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For the Lancaster Gazette.
Ma. Editor: Tba result of the election
- list fall throughout this State, and parties
-tarty iu llii county, was bailed, universal
. Iv. by t.h honest man of all parties amongst
us h a new, and bright era in the politi
cal history of our State and County; niore
especially was it a subject of congratula
tion, tli.it ihelnio.right minded men of both
parties, had united and fraternized in this
Couuty. iu bringing about and introducing
a political reform, so much tieeded, and so
truly and essentially American. Discard
ing all mere party trammels and rising su
1 perior to the narrow, contracted, dishon
est, time serving views and schemes of
demagogues and one-horse politicians, the
result ot tba election m r airfield County
was aa exhibition of Amoral triumph so
' signal and. so glorious that every one may
well foel proud of. and which is destined
nut soon to be forgotten. GooJ men of all
lartieshnvo long viewed with serious a
arm the growing political corruption and
tlisho"iiesty of the times. They have wit
. pessed tlie respective party" organizations
as the mere device by which unscrupulous
'demagogues and political gamblers could
alone suojx'eci in riding into 6ffioe, find as
the pnly hope of their political sncces;nml
experience has taught them, that those who
follow politics as a trade are very .unsafe
' m!a to be entrusted with the responsible
uiui-is 01 omce sn;i places 01 punua truui.
. Such men care liitld for the solemn obliga
tions which surround them in thoir official
. stations they appreciate litilo their duties
a American citizena, and indcod the best
lint can be said of most of them, is, that
' they nte,, Americans simply in name, and
; teivjy to" sacrifioo honor, principle, integ
Vrity and conscience, nnd eveu bartnr away
. the sacred claims of Amrtc.in citizenship
to subserve the ends and purposes of par
ty. - .
v. There U no moan, low resort politicians
will not recourse to it by it they can carry
. tiieir party turougn; tuo bisnst passions
are addressed, the most degraded ami do
bisarl of our population are courted and
fluLtorcJ, whilst whisky and blarney, and
appo.ih the moat disgraceful tocomofrom
any one claiming to bo an 'American, arc
constanlly made, to that portion of our
. population wiio are or ioiuign tjirth.
To preserve.tliercforo.the purity r.nd in
t''gvity of our Ainsiii an institutions, re
. ijuiree a Union gf all honest American cit
ions, upon the broad basis of an Ameri'
' c.'tn parly. ' Such an organ izV ion how ex
. ists; and is exerting its deep and purvnd
itig moral influence tvory whew. Tl-o
motto of politicians "whatever is expe
ihest linionr u niw revcrseil, and men
. will bo sought to fill ofilcie upon the basis
- ih;it they are honest men, high minded
American citizens, capable and faithful,
whoM moral worth and in'egi ity of clwr
'nofcr will be a much better guiirantne for
: the faithful performance of duty, than the
mere recommendation that they are good
whip;s(rgood democrats, which have been
the only passports to office heretofore, and
U, certain pledge of success if the applicant
h.i never been guilty of tho crime of bolt-
in.g tho ticket, or toting for one of the op
jiosite pii'ly. The American org.iniza
lion is emphationlly and essentially nn hon
est one. It, seeks honent Rnd competent
mcin for of!i;e brakes up tho trade of pol
ities holds. out no inducements for men to
hunt ofiioo, and follow it ns a nie.in of
livelihood, as h.13 bred -the cae in this
county for the last fifteen or twenty years
among a set of unprincipled Red Lodge
Oiiquers. The only inducements to oflice
should bo, that n man retidtirs himself yvor-
thy of public confidence, by his aei and
iniogrityas a private' oitizen, utterly re
. , moved from any oxpeetation of office, and
suoh only, the American party can cloct;
hnd then moral worth, intelligence, putri
etirni, and viittio will be in iLjinaiid and
' constitute with every m.m the only and
t'uo elmnents of political prefcrnicjit.
J'oniraat such a min, cslleJ from private
life to Ell office by tho voice of the people
without solicitude or seeking on hit part,
with th. miserable demagogue, whoso
churns, merits and ground of success are
and have been that he is a true and faithful
'emboJiment of tho Rd Lodge Clique, and
who therefore carries with hiin to adorn
liis pl'ica of public trust, tho certificate of
the clique that ha is one nf Its most zeuhms
and faithful ninrabers ready lo remember
his friend, who immediately, on his in
troduction info office flock mound him
t!,n;k as tin twls and licoof Egypf with
Biii'ill favors even if bestowed at tho ex-
V wild n ft; w Llte up n purity nnd integri'y
"f offi'j'uil character and Low stands the
This is a subject for all hon
est met) to think of and consider.
. But although tba principles of the A
moiiean party are thus pure.it does nolfol
. low as a nnUcrof course that tho Amnricati
. pirty will always procure honest men for
vlllce, for the human heart is deceitful a
bove all ; things Rnd desperntely wickid,
.nnd -whu',.aa know it?.. Religion, . sacred
an I awfully so!em,n as it is has hid its Ju
djsaiKj Us wolves in nlmep's clything.much
lass may we be surprised when wearedo-
ceived in the man we have assisted by our
o'.ey and iuQuctine In elevating to oflice.
1 "When sueh ii tho ease, however, as mem
bers of the American party it is our duty
to denounce, the man who has detkatkd
ns.itnd thia wa can do without the fear of
- tho anathoroies oia lies Lodok Clique to
thrcuteu Us with the serious consequences,
nnd great bij sare crows thrust right into
our f.icen, of boiug nso ocr o tub party.
When the American party elected Mr.
' Towron last fall, little did J think that he
- would so soon bring di'grare) upon the
- party that elected hiiu, and dishonor and
Infiiiny upon l.U own head. Hut it is a law
of bumivn action that true to their instincts,
dishonest a-d unprincipled ueu have such
nn nf.lnitT,'.hnt ahould tt pocur at any time
that by accident or otherwise, thoy should
get out ; of their accustomed range and
find t.lwtnselves among honest men and in
, good company, they are so intellectually
' ; aod tsM-illy uufittod for it, tbtvt they soon
ii their former associates and lulnle a-
. t . :. . 1 1 : i
iuw liw .u 7 x.meuu . una
find that tlii same Mr. Towson has gone
orer, otil, io:1t nnd all into tha arms and
embraces of the corrupt Clique to which
he -ufidoub'.edl
:v.7 forrt
lormenj oeiongeu. i nen
;s Ten') elnr
fled, il ie true, tha people nap-
inr'ht .toVtfiHthe, Mr.
s ts.9 ? '. .; nn J cor'
in tbo Auditor's offica and which have r n Ukmm Gwtu.
time and ain heretofore been asserted to " " Liberty Township, April IS, X85.V
jbe there by Mr. Towson himself. Butthe! T. 8. Slacghter, Esq. Attliore is no
'declaration of one of Ilia distinguished jlonger a doubt about the existence ofa se
' members of the Rad Lotle Clique made ,cret onrsnization in your place known by
last fall after his (Towson's) election, has ;
unfortunately proved too trua that "he
A ........ .h...ni!..n tkntnT.
fice for the reason that he is a party con-
cerueJ in them and would implicate Lira- j
ie!f bv so doinp." leaves a no idle con-1
jeeture that what was asserted as to his
counection with these peculations may uu
fortunately be too well founded.
No one need, therefore, be surprised
that Mr. Towson 6hould be under the
thumb and control of the Red Lodge.
They knew very well how fast they had
him bound, when publio rumor', Inst fall,
after tha election, ai-eustd some of them of
having made the declaration "That Tow
son did not amount to much they could
control him;" and although other people
could not Lelieve it, yet Mr. Towson'a own
conduct has now banished all doubt on the
subject and , what befori was simple fear
and surmis shave settle J down into btern
facts and reality. 1
Mr. Towson says he is charged with
the grave offence of violating promises
which ho made before the election last fall,
which charge he pronounces false and ma
licious, and says that he has betraved no
man's confidence end skulked no responsi
bility, but attended to his own business
and endeavored to discnargc his oKioiul
duties . faithfully, nnd wnh an eye sin
gle lo the interest of the people of this
coun'y. And yet Mr.Towson have you not,
since your cluction.auvooated tho payment
by the county, of the two hundred dollars
allowed Mr. Strunk by William L. Jeffries
your predecessor, nnd which tho county
commissioners refused to settle with said
Jeffries, and which claim nt tho time the
comutiasioiiera refused to allow it, you pro
nounced a fraudulent one? I make this in
quory lor information. If it he true, your
ete has not been so einott. as, you repre
sent. And again, Mr. Towson, have you
or not, Kince your election endeavored to
discourage the board of county conimis
$ioiiers from instituting any investigation
of the books of your Oulce, nnd did you
not go further Mr. -Towson, nnd after it
had been talked over in such manner as
to have resulted in a conclusion on tho part
of thfboard to have tho same done, although
no record thereof was mtde upon the
journals of the board, did you not-so to
two of paid - board and make appeals to
their political prejudices to try to induce
them not to ni$r.e to have tho mves'ign
lion liiftdu? This inquiry is al .o tlifttle tor
information, for moh a i port, i- in isi
lene ?, Lc it true or false.
You "HAVl! BETRAVED 0 MAs'fl CO-.TJ-
DENcn.'" Oo and ask the great American
party that elected you last fall; asl; a!mr.st
every mnn you meet, ask your "Sao Nicht"
associates' whether you hrive not betrayed
the American pnrty which irave you the
best office in this county ,and lifted you toa
po6Uionyou uevercouUi have reach among
yotirfarnieraMiociates, aud see what their
opinion is on the subject of your treachery.
But, Mr. Towson, your answer by say
ing "I was elected by the people of this
County without distinction of party," and
do you not know that in this you assert a
deliberate null uth.l'or wore you not a mem
ber of the American party, and as rueh
placed upon their ticket, as their cnudi
dnto, and elected by I hem tw such? And
how dare yon now make such a denial
over your own Signature in print, when
every man you meet can charge the lie in
your teeth, or shun you as u man unworthy
ot lerpect or commence, as Ins choice or
inclination rnuy lead him.
You admitted in your article in tins Eagle
thnl you made promise; but pronounce
that the charge thai you vtoi.ATf-.n them is
false and muliuour, 1 have rend yoitv ar
ticle nnd it is very far from katisfiying me,
and hundreds of others al.o, lhat you have
noted honestly in this matter. You admit
that there have been abuses nnd corrup
tions in tle oflice that ought to be correct
ed, nod how do you know? Have you not j
been there nnd rocn them.' Anil will you
expose them? NO:-- it is a ground you do
not wili logo over.,7 You mo very anx
ious to draw the cut tain of dai kness over
it; nnd the Scare Ciow of the Hml Lodge
can soon li l ighten you from the first step
towards ft reconnoitre of the premises.
Yon talk about hard money sentiments,
and that you have been solicited or expect
ed to change your political opinions, and
why do you make such stateinentsnml why
nre they introduced intoyourarticl'i? And
has nny body, indeed, been endeavoring to
sPDt'CK you. honest .lames W. Toivton to
political hereby, and go in;o the worship of
strange political gods;
You know sir, that this in a mere mis
erable come off to cover up desertion and
Doliiioal treachery, ar.d a verification of
the old ndago tl at "a poor excuse is better
than none..'
You appeal to the )iotic!it,ref)ecting peo-
pie of this county they will do
pie jmtiee, you need have no fears of that.
I'hey have never disappointed you, unless
it was in electing you to an ofiioo you nev
er expected to obtain, and the bestowal of
a confidence and u truit you niut feel you
have sadly nnd shamefully abused. There
is but one oourso left you, and that is to
resign nn office which you hold at the
hand of the great American Party whom
you have bctinyed, This will i exhibit a
redeeming trait of .character nnd entitle
you to the credit, like him who relumed
ihe thirty pieces of silver, of having left
soino sensibility and at least some nppreci-.
otion of the nature of your conduct.
- There need he no fears of your resigning
your office for he who would stab the offi
cial reputat ion of his employer behind his
back and charge dishonesty and incompe
tency upon a man who was giving him his
bread and butler, and yet not resign his
deputyship, us any honorable, high mind
ed man would have done, inimpdiatcly,
upon ascertaining the uflicial corruption of
ho principal, would be very far from do
iug no, when he came to be principal him
self. He who was treacherous to Jeffries,
and at the same time doing it to secure his
own election to the place himself, has been
no less so to the American party. But
"Ephriam is joined to his idols, lei him a
CjHoistsATi. Tho Clerk has issued cer
tificates of election to all the Democratic
Cfttldidatft flm, t, W a .,h ,b
j rfflct, Ther wm little, if any doubt
i of the election of the cntira ticket. We
, are' glad to 'ce the ' Gazette approving the
vt of the cetlr j-0 od . ;t5 coulJ
desire to see a friend holding any ofEce
ob'ained It th iolent destruction of the
V.'.lif? ''oxen. ' ;
the name of "Sag Nicht" whose members
! have been soliciting Democrats and Whigs
IaT nniiiifptf tA iitin T W i u U , li rr, i , i rl, Villi I
paper to give my opinion of a set of men
claiming to be Decrats who can engage
in such becret plotting to uuite Wliiipj,
Catholics, and demagogues under the sa-
cred garb of democracy.
-' V hen we were warned in the Utno in-
gh, last fall of the danger secret politi
cal organizations, I had little thought that
so soon, that same sheet would lend its in
fluence to encourage such societies by es
ulting over "Sag Nicht's" , victories and
boasting about the rapid spread of the or
der. I did not suppose, when I was as
sured through the columns of tbe Eagle
some weeks since, that there was "no such
order ' Lancaster, and if tlure vat it vat
a branch oftht Know yiothingt," tliat these
same editors were the . leaders and getters
up of a combination composed chiefly of
dishonest, truckling, time serving dema
gogues, a few German and Irish Catholics,
and in short the fag ends and dregs of so
ciety, save the few hottest men who havo
been decoyed in, Under the false pretence
of its being a reorganization and closer un
ion of the democratic party. But recent
developments convince rao that my confi
dence in the honesty of the editors of the
J(igl, in thoso declarations was misplaced,
and I therefore deem it a duty which I
owe to my democratic friends of "old Fulr-
fidd," and tho honest men of all parties to
warn them to beware ' of such men to
guard with a watchful eye again6t tho se
cret plof.ings of such deceivers. I feel
that niy confidence has been abused and
there are niarry other democrats in this
part of the county who feel just ns I do.
have always been ready and willing to do
buttle under the democratic banner; I havo
been a voter for many years, and have yet
to cast my first vote for a whig for any
tb'ng higher than a township office. I
have al ways regarded the democratic creed
as sulficiontly liberal toward nil' seels anil
creeds; I still regard it so; but when a
cli'iue of corrupt men will abandon the
name ol democracy and abuse tho -principles
of the parly by inducing foreigners to
believe that their rights nre about to be
trampled under foot and their liberties for
over Uiken from them, und intice them to
acts -of violence and desperation, morel' to
secure their rotes, 1 tluuk it high time lor
nil honest men and rd) well wishers of our
beloved republic to discountenance, ntieh a
oansennd plaon a mnik of condemnation
upon such conduct. .
That the editors of the EogU and tho
chin of hanger on, comn'ouly known as the
"red lodge ctiqttt" in Lancaster, are of this
class of men is evident from the tone of their
press for the last few weeks and that that
pres-s and its immodiato ndvocntps has for
months past been subserving the interests
of a religious sect who."o foundation and
superstructure is founded on principles re
pugnant to the liberal frame of our institu
tions, is evident to the most casual observ
er. I desire to proscribe no man on account
of religious preference, but regarding as I
do, tho Catholic Church as containing
Jesuitical creeds at once calculated to mo
tho very vitals of the tree of liberty and
gradually undermine nnd upturn tho whole
superstructure of our political compact, I
cannot but feel that it is dangerous for a
political party, and especially the corrupt
men of a parly to hold out inducements for
such a sect to niako demands for high
places in the affairs of government, and so
feeling, I cannot lend my influence in ele
vating men tti ofiiecvho are willing to tar
nish tliepini;y of our institutions by tam
pering with .'Mich inrlueiioen for personal
aggrandizement, nor can I any longer re
cognize a press as a correct rcpresuntntiva
of my. democracy that will advocate tmeli
views and supportmcu of such n character.
When you chrrgc.l the. L'ngle last fall of
being the "Pope's organ," I was disposed
to regard it lis n mio electioneering
schema, but thncourso of that press since
then, has convinced mo that you were cor
rect in your charge, nnd I havo recently
been informed lhat one of its editors now
holds an office under a Roman Catholic,
in I'icrce's Cabinet, nnd that consequent
ly the tenure of his office depends on his
defense of the Catholic-faith, the interest
of tho Pope, and tho further condition of
keeping a Catholic as a deputy, which con
dition I und')i 'it.ind bus been pretty faithful
ly fulfilled. These report may not he
ti ne, but if they urn not 1 hope to see the
Ji. igie come out. iioi.tiy ana clear thorn up
to the satisfaction ot the public.
If it lloGS
not, myself and many others who stood to
the democratic nomination last fall are pre
pared by our votes mid' influence forever
liennflor to throw our tlrength against
these contaminating iiillunnces. Why has
thn name of democracy boon abandoned?
Why is it, that vu nre invited, to join the
"Sag Nicht" in order io"e$Wt a rimer un
ion of Ihe democratic p'trtV , Why is it
that the bitterest oppo?crs of democracy am
now admitted into the secret counsels if
this bo a reorganization of tho party?
Why is it that whigs are placed on the
"Sag Nicht" ticket headed democratic,
formed in a secict counsel and democrats
urged to vote it, if this organization is do
signed as "a closer uuion of the democrat
ic partv," or designed to find out who tho
Know Notliincr" nrenn soino protend to
say? Why is it ihnt dpiiioi'irats nre exclud
ed from n participation in tlioso inoetin;rs
wlioar) unwilling' to work tlicir wny inly
solemn pledges nnd sncrel signs nnd grifx?
These nre intcrrorrfitorics which must bo
answered satisfiiotoi inily bofbre those I'll
gHtred iu it CMi have our . ro-opomtion.
And until they am nnswt rp.d to our full
satisfaction vre shall, rcijnrd it ns an orgun
izution of dishonest and dsngerons puliii
cians who finding thmnsolven uuablo to iko
domocrats to nneompli-ih tln?ii m-farious
frnuds andpocuhitioiis on the tax-payers of
the county, tiro willing; to unite themscWcs!
in a common brotherhood with tho fag (
ends of all isms nnd pariifts in the land,
7 ""'3" , TV"
their OWIl COlTUpt nilll dishonest course.
.mi mem em ii .aip ias
"r'r. rnraVnVm.'Vnar.''ii'i
'J.iJ I nereioi iiikiuib upiatis stiu svapin tu.. ,
.HI 1 1 ' . , .. .1 .... k
orchatdof the best gratted fiuit, many elrgant springs
a hewed log barn aud bouse, ultrg quantity of hewing
tlinnar and saw-legs. The land to be sold in lots or
together. situated on a good road, S'j miles from Lan
caster, snd one mil from Pratt's Saw Mill.
For terms apply to CilAKLES lUBtTLE,
JiadUeoTewnsV.p, FalrHeld county, Ohio, or to
... tanJAgetl, Lancaster, Ohio.
. Sepie-tVT T,18M Stf
Talamibav Farm tar 3sil.
fT, A FARM contf.',nlrirl3 Acres, oa tti wauri
;4jfH Clearoreok, li Madison. townaiip, iuow u
P pt4t-M &" aei Farta."w.!fi an excellent walei
j,.iie.prtTllog,w:',l be spi,' by lUe uucUrsigned, HI
pt'..ai sale. Tor lerrus app'.v l,s
Jjmoa'ter, Jhov, I'.'.sl A, Viet r.I0n,;ja4
A 1 vri table Specimeu ol tuo Or-;
ldt nf jfir X' 1 ,'li I i.
- I
The following, which, we clip from tbe
Ancient ( Cbillicothe) Juetropoiis, a neu
tral paper, we commend to tbe Sag Nicht
editors of tbe Pope's organ in this city.
It is a fair aud correct representation of the
character of a majority of those raeu who
this secret political orgamza.iou
- . . . q i ,c. !
"To day en Irishman offered to vote at
tbe 1st ward polls, and was challenged by
some of the by-slanders as an unnatural-ized-fortigner.
He ' insisted upon his
right to vo'e however, nnd declared ho
had his papers, but had left them al home.
The Judgea told him he must produce
them before he could deposit his vote in
the ballot box. .' The Irishman started off
and soon returned, with the "papers"
which he triumphantly presented to the
Judges, who upon inspection found the
document to be a ditcharge from the Xew
Jersey Penitentiary! Pat was utterly con
founded when the Judges still persisted in
refusirg him his vote, and retired from the
polls heaping all manner of imprecations
on the bloody Know Nothings."
Is it any wouder the American party
sustained a defeat in tho Ancient Mttropo
lis, opposed, ns it was, by such base foreign-Catholics?
Truly, this carries a mor
al with it that should not soon bo forgot
The Ehicli Swac.
Tha following- doaorlptlon of tLla celebrated cant.
atrlue, whouppearatu tbii ettyon Monday eronln
no:a, Is from ilie critical columus of the Iew York
"Thl ejtrao.-dlr.flryMi.''; aamnrtfrom uaamnro
cxteuJed notice tu&n tho short pui-.-igruptu wo li-vo
hcm!ofr.ro devot'j,! to Ur uiurits.
Tha mot remirkaMo effect produead on Iho'S who
linen loiter for tha flnt time, is of unqualUiod und
nlraott bettilderlust arftonlalnucnt. Wo havo yet to
9e the flrt man or n-mnim who did aot thustearc nor
t-onct'rt room, Ilia tlntu bordnrlnir upon amazement.
Thoy k, expjeliD? to hear aomotlilap'prntiy p-o.d.'
becauae they do not oxr.etiy doubt all they have beard
in hor favor, but thoy retire with the coinolousiu-as
that thov have been llsUnlnir to one who ranks pro
feaitotinlly will) the Malibrai:, the Solium, and the
Juuny Limls of thotig.i. Lou in dollsut, from tha cf
fotu of her JoliciOiW vocalization, tnoy forma at flifct
to erillcl.ie, and, when th'jy attempt to exerclae this
propensity, thoy are aicftiii natonndetl to fled timt she is
tc,t ot'Uoxtous' oven to criticism, than any of C'oso
whom they Imve heretofore elevated to the position
of in.lCi'C3tf. Iho fmpleof music. Consequently,
whrevjrshe 1 heard for aeverul eonaecntivo uighu,
her success is almost boyond parullul.
Ot her voice llm-lf, we mny remsr lhat tl is the
nitst w on'loriul on record. It embraces, wlih per
feet ease, thirty-one riintiact rotes, belntr within one
of four full oet'vvon. Over thcuo slio has the most per
led command. and ovjIUrtBs with Infinite grace, and
w ith no apparent etlorl. Horn the dejp amorous hnsr)
of Kosl or Boneventano to the the exquisitely d-'dneii
bird wniblliiira of Jelmr Lllld. And feli.iu It Is known
tint! this is the natural eoiupn-n, other voice, ami tlint
her tones never dcenori.Le inlo fuUetlo, it will be
s ien at once tualh'! posiess.-s nn orcn nnrivtUed In
its capacities. Ad.Ud to this, IK r ntnttiaoa r.nn Fea
tures are perfectly graceful, lady-Iilte, iii'.doi'ln Uini
Itucly etl-ctive. V lie Is equally pood In every depart
ment of the seiento. The plaintive ballad, tho liitlu
lev soli. th f:oi(h meioily ot the luilian irno-ira,
and thea'roilliari,innts,iiIl (hid In her readitl nlha
beat repr'isentation of thelrrespociivo merits, and It
may In.) be Mii.l oiUar, that '-whatever shfl tcacho.v
sh aJoriti'." ' '
We hire said rn tr.orc linn mo Intended, nor tbfin
!ie diw.-iVea.' V.'e are pi rut tolenrr. that she Is about
comnieiirlniran exli:ded lour throua-l, tha Western
einea. rtnd woesnnssure our friends th;'.tthcy wlU lliid
her tliut wo lis v.- reprejeutad hert be. f.lia docs
not (ay claims to the publie putronaro stniply as a mil
sicai niv.i!iv, but as a superior artist, Ir.herittna and
npsble of e'nniii.an 1'ne itio universal iecoj;r.l'.lofl ef
her e.vtiao.'l'.r.ary al:ilities,M
ir-r'.Jsa BHKI.NGand SUMM3K WEUlCiri!. Car
txr'a Kpaniali Mulura stands pre-e'tiiuent above all
others. Its sjutfuUriy ftfilcncious action on tbe hi, tod;
us strerirtnuitinK,nd vivif, In qm.litics; Ha ionic ne
tlon on tha J.Ivor; Its tendeni.) V'drive ail huinorsto
tho surface. llierel,y cleansing tlie sjst'.'i.l acourdC'i:
lo atllr''son prescripinp; Us lianulei, la.tlatlhe
smne nine o.dr.-io.-dUiary ;oeo tU,'cts, n,,.i Iho imuihur
or en res t illllod to by many of the inont rcspeetabln
cill7ciis i,f Kiehinond. V.i and eljhere, must ha
col.olr.jlvn evldenoi' thcltliere is uo liuinliui; iiljontlt.
Tw t.-lul ofa siuflo buttle will satisfy the inostsliop
(Ical of its'ienedts. , .
f'eo aitverttsf mcnt tn another column.
.tfprilS, 1-55-smNo. ..
1 IKIIlliU,
On tlie Kith tnslan', I v the Re". T. It. .Tsmeson. at
his residence. Mr. M.HII.ON K .SII.Kl'Hilt und .vli.is
M.AliY A; Jl VKalKAK l-. oi ihiscity.
On the PJili insitini, l,v the siiini, Atr. JF.RKMIAH
M-'.lliLINii and Miaa KU.AJIKl'll JASJ1 HWAJUZ,
ot 1'l jn-tunt low iiithip.
On the leih of April. lW, by the R"v. J. W. Steele,
Mr. Hll.NHY JjHLA.NEV and .Miss A1AUY A K.N'
l-KlK.Nti, lwtli"of FalrfiuM couuly, Chio.
tin the l-.'tb Instant. I y Ihe lie v. J. Schloss-r, r.
KMAMMtl. ALT and Mis MAKIAH Ts( lll'l'l',
,lauj.liie of Daniel Tsclmpp, J:q., both of I'.ilruold
cnutity, tihio. ' -
TrilsKM's' Sule.
I, offer al Publie Stile on ihe Vili ilny of April,
,,t disposed of by privntu sale before Unit day,
tt. If u
the enlir
rcNtock of PlruEs Hint tlirniliiro helonglng to
tlie lute it i-ill of li.L.KI"ctmicVCo.T;io atock. Is large Tresh
ami well suloeted. For paruc-tiliirs enquire nt the
slAreof 11. 11. GUKCORV, Truslco.
Lsneater. April's, lb.-.n H
J; 'Dully State Journal copy two weeks.
WHOLESALE & KRT.MI, firtOCKRei fil'.AI.r.Il IN
Hour, IBncou, UnIi, Suit, 'I'm-, t'oriliitfc,
Tivliirs, i:tsavvuri't Slolio V VooJ
cn Woresi, Tolxicooa, Snuffa, Cl
Ifiirm, IJ-e Muffa, l'rnlta, So. ,
tiuua Ac, cVc.
ONE door wosl of F.xi hange Hank of Martin rtr Co.
Main street Lancailitr, Ohio, luvilcstlie attuii
lion of the thueillxeiis of l-'aliileld and ti-ljoiiilug coun
ties, to hiaevtuustve rtoek on hand. Ho Is propa rod
to sell from the child's cent lo the gentleman's ten
thousand dollars, and let I tbe understood lhat he don't
let tins house under sell him.
P. S, Having taken the shop south nf the Market
hous" , and slocked il wilhuvery vai-icty of (Iroceries.
l,-i.vi.ii. .tvi. till ofis-hli'li uill ho sold at the same
i prices, as those at his .Main street shop. He would
! sa tu the r tinners titat in tine season nu win ne pre
pared tu supply iiiuiii tviinaii uinus oriaKu ikii.
P.rlnir on yourliiicoii or money, or one years credit
to those thut wish to open an account,
Jncasler, March li-55- 3m40.
r A S 1 1 1 0 N A I J I, E M I L I . I ME 1 1 Y !
K would particularly Invite Hie nltenlion of our
Lndv readers, who 'intend visiting ('iucinnnti
title Spring or Sum in er, to Uio extensive slock of Mis.
J. A. Hli.sl)USON. Me
,v t-i xi n n . it i c it ,
S,''-Vf I'ollslKtillg Of
'...'-,i,llonnsts. ItiLlioua, I leticis nnd
IrliitmlssK ofllic litlest I'urlfCa Now Vi.rk el lis.
Her stock tab) far tho J.UKil'.ST In the lily, and Is
kept constantly full by HAII.Y A HIM V AI.S from tlie
Knsl. of the JV'ra'rsf Pattern Honn'te, Km! h Strain.
Siriee, Teau,und Haft Uraiile. liiond and French f.a
tts, tnccther wiih the morit ctiolco Lonnci', i'ai und
TuiMuivti Itivaons.and FHKHrn AaTirirui. Fi.oivkrs
linpotted; nil or which she will sell its per rout. loner
than any oihcrmtahlisliment In Cluciiiuull. Her store Is
No. FIFTH M KKKT, between l.liu A Plum.
Cinclniiu'.l, March i.U.lWi 117
jfiV I'lU.tl Ai1 NEW 4.001i.
At tiieOltl Stnnd of Itcinmtind A Mtirtiti,
HA V K. u si received a large ami elegant assort tiienl
of.NKW GOOIIN, comprising a variety inisur-piii,t-d,
anil witich they w ill sell at great bargains.
Tlielrstuck con-.ists of '
s'lollis, CnMimores, CHssincts, Jeans, A.
Vesllngs. r. u 1 1 iho dilferent styles;
And fur tlie Ladles French Morliues,ThnlbetClotln;
Alpacas ami lie Ijilnes of all kinds:
Calicoes, Glughains, ITiiuneis, and every nrlltie In
tlie way of Dress Goods lo be found in the cities;
hhawls, of every variety of hue, size, and iiiiiterial:
Jtress nud ltonnct Trimmings, bcautifii assortment;
llonnols Silk, Velvet and Strawwhich the Ladies
all declare to be the most henutlfiil and lashioiiable.
lu addition to their alprk of Cloths, ore,, they have,
aud will constantly keep on hand a large and exoellent
sloe of HK.Uiy MA1IK OI.OTtllfiG, got up with
lasie arid superior workmanship.
rliuttaml shoes; lints and Caps.at prices wouderfuly
low. Uuecnsware and Glassware; .
foin-e, Sugars Ten, Tobuceo, Spioca, &c.
always on hand
f TTTThe new firm lender their thank's for tlio en
curagii.g manner In which they have been received,
(a. well by the public generally ns by the old patrons i.t
' t.,e stand, and begleavo to assnre all. that If actinium
'ttiei.Hontoilieli wants and a deterininntloii lo keep
, up with the times will secure a contiuuatTDn nnd en-
1 ln M,n, or ,11. kiidn,,. ih.V will not fail to llltaill
thit r,4. CountryproJuco takeiiin xchangi forgooda
1 aticaster, Ohio, Jauuary 4, 18i5 35
TfHS subscriber respectfully Inform Ms friends and
X public tu general, that be has much enlarged his
as to the variety. He has Just opened and baa for sale
trf,Tw.Io. 1, RIrickcrl of the best qnallty.
o&SIiJll JaIso, best rickllnp; Vlnegnr, and
atniwU cipek f Dry Good to suit customers
oil of which will be sold low for cash or approved coun
try proauce at bit Old aland, oornor of Broad 1 1 1
Wlridlte Streets, and nearly opposite tbTJAyad,a
Ro-el. I. CtttflCil
. . Tl . . fl . . . , 1 A n . '.(..In..,.,)
Laueistcr. efpieruber .'!, li-'.u
l,nrr v . . v. . film.' jr.r
FORnoverul ytnn cnnnoed ltlnorerl Depurl
nu'nw ot' itit G.'uorsl uovprniutiut, coultauti hii
... Bounty Land Akoucj- iu Wnshijtton Cilv, unit
' . , 'Vwaal.t Cilt t!.5 a::tut:ii of 11 Soldiers
tftanil Uf tr helm, lo tne it low tunni upoit
h3ih!ih h itrocurei rrau't under the now
r....H... u , , tii-
1wuauictio,rtuioiiu.auo:rjiminrii) iiOiUi8miiaee-
i iu-ucaes, will eimniu liliu 10 prucuru war-
lll addltiou to lua extierieuce. he Po
he possesses much
valuable record ajid devu nientnry evUoj
iDir t,t the llUlilroi,k rl nt' tl:lilllB.
cute apiMSrtmtr.-
JtTT'Aruiy Oei.Hiras tiddlers, Teamsters, Karat Of
ficer. Seamen, Mariu.-s, and Navy Clerlts, (r (Asir
sureiaiajr tdowt ovmi-xar thildnn) wLo served 111 tlie
Revolutionary War. War of 1H2, Florida, or any of
-the Indian W'ars, for a perior of iiot less than fourteen
tfairs, are now entitled to a loind w arrant tor lull acres.
Those w ho have already received their- -40 or 60 acre
wartantsare now entitled to an additional quantity
(equ.,1 to lliOaeres.) .
Itfriej-uuireorrespondeiits who prepare cases and
forward them to n-y address, for maiugement here
HI he liberally dealt with.
in f"A COUKt OF CLAIMS havlncboen created by
Lor.res,bforc which, all Paivira Clims. not pro
vided for by law. are to be presented for adjudication.
iu r. .,ans win tmuerlue tee inn naemeut oiaui caeva
before that court fes to be agreed upon.
Ti j-Feis roa raoccnisfo !,.io N'Aa.ire: (toithcut
rtgari tt si:s) On original applications, ouly $2; for
increase tl.
Karcaawrca. Hon. I,. P. Waldo, Commissioner of
fensions: John Wilson. Commissioner of General
Land OiHec: John M. Clavtou. U. P. Senate: S.A.Douar-
lae.p.R.; John Hell.U. '.; J. M. Mason, U. S.j Gen.
Lewis Cass, U. S.; Sara Houston, U. S.; T. J. Husk. u.
S.; W. H. fatrard, and to the members nf the thtrty
tiiird Congress. March SO, 165557
jo:i. WOBK,
n-noiESAL jtss rcTiiL dcilii m .
JIaixltrget,kar:y tppotitf tk Tatltnadgt 7oaaa.'
A GAIW takes ploasura in callini the attention ofhls
i customers au.l eouutry merchants generally, to
ihelargeal stock of Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iron inauu
Cactures ever brouclit to tills marhet. He takes great
paiuslo keep constantly on baud a large variety of
every thing that can posi,aty mn-autea in ins it no, ana
Bailors mtuseir th.it trota ins ion j experience in me
Tin and Shecr-Jroa B;t-iess,
hewltlheablo togivo fuU aalisfactlMi to all who may
favor him with, their work.. Hnvtuca practical know 1
edj?e of th. business, his sfleetions are made with a
view ted ar.-.bait,siyte anu cneapuena.
filitiiiifortiiri'd to Order.
TT f,l-.r, Itcim In his mnnlov s;,me of the best work
men taut can be sccupod, and ahvayj havinjr on hand
the very best material, la eiiatle, I to manufacture to
order unvlhic2 and every t'.niil! deklrahlo In Ilia lino
in as no-id style and on as fair terms us can anjwuor
be hau.
All kinil of Ktoves, Ac.
Never in tho h'.storv of Inca-ter was thora nn estab-
lisUtnentthar kept on hat:ii a liir:irnnI more complete
assortment of stoves, of all knuU ant! varic-tli-s. lie is
also prepare.! u-iih a lartf-j nu,nlwr of Ft Orates, and
fertile a:co:nuiodanoi, of h1. customers keeps on itand
alartre qu.-.r.tity of Fin linrt, ninnufj.ctujed exrr;ss
lv witha riew to nultitia- ut .Gratia, c.
Iu fine, anv and everytliierr needed in Iiisllnecah be
secured bv iriviitrr him a call, and at prices as reason
able as can be obtain ed in any other oscahlisliment in
tlie StJtt'i. Inasmuch us Lis prescut stock is greatly
sup !rior lo bis fortn;r in e-Hiintity, quality, variety and
cheapness, h.j feels conlMivTTSihat persons airing him
a cull will ro away U.hly ileilchted and amply satisfied.
lie atsn Keeps consitiniiyou nami
.... . a inrfe .-.iook oi rsivs ,-ivw if
1 of Cinciniiiili and Cirelevllie man
yJlaaatSstay tf, tnr.
lancatt jr. Krc!s 8, lcSS- it ;
i,,vi) ran sAxr:.
r-inilE undursiined oilers for s.a'.o KirrJiSy Acre
mS ianil, loc.-uea in tiocKtn; iowr.Bi.ip,
miles West of Lancaster, oh the Turupikn, described
as follows: It beinir tho West half of the Southwest
Utiarter of Section No. Iti, Township No. 14. In Range
ir.t. yey. JO. 1 itinTOVe'.nlits Coniusl or I V fits
f U'.VEI.i.l.NG HOUSES aud A BIiK.gootl
W".:t SPBI.NOIiaadvlothe Dirclllng. a tiOOU .Ju.
YOUNfi ORCIlAlib of grafted J;ruil, 1'ilty Acres
clesred t.i.derciltlv.ition. Whale Eighty Acres un-
dir ro"'l fer.e;. .ae oliior Tlilrty Acres woll umbered,
.t tiir.e .tjrsr Orehtl-.l. lire 11 jvur-f.illl-ig slruins of
a--iter wssi-tg.-hroitjli the farm. Tho price of the above
land is ?.iii pt-r ace. two thousand ilollaru in iiand,lhe
haUnor1. in tAoaa.iunl paymonls Willi Ir.lorett.
For f.irih.T parilculat-s apply lotli suliseriber li lug
on tho promises. ,. . V1LL1AM, M. TA VfLOJt.
t:eor,iA.-y I, Wo3 33
Dry Ccods for & Snianit'r.
AS." LSE & CO.
So. Tl ,'c.r-t s'oarltt Struct, Cincinnati.
Olfei-s as usual, to their eustomere and nihoi s,
VSEFUIj MTYI.HH Of C!(.KH)f, viz:
Lailtos' Dirts Goe.ts, of all kinds or Fabrics, Rl aw Is
and Mantillas; Kiiibrui.lertoj and Ltict.,;,; Jldkfs.,
llo-,i.,ry. tftc; i,lnciH, Mu:llus. and all kin.leof
plain fiibrics; Housekeeping Goods, great
variety. Also
ftoozss ron ?h:;m aso nYfs' itkaii;
Ouxlnejs roiiilartctl cn tbe one price principle
T'ric.rs inurkr-il at rales :u favorable to purchaser" as
can be tillordud by liny house engaged in a retular
IVrsnns vlsillnu Cincinnati nre respectfully invited
lo cull iiiltl exaniine tiootls riuI prlues. April 513
z vm'.svilm: hail koad,
OI'l'.N TO I-ANCASTKil. Twoduilj Truliis (Sun
Trim. Lsuve Cint'limatl nt 0 A.M. nnfl 3 '20 P. M.;f-
rlYiiiic at lituicBHtor at 4 40 P. M. und 9 -J" 1'. M.
TntiiinUmvo LuiicaMcr tit .) 3) A.M. urn) 10 in A. M.;
nrrivniK.it CliK-inmUi nt 11 0 A.M. iiim1.1 40 P. M.
Ttt'iia wltl f.top frpfiMiHitrt!MJiH li'llow : At Antundrt,
fitou:'. CirfsHviilf, VilHiiinjMrt, FoiirrorncrH, Now
Hf.itont.aVn.shliiizion, l(ii(Uniiku,Siil)iti;it1(,roi8Kooill
WlUiiiiutoii. Miitrn.ClarkrtvllIu und Morrow.
Tlio down ward irnin connuit nt Morrow with th
truiimon tlio I.Utk1 Mmina HoadforColumbns.
i.inn of sint'H wilt run hiUwoon Lniu-u.ttur nndlfl
im, Nt'lNonv illo Allien. I'on.eroy, Soinorsot und
ZithOHvllle, coiineclinie with tho morning train from
nnd evening train to t'iiu innttl,.
For othorinfur intttlon and tlrkt Apply nt Ticket Of
fice, roinnor of liroailw Jiy niul l-'rontHtrooU, und nt tlio
Little .VUnml Hanoi , or tu Hit Station Airi'titxon tltvlino.
Knfrlneonuid Siii0rhitomlL'iit.
7T7T)ie rompniiyw III not bo ronpoindbU for bntr-parc-
oxreediriR f.'iOln vultm, uiiIosh the muno bo ro
tuniod to the t'ondut-toror A nr-utt, nnrt freight paid nt
the rulo ofa pttgtli'r ever j fU'Oln vitlue abovo that
iiinouiit. March
Book Ki tlcry I.tuirustei, Ol.io.
I J Oftiroft. Jmtlcod HI nrili n.
lioi'kot.t, ltonhlo und Sinftlo
Knlry Ldors, JonrnnN. ilny
Honkn, An., Ac. Also, Rook
HiinliiiK of ovcry cloAoriplion
dono In a most, utitUl'uelory
All ordpni.by lotlcr orothor
wifo, Tiromtiilv nttomlcd to.
Ordorn for Rliuliiiif van ba loft nt Uih GuztiUo Oflice,
or at the Hlndory,ou ?-Iiiin Street, In tho room former
ly niTiipted by P. Vu Trump, nn Law Otllcc,
and sourly oppoAit lr. Krcii!or,i ronldonco,
HoM'inbef II, 1M4 Hii , J. R II SPELL.
II. t O.VNCM,,
Hie following:
Swan's Trctttl-,., price $:i: Swan's Manuel, 51, S3.
Lancaster, November vU, IH54 'J9 '
T AM at all timo iiropnred to furnish LOOKING
1 GLAShKS in Manog.'iny, Walnut' or llosewood
I'ruines. Looking Glass Plates, J'icturos Frames, eie.
A lo. Gilt Frame. Glasses of all sixes and styles,
Portrait l-'rituiea. Picture Frames, and a genernl as
sortment of Picture and Oil Paintings, at wholesale
and retail, at tho lowest prices. J.C. GKST, .
No. '.I West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
March P, le53-44 .
HAS removed his oflice to Latta't eornrr, Knst of
the Court House, opposlto the Ohio Kagle Olllce,
Lnucastur, OctoliorVtl, 1KU '
sttorsiv aan coi xstl.i.oR xr t.sw , ji-mr c or
i.ttncositcr, Ohio.
WILL give attention to the purchasing andsolllrr
of Iteul Kstato. also, to the proeurlug of
siousnnd Holiiltv Lands.
OFI'ICK lu the Brick Block, nearly opposila
Hocking Valley Dunk, may III 1SS4
nn. o.
.ovel his res
V T AS removed his residence and oltlee to the brick
building formerly occupied by Johu Statlsmltb
Vi4.. somh sule of kain Street. 3 doora west of Dr.
Kialder's restdens. . O.tober eS, 1854 M
Geo. W, MacElroy.
Attorney nntl CnunacllorTnt Law
OFFICE Cuunell's Row, doora south of the Post
. Lancrster,Obio,MAreltl5.18JJ 45 .
Mnht Street, I.nncniter, Ohio,
OKT for Kuo Mutuai ind Fraternal Alatuj
at I iresrj li:'e Pifiursri- ccmpsmes.
Uerombnr 10
i it . '
Sherirt's Sale.
re atf nf Ohi: FairfitU Canary, .
BY virtue of au eneeuliou aalusl properly from the
Court of Common Pleas In aud tor aaid coun
ty ol Fulriluld, aud to me direct, I will offer at public
aale, uu Uie farm ofSumnel Healer, near Carroll, on
.Voarfay the 3tl(Arfiry Jpr,, A. D. lHii, between Ihe
hours 10 nVlnck a. in. and 4 o'clock p. in. the fellow
ing described chalteliroperty i One Sorrel Mare aup
peseu te be five ; car. 1U oi,o .Mare Colt two years
old, aud Seventeen lioad of Young Cattle. Taken aa
the property of Thomas L. Harris at the suit of James
Hooper. Term of sale cash.
Hi srcaeV lLuoimsiT Any. WM.POTTKH, Sherin.
By C. M. L.AV1SKMAN. Deputy,
Lancaster, april li), le'55 SwiUplSS. .
Kherill Sale. ,
The State of Okie, Fairfield Cauafy, . ''
PtIRStTA.NT to Ihe command of an order for sale,
from tho Court of Common Pleas, of said county
-o? Fairfield. id to me directed, 1 will offer at publie
sale at the Court House in Lancaster onaataraaa fas cira
of.Vay, A. It. IIV5. beiwecu Uie hours of 10 o'clock A.
M. aud 4 oVlock r. at. tno louowine oescriDea real
estate, to-wtt: Lot numbor three In the North addition
to the Towu of MUlorsport, In Fairfield county, Ohio.
Valued at JJ.ili . Attached at the suit of George W.
Tay lor, to be sold as the property of Jacob Ketnor.
Terms of sale cash. VVM. POTTBK, Fhorlff.
By C. M. L. W1SEMAM, Deputy.
Ilrs-na di RH.trrss, Anys. april 12 5w49pfa3
SherllT'a Sale.
Ts Stmti at 0i', JFVsirjtsM Ceanty, s.
PURSUANT to the command of an order of aale
from the Court of Common Pleaa In and for aaid
county,and to niedirected, J willofferat public sale at
tne court House in Lancaster, oh safurttay the Yitm day
of Mjy .1. D. 1E55. between the hours of 10 o'clock A.
M. and 4 oeloek r. M. the following described Real
Estate, to-w it: Situate In the county of Fairfield and
Soto of Ohio, being the East half of the Southeast
Quarter of Section No 3. In Towuship No. 13, of Range
,,u j, it, itio u linou ciaiee usual issucu lo aale at twOU
Ueothe, Ohio, containing sevoiity-fur 09-100 acres.
Valued at 118 per acre. To be sold aa tho property
of Elizabeth and Catharine Lysingoc, at the suit of R.
ai. rowier.- i erms oi aaie caan.
Maarm dc SriiimcB, .ttye W. POTTEk, Sheriff
Artna aw-4spis3 isy c. m. l. wisemah, Deputy
': SherilPs Sale.
Tie State ef Ohio. Fairfield Count, es.
fTJURSUANT to the command of an order for
t. thesalo or property from tbo Court or Common
Pleas, in and for said County, nnd to me directed. I will
oiler at publie sale at the Court House In in the City
of Lancaster, on Saturday the Vltk day of May. A. I).
1Sj5, between the hours of 10 o'clock A.M. and 4 o'
clock P. M. of aald day, the fullouiiig described Real
Estate, to wit: Sititat In county of FalrBeld and Stute
oi iuio, lining in-Lot numoer aeventy-nve in Carpeip
ter'a addition to the town of Lancaster, inaaidcountv
free from any and all claims or lelns of each aud
every of the defendants herein. Valued at 9400.
To he sold as tho property of William J. Card, at the
sun oi ii. t. i rout outi nuinuci jacicson. I erms cash.
Geo.W. MacJiuioT.Atty. VM. POTTEK, Sheriff.
By C. M. I. WISEMAN, Deputy. .
April 5, 1853-5vM5pr3 -
.' . .' Stcj'2lT, Sale. ..-. ,
The S'a'eaf Ohio. FairAelJ Ceunt-J.it.
PURSUANT to the coiumand of an order for sale
from tlie Court of Common Pleas of said rnnmi
and to me directed. I will offer at nubile uiln at ti,a
Court House in Lancaster, on Saturday theiSth day of
jj ei ji. in;,i, innwtten tne noura oi Jtl o clock A.M
and 4 o'clock P. M. the following described Hoal E
tate.to-wit: Situate In tlie county of Fairfield and Plate
of Ohio, belnsf the equal and undivided half of Lot No.
8 In Square No. 4, in the Eaatorn addition to the town
of Ualtimore.. Also, Lots No. 8 aud 9 in the central ad
dition lotlie town of Baltimore, excepting 25 fjet off
me couui s;oh oi ijoi;so. a tne last tiaruea. The undi
vided half of Lot .No. 8 first above named, valued at
t'ii; Lot No. 8 in the central addition valued at (U;
Lot No. 9 valued at 1175. Also.atthe same time and
place, ono equal and undivided half of ail the Machi
nery belonging lo the Factory which is erected nn lot
No. 8.- Alsi. a Condenser arid Power Loom and flnin-
nlng Machinery left in the old Factory situate on Jot
ao.um tne town or Baltimore. Terms of sale cash.
To be srld as the properly of George H. Ho user aud
nuarna nts wne at ineauit or Kuwaru calkins.
By C. M. L. WISEMAN, Demit-
Muster At Pauohesty
rv, Att'rs March a3-5tT4fjpftj,S0
ShcriiTfl Sfile.
The Stafe of O.fo. Tairittld Count
PCRSUAMTto the command of an order for sale
(torn tits Court of Common Pleas of F.iirfleld
county, nnd to me directed, 1 will offer ut public sale
at the Court House in Lancaster. on Saturday the libra
ttayajjapruA. jj. ij3. Dotwccn the hours f Juo"rloe k
A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. tho following described
Koal KaUttp.to-wlt: In-l.ots nuinhors46 aud 47 in Uie
town oria!U:,ul In rairnolrt county. Onln.
Valued at, for Lot No. 49. $;. for Lot No. 47, 182 50.
To be sutd as tlio property of Thomas Cnin, Goorpo
Ctdn, John (lain, William Clin end Emanuel Bhupe al
iLvwiiuiuttui ,,i,u. i erin .i oi sate castl.
T.y C. M. !,. WISEMAN, Depntr.
f-riaon -omb & Smw, At'y's March S3 5'4i!jif ?3
Shcria'M Kttlo. '
The State of Ohio, Falrfr.lt Covntu.su.
SJT'HKI'ANT to the ruminant) of an order for sale
1 from tlie Court of Common I'leas In and for snlil
County of Palrlteld and lo mo directed. I will offer al
piinuc sate at the Court lions' hi l.ancaator, on 6'arwr
dait I he'lftk day of April A. D. I?.",.S, between the hours
ol 10 o'c lock A. M. and 4 o'clock 1". M.. tii r,,llnwi,,
descrlliod Heal Kstale, to-wil : ailuale In the Coutitv of
ratrnetn Mntraro., tne north l.slfof tho Sonhirris
Ouarter of Section numher f J41 Tuwnshln nmnha
(1.1) thirteen. H men number flirt nineteen In snl.l coon
ty.fontnliiiiiK oiKhly acres moro or loss, valued at four
ilt, liars imr aero. To he sold as tho property of Klias
Tutrow, Asa (ireun and James M. J'ratt at the suit of
t. orneuiis Meenron. jo. 40 cotle.)
Terms of sale oaili. WILLIAM POTTKU, Sheriff.
IW CM. L. W1SKMAS, Dcpnly.'
nriiT.;eii, .ill ys .Marcu lT.'-oW4tlpl3
SherliT'i Sale.
The Sta'e of Ohto, FairRed Coujttit.
The Court of Common J'leasol r'airilel,IC'uiit;,01iie,
j uiinwii ,u lem.iosu, ect-. ,s. coue.
Jul'ii A. Collins, l'lniuliff.
Xelson Coatesand Itester Hradeliasr. John Rehcr ami
liaiilel J", utr., narlners in trade under the name and
firm of lieber and Kut, Jluuicl Hillord and Willum
l'ttt Creed, Ailiiiliiistrntoi-s of ihe K.tute of John
Creed dec, and Juiiiea Whiio, DereiithiLta,
KY virtue of an order of sale to mo ilirocle I In the
iiitovo cause by the Court of Common Pleas of
I s'ini County, I will offer and expose lo sale nt public
vendue and out-cry at the ileor of the Court House Iu
the City of Lancaster, In ss'nl County and Mate, on Sa
fMrria.wfrtrai.fiai of April, A. P. lr'5.ri, between' tha
hours of lOo'rlock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. of said
d.iy, the f illevrlii'.- Ileal listate situate lu the County
of Fairfield and Stale of Ohio, to-wit: Ill-Lot uuinher
two (No. ii) in Hart's sub-division of Out-Lot number
two (No. -2) and tlio West half of Out-Loluuiiibcr throe
(No. 3,) Norlh of and ntljolnlug tho Town of Lancaster
iu said Couuly, excentim; seven (7) feet and six (til
Inches frontiuifon Hroad Street, oil Ihe North side of
I aitbl l.rit.nn.l F,nli,,p Itnetr between (.nrallnl HM,ll,nl
width to an alley in Ihe renr of said Lot. ' To bo sold as
the property of said JVfcndauia Nelson Coates.nnd
Hester liruusliaw to satisfy Judjr't airainst thepi In litis
rntiso in favor of said 1'Lilntitis fur $.'4 KI and costs of
suit with Interest from With l-'eb. A. II. IP5S.
Appraised uttiUHO. Tei lusof stile rush lu hand.
Can. W.Mio K.i.ariv.pls. Altv. WM. POTThH, h'horltT.
March 15, Ir!55-Sw45 C. M. L. W1HU.M AN, Deputy.
SherUTu Sale..
The Stale aj' Ohio, Fairfield County tt.
John W.Taylor Wife plntul'ifls,i
In Partition. Fair
field Coin. 1'loas.
:inrv mcii
J'V vlrl
I Conn
directed, 1
Mnrv Kiekets, el als., dofenrlnnt
virtue of un o"iier or sale rrom tho t'ourtor
nniiiion Pleas In and for said eounly, nud to me
will nfler at liuhlieaalo, spas the vremieee.
Un Tuesday the S4I a day ef April A. J). IK'i.i, between
tho hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. AI., the
following described lands nnd tonemonts, to-wit:
Lota .No. :m, Mo. UU, No.Gi, no. No. 711, -No. 70, no. V!.
No. Wl, or No. nil. In the town of Pickoringlon, In Ihe
county of Fairfield as State of Ohio. Lot no.an valued al
f -.'ll.iio. till at t-', no. U7 at 1 17.1, no. 00 at J.Vl, no. 711 at
s;-li. no.70 al il, no. In! at I3, no 83 at 10,no. un
ui 91110.
Terms nf sale, one third In band, one-lhird in one
and ono third in two years, with Interest on deferred
payments from the flay oi sale. .
Martin fc hi nun u, auys. vm ru i f i.k. nneritr.
Hy C. M. h. WISF.MAN, lVpuly.
J-tneastcr, March 13, 1H53 5w45.
Sheriff's Kale.
The Stale of Ohio, Fairfield County, it.
TY virtue of nu execution, against property
I b the Court of Common l'leus, in and for said coun
l, nnd to mu directed, I willolferat public sate, at
liie Court House, In Ijincasler, on Saturday the Sl .f
day of April, A. I). 1S3S, between tho hours of 10 o'
clock A. .M.and4 o'clock P. At., the following de
scribed real estate, to-wit: Sltuato In tho City of
ancestor, In tho county of halrlleld.atid State of Ohio,
being tho west half .if In Lot number si In the
twelfth square nf said city; Valued at ,-,(H. To be
sold ns the property of. L. Ktncunt at tlie suit nf
Mary nurv, uuaruiun oi tuo cuuurcn oi the late joscpn
. .v I
Terms of sale, cash
1'. Vaa Tamr. Attr. WM. POTTER, Sheriff,
C. M.L. WisaMsN, Deputy, ,
Ijinr aster, March 13, 1S.15 3w45.
SherilT's Snle.
The Stale of Ohio, Fairfield County, it.
PURSUANT to the command of a second order for
sale from the Court of Common JMeasof Fairfield
County. and to me directed. I will offer at public sale
ar the Court Mouse In tlie City of Lancaster, on Sater-
riulf (assist 'lay oj April, A. u. 1H33, between the hours
of 111 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M, of said day, the
following described Kea' Kstate, to-wlt: In Lot iium
ber2fl.in Curpentor's additlon-to the town of Lancaster.
Valued attllSS. To he sold as tho property of
Martin Hill, at tlio ami or John Arney.
Torinsof sale cash.
llaasi 4 8o. Ally's. WM. POTTKR, Sheriff.
By C. M. L. WISEMAN, Deputy.
J.unrastor, Ohio, March 1.1, 1PSS 5w5jl'J
Administrator's Sale.
1TOTICB la bcroby given, that the undersigned as
Administrator tls toaii nsa of Zophenlnh Allen,
rleeeased, by virtue of an ordor of tho Probate Court
of Falrlleld eounly, will offer for sale nt the court
house door ea Saturday the 2S day of April, IP5S, at
ID o'clock, the following described Heal feslate.ilutate
In aald eonnty, -wlt:' Lot No. seven (7) In Cartor's
firet addition to the town of Jjincaster, being part of
Out-l-ol rio. six (ti) lion ajouion, nast. Also part
of In-lot number six (U) in Carter's addition to the
town of Lancaster: Beginning at the Northwest corner
of aaid m-Loino o, on Bank Alley, thence taat alorg
tbe line of said Alley fllleen (15) feet; thence South
parallel with tho "til boundary Hue of said Lot to
Main Street; thenar West fifteen (1S1 feet tosnid ori
ginal West boundary Hue, being lite Southwest eornar
of the aforesaid Lot; thence North along said Western
boondary line to the plaee of bcaltinlnir. Peine-also
part of Lot No. tlx (A) of the Bank addition, Lust of
Utueastcr. Appraiseu ai wu. line clear.
Termt of tale Otis-thirtl In hand, one-third In one
year, Ihe residua In two rears with Interest on deferred
payments. llhNllf GINGHKK, Adm'lor.
:iel.S -:sr-17jj LF1UU WILLIAMS, Attorney.
' . Trobato Notice.
JsyjOTlCK Is hereby (rlvsn, to the alt persons Inter'
l ested, lhat Uie account, and vouchers of the '
tales of jlain Waironer, Uuth atbramaand Jacob Yo
den also tha account of jMam Hrandt, guardian of
Uearhart's helrt, have been filed In tbe Pro bale Court
nf Fairfield ootinty, Ohio, for Inspection aud eettle'
meut, and that the ssme will be for harliir en tha 4iK
day of May, 4. 1. lf.U.or as soon tharaaftor aa ,,,.
bo. VIKiilL It. mjw.l'rol-ats Judir..
Lancaster, april lit, loij lu ,
Itnte of Peter DeUrr.
JOTICE Is hereby given, that I have tills day beats
duly appointed and qualified administrator of that
slate ot rcler Helier, deceased, late of Fatrfleld
county, Ohio. Persons knowing themsolveslndebtcd
to said Estate will make Immediate paymont,and ihosa
having claims aaraiust aald Kstate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement within one year.
arprii lu.iraj 4wt'J- vjtaicu iituatLbY,;runt.
.. ProbHte Notice.
1T0TICE isharehy given to all persona interested i
V thnl ahr.huiu 1,1, ,, f-nnril inn ,.f M III,..'. kl
has Sled his accounts and voucher In the Probata
Court of Fairfield eounly. Ohio, for Inspeotlon and set
tlement, aud that tha same will be for hearlug on th
K,tn nay 01 April A. 1'. iraa.or aa soon thoreartor M
maybe. - V1KG1L K. b'HAW, Pro. Judge.
AprtlS, INSe 3W4.
Estate of Jacob Weaver.
JVJOTICE Is herebv given, that tho undersigned has
lj been appointed and qualified aa administrator af
tlie Estate of Jsi-oa VVk.vkr, deceased, late of Fair
Held eounly, Ohio. All those havlue claims aa-alnat
aaid Estate will present them for allowance; and thus
lnfleetea wilt please come mrvrarn and tnaae linme
aiate payment. wm. r,vv i.-u,sam'lor.
pail 10,1855 Iw30
Attiichmeot Is'olice.
"jyTOTlCK Is hereby given, that at my instance writ
11 of attachment was issued by Daniel Lyle, Justtro
of the Peace of Walnut-township, Fairttald ooutitr
Ohio, on tlio 9th day of April. 18i5, ag.ilust tho proper
ty ana coects oi ileury t. fanning.
april 19, 1835 4 w59 mark
TsVT OTICE la hereby given, to all persons Interested,
L that Elijah Heorv, Adininistratorof William Fos
Wr deceased, Eleanor Koller.Adininistratrlx of Simon
P. Keller, deceased and James M. Kico, Adiniuls
tratorof John Lysinirerdecea&ed,.
Also that David Dunkle,(uardian of Bechtel'sholns
have filed their accounts aud vouchers, in the Probate
Court of Fairfield county, Ohio, for inspecting and
settlement, and that the said accounts will b (or
hearing on the 27th day of April instant.
viKiiiL c. SHAW, fro. Judge.
April SlhA.D. J85jT4B. . -
To Abraham Hcdfca, Bliss A. Uedgos, vTHHara P.
nice, neoocca lainuan widow or . Tallruan,
Sandford F. Dulin and bis wife Rachel, William H.
Fountain and his wife Alblnali, George llunlwork
and his wife Eliiabeih, John K. Hedges and Jesse
F. Hedrrea, heirs of Joshua Hedges deceased; Jona
than Evcland and Kachel his wife, John Talbott and
Naney biawlfe, James A.. Lucas and Kebocea hi
wife, Charles Paul and Alice his wife, Anu K. Dish
es widow of Dishea, Abraham Hedges.
William Hedges, Jesse Hedges, Kose Ann Hodges,
and Mary JJudceS. heirs oflaaar Hodirasdncna..t
YOU will take notice lhat on the twenty drat day of
March A. P. ItVI, the undersigtierl filed a peti
tion In Iho Court of Common Pleaa of Fairfield coun
ty Ohio, where the same is now pending, domandlng
partillonof tho following premises situate In aald
county; one hundred and one acres, part of Iho South
East quarter of section live (5) liango nineteen (IB).
Township fourteen (14), bclngtha lands bequeathed
. tncnetu jess neoges oy nis fattier Jesse tledges.by
a will dated July 1st lf!l5, admitted to Probate on tha
second day of October A. D. J8IS, and recorded In
Book Qp.ige5aofthe.Eeooi'Us.of Wills for Fairfield
County. .. , .
Al the next torm ofsald Court, an application will bo
made by the undorMgned, for an order that partition
may be made of said premisoa. MARY K. KICK.
At.rHi!oWir,i,iiMs, Atty. KliBKCCA JilCE,
March SS, lt'55 4iil8J,S!5
Probate Notice,
TTOT!CE Isheruby given to all persons Interested,
1HI that the account and vouchers of John Brandon,
Administrator ofthe Estate of Isaac W. Mason, de
ceased, have been tiled in the Probate Court for Fair
Held County, Ohlo,by said Administrator for inspection
and settlement, and said account will come on lo b
heard on the 14lli Day of April next, ores soon there
after as may be. V1HGIL E. SH.i W, Probata Judge)-
Lancaster. March 2ii, IH.13 48
"J0tlCE Is hereby gtveo to all persons interested
thut tbe si counts nnd vouchers uf the estates or
Isaac Wilson, Huiin Grimes, W illiam Milllgan and
William M. Townsxiid, -
Alsotiiu Gutirdinn'sarconnts of Jlaniel liadehaugh,
Guardinu of Martha A, bnilley, havo been filed iu
the Probate Court of Fairfield cr.untv. )hl. r.,v 1,..
spection and setiU'iiient. and that said accounts will
coiue.on lo be heanl on the iilth day of April, 165S, or
as soou thereafter as may be. ' -
viKuti, js. siiaw, rr. Judge.
Nureh S3, 1855 47.
' - : Estate of John Campbell.
TsVTOTlCl'. Is hereby given, that the nnderaigned haa
1 this day been n'polnted hy tlie Proluite Court of
Fairfield County. Ohio, Administrator de tonit Hon of
the Estale of .lolin Caiiiihell, dei-eiised. All persona
iiitcir'-sleii will take notice aud govern themselves ae
cor.iingly. JOHN 1. JIL'MAl'GH, Adtn'tor.
March ill, 1PJ3 4w4S ; .
I'nrtttloti Notice.
Jacob Weaver. I'eter Weaver, Ailntn Weaver, laniel
Weaver, holoitian Weaver, Anno Weaver, Enilly
Weaver, minor, rumme! I'. Weaver, David Weaver,
George lioss and Pvlly, his w ife. Oeorge Fulta and
Catharine his wife.SylvoslorR. hheperd and t hrlsti
na his wife, (ieorge Pope and Francis his wife, Jo
seph C. Terriiiigeraud Sarah his wile, Benji nilu. B.
Feeman and .Margaret his wife, Samuel Civ anal
Kli.fibetli bis wife, Henry Mleis and Marl M. hit
wife and Mary Weaver, widow.
j ii.t. lake notice that on llieWnrt day of Januarr.
1C55, Johu Weaver and Leonard Weaver filed
'elltlnn against them in theouicaol ihe Clurk oflho
Court of Common Pleas of Fairfield County, Ohio,
praying partition of Ihe East half of flection No. S,
Township No. 15, and llauge No. ie, in Fairfield rnw
ly. except 44 scresolf tho South end thoreof belontf'me
to .Solomon Kpangler, roniuinlng S'tl acres. And that
at tho next Term nfsaid Court, application will b
made hy aald Pt'tltinnurs for an order that partition
may lie made of said premises.
Also, lu-Lot No. 5, in hqiiaro No. Id. In the Town of
Biiltluioro, Fairfield Couniv, Ohio.
11KASF.K . SON, Atl'ys for Petitioners.
Marchl5, Ibis 6w45
T J1HF. undersigned will offer for sale at puhllc ane
.1 tloii. al Hie Court House door in tho City of Lan
caster, on Saturday, Use tfslli daw uf April,
1 SSo, ut 1 o'clock P. M. the well known property
situated ou the Ohio Cannl, at tha Town of Lockvllle',
Fairfield Couuly, Ohio. known and distinguished as tbo
consisting ofa
I.nrgo ;riht Mill with four run of Burs,
two of which are for merchant work and two for ens
tom work, being separata and distinct, propelled by
separate water wheels. 'I ho machinery for tho mer
chant work Is all new, and embraces all of the niodorti
iiuprovuiiieiitalu milling.. The same having been re
cently rollticd by Iho undersigned si a great expeiice,
for the purpose of making il one of the lirst claaa mills,
and susceptible of dolug aa good work as any other
mill lu the Slate.
There is also a Haw Mill on said nromisea,whleh
Is all lu good ropalr, and uapablool sawing a very largo
amount of lumber.
There IsalsoalttriTO Distillery on said prem
ises, with all the fixtures pilrtuiniua to the aanie.
There are THREE DWELLING I1UUSES on eald
premises, comfortably fitted up, and suitable for oc
cupation. ' Also Stables, Com Cribs. Hog Pena.Conp
er Shop nuil ull necessary Out-buildings, also Hay
Scales ready flltod up on aaid premises.
There is connected with said premises about Eler
en Arret of L,and, upon which tho aforesaid
iinprps omenta are situated.
The above described premises, are veay doslrably
located in the midst of a uoautiful and fertile country
where wheat and Corn are grown In abundance, and
certainly offcrsgreatorlndueeinents for tho Capitalist
than any other properly of Ihe same kind in the Stale.
7'bo atteutlnn of the Capitalist is therefore Invited to
the above valuable property, as the undersigned la de
termined to sell iho same at a great bargain and upon
the most liberal terms of eredlt. Title Indisputable.
For further particulars In regard to the above pro
perly, apply lo Mr. Kelchuin uu tho premises, or to,
Mr. George G. Beck, and Iho undersigned at Laneaa
caster.Oblo. WILLIAM P. TE.NNEKT.
Lancaster, April S, 185448 -
Guardian Sale.
Y virtue of an ordor of sale to me directed from
the Courtof Probate In and for the County of
airfield and State of Ohio, I will offer forssle at
nut-lio vendue. On the Wth day of April A. D. lr?5i,
betwoon the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock
P. M. of said day, on the premises, the two undi
vided equal third parts of the following described
real estate, that is to say lying and bolng In the
county of Falrlleld aforosuld, bogliiuiiig at the South
boundary of section twenty-six (SfJ), township twelve
(131, range twenty (i!01 In the centre of the Zanosvltle
and Mayavillo Turnpike Road; thence Nortb slli de
grees, East 4 SDchalus to a post neartho east side of
said road; Ihcnco West 11 US chains to the section
Hue; thence North on tho section line 10(13 chains to
tho South west corner of J. S. Kamtltons lot; thence
East 9 71 chains to a post near the west side of ealrt
turnpike roatl; theneo North 2 M chainsto a point lit
Ihe centre of said Koad; thence Kasl 10 SJ2 chainsto
stone in the line of .lames Norths' land; thence Soulb
3 53 chains to a stone; thence East 11 87 chainsto a
stone; thence South t) 51 chains to a stone; thence West
11 B7 chains toa stone; thence South C 33 chains tea
slnnu in ihe section line; tlionce West 1928 chains to the
placo of beginning, containing forty nine (49) acres
more or less. The above lands will be sold by me as
tho rguardian of George W.. Moore and Catharine
Moore, wbo are minors, and each entitled to one equal
undivided third part of said lands.
Terms of sal ono third cash In hand, one third In
oneyearandthe residua In two years, with interest
from the day of sale secured by mortgage on the prem
ises. Karb one nndtrlded third appraised at $375,
6V . . CASPER T. BITLF.H, Guardian of .
GEORGE W. MOORK,mlnon.) .
SnacnconB Ai Siuvv, Atty's., for Petitioner. '
Also, at the same tlmo and place, I will offer for
sale the other Undivided third part of said premlsosas
Uie Agent of Moore. C. T. BITTiJJR.
March, SB, ie5S Jw47pfrj,00. . '.--
. . Executors Notice. , "
OT1CE Is hereby given that Ihere Ihls day beee
duly appointed executor on tho estate of Wll-
am Friend, senior, deceased. ,, ''.
April a, irvia . yur,Drn nfliu,p

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