lip and sonn cured
by the uo of Cherry Pectoral.
1 Me liirl.l'aNaa isieeon renin thu j i" iw....it.
iimnrouatiislunees bnve been noticed whom whole
uiilies were protected from any serious coiisequnn-
hilo their nelvhbnrs wiilioiitlho Cherry reclo-
ral. were siiirurlngrroin the disease.
Kenuated Instu liens arc rifporU'd Uorc ofpatieiitj who
have been cured from
Livxat'oaPLaiKTS bj this remedy, so many inaiinore
n be no q'testion or iisiienitnr powL-ron yiowj 01s-
ases. II should lie perfirennci) taaen uon 111a pain
tho side and othoruntiloasiinl symptom cease.
Pna rntfirsKTioH lu us eurlient tirc&. It should bo
ken under the advice of a good Pnyslelun If poaiilble,
nd in every case with a carvf il regard lo the printed
irrnf io on the bottle. If judiciously ued,midtho
patient ta carefully nursed inoatiViine,it will seldom fail
to subdue the disease.
For settled ConiMrriot in Us worst rnrm.uie cner
Pecloral should be glvo:i In dojna ndanted lo whnl
u imti.ii.t ri-inilr am! can bear. It always affords
some relief, ami not il'.freii'lently cures those who are
eonsldorj.l paalallcuro. 'I hero are many lliousauds
i attered all over Ihe eonulny, wtio rem unn say mill
uey owo lliolr Uvea and present health to the Cherry
P.i. lorul.
Ibis reatsdv Isnffired to the eonimunity wttn tne
rniiftilonce u fe. 'I In an article which seldom fails to
riuilizuthe ll ilioiust etf uls that cull be desired. So
Ido Is the field of lt iisirulnesBiinil o iiuinnroiia me
r.mosof In cures, that nliuosl every section or the
count lyalioun. Is in persons, publicly known, who hare
o'er, roslor'oi iroui uianniui; niiu ovoii .' vnu.: ms-
iB'-canf Hie lungs, liy its Use. v. nen once irleo, lis
ti liorlorlty overevory other ineillilne oflts kind. Is
00 ;ii,ntirtnt la uaenne obiiTvutlnn. and where itsvlr
lu.'s are known, the public no loni-er hesitnte what
antiilotn to employ for tho distressing nnd dangerous
(Tortious orthe pulmonary organs, wnu n nruinciui'iii
t..ll..,nift Ami iw.l .,i:lv lo I'tiriti Mil tl: atlliok s Itlinii
llm lungs, but fur tho mll'ler varieties of I'olds, Coierlis,
llorsenosj. ete..aud for Children It is tho plcasnr.lenl
and snfest medleliin that ran be obtained. No family
should be without 11, und those who have used II
ver win.
friMinred bv James ft. Aver, Practical and Andytl
nl chonilst, Lowell, MnssailiuaelU. PritoM cent per
Hex. 1'lvo lloes Mr .ft.
Hold by Otto W. Kreamerand r.. I.. Mocum and eo
Laiicnster, Ohio. Ujc li. Iri5l 3iu33
t'lientier than ever lie lore Offered In
Tf) lately jmrphnM.l frntn P. IlnpoliU hitoreil in
rumtv larvi nturk, U now duih rucolvintf, diroit fnin
the Manufaetrer and lnmartra. lurir nuri hUfB (
tu.w ffondn. Tmc!i will iit.iko iubm'm k ti iit.rn wuro m
oftho 111 1 tit t utntivo tit v fiMind in thin mnrkut. Hi
fficillttfl-ifiir puri'hi.iifijs and iirranmiiiinl'H with Munii
r'nrturnrit. whl-h aro onunl Infinv, will iMiabhi hi in to
fiff.tr ull doirripUiMi of tJ.irilwuro, nt towtr priret than
nntt ofur Attaktinhment. 'flit nlt'.'rtllon of Kahmkrm
nnd MatrnAniri Invtt-'d to lhi (ixlrordinary Indnt'O
latent a i.ow hold out to th:-m In iho way nf pruat har-iiuln-
fulty KMirtid that If thy convilt tholrown In-
tarKl thuy will hofurttiin to mil and ifxainino hii prl
oon hofoni puri'hnHinir t'Uowhnro. liy clono nttuntion
trt btiineM.atKihy pfiiMtaiitly kti'-plTipoii hand a full
and compli'tn a-'rtiuont and tho boat jfooil, ho hnpus
to ftfmro a largo hnrt- of the patrunugo of thu Farm t fr
aud M"chantfrot'ih county.
April Ifal-I.
Isi n1 aHrt t a.1 svat ltV n Ir a.a
W II, I, HtMl.nl Dm .Vet- Hiirtiienr 8trti. oppo-Uo
thu TtiUmniJn IlmiMf, nno oftho Itirpfst and lnt
taa s, V aS 1 ' a a ta tat u
utMocU'd stock of Trlmmiiintuvur opiMiud In llilmimr-
kut CniiHUltnp In i:irt of
lhl) PU'ro Kuornrd iMirknnd Cnnvnus,
1,1 " Fancyacolorod do.
,1ft 11 nil Wool and union IMintiflks
51 HldfH pat'Hit nnd Knnm'ld Leather,
Rrai und Silver IMatt'd HatnN, Top Prop,
.Slump J.ilnU. l.uriH, Kpriiiff. Axi'ln, ft-.
Uiifiwler. April '-'6. r54 . Joll.N KKFlNGER.
noi isr, ni:iLTi.H?i nrroT.
TO M.N KFF1NGKH would invito the nttuntion nf Car
p$ntrttnl Uo9 HnHtUra to hi lure) Ntock of
iIoti-ii huildlhi iitatt'flaln. Thoy will find oonntuutly
on hand. tho hunt Juniata Nail, Spikuft itml Brads;
'I ho in out nitprovud Door Lock and lauUho
Window tilaM and SahIi of ull nizM
r.Mirkllii nnd U nod's Puru Whtto I.ond and Oil;
Iloornud Hllnd H 'tu. Shop llintrvn, Koltn, oto.
Tho-to alo nt hutldinff will ho certain to hnvo money
Ty oxnininiitGT my price boforo pHrchasiiiK olaowhoro
Apru vo. -
irijclinn!rW Too In.
SUITKUtfiall tradonnnd ofthfl most approved mako
llaii'hor'M ('iiwtHtool, Firnior nnd Hut kot'Hlrniitfo,
Spour and .lacknou f'al and Sprinir hlool Saw,
llntchor Donhloaud SI tipito Plutio lroiid
Ohio Tool Company PlauoA,
MiiHom mill riiiniora 1 row is.
4'ipor'4 I'riiwiiifi Lnlve. tc, for unto phenn by
prili.il, 11. JO H.N KFFlNCiKK.
T 11 1: o i) o u r tong,
fn ShtftrM .Vw W.Wfr, bftwttvt the Tallmadgi If oun
AS JiihI iipncd a Inrfro nnd honnttfiil nnvirt'
monl of UK.UY M A 1K ( I.OTMLNa. In
trothorwith iHctiutconi'looUoii of Cloth, Cautt
-a'LJ mtrt am Vttn. All if which ha boon oloct
od wiih jr rout raro nnd with npoclul rofuronco to thu
w;ititH ami tiM 01 tiiti commtiitiiy.
IliH Inn ir o pf rlcnco In till branch of bininoss, I
nuro frurai.too that lii-t ntork ombraro tho choicest an
bowt varU'tj , nnd 111 ptircliao Ihih boon in.o upon .im-h
tnrm that ho can noil at Iho LOWEST POSSIBLE PU1
Tho pit M It? nro respectful. y rcqutod to mil nnd ex
amino hi asurt:ucnt. Ho bus on hand a gunoral tu
8 U M M E It W K A It ,
And I nt nil tlmoi nroiArod tn ncomniod'ito hi old
frlond. oltbor with nhofoollont ante I o of Itnudv inndo
Clolhinir.orto MAM F.t ri'KK TO (KI)KK, out of
mo noNi ni rue run una iv most iiccoutiiUHnoa workmon,
any tlo of garment, FOU MKN AS'DHoYS, In tho
boat nitd inoslfukthiotuiblj man nor. Ho 1 confldont, ,ln
11 ii roHpoc., inni nu c;m (jivo (ci'tionu saiiTnciion.
IliniinMortinoiit oinbriicou n Kouorul vurlotyof
J. I11011 Coat, Votllnfr- Su-ipondors,
Jlntu do Piiiiluloous, lltmlory.
Suck do Crtivitt. VndorhlrtA.
CariMtt-batrn. tofolhor with all nthor article uiunllv
kopt In a liatitU'inan'i FurnUhlnc Storo, und ninuufuc-
lurcu in mo mom uiuionaiiio iu .
IUmibon rmrchdwcd of wolloit!ibllhoil hoiiNoa In
tho Fuilorn cltlo, and witibt varranr, tu bo ruudo uf
j"oinl mntoiiul und In a durublo nutiiuor. .
Ho ro-poi tfully Invito hi old cutomorn and other
to call at hi now oiiahlinhmont, whore ho will at all
time bo mudy to wall upon thoiu w ith ihiod ooon at
THK I.OWKIT H ATC. J O 101 01 A prom 10. 110 UKS ail
oxamiiialion m ut kiock in truuo aua ino tjto nmi qnni
It) ufhlsmnuufucturo. T. TONU.
j4uu-ator, Muj
1 foil I.Dtakplriisopportmilty to liirn tholrthank
1 ff to iho.r ntiinoroii iriouu ror iho Tory liberal
tiHtroniiiro horotuforo oxtundod to tho in. and
aiaiiam ttisiltl til lit liia tiNllia II lk liaalMtl In
siistiilii tho flutiecliig reimtatlon alnm,(v nttnin
sW-ed.nnd lu ardor lo meet lha greatly increased
demand at titer. Establishment for Hoot and Shoea
they have lu addition toilieirownntanufiieturlng,)titro
ooived from rhe East a very largo and fashionable stock
consisting in part as lonowai
Men' Fine Culf, Kip and enarsa Boot,
Gent pat. Calf Gaiter and Tie,
" Rilsklu nnd .Monroes.
AUkindanf Ladles and Jllsses Uoota, Shoe, Slipper
nnil liullers,
Alao, an nsnortment of lha best quality of Chlldron'
r,iiii.v nti.l i.lnln Khoes.
Ill audition to the above we are constantly mannfnc
turlna inrffelv. for sale aud also to order, all kind 01
Hoots nnu Mioos.wiucu wa navenoneauancy lnaaying,
will aonitare lu price aud quality with any slock In the
western country. may in, ibj.
ffallE undersigned will sell a pastor all hi land,
I (being about 4t0 arros) In 111 00m Township, one
mile Waal of Carroll. Tho Farms aa toipiallty, eon-
union siiu vuiitu 11 iu lies', oan s oe auriiasseti. Jr-
Upon them ar. a siiierlor Springs, J Dsrsl-VW
Hug Hoases, Orchard of oholoo frail, oto. I
Tltoae wisblnglo putahaM call and see, aa I nrn da
tarrusn.d tojaU, lAMVla SOFsUi'.
Io. CO, main Strict,
Sciilllngthaattentioiiorthe public to tholr new ad-
veiiisei.ient, would embrace mo opt'riu,my 01 ro-
lurning their Uianka lo Iheirol.l menus ana uie puoiii
jenerullv for their very liberal pnlronujro In lime past,
nnd would mwt rsinportfull' aolirile a contlnuui.ee of
lluaaina, as they are delorinliied to spare uo olTorl lo
make 11 nolli ple.isanlauu j.ronu.oie many aim an pi-r-onswlshiuirlo
purchase llar-lware of any .lseriplion
of thoin. Feeling tali 'fled wiih :!ielreorlence in Uie
business and means of keeping up a large Block, mat
they can offer greater Inducements to the public than
xnlt.riKluilaiU laiaenraar vinair. 1 oej arr
well aware of the aeces-ity of smr.ll etabllhinunt
making up In blowing and puffing w hat they lack in ma
ny other particulars, thi'vwlsh therefore to avoid iiuy
thins of that kind, and are aallified after rocolvlng their
onlire use stock, which is now nrrlvlugdally.lhiil a look
through their ilrsir rs(oi.ia will satisfy any
one llu. t the fjraal llar lxuri S'trt Is tho place to Snd
what they waul and at low prices. Their atock will con
sist in pud aa follows: ,
IUtsTurz Jntlntaall,SplUcfVnrnda
rlAIirF-STKHRand nnlMora will nlene tuko notice
1 thai II. o new firm aif WHITE V LATTA will soil
none but the heit jiiuiutn Nails. All Xnila sold by as
will lie wiirrnnted. Wnhaveiiowounuiui,
5"0 Kegs Nulls. Rpittos aud llrsds.
e.(l HoxosPvlll, KKl'.'and li)l-l City Class.
St (1 Keus Win. Wood A (Jo's Pure, White Lead,
111 Barrels 1ins-jed Oil,
3 Uarri'Isof Pultv.
In addition to the above we have a very lame stock of
Rut'ifiitir llart'xart ofevry diacription. wun-n win be
sold eher.perthnn erer. WHITE i LATTA.
l-nnra-L-r. A pril Sel, Ii'.VI.
Art fij,itni,'""",so,",:ou,ED "0n,
0J S r,t f iO.CMldo linn. mured Iron,
l.'.Ml pounds Cli-t Meel. toll Inch square,
3M do l'.nsllsh RlistorStnol,
40 do liiiuhle Shear do
SOU do German do
l.-iim do Fprlng do
JOCO 1I0 American flllstr do
In store and for aalo at low prices, bv
TTkLAXR Irons. Chliols. and Gouffa. Bench Pianos.
I ilonldlngand li.wd.Mutch nndTabl i. Ilntchitsiind
iTand Aies, llrond ek Chopping As. Drawing Knives
fall kinds, fuel and Iron Souuros, O 'inc. is and I rj
quarosall sixes, liuproved llorouig M.-'cli'nes, Hand.
'iinnol.Teiinnnt Hltqilng, AVch and Compass haws.
cross cm and Mill saws, ror aaio ny
April i!9, lj-l. WHITE LATTA.
4l)oz. French Willow Wapona,
S do Common do do.
5 do Gig'J'opCah
6 do Square nnd Round Cloths Tlnsketa,
10 do Market HaskcU,opon aud cov'd
Willow Cradle, Ac
Rorkinjr Horsesand Wheel Barrow,
Put Cloths Plus und Grass Mi-.tt. by
April 29, 1M4. WHITE LATTA.
AnvlIs,Viccianct lllackmitHtkIlcllowfc
f Anvils, welching from llOloSio pounds onch
tiXJ 15 Solid lloMad Vices,
ly pairs tliacliinnuti'a rieuows,
F I edges. Hammers, Borax, A-c. fnrsale by
April SO, 1M4; WHITE it LATTA.
Curmlm lmjileiiirnt.
Cif ftox. CastMeol Pol'd Hoes.
riij iO do 2,r.and-l'riiieSieel Fork
50 do Grass and Grain Seyihos,
6 do Woftord'a-Graiu Cradles,
30 do Sc. the Snathes,
50 do Hay nnd Grain flakea,
A do Brumble b'eythes, &e.. cheap bv
Aprll29,le54. VV 1I1TK at LATTA,
Fi.Li.ttr."., spoiii -i a tv d urns.
Tt7,7E have now on hand, nnd which by our arrango-
S y inenis tvitti tne ninnutarturers, we cau oner
thoirhlllorprlceswllh frioght added.
iritirieis Bent fellows,
15 "
Kent boat Shaft
Buggy Bows.
Tin-Plato, roppor. Wire, cVc,
lYI'ln Pliile.
DIP Sqtutru unit lli(J
I'hiM t'oppor
ino Plate do
Shfu-tHnd liar Zinc,
t hucl Iron aud VVlro,
roppurand Iron IMvit.hT
April JO l.:4. U'UITR tic LATTA
To f'nrr.njjft and n 113:17 IHuUfri.
SPIIlTSpnd Axl. Rrasaniid Sliver Hundu, Stniny.
Jntnt :iod Ton Prop,.,u;imd lri II ,J lirk and Can
vas. Luunil'd ami Pa I 'Mil UiMther.all di4 riplloioi Head
MiiinH, Mow and Maloahlo Iron, t'tc. A throat varloly
of olhor eooiU In that lino, to ho h:wl rlu-fip at th" Ureal
IJartluiare tilvriat W Hllli & LA IT A.
I.nniu-ttor, April !, 1P14.
TCrtUBB havlntr ri'turnod to T.iui'-n,trrnnr1 Intends
. to renin in pLtrman:itlj In IhN city, mid liaviti? ro-
roiviKi iitiniriininrrnrn an ctporicmco im-himi innn
tho city of Nt!W York, nnd ohttiitiod n kiiowlcdoof the
iHUinum.now roniKjctrnllY toiiiior hi:; nn.fesioiii nr-
let'slu cltixfiiN of Laticn-ter and Iho inihip cfncrullv.
lo In pn-parod to perform all opo.-.:iio.ia upon tho
riMith.Huch a.i E vtriictiiitr, Piuitliiifa Fillinir, roirulittlnir
t!ioTooth,trcnilnt;ispiinf- or iIooouhcU Guiii.i, dotroy-
1 hit .omit, rouiovuip 1 anor, oip.
ArtiUcialTnoth Insorlod on Gold Plntf from ono to
till ot: al-o Artificial Crowns not on houllhy rootr
without pain, no ut to uimwor ull tbo purpose of mas
tication. fcvury operation In ncntUtry eentlal to prooorve
id honntlfy tho Tooth, and vivo thm n hc.illhv ar-
tlon.niid Imiirovo tho hrontli. hrnlth tftTnto,pirfitrinpd
11 uiodorato term. J. ad 11 -tin iho city or rouuiyfwill
0 waitod on nt tholr rntpoelivo idaconof rosldonc?. If
it ho rooiioHtod. No ohariro muUo or' exumhmtinn or
conniiltiiilon ut hi oltioo.
OFFIt'K On tho ort1l(nt rornor of the Public
8unaro,one door from Main Mreot.
uiicurttor, Koptoinhur Srt, irTj-t si
Ykil B"B A VK romovod tholr C'lothinu KHtaMlrhmont
TX.fJ 2 to tho Tttmaii;t tilock Jlr.,t dor Unit 0
It'hitfJf l.ntttfM JlartlwKiri lito r, wliiifothi'V arc i-i-ou-
nc a liiriro nnd oton.vo nHftorlniont or i'll. A?, u
SUM .M EH (i(.0DS, und aro now uianufiu'turlnic evor
varloly of Spring and Summer ll'rnr, wlih h tin y will
noil im low an tho sumo quality of KodM and word can
ho puri hai'd ut any other vi ah li-!unonl lu tho city,
Tholr clothluK munnfin tared undor tliolr own mtpcr-
rmloiia and I conaoquoniiy tmperior to itini wntcii in
hjouirlii from olher pIucoh, Thov liuvo ul-o on huud, n
heart if nl vnriet jf of Co', Cahnere9 VatiHjr$ ..V.
whit h tiioy aro propuruu to man n met 110 10 oroor. 1 uoy
Imvo In tholromidoy tho host of workmon and aro ut
all tlmos propurod to miiko tho noitt lit In tho luteal
tMi. JiuttttrworK win at warrnnirn,
Tho nubile nro ronnoclriillv nolicltod to mil and ox
amino thoirntock. and whilo thimkful for Iho llhorul
lutronnco thoy hnvo onlovoti, thoy as w nro inotr old cu
tomorn nnd all othorn that thoy will labor to jrtvo E'"'
oral :difacllon both In the miHly nnd prlco nf tholr
Kiindftund work. ISPiUNGKU iiTKOUT.
Lo 11 canto t .April J,
SAJUTL nr:r.uY
WOULD respectfully announce to tho eltlr.cn of
Lancaster de vicinity, that he hint commenced the
IlriMtil, l.loht IIiinIi it 'rur,Ucr ISitkln
11 connection with lilsformorbuklng, cVIs now prepared
to rrimisu i.iuiLii.s
with every thing In the nhovo line. Having In his em
ploy the host of bakers, he feel confident that hu can
nlcuso nil who iiinv fuvor him with u cull.
11 rt nil at ins More on ,1111111 ntreet, ana also at nts
tlake-Iloiiae, corner of Columbus ot Mulberry streets.
i-unt'tuiior, July is, ii-it.
turned to Lnncaster.nud will he liun-
!' lo receive pupils for Instruction on tho
IANO FOHTF. nnd GUI'I'AK. nt thulr residence at
Mr. fa.Hefrf's, Culaatta street. and hope their long ex
po rleiu'v In teaching music, mid tho unremitting atten
tion paid to the Improvement of their Pupils will insure
a portion of nnblit patronage.
MISS A.C. ill'. IIKII I IIOI.T will rceolvea class for
Embroidery and Canvass work.
MISSM.O. UK HKKrilULT hn 'opened in Klo
inontury School in the Hasoiiient Story of the Kplsco
pal Church. iS'ovember V, lbS4 sill
Jnnira nicillnnnttijr
Tf T A VINO established himself In the manufacturing
UieKt't Rmliliair. one Door Ifeotoflat orig Valleo
Hmi-, Is prepured In furnish the pooplo of this county
wiih every lliiugthut muy bo needed In Ills lino. Ho
keeps on hand uverv variety uf COOKING and II BAT
ING STOVF.Sfor WOOD and COAL, consisting III part
of the Lion Air Tight, Western Qjioon.
Triumph, llurk. Presidents and Preference for Wood
and Black Diamond for Coal. Also Ploughs, Plough
Shares. Sugar kettles ek Hollow-ware. All of Iho above
articles will be sold a low it cau bo boiightelsowhoro.
He Invites eliltous generally lo rati und examine his
stock. JAMF.H McMANAM V.-
N.13 Honse-spoiitlngilr jobbing done upon abort no
tice. Old Copper, Brass, Powluriind Iroulakon In eg
change for any oflhe above artlile. - J. Ma.
Lansaaler, muy 1,1X54
41 1 I T Mouldings for Picture Frames, for sale at the
xl II city nu
100k store
April 111, bit.
B. C0NSELL, Agent.
A RCI1ITF.CTURE bv L. P. Gould, A. Benjamin and
r. Kmllh, for aale at the cuv nno si, ire
B. CONNELL, Agent.
xT-1 LARK'S Commentary on the Old and Now Testa-
Vmeut, for sale at the city book store.
ui.. . r,.w.,t..
TITHR. Partington's Carpet Baat of Fun, for aula a
I tho city book store.
April ill, 1C54.
fTVIK Old Brewery and New Mission House, for aal
at the city book store.
A iril21.1S54.
B. CONNELL, Agent.
mill! ijimp Llghler.for aale at the city book store
X April.! DU4. B CONNELL. Ageut.
T FARMERS' and Emigrunl's Book, for aula at tk
I eilv book atnra.
city book store.
fprll SI, 1KS4.
B. CONNELL, Agent.
Ti-IANCY Artlelesla great vri.ty,fbr sale at tha city
book store.
AptU 91,1804.
U. CONHEM Agent.
'v ' rr, 'T?
1 1 I.. k ! - - - ('
's. -irt-
a,... . r..i vi.. lha faea of the glob now
ret upr.n in tb Anwricao llepublie, Th poa
af lb.arowalh.of Kurop..lnk Into usIgnlScauca
when compared to that of our American King.
Kuropaawi King employ th. po r wted ia it bmn
InenaaTth. rkliu of th. rich and lordly, and to naloo.
to greatar tnlasr and aegrauauoo au. 1 -
osnt. Our Am.rican King go- forth with .qua! willing
nu to tb. lordly mansion and huuibhi cabin, reaily ana
to adiuiuktar relief and to offer health and happpUlM
to Ui. lofty and lowly, tu. ncn ami ui puvr.
GREAT Ultil allS 1! Will
I th. Taara Woana or th Woaio. and th. g"tast
klMsing .ver offerad to afluehal hnmaiily, to th. eunerliig
milllou, th. Ihiewr can ay, relief ia at your 'muiand.
Vou hav. .oly to una this magical remedy. All thorn
who Mill uO'.r, and will not accept the proffered balm,
awns not tit. pity of their famllle.
1'lila wonderful tusUlcln., uunuj so. oni par.
It Introduetlon, haa carried lutppiuasa to tli heart of
thousand, aud mad. lift a onann to many who r.w.v..
regarded It only aa a painful ami miserable aaisienca.
to tb. winds with ail Uuunent, Kmbrooation. Pain
Killers, and Pain Kxtracton, and let million of glad
tongue proclaim tb. merits of th. great " American
King of Pain," a preparation compnapd ol.ly of vegeta
ble end root, produced by America' own rich and
bounteous soil.
iv- .lr ,t,a rintaa. who ara alwav com Detent
judge of what I and what is not a valuable family meul
atna, to do us a specktl favor by giving th. King of Pain
a iugl. trial, and If atUifacUiry. exart their lunuene
In It belialr, recoaamena It, iaK w.11 ano oitau ui
and see tliat It I useu uy tueir amicum umK'iv".-. -Ladles
are always charitable, aud when they indue, their
tillering friends to use tills really valuabl. uieUlcina,
they will be doing an act of benevolence that they can
well b. proud of. Thla Is a powerful and truly magical
remedy for ail external diseases, sores, awelliugs. burns,
fee , aid for many internal afllietlor, it hi a certain cur.,
vet it Is nerfectly hurmleas, aud lucapabl. of producing
r. . r,.....: ir... In in. ,,n-i iImIIp.au, eaaea or
tne least 11 iju, n,.. .
.1 1. .... xn.i.tlltlllfin.
It ia entirely useleaa to follow th. old and worn-out
STSieoi of publishing to th. public thousand of oertiS
.t hi,,.,!.,, iM.rfr.rtn.il bv thi medicine. It cost
but twenty-8v. cent to try it J aud Dr. Hull flake hi
well-earned reputation on the Kiug of l'alu doing all and
mere than he claim lor it.
iv. ak. hav you the Shtemstlsm or Gout
.-u nni itlwasans comDanion. and w know that
you would ilk to drive tbciu away a warn aa possible.
tuen use
Would you be cured alniot Immediately, of Dowl
Complaint, Dysentery, Summer Complaint, Cholera Mor
bus, Cramp Colic, Head Ache, Tooth, or any other ache
Or pulu, ui reiueuy is siuipi. isu u. vu.a v.i
Would you have your Sore, Swellings, Cut, Burnf,
Eealds, llruuier., or auy vtuer wuuuua ueaaau, ..yarn
It, uae the
Would yoa be cured of Scald Head, 8tiff Joint, Sore '
. , u II f I....., 'I'u,u n- ltl,tO
TlirOItt, eurIBI, our. uw", ....iu-.,..-,
-inn, Salt lllieuiu, lilies of Poisonous Insecta, Chapped
Hands, and all other Sore, either dry or running, we
jay aguiu aud again, voua axHaux is nr. euuu siuu a
Wnnl.l yon be cured of King's Evil. Cancer, Tumor,
Eruptions, or any disease of the Skin caused by impure
blno,l. t.ti.n lias Dr. John Dull' 8arsanarllla internally.
and 111 King of Pnlu externally, nothing can be more
certain than a speeuy ana enuctuai cur.
Till mtHMctnn, when utti according to dlrtctlom, will
9ur) without laU t
or King' KtII,
Canrom, Erupt lonl
of tha 8kln, Kry-iiMtU,
Tnniom, Chronic Soro Stye,
Itlngworm or Trtrn, Scald Mend,
Rheum. lain. Pain In the Hononof
Joint. Old Hon and Ubiar. Bvrcllbi; of
th Olnndn, Sv,ihllls, Dynpepnla, Halt llhuunij
DlMf i of th Kidney. Dlr-waw) nrWo from tha
nu of Uermirv. Low of A npetlt. Fain In thuSlcto and
Hlmut.lttr. nmicml ttabllUv. LotiirMim, roiiirhi, Ocl.l.
Droprty..lM'illcB,(:onii?neftii, Kronrblri,VVHkui-waftlie
t-llfNt, com lllH, ruimumtrj niiniiiiiiis, asint au uiu-tT
Dlm'tifeii tmolliiit toproduoo Crtiwuioptlnn.Llrijr 1,'nin-
plMlntn.V'mnHli) Invjnlnrltleti and Comphtlur,Iir
Hpirttn, Hick aud Nurrou lit-a-lrtchrt, Niht
Sweat. Kxprxoirt, or Imprudence In Life,
Chronic Conctitutlotial l)ieu.Ke. and a a
tSpHnir and dniniiiHr Drtuk, and Guari
'i'oulc for tb Syntttin. and a jciitl
and pteawiut) purpura, It la
au po rlor to b I uo Licit;
and 'onjtreff Water,
bah, or tfvldlUa
Ti t MmnrVahla fict. thai amonff tha handredi of
n.ii.Hi.t nhvuicluns who ban eiautlued the ntciixt br
which Unit' Sarw.piir.lla I ptvpiu-tHl, not one haa eon
d em tied It, but all approved It, mid com mend It In the
hlit-hoiti truiR. Many pbynlclau express themwtlrea
trnnnly In the belief that it i decidedly the 1mm t prepa
ration of Hnrmipitri lla that haa ever beoii placed before tho
public. AltluuiKli there are many phyiticiaii who feel a
reluctance to having their nniue appended to the recom
mendation f " pirttcular remedy, notwithstanding
they nmy approve of It In the liighect degree, then ara
other who frankly yield their nupport in favor of a
remedy whh'h they kuow 1m oapebla of duina to much
good la an afflicted community. An an evi-leuoe, read the
following from old aud iwpuctnhle pbyBleU.ua. of higti
lauuiug la tu coiuiuuuiiy iu wuwu tuejr uve;
ny Testimony like the following renders inperRnnu
all uomiueiiia on the efficacy of Hull Snrsanarill. Fnuu
Dr. I.. I1. Yitndell, Profcsaor of Chemistry in the linlsvlil
tledleal College '. 1 have looked over the list of Ingredient
eoinpiislng.lohii Hull's Compound Kxlraotuf arsupttrilla,
aud have uo hesitation In saving that they form a safe
eiilnpnuiid. and one that promise well in chronic diseases,
to which it is applicable L. P. YANUKIX, M. D.
lAiilsvllle, June 0, 1U4S.
What Dr. Pyiea, physician by appointment to the Lou
isville Uarlu. Hospital, any of Hull Sarsaparilla :
Louisvn.1., March 20, 18-18.
I have examined the prescript leu lor the preparation of
John Hull's Sarsaparilla, ami I bt'liev. the combination to
b. an excellent one, and well calculated to produce an
altenttlve impresshiu ou the system. 1 have used it both
lu public and private practice, aud think It tho best
emtio or Suraaparllla bus; iu use.
M. PYLK3, M. D ,
Resident Physician Louisville Marine Hospital
Better Testimony than was ever OUcreil la favor of
auy Jli'dltlti".
Bev. E. Xf. Sclioa, Uer. E. Stercnson.
Loutaviu., May 2Dth, 1KI9.
W.hav. used John Hull Sarsaparilla, aud hare known
It to be used, with emir, aattsfaeiiun ; and we have no
hesitation 111 staling our belief, that it is a safe and
valuable medical compound, and caleillaled to produce
much good and relieve much suHuriug ; and ttieivlore
would cheerfully aud moat earnestly recoinmend It to th.
aiilicted. - " ei.nu.a,
K. Sl'liV ii.N SUN.
We earnestly invite all persona wno ar suffering with
any of " the ills that tloah Is heir to," to call on Dr. John
hull's agent, and (et a copy of Hull Family Journal
yilATISi and Sir Hi. sake or humanity . we hops lliat a
Shiga individual will not liefouud uuallliug to give Hull's
Sarsaparilla a tuial, after muling, and reculleeiiug. at th
aanl. time, that it is luipossibtv for thu Duulor to publish
til. teulti iutrt of tli. number of curtitlcateaor astouuding
cures peforuied by his SarsupariUa. 1'he adtouut of
testimoiiy voluutarlly showered oil Dr. Hull's Kar-pai Ilia,
from well kuowu and UistinauUhed liulividiiahl, both in
nubile and private III., haa been perfectly overwhelming.
(L-Da. JOHN HULL'S Principal Uillue, wast ale uiu
srat, ttrst door Iwiow Alain, Luuiavuxx, Kx.
Forsuluby G. KAL'FFMAN At CO.
Laiicuster,July30,lS34. E. L. S LOCUM dt CO.
HAVING returned lo Iho city and erected alarge
building in Ihe rear of the brick house, on tho
corner of tiroatl anil Ckoonut Strcoto, eaervaar 8outk
of tho Market llantt, Intend manufacturing upon a
large sen
ra of I'aiiii
fsAand Cha
' 1 'always c
largo scale all the various articles .
met furniture, rJousientu . ,.
airs. v utcn ne win aeup
vson hand. Uia-ettier wun a
largo asaortment of Cincinnati nianiifai.' His long
expurluueo In Ihe business will enable bun to have
manufactured nt homo and lin'iortod from abroad the
very beat of work, aud aa ho Intends to employ none
but the most skillful workmen and use the best mute-
rials, ho fliillers himself that he will give general sa
tlsfaciltin to ull who may favor him with their custom.
The nubile are invited to call and examine the as
sortuiout. Tho entrance to the rooms is upon Broad
Street. D. K. FISHEL.
N. H. Renulrtnsr dono on tho shortest notice, nnd In
the noatost aud most workmanlike- manner. Charges
reasouablo. Lancaster, May uo.
TMPERFECT health haakervt me from
I mv office riurl of the time for aome
mouths, I have gained my former
strena-lh and will not hereafter be ab
sent from my room durlna builnouhour.
Filling Teeth receives my special attention, I give
certified gnarantoea for all mv rnld fllllnga to be affec
tive during the live of the parties. I am able after
near to year attention to the Teeth to give every per
son the most positive assurance that thny can save
every loom oy tiineiyana irequent attention.
OrlFICKKwhiir-a Brick. on the Hill. H. SCOTT.
VTPFor those who have the TOOTH-ACHB and
will nnthave them axtrnrted, I have a remedy that
eiiiora fulls to give relief. Alao, 'loom rowncrs.
Brushes. Ac. Ii. SCOTT,
Lancaster, Decembers, 1854 31 -
Mnln Street, Lancnater, Ohio, -
AGENT for Knox Mutual and Fraternal Matui
Fire and Life loraraace companies.
Deoembor 10 'SCS.
Tea oitx tT realm or ma blood.
jvor j pjrticlf. of Mr.RCvxr i.y it.
AN INFALLIBLE KENEDY for scrofula. King'
avil. rhaomalisin. obsllnate cutaneous uritpllona,
iiiiuples or pustule on the face, blouhe. bolls, chronic
lore eves, ring worm or tetter, scald-head, enlargement
and pain of tho bonoa and Joints, stubborn ulcere, sy
philitic disorder, lumbago aplluil complaint, and all
diseases arising from an Injudiclon use of mercury,
i 1.. Ufa. or linnuritv of the blood.
iti.t. ...1....1.1., i.,.ti.,inn. whii-h haa become colebrat
ed for tho number of extraordinary cures effected
through lis agency, has Induced tho proprietors at the
urgent requestor their friends, to offer it to the public,
which they do wun tue 111100311.-01. imnmo m i .uuo
and wondorriilcorutivepropcrliea. The following cer
,;iin..n. ...i..til from a lurcu number, are, howevor.
stronger testimony that the mere word of the proprio-
in-. nu. an, 11 im u a-uniioiiion n ull am. n ,n .i,v.
loca'lilles, aud of tho highest respectability, mnney of
them now rusbiing iu Ihe cuy 01 Hicnninnu, v irgiuia.
F. Hoyden, r-sip, 01 me dsi.-u.iiikd n,iwi, .,vi.hi,mi,.,
known every where, any ho haa een the medicine
11 ...1 .-- aa.ai.ii wiiti'ri ndtnlnistored In over a
hundred eascs,ln nearly an ine uiseusea mr which ma
-ecoinmondcd.wlin me mnstuaioiiisinuBij aoou
lie say it lathe niort exlraordiuucy medlelno be ha
..v... am.n.
Aoi'l aMD Favra Oreal enre I noreoy cennj.uiai
for three years 1 had Ague nnd Fever of the most vio
ii .1,. rlr.ii.oi. I had acvenil Physician, took quan-
tltiesor tiuinine, mercury, aim 1 iii,. ,.n niun.,,.
my nennaneiit relief. At last I tried carter' Spanish
,,,i,h,M. tun imiilas of which effectually eurod me.
and I am happy to any lhnvchad neitherchillsorfever
ilnco. I consider It ine oest tonic 111 1110 t. orni.inui ino
ily inodltliio that bus reaenen my case. j. nunuuaii,
llicavaa llsa. near rilclimond, Virginia.
r. K. I.iifk. F.sn.. now in the city of Richmond, and
for many year iu tho Post Officii, hn uch confidence
n llm tiatiiiiisn nff e 1 i-acv 01 rnri-jr s i, miiisii iiiixtnru.
that he nr lion, 'lit mi war, Is of 50 bottles, which he has
riven away to the allileieil. mr. i.nca says no 11ns never
known It to fail vhm taken according todlroction.
Dr. Mluee. a practising Physician, and formerly of
the city hotoi, In the city of Kirhmond.says he has wit
nessed In a number 01 insiuiico. tuo uuui-n 01 i-artor a
ipanish mixtiiro which were most truly surprising. Hu
mys in a case nf consumption, dependent on tho livor,
the good effeeta woro w onderful Indeed.
Samuel M. iirini,er, 01 tne mo urmoi unn,ur mor
ris, Klchmoiid, was cured of liver complaint ofolght
vears alandiiig, by the use of two bottlu of carter'
ipnuisn mixture.
lirtat cure 93 acrtjma. 1 110 janitors oi ino mi-n-nond
Koptibllennhnd'a servuntomployed In tholrprea
'onm, cureil 01 violent scroiain, i-oiiioiucu wuu rnou
natism. which ontirelv eisubled him from work. Two
bottles of carter's Spanish mixture made a perfect cum
if htm, the Killlors, in n punuo umtro, say moy i-iipfr-'ully
leconinu'iid Itloull who are afllicted wllhany dis
ease of the hloi d.
Still anotttr cure ef Srrefu'a I had a valuable boy
ured of scrofula hi enrter'a apnnl.'h iuxture. I con
iderlt a valuublu liie.liclne. JAMES M. TAVLOK,
Conductor on the it. F. & P. R. R. Richmond, Vn.
S'i Sisarn of 40 Yrart itundirf cured. Mr, John
I'hompsnii. re-idlng In the city of P.lchniond, wncur
sd by throe bottles of iarter'paiilh mixture, of salt
-hoiiin. which he had nearly SU yenr.i,niid which all the
Plivaicianaof the city could not euro. Mr. Thompson
1 a well known morcliar.tln ine city or Kicumonu, v a.,
nd his euro Is mnt remarkable.
Vl'illlain A. Matthew nf Kiclunond, Vlrginin, had a
servant en red of Syphilis, In tho worst form, by carter's
ipnnish mixture.
ttietiard r.. vt CSIOI Kicinnonii, wna ruri'u 01 scmiuia,
ind w hat Phvslelnns called confirmed consumption, by
throe bottles of i-urlor's Spanish mixture.
Edwin Burton, cnmuunsloiior of the Revenue, say
he has seen tho good effecU of carter' Spanish mixture
!un number of ayplillltle casus, anasayait is a porieci
jure or thai hi rribie tiieaw.
WUliain G. 'Hnrwood of rtiehmond, Virginia, cured of
Id mri-a and nlcors, which disabled lilm from walking,
rook nfow bottles of carter's Spanish mixture, and was
uiabled to walk wllhouta crutch, In a abort time por
mmently cured.
Principal Depots nt M.Wnrd.Closo & c, KlMnld
111 liino, Kiw York. T. W. Hyott & sons, No. i.W.North
.'il street, Philadelphia. Btiiuet.and Beers, So. V2i
Mnln street, lilchmoinl, VlrRlnla.
And lor said by Kiiuflinnnnnd en.,Lancnstor; B. Kulh,
Htihvlllo; H. B. Walker, Wost Kiishvllle; Porter ami
Welrsteln.Lythopolls. aud Dealers in Medicine every
.vhore. Dee. 17, ltS4 ly
Dytpeplla, Javniiee, Chronic or JVsreee Crftifiry
JJtecucco-OJ ca.niunrpv,
ND all ilirpusesiirlvlug from a disordered Liver or
Stomach; such aa conauiniilion. Inward piles, full-
tess ol liloiiil to t,.e iieau, ni-111 ny 01 too stouiurii, nnu
wa, hearl-lnion, disgurt for food, fullness or weight in
:ho stomaeh, sour eru.'tutlnns. Einking or fliittorlne nt
iho lilt of the stow-nch. swiminiii.i of the head, hurried
,n,l dlf.leillt breathlt g.tluttoi'lngat tho heart, chunk lug
ir suffocation sensations when In a lying posture, dlni
noisof vision, dots or webs hofi.ro bio sight, fever and
lull palniu tlieheiid,doacloiK y of porsnlration. yellow
ness of Iho shin and 1 yes, pain in tho side, back, chost,
'imbs, etc., sodden Su.'bea of heat, burning In the flesh,
ousuut Imagining! of ovil c5t great depression of spirits,
r.Ilimflninl'sCeli'brtilrd (.rrmnn Hitters
Prepared if iOr. C. Jadiron, at the Gtrman Medicint
Store, A'o. li!0 Arck Street, Pkftadtlpkia.
Their power over the above dlsossoals not excelled.
f equalled, by any othor preparation In Hie united
slain', as I'.ie cures atlost, In many case after skilful
iiiiwii-iniis 11110 i-iiieii.
1 iL-s.e iiitters are wonnv tne uiiioition "1 iiiiiiinia.
Possessing great virtue in tiie rntlllciitlon of diseases of
he Liver und lesser glands, exercising Iho most aenreh-
ing powers In weakness nno otieeiions 01 mo uigestive
.ri,i thnv urn. withal, safe, certain and nloasnnt.
Read anil it tonrintr.it F. Kkssklmkir, Jeweler,
Woostur. Ohio. Di'ceniberaud, lSAI, said: "I embrnco
iliianioiitrliiiiltv of iiiforiiiiiitr vou of ihe great benefll I
anve derived rr'oin the iiso of Dr. Hooflnnd'a Gorman
rliilnra. I have used them forchllls mid fever und ills-
irdercd sloiuiicli.nnd ftiiind rellofin ovory caso. Thuy
ire the best remedy for disordered stomach, 1 think, In
P. Fot.av. nionmfleld. Ohio. October 7, 1P5J, aldt
-iwtili fi.nlliiirsori'riititiide I take my nen to inform you
if the incalculable beni-llt I have derived from the use
of Hoolland's German Bitters. 1 have tiaed thoin for
ilu, I I . ,-r r-nim.liilnt. mid tillco lileasiire ill recommend
ingthem to tho publle aa the safest und best roinedy
now 111 use."
Tha Idlltor of the Woooter Democrat, May 6, lfi.12.
mid: "Hofland'sGoruiiin Bitters Thlslnvulnable me-
,li-lnn Is dullv iierforminc cures oflhe most mmarkahle
ehitracter. Ve do not apeak of this modiclno witliout
a knowledge of Its eltlcucy. as wo havo tried II in our
mmllv, mid dud II to be the only thing needed in liver
(nmi.litliit or ilvarmnalft.
DniKii iV 1'1.,'rhm. t:uinbrltleo. Ohio. Novembor 1
m. saldt "By those persons who have used your Hoof
hind's Gorman Bitters, they are considered an Invuluu
bin re in iil v for di snenslit."
TTT-'You should hour iu mind that theso Bittora are
SXTiaai.V voktbi,k, lliereny possessing auvninngfi
over most of the proparutloii recomiuoiidod forsinii
lar diseases.
For sole by Kaiiffmnn A Co.; K. Kntb. Rushvllle; R
B. Walker, West Ruslivillo; Porter t Welrslen, Lylho
polls, and Dealers in uiudicluo every where.
December 1", 1854 ly
Tho I.itat Chance nnd t lie I.aat oppor,
tunity In tlio world to avo Money.
A VINO concluded to remove to tho West In a few
months, we huve determined to give ourrrloiuii
and nil Falrtleld County a ver)' good opportunity, such
as they will never have again, to lay in anno supply 01
winter anil rprmg i,ioinniir,!w per i-ent iimor m
thev evor bniitrht Ihe snmo kind of Goods before, an
In convince tneinlllntliieroisnn uumoiigin tne manor,
wo shall exhibit our murks. Those desiring to lay 1
a i-ond slock of Clnthlna for thoir families will flm
this a good chance. Wo ahall,also,oniired a Rne selected
Stock ol Jewelry and watcbes,
50 per cent lower than ever was offer In thi markot.
Lome on, eomt au mna gei great oorpuino. . .
TfTThose having accounts to settle with tbo above
nn, will please come lorwaru auu aetttv sue auuio
Lancaster, January 11, iojj jo
-Br-BTAS Inst received from Philadelphia and inowYnrk
UJtra unit hub itii i-iiuic tin. wi.j , v. ...v
tLATKST iMrnovKD STVi,cs, ombriiclng every
variety of sliapes, sorts and sires consist-Ina-ortho
Into Snrlntr Style MOLE-SKIN
HAT, unsurpassed In Ohio for durability and fineness.
Also, Young; HIens Ilattol all Klnus;
Summer Hals, consisting of PANAMA;
Podnl and China Straw;
Palm Lonf; Kossuth Hats, both Fur and Wool,
Fine Otter and While Beaver, for Summer;
Thu latnat Sorina Stvle Cnssimere Huts:
All ortol Hoy a & Children' Fitncy Hats,
All of which will be sold on the moat reasonable
terms, lower than evor Derore.
N. B. Country Merchant will do well by calllngan
examining my stock nerore purchasing eisownero.
IjailCaSter, miry iv, icu, n. A- ixJAiiri.iu.
WANTED Immediately 9000 bushels of CORN In
the ear, for which rash will be paid en delivery
at the Lancaster uupot 01 tne u. w . or x,. nan rtoaa
- - AliFKDiU "A11B.
Morrow. Ohio. Jan. 4, 1P55 35tf
jf-pMr. M liner freight Agent will receive and pa
rwaHKunderstcned hasheon appointed Agent for tha
"un inKUKAixt;a. company" otuieveianu
Ohio, and will Insure Ballillnrs. Morehatdlxe. House
hold Furniture, and other personal property, against
( Jlrs. All losses will be eqnllaby and promptly
adjnsteaana pata. . r. v-en lttunr.
UneasUr, F.braary I, lP&5--3aa(l
TKIUUTloN. I k proprietor, take greet akaae
uaiis announcing to the ciur.nsu4tk. Uui.a, tlaat la
consequence of the great ealtafaatta nanirtad hy
Ul. tickt-nuin.r i ,uanr nrst frssi aii.irftBUOB, ana
th. many thousand aoHeitaUoii. front all part of the
country, In relation lo whaUiar Ibay Intend galtlig
upanoiher Dlalrlbutlon of Glfte for the people, tkef
have, after an Iminanae onllay, kwaa enabled Bo efl.r
tolhelr thousand of pairou the following vlua
bio. msgnincent, and uotireeodented HKILLIASIT
SCHh.MK, to be distributed a teen aa tha Sui,ta.u
Ueaulirul Engraving of Ui CariToL 0$ Ow. aradi
..rtbut.d imonc their Patron. Tba prie of tk Kn-
gravinglsbut One Dollar, and parlor eraaraaut Ifc
cannot be anrpaued.
Read attanllvely Ihe following list or baeartfa! .k
costly Gilt, which will bautlsfaetorily dlalribuasd by
aronunitt oft.n.a.lecled on from .ash Stat alne
the largest number of subscriber are obutlaed;
1 FAKatia iitaMiitvruiviA.xi flO.rtr
1 do 1 OHIO e.Cttl
i do io e.tica
1 Four-story Brick E walling aad Lot, In Co
lumbus, Ohio S ae"
1 do do do do ' SrSVO
1 Beautiful rcsldeuoe In thetewnof ktouot
Vernon 5,500
1 Two-Story Brick Dalldlngln Cbllllaolaa 3 MO
1 Brick Collate and Loliu Columbus 3.(10
1 do do do S.COO
) Frame do do do ' frtOtk
1 Handsome Country Ketldenee In Befo,
Perry county, Ohio : lCfs
4 Fplendid buildlug loll In ColSuibai, al
it"" ' ,Cfjg
10 do do do flACO 1410
4 do do Cleveland
1 Grand Action Piano (Chick. rii.g'a)
1 Gold Watch, et with Diamonds '
S Gold Walehe,at fsva each ,
. 10 Rosewood Piano, al JilHJ
10 do do al 41.4 -10
do. da at 3uo
SO Geld Watch, at Slia
ino do at lis)
104 do at 75
IIK) do at 40
300 Silver do at SO
SUO do do at IS
1110 Ladle' Gold Breast Pin, at S4
illO do Brocha Shawls, at f3 -S0
do Silk Dress Pattern, at SSO
5110 Gold Pencil, at S3 .
10000 Gold Pens, wiih Silver Cues, at M
StiW'O Gold Ring, at 1,50 each
1204 do at 1,00 each
Every purchaser of the splendid large Lithographic
Engrnving, will receive a (rtincate of Membersliia
unlit tin v I hum Ir, a .k.HMl,. il..-, n - .
j f 1 ft - hio switd 11st 01 vaiua-
010 uiiu ii.tiy uin. airino r-eopia. 'the r.ngravii;eal
can be sent by mail (without being damaged.) to air
port of the country. " '.' '
jrjl ira Come Firat ScrTed TJI
Person wishing to act as Agent for u, will pleate
send a recommendation signed by the Poatmaster or
aome other influential and well known person la tha
place where they reside.
To those peraous who have been actlngn Agent tor
us In our former Distribution, this la nut required,
A 1 1 onlers with Ihe money enclosed, froe of postage,
will meot with prompt attention. .
JL 'rKir to prevent mutakel, arnt$ aad.Osrs
trantmtting meary r to ill pltiue lav it ttalti in
eprettnee ej ttt retimatltr, aag th sasssl tmttr
on ine ica l.
We prepay all our letter, circulars. Ae.. to onr
agentsuud corresiondenta, and expect them to do the
same with it.
irrAgonls wanted In every town, whom we will
nu 111 wnn posters, circulars. tineiiuies, Instruction,
c.. on application at our oilier, or bv mail post paid,
or further particular see descrlntlve hills, eke., or
enquire at office, So. S, Wnlcutt'e Block, Town Street,
Columbus, Ohio. HUHNKI.I, A CO., Proprietors
loiiv if ciiKuuvu . 1 . .
rf.'.i,, 11, ou.bi-rbu,AU,iuiuriHVisiuiari
March 8, 1W5 44
Mainetreet,near!y eppoeite the Tailnaigt Home.
GAIN takosploaaiiro in calling Ihe attention ofhl
customers and country merchants generally, to
argest stock of Conner. Tin and Shaot-Iron tiiana.
furturcs evorbroiight to this market. He takes great
pains In keep constantly on hand a large variety of
ever)' thing that can possibly bo wanted In hi Hue, and
natters himself that from his long experience In the
Tin and Sheet-Iron Buslneaa,
he will bo able lo live full satisfaction to all wh. mr,v
fuvor him with their work. Having a practical knnwl-
dge of the business, his. selections are mad. with a
view to durability, style and cheapness.
Manufucturptl to Ordnr.
Ho also keeps In his employ some of the best work
en thut can be secured, and nlwava havlmr on hand
the very best mnturial, is enaLlod to mnuufuciiir. ta
rdar tint thing and every thing desirable In his Una.
In us good style und on as fair terms as can anywhen
All kinds of Stove, Ac.
1 t
Never In.the history of Lancaster was there an .slab-
Bailment that kept on hand a larger and more cormdele
assortment of tin ves. of ull kinds ami varieties. He Is
also prepared wtlhaliirge number oTFirt Orattt. aud
fortlto accommodation of his customers keops ou baud
alarge quantity of Fire Brick, manufaelujed expraa.
ly with a view to putting up Grates, Ate.
In line, any nud ovqry thing needed in his lino csn ha
secured by giving III in a call, and ut prices us reason-
n iiu a. cun un outaiiioo 111 any oilier estanitsnmcnt in
the Stale, lnnsmuch as his Present stock Is zroullv
perlnrtohisformorln qtinntity, quality, variety and
heanness, he feels coufl
ndunt that persons giving hint
call will go away highly delighted ami aini.Tv satlsi-id
ne uiho Keeps constaullv nn Hand
!jj 11jAimaBa largo Stock of Steel Plans,
rtvr-.'v . i i-1 ut iiinuti unu iircieviiie raan-Tar-.'i
ir flwnya ,ifrture.
Lancaster, March 8, 1B55- 44
At tho Old Stnnd oflleinmnnd A .Ifrtrtlp,
1 AVE just roeolvod a larjreand oloirant aortnlr4n
of.NKW GOOD8, comprHlnar a variety tLrtiur-
pus.ed, and which they will aoll at great bargalprt.
inoiraiocK consists 01 r.
Jloth, Casftinieres Cosaincts Jnni.
VoHlnica, oftnll the di Heron t atrlca;
And for tho Ladies French Mortnnes.TUaibotClothaa
A I lmens and Do Lulno of all kinds;
CullcocA, Ginrhnm. Flannel, and ererY nrtlela tn
tbo way of Dross Good to bo fou nd in Uie cities;
hhnwis, orovery rnrioty or hue, sue una material;
Drea aud Bonnet Trlmmlnfrs beautiful aortnieut;
lloiinot Silk. Volvot and Straw which the Ladies
all declare to bo the most bountiful and fashionable.
In addition to their stock of Cloths. oeo. they have.
nnd will contanlly koepon h:wri n lnrcro and excellent
stock of KttADY MADE CLOTHING, got up wttH
taste ana superior workmanship.
Hoots and Shoo:Hiilnnd Cuin.at prices wondorfulf
low. Utieouswarn and Glassware;
Co flee, Sugar Ten, Tobacco, Spices Ae.
alwuy on hand.
TTPThe new firm tendor tholr thnnka for the n
courafflns; manner in which they have been received,
a well by tho public frenurutly as by the old patrons of
tho Mtnnit, and boff leave to nssure nil. thut if a constant
attention to their want and a determination lo keep
up with tho timos win socuie a continuation ana en
largement of Hiolr business, they will not fail to allot a
that end. Country produce tukcp In exchange for jroods
lAueuiaer, uuio, januurj jea ja
Opposite SlinrfTcr'a Hotel, Lniicnster, Ohio.
HONEY MOON and other Comalllle from Punch
Autobiography of nu Actress, by Mrs. Mowaax
Journey tn l enirui Airir, ny Da) era isyior
Kansas and Nebiaska, by Hale
Sunny Memories of Foruign Lands, by Mrs. Btewo
The Better Land, by Thompson
Napoleon dt ills Army, The Camp Fire of Napoleon.
A Hue lot of Annuals for 1855, and a Sua lot of snail
Gilt Booksnf all kinds.
Catholic Prayer Hooks. Episcopal Prayer Books, aatt
a largo lot of Family Bibles and Pocket Bibles at
reduced prices. - '
School Hooksand stationery at wiiolesalees Retail.
Pockot Wallets, Port Monies, and Pen Knives, few
ale at the Hook Store of JOHN SEAHLKS,
Oct. SO, 1854 85 Of panto Skmfftr't llalot.
a RE now receiving at their old stand, a ne 1 ttnek
been offered In thi market, consisting of every article
in the Dry Goods line, together with a Fla Sle of
Boott and Skoto, Groceriei, Qatfcasavar ami Olaoo
ar, all nf which thov are determined to sell as low
as any house In Fairneld county, entire cash ttoraa nei
I hey beg leave to tenner tnetrenmest uian to hi
citizen of Lancasters and vicinity, for the very liberal
share of patronage they have received since they have
been in business, and hope for a continnance of tha
same, assuring the public that no pains shall be spared
on thelrpart to give entire satisfaction. The usual aa
tide nf country produce taken In exchange for GnssaV
Aatncaster, aiurcu xt, too.
nf Acres of first rate np Land and bottom ra-
. Dt.1 now, aiarg. improvement, appie anu paaca)
orchard of the best grafted fruit, many elegant spring.
a hewed log barn and house, a large quantity of hewing
tlmbor and saw-logs. The land to be sold In lot eg
tocethcr. situated on a good road, DM ml lot from Laaa
castor, and one mile from Pratt' Saw Mill.
Fortermt apply to l tt Alll.r.is li nni.c,
Madison Township, Fairfield county, Ohio, or tn,
Land Agent, Laueatter, Ofclo.
September 7, 1854 18tf '
Tgtr 7 ILL practlco in the Court of Fairfield and ad
W f Joining cnuntie. e '
He may be found during business hours at the oflc
of H. H HUntor,Estl. ma; 13, 1854.
II K nnderslgnernikvlng purchased the Grist
and Flourtlig Mill heretofore owned by Gen.
. RnvnolirWdiwinnsaAr would herebv inform
tho public that It la his Sft'rpose to make thla Mill what
llshonld be, a Grist ml if Tor the accommodation of th
neighborhood In which 'It I located. And having
cured the servloe of an-e xporienced Mlllen, Isprepar
ad, a he believes, to do work caleulated to ploaaea
and therefore solicit patranag. ' '
May 28,1854. J. HABBBA8H,

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