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ancastcr (Scite.
Yhunda; fUorMlnx. April
soma recent oceurraneea have induced me soul of my father from purgatory. Can
to brk long silenw, and to slate in a you wonder, sir, that this incident mad. a
scriee of letters address to your Rij;lt j deep impression upon my youthful mind,
Reference, the reason which induced me or that it shook my faiih in your wholts
to leave the Koman Catholic Church, and system? And, as far as memory serves
)i..h nvvent me from returninrr to it. ; me. Father M. was an amiable man. and
... . . r . , - e
. -. - ' t
CiluidDilntl ,
?rrn the New York Obserrer.
0 KB W YOUR. f.
Mr Diai Sir, Although aa entire
tranter to you, I hare felt for many
years greMy" iu Wrested in your . history
ad Joints anJ for the following rea
sons: You are the chief pailorof very impor
tant portion of the ttomm Catholic Ch.rch
ia tins oountry; and your ecclesiaslioal
position makes you emphatically a public
mm. If a bishop in Mexico or Missouri,
like many mitred priests, you tnurht live
unknown to faroo; but as the papal bishop
of the Commercial Metropolis ,of the
Western world, and oJ-the most ' populous
id wealthy diocese of your church ia the
United Sia'os.this could not bo expected.
Position, you know, has mutfh to do with
our nublio ohaiacter. .,
But in addition to your poshion.which is
onaof ii?h influence, you possess me
quisito qualifications to iiil it. This iscon
ssodby your most ardent opponents. By
your genius, learning, and tjJoqnenee by
your sleepless devotion ' to the duties of
vour calling, you havo obtained a portion
an the verytirst rank of the eccloniastics
of yonr church.
B-ssid-is. at whatever oil, you havo
fought like a man with all your opponents.
In controversies religious and political,
you hare no, shunned the hall of deliato,
Of these letter, this is the first. I ask of
you for them a kind and candid per dual.
W ith great respect, yours,
J . LETTER II., , , ' f -
Ceurs of early Mlsc-lvlnc Priestly lrrlrnrlee Par
gatory Praying to saint.
' Mr Diar'Sib, Ia my last letter I
stated to you- that I was born of Roman
Oaiholio r rents that Iwas baptised and
conformed iu your communion and that
lor many years i nave oeen in rumresiiuu
with a l'rotcstant church. I stated that,
whatever wcro rov occasional mental mis-
irivinir. I remained a true son of the church
until 1 bad nearly attained h rear, of
manhood: and thru. then, on as lull an ex
ami nation of the subject as 1 could give it
1 ok me to the conclusion that J couta not
remain a Uoman Catholic Permit mo iu
the present letter to Btate U you the causes
of my early nirigivingsasto yours being a
true church, and as to its holding tha true
fa h. '
Yon know vcrv well the common helicf
amonir the Irish peasantry that Papal
Dm-sis can work miracles, whatever may
he the teaching of the priests themselves
upon the point, such is the belief of the
pnonlc a belief stroncly encouraged by
the conduct of their spiritual leaders.
Hence in diseases, the people resort, not
o much to the physii ittii, as to the priest
thev depend less upon the power of
mcdieino than upon tliat oi pnesuy ciiarms
Ulhouiih the sou oi intelligent parents
and educated from mv voiith for the mer
canlile profession. The miraculous power
associated wun
above the ordinary level of the men of hi
calling. v
. ..... .. t
Another fact which early impressea me
n reference to puriratory is this, lour
church makes a distinction between mortal
and venial sinners. The former go to hell
for ever the latter go - to purgatory,
whence thev are taken, ly the prayers
and almsotkrea lorincm, ana principal
ly by the holy sacrioce. of the mass.
Now I always saw that tho most, mortal
sinners, that everybody " would ray went
to lien, cald always nave masses cuia ior
them as if they went to rurcatory; pro
vided their friends could pay; ami that Mi
mortal sinners, that peoplo would say went
nor dicion through the press. Yo me priesi i j.o assoc. w ...
... J I ..aril., cl r. r i.l loi.l inna rifllim Ami . Villi
lifiro tnken vour positions nuroiiiy, ,iti -"- """"
tou have detended them with remarkable know full well, the belief that this power
kill. And even when couvinced of the i possessed by their priests, isono of the
-t.r..ii.... r.n...n.;i;.MMfnAa. leftdi2 causes why the Papal Irish bow
I haTe vet"svmnathid with ycur manly with such entire and uomanly submission
C - It i in It ii man tiatnrA tit fO to thorn
.nm.tr.hftmin that with an earnest soul In y youth there were two things
t. - i.ot i, .,im fi,ht. And which ureatly slock my faith in the pos
VVUllMU "a nil w vnv. , w mi a .
I must confer a that as to some things, swon of this power. There resided not
whoa the publio voico was against you, h from my parental reeu ence a priest,
mn will, utinmhation. whoso fnmeasa miracle-woiker wasknown
-j . :e :.. ..n, r hill over tha oountrv in which he resided
halief von lmva forced yourself into your Ue road to his house (called in that
present position by tho foroe of yonr tal- country a bridle road) went l.your door
' i' ,.i . t,m . aiv!ui nn.itir.il I freaucntlv saw in tho morniiiir, mdivul
HUMIIUU VUilliOi .ivM. .,w.... . - . t ..... , . t
comparatively humble. To me Hijb is not ual. riding by, with a little keg resting be-
MA ! I t,,ra lit -m nn lltrt carilia tT 1T1 fT llRIirrinfr
the letist or tbe reasons wny inavoieuin- - o ,o
tercsted in your career. Tho nun of onr by tho horse s side. I often asked who
race have been what is commonly called tlcy were, and where they were goin?
olf-made men. The heroes in history I was told they were going to F ather C s
have been nearly all such. It requires to get sonao of tl.eirsick cured. I asked
;i.,Uf.,i.J .r.,1 ...il in what was in the kep, or jui;? Iwas told
ri, above the disadvanUgoa of family tbat it waalr.sli whiskey to pay me priest
J J 1,a fisaAainnnd fit l IUl II 1 19 UUfl'Di A BJCU W II V CT "Vin w
i ri r.u ki;av ihmt Kirtli eftrlvintlio morning? I w nnswercd
and wealth give a patent-right to the high that unless they wentoarly they would not
a.. f inflnnnM. Ymr nast history, find htm aooor.
.lominnd It. must have had Inonoof the laree Interior towns of
a liberaliiinff influence upon you. You Ireland where I resided, tho bishop of the
mudt look upon things in a larger and diocese met his pilosis, or a part of them,
widor scale, and through a clearer medi- once a year. This meeting was always
liml hpen emdled in crim- held in the houso where 1 residod, and
ait.ii.fiurf ia a convent. You over the store in which I was then a clerk
tnn'vw iIia disiinntion between priudicc Amone the priests that alwnva met the
and prinf iiihi between what is entitled to Uihop was a Father B., whope fame as a
i,r,..r t.v.it w hen oducsted miracle-worker was extensive, lie had
im;..vi, hn'wacn what is truly reason- also a reputation for learning and elo
n,..t wlmt i onl acclesiascallv o. ouonce: and Iccaui-e of his connection
And I therofora address myself to you with an old and wealthy family, exerted a
iii. . onnfi.UnnA fir sirnnrrer that what I wide Bocial influence. He always ataid
hall say kindly and truly, will be kindly with us when he como to town. About
(nil wfliVifld. than if I addrosFod ten o'clock one nicht, after one of those
myself to a priest from Maymooth or S. meetings of bishops and priests, I went out
Omors, educated meroly in the literature to shut up me store winuowsjanu nranng
of lconds a-id liturgies, and whoso mind a singular noise in tho gutter, I went for
only p jSRessod what was distillod into it ward, and assisted a man out of iho mire.
from others
to jjurgatory, were , sent to Hell, U . their
fi iends could not pay for masses for them.
And heir souls were kept in pnrgRtory for
a loner while whin their friends paid
a ,
promptly everv year: out tneir souis were
soon prayed out whose "friends could not
pay long lor them. ' racta like mere, sir,
very early impressed my mind, and shook
my faith in the religion of my parents and
priests. And when, in maimer years, 1
could more fully consider them, they led
.. . ... T 1
me to reject religion as a laoie cunningly
devised by priests.
Again; to pray to angles and saints is a
doctrine of your church. 1 am quite fa.
miliar willyour eiplanations of it; with
the distinction which your writers make to
free it from idola'ry. It is precisely the
distinction which il.c heathen male to get
rid of the same charge. Perhaps ere these
letters are concluded I may return to this
subject; I have only to do now with some
oi my enriy impressions in reiereuce n.
In our parish cl.spcl ihere were a grcai
many pictures of saints. Vl,o6e pictures
thev were I do not remember. But on
Sabbath mornine. an hour before mass, J
have often teen the poor pecplc, and even
omo more wealthy and refined, itoiriff on
their knees fiom the one rictuie to the
other, and couutins their beads, and bow
ing before them wuh external acls of the
most nrofound and sincere worship. Al
though, then, I thought differently, I have
not now a doubt but lhat it was idolatry.
Hut the idea that struck me was this: here
r - 11 1
are some praying 10 roier, or i uui, or
Jolui; the same pictures are hung up in
ten thousand chaples nil over the , world,
and in all these chaplts persons are pray
ing to them. Can these good saints near
hut in one place, or can they hear in all?
If they can hear all, then they are omni
present it omnipresent, nicy are gous.
Thus we have as many cods as saints.
But if they henr.but in one place, then nine
thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine
out of tho len thousand are praying to an
nbsont sainll This one thought, reverend
sir. very early in life impressed ray mind
and was not the least powerful among the
vauses which led rac, cyentuniiy, to reject
the authority of your church. More ol
these pauses in my next.
With great respect, yours,
' Kibwa
Tho State Fair for 1843.
The annexed communication from tho
Secretary of the Board of Agriculture
...... . . i i i -
will show the position occupiea uy uie
Board in regard to holding a Fair durin
tho present year.
Ther? are thousands of persons, over
large extent of country, who feel a dee
interest in the suhiect matter, and wo in
. - --- .
vito our exchanges, to ronko a note of tl
lacts. Eds. Journal.
Statr AomciLTraAt Rooms.)
Columbus, April 5, 1055)
I shall address you not mero-1 1 soon recognized it to bo rather 1J. the
. miri M.wnrtnr. if tinninir in. i mmuunccu l juuur hvhihhi -
i. . onti-mn unit iinnifl enitement to tlin 1 "v of the I Uektlemab:. i lie inquiry ia now 00
inii.uuuoim i b'"""- . " 7." - . r. .1 l ,V
Permit me to say thatthoro is yetan- bouse that tamer u.was oruiiK in um ing inui-....; """XV T
othor reason why I have felt interested in street. 1 received for my pains a stunning wm ue a -aie ASri.u..u.. ..u n...m.
your eurcer. You were born in Ireland, slap on the side of the face, wun this au- icai r air, in vmo. u. -;'":
:...!..-I- r l.l o.,,l ..f wnun lm,n t m .'nnvKr uv ruin I lal a Dr est IS I we know OI no iuch.ib hi ih"iu win
lltUl lilllU U. UUUIU BlMliv. . -., j . O " ' , f . . , I iL ...
hearts that sweetest isle of the ocean. drunk." I staggered under mo tmw.-t question, tsu w .. .v,y .
ssistcd inelcaniiigoit his uoverencc. wen, as inrougii un
in t m I Wit itra nitivoS of the assist
eamo soil. Aud although in prinoiple, by I gave him his brandy next morning. And
'..-.tinn oml iii all mv fevlin?! tlior- vouns as I waa. mv faith in miracle-work-
i.i.in Amiri..nn v m. 1 luVa a rrroat Bride ini uriesta waa cll'uutually a) nken. Al
io The high achievements of native IrWi- though fearing to draw the conclusion, I
a :.. t... t..,i Mrtntmimnrva. I f,li it ilmt fiful wnuhl nut bestow miracu
lun. siuivt iu nun iiu . j .. ...... . ... I . i, i i "i (
its Clintoni, its Emmotts. its Porters, lous power upon those who lived a lifc.not regulation, as proposed, for charging hall
from Ireland. Its sons have adorned the of occasional, but of habitual intemperance, ireigni upon uu sioca ..u o. wwc. o..T
It is known to many, that the "State
Board of Agriculture," hns addressed two
circulars to tho Railroad Companies of
Ohio, the first urging them not to ctitolt
these exhitniions. bypassing a "general
, the benoh, tho pulpit, the army, the And I would usk you. sir, whethar all this pod for exhibition.
ry, tho lcislature. the Congress of pretension to miraculous power by your Tho ueond, respectfully askir
so' United Slates. That there are mul- priests is not a grow imposition upon Clio reconsider, restoring former tc
We refrained from an expression of any j
opinion in ur last issue on the subject of
the recent rioU in Cincinnati, because we Lf-.i,)
were unwilling to form an opinion Irom
the thousand and one rumors that reached
our cars in the excitement of the moi.ient,
many of them colored and exaggerated to
most alarming degree calcuiatcq 10
produce a feeling of, discord and strife
dangerous alike to the social and political
interests of the country. Now that the J
excitement is lall over, we hope that the
public, will calmly investigate the causes.
which led to these disgraceful proceedings,
and doiei mino lhat the guilty shall suffer.
We are unwilling to credit accounts of the
riot in the, Comwwciui aud Eitjuirr,
they bear upon Iheir faco unmisUkahle
evidence of the vilest misrepresentation for
partisan purposes. We prefer' taking as
authority ?in this matter .the ; ihipartiij re-j
port jjiven in the Western Christian A3-
votate, a paper devoted to 4the spiritual
and not the temporal interests of mankind.
The' Advocate holJs the following', lan
guage: . .; ; , . .'r
In the lato city election ; the Oorraan
Atheists, the German Rationalists, and.
the German and Irish Roman Catholics
oted the Dcmacratic ticket, tinder the inv
. .i . .i i
pression, or conviction ratner, mat mcy
would nave Sunday ana ueer-a ruining to
themselves, and without restraint, and
at all American notions on tlieso two
points would be set aside. ' So it goes. If
a crowd oi American emigrnms anouiu
go to Dublin, Ireliind, or Hamburg, Ger
mans, and there fight for their own no
tions, to the subversion of the existing
Governments, they would be shut down at
once: out men come over me vwanuc 10
America, with the express avowal that
they are running away from despotism,
and are seeking quiet and freedom, when
o! the first thing they do. alter getting
ere, is to try to uproot the babbaih, to
open drum-shops, and introduco the very
worst and most corrupting icatuies oi ior
eiorn despotism.
. .. ... . . rr
In the political mass meeung oi uerman
Atheists, on last Wednesday night, Has-
saurek, their leader, made terribly-de
nunciatory speech ajfiupst ' Americanism,
and, among sutidry very sage remarks,
said that the first Know-Nothing was Cain,
who killed Abel, and that all subsequent
Know Nothings were like Cain. Now, as
Hassnuiek, all rlonjrback, has been say
njr through his paper, that the bible was
a bundle of lies, and nothing else, why
does he aver that such a mnn as Cain ever
ived Curious man must Mr. llassaurok
be: but then we are told that the devil
with an object in view, once quoted fccrip
ture himself, and pretended to credit its
truth. It was this class lhat brought a
bout the riots.
The editor of the paper from which the
above extract is taken, is CiunLiss Elliot,
an Irishman ly birth, and would not wil-
ingly misrepresent his own countrymen.
We infer from the above extract, that
a number of important issues, over and
above those which really divide the Amer
ican party from tho old liners, were bro't
into the contest, and had the effect of
alienating many whose sympathies nre for
American principles from the support of
tho ticket.. . Jb order to mako the extraot
from the Advocate more clearly understood,
wo would itato that the City Council of
Cincinnati recently passed whnt is called
tho "Sunday Ordinance," which forbid8
selling liquor on the Sabbath day. Hut
little care, however, has been taken by the
authorities to enforce this law, and the ef
fect has boen nn entire combination of the
venders of spirituous liquors nnd it is
immense against the Reform ticket, as it,
wns well understood lhat in ease tho A
morienn ticket was successful the "Sun
day Ordinance" would be strictly enforced
On the contrary, the "Sag Niohts". prom
Ued.in case their ticket was successful,
cans who were present would have pre
vented it had they have had the least idea
it was contemplated.
Though there was a strange combination
Sheriff's Sale.
TJi-. '' OH; Fmirfti C"'.
TV'KbUAM' totlia ronimn.l of o onlor for Mil",
I from tit Court of Common Plow. ll tounljf
T? D .i-., .... i .t, ....I I will nk. ., tiulllli'
against the American ticket-a combination ui mho couriHoouinUiieMiorou-iryi i
Ol JWV . JWm tft jr.), uuiwvcn m. mvi -
M.ntl4o'rliHkt. M.tlia followiii. ilfwri beil rval
iute,lo-arlt: lt uuuiuer threa In Ihr Honk aililllloa
lo llie iown or jlliariuin, in rairariu rai, uaiu.
Valnad l M. Allailicu al litiimlioi uourp! "
ofklldiiig Whigs, with the remnant of ihe j
oU tine Democratic party a combination :
of the Romish Church, with the German1
Freemen (unbelievers) a combination of
every degree of foreign influence, with the
most rccklcaa demagogues thatievcr dis
graced onrfairtani-j-a combination ofar.
lisan and nrAtniirfnil incnendent newspa-
jiCrs, io onCwho is a.quaintewith-!!"
tha facts can tor, a moment doufct that tho
A.merjc.n lielet received fair msjoriljrof
ail Tlie Vgal'lV4t s.
All the American parly l.avo lo do is to
stand firmly together. Preserve the parly
'free'Ti'omtlre' biuiisoT demagogu'eismrarid
beware, of those: who have heretofore been
too jatvinately,. connected with . Buspicious (
political cljaiacteis and parties; unite firm
upon .tlie undying principles of American
Nationality k an J nq combiiiaijon ,,cau de
feat the greal tlie good, the, glorious cause.
Tta;t Ucportcr . ,
As the editors of the Popcs's organ have
frequently boastod of having a reporter in
the American party who regularly posted
them in all the secret proceedings of the
American organization, U would, perhaps,
be interesting to , our .readers to ascetain
how these gentlemen; claim to havo come
in possession of this ganuine. specimen of
human depravity. According to the aa
count oi one, ot we.euiiors oi. tiiu x ojj b
organ,, they have secured the services of
this sotuewhat famous reporter under cir
cuni8tnncei of a character that ought to
wither, forever, their moral reputation in
the. estimation of all honest men, ar.d shows
what little confidence can be placed in, the
reports of such a character. !
Recently, in conversation," one of the
cditors'of tho Pope's organ, declared that
every thing transpiring in the secret coun
oils of the American party, was immedt
ately thereafter put in his possession, nnd
lo . place his nssertions beyond nil doubt,
he made due publicity of the dopraved
means used in. bringing this modern Judns
under their control. He stated that they (ihe
leaders of the Sag Niohts) were in posses
sion of fncts, of a criminal nature, which
'f disclosed, ' would' disgrace; forever, one
of the members of the American parly, and
that by threatening an exposition of his guilt
they have been able to extort from him all
the secret proceedings of the American
JNow, according to their own snowing
these depraved demagogues have resorted
to the fotiles; means known in the criminal
calandtr to accomplish a corrupt political
end. What arc wo lo think of men, who
in order to get in possession of other men'
secrets, will take this undue nnd dishonest
advantago of some poor, weak, guilty mor
tal, and compel him to discloso that, whic
according lo their own statements he has
fuornto keep secret? If there is any dif.
forenco botwoon these men nnd their gui
ty subject, it i Itrgtly in favor of the hit
tcr. , We pity tho nun who, in order to
brace up their decaying fortunes, nro.com
pellcd to insist upou and become accessory
to perjury! W hat think yon, reader, oi
the moral depravity of these demagogues?
Pretty fellows, truly, to declaim against
oath-bound parties men whose guihy
souls should court oblivion . to hide , their
shnmo from the scorn of virtue. Screen,
forever screen our dearly beloved institu
tions from these political vandals.
SlTOn Tuesday last tho residence of
John Borland, Ksq., on Kingslrect and
immediately in the rear of Mr, Doly's res
idence on the comer of King nnd Colum.
Taylor. In h miUi! mm Ilia i.roiH.rtv af Jamb Keillor
. 1
r by O. ML. W1SB.MAS. IN-V1"-
Bheria's Sal.
Polar rtlll) rd,
aa. la Partllloa-r
Joraniiah Hlllrard,alli.
BYatrtuaoraa erilar to raa Jlraviad frani
Uic Court of Commaa Pluaa fur Kaira,'ll rvunlff
Olito, I Will offer aail briomi lo anle Inr rialilla voliilutf
and mil-cry, at Iho ll nor of Ilia t'oarl llouaa. In uli
poiiiily.on HiturUmm tkt Ufa 4f if Aprit mast, balwata
Uifhi.nr.oflH o'clock A. M. ami 4 o'clock P. U tyC
aulil ilu.tlio folloa tnv ilearrllt-d lanirit and laneiiienl
Wwll: Pari of lha Kouth Weal nnarlfr of Sartloa Hft.
se fa to-war,Hi No. alvtnon of ranaa o 17armlalati,
a,iTtjtiiT-4wa acraa froa otaiiy aa4 all lucuuiberaarav
vTcrnia ofanlo, ano-thlrd In hand ana-third la oa
yqnraitil the romalalair one-lhlrtl In two yuartwllnV
niuoival nndoforapj iatinciitjfroia day of aala.
A iiiirnliii'il at i tufr acre.
TTbUKSU AM' to Uio ratnaiiuid af an-oter tt Hlo
I frvia Ilia Uoflri of OuiiiumPlituailn and tr
county, and to aw direcWnl, I i Holier a. nubltr nataaavt
lao ( uM t-ouv1n ncaler, Saiaifay if r.'t y
i Mmi jl.D. lKti. bnkarrrn Hi hoara-nf ISo'clotk A.
March 8, IS
M. and 4 oflork 1? M. Ilia follnln taafrTWu Hunt
Kainte.to-aiiii.ltiiuta In the oun.y of Fairfield anif
MatHif, Ohio, bointr tho Kast linlfof Die Houllicast
Uunrlof of Section NoJ.tn Townnhlp Nn. 13. of Kiiiiko
No 10. of the United rilnte Lulids iiicd to ule al Cliil
llcolho, Ohio, coiitiilnliiK evoiityfourUUlllf urrnM.
Viiltied at SIS por acra. To ba aold as tho property
of Klisabutli and Culhartno I.yiiiiif or, al llio autl of K.
M. Fowler. Terms of snlo eusb.
Mmin & Hi Mi.ricH. Attvu W. POTTF.H, Shc-rlrT
v She riff's, gale.
Tf Srmtt fDltot Vairttl Cunt, aa.
TtTRSUANT to the coniintind of au order for
I ne shio nn:ij livin inn inn urTmomini
ions, inund for said Couiily. aud loniodiracled.l will
offer al public sate al tlie Court Uouso, Ui In tho. Cfcy
or lAliea.n-'r, on aararifay f Ae Vim ay -mj MH Jl. fl.
IHoa. betweuu the hours of 10 oclKk A. M. and 4' o
cluck P.M. of said ujiy,Uie followiMK described Ketill
n.u., u w... nu,ic iHrumiij m raimciii nim nium
Ohio, belli In-UHuuiubur aevenly-Svo ia C ftriien
r'l addition to the loan of tjuicaBter, in s:iid county.
freo (rom any and nil claims or loins of vhc! and
orory of thadofuadaiita herelni Valaoa ai. S4II0. ;
lo lie aoidustnu properly of WiUiuin J. Canl.attbe
Suit of II. G. Trout anu Samuel Jackson. Tttrinsaash.'
Xiio.W, Mw:liuor,A!l. WM. PK1TKH, SlveriT.
ii) c. ai. L. w itff.MAn, uoputy.
April J,lf53-5nMi,rs3 . s -,-i
Ptubnte flolice.
efVby (Won, to the all persons Intar-
I cjAccI. thin Ui account aud Toucners or the ea
5. of jfdaik Waaonrr. Kuth Jbraais and Jacob Vo-
der;alsd tb arcouut of dam Urandt, ruardlau of
iriishjirl's heirs, bare Wh tied In tha Probata t'nnrl
ul Futracnfecoiriily, Ohio, for insperiiou aud some-
maul, ann tuut ine same win uu ior iienriiiK oh me aia
day of May, Jl. 1). IM, or as soon thereurtor as aiaw
be. VlltOII. K. NHW,Probato Judge.
Lancwitor, april ltt, IcM 49
Krtate of I'cter IlcUcr..
.TTOTtCKaauMabaailaaai, Ih.l I haiaa Ihaaalaa I laaj
ij duly aiiinl.itcd and quttlitled administrator of tha
state ol Peter Better, dereaaed, late of Fuirllnlil
enmity. Ohio. Pontons knowina; themselves Indebted.
tosntd rotate will inuke tinmeiitnte paiiieiit.uini tiinaa
having vlulinaattHiimi auitl tUito. jlLjit.iu4,tU'u
duly Lulliehticnlcd for si'ttlement within ono'yeur.
;jlrll S, 14 4 4 J' V-J VtLl CKV-alialia.
.'- SherllT'ar Snle. 1 ' -
T tJ'afe df 0ta. FuiritU Count, m : v . V-
PITRSUAAiTtoilie' comuitHidol' an ordor for sale
from the Court of Com moil Pleas of auid countv
nnd to mu directed. I will ouVr at publio snle -a! the
Loun House in uncatur,on samri.iy tn gw 4s y nf
jipru jr. . ir.i.. n jtwon tno nourso. ill o clock A.M.
and -4 q'dwk P. M. the following described Keal Ua-
lut.i, lo'wa: hituate In the comity or r airfleldandHtiae
of Ohio, boiiiilhe enuuliind nndlrliliMl liniaorLot No.
hi nipinre Au, 4, lit .no enstem auuiuoa lo ma town
f rlultluiorh.- AI.mi. Iita No. audi) in thu central nil
dlttoii lo tlie town of Hallimoro,.exroptinges f 'Ot off
inonouiii-siiin oi jiiiiii, e uie jusi iiuineu. i iiounai
vlded htitf of I,olNo. first above named, Vnloed ut
i: Lot No. S In the enatrnl addition Tallied stani:
:.ot No. g valued at S 175. - Also, at the snino lime und
plnc,nne equnl ond tindividod half of all the Machi
nery belonging to the Factory which Is erected on lot
fto.g. i Alsi, a Condenser uuil rower Loom und Nnm-
Nn. In llio town of llalliiuoro. Turms of snle easht
To be sold as the nronertv of Georire ff. Housuraud
ttuaina UU-wife ai tbo an It of Edward Culkins. '
Rv fi. M. L. WISKM Al. nenntv.
Bonn dc DiUomsTY. All'yj March -.h-SiMi!fS-l,30
Sheriff Sale.'
TAs Sim ff Okie. FitlrleH Ctrnntn. tt'
PURSUANT tn the cominuiid of uu order for snle
from the Court of Ciimni iii Pleus of Fiilrflold
county, and to me directed, I will offer nt nubile sale
at lite) Court House in LuncuMtor. on Saturday tkt Urlh
da? of April A. . 1055. between the bout of ine'clock
A. .n. ami 4 nt'lock r. ill. ..the following tletcribed
H 'ul K.lulc. to-wit: In-Lots uir.nbora Hi and 47 iu tho
town nfOaklmid In Kuirlljlil counlT. Ohio. ' . .
Valued ut. for Lot No. 44, $.'5, for Lot No. 47, a. 162 SO.
To bo sold us tho property of Thoinna Cuin. Oeorjfe
Cain, John Cain, William Cnin and Kmitiiuel 8hu)ie at
Miosui.o. ujorgo vviui. lormorsuie cnsii.
' - . wiMit.ifl nil i r,t(,mienn.
,. - . By CM. L.WISEMAN, Deputy.
KTisr"0Mii & s.i iw, Ally's Mjn li SH 3wltipf$3
TVTOTICR Ishoretiy ilTon lo nil persona Inlerrsled,
IV that-Abrariam. Lehman Crnarr)arrf MXHanfYrt,
lias Sled hia accounts and vouchers lit tha Probeta
Court of Fairfield, rouittv. Ohio, for InspeVliitii and set'
lli-eifUlirM that (iiTsiiiV(II nvAf hoarina; ati tu4
IK llita aJ AprU-A . lrW.If aa luo ke rent tor U
i. iriL .il L i. ta . ,' u f.
"jVrOTICB It hereby given, thai the undersigned aa
ll AdoHuiatrniof W (iiuantnf Zeplteulah JTAfeu,
rtecemed, by yirtuo of an o.-der of thu Probnts'Court
at FaliHoluV eonuly,, will.eller fur aiilp the court
honso door qn SKarday ikt '.)ik aay 4,t-MrrHi 1&,J iC .
IU 0'cliivk,tliu followingdescribed Real Klul ,iil!ialJ
In aald county, to-wit: -Lot No. seven (r) in tarter'sa
flmt addition totlielown of Lancaaker, helng pari of
Otil-Lot Nil. aix (li) Hank addition, Kast. Alio pari
of Iu Int number si (0 In Carter's adiHUau.-tuaha
Iown of Lancasteri neginnlng at the KrUi w eat .corner i
of snid lii-Lol No. 6, on Hank Alio): lueiare. Jiaat along
me nue oi sun. Alley niteen-(13) leet; tiiouce routli
parutiei wun .no west unniiuury nao.ioiraaiit j,oi to
Mala Street; thence Wost Oltumi (ii) foot to satit orK
gtnul West bouudury line, being Uie riouthweat corner,
of theaforusald Lat'. lliauco North along said Western
Doamiary iinotamie place of beginning, being uso
tar. oi im no. six n) ut uio uauk auuition, u4l,or
ancastur. Appraised ut AU). T4lleclear, '. . ;
laraia mj sale une-tliinl in hand, one-third In one
ais), a conueiiser uun rower uiom unu nll.- ,M. n, .u.i,u. i., iHn ..m. i.....ii .... J.., :.
nine? Machinery left In Ihe old Factory altunteon Lot uaymenU. ... HKNRY GINGUKH. Adm'torl
wurvii sev aw e Amt.UU iai,MS, AUornoy.
rnon'ATE notice; ;
NOTICB rs hereliT given. -to all persons Interested,
that Klljuh Bro, Adinlulsiraiornf William J'.mm
ter deceased, Klcunor Keller, diiitiilMriiKia of l-uus
. . neiicr, ovevaseo ami jumes m. itica, Aaiiiiuis
Irutor ff Juhiv Lysingordecoaseil, , .
Also lli.a liuviiUlunkle.iniiiritin'ii of fcerntel'iHivtriV
huvo Hied theirnccniuits and vouchers, in Ihe Piobnla
Court ot PutTfield comity, vtllriii, (or. luepfi tlon and
settlement, mid thin thu auid necoiiuts will ba for
hearing on the aith day of April tuiUlit.
. VIKUIL K. SHAW.Pro. Judra.
April Sth A.D. 18M-48. ' " 4 .
To Abraham Hedges. Kilns A'. Ilrdgei, Wllllara 1.
kick. Ki-neccn liillmair widow of Talliiian,
Hnndlbrd F. Ihilinanithis wife. Rachel MIImui it.
Foiliilulu and his wife Alblush, George llui.lwnrh
nnd his wile l.lirnbeih. John R. Heilget ai d Jesae
F. Hedges, heirs of Josliuu Hedges decctsed; Jima
than Erelttiidnud Rachel his ife. John Tatboti aid
Nnncy his wife, James A. Lucas and Rebecca Ms
wire.L liarlesfaul and Alice his wile, AiinC. risli
es widow of Dishes. Abraham IW....
WilMuni Hedges.Jesse ilediret. Rose inn
nnd Uury Hedges, heire of Isaac Hedges deceaari.
described Real Kulnta, lo-Wit: situate In the County of ') Ohio, where thu snflie is now pending, dema.ii'li g
Fnlrfleld ib Stale of O., Ihe North linlfof the No thwest iwrlllioii of tho following premises situate hi aala
Qtmrtur of Hectlon number (C4I Townsliip number ejniuij; one hundred and one acres, part of the nt;tt
(13) tlilrleeii, Kanjro number (li') mnetovu in luirt conn- r-ui linr.er or section nve 1.1) Ranee hlnetean fibi.
ty.conliiiniiig eighlyacies morenr lui, valued nl four lownship fourteen (14), boingtbe Uuda bcnuaaibail
dollar par aero. To be aold as the properly of Kllaa the auid Jesse Hedges by his father Jesse liedgea.tr
Tulrow, Ann Green and James M.J'rutl at tho suit of a will datud July 1st Iil3, udmltled In Probata ontka
' , Mierill'.i hale.
TSs S'n't f Ohio. Fairtrfd Count, m.
PURSUANT lo the command of nn order for sale
from Iho Court of Common Pleas In nnd for said
Loillily of Fairfield und to nie directed, I Witt o (Tor at.
public aalu at tho Court honse in. Lancaster, on 6ifav--tti1tkt&tk
data April A. . ICS.?, between tite hours
of III o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M., the following
"yoD will lake notice tlmt on the twenty distill
I Mnrch A. ). lf3, the undurtignad Died a I
tiou in the Court of Common Pleas uf Fairrlelri i
Corniilius Hieeurod. No. 4HH code.)
Tonus of saluoaHh. WILLIAM HOTTKR, RliorllT.
By C. M. L. W1HEM AN, Depniy.
MiariN A Uriii.itirii, Atl'ys March 2!!-5w4(!p!'$J
SlicrilT'd Snle.
" The State o0i. Fairted Cnun't, tt.
Tha Court of Common l'luasol KiiirdelilComity.Oulo.
Petition to foreclose, otn. N.:Wi code.
' John A. Ciillins, Plal.il.lf.
nciitiHt .
NeUon Conies and Hester HriuWinw. John Rober unit
lliiniol hiilz. mirtliers Ih trade under the ntime al.
firm of Reber nnd Kutz, Ihtulel Silford und Willltim
Pill Creed, Ailmiui'lnilnr of t'.ie K.tnto Of Join.
Creed dee., und Juntos hHo. lK'fuiidunls.
V virtuo of uu order or idle lo me directed m tiim
above cause by the Court of Common Plena of
said Comily, 1 w ill otfer and expose to sale at public
vendue und out-cry nl tite duorofthe Court House In
the Itv of Uinriisier. in snid County and Piute, on Sn
lanlay IstSIX Jlprit, A. J. IrM, between Hid
hours of lilo'cloi'k A. M. null 4 o'i lock r. M. of sunt
dav, -Iho following Renl F.hite situntoiH the County
of F.ilrlli ld ami Mate of Ohio, lo-wit: In-I.ut number
two (No. S) in flnrl's aiih-divlsinn of Otil-Lot uumlier
two (An. SI nnd tlio oil hnir iroal-lKluumiu'r three
(No. 3,1 North of und inijoiiilng Ihu liivin of l.um-i!4ter
Irr snid t'oiintv. exrentinv: seven CI, feut mid six 0'
luciios fniuliiig on Broad Mreol, off tlie NiKlli side ol
si'coiiii ouy or Uctober A. 1). IMS. ni.il recorded in
ooa spngo oaoi me Kecords of w ills for Fairlsld
Comity. v ' . .
At the nol term of said Court, nn application will be
mile by the iindersiiriied. for no onlor ti1Hi i.artifti.
mn bo iniide of Mid nrouiises. MARY K. KICK.
Ai.ranW.i.i.ui, Atty. HlibttCA RICH.
IWarihS2, IrM 0w-ICi.f5,3J
Prcbrtle notice.
TOTICE Ishereby given lo all persons Intereslei'r
1M that llio iiccounl nnd vouchers ol John Brni don,
AdlllilllslrutoroflhO Kslllte of Ima.W. M..a. .Is.
censed, huve b 'en tiled ill Ihe Probate Court for Pair.
Held County, Oliio.bl wild Administrator lor Insi ai iioa
tiud settleniejit. and said uci-ouut will come on to ba
heiinl on the Hth day of April next, urnts iliara-
after as inn; h. VIRGII.K. HHAW, Probata Ju.Iga
Lancaster, .Mreli !N, 1HJ-,-
UV IUl WIIUW liwvr luui llillll,ll wviim a,1- ,.i , .
slontrvrithoutit. 'My object now i. not w held this year, under the plan proposed
to reanou with youahout it. nor to contro- y tho Railroad Companies, there Anil be
vert it; but to stale to you fow tacts in no stock taken from lhat county.)
rcfcreiu o to it'that made, in
. . . . . '. .lMin,l liAi-ntrifiirn ni'dinllwl. Viz: With a
Know mat, iu ircinno, tntj cunuu. t. 7 , . fp, n n
1UII reaturnliuil ut .u. j.iui ivnii". a no xy. v,
earlv life a llielnrtfCroau8n"n ou ' Hl8llu
ieuftl,cma.a,lo(urn fie hack lo .he 0. A Eric, an dt l,e Cent ral Ohi
altar, and hi. face to the nooula. and to The Sandusky & Mansfield Co.
. 1 ..-. r.i r r s 7 Ireml rsd that the? would restore me ior
rami a iuiiz nai otiti names 01 tus uoceas- r- . y, , ., . ,.
ed riorsons whose souls are in
and to olfur up a prayer for their
mice from it. This is done, or u
r a. - I
kinjr them
terms, alter
:...i..r r.-i 1 ,.i. .... !. t(, nonnla fm tha iloiihln nurnorx? of kcrrjin!? 1 the regulation above named had been pas
MtlltlUS tlU.U A1UIISIIU fv liv - . I f - - t 01 w J.i. tltl ll
. . ' - - - .1. - .a I ...I .. ll.A Hiimmil Ih.l W, Clllil nol lllilll
tuoir own country, nor any advantage to iiiem in awe, ana (reiiino; tneir wuueji
. y ' . . c I 1 . .1 .1 1 :i .. ...lit.. I . LVi. linnn ll.o ntsn nrnnrtRorl I. r Ilium.
.1. . k. .1 ... n us rananna inr i.,lliih juannn ui; B.iiiiib. anu sun uiisn ui 1 u iim wi1"" .iv ,. . .
line, taiiuui. uu uohiom. a..- - . 1 - . . . . ' . .ir is .1 : ' k.
,1.:. T !,.. flae Hot vflt laansA ann.lk-. anil 1 have no Iflttr as to UIC II n O are coiuui.ibu ... una vvimvii, ji
til in a lusy c J. u iu 1 uv 1 n 1 v ...... . , - , - - . , - r - - 1 , . . , , , (
r, l.avA n..n. Una illustral ons of Irish answer. lensiv. communications w tt. P.u.....,c..v
.1... '. 1 ,!... .ltntnnrr our 'im. .1 .:- r T..e.,. stock men. Por instance, in a recent ici
nistory. And lhavo rer.loi yourself as L, it ono 0f tj peculiar and most cher- ' from Clmtoncounty-and to this coun-
.t f .H. .ni it ! 1 1 a n. :..u.l J....l....,..,,..l...l, TnitnnH I I IT we aiway lOOK ior a very .isrw riniv
emu ui tun ui. 911 ia. iyi m ...... ibuuu uuvii uiro w 1 uu. i.uuivui muvm . .till, . V .i
M,.r.Mn. nrn eniirsrnni . Am I ,l L.wtu, l.nar rAii Minroli p.iii rl wt Ol mucg wo ro tu.u ...iti. .1. v-o - .
tvr !, ui Vllll'"hu V ---- - iUV I1WV 1 v vw ivw J viihivii w &
have often poinUtl you out as nn inunira-
inn of tha hiirh resnentaDilitT wnicu
0 Irish charaotcr is capablo of attaining
when relieved from the bunions that op
press nnd dubaso it. Ili-nee I have re
gardad aayotir eulogy tho sneers of those
who havo addrosgod'you ai "John Hughes
the Gardener." Such tunU.come uot
from true men.
Having said so much ia . reference to
you, permit ma now to say a word in ref-
f renoe to my of. I have just stated that I
was born ia Iroland. I may say to you in
addition, tlmt I washot nof Koman Catho-
., Mo parents, and rocoivod my t arly educa
tion in the full faith of that church at
whose altars you now survo with such din
tinguidbed ability. I was baptised by a
priest I was coulirmod by a bisnnp 1
often went to confession,-! huvo worn my
amulets, and I have suid my rater Ixoa- j
Urs and my Hail Marys, mure times than
I can can now enumerate. Whetiin youth
none excelled me in my attoniion to Msks.
uor in the performance of the penance en
iolned b the Father eonfossaor. And
whatever wore my occfiiionr.l mental mil
givinrr,I remninod a true son of tlieehureh
antil 1 had n-iarly scarcl eJ the years of
manhood. Then, on as full an examina
tion of the suHject as I could give it, I came
to tho oonefritiitn that I could not remain
' a Roman Cuiiolis. f first beeame an hid-
dot. Knowing nothing of religion but
that which was taught mo by ptrtnt and
priests, and thinking that that was tho
ufn of it, when that wm rejected, infidel
ity became my only alternative. Subse
quently, by lira' rcadiny of th Bible, and
fcy the grace of God, t wss led to crobraee
the' religion of the Ooopel. That religion
. . . ... j 1 r .
tht neither tho Sunday Ordinance nor the bus.was Uiscovercu to oe on nre ano oeiuro
State liquor laws should be enforced.- the necessary aid could be secured Iwas c:
' . . I 1 " 1 ... . I 1 nf Aol -v Mill TlttlPlllllllA I . to.. -. -. . .. .
Tlioan f ta nut onlv threw tho ent r0 lireiy constitneu. iuui in .no .... imiv ,-u, no. .u ut JU, no. in ui m, no
1 ' i.r . L. ' 1 il .ill. T
was saved. ve unuersinuu uintiur. our
land was only partially insured nnd that
his loss will rano from I5JOI) to 80UU.
VV' .A..rnl 1c loom tliol. rlnrfno'- tlin con-
sale manufaoturer and importer down to fugion jn gouiiiir the Engino to the lire a
ihe retailer ai tnree ceniuniiKs, rcuious in youir man named vYinoLriiruner pecameen-
iU support. . 1 ; . ' tnnyled in the ropes nnd was thrown under
whisky interest in favor of the Sag-Nichts
ticket, but made every mnn in the least
enrrno-cd in the business, from the wholo-
safd lot.inil riiunlnir biuh between tmraltol lines thai
widlh to nn alley In uie renr nrsuld i.nt, 1 o no sola ut
Ihe nronertv of suid llefeHiliints Kelson Conies and
Hester Braifihuw to antlsfy Judtt'tatiilnst them Inlhls
cause in ravnr nraniii rtiiiuli'ts for l-Xi un anil cotu oi
suit Willi Interixt Irom jllth Keb. A. U. Wti.
Amiralsodnt SIUOU. ' Termsofsnle eesh in hand.
Grn. W.Mc Ki.aov.ids. Atty. WM. HO'l'TKlt. rihorltr.
Alarvh 15, iej3-Jw4i c. .M, L. w iisEMA.T,ueiny
w.. Khorlirs Sate.
. Till Staleaf Ohio, Fnirfirli Co .
Jlin w..aytor lie .iintins,t In l.Br,in0n.r'.tlf-
,...... i. .... .. "i. .i..,....i...i S Held Com. Vleiu.
Y-vtrtue or na oritur oi sutu irom xne c;uurtoi
Coiiiuiou l'leus in and for said county, and lo itiu
iTreeted. I will ouVr nt nubtieauto. unon thu prenimt
Ot Ttettla) tkt Silk aU April A. J). IfSo, between
the hours of lit o'rlock A. M. unci 4 o'l'lotk 1'. M., tho
follow in? described lands und toiiemnts, tn-witt-r
Lota No. 311. So. (10. Pio.67, no. CD, An. ill, . iO,im. .18,
Nii.'.in.d: No. 101. in the town of t'lckeriiietou, Iu the
lii no.V'.i yaiuoii a.
fill at ..!, no. 70 al
113 ut tll'jlio. IUl
m. Alllll. - : - i.
lerms of sale, one third In saim, one-'ntrn in ono
mid one third in two yeurs, wun tiiterosi onuriurreu
ib ineiitsfroHi thu duv of sale
I. ... .... . nniMLn eri...-ilr
. NiaTlN 01 Bl-UtKll'll, 11IJS. riMir.il, oiicnu,
. Kv f . M. 1.. W ISKMJ.1. UeillltV
Lancaster, Match 13, Jfiw awfa.
''PRtinAtKtxtmcnH t-
"OTICE Itheroby (tlven Vinll persons interest"!
Hint llio accounts nnd vouchers ol Uie.eaL.irs . I
UailC Wllvill, Kczlll ftlliuet. William Milium rn.uA
Williuin JVI, Towu.'cud, i , ,
Also the Giiariliuii'sucrnnnls ofOanlal Railarideah.
Giiardiun of Miirlhu A. l'Oilh r, have hern liled l
the fnlliutu Court of halrlleld county, Chio. K.r li -"spettlon
and settlement, and that suiir ataounta alii
eome.ou to he heard on the until day of AnfillKil. et
its soon lucreai.er amii oe. -s
ikuii. . Mnn, rra. Jadcas:
Harsh 89, 1855-4T. , - , , I . ,
Eatrtto of Job. Cnmubir. , w
OTICK Is hereby (riven, lhat lha iiiiilersl.nad htm
liiis dny been uiiiolnted bv the frnhata Conrlof
nrfleld County. Ohio. A dnilnlslrauir de aaa aaa'af
tlie Kstute of John Campbell, dateused All eiMi,a
.ui win m.u ii", uu mm riiTirn incnmost as
coruiuKiy. : J)H K. Jll; M AUUkl. Adat'tea.
insiiii IU, ISM-ittlf j
Pnrttlinn 1fnl,.
Jturnb Weaver, Peter Weaver, A'Jam1Vcaver, fiaiftar
"puver, numuiaii weuvur, Anne Weaver, (rally
Weaver, minor, iininiil H. Weaver, Jlnvlil Weaver.
Goorire Goss and I'blly, hia wife, Or-orae PulH aTnl
(Vutiiarirru his lfo,fcjlvelerH.r'he,enl ami f hrirti
uu his wife, Ueoriru r;oiu aud Vruni is hit wife. Je
sejih C. TeMliniterand lrrah hifTalfr., Reiijamla'..
Kuuinun nml Mureurul bis iff. c'sinuel f ir ana)
Ktlr.ahcth his wife, Henry Mlert and Maria if. Ilia
I.- : .' SherllT's Kale..
. The State Oaie, fuirfiM Ceuary,
"TTaY virtuuof un execution, acuiiisl tiroporty
I i (lie Court of Common Plena, In and for said coun
.. t. I .u... ,! .ii..... ..i i win ,.ir.,. .i ..iiiiii.. .i.i.. ui
Th Times tnvithert Vat not a Tiara tn L3. . . . . o r . the Court House. In Lancuster, on Saturdn'tte 2li
. . ' nne Ol IllS lelTS. Mr. AUiim OIBlCri MUlj., . i ik'j. belwaen the hours of 10 a'-
thteitytn which illegal votes mre not cast wf sieni, Smith wore alsoseiiously tho' clock a. w.and oioik v. m., the fiiiiowiiiKde-
.. n - .- ..' i.-j T .1 .:. .1! ,T . . i i scnoeo rem esiuiu, ..,-w... -.-... in ... "l
tjor till Oag flails mar.. , Jtll tins uieiiuu- Oot UangerOUSiy Hurt. -i , .t - Lnueiuter, in the county ol r-iireliMiid Mule orunto,
... -. ,ii l lieiliE luu ll'H llllll l .1. HUNIUVI Ill .IIW
ir-n a.. KPiriVfi nn,l kitmvRH MP.IHCIXR. far twelfth niuaro of suid eity; Viilned al estnl. -To bo
' . .. . .-. it ...i.i .i... .........i.- ..rit ... -ki
used to be
done, iu the chapels on every Sabbath
T-v AKItliil lha rta.fYlA at I f It A i I riM aari CliI VAla.
,: ,t... !.. it.,- ,t . i . nosition available
v,tU,.u.vu.K,.., - t,. . . dj from Crestlino
mef terma, provided the Fair be locatod
upon, or near either terminus oi mat roaa.
As no as invitation has been extended to
onr Board from either of the points fndica
ted. we of course cannot muko nch aprO'
Tho Ohio dr. Indiana
n ,i:... ... l.
i i t i i ronu. LAtu.iuiiiir iun. v.camuu .v v.
tiaiti so inuc i a year, varying, j, ueucve, :. , , ., . , r;
. . ' . .' . . . Wavnn. has rciilted ll'.ioUL'h their Uliec
Willi mo uuiiur ui lira iniuus w I'aj'. I , ' . ......i ,Mr...o hi
i ' ... . i f ' .... tors, in recrard to carrying passengers at
ih.uaniuof tho person is erased fiom the , 7t., i.:.,, r,i oi.
list, k circumstance arming out of . this m , ' , . . , J . . ....
II ICUIar. UtJUI. Wlllvll I.IUIIU no unou uu.
inislnm .if vnnr olinrrili. nreni'i'ini in me I ' r :
r , , t .... . . .. ' a ' lion: There have been no communica
spectablo man in our parish diod ia mid
Uio, leaving a widow and a large faroilv of
children to mourn ln lots. . Truo to her
reliirious principles, and to her generous
instincts, the widow had her husbands
name placed on that list, and heard, with
lions received from Companies not named
above. ' ' '" ' ' " ' 1 ' T .
We observe that other States have al
ready fixed upon time nnd plaee, for their
soveral Fairs. It is now about three
months later than the period at which our
wuu . . ... . .. , a .1 i:
pious gratitudo. hi. name read over from .",r.",V" wn- n.u, V"
fl off-d The' ?S7St Board has fixed
ior iu ucnic.micvui un suui irom purca-1 . ... ,i , ,i,
tory. After theh.pw of two or three TVS"'.0 , 0! C r ? ?? m ,!
j'... : 'c.u..i .i. .. - Hoard, which will have for its object the
Tenia, un it cuiisiu oauuam, tn name 01 T 7 ' i t " .1,
Iter husband was omitted from the list fi "f?"" pianof. operations,
rrt.-f..-. auA u.. -,:.. -.:..ij .j nbseiica of a State Fair. If we hold a State
feaniov.thinkins that her husband had LF1'- the pre immar.es and location must
escaped from purgatory and 1 fear, lest -Ma "STouT
nu uone someiiiiiig toouuuo tno pn.si. i .,.
O.t timid innnirr. sh. l.amnd that hi. .m.l Cor. Sec. Hoard of Agrm,ltre,
was yet in purgatory, but that she bad for-
orable, but not now work, tho old line
oliticians'recoivod effoclu.tl aid from the
Papal Church, now a recognized authority
ainonirold politicians. . Hundreds of Ir-
ishmen went to Cmcinnatt a short time
previous to the election, and wore quarter
ed in tho different wards. It soems that
thoir arrival was known and thoy wore
closely .watched. ; When they went to
vote they wore challenged, but thity twore
to their residence and the judges had to take
their volet! It was thus, in almost every Brlgli
ward, Amerioaris saw what they know (o-
be illegal votos going into tho , ballot-box
without the power to prevent it,. False
oaths were taken by those who could easi
ly bo absolvod from the consequences, and
in defiance of .tho wholosomo laws of the
But even this was not all. - In. several
of the wards the most outrageous proceed
ngs took pluco
tor's Runisk .Mixture stands lire-eminent above all sold as.
others, iissiniruiiiriy enicuciousuciioiiou uie invon
il.ilrenetlieniiiiriind vivil'vinfir nniilitles: its tonic BC
II. u. on tha Liver; Its tendency in drive all humors to
l ie surraee. tbereliv cteniiHIliir tlie svmein iiceoroiiiu
to Niituro'sown firoscrilitlou; Its linriuless, und nt llio
suaielime. atlrnoriliuary rooiioiivcis,aiiu me iiumner
irciires.tnsiilled to hv iiiuuv of tlie most. rospectnblo
cltliensnf Klehinnnd,' Va unil elsewheM,- ii.wet be
cniK'liistve evnleiite limit here is no nniuiiuK aoou. it.
! Ihe trial ofa sinxla bottlu will sutlsf) the uuut sken-
tloiit orita oeneiiis. i ., i . .
, Heo ailvurlisemen't la another column.
i.rllS, lf55 Jw.No. 4H. '
ocuiu nt tlie ault of
Mary II" ry, Criiurdluii uf the children of tlie lute jescjih
Hury.Uecoaseil. - i . 1 : ' i: '. i
. onus ol su.u. cnun . i-
V. VaaTanar. Ally. WM. POTTER," Shertir,
. : i, iC.m. l. winits, ipeputyri r :
Loncastor.Miinb, IS, It5j-jw44. , , - . i
, , , . Sheriff'
w i. . .jriAMBIEIt
On the 5th inst.v' by. the Rev. S. M;
nritrht, Mr. Jameu Woiik to Miss. Makt
RwKtitK, both of thiaeounty.
or sTonsiimnttoni' nl the 'ItesliloncO bf lha Rev.
John MiKlroy, la tills C.II), on Nuturdiiy the Vtlt lint.,
IiaUmn HnKwaa C'n4a, niceei sr.. years nno 4 monin.
The deceased waatheouly sou of tfathua-und Asen
alii Cnun. of Mudisoii. luko Coiiutr, Ohio, which uluco
be len about six mouths since to avoid the severity af
the eiiinutu upon ms fuiuntf uouiin. hoon niicr, no
puri'liased iiroiierty in our vlly, and took np hia resi
dence hero. : .
Mr, Cram was a yniniK mnn ot flue edtioatloit nnd
brilliant attainmeiils; iiosH'sslnaa rcltned and timlnbte
disposilloii, hia miniliiiess ami genorosily -of heart
Tti lliri' F.tfivnnt.h Wnrd. 1 iu whose memory ho will lomr hold a nrotnhvenfcaeal.
I N.,iirlv I... i .ur. .tn.n. tl.hMi.niA nv UenL til his
where the ballot box Was destroyed, llleglll 1 frlouil tlmt coiMnnnptluu had deeply fastened Its fanftK
, - ; . . riipon him, and unless some roei.cdinl rorent eohld ar
VOteS Were receivea Wltn linpuuiiy.1uu re Ita lroros,iieatii wouia sainaiuim,iu.viciim,
. .. I KuU of viiiiih iiiiil hone for tho future', disease led him
Challenges derided, and tliOSO Who gnye down almostto the portaleof death befursihaaeumcd
. - , s ll 'm 11. I, rt I iiiny H n-uuse uiv sills nir coiiuiiivii.
mem were urivuu i.u.u mo i'"ua, uvmj
Rale. ,1
't ktitte nf.Otiic. Fair'leld Ctnttii.il. '
"1RSI;aM J' til the com iii slid of a-setoail ordor (of
t. sale from tho Coun of Itaimiion fleusof Kairlleld
Ciiuuty,and lo me Itlrecled, I will offer nt public sale
nr tho Cnun Homo In the Crty of Luneastar, en lrr
Jan ti, nil da of April. A. Ii. 1KVS, betw een tho hoars
of in o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M.of aalddayilhc
rnllowinit HBsenoua Ke asiM0,to-witi ji" i'W wiui-
i,r.nt.iii Ciiriidiiter'sudditloii to the town ofLaiicnster1.
- Valued atSll'.'i. To b sold as tho properly of
Murtiu Hill, althdauH of John. ruey rl , r :i ; ,
Tonus o. suio citsu.
Baanra Hon. Atty't. WM. POTTKR, SherllT.
- I .. li)' O. M. Ik WlMUMAa, uepuiy.
" Lancas'tor, Ohio, Mnrch 13, 1M awapfS '
r- r,t T' (BKovirn. s,.1: ' .
" "nMyr
iurob McGowon'
In Partition FatrlloliV-n
' i ' ' : ... . A : J
t-.l.. Hfnlli.M.n ttl .1. V r.in.mM Pli.n.
a -v virtue nitannwrarwis m me mreeieo rmm
I . the Court of Cotainorvl'loaafor Kairni'lileouniy.
Uitio, I will olter and expose to sale by tiubtc vendue
aDd nflt-rrv.al-tha drnirof Mia Court Honeo,Jn snid
eeinity. an tilrdi ike 17 dtt Ap-rH,eit, Iw
tween the hours of ten o'clock A.M., and 4 o'clock r.
M. .'of snid day, the f..Howln dateribeil. Mnd and
tenements to-wtt: la Lot Ao7 Iu th;lof D or Kast
Kunhvillvln sunt eonnty.
n ruisorsule,oae-lhlf(t la nana, one. third IC ono
year auu tne reiliaililliff nue-inirn in two years Willi
interest on ilefprnnl payrncilsffrom the dny of sale.-,.
Appraised in uii.,...-., vi . ru. l t,bei.ix ,
March 8, Ufi . , , '. ' '
1 1 1 i 1 ' r i i. 1 'ii
wife und Mary Weaver, widow, iinii'M)
WILLIuku nollra thutontheSSnd dny of Janiiary,
U'. l.,l,n .....i i ...... ...J i-i.U.. .I.. J
a lVlillniiHeulnsl them In Ihcolni.'vof the Clrrk tm
Court uf Common Pious of Kairfleld Countv. Okie,
priii In partition of ihe Knsl half of Kit-Iron Vn: i,
Towuship 2io. IS.and Kamii Ni)IR, In FulrSeld on
ty. except 44 acres on" the South end tliereof belnnalnc
to Solomon HpaiiKifr, e.riiliiliilnn ill scres.S' And that
at tha next Term of suid Court, appliratinntwilt .h
muuo oy sum reiiiiiMiers lor an order that pa mile a
may bemadoof said premises, . i '" !-. i-,viirt ,i
Also, in-Lot Io.5. in hi)iiure No; IS, In tha Town af
Baltimore., Pal rrleld County, Ohio, 1 "
BKasn ea Bun, 4trts ror ratrtlaners,
MarrhlS, 1C54 0w4S
riIHE andersigned will offer ror sain at public aue
.1 lion, at tlie Court Mouse door In the Clty'of Lan
canler, on eiutArrlay , tli2n'tls tXay .of A prll
lHi.'V, a 1 o'clock P. M. tha well itnuwn property
sitiiuted on the Ohio Cnnnl, it Iho Town of Lorkvine,
PatrtKitd County, Uhirukaoan and aillinguislicdai.iUa
w ; - JUOCKV.Il.M3. ,,,.:;i,
Large tirlst Mill with, four rnn of Burt,
two of which nre foe m'ercliaut work and 'two for cue
ton. work, betes; separate and dlstlnrt, propelled' by
ai.iortite wntof nhouU.. The luaohiuery for the. incr
chant work is all new, nnd embraces all of the modern
Improvements In tatlliiigv Tlis snmo haviiif humilre
eaully rentled by the uuderaiicnud at it ereal exiiiret
for lhepiirKHe of inaklnirlt ana of tha flratclnss nltlls,
andooateptiblo ot 4oU( as food ,ark aa auy Uicr
mill In the Mule. ' . - .
There ia also a Navw1 "till oriiiillirhrnrillfilHli-h
r all in gone ruptlraad captl.W oti ing a .tvrj, ','al'ia
Thvirolsalsii LUrffa Oiatlllrr'ir oat aald prem
ise, with jUA ihe ftxturea iiiirumktirtn the same.
There r,re THRKR DWfiLLl.NU IIOUSKS on aalil
pn-nilse, comfortably Sued sin, and itrlUMa-rbr oo-
eujiaAifui, . Also rituble, Corn Critu, Hot Puns,Coop
t shop nnd nil uecossary Oitt-bulldlngs,' alio May
Kcnles. ready fitted up oa aalif pwnilsoe.. ' ,,'
.iThore Is connected with said premises about IvlOT
u Arms of L,nslilr upoH which, tire aforesaid
vwiiirwomonuiaru niusaoo.'
J lie above described n
tontlod In Uie mldot-ofa I
Sheriff's Snle.
I h now for ma.y rears professed, and gotte. to send in the yearly tax at the time arroaaar ana rai-Ksai.uii nw, mrrrei ar
in ,-.naftf1on with a. Protestant ehurth. It was duo. Tho tax Wat nrOIDDtlv Dflid. r.aoa a.a a.a.a. !.. imi,
; UnliV.4 miay who have left your corenmn-1 and the name was restored on the" next raL.u,X.thprchin..nd,.iiit,
ion, t have never bitterly assailed it. lamcauoatn. wun tins met, sir, i am entire-1 w w of Keat Kttata. also, w the procunnf or
- . .it, . . a . . I alrittaariai itniintv Lannna.
,trlv nkowa in tha list or champions , if eonrersaui; ior mat wiuow was my oppicK-inftie Bri.k Bik. naari opposh
cm rrn'nafanrSam v-orana I'nnnrv lUit vmt AW. mother. Wrt. SOHD-hl tb. raleas. or the ttocklna valley nana. uiay uut
aultod with dray pins, slugs and shots
was this which led to the unfortunate oc
currences which afterwards took place-oo-eurrences
which ate condemned bv every
honorable man, aud regretted by all ood
citizens i . ...
, It is stated by the most reliable ?inciu
natl papers tlmt not one dozen pcrsoni par
tia'pated in the destruction of the Eleventh
Wurd ballot box. It was the work of a mo
ment, and tho large number of Amei i-
Durina- the last week of hlstllnesshe was intended
by his aired and affectionate mother who woa hie.
"ministering nniiel" Hi Ills loarrti uown l ins Bravo.
Oh'. It wns tluly hard to sea one so full of youth, so
rlpo in inteiect,eo pure in character anu stately mun
hoivHtiossessed of nil Unit could make life briirtlt and
dear, leMorvly but corlanly draaed dowivlnthe or-
tins or ueath by inn num. o. itsunso,anu uo auiiwii
iniwef lo arriMtV Vet II Isa consolation to his deeply
lioreuaed friends to know that lie had no fen re of Ihu
futurabut williiiKly reshined hliuaulf. Into Ilia hands
whofrave him betnsr. ' ' :
we mourn with his aorrowinir rriond m iriy
ilmiarliiro from'carlh.butwo reiueniher that "Those
whom the Gods'love die voting," and turn ta that Ood
who rules all Ihlnes wiselv for consolation. May that
God ennble those parents to bearcalmWthe lossof
tneir only child, tin pstituiin last.iae a(oo si inner, hi
enninniiv with W. P. Hrower. Ksd.. a near relative.
took charpo of "all thai remained of earth," of hiT
dear eon, back to bit early heme for interment In the
Fanilli Ceiuelry. h O. W. M.
Oeorge Hoffman and Daniel Hoffman,) '
I i'. ; -,-. i !. In Partition,
, Aon Maria Huffman el ale, . J
V vlrlneof a wrlt-of aala-tom directed front the
i Court of CoininonPloaafor PairtleidCuunly,Ohlo,
11 offer and exnose to saloon Saturday. April 14.'
IHU, between the hours of IS o'clock A. M. and 4
o'clm k P. M., to tho highest bidder, Uie following de
scribed Heal Estnte, ln-wit: The Kast half of the Kast
half of Section ho. , Township Ho. 14, ttanfta Jin. in,
in said County, contains J4H ucros. Thaanioc boinr
Ihk farm ubontJ miles from Lancaster, oil the Royat
to llou.l. Int. di oeciiniod hv Jacob Hflffnuin.deceased.
Ilistl Q7of tho liurohasA moner subiect to ii. terns, at
? pereeul. will be left in the hands of tha purchaser
nuriuK inv.iui'-i nirui inajaaria tiouinan. ana a..
her death said sum will be parable to the heirs of
tha aald Jamb. The halanea of the purchase .money
will be required aa follows: onc-tbinl on the day of
saleandthe balance In two equal annual payments
wttbkitunist. : Immediate possession will boat ten la
lliepiirrnaser. WILLIAM POTTKH, .Sheriff.
March a, 1C55 3w44pf3 -' ,
0 above described premises, are eV .dtslrijlily
a ueauti.tt. ana lartue: aoaatry ,
where yi lioaluid Corn ore grown Iu nbuiidunec, ami
certainly om rscreaterliidiementsfor the- Capitalist
lhau any other nrovorlr of tho same kind In tie Stole.
The nlteiitinn ol the Cnpituliat is therefore iiivited lo
.ne noove rniunnii. pmier.y-, as me nnuereignea wee
tennliied In r-JI tiia same at a great bargain and upon
IJie, mostlihcml terms of credlu Title indisputable.
' For' flintier pnrtrciilure in regard to the abav ro
puiiy. hppi) to Mr. Knchiun the pxenilacs. or to
Mr. Oo.irue G. Beck, and Hie (inderslgutd at tan'cas-
ast.ir,Ohio..rt -;fi VW1UU1 TUSH Kay
e-.j, liaacosser, ABfll a4S-B ; ,.g t i a ..,.-f.
,. I Fnirriem (ommoBrrictta. ,n,
.)...... . .
nd,; .r i.
Mnrimret A. lownson
I fir I
fVHU tlofendant, whoee plnoa of residence la a
I known, ta hereby notified Ihat'itenositloirs trill bo
takun in thiaeaaa by thf Plsiiiliff ntlha.oStce af the'I'ro
bute Judge In Ihe ctty pf Znnotville, County of Mus
kingum and Klule of Ohio, en (ho 6lh, sTlimd lnlh
days ot' April, A. 1). l8i.V Iwlwoon the hqura, of eight
o'clock A. M. and nine o'cloek- P. M. pffschoraaid
dnya -I' .. l:l -r KTINOI1COMB 4i SHAW,
;- March 1vlB5.-w-1w t Attorneys fur Pelilioner.
,i:vi '," Tr.steen' Sale. . ,j, ;;-
I WILL nireratPublleSala on the Mth day of April,
if not disposed of by private sale before that day,
the entire Sloekef Drugs and Furniture belonging lo
the late Arm of P..L.HInrtinibCo.Tlu slock Is large fresh
and well selected. For partlenlara enirnim at tna
atoroor . r- ; . , M..B. GRK60JtV 7'raslee.
. Lancaster, April 5, 1PM 4S
7DDallyStaj,e Journal eapy' two-araaka, Si-M
r-j- i

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