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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, April 05, 1855, Image 4

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- "I Ka i
niwrsday M online April ,l64
" , Dying, dying. ; . ; : ,
--'..! Winter's dying , . ; -
In the lar'eiT hp of Spring
-. Spirit, erieviog. 'j'f
i - . , Sad releaving "f ..
AVinler haunts oa vie wless wing.
' Coming, coming, ' ' '.',''
' 8pring is coming, ' -
; .. For Mirub'n breath Ioui and shrill,
.-f Ia tow-valley, '
Sport and dully ' . r.-.
VTiJi tlio dancing daffodil. ' "
- Humming, humming, '.
",. -". Bees are humming,' . '.
FotfLow't on lightsome wing, '. Vi
1- . i: r Tceesar) budding .
' ... ' . Spring is flooding ' -.
' Earth with many a lovely ttiinj.
;. ' Singi,iS,-Singing,;
i Birds are wningi- ' t
". On each budding bush and tree; '
upward rushing.
Downward gashing- ' ' - -1
Dance the rivnlvta in clo. ' '
A suit at lnvr means rajs.
' The greatest rocfiie genrully contrWoa
vx g-H ino iuoot creuiu.
; In whatsoever house you enter, remain
master or your eyes itnd your tongue.
Why repent a second lime of an action of
which we have nlrenii repented?
' Time mny unfold more than prudence
ought to disclose. H utunylvn.
If you wish to pronourico -"an impartial
. . . . V i. rr
juugcmtni, never accrjji utty lavor.-u-
. - . J ' e :
Nothing is moreijii:uiori than to try to
reconcile ou' ponsfinneHn mirovil thoughts
by our good nctiona. Culton.'
,. Tlioso who misuse a tendered hospi
tality are guilty of a gross ingratitude.--
If you witili that your own. merit nliOuld
i ... i . .i . . ..
do rucognizeu, recogouo Uie tneru qi oil)
ers. ' ' 1 ' - -'
. Those who think that moner, will do
anything, may be jupuc(ud of doing any
thing for money. "
. The purcot who would train up a child
in the way he should go, must go the way
he would train uphis child in. .
.iMcnof the noblest disposition always
think tlivms.K'cs happiebt when olliuis
share their happiness with them. ( :
, Wo may Tvcll4 evpeot that God will
make u rich without iadustry, as make
us good without our constant enJeavorB.-
i . T!ie ardent r former moves the multi
. tudu but the calm philosopher moves the
ardent reformer.
He, that has onoc d"iio you a kindness
will be more ready to, do you aiiother.than
Am whom you yourself have obliged. ,
The very aXUiotiuns of - our earthly : pil
grimage are presages f our future glory,
as shadows indicate . Uic mln.-Jan
Taul. - ;
. ' 1 ' ' ; , 1 ....
A good moral character is the first es
sential in a man. It is therefore highly
important, to endvavotnot only to be learn
ed, but virtuous. . .
Always laugh wlienyou can.it is a chtnp
. , medicine. Mirthfulness is a philosophy not
well understood. It ia tho suimy-tido of
"You may as woll feed a man without a
- taoatlk as give good nilviee to one who has
njj disposuiou to require it, and whoe
, bent, And inclination Is i olily to wicked-
nesa. .' -
Our prinuipluaare tho springs of our ac
tions, our antiortT the springs of hnppi
1 Hess and mi. o.y. Too much, earo, there-
lore, onnnot bo employed in forming our
principles." . ' ' . ' ,. '
' " 'Patrick siid a lady to a slip of green
Erin, wbo was otti' iaiing in tlie kitchqn,
r where is Bridget.'
'Iiidndo ma'am, she is fast atderp look
ing at the bread baking "
Tom Hood said that when ho was
a young man he eould'nt wink at a girl,
; but that she look it for nnoffor of marriage.
Tuo consequence was, a good many of tho
'Vtrls got huod-winked..
i - . i
A contemporary, jn noticing the pro
' posalsto light the streets of a viilnge with
wd headed j; Iris says: ' - 1
.'If we lived theie avq would play tipsy
rery night, and hug tbo lamp 'posts
ricasuro if sometimes ouN a ohango of
fain. Amoa who has-the'gout, thinks
i fuels first rats wlicn lie gets clown, to
the rliumii:ism iw:a!n,'v " t
t ' 'Please, sir, give, ni bundle of hat?'
Yes, my boy. Sixpenny ir a shilling
. Inn.'lo. 'fhil.'ing 'Mlforyour fath
er?' No it am'r that's for tho hoas "My
; lather don't eat hay." ;
Mr. "O j'o. V. (hirtr. ;ho lecturer spoko
of tbose pious peoplo vho clasped their
bands so tight in pt:,yer that thov could
. not open them when t'je contribution. come
- rouud. ' .
IVichos, State and Supremacy can pro
Cuio ' usoniv a custoiuarv rusnect. ami
. niake us the idols of an uiithinkim crowd.
.while knowlcilii) and leaiuing will always
' recommend nt,i the love of such as are iu
a superior class who always eHfcem the
.yneritofa roan's understanding, far more
than the- Dare sound of birth and of for-
iun.-: ;
; ' Beware of all the malignant passions,
'' They are grei-t foes to grace. : Envy is
, devijwb-" Hatred is murderers! Wrath
is oruel. Even pesvlhlines destroys e
' quani.nily, and maks conuected thought
impossible.' God's ripirit is a dove, not a
11 .bird of prev. He flies from noise and
Strife. xlli -wh' .rulctli not his own, spirit
.w.Ul bo ruled by an fU spirit. '
A tairlliborniaii'ganileiuan chtorod tle
' offloe oV a writing master aifcljnrlu'ired
he prica of a - 'saison In wnting 'I
chiriri 25 fortha first mort 4i,l920 for the
" jccbnd. and Sl5 fur the third was .the re
Jiiy. , 'Tht n, siryou'll -behind enough, to
, ' put ate down on yer list ni seho'Tar for. tha
vUiirdlonUi H Cohtitiinceiloont said the
-,.-t. a
J -:-ajr
' WitfDfO BBtCtBiAs it li importan1
at every n engaged rn Mihimg snouiu
be woll informed ia renrd to' the durabil
ity of material, we publwk . the follow wg
from an exchange ppen - - " ' , j
Verves toeoDlcor even; baiWerSvare
aware of be advantage, of weUiug bricks
before laying them, or f they are aware oi
it, they do not practice 41 for of the many
houSes'nowtn progress in tthis"city, there
are very fcw iu which wet bricks are used.
A wall twelve inches thick,', built of . good
mortar wih bricks well soaked, isstrooger
iu very repeet than one ' sixteen inches
thicsvbuilt dry.. Tho reason oi inw is.tnai
if the bi iula are saturated with water, they
willibstraci from" the mortar the mMsture
wbwh is neeessary to its chrystalisation.
and oa the contrary they will uuite chem
ically wttri the mortar, and Deeoroe as sot
id as a' rock.' On the other baud, if the
bricks are put tin- drr they immediately
take all ihtj moisture from the mortar, leav
ing it too dry to harden, ana me con se
quence is that when a building oi litis uo
scriotion i taken down, or tumbles down
of its own aeord. the mortar fall from it
like eo touch sand. Scientific ca
CoNOHEsStosAi Violation or tbiC Sab--
dati! -Home of the religious papers are
rather severe upon the last Congress for
its violation of the Sabbatb. The Congre-
Htionalisl says;
"Though a sad, it waa a fit ending for
the Congress which has j list gone to its'
srave, 'unwept, unhonored and unsunir
that it last acts should bo open and out
rageous violations of the btatutes of the
King of Heaven. Conceived in sin and
brought forth in iniquity, distinguished
more than any thing else for its gross vio
lations alike, of the Constitution, of national
faith, and of the Divine Law, it was like it
self that it should come to an end in a vio
lent; and wholly needless and inexcusabe
infraction of the sanctity of. the Sabbath!
Having wasted, and worse than wasted
weeks and. months of time,. it crowded
nearly all the rclly necessary and "benifi
cent legislation of the.session into its , last
htii i iJ hours, mid,-upon the pitiful plea
that the fourth of Maich fs not the" fourth
of March until half its hours are sped, it
couunucd its stormy discussion, and. hur
ried, and, necessarily, (hi many cases)- in'
complete and unjust enaciments until high
no. u of the Lord's Day ; ' '
JH;u"iy u VVoiuun.,, .
S5mo young men nlarry diinpltf!, 'some
ears; me moutn, 100, is ouc.asiouiy . mar
ried, though not so often. Only the otli
er day a young fellow fell head over " heels
in love with a braid-Arai', I belicve'rounqr
ladies style that mass of hair that, fulls
from the furuhend, forms a sort of mouse's
-nest over the ear. , lie was so far . pons in
this hil'rituaiiou, that he became engaged to
this braid; but the organto mode of huir
dressing'coming in just then the chnrrh
was diolveiI, and the match was happily
broken ' o!F, nnd there are no present- ap
pearances of its being renewed? What do
young men marry? Why, tney marry
these and many other bits of scraps of a
wife, instead of the true thing. And then,
after the, wedding,. are surprised to find
that though married, they have no wives.
I.1E1LX G. HARI'.!( HON haabecoma prAprlotnr,
' by purchnsc,of the Grocnry Htora of H. H. Hunter
iV Co., lo which be hnaluat nddod a larvn and tnporSn
arltv of fimilf flrrm,iii arriving; nnd In arrive
rnim iiiif-uimui, una other marts, in niiikiua hla pur
chtise he buahad In vtev tha accniuiuodallon of -hi
mends nnd iltacrlinatliir public, for all ai'asotit. Ht
enmmenda tit their i(tttiittlon,ninniiK niliar arSulao, at
urtces ilHitcunnot fail to trite satlafuctlnn.
i;oM'liCTIO.NAKlESutaim.liili,r fainlllet aud
partlet. , . . . ,
C'i"''"''. Tarnisonln Almonds, English Walnjla an4
Brusiliaa "ills, Fl(is uifl "Intas. , ""')
J,;iiti,nn l.cili, Hue for. Ii'llli-a, Prnnes.ckc; " '
Of FainilsGrot-erlna he will oalv mention Phil. -Tow-
deredandemshedSUGAH, Net Orlouua do., TR AS,
kio sun jnvn i ufKnn.nj leas, aioiustoa, ooldnn Nrr
up, Krniu'k Chmmlaia, Aiuahrimn Waluuis, Timiatn
Catsup, a aplendlil I it of Kagtitk iMarf CawMt, aad
oiuor articles in nunierona to piituuwn ntra,
flottnfiirfl;ut,nlso, l,iUors, Hrnndy for Uie
a!ck anil
convalescent, elgnra5 years old
tnioakliigand eiiewhif
l()ll.t:rO, t'l.wilerswl Shot fortha Sportsman
. Mu will konp on hand a variety of ratals, raratVS
anii Jnfun nfliisown manufncttirefurthe trinla.
fiotloaat.a Inrge and full anorlnient uf aiwatasaiari,
Kmrthtn ataff , t'rturk wars aae aJarfitS 0laasaast, aL
so, ff'aadaltnrs,y'iits,Jwrlsfa,4-s.
lPf He knits to oltlalu a fulr ehiilriif the public favnl
In hlanow undertaking, nnd looks for Ihe approbation
and t ntroiinge nfhtafriemla. tiuvlng bean cruuiielled
torolliiriilahhlsfiiruior busluasaaa Injurious to reeallk.
he will iiiakaafnirlrlnliiflhls,luaeeli'tt will not froSI
his purso.as well na lilabealth. - If Ilia expert moiit, (as
which he will duvotu hla undivided ttlvnttou)dna not
tueiHHid.ba will ha able ht trusts, to servo llio publlo la
tome othor ur-eful t'tpaelty.
iANo.r8'iF.u maciiik roils nnv
( i DKVOLIiprflparvd lufiirnlaliallklnilanr.STEAM
jr.KNfrlKKS.iipoa thort uotlca and at Cintlouutl
and Pltuiiiirg nrtcus. -
Also, ail kind's of Mill Gearing, Hoisting Screws,
llegnlntlng Here a, Jack Strews; Fullur't rlcrowt aud
tyliler Scruws,
Mill SpliMlli-a of cast Iron or wrought. i
Buloaand Drlvera. aVt.,tVe.
Hd will also furnish the I'.f RKRK WHEEL lo' suit
any ui wl wulor. mid with allhor Iron ur wood aluift.
Alsotliu ATKINSON WHEEL St upas uhove. Tlia
putont on the rnrkor vthoel hnt expired and const
qus.ntly Ihey run ho had Inttch chenper.
He ulan continues to nuike HKVOI.'H THRAFHINf)
MACII INKS, and keeps a lotcmntuiitly ou kutid; war
runted the in sl in Ohio. , .
All thoabovb n'tlrli'salll bo made with tsprcltU aart
aim iiv tneocn wiirKiueu, unu win ne wiirrnnion.
- All kinds of rapniriiig dune upon thd Nbtmoat notice,
Ho also kftepaconstuiitly on hiiud, ALL KIM'S OK
CAHriNliH.awatlykiiplliiafniMidry. Ho baa coin.
filetrd Ills front shop, to that those hoea It caa xanv
ne hla work.
Tim kaowa.iuallly of the work dona at litis estab.
Ituhnieut fur nuuiy 'oitrs,'.ist,la the beat giuirruutce thai
luriiture.tnesuitsenucrVFiii uinor to nustres.na pat.
roimgacif lha public, Ilo Invlltsexanilnallon.
.Unasttr,jla) 10, 1SJ4. : G. DETOL.
i t.lTTI.E V JJairi-inAt'Ill-, c
'V'T701ILD reaperir illy annoiinco to llm cltlronte
VV t.nnriister and vicinity that they are as uetiiii ta
receipt uf a very heavy and WolltolaclcU slock of
V.' s T SprlUf rinil Summer Goo '. ,1
Embracing every variety and sty! lo be had In Iht
Eurtorn lunrkel, to ehli h wo Invite the attention of
every body, as we Intend suiting at cheap lis goods tat
te sow nest or me iMoiiuiuiiia, in aoiiiiinu to em
luru aiuik, will bu I'oiiud a general aatortmouVof
i - 'Htvuts NhiM-f, Hit n nets and llata,
' PnrasAl and Vmhrullaa, Looking Olaaeaa, -.
ttueetisware, (ilasswaru, unrpetlug ami Mnltlna
' Wnll Paper, Bordering aud Window Blinda
Cotinh coverlet and euritot Yum, ' '
Butting, Wadding, eandle-wlck, trtoi ete.
AIho, a (nod Ktork of Pine Groceries, ,
Toltaccn, ate, In abort, overy Ihlbg niull kept In
More, nnd mure too. :
Wa would eav tn uuv old friends and customers III 4
we return our silicon thaiika for their very llbural pa
tronage extended during our buslneaa career among
Ihoui.uud ask a eunllnnanea of ihe same. We will an
daavorlouteanaand glva aatlafnetloa to all who will
favor na Willi iltelr rustnm. All kliidaofconntrr pro.
duett taken in exchanga tor (Wis (sir which the high.
est market prke will be paid. - May SO, ISM. '
-- '-1 ' j
QF.OHOE . BATO-r, JfT. O., "
. Puvannct,0"iiurx, aas OaTiiorxouat VoaaioR.
AVINOftMtssI trasaataity In Chllllehothe. offers
hla iKtfnaaonal services to all who am aflUtteii
any of tlie following tlltoateaordefurmitleai
Ainnuriisls, Oiilliulmla, ur lnSnniatlon of lha Eva.
i.rainwilir imubi aierj r.vwwf vasnraeia, rfliecKS and
Pleiue,effootually removwil; Ntrabiamua or Croat Kvei
cured In'a few eecoiHls! Puutsl Club Hoot; Hair Lip;
logaiker a lthevaryothor oporatlou belongltig to lk
operniiva Mirretta. . .. i. .
u f Kit Bvve.i. lie's Mtocx- Kesiuence city Moult,
Jr !( chargea for tXilltaatllo
Addrtsa L'himcotha.Ohi . , MayS.iaM-.IJ
P. C. 11IKTZ . -
HRESPECTFVLLY Inforroa the cltl
itut of Ftlrflcld county that he hat
luvcioijr yu, up anew inrrtnge enop,
sssisdlalfv fntkse.ar.f Wiit.l. r .,.t.
Hot war, tmrt , Cslr Alley, f.antailtr Osi., wlitrt
hf will fonstantly keep on- hifnil and manufacture it
nM.r Svarf vtrt.lv Af ..kl.1. 1. kl. It
j TTHeparlns; doot bn tbbrl Botlce, ind'lhf tnnat
' 7 V SS - ' .
CltiatBj of Lin cuter It psisoaj from the Conatry
nroRUB II. SMITH. . :. -
.Ei u in. nt n.puim wmiitlnv elolhlnc It r
I MMfullf callM to tlx iiamnu utorliutiil of
w li i - i iiiMMn1. Ha wiftheUuudrslood t
Mai. uvj. bh " , . fCllcimnj IV. WVH ' , . . - J
ibaKMnVifulfiwr""").'?' "J jlnSwomid ow rMpertfulljr iollciio conlluumnej of
OTmUin. Vhelerkirniruolido r rP"f nl
r rock and Dre Cata. -
luei, strx, owit, otirms iuri
Stasia Breasted tsuaineas Coata.
CToindiai saaair, oOT miwi
Cam, has doejeiii, aii. t, imu
' Overcoat. ' -
Uluaacd Browu tiaT clots rroct OVERCOATS)
Blaok, Blue, Brown iinva uoronsnira &eraefao.
V. lot Clotb. ion) Kxtra Lonr, . do;
Black, Blua tui Brown Cloth. Saperlor, ' in;
Drab Bubroldarod tinin fact ana nmiiiuAi
Cloaks. . .. - .
--BlMlttti Bint CLOTH aomo Eirtim Flue.
", "' "Vesttugs.". '. '
Plain Black S ATIN, Flfurtd SHU; d SATW; .
". u gait; Fane) SII.K and SATIN; .. .
Wrt CLOTH and Fannr CASKlMKRlii
Black and Fancy VKLViTt .
Faoof Vtlvat and Silk BALL VEST. , .
; Blaek4 Fancy Colored D0ESK1S;' '
1 . " " i CASSIMEPBJ
" and Buckskin - do;
netonshlra Ktray and Oxford Mixed do;
Black, Blue and Fancy Colored 8ATINKT;
. . . . Farnwaing tioodn.
SItK.MERtSO, ALL "WOOL, Red.Gray and White
TON SHITS. A St ruaranleadlnall tnaUncat.
HOSR OakBHT anil tihelland Wool, Merino.
While and Gray Latubi' Wool, Engllah aud German,
Cotton, w nue and uoiorea.
GLOVES.-Black.Wnltt and Colored Kid Gloreef
Thread Silk nnd Nnanolilnn Flmh do:
' Drab Buck GLOVES and GAURTLETS. '
rn k v atm Ktih- p.iirtf Satin and Hllk CraTata.
STOCKS AND TIES, of all deicrlptlontimpoaatble
to enumerate. ' '
Boft and Chlldern's Clotliina;.
Blnck and aolored Cloth Frooka ,
. " Sacks;
r'nislnierc and Tweed Frocks abd Backs)
Hlack and Colored OvereoaH;
Mottled, Gray and Brown WhitheyOrcoatt;
Hl.nk. Rlim and Hrnirn Cloth Jncketa.
VESTS Black Cloth, Blnck and Fancy Silk Veatu
TnrA ,lt .nd fnlnrad rasslmert do.
PAXTA LOONS Black and Fancy Colored Cattlmere
and Ooo&kln: '
, ' Sail net, Tweed and CMtontdc;
' Clilldren'i Black and Colored Cloth Suits!
4i 4, . m Jackcta;
4 4i ii 14 Cnlaways splendid.
FCRMSH1SG GOODS Marina Shirts, Cotton end
Cotton Flannel Drawors;
Muslin Shlrts.Lin'n Bi)onn,CnllraWr1stbandti
Cotton and Wool Hulf Hose; oassimerntriovetj
1 Suspenders. Handkerchiefs. Ties nnd
Lancaater, SoTumbcria, 1PM.
Cheauer than ever before Offered In
AS lately purchased from P. Bope hit Inlereat Its
th iliinlwiire hiialnuia. nnd In aidiion to hit bl-
f.Tlv Urmt stm k. la now dallr receivliiK, dirort from
the JfawKau'"" and worrrcs, a Inrire pureliaae ol
.iil, l will inuka hlssUick of llurilware one
nfilie most ettanslve lo bo found In tills market. Hit
raelliiioarnr nnrcliasiiie and arranxeuiBnts wilh Mauu
faclurera, which aroeiiial to any, will atiable hlin to
offer all deecrlptlon(r of Hardwrnal loutr print than
wthertitahlithmtnt. The attention of F.rmhrs
and MacHiima Ic invited In the extraordinary Induce
n.ntsiu.w huld out to Uiom In the way of a re tit bar
rsliii fully .allslled thsl if thuy consult their own lu-
m.i ihnv alii Mcurtuln lo call and exninlne his nrl
ecs before purchasing elsewhere. By close altunllon
in i.n.li,.... niwl hv ..nn.tjintlv keeniua on hand a full
andcnnipleteaHsn'rtineiitunii tho beat goods, he hoea
toaocuro a largo sunrc oi uie puiruuua;1 ui tun rariuors
aud Mechanlcsnrthecouuty. .
April SS,1HS4.
Ilua-ar and Carriage rtlukrra
WILL Hud, at the lltrjwara Slort, opposite
the Tattmntiirt Houm. one oftlie Inrrust and best
selected stock of TriuimliiKaever opouvd In tills mar
kut. Consisting In part of
100 I'locot Itnaiuru liuck ana l anvass, .
IS i i Fancy colored do. .
80 " all Wool nnd uiiliiu Dninaakt
50 Hides patent and Kiium'lil Lonlher,
Brass nnd Silver Platod llimds, Top Props,
sitiimn Joints. Laces. Hnriuff. Axels, ete.
Lancaster. April S!, If 34 JOHN EKFt.NGER.
TOIIN EPFINOF.R would Invllethe utterrt'on of Car-
I vntm ani Hani" Huilil"-' to bla Innre atock of
llouaa building miiterinls. They will Bud constantly
onhnnd,lhe best Juniuia anus, hiitKoamin nnias;
The most approved lloor Irfick. anil Latches; :
Window Glnss and Hash of all slaes;
Conrklln and Wood's Pure Wliiln Lend and Oil;
.nit Hllnrl H ta. Khun Hlnava. Hnlls. ete.
Those about building will be ouriulii to asvo money
byexHuilnliigniy prices before panliaalng elauvhura
Ajiru vo. ir;n.
Iflnrlianlc,s Toola. , , s
SniTEDtnnlltrsdesand oftlui most approved make
llulelier'a Cast Steel, Firmer and k'mkel'alrotigea,'
ppnar aim JncKs,,us i.asi aitu npnng niuei nawa,
Uiitrlinr'a Double and Hinglu J'lune Iruus, '
Ohio Tool l'oiitniuy Planes, . . (
. Musuiis nnd Flusters Trowls,
I'.ttiiinr's Drawing knives, etc., for s.le. cheap hv
April 98, 1854.- JOHN EFFINGEK. .
ImShtrfftr'lXem Blnck, teftv a Tallmaigt oust
ten sawjrrr'a rrorer, i
HASJnst opened a lurgu nnd benrlllfut assort
getherwlth as choice aelectloii of Cfatka. Caasi
mereinmd Vlipt All of which has been select
nd with greet cure nnd Willi sneclul rofurunce to tho
ivmils nnd tiiats oftliiscniiiiuunity.
Hie long experience la tills brnficlt Sfbuiiness, la a
sure gitrantoe that ilia stock enibruvua lite chulceat ami
best vurluly, and his purchase hns been inacn upon such
lerint tlialUe cantetl at the LOWEST POSSIBLE 1'Hl
RES. . .
The Public are respertfully roquusteil to call nml ex
Atnltio lilsiisot'tiucnt. Hu hat on hand a genurul at
urtiiiuntuf BUMMBR WAR,
And ta at all times nrenared lo aocommodnte hia old
friends, either with an excellent article of Hendy made
CloUilug.ortn MANl'PACTUKK TO OKDEH, out of
thu bust inuterlnl and hv most acc'imttlisliud workmen,
any slyla of guruients, Poll MEN AND BOYS, In the
heal and most faslilonablo mannor. He Is coufident, .lu
tins rosvuci, mat Be enn give general sniisiuetiiiii. .
. Hitassnrtniont euibrncusagujiurui variety of
, .Lluuu Coatt, Vostiugs, Suspendors,
Dress do Pantaluoitt, - Hoslory. . :
Suck do Cravats. Undershirts.'
Carpet-bugs, together with all other articles usually
xept in a litiiiiinmiiira v uriiisniiig ntoro. ana luunuruu'
Hired in the most fushioiiabloal lea. ' ' t
It has been nuri-hdsed of well-established houses In
the Eaatorn citlus, andwif ht ararrnaraif, o be made of
good tnateiliil nnd In a duriible mnunor.
' He restecifiilly Invltea hia old cttstoinert and othors
la cull at hla new esliiblisltinmit, where he w ill nt all
tliDoaba ready to wott upon them wilh noon aonna. at
ma i.owasT asTKs. T.t test hla promises, ho asks an
, exauiinntlon uf his stock kt Undo and lbs style and quaU
tty orniaiiiuniirui'turo. T. l OIHU.
Lancaster, May 5, 1H54.
''" Ins" Ihlanpnortuiilty to return their thankt
T sy to their numeroita rrienua tor tno very imorai
nnironnae iier-ioioro vxkoiiiien ir, luwm. auu
assure them that no pnlns shall be spared to
tnatain the nattering reputation already attain
ed, and In order to moot the eroatlv incennaed
demnml nt thorn Establishment for Booia and Hboee
they liBvolnadtflltoiitiitlielrown maniifacturlngustro
celved from lha Baa! a very large and fashloiiabieslock,
cuisisllng in part at iniiowti , , ' . , i
Men a fine t.lltl. tvip ano ennrae noutt,
Cieuli pat. Calf Oallen tnd Ttas, .,
4 Buskins and Monrnea.
Alt klndsof Ladtot aud Mlttet Boots, Shoea, Slippers
and Gallors, .
Also, an assortment of tho beat qnnllly of Children's
luncy ana puiin nnws,
In Bililltlon to the above wa aro eonstanllvmannfae
Hiring largely, for sale and also lo order, all klnda of
noota dno rtnooa,wnicn we nave ao nesuancy in saying,
will compare In price and eeallty wilh any atock lulhe
western eounirj. may iu, io.it
rgnHEunderstrntil respectfully advertises the pub'
lie that he baa at band for sole, on rtaaobablttaraia
tor catK.sas mss aasiiriinuiii ui
Froth and Woll Selected Medlciaea
Comprtalng erervtraa't aarfsScastsal, derived frara the
rv-afatit,.ftnaaaa.Btiaa aingooma, ano uaeu in
Jllmpatliit, fanBMrauaia, s.eii an rttiantr prai tire
'Thtussortinonltmbraeeaall Hie jilMloiwAtmiU0t4
jeoie aas' .fetMBt Kaii-ar'a. sVa. . '
Hla ttock of Surgical liislrumautalsottnaMatquallty.
A Pall Stock of Pnmllr Oroceries,
French and AmtrhJan Perfumery In great variety.
Havana and eoranioa ategare. Chewing and Hnaoklng
Tobaecoi beat quality of Wlnea, Rranuloa. di., native
and lm ported, formedialaal usa strong Cider Vinegar,
Window Ulaaa and Glaat Ware-, together with all the
popular patent medicines, and an endless variety of
aartt and aaaa aotn ornamental ana ttseui. . .
Physicians prescrlpllonsputnp with greateare bf S
coinpeieuiaaa axpefianceaaiapunsoi;,
- - M. Z. KRR1DER,
Oot.S,ie54 Jb. 10S,Jafailr,l.aaatr,
IIBandtrtigned will tell a sartor all hla land
una; swHiiw acrvsj in oioota t ownsnip, one
esi oi Barron, tat rarmi aa to auaitiv. eon-
dltlon and convenience, can't be to mossed. je-s
Upon thera are 0 superior Springs,! Dwel-vJ
ling Honset, Orchards of choice fruit, ate. H
Those wishing to ptirtaata aa(l and tee, at I am de-
Urminedjotll ' AtUL COFMAN.
tratarwlly mu aniciaa r " odi wlaun ro pumiiue narore oi auj wkiiiiot,
BirliM. parUure uol uli.Ited, lha itarinonu m of ,fcm. f.l(DitKrtL.aed wlthlholriprenrllh
(ihaaca,of Ut mosej will b cketfUj rTiud- oa(BeMand n.m of kaepiaf P Ook "
Ail a mtriUI Hit arrUo4: ikur.noirar a-raaisr Indumuiitnu to Hie puMIC than
levir 1
liasT Of THX FAD lOCAKB Kill
INemWntWt'fOifllirUihiJ M -TortMOitv
would embntF ih'tnnormlt)r of re
lurniiiil'irlhukloUieirold friwida ird n pnmr
.. i v. 1' 1 MtMimfl Da lima MM,
j,,. u b,,, vluM., M d nroliibleiiy iid'll Mfr
.mfkmr ufaiii.aami aAuiia r aj'csati. Tkay arc
woll aware of Ike neeeaalty of am all eataniiannieani
maklnf up In blowing and pntnnrwkat they lack in ma
nvotker purtlonlara, they wisk therefore lo arold at
hinxifik.i kind: and amtilDd afUr recelrina thatr
entire new stock, which Is now arrivlnr daily ,tht a leoki
throofcB then? -xli4t itnnumn J
one that Wt urtal Mtyrawrt arara ia iMr. .
what they want and at low prices. Their atock HI con
slat in part aa follow)- :' i-.r.ix i
CI ARPESTERS and Builders will please take notice
j that the atw Irm of WJUTB LATTA- will tell
none but the best Janlata Halla. All Nallt oH by at
will he warranted... we havanowoa aaarai, .
VjO Kves Nails, Spikes and Srads,
S30'Boxes8xlO, 10xlandl0JHClrOlatsi .
900 Kttrs wm. wood ek C i rare e niiaiaa,
10 Barrols Linseed Oil,
n.wi.Arpnti. ' - . t
In addition to tha abnxa wa have a very tarae stock of
Building nanwiri of evry aitcnpiinn, wnicn wm ne
aoldchoapartaaDeTec. .'.. eiuiawunjitii
Mincasier, April w, ipm
Ofirk A flfl pounds of ROLLED 1ROW,
lu.l, itr tl.mmMd 1 mil
r r , r ,vw. -....- n .
. UOOpountia Cast Steel, S to 9 Inch square,
4f0 do DoubleSboar ' do ; : .
SdO ' do-'"German e
l.Vie do Sprln do ... 1 .'
1000 do American Blleterdo .. , .,
In ttore and for aale at low prices, by . ' ''''
April S9, 185. , , : 1 , . V WHlTg A LATTA.
rou cabpchteus. . ; i
X-!.m Irons. rhll. and Gaaffna. Ileneh Ptaaes,
I Moutdiiurand Bead.MalchandTuble. HMchetaand
Hand Area, Broad tft Choppluf Axoh, DmwtnR Knives
of all kinds. Steel and Iron Sonaree, piiaa-ea and Try
snuaraaa l sues, imnrorea norenie nncnines, nnnu,
Pannel, Tennent Rlpplna;, Web and Oonipaaa batya,
(Jros uut and Mill buws, lor sale oy ,
April 29, 14. wmnauiini
M Dn. French Willow Wavona. ; "
A Doi. French Willow waaront,
4 do Common do
V do Gin Tod Cabs
' S do Square and Honnd Cloths Basket, '.j
10 do Market BaskeU, open and oox'd :
. Willow Cradles, e. ' - '
RocklnirHoraeaaad Wheel Barenwt,;., .
P.i rinths rMnaaud Grass Malta. hv
' April W.18M. WHITBY LATTA,
AuvlISsVlcesand Blackamttl.Belloiva
l)AA nvils, welfrhlnr from 100 lo 3SS poundaeach
ajU 15 soBd Boxed Vices, ' : '
pairs oincasiuiiu's Deuowa,
Sledses, Hammers, Borax, e. forsale by
April 39, 18S4; - WHITE di LATTA.
I'ariulnn; Implrmehta.
' OA Tos. Cant Stoel Pol'd Hoea, "
yJ'iOit 2,3 and 4 Tlue Steel Forks
50 do' Gnissand Grnln Wcythoa,
S do Woflord'aOrain Cradlet,
asrfn Nti'lha Hnntlies.
SO do Hay and Grain Bski8,
4 do BruDibleSoyUiet.d:e..cheapby , i
April 89, 1844.
VI utJK, lial t A.
l-WfrrE have now on hand, and which by our arrnngo-
W meiits with the mnnnfncturors, we can offer at
inaifDiuotpnceswiia irregui aooeu. 14 ,,
lrrfiseu Uept ruiiowt, , , , . .
MO " rJpoket, '' 4 -' ' -'."' ' !
t " Huba, , ,-: ; 4
75 " KonlhentShnhi ' '' -nr.
! 100 " Buggy Bow.! ' ' '' " "' '
Tln-Hlnfr, Copper. Wirt, AO,
t'fl Boxes IC and IV Till Hiito.
)t Sqimroaiid liKlPlale ilo
' j. Tln'd Cop.or , :; . 1 ;, ,J!
. Sheet unci HarZlue,
- Sheet Iron and Wire,
n...l l.n Mlvlt. ti
,'I ,1
.Aprils itai. t , wniy
At ATT A.'
To Carriage and nuartTF !TInlttrs
SPRINGS nnd AxnU.Biwskuiiil Silver nnnd,-Klnm)i
n Joints and Top l-roits.Enant'tl DrllUJiucKauil Can
vnss, Enuml'd and Piitunt l,eiilhor,ull doscrlitions Head
I.lnln-s. Moss and M.ileuhle Iron. ete. A great variety
of other goods in that line, to buliH.I theiiiiuktlm Octal
liars wart or org ill i,, , u v. .. i ..
Lancaster, April SO, 1S54. - i ' ...... i , i -i ,
i ,'i ; .:
X , GRURB having returned to Lnnrnattrund Intends
.1 . to'remulu iioriiiuneniiy m una city, ami iinvingra-
culvud liistriictioiiefrom un experlcncud Demist frina
tho city of Piuw York, nml olitiiineii a kuowicigeortii
business, now respecll'tilly tenders kit pvi4lrjtsiouiiaer-
vt4eaMseitlaaaafr4-aaMiaator atui4iia puwutguaosaiiy.
Ilo Is nrenaruil lo ocrform all oDerutlona upon the
Toelh.such aa F. xtracting, PlHgtng, Filling, reguletlng
thtTeetli.trentlngapungy sritmnsioa uuina, Uotiny.
Inn S3m.-m. rnu.f.vlfia 'I'lirtae uie . ( .My. . . ., '.' .
Arlllli'lolTeeth Inaurted on. Gold J'lnte frilin ens In
full set: also Artlflclal Cruwna ant on . koUthy roots
without pptu, to at lo aiuwar all tlia purpusot olmat
tlcnltnn. . . ' .. ' . ; i .
Every operation In Dentistry etscrittat. to pnaetve
and itenntlfy the Teeth, nml give moot a aenitiiy tie
lion, nml Improve the Itrciilli, hciilth 4V:raste,perdirmoil
un iiioiloriiiu tornn. Luillitsin tho cllv or rounly.'wlll
bo wiillud on ill shelf fespouliYB) plajcyaariyliloiuo, II
II bo reiiuustoil. No chargus inuduor examinatliiii or
orinsnllulliin at hlaoSit-i... ; A ". t.tt) I
OFFICE (In the ntirtiu-att corner pf.lne runilc
fiiiuare.'oiic door from MSlTl street. - ''c,je- ,
Ijinmsler, Koplenuter im, if.H Xl
KPKtKCIF.U & TBOrti '.! ., :
.t VK removed thnirl lolbing Eituiillshnibnl
In thu- 7Viibii' ii;c. At stoer T.lt a
allu's MiCdwiif Slort, here iiey lire opon-
ntr n Inrgo mid extensive assortment nf SPKIMi AM)
riU.VI.MKK' IrOOD", and nt airw aiaaxifm-turhig eacry
vnrlely of Sprinf. eiatl f umwur Wear, which Ibey will
sollns low as the tiiuie qiiiillty of goods and word ran
lie purchased at any other establishment In the clly
I Heir cltiining,.iB iitisuuiticiurtMi uiiiiiiriiieir iiwasiiiiurT.
vision, and la ciinauiiieiilly superior to that wliUia is
hjought from other plwua. Thuy hnv also on hind, a
teacliut vrieliof Clolk; (,'uitimerto, yetlinftjft.,
which thoyure propani.l tu iuupttftu'tue to order. They
hove in their enipluy the best of workmen and aro ul
all limes pmpared to miiko the best ftt In the luteal
allies, jllllktirmorkwill ktmmrronttd..
The niihlia am raanorlfiil v sol ir led to cull inn exv
amine tlielr stock, and while thankful for I lie lllturnl'
Italinnage limy hnve onjoyed, they.ntsiira tneir otv) ens
outers and all others that they will labor In glve-geti-ernl
autlsnniloa both lu Uie -finality and. price nMheti
goods nnd work; - tSt'rtl.NGKU ck ) KOUT.
Loncustei iApcita, itoe
n SATirEa7IIEr.HV . 'A '.';..
TfarTOITLB rnxtioclfiiliy knnounce let lite clrlneris of
1 Tf Lnuciislur ck vicinity, that Ire has enmmenced the
llinail, I.ltrlst Hunk A Cracker Bakliiir
Inconnoctlon wltblilsformurhnklngckit now prepared1
- to FimJIlSIl FAmiLIES .ii
with every thing krtlie.ahove line.' -Ilnvtng In his em
ploy thu Iwstol' bakers, he feels couHUoncUiat bo. ran
please all who nuiy fhvor him with a call , ;
TTf-Cull at hla Store on Main Street, ohiP also at hla
Duko-iiouae, corner of Columtiut Muluorty streets.
l.unciislur,Juijf Id, lrJ. . -',. ,u
1SHKH DK HERTH0LT8 have re.
I turned4n Lnnoastor.nnd will be buli
my to receive minus lor instruction on tne
SO KOitTE aud GUITAR, at their realdenca at
Mr. UpfieWt, Columimt gtcftt,nhd hope their long ex
periwHcein teaching lauwtc, and Ihe auremltting atten
tion paid to tha Improvement of laetr Pupils will Insure
a portion ot ptiuiic pnironagtt. -' , . ..
MISS A.C. HE HKRTHOLT Will rocclvtk ttaat for
Embroidery and Cnnvussvrnrk.t .. .- ,
MIHH M. I). UK UKKTHOLT has Jopeneil an Kle
roeutary HclHtol In the Boaoment -citor) of the Edaro
pal Church. November 9, lbS4 Vli .
. h. ... , rj ... ... ,
Jamoaj IWc .TTaaamr ' . " '
I I of TIN. U
ottnblisbod bitDtolf In Ihe manufaethrlng
tsr.ssr Hear Watt ot tho Uoekinr Valltt
fiaak. Is proparod lo furnish the pantile of this county
with evary tiling that aity -be ejoaded In hia liiiv. He
keeps on hiiud even variety of CfwrKING and HEAT.
INti HTOVEHfov Willi It and COAI, couslstlng la part
of Ihe Lion Air Tight, Western ttaeen.- ,
Trtnmph, Huck, Hroslilenlt and Preferoaea for Wood
and Black Dlamand far (lonl, " Also Ploughs, Plough
rihares, Hugnr Rellles ek Hollow-ware. All of theabnve
articles wlti be sold aa low aaraa be bought elaewhtra.
Ho Invltea eltlcent geaarally lo call ami axnnsma hit
slock. ' JAMES MoMANAMV. i,
' 1". B. Hoose-spontlngaVJobWiigdnne utioa short no
tice. .OldCopiter, Brass. Pewtorand Iroulakun In eg-
change for any uf the above krllclea. J . Me, .
liBucaater, may 1, 1HM " : ' -"i -..si
IT.t Mouldings for Ptcture Frnmot, for tale aC lh
city bouk atorii-, '""'.".- I
liril'Jl, 1H34.
B. CORNELL, Agent. ,
RCHTTECTURR by L. D. Omtld, A.'BenJamaa and
f0. P. Bmlih, for tale al th city book store. '
prH SI, IK44, B. CONWELU Agent.'
fLARK'ft Commenury an th Old and ReW'Teala-
Tlprll HI, IH54. H. CONHB1X 1 Agent,
-fAtrR. Partlngton't Carpet Bn Of Pun, for,-al a
111 the city book alort. ' - '-j'-aT V
Xpril 31, 1H44. B. COltKHLL Agent,
THE tild Brewery knd Saw Htaaloa Hertte. tt.i Vap
at tha ellv book ttore. - - "-' ' . '' .
A .ri! JI.I&4. ' B. OONNELL, Agent.
rTIHE Lamp Lighter, fbf aale at the tlty book iatota
I April! 1KH. B CONNELL. Agent.
I1 ctty b
April SI,
RM ERH' and Emlgraat't Book, for aale at the
xiooa aiora. , - . -
1K54. 1 B. COrtltEMif-Agesvt.
1 ARC V Artlclckla great ratttty, for aal
' book ttore. . ,
. April al, Wit. - i B. CdltREI
fl ails Z
W'JiXt T: t'H
at.!) fuv'ui.Il t:4
j i.' iriaf ll
tt '
'J- yW'0J
e&ii tr
. "
1 v - : " ' '
SOME t til" -
Thx mn-t nowcrfnl KtM ew the c of th. rloba new I
4..,i. ..hhi... I. kli. aiuMrleaa Itenubllew Taa.
M ilia Crowned hfada of Kurop sink Into vnslgalooajaca
wbea roisauMl i lt-ef:eur Aaterteaa KuiS- V -Kuruprau
Kluga elnploy the power vested hi them re
1 ' .1 ,1... r k and lordlv. and lo reduce
MgrMieraU4rvaad aidMea, tha poor and depea-.
teiit. Oilr Anii-rlean Ktng goes forth with tojilwilia-
aosa to tl. Hirdty maaawa 'B, oiu, ruj
to 4daaiiiatar tallef aud u oner of.ua on "rryfT
wtus loliy and lowly, the tick ana ta. poar.i-iii.ni m
1 .j-. lL;JOHN HULL'S , k :
. ..... . u'AHn.. a. u. ttmu anlt tha areaiasl
hiessinSavWtArad-aMiMe hum.ailt tetaWsufleriiit
aiillioiui, tlia Doctor can say, relief ia at yoor ooaimand.
keu t amy awwaa una aiaaaw -rtnimuj.
wbo still suiter, and will aot accept tha proOered.haha,
A -k mu th. nitv nf rKeir fainiliea. 1 ; ' 4,
Tltla woudernjl medicine, daciiig tha brief aerlodfflaeai
... 1 .J. I.. 1 l..i,niltH..M ,1.. h..rtM Of1
nJUWIU3MH. M' , ' . A
tbosMnids.aiMtauadelifeaeaaan to manr wbown-etavra. U
reanrded It only as a paiutul aud mlaeraoie axitiaiive.
.iu. !.,.!. with .11 Liiitiafluta. Kmbrof atkinAi Pala
KitlB, and Fah K1ln4CUe,nd tat miiliuiiStof. SM-jt
' toegues prociuim ma nieriij ix ma n - rati
Kiig ef P.iul,-airepretien aontposvd aoltly of feawtai
.. . 1 I . A... la'a m.. flrll .iJ
BMS -aim n-" r ' 7
bu.ni .'milt mil.
. ut tha Lambs, who art always eempetenl
liidKas what l and whj ia not a valuable family niedi
cine, to vlo u a apeclai favoc by givlngha Kbiaof. t4la.
a alntfie irwl, and U satllae.ory. exert aueir wuu.
r 1, n..k M.H .nit nfln of it.
.J ,i,.,V u.unnl h kLOratlliotedtirtirbliol.. "Tlia !'
lilies are alvachariuilile. and when tliey indues their
sull-iliia frlenda to una this really valuable meitHue,
tlnviwill be doing an act of bvnevnUince'tliat'tlley'Can
well be pr.md it This is a pooerful and 'truly WHKieal
reiwedi fr all external diteesaa, aorta, awelSnga,. buraa.
It a and for viaiiy Inteenal alUieliore, k Is a eerwin cure,
..J l lm m,rr,-.Ml luiriuless. and Ineauable-ar Brodueing
thaleiut InjaVioiis tSeiM )u the moat -taicats. aaaea .r ,
tlia urtkesi emistitutloB. .'...
-'i.ltslt aailmly sea to follow llie oil and worn -out
sysieuinf piililisliius to tha nubile thousiuids of eertiB
cUrt nl wonders perAratd by Uila aiodioiw. it aoata,
.-..t.:n. rhiiu tii trv it: and Dr. Dull stakea hia
elloiiraul npooulpn on the King oi Palu fittf aud.
more lliaii he eiaiuis for it.
W. odidiaex, kt yoa the lUienmailsBt briaault
these are not pluaeaiit eiiuipanioua, and wa know tliat
,riu would like u drive tow awjr aa aovwi at. Boamhta,;
iiieu use, , , . . k , . ,
'! ' BOLL'S K1N3 OF PA l!f. " I, " ;. -
Would yau ba aured aliusst .intuiedtately, af Bowel,
tJomuiiiiiiv, llisentery, Suiiiiuer lioniplalnl, Oholera STor
en, Oriunp tieiic, llend Ai'tier Tooth, f auy filler aeoe.
ui.p..lii, Hie reuiedj Is aliupia aud tlie cure Certain..
K'.t : ' " -tjs i uKaTXt'Km of paikN; i'-t.
- :iVen1dyeu ht ,virr "hras, SwellhifA Cata, Duma,
Si'alil-i, llruiser, or any outer wuunua ueaieu, we smmm
it, use the . ; 'i .::') 1.1.
M AuluAL KINO Or 1'Al.v.
Wiilrtd yoi be'eurW of Seaid Uew',!, Si I )olnla Sort
Tlirmt, Neui'iilsl s.s,,cn Ureaai, l.umlimn, latlkf or lung
'MF trill. Salt iliiwuiu. Hltes-tl .i-ulsmoiH -niswoiavi'iiHppvu
llaii.s. and 14U oilier Sores, either dry or running, we
ay aguiu and gmu, lbaa aaattttTjai Ur. Jtatu UaU'a; v
ay agmu
., 't.; r: it rKINO Of PAIJI.w )) H.Bftr.O -.i;.l
trmiM ton he cured nf Klnr'a Evil. Oancsr, Tumors.
'ttnimlons. or amy dlsease of fHe Sktn eansed'Hv luiaove'
lilootl. tlie" ase lir jonn.iiuil " prirespunua inTwrnaoy.
'and 'the Klnr of Pnlir externnlly'. wMhing eun W taore
eertalu tbaa, aspeedj aud,e(eetua) eura, (.j (.-..j tJ ...
Thls' m'ecllrroei'wKeD used according to tflrtctk)aa,'wUI
tort, witnout ioii:...,i . i
i.f.' V
..tr Klng'altvir, j . ,
(Siitcers. Krun'iont
'. tl'ii 1 It- ef lha Skia, Krvslnelaa, ,
Tilinors, Chronic Sore Kyea
Ringworm or Tetters, Scald Heed,
ttliKiiniKrlsut. Pubis tn tlie hones or
'.otitis. Old HoWBIld Ul'BVW.8wnlllligof ....
" iliBOIalids.aciihlllS, IM spepsta, Relt Ulisom. "
.. I niscsstsuf tlie Kidneys. ISlHtilsesarleinfffroni the j
' Ose of tlercnrir, im of Appefltw. Pailr tri lire .side arnr
I.mI IbkLIUtw I.iiii.Ki lh..l.. I LAl.La
Dmp.V.daiindice,t?osiiveinHS, Rroneiiii.it, IVeaktressnf the
Cltsst, anre Tbronl , t'ulntonaxy Aifeetious. and ail otbet
Disessea litdlngmpraduceOtmautiiplleB.Uvactlktat.
nlidnls.PeliiHle Irrviilarilieaand ('omplaiiitaj.o',
' "' HplrUs, ld and Nervnua lauadaciiai, Hixni'! ft:
feweals. KxpoHitres, or Imprudeiire, In Life. . .
Chronic Constitutional Dlmuaaa amlaea
spring ami iluiuiuer Drink, and General
' ll !.!-; l'.htif"rUie.iyttai.;aaiil, js, asu,tk tv
. and p'easunt purgative, It at '
: J . .i.J j.aiiperier.to itlue Lkakiivi (;,
and t 'ongrtHa IVater,
Hal'a.qtlialdllta, l!;,:,;,jr
Puwdera. t:t .1
;! a sWiisckshlB -fiici. ttast-amnrMr tha bondVada of
iHlnetit plivrlcliius who itiv axHiniueil the reeipa bf
'which lUill'a.ainiianatllsvIs: prupaiedi not ana bjs eon'
dritiiie.1 II. hut all approval ir., aim anniuieiiu it lu list
lllKlie.-t lerins. slimy pii.VMiciaiia esprexa tneiiiiml.vet
.mtinlv in llle Itelk-f that It s decidedly tile best nrenit-
vdamoi'BwSaatliKlauWevr:liea ptarajd Mokit the
Altliouitll tliera are many pliyslctaiit who f,-l
ntliiaiaiHt Uhaviua! titkir Balaut appointed' le the
uieiithiiiou of any luirlieuiar remedy, liotwitUslkndiiig
., ....Mn.u .,4. It 111 I IIM II1U11IM4 I.WtH IIimH. .M
.t. . iiv-j, . - --- -. . t v u : r r
oiliers-whtt. franaty yaiKt tmar-mippon nt saver tr a;
n nii' lY wliWi tliey .Know is ci(siuib or uulnaj so wucu
'innd irWn'nfllhitednoirtuniitisy,- AsanevllMi4ta, twad the
ma fanm, uld.au, renprcti4bU) phislci.ua, of high
lug lu Utt touiaiatilly ia wttieli tiisjrltvai i ' '
'vr ts ef Tkr A-tJrV.. 71:r I.i .
1 tU a a t aVaVk, w aVaj
ll latiiiinit-uiaou tinMjIflt'iiry tf hull's EtnrMtHirl(riv tt'rtittt
tir. .'! Ynndrll. PHirwf nnniilirw M it iMtikJ-tle
l.litu. i'llirt : I liHVt) iotakeJ ovvr tlt lUt of luir ri'ilifMtf
tjwHtiKirf.ir Julm Hull' OmifMHii,.! Kxmolty feitrwipMHIU,
,ftllaIII.Tf IIU ltIl.tHV" J"m ;. k'TIII m EMatc,
fj.iiiUMiun-i. aUt't im rht prwmUtw wan hrVlir-KAlrm -,
ui wliicii It w 4M.ltiblii. : .1. IP. kAaNDUlJaa M I).
W.Uk-thr-. dntre. 1148.' -J ' "'"IU
U lint Ihr. 1'jltta), iitivntuMii b anlutmtnt ( tlij pu-;
Wf'Iia jLlBrillV I.tlrinj" aii Diienpni nm . . -
i liikvMkiit.iiil'tli irttwirlititMi fur lire iH-etuirtif .oh of
lM M wtXVt'lUJMl ttltti, nun wvn univHintru tu pctnAUxw mil
I.uj4b. au.nraM.,M M tlltt aVltU. L UaTU laTaaMll U ItUtJl
in pub i to Hu t liriVHta pmcdttt, aj iblutf ib tU Uutt
uUvttj uf durtwiiariUi. uuw In um. ,
H. PYlsKil.M.b' :
,'T 1 , llvtinut VUiln LouUtJ.1o Uarinti ibwp.uU,
UeUcr TfUM-ij (Iiao ww f vcr OlTmU lu favor or
all Mnillflll' . 'V
' ' ' ReT.feW.4?fhon,ttfT.'l5.S(eteBMiv4i'
1 , ' , ,;.,. : iT.ouwilMt, Hay Mill. 1810.
l' l,i4V used .lolia null's S-ursnimrilla. and h-ivu known
It. la bw. utml, Willi aatini aatlafwiitiHi nun rii ii
hvNtiaiMiii tn etiitin uur belirf. tliat- It Is a sute uinl
vaillabta- liwiUeal ciaapnunU, aud enuiulpfwH aa, pmlia'i
uiui'ti ainnX and retiava mueu sulfuring; and tueietitiv
woulil eiawrlullyaUd iaoHAiaritBSily rteoutiasiail tl )jthv
aiUlcted. , , .... t " snuu.1,
(ilguear U I
at Hlt.1 (i JUX .
tfa wiesrtv Ihvlte all penVvino ir. su rlni Wtib
. ant of -tbv tils th1 lte.li I. heir tu.'1 10 rtll,oo lr. Jehu
4... ..., k .J.t u. . .'...Ru ..r mi'.''l...i4 .l..,..i
Olio, npiii, nil', j,-" .j
UHATtai and. lor lliv saku it' huuiitiilty. wru. leipe tlnsf. .
sluul. Iinllvlilual will not bafntinii ufliniihik tneiverltrH't
Bw'saisiitUii a wjal, alter reading, ay.trvi-uiictsiu.ai tn
stun, time, ttiai It If lwtosstuie ror cue iiuiior m puniiAu
ttiB-taiilli.p.4Tt in tits UUiuueviifCei'tittuaiasul usioauiOinii
eures pet'ui-ftii.d' by tits tfiirBnpurfila. til. tnuwnne ot
iftsLiua'tiy vutuufai'iiy skiesuiiet ou Dr, Uali't .-tar..apiitl:i,
fieiit kali kiiosuSmd diitiuiiirlKlti'd lii.llviitnaU.tioth-iB
puhtai and pciT4iaijle. Ivit burn pet'Wcitj .orei'wueluiinv;.
-b. JUH.X l;lil.l. l'rins:ip.4lulllie, uescsiu. lirtu
, , ml,Mrnl vhwr leiluw UaUl, 1.UUL.V0.1.S, n,l,. s. , . : r
Hi. . :. ' A. .1 .',. -4t. . mj L 'm.A
Korsiiio-ny u. WAvrrnAn cc t:tf.
Lancaster, July oo,irs4. K. L. SLOCUAUV CO,
furniture" Ware pToOms.
' ','.'.'. 1 : i .;:-. I- y' fi 1
n. ti-c c-fviitrr.
. , , . ... . ...
nAVIWO rotnrned to the' rttr and erected a large
tiitllding in tbo roaft uf the brick house, 00 the
urstra Hraodani Chtamtt Strtelt, ana aa Mart SUlUk
af tka Market Uoaaa, Intend inanufacturitig upon a
a larxosi
GVof Cattl
fVlund I'll
I lalwayt
larjro scute tin tno 1
(.aninel rilrnliure, vsonsaeaiis ess
Italra, W hich he will tfepS r 7
a oa hand, Inmther with aW ' " ,""""a
Urge asaortment of Clnaiatiatl manufacture. Hit long
experience In Hie bushiest will enable him ,lt have
manuincinrea nt nonio snn isttmncii irast sueau 4iiw
very host 01 work, nnn no iiiton.ii to- auipiny none
but Ihe most skillful workman and use the bosl mnte
rtals, he guttuvs himself thai he will give jtAnnraV aa
tlsfiH'lion to ull who niav fuvor hi ia wllkUieircustora.
The public arc livlted 16 cnll and examine the- at-
tonmeab Th otitruote to in, roomt it.apon xsnoau
Strom. 1 . , ., D. K. HS'H
N.H. Reiinlrlng done'OH the' shortlist notice, and In
lha neatest and uiostvoiktuan like avanuer. hargea
toaiAiiahle. ,(. . . Laneiterr.'Mav SO. 1
.ii, . . ti'tV i uio.. nt 1 1 'in- 1
, A CARD.. .!,,,
1M I'K R F EC f health has ke pt aie from
iny-ofm-e park of the lime for dome
months, 1 have gained T7 former
strength and will not hereafter. be a be
sent from my room during business keuat. '
, , Filling Tuuth receives uiy tpeoiat atUntlon. I glee
certified iruaratili,.. t,,r alt mv trold lllllnaa to ne alTeo-
rUxe daring We itvek of ah pnrtiea.. I am able
v.i v ;r"t
fcia-j fa i. of' la.'trA
near w years attention 10 IB teeto 10 give every per-,
'on Iho most positive assurance thai thny caa aa.
every mom ny timely an lrva.uent aiwntven. ,
.0FP1CE Ewlng'sTlrlck.on the Hill. H. BOOTT.
1 TTI-For tkosH what havtu lata TOOTR-ACHK and
will not bave them exlrocteit, I: have a remedy -that
iBftiaum mill 10 glva reiltsi maw, iwin mwnnrt,
tBruahM. ska. -,t .. - , r,i ftrt yri l.' HiW.l J-:
Lancaster, December 9, 1834 31 . ,
'..it . . .' - . l.-. Inrt hx?'.i.i . t
" MisIm tttri4t. Lancaster. Ohio.'
. A OCNT Ar Kfttra, Mutual laatV rrxtaraal MWa
la. Kir tnd Life lnsuraoca compaaiet. '-,. i
J AT ,
J 1 . - kA AiA 1 w "
- ' nM aak.T VcxrfiB. "or Ttt wd.: ' V J!1
re mm, Ai worm of teWid-kca.i, eulari
ltBsr.lJS wr acriiiu.., ntufi
and paia of Iho bonea ana jninvt, aiuDuoni it.j.
nhllltte dtaordera, liH-baa tfinmi eatrtriMata,aa all
diseases arising irogi u ""''" ;,""'S"f ""-; j
Ifipraaenoe m nie, "vinryiiiniy"! -
TttiarlubB mediclae, whtch baa becojnTj.cfllebrat
edT lot the annrSer f elraellivarr sjaret eaTeclcd
i4,.4. i,. ...uv. hue Induced the oroBrtetora.at the
urgent reqostatot tneirinonas, w w-o, wv m. puuinr,
wkicktlwiy do-ailb Ihe utwoacaaadonca vn .ls ylrtues
and wonderful citrauvo propomea. inerouewmx
tlaVBAaai eitlarletfrom f Mm mkr,rB(kowaver.
atmngor tostlmony lha. the ihefw wottI 61 Ike pmprre-
torr. nndaraal feaan, nenrlowiau weu,knav inttiivir.
hwjlittea. and of tho hiirhesl 'respccfabtllty. manor of
thenmow jesldfng,ta th city of KliJmiand, Virginia.. , ;
i V Rnvdan. Eau..ofthe Exchanga Hotel, RIchninnA,
kaowa every whsJraveas t )ie baa eoeaf thb auedlrne
tolled CATBk7 sraxitH anxxuaa aomiiiisvereinn overa
knndred eHeea.1 nMfly.iall Ibedlaaaaek of wlUh;Urt;
rMiwimmAmled.wlth tlie moat asioinsningi) guou results.
HaastVltthefniaaeiiraiJiai7iiituUoiii Jtt kaa
eyeraoan. , ;. -'.-. .k ' a j,. '
.avovarasro rxvaaii unsi iawt ann..vaniir,iH4
for three, years 1 bad Ague and J'evar or tne moat vio
lent description. -' I hae? tcvaral Ftiykefaaa , tooknuaa-
tajlctof Quinipe, anercuty, and ,1 pbelievo ail without
any pernianeril reel eft
SI lani v
"irtod estrterls.esMialsIt
mixture, two' pmij4js OI UI4W .uai-,u.n; v4va in.
and I km TiappV lo say lhtrvehad SeltliercWIrj'oTfevet
shit., J remitter, It the besttoalc Dilhe world, and the
only medlMne Uinthas reached tay'case'. ii LONGDEIt.
' u.w.. 11a m-wa.p Hlhmiuid. Vlrsriaiiai .. i ,
C. B.-Luck, Esq., nowln the city "of RfcTimond, an
for atany yeam.ia the Post Offloa. hat tneh.confldente.
In the astonishing efncacv of enrtorw Spanish mixture,
that herJraiioaVapwariUof-WliottlpirVwhiiih he hat,
given awny to the afflicted. Mr. Luck says he has ae'vef
knnrwn It ki full when tskon according loaieeotion,. V
Dr. Mingo, a practising Physician, and formerly of
tha llv hnu L he tbm rttv tf Kiehmond, ssvs be hat wit
nessed iu a pumbor of instances the effects of carter'
srutnlah mixture which new most truly surrirlelnr. ;
says in a case of consumption, dependant en tbe liver,
tne gooo eirtcwwero whiuothh inuufnin m.. .. - -, .i
NnmtioL na. urinanr. ni ine uie nrni oi iiunser or eior
rl, rllchmoilds was enn-d of livar eosaplolal of eight
yeart standing, by the use of .two bottles 'of Conor's
snnnlsbmlxttiret -'i- ' 'i -U i ' ::ll
' . - 1 TV - t? .1 1 . .I.- 1)1 .. L.
fjromt rar as Hcroraia. iiiw iiwfra i 4,,w. in-n-
ihond RepuMictih'dsrvnntemployed In their prole
room, CUrpa Ol Vimeni scroiuin, nimipiio. won mwi-
matlsin, whlHi enllrvfly risabled him fnir (rorki .Tsr
hoiilea nf carter's aiiauish mixture made a porfect cure
of him, tin) Editors, rn inhlle"notlce, any ttiey- clieer-
ftlUy locymmeud II to au no are aiiiictcu witn any a is.
eusn of tha blot d. ' ' ' ' J ' ' "
'(t'U.tia(er aura a 8'rofula had a valuabla boy
pnntfl ol acroinia oy carier a eimuicif iiuiuiru. icon
ataertt a vaiaaoia iiuwiu-tue... jv" r 7A' ii
Conductor on tho It. r. ot r. n. It. mciimono, va.
w; tinw of ail ' Vsaea- Mtamdimr cuned; Mr. John
Thompson, rosiding In Ihe city of Richmond, waa cur-
en bv three oitiuea oioanortaaiipeian siiHwe, ii sasi
rheum, which bebud nearlySl) years, and which alt the
Physlc.iailsos the attty could Dot curb. Mr. Thompsoa
Is a woll known morchnntin the city of Richuiund, Va.,
and his euro is most remarkable. ,'rt" ';':'''.
William A. Mullliews of Hirhtnond, Virginia, hail a
servant cured of viihU)s.la the rtitrsl rami, by carter's
Spanish mlxtfirc.' ' ' ff.
Richard E. WostofKlchmoiirt, wnseurounrscrouila,
nif what Phyalclrins called couflrmedeootulnpllea, by
IhroobottlosorcarierasuHnisn.niixiiire. , , , , ..
Hdwln rrnnon. coinniiesionor m toe nsresiw, nays
ha hat aeon the gpod effects of cartos'aspiinisli wilxttire
In a number of SyphlHtle coaet, uodaaytHt iatteKecl
care ofthiat hyrrliHdlsense.. . .i- .
Wrtllom G. Hnrwood of Rlrhmrthd, Virginia,1 ewred of
oli aotot and ulriura.WbU'h disabled hliu from walking,
Tiifik a few rtottlotof carter' spnlilsh nitxtnat.nnd wnf
enabled tft walk a Ubtutacc4tU b,to.a .uorl lime per
manently cured. ' " ' J" '
. Pfineirail weftiitsiat !vJ.Ward,Coaei c.i Sn. W Muloj
n l . sit Vnrlr. T. W. Hvott & sons. No. I.TS.NoriW
d atraot'PlillndvlpUn.- fiouiuil, ajndj Beera, So, It
Mulll street, Klclinionn, Virginia.
-.And for mid by KnairmnVtiidK-oLasicaaJers E-KaJb.
Rlishvllle; K. B. Wulker, West Riishvillo; Porter and
Wot raoin, Lylhopolbv and Dtulors In Kcdiclnej everj
wboro. . , , Doc 17, lK54-ly
D'pepi 'JaniidWi," Ckrbw'r tftnar.a Dtkilitf
,. . ,.- . Diifonetof lke Kidaeat, . ,
ANT) attdlsoaavs arlstng from' a' dlsuTdnred' Ltvolr Of
Utoiuacht. sucttjis toutntiipliun, Inward pjlet,full
nossof blood to Iho lieafl;nelillty oflho stmnach, nnn'
tlia, bcast liuun, liBist'f(ic.fooil, fulluest or weight In
tho stomach, sour eructations. afnUiig of tltfttcHng at
lhe'pjit-orhe steniiirlt; swimming of. Ihe hni, hurried
knd ilifflcult breathing, fluttering at the heart, choaklng
n.Mtv.u,.ilnn .huhihihi wtiiMi'ln a Iving mtsturo-dim-
nose of vision, dots or webs before tho sight, fev'ertihd
dull pain tn tho htd,deolqo!yf rtkrtiiiroiliinV yellotv-
lessol tne snin null eyes, p.iiu in 4itu .ioc, n.i.,tnn
linbsyotcBBclilon Jnlhtsof Hokt, haaiing kn the ost.
onalunt llllllgllUllgst)l evitot gruu4ui:pre8siouiiispiriia,.
i)r.IiioUntiiJ'telt'srft'l prrnian lliltora
Pripared ba Dr. C. 'JaeHtan, at Me 'tie man McdiUxa
tflora, JV . ixu rca atraat, raHsseiviia,. , t
Tholr nnatrr overtlic above dlsossesit not excelled.
If equnliud, by any ether proouratipn In the United
.Jlat.'s.as the Knri-i nltesl, la'Wiany asd .-Tier skilful
ihysluians imaralteiif . .
Thrt.n ttiktnr. nrrt -wnrthlf tflA'nltMlltlOa Of tntraHU't..
Pnsseaatne. irrout virtue In Uio nttiHcatlon of diseases nf
the i.lverana leiiser'giiHdx.exerctsiviglhe mnalsvnreh.
Ine powers lu weakanssHiiitetjcctions or tno oigesuve
ofgin,thevare, wlthftl,'i(e;'crla1iiknd,Hoasanl.'
,Kr ami ma ceamarsa. r. ivBssai.aiaia,'yew'ior,
Winwtor, OHIoiDiicemhorlud, IrftV, aaid: "I embrace
UrlM'Dpnrtiiiiily of turniliig yoa of tlvo great, hoiiofit 1
rlvcd from tile use of Dr. Hootlnrfil's German
nave ao
kavnuaua Ihuin for chills and inverting ne-
(irdored stomach, and (titlnd TClloflu every casd.' They
ctlia bastmodyfoBdiiurdproatoniachj l,lliliik,a
axlstellco.-, r - ,
P.I Fonrr,.RIoomgeld..VWlo, xji tontr.7, wu tam:
'iwfth feeliinrsof ffrnlltude I tiiki my pen tnlnforiti nu
,,r in., tiacairuiahlii tonvilt I have dorived from tlie ase
nf ilofidund's German Brttors. 1 have used thcih for
tlwiivcr cuniplulnr, and lako.plBnsurti tn nXommaml-
tug ilium to Uie puttito at tne autuat auu 00 si rumuuy
Thq Editor of the Waaattr Democrat, Muy , 1RS3,
aald-.IHotriind'a German rJittm..TIiltlnyn;lmdite Iik
dlcine la flullv performingcures of tho most remarkable
ehavatflurv Wl' do not speak n this mndkitna n ktujut
kiwiwln.ru'n nf rl. nlltcaev. as wu have tried It tn our
(tiiullv, and Ind It to belli euly thing aoodud la liver
complaint or dyspeiista. . , '"
Otiw Oi.BxvCaviniHdgov XTItlel,ilaember 17,
lfljto. viliHuHv thn.e liersillls who have used your Houf-
Imid"! Gernvnn ftttlenr, theyare-eonelderetLaatavaltla-
ble remedy rordvstepsia." - -
ttVnn should War In mtnd thirl OlMwl DHIars are
xntirxi.v vguxTaaLia, thereby possessing uilvnntairos
over minft of tho prerntratlovra reeotnmeuoesi roratint
tar uisousea. , r , . :.. s i , .,: , .
. PAr sale Irv Kknffrnati c eo.-.' E". KfifH.1 Rsislkvlllfi; H.,
tL w iilkor, West Kaslivttiu; t-uriorfv. vtjeij-jien.a.jiijo-polls,
anil lkiMilers lnnredtfiliieevarj-wltoTd;
DoCBitiDeri?, iHM-iy tuttuiuiA I
Th JLaat t'lianeo, d tlie, I.aat JVi?1'"
tanlt In tho -jvaria to aayaj Bf'- a
AT COST, '' "-Fa? '
PROM THIS DAVitl!rH,.TItB lti-0F ItXim,
if f'AViSo concluded to remove lo the West In a (Vvr
1 I lnoiwhB.w. bavadetprtuioed loglvg otttfttupdt
uinlall Palrlleld Countv a very good opportunity, such
utttiey will nararluivaa(rainrvo lay In a tna aapplyi of
W inter and Npring unniiiiig,xa per eonj inwur inaa
IkeyaVviir toogJil Hi sarne kind sf fjnoskt be fore 1 dnd
tconvince1hoin,tnattuereianitntriiiniigin ine mazier,
we shall vxttimt be marcs, n nose oeatring to uy in
wood stork of Clothing for. their families will find
this a good chnace. Wt shall Htlto,oVMstdd noseteotod
BtatUtar Jowelry and .Watcfceaii,, ,
SO per .cut lower than over was offer IK ihii market.
' Camtanauoamt iU and ga rro't karpaitiaU -
. ti. Kl MOV At AO.
L'M 'i'.'::.l't -ii'JORKPRiRAKvrtlnamrii.
Tr7Those having arcoimts to settle wilh the' above
Urmf will plenso come forvmrd nttd tbttle the taaiti
i Lancaaltr, January ll.lUM 3d
U . .'...HJ. ... .w' 4i L.JLL.4.'?. tTl.l.:i '111. r
BOTH fVftoLKSJlilE A.YD RF.tAL. 1'
' r6 1b it rIt Tf 1 eL 6 in di ; r '
HAS Just rocotvod rront Philadelphia, and NewVarkV
j .CAPS that tut ev.r cuiho to tan city.ai axe If-y
jvai.aTEsT taraovrn BTVi.kt, 'embracing ev.ry j
J I variety of shaiuis, aorts and tlxaa consist- IJ
nig or tho Into SpHng Slvle MOI.E-sK.IN
HAT, uaturpaaaed )p Ohio fi.r durabilitj aud ptvaactt,
AJaot Yatimg ITIcn'a llataaf all atlnda'r
i '- RnmrBerHaH,siltlrigofPA!AMAf' "' i''
Pedal and- China Strnw; . i.,.- '. . ,.1
Putin Lett. Knsautli HuU, both) Fur and Wool; ' ?
'Tine OtteC nnd White BoaVul
it. Tor nitmmor; - - .
, ., Tho'latoskprliig Stylo Cnaslioare Huts; ,-, ..
All aorta oillttys St Childrras Fancflltitta,
t tl!" BOTH Pott, WOOL AUD STRAW; Of
All of which will ho told on the atotk.,reaaoaabra
lartae, losrw tha evav leforo; .;-t it
N. H. Country Motrhnnt will do well by ralttngand
dxavnlalng ! stock kofont purchasing elsewherw. .
LancastyriyiBOf i,ibji , , 'j ia, rLaLiipiy.''
f "trrANTED linmeillntotySOOObnshels of CORN la
1 aj B,vti'oar,vur wnii'B cut will tie paid oa nelivery
at ineiAncaster 4no4 01 ma u, vv. ac r.. nan nonu
.i,fT'.,.tial iV)-i: -I J 'ALFRED VfATXB.
Morrow. Ohio. Jan. 4. IRAS SSlf
TTTMr. Mllner freight Ageul will recetv and ipa .
for tbe Cora,
rw'tp 8 nndAmWrnad has Veen appointed A go at for th
nlTln.and will Insure RulldtasMBoh4ldla, HUBi
hitld Furniture, and other personal prpertyr.i!
V Jtr., All totte Hf b eqntlaliy and promptly
adlaate4aadpatd.',' r V i auat,
Lancaster, renmary a, irvw raw
a aviaiuilpA. " ruirletura take great
,e great picas-"
airtf 1 n aufiawiiti ar va-aua at
Hit D)waa,xkaaST
af MM graat aaUaiaeiloa wanileatcd
Bianileatcd bv
Ua tickel-hol,liB,as-ktr!r.J fw.a aliaaritiatioa, and
Ue many thoaaand aoltcUatlunsTronr1.it T aTta of the
country, In relation to whether they iatead getting
up aauakar-Utsarikallea H iiUUUm .Uva. avraia, laey
h, after aa Immenae outlay, been enabled fu oaer
totbels tknaaanSaet pa treat taw. felliHtler.vareae .
Me. niagniSeeal, and anprecedented BRILLf APTP
HOHciMIS, w bettlatrlbi ua M;aeai M ih. ioim.-.
Beaatiful Eiigravlngaoftka Ca-itoi. pf Obio are tlis
trlbwted anWu tkair Fatroaval tTke prloa, af,g a. nr.. .
graving Is but One Dollar, aad aaaiartororaaaiefctU
oannot be te-passt. V 'lAfin. u-..(it,- in-. i-,tn
Head attentively tne following list or eeaeliniland
aoatly blfts, which wmboaadaaetorlit dlstrtbutoal hyV
a coujitntttee 01 taneierteurtina irom eaca Mata waert)
thelarin-st huniberof aobarribkrt! ave abtnlaetll -. '. . i
... 1 a AltAs lis l net n l aix 4F liDlAr A AlO.OCO
-l' do .-IK OHIO Vi.J'j-f uii i ;u s.aa-
" 1 Feur-ttorl Brtck rrwelllnr and to. W-Ct
1 rwotit,'Ol4io..' -i ... , , i,
'el ft
a ana
i.iA .aeBwtiiaifTwasMeBsjavj uta tevpoi jbobo . .
Vernon ... gJOaV'
i ) i Twoi-inrBnkt BurWiiiglnChilUcelLa 3,0,
. i Brick Collage and Lotiu ColumbBa " " 4,lt(r
I w-itaia.,: ao.j.,,' l;o.H
.. Eraite do do . do , ifiUO-
1 Hnndsome-vjoorurr Utaldatact laV Bta;oJii' i,
n i ! r"l coupiy, vnso .
Splendid bulhllua; loir 1 Cotaiaoai.'aif.
t'J .4
a-iV t ,.i st jLiBvevana. , . oit
1 Grand Action Piano rhlckertng't)1 '"'lit
Af j Cleveland. r 0d
1 HOM WaVlPJI.Ml,tl IB U tniODiU 1.1 hi, 11
GoN Watches, at aioo each
ti lO BoaesreiHl Vimiat, ai jta) .1
10 . . do do at
r r.; , - - - - - - - i-v-fv- .k.v -a a
10"! ,(; d.,v,dt- Ota), ajxo,
JSOIleld Watchet, alflM " ' 7.SISJ
ijootw do.irtiiuiial! tnd) lij iJ...Jo
1U0 o . al , 75 10
i'4tn - " ioMie'I -a ;; 0lfj -J rr swlle
; SOO Silver . da at .80 LviA
11 ano ' "dtv t'doniat'-J Utiovr i !l,S(alt
,l(XiOLdlea'.GoWBraalPlat,at4 ' ' t,lx,
00''. do Bmclie. Ahawla, at f:'!ti it I Va.ltttav
-Wi , do fik Drass Pattrns,t 20 . vo.OUO
MM fiofa Pencils, 3 ' : '0 tT,!..!.'.OM ,0,4'
luuuo Gold Pent, with Silver. Cett, at M sxi.txn,
eisHK) Gold Rlngj.atflcMJaach1 ' 1 or
Jd J( ,do , 1 at : 1,00 rax . ,. . Jir4
Every purcboaerof thtraplcnirid large LltKoarankfa!
RnarrMvlaat. ttlll.reeelvai a.CarttBciitB itf Mnn4itMp.ki
entitling ijieni 'to a cltdnceln tlie ibove list nf vatnaV'
oseana costiy v vorna-ooisiWf Kite, eivrravlpca
cart be aunt by malt (without beiiig' damaged,) to an .
part of thf roan try j! ..tr . .,1
,.jrji Come rirtorVt)dllI,':,'t'
send 4 naeAmineiidalleii atgaivd by the. Postmaster or
some other lufluentlul and well 'known petto .In' the
placw wore laeyjvsi.lw. . 1 ,
To those persona who have oeett acting at AgiintSToa
aa In amr former DistrlbuvWotithb'.ls aot xolu tvei). ,
All orderswtth the mono) enclosed, free of Posing,'
wMI-mert with prompt aslefrttoia.', f, ; ..(,,(, '
VTFlaardtr ta prevent ttiatakeaf agent a ami attirt
traniHmUtio0omaea to MB aViMiaM iocs it atalsatt'tay
thaprtaaner of tka. Paatmaatarl aaa tat aaseaal taftc-aafe(a-Mra(a.ll
!'VJ all : it II t A
We prepay all pur letters, circulars, aVc, to aar
agents and carretrnuideutai :axid ezyjotl tbeai u do taw '
same with pa. , 1
- ITT.trnrt'wtinliM In evtry tbwBwhorrr wb Milt
furnish with Dnstera.olraulars.achedulua. liiatructlona.
dir.. on application hi ear etthMH In moil post oiW
For furtiiei partipalnrt see, descriptive bills, .fa., or
enduiae at omeo.'Ro. K Warcittt'a Block, Towa'KlreetO
Cojuutbut, Olvkt. ,' HIIH.NEI.l. k CO., Propficiora
T ' JOHN" H.' HFPE,Ajuntfoft.csttlt
f: '".M',q MtnN-.'ttWOWOt'6hh b 10
- - ; . WH.eS4V4 BXTAlt, BtiLtt-.lX 1
COPxrEltj.TIN' Ac,8liEETrlRCX wARF,
- aiattre,aar4!Bpk-rrtkt TVlhaaflga fliiiaiS "
A1 OA i3 Hikes ploalunv ta leallhur tlie altoullon fbl
Vcustombcs aqd country merchunta generiiliy. to'
UtelargvsastotatBit Copper. Tiauu(lrilecV.iron tnahaa,
fuctures everbro,nght tu thla market. Ho tukes great
pnlns to kefrpVoniuiilly 'twi hand a taajru rvarlnly, vjf
everything Hint enn posaibty bu wjintod In hit liue.aiiif
Sutlers htrosetf thai IVoai )ia Vuing aiattttltracna th' 0
I r.,f Tia d fceeHjn UusfiiQts
he wllllteahletoglro fijll satisfaction to all whp may
fhvor him w Kit tholr work.' - llartiitf a ipnietleal kno Wa
etlgonf the bilfiness, hia aoleclieua are' mado with a
riuwti)duriiillit7,styi4rtd44tiieupnatt4i-'l!'' .l . a
: r, :i; iHaiirllai!tHreili1f tlran.
He also koeps in his employ some of the bcM w
Bsoti tuat can
ba atvourod. aiid tlwoyi haviuai vta.k
lite very best lunturinl, is entitle to 'miinufui-viirtt to
Of-aJr aiiytnt eg od every dhfng rtodrabbv In kit I Ilia
rn as goou vt 10 nuti oi atjuirtorint utcuu antanorn
ba had. " '"- .. .. . .Ir, ;; t:s ) . (i
. .ah t;..i. .rain,.,. 1. '
Never In the history of rtiicaster vrit.i tltore' kit rtsfab
iiBu idlkal kpptdnJbawd a lartrurniul aiuce vouiplola
nasortmuiitof stoves, of nil kimls ambviirictles. He la
alan prepnttd with a largc naoibqr of rw 'srel and
tor iiie.accomiiiniiiition in nis customers aeeps 1111 nana
a Htrgfsquaatjty t( Fira1 Brick;. axnunfacUijoaVsrxtireatr
ly with a view to putting up Grttos, dee,
' In Hud. enViutil avora thing' imolosl ta adkUao-fta be
secured by giving him a null, and at prices as reason
able a run be nl tne In any otattr'estiialiaanicnt la
hc Slit,lo, .Inasmuch aa his prcsQiit sityk is grchlly
snponoTlomstorinorirf omniiiiy.-qipiaiy vwatutyat
ckuuiuiess, be fools confldont (hut persons giving hi
qipiNiyt, vwatutyavd
nenuins alvine- hli
a cnll will go away hignly1 llghtemB.kaiiri.Ti'-st,4t.,
V " (... ' tie also naejis ciinantiiiiyonjittnii
H 1 . 1 1 K - CHIT, ' ' 1 . . , , W
of CiiicJiiuaUa4i.l.'irt:eijllc uian-
:LajieaMv)aHflr., ttr dd
, , MAHtIN, '.ll'.SY CO., 1
At the Old flfniid if nAniiiurd & .llnriltf.
UAVE ritt rrUeda latartind'logaulaaorWrnt
of. NEW GOOD8, comprising a variety: ylnsur.
iniMwii, aim wnMtn tivcy whi-bbii at great aargavoa. '?' 1
Theirxtock contisttof-. 1 f ... t
',' .i.- 'h' d.!!;1 ' , j' il' .w'iiji'a'J!
viotiiK. vuBtfiiurv;9a vnatiincxwf avnnavsaca.
Vostlngt. of.nll Iho dlffuront styleat J i " !-t !?.
. And fitr theLadiea French Morluo.Tlilbol('Iiitlitj;
' Alpsousslid lH-LtllileeofaHliHuliit'.if -!' 1
Calicoes. Glnrhnms. Flauneliu and overv arl Ida ta.
'thv way of ltfoat Otinda trv be fnandihlh tllleat "'J
.1 Mm w La v or overy vartoty or hue, tint, and material;:
'I ll.n.. t.A .Mt.M lUHlUUl..ur,i.M,
. BounulArSllav, Volvo! and Klraw wtilc b the l.n'Uee
all doclnra tn he thd most bohntinil-irnd ftrsalonabre,
L iu additinu to their stock of Cloths, die., they bavo,
aud will constantly kubp on hand t large and excitllelil
Miifk lof. KKAJJV NAilK CLOTlllUol. no , wUh
taste and suHtrior wofkmnusliip. -"' ' '
', Hoots aodShonttHulauad Cuestal price. waudarfuy
low. ttueouawan and Glasawuro; '
Co (The, Sag sr. T eH, Tobstccjo, 4'f ieaa,
. 1 k fr 1 )way oa aaed. .,(,
TTT'The new inn louder ihuir thonxs flW Ihe en.
roarnglag atuaaerla wkrrktlHy kart, bwia wcqivani,
as woll by tho public gouernlly aa by tho old patrons of
Uitfttsmd; and bwjr lea re t ae 11 r alt. Wwrt rf t onsnt
atteMtioa to Ihcir wants and a dotonnlaailon lo keep
ifp with Mitviianaa will aa-uaae a eaarlBiitHon. and -enlargement
of their business, they will not fail lo altulo
that end. Country pnasloca luken ta etebaugt aar guoda
Luncaslor, Otio, January a, ifSAr-X ,
. in it vaiir ,i) it ik x;
.- ir sm aVajsje; .'( w-;vajt jvB(:ya, .4-,,0
.u.ti v. :'. JCST jtaciixiD t '
Opprrslte SirnrfTrir's Hotel, LiiixntttViSfif.
HONEY MOON and other a7ovialllrea Cram Pttarh
Autobtogrol'thv of an Actress, bv Mr. Mowath)
(71 : Jnamet tul'ttilrul Afriea.by Pajiiavi Taylol .'1
ivanaaa anil ieoia.Ra. Dy itaie
t- Pan ay MeBlfarK-ts" Kocelgu LaadavVy Mr, itew
Tbe UetturLand.by Thompson . .
1 FTanoleoa dr kit A my, Th Cump Plrog of ITaranlaon.
A floe lot of Anuaal.fur iKii, tad t flue lot of tiaall
Gift Books aUkinda. - ' .'. . it j-j-
Catholic Prayer Books, Episcopal Prayer Bonk., and
a' lnrge Ink eif Panrlly lit Mot and Pocket BIWet at
rqduced pricoa. . , . '; i f -ir
Prbool Books iinn ntattrnieryat waoioaaKi -rrmaii.
Pocket Wallets, Port Motile, aad pon Kiiirea.fa
Biilo al the Book More of
Jtllt.l KEAatf.KIS,'
t OpTooi4eJthiaraUetet.
ff.it. IT 'i-.-if ' !' Hl'tlmmimr .-.c,9 n,,i 'g
;, .. .vftismq . lvons,, y ,t
A BE nnw'recelvln'g at Their old atnrid, aarlne a'ltnck
of PANt V aadiKTA PLB mx (jOUkj as haaaver
been offered la this market, consisting of every article
tnthe lirp .ldalltitvtoarelherwlth F ma Stock af
Baota and St.sa. ftracerice. Oneenewara and Qloaa-
,atrs, an efi watch tkoy art) dnturtolnod ko sell aa low
as aity.honte ta rairnoia county, outire caan atoroB aoa
twtftrol,.:''i ' ''.i; ' itfs ','. r i 1 . r-i
They "bog loave to londor their earnest thankt tn tha
eitixent of Lancaslera and vicinity, for aa vary ' liberal
share of patronage they have rototired since they ifnr
been lnaualneiay and hoipaiaaa a aoktinatnrt of tha
same, assuring tbe public thai aopataeaball ao apared
nri Urulrpavt tn giva ntvtlrfrsatitfkrtloa. 1 Tha aatiatag
tlcleaot counio proirucoraaiw.iaeacoango sur wisanaa.
Ii.ncj1.1er. Murchiit. kcat -' - ii ' -
kfr Acres Of Irak rat trp Baatt: and Tttnvn.aea-.
dow, alarg Iraprnvonvnit, applo and peach
on hard or Ihe beat grafted mMttsaay wsun aitrraga
ahewed log barn and hnnso, a targ quantity or tiowme
tinrhcr and uwrlogt The brtd to.jo aMf V Iota or
together, sltantcd on a go' naa.,iaiivt irtua t-aa
caster, and one mile from- Prnn'eSaw Mill." mm
,:,Fortormtpplyl9 . t . CHARLES DIBBLE.
BUI9VB A WW .DUI l, mil w n - - j , "
Beptoajbar 7, IBM ltf ' ;!'-!- -
a .a aar . al -w- a .A a-
I Atf'BEl ' WIIJ.lAlvia.'J)i': .
iTToaat a. ootutt,Lop -fT: At Lf nca. oat
-Br-srTlt,LpracUce1nlh. CourU of Faiiaold Bad ad
WT lolalHig cbqottaa. .V'ni t:" (.; t -v n
He may be found during business noun at the OfSc
J-r4H. H HuaWlsEeq...!! : I In:.: i aaay ll, avJad.
-flit ;v.q.-.CARKtJtli'lrrIII.l.l.'
HEOnderalgaedha-vlRgparchaaiidtha ffritt
and Flourinw Mitt heretofore owned by Gea.
.'Ill I7T1. Revnnlda..U.naiivr. would blbv inform
Ihe public that It labia purpose to make this Mill what
li.hnnMTie.a Grtat mill fhrtna accommodatloa of lha
.neigh btiraffod U whh-h K,lloealad-Aad;haTlng ae
Chrud the aeWleee of an experienced Mlllek, It proper,
td.aakt aiaawsa, tb.aVnworli talealaaed to : please
"j&fFVT-i- -aatl-ir,

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