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il .J ii ..i -'i..
TliurVd-iyTIorHluK April 19, 19f
aua a !!. n --r -in -w '
tSrAnJ dear Tan,, we are "particular
ly '1.1'PJ,'.",'W inform you lliiU wa ilwm
tiiese 4ue premouitory symptoms of it final
(hd aneedy) " disaolntton of the Hindoo
party I sort o' . looks' o o you too,
Ildnt VlzrEatfKZ .Z7-x. , ',: '..
mnjlbove still; greater
fWSft to rejoice over the premonitory"
ymptora-of what voa term ft speedy dis
ioluikHtof the American party we copy
lor 4our esp'eciat benefit end. gratification
i" 11 " '
the foHoWlDg rrKn, .-:... ' -. i
Oiward' the veonquenng . hero . goes t
Sriirouirh'oui the length and breadth of the
land, .this invincible spirit, lias - carried e
1eions Against a,tL combined, fortes of
trwhotl Qsxman Catholic, French, Joco
;ro'qbs, fag-ender!j. tfcqCJn, the citics.wiiere
Ji4 pauperism and crime is confined prin
Jfcijially to the Catholic foreign population,
$tnl directly appeals every man and
;the several districts, alike where they
rwtti.cn with jealousy the encroachment of
ny power upon the free institutions of our
country, do wisee the gladness tiie dctcr
tniuation 6"ist to 'check and destroy of all
i'tbir influences tliat of Political Koman-
The "People's Ticket,' supported by
&Aji,: triurnphed iii Cleveland last Mond?y.
by tokjoritfes'rang from'saO 'to 775.
She democrats' carried no' candidate save
llaibor Master." ' Of the eleven ' wards,
Vie biniocVrtts succeeded iu but three.vU:
ifii" -fifiir,"-s'ixtl and eleventh,, electfng a
"Trustee," arid Assessor in each. .; The vote
cast was" the largest ever polled in that
hy -r'enohlng 4,670 ballots, being 1,220
jroUw' larger than that cast last fall. These
.figures' who'n analyzed; furnish food for
reflection. '
' In i blivo'shurgh, tlio wliolo. American
ticket has been elected by over 100 ma
FuAKf trif CorjrrT.'-MiffliB - towhip
givo Hie American ticket from sixty to
sefenty majority. Plaits- township gives
th Amerirsin ticket fifteen majority."
I' Jj .'. T.rit&RT cotaTf.
At the Corporation election lield ia. fjhis
place on Monday last, the enemies of A
mcricau priaciples ..were '..routed, liurse,
foot, and dragoons. ..A regular. "Sag
Nicht" ticket, for Mayor and other Corpo
ration officers was in tlio field,' but the A
mcrican ticket was ejected by two to one,
Out of one hundred and fifty votes c,ist,
the' American candidates .received,' on an
average,- about one hundred, leaving about
fifty to glorify the Sag Nichts. ".'.'..' ,
, Here are the Corporation officers elect:
' Mayor. Wra. J. Law.
Recorder, Otto II. Moelltr.
Councilmen. Dixon Bro wr , Robert M.
Brown, George Cool men, William Spen
cer, John McNutt.- '
Glory enough for the Corporation of
Keep Your Mouth Open Shanghai!
The American tieket for township offi
cers went through triumphantly. About
675 votes were polled, and the "Shanghai"
ticket came off victorious, averaging ONE
Hopewell Township; -American tick
it all elected. ' ". ' '
Madison Township.-American 1 ticket
triumphant not a grease spot of old fogy
ism remains. .'"::.''". ", ' '
Jackson Township. Open your mouth
old Rooster. Fogyism, Romanism and
Old-lineism completelyrouted; American
ticket all electeu. - i
Clayton Township. Everything has
goue American. '
Monroe, Salilick, BearfielJ, Pleasant,
Moiidav Creek and Harrison, wo under
stand, have all gone American.
In Thorn and Pike the Americans were
defeated, yet those townships embrace
within their borders many enthusiastic
Americans. P;e will be all right in Oc
tober. Remember that. As tor old I horn,
there is hope even in her case. '
The above will do for ''Catholic Perry."
loritr. , ,f i tj-e
In Shadesville, the same result has been The Catholic Whigs, old line Democrats,
iTaJ." ' " and anti-liquor law men all united, and
v In Washington, the majority for Amer- the result is a complete triumph of the
"ieanism has been about an average of 50. American party. Let it be understood
, From the rural districts, we have heard tlmt next October we intend to astonish
.but liUlei. so far. "There is . strong and t,0 natives. Perry County American
united action. ' INDIANA
v Euclid, in tins , county, elected a K. JS.I () moscow tj,e 0u liners were sure of
ticket by about 80 majority. ; carrying the day, but wero disappointed
;( ast Cleveland gave two to ono or mi for Sam elocte( ia entire ticket
K. N . s. - - : , In Sellcrsburg there was quite a contest,
In Ravenna, Portage Lounty.tne J.. . s llic oIj lincrs wwrkjg very hard to elect
elected their chatter tieket by over 100 t,cjr condidate. They succeeded by a
" In Rootstown.tbe vote stood K. 125;
"opposition 67. '
v. , la E liuburgli the K, N.'q Lad more than
,': The vote for Justice of the Peace in
j It will be sccni'fiornthfl reports of tlio
umeri'Ufc purbiuiii ui kjiAia Hint Amur
icunium is aroused to. a full sense of its du
ty, and bat come up to tlio -fork wilh a
determination to Jo its duly. The Juur-
n al says: .. ' - ; -
In Columbus, ills' election, the returns
of which will be found in another solumn,
was most strongly contsated. There never
was a more strenuous effort mado to carry
an election than was made by the ant(-A-
mericans, yesterday, to carry this city.
The game commenced, as usual, with nat-
ralizins the foreigners, and itvenly volet
were made in, a few liours,' and deposited
ine uaiioi nox. Jtvery foreigner was
made to believe that there were but two
parlies to vote for the Know , Nothings
d the anti-Know Nothing. Many of
them really believed that the K. N.'s would
not only disfraechise them, but that Ihey
would be. persecuted on account of their
rtligibnjund that their personal liberty was
n datiger.- lhe mosl barefaced falsehoods
were circulated to prejudice the foreigners
against the Americans. It was plain to be
seen that Locofocoism was on its last leg)-",
md that the last depcrato effort was to be
made to rcvivo the parly. . Iruhmeh in
the pay of the Locofoco leaders wero sent
to the first ward to blarney the Irish, and
no'expense was spared in the fifth ward to
rally the Dutch. '.; . ,.
The Postmaster, Lis clerks, and all the
special mail agents of 'the government that
could make it convenient' to have their
washing i done in this city, exhibited the
light of thcif countenances at the polls.-
By a remarkable, coincidence, all the State
Officers wero at their posts, and even his
Excellency,' Gov. Med ill, found time to
leave' the Lancaster Railroad for a few
nys, to bestow his patronizing smiles up
on the peddlers of the fusion tickets at the
Second Ward polls.
..But all wouldn't do. The "old wheel
horse" couldn't pull the team out of the
mud." ' With all his tricks, he couldn't
bamboozle Sam. Sam was after the anti
American party. and ho "hived it," fusion
ickct and all. He routed the whole ca
poodle, horse, foot, and dragoons; bo slay
ed 'cm. Great is Sam; and ureal ia the
victory ho gained over the allies at tie
city election.. Why didn't the Statesman
send us over the Shanghai?
Ler to Lav noted at any timo io all our
political experience. TUy are dead the
"Kentucky Clique," and all ill adjunct.
arc dead and we derive xmi satinfitclioa
Effect f the Retail.
The Cincinnati Ttuut remarks that it U
a noticeable fact, and one too that ha at-
The Pope's organ is constantly pre
tending that the American movement lias
reached its point of culmination -that
ilinJooism is "caving in," to adopt their
najoritV of two," when lo! to their great
surprise, they ascertained that their can
i . ' t- v-.,t.: ' '
uiuaie-was a iviiow j-iuinmy. .
At Indianapolis, on Monday last, the
People's ticket, which was supported by
! Sam's friends, was triumphantly elected
Brooklyn township.wains follows: Case I b fl.om 30fj to 350 majority. , , .': "
American,' 348; btepnen, democrat, ji a; . ; -;K OiiLEANS.The -election, of the
Saj lcs; Whig, 131V illiama, 109. .. ilie re8ulwi j the triumph of the Amer
lowaslitryttckot wnoKmuiteu. . t.t i(.(,np.,1.tyI theyelecting their entire ticket,
A Mhansns Township.. IlAUtLTON tO.r- ' : ' JJ;.:..:' " - v "
. . . W L I UI B KJll'l'UUUIl. , -r :t.. r.
,.Wo learn that the .election ..resulted in.llie Lapavettk flNDixsA) Election'. W
I . . . a ..... .;. i ;.L .1 I ' . - '
. i nni'A inst. Tpci'ivea a aesnaic i irom l ie a'
exception of one candidate. "
" 1ft Circleville, the American ticket was
elected br a larire maioi ity; It lias hereto-
fore been Sag Nioht ' ,
". 'lo-aucsville, tho .American tieket was'
elected by a iargo majority.
.... In.Daytbn, a portion of ,.the American
vlwkei was elec'ted. and a' portion of tlve. Sag
"KlchVMcket. We ha'6 not the details.;
''ticket js'cntlrely sucCessfuK
bot e place, and its purport is that the A
mcrican Party have elected their whole
ticket by a majority of more than two to
nil 1 ' . " 1 t
one. ' I ne eiecnon was warmiy conicsieu
by the opposing parly.
' Michigan. . '
Detiioit, April 2. Town election io
day.V. Battle Creek and Kalamazoo gone
Republican.. Ypsilaulee, Monroo town
ship and Adrian, gone do. ,j ';; ; ;, J
..... , . .. ,,, new .york.
A Voice pnost New Yoiik. The cliartcr
from (hi. Ullinif circumbtance in the mo. "HClta II,e ' mn7' lnal rer
era) reult. jtlie result or lb lata ekclum in that city 'elcint phraseology; but declamatory non-
Ho far as the Whigs are concerned, they : there has been Ies exudation among the J ;nse of this kind will not weigh mach
have dune their duty. They hav put up j Americans who aidod and abutted In the ' insl ti,B rnns in Massachusetts, New
the l.e.t man-who wa before FPk triumph of t!ie CV.l.oHc Ticket, than Lsj '.!; New UmpLire. ftnd the re,ult of
Of it tilt iu"cu "'5 riTCmwi i'i mi'j i I I IUC UlllO CICCIIOU WW wunu iu r-umj g
mneo the city was founded. Demagogues, I QtitUi. If the P"pe s organ u not satis
though they aie, they rannol look at that j fid with. thass "premonitory j-mptoms"
election and all its attendant consequences ' wulmve about Grs columns more on hand
lu-reafwr, evil should come
people will have only themselves to blame
For ourstb'CH, vt Jiure iten darker day
than Mi. mid have no doubt that all will
come ri''ht in future eh'otions.
Annexed we irivo the result for Mayor
from the same paper; .
" I he Judges of the several Wardscount-
1 the bNllots List night for Mayor alone. -
B'low we give the entire vot of the city,
i Ui Uie exception oi tiie t ilili ard, in
hieli, as rvgards Mr. Jlogan s vote, the
estiniaie is conjectural. Il may be increas
ed a little.
st Ward,
3ih Ward.
h Ward,
6ih Ward,
Cth Ward,
Ctf ahoqa Falls, 'April . The Rum
" :'"""r":":"J 7 election;. In Kew.burgh, N. York, on Tues-
-4Ugi: i, .!- .'.vi .(. j-, '" day last, resulted in the success of the
.vflvwi.. Know Nothing and Temperance tieket.
.; r.n.Ta ieer tu.s morn.n- ..on, .,l?ooro TwM) wcw tfcree tickoU in . lll0 fijldA.
; tl.at the election: mv.at piacej.as gone,as , Tem e.. and ft union of
Whigs ' and Democrats. ,Thc Americati
land Temperance tickets were heaily the
In Greene township, the entire Ameri- ' ' . . ' . , . . . . , .
.iUOCOUtesi re,wasrBrjviu..g,... .,i (lJU-V,,r Prcsieant- .Maroma L.
: folloWST 1 ' '' . -I'v
In Harrison township,
..Reform, ticket succccdcd.-
the American
The spring eleclion was held April 2d
throughout 'Iowa. ,' In Davenport the A
mcrican ticket was successful by an aver
ago majority of 127 in the total poll of 021
votes. fioe foreign votes were polled
This we consider doing very well for
city whoso foreign populatiou isone-seventh
of that of the entire State. '
. From Versailles we learn the cheevin
intelligence that the cause of Americanism
is still gaining ground in that vicinity. At
the election on the 2d, the whole American
ticket.. Was elected by a majority of ubout
By advices from Shalesvillo, we learn
that tho whofe Amorican ticket has been
Elected throughout Portagccounty".
In West Milton the Whole ticket has
been cleclod by a 'fair-majority.
From Kenton we learn that the ticket
has been eleeted by a majority of 120
. Clermont Lountv. Rut seven town
ships have forwarded their votes to tl
clerk, and they are yet under teal, Frcm
rumor we learn thai Wayne went strongly, j
Democratic' Ohio was about a tie; Pierce
went the Ampiicstn j tjfcket;i Miami town
ship ditto: by a round majority; Williams
burg had no regular ticket, but tho inde
pendent ticket carried ; Monroe and Wash
ington went the American ticket; . Goshen
has gone democratic; ; Franklin went the
American ticket bjA a 6mall majority.
Union went Americnn, there being no op
position except for constable, who was
elected,'.; '.; ': , '. '; ' ' " '.
In Balavia Township the entire Amcri
cau ticket was carried by a majority of a
bout one hundred.' ' Under - the old partv
. 611
681 .
300 (est) C52 .
25D 730
King's majority over Lightner, 1107.
Over Ilogan, 2187.
The following humorous account of the
eleclion in New Orleans we clip from the
'Bee, or that eily. It appears that the
American party elected their whole ticket,
with the exception of two assistant Alder
man. We give tho Bee's account of it:
"That interesting and ubiquitous per
sonage known as Sam, made hi appear
ance yesterday in our roidist. His pres
ence, as may be infcried from the statis
tics in our columns, was greeted in almost
every Cjuarter of our city with unexampled
enthusiasm. In the upper portion, and
particularly in the first district, Sam was
surrounded by thousands, of lieart-f.dt
friends and supporters, and earned in tri
umph from point to point. In fact, ihro'-
out the city there was scarcely to be found
a single spot where the popular new-com
er fai.cd to receive a eordial welcome.
Sam is decidedly a good looking fellow.
He has a frank, blull' and intelligent coun
tenance, strongly indicating a sound head
and honest heart.
"Ilis appearance is exceedingly attraC
' i ...i , - i. - ? .
in any other light llian such a will crim
son their cheeks with shame. Shame for
the dishonor they have inflicted on the
soil that gave them birth, shame, for the
privileges they have enjoyed and betrayed,
hame fot the scliuh spirit that woul 1 al
low them to sell their country and all that
should be dear to them. -
We sy it is a matter of observation that
theso samo demagogues.wkhout exception.
tcar a duicncail and hany dog exprettion '
etiuntrnance , thul truly befitt' t oecaton,
tiernielce, their acts and the jrieeor which
they tAd their birthright. The time has
come forus as Anicrii-aus wl.o prize the
future welfare of our country, to peak
plainly, and we intend to do so. . It is no
excuse that these men have so long been
subservient to political knavery that they
have become callous to all other claims.
The plain truth that in the issue of thelast
election there was in reived everything that
should bind an American to his country, a
Christian to his God, cannot be denied;
that the peace and. quiet of those who
clustered around our hearths was at stake;
that the assuming altitude of Papistical
arrogance needed a rebuke;-and yet dem
agogues, forgetting all this, cast their in
fluence harmless among those well in
formed as to the true interests of the coun
try, but powerful in ti e midst of ignor
ance on the side of Popery, and against
their country.
If advocating the cause of our Govern
ment; if daring to claim protection for her
nstitutions against Catholic influence; if
urging the paramount claims of A merica
and Americanism against the wilesof those
whose acts have warned us of the future,-
unavoidably erowdod out this week. If
t!ie young Pope of the Pope's organ are
not satisfied with this we will repeat tho
"d .ne," as "Sara," the great American
Doctor, has hi ssddle bags "full" of just
suoli pills. '
OfJirlnl bU-e of he oieeC
Ciiy Officers Konafi pru g,
lit', t W. I W. 4 W. tutl
SUM A. U'r: Am9T, in l -s
Allre.l M.tfc.Ktt, K. i. . fcS Mi
Ocv. SjuUunm;i, iu4.
fa Citv Couerroa.
Ceo.W. ElrT,Sm. s 77
C. l. Martin, b. KUM, W M M
Fs t'"Tf T i.
Amn nur.lr, Amr, 1M 'I
It. JuliMi, b. IU W -
tax ClTT MM!I..
E. A. ri!tkt.t. Amer, JCS '1 SI
IwM-l'uiucr, h. Nn-bt. 5 W
Willmiu MeJ,U,.S.Mlit,
Tutrrmi or WtT Wui.
M. r-I. Il.rd. Atnrr. i: "J 13
Win. L. JBrle, S. Mthl, '1 K7 Ut
1OAKS or EocrATior.
Wm. M. KlnTrfail, Amr, I-tS "i
.Million Hiimllc, Jlmmt, l-J on
i. C. Muinri.b. Khi. ' fi i
OJu. SuJvrj,S.iilil, .i VI M
Ymt W.
Tmtu, Jowj.ti r. K'mkt, Araeriaip,
lall.,n HiimIUj. Kaf S till,
jfrrrrrrr, Job OntiriHiin. Amvriwn,
Loo A'uler, f t Siihl,
7Vro, Jhn BsifKbrnan, American,
Olimr H. l'erry, Mf Stelil,
&Mltir. Peter Tiller, Anieritan,
W. B. r. W ooa.SaiSkbt,
Thi9 Vdi,
7'fn, Charlrt F. HkrOer, Amrrlcam,
Jre Leobbor, KaC Mini,
JUttfr, fchu Grtj, Lilian, n,
. . lie. Hood, Sag MiUI,
' Fot TB Wilt.
Trutttt, G:o. 1. Eciert, jlun-r'.rto,
Jlt Hair Mit-ht,
Jiiittttr, Jni! '1 ri.,, -liacriian,
A. Hrauumuan, Sag .Sn-Ut,
Vf la!nlliitiie to some of U.a eiudljctfl noted
kieu .sjr.V' t" aj itmt tbyy are una Jiwen-
ckit, ann liMt Uie uie or laear nania uy uius?
( fUtitrm oftKi Ptft waa entirely nnwarrtiitaa ty
tb'in. Tuej hoiH bjr ibeoaa of (einUcien to
mute l'ja, lnl' the m.-iran rrly and to
Bire Urrti:rn4 reiettabila)r tutnair li.kt, but
tbv & urabyv-; ahow bow atgiiall) tb7 fail'U.
w .
it 16
tacitr narttets.
quotations this morning axe aa follows:
wheat. 1.C0. Flesr, 8,00 p.r bsirsll
Corn. W; Hy. W: 0i. 830c;
Duckwheat. 4..S0 r CIo..
seed 5.50; TlmotVy -,eed Sa.00; 1W
l.fiO. rmx w!-
,...ia.tt.. Brrir. lOoen'S.' KiH. 1.6tt,-
JtaaDS. S.W: P". "'r; ".
K.ir... To, MICBIIU; -Jiuia
n37o; 'vinf(rar. 18iS6c; ToUeco. I85c;
Hay.9,00al0,00. Tallow ivj p
hisky, 33c.
Ifiw Yoaa. april 10. CoU W ' n
ennnrnd, with sale of I60O bales, i tour
is firm aad in good dumaiid ; wuu oi
WOO brls at S9.!)410.37 for eommon to
pood Ohio, and !0.atO,44 for Soathsrn.--Wheat
has materially adv.noed. wilh miss
of Southern Whit- for .65. Corn i
stesJy. with sales of ,0W bu.hels at 1,-
061.06. . r,v.,..,,K.
Tork i firm. win. " w
3515,44 for old Mess, and 17.50 for nw
dBeef i firm. Urd Is nn.hanged.-.
Pickled IUm are better, with sales at U
9. Ol.ir.WbikT34JaV,. .Coffre is dull.
Sugar is firm. - Li"d Oil 61.8. Mon -erla
eier. 8.mkare dull. N-w York
Ceniral. 04 J; E ie. 61f; Heading. e6; and
Cleveland and Toledo, 74.
tive, and wherever he goes he wins upon if this Iks incendiarism, then wo plead
the nttections of the people. Opposiuon miiiiv lo the char"e: but we shall, under
to 8am is fruitless; his enemies look at him M c;reu8tance8, speak as we ever have
and shirk nway discouragod and humiliat- , . . . .. .. rt ,
j v i i ,i i a . done, confident in the purity of our mo-
ed. Yesterday they made a desperate at- UU1IK i
tempt to rally, and prevent him from trav- lives anu mu v..
eling about among his votaries. They In this respect we know no middle course;
thought perchance that if they could keep anj .Q 0 not wish at this late hour to
him out of New Orleans, they might ar- , . . ..; j:.,, to tiol)l
rest his further jourr.ey, and thus disable .
him from going to Virginia, whither, we . .
learn, he is proceeding bveasy stages, so Policy may setdown Willi folded anus,
. C ! la.
as to cot there about the fourth Thursday nolicv may dictalo but never lumn, oui u
in May. But the effort was a terrible ab-
ts time
that those who ere actuated for tho
Aa Uriliunneo,
To mnd an Orolnauceen'.illed an Onllnanee raaprct
Ingn City riui'ervt Mr. lab.jr oy Stre'4 atd alldja,
il. m tnittruvemeiil U,a utae.
CEi:. 1. Be it mriiuimtd If) IkeCilJ CtMiitil tflmtC'tf
yxf l aicuff .'1 liat II, a flratteition of lt-a orlsauie
respcttiii a City hiiporTiiror, lhbr ou atrcla an.i a
le. iiii-l Uio Improvement ofllia aame, paue.l May
li. It-, bo and tiie aame la hereby aoaiaeu id aa to
ria l as r!u,tlitt tbere .lull bo elocwcbBU tb a
cor.d llociay of April lueiihvoarby aaid till 0uu
cil, vu! City rMipervuor, who al.ill el bon-J in t!.a
penal oum of 'iliree Hundred lJllura, lib at lean
two freehold avrnritic. to be approved by U, City
t'ojncll for the fuliiAil dicbara of ibe dutfea berslu
or bereafier iuiiK,d upon aaid oJJer, and Uial tbe
frin of nflU-6 or mid f.uj,ervior !,!! asji.-e on t
lecoiid Mondar of iioveuiber of Ui9 id year.
I t". 2. '1 'nil He Brut tecibm of lh ordii aneo r-
aper tii.ff a City ft,ipi'rior. Inbar on ir.a airefi ana
ollevK. and Ibc improroinaot of as aame, puied Mi.)
Mi. Ici3,l and Ilia nitu ia liorby r ip -uleJ.
C'UAKLLM m:tSBA II, I'reaMei.t, C.C.
Atteet G. b. Wiui.ai, tuy Cleric april U
A Teacher Wanted,
Tl Instruct th colored youth of Ilia city or Lax ear
ler. Applieatlou may be made to
' ..IIL' U. Ill I IUQ CnBl
' of fublic Scboeia.
Untaater, April S, 1S5S-4S
,it niiniie inrriwii
OBlee. fJlt ruprn'i"'? '" . ' , of Pofuli.i.
o bund. ,.i.f...1li' (am-
Waaraalaomurjinpin "V ' .... 7.. Ur (in.
roerSalooo.tuo ro.n.. forroer,, "t"''.'':
abere ,1,. refreabmel.t. , "T1" .TcH
ncMntallboir. nwf'
Jii!l 12, 1S ao.ir -
"MASONIC calender.
ncr.rtAU FKTiJiCs
- KM-AVPMKST, SO. .--! u
u roiIM IL. Ko. 4. - Juil
XPFICK in T.llmadr. Woe. M.l. Slra.t, t.. -X
Jlcr.obl.i. ct' M. .
Prof. C. 1. Willlama. M. 0. I cieraland.
- H. V. Oatrbell. M. P. t
.. A.O. Hl.ir,M.ll..C..lnn.r,n -Drtnt
- J. a. Fulta.M.l)., t,uc.n.,a'.l. prll W
Tit tsrffit Ettnblislimfst j tbt orld.
Satarday the 1 lib of April. 1355,
Brilliant Entertalnmenta, md arery tbln nw and
IlMonnpen Mhalf puat 1 V. " rt.
Pirf.irroiic coinmeueo ate and 7.
Frecoton Police.
XOTICB la hereby (rieen that Ikartthta day been
l daly appointed atecutor on Ibe aalale of Wil
tiara Prieiid. acuior, dteeMetl. -April
, lei5- JOSErTl WALJ:iP.B, Ezra.
"isTno!vADLii hillin kkvj
TZ would particularly lurile the attir.Uon ef onr
I S lady reader, who Intend iilii,g Cincti.cati
tin Nprii.K or Summer, lo the aivei.ie tleta of Mr.
J. A.lltMjlillSOS.lale
MUH, nil U
Cnnaieung oT
.0 w.i.r .a -...,Ip Itr-n-n,,' Tviiiiy Nntliiricr' aiid liemocrat.
v " ... cT , ,V ?now Nothing and W hig, by 2C0 maJori
81 OJ I AT -TV AHJhJ ,5 ,.y,vTieasurer, Henry Clihk,Knpw Koth
.?rt""?!0&!?t'1tl V' i ! ftig!itndDeiwotfA,"7S majorrty:"The
V Ms. Bai rtfj American,).1. m 11 181 oli,er Know Nothing officers were elected.
a'vJ nJM wiry, (SAJNiciit,; , 3
SaK-Niobt;' "
NcnlDow.was elected Mayor lastTues
.""'" lkitdoRDjsit ' ' any: ,; ine. vote siooa uow, rju; ;mc
$om':VLtfr,; Aprfca,)r;,; 89" k 18 ' 1 'If vt!0VT .t,1,nS vote
Judge Harry, (&igildelit, .V-' 66 was thrown for Dow. Five Dow and three
''''."it'-'aU''Ciii'''T:!K ppositiou.'Alde'rnioa- aro elected, i .i The
tri :i ,i ln 1 rv n in
189 ' .TJ,;roaj
4ftl li .. : ;.,.:.! IU: ' !' . OA- Mi. ..Va llrn, t.oi.A "K,.V,n t.nnnit.A iri
' ' ' ' " "'""L 1 65l"t8'velertion tor jstate, Censors in VeTmont,
Orftf fxeftVoliS' VtTre'mlide tV thj Sag the KnowNothing-tlcket ' is bcad ;abou.t
,;"'icUU to carry the elect'ioa,but'll in vain,, 1,700 votes. In Montpelier the ; contest
" ' Tiie waioritywa' nearly was very-spirited, fifty vote? more being
ti.Arw 1 i.- - , ;'! '.'.';' ' . ... ijolled than at the last Gubernatorial eloc-
;,1-Ittllo.';toynsTiipth;Amer ltT..$? -xtotwnga w ae.
'tirJkerha's ott average Aiaroritv At 2Q0, ; In feated by a majority of 47. . The vote geii-
lf the tither townships of Highland county eraily tlirpugou, (he tU.te is small
Xhrfrrt'Tesult was bad.v-:t ' j " f H WW BOM:B "yRBBH MOdMrAIaT
The following from Middleb
CoLnrfBlTiO.JcH-foft.TJie entire bTAw.-The following from Middlebury.
IVmleaiir'iUetl.elwWyyV Vt.. speaks well for Ibe future: v''Sam at:
"'iTori.MayorEnglish hae r, ", ' 102 itiaj! tended the election for Council of Censors
ri' ':;rMaiahalf 'WakeniaD; about VlBO- M. i. jo, Ibis Stat.e to-jWr. ytqtoy was
''.TrisurerrArmstron !.. 'made Dy'PiERCBl'B Postmaster andAtters
CnKtAM -HnTrtV5 'awKvu"'-''i tti'it ,f- to securia ft rfiaioritv - flrvaihst thrf Know
Schooy-ecri-ight,. 150 ,'v wo-bing iickeim tms place;-Kami's Jriend-
-Scbool Direotor.Js U. Miller, 150?1" r wen Hul,5Uv ..B.DOfc imiT DU8ln0SB'
- . . , t I J .,ll- .1.. i..-il . llTTMJ .1
I .The Councilmen are all Americarr, with 13' S
' one exception. In the township the entire lfj
Idison coilntv for five hundred. Americn
.'American tipket was elected by over one majority sure neit , September. . ...TI
t . ; ljundred'majiuity. ; '. '. -J"l"', T ,1 Creen .Mouutaitt, boys. are coming.-j-jr
inesthc township gave a majority ranging
from thirty to lil'ty-five voles.
Tho election in Boone county resulted in
a fair majority foftho American ticket.
In Clinton .county the whole American
ticket was elected by a majority of 75. ,
At the municipal election held in Schen
eoUuy.on Tuesday last, the whole Know
Nothing ticket wfts elected by a heavy ma
ioriitv The vote for. Mayor stood as fol
lows: . Abel Smith,- 1C, JN., 688; A. M.
Vedder, 304; D. Ottdy Smith, Dem 326
Know Notliing plurality 262.. .'.:.' ,
- lhe charter election in tlmira resulted
in the success of the American ticket bv
fifty. majority;'"'"
01 In Ogdensburg tho. American ticket was
clpotqd by 1C majority. ,..
i a a j ST. LOUIS ELECTION. ' '
Ctfyj'vlces of -April 3d, wrletiirt-that
tlio AmetHaa tioKct Jihs triumphed in Sr,
Louis. ;.i.The contest was very stronsrand
llif6 Ypte was divided between (.hrce tandi
diife's, ef.crrcpfe'sehted.' by a popular can-
didaie.r Jrom ihtt-MefubUcaiwe clip:
. At the time of writing this article, it is
not really known w ho aro the Municipal
officers of the city of St. Louis for the ensu
ing year, though no , one doubts that the
"American ticket' as it was headed, has
Deen genqrauy, h, not. anogt;i,iicr, success'
;; If theWhig party are partiplfy beaten
so the Bentonites are most awfully' disap
pointed and drubbed.. $8tonie Of the initiat
ed have looked for this result, and been ca
ger for, it, Jbui Uie mass.of. tho Bentonites
Has. well those who" go out of bflice, as
those who were sanguine of the eleclion of
tho ticket must1 feeF. the reverse ven
keenly Tlicy were told? tjiftt Should
come, but confident as they wore of tri
umph, they disregarded "these intimations;
and behold the result. - 'Ihey are, at least
f'flat broke," w'Ub nothing in the world
to fall back upon, or keep them in counle
nauceTi A more pitiable sot of disconso
late politicians,' and gentlemen in search of
oltioe undor tliluculties, we do not remem
-. '. ); ,. i J . . .
ortion. bam overcame the hostility of his ,e .?. ci,nUi.l l-now
tons without mu.rh trouble, and went on . ,, , , ..... .. j ,,i
1.U ,.. v,.l,!n anA .i,.tn,l..0 where auu now uiey ian.,u u.
We trust our snecia friends the Loco and if not. when ana wnere uwy
foeos are by this time convinced that Sam Policy has closed the ears of this people
is not to bo easily put down. He cannot an(i blinded their vision, while the Roman
he w .ecaiea.nmiasiorDu.mng.nmiiis Catllolic crownt,j ,iea(lsof Europe have
out of the question. Sam is resolved upon .... , , n j . i
radical reform.and has a hearty abhorrence erected their chapels fit.m Canada s bor-
of old fori'ies. cliques and colerics. He der to the Gulf of Mexico; having for their
showed tliis yesterday in an unmistakable object and thoir aim the destruction of
manner. . , .'t! American righU and the subjugation of
5TThe editors of the Ohio Eanle say American institutions, Tho prophecy,
.n .ln,i,miA,l AnlWnp Tiiwanv Vi(i.niico I nii.tsi inn rn,rl turn in V.UmM. tht this ! a!0i
nc wouiu not em u im ins priniiii hi our lrovcrnmeiii wouiu uo dumi-v i ji n
own price! This is false. We have nev- and pauper influence, cannot be forgotten
er denounced Mr. Towson for not giving by this people, especially when every
us the printing. He had a perfect right to movement made by tliem has a tendency
get bis printing done wherever and as to urge our country tosuchaconsummation.
cheaply as he pleased. AH we ever said This disposition manifests ltseH not only in
to Mr. Towson in regard to printing As- the acts of those who excrciso the control!
sosor's blanks, was, that wo could do them ing p wer in foreign lands, but also among
for less than ono-balf the amount formerly those who have come into our midst, a-
aid the Eagle. ' We have a short history vailed themselves of our privileges, and
on the subject; of county printing which have been benefitted ly tliemin a most
we intend giving the public in duo season, signal manner.
That histnvv mnv hr rrirr-n in our nr-rt is. We wish to incite no evil Spirit in this
sue. If we don't plaster certain mon with community, but we wish them to remera-
nfamy it will not be because we haven't ber the election of April 2nd, 1855,in view
tho marerial to do it with. The people of all coming elections in all coming time,
shall yet be able to distinguish honest men We wish them to remember that Caiholic
from demagogues. , We have it in our Germans and Catholic 1isa, forgetting
power to show how certain things were their inherent prejudices, banded togetli-
orougnt aoout, nna we lntenu giving, in ef and bv ille.,i voting 8nd other vile
means, to which they were incited by
Americans who have thus disgraced lhe
rrHB St-Kkboldera In tuS Carr!l H)U C.rr.par.? tr
rr"tiDVa t worena at Carroll T."d't f 13 '
V 7. sL... ,h. .ffi,ira of Ik Company,
ieir nawar .- ?. " r " . .....i......
f,rf ihoionnapecinaa m w"i:ii ii;H V. jll'.TZ.
turir, .US H h X I V h i
UjJMKL boykh,
Jj)"hS HOL.MfcS.
johs scinvKTa,
due time, undoubted evidence of the truth
of what we say.
' a. rara
irr uur new oiry omcors nave an Deen ,i.aj ,.r,r e,..
Ir. r m 1 1 1 f iiinnntaii Hifrt iltAin racnanlivo cif it. I ' ' J .
lions, and commenced their official career. 'nl,ds of those who were legally, just
The following gentlemen now compose the ly, righteously entitled to legislate for the
Council: treneral welfare of Cincinnati.
1st. Ward b. ti. foster fe J. C. Kmkead, Tiia, :n n.:. Countrv"it is the will of tho
3d1: 0:??' v.jr
4th.' " W. B. Peaice & G. L. Eckert. n0 uC,uot- l,ul 111 1,16 mme 01 Jasi,ce
At their first meeting on Monday even- when one portion of those entitled to Uie
ing C. F. Sho-ffer, Esq., was unanimous- privileges of the elective franchise are
ly elected President for the ensuing year driv(n with boW8 frotn tl,e Polls, how is
anu uersnom o. v imams, iiisq.. ine oiu
Otarl wis nlin iinnnimmulv ra.A?,r.lnrl ...
tliat office. .' criterion Dy which 10 juoge uuuer tucn
The following officers for the cominz circumstances, when the largest number of
year were then fleeted by the Board, to wit: ballots are returned as being cast by the
' City Supervesor, Philip Houser. .,.:!; nariv .. "
n,,i ,.f Trn)ih rira rn;n,.. Tkr..ri 0i""""o rv
fiitmitailmE of the latest Pari A Saar Vorkrtjlea.
Iter thick ia bj fur Uio LA MGEsT in Mio eitr, ud la
kept ootla.1.11 full bj KA1I.V AKHl V AI.S from Cib
Eat, of Uie Jk'runat fml-.m AVuafta, F.nghlk jlraara,
Srirt, Z'u'cmm,nd Smlin Brmidm. Blm4 a( ia
tct, kigrtlirr ah lhe moat clioico P.f.aaar, t'r and
Tanaiao Kiaar.w.and FcaK. h AanrKui. Plowiu
Irai.orle.l; all of which tUo trill H'll 25 irol.l.larr
tlian anv nihrreftrililiahmrnt In Ciocionatl. llaralor ia
Ko". 9U4 FIKTH Nl'KKKT, urtanhlui l'lom.
Ciueiauaai, Jtarch 2l,Ji5 lj
Guardian lulc.
lrtoa of anordarof aal lo ma dlrf!d from
ih I'nnrtof Pruhata in and forth County of
lrd.il.l and Stata ef Ohio, in m offer roraaie i
public Tndue, oa itet sy jlprM Jt. iJ. fJs,
lietwaen tlioliooraof 10 o'clock A. at. and 4 o'cl,r
V. il. of aaidduy. on ttie prornlt. tit t oikIi
ldd cijual lliird parta of the f.illoariiiif dawrtbod
r,l fauir, tliat ia to aay lylrit and lieinr in th
coant ofpairtt-ld afonsaid, U-inninf at tits Smith
houndarv of arctlon leiity-ii (Oi,, towuaaip tiMTa
(IS), ran'tre twenty (att) in In rntr of Hi Zaneantlo
uv. villa 1'uruuike llotd: tliena KorUtSIS de-
crcea, l'nt 4 Ml olittina to post nrarlh alti,lof
ald road; Uinnca weal iiik rnaina io uo amio
line; ISc-nco North on lli aenloo lln lOUJrhaiuato
tlio r-'niiili weelc.rncrof J. S. Htruilfina lot; tlienc
EaaiS ilohaintlo a at ur the weal tide of aaid
lurupiar.,lt then. SorthSK rhainato potut In
llir centre of id K-l; thenEat 19 S5 cttaioa to
nine in Um liLtof Jam-f Jiorlhe' laud; thanco South
S.H,!iai:isloa ato.o; itence Eiul 11 ST rhainato
atom-; thenre Hoth051 ehaiuf lo atomr, thenc Wett
11 ST diainatoattonn; Uinc SouUi Oiieliali.a to
tunc In Uie aocllon line; thence Weit 1 rheine lo Ui
place of iM-ginnil ir. eonlair.ln(r fortT liln (4V) crre
moreorlnaa. 1 lie abolancl will be aold by mo a
(he iKiianllan of Ceorifo W. Mon re and Ctltrine
Jiooro.whoare minora, and erh i.titld to oueequa!
uinlividod third part of aaid lauda. ....
Torme of m! one third caah in hand, on third m
one year and in reaidii in 10 yjara, wilh intereat
t.n... ,t.m aw nt ala eeured be morttrace on th prem-
Kacuone nnaivHico tuir,t ir.,,.-
CAc.rc.ri I. fit I l.r.rt. iruaruiati ui
GKOKGB W. MOOi:K,(minor.)
Srmrii'-o at Snw. Auy'a.. for Petitioner.
,i... mt tum ..ni. tiniH &nd nlaee. I vitl offer for
aaia the other o.udiride.1 tliir.1 partof nl-l Piwylje
I,. Avent of Moo. C T. BIlTLtK.
Cerroll. rll . lM-a9
JCST opened on Main Mre.. n.ny r
posiull-'.-jr.Kuu Co' Vn Cd
myfiM of which will be a ,M low at wholl
iAai j "i Merchanta nd lhe Bublie ar.
TK53 p"tfulW .oliclted lo call anj iuijt
) 8iota.it iai, . - - . M
ua lnioallitiiefr,m1 to np to H
Window (ilua alnroal
laner.rWr,rrtl 12, 15S
T the lb ( rr-dltar I Jnmea C
0th.7thdayofpril,ieiS, lhe Prol. r.nrt J
FaJrltold county. Ohio, declared th
IJinieeC Keno!dwladlooa prouao., "r". -""
t reditoraaro u.riore iwp.irru -- --
aaniinaltti.lieuw to th. un ieralf .,ed for al
within Cniontita from Uie time Wwr tuuloud. r
they will no be entitled to paj rnei-l.
,pri: , 165S-4.114. of i. C. Bejuoldt, d
To tlia Townibip Aeior' Hect.
jirniToa' Orr:r, F. C. prll S, 1HJS.
XOU ironeroby notined that liiebooka and paper
ar now ready. A the law re.pilree you t
eroturuln M.y.itlt detirab! .that Uie work bo
c.D.inaiiccd forUiwitu. Yon are thorufor Tqoatet
to oreoaro yonr,elvea aa aoon aa poaalbl. KuM
ute cterKa to ccr'.ny , you, w.cvm
Narf lvl 'aciiuny juuia.
iprll U, INS. J- w- TOwaoif, Aadltor.
lough & Wagenhals, aud Philip Bope &
Jacob isiiajttcr. -
Market Muster, E. A. Richards.
v,CUy .Weigh Master, John Searls.
City (surveyor, ijr. a. VVilliAms.
Fire H'enf'cris.John Reber.JobnMcClcl
land & Rev. J. M. Lowne.
Property , Guards, C. Dresbacl), J. C.
The hour has not yet come in this coun
try, when might is light, and God fore
fend it ever should, yet the election ot last
Monday, has a strong tendency in thatdi
rection. When American citizens Dornio
the soil when foreign ciiirens, because
they dared to worship God as they please,
Weaver, G. H. Smith, G. Kauffman, D. and think and act as they please, are as-
K. 1 iscbel and J.. li. Muraauglu 1 sauted for wishing to vote as their judg
. , 1 icse arenll emcient men in heir re- lt dicU,C( and ,liat to0i by a raon
gratulatq the Board upon their wise 6C. g'ol crowd of naturalucd and unnatural-
lections. '.. I izea L.ainoiic8,wno nave ncTcr uueu tuunii
These with those already chosen by the to harmonize on any other subject, when
peoplo cbrriposo- almost entirely our City lnesefacts present themselves, we say that
umciais. - . . - . . . , ., i.
it iloes savor migitiuy oi me iron - ruie.
By Telegraph to the Cleveland Papers. I We Fpcalt plainly we act out to do So.
Philadelphia, April 3. Iu tho Demo-1 it is our duly as public journtlists it is as
cratio convention to-day the delegates
8iispecled' of Know JNothingism were ex
amined under oath, and witnesses were al
so examined in relation to the accusation
against them. Those who refused to tes
tify, or' when the charge was proved a
gainst the accused, were expelled. Among
those ezpelled was S. Allen, the Demo
cratic' Coun'y Commissioner, and on' re
fusing to depart, ho waa forcibly put
out.. ,,.' . . .. . .
Bielinfof th tock-k..ldert of the F1rfl!l
A county Naiiact luatltute, will be held al Ibetr
njnkinr Ilouae In Uncatler, en Tnatday, tiie tralday
of May next, forUie purpow of elacting Direetor for
th entutnir year. A caneral (tteiidrnr ia rueat.
i"nl I. 1HM. A.C. WUKTU1SCTOH. Caalfr.
TkOTATOEIA larg Sol of prim ;Srtka
I Fotatooejuttreeeiodand for aal by
nunctater, April 12, IbiS lm4 WM. OUl.
DKYF.I Pracatasaeid Apnlc. nl retir
ed and foraale by W ILLI Ait CLAaM.
March, S, lfcSi Sw47pf0,eo.
ICAHCurrd Drfe Ileft, Bolofn"-
tatraa and Iteef 1 onrnea lor aal
atter, April lit, le lui4 w. uu"
. Ratate of Henry Ilitf.
OMheSddav or March, A. u. iMi,nmn oi
Probate ofih County off airfield nd mt of
Ohio, docUrcd lhe F.ute of !! Hit lo be prot
bly tin.ilvcnt. Oodilora r therefor reuiitred to
preKnt their claima icaln.t Uie K,uit to lhe '"--iicnudfrallowaneo
within six montba from tie lime
alioro roentionco, or moy wm ;"Y, w . Sri ' '
mcnt. Signed r. V 1
. Aoniiniwrautroi w" -v, --
Snscnro & SnaaJ, AltornoT. March
. . . "
Xo. li, Kant Ton rt a Street, Ciuclnai.tl, O.
wi KSPF.CTFUIXy Inform lbelrealomn ana pur
I -6 . ,i...nr. ,,norullv. that they r now open! at- an
ixienalvoandconiplowaaaorlniertlof 1
inraiisH, jsxsch, ossr ajt & axxkicas
i,,u,rta diront from Manufacturer in Enrol. 0, and
purchased alancli,.u In ow York.whloli onahlet ua
to ull r our icuods this toaaon al about Ceatorn Jiupor-
toraand Mauufaoturera prlo , , .
Tboroucbly ac.ionod,froni 3 to 24 fool In width; large
ttockulMajaon tana.. .
u :k... u..,..i w . inr isiAmhnat owners sua
r a. ii 1 1 1 . t. uu,u. .. - , . . .
ttrauirot.may depond mu nuainir me
goodaln oorllne nt price at tow aame,
chaacd In Ute .itaru cltioi. Mrebj3SjiaB.
CnrfAF., Clae-r, Caaee, r tale br
April IS, leii Inn WM. QUBL
QICANGESandfnon, n lot Jutt rf
cvivod and fur aalo b win.l boiea and rauill r
ncaater, Apn K, 1MJ WM. 01AKI.
I art; largo freah Raiaina In unerter, half and whole
TALIAA nacanai, Sodatnd nuUorCrack
art: lara-o freih Raiaina In unerter, half and whole
Uixoa: fr,h Firi, French and German Praoea, Al-
rusiids, Ensliah WalnuU. Peeuuie allow prim by
inoaaler, april lli, -ilw, VIU. 6UJI.
CliFrEF-.Trlka, eVc.- A In lot af Rl u4
y Java Coffee, Younr Ujeon nd Imporlal Te) Hear
Orloana Siisar, crtiUed aud pulrerlted: do.; Kew Or
lean Molasasa; hur f:ndla and all kind of family
fjrocerieein ovMryiUacriplinn by
Lancatlor, pnl 1. , IH4S Ho41l WM. OIARI,
ITtDIKS. A large ar.d tuperftn Mock of 1
linila of Candle, wholaaaieaoo rotau or
uastc r, april IS, KSiS lma W M. GIABI.
we feel at present, and we blush for those
who do not, under the circumstances, feel
likewise. .We have under no circumstan
ces counseled violence, for we have that
abiding confidence in the strength and con
trol of the American people over their pas
sions, even when made the victims of in
gratitude, that we fear no such result, bnt
we only recount the present, and ask them
in the future to remember tho past. .
TriE partnerahhi that existed In the purebe.. of
aof"J7.twan.l Glaaawara now beinit
opened" tlii.C.ly.wMllila day tliawlved by mutual
' Wl.i'l'uM llftUlllLT Illiri.'li;DU v Kim it m ..a-
rwV? -.x tn and conlinuo Uio barinCM.
f.,. .."rl)..,.ii ii.. umnat aa ow urirea a the
.." ".;.;..- h. ourchatod anywhere fn the Wan.
"""" E. ii. DO A.N.
.-. . it - ' - . WM. STEWART.
Lancaaler, April "
lirrniOini Willow Wrf,aucu itaewa,
W Tut. a larRO l-.t of Work and fancy iiwela,
a . .....i.j.. Jr. for tale br
Uneter,'aprtl 1, lr4 lm4 VvM. OIA3I.
PEHitr a Miimn,
At Reber Kntt't Old Stand, Main Slret,l-aneaer.
RESPECTFULLVaollcit tiie atteulio of all that
nay want ttroeenot, lo Uielr new and larr aloe
ou hand, mbraiii li. part the following rtlclel
JAVA nrt KIO CoPl'tK. Yun( Hyaon, Imperial,
Black nd Ounpowdor TEAS: New Orl.-ana HOGAK,
rrutheil. loafand pulreriixl: Ooldan Syrup, fufar
Houaii Finn. Sew Orleana Molaaj't; Blue, Oraiice,
Leniona. Fi?. Knia'1i;a. Ahneiida, Ulliorta, Siurer cur
ed HAMS;Urttd Ueef; Holoro Sanaagaieheeeeflov,
apicre, Koapt; liy mh:i; vat-oiea, nw,.-.
Wah Boorda, Hr-Mima. Sic. v
i. . .. 1.., ..ri' ll kvvlSn TOBACCO. Natoklnf
TobKco, Forelcn ud Unmoatlc Uquora.Noliont. .
... "i a .i... .ii ha mav raror u win a
call will not fo away dlwllidled milk out prle
If they ehouid nol b laaa ur- ... w.-iaaa
atolv'2Tto3wPISH of allklnda.
Oroearlfc . rEKBV MlUJilt.
Unctor.ApriH,lS W
n. cosNEtx,
the following:
8wa' Treatlea, price J Swan's Vannel,
Uncaster, SrembrSJ, ISM-j! .
JTotiea f Dlaiolatioa.
mTOTICB l hereby giro thai the eo-rotrtneraMp
heretofore eiittlng undor the flr nni at Uf-j-LBAMATI-ACK
haba thia day .UmoI w.l k me.
7u.l conwnt. The hook, and eceouU are loft in th.
hU.nd..f J.H Utile rU.-,. u
Ueaar, Feb. IT, vm. OllK MATLAw...
i'l -

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